Hale County, Alabama Basics:

Hale County Alabama - Government Site

Population: 15,420
Area: 644 square miles
County seat: Greensboro
Area code(s) in use: 205 334
Time zone: CST
High school graduate or higher: 73.2%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 11.7%
Median household income: $29,409
Persons in poverty: 27.7%
Home ownership rate: 76.1%
Mean travel time to work: 26.8 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Bibb  Greene  Marengo  Perry  Tuscaloosa  

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Map of the Hale County area

Our detail map of Hale County shows the Hale County, Alabama boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Hale County, Alabama

  Airports     show all on map

Greensboro Municipal Airport, Moundville Airport, Strickland/Smalley Field Airport

  Bars     show all on map

Bartees Bar, Choctaw Bar, Dropout Rock, Hazzards Bar, Hickmans Bar, Izzard Shoals, Limestone Creek Bar, Merriweathers Bar, Mikes Bar (historical), Pickens Bar (historical), Taylors Bar, Washington Bar, Whites Bar, Z Loggans Bar

  Bends     show all on map

Choctaw Bend, Clements Bend, Mason Bend

  Bridges     show all on map

Oscar Underwood Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Akron Volunteer Fire Department, Brick Spring, Camelia Court, Elliots Creek Work Center, French House, Friendship Volunteer Fire Department, Gallion Volunteer Fire Department, Glencairn, Greensboro City Hall, Greensboro Police Department, Greensboro Volunteer Fire Department, Greenwood, Hale County Courthouse, Hale County Sheriff's Office, Japonica Path, Jones Archaeological Museum, Magnolia Grove, Magnolia Hall, Moundville Police Department, Moundville Volunteer Fire Department, Multi Flora, Newburn Volunteer Fire Department, Sawyerville Volunteer Fire Department, Stewart - Havana Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Stewart - Havana Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Sunset Hill, The Oaks

  Capes     show all on map

Childs Ferry Point, Finches Point, Jenny Watts Point, Standing Cypress Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Akron New Cemetery, Alexander Cemetery, Allenville Cemetery, Antioch Cemetery, Bethlehem Cemetery, Bethlehem Cemetery, Boston Cemetery, Burk Cemetery, Burrough Cemetery, Burroughs Cemetery, Burton Cemetery, Carthage Cemetery, Casemore Cemetery, Chambers Cemetery, China Grove Cemetery, Concord Cemetery, Cottrell Cemetery, Crooks Cemetery, Curry Cemetery, Curry Grove Cemetery, Eaton Cemetery, Erie Cemetery, Evans Cemetery, Evening Star Cemetery, Five Mile Cemetery, Fowler Cemetery, Greenleaf Cemetery, Greenleaf Cemetery, Greensboro Cemetery, Greer Cemetery, Grimes Cemetery, Harris Cemetery, Harris Cemetery, Hatche Cemetery, Hill Place Cemetery, Holley Cemetery, Hunter Chapel Cemetery, Jackson Chapel Cemetery, Jenkins Place Cemetery, Jerusalem Cemetery, Jerusalem Cemetery, Jones Cemetery, Langham Cemetery, Lewis Cemetery, Liberty Cemetery, Limestone Cemetery, Long Cemetery, Long Cemetery, Macedonia Cemetery, Martian Cemetery, Martin Mission Cemetery, May Cemetery, Mays Cemetery, McCoy Cemetery, McCreary Cemetery, Micken Cemetery, Mileous Chapel Cemetery, Morning Star Cemetery, Mount Hebron Cemetery, Mount Herman Cemetery, Mount Moriah Cemetery, Mount Olive Cemetery, Mount Zion Cemetery, Mount Zion Cemetery, New Haven Cemetery, New Hope Cemetery, New Shiloh Cemetery, Newbern Cemetery, Oak Grove Cemetery, Oak Hill Cemetery, Oakwood Cemetery, Old Shiloh Cemetery, Pickens Cemetery, Pickens Cemetery, Pine Flat Cemetery, Pine Grove Cemetery, Pine Grove Cemetery, Pisgah Cemetery, Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Pruitt Springs Cemetery, Ramey Cemetery, Ramey Chapel Cemetery, Redick Cemetery, Rhodes Chapel Cemetery, Rhone Cemetery, Robertson Cemetery, Saint Andrews Cemetery, Saint Johns Cemetery, Saint Marys Cemetery, Saint Pauls Cemetery, Sample Cemetery, Shelton Cemetery, Springhill Cemetery, Star of Bethlehem Cemetery, Stokes Cemetery, Taylor Cemetery, Terrell Cemetery, Tunstall Cemetery, Union Grove Cemetery, Washington Cemetery, Washington Cemetery, Weaver Cemetery, Whitsitt-Perry Cemetery, Williams Cemetery, Willis-Scott Cemetery, Wilson Cemetery, Woods Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

River Bend-Greensboro Division (historical)

  Channels     show all on map

Kaintuck Chute, Pole and Be Damned Reach (historical)

  Churches     show all on map

Alex Chapel, Antioch Church, Baptist Retreat Church, Bay Spring Church, Bethel Church, Bethesda Church (historical), Bethlehem Church, Bethlehem Church, Carthage Church, China Grove Church, Christian Valley Church, Church of Christ, Church of God, Community Church, Concord Church, Elwood Church, Evening Star Church, Fairview Church, First Baptist Church, First United Methodist Church, Five Mile Church (historical), Fivemile Church, Flatwood Church, Friendship Church, Friendship Church, Gallion Baptist Church, Green Chapel Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Greenleaf Church, Greensboro Baptist Church, Greensboro Church of Christ, Greensboro Presbyterian Church, Greers Church, Havana Church, Hickory Stand Church, Hill Zion Church, Hill Zion Church, Holiness Church, Hunter Chapel, Indian Mounds Baptist Chapel, Jackson Chapel, Jefferson Chapel Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Jerusalem Church, Jerusalem Church, Jerusalem Church, Johnson Cane Brake Church (historical), Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Lewis Church, Liberty Church, Lily Hill Church, Macedonia Church, Mars Hill Church, Mars Hill Church, Mars Hill Church, Mary Grote Church (historical), May Lee Church (historical), Melton Church, Miles Chapel Church, Mission Church, Morning Star Church, Moundville Baptist Church, Moundville United Methodist Church, Mount Hebron Church, Mount Herman Church, Mount Horeb Church, Mount Mariah Church, Mount Moriah Church (historical), Mount Olive Baptist Church, Mount Olive Church, Mount Sinai Church, Mount Valley Church, Mount Zion Church, Mount Zion Church (historical), New Haven Church, New Hope Church, New Prospect Baptist Church, Newbern Baptist Church, Newbern Methodist Church, Newbern Presbyterian Church, Oak Grove Baptist Church, Palestine Church, Patten Chapel, Pine Flat Church, Pine Grove Church, Pleasant Grove Church, Pleasant Grove Church (historical), Pleasant Hill Methodist Church, Pleasant Valley Church, Praine Chapel (historical), Puritt Spring Church, Rameys Chapel, Rhodes Chapel Baptist Church, Rising Star Baptist Church, Saint Andrews Church, Saint Andrews Church, Saint James Church, Saint John Church, Saint Johns Chapel (historical), Saint Lukes Church, Saint Marks Church, Saint Marys African Methodist Episcopal Church, Saint Matthew African Methodist Episcopal Church, Saint Matthews Church, Saint Michaels Church, Saint Pauls Church, Saint Pauls Church, Saint Pauls Episcopal Church, Saint Peters Church, Saint Stephens Church, Saint Thomas Church, Salem Baptist Church, Salem Baptist Church (historical), Salem Church, Sanctified Church, Sanctified Church (historical), Spring Hill Church, Spring Hill Church, Springfield Church, Star of Bethlehem Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Stewart Church, Sunshine Church (historical), Taylor Chapel, Taylor Grove Church, Union Chapel (historical), Union Chapel (historical), Union Grove Church, Wallis Chapel, Wesley Church, Whitsitt Church, Willow Springs Baptist Church, Zion Church, Zion Methodist Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Browns Bluff, Logan Bluff, Myers Bluff, Samples Bluff, Steeles Bluff, Wilson Bluff, Wolf Bluff

  Crossings     show all on map

Arcola Ferry (historical), Drakes Landing Ferry (historical), Tindells Ferry (historical)

  Dams     show all on map

Amos Bailey Dam, B W Coleman Dam Number 1, B W Coleman Dam Number 2, B W Coleman Farm Dam Number 1, B W Coleman Farm Dam Number 2, C H Bryars Junior Dam Number 1, C H Bryars Junior Dam Number 2, C H Bryars Junior Dam Number 3, Carey Tidmore Dam, Carmichael Lake Dam, Charlie Moseley Dam Number 1, Charlie Moseley Dam Number 2, Gross Lake Dam, J B Thomas Dam, J L Morrison Dam Number 1, J L Morrison Dam Number 2, Jack Hardenbergh Dam, Jim Griffin Dam, Jimmy Seale Dam, Joe Glover Dam, John Jay Dam, Kyser Lakes Dam Number 1, Kyser Lakes Dam Number 2, Kyser Lakes Dam Number 4, Kyser Lakes Dam Number 5, Kyser Lakes Dam Number 6, Kyser Lakes Dam Number 7, Lelia Myers Dam, Lenson Montgomery Dam Number 1, Lenson Montgomery Dam Number 2, Lenson Montz Dam Number 1, Lenson Montz Dam Number 2, Lenson Montz Dam Number 3, Lenson Montz Dam Number 4, Lewis Lawson Dam, Lewis Lawson Dam Number 1, Lewis Lawson Dam Number 2, Lewis Lawson Dam Number 4, Lewis Lawson Dam Number 5, Limestone Lakes Dam Number 1, Limestone Lakes Dam Number 2, Lock Seven, M J Fitzgerald Dam, Mike Wurm Dam, Morrison Brothers Dam, Morrison Brothers Dam, Morrison Brothers Dam, Murphy Averette Dam, Oscar Cobb Dam, Payne Lake Dam, Richard Massey Dam, Richard Poellnitz Dam, Roy Alexander Dam, State Cattle Ranch Dam Number 1, State Cattle Ranch Dam Number 2, State Cattle Ranch Dam Number 3, State Cattle Ranch Dam Number 4, State Cattle Ranch Dam Number 5, State Cattle Ranch Dam Number 6, State Cattle Ranch Dam Number 7, State Cattle Ranch Dam Number 8, W T Phillips Dam, Walthall Lake Dam, Warrior Lock and Dam, Wiggins Lake Dam, William Dale Dam, Willie Woods Dam Number 1, Willie Woods Dam Number 2, Willie Woods Dam Number 3

  Hospitals     show all on map

Greensboro Hospital (historical), Hale County Hospital

  Islands     show all on map

Buckmans Island, Colvins Island, Wildmans Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Coleman Pond, Cypress Cutoff Lake, Duck Pond, Keaton Lake, Little Keaton Lake, Manette Pond, Martin Slough, Millwood Pond, Orneys Place Pond, Storers Lake, Stovers Lake, Wiggins Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Anthemusia Plantation (historical), Bester (historical), Blacksand (historical), Bordens Mill (historical), Candys Landing, Cedarville Community Hall, Circle Hill Plantation (historical), Clements Landing, Drakes Landing, East Port Landing, Far View Plantation (historical), Hatche (historical), Havana Junction, Lake Bend Landing, Lakeview Country Club, Lanters (historical), Lock Number Eight (historical), Lock Number Nine (historical), Lock Number Seven (historical), McGifford (historical), Millwood Landing, Moravian Hall Plantation (historical), Myers Landing (historical), Old Lock Number Five (historical), Owens Landing, Payne Lake Eastside Campground, Payne Lake Recreation Area, Payne Lake Westside Campground, Peck Place Plantation (historical), Pickens Artesian Mill (historical), Pickens Mill (historical), Prairie Eden Community Hall, Sledge, Spillway Campground, Tanglewood University of Alabama Biological Station, Tindells Landing, Wilson (historical), Withers Landing

  Parks     show all on map

Arcola Public Use Area, Frank Watford Stadium, French Creek Public Use Area, Greensboro Historic District, Jennings Ferry Public Use Area, Lions Park, Lock Eight Public Use Area, Lock Number Five Left Bank Public Use Area, Lock Number Nine Left Bank Public Use Area, Lock Number Six Left Bank Public Use Area, Moundville State Monument, Oakmulgee Wildlife Management Area, Rams Field, Stewart Park, Warrior Lock and Dam Public Use Area

  Populated Places     show all on map

Akron, Allenville, Arcola, Casemore, Cedarville, Cypress, Darrah, Dominick, Erie (historical), Evansville, Gallion, Gilmore Quarters, Greensboro, Harper Hill, Havana, Hogglesville, Ingram, Laneville, Lock Five, Melton, Millwood, Moundville, New Prospect, Newbern, Oak Grove, Oak Village, Phipps, Port Royal, Powers, Prairieville, Rosemary, Sawyerville, Stewart, Sunshine, Wateroak, Wedgeworth, Whitsitt

  Post Offices     show all on map

Akron Junction Post Office (historical), Akron Post Office, Baker Post Office (historical), Blacksand Post Office (historical), Buncombe Post Office (historical), Cedarville Post Office (historical), Cramer Post Office (historical), Cypress Post Office (historical), Dominick Post Office (historical), Ely Post Office (historical), Evans Post Office (historical), Fairville Post Office (historical), Five Mile Post Office (historical), Forest Post Office (historical), Gallion Post Office, Geddie Post Office (historical), Greene Springs Post Office (historical), Greensboro Post Office, Haleborough Post Office (historical), Havana Post Office (historical), Hogglesville Post Office (historical), Hollow Square Post Office (historical), Ingram Post Office (historical), Laneville Post Office (historical), Moundville Post Office, Newbern Post Office, Phipps Post Office (historical), Powers Post Office (historical), Prairievile Post Office (historical), Rockhill Post Office (historical), Sawyerville Post Office, Square Post Office (historical), Stewart Post Office (historical), Sunshine Post Office (historical), Tunstall Post Office (historical), Warrens Store Post Office (historical), Wateroak Post Office (historical), Wedgeworth Post Office (historical), Whitsitt Post Office (historical)

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Bailey Lake, Bryars Junior Lake, Bryars Junior Lakes, Bryars Junior Lakes, Carey Tidmore Lake, Carmichael Lake, Charlie Moseley Lake Number One, Charlie Moseley Lake Number Two, Coleman Farm Ponds, Coleman Farm Ponds, Coleman Lakes, Coleman Lakes, Fitzgerald Lake, Gross Lake, Hardenbergh Lake, J B Thomas Lake, J L Morrison Lake Number One, J L Morrison Lake Number Two, Jimmy Seale Lake, Joe Glover Lake, John Jays Lake, Kyser Lakes, Kyser Lakes, Kyser Lakes, Kyser Lakes, Kyser Lakes, Kyser Lakes, Lake View Country Club Lake, Lawson Lakes, Lawson Lakes, Lelia Myers Lake, Lenson Montgomery Lake Number 1, Lenson Montgomery Lake Number 2, Lenson Montz Ponds, Lenson Montz Ponds, Lenson Montz Ponds, Lewis Lawson Lake Number Five, Lewis Lawson Lake Number Four, Lewis Lawson Pond, Limestone Lakes, Limestone Lakes, Massey Lake, Montz Lake Number Four, Morrison Brothers Lake, Morrison Brothers Lake, Morrison Brothers Lake, Murphy Averette Lake, Oscar Cobb Lake, Payne Lake, Payne Lake, Phillips Lake, Richards Lake, Roy Alexander Lake, State Cattle Ranch Lakes, State Cattle Ranch Lakes, State Cattle Ranch Lakes, State Cattle Ranch Lakes, State Cattle Ranch Lakes, Sullivan Lakes, Sullivan Lakes, Sullivan Lakes, Sully Ponds, Thomas Lake, Walthall Lake, Warrior Lake, William Dale Lake, Willie Woods Lake, Willie Woods Lake, Willie Woods Lake

  Ridges     show all on map

Beach Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Akron Community School, Akron High School, Anderson School (historical), Arcola School (historical), Bethlehem School, Camp Ground School (historical), Casemore School (historical), Cedar Grove School (historical), Cephus School (historical), Christian Valley School (historical), Coley School (historical), Elliot Creek School (historical), Ellis School (historical), Elwood School (historical), Emory School (historical), Estes School (historical), Evening Star School (historical), Fairview School (historical), Flatwood School, Glen Hill School (historical), Green Springs School (historical), Greene Springs Academy (historical), Greenleaf School (historical), Greensboro Female Academy (historical), Greensboro Public East School, Greensboro Public West School, Hale County High School, Hatche School (historical), Hickory Stand School (historical), Hobson School (historical), Jerusalem School (historical), Jones School (historical), Kings School (historical), Lewis School (historical), Lock 5 School (historical), Macedonia School (historical), Madison School (historical), Martin Stewart School (historical), Mission School (historical), Moundville Elementary School, Moundville State Normal School (historical), Mount Herman School (historical), New Hope School (historical), Newbern Junior High School, Oak Grove School (historical), Pleasant Grove School (historical), Prospect School (historical), Rosenwald School, Rosenwald School (historical), Rosenwald School (historical), Rosenwald School (historical), Rosenwald School (historical), Saint Matthew School (historical), Saint Michaels School (historical), Saint Paul School (historical), Sawyerville Elementary School, Southern Academy, Southern University (historical), Springfield School (historical), Sunshine High School, Sycamore School (historical), Tubbs School (historical), Valley School (historical), Washington School (historical)

  Springs     show all on map

Chalaybeate Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Baptizing Branch, Big Brush Creek, Big German Creek, Big Prairie Creek, Bills Branch, Black Warrior River, Brush Creek, Colwell Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Elliotts Creek, Fivemile Creek, Friersons Branch, Graveyard Branch, Greer Creek, Harry Branch, Hines Creek, Jacks Branch, Jollywell Branch, Latner Branch, Lime Kiln Creek, Limestone Creek, Little Brush Creek, Little German Creek, Little Prairie Creek, Martin Creek, McCrarys Branch, Millians Creek, Peter Creek, Picks Creek, Piney Ridge Branch, Pole Bridge Branch, Polecat Creek, Posey Branch, Presley Ford Branch, Reedy Branch, Sparks Creek, Troublesome Branch, Whitsitt Creek, Wiggins Branch, Wrights Creek, Wrights Creek, Yellow Creek

  Swamps     show all on map

Mason Swamp

  Towers     show all on map

Havana Lookout Tower, Payne Lookout Tower

  Trails     show all on map

Payne Lake Nature Trail,

Hale County, Alabama Population By Race (2012 estimate)

BlackHale County Black population 8,9908,989  
WhiteHale County White population 6,2766,275
MixedHale County Mixed population 9392
AsianHale County Asian population 4646
American IndianHale County American Indian population 3130
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderHale County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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