Madison County, Alabama Basics:

Madison County Alabama - Government Site

Population: 342,762
Area: 802 square miles
County seat: Huntsville
Area code(s) in use: 256
Time zone: CST
High school graduate or higher: 89.5%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 37.8%
Median household income: $58,242
Persons in poverty: 12.4%
Home ownership rate: 70.0%
Mean travel time to work: 20.9 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Franklin (TN)  Giles (TN)  Jackson  Limestone  Lincoln (TN)  Marshall  Morgan  

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Map of the Madison County area

Our detail map of Madison County shows the Madison County, Alabama boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Madison County, Alabama

  Airports     show all on map

Big Sky Airport, Epps Airpark, Flint River Ranch Airport, Frerichs Airport, Gurley Airport, Hazel Green Airport, Huntsville Field, Huntsville International Airport-Carl T Jones Field, Madison County Executive Airport/Tom Sharp Jr Field, Moontown Airport, Piedmont Airport, Redstone Army Airfield, Wood Airport

  Bars     show all on map

Burndine Bar (historical), Chunns Bar (historical), Lees Bar (historical), Triana Bar (historical), Whitesburg Bar (historical)

  Basins     show all on map

Barley Cove, Harrison Cove, Lickskillet, Sharp Sinks, The Sinks

  Bends     show all on map

Salty Bottom

  Bridges     show all on map

Carpenter Bridge (historical), Clay Bridge (historical), Cobb Bridge (historical)

  Buildings     show all on map

Alabama State Troopers Troop B, Big Cove Pumping Station, Big Cove Volunteer Fire Department, Bobo Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Bobo Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Burritt Museum, Calvary Hill Neighborhood Center, Central Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Central Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Central Volunteer Fire Department Station 3, Green Mountain Volunteer Fire Department, Gurley Police Department, Gurley Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Gurley Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Harvest Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Harvest Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Harvest Volunteer Fire Department Station 3, Hazel Green Fire and Rescue Station 1, Hazel Green Fire and Rescue Station 2, Hazel Green Fire and Rescue Station 3, Huntsville Fire and Rescue Station 1, Huntsville Fire and Rescue Station 10, Huntsville Fire and Rescue Station 11, Huntsville Fire and Rescue Station 12, Huntsville Fire and Rescue Station 14, Huntsville Fire and Rescue Station 15, Huntsville Fire and Rescue Station 16, Huntsville Fire and Rescue Station 17, Huntsville Fire and Rescue Station 2, Huntsville Fire and Rescue Station 3, Huntsville Fire and Rescue Station 4, Huntsville Fire and Rescue Station 5, Huntsville Fire and Rescue Station 6, Huntsville Fire and Rescue Station 7, Huntsville Fire and Rescue Station 8, Huntsville Fire and Rescue Station 9, Huntsville Museum of Arts, Huntsville Police Department Headquarters, Huntsville Police Department North Precinct, Huntsville Police Department South Precinct, Huntsville Police Department West Precinct, Keel Mountain Volunteer Fire Department, Killingsworth Cove Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Killingsworth Cove Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, LifeLine Emergency Medical Services, Madison County Courthouse, Madison Fire and Rescue Station 1, Madison Fire and Rescue Station 2, Madison Police Department, Meridianville Volunteer Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services, Monrovia Fire Rescue Station 1, Monrovia Fire Rescue Station 2, Moores Mill Volunteer Fire Rescue Station 1, Moores Mill Volunteer Fire Rescue Station 2, New Hope Police Department, New Hope Volunteer Fire Department, New Market Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, New Market Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, New Market Volunteer Fire Department Station 3, North Huntsville Community Center, Owens Cross Roads Police Department, Owens Cross Roads Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Owens Cross Roads Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Parkwood Recreation Center, Rapid Aerostat Initial Deployment System (RAID), Redstone Arsenal Fire Station 1, Redstone Arsenal Fire Station 2, Redstone Arsenal Fire Station 3, Redstone Arsenal Fire Station 4, Toney Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Toney Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Toney Volunteer Fire Department Station 3, Triana Police Department, Triana Volunteer Fire Department, Von Braun Civic Center, Westside Neighborhood Center, Whitesburg Gardens Health Care Center

  Capes     show all on map

Blair Point, Cagle Point, Christian Point, Grayson Point, O'Shaughnessy Point, Sublett Point, Sugar Tree Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Acklin-Derrick Cemetery, Adams-Crutcher Cemetery, Allison Cemetery, Antioch Primitive Baptist Cemetery, Arnett Cemetery, Bailey Cemetery, Bailey Cemetery, Baker Cemetery, Baker Cemetery, Baker Cemetery, Barclay-Teney Cemetery, Battle Cemetery, Battle Cemetery, Battle Cemetery, Batts-Ward Cemetery, Bayless Cemetery, Bayless Cemetery, Beason Cemetery, Beaverdam Cemetery, Belleview Cemetery, Bentley Cemetery, Bethel Cemetery, Betts Cemetery, Bevill Cemetery, Bibb Cemetery, Big Cove Cemetery, Binford Cemetery, Blackburn Cemetery, Blair Cemetery, Blankenship Cemetery, Bloomfield Cemetery, Bloucher Ford Cemetery, Boggess Cemetery, Bone Cemetery, Bone Cemetery, Booker Cemetery, Bouldin-Hammond Cemetery, Bradford Cemetery, Bragg Cemetery, Bragg Cemetery, Brandon Cemetery, Brazelton Cemetery, Briar Fork Cemetery, Britton Cemetery, Browning Cemetery, Buford Cemetery, Burdine Cemetery, Burns Cemetery, Burton Cemetery, Bush Cemetery, Byrd Cemetery, Cabaniss Cemetery, Campbell Cemetery, Camper Cemetery, Carpenter Cemetery, Carroll Cemetery, Cavett Cemetery, Cedar Grove Cemetery, Center Grove Cemetery, Center Hill Cemetery, Chambless-Byrne Cemetery, Chandler Cemetery, Chandler Cemetery, Charity Cemetery, Clark Cemetery, Clark Cemetery, Clift Cemetery, Clopton Cemetery, Cloud Cemetery, Cobb Cemetery, Cochran Cemetery, Cole-Holloway Cemetery, Collier Cemetery, Collier Cemetery, Concord Cemetery, Conley Cemetery, Conley Cemetery, Conley Chapel Cemetery, Connally Cemetery, Cornelius Cemetery, Cross Cemetery, Crowson Hill Cemetery, Crutcher Cemetery, Daniel-Lawler Cemetery, Davie Cemetery, Dedman Cemetery, Dement Cemetery, Donaldson Cemetery, Donegan Cemetery, Douglass-Pettus Cemetery, Drake Cemetery, Drake Cemetery, Drake Cemetery, Drake-Keith Cemetery, Driskill Cemetery, Dunkin Cemetery, East Cemetery, Echols Cemetery, Echols Cemetery, Edmund Townsend Cemetery, Eldridge Cemetery, Ellis Cemetery, Faith Memorial Cemetery, Fanning Cemetery, Farley Cemetery, Farley Cemetery, Fearn Cemetery, Fennil Cemetery, Fleming Cemetery, Fletcher Cemetery, Flint River Cemetery, Ford Cemetery, Fords Chapel Cemetery, Foster Cemetery, Fowlkes Cemetery, Freeman Cemetery, Garner Cemetery, Gibson Cemetery, Gladstone Cemetery, Glenwood Cemetery, Glover Cemetery, Golightly Cemetery, Golightly Cemetery, Gooch-Dublin Cemetery, Gowan Cemetery, Graveyard Hill Cemetery, Grayson Cemetery, Green Grove Cemetery, Griffie Cemetery, Groves Cemetery, Hambrick Cemetery, Hambrick Cemetery, Hammond Cemetery, Hammond Cemetery, Hammond-Roult Cemetery, Hancock Cemetery, Harbin-Dalton Cemetery, Harris Cemetery, Hayes Cemetery, Hazle Cemetery, Hereford Cemetery, Hereford Cemetery, Hewlett Cemetery, Hewlett Cemetery, Hines Cemetery, Hobbs Cemetery, Holder Cemetery, Holding Cemetery, Horton-Joiner Cemetery, Hudson Cemetery, Humphrey Cemetery, Humphrey Cemetery, Hunt Cemetery, Huntsville Memory Gardens, Hutchings Cemetery, Hymen Cemetery, Indian Creek Cemetery, Inman Cemetery, Jacks Cemetery, Jacks Cemetery, Jamar Cemetery, James Moore Cemetery, Jeffries Cemetery, Jehu Lawler Cemetery, Jenkins Cemetery, Johnson Cemetery, Joiner Cemetery, Jones Cemetery, Jones Cemetery, Jones Cemetery, Jones Cemetery, Jones Cemetery, Jones Cemetery (historical), Jordan Cemetery, Jordan Cemetery, Jordan Cemetery, Jordan-Lanier Cemetery, Joyner Cemetery, Jude Cemetery, Keel Cemetery, Kelly Cemetery, Kelly Cemetery, Kennamer Cemetery, Kincaid Cemetery, Kincaid Cemetery, Kincaid Cemetery, King Cemetery, King Cemetery, King Cemetery, King Cove Cemetery, Lacey Cemetery, Lacey Cemetery, Landman Cemetery, Lanier Cemetery, Lanier Cemetery, Lanier Cemetery, Lawler Cemetery, Lee Cemetery, Liberty Hill Cemetery, Lipscomb Cemetery, Locust Grove Cemetery, Logan Cemetery, Love-Wilburn Cemetery, Lyon Cemetery, Maddera Cemetery, Madison Cemetery, Madison Crossroads Cemetery, Manning Cemetery, Maple Hill Cemetery, Massengale Cemetery, Matkins Cemetery, Matlock Cemetery, Mayo Cemetery, McCaleb Cemetery, McCrary Cemetery, McDavid Cemetery, McDonnell Cemetery, McGehee Cemetery, Meridianville Cemetery, Merrimack Cemetery, Miller Cemetery, Minor Cemetery, Mitchell Cemetery, Moon Cemetery, Moore Cemetery, Moore Cemetery, Moore Cemetery, Moore Cemetery, Moore Cemetery, Moore Chapel Cemetery, Moore-Holmes Cemetery, Morgan-Thompson Cemetery, Morring Cemetery, Morris Cemetery, Morrow-Stewart Cemetery, Mount Zion Cemetery, Murphy Hill Cemetery, Nance Cemetery, Nance Cemetery, Nance Cemetery, Neal Chapel Cemetery, Nelson Chapel Cemetery, New Haven Cemetery, New Hope Cemetery, New Sharon Cemetery, New Triana Cemetery, Newby Cemetery, Nickle-Martin-Rathbone Cemetery, Normal Cemetery, Norris Cemetery, Norris Cemetery, Northside Cemetery, Otey Cemetery, Palmer Cemetery, Parker Cemetery, Patton Cemetery, Penland-Cooper Cemetery, Penny Cemetery, Perkins Cemetery, Pettus Cemetery, Petty Cemetery, Pickens Cemetery, Pike Cemetery, Pine Grove Cemetery, Pine Grove Cemetery, Plainview Cemetery, Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Pleasant Mount Cemetery, Pope Cemetery, Potts Cemetery, Powell Cemetery, Powers Cemetery, Powhatan-Toney Cemetery, Pruit-McCaa Cemetery, Pulley Cemetery, Ragland Cemetery, Ragsdale Cemetery, Ready Cemetery, Rice Cemetery, Richards Cemetery, Robinson Cemetery, Rogers Cemetery, Roundtree-Gentry Cemetery, Rowe Cemetery, Rowe Cemetery, Royal Cemetery, Russell Cemetery, Russell J Kelly Cemetery, Ryland Cemetery, Saint Clair Cemetery, Saint James Cemetery, Saint John Cemetery, Saint Rebecca Cemetery, Sandidge Cemetery, Sanford Cemetery, Scruggs Cemetery, Scruggs Cemetery, Scruggs Cemetery, Seay Cemetery, Seay Cemetery, Seay Cemetery, Shady Grove Cemetery, Sharp Cemetery, Sharp Cemetery Number 2, Simpson Cemetery, Simpson Cemetery, Sisco Cemetery, Sivley Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Spriggs Cemetery, State Line Cemetery, State Line Cemetery, Steele Cemetery, Steger-Ormond Cemetery, Stewart Cemetery, Stewart Cemetery, Stewart Cemetery, Stone Cemetery, Strawder Cemetery, Strong Cemetery, Strong Cemetery, Strong-Douglas Cemetery, Sublett Cemetery, Tally Cemetery, Tate Cemetery, Taylor Cemetery, Taylor Cemetery, Taylor Chapel Cemetery, Thomas Cemetery, Thompson Cemetery, Tibbs Cemetery, Tiller Cemetery, Toney Cemetery, Townsend Cemetery, Townsend Cemetery, Townsend Coover Cemetery, Triana Cemetery, Tuck Cemetery, Turner Cemetery, Turner Cemetery, Union Cemetery, Union Hill Cemetery, Valhalla Memorial Gardens, Vann Cemetery, Vasser-Pettus Cemetery, Vinson Cemetery, Wade Cemetery, Walls Cemetery, Washington Cemetery, Welbourn-King Cemetery, White Cemetery, Whitman Cemetery, Whittaker Cemetery, Whitworth Cemetery, Wiggins Cemetery, Wilburn Cemetery, Williams Cemetery, Woodward Cemetery, Wright Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Harvest Census Designated Place, Hazel Green Census Designated Place, Meridianville Census Designated Place, Moores Mill Census Designated Place, New Market Census Designated Place, Redstone Arsenal Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Acklin Church, Antioch Baptist Church, Antioch Church, Antioch Primitive Baptist Church, Ascension Lutheran Church, Beaverdam Primitive Baptist Church, Beech Grove Church, Beirnes Avenue Holiness Church, Berea Church, Bethany Baptist Church, Bethany Church, Bethel Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Bethel Church, Bethlehem Baptist Church, Bethlehem Church, Bethsadia Church, Bevill Chapel Church, Bible Chapel Church, Big Cove Church (historical), Big Cove Holiness Church, Big Cove Presbyterian Church, Big Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church, Blackburn Chapel Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Blackman Church (historical), Blue Spring Chapel, Boles Point Church, Briar Fork Primitive Baptist Church, Brier Fork Church, Brison Memorial Chapel, Broomfield Church (historical), Bulah Church (historical), Calvary Baptist Church, Calvary Bible Church, Calvary Church, Calvary Temple Assembly of God, Cameron Methodist Church, Carter Grove Church, Catholic Church of the Visitation, Cave Spring Baptist Church, Cave Springs Holiness Church, Cedar Gap Baptist Church, Cedar Gap Church, Cedar Grove Church, Cedar Grove Church (historical), Cedar Grove Church (historical), Cedar Hill Church (historical), Cedar Point Church, Center Church, Center Grove Church (historical), Center Grove Methodist Church, Central Assembly of God Church, Central Baptist Church, Central Church of Christ, Central Presbyterian Church, Central Seventh Day Adventist Church, Charity Church, Chase Community Church, Chestnut Grove Methodist Church, Christ Chapel Spiritual Church, Christ Holy Temple Church, Christian Fellowship Church, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ at Lincoln, Church of Christ in God, Church of God, Church of God of Prophecy, Church of God of Prophecy, Church of the Nativity, Clarksdale Baptist Church, Cloud Cove Church, Colliers Chapel Church, Community Baptist Church, Community Church, Concord Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Congregation Bnai-Sholom, Conley Chapel Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Covenant Presbyterian Church, Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Douglas Tabernacle, East Huntsville Assembly of God Church, East Huntsville Baptist Church, East Huntsville Christian Church (historical), East Huntsville Church of Christ, Ebenezer Church, Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church, Eldridge Street Church of God, Elkwood Church, Elon Church, Emmanuel Church of Christ, Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Enon Baptist Church (historical), Epworth African Methodist Episcopal Church (historical), Epworth Methodist Church, Esther Church, Etz Chayim Synagogue, Fairview Church (historical), Fairview Methodist Church, Faith Baptist Church, Faith Chapel Pentecostal Holiness Church, Faith Presbyterian Church, Fanning Heights Church of Christ, Farley Church of Christ, Fellowship Church, Fellowship Presbyterian Church, First Alliance Church, First Assembly of God Church, First Baptist Church, First Christian Church, First Church, First Church of Christ Science, First Church of God, First Church of the Nazarene, First Cumberland Presbyterian Church, First Freewill Baptist Church, First Methodist Church, First Presbyterian Church, First Seventh Day Adventist Church, First United Pentecostal Church, Fitchard Chapel Baptist Church, Five Points Baptist Church, Fletcher Chapel (historical), Flint Church, Flint River Baptist Church, Flint River Church, Forcet Chapel (historical), Ford Chapel Methodist Church, Forest Church (historical), Friendship Church, Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, Fuller Chapel (historical), Galilee Church, Glover Chapel, Good Shephard Presbyterian Church, Governors Drive Church of God, Grace Baptist Church, Grace Chapel Primitive Baptist Church, Grace Church, Grace Church of the Nazarene, Gravitt Chapel, Green Grove Church (historical), Greenfield Church, Gurley Road Baptist Church, Harvest Baptist Church, Harvest Church of Christ, Hayes Chapel, Hayes Chapel Church, Haymer Chapel, Hazel Green Church, Heard Chapel, Hickory Flat Church, Hickory Grove Church, Highlands Baptist Church, Highlands Methodist Church, Hill Chapel, Hills Chapel, Hillsboro Heights Baptist Church, Hillwood Baptist Church, Holmes Street Methodist Church, Holy Spirit Catholic Church, Hopewell Church, Hughs Road Church, Huntsville Baptist Temple, Huntsville Bible Church, Huntsville Christian Church, Huntsville Church of God, Huntsville Free Methodist Church, Huntsville Freewill Baptist Church, Huntsville Park Baptist Church, Hurricane Chapel, Hurricane Church, Hurricane Grove Church, Indian Creek Primitive Baptist Church, Jackson Way Baptist Church, Jones Memorial Church, Jordan Park Church of Christ, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Lakemont Church, Lakeside African Methodist Episcopal Church (historical), Lakeside Methodist Church, Lakewood Presbyterian Church, Lakewood United Methodist Church, Landmark Church, Latham Memorial Church, Lewis Chapel Baptist Church, Liberty Bible Fellowship Church, Liberty Primitive Baptist Church, Lighthouse Church, Lincoln Memorial Baptist Church, Little Indian Creek Primitive Baptist Church, Little Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church, Little Zion Primitive Baptist Church, Locust Grove Baptist Church, Lowe Church, Mable Hill Church, Macedonia Church, Madison Baptist Church, Madison Church of Christ, Madison Church of God, Madison Church of the Nazarene, Madison Crossroads Church, Madison United Methodist Church, Mason Christian Methodist Episcopal Chapel, Mastin Lake Church of Christ, Mastin Lake Church of the Nazarene, Matkins Chapel Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Mayfair Church of Christ, McDonnell Chapel, Meadow Drive Baptist Church, Meadow Hills Baptist Church, Memorial Parkway Church of Christ, Memorial Southern Methodist Church, Meridianville Baptist Church, Meridianville Bottom Church, Meridianville Church of Christ, Meridianville Primitive Baptist Church, Monte Sano Baptist Church, Monte Sano Church, Moore Chapel, Moores Mill Church, Morman Church, Morning Star Church, Morris Chapel Baptist Church, Moses Chapel, Moses Chapel Baptist Church, Mount Lebanon Church (historical), Mount Olive Church, Mount Shade Church, Mount Zion Baptist Church, Mount Zion Church, Mount Zion Church, Mount Zion Primitive Baptist Church, Mountain Fork Church, Mountain Fork Church, Mountain Grove Church (historical), Mountain View Baptist Church, Murphy Hill Baptist Church, National Presbyterian Church, Nebo Church (historical), Neeleys Chapel Church, Neighborhood Church of the Advent, Nelson Chapel, New Flint Church (historical), New Jerusalem Baptist Church, New Market Church, New Market Presbyterian Church, New Market United Methodist Church, New Mount Olive Church (historical), New Sharon Church of God, New Testament Baptist Church, New Zion Missionary Baptist Church, New Zion Missionary Baptist Church, North Hills Christian Church, North Huntsville Baptist Church, Northside Baptist Church, Northside Church of Christ, Oak Bower Church, Oak Grove Church, Oak Grove Church, Oak Grove Church (historical), Oak Park Baptist Church, Oakland Church (historical), Oakley Church, Our Lady Queen of the Universe Catholic Church, Owen Crossroads Church of God, Owen Crossroads First Methodist Church, Owens Chapel Missionary Baptist Church, Parkway Church of God, Phillips Chapel (historical), Phillips Tabernacle, Pilgrim Rest Church, Pine Chapel Church, Pine Grove Baptist Church, Pine Grove Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Pine Tree Church (historical), Pinegrove Church (historical), Plain Truth Apostolic Church, Plainview Church of Christ, Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, Pleasant Home Baptist Church, Pleasant Mount Baptist Church, Pleasant Oak Church, Pleasant Springs Baptist Church, Plevna Church, Post Chapel, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Progressive Union Baptist Church, Providence Presbyterian Church, Pulaski Pike Baptist Church, Randolph Church, Redeemer Lutheran Church, Reformed Presbyterian Church, Reid Chapel (historical), Rice Church, Ross Chapel (historical), Saint Barley Center Church, Saint Bartleys Primitive Baptist Church, Saint Bethany Church (historical), Saint Christopher Church, Saint Christopher Wayside Shrine, Saint Elizabeth Cumberland Church, Saint James Chapel Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Saint James Primitive Baptist Church, Saint John African Methodist Episcopal Church, Saint John the Baptist Catholic Church, Saint Joseph Church, Saint Luke Missionary Baptist Church, Saint Lukes Church, Saint Mark Primitive Baptist Church, Saint Marks Church, Saint Mathew Primitive Baptist Church, Saint Paul Church (historical), Saint Paul Methodist Church, Saint Paul United Methodist Church, Saint Pauls Church, Saint Peter African Methodist Episcopal Church, Saint Rebecca Church, Saint Ruth Church, Saint Stephens Episcopal Church, Saint Thomas Church, Salvation Army Church, Second Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Shady Grove Church, Sherwood Baptist Church, Shiloh Baptist Church, Shiloh Church, Shiloh Church, Shiloh Church (historical), Shipp Park Church, Sixth Avenue Church, Skyline Missionary Baptist Church, South Zion Church (historical), Southside Baptist Church, Southside Christian Church, Southwest Baptist Church, Spring Hill Methodist Church, State Line Church, State Line Church, Stevens Avenue Church of Christ, Stiles Chapel, Sweethome Church (historical), Syler Tabernacle, Taylor Chapel, The United Church, Third Baptist Church, Thomas Chapel, Triana Church, Triana Village Christian Church, Trinity Church, Trinity Methodist Church, Turner Chapel, Union Chapel (historical), Union Chapel Missionary Baptist Church, Union Church, Union Grove Church, Union Grove Church, Union Hill Church (historical), Union Hill Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Union Hill Primitive Baptist Church, Unitarian Universalist Church of Huntsville, University Baptist Church, University United Methodist Church, Valley Methodist Church, Virginia Boulevard Church of God, Wall Highway Baptist Church, Walnut Grove Church, Wear Chapel, Weatherly Heights Baptist Church, Weatherly Heights Church of Christ, Wesley Methodist Church, West Huntsville African Methodist Episcopal Church (historical), West Huntsville Baptist Church, West Huntsville Church of Christ, Westlawn Baptist Church, Westlawn Church of God, Whitesburg Baptist Church, Whitesburg Church of God, Williams Chapel (historical), Willowbrook Baptist Church, Zion Progress Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Bell Bluff, Clark Bluff, Lehmans Bluff, Pine Bluff, Sublett Bluff, The Narrows, Watkins Bluff

  Crossings     show all on map

Adair Ford, Bloucher Ford, Clarkesville Ferry (historical), Fishtrap Ford, Grayson Ford, Swift Ford

  Dams     show all on map

Jimmy Johnston Lake Dam, Madison County Nature Trail Dam, Madison County Public Lake Dam, Mary Ann Drake Dam, Mountain Lake Resort Dam, Randall Mullins Lake Dam, Romine Lake Dam, Smith, Walker and Johnson Lake Dam

  Gaps     show all on map

Blevins Gap, Cedar Gap, Cedar Gap, Certain Gap, Hickory Flat, Hines Gap, Lee Gap, Low Gap, Macedonia Gap, The Divide, The Dugout

  Guts     show all on map

Robinson Mill Creek

  Harbors     show all on map

Madison County Park and Boat Harbor

  Hospitals     show all on map

Bradford Health Services Huntsville Adult / Adolescent Treatment Center, Crestwood Medical Center, HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of North Alabama, Huntsville City Infirmaries (historical), Huntsville Hospital, Huntsville Hospital for Women and Children

  Islands     show all on map

Buffalo Island, Esslinger Island, Flint River Towhead (historical), Hobbs Island, Russell Island, Traylor Island, Wortham Mill Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Buckeye Pond, Collier Lake, Lees Pond, Mason Lake (historical), Milner Pond, Mouzon Lake, Rock Pond, Swan Pond, Vaughn Lake, Williams Pond

  Locales     show all on map

Alabama State Docks Terminal, Ardmore Shopping Center, B J Farms, Bell (historical), Bermuda Oaks Golf Course, Blackwell (historical), Bloomfield (historical), Briar Fork Music Camp, Brown Farms, Buggs Chapel, Byrd Spring Rod and Gun Club, Camp Ground, Camp Macoba, Carter Store (historical), Central Plaza Shopping Center, Chickasaw Old Fields, Chigger Ridge Farm, Clarksville Landing, Clowers Shopping Center, Clutches Fork (historical), Coalton (historical), Colonial Golf and Country Club, Cummings Research Park, Cummings Research Park West, Dan (historical), Davis Farms, Dills Landing (historical), Ditto Landing Marina, Dunnavants Mall Shopping Center, East Madison Shopping Center, Executive Plaza Research Center, Five Points Shopping Center, Flint Ridge Farm, Gates Farm, Golightly (historical), Green Grove (historical), Green Grove Landing (historical), Gwyndale Farms, Hamilton Square Shopping Center, Haysland Square Shopping Center, Heart of Huntsville Mall Shopping Center, Hickory Hollow Farm, Hobbs Island Sewage Treatment Plant, Holiday Plaza Shopping Center, Honea (historical), Huntsville Filtration Plant, Huntsville Golf and Country Club, Huntsville Industrial Center, Huntsville Municipal Golf Course, Huntsville Sewage Treatment Plant, Huntsville Speedway, Incline Landing (historical), J J Farms, Jetport Municipal Golf Course, Kennamer Shopping Center, Lakewood Shopping Center, Lane Plaza Shopping Center, Lankford Mill (historical), Lasater Farms, Leas Store (historical), Lily Flagg Club, Limestone (historical), Linde Siding, Lowe Industrial Park, Madison County Dragway, Madison County Industrial Park, Madison Industrial Park, Madison Mall Shopping Center, Madison Plaza Shopping Center, Madison Square Mall Shopping Center, Manley Crossroads, Memorial Plaza Shopping Center, Millers Mill (historical), Molder (historical), Monrovia Golf Course (historical), Neutral Buoyancy Space Simulator, North Park Center Shopping Center, Northside Plaza Shopping Center, Northwood Plaza Shopping Center, Nunn Store, Oak Park Shopping Center, Oakwood Shopping Center, Oakwood Village Shopping Center, Parkway City Mall Shopping Center, Pearsall Shopping Center, Pine Lawn Farms, Propulsion and Structural Test Facility, Putnam Industrial Park, Redstone Test Stand, Rep (historical), Rocket Siding, Saturn V Dynamic Test Stand, Scott's Orchard, Sherwood Plaza Shopping Center, Simmons Farms, Slaughter Landing, South Memorial Plaza Shopping Center, Southeast Plaza Shopping Center, Spencer Industrial Center, Stegers Store, Tate Farms, The Mall Shopping Center (historical), Top Turf Sod Farm, Triana Landing, University Plaza Shopping Center, Valley Hill Golf and Country Club, Valley View Golf Course, Viduta (historical), Watkins Landing (historical), Westbury Shopping Center, Westland Plaza Shopping Center, Whitesburg Plaza Shopping Center, Willowbrook Square Shopping Center, Willowbrook Village Shopping Center, Woodis Store (historical)

  Military     show all on map

Redstone Arsenal

  Parks     show all on map

Archer Park, Bierne Park, Big Spring Park, Brahan Spring Park, Butler Park, California Street Park, Carry Hill City Park, Chapman Park, Chelsea Park, Constitution Hall Park, Fernbell Park, Flamingo Park, Forrest Park, Grissom Park, Hermitage Park, Hughs Park, Huntsville Park, Huntsville Running Park, Jamison Park, Joe Davis Stadium, John H Steigerwood Field, Jones Valley Recreation Center, Ka-Lea Park, Lakewood Park, Logan Park, Madison County Nature Study Center, Maplewood Park, Mastin Lake Park, Mayfair Park, Milton Frank Stadium, Monte Sano State Park, Oak Park Playground, Oakmont Park, Optimist Park, Pear Tree Park, Piedmont Recreation Area, Pine Park, Redstone Arsenal Recreation Area, Robe Park, Sharon Johnson Park, Shelton Park, Stoner Field, Thomas Zoo, Triana Recreation Area, University Park, Whitesburg Park, Willow Park, Windsor Manor Park

  Populated Places     show all on map

Ardmore Estates, Ashland, Bailey Cove Estates, Baltimore Hill, Bel Air Estates, Bell Factory, Bellemeade, Belview Heights, Berkley, Big Cove, Blue Spring Garden, Bluewood Estates, Bobo, Brandontown, Bravo, Brentwood, Brookhurst, Browns Corner, Brownsboro, Buckhorn, Bucks Canyon, Burrows, Butler Mill, Byrd Springs, Camelot, Canterbury, Carter Grove, Cavalry Hill, Cedar Point, Cedar Valley, Cedargate, Chapman Heights, Chase, Chelsea, Cherokee Hills, Cherry Creek, Cherrytree, Chickasaw Estates, Chimney Springs, Clarkdale, Clift Acres, Cluttsville, Colonial Gardens, Colonial Hills, Country Club Estates, Country Club Gardens, Country Club Park, Country Village, Crestview Estates, Dallas, Darwin Downs, Davis Hills, Davis Hills Estates, Deposit, Double Tree, Dug Hill, Eastridge, Echols Hill, Edgemont, Edmonton Heights, Elko, Elkwood, Elon, Endsley Acres, English Terrace, English Village, Fagen Springs Estates, Fairview, Fannings Crossing, Farley, Fisk, Five Points, Five Points, Fleming Hills, Fleming Meadows, Flemington Heights, Forest Park, Fox Run, Gentily Forest, Gladstone, Glen Park, Green Acres, Green Cove Meadows, Greenbriar, Greenfield, Greenhill, Greenwycke Village, Grove Park, Grove View Acres, Gurley, Haden, Hampton Cove, Harvest, Haysland Estates, Hazel Green, Hillandale, Hillmont, Hillsboro, Hillview Acres, Hillwood, Hobbs Island, Hoover, Huntsville, Huntsville Hills, Huntsville Park, Incline, Indian Hills, Jeff, Johnson, Jones Valley Estates, Keys Mill, Kildere Estates, Lakewood, Lakewood Manor, Lily Flagg, Lincoln, Lincoya, Longwood, Lowe (historical), Lynwood Gardens, Madison, Madison Crossroads, Madison Highlands, Madison Point, Maple Hill, Maplewood, Mayfair, Maysville, McCaleb Mill, Meadow Hills, Meadow Lane Estates, Meadow Trace, Mercury, Meridianville, Mint Spring, Monrovia, Moontown, Moores Mill, Mount Carmel, Mount Charron Estates, Mount Lebanon, Mountain Brook, Mountain Gap Estates, Mountain Heights, Mountain Springs Estates, Nebo, New Haven, New Hope, New Market, New Sharon, Nolan Hills, Normal, North Daye Hill, Northside Acres, Northwood, Norton, Oak Grove, Oak Leaf, Oak Park, Oakwood, Oakwood, Old Monrovia, Owens Cross Roads, Parkway Estates, Parkwood Estates, Pea Ridge, Pearsall Gardens, Piedmont, Pleasant Acres, Plevna, Rainbow, Rainbow Gap Estates, Rainbow Mountain Heights, Ready Crossing, Redstone Park, Regent Forest, Rideout Village, Ridgewood, Rocky Top Estates, Rolling Meadows, Rolling Woods, Roseboro, Russell Hill, Rutledge Heights, Ryland, Ryland Acres, Saint Clair Store, Sandhurst Park, Scenic View, Shady Lane, Sherwood Park, Skinem, Skyline Acres, South Gate, South Park Estates, Stag Run, State Line, Steele Crossing, Stone Ridge, Sublett Mill, Sugar Tree, Sulphur Springs, Summit Place, Sunset Cove, Tannahill Estates, Tara, Terry Heights, The Highlands, The Woodlands, Three Forks, Toney, Triana, Union Grove, Union Park, University Park, Valley Park, Valley View Estates, Vaughn Corners, Vestavia Estates, Walker Woods, Walnut Grove, Weatherly Heights, West Huntsville, Westbury, Western Hills Estates, Westlawn, Whitesburg, Whitesburg Estates, Willow Bend, Willow Hills Estates, Willowbrook, Willowbrook Estates, Windsor Manor, Woodridge

  Post Offices     show all on map

Balchs Mill Post Office (historical), Banyan Post Office (historical), Barren Ridge Post Office (historical), Bell Factory Post Office (historical), Bell Post Office (historical), Berkley Post Office (historical), Blackwell Post Office (historical), Bloomfield Post Office (historical), Blue Spring Post Office, Brownsboro Post Office (historical), Broyles Post Office (historical), Carmichael Post Office (historical), Chase Post Office, Cluttsville Post Office (historical), Coalton Post Office (historical), Crocker Post Office (historical), Dallas Mills Post Office (historical), Dan Post Office (historical), Deerfield Post Office (historical), Deposit Post Office (historical), Elkwood Post Office (historical), Elon Post Office (historical), Erwin Post Office (historical), Farley Post Office (historical), Fisk Post Office (historical), Flint Factory Post Office (historical), Giles Post Office (historical), Gladstone Post Office (historical), Golightly Post Office (historical), Greenfield Post Office (historical), Greengrove Post Office (historical), Gurley Post Office, Haden Post Office (historical), Harvest Post Office, Hazel Green Post Office, Hobbs Island Post Office (historical), Honea Post Office (historical), Hoy Post Office (historical), Huntsville Post Office, Jeff Post Office (historical), Keysmills Post Office (historical), Kora Post Office (historical), Lawhon Post Office (historical), Limestone Post Office (historical), Lone Post Office (historical), Madison Cross Roads Post Office (historical), Madison Post Office, Maysville Post Office, Mercury Post Office (historical), Meridianville Post Office, Merigold Post Office (historical), Monrovia Post Office (historical), Monte Sano Post Office (historical), Moores Mills Post Office (historical), Mullins Post Office (historical), Nebo Post Office (historical), New Market Post Office, Normal Post Office (historical), Owens Cross Roads Post Office, Pearsons Store Post Office (historical), Plevna Post Office (historical), Poplar Ridge Post Office (historical), Rainbow Post Office (historical), Redfield Post Office (historical), Rep Post Office (historical), Ryland Post Office (historical), Toney Post Office, Triana Post Office (historical), Wew Post Office (historical), Whites Store Post Office (historical), Whitesburg Post Office (historical), Wiley Post Office (historical)

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Big Pond, Byrd Spring Lake, General Shoe Tank, Hurricane Creek Watershed Lake, Jimmy Johnston Lake, John Blue Co Tank, Lady Ann Lake, Lake Clark, Little Pond, Madison County Lake, Madison County Nature Trail Lake, Randall Mullins Lake, Romine Lake, Smith Lake, Smith, Walker and Johnson Lake, Ware Pond, Weyler Lake

  Ridges     show all on map

Cedar Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University, Beaverdam School (historical), Berachah Academy, Berkley Center Head Start School, Berkley Junior High School, Betz School (historical), Big Cove Junior High School, Bishop School (historical), Blossomwood Elementary School, Bob Jones High School, Bradley Junior High School, Brier Fork School (historical), Buckhorn High School, Calhoun State Community College, Capshaw School (historical), Cavalry Hill School, Cave Spring School (historical), Cedar Glade School (historical), Cedar Point School (historical), Center School (historical), Central Junior High School, Chaney School (historical), Chapman Junior High School, Chestnut Grove School (historical), Cloud School (historical), Colonial Hills Elementary School, Conyers-Rosenwald School, Council High School, Council School, Davis Hills Elementary School, East Clinton Elementary School, Ed White Middle School, Elkwood School (historical), Evangel School, Farley Elementary School, Farmers Capitol School, Harvest Middle School, Harvest School (historical), Hayes Chapel School (historical), Hazel Green High School, Hickory Grove School (historical), Highlands Elementary School, Hight School (historical), Hill School (historical), Hillsboro School (historical), Holy Spirit School, Horton School (historical), Huntsville Academy (historical), Huntsville Adult Education Center, Huntsville Collegiate Institute (historical), Huntsville Equitation School, Huntsville Female Academy (historical), Huntsville High School, Huntsville Junior High School, Hurricane School, Hurricane School (historical), Indian Creek Junior High School, JF Drake State Technical College, Johnson High School, Jones Valley Elementary School, Killingsworth School (historical), Lakewood Elementary School, Lee High School, Liberty Grove School (historical), Light School (historical), Lincoln Elementary School, Lincoln School (historical), Lorretta Academy (historical), Mabe School (historical), Madison Academy, Madison County High School, Madison County Technical School, Madison Crossroads Junior High School, Madison Middle School, Mastin Lake School, McDonnell Elementary School, Meridianville Bottom School (historical), Meridianville Junior High School, Mint Spring School (historical), Monrovia Middle School, Monte Sano Elementary School, Monte Sano Female Seminary (historical), Montessori School, Montview Elementary School, Morris Elementary School, Morris School (historical), Mount Carmel School (historical), Mountain Fork Junior High School, Mountain Gap Elementary School, Murphy Hill School (historical), New Hope School, New Market Middle School, New Sharon Junior High School, Northwest School, Number Four School (historical), Oak Grove School (historical), Oakwood College, Oakwood College Academy, Owens Cross Roads Middle School, Payne Chapel (historical), Penny School (historical), Pine Grove School (historical), Pisgah School, Plevna Elementary School, Plevna School (historical), Poplar Hill School (historical), Poplar Ridge School (historical), Pulaski Pike School (historical), Randolph School, Reagan School (historical), Ridgecrest Elementary School, Rison Elementary School, Riverton Junior High School, Roger B Chaffee Elementary School, Rosenwalen School (historical), S R Butler High School, Saint Josephs School, Saint Lukes Chapel School (historical), Saint Ruth School, Sherman Institute (historical), Shiloh School (historical), Silver Hill School (historical), Sparkman High School, Stone Middle School, Terry Heights Elementary School, Toney Junior High School, Toney School (historical), Twin Technical School, Union Grove School (historical), Union Hill School (historical), Union Hill School (historical), University of Alabama in Huntsville, University of Alabama Research Institute, University Place Elementary School, Vance School (historical), Vann School (historical), Virgil Grissom High School, Walnut Grove Middle School, Weatherly Heights Elementary School, West End Early Childhood Education Center, West Huntsville Elementary School, West Huntsville Public School (historical), West Madison Junior High School, Westlawn Middle School, Westminster Christian Academy, Whitesburg Middle School, Wills School (historical)

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Acuff Spring, Ashburn Spring, Baker Spring, Bales Spring, Bankstons Spring, Beasley Spring, Beason Spring, Berry Spring, Bethel Spring, Betts Spring, Betts Spring, Big Spring, Blair Spring, Blair Spring, Blue Spring, Blue Spring, Blue Spring, Blue Spring, Blue Spring, Brahan Spring, Brazelton Spring, Burns Spring, Burwell Spring, Butler Spring, Byrd Spring, Cave Spring, Cave Spring, Cold Spring, Denton Spring, Drake Spring, Esslinger Spring, Fagan Spring, Fuqua Spring, Grayson Spring, Grayson Spring, Harris Spring, Kelly Spring, Manning Spring, Moore Quarter Spring, Moore Spring, Mullins Big Spring, Murphy Spring, New Hope Spring, New Hope Spring, Pickens Spring, Prater Spring, Rock Spring, Sale Spring, Smithers Spring, Sneed Spring, Sweatman Spring, Tanner Spring, Toney Spring, White Spring, Williams Spring

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Aldridge Creek, Bailey Cove Branch, Banyon Creek, Banyon Swamp Creek, Barley Branch, Barren Fork Creek, Beaverdam Creek, Bee Branch, Bethany Branch, Betts Spring Branch, Big Cove Creek, Blackwell Run, Blue Spring Branch, Bowling Branch, Bradford Creek, Brier Fork Flint River, Broglan Branch, Buck Ditch, Buckhorn Branch, Buffalo Branch, Burdine Branch, Byrd Spring Branch, Cedar Creek, Chase Creek, Copeland Creek, Dallas Branch, Davis Branch, Denton Branch, Donneby Branch, Drake Cove Branch, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dupree Branch, East Fork Pinhook Creek, Elder Branch, Esslinger Cove Branch, Esslinger Spring Branch, Fagan Creek, Five Points Ditch, Flint River, Fowler Creek, Glover Cove Creek, Goose Creek, Hambrick Branch, Hambrick Slough, Hardin Branch, Hester Creek, Huckleberry Branch, Huntsville Spring Branch, Hurricane Creek, Indian Creek, Jenkins Branch, Jenny River, Killingsworth Cove Branch, Knox Creek, Lickskillet Creek, Lollar Branch, Love Ditch, Martin Hollow Branch, McDonald Creek, Merrimac Branch, Mill Creek, Miller Branch, Molder Branch, Morris Branch, Mountain Fork, Nichols Spring Branch, Normal Branch, Payne Branch, Peevey Creek, Pigrum Branch, Pine Haven Ditch, Pinhook Creek, Pond Creek, Rocky Branch, Rodgers Branch, Sand Branch, Scott Branch, Section Branch, Sherwood Creek, Slate Rock Branch, Stewart Branch, Sugar Fork, Sunset Cove Branch, Swamp Branch, Sweetwater Branch, Sweetwater Branch, Tarkiln Branch, The Bayou, Walker Branch, Walker Creek, Weatherly Cove Branch, West Fork Flint River, West Fork Pinhook Creek, Yellow Bank Creek

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Backbone Mountain, Bell Hill, Berry Mountain, Betts Mountain, Bice Mountain, Big Hill, Brush Mountain, Burwell Mountain, Candlestand, Capshaw Mountain, Cedar Gap Mountain, Chapman Mountain, Chestnut Knob, Christian Mountain, Cloud Mountain, Devils Race Track, Drake Mountain, Drake Mountain, Garth Mountain, Ginn Point, Graveyard Hill, Gurley Mountain, Hale Mountain, Hatton Mountain, Hatton Mountain, Hawkins Mountain, Haymer Mountain, High Point, High Top, Hill Mountain, Huntsville Mountain, Jasper Point, Johnson Top, Keel Mountain, Lemley Mountain, Lewis Mountain, Liberty Hill, Little Burwell Mountain, Little Mountain, Logan Point, Madkin Mountain, Mathis Mountain, Mayo Mountain, McKinney Mountain, Meeks Mountain, Monte Sano Mountain, Morris Mountain, Nance Mountain, Nebo Mountain, Oakwood Mountain, Panther Knob, Potato Hill, Potato Knob, Quarter Mountain, Rainbow Mountain, Reed Mountain, Roach Mountain, Round Top Mountain, Russell Hill, Russell Point, Sand Point, Sharp Mountain, Smithers Mountain, Wade Mountain, Wade Point, Wallace Mountain, Ward Mountain, Weatherly Mountain, Weeden Mountain

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Bailey Swamp, Blackwell Swamp, Dyas Swamp, Webb Pond, Wild Hog Swamp

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Joe B Shirley Lookout Tower, WAAY-AM (Huntsville), WAAY-AM (Huntsville), WAAY-TV (Huntsville), WABT-AM (Madison), WAED-FM (Huntsville), WAFF-TV (Huntsville), WAHR-FM (Huntsville), WBHP-AM (Huntsville), WEUP-AM (Huntsville), WFIX-AM (Huntsville), WHIQ-TV (Huntsville), WHNT-TV (Huntsville), WLRH-FM (Huntsville), WNDA-FM (Huntsville), WOCG-FM (Huntsville), WTAK-AM (Huntsville), WZYP-FM (Athens)

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Alum Cave Hollow, Bailey Cove, Berry Hollow, Big Cove, Bluff Hollow, Branon Hollow, Burr Hollow, Campbell Cove, Chandler Hollow, Clark Hollow, Cloud Cove, Cramer Hollow, Drake Cove, Esslinger Cove, Esslinger Hollow, Fagan Hollow, Fitch Hollow, Glover Cove, Gourdneck Valley, Hale Hollow, Honea Hollow, Horse Cove, Jones Cove, Jones Hollow, Jones Valley, Jude Hollow, Keel Hollow, Killingsworth Cove, King Cove, Lacy Hollow, Lee Hollow, Little Cove, Martin Hollow, McKay Hollow, Mills Hollow, Moore Cove, Negro Hollow, Opossum Hollow, Patty Hollow, Pelletier Hollow, Possum Hollow, Potts Hollow, Reddick Hollow, Rocky Branch Hollow, Sharp Cove, Smithey Hollow, Sneed Hollow, Stavemill Hollow, Stewart Hollow, Stillhouse Hollow, Stone Hollow, Summers Hollow, Toney Hollow, Vaughn Hollow, Vinson Hollow, Weatherly Cove, Webster Hollow,

Madison County, Alabama Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteMadison County White population 238,905238,905  
BlackMadison County Black population 84,31984,319
AsianMadison County Asian population 8,5698,569
MixedMadison County Mixed population 7,8847,883
American IndianMadison County American Indian population 3,0853,084
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderMadison County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 343342

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