Kenai Peninsula Borough, Alaska Basics:

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Population: 56,884
Area: 16075 square miles
Borough seat:
Area code(s) in use: 907
Time zone: PST-1
High school graduate or higher: 92.8%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 23.5%
Median household income: $59,421
Persons in poverty: 9.1%
Home ownership rate: 74.2%
Mean travel time to work: 19.2 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Anchorage  Kodiak  Lake and Peninsula  Matanuska-Susitna  

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Map of the Kenai Peninsula Borough area

Our detail map of Kenai Peninsula Borough shows the Kenai Peninsula Borough, Alaska boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Kenai Peninsula Borough, Alaska

  Airports     show all on map

Alaska Airpark, Anchor River Airpark, Arness Lake Airport, Bangerter Field Airport, Bear Cove Farm Airport, Beluga Airport, Beluga Heliport, Bradley Lake Hydroelectric Project Airstrip, Breeden Airport, Butler Aviation Airport, Camp Point Airport, Carty's Airstrip, Dahler Homestead Airport, Dan France Airport, Dog Fish Bay Airport, Doyle Estates Airport, Drift River Airport, Dutch Landing Strip, Eastland Airport, Encelewski Lake Seaplane Base, Gaede Airport, Glacierview Strip Airport, Hackney Landing Seaplane Base, Halibut Cove Landing Strip, Henley Airport, Homer Airport, Homer-Beluga Lake Seaplane Base, Hope Airport, Island Lake Seaplane Base, Jakolof Bay Airport, Joe Clouds Seaplane Base, Johnson Airport, Kasilof Airport, Kasitsna Airport, Kenai Municipal Airport, Kenai River Airpark, Kenai Seaplane Base, Lawing Airport, Lowell Field Airport, Mackeys Lakes Seaplane Base, McGahan Industrial Airpark, Moose Run Airstrip, Nanwalek Airport, Nikolai Creek Airport, Ninilchik Airport, Offshore Systems-Kenai Heliport, Oyster Cove Airport, Port Graham Airport, Providence Seward Medical Center Heliport, Quartz Creek Airport, Scooter's Landing Strip Airport, Scout Lake Seaplane Base, Seldovia Airport, Seldovia Seaplane Base, Seward Airport, Skilak BLM Helistop Heliport, Soldotna Airport, Soldotna Hospital H Heliport, South Gasline Airport, South Peninsula Hospital Heliport, Sterling Air Park, Summit Lake Seaplane Base, Trading Bay Production Airport, Tyonek Airport, Upper Trail Lake Seaplane Base, Winters Strip Airport

  Areas     show all on map

Ch'u'itnu Hdakaq', Tutsahtnu Kaq'

  Bars     show all on map

Archimandritof Shoals, Augustine Rocks, Aurora Spit, Beluga Shoal, Bird Reef, Black Reef, Chuit Flats, Dangerous Cape Reef, Dora Reef, English Bay Reef, Entrance Rock, Fire Island Shoal, Glacier Spit, Glacier Spit, Glacier Spit, Gore Rock, Homer Spit, Iniskin Rock, Iniskin Shoal, Juma Reef, Jumbo Rock, Karluk Reef, Knutruin Rock, Laida Spit, Lancashire Rocks, MacDonald Spit, McKeon Rock, Middle Ground Shoal, Moose Point Shoal, Oil Reef, Pye Reef, Salmo Rock, Turtle Reef

  Basins     show all on map

East Torbert Cirque, West Torbert Cirque

  Bays     show all on map

Agnes Cove, Aialik Bay, Aialik Bay, Akjemguiga Cove, Akumwarvik Bay, Amakdedulia Cove, Anchor Cove, Ariadne Cove, Aurora Lagoon, Bear Cove, Bear Cove, Beauty Bay, Berger Bay, Beshta Bay, Big Bay, Big Eddy Hole, Black Bay, Blying Sound, Bowen Anchorage, Bruin Bay, Bulldog Cove, Cataract Cove, Chance Cove, Chance Lagoon, Chat Cove, Cheval Narrows, Chickaloon Bay, China Poot Bay, Chrome Bay, Chugach Bay, Clam Cove, Clam Cove, Cliff Bay, Coal Bay, Coal Cove, Cobbs Cove, Coleman Bay, Cook Inlet, Cottonwood Bay, Crater Bay, Crescent River, Cup Cove, Day Harbor, Derby Cove, Devils Bay, Dora Passage, Doroshin Bay, Driftwood Bay, Dry Bay, Ducan Slough, East Glacier Creek, English Bay, Fire Cove, Granite Passage, Green Cove, Halibut Cove, Halibut Cove Lagoon, Harris Bay, Herbs Lagoon, Holgate Arm, Home Cove, Horseshoe Cove, Humpy Cove, Hungryman Creek, Iliamna Bay, Iniskin Bay, Jakolof Bay, Jakolof Bay, James Lagoon, Johnson River, Johnson Slough, Johnstone Bay, Kachemak Bay, Kamishak Bay, Kasitsna Bay, Killer Bay, Koyuktolik Bay, Little Polly Creek, Little Tutka Bay, Mallard Bay, Marys Bay, McArthur Cove, McArthur Pass, McCarty Fiord, McCarty Lagoon, McMullen Cove, McNeil Cove, Midnight Cove, Mikes Bay, Moonlight Bay, Morning Cove, Mud Bay, Neptune Bay, Nikiski Bay, Nikolai Bay, North Arm Nuka Bay, Northwestern Fiord, Northwestern Lagoon, Nuka Bay, Nuka Passage, Number Three Bay, Oaring Cove, Oil Bay, Oldmans Bay, Paguna Arm, Palisade Lagoon, Paradise Cove, Peterson Bay, Picnic Harbor, Pilot Harbor, Pinkidulia Cove, Polly Creek, Pony Cove, Porcupine Cove, Port Chatham, Port Dick, Port Graham, Qikutulig Bay, Quartz Bay, Quicksand Cove, Red River, Redoubt Bay, Resolute Cove, Resurrection Bay, Right Arm Iniskin Bay, Ripple Cove, Roaring Cove, Rocky Bay, Rocky Cove, Rosies Bight, Rustys Lagoon, Sadie Cove, Safety Cove, San Juan Cove, Sandy Bay, Seldovia Bay, Shelter Cove, Shelter Cove, Shelter Creek, Silver Creek, Snug Harbor, Squarehead Cove, Sukoi Bay, Sunday Harbor, Sunny Cove, Surprise Bay, Takoma Cove, Talus Bay, Taroka Arm, Taylor Bay, Taz Basin, Three Hole Bay, Thumb Cove, Thumder Bay, Thunder Bay, Tonsina Bay, Tooth Cove, Touglaalek Bay, Trading Bay, Tulcan Slough, Turnagain Arm, Tutka Bay, Tutka Bay Lagoon, Tuxedni Bay, Tuxedni Channel, Two Arm Bay, Ursus Cove, West Arm Nuka Bay, Westdahl Cove, Whidbey Bay, Wildcat Cove, Windy Bay, Yalik Bay

  Beaches     show all on map

Cottonwood Beach, Kalifornsky Beach, Salamatof Beach, Shingle Beach

  Bends     show all on map

Hongkong Bend, Schooner Bend

  Buildings     show all on map

Alaska Division of Forestry Soldotna, Alaska State Troopers Anchor Point, Alaska State Troopers Cooper Landing, Alaska State Troopers Ninilchik, Alaska State Troopers Seward, Alaska State Troopers Soldotna, Anchor Point Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Bear Creek Fire Department, Central Emergency Services Station 1 Soldotna, Central Emergency Services Station 2 Training Center, Central Emergency Services Station 3 Sterling Station, Central Emergency Services Station 4 K Beach Station, Central Emergency Services Station 5, Central Emergency Services Station 6 Kasilof Station, Chugachmiut Tribal Organization Anesia Anahonak Moonin Clinic, Chugachmiut Tribal Organization Nanwalek Clinic, Chugachmiut Tribal Organization North Star Clinic, Cooper Landing Volunteer Fire Department, Homer Medical Clinic, Homer Police Department, Homer Public Health Center, Homer Volunteer Fire Department, Hope Sunrise Volunteer Fire Department / Hope Sunrise Emergency Medical Services, Indian Creek Health Clinic, Kachemak Bay Medical Clinic, Kachemak Emergency Services, Kenai Fire Department, Kenai Peninsula Youth Facility, Kenai Police Department, Kenai Public Health Center - South Central Region, Kenai River Nursery, Kenaitze Indian Tribe Dena'ina Health Clinic, Lakeside Roadhouse, LifeMed Alaska, Lowell Point Volunteer Fire Department, Moose Pass Volunteer Fire and Emergency Medical Services Company, Nanwalek Volunteer Fire Department, Nikiski Fire Department Station 1, Nikiski Fire Department Station 2, Ninilchik Emergency Services, Peninsula Community Health Services Cottonwood Health Center, Port Graham City Offices, Port Graham Volunteer Fire Department / Port Graham Emergency Medical Services, Seldovia Medical Clinic, Seldovia Police Department, Seldovia Village Tribe Barabara Heights Volunteer Fire Department, Seldovia Village Tribe Health Center, Seldovia Village Tribe Health Center, Seldovia Village Tribe Health Center, Seldovia Volunteer Fire and Emergency Medical Services, Seward Fire Department, Seward Police Department, Seward Public Health Center - South Central Region, Seward Volunteer Ambulance, Soldotna Police Department, Spring Creek Correctional Center, Total Safety Emergency Response Services, Tyonek Volunteer Fire and Rescue Squad, Wildwood Correctional Complex

  Capes     show all on map

AC Point, Aialik Cape, Aialik Peninsula, Anchor Point, Anisom Point, Barabara Point, Bear Glacier Point, Bear Point, Black Point, Boulder Point, Burr Point, Caines Head, Callisto Head, Camp Point, Cape Elizabeth, Cape Fairfield, Cape Horn, Cape Kasilof, Cape Mansfield, Cape Ninilchik, Cape Resurrection, Cape Starichkof, Chenik Head, Chinitna Point, Claim Point, Cloudy Cape, Coal Point, Contact Point, Crown Point, Dangerous Cape, Diamond Point, East Foreland, Fault Point, Fossil Point, Front Point, Gomez Point, Gore Point, Granite Cape, Granite Point, Gull Rock, Hardover Point, Harriet Point, Harrington Point, Harris Peninsula, Harris Point, Holgate Head, Hoof Point, Iliamna Point, Iniskin Peninsula, Kelp Point, Kenai Peninsula, Knoll Head, Light Point, Lowell Point, McNeil Head, Moose Point, Moss Point, North Foreland, North Head, Northwest Point, Nubble Point, Nuka Point, Oil Point, Peterson Point, Petrof Point, Point Adam, Point Bede, Point Naskowhak, Point Pogibshi, Point Possession, Race Point, Redoubt Astro, Redoubt Point, Resurrection Peninsula, Russian Point, Sandspit Point, Sea Otter Point, Seal Spit, Seldovia Point, Snipers Point, South Head, Spring Point, Steep Point, Surok Point, The Iron Door, Three Hole Point, Tignagvik Point, Toe Point, Tonsina Point, Ursus Head, Watch Point, West Foreland, Windy Point, Yalik Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

American Legion Cemetery, American Legion Cemetery, Anchor Point Kallman Cemetery, Hickerson Memorial Cemetery, Homer Community Cemetery, Hope Cemetery, Kenai City Cemetery, McGahan Cemetery, Port Graham Cemetery, Seward City Cemetery, Spruce Grove Memorial Cemetery, Sunrise Cemetery, Transfiguration of Our Lord Russian Orthodox Cemetery, Woodlawn Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Anchor Point Census Designated Place, Bear Creek Census Designated Place, Beluga Census Designated Place, Clam Gulch Census Designated Place, Cohoe Census Designated Place, Cooper Landing Census Designated Place, Crown Point Census Designated Place, Diamond Ridge Census Designated Place, Fox River Census Designated Place, Fritz Creek Census Designated Place, Funny River Census Designated Place, Halibut Cove Census Designated Place, Happy Valley Census Designated Place, Hope Census Designated Place, Kalifornsky Census Designated Place, Kasilof Census Designated Place, Kenaitze Alaska Native Village Statistical Area, Lowell Point Census Designated Place, Moose Pass Census Designated Place, Nanwalek Alaska Native Village Statistical Area, Nanwalek Census Designated Place, Nikiski Census Designated Place, Nikolaevsk Census Designated Place, Ninilchik Alaska Native Village Statistical Area, Ninilchik Census Designated Place, Point Possession Census Designated Place, Port Graham Alaska Native Village Statistical Area, Port Graham Census Designated Place, Primrose Census Designated Place, Ridgeway Census Designated Place, Salamatof Alaska Native Village Statistical Area, Salamatof Census Designated Place, Seldovia Alaska Native Village Statistical Area, Seldovia Village Census Designated Place, Sterling Census Designated Place, Sunrise Census Designated Place, Tyonek Alaska Native Village Statistical Area, Tyonek Census Designated Place

  Channels     show all on map

Chugach Passage, Eldorado Narrows, Eldred Passage, Gompertz Channel, Harding Gateway, Irish Channel, Kitten Pass, Petes Pass, The Narrows, Wildcat Pass

  Churches     show all on map

Holy Assumption Orthodox Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Bluff Point, Fortification Bluff, Gray Cliff, Gray Cliff, Red Bluff

  Dams     show all on map

Bridge Creek Dam, Cooper Lake Dam, Fish Creek Dam, Jerome Lake Dam, Lowell Creek Dam, Pedersen Dam, Port Graham Dam Number 1, Port Graham Dam Number 2, Roycroft Lake Dam, Seldovia Upper Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Cynthia Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Bachatna Flats, Beaver Creek Flats, Fox Flats, McArthur Flats, McKeon Flats

  Gaps     show all on map

American Pass, Devils Pass, Johnson Creek Summit, Lake Clark Pass, Merrill Pass, Moose Pass, Moose Pasture Pass, Portage Pass, Resurrection Pass, Snow River Pass, Turnagain Pass

  Glaciers     show all on map

Addison Glacier, Aho Glacier, Aialik Glacier, Barrier Glacier, Bartlett Glacier, Bear Glacier, Bear Lake Glacier, Beloit Glacier, Big River Lobe Double Glacier, Blackstone Glacier, Blockade Glacier, Burns Glacier, Capps Glacier, Carroll Glacier, Ch'atanalch'elt Li'a, Chenega Glacier, Chernof Glacier, Claremont Glacier, Concordia Glacier, Crater Glacier, Deadman Glacier, Dinglestadt Glacier, Dixon Glacier, Dogshead Glacier, Doroshin Glacier, Double Glacier, Double Glacier, Drift River Lobe Double Glacier, Ellsworth Glacier, Excelsior Glacier, Exit Glacier, Godwin Glacier, Grewingk Glacier, Harding Icefield, Harpoon Glacier, Holgate Glacier, Indian Glacier, Johnson Glacier, Kachemak Glacier, Killey Glacier, K’idazq’eni Glacier, Langdon Glacier, Lateral Glacier, Lechner Glacier, Lowell Glacier, McArthur Glacier, McCarty Glacier, Milton Glacier, Mother Goose Glacier, Northland Glacier, Northwestern Glacier, Nuka Glacier, Pedersen Glacier, Petrof Glacier, Porcupine Glacier, Portlock Glacier, Pothole Glacier, Prospect Glacier, Puget Glacier, Red Glacier, Roscoe Glacier, Sargent Ice Field, Shamrock Glacier, Skee Glacier, Skilak Glacier, Skookum Glacier, Southern Glacier, Spencer Glacier, Split Glacier, Spoon Glacier, Spotted Glacier, Spurr Ice Plateau, Tanaina Glacier, Tongue Glacier, Trail Glacier, Truuli Glacier, Tustumena Glacier, Tuxedni Glacier, Umbrella Glacier, Wolverine Glacier, Wosnesenski Glacier, Yalik Glacier

  Guts     show all on map

Laida Slough, Seal Slough, Seal Slough, Seldovia Slough

  Hospitals     show all on map

Central Peninsula Hospital, Department of Veterans Affairs Kenai Community Based Outpatient Clinic, Ninilchik Traditional Council Ninilchik Community Clinic, Providence Seward Medical and Care Center, South Peninsula Hospital

  Islands     show all on map

Aleutika Island, Arch Rock, Ariadne Island, Augustine Island, Barwell Island, Bear Island, Beautiful Isle, Beehive Island, Berger Island, Big Rock, Burnt Island, Camel Rock, Caribou Island, Caribou Island, Caribou Islands, Chat Island, Chatham Island, Cheval Island, Chisik Island, Chiswell Island, Chiswell Islands, Chugach Islands, Chugachik Island, Cohen Island, Cronin Island, Division Island, Dora Island, Duck Island, Eagle Rock, East Chugach Island, Elizabeth Island, Explorer Island, Flat Islands, Fox Island, Frozen Rock, Frying Pan Island, Granite Island, Grass Island, Gull Island, Gull Island, Halfway Island, Harbor Island, Hat Island, Herring Islands, Hesketh Island, Hive Island, Hub Rock, Iniskin Island, Ismailof Island, Kalgin Island, Lone Rock, Long Island, Lucas Island, Magnet Rock, Magnetic Island, Marys Rock, Matushka Island, McNeil Islet, Mermaid Island, Mushroom Islands, Nagahut Rocks, Natoa Island, No Name Island, Nordyke Island, Nordyke Islands, Nuka Island, Nuka Rock, Outer Island, Passage Island, Pedersen Island, Perl Island, Perl Rock, Pilot Rock, Pinnacle Rock, Pinnacle Rock, Pomeroy Island, Porcupine Island, Powder Island, Pye Islands, Rabbit Island, Ragged Island, Rugged Island, San Juan, San Juan Island, Scott Island, Seal Rocks, Shaw Island, Sixty-foot Rock, Slate Island, Squab Island, The Sisters, The Toadstools, Twin Islands, Twin Rocks, Verdant Island, Vert Island, White Gull Island, Yukon Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Afonasi Lake, Akula Lake, Alpine Lake, Anertz Lake, Angler Lake, Antler Lake, Arc Lake, Arctic Lake, Arrow Lake, Ashana Lake, Aspen Lake, Aurora Lake, Barbara Lake, Bay Lake, Bear Lake, Bear Lake, Bear Lake, Bear Lake, Beaver Lake, Beaver Pond Lake, Beck Lake, Bedlam Lake, Bedlam Lake, Bedlam Lakes, Beluga Lake, Beluga Lake, Bench Lake, Berg Lake, Bernice Lake, Berry Lake, Big Johnstone Lake, Big Merganser Lake, Big Mink Lake, Big River Lakes, Bill Besser Lake, Birch Lake, Birch Tree Lake, Bird Lake, Bishop Lake, Bishop Lake, Blizzard Lake, Blockade Lake, Blue Lake, Border Lake, Bottenintnin Lake, Bottleneck Lakes, Boundary Lake, Breeze Lake, Bridge Creek Reservoir, Brood Lake, Browns Lake, Browse Lake, Bufflehead Lake, Bunitlana Lake, Bunka Lake, Buteo Lake, Cabin Lake, Calf Lake, Camp Island Lake, Campers Lake, Campfire Lake, Campsite Lake, Canoe Lake, Canoe Lake Chain, Caribou Lake, Carter Lake, Cashka Lake, Cecille Lake, Centennial Lake, Ch'akajabena Lake, Channel Lake, Char-Vic Lake, Chatelain Lake, Chenik Lake, Chick Lake, Chickadee Lake, Chikdashla Bena, China Poot Lake, Chugach Estates Lake, Chuitbuna Lake, Chum Lake, Circle Lake, Cisca Lake, Clam Lake, Coal Creek Lake, Congahbuna Lake, Contact Lake, Cook Lake, Cow Lake, Coyote Lake, Crane Lake, Crescent Lake, Crescent Lake, Crooked Lake, Curlew Lake, Cygnet Lake, Dabbler Lake, Daniels Lake, Decoy Lake, Delight Lake, Denslow Lake, Derks Lake, Devils Pass Lake, Diamond Lake, Dipper Lake, Dog Lake, Dogbone Lake, Doghouse Lake, Dogteam Lake, Dolly Varden Lake, Donkey Lake, Doroshin Lake, Douglas Lake, Drake Lake, Duck Lake, Duckbill Lake, Duckling Lake, Dunlin Lake, Eagle Lake, Eagle Lake, East Finger Lake, East Forest Lake, Echo Lake, Eevook Lake, Eider Lake, Embryo Lake, Encelewski Lake, Engineer Lake, Equmen Lake, Ermine Lake, Excelsior Lake, Falcon Lake, Finger Lake, Finger Lakes, Fire Lake, First Lake, First Lake, Fish Lake, Flat Lake, Foreland Lake, Forest Lake, Fox Lake, Frisbee Lake, Fuller Lake, Gagara Lake, Gavia Lake, Gene Lake, Georgina Lake, Glacier Lake, Goldeneye Lake, Goose Lake, Gooseneck Lake, Grant Lake, Grayling Lake, Grebe Lake, Green Lake, Grouse Lake, Grouse Lake, Grus Lake, Gruskka Lake, Gull Lake, Harvey Lake, Hat Lake, Headquarters Lake, Hickerson Lake, Hidden Lake, High Lake, Hikers Lake, Hook Lake, Horse Trail Lake, Hungry Lake, Hunters Lake, Ice Lake, Iceberg Lake, Ilerum Lake, Imeri Lake, Island Lake, Jay Lake, Jean Lake, Jigsaw Lake, Johnson Lake, Johnson Lake, Junco Lake, Juneau Lake, K'chanli Bena, K'etnu Ka'a Bena, K'qalt'ats'a Bena, Kaknu Lake, Kakoon Lake, Kaldachabuna Lake, Kalun Lake, Kayak Islands, Kayak Lake, Kelly Lake, Kenai Lake, Kenaitze Lake, Kenibuna Lake, Killdeer Lake, King Lake, Kinglet Lake, Kirschner Lake, Kit Lake, Kivi Lake, Kolomin Lake, Konchanee Lake, Konova Lake, Konovalof Lake, Kraenberi Lake, Krein Lake, Kuguyuk Lake, Kuviak Lake, Lake Bratlie, Lake Emma, Lake Frank, Lake Ivanoff, Lake Ootka, Lake Sabaka, Lampert Lake, Lark Lake, Leaf Lake, Leaf Lake, Lili Lake, Lilly Lake, Lily Lake, Little Bear Lake, Little Johnstone Lake, Little Merganser Lake, Little Mink Lake, Lo Lake, Lonely Lake, Lonesome Lake, Long Lake, Long Lake, Longmere Lake, Loon Lake, Loon Lake, Loon Lake, Lost Lake, Lost Lake, Lower Beluga Lake, Lower Cohoe Lake, Lower Ohmer Lake, Lower Paradise Lake, Lower Russian Lake, Lower Salamatof Lake, Lower Summit Lake, Lower Tangerra Lake, Lower Trail Lake, Lure Lake, Lynx Lake, Mackeys Lakes, Mallard Lake, Marie Lake, Marsh Lake, Martin Lake, Max Lake, McLain Lake, McNeil Lake, Meadow Lake, Meridian Lake, Middle Finger Lake, Mink Creek Lake, Moon Lake, Moose Lake, Moose Pasture Lake, Moosehorn Lake, Mosquito Lake, Mouse Lake, Mox Lake, Muddy Lake, Mull Lake, Muskrat Lake, Neckshortka Lake, Nekutak Lake, Nellie Juan Lake, Nest Lake, Nikolai Lake, Norak Lake, Nordic Lake, North Kolomin Lake, Nuthatch Lake, Odd Lake, Olsjold Lake, Olson Lake, Otter Lake, Owl Lake, Pack Lake, Packers Creek Lake, Packwood Lake, Pad Lake, Paddle Lake, Pan Lake, Paradise Lakes, Parsons Lake, Pepper Lake, Petersen Lake, Peterson Lake, Phalarope Lake, Picnic Lake, Pintail Lake, Plover Lake, Point Lake, Pollard Lake, Pond Lake, Porcupine Lake, Portage Lakes, Pot Lake, Pothole Lake, Preachers Pond, Ptarmigan Lake, Puppy Dog Lake, Q'atl'uhghulqet' Bena, Quake Lake, Quill Lake, Quintin Lake, Rabbit Foot Lake, Rainbow Lake, Rainbow Lake, Raven Lake, Raven Lake, Red Squirrel Lake, Redpoll Lake, Reflection Lake, Rhode Lake, Rifle Lake, Rock Lake, Rock Lake, Rocky Lake, Rodent Lake, Roque Lake, Round Lake, Sahot Lake, Salamatof Lake, Sandpiper Lake, Savka Lake, Scaup Lake, Scenic Lake, Scout Lake, Second Lake, Second Lake, Seldovia Lagoon, Seldovia Lake, Seven Lakes, Sevena Lake, Shadura Lake, Shamrock Lake, Sheep Lake, Shoepac Lake, Shrew Lake, Silver Lake, Silver Salmon Lakes, Ski Lake, Skilak Lake, Skookum Lake, Slikok Lake, Snag Lake, Snipe Lake, Snowflake Lake, Snowshoe Lake, Snowshoe Lake, South Finger Lake, Spirit Lake, Sportfish Lake, Sports Lake, Spring Lakes, Spring Water Lakes, Spruce Lake, Star Lake, Stormy Lake, Sucker Lake, Summit Lake, Summit Lake, Summit Lakes, Suneva Lake, Sunken Island Lake, Sunrise Lake, Swan Lake, Swan Lake, Swan Lake, Swanson Lake, Swanson Lakes, Taiga Lake, Takukak Lake, Tangerra Lake, Tangerra Lake, Tea Lake, Teack Lake, Teal Lake, Tern Lake, Tern Lake, The Lagoon, Thetis Lake, Third Lake, Timberline Lake, Timberlost Lake, Tine Lake, Tirmore Lake, Torpedo Lake, Trail Lake, Trapper Joe Lake, Tree Lake, Trena Lake, Trigger Lake, Troop Lake, Trophy Lake, Trout Lake, Trout Lake, Trumpeter Lake, Tukallah Lake, Tundra Lake, Tustumena Lake, Twig Lake, Twin Lakes, Two Island Lake, Union Lake, Upper Cohoe Lake, Upper Jean Lake, Upper Killey Lake, Upper Ohmer Lake, Upper Paradise Lake, Upper Russian Lake, Upper Trail Lake, Ursus Lake, Vagt Lake, Venturi Lake, Viapan Lake, Vixen Lake, Vogel Lake, Wadell Lake, Warbler Lake, Waterfowl Lake, Watson Lake, Weasel Lake, Weed Lake, West Finger Lake, West Forest Lake, West Lake, West Lili Lake, Whisper Lake, Wik Lake, Wild Lake, Wilderness Lake, Willow Lake, Windy Lake, Wolf Lake, Wolverine Lake, Wonder Lake, Woodpecker Lake, Woods Lake, Wren Lake, Yearling Lake, Yugok Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Amakdedori, Anchor River Campground, Ashivak, Ashivak, Aspen Flats Cabin, Barber Cabin, Bertha Creek Campground, Bohan Cabin (historical), Broadview Guard Station, Camp Kushtaka, Chrome (historical), Coeur D'Alene Campground, Cooper Creek Campground, Crescent Creek Campground, Crescent Lake Cabin, Crescent Saddle Cabin, Divide, Drift River Terminal, Dutton, Dutton, Grandview, Granite Creek Campground, Granite Creek Guard Station, Grants Beacon, Gwins Lodge, Happy Valley, Hentons Lodge, Hentons Lodge (historical), Hope Guard Station, Hubbard Farm (historical), Hunter, Indian Village, Jackinsky Ranch, Johnson, Kamishak, Kenai Work Center, Ladd, Meadow Creek Camp, Minnie Andacher Homestead, Moss Island Oyster Farms, Nikishka Number Two, Ninilchik Number 1, Nixons Ranch (historical), Oil Platform A, Oil Platform Anna, Oil Platform Baker, Oil Platform Bruce, Oil Platform C, Oil Platform Dillon, Oil Platform Dolly Varden, Oil Platform Granite Point, Oil Platform Grayling, Oil Platform King, Oil Platform Mono, Oil Platform Spark, Oil Platform Trading Bay, Old Ninilchik, Porcupine Campground, Porcupine Island Camp, Portlock, Primrose, Primrose Landing Campground, Ptarmigan Creek Campground, Quartz Creek Campground, Quartz Creek Recreation Area (historical), Resurrection River Cabin, Ridgeway Farms Stables, Russian River Campground, Russian River Rendezvous, Russian River Rendezvous, Saxton, Seims Sea Farms, Shelter Cabin, Shelter Cabin, Shield, Ship Creek Camp, Shirttail Creek Farms, Skilak Guard Station, Snoring Inn, Solars Sawmill (historical), Soldotna Landfill, Spencer, Stariski Campground, Stelters Ranch, Stillwell, Swetmann Camp, Tenderfoot Creek Campground, Tern Lake Picnic Area (historical), Trail River Campground, Tunnel, Upper Russian Lake Cabin, Wildwood, Williamsport, Wolf Trail Lodge

  Military     show all on map

Fort Bulkley (historical), Fort McGilvray (historical), Ohlson Mountain Air Force Station (historical)

  Mines     show all on map

Blackstone Mine, Bruhn-Ray Mine, Case Mine, Case Mine, Colorado Mine, Colorado Mine, Connoly Mine, Crown Point Mine, Dahl Placer Mine, Downing Mine, Falls Creek Mine, Frenchy Creek Mine, Fresno Mines, Gilpatrick Mine, Hatcher Mine, Hirshey Mine, Independence Mine, Iron Mask Mine, Johnson Mine, Kenai Chrome Mine, Mascot Mine, McMillan Mines, Mills Creek Mine, Nearhouse Mine, Oracle Mine, Oracle Mines, Pearson Mine, Primrose Mine, Robinson-Bowman Mine, Shell Mine, Slate Creek Mine, Solars Mine, Sunshine Lakes, Swetmann Mine

  Oilfields     show all on map

Swanson River Oil Field

  Parks     show all on map

Caines Head State Recreation Area, Captain Cook State Recreation Area, Cooper Landing Historic District, Driftwood Bay State Marine Park, East Foreland Lighthouse Reserve, Hope Historic District, Kachemak Bay State Park, Kachemak Bay State Wilderness Park, Kenai Fjords National Park, Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, Kinai National Moose Range, Lake Clark National Monument, Lake Clark National Park, Lower Summit Lake Recreation Area, Mariner Park, McNeil River State Game Sanctuary, Safety Cove State Marine Park, Sandspit Point State Marine Park, Scout Lake State Recreation Site, Summit Lake Recreation Area, Sunny Cove State Marine Park, Sunrise City Historic District, Thumb Cove State Marine Park, Turnagain Pass Winter Sports Area, Tuxedni National Wildlife Refuge, Two Lakes Park, Yukon Island Main Archaeological Site

  Pillars     show all on map

The Tusk

  Populated Places     show all on map

Anchor Point, Aurora (historical), Bear Creek, Beluga, Beluga, Chenik (historical), Clam Gulch, Cohoe, Cooper Landing, Crown Point, Dahl, Diamond Ridge, Drift River, Falls, Fox River, Fritz Creek, Funny River, Gilpatricks, Halibut Cove, Happy Valley, Homer, Hope, Iniskin, Jakolof Bay, Kachemak City, Kachemak Silo, Kalifornsky, Kasilof, Kenai, Kluchevaya, Klutchevya, Kustatan, Lakeview, Lawing, Lowell Point, Millers Landing, Moose Pass, Muskwa Village, Nahodka, Nahotka, Nanwalek, Naptowne, Nikishka, Nikiski, Nikolaevsk, Ninilchik, Old Tyonek (historical), Ostrovski (historical), Peninsula Park Estates, Port Graham, Port Nikiski, Possession, Ridgeway, Salamatof, Seldovia, Seldovia Village, Seward, Shirleyville, Shlakaq' (historical), Silvertip, Skilak (historical), Skittok (historical), Snug Harbor, Soldotna, Sterling, Sunrise, Tobona (historical), Toyonak (historical), Tyonek, Wibel, Woodrow, Yalik (historical)

  Post Offices     show all on map

Anchor Point Post Office, Clam Gulch Post Office, Cooper Landing Post Office, Fritz Creek Post Office, Homer Post Office, Hope Post Office, Kasilof Post Office, Kasilof Post Office (historical), Kenai Post Office, Moose Pass Post Office, Nikiski Post Office, Ninilchik Post Office, Portlock Post Office (historical), Seldovia Post Office, Seward Post Office, Soldotna Post Office, Sterling Post Office, Tyonek Post Office, Tyonek Post Office (historical)

  Ranges     show all on map

Caribou Hills, Kenai Mountains, Mystery Hills, Walatka Mountains

  Rapidss     show all on map

Moosehead Rapids, Naptowne Rapids, Silver Salmon Rapids

  Reserves     show all on map

Anchor River - Fritz Creek State Critical Habitat Area, Clam Gulch State Critical Habitat Area, Fox River Flats State Critical Habitat Area, Homer Airport State Critical Habitat Area, Kachemak Bay State Critical Habitat Area, Kalgin Island State Critical Habitat Area, Kenai Wilderness, Lake Clark Wilderness, Redoubt Bay State Critical Habitat Area, Tuxedni Wilderness

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Bradley Lake, Cooper Lake, Jerome Lake, Seldovia Reservoir

  Ridges     show all on map

Back Range, Bird Ridge, Boxcar Hills, Crossman Ridge, Diamond Ridge, Havenstrite Ridge, Kustatan Ridge, Lone Ridge, Resurrection Peaks, Tilted Hills

  Schools     show all on map

Bayview School, Nanwalek School

  Seas     show all on map

Chinitna Bay

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Abernathy Creek, Afanasa Creek, Alder Creek, Amakdedori Creek, American Creek, Anchor River, Another River, Antitonnie Creek, Babcock Creek, Bachatna Creek, Barabara Creek, Battle Creek, Bay Creek, Bean Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Beaver Creek, Beaver Creek, Beaver Creek, Beaver Creek, Bedlam Creek, Bedrock Creek, Beluga River, Bench Creek, Benjamin Creek, Bertha Creek, Bidarki Creek, Big Indian Creek, Big River, Bishop Creek, Black Creek, Blacksand Creek, Blister Creek, Block Creek, Bonanza Creek, Boulder Creek, Boulder Creek, Bow Creek, Bowser Creek, Box Canyon Creek, Bradley River, Bridge Creek, Brown Creek, Burnt Island Creek, Butcher Creek, Cannery Creek, Cannonball Creek, Canyon Creek, Capps Creek, Caribou Creek, Carter Creek, Center Creek, Chakachatna River, Chakok River, Chichantna Creek, Chichantna River, Chickaloon River, Chilligan River, Chinitna River, Chuit Creek, Chuitkilnachna Creek, Chuitna River, Cirque Creek, Clam Creek, Clear Creek, Clear Creek, Clearwater Creek, Clearwater Slough, Cliff Creek, Clinton Creek, Coal Creek, Coal Creek, Coeur d'Alene Creek, Coffee Creek, Coffin Creek, Colorado Creek, Cooper Creek, Corea Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Slough, Covey Creek, Crescent Creek, Crevice Creek, Cripple Creek, Crooked Creek, Crystal Creek, Cub Creek, Cytex Creek, Dam Creek, Daves Creek, Dead Creek, Deep Creek, Devils Creek, Diamond Creek, Difficult Creek, Dike Creek, Divide Creek, Donaldson Creek, Dory Creek, Douglas River, Drift River, Drill Creek, Dry Creek, Dunuletak Creek, East Creek, East Fork Moose Creek, East Fork Sixmile Creek, Eastland Creek, Edelman Creek, English Bay River, Falls Creek, Falls Creek, Falls Creek, Falls Creek, Falls Creek, Ferrum Creek, Fitz Creek, Forky Creek, Fourth of July Creek, Fox Creek, Fox Creek, Fox Creek, Fox River, Frenchy Creek, Fresno Creek, Fritz Creek, Funny River, Gaikema Creek, Glacier Creek, Glacier Fork Tlikakila River, Gleason Creek, Godwin Creek, Granite Creek, Granroos Creek, Grant Creek, Grewingk Creek, Griffin Creek, Groundhog Creek, Gulch Creek, Halibut Creek, Happy Creek, Hardy Creek, Harriet Creek, Henry Creek, Henry Creek, Hidden Creek, Highland Creek, Holland Creek, Horn Creek, Humpy Creek, Hungry Creek, Igitna River, Indian Creek, Indian Creek, Ingram Creek, Iniskin River, Irish Creek, Island Creek, Jakolof Creek, Japanese Creek, Jean Creek, Johns Creek, Johnson Creek, Johnson Creek, Johnson Slough, Juneau Creek, Juneau Creek, K'etnu Ka'a, Kachemak Creek, Kamishak River, Kasilof River, Katchin Creek, Kenai River, Kenty Creek, Keystone Creek, Killey River, King County Creek, Kings River, Kustatan River, Lake Fork Crescent River, Lake Fork Crescent River, Lake Fork Paint River, Left Fork West Glacier Creek, Likes Creek, Little Indian Creek, Little Jack Slough, Little Kamishak River, Lone Creek, Lost Creek, Low Creek, Lowell Creek, Lynx Creek, Lyon Creek, Marsh Creek, Martin Creek, Martin River, McArthur River, McNeil Creek, McNeil River, Meadow Creek, Middle Fork Paint River, Middle Glacier Creek, Middle River, Mikfik Creek, Miller Creek, Mills Creek, Montana Bill Creek, Moose Creek, Moose Creek, Moose Creek, Moose Creek, Moose Creek, Moose Creek, Moose Creek, Moose River, Mystery Creek, Nagishlamina River, Neacola River, Nellie Juan River, Nelson Creek, Nikolai Creek, Nikolai Creek, Ninilchik River, Noaukta Slough, North Capps Creek, North Fork Anchor River, North Fork Big River, North Fork Crescent River, North Fork Deep Creek, North Fork Paint River, North Fork Tlikakila River, Nuka River, Ohio Creek, Ohio Creek, Old Tyonek Creek, Old Woman Creek, Olson Creek, Olson Creek, Open Creek, Otter Creek, Packers Creek, Paint River, Palmer Creek, Palmer Creek, Paradise Creek, Park Creek, Pass Creek, Pass Creek, Paveloff Creek, Petes Creek, Pincher Creek, Pipe Creek, Placer Creek, Pomeroy Creek, Porcupine Creek, Porcupine Creek, Port Dick Creek, Portage Creek, Pretty Creek, Primrose Creek, Ptarmigan Creek, Quartz Creek, Quiet Creek, Red Creek, Redman Creek, Redoubt Creek, Resurrection Creek, Resurrection River, Rich Creek, Right Arm Creek, Right Branch, Right Fork West Glacier Creek, Rimrock Creek, Roaring Creek, Rocky Creek, Rocky River, Roscoe Creek, Russian River, Rust Slough, Salamatof Creek, Salmon Creek, Sawmill Creek, Sawmill Creek, Scheffler Creek, Schilter Creek, Seal River, Seattle Creek, Seldovia River, Seven Egg Creek, Shackleford Creek, Shaft Creek, Shantatalik Creek, Sheep Creek, Ship Creek, Shorty Creek, Silver Salmon Creek, Silvertip Creek, Sinking Creek, Sixmile Creek, Skilak River, Slate Creek, Slate Creek, Slaughter Creek, Slikok Creek, Slippery Creek, Snow River, Soldotna Creek, South Beaver Creek, South Fork Big River, South Fork Deep Creek, South Fork Kamishak River, South Fork Paint River, South Fork Snow River, Spokane Creek, Spring Creek, Spruce Creek, Squirrel Creek, Stariski Creek, Stedatna Creek, Stetson Creek, Stevenson Creek, Stonehocker Creek, Stormy Creek, Straight Creek, Strike Creek, Sulukpuk Creek, Summit Creek, Summit Creek, Sunday Creek, Sunrise Creek, Sunset Creek, Surprise Creek, Swamp Creek, Swan Creek, Swanson River, Swift Creek, Taylor Creek, Taylor Creek, Tenderfoot Creek, Threemile Creek, Thurman Creek, Timberline Creek, Tincan Creek, Tonnie Creek, Tonsina Creek, Tooie Creek, Trail Creek, Trail Creek, Trail Creek, Travers Creek, Tributary Creek, Troublesome Creek, Truuli Creek, Tuxedni River, Twist Creek, Twitter Creek, Tyonek Creek, Victor Creek, Walker Creek, Weber Creek, Well Creek, West Fork Bachatna Creek, West Fork Kustatan River, West Fork Moose River, West Glacier Creek, White Creek, Whittier Creek, Wildhorse Creek, Williams Creek, Willow Creek, Wilson Creek, Windy River, Wolf Creek, Wolverine Creek, Wolverine Creek, Wolverine Fork, Wosnesenski River, Wrong Branch, Wrong Branch Trail Creek

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Aligo Point, Anderson Peak, Andy Simons Mountain, August Hill, Augustine Volcano, Badger Hill, Bald Hill, Bald Mountain, Bear Mountain, Bear Mountain, Bench Peak, Big Hill, Birch Hill, Black Mountain, Black Mountain, Black Peak, Bradley Peak, Brown Mountain, Brown Mountain, Brown Peak, Byron Peak, Callisto Peak, Carpathian Peak, Cecil Rhode Mountain, Ch'akajabena Mountain, Chenik Mountain, Cloudy Mountain, Coach Butte, Cone Mountain, Cooper Mountain, Crater Peak, Crown Peak, Cy Peak, Double Peak, Epperson Knob, Fourpeaked Mountain, Front Mountain, Gilpatrick Mountain, Goldpan Peak, Gore Peak, Helen Rhode Mountain, Hideout Hill, Horn Mountain, Iceworm Peak, Iliamna Volcano, Kickstep Mountain, Knub Hill, L V Ray Peak, Langille Mountain, Lark Mountain, Lenore Hill, Lookout Mountain, Marathon Mountain, Middle Mountain, Mount Adair, Mount Alice, Mount Alpenglow, Mount Ascension, Mount Bede, Mount Benson, Mount Chichantna, Mount Chinitna, Mount Diablo, Mount Douglas, Mount Eleanor, Mount Eva, Mount Fairfield, Mount Madson, Mount Mills, Mount Nagishlamina, Mount Nick, Mount Pomeroy, Mount Saint Florian, Mount Spurr, Mount Torbert, Needle Peak, Ninilchik Dome, Noel Hanson Mountain, North Twin, Ohlson Mountain, Palisade Peak, Paradise Peak, Phoenix Peak, Pilot Knob, Pinnacle Mountain, Ptarmigan Head, Puget Peak, Range Peak, Red Mountain, Redoubt Volcano, Right Mountain, Rock Mountain, Roscoe Peak, Round Mountain, Russian Mountain, Rusty Mountain, Saddle Mountain, Seven Sisters, Shark Tooth Hill, Sheep Mountain, Sleeping Sister Mountain, Slope Mountain, Solars Mountain, South Chinitna Mountain, South Twin, Step Mountain, Storm Mountain, Sugarloaf Mountain, The Cone, The Rowel, Tiehacker Mountain, Tincan Peak, Tonnie Peak, Triangle Peak, Truuli Peak, Wrong Mountain

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KBBI-AM (Homer), KCSY-AM (Soldotna), KCZP-FM (Kenai), KGTL-AM (Homer), KPEN-FM (Soldotna), KRXA-AM (Seward), KSRD-FM (Seward), KSRM-AM (Soldotna), KUHK-FM (Soldotna), KWHQ-FM (Kenai), KWVV-FM (Homer), KZXX-AM (Kenai)

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Bean Creek Trail, Bull Rock Trail, Carter Lake Trail, Cooper Lake Trail (historical), Crescent Creek Trail, Crescent Lake Trail, Devils Pass Trail, Fuller Lake Trail, Grant Lake Trail, Johnson Pass Trail, Lost Lake Trail, Paradise Valley Trail, Primrose Creek Trail, Ptarmigan Creek Trail, Resurrection Pass National Recreation Trail, Resurrection River Trail, Russian Lakes Trail, Schooner Bend Trail, Seven Lakes Trail, Stetson Creek Trail

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Alaska Central Railroad Tunnel Number 1

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Bear Canyon, Clam Gulch, Diamond Gulch, Gold Gulch, Kenai River Canyon, McNeil Canyon, Mutnaia Gulch, Neilson Canyon, Paradise Valley, Thurston Canyon, Waterman Canyon, Whiskey Gulch, Woodard Canyon,

Kenai Peninsula Borough, Alaska Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteKenai Peninsula Borough White population 48,29548,294  
American IndianKenai Peninsula Borough American Indian population 4,1534,152
MixedKenai Peninsula Borough Mixed population 3,1293,128
AsianKenai Peninsula Borough Asian population 739739
BlackKenai Peninsula Borough Black population 398398
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderKenai Peninsula Borough Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 171170

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State population table
Alaska population by county