Sitka Borough, Alaska Basics:

Sitka Borough Alaska - Government Site

Population: 9,044
Area: 2870 square miles
Borough seat:
Area code(s) in use: 907
Time zone: PST-1
High school graduate or higher: 91.4%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 34.6%
Median household income: $66,895
Persons in poverty: 7.4%
Home ownership rate: 56.4%
Mean travel time to work: 12.8 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Skagway  Wrangell  

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Map of the Sitka Borough area

Our detail map of Sitka Borough shows the Sitka Borough, Alaska boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Sitka Borough, Alaska

  Airports     show all on map

Chatham Seaplane Base, Dove Island Lodge Seaplane Base, False Island Seaplane Base, Port Walter Seaplane Base, Sitka Rocky Gutierrez Airport, Sitka Seaplane Base, Warm Spring Bay Seaplane Base

  Areas     show all on map

Eagle Rocks, Iris Meadows, Old Sitka Rocks, Sawmill Creek Recreational Area, Sealion Rocks, South Rocks, Urey Rocks

  Bars     show all on map

Alexander Rock, Alice Island, Bare Rock, Biorka Reef, Black Rock, Black Rock, Brad Rock, Breakfast Rock, Channel Rock, Channel Rocks, Coleman Reef, Columbine Rock, Cozian Reef, Deadman Reach, Dolph Rock, E Francis Rock, Ferebee Rock, Fivefathom Patch, Ford Rock, Fortuna Reefs, Fran Reef, Frog Rock, Frosty Reef, Guide Rock, Harbor Rock, Hoggatt Reefs, Ittar Rock, Kakul Rock, Keene Rock, Khaz Breakers, Kulichkof Reefs, Liar Rocks, Makhnati Rock, Middle Breaker, Middle Rock, Midway Reef, Midway Rock, Minnie Reef, Mitchell Rock, Morris Reef, Morskoi Rock, Nicholson Rocks, Ninefoot Shoal, Nixon Shoal, North Rock, Olga Rock, Outer Rocks, Paradise Flats, Plover Rock, Porcupine Rock, Redfish Breaker, Reef Shoal, Rocky Patch, Rodman Rock, Rose Rock, Sea Rock, Sentinel Rock, Shoal Island, Simpson Rock, Star Rock, Tenfathom Anchorage, Tsaritsa Rock, Usher Rock, Vasilief Bank, Vincent Reef, Wayanda Ledge, Wyvill Reef

  Basins     show all on map

Billy Basin, Kritoi Basin

  Bays     show all on map

Aleutkina Bay, Appleton Cove, Baby Bear Bay, Baker Cove, Basket Bay, Bear Bay, Bear Cove, Bertha Bay, Big Bay, Big Branch Bay, Big Port Walter, Birdsnest Bay, Black Bay, Bradshaw Cove, Branch Bay, Byron Bay, Camp Coogan Bay, Cascade Bay, Cedar Cove, Close Bay, Codfish Cove, Corner Bay, Cosmos Cove, Crab Bay, Crab Bay, Crane Cove, Crawfish Inlet, Crescent Bay, Cuvacan Cove, Davison Bay, Deep Bay, Deep Cove, Deep Inlet, DeGroff Bay, Denmark Cove, Didrickson Bay, Dorothy Cove, Double Cove, Douglass Bay, Driftwood Cove, Eastern Bay, Echo Cove, Elf Cove, Elkugu Bay, Ell Cove, Falcon Arm, Favorite Anchorage, Fick Cove, Fin Cove, Fish Bay, Flat Cove, Florence Bay, Ford Arm, Gilmer Bay, Gilmer Cove, Goleta Cove, Goose Cove, Goulding Harbor, Graveyard Cove, Great Arm, Great Arm Whale Bay, Gut Bay, Haley Anchorage, Hanus Bay, Herring Bay, Herring Cove, Hidden Cove, Hoggatt Bay, Hot Springs Bay, Island Cove, Islas Bay, Jamboree Bay, Jamestown Bay, Jerry Harbor, John Bay, Kadashan Bay, Kalinin Bay, Kanga Bay, Kasnyku Bay, Katlian Bay, Kelp Bay, Khaz Bay, Kidney Cove, Kimshan Cove, Klag Bay, Kliuchevoi Bay, Krestof Sound, Krestof Sound, Kukkan Bay, Larch Bay, Launch Cove, Leesoffskaia Bay, Liesnoi Shoal, Lindenberg Harbor, Little Basket Bay, Little Bay, Little Branch Bay, Little Puffin Bay, Long Bay, Lords Pocket, Louise Cove, Lovers Cove, Lumber Cove, Marsh Bay, Middle Arm Kelp Bay, Mielkoi Cove, Miner Cove, Mirror Harbor, Mist Cove, Mud Bay, Nakwasina Bay, Nakwasina Sound, Necker Bay, Nelson Bay, Neva Bay, Nismeni Cove, No Thorofare Bay, North Arm Hoonah Sound, Ommaney Bay, Patterson Bay, Patterson Bay, Pinta Bay, Pirate Cove, Poison Cove, Porcupine Bay, Port Alexander, Port Armstrong, Port Banks, Port Conclusion, Port Herbert, Port Herbert, Port Krestof, Port Lucy, Port Lucy, Port Mary, Port Walter, Port Walter, Portlock Harbor, President Bay, Promisla Bay, Puffin Bay, Rakovoi Bay, Red Bluff Bay, Redfish Bay, Redoubt Bay, Rocky Bay, Rocky Cove, Rodman Bay, Rodman Bay, Saint John Baptist Bay, Salisbury Sound, Salmonberry Cove, Saltery Bay, Samsing Cove, Sandy Bay, Sandy Cove, Saook Bay, Sawmill Cove, Schulze Cove, Scow Bay, Sea Lion Bay, Seal Bay, Sealing Cove, Secluded Bay, Sevenfathom Bay, Shamrock Bay, Shelikof Bay, Ship Cove, Silver Bay, Sinitsin Cove, Sitka Harbor, Sitka Sound, Sitkoh Bay, Slocum Arm, Small Arm, Snipe Bay, South Arm Kelp Bay, Starrigavan Bay, Still Harbor, Sukoi Inlet, Sukoi Inlet, Sukon Strait, Suloia Bay, Symonds Bay, Takatz Bay, Tenakee Inlet, The Basin, Thimbleberry Bay, Thomsen Harbor, Three Entrance Bay, Toledo Harbor, Toy Harbor, Trap Bay, Ushk Bay, Warm Spring Bay, Warm Springs Bay, Waterfall Cove, Waterfall Cove, West Arm Mirror Harbor, West Crawfish Inlet, Whale Bay, Whitestone Cove, Whiting Harbor, Yamani Cove

  Buildings     show all on map

Alaska Native Brotherhood Hall, Alaska State Troopers Sitka, Guardian Flight, Russian American Building Number 29, Russian Bishop's House, Sitka Fire Department, Sitka Police Department, Sitka Public Health Center - Southeast Region, Sitka Women Infant and Children Clinic, South East Alaska Regional Health Consortium - Air Medical Service, United States Coast Guard Air Station EMS - Sitka, United States Customs and Border Protection Port of Entry Sitka, USGS Magnectic Observatory

  Capes     show all on map

Allan Point, Armstrong Point, Arthur Point, Aspid Cape, Beaver Point, Bobrovoi Point, Cape Burunof, Cape Dearborn, Cape Edgecumbe, Cape Edward, Cape Georgiana, Cape Ommaney, Clearing Point, Copper Point, Creek Point, Deer Point, Division Point, Dog Point, Drip Point, Duffield Peninsula, Eastern Point, Emmons Point, Engano Point, Entry Point, Escape Cape, False Lindenberg Head, Finger Point, Fish Point, Fortuna Point, Fox Point, Granite Point, Haley Point, Halibut Point, Halleck Point, Hanus Point, Harbor Point, Hayward Point, Hogan Point, Hutchinson Point, Inner Point, Inner Point, Island Point, Kalinin Point, Kamenoi Point, Kekur Peninsula, Kekur Point, Khaz Head, Khaz Peninsula, Khaz Point, Kliuchef Peninsula, Klokachef Point, Kresta Point, Krugloi Point, Lindenberg Head, Lisianski Peninsula, Lisianski Point, Maud Point, Middle Point, Mountain Head, Mountain Point, Mussel Point, Near Point, Neva Point, Nismeni Point, North Cape, North Point, North Point, Olga Point, Overhang Point, Partof Point, Patterson Point, Pedersen Point, Peninsular Point, Peresheek Point, Peschani Point, Pinta Head, Pogibshi Point, Point Amelia, Point Benham, Point Brown, Point Conclusion, Point Craven, Point Dougherty, Point Eliza, Point Elizabeth, Point Hanus, Point Hayes, Point Hope, Point Kakul, Point Kennedy, Point Kruzof, Point Lauder, Point Leo, Point Lull, Point Lydonia, Point Marie, Point Mary, Point Moses, Point Shultz, Point Simonds, Point Sinbad, Point Siroi, Point Slocum, Point Thatcher, Point Turbot, Point Urey, Point Vincent, Point Weigle, Point Woodhouse, Pole Point, Portage Point, Povorotni Point, Puffin Point, Quit Point, Range Point, Rapids Point, Redfish Cape, Redfish Point, Reynard Point, Rob Point, Rock Point, Rodgers Point, Rose Point, Round Point, Saook Point, Schulze Head, Scraggy Point, Sergius Point, Shoal Point, Shoals Point, Silver Point, Sitka Point, Slope Point, South Passage Point, South Point, Struya Point, Sukoi Point, Suloia Point, Takeena Peninsula, Trap Point, Trubitsin Point, Twin Point, Ushk Point, Vein Point, Watson Point, White Cliff Point, Whitestone Point, Yellow Point, Zeal Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Sitka National Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Sitka Alaska Native Village Statistical Area

  Channels     show all on map

Adams Channel, Biorka Channel, Cameron Pass, Canoe Pass, Caution Passage, Cedar Pass, Dorothy Narrows, Dry Pass, East Channel Hayward Strait, Eastern Channel, Elbow Passage, First Narrows, First Narrows, Fortuna Strait, Gig Pass, Hayward Strait, Hoonah Sound, Imperial Passage, Islet Passage, Kakul Narrows, Koka Island Passage, Kukkan Passage, Middle Channel, Middle Channel, Nakwasina Passage, Neva Strait, North Arm Hoonah Sound, Ogden Passage, Olga Strait, Peril Strait, Piehle Passage, Portage Arm, Rose Channel, Rough Channel, Second Narrows, Second Narrows, Sergins Narrows, Sergius Channel, Smooth Channel, South Arm Hoonah Sound, South Passage, Surveyor Passage, Tawak Passage, Thatcher Channel, The Gate, Walker Channel, West Channel Hayward Strait, Western Channel, Whitestone Narrows, Windy Passage

  Churches     show all on map

Saint Michael's Cathedral

  Cliffs     show all on map

Graystone Cliff, White Cliff

  Dams     show all on map

Blue Lake Dam, Cascade Creek Dam, City of Port Alexander Dam, Corner Bay Dam, Indian River Dam, Kennel Creek Dam, Lake Ospery Dam, Port Alexander Cold Storage Dam, Sheldon Jackson College Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Hidden Falls, Kasnyku Falls

  Forests     show all on map

Tongass/Chatham National Forest

  Guts     show all on map

Ellsworth Cut, Fleming Channel, Peril Strait, Sea Level Slough, Sergius Narrows, South Arm Hoonah Sound, West Arm, Western Anchorage

  Harbors     show all on map

Eastern Anchorage, Leo Anchorage, Little Port Walter

  Hospitals     show all on map

Sitka Community Hospital, Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium Mount Edgecumbe Hospital

  Islands     show all on map

Agaiak Island, Aleutski Island, Andersen Island, Apple Islands, Arguello Island, Arthur Island, Arthur Island, Ataku Island, Baird Island, Ball Islets, Bamdoroshni Island, Baranof Archipelago, Baranof Island, Bare Island, Bart Island, Battery Island, Bear Bay Island, Beardslee Islands, Beauchamp Island, Beavertail Island, Beehive Island, Belknap Islands, Beric Island, Berry Island, Biali Rock, Bieli Rocks, Big Branch Rock, Big Gavanski Island, Big Island, Big Rose Island, Biorka Island, Black Island, Blackbird Island, Boidarkin Island, Border Rocks, Brady Island, Breaker Number Two, Breast Island, Broad Island, Brown Rock, Bush Rock, Calligan Island, Calming Island, Cannon Island, Catherine Island, Caution Island, Chaichei Islands, Channel Island, Charcoal Island, Chichagof Island, Clam Island, Cobb Island, Cormorant Island, Crosswise Islands, Crow Island, Crow Island, Dead Tree Island, Deuce Island, Dippy Island, Double Island, Dove Island, Duck Island, Eagle Rock, East Francis Rock, Edward Islands, Elkugu Island, Elovoi Island, Elovoi Island, Emgeten Island, Emmons Island, Entrance Island, Entrance Islet, Error Island, Eva Islands, Fairway Island, Fairway Rock, False Island, Fankuda Islet, Fassett Island, First Kekur, Fitz Island, Fleming Island, Flotsam Island, Fragrant Island, Fritz Island, Fruit Island, Fruit Islands, Gagarin Island, Galankin Island, Galankin Islands, Galkin Island, Gavanski Islands, Gillmore Islands, Glagolm Island, Gold Island, Gold Island, Golf Island, Goloi Island, Goloi Islands, Golovni Island, Gornoi Island, Grace Island, Granite Islands, Grasstop Rock, Gray Rock, Griffith Island, Guertin Island, Guibert Islets, Guide Island, Gull Islet, Gull Rock, Gunboat Rock, Haley Rocks, Halleck Island, Harbor Island, Harris Island, Herbert Graves Island, Highwater Island, Hill Island, Hogan Island, Hoggatt Island, Ilput Island, Impassible Island, Jacknife Islands, Jacob Rock, Japonski Island, John Rock, Jug Island, Kaiuchali Island, Kakovo Island, Kamennoi Island, Kane Islands, Kanga Island, Kasiana Islands, Katz Island, Kayak Islands, Kinky Island, Kirbas Island, Kirushkin Island, Kita Island, Klag Island, Kliuchevoi Island, Klokachef Island, Koka Island, Kolash Island, Korga Island, Krestof Island, Krishka Island, Krugloi Islands, Krugloi Islands, Kruzof Island, Kulichkof Rock, Kutchuma Islands, Kutkan Island, Lauf Islands, Lava Island, Legma Island, Leo Island, Liesnoi Island, Liesnoi Island, Liesnoi Island, Limit Island, Line Island, Little Biorka Island, Little Gavanski Island, Little Island, Little Rapids Island, Little Rose Island, Little Wrangell Island, Lock Island, Lodge Island, Long Island, Love Island, Low Island, Luce Island, Lydonia Island, Magoun Islands, Maid Island, Makhnati Island, Makhnati Islands, Marshall Island, Martin Island, McClellan Group, McClellan Rock, Mertz Island, Middle Island, Middle Island, Midway Island, Mills Island, Minett Island, Mogilnoi Island, Morne Island, Moser Island, Myriad Islands, Nadezhda Islands, Naerie Rock, Nameless Island, Necker Islands, Nepovorotni Rocks, Neva Island, Nevski Island, North Rock, O'Neil Island, Obsechki Island, Onetree Rock, Otstoia Island, Oval Rock, Palmtree Islands, Parker Group, Partofshikof Island, Passage Islands, Paulina Island, Peer Island, Peisar Island, Piper Island, Pishak Island, Pluma Island, Pond Island, Porcupine Islands, Port Island, Post Island, Povorotni Island, Prince Island, Pritchard Rock, Prolewy Rock, Rachek Island, Rakof Islands, Ramp Island, Rapids Island, Rashimosti Island, Redfish Islets, Reef Rock, Reshimosti Island, Ring Island, Road Island, Rockwell Island, Rockwell Island, Rogers Island, Round Island, Round Island, Round Island, Rowe Island, Saint Lazaria Islands, Sasedni Island, Scow Island, Scraggy Islands, Sea Lion Rocks, Sealion Island, Sealion Islands, Second Kekur, Shale Island, Sheep Island, Sholin Island, Siginaka Islands, Signal Island, Sinitsin Island, Skinner Island, Slate Islets, Slaughter Island, Smith Island, Snag Island, Snipe Island, Snipe Rock, Sosnovoi Island, Sound Islands, Steep Island, Stewart Island, Stewart Island, Strawberry Island, Suloia Islet, Suloia Rock, Surf Rock, Svensen Rock, Taigud Island, Taigud Islands, Takatz Islands, Tava Island, Tentree Island, Terbilon Island, The Eckholms, The Twins, Third Kekur, Three Tree Island, Threenob Rock, Tikhaia Islands, Tiurpa Island, Torsar Island, Traders Island, Triplet Islands, Turning Island, Twin Island, Ulinoi Island, Unishka Island, Urilof Island, Vasilief Rock, Viesokoi Rock, Viking Rock, Virublennoi Island, Vitskari Island, Vitskari Rocks, Vixen Islands, Volga Island, Vorota Island, W Francis Rock, West Francis Rock, Whale Island, White Rock, White Rock, White Sisters, Whitestone Rock, Winifred Island, Wooden Island, Wrangell Island, Yamani Islets, Yellow Rock, Zenobia Rock, Zubof Rock

  Isthmi     show all on map

Ides Neck

  Lakes     show all on map

Antipatr Lake, Avoss Lake, Banner Lake, Baranof Lake, Basket Lake, Baturin Lake, Bear Lake, Beaver Lake, Benzeman Lake, Betty Lake, Black Lake, Blanchard Lake, Borodino Lake, Brentwood Lake, Brentwood Lakes, Carbon Lake, Clarks Pond, Cliff Lake, Cold Storage Lake, Davidof Lake, Deep Lake, Deer Lake, Duck Lake, Falls Lake, Fawn Lake, Finger Lake, Four Falls Lake, Glacier Lake, Goat Lake, Goulding Lake, Goulding Lakes, Green Lake, Heart Lake, Hidden Falls Lake, Hogan Lake, Indigo Lake, Island Lake, Jetty Lake, Kasnyku Lake, Khvostof Lake, Kook Lake, Lake Anna, Lake Cunningham, Lake Diana, Lake Ekaterina, Lake Eva, Lake Irina, Lake James, Lake Leo, Lake Morris, Lake Osprey, Lake Smiley, Lake Suloia, Lake Surprise, Leona Lake, Long Lake, Lucky Chance Lakes, Ludvik Lake, Madsoutof Lake, Maksoutof Lake, Medvejie Lake, Nakvassin Lake, Otter Lake, Parry Lake, Pinta Lake, Plotnikof Lake, Politofski Lake, Redoubt Lake, Rezanof Lake, Rostislaf Lakes, Round Lake, Rust Lake, Sadie Lake, Salmon Lake, Salt Lagoon, Sashin Lake, Sister Lake, Sitkoh Lake, Swan Lake, Takatz Lake, Thimbleberry Lake, Tumakof Lake, Upper Brentwood Lake, Wakefield Lakes, Waterfall Lake, Whitestripe Lake, Wild Rice Lake, Yermak Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Avoss Lake Cabin, Chichagof, David of Lake Cabin, East Sitkoh Lake Cabin, Five Fanthom Patch, Halibut Point Recreation Center, Kimshan Cove, Kook Lake Cabin, Lake Eva Cabin, Maksoutof Lake Cabin (historical), Manleyville, Moser Island Cabin, Mount Edgecumbe, New Port Walter (historical), Nickel (historical), North Plotnikof Lake Cabin, Old Sitka, Port Armstrong Salmon Hatchery, Port Herbert, Rezanof Lake Cabin (historical), Shelikof Cabin, Starrigavan Campground, Upper Rezanof Lake Cabin (historical), West Sitkoh Lake Cabin, White Sulphur Springs Cabin, Whiting Harbor Aquafarm

  Military     show all on map

Coast Guard Air Station Sitka, Fort Babcock (historical), Fort Peirce (historical), Fort Rousseau (historical), Sitka Naval Operating Base (historical)

  Mines     show all on map

Golden Hand Apex Mine, Hirst-Chichagof Mine (historical)

  Parks     show all on map

American Flag-Raising Site, American Flag-Raising Site, Big Bear - Baby Bear State Marine Park, Dog Island Research Natural Area, Magoun Islands State Marine Park, Saint Lazaria National Wildlife Refuge, Sitka National Historical Park

  Pillars     show all on map

Shag Rock

  Populated Places     show all on map

Baranof, Big Port Walter (historical), Chatham, Cobol (historical), Fort Saint Michael (historical), Goddard, Port Armstrong, Silver Bay (historical), Sitka, Sitkoh (historical), The Redoubt (historical), Todd

  Post Offices     show all on map

Chatnam Post Office (historical), Sitka Post Office, Sitka Post Office Pioneer Station

  Ranges     show all on map

Moore Mountains, The Sisters

  Rapidss     show all on map

North Rapid, Southern Rapids

  Reserves     show all on map

South Baranof Wilderness, West Chichagof-Yakobi Wilderness

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Blue Lake, Lake Ospery, Mountain Point Community Reservoir

  Ridges     show all on map

Crater Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Mount Edgecumbe High School, Sheldon Jackson College (historical)

  Springs     show all on map

Warm Springs, White Sulphur Springs

  Streams     show all on map

Baranof River, Basket Creek, Black River, Cascade Creek, Chichagof Creek, Clear River, Conclusion Creek, Corner Creek, Coxe River, Cutthroat Creek, Deer Creek, Dranishnikov River, Falls Creek, Fish Bay Creek, Freds Creek, Glacial River, Goon Dip River, Goulding River, Granite Creek, Granite Creek, Harley Creek, Hook Creek, Indian River, Kadashan River, Kasnyku Creek, Katlian River, Kizhuchia Creek, Kook Creek, Leo Creek, Maksoutof River, Marble Creek, Porcupine River, Range Creek, Rodman Creek, Rust Creek, Salmon Creek, Sashin Creek, Sawmill Creek, Sitkoh Creek, Takatz Creek, Tonalite Creek, Vodopad River

  Summits     show all on map

Annahootz Mountain, Arrowhead Peak, Bahovec Peak, Bear Mountain, Big Chief Mountain, Camel Mountain, Castle Hill, Clarence Kramer Peak, Cross Mountain, Cupola Peak, Doolth Mountain, Eureka Mountain, Finger Mountain, Flat Top Mountain, Freeburn Mountain, Gavan Hill, Goon Dip Mountain, Grouse Peak, Harbor Peak, Hirst Mountain, Khaz Peak, Krestof Mountain, Lucky Chance Mountain, Mount Ada, Mount Baker, Mount Barness, Mount Bassie, Mount Cecil, Mount Crowther, Mount Douglas, Mount Drake, Mount Dranishnikof, Mount Edgecumbe, Mount Elizabeth, Mount Emma, Mount Furuhelm, Mount Georgiana, Mount Hagemeister, Mount Harding, Mount Katlian, Mount Kinkaid, Mount Kliuchef, Mount Kolloen, Mount Longenbaugh, Mount Lydonia, Mount Muravief, Mount Pinta, Mount Race, Mount Radamaker, Mount Rosenberg, Mount Rudakof, Mount Sharp, Mount Stoeckel, Mount Verstovia, Mount Yanovski, North Mountain, Ommaney Peak, Pinnacle Peak, Ptarmigan Peak, Rust Mountain, Shell Mountain, Snipe Head, Sugarloaf Mountain, The Beehive, The Pyramids, Whitestripe Mountain, Williams Hill

  Towers     show all on map

KCAW-FM (Sitka), KIFW-AM (Sitka), KSBZ-FM (Sitka), KTNL-TV (Sitka)

  Trails     show all on map

Davidof Lake Trail, Gavan Hill Trail, Indian River Trail, Kruzof Island Trail, Mount Edgecumbe Trail, Mount Verstovia Trail, Redoubt Lake Trail, Silver Bay Trail, Sitkoh Lake Trail, Starrigavan Fish Viewing Trail,

Sitka Borough, Alaska Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteSitka Borough White population 6,0696,068  
American IndianSitka Borough American Indian population 1,4921,492
MixedSitka Borough Mixed population 850850
AsianSitka Borough Asian population 525524
BlackSitka Borough Black population 8181
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderSitka Borough Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 3636

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