Apache County, Arizona Basics:

Apache County Arizona - Government Site

Population: 72,852
Area: 11198 square miles
County seat: Saint Johns
Area code(s) in use: 928
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 74.4%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 10.3%
Median household income: $31,615
Persons in poverty: 34.0%
Home ownership rate: 76.2%
Mean travel time to work: 29.0 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Catron (NM)  Cibola (NM)  Graham  Greenlee  McKinley (NM)  Montezuma (CO)  Navajo  San Juan (NM)  San Juan (UT)  

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Map of the Apache County area

Our detail map of Apache County shows the Apache County, Arizona boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Apache County, Arizona

  Airports     show all on map

Chinle Airport, Chinle Municipal Airport, Ganado Airport, Lukachukai Airport, Navajo Number Five Airport, Navajo Number Four Airstrip, Nazlini Airport, Pine Springs Airport, Powder Puff Landing Strip, Rock Point Airport, Rough Rock Airstrip, Springerville Municipal Airport, St Johns Industrial Air Park, Teec Nos Pos Landing Strip, Toyei School Airport, Transwestern Pipeline Number Four Airport, White Mountain Ultralight Flightpark, Window Rock Airport

  Arches     show all on map

Agate Bridge, Black Rock Natural Bridge, Blackhorse Arch, Elephant Rock, Forbidden Arch, Genevieves Arch, Hope Arch, Keystone Bridge, Natural Arch, Natural Arch, Natural Arch, Onyx Bridge, Rock Window, Royal Arch, Skeleton Arch, Sunrise Arch, The Window, Three Turkey Natural Bridge, Walker Creek Arch, Window Rock, Window Rock, Window Rock, Window Rock, Window Rock

  Areas     show all on map

Badlands, Black Forest, Blue Mesa, Crystal Forest, First Forest, Long Logs, Ndishchii Naati, Penrod Burn, Petrified Forest, Punchbowl, Tiba Dah Silahi

  Arroyos     show all on map

Blackhorse Wash, Chambers Draw, Chinle Wash, Cold Water Wash, Horse Camp Draw, Lone Tule Wash, Monument Canyon Wash, Nazlini Wash, Red Clay Wash, Sawmill Wash (historical), Teec Nos Pos Wash, Tse Bonito Wash, Whitewater Arroyo

  Basins     show all on map

Aniceto Cinder Pit, Bitter Water Basin, Border Sink, Canvasback Sink, Chinle Valley, Coyote Sink, DT Sink, Gadwell Sink, Hells Hole, Horse Mesa Trap, Lohali Basin, Loon Sink, Loop Sink Number One, Loop Sink Number Two, Mesa Sink Hole, Molina Basin, Monument Valley, Murray Basin, Ortega Sink, Pat Sink, Porcelain Sink, Pothole Sink, Red Rock Valley, Red Rock Valley, Rudd Knoll Pit, Rudd Knoll Pit Number Three, Spit Sink, Surprise Valley, Teal Sink, The Crater, Trap Pit, Tse Ligai, Udall Pit, Windsor Valley

  Benches     show all on map

Hulsey Bench, Juniper Bench, Lofer Bench, Nokaito Bench

  Bridges     show all on map

Beaver Dam Wash Bridge, Carrizo Wash Bridge, Crazy Creek Bridge, Dead River Bridge, Little Colorado River Bridge, McCoy Bridge, Milky Wash Bridge, Zuni Wash Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Alpine Public Library, Alpine Volunteer Fire Department, Apache County Sheriff's Office, Apache County Sheriff's Office Round Valley, Apache County Sheriff's Office Sanders, Apache County Superior Court, Blue Gap Chapter House, Canyon de Chelly Visitor Center, Chambers Railroad Station, Chinle Ambulance Services, Chinle Chapter House, Chinle Community Center, Concho Volunteer Fire Department, Dine College Tsaile Campus Library, Eagar Fire Department, Eagar Police Department, Ganado Ambulance Service, Ganado Fire Department, Ganado Fire District Klagetoh Station, Greer Fire District Bellinger Station 1, Greer Fire District Leeds Station 2, Houck Railroad Station, Lukachukai Trading Post, Lupton Chapter House, McNary Railroad Station, Navajo Community Center, Navajo Department of Dine Education Center, Navajo Housing Authority Building, Navajo Law Enforcement Police District 5, Navajo Nation Administration Building 1, Navajo Nation Administration Building 2, Navajo Nation Council Chamber, Navajo Nation Department of Fire and Rescue Services Station 10 Window Rock, Navajo Nation Department of Fire and Rescue Services Station 12 Fort Defiance Fire Department, Navajo Nation Department of Fire and Rescue Services Station 50 Chinle Fire Department, Navajo Nation Department of Highway Safety Building, Navajo Nation Department of Information Technology Building, Navajo Nation Department of Justice Building, Navajo Nation Department of Minerals Building, Navajo Nation Environmental Protection Agency Building, Navajo Nation Museum, Navajo Nation Office of the President and Vice President, Navajo Nation Telecommunication and Utilities Building, Navajo Nation Training Center, Navajo Police Window Rock, Navajo Tribe Ranch Headquarters, Nazlini Chapter House, Painted Desert Inn, Painted Desert Visitor Center, Petrified Forest National Park Fire Department, Puerco Fire District Sanders Fire Department, Rainbow Forest Museum, Red Lake Chapter House, Rock Point Community School Fire Department, Round Valley Public Library, Round Valley Senior Center, Saint Johns Emergency Medical Services, Saint Johns Fire Department, Saint Johns Police Department, Saint Johns Public Library, Saint Johns Recreation Center, Saint Michaels Chapter House, Sawmill Chapter House, Springerville Police Department, Springerville Ranger District Office, Springerville Town Hall, Sunrise Ski Lodge, Teec Nos Pos Ambulance Service, Teec Nos Pos Chapter House, United States Forest Service Fire Department Apache - Sitgreaves National Forest, Vernon Public Library, Wheatfields Chapter House, White Mountain Apache Tribal Fire and Rescue Department Station 830 Hon Dah, Wide Ruins Fire Department, Window Rock Police Department

  Canals     show all on map

Amity Ditch, Big Ditch, Filler Ditch, Lower Lyman Ditch, Lyman Ditch, McNary Ditch, Middle Lyman Ditch, Mineral Ditch, Upper Lyman Ditch

  Capes     show all on map

The Pillow, The Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Bowman Memorial Park, Butler Cemetery, Chinle Cemetery, Ganado Community Cemetery, Ganado Mission Cemetery, Maxwell Cemetery, McCarrell Memorial Cemetery, Rogers Cemetery, Saint Johns Catholic Cemetery, Vernon Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Alpine Census Designated Place, Burnside Census Designated Place, Chinle Census Designated Place, Concho Census Designated Place, Cornfields Census Designated Place, Cottonwood Census Designated Place, Del Muerto Census Designated Place, Dennehotso Census Designated Place, Fort Defiance Census Designated Place, Ganado Census Designated Place, Greer Census Designated Place, Houck Census Designated Place, Klagetoh Census Designated Place, Lukachukai Census Designated Place, Lupton Census Designated Place, Many Farms Census Designated Place, McNary Census Designated Place, Nazlini Census Designated Place, Nutrioso Census Designated Place, Oak Springs Census Designated Place, Red Mesa Census Designated Place, Red Rock Census Designated Place, Rock Point Census Designated Place, Rough Rock Census Designated Place, Round Rock Census Designated Place, Saint Michaels Census Designated Place, Sanders Census Designated Place, Sawmill Census Designated Place, Sehili Census Designated Place, Steamboat Census Designated Place, Teec Nos Pos Census Designated Place, Toyei Census Designated Place, Tsaile Census Designated Place, Vernon Census Designated Place, Wide Ruins Census Designated Place, Window Rock Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Alpine First Baptist Church, Black Mountain Mission, First Assembly of God, First Baptist Church, Fort Defiance Presbyterian Church, Good News Mission, Good Shepherd Mission, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Jesus First Community Church, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses Eager Congregation, Navajo Lutheran Missions, Navajo Mission, New Covenant Church, Saint Ann Church, Saint Anselm Mission, Saint John the Baptist Catholic Church, Saint Michaels Mission, Saint Peter's Catholic Church, Springerville Seventh Day Adventist Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Window Rock United Methodist Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Amberon Point, Antelope Point, Black Rock Point, Chinde Point, Eagle Nest, Falling Iron Cliffs, Gun Point, Hunters Point, Kachina Point, Lacey Point, Lohali Point, Massacre Point, Nizhoni Point, Pintado Point, Point of the Mountain, Rattlesnake Point, Red Point, Red Rock Rim, Sheep Point, Snake Den Point, Tawa Point, The Rincon, Tiponi Point, Tsekadebehgon, Whipple Point, White Point, Yale Point, Yellow Point

  Crossings     show all on map

Allentown Interchange, Big Arrow Interchange, Cedar Point Interchange, Chambers Interchange, Hawthorne Interchange, Houck Interchange, Lupton Interchange, McCarroll Interchange, Navajo Interchange, Painted Desert Interchange, Petrified Forest Overpass, Pinta Road Interchange, Querino Interchange, Sanders Interchange, Window Rock Interchange

  Dams     show all on map

A One Dam, Atcheson Dam, Becker Reservoir Dam, Big Lake Dam, Black Wood Dam, Bog Tank Dam, Boynton Lake Dam, Bunch Reservoir Dam, Burro Mountain Weir, Canyon Dam, Christmas Tree Dam, Concho Springs Dam, Coronado Generating Station Dam, Crescent Lake Dam, Cyclone Dam, Davis Dam, Drift Fence Dam, Eagar-Slade Dam, Earl Park Dam, Ellis Wiltbank Dam, Ganado Dam, Garden Dam, Glen Livet Dam, Glen Loe Dam, Haumont Dam, Hog Wallow Dam, Horseshoe Cienega Lake Dam, Hulsey Lake Dam, Hurricane Dam, Jarvis Dam, Jungle Dam, Lee Valley Dam, Little White Dam, Luna Dam, Lyman Dam, Many Farms Dam, Merrilyn Dam, Mexican Hay Lake Dam, Nelson Dam, Norton Dam, Nutrioso Dam, Pacheta Dam, Pool Corral Dam, Red Lake Dam, Reservation Dam, Riggs Creek Dam, River Number One Dam, River Reservoir Dam, River Reservoir Number Three Dam, Rogers Dam, Round Rock Dam, Sagebrush Dam, Saint Marys Dam, San Salvador Dam, Sheep Springs Dam, Shush Be Tou Dam, Shush Bezahze Dam, Sierra Blanca Dam, Sunnyside Dam, Sunrise Dam, Taylor Reservoir Dam, Tonto Dam, Tsaile Dam, Tunnel Dam, Twin Dams, Ward Dam, Wheatfield Dam, White Dam, White Mountain Dam, Willow Tank Dam, Zion Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Big Flow

  Flats     show all on map

Amberon Flat, Bean Patch, Beaver Dam Park, Bee Cienega, Bonito Cienega, Brady Park, Browns Park, Buell Park, Bull Cienega, Bull Creek Cienega, Campbell Flat, Canyon Meadow, CC Flat, Cheney Flat, Circe Flat, Cluff Cienega, Cotton Flat, Critchlow Flat, Dead Horse Flat, Deep Cienega, ELC Flat, Elk Cienega, Elk Spring Cienega, Ghaaghaztail, Gillespie Flat, Greasewood Flat, Hall Cienega, Hawks Nest Cienega, Hay Meadow, Haygrounds, Haystack Cienega, Horseshoe Cienega, Lightning Park, Long Cienega, Mattress Cienega, Moonshine Park, Odart Cienega, Old Corral Cienega, Paddy Cienega, Pair o'Dice Cienega, Paradise Park, Pat Cienega, Penrod Flat, Potato Patch, Reservation Flat, Rogers Lake, Round Cienega, San Juan Flat, Sheep Cienega, Skunk Flat, Sleeping Duck, Smith Cienega, Snake Flat, Soda Lake, Swinburne Flat, Talhchoze Tohe Meadow, Terry Flat, Thompson Park, Udall Park, Upper Earl Park, Upper Wheatfields, Wild Horse Cienega, Willow Cienega, Y Cienega, Yellow Jacket Cienega, Yellow Meadow

  Forests     show all on map

Jasper Forest, Springerville Ranger District

  Gaps     show all on map

Between the Rocks, Billings Gap, Blue Gap, Buffalo Pass, Sunsela Saddle, The Rock Gap

  Harbors     show all on map

Big Lake Marina

  Hospitals     show all on map

Chinle Comprehensive Health Care Facility, Chinle Extended Care Center, Fort Defiance Indian Hospital, Sage Memorial Hospital, White Mountain Regional Medical Center

  Lakes     show all on map

Anderson Lake, Antelope Lake, Baca Lake, Barth Lake, Basin Lake, Be Akeghalchee, Becker Lake, Bekihatso, Big Lake, Big Lake, Big Lake, Blue Lake, Boney Lake, Carnero Lake, CC Lake, Cheney Lake, Cheyney Lake, Colter Reservoir, Corner Lake, Cover Lake, Crescent Lake, Damon Lake, Deep Lake, Dipping Vat Reservoir, Dry Lakes, Elk Wallow Lake, Firebox Lake, Gooseberry Dam Lake, Halfmoon Lake, Harris Lake, Hay Lake, Hidden Lake, Hidden Lake, Hidden Lake, Hog Wallow Lake, Hulsey Lake, Kearn Lake, Laguna Salada, Lake Hole, Lake Sierra Blanca, Little Ortega Lake, Long Lake, Long Lake, Long Tree Lake, Maverick Lake, Michigan Lake, Ortega Lake, Pat Knoll Lake, Pine Lake, Pool Corral Lake, Porter Lake, Pratt Lake, Prime Lake, Red Lake, Red Lake, Rogers Marsh, Saint Marys Lake, Salt House Tank, San Juan Lake, Sides Lake, Sorenson Lake, Sponseller Lake, Straddling Lake, Tenney Pond, Terry Lake, Toh Ah Glau, Toh De Niihe, Tolani, Walls Lake, Wheatfields Lake, Wild Cow Lake, Wiregrass Lake, Woods Lake, Zion Reservoir

  Levees     show all on map

Long Dike

  Locales     show all on map

A One Lake Campground, Alpine Civilian Conservation Center, Alpine Country Club, Alpine Divide Campground, Alpine Forest Service Facility, Alpine Forest Service Station, Alpine Ranger Station, Alpine Sanitary District Wastewater Treatment Ponds, Alpine Timber Camp, Antelope House Ruins, Antelope Lake Campground, Apache and Sitgraves Forest Supervisor Office, Apache Trout Campground, Arizona Department of Corrections, Arizona State Inspection Station, Arizona State Inspection Station, Aspen Campground, Aspen Forest Camp, Bannon, Battle Cove Ruins, Beacon Well, Beaver Dam Forest Camp, Beehive Ruins, Benny Creek Campground, Beshbito Rest Area, Big Arrow Trading Post, Big Cave Ruins, Big Lake Boat Launch, Big Lake Forest Camp, Big Lake Lookout, Big Lake Railroad Cove Boat Launch, Big Lake Recreation Area, Big Lake South Cove Boat Launch, Black Mountain Trading Post, Black Pinnacle Campground, Blue Lake Recreation Site, Bobcat Windmill, Boy Creek Campground, Brentwood, Brookchar Campground, Brookchar Campground, Buffalo Pass Campground, Bunch Reservoir Boat Launch, Burnt Water, Burntwater Trading Post, Caldwell Administrative Site, Cambern, Canyon de Chelly Trading Post, Carlock Ranch, Casa Malpais Campground, Cauldwell Administration Site, Cave Ruin, CC Fireman Cabin, CC Forest Service Facility, Cedar Point Trading Post, Chambers Windmill, Chavez Ranch, Chee Dodge Ranch, Chinle Valley Store, Cienega Redondo Camp, Clabber City (historical), Clark Well, Colonel Spring Forest Camp, Concho Valley Country Club Golf Course, Coyote Ranch, Crescent Lake Dam Boat Launch, Crescent Lake West Side Boat Launch, Cross Canyon Trading Post, Crown Rock Ruin, Crows Nest Windmill, Cutthroat Campground, Cyclone Lake Campground, Damoff Cabin, Deadman Crossing, Deer Creek Campground, Diamond Rock Campground, Diamond Rock Forest Camp, Dipping Water Well, Ditch Campground, Drift Fence Lake Campground, Duke Ranch, Eagar Arena and Event Center, Eagle Crag Ruin, East Pasture Well, East Windmill, Elderberry Spring Campground, Escudilla Lookout, Escundilla Trailhead, Fish Creek Corral, Floating House Ruins, Floy, Fort Defiance Trading Post, Foster Ranch, Gabaldon Campground, Ganado Lake Campground, Ganado Trading Post, Good Luck Well, Good Luck Well, Gormons Trading Post, Government Spring Forest Camp, Grandview Overlook, Grayling Campground, Greer Campground, Greer Forest Service Facility, Greer Lakes Campground, Greer Lakes Golf Resort, H-V Ranch, Hall Forest Camp, Halls Ranch, Hayrock Ranch, Herchede Ranch, High Lonesome Well, Horse Spring Campground, Horseshoe Cienega Lake Campground, Hunters Point Campground, Hunters Point Trading Post, Hurricane Lake Campground, John Joe Well, John Silver Spring Well, Karrigan Trading Post, Kinlichee Chapter House, KL Ranch, Klagetoh Trading Post, Ledge Ruins, Lee Valley Reservoir Boat Launch, Little Bog Tank Recreation Site, Little Wallace Windmill, Little White House Ruins, Long H Ranch, Los Burros Campground, Los Burros Ranger Office, Los Burros Ranger Station, Luna Lake Boat Launch, Luna Lake Campground, Luna Lake Group Campground, Luna Lake Marina, Lyman Lake Marina, Many Farms Lake Campground, Many Farms Trading Post, Massacre Cave Overlook, Mesa Redonda Ranch, Miller Ranch, Montlure Church Camp, Morgan Spring Well, Mummy Cave Overlook, Mummy Cave Ruins, Murphy Well, Na Des Bah Well, Naegle Ranch, Navajo Compressor Station, Navajo Tribal Utility, Navajo Tribal Zoo, Nazlini Trading Post, Nelson Reservoir Campground, Nelson Reservoir North Boat Launch, Nelson Reservoir South Boat Launch, Noble Ranch, North Well, Nyce Cabin, Oak Creek Mountain, Odart Ranch, Old Colter Ranch, Old Mail Station, P S Knoll Forest Camp, P S Ranch, P Six Ranch, Pacheta Lake Campground, Pair o'Dice Ranch, Pat Knoll Guard Station, Peplote Windmill, Phelps Fire Station, Phelps Forest Service Facility, Phelps Ranch, Pineyon (historical), Platts Windmill, Pool Corral, Potter Windmill, Puerco Pueblo, Raccoon Campground, Rainbow Campground, Rattlesnake Windmill, Red Cabin, Red Hill Windmill, Red Rock Trading Post, Reservation Ranch, Reservation Ranch, Roberts Ranch, Rock Creek Station, Rock Point Trading Post, Rodeo Ground Corral, Rolfe C Hoyer Campground, Rosey Creek Campground, Round Rock Trading Post, Round Top Mesa Campground, Round Top Trading Post, Ryan Ranch, Saint Johns Stake Welfare Ranch, Sattell Knoll Substation, Sawmill Trading Post, Seventeen Windmill, Sheep Camp Forest Service Facility, Sheep Cienega Campground, Sheep Crossing Campground, Simpson Ranch, Slade Ranch, Sleepy Hollow Windmill, Sliding Rock Overlook, Sliding Rock Ruins, South Crescent Lake Boat Launch, South Fork Campground, South Shore Campground, Spence Cabin, Spencers Well, Spider Rock Overlook, Springerville Forest Service Facility, Standing Cow Ruins, Steamboat Canyon Trading Post, Stevens Ranch, Stradding Well, Summit Campground, Sunrise Trading Post, T-H Ranch, Tal-Wi-Wi Lodge, Tal-Wi-Wi Ranch, Teclote Windmill, Ten of Diamonds Ranch, The Aztec, Thode Cabin, Thompson Ranch, Three Turkey Ruins, Towser Ranch, Tsaile Lake Campground, Tse Bonito Campground, Tse Taa Ruins, Tsegi Overlook, Tsos Trading Post, Tunnel Reservoir Boat Launch, Twentyfour Ranch, Two Hole Ruin, Two Story Trading Post, Upper Greasewood Trading Post, Voigt Ranch, Voigt Ranch, Wagon Wheel Campground, Water Canyon Ranger Station, West Camp, West Fork Campground, West Fork Forest Camp, White Corral Windmills, White House Overlook, White House Ruins, White Mountain Boys Ranch, White Sand Ruins, White Well, Whiting Homestead, Wide Reeds Ruins, Wild Cherry Ruins, Window Rock Pumping Station, Winn Campground, Witch Well Ranch, Witch Well Trading Post, Wonderland Park, Yucca Cave Ruins

  Mines     show all on map

Camp Mine, Cisco Mine, Copper Mine, East Mesa Mine, Jimmie King Number Nine Mine, Joleo Mine, Knife Edge Mesa Mine, Martin Mine, Mexican Cry Mine, Mildred Mine, Monument Number Two Tunnel, Rattlesnake Mine, Rocky Spring Mine, Sah Tah Mine, Syracuse Mine, Tohe Thlany Begay Mine, Udall Pit Number Three

  Parks     show all on map

Apache County Fairgrounds, Bog Tank Picnic Ground, Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Casa Malpais Site, Cottonwood Park, Cross Canyon Recreation Area, Dennehotso Recreation Area, Diamond Creek Campsite Number Five, Diamond Creek Campsite Number Four, Diamond Creek Campsite Number Three, Four Corners, Hawley Lake Campground Area, Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site, Kinlichee Tribal Park, Lyman Lake State Park, Mexican Water Recreation Area, Navajo Tribal Fairground, Paradise Park Youth Camp, Petrified Forest National Park, Reservation Lake Campgrounds, Rock Creek Picnic Area, Saint Johns City Park, Shush Be Tou Campgrounds, Shush Bezahze Campgrounds, Snake Springs Rest Area, Sunrise Park, Sunrise Peak Ski Area, Territorial Government Formation Site Historical Monument, Three Turkey Ruins Navajo Tribal Park, Tohache Recreation Area, Tse Bonita Tribal Park, Williams Creek National Fish Hatchery

  Pillars     show all on map

Black Pinnacle, Dancing Rocks, Face Rock, Female Rock, Newspaper Rock, Rough Rock, Sitting Rock, Spider Rock, Tall Mesa, Tea Pot, The Haystacks, The Needle, The Tepees, Three Black Rocks, Tse Abe I, Two Red Rocks, Wind Rock

  Plains     show all on map

Corn Creek Plateau, Defiance Plateau

  Populated Places     show all on map

Adamana, Allentown, Alpine, Blue Gap, Boneyard, Bonita Trading Post, Burnside, Chambers, Chetco, Chinle, Concho, Cornfields, Correjo Crossing, Cottonwood, Cove, Coyote Springs, Crosby Crossing, Del Muerto, Dennehotso, Diamond Fields, Eagar, El Tule, Emmanuel Mission, Feaster, Flat Rock, Fort Defiance, Ganado, Green Spot, Greer, Greer Place, Hawley Lake, Heap Place, Horse Mesa, Houck, Hunt, Hunters Point, Junction Overlook, Kinlichee, Kinney Junction, Klagetoh, Los Burros, Lower Wheatfields, Lukachukai, Lupton, Many Farms, Maverick, McNary, Mexican Water, Mexican Water Trading Post, Milkwater, Milky Ranch, Navajo, Nazlini, Northwoods, Nutrioso, Oak Springs, Paulcell Place, Pine Springs, Pinta, Potter Place, Red Mesa, Red Rock, Richville, Rock Point, Rosebud, Rough Rock, Round Rock, Saint Johns, Saint Michaels, Salado, Salina, Sand Springs, Sanders, Sawmill, Sehili, Springerville, Steamboat, Steamboat Canyon, Sunrise Springs, Tahchee, Tanner Springs, Teec Nos Pos, Tes Nez Iah, Three Forks, Totacon, Toyei, Troweek, Tsintaa Yiti Ii, Twin Falls, Upper Wheatfields, Valle Redondo Trailer Park, Vernon, Wheatfields, White Clay, Wide Ruins, Window Rock, Wood Springs, Woodspring Trading Post, Yazzi

  Post Offices     show all on map

Alpine Post Office, Chinle Post Office, Concho Post Office, Eagar Post Office, Fort Defiance Post Office, Ganado Post Office, Hawley Lake Post Office, Lukachukai Post Office, McNary Post Office, Nutrioso Post Office, Saint Michaels Post Office, Sanders Post Office, Sawmill Post Office, Springerville Post Office, Vernon Post Office (historical), Window Rock Post Office

  Ranges     show all on map

Carrizo Mountains, Lukachukai Mountains, Tunitcha Mountains, White Mountains

  Reserves     show all on map

Escudilla Mountain Wilderness, Escudilla Wilderness, Mount Baldy Wilderness, Petrified Forest National Wilderness Area

  Reservoirs     show all on map

273 Tank Number 1, 273 Tank Number 2, 285 Tank, 71 Tank, 72 Tank, 75 Tank, 88A Tank, A One Lake, Abouve Tank, Admen Tank, Alejandro Tank, Alley Way Tank, Alpha Tank, Alpine Country CLub Tank, Aniceto Tank, Ant Tank, Antelope Tank, Antelope Tank, Apprentice Tank, Arab Tank, Arizona Tank, Arrow Tank, Arroyo Tank, Aspen Tank, Atascacita Tank, Atcheson Reservoir, Badlands Tank, Baldwin Tank, Basin Tank, Battleground Number One Tank, BC Tank, BC Tank Number 1, Bear Spring Tank, Bear Stock Tank, Bear Tank, Bear Wallow Tank, Bear Wallow Tank, Beaver Dam Tank, Benny Tank, Bennys Tank, Bens Dam Tank, Beta Tank, Big Dam Reservoir, Big Draw Tank, Big Dry Tank, Big Lake, Big Meadows Tank Number One, Big Meadows Tank Number Two, Big Tank, Bigelow Tank, Bigelow Tank, Bighole Tank, Bill Riley Tank, Billings Gap Tank, Black Knoll Tank, Black River Number Two Tank, Black River Tank, Black Tank, Black Tank, Blade Tank, Blood Tank, Blue Tank, Bluff Tank, Bog Tank, Bog Tank, Boggy Pit Tank, Boggy Tank, Bosque Tank, Boundary Spring Tank, Boundary Tank, Boundary Tank, Boundary Tank, Boundary Tank, Boundary Tank, Boundary Tanks, Boynton Lake, Broken Tank, Brown Butte Tank, Brusally Tank, Brushy Flat Tank, Brushy Mountain Tank, Brushy Tank, Buck Spring Tank, Bull Pasture Tank, Bull Tank, Bull Tank, Bunch Reservoir, Burk Tank, Burky Tank, Burn Meadow Tank, Burn Tank, Butch Tank, Butler Tak, Butler Tank, Butte Tank, C-7 Tank, Camp Cienega Tank, Campbell Flat Tank, Campus Tank, Canyon Creek Tank, Canyon Tank, Carlock Tank, Carlos Moody Tank, Carnero Tank, Catch All Tank, CB Tank Number Two, CC Flat Tank, CC Lake Tank, CC Tank Number Five, CC Tank Number Four, CC Tank Number One, CC Tank Number Three, CC Tank Number Two, Cedar Lake Reservoir, Cedar Tank, Center Fire Tank, Center Tank, Center Tank, Center Tank, Center Tank, Central Tank, Cerro Trigo Tank, Chaparral Tank, Cherokee Tank, Chi Tank, Chinle Water Tank, Christmas Tree Lake, Cienega Fourteen Tank, Cienega Tank, Cienega Tank, Cinder Point Tank, Cinder Tank, Cinder Tank, Circle Tank, City Dump Tank, Clay Mesa Tank, Clay Mesa Tank, Clay Tank, Clear Lake Tank, Clyde Tank, Clyde Tank, Concho Lake, Conklin Tank, Corn Creek Tank, Corner Salt Well Tank, Corner Tank, Corner Tank, Corner Tank, Corner Tank, Corner Willow Creek Tank, Coronado Evaporation Reservoir, Corral Tank, Corral Tank, Corral Tanks, Corral Tanks, Cottonwood Tank, Coulter Tank, Coyote Tank, Coyote Tank, Crackerjack Tank, Crossbar Tank, Crossbred Tank, Curve Tank, Cyclone Lake, Dad Patterson Tank, Dart Tank, De Witt Tank, Dead Horse Tank, Dead Lake Tank, Deep Lake Tank, Deep Pit Tank, Deer Tank, Deer Tank, DeWitt Tank, Diamond Tank, Distrbutor Tank, Ditch Tank, Divide Tank, Division Tank, Division Tank, Division Tank, Donata Tank, Dot Tank, Double Tank, Doubtful Tank, Draw Stock Tank, Draw Tank, Draw Tank, Draw Tank, Draw Tank, Drift Fence Lake, Driveway Tank, Drumstick Tank, Dry Creek Tank, Dry Creek Tanks, Dry Lake, Dry Lake Tank, Dry Tank, Dry Tank, Duck Lake, Duck Lake Tank, Dugout Tank, Dump Tank, E Tank, Earl Park Lake, Earl Park Tank, East Draw Tank, East Fork Horse Tank, East Fork Horse Tank, East Pasture Tank, East Section Thirty-five Tank, East Tank, East Tank, Ecks Tank, Ed Walker Tank, Egg Tank, Egg Tank, ELC Flat Tank, ELC Flat Tank, ELC Tank, Elk Pit Tank, Elk Tank, Ellis Wiltbank Reservoir, Escudilla Mountain Tank, Estes Tank, Fat Tank, Fence Pit Tank, Fence Tank, Fence Tank, Fenceline Tank, Fir Pit Tank, Fish Pond Lake, Fish Tank, Flat Rock Reservoir, Flat Tank, Flat Tank, Fluted Rock Lake, Fork Tank, Four Section Tank, Francisco Lake, Franks Tank, Franks Tank, Ganado Lake, Gandale Tank, Geneva Reservoir, George Tank, Georges Lake Tank, Georges Tank, Gillepie Tank, Glen Livet Reservoir, Grassy Knoll Tank, Grassy Tank, Green Tank, Greenhead Tank, Greens Peak Tank, Greer Lakes, Gust Reservoir, H L Draw Tank, H-V Reservoir, Half Tank, Hall Tank, Hall Tank, Hall Tank, Hall Tank Number 3, Halls Tank, Halls Tank Number One, Halls Tank Number Three, Halls Tank Number Three, Halls Tank Number Two, Hamblin Tank, Hashknife Tank, Hawley Lake, Hay Creek Tank, Hayground Tank, Hayground Tank Number One, Haystack Tank, Head Tank, Heap Tank, Heifer Tank, Hidden Lake, Hidden Tank, Hidden Tank, Highway Tank, Highway Tanks, Hill Tank, Hoashead Tank, Hobson Tank, Hog Spring Tank, Hogan Lake, Home Creek Tank, Homestead Tank, Hoot Owl Tank, Horse Corral Tank, Horse Tank, Horseshoe Cienega Lake, House Tank, Hulsey Fork Tank, Hulsey Lake, Hunters Point Pond, Hurricane Lake, Husley Tank, Hutchinson Tank, I D Tank, I D Tank Number Two, Indian Tank, Indian Tank, Iris Tank, Jackson Tank, Jacobs Tank, Jarvis Lake, JC Tank, Jeff Lake, Jog Tank, John Hall Cabin Tank, Johnson Corral Tank, Judd Lake, Junction Tank, L Fifty-six Tank, Lagoon Tank, Lake Tank, Lang Creek Tank, Larry Flat Tank, Last Chance Tank, Last Chance Tank, Lee Tank, Lee Tank, Lee Valley Reservoir, Liegler Tank, Line Tank, Lion Tank, Little Creek Tank, Little George Reservoir, Little Giant Tank, Little Halls Tank, Little Reservoir, Little Stock Tank, Little Tank, Loco Knoll Number Three Tank, Loco Knoll Tank, Loco Knoll Tank, Loco Twentynine Knoll Tank, Loggers Bog, Lone Pine Tank Number One, Lone Pine Tank Number Two, Long Canyon Fork Tank, Long Draw Tank, Long Tank, Lookout Pasture Tank, Lorin Farr Tank, Lost Tank, Lou Tank, Lower Hayground Tank, Lower Hoot Owl Tank, Lower Nobel Draw Tank, Lower Tank, Lower Timber Bench Tank, Lower Trick Tank, Luna Lake, Luna Tank, Lyman Lake, Mandan Tank, Many Farms Lake, Mark One Tank, Mark Two Tank, Marshall Flat Tank, Marshall Tank, Martinez Tank, Maverick Tank, McDonald Tank, McKay Reservoir, McNary Tank, Mel Tank, Merlyn Tank, Merv Tank, Metias Tank, Mexican Hay Lake, Middle Mountain Tank, Middle Tank, Middle Tank, Middle Tank, Middle Tank, Middle Wallace Tank, Mike Tank, Milkpen Tank, Milky Tank, Milky Tank, Milligan Valley Tank Number 1, Milligan Valley Tank Number 2, Mitt Tank, Molina Basin Tank, Moon Tank, Mortimer Tank, Mud Tank, Mud Tank, Naegle Tank, Natural Tank, Neck Tank, Nelson Reservoir, Nine Bar Three Tank, No Name Tank, Noble Draw Tank, Norm Tank, North Hog Wallow Tank, North Mesa Tank, North Spring Tank, North Tank, North Tank, Norton Reservoir, Number Four Tank, Number Four Tank, Nutrioso Reservoir, Oak Tank, Ojo Bonito Tank, Old Tank, Old Tanks, Open Draw Tank, P S Spring Tank, Pablo Tank, Pacheta Lake, Paddy Fork Tank, Pancho Spring, Pancho Tank, Parallel Tank, Pasture Tank, Pasture Tank, Pat Hughes Tank, Pat Knoll Tank, Patterson Tank, Penrod Tank, Penrod Tank, Perm Tank, Pete Tank, Phone Line Tank, Picnic Tank, Picnic Tank, Pin Tank, Pine Spring, Piņon Tank, Pipeline tank, Pit Tank, Platt Tank, Point Mountain Tank, Poker Mountain Tank, Poker Mountain Tank Number Two, Pond Tank, Pond Tank, Pool Corral Lake Tank, Pool Knoll Tank, Porcupine Tank, Pothole Tank, Potter Mesa Tank, Potter Tank, Powerline Tank, Prime Canyon Tank, Private Tank, Profanity Tank, Profanity Tank, PS Tank, Purple Hill Tank, Push Tank, Quail Tank, Quartzite Wash Reservoir, Quema Tank, Rabbit Water, Railroad Loop Tank, Railroad Tank, Railroad Tank, Rattlesnake Tank, Raw Tank, Reagan Reservoir, Reagon Tank, Red Lake Tank, Red Rock Tank, Red Tank, Red Tank, Red Tank, Red Tank, Redondo Tank, Reese Tank, Reservation Lake, Reservation Tank, Reservation Tank, Reservation Tank, Reservoir Tank, Resspass Tank, Reuell Jarvis Tank, Reynolds Tank, Ridge Top Tank, Riggs Creek Reservoir, Riley Canyon Tank, Riley Tank, Rim Tank, Rim Tank, Rincon Tank, Rioso Reservoir, River Reservoir, River Reservoir, Road Forks Tank, Road Steak Tank, Road Tank, Road Tank, Road Tank, Road Tank, Road Tank, Roadside Tank, Roadside Tank, Robertson Tank, Robinson Tank, Rock Bottom Tank, Rock Tank, Rogers Lake, Rogers Reservoir, Rose Tank, Round Rock Lake, Round Rock Reservoir, Round Tank, Rudd Knoll Pit Tank Number 1, Rudd Knoll Pit Tank Number 114, Rudd Knoll Tank Number 5, Rudd Reservoir, Russell Reservoir, Ruth Tank, S W Tank, Saddle Horse Tank, Saffell tank, Saint Josephs Reservoir, Saint Marys Tank, Salt House Tank, Salt House Tank, Salt Well Tank, San Juan Tanks, San Salvador Reservoir, Sand Tank, Sand Tank, Sand Tank, Sawmill Tank, SE Tank, Section 25 Tank, Section 26 Tank, Section 26 Tank, Section 29 Tank, Section 30 Tank, Section 30 Tank, Section Eight Tank, Section Eleven Tank, Section Four Tank, Section Fourteen Tank, Section Line Tank, Section Six Tank, Section Sixteen Tank, Section Ten Tank, Section Ten Tank, Section Thirteen Tank, Section Thirty Tank, Section Twenty Tank, Section Twenty Tank, Section Twenty-Eight Tank, Section Twenty-Three Tank, Section Twentyfive Tank, Section Twentyone Tank, Section Twentythree Tank, Section Two Tank, Seep Tank, Seventy-Four Tank, Seventy-Three Tank, Shale Tank, Shallow Tank, Shane Tank, Sheep Spring Tank, Sheep Tank, Sherlock Draw Tank Number One, Sherlock Draw Tank Number Two, Sherlock Tank, Shipping Pasture Tank, Shipyard Tank, Shush Be Tou, Shush Bezahze, Sickel Tank, Sidehill Tank, Skin Spring Tank, Skousen Tank, Skunk Flat Tank, Slade Reservoir, Slade Tank, Slide Draw Tank, Small Salt Well Tank, Smileys Tank, Snake Creek Tank Number One, Soda Lake, South Draw Tank, South Fork Tank, South Fork Tank, South Hog Wallow Tank, South Horse Tank, South Mountain Tank, South Tank, South Tank, South Tank, South Tank, Spec Tnak, Spout Spring Tank, Spring Stock Tank, Spring Tank, Spud Patch Tank, Spur Eleven Tank, Squaw Lake, Steep Tank, Steer Tank, Steer Unit Tank, Steve Tank, Stevens Tank, Stock Dam Number Two, Stock Tank Number 1, Stock Tank Number Three, Struck Tank, Sulzberger Tank, Sunnyside Reservoir, Sunrise Lake, Sut Tank, Swamp Tank, Sweater Tank, Swinbourne Tank, T T Tank Number One, T T Tank Number Three, T T Tank Number Two, Tal-Wi-Wi Tank, Tamarack Tank, Tatezaka Tank, Telephone Tank, Tenney Tank, Terry Number One Tank, Terry Number Three Tank, Terry Number Two Tank, Terry Tank, Terry Tank Number Six, Thompson Park Tank, Thompson Tank, Timber Bench Tank, Toh Del Toshi Hydrant, Tomahawk Tank, Tonto Lake, Tonto Rim Tank, Towser Tank, Track Tank, Trail Spring Tank, Trail Tank, Trap Tank, Triangle Tank, Triangle Tank, Trinity Reservoir, Tsaile Lake, Tse Notahs Pond, Tuff Tank, Tunnel Reservoir, Turkey Creek Draw Tank, Turkey Draw Tank, Turkey Enclosure Tank, Turkey Reservoir, Turkey Tank, Turkey Tank, Turkey Tank, Turkey Tank, Turkey Tank, Two X Tank, Twomile Spring Tank, Udall Hole Tank, Udall Park Tank, Udall Park Tanks, Udall Pit Number One Tank, Udall Pit Number Two, Udall Pit Number Two Tank, Udall Pit Tank Number 4, Udall Pit Tank Number 6, Udall Pit Tank Number 8, Upper Conklin Tank, Upper Corn Creek Tank, Upper Horse Tank Number One, Upper Horse Tank Number Two, Upper Potter Mesa Tank, Upper Sweater Tank, Upper Tank, Upper Tank, Upper Trick Tank, Voigt Pit Tank Number 1, Voigt Pit Tank Number 2, Voigt Pit Tank Number Six, Wad Tank, Walker Creek Reservoir, Wallace Tank, Ward Tank, Water Canyon Reservoir, Water Dog Tank, Waterhaul Tank, West Section Thirty-five Tank, West Side Tank, West Tank, West Tank, Whirley Basin Tank Number One, Whirley Basin Tank Number Two, Whiskey Reservoir, White Mountain Reservoir, White Tank, White Tank, White Water Reservoir, Whiting Knoll Tank, Whiting Tank, Whiting Tank, Wildcat Tank, Williams Tank, Willow Tank, Willow Trap Tank, Winch Tank, Wooly Tank, X E Tank, XE Tank, XV Tank, Yellow Tank, Yes Tank

  Ridges     show all on map

Alpine Divide, Antelope Ridge, Aspen Ridge, Black Ridge, Black Rock Ridge, Blue Gap Point, Brown Ridge, Conklin Ridge, Female Point, Gray Ridge, O D Ridge, Outlet Neck, Peridot Ridge, Profanity Ridge, Puerco Ridge, Refuge Rock, Rock Pointing West, Round Top Ridge, Ruins Ridge, Walton Ridge, White Point

  Schools     show all on map

Alpine Elementary School, Blue Gap School, Canyon De Chelly Elementary School, Canyon del Muerta School, Canyon del Muerto School, Carrizo Mission School, Chinie Junior High School, Chinle Adventist School, Chinle Elementary Boarding School, Chinle Elementary School, Chinle High School, Chinle High School, Chinle Junior High School, College of Ganado, Concho Elementary School, Coronado Elementary School, Cottonwood Day School, Cove School, Dennehotso Boarding School, Dine College, Dine College Tsaile Campus Guy Gorman Sr Classroom Building, Dine College Tsaile Campus Gymnasium, Dine College Tsaile Campus Ned Hatathli Center, Dine College Tsaile Campus Student Services, Dine College Tsaile Campus Student Union, Eagar Elementary School, Fort Defiance Elementary School, Fort Defiance Junior High School, Ganado High School, Ganado Intermediate School, Ganado Middle School, Ganado Primary School, Headstart School, Hilltop Christian School, Hunters Point Boarding School, Immanuel Mission School, Kin Dah Lichi'i Olta' Charter School, Lukachukai Boarding School, Many Farms Boarding School, Many Farms Child Development Center, Many Farms Elementary School, Many Farms High School, Many Farms Public School, McNary Annex School, McNary Elementary School, McNary High School, Mesa View Elementary School, Navajo Community College, Navajo Lutheran Mission School, Nazlini Boarding School, Nazlini Charter School, New Visions Academy, Northland Pioneer College Saint Johns Center, Northland Pioneer College Springerville - Eagar Center, Pine Springs Day School, Pioneer School, Puerco Elementary School, Red Mesa Day School, Red Mesa Elementary and Junior High School, Red Mesa High School, Red Rock Boarding School, Red Rock Day School, Red Valley Cove High School, Renaissance Academy Malpais Campus, Rock Point Boarding School, Rock Point Community School, Rough Rock Community School, Round Rock Day School, Round Rock Elementary and Junior High School, Round Valley High School, Round Valley Intermediate School, Round Valley Middle School, Round Valley Primary School, Saint Isabel Mission, Saint Johns High School, Saint Johns Middle School, Saint Michael Elementary School, Saint Michael High School, Sanders Elementary School, Sanders Middle School, Sawmill Primary Learning Center, Springfield Elementary School, Teec Nos Pos Boarding School, Tegakwithan Mission, Toyei School, Tsaile Public School, Tsehootsooi Dine Bi'olta Immersion School, Tsehootsooi Elementary School, Tsehootsooi Middle School, Tuller Pre School, Turquoise Dawn Alternative School, Valley High School, Vernon Elementary School, Wide Ruins Junior High School, Window Rock Elementary School, Window Rock High School

  Springs     show all on map

117 C Spring, 75 Spring, Al Tse Toh, Alamo Spring, Alleged Spring, Alpine Divide Spring, Aniceto Spring, Antelope Trail Spring, Apache Spring, Apalee Spring, Aspen Spring, Aspen Spring, Atascacita Springs, Baca Spring, Banke Spring, Bar H Spring, Basin Spring, Be He Lini Spring, Be-ite-Lini Spring, Bear Spring, Bear Spring, Bear Spring, Becker Spring, Beehbito Spring, Beehive Spring, Beehive Spring Number Two, Beeshsikad Spring, Big Willow Spring, Bigelow Spring, Bill Earl Spring, Bill Earl Spring, Bill Riley Spring, Billy Goat Spring, Bitter Water Springs, Black Pinnacle Spring, Black River Spring, Black Rock Canyon Spring, Black Rock Spring, Black Soil Spring, Blue Mesa Spring, Bluff Spring, Boardshack Spring, Bobcat Spring, Boneyard Spring, Bonito Spring, Bonito Spring, Bosque Spring, Bottom Spring, Box Canyon Springs, Boy Spring, Boyce Spring, Brady Spring, Brian Spring, Broken Iron Spring, Brown Spring, Brushy Spring, Buckelew Spring, Buckshot Spring, Buckshot Spring, Burk Seep, Burk Spring, Burnt Corral Spring, Burnt Mill Spring, Burro Creek Spring, Burro Creek Spring, Burro Creek Spring Number 1, Burro Spring, Butler Canyon Spring, Cabin Spring, Cameron Spring Number Two, Camp Cienega Spring, Candelaria Spring, Carex Spring, Carmen Spring Number One, Carnero Spring, Carrisito Spring, Casimero Spring, CC Francy Spring, CC Hall Spring, CC Hall Spring, CC Lake Spring, CC Spring, CC West Spring, Ceadro Spring, Charlies Spring, Charvoidles Spring, Chase Spring, Cheese Spring, Chewed Nose Springs, Chimney Spring, Cienega Redondo Spring, Cienega Spring, Cienega Spring, Clay Spring, Clear Cut Spring, Coal Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Coleman Spring, Colonel Spring, Concho Bill Spring, Concho Spring, Conklin Spring, Conklin Spring, Convicted Spring, Cool Water Spring, Coon Spring, Coon Spring, Corral Spring, Cottonwood Seep, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cow Spring, Cow Spring, Cow Springs, Cowboy Spring, Coyote Spring, Crescent Lake Spring, Crosby Spring, Danstone Springs, Day Spring, Deadman Spring, Definite Spring, Deswood Spring, Developed Spring, Dipping Vat Spring, Dipping Vat Spring, Double Spring, Driveway Hall Spring, Duke Spring, Duker Spring, Dump Flat Spring, Dump Spring, East Fork Black River Spring, East Fork Number Three Spring, East Fork Spring Number One, East Fork Spring Number Six, East Fork Spring Number Two, East Fork Springs Number Five, East Fork Springs Number Four, Ebens Spring, ELC Flat Springs, Eldeberry Spring, Elephant Grass Spring, Elk Spring, Emigrant Springs, Ess Spring, Fir Spring, Firebox Spring, Fly Spring, Forst Spring, Forth Spring, Fran Day Spring, Frisco Spring, Gallegos Springs, Georges Spring, Georges Spring, Gibbons Spring, Gillespie Spring, Glofer Spring, Goat Spring, Gobbler Seep, Good Luck Spring, Goodman Spring, Gooseberry Spring, Government Spring, Grapevine Spring, Gust Spring, Half Tank Spring, Hamblin Spring, Hard Spring, Hasbidito Spring, Hay Spring, Head of Black River Springs, Head of South Fork Spring, Head Spring, Heifer Spring, Henry Platt Springs, Henry Slade Spring, Hidden Spring, Hidden Spring, Hillside Spring, Hobson Spring, Hog Spring, Hogansaani Spring, Homestead Spring, Honeymoon Spring, Horse Camp Draw Springs, Horse Corral Spring, Horse Spring, Horse Spring, Horseshoe Spring, Hummingbird Spring, Hunters Point Spring, Hutcherson Spring, Indian Spring, Iris Spring, Iris Spring Number One, Jackson Spring, Jake Spring, Jessie Spring, Joes Spring, Joseph Spring, Kailcheebito Spring, Keetsell Spring, Kessay Spring, Kinnazzi Spring, Kitchen Spring, Laguna Salada Spring, Lee Spring, Lichee Sinil Spring, Line Spring, Little Giant Spring, Little Jackson Spring, Little Meadow Spring, Little Pipe Spring, Little Spring, Little Spring, Little Valley Spring, Lizard Spring (historical), Lone Pine Spring, Lone Wolf Spring, Looking for Water Spring, Los Burros Spring, Lost Spring, Lost Spring, Lost Spring, Lower Hutcherson Spring, Lower Little Creek Spring, Luke Spring, Mac Spring, Mail Carrier Spring, Maito, Mallory Spring, Malpais Spring, Manuel Seep, Many Farms Spring, Marble Spring, McCormick Spring, McIntosh Spring, McKay Spring, Melissa Spring, Merlyn Spring, Mexican Spring, Middle Prong Spring, Middle Spring, Milk Flat Spring, Milk Ranch Spring, Milkpen Spring, Miller Spring, Miller Spring, Milligan Saddle Spring, Milligan Valley Creek Spring Number 1, Mineral Springs, Molina Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mushroom Seep, Must Spring, Narrow Creek Spring, Navajo Springs, Neal Spring, Need Spring, Negro Spring, Neilson Spring, Ninemile Seep, North Spring, North Spring, O D Spring, Oak Spring, Oak Spring, Oak Spring, Oak Spring, Oak Spring, Oak Spring, OD Spring, Ojo Gato, Ojo Gato Spring, OK Spring, Old Spring, Open Draw Spring, Ortega Spring, P C Spring, Pancho Spring, Parson Spring, Pat Knoll Pit Springs, Pate Spring, Patterson Spring, Perry Spring, Pete Spring, Phelps Spring, Picnic Spring, Pierce Spring, Pigeon Spring, Pigeon Spring, Pigeon Spring Number Two, Pine Spring, Pine Springs, Pine Water Spring, Pipeline Spring, Pit Spring, Pit Spring, PN Spring, Point of Mountain Spring, Point of the Mountain Spring, Point Spring, Pool Corral Spring, Porter Spring, Prospect Spring, Punchbowl Spring, Quakie Patch Spring, Rail Spring, Red Tree Spring, Redondo Spring, Reservation Spring, Reservoir Spring, Rim Creek Spring, Rim Spring, Rincon Spring, Road Cienega Spring, Robinson Spring, Rock Spring, Romero Spring, Rosebud Cottonwood Cienega Spring, Rough Rock Spring, Round Cienega Spring, Rudd Knoll Spring, Rudd Knoll Spring, Saffell Spring, Sagebrush Spring, Sagewood Spring, Saint Marys Lake Spring, Salado Springs, Salina Springs, Salt Seeps, Salt Spring, Salt Spring, Sand Cone Springs, Sand Spring, Sand Spring, Sand Spring, Sandy Spring, Sawmill Spring, Sawmill Spring, Sawmill Spring, Schuster Spring, Schuster Spring, Scott Spring, Section Six Spring, Setsiltso Springs, Seven Springs, Seven Springs, Seven Springs, Sheep Camp Spring, Sheep Spring, Shelter Spring, Shonto Spring, Sidehill Spring, Silver Spring, Skin Spring Tank, Skousen Spring, Slade Spring, Slims Spring, Snake Spring, Snake Springs, Snow Shoe Spring, Soldier Spring, Soldier Spring, Spence Spring, Spillman Spring, Spout Spring, Spruce Spring, Spruce Spring, Spruce Spring, Squaw Springs, Squirrel Spring, Stamps Spring, Stanford Spring, Star Peak Springs, Stink Seep Number One, Stink Seep Number Two, Stinking Springs, Stit Spring, Stop Trail Spring, Straddling Spring, Stump Spring, SU Knolls Spring, SU Spring, Sugar Spring, Sunnyside Spring, Sunrise Spring, Sunrise Spring, Sweetwater Spring, Swinborne Spring, Swinburne Spring, Tah nih choa ah Spring, Tank Spring, Ted Seep Spring, Ted Spring, Teddy Chee Spring, Telephone Spring, Tenney Meadow Spring, Terry Spring, Thomas Spring, Timber Spring, Tin Yeh Toh, Toh Dah Hee Dat Conii, Toh Dahstini Spring, Toh De Kaish, Toh Del Toshi Spring, Tohatchi Spring, Tohnalchai Spring, Tokezje Spring, Tolapai Spring, Tom Canovis Spring, Tom Joe Spring, Tom Thumb Spring, Tommie Spring, Trail Spring, Trap Spring, Trap Spring Number 2, Trap Tank Spring, Tsa Yah Das Iahi Spring, Tsaaadidosi Spring, Tsegito Spring, Tsegito Spring, Tsegito Spring, Tseya-Kinsikadi Spring, Tudecoz Spring, Turkey Draw Spring, Turkey Spring, Tuye Spring, Twin Spring, Twomile Spring, Udall 12 Spring, Udall Draw Spring Number 1, Udall Draw Springs, Udall Park Spring, Udall Park Spring Number 1, Udall Pit Number Five, Upper Beaver Spring, Upper Long Cienega Spring, Upper Road Cienega Spring, Upper Spring, Upper Spring, Upper Tenney Spring, Uranium Spring, Valley Store Spring, Voigt Spring, Wad Spring, Wahl Knoll Spring, Walton Spring, Warm Spring, Waterfall Spring, Waterfall Spring, Welch Spring, White Area Spring, White around the Mountain Spring, White Hair Spring, White Rock Spring, Whitetail Spring, Wild Geese Nest Spring, Wild Horse Spring, Willimans Valley Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Wiltbank Spring, Wood Spring, Woods Creek Spring, Yellow Man Spring, Yellowhair Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Agua Sal Creek, Alamo Wash, Auger Creek, Badger Creek, Bar H Creek, Battleground Creek, Bear Cienega Creek, Bear Creek, Beaver Dam Wash, Becker Creek, Benny Creek, Benton Creek, Big Hollow Wash, Bill Riley Creek, Bis Ii Ah Wash, Black Creek, Black Soil Wash, Blackhorse Creek, Blackrock Wash, Bluff Cienega Creek, Bob Thomas Creek, Bog Creek, Boggy Creek, Boggy Creek, Boneyard Creek, Bonito Creek, Brown Creek, Brown Wash, Brown Wash, Buell Wash, Bull Creek, Burnt Corral Creek, Burro Creek, Butterfly Creek, Candovas Creek, Cane Valley, Canovas Creek, Canyon Creek, Carnero Creek, Carrizo Wash, Cedar Lake Wash, Centerfire Creek, Chimney Wash, Cienega Creek, Cienega Creek, Cienega Creek, Cienega Creek, Cienega Creek, Cold Spring Wash, Colter Creek, Concho Creek, Coon Creek, Corn Creek, Cove Wash, Coyote Creek, Coyote Creek, Coyote Creek, Coyote Wash, Crazy Creek, Crooked Creek, Crystal Creek, Dead Wash, Deep Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Springs Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Farm Wash, Duke Creek, E L C Creek, Earl Creek, East Fork Black River, East Fork Dry Creek, East Fork Little Colorado River, Ess Creek, Fish Creek, Flash Creek, Gomez Creek, Gooseberry Creek, Grapevine Creek, Greasewood Wash, Hall Creek, Hardscrabble Wash, Hasbidito Creek, Hay Creek, Home Creek, Horse Creek, Horse Mesa Creek, Horseshoe Creek, Hosteen Tso Wash, Hughey Creek, Hulsey Creek, Hurricane Creek, Jackson Creek, Jarvis Wash, K L Creek, Kinlichee Creek, Kit Sili Wash, Laguņa Creek, Lang Creek, Lily Creek, Little Bog Creek, Little Bonito Creek, Little Creek, Little Diamond Creek, Little Milky Wash, Lizard Wash, Lofer Cienega Creek, Lone Pine Creek, Lukachukai Creek, Mamie Creek, McDonald Creek, Meadow Wash, Milk Creek, Milk Creek, Milligan Creek, Mineral Creek, Moon Creek, Morrison Creek, Nazlini Creek, Ninemile Wash, No Name Creek, North Fork Black River, North Fork Diamond Creek, North Fork East Fork Black River, Nutrioso Creek, Oak Creek, Ord Creek, Pace Creek, Pacheta Creek, Paddy Creek, Paddy Creek, Palisade Creek, Paradise Creek, Peasoup Creek, Perry Creek, Picnic Creek, Pine Springs Wash, Pine Wash, Piney Hill Creek, Pistol Creek, Poker Gap Creek, Porcupine Creek, Pulcifer Creek, Reservation Creek, Riggs Creek, Rock Creek, Rosey Creek, Rudd Creek, Ruin Wash, Ruins Wash, Sage House Wash, Sand Creek, Scattered Willow Wash, Sepulveda Creek, Seven Springs Wash, Sharp Creek, Sheep Dip Creek, Slide Creek, Smith Creek, Snake Creek, Snow Stake Creek, Snowshoe Creek, Soldier Creek, South Fork Bonito Creek, South Fork Little Colorado River, Spud Creek, Squaw Creek, Standing Redrock Creek, Star Creek, Stone Creek, Sun Creek, Sweater Creek, Sweetwater Wash, Tah Chee Wash, Teds Wash, Ten of Diamonds Creek, Thompson Creek, Tiis Ndiitsooi Wash, Tohache Wash, Tohotso Creek, Tonto Creek, Trout Creek, Tsaile Creek, Tse Deeshzhaai Wash, Tuntsa Creek, Turkey Creek, Turkey Creek, Tyende Creek, Vernon Creek, Vigil Run, Walker Creek, Walton Creek, Water Canyon Creek, Watts Creek, West Fork Black Creek, West Fork Black River, West Fork Little Colorado River, West Gypsum Creek, West Turkey Creek, Wheatfields Creek, Whiskey Creek, White Clay Spring Wash, Wild Cow Wash, Wildcat Creek, Wildcat Creek, Williams Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Spring Wash, Woods Creek, Zuņi River

  Summits     show all on map

Alcove Mesa, Altar Mesa, Aniceto Knoll, Antelope Hills, Antelope Mountain, Apache Butte, Aspen Butte, Ata Deeza, Athletic Dome, Atsadahsidahi, Bad Bug Butte, Balakai Mesa, Balakai Point, Baldy Peak, Bat Rock, Big Cienega Mountain, Big Lake Knoll, Big Mountain, Bijaadibae, Bilasha, Bitsihuitsos Butte, Black Hill, Black Knoll, Black Mesa, Black Rock, Black Rock, Black Rock Butte, Black Wood Hill, Blade Rock, Blue Clay Hill, Blue Hill, Blue Mountain, Boardshack Knoll, Bog Butte, Bonito Rock, Boundary Butte, Brown Butte, Brushy Mountain, Brushy Mountain, Buell Mountain, Burnt Knoll, Burnt Mountain, Burro Mountain, Butler Mountain, Butterfly Butte, Carson Mesa, Cerro Gordon Mountain, Cerro Hueco, Cerro Montoso, Cerro Quemado, Cerro Trigo, Chezhindeza Mesa, Chinde Mesa, Choyojdolid Hill, Cinder Point Mountain, Concho Spring Knoll, Coon Mountain, Cove Mesa, Cow Butte, Coyote Hills, Diamond Butte, Dobbins Knoll, Dog Rock, Doyle Mountain, Dry Mesa, Dry Mesa, Dutch Mountain, Dzillibai, Eagle Crag, Eagle Rock, East Mesa, Ecks Mountain, Escudilla Mountain, Flat Top, Fluted Rock, Gah Chidi, Ganado Mesa, Garris Knoll, Gobbler Peak, Gobbler Point, Gooseberry Butte, Gothic Mesa, Gray Cactus Mesa, Gray Mountain, Greens Peak, Hat Rock, Haystack Mountain, Horse Lookout Hill, Horse Mesa, Horse Mesa, Hubbell Hill, Indian Tank Hill, Juan Garcia Mountain, King Tutt Mesa (historical), Kinusta Mesa, Lake Mountain, Little Brushy, Little Brushy Mountain, Little Haystack Mountain, Little Ice Cream Cone Hill, Little Mesa Redonda, Little Middle Mesa, Little Round Rock, Loco Knoll, Loco Knolls, Logger Mountain, Lohali Mesa, Los Gigantes Buttes, Many Coyote Mesa, Marshall Butte, Marshall Mountain, Marthas Butte, Matthews Peak, Maverick Mountain, McCormick Knoll, McKays Peak, Mesa Parada, Mesa Redonda, Mexican Cry Mesa, Middle Mesa, Middle Wide Mesa, Milligan Knoll, Mormon Hill, Mount Baldy, Mount Ord, Mount Thomas, Mount Warren, Mud Spring Knoll, Navajo Fortress, Negro Knob, No Mans Land, Noble Mountain, North Mountain, Odart Mountain, Owl Hat Point, Owl Nest, P S Knoll, Paddy Butte, Padres Mesa, Paradise Butte, Pastora Peak, Pat Knoll, Pat Knoll, Penrod Mountain, Picnic Hill, Pierce Mountain, Pillow Mountain, Piney Hill, Pistol Butte, Plane Rock, Poker Mountain, Pole Knoll, Pool Knoll, Potter Mesa, Pulp Burn Knoll, Rain Mountain, Rattlesnake Hill, Red Butte, Red Clay Mesa, Red Cornfield Mesa, Red Hill, Red Hills, Red Mesa, Red Mesa, Red Peak, Red Point, Red Point Mesa, Red Rock, Rescue Rock Mesa, Rock Mesa, Roof Butte, Rooster Rock, Round Mountain, Round Rock, Round Top, S U Knolls, Saffell Knoll, Saint Peters Dome, Salt Water Cone, Scraper Knoll, Segi Ho Cho Mesa, Separate Hill, Serviceberry Hill, Sides Knoll, Sitting Coyote Mesa, Sizer Knoll, Skinny Mesa, Slide Hill, Small Wide Mesa, Smooth Knoll, Soldier Butte, Sonsela Buttes, Sorrel Horse Mesa, South Mountain, South Mountain, Spruce Mountain, Standing Rock, Standing Rock, Steamboat Rock, Sterrett Mesa, Stinking Springs Mountain, Sunnyside Mesa, Sunrise Peak, Supai Mesa, Sweathouse Peak, Sweetwater Mesa, Taasahdi Dzil, Tabahinez Mesa, Tahdahatooc, Tall Cone, Tall Tree Mesa, Tenney Mountain, Tenny Mountain, The Battleship, The Flattops, The Haystacks, The Legs, Thirsty Mesa, Tiger Butte, Timber Knoll, Toadindaaska Mesa, Toh Atin Mesa, Toh Chin Lini Mesa, Toohidazdii, Tsaile Butte, Tsay O Ah Butte, Tse Da Ahoodzo Peak, Tse Lichii Dah Azka, Tsedadahot Sosi, Tseh Any, Tselayazhe, Tseyah, Turkey Mountain, Turner Peak, Turning Hill, Twin Buttes, Twin Peaks, Twin Red Hills, Upper Forest Mountain, Ventana Mesa, View Point, Volcanic Mountain, Wahl Knoll, Walker Butte, West Mesa, West Poker Mountain, White Ash Peak, White Butte, White Clay Hill, White Cone, White Hill, White Hills, White Horse Butte, White Mesa, White Rock, White Rock Mesa, White Rock Point, White Top (historical), White Top Mesa, Whiting Knoll, Wide Mesa, Wildcat Point, Wishbone Mountain, Wolf Mountain, Yazzie Mesa, Ziegler Mountain, Zilbetod Peak

  Swamps     show all on map

Badger Lake, Bear Cienega, Bear Cienega, Beaver Dam, Bonito Rock Cienega, Butterfly Cienega, Heron Marsh, Jessie Spring Marsh, Lofer Cienega, Maverick Cienega, Purcell Cienega, Race Horse Cienega, Rosebud Cienega, Sheep Cienega, The Cienega, Upper Pacheta Cienega, Wing Marsh, Winn Sink, Woolsey Lake

  Towers     show all on map

Greens Peak Lookout, Kinney Lookout, KNCC-FM (Tsaile), KQAZ-FM (Springerville), KQZE-FM (Saint Johns), KRVZ-AM (Springerville), KSSU-AM (Saint Johns), KTHQ-FM (Eagar), KTNN-AM (Window Rock), KWRK-FM (Window Rock), P S Knoll Lookout Tower

  Trails     show all on map

Antelope Trail, Black Rock Trail, Crack in Rock Trail, East Fork Baldy Trail Ninetyfive, Escudilla National Recreation Trail, Many Ladders Trail, Many Skulls Trail, Maos Trail, Red Clay Trail, Sheep Crossing/Baldy Ninetyfour Trail, Spanish Trail, Womans Trail, Zuni Trail

  Valleys     show all on map

Agua Sal Wash, Aguaje Draw, Alcove Canyon, Aspen Canyon, Aspen Canyon, Aspen Wash, Atascocita Draw, Balakai Wash, Band Valley, Bat Canyon, Bear Canyon, Bear Trail Canyon, Beautiful Valley, Bent Knee Wash, Benzes Draw, Bi Keesh Wash, Big Dam Wash, Big Wilderness Wash, Big Willow Spring Canyon, Bihilinie Canyon, Bis Ii Ah Wash, Bitter Water Wash, Black Creek Valley, Black Mountain Wash, Black Rock Canyon, Black Rock Canyon, Black Stump Valley, Blanco Canyon, Blow Draw, Boiling Over Wash, Bones Canyon, Bonito Canyon, Bonito Valle, Bonito Valley (historical), Box Canyon, Bubbling Spring Valley, Bull Canyon, Burnt Piņon Wash, Burntwater Wash, Burro Wash, Burro Wash, Butler Canyon, Canyon de Chelly, Canyon del Muerto, Carrizo Wash, Cattail Wash, Center Valley, Cheney Draw, Chezhindesa Canyon, Cienega Draw, Conner Draw, Coon Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cottonwood Wash, Cozen Canyon, Cross Canyon, Dennehotso Canyon, Dibe Chaa Valley, Dry Canyon, Eagle Nest Canyon, East Draw, Elk Canyon, Erosion Wash, Far Spiral Canyon, Female Canyon, Fir Tree Canyon, Fish Wash, Giant Canyon, Goat Ranch Draw, Grapevine Canyon, Hasbidito Valley, High White Valley, Hipbone Wash, Hobson Canyon, Horse Track Canyon, Hosteen Tso Canyon, Hunt Valley, Jaralosa Draw, Jeff Lake Draw, Jimson Weed Canyon, Jimson Weed Wash, Joe Baca Draw, Juniper Bark Canyon, Lame Deer Canyon, Little White House Canyon, Long Canyon, Long Canyon, Mai Dagi, Mail Station Draw, Mallory Draw, Manuel Seep Draw, Many Cherry Canyon, Marion Haws Draw, Martinez Draw, Middle Trail Canyon, Milligan Valley, Monument Canyon, Morgan Canyon, Mormon Canyon, Mountain Lion Canyon, Mule Canyon, Mule Corral Canyon, Naakai N Daachaahi Wash, Natural Bridge Canyon, Nazlini Canyon, Oak Ridge Wash, Oak Spring Valley, Oak Spring Wash, Open Draw, Ortega Draw, Oso Draw, Owl Nest Canyon, Parker Draw, Pine Canyon, Pine Springs Wash, Pine Tree Canyon, Piney Hill Wash, Poison Ivy Canyon, Poker Canyon, Potter Place Draw, Prime Canyon, Querino Wash, Red Hole Draw, Red Mesa Canyon, Red Rock Wash, Red Valley, Red Water Wash, Red Willow Canyon, Redrock Valley, Robertson Hollow, Rock Top Wash, Rough Rock Trail Canyon, Round Valley, Round Valley, Saddle Horse Draw, Saffell Canyon, Sagebrush Canyon, Sandoval Draw, Seachi Canyon, Second Aspen Canyon, Seven Springs Draw, Sheep Dip Canyon, Sheep Point Canyon, Sherlock Draw, Short Grass Canyon, Sitting Giant Rock Wash, Slick Rock Wash, Slim Canyon, Small Canyon, Small Twin Canyon, Splashing Water Canyon, Spring Canyon, Steamboat Canyon, Tah-aith-cheed Wash, Teec Nos Pos Canyon, Tezinie Canyon, Tezinie Wash, Three Turkey Canyon, Thsohotso Wash, Toh Chin Lini Canyon, Tolapai Draw, Toolbox Draw, Trading Post Wash, Tse Ba Ni Zi Ni Wash, Tse Da Ahoodzo Canyon, Tsedatoh Canyon, Tseh-Ya-Kin Canyon, Tselayazhe Wash, Tseligaideeza Canyon, Tso Tsosic Wash, Tunnel Canyon, Twenty Four Draw, Twin Trail Canyon, Tzelena Canyon, Udall Draw, Upper White Lakes Draw, Venadito Draw, Wagon Canyon, Warpath Valley, Water Canyon, Waterfall Spring Canyon, White Area Canyon, White Rock Wash, White Rock Wash, White Water Wash, Whitewater Arroyo, Whiting Wash, Wide Ruin Valley, Wild Cherry Canyon, Williams Canyon, Williams Valley, Wind Rock Valley, Windy Valley, Wohlenberg Draw, Wolf Canyon, Yellowstone Canyon

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409 Road Well, Antelope Well, Antelope Well, Autsidy Smith Well, Bar in Well, Bar-N Well, Barth Well, Bean Patch Well, Beautiful Valley Well, Beaver Dam Wash Well, Begay Well, Betty Well, Billy Lynch Well, Bitterwater Well, Black Rock Well, Blanco Well, Bluebird Well, Boggy Lake Well, Boiling Over Well, Broken Home Well, Burns Well, Burnside Well, Burntwater Well, Callero Well, Ceadro Well, Chafin Well, Cornfields Well, Cottonwood Well, Deer Water Well, Dibe Chaa Well, Dry Lakes Well, East Ninemile Well, East Well Number Eleven, East Windmill, East Zuni Windmill, Ella Mae Well, Fairchild Well, Fence Spring, Flat Rock Windmill, Flowing Well, Fluted Rock Well, Frozen Feet Windmill, Gallegos Well, Ganado Lake Well, Goldwater Well, Green Spot Well, Greer Windmill, Grey Hill Well, Greyhouse Well, Hanging Water Well, Hatahley Biay Well, Hellsapoppin Well, Hogan Well, Hosteen Begay Well, Hot Rock Windmill, Jacobs Well, Jays Well, Jenson Well, Joe Friday Well, Joe Woody Well, Joes Well, John Nez Well, Justins Windmill, Kaska Badoya Well, Keystone Well, Little Electric Well, Little Well, Lockhart Well, Loco Knoll Well, Los Pilas Well, Lower Carrizo Well, Lowery Well, Lu Kai le gei Well, Lukaigai Well, Luna Lake Well, McCray Well, Mesa Well, Middle Well, Middle Well, Middle Well, Neboyias Water Well, Neyezee Well, North Mill Well, North Well, One Windmill Well, Ortega Well, Ortega Well, Owyhee Well, Peninsula Windmill, Peter Deswood Well, Phillip Joe Well, Pine Canyon Well, Pine Springs Well, Pine Springs Well, Pine Wells, Potter Well, Purcell Well, Red House Well, Rincon Well, Rock Crossing Windmill, Rogers Well, Rotenhouse Well, Salt Well, Sandy Hill Well, Santa Fe Well, Schnebly Well, Seven Springs Well, Shorthair Well, Simpson Well, Small Creek Well, South Camp Well, Sweetwater Well, T T Well, Tabaha Well, Three Corner Well, Timber Well, Toh Nalen, Towser Well, Triangle Well, Tse lt gai Sinil Well, Upper Carrizo Well, Ward Well, Washington Well, Waterfall Well, Well Number Five, West Ninemile Well, West Pasture Well, West Windmill, West Zuni Windmill, White Clay Windmill, Wind around the Rock Well, Yellowbush Well, Zuni Well, Zuni Well,

Apache County, Arizona Population By Race (2012 estimate)

American IndianApache County American Indian population 53,40153,400  
WhiteApache County White population 17,33917,338
MixedApache County Mixed population 1,3111,311
BlackApache County Black population 437437
AsianApache County Asian population 364364
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderApache County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 7372

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State population table
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