Greenlee County, Arizona Basics:

Greenlee County Arizona - Government Site

Population: 8,775
Area: 1843 square miles
County seat: Clifton
Area code(s) in use: 928
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 85.6%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 12.4%
Median household income: $49,692
Persons in poverty: 17.5%
Home ownership rate: 45.4%
Mean travel time to work: 15.2 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Apache  Catron (NM)  Cochise  Graham  Grant (NM)  Hidalgo (NM)  

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Map of the Greenlee County area

Our detail map of Greenlee County shows the Greenlee County, Arizona boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Greenlee County, Arizona

  Airports     show all on map

Duncan Municipal Airport, Greenlee County Airport, Lazy B Ranch Airstrip, P D Helisport

  Areas     show all on map

Rocky Prairie, Tutt Cienega

  Arroyos     show all on map

Apache Gulch, Burleson Canyon

  Basins     show all on map

Bonehead Basin, Fish Sink, H U Bar Box, Hannagan Gravel Pit, Hells Hole, Jackson Box, Little Blue Box, Maverick Basin, Pothole, Raspberry Basin, Rattlesnake Basin, Salt Basin, Silver Basin, Taylor Sink, The Box, Yerra Basin, Zuni Basin

  Benches     show all on map

Coalson Mesa, Fish Bench

  Buildings     show all on map

Clifton City Hall, Clifton Fire Department, Clifton Police Department, Clifton Railroad Station, Duncan Railroad Station, Duncan Valley Rural Fire District, Fox Railroad Station, Greenlee County Health Department, Greenlee County Sheriff's Office, Greenlee County Superior Court, Guthrie Railroad Station, York Railroad Station

  Canals     show all on map

Colmonero Canal

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Blue Cemetery, Bunkers Cemetery, Clifton Cemetery, Duncan Valley Cemetery, Jones Cemetery, Metcalf Cemetery, Sacred Heart Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Franklin Census Designated Place, Morenci Census Designated Place, York Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

First Assembly of God, Holy Cross Catholic Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Saints Philip and James Episcopal Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Baldy Bill Point, Burke Point, Devils Washboard, Evans Point, Final Point, Turtle Rock

  Crossings     show all on map

Balke Crossing, Blue Crossing

  Dams     show all on map

Big Tank Detention Dam, Grayhorse Dam, Olney Dam, Round Mountain Dam Number Two, Stateline Dam, Tailings Water Reclamation Dam, Thomas Creek Weir, Twin Dam, Willow Creek Weir

  Falls     show all on map

Chitty Falls, Sardine Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Bobcat Flat, Bonanza Bill Flat, Buck Park, Butterfly Cienega, Cache Cienega, Campbell Flat, Cole Flat, Cow Flat, Deep Cienega, Double Cienega, Erve Adams Flat, Hunter Flat, Jones Park, Juniper Flat, KP Cienega, Lost Cienega, Mesquite Flat, Moonshine Park, Paint Rock Prairie, Paradise Park, Pine Flat, Playas de los Pinos, Sunset Glade

  Forests     show all on map

Alpine Ranger District, Apache National Forest, Clifton Ranger District

  Gaps     show all on map

Bootleg Saddle, Bull Saddle, H L Saddle, Hogtrail Saddle, Morris Gap, Needles Eye, Rattlesnake Gap, Red Saddles, Sardine Saddle, Sheep Saddle, Sixshooter Gap, Stockton Gap, Sunflower Saddle

  Lakes     show all on map

Aker Lake, Beaverhead Natural Lake, Campbell Flat Lake, Elk Lake, Lost Lake, Lost Lake, McKibbins Pond, Milligan Lake, P Bar Lake, Rattlesnake Lake, Taylor Pond, Thomas Lake, W S Lake

  Locales     show all on map

A D Bar Ranch, Al Creek Corral, Alder Corral, Alma Trailhead, Arizona Antelope Corral, Arizona Antelope Corral, Arizona Highway Department Maintance Yard, Asma Corral, Auger Corral, Bailey Place Corral, Balke Cabin, Baseline Corral, Baseline Trailhead, Bear Mountain Lookout, Bear Mountain Lookout, Beaverhead, Bedrock Corrall, Beeler Creek Corral, Big Lue Corral, Big Lue Ranch, Black Jack Group Campground, Blackjack Campground, Blue Camp Administrative Site, Blue Crossing Campground, Blue Lookout, Blue Peak Lookout, Blue Ranger Station, Blue River Ranch, Blue Vista Scenic Overlook, Boiling Mesa Corral, Boiling Mesa Corral, Bonanza Bill Trailhead, Brooks Ranch, Buckalou Corral, Buffalo Crossing, Buffalo Crossing Camp, Bull Basin Corral, Bullard Corral, Burke Ranch, Butcher Knife Corral, Canyon Corral, Cave Creek Corral, Cement Tank Corral, Charlie Moore Trailhead, Cherry Lodge Picnic Area, Chitty Trap Corral, Cienega Corral Cabin, Cienega Creek Number Two Corral, Clear Creek Cabin, Clear Creek Corral, Coal Creek Campground, Coalson Ranch, Coleman Ranch, Cookstove Corral, Coronado, Cosper, Cottonwood Corral, Cottonwood Corral, Coyote Corral, Crow Poison, Davis Ranch, Day Ranch, Deerhead Corral, Deerhead Ranch, Devils Washboard, Dix Creek Corral, Dog Flat Corral, Double Circle Ranch, Downs Cabin, Dutch Chimney Corral, Eagle Creek Pumping Station, El Paso Corral, Filleman Cabin, Fogg 8 Ranch, Fogg Cabin, Four Bar Mesa Cabin, Four Bar Mesa Corral, Four Drag Ranch, Frank Davis Ranch, Fritz Ranch, Fulcher Ranch, G J Filleman Ranch, Gap Holding Corral, Gavilan Corral, Granville Campground, Greenlee Country Club, Greenlee County Fairgrounds, Greenwade Ranch, H U Bar Ranch, Hagen Corral, Hamilton Mesa Corral, Hannagan Campground, Hannagan Forest Service Facility, Hannagan Meadow Administrative Site, Hannah Spring Canyon Corral, Hardy, Hicks Ranch, Hogtrail Corral, Honeymoon Campground, Horse Canyon Cabin, Horse Canyon Corral, Horse Range Corral, Horse Ridge Corral, Joe Fritz Corral, Juan Miller Corral, Juniper Corral, Juniper Corral, K Bar K Ranch, Kellar Trailhead, KP Cienega Campground, Lazy YJ Ranch, Lazy YJ Ranch, Lee Cabin, Lightening Mesa Corral, Lopez Corral, Lower Cave Creek Spring, Lower Clear Creek Corral, Lower Indian Corral, Lower Juan Miller Campground, Lower Oak Creek Corral, Lower Pipestem Corral, Lower Rousensock Corral, Lower Wild Bunch Corral, Luce Ranch, M J Bar Corral, Malay Corral, Mallet Ranch, Malpais Corral, Manning Corral, Maple Corral, Marks Ranch, Marks Ranch, Martinez Ranch, Maverick Trailhead, McBride Corral, McKeon Ranch, Mesa Corral, Moore Ranch, Morris Gap Corral, Mountain Corral, Mud Springs Corral, Mud Springs Corral, Mud Springs Corral, N O Bar Ranch, N Pat Corral, North Baldy Corral, North Baldy Corral, Old Zorilla Ranch, One Horn Corral, Open Flat Corral, Open Flat Corral, Open Flat Corral, Oroville, Painted Bluffs Corral, Pasture Wells Corral, Pat Corral, Phillips Ranch, Picket Corral, Pine Flat Corral, Pine Flat Cortral, Pinon Mountain Corral, Prospect Corral, Prospect Corral, Purdy, Rainville Ranch, Ranch Corral, Rattlesnake Basin Cabin, Rattlesnake Gap Camp, Rattlesnake Gap Camp, Red Tank Corral, Reno Lookout, Reno Lookout, Reynolds Ranch, Richardson Cabin, Robart Ranch, Robinson Mesa Corral, Rose Peak Lookout, Rose Peak Picnic Area, Ru Ranch, Saddle Corral, Salt Ground Corral, Salt House, Salt House Corral, Sanders Corral, Sandrock Corral, Santa Cruz Corral, Santa Rosa Mine, Saunders Cabin, Sawmill Cabin, Sawmill Corral, Seneca Corral, Seven Cross A Ranch, Shipping Corral, Silver Basin Corral, Skully Creek Ranch, Skunk Corral, Smith Cabin, Spillway Beaverhead Lodge, Spur Cross Corral, Stacy Ranch, Stateline Camp, Stateline Trailhead, Stray Horse Campground, Strayhorse Administative Site, Strayhorse Forest Service Facility, Subia Ranch, Summit Corral, Sunflower Corral, Syeamore Corral, T Links Ranch, Tercer Springs Number One, Tinny Cabin Corral, Tinny Corral, Tolbert Cabin, Trail Cabin Forest Service Facility, Trail Corral, Trap Corral, Tule Springs Ranch, Turkey Creek Corral, Tutt Creek Trailhead, Upper Blue Campground, Upper Cienega Corral, Upper Eagle Creek Corral, Upper Juan Miller Campground, Upper Rousensock Corral, VT Ranch, Wagon Corral, Webster Corral, West Coal Creek Corral, White Mule Windmill, White Rocks Cabin, Wild Bunch Corral, Wildbunch Trailhead, Wilkerson Ranch, Willis Ranch, Willow Springs Ranch, Winter Cabin, Wood Spring Corral, Woolaroc, Yellowjacket Corral, Yerra Basin Corral

  Mines     show all on map

Ash Peak Mine, Coronado Mine, Godfrey Mines, Morenci Open Pit, Shamrock Shaft, Smuggler Mine, Stevens Mine

  Parks     show all on map

Blackbridge Picnic Area, Blue Range Primitive Area, Conklin Creek Campgrounds, Crabtree Park, Granville Recreation Area, H L Saddle Picnic Area, Sardine Saddle Picnic Area, Sheep Saddle Picnic Area, Upper Juan Miller Picnic Area

  Pillars     show all on map

Bell Rock, Bell Rock, Castle Rock, Ice Cream Cone

  Plains     show all on map

Prieto Plateau

  Populated Places     show all on map

Apache Grove, Aragon Place, Blue, Blue Vista, Carlton Vista, Charlie Moore Place, Cleaveland, Clifton, Duncan, East Plantsite, Fox, Franklin, Granville, Guthrie, Hannagan Meadow, Maques Place, Metcalf (historical), Morenci, Plantsite, Sheldon, Sprucedale, Spur Cross, Stargo, Strayhorse, Three Way, Valley View Mobile Home and Recreational Vehicle Park, Whispering Pines, York

  Post Offices     show all on map

Blue Post Office, Blue Post Office, Clifton Post Office, Duncan Post Office, Espen Post Office (historical), Metcalf Post Office (historical), Morenci Post Office

  Ranges     show all on map

Blue Range

  Reserves     show all on map

Bear Wallow Wilderness

  Reservoirs     show all on map

2 O'Clock Tank, Accident Tank, Anderson Tank, Antelope Mesa Tank Number 1, Antelope Mesa Tank Number 2, Antelope Mesa Tank Number One, Antelope Mesa Tank Number Two, Assessment Tank, Auger Tank, Banjo Tank, Banjo Two Tank, Bardman Canyon Tank, Bardman Tank, Base Tanks, Base Tanks, Baseline Tank, Baseline Tank Number 2, Basin Tank, Basin Tank, Bear Tank, Bear Tank, Bear Tank, Bear Track Tank, Bear Up Tank, Beaver Tank, Beaver Tank Number Two, Beaverhead Tank, Bee Canyon Tank, Bee Springs Tank, Beehive Tank, Ben Tank, Bench Tank, Benchmark Tank Number 1, Benchmark Tank Number 2, Bens Tank, Benton Falls Tank, Benton Tank, Bentonite Tank, Big Buckhorn Tank, Big Pasture Tank, Big Rock Tank, Big Rock Tank, Big Saddle Tank, Big Tank, Big Tank Series, Big Tank Series Number One, Birkner Tank, Black Jack Tank, Black Mountain Tank, Black Mountain Tank, Black Tank, Black Tank, Blackjack Tank, Blackwater Pit Tank, Bloody Canyon Tank, Blue Tank, Blue Tank, Bluff Tank, Bobby Tank, Bobcat Tank, Bobs Tank, Boiling Mesa Tank, Boiling Mesa Tank, Borrow Pit Tank, Borrow Tank, Bottom Tank, Bottom Tank, Boulder Tank, Brown Tank, Brown Tank, Brushy Canyon Tank, Brushy Mountain Tank, Brushy Tank, Brushy Tanks Number One, Buchanan Tank, Buck Park Tank, Buck Tank, Buckalou Tank, Buckhorn Canyon Tank, Buckhorn Tank, BUckhorn Tank, Bull Canyon Tank, Burns Tank, Burnt Stump Tank, Burro Mesa Tank, Butcher Tank, Butte Tank, Butte Tank Number Two, Buzzard Roost Tank, Buzzard Tank, Caborne Tank, Camp Tank, Camp Tank Number One, Camp Tank Number Two, Campbell Blue Barrow Pit Tank Number Two, Campbell Blue Borrow Pit Number One, Canyon Creek Tank, Canyon Creek Tank, Cap Tank, Carlton Tank, Cat Tank, CC Tank, CCC Tank, Cement Tank, Cement Tank, Cement Tank, Cheblie Tanks, Cheblie Tanks, Chichi Tank, Chimney Rock Tank, Chinaberry Tank, Chinaberry Tank, Chuck Box Tank, Circle Canyon Stock Tank, Cistern Canyon Tank, Cistern Tank, Citizen Tank, Clay Tank, Clay Tank, Clear Creek Ridge Tank, Clear Cut Tank, Coal Creek Tank, Coal Creek Tank, Coalson Tank, Coalson Tank, Coalson Tank, Cold Spring Mountain Tank, Cole Tank, Cookstove Tank, Copperas Tank, Corner Tank, Corner Tank, Corner Tank, Corner Tank, Corner Tank, Cotton Tank, Cottonwood Spring Trough Tank, Cottonwood Tank, Cottonwood Tank, Cowhead Tank, Coyote Tank, Coyote Tank, Coyote Tank, Crow Poison Tank, Curly Tank, Dam Tank, Deep Cienega Tank, Deep Tank Number 1, Deep Tank Number 2, Deep Tank Number One, Deep Tank Number Two, Deer Tank, Deerhead Ranch Tanks, Deerhead Tank Number 2, Divide Tanks, Divide Tanks Number One, Divide Tanks Number Two, Division Tank, Dix Mesa Number One Tank, Dix Mesa Number Two Tank, Dix Mesa Tank, Dix Saddle Number One Tank, Dix Saddle Number Two Tank, Do Nothing Tank, Dock Tank, Dog Flat Tank, Double Tank, Draw Tank, Dry Lake Tank, Dry Lakes, Dry Prong Tank, Dry Tank, Duck Corral Tank, Eagle Tank, East Baldy Tank, East Baldy Tank, East Becker Tank, East Eagle Tank, Edwards Tank, Elk Tank, End Mountain Tank, End Mountain Tank, Far Tank, Fence Line Tank, Fence Line Tank, Fence Tank, Fence Tank, Fence Tank, Filleman Tank, Fish Tank, Fishbench Tank, Forest Tank, Forest Tank, Forks Tank, Four Bar Mesa Tanks, Four Bar Tank, Franks Tank, Garage Tank, Garner Tank Number 1, Garner Tank Number 2, Garner Tank Number One, Garner Tank Number Two, Gavilan Tank, Gayle Tank, George Hill Tank, Gibson Tank, Glenn Tank, Glover Tank, Gobbler Tank, Goodwin Tank, Grass Tank, Grassy Mountain Tank, Grassy Tank, Grassy Tank, Gravel Pit Tank, Gravel Pit Tank, Guthrie Tank, H L Saddle Tank, H U Bar Tank, Half Section Tank, Halfmile Tank, Halfmile Tank, Hamilton Tank, Hannagan Tank, Hawkwest Tank, Hicks Tank, Hidden Tank, Hidden Tank, High Mesa Tank, High Tank, Hiway Tank, Hobo Number Four Tanks, Hobo Number Three Tank, Hobo Number Two Tank, Holdup Ground Tank, Holiday Tank, Holliman Tank, Holliman Tank, Hoot Owl Tank, Horse Canyon Ridge Tank, Horse Pasture Tank, Horse Range Tank, Horse Ridge Tank, Hot Air Tank, Indian Tank, Jacks Tank, Javaline Tank, Jeep Tank, Jim Tank, Jim Tank, Joe Fritz Pasture Tank, Joe Fritz Tank, Joe Tank, Johnnie Tank, Jump Up Tank, Juniper Mesa Tank, Juniper Tank, Juniper Tank, Juniper Tank, Juno Tank, K P Tank, Keith Tank, Keith Tank, Knoll Tank, Lambing Camp Tank, Lee Tank, Lightening Mesa Tank, Lightning Mesa Tank, Line Tank, Line Tank, Line Tank, Lines Tank, Little Buzzard Tank, Little Prospect Tank, Little Prospect Tank, Little Tank, Little Tank, Log Canyon Tank, Log Culvert Tank, Lone Pine Tank, Lone Pine Tank, Lone Pine Tank, Long Canyon Tank, Loop Tank, Loop Tank, Low Canyon Tank, Lower Buckhorn Tank, Lower Bull Tank, Lower Coalson Tank, Lower Coalson Tank, Lower Hog Canyon Tank, Lower Little Floyd Tank, Lower Little Floyd Tank, Lower Sanburn Tanks, Lower Tank, Malay Tank, Manning Tank, Maple Number One Tank, Maple Peak Tank, Maple Tank, Maverick Hill Tank, Maverick Tank, May Meadow Tank, McDonald Tank Number 1, McDonald Tank Number 2, McDonald Tank Number One, McDonald Tank Number Two, Mesa Tank, Mesa Tank, Mesa Tank, Mesa Tank, Mesquite Flat Tank, Mesquite Tank, Middle Fork Tank, Middle Prong Tank, Middle Tank, Middle Tank, Middle Tank, Moore Tank, Moore Tank, Mud Springs Canyon Tank, Mud Springs Tank Number One, Mud Springs Tank Number Two, Muddy Canyon Spring Tank, Muddy Canyon Spring Tank, Muddy Tank, Mule Canyon Tank, N O Bar Mesa Tank, N O Bar Mesa Tank Number Two, Neck Tank, Neck Tank, New Mesa Tank, New Road Tank, New Road Tank, New Tank, Nine Tank, No Tank, Noland Tank, North Baldy Tank, North Baldy Tank, North Bull Creek Tank, North Pat Mesa Tank, North Sixshooter Tank, Number One Tank, Number Two Tank, Oak Tank, Old Callett Tank, Old Collett Tank, Old Rim Tank, Old Tank, One Horn Tank, Open Draw Tank, P Tank, Panther Tank, Park Tank, Pasture Tank, Pat Mesa Tank, Peach Tree Tank, Peters Tank, Peters Trick Tank, Phillips Tank, Pine Creek Tank, Pine Log Tank, Pine Spring Tank, Pine Tank, Pine Tank, Piņon Mountain Tank, Piņon Tank Number One, Pipestem Mountain Tank, Pleasant Valley Tank, Pleasant Valley Tank, Pleasant Valley Tank Number Two, Point Tank, Point Tank, Pot Tank, Pothole Tank, Pothole Tank, Prieto Plateau Tank, Prieto Tank, Prospect Mountain Tank, Prospect Mountain Tank, Prospect Tank, Prospect Tank, Rattlesnake Gap Tank, Rattlesnake Pasture Tank, Rattlesnake Tank, Rattlesnake Tank, Rattlesnake Tank, Rattlesnake Tanks Number Two, Red Flats Tank, Red Tail Tank, Red Tank, Red Tank, Red Tank Well, Ridge Tank, Ridge Tank, Ridge Tank, Ridge Tank, Rim Tank, Road Tank, Roan Cow Tank, Robinson Mesa Tank, Rock Tank, Rocky Tank, Rocky Tank, Rough Ridge Tank, Rough Tank, Rough Tank, Saddle Tanks, Salt Box Tank, Salt Ground Tank, Salt Ground Tank, Salt Lick Tank, Saltground Tank, Saltground Tank, Sandstone Tank, Sandy Tank, Secondary Tank, Section Thirty-six Tank, Section Three Tank, Section Twenty-four Tank, Seep Tank, Seep Tank, Seldom Seen Tank, Sen Canyon Tank, Sheep Wash Tank, Shipping Tank, Silver Basin Tank, Sixshooter Flat Tank, Sixshooter Tank, Slate Tank, Slate Tank, Slaughter Tank, Slide-in Tank, Sluefoot Blue Tank, Small Tank, Snag Tank, Snake Ridge Tank, Snake Tank, Snare Tank, SOB Tank, SOB Tank, Sour Dock Tank, South Baldy Tank, South Buzzard Tank, South Buzzard Tank, South Silt Tank, South Silt Tank, South Sixshooter Flat Tank, South Stock Pen Tank, Split Ridge Tank, Split Tank, Spruce Tank, Spur Tank, Squirrel Canyon Tank, Squirrel Tank, Stateline Number One Tank, Stateline Number Two Tank, Stateline Tank, Stateline Tank, Stateline Tank Number 2, Steep Canyon Tank, Steep Tank, Steep Tank, Steer Pasture Tank, Stevens Tank, Stock Number Two Tank, Stock Pen Tank, Stock Tank Number Three, Stove Tank, Stove Tanks, Suicide Tank, Sunflower Mesa Tank, Sunflower Mesa Tank, Sunflower Saddle Tank, Sunflower Tank, Table Top Number Two Tank, Table Top Tank, Table Top Tank, Table Top Tank, Tadpole Tank, Tailings Water Reclamation Reservoir, Tank Number Five, Tank Number Four, Tank Number One, Tiger Tank, Tiger Tank, Tinny Tank, Top of Grassy Tank, Top of Grassy Tank, Trail Cabin Tank, Trail Tank, Trail Tank, Trail Tank, Triple Tank, Tube Tank, Tule Tank, Tule Tank Number Two, Tule Tule Number 1, Turkey Tank, Turkey Tank, Turkey Tank, Turkey Track Tank, Turkey Trap Tank, Tutt Tank, Twins Tanks, Two O'Clock Tank, Upper Big Dry Tank, Upper Canyon Creek Tank, Upper Canyon Creek Tank, Upper Hog Canyon Tank, Upper Little Floyd Tank, Upper Little Floyd Tank, Upper Malay Tank, Upper Open Drawer Tank, Upper Salt Ground Tank, Upper Sanburn Tanks, Upper Tank, VT Pasture Tank, Wallow Tank, Walnut Tank, Warren Tank, Webster Hole Tank, West Becker Tank, West Brushy Canyon Tank, West Coal Creek Well, West Fork Tank, White Basin Tank, White Bluff Tank, White Peaks Tank, White Saddle Tank, White Tank, Whitetail Tank, Wild Bunch Tank, Wild Bunch Trick Tank, Wilkerson Tank, Willow Tank, Wing Tank, Winter Camp Tank, WJ Tank, Woodruff Tank, Woodruff Tank, Woods Canyon Tank, Wren Tank, WS Paint Tank, WS Paint Tank, Yellowjacket Tank, Yellowstone Tank, Zumwalt Corner Tank

  Ridges     show all on map

Bobcat Hills, Coronado Ridge, Dead Juniper Ridge, Fire Ridge, Glover Ridge, Horse Ridge, Snake Ridge, Strayhorse Divide, Telephone Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Blue School, Clifton High School, Coronado Elementary School, Duncan Elementary School, Duncan Primary School, Duncan Union High School, Eagle Creek School, Fairbanks Elementary School, Greenlee Alternative School, Humboldt Elementary School, Laugharn Elementary School, Liem Primary School, Longfellow Elementary School, Morenci High School, Murdock Elementary School

  Slopes     show all on map

Coronado Incline

  Springs     show all on map

A Spring, A Spring, Al Spring, Alder Spring, Apple Orchard Spring, Arizona Spring, Ash Spring, Ash Spring, Auger Creek Spring, Balke Spring, Bar Springs, Barrel Spring, Bear Cub Spring, Bear Paw Spring, Bear Spring, Bear Spring, Bear Spring, Bear Spring, Bear Spring, Bear Spring, Bear Spring Number One, Bear Trough Spring, Bear Valley Cabin Spring, Bear Valley Spring, Bear Valley Spring, Bearpen Spring, Bee Spring, Bee Tree Spring, Bee Tree Spring, Bell Springs, Bench Spring, Bend Spring, Benton Creek Spring, Big Bend Spring, Big Horn Spring, Big Lue Spring, Big Lue Spring, Black Coffee Spring, Black Jack Spring, Blow Out Spring, Blue Holes Spring, Bonehead Spring, Box Spring, Broken Spring, BS Spring, Buck Spring, Bull Basin Spring, Bull Spring, Bullard Spring, Burns Spring, Butcher Knife Spring, Butte Spring, Buzzard Roost Spring, Camp Stool Spring, Canyon Spring, Cashier Spring, Cave Spring, Cedar Spring, Cement Spring, Chain Springs Number Four, Chain Springs Number One, Chain Springs Number Three, Chain Springs Number Two, Charlie Moore Spring, Charlies Spring, Chitty Creek Spring, Cienega Creek Spring, Cienega Spring, Clay Hunter Spring, Clear Spring, Clell Spring, Clell Spring, Cleveland Spring, Clifton Hot Springs, Coalson Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Water Spring, Copperas Spring, Corner Spring, Coronado Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Spring Number 2, Cottonwood Spring Number 3, Couple Spring, Cow Flat Spring, Cow Spring, Coyote Spring, Crabtree Spring, Crabtree Spring, Crossing Spring, Cruz Spring, Crystal Spring, Curve Spring, Dark Spring, Dave Spring, Dead Mule Spring, Deer Basin Spring, Deer Spring, Deerhead Spring, Dirty Hannah Creek Spring, Divide Spring, Divide Spring, Dogwood Spring, Don Smith Spring, Donothing Spring, Drunk Spring, Dry Prong Seep, Dry Spring, Dunigan Spring, Dutch Oven Spring, East Snare SPring, Elbow Spring, Engineer Spring, Fence Line Spring, Fish Spring, Flat Spring, Flow Spring, Franz Spring, Frisco Bluff Spring, Fritz Spring, Frog Spring, Fry Spring, Garcia Spring, Gavilan Number One Spring, Gavilan Spring, Gillard Hot Springs, Glass Spring, Gold Spring, Granville Spring, Grapevine Spring, Grasshopper Spring, Grey Peak Spring, Gus Spring, H L Spring, Hackberry Spring, Hamilton Spring, Hammerhead Spring, Hannah Canyon Springs, Hannah Hot Spring, Hard Rock Spring, Harris Camp Spring, Head of Wild Bunch Spring, Hells Hole Spring, Hells Hole Spring, Hells Hole Spring, Hickey Spring, Highway Camp Spring, Hill Spring, Hinkle Spring, Hobo Spring, Hog Canyon Spring, Hogwallow Spring, Holbrook Spring, Holding Cienega Spring, Horse Canyon Ridge Spring, Horse Pasture Spring, Horse Pasture Spring, Horse Spring, Horse Springs, Horsehead Spring, Hot Spring, Hot Springs, Hu Bar Spring, Hughes Spring, Indian Cave Spring, Indian Creek Spring, Indian Spring, Indian Spring, Isabell Spring, Jack Rabbit Spring, Jack Spring, Johns Canyon Spring, Juniper Spring, K E Spring, Kelly Wells Spring, Knight Spring, Ladron Spring, Latherone Spring, Lefty Spring, Lemonade Spring, Lengthy Spring, Lengthy Spring, Limestone Spring, Line Spring, Little Blue Spring, Little Dutch Spring, Long Canyon Spring, Long Ears Spring, Lop Ear Spring, Lopez Spring, Lost Spring, Lower Bee Tree Spring, Lower Butcherknife Spring, Lower Coalson Spring, Lower Cottonwood Spring, Lower Hagen Seep, Lower Hannagan Spring, Lower Hughes Spring, Lower Juan Miller Springs, Lower Juan Miller Springs Number One, Lower Ke Spring, Lower Oak Spring, Lower Sardine Spring, Lower Steeple Spring, Lower Tube Spring, Maggett Spring, Magnet Spring, Main Spring, Malpais Spring, Mangrum Spring, Mangrum Spring, Maple Spring, Maple Spring, Maple Spring, Maple Spring, Maverick Spring, Maverick Spring, Maverick Spring, McBride Spring, Mesa Spring, Mexican Spring, Mexican Spring, Mexican Spring, Middle Linden Spring, Middle Turkey Spring, Middle Turkey Spring, Milkshake Spring, Miller Spring, Miner Spring, Miner Spring, Mitchell Spring, Moore Spring, Morris Spring, Moth Seep, Mountain Lion Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Springs, Mud Springs, Narrow Spring, No Name Spring, Noland Spring, North Fork Spring, Oak Spring, Oak Spring, Oak Spring Number Two, Onery Spring, Orejana Spring, Ouail Spring, Owl Spring, Pearl Spring, Pen Canyon Springs, Pig Pen Spring, Pigeon Canyon Spring, Pigeon Spring Number One, Pigeon Spring Number Two, Pine Spring, Pinto Spring, Pipestem Spring, Pocket Spring, Podsol Springs, Point Spring, Poor Farm Spring, Pop Top Spring, Porky Canyon Spring, Pumpkin Spring, Pungent Spring, Quail Spring, Rattlesnake Spring, Rattlesnake Spring, Rattlesnake Spring, Red Rock Spring, Red Saddle Spring, Red Spring, Red Spring, Reno Spring, Ridge Spring, Robinson Spring, Rock Basin Spring, Rock Spring, Rock Tank Spring, Rose Spring, Roughout Spring, Running Spring, Rustlers Spring, Sardine Saddle Spring, Sardine Spring, Sawmill Spring, Schoolhouse Spring, Section Twenty-nine Spring, Seep Spring, Seep Spring, Shake Spring, Sheep Springs, Shorty Spring, Shorty Spring, Siamese Meadow Seep, Side Canyon Spring, Simmons Spring, Skull Spring, Slaughter House Springs, Sleep Spring, Slow Spring, Sluff Spring, Smith Spring, Snare Spring, Snare Spring, Sob Spring, Sour Spring, South Squirrel Spring, Squirrel Spring, Stacy Spring, Stevens Spring, Still Spring, Strayhorse Spring, Suicide Spring, Sulfur Spring, Summit Spring, Sunset Spring, Sweet Spring, Sweet Spring, Sweetie Spring, Taylor Tank and Spring, Tea Bag Spirngs Number One, Tea Bag Springs Number Three, Tea Bag Springs Number Two, Tercer Springs Number Three, Tercer Springs Number Two, The Door Spring, The Hole, The Spring, Thomas Creek Spring, Tincup Spring, Trail Spring, Trail Spring, Triangle Seeps, Tributary Spring, Tule Springs, Turkey Spring, Turn Springs, Twin Springs, Twin Tubs Spring, Two-Fork Spring, Two-Timing Spring, Uee Spring, Unknown Spring, Upper Bear Canyon Seep, Upper Bear Spring, Upper Blue Spring, Upper Cienega Spring, Upper Cottonwood Spring, Upper Cove Creek Spring, Upper Distill Spring, Upper Hannagan Seep, Upper Hells Hole Spring, Upper Homestead Spring, Upper Linden Spring, Upper McBride Spring, Upper Mud Spring, Upper Oak Spring, Upper Oak Spring, Upper Rattlesnake Spring, Upper Sardine Spring, Upper Spring, Upper Steeple Spring, Wagon Spring, Walker Butte Spring, Walnut Spring, Walnut Spring, Walnut Spring, Walnut Spring, Walnut Springs, Washout Spring, Wavy Spring, Webster Spring, Webster Spring, Webster Spring, Webster Spring, Well Spring, West Becker Seep, West Rustler Spring, West Rustlers Spring, West Yellowjacket Spring, Wet Spring, White Oak Spring, White Rock Spring, White Tail Spring, White Yams Spring, Whitethorn Spring, Wild Bear Spring, Wild Bunch Spring, Wildbunch Spring, Willis Spring, Willow Corral Spring, Willow Corral SPring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Winter Cabin Spring, Wood Spring, Woods Spring, Woodsy Spring, Wright Spring, XA Spring, Yam Spring, Yellow Bull Spring, Yellow Bull Spring, Yellow Jacket Spring, Yellow Spring, Yellow Springs, Yellowjacket Spring, Yerra Basin Spring, Yolk Spring, Zuni Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Alder Creek, Antelope Creek, Apache Creek, Ash Creek, Auger Creek, Bear Creek, Beaver Creek, Beeler Creek, Benton Creek, Bitter Creek, Blue River, Buckelew Creek, Bull Creek, Burro Wash, Bush Creek, C A Bar Creek, Campbell Blue Creek, Castle Creek, Cat Creek, Cave Creek, Centerfire Creek, Chase Creek, Cienega Creek, Clear Creek, Coal Creek, Cold Creek, Coleman Creek, Conklin Creek, Corduroy Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Coyote Wash, Crabtree Creek, Deerhead Creek, Dix Creek, Double Cienega Creek, Dromedary Creek, Dry Prong Creek, Dutch Blue Creek, Eagle Creek, East Eagle Creek, Fall Creek, Fish Creek, Fishhook Creek, Foote Creek, Grant Creek, Greaser Wash, Hagen Creek, Hannagan Creek, Hannah Springs Creek, Harden Cienega Creek, Harris Wash, Heifer Branch Beaver Creek, Horton Creek, Indian Creek, Juan Miller Creek, Kaywood Wash, King Creek, Knight Creek, KP Creek, Largo Creek, Left Prong Dix Creek, Linden Creek, Little Blue Creek, Little Sand Wash, Little Strayhorse Creek, Lop Ear Creek, Lyda Creek, McKittrick Creek, Middle Prong Creek, Noland Creek, North Bull Creek, North Corral Creek, North Fork Bear Wallow Creek, Oak Creek, Owl Creek, Panther Creek, Pat Creek, Pigeon Creek, Pipestem Creek, Railroad Wash, Rainville Wash, Raspberry Creek, Right Fork Foote Creek, Right Prong Dix Creek, Rousensock Creek, Salt House Creek, San Francisco River, Sand Wash, Sanders Wash, Sandia Wash, Sardine Creek, Sheep Wash, Silver Basin Creek, Silver Creek, Sixshooter Creek, Skully Creek, Snake Creek, South Fork Bear Wallow Creek, Squaw Creek, Steeple Creek, Stove Wash, Strayhorse Creek, Thomas Creek, Thomas Creek, Turkey Creek, Turkey Creek, Tutt Creek, Wampoo Wash, Waters Wash, Wet Prong Creek, White Mule Creek, Whitefield Wash, Whitewater Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Alder Peak, Alma Mesa, Antelope Mesa, Antelope Mesa, Auger Peak, Baldy Mountain, Bear Mountain, Bee Mesa, Big Lue Mountains, Big Mesa, Black Hills, Black Mountain, Blue Peak, Bonanza Bill Point, Bonehead Mesa, Brigham Peak, Brushy Mountain, Bullard Peak, Burke Point, Burnt Stump Mesa, Burro Mesa, Chalk Peak, Charlie Moore Mountain, Clifton Peak, Coalson Peak, Cold Spring Mountain, Copper King Mountain, Copper Mountain, Coronado Mountain, Crooks Mesa, Deer Mountain, Democrat Mesa, Dix Mesa, Enebro Mountain, Fishhook Mesa, Foote Creek Mesa, Four Bar Mesa, Gavilan Peak, Gobbler Point, Government Mesa, Grant Creek Mesa, Grant Creek Mesa, Grassy Mountain, Grey Peak, Guthrie Mountain, Guthrie Peak, Hamilton Mesa, Harper Mesa, Hells Hole Peak, High Mesa, Hoodoo Knoll, Horse Mesa, Horse Mountain, Indian Peak, Indian Peak, Indian Rocks, Jackpot Mesa, K Six Mountain, KP Mesa, Layout Mesa, Lightning Mesa, Lone Tree Mesa, Malpais Mountain, Maness Mountain, Maness Peak, Maple Peak, Markeen Mountain, Maverick Hill, Middle Mountain, Milligan Peak, Mitchell Peak, Modoc Mountain, Modoc Mountain, Morenci Mountain, Mud Spring Mesa, Muhly Mountain, Muhly Mountain, Mule Mountain, Mulligan Peak, N O Bar Mesa, Noland Mountain, Painted Bluffs, Palace Peak, Pat Mesa, Pat Mountain, Pinal Point, Pinyon Knob, Pipestem Mountain, Raspberry Peak, Red Hill, Red Hills, Red Mountain, Red Mountain, Robinson Mesa, Rose Peak, Round Mountain, Santa Rosa Mountain, Sawed Off Mountain, Seep Spring Mountain, Shannon Mountain, Sheldon Mountain, Sissy Point, Smelter Hill, Square Butte, Steeple Mesa, Sunflower Mesa, Sunflower Mesa, Sunset Peak, Table Mountain, Table Top, Table Top Mesa, Telephone Mesa, Thumb Butte, Twin Peaks, W S Mountain, Walker Butte, Walnut Mountain, Waynick Mountain, Webster Mountain, White Bluff, White Peaks, Whitlock Peak, Winchester Peak, Wire Corral Mesa

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Horseshoe Cienega

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KCUZ-AM (Clifton), KFMM-FM (Thatcher), KJJJ-FM (Clifton), KJJJ-FM (Clifton), KLCF-AM (Clifton)

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Adbar Trail Fourteen, Bear Canyon Trail, Blue River One Hundred One Trail, Chitty Canyon Trail Thirty Four, Coronado Trail, Crabtree Trail Twenty-two, Dry Prong Trail Forty-five, East Eagle Trail Thirty-Three, Foote Creek Seventy-six Trail, Frye Trail Twelve, H L Canyon Eleven Trail, Horse Canyon Trail Thirty-six, Hot Air Trail Fifteen, KP Trail Seventy, Lengthy Canyon Trail Eighty-nine, Little Blue Creek Forty-one Trail, Mud Springs Trail Forty-nine, Raspberry Trail Thirty-five, Red Mountain Twenty-five Trail, Robinson Mesa Twenty-seven Trail, Salt House Eighteen Trail, Steeple Mesa Seventy-Three Trail, Stray Horse Canyon Trail Twenty, Sycamore Trail

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Ash Peak Canyon, Ash Spring Canyon, Auger Canyon, Banjo Canyon, Bar F Canyon, Bardman Canyon, Barnes Canyon, Bat Canyon, Bear Canyon, Bear Canyon, Bear Canyon, Bear Canyon, Bear Valley, Bee Canyon, Beef Eater Canyon, Big Dry Canyon, Big Lue Canyon, Bird Canyon, Black Jack Canyon, Blackfield Canyon, Board Canyon, Box Canyon, Brushy Canyon, Buchanan Canyon, Buck Canyon, Bull Canyon, Bullard Canyon, Burnt Corral Draw, Butcherknife Canyon, Buzzard Roost Canyon, C A Bar Canyon, Cedar Springs Canyon, Chesser Canyon, Chimney Rock Canyon, China Camp Canyon, Chitty Canyon, Cistern Canyon, Citizen Canyon, Clay Hunter Canyon, Coalson Canyon, Colorado Gulch, Copperas Canyon, Copperplate Gulch, Coronado Gulch, Cow Canyon, Cow Canyon, Dam Canyon, Daniels Camp Canyon, Dark Canyon, Dark Canyon, Dead Juniper Canyon, Deer Canyon, Deer Springs Canyon, Devils Canyon, Devils Den Canyon, Diaper Wash, Do Nothing Canyon, Dorsey Gulch, Drive Canyon, Dry Prong Canyon, Frisco Canyon, Fritz Canyon, Fry Canyon, Garfield Gulch, Gavilan Canyon, Gillispie Canyon, Goat Camp Canyon, Gold Gulch, Grapevine Canyon, Grasshopper Canyon, Grayhorse Canyon, Guswert Canyon, Guthrie Canyon, H L Canyon, Hackberry Canyon, Hackberry Gulch, Hagen Draw, Hamilton Canyon, Harris Camp Canyon, Harry Canyon, Harry Canyon, Hawks Nest Canyon, Hells Hole Canyon, Hickey Canyon, Hickory Gulch, Hinkle Spring Canyon, Hobo Canyon, Hog Canyon, Hogtrail Canyon, Horse Canyon, Horse Canyon, Horseshoe Canyon, Horseshoe Gulch, Hot Air Canyon, Hot Springs Canyon, Indian Canyon, Iron Canyon, Jackson Canyon, Johns Canyon, Johnson Canyon, Jones Canyon, K E Canyon, Kelly Canyon, King Gulch, Knight Canyon, Ladrone Canyon, Lanphier Canyon, Lengthy Canyon, Limestone Gulch, Little Grayhorse Canyon, Lone Sycamore Gulch, Long Canyon, Maple Canyon, McBridge Canyon, Moonshine Canyon, Moonshine Canyon, Morenci Gulch, Morenci Gulch, Mother Hubbard Canyon, Mud Spring Canyon, Mud Springs Canyon, Mud Springs Canyon, Muddy Canyon, Negro Canyon, Oak Canyon, Oak Canyon, Oak Springs Canyon, Olney Well Draw, One Horn Canyon, Open Canyon, Orejana Canyon, Owl Canyon, Palace Canyon, Pine Canyon, Pinkard Gulch, Pinkhead Gulch, Pipestem Canyon, Placer Gulch, Pleasant Valley, Porky Canyon, Post Canyon, Prospect Draw, Pumroy Canyon, Rattlesnake Canyon, Rattlesnake Canyon, Red Bull Canyon, Red Canyon, Red Tank Canyon, Rincon Canyon, Roan Cow Canyon, Robinson Canyon, Rock House Canyon, Rock Tank Canyon, Rocky Gulch, Rocky John Canyon, Round Mountain Draw, Rousensock Canyon, Rustlers Canyon, S Canyon, Salt Ground Canyon, Santa Cruz Canyon, Santa Rosa Gulch, Sawmill Canyon, Schell Canyon, School House Canyon, Seep Spring Canyon, Sexton Canyon, Sixshooter Canyon, Skeleton Canyon, Slaughter Draw, Smith Canyon, Smuggler Canyon, Soapbox Canyon, South Smith Canyon, Spring Canyon, Squirrel Canyon, Standard Gulch, Stargo Gulch, Steeple Canyon, Stewart Canyon, Still Canyon, Stock Pen Canyon, Stocks Canyon, Stove Canyon, Suicide Canyon, Sunset Canyon, Swafford Canyon, Sweetie Canyon, Sycamore Canyon, Sycamore Gulch, Thompson Draw, Tillie Hall Canyon, Tollgate Canyon, Tollhouse Canyon, Tornado Canyon, Trail Canyon, Twin Springs Canyon, W H Draw, Walnut Canyon, Ward Canyon, Warren Canyon, Water Canyon, Webster Canyon, Wes White Canyon, West Brushy Canyon, West Fork Copperas Canyon, West Fork Hot Air Canyon, White Rock Canyon, White Trail Gulch, Whoa Canyon, Wild Bunch Canyon, Willow Springs Canyon, Winchester Canyon, Wood Canyon, Woods Canyon, Woods Canyon, Yam Canyon, York Valley

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Bear Canyon Well, Murphy Well, Robs Well, ST Well, White Mule Windmill

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The Junipers,

Greenlee County, Arizona Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteGreenlee County White population 8,0998,099  
American IndianGreenlee County American Indian population 298298
MixedGreenlee County Mixed population 176175
BlackGreenlee County Black population 123122
AsianGreenlee County Asian population 7070
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderGreenlee County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 98

Additional population tables :
State population table
Arizona population by county