Fresno County, California Basics:

Fresno County California - Government Site

Population: 947,581
Area: 5958 square miles
County seat: Fresno
Area code(s) in use: 559
Time zone: PST
High school graduate or higher: 72.8%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 19.4%
Median household income: $45,741
Persons in poverty: 24.8%
Home ownership rate: 54.2%
Mean travel time to work: 22.0 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Inyo  Kings  Madera  Merced  Mono  Monterey  San Benito  Tulare  

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Map of the Fresno County area

Our detail map of Fresno County shows the Fresno County, California boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Fresno County, California

  Airports     show all on map

Adams Airport (historical), Agro-West Airport, Al Divine Airport, Auberry Hydro Service Center Heliport, Baker & Hall Airport, Balch Camp Heliport, Big Creek Helistop, Bland Field, Central Valley Aviation Inc Airport, Coalinga Municipal Airport (historical), Du Bois Ranch Airport, Eagle Field Airport, Firebaugh Airport, Five Points Ranch Airport, Fresno Chandler Executive Airport, Fresno Yosemite International Airport, Furlong Field (historical), Harris Ranch Airport, Harris River Ranch Airport, Johnston Field Airport, Kaiser Helispot, Kindsvater Ranch Airport, Kings River Community College Airport, Larsen Heliport, McCarthy Ranch Heliport, New Coalinga Municipal Airport, Paiva Intercity Landing Field (historical), Peg Field Airport, PG and E-Fresno Service Center Heliport, Quinn Airport, Reedley Municipal Airport, Rogers Helicopters Incorporated Heliport, San Joaquin Airport, Sanger Heliport, SCE Shaver Summit Heliport, SCE Tiffany Pines Heliport, Selma Airport, Selma Landing Field (historical), Sierra Sky Park Airport, Swanson Ranch Nr 2 Airport, Topham Ranch-Auberry Airport, Turner Field Airport, Valley Medical Center Heliport, West Side Field Station Airport, Willett Field, William Robert Johnston Municipal Airport, Wonder Valley Airport

  Arches     show all on map

Arch Rock

  Areas     show all on map

Backbone Creek Research Natural Area, Carpenteria Botanical Area, China Camp, Fresno Waste Disposal Area, Potholes, Strawberry Meadow, Woodchuck Country

  Bars     show all on map

Itallan Bar

  Basins     show all on map

Bear Wallow, Blackcap Basin, Burrough Valley, Citrus Cove, Clark Valley, Converse Basin, Crown Basin, Crown Valley, Darby Pond, Deer Cove, Devils Washbowl, Dudley Pond, Dusy Basin, Evolution Basin, Gardiner Basin, Goethe Cirque, Granite Basin, Haslett Basin, Hole in the Wall, Humphreys Basin, Indian Basin, Ionian Basin, Jose Basin, Lake Basin, Little Tehipte Valley, Lower Box, Maxson Basin, Muley Hole, Palisade Basin, Pioneer Basin, Pleasant Valley, Randle Corral, Red Mountain Basin, Red Rock Basin, Reddys Hole, Rockwell Pond, Shannon Valley, Shipes Valley, Sixty Lake Basin, Skunk Hollow, Squaw Valley, Tehipite Valley, The Basin, Tully Hole, Upper Basin, Upper Box, Watts Valley, Wonder Valley

  Bays     show all on map

East Bay, Winchell Bay

  Beaches     show all on map

Reedley Beach, Sandy Cove Beach

  Benches     show all on map

Darwin Bench

  Bends     show all on map

Horseshoe Bend, Horseshoe Bend

  Bridges     show all on map

Pontoon Bridge, Whites Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Alta Vineyards Mattei Plant, American Ambulance Fresno Headquarters, Art Gonzales Museum, Aspen Hall, Auberry Volunteer Fire Department, Baker Hall, Bald Mountain Volunteer Fire Department, Beef Unit, Big Creek Volunteer Fire Department, Biola Community Services Building, Birch Hall, Boone Cabin (historical), Boys and Girls Club of Fresno, California Agricultural Technical Institute, California Highway Patrol Air Operations, California State Building, Carnegie Community Center, Cedar Hall, Central Valley Young mens Christian Association, Clawson Cabin (historical), Clovis Art Gallery, Clovis Civic Center, Clovis Fire Department Station 41, Clovis Fire Department Station 42, Clovis Fire Department Station 43, Clovis Fire Department Station 44, Clovis Fire Department Station 45, Clovis Regional Library, Clovis School District Office, Clovis Senior Center, Coalinga City Hall, Coalinga Community Center, Coalinga Fire Department, Coalinga State Hospital Fire Services, Coalinga-Huron Library, Community Hospitals of Central California Medical Library, Conley Art Gallery, Dairy Unit, Department of Forestry and Fire Protection Fresno / Kings, Douglas Cabin (historical), E C Borboa Gymnasium, Engineering East Building, Engineering West Building, Federal Correctional Institution Mendota, Fig Garden Fire Protection District, Firebaugh City Fire Department, First Mennonite Church Library, Fort Miller Blockhouse Museum, Fowler City Hall, Fowler Fire Department, Fresno Air National Guard Fire Department, Fresno City and County Historical Society Archives, Fresno City Fire Department Headquarters, Fresno City Fire Department Station 1, Fresno City Fire Department Station 10, Fresno City Fire Department Station 11, Fresno City Fire Department Station 12, Fresno City Fire Department Station 13, Fresno City Fire Department Station 14, Fresno City Fire Department Station 15, Fresno City Fire Department Station 16, Fresno City Fire Department Station 17, Fresno City Fire Department Station 18, Fresno City Fire Department Station 2, Fresno City Fire Department Station 20, Fresno City Fire Department Station 3, Fresno City Fire Department Station 4, Fresno City Fire Department Station 5, Fresno City Fire Department Station 6, Fresno City Fire Department Station 7, Fresno City Fire Department Station 8, Fresno City Fire Department Station 9, Fresno City Hall, Fresno Convention Center, Fresno County Courthouse, Fresno County Fire Protection District Blasingame, Fresno County Fire Protection District Coalinga, Fresno County Fire Protection District Hurley, Fresno County Fire Protection District Millerton, Fresno County Fire Protection District Piedra, Fresno County Fire Protection District Sand Creek, Fresno County Fire Protection District Shaver Lake, Fresno County Fire Protection District Squaw Valley, Fresno County Fire Protection District Station 82 Del Rey, Fresno County Fire Protection District Station 83 Selma, Fresno County Fire Protection District Station 84 Sanger Headquarters, Fresno County Fire Protection District Station 85 Clovis, Fresno County Fire Protection District Station 86 Clovis Lakes, Fresno County Fire Protection District Station 87 South Fresno, Fresno County Fire Protection District Station 89 Easton, Fresno County Fire Protection District Station 90 Caruthers, Fresno County Fire Protection District Station 93 Huron, Fresno County Fire Protection District Station 94 Harris Ranch, Fresno County Fire Protection District Station 95, Fresno County Fire Protection District Station 96 Mendota, Fresno County Free Library, Fresno County Hall of Records, Fresno County Juvenile Hall, Fresno County Law Library, Fresno Fine Arts Center, Fresno Genealogical Society Library, Fresno Metropolitan Museum, Fresno Museum of Natural History, Fresno Yosemite International Airport Public Safety, Fruit Vale, Graves Hall, Haig Berberian Hall, Henry Madden Library, Hinton Community Center, Homan Hall, Horse Unit, Hume Lake Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company, Huntington Lake Volunteer Fire Department, Huntington Lake Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Huron Branch Coalinga-Huron Library, Huron City Hall, Ivy Community Center, John Muir Trail Cabin, Joyal Administration Building, Judging Pavilion, Keats Building, Keenan Community Center, Kerman City Hall, Kerman Community Center, Kings River Community College Library, Kingsburg City Hall, Kingsburg Fire Department, Laton Volunteer Fire Department, Leon S Peters Business Center, McKee Fiske Building, McLane Hall, Meadow Brook Cabin, Meats Laboratory, Memorial Auditorium, Mendota City Hall, Mendota Community Center, Meux Home Museum, Millerton Courthouse Museum, Mosqueda Community Center, Motte Cabin (historical), Mountain Valley Volunteer Fire Department, North Central Fire Protection District Station 21 Headquarters, North Central Fire Protection District Station 22, North Central Fire Protection District Station 23, North Central Fire Protection District Station 45, North Central Fire Protection District Station 47, North Gymnasium, Nye Cabin (historical), Orange Cove City Hall, Orange Cove Fire Protection District of Fresno and Tulare Counties, Parlier City Hall, Parlier Volunteer Fire Department, Pate Cabin (historical), Pine Ridge Volunteer Fire Department, Pinedale Community Center, Pinoso House (historical), Pioneer Village Museum, Pleasant Valley State Prison, Pleasant Valley State Prison Fire Department, Ponderosa Hall, Post Harvest Laboratory, R C Baker Memorial Museum, Reedley Branch Fresno County Free Library, Reedley City Hall, Reedley Fire Department, Reedley Opera House Complex, Reedley Womens Club, Riverdale Volunteer Fire Department, Sal M Salazar Community Center, San Joaquin City Hall, Sanger Branch Fresno County Free Library, Sanger Fire Department, Sanger Women Club, Selma Branch Fresno County Free Library, Selma City Fire Department Station 53, Selma City Fire Department Station 54 Headquarters, Selma City Hall, Selma Community Center, Sequoia Hall, Sequoia Safety Council Ambulance Orange Cove Station, Sequoia Safety Council Ambulance Reedley Station, Sequoia Safety Council Ambulance Squaw Valley Station, Shaver Lake Volunteer Fire Department, Shields Cabin (historical), SkyLife of Central California Air Ambulance, South Gymnasium, Swine Unite, Sycamore Hall, Tenri Cultural Center, The Lodge, Thomas Administration Building, United States Forest Service Sierra National Forest, Valley Medical Center of Fresno Medical Library, Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Veterans Memorial Building, Watsons Antique Farm Museum, Willis Community Center, Young Womens Christian Association

  Canals     show all on map

A H Smith Ditch, Adams Waste, Alta Main Canal, Alta West Clark Ditch, American Colony Canal, American Colony Number Four Canal, American Colony Number One Canal, American Colony Number Three Canal, American Colony Number Two Canal, Atkinson Ditch, Austin Ditch, B-Main Canal, Balch Penstock, Barcus Ditch, Beta Canal, Blan Waste, Bois Ditch, Boss Canal, Braley Canal, Briggs Canal, Bullard Canal, Burrel Ditch, Buttonwillow Ditch, Buttonwillow Drain, California Vineyard Ditch, Campbell Ditch, Center Branch Washington Colony Canal, Center Rolinda Ditch, Centerville and Kingsburg Canal, Centerville Kingsburg Canal, Central Canal, Central Canal, Central Canal, Central Wasteway, Clovis Ditch, Coalinga Canal, Cole Slough Canal, Collins Canal, Collins Canal, Colony East Ditch, Colony Main Canal, Columbia Canal, Consolidated Canal, Crescent Ditch, Crosscut Canal, Crossout Waste, Davis Ditch, Dawson Ditch, Deadwood Ditch, Dickenson Waste, Dry Creek Canal, E Ditch, E-Four Ditch, E-Two Ditch, East Branch Ditch, East Branch Smith Ferry Canal, East Branch Victoria Canal, East Reedley Ditch, Elkhorn Ditch, Empire Ditch, Enterprise Canal, Enterprise Canal (historical), Enterprise Holland Canal, Epstein Canal, Fairview Ditch, Fancher Creek Canal, Fanning Ditch, Fink Ditch, Firebaugh Wasteway, First Lift Canal, Flum Ditch, Forkner Alluvial Canal, Forkner Canal, Fowler Switch Canal, Freewater Canal, Fresno Canal, Fresno Colony Canal, Fresno Colony Canal, G Canal, Garfield Ditch, Garfield Ditch, Gould Canal, Gould Canal, Grant Canal, Gray Colony Ditch, H Ditch, Haas Penstock, Hammer Ditch, Hanke Ditch, Hansen Canal, Hansen Canal, Hansen Ditch, Harlan Stevens Ditch, Harp Ditch, Harp Ditch, Hatch Ditch, Hawn Ditch, Helm Canal, Helm Canal, Helm Colonial Ditch, Helm Ditch, Helm Drain, Herndon Canal, Highland Canal, Holland Drain, Houghton Canal, Humphrey Ditch, Iowa Ditch, James Bypass, Jefferson Canal, Kennedy Owens Canal, Kingsburg Branch, Kirby Canal, Kirby Ditch, Kohler Ditch, Lampee Canal, Liberty Ditch, Liberty Millrace, Liberty Millrace Canal, Little Houghton Canal, Little Millrace, Little Sandridge Canal, Lonetree Channel, Lonetree Channel, Main Lift, Malaga Canal, McCall Ditch, McFarlane Ditch, Mill Ditch, Mill Ditch, Miller Ditch, Minor Thornton Ditch, Mortensen Ditch, Mowry Canal, Mowry Canal (historical), Norris Canal, North Branch American Colony Canal, North Branch Oleander Canal, North Branch Washington Colony Canal, North Central Canal, North Turner Ditch, Oleander Canal, One Thousand Eight Hundred Eighty One Ditch, Paragon Ditch, Parsons Ditch, Poso Canal, Poso Drain One, Poso Drain Two, Radin Kamp Ditch, Reed Ditch, Reedley Main Canal, Reo Ditch, Riverdale Ditch, San Juan Drain Number Four, Sandridge Canal, Santa Fe Canal, Second Lift Canal, Selma Branch, Selma Colony Ditch, Settlers Ditch, Shafter Ditch, Silaxo Drain, Silvia Ditch, Slavonian Ditch, Smith Canal, Smith Ditch, Smith Ferry Canal, South Branch American Colony Canal, South Branch Clovis Ditch, South Branch Hansen Canal, South Branch Helm Colonial Ditch, South Branch Lampee Canal, South Branch Oleander Canal, South Branch Washington Colony Canal, South Central Canal, South Perrin Canal, Stinson Canal, Teague Ditch, Teague School Canal, Teilman Ditch, Temperance Ditch, Third Lift Canal, Thompson Canal, Thompson Extension Canal, Tracy Ditch, Turner Ditch, Ventura Canyon Canal, Victoria Canal, Vogel Ditch, Wahtoke Ditch, Walnut Ditch, Ward Drainage Canal, Washington Canal, Washington Colony Canal, Weber Ditch, West Branch Clovis Ditch, West Branch Helm Colonial Ditch, West Branch Lampee Canal, West Branch Smith Ferry Canal, West Branch Victoria Canal, West Gould Ditch, West Perrin Canal, West Reedley Ditch, West Rolinda Ditch, Wheaton Ditch, Wildflower Ditch, Wolters Colony Ditch, Wristen Canal

  Capes     show all on map

Mariners Point, McKenzie Point, Red Point, Shaver Lake Point, Yucca Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Academy Cemetery, Acres Cemetery, Auberry Cemetery, Belmont Memorial Park, Bethany Cemetery, Bethel Cemetery, Clovis Cemetery, Floral Memorial Cemetery, Fowler Cemetery, Fresno County Cemetery, Fresno Memorial Gardens, Hazelton Cemetery, Holy Cross Cemetery, Hughes Creek Cemetery, Independent Order of Oddfellows Cemetery, Kingsburg Cemetery, Mendocino Cemetery, Mountain View Cemetery, North Selma Cemetery, Oak Knoll Cemetery, Odd Fellows Cemetery, Prairie Cemetery, Raisin City Cemetery, Redbank Cemetery, Reedley Cemetery, Saint Peters Cemetery, Sanger Cemetery, Squaw Valley Cemetery, Tollhouse Cemetery, Warthan Canyon Cemetery, Warthan Cemetery, Washington Colony Cemetery, Watts Valley Cemetery, West Cemetery, Winchell Cove Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Auberry Census Designated Place, Big Creek Census Designated Place, Biola Census Designated Place, Bowles Census Designated Place, Calwa Census Designated Place, Cantua Creek Census Designated Place, Caruthers Census Designated Place, Centerville Census Designated Place, Del Rey Census Designated Place, Easton Census Designated Place, Fort Washington Census Designated Place, Friant Census Designated Place, Lanare Census Designated Place, Laton Census Designated Place, Malaga Census Designated Place, Mayfair Census Designated Place, Minkler Census Designated Place, Monmouth Census Designated Place, Old Fig Garden Census Designated Place, Raisin City Census Designated Place, Riverdale Census Designated Place, Shaver Lake Census Designated Place, Squaw Valley Census Designated Place, Sunnyside Census Designated Place, Tarpey Village Census Designated Place, Three Rocks Census Designated Place, Tranquillity Census Designated Place, West Park Census Designated Place, Westside Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Abundant Life Chapel Assembly of God Church, Abundant Life Christian Assembly Church, Acts Ministries, All Nations House of Prayer Church of God in Christ, Ambassador Baptist Church, Apostolic Church Assembly, Apostolic Holy Ghost Revival Tabernacle, Armenian Apostolic Church, Ashbrook Free Will Baptist Church, Assembly of God Tabernacle, Auberry Indian Mission, Baptist Temple Church, Belmont Christian Church, Belmont United Pentecostal Church of Fresno, Bethel Church of Christ Holiness, Bethel Lutheran Church, Bethel Temple Church of God in Christ, Bethel Temple Church of Kingsburg (historical), Bethel Temple Pentecostal Church, Bethesda Apostolic Church, Bethlehem Baptist Church, Bible Fellowship Church, Bullard Avenue Baptist Church, Butler Avenue Mennonite Church, Butler Pentecostal Church of God, Calvary Chapel of Fresno, Calvary Church of the Nazarene, Calvary Missionary Baptist Church, Calvary Presbyterian Church, Calvary Worship Center, Calwa Baptist Church, Calwa United Methodist Church, Campus Baptist Church, Carter Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Church, Cathedral of Light Church, Cedar Avenue Baptist Church, Central Baptist Church, Central Church of Christ, Central Congregation Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Central Seventh Day Adventist Church, Central Valley Baptist Church, Centro De Celebracion Cristiana, Chapel of the Light, Chestnut Avenue Baptist Church, Chinese Baptist Mission, Christ Lutheran Church, Christ Temple Apostolic Ministries, Christian Community Church of Fresno, Christian Fellowship Center, Christian Life Assembly Church, Christian Temple, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ Arlington Heights, Church of Christ Sierra Vista, Church of Christ Sun Garden, Church of God, Church of God, Church of God, Church of God of Prophecy, Church of God of Prophecy, Church of God of Prophecy, Church of Living Water, Church of the Brethren (historical), Church of the Holy Family, Church of the Nazarene, Church of the Nazarene, Church of the Nazarene, Church of the Pentecostal, Church of the Redeemer, Church of the United Brethren in Christ (historical), Clovis Christian Church, Clovis Foursquare Church, Clovis Japanese Free Methodist Church, Clovis United Methodist Church, College Church of Christ, College Community Church, College Community Congregational Church, Colony Covenant Church, Community Baptist Church, Community Bible Fellowship Church, Community Christian Fellowship Church, Concordia Lutheran Church, Corinth Baptist Church, Cornelia Southern Baptist Church, Cornerstone Community Church, Cross Temple Church of God, Danish Church, Divine Master Convent, Dunlap Baptist Church, East Fresno Baptist Church, East Princeton Baptist Church, East Side Church of God, Easterby Presbyterian Church, Easton Assembly of God Church, Easton Presbyterian Church, Easton Southern Baptist Church, Eastside Christian Church, Ebenezer Lutheran Church, El Encino Community Church, El Tabernaculo, Emmanuel Church of the Nazarene, Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd, Evangel Tabernacle, Evangelical Free Church, Evangelical Free Church, Evangelical Free Church of Reedley, Evangelical Gospel Tabernacle, Evangelical Mission Covenant Church, Evangelist Temple Church of God in Christ, Evergreen Christian Fellowship Church, Faith Baptist Church, Faith Chapel, Faith Evangel Center Church of God in Christ, Faith Mennonite Brethren Church, Faith United Methodist Church, Fellowship Alliance Church, Fellowship Baptist Church, Fellowship Word Center, First Armenian Presbyterian Church, First Armenian Presbyterian Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Chinese Baptist Church, First Christian Church, First Church of God, First Church of Religious Science, First Congregational Church, First Covenant Church, First Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church, First Freewill Baptist Church, First Friendship Baptist Church, First Galilee Missionary Baptist Church, First Mennonite Church, First Methodist Church, First Methodist Episcopal Church (historical), First Mexican Baptist Church, First Missionary Baptist Church, First Pentecostal Church, First Presbyterian Church, First Presbyterian Church, First Presbyterian Church (historical), First Reformed Presbyterian Church, First Southern Baptist Church, First Southern Baptist Church, First Southern Baptist Church, First Southern Baptist Church, First Spanish Baptist Church, First Union Baptist Church, First United Brethren Church (historical), First United Methodist Church, First United Methodist Church, Four Square Gospel Church, Fowler Baptist Church, Fowler Christian Church, Free Pentecostal Church, Free Will Baptist Church, Fresno Buddhist Temple, Fresno Cambodian Buddhist Society, Fresno Christian Fellowship United Methodist Church, Fresno Christian Growth Center, Fresno Christian Reformed Church, Fresno Church of the Brethren, Fresno Community Church of God, Fresno Deaf Church, Fresno Free Methodist Church, Fresno Spanish Seventh Day Adventist Church, Fresno Temple Church of God in Christ, Friends Community Church, Full Gospel Assembly of God Tabernacle, Full Gospel of God Tabernacle, Full Gospel Tabernacle, Full Gospel Tabernacle, God Abundance Harvest Church, Golden Harvest Church of God in Christ, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Gospel Hall, Gospel Lighthouse Pentecostal Church of God, Grace Church of the Nazarene, Grace Community Baptist Church, Grace Lutheran Church, Grace United Methodist Church, Great Bethany Church of God in Christ, Greater Faith Church, Greater Faith Missionary Baptist Church, Harmony Free Will Baptist Church, Harvard Terrace Baptist Church, Highway City Ministries, Hilltop Chapel, Hmong Baptist Church, Holy Family Catholic Church, Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church, Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church, House of Prayer Pentecostal Church, Igieca Evangelica Cristiana Espiritual, Iglesia Bautista Evangelica, Iglesia Cristiana Emanuel, Iglesia Evangelica Rio De Agua Viva, Iglesia La Luz Del Mundo, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Indonesian Full Gospel Church, Jerusalem Temple Church of God in Christ, Johrei Center World Messianity Church, King Solomon Baptist Church, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingsburg Buddhist Church, Kingsburg United Methodist Church, Korean Baptist Church, Korean Full Gospel Assembly of God Church, Korean Presbyterian Church, La Nueva Iglesia, La Promesa Iglesia Hispana Cuadrangular, Lao First Baptist Church, Lao Friendship Baptist Church, Liberty Christian Fellowship Church, Lifeline Tabernacle, Lord of Life Lutheran Church, Love Song Community Outreach Christian Reformed Church, Mennonite Brethren Church, Mennonite Brethren Church, Mennonite Community Church, Methodist Fellowship Church, Metropolitan Community Church of the Vineyard, Millbrook Presbyterian Church, Monmouth Community Presbyterian Church, Mount Moriah Baptist Church, Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church, Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, Nazarene Church, New Beginnings Apostolic Assembly Church, New Harvest Christian Fellowship Church, New Hope Church of God in Christ, New Life Temple, North Avenue Church of Christ, North Calvary United Pentecostal Church, North Fresno Assembly of God Church, North Fresno Family Worship Full Gospel Church, North Fresno Mennonite Brethren Church, North Gate Assembly of God Church, Northeast Assembly of God Church, Northpark Community Church, Northwest Church, Northwest Church of Christ, Olivet Baptist Church, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Roman Catholic Church, Our Lady of Victory Parish Center, Our Lady of Victory Roman Catholic Church, Our Saviours Lutheran Church, Palm Avenue Church of Christ, Peace Lutheran Church, Pearlygrove Baptist Church, Pella Lutheran Church, Pentecostal Deliverance Church, Pilgrim Armenian Congregational Church, Pilgrim Church of God in Christ, Plymouth Congregational Church, Positive Living Center, Praise Chapel Foursquare Church, Presbyterian Refuge Resettlement Ministries, Providence Baptist Church, Redeemer Lutheran Church, Reedley Apostolic Church, Reedley Buddhist Church, Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Resurrection Lutheran Church, Rising Star Baptist Church, Riverpark Bible Church, Rosa De Saron Assembly of God Church, Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church, Saint Agnes Roman Catholic Church, Saint Alphonsus Roman Catholic Church, Saint Anthony Mary Claret Catholic Church, Saint Anthony of Padua Roman Catholic Church, Saint Anthonys Roman Catholic Church, Saint Columbas Episcopal Church, Saint Francis of Assisi In Our Lady of Lavang Catholic Church, Saint George Greek Orthodox Church, Saint Gregory the Illuminator Armenian Church, Saint Helens Roman Catholic Church, Saint James Episcopal Cathedral, Saint Johns Catholic Cathedral, Saint Johns Church, Saint Joseph Baptist Church, Saint Josephs Catholic Church, Saint Jude Roman Catholic Church, Saint Lucys Catholic Church, Saint Lukes United Methodist Church, Saint Marks United Methodist Church, Saint Martin of Tours Episcopal Church, Saint Marys Episcopal Church, Saint Paul Armenian Church, Saint Paul Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Saint Paul Newman Center, Saint Pauls Lutheran Church, Saint Pauls United Methodist Church, Saint Peter the Apostle Serbian Orthodox Church, Saint Rest Baptist Church, Saint Rita Indian Mission, Saint Therese Roman Catholic Church, Sainy Genevieves Roman Catholic Church, Salem Church, Salvation Army Church, Second Baptist Church, Second Baptist Church, Second Church of Christ Scientist, Selma Apostolic Assembly Church, Seventh Day Adventist Asian Church, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Seventh Day Adventist Filipino-American Church, Sierra Heights Baptist Church, Sierra Vista United Methodist Church, Sikh Association of Fresno, Silver Creek Church, Southeast Assembly of God Church, Spanish Church of the Nazarene, Sunnyside Assembly of God Church, Sunnyside Baptist Church, Swedish Mission, Temple Beth Israel, Temple Bethania Pentecostal Holiness Church, Templo Bautista, Templo Bethel, The Apostolic Church, The Church In Fresno, The Cross Congregational Church, The Downtown Church, The El-Fara Mennonite Church, The Peoples Church, The Presbyterian Church of Fowler, Trinity Church of God in Christ, Trinity Church of the Nazarene, Trinity Life Assembly Church, Trinity Life Church of God, Trinity Lutheran Church, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Trinity Southern Baptist Church, Truth Tabernacle United Pentecostal Church, Unitarian Universalist Church of Fresno, United Apostolic Church, United Christian Church, United Japanese Christian Church, Unity Church of Fresno, Universal Church of God in Christ, University Presbyterian Church, Valley Baptist Church, Valley Christian Center, Valley Community Church, Valley Community Church of God, Van Ness Community Baptist Church, Victory Christian Fellowship Church, Victory Life Center, Victory Outreach Church, Vineyard Christian Fellowship Church, Wat Brahmacariyakaran, Wesley United Methodist Church, West Fresno Baptist Church, West McKinley Assembly of God Church, West Park Baptist Church, West Park Community Church, West Side Miracle Revival Center, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Westside Church of God, Westside Pentecostal Church, Westwood Baptist Church, Witness of Jesus Christ Church, Witnessing Ministries of Christ, Woodward Park Baptist Church, Zion Congregational Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Big Sandy Bluff, Grand Bluff, Great Cliffs, Muro Blanco, Patterson Bluffs, Slide Bluffs, Squaw Leap, Vermilion Cliffs, Windy Cliffs

  Crossings     show all on map

Island Crossing, Kaiser Creek Ford (historical), Mono Crossing, Rattlesnake Crossing, Rogers Crossing, Ross Crossing, Second Crossing, Smiths Ferry (historical), Whitmores Ferry (historical)

  Dams     show all on map

Balch Afterbay 95-002 Dam, Balch Diversion 95-000 Dam, Bear Creek Diversion 104-000 Dam, Bear Diversion Dam, Big Creek Number 4 104-004 Dam, Big Creek Number 5 104-005 Dam, Big Creek Number 6 104-006 Dam, Big Dry Creek Dam, Courtright Dam, Courtwright 97-119 Dam, Florence Lake 104-009 Dam, Giffen Reservoir 699 Dam, Hooper Diversion Dam, Huntington Lake 1 104-010 Dam, Lemoore Diversion Weir 722, Little Panoche Detention Dam, Mendota Dam, Mono Creek Diversion 104-012 Dam, Mud 1085 Dam, Pine Flat Dam, Portal Powerhouse Forebay 104-024 Dam, Redbank 1017 Dam, Reynolds Weir 80, Sand Creek 1691 Dam, Sequoia Lake 693 Dam, Shaver Lake 104-018 Dam, Stinson Weir 696, Vermilion Valley 104-023 Dam, Vermilion Valley Dam, Wishon 97-118 Dam, Wishon Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Blue Canyon Falls, Garlic Falls, Mist Falls, Roaring River Falls, Silver Spray Falls, Triple Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Adobe Flat, Ahart Meadow, Alex Jones Flat, Arkansas Meadow, Aspen Meadow, Aspen Meadow, Badger Flat, Bear Meadow, Bear Meadow, Bear Meadow, Bearskin Meadow, Big Maxson Meadow, Big Meadow, Big Pete Meadow, Black Oak Flat, Blayney Meadows, Bobs Flat, Boggy Meadow, Boneyard Meadow, Brush Meadow, Buck Meadow, Bunchgrass Flat, Burns Flat, Burns Meadow, Burnt Corral Meadow, Burton Meadow, Cabin Meadow, Cabin Meadow, Castle Domes Meadow, Chawanakee Flats, Cherry Flat, Coarsegrass Meadow, Colby Meadow, Coolidge Meadow, Corlew Meadows, Cow Meadow, Cow Meadow, Crater Lake Meadow, Cutts Meadow, Davis Flat, Dawn Meadow, Deer Meadow, Deer Meadow, Deer Meadow, Dinkey Meadow, Double Meadow, Dougherty Meadow, Dusy Meadow, Dutch Oven Flat, Dutch Oven Meadow, El Prado, Ely Meadow, Ershim Meadow, Evolution Meadow, Excheque Meadow, Fawn Meadow, Fence Meadow, Forked Meadow, Fox Meadow, Franklin Meadow, Frypan Meadow, Garlic Meadow, Glen Meadow, Gloria Meadow, Gnat Meadow, Gravelly Flat, Graveyard Meadow, Grouse Meadow, Grouse Meadows, Hall Meadow, Hay Meadow, Hedrick Meadow, Hell Hole Meadow, Helms Meadow, Hoffman Meadow, Horse Corral Meadow, Horse Heaven, Horseshoe Meadows, House Meadow, Huckleberry Meadow, Huckleberry Meadow, Hutchinson Meadow, Jackass Meadow, Jackson Meadow, Johnson Flat, Junction Meadow, Kaiser Pass Meadow, Kaiser Peak Meadows, Kennedy Meadow, Kirch Flat, Kirch Flat, Lakecamp Meadow, Large Meadow, Lightning Corral Meadow, Little Oak Flat, Little Pete Meadow, Log Meadow, Long Meadow, Long Meadow, Long Meadow, Long Meadow, Lost Meadow, Lost Meadow, Lost Meadow, Lower Coyote Meadow, Lower Tent Meadow, Lower Vidette Meadow, Manse Meadow, Manse Meadow, Markwood Meadow, Marys Meadow, Maxson Meadows, McClure Meadow, Merrill Pools, Mill Creek Meadow, Mill Flat, Miningtown Meadow, Mono Meadow, Morlar Flat, Mountain Meadow, Mountain Meadow, Oak Flat, Oak Flat, Oak Flat, Onion Spring Meadow, Paradise Valley, Peppergrass Flat, Pine Flat, Pocket Meadow, Poison Meadow, Poison Meadow, Portuguese Flat, Post Corral Meadows, Quail Meadows, Red Top Meadows, Rock Meadow, Rockhouse Meadow, Rodeo Meadow, Rosemarie Meadow, Ross Meadow, Round Corral Meadow, Round Meadow, Rube Meadow, Sample Meadows, Sampson Flat, Shooting Star Meadow, Short Hair Meadow, Simpson Meadow, Smith Meadow, Snow Corral Meadow, Soaproot Flat, Spanish Meadow, Statham Meadow, Stony Flat, String Meadows, Stump Meadow, Sulphur Flat, Summit Meadow, Summit Meadow, Swamp Meadow, Swanson Meadow, Tamarack Meadow, Temperance Flat, The Clearing, The Washboard, Tivy Valley, Tornado Meadow, Tule Meadow, Tule Meadow, Twin Meadows, Upper Bear Creek Meadows, Upper Coyote Meadow, Upper Graveyard Meadow, Upper Tent Meadow, Vidette Meadow, Warm Creek Meadow, Wet Meadow, White Deer Flat, Wildman Meadow, Willow Meadow, Zumwalt Meadows

  Forests     show all on map

Sierra National Forest

  Gaps     show all on map

Agassiz Col, Alpine Col, Avalanche Pass, Bishop Pass, Burton Pass, Carol Col, Cartridge Pass, Cherry Gap, Chuck Pass, Coyote Pass, Crown Pass, Deer Creek Saddle, Devils Gate, Devils Gate, Gabbot Pass, Gardiner Pass, Glen Pass, Goat Saddle, Goodale Pass, Granite Pass, Happy Gap, Happy Gap, Hell for Sure Pass, Hopkins Pass, Hot Springs Pass, Kaiser Pass, Kearsarge Pass, Kennedy Pass, Knapsack Pass, Lamarck Col, Mather Pass, Mosquito Pass, Muir Pass, Nutmeg Saddle, Pinchot Pass, Pine Creek Pass, Piute Pass, Polvadero Gap, Potluck Pass, Potter Pass, Scepter Pass, Selden Pass, Silver Pass, Soaproot Saddle, Southfork Pass, The Keyhole, Thompson Pass, Tunemah Pass, Verplank Saddle, White Deer Saddle, Windy Gap

  Glaciers     show all on map

Darwin Glacier, Goethe Glacier, Matthes Glaciers, Mount Fiske Glacier, Mount Warlow Glacier

  Guts     show all on map

Buttonwillow Slough, Byrd Slough, Cameron Slough, Fish Slough, Fresno Slough, Lone Willow Slough, Redbank Slough

  Hospitals     show all on map

Clovis Community Medical Center, Coalinga Convalescent Center, Coalinga Regional Medical Center, Coalinga State Hospital, Community Behavioral Health Center, Community Regional Medical Center Fresno, Firebaugh Community Health Center, Four Acres Sanitarium, Fowler Community Hospital, Fresno Hospital, Fresno Surgery Center, Fresno Surgical and Heart Hospital, Hillcrest Hospital, Hy-Pana Hospital, Kaiser Permanente Fresno Medical Center, Kingsburg Medical Center, Reedley Hospital (historical), Saint Agnes Hospital, Saint Agnes Medical Center, San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital, Sanger Hospital, Selma Community Hospital, Selma Sanitarium (historical), Sierra Gateway Hospital, Sierra Hospital, Sierra Kings District Hospital, Valley Hospital, Valley Medical Center of Fresno, Veterans Affairs Central California Health Care System, Wish-I-Ah Sanatorium

  Islands     show all on map

Cobbs Island, Island Number One, MacKenzie Island, Scout Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Alsace Lake, Ambition Lake, Amphitheater Lake, Anne Lake, Apollo Lake, Arctic Lake, Arrowhead Lake, Arrowhead Lake, Avalanche Lake, Avocado Lake, Aweetasal Lake, Baby Lake, Barrett Lakes, Bathtub Lake, Battalion Lake, Baxter Lakes, Bear Paw Lake, Bear Twin Lakes, Beartrap Lake, Beetlebug Lake, Bench Lake, Bench Lakes, Benight Pond, Beryl Lake, Betty Lake, Big Bear Lake, Big Chief Lake, Big Margaret Lake, Big Moccasin Lake, Big Shot Lake, Bighorn Lake, Bighorn Lake, Bill Lake, Black Bear Lake, Blackrock Lake, Blanc Lake, Blue Jay Lakes, Bobby Lake, Bonita Lake, Bonnie Lake, Brave Lake, Brewer Lake, Brown Bear Lake, Bullet Lake, Bullfrog Lake, Bullfrog Lake, Camp Sixty One Lake, Campfire Lake, Cardinal Lake, Cathedral Lake, Cecil Lake, Chain Lakes, Chamberlain Lake, Chapel Lake, Charlotte Lake, Chevaux Lake, Chief Lake, Chimney Lake, Chinquapin Lakes, Cirque Lake, Claw Lake, Clear Lake, Cliff Lake, Cockscomb Lakes, College Lake, Colt Lake, Cony Lake, Corbett Lake, Coronet Lake, Cotton Lake, Council Lake, Coyote Lake, Coyote Lake, Crabtree Lake, Crater Lake, Crazy Lake, Crown Lake, Cunningham Lake, Dale Lake, Davis Lake, Davis Lake, Deer Lake, Deer Lakes, Den Lake, Depressed Lake, Desolation Lake, Devils Bathtub, Devils Punchbowl, Diamond-X Lake, Disappointment Lake, Division Lake, Doe Lake, Dollar Lake, Doris Lake, Dragon Lake, Duck Lake, Duck Lake, Dumbbell Lakes, Dutch Lake, East Kennedy Lake, East Lake, Eastern Brook Lake, Elba Lake, Elizabeth Lake, Ershim Lake, Eve Lake, Evolution Lake, Feather Lake, Fern Lake, Filly Lake, Fingerbowl Lake, First Dinkey Lake, First Recess Lakes, Flat Note Lake, Fleming Lake, Foolish Lake, Forsaken Lake, Fourth Recess Lake, Franklin Lake, French Lake, Frog Lake, Frog Lake, Gardiner Lakes, Gates Lake, George Lake, Geraldine Lakes, Givens Lake, Glacier Lakes, Glen Lake, Glennette Lake, Goethe Lake, Golden Lake, Gordon Lake, Granite Lake, Grassy Lake, Graveyard Lakes, Grinnell Lake, Grizzly Lakes, Grouse Lake, Grouse Lake, Gruff Lake, Guest Lake, Halfmoon Lake, Harvey Lake, Hatch Lake, Heart Lake, Heather Lake, Helen Lake, Hell for Sure Lake, Helmke Pond, Hester Lake, Hidden Lake, Hidden Lake, Hilgard Lake, Hobler Lake, Hockey Lakes, Holster Lake, Honeymoon Pool, Hoopal Lake, Hooper Lake, Horseshoe Lake, Horseshoe Lake, Horseshoe Lakes, Hortense Lake, Hume Lake, Hummingbird Lake, Humphreys Lakes, Idaho Lake, Island Lake, Izaak Walton Lake, Jawbone Lake, Jewel Lake, Jigger Lakes, Jumble Lake, Kennedy Pond, Kid Lakes, Knob Lake, La Tete Lake, Ladder Lake, Lagoon Lake, Lake Confusion, Lake Italy, Lake los Nietos, Lake Marjorie, Lake McDermand, Lake of the Fallen Moon, Lake of the Lone Indian, Lake Virginia, Lakecamp Lake, Laurel Lake, Lee Lake, Lewis Lake, Line Creek Lake, Little Bear Lake, Little Doris Lake, Little French Lake, Little Grinnell Lake, Little Jo Lake, Little Lake, Little Lake, Little Moccasin Lake, Little Shot Lake, Little Spanish Lake, Lobe Lakes, Lone Doe Lake, Long Lake, Long Pond, Lorraine Lake, Lost Keys Lakes, Lost Lake, Lost Lake, Lost Lakes, Lou Beverly Lake, Lower Desolation Lake, Lower Golden Trout Lake, Lower Honeymoon Lake, Lower Hopkins Lake, Lower Horsethief Lake, Lower Indian Lake, Lower Mills Creek Lake, Lower Petite Lake, Lower Saddle Lake, Lower Turret Lake, Lower Twin Lake, Mace Lake, Mallard Lake, Marcella Lake, Margaret Lakes, Marie Lake, Marion Lake, Marmot Lake, Marsh Lake, Marsh Lake, Marshall Lake, Martha Lake, Martin Pond, Maxson Lake, McGee Lake, McGuire Lakes, Medley Lake, Merriam Lake, Mesa Lake, Middle Turret Lakes, Midge Lake, Midway Lake, Minnie Lake, Mirror Lake, Mist Lake, Moon Lake, Mott Lake, Mount Shinn Lake, Mowry Lake (historical), Mud Lakes, Muriel Lake, Mystery Lake, Neelle Lake, Negit Lake, Neil Lake, Nellie Lake, Nelson Lakes, Old Pipe Lake, Old Squaw Lake, Olive Lake, Orchid Lake, Packsaddle Lake, Palisade Lakes, Paoha Lake, Papoose Lake, Paris Lake, Payne Lake, Pearl Lake, Pemmican Lake, Pendant Lake, Peter Pande Lake, Pika Lake, Pioneer Basin Lakes, Pocket Lake, Portal Lake, Prather Pond, Pryor Lake, Puppet Lake, Purple Lake, Rae Lake, Rae Lakes, Rainbow Lake, Rainbow Lake, Rainbow Lake, Rainbow Lakes, Ram Lake, Ram Lake, Ramona Lake, Red and White Lake, Red Lake, Reef Lake, Regiment Lake, Rock Creek Lake, Rock Lake, Roget Lake, Roman Four Lake, Rose Lake, Rosebud Lake, Ross Finch Lake, Royce Lakes, Rust Lake, Sallie Keyes Lakes, Sand Lake, Sandpiper Lake, Sapphire Lake, Scarab Lake, Scepter Lake, Schoolmarm Lake, Scoop Lake, Second Dinkey Lake, Sedge Lake, Sequoia Lake, Seven Gables Lakes, Sharktooth Lake, Sharp Note Lake, Shelf Lake, Shorty Lake, Silver Pass Lake, Six Shooter Lake, Slide Lakes, Snow Lakes, South Lake, Spanish Lake, Spanish Lake, Spearpoint Lake, Sportsman Lake, Square Lake, Squaw Lake, Star Lake, State Lakes, Steelhead Lake, Stocking Lake, Strawberry Lake, Stub Lake, Summit Lake, Summit Lake, Summit Lake, Swamp Lake, Swamp Lakes, Swede Lake, Teddy Bear Lake, Tether Lake, Third Recess Lake, Thompson Lake, Three Island Lake, Tocher Lake, Toe Lake, Tomahawk Lake, Tooth Lake, Trail Lakes, Tub Lake, Tule Lake, Tully Lake, Tunemah Lake, Turf Lakes, Twin Buck Lakes, Twin Lakes, Twin Lakes, Upper Golden Trout Lake, Upper Honeymoon Lake, Upper Hopkins Lakes, Upper Horsethief Lake, Upper Indian Lake, Upper Mills Creek Lake, Upper Petite Lake, Upper Saddle Lake, Upper Turret Lakes, Upper Twin Lake, Ursa Lake, Useless Lake, Valor Lake, Vee Lake, Vermilion Lake, Virginia Lake, Volcanic Lakes, Wah Hoo Lake, Wahoo Lake, Wahtoke Lake, Walling Lake, Wampum Lake, Wanda Lake, Ward Lake, Ward Mountain Lake, Warrior Lake, Wedge Lake, West Kennedy Lake, West Lake, White Bear Lake, Wilbur May Lake, Willow Lake, Woodchuck Lake, Woods Lake, Young Pond

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A and M Farms Dairy, A J Dairy, A-G Sod Farms, Academy, Adamscows Dairy, Airway Farms, Airway Farms, Aladdin Ranch, Alcalde Ranch, Allen Ranch, American Avenue Landfill, Archer Camp, Areias Brothers Dairy, Ashlan Park Shopping Center, Ashlan Substation, Aspen Hollow Campground, Aspen Hollow Campground, Auberry Forest Service Station, Auberry Guard, Azalea Campground, Badger Flat Campground, Badger Flat Picnic Area, Baird Ranch, Baker Farm, Baker Ranch, Baker Ranch, Balch Powerhouse, Bald Mountain Lookout, Bar 20 Dairy Number 2, Bar None Dairy, Barlow Ranch, Barneich Ranch, Bartons Resort, Bear Cove Picnic Area, Bear Cove Picnic Area, Belmont Country Club, Belmont Farms, Belt Hatchery, Benson-Davis Ranch, Best Plaza Shopping Center, Big Creek Administration Station, Billy Creek Campgrounds, Bitters Selma Shopping Center, Black Mountain Lookout, Black Rock Campground, Black Rock Station, Blasingame Fire Control Station, Blasingame Ranch, Blasinger Ranch, Blizzard Camp, Blue Canyon Work Center, Blue Jay Ranch, Blue Oak Picnic Area, Bolsillo Campground, Bonanza Shopping Center, Boole Tree, Borland Ranch (historical), Boston Ranch, Boulder Creek Campground, Broadview Farms, Buck Meadow Campground, Burrel Ranch (historical), Byles Johnson Camp, C and O Shopping Center, Calflax Ranch, Calflax Substation, Caliola Pumping Station, Camino Ranch (historical), Camp 25-D (historical), Camp 7-C (historical), Camp Chawanakee, Camp Edison Campgrounds, Camp EL-O-Win, Camp Four, Camp Four and One Half, Camp Four and One Half Station, Camp Four Campground, Camp Four Station, Camp Fresno, Camp Kern, Camp Mary-Y-Mac, Camp Mirimichi, Camp Mo-Wa-Ha, Camp Nineteen Station, Camp Oljato, Camp Seven, Camp Sixty One Campground, Camp Sixty One D Campground, Cantua Substation, Canyon View Campground, Caruthers Substation, Catavee Campground, Cats Head Campground, Cedar Crest Resort, Cedar Heights Shopping Center, Cedarbrook Picnic Area, Central Ranch (historical), Chamberlains Camp, Chaney Pumping Station, Chaney Ranch, Cheney Substation, Chicago Stump, China Camp, Chinese Peak Ski Area, Chounet Ranch, Circle K Ranch, Circle M Ranch, City of Fresno Sewage Treatment Plant, Cliff Bridge, Cliff Camp, Clingans Junction, Clovis Shopping Center, Clydes Pack Station, Coalinga Feed Yard, Coalinga Number Two Substation, Coalinga Pumping Station, Coalinga Shopping Center, Coalinga Sulphur Baths (historical), Coelho Farms Dairy, Coit Ranch, College Campground, College Square Shopping Center, College-High School Farm, Conn Ranch, Copper Substation, Cribari Winery, Croneys Camp, Crossroads Shopping Center, Crown Valley Guard Station, Crown Valley Station, Crystal Springs Campground, Cuelho Ranch, D and D Pack Station, D and F Pack Station, Daddino's Egg Ranch, Daulton Station, De Groot and Visser Dairy, Deadmans Corners, Deer Creek Campground, Deer Creek Recreation Area, Delilah Lookout, Desert Acres Ranch, Dias Cabin, Diener Ranch, Dinkey Creek Ranger Station, Dinkey Creek Resort, Dinkey Creek Trailhead, Dinkey Creek Work Center, Dinkey Fisherman Picnic Area, Dinkey Trailhead, Domengine Ranch, Dora Belle, Dorabelle Campground, Dowville Picnic Area, Dry Creek Shopping Center, Duff Creek Campground, Durham Ranch, Eastgate Shopping Center, Eastwood Vista, Ely Forest Service Station, Englebrecht Ranch, Esrey Ranch, Fairfax Gin, Fancher Ranch, Farrell Ranch, Fence Meadow Lookout, Fig Garden Golf Course, Figarden Shopping Center, First and Shaw Shopping Center, Fish Camp, Florence Lake Campground, Florence Lake Resort, Fontes Dairy Farms Number 2, Forestiere Underground Gardens, Fort Washington Country Club, Fresno Airways Golf Course, Fresno Fashion Fair Shopping Center, Fresno Sanitary Landfill, Fresno Shaw Plaza Shopping Center, Fresno Yard, Gates Substation, General Grant Tree, Giagantea Campground, Glenn Meadow Forest Service Facility, Gold Arrow Camp, Golden Hoof Ranch (historical), Gongs Shopping Center, Goulart Dairy, Gramis Ranch, Grange Grove Picnic Area, Gravel Flat Cmapground, Greeley Ranger Station (historical), Green Valley Dairy, Grizzly Falls Picnic Area, Haas Powerhouse, Half Moon Ranch, Hammonds Ranch, Hammonds Substation, Hanes Ranch (historical), Hanoian Center Shopping Center, Harlan Ranch, Harnish Ranch, Harris Ranch, Hawkins Ranch, Headliner Shopping Center, Heitz Meadow Forest Service Station, Helm Ranch, Herndon Substation, High Sierra Edison Pack Station, High Sierra Packstation, High Sierra Ranger Station, Hillview Dairy Farm, Hog Ranch, Holland Farm, Holman Mill, Honor Farm, Hoover Plaza Shopping Center, Hugo Roberts Ranch (historical), Hume Forest Service Facility, Hume Lake Campground, Hume Lake Christian Camp, Hume Lake Ranger Station, Humphreys Station, Huntington Lake Lumber Company, Huntington Lake Resort, Hurley Fire Control Station, Huron Substation, Island Park Recreation Area, J and L Dairy, Jacalitos Ranch, Jackass's Meadows Campground, Joaquin Mill, Johann Dairy, Johnson Ranch, Jordan Ranch, Junction Vista Point, Kaiser Diggings Forest Service Station, Kaktus Korner, Kearney Substation, Kellers Ranch, Kerman Plaza Shopping Center, Kerman Shopping Center, Kerman Substation, Ketscher Ranch, Kettleman Station, Kings Canyon Pavilions Shopping Center, Kings Cavern Geological Area, Kings County Development Company Farm Number 1 (historical), Kings River Powerhouse, Kinnikinnick Campground, Kip Camp, Kirch Flat Campground, Kokanee Campground, Kreyenhagen Ranch, Kreyenhagen Ranch, Kudo Farms, La Jolla Ranch, La Playa Picnic Area, Lacy Camp, Lakeshore Village Resort, Lakeview Cottages Resort, Lakeview Picnic Ground, Lakeview Picnic Ground, Lakeview Recreation Area, Landslide Campground, Landslide Campground, Langstraat Farm, Lanmark Plaza Shopping Center, Lassotovitch Ranch, Le Conte Ranger Station, Legger Flat Campground, Leonardo Brothers Dairy, Lerona Fire Lane, Leyland Farms, Liberty Farm, Lightning Corral, Lillis Ranch, Lily Pad Campground, Limestone Campsite, Logger Flat Campground, Los Deltos Ranch, Lost Valley Pack Station, Lower Blayney Campground, Lower Dinkey Creek Campground, Lower Dinkey Creek Campground, Lund Farms, Lyon and Hoag Ranch, M And K Farms, Machado Dairy, Mack Pumping Station, Maddox Dairy, Manchester Mall North Shopping Center, Manchester Shopping Center, Maple Dairy, Marcelin Roberts Ranch, Marmot Rock Campground, Marshall Station, Matheson Ranch, McAvoy Ranch, McCall Substation, McClure Meadow Ranger Station, McGee Vista Point, McKenzie Guard Station, McKenzie Guard Station, McKinley Grove Picnic Area, McLaglen Ranch, Medeiros Dairy, Mendota Substation, Metcalf Ranch, Midway Ranch, Milky Way Dairy, Mill Flat Campground, Mill Flat Campground, Millerton Lake Fire Control Station, Millerton Lake State Recreation Area Headquarters, Millwood, Miramonte Conservation Camp, Miramonte Ranch, Mono Creek Campground, Mono Creek Packstation, Mono Hot Springs Campgorund, Mono Hot Springs Resort, Monteiro Brothers Dairy Number 1, Moore Boys Camp, Moore Cabin, Moraine Campground, Morning Star Dairy, Mount Tom Lookout, Mount Whitney Dairy, Mountain Rest Guard Station, Mountain Rest Station, Mowry Ranch, Muir Trail Ranch, Muir Trail Ranch, Mulligan Farm, Murietta Farm, Murphy Ranch, Musick Guard Station, Nance Ranch, Nash Farms, Nash Farms Dairy, Neffs Camp, Noble Ranch, Northgate Shopping Center, Northwood Village Shopping Center, Nutmeg Campground, O'Neill Ranch, O'Neill Ranch, Oak Flat Campground, Oakie Bear Campground, Oilfields, Orange Cove Plaza Shopping Center, Pacheco Dairy, Palm Lakes Golf Course, Panoche Substation, Panoramic Point, Pasajero Farm, Perkins Camp, Peterson Mill, Piedra Substation, Pilibos Ranch, Pincushion Mountain, Pine Flat Dam Headquarters, Pine Flat Recreation Area, Pine Logging Camp, Pine Ridge Ranger Station, Pinedale Assembly Center (historical), Pinedale Siding, Pinehurst Work Center, Plaza Shopping Center, Pleasant Valley Ranch, Polder Ranch, Pollard Camp, Polvadero Country Club, Polvadero Ranch, Portal Forebay Campground, Poso Canal Company Headquarters, Poso Farm, Powder Can Picnic Area, Powder Canyon Picnic Area, Powerhouse, Powerhouse Number Two, Prescott Mill, Prices Camp (historical), Princess Campground, Qualls Camp, Rancheria, Rancheria Campground, Rancheria Garage, Rector Ranch, Redbank Ranch, Reedley Shopping Center, Riverside Municipal Golf Course, Rock House Guard Station, Rodeo Plaza Shopping Center, Rolinda Station (historical), Ross Crossing Campground, Ruann Dairy, Sample Meadow Campground, San Joaquin Country Club, San Joaquin Substation, Sandell Farms, Sanderson Ranch, Sandy Cove Beach Picnic Area, Sanger Substation, Sanger Winery, Savory Percolation Pond, Sawmill Campground, Sawmill Flat Campground, Selma Plaza Shopping Center, Selma Speedway, Sentinel Campground, Shady Acres Dairy Number 2, Shaw City Shopping Center, Sheep Creek Campground, Sierra Pavillon Shopping Center, Sierra Vista Shopping Center, Silaxo Farm (historical), Smith Ranch (historical), Soaproot Campground, Sommerville Farms, South Bay Picnic Area, South Finegold Picnic Area, Southgate Shopping Center, Souza's Dairy, Sprague Cabin, Starkey and Erwin Ranch, Stoddard Ranch, Summit Meadow Campground, Sunland Ranch, Sunnyside Country Club, Sunnyside Shopping Center, Sunnyside Square Shopping Center, Sunnyside Town and Country Village Shopping Center, Sunnysides Country Club Village Shopping Center, Sunset Drive-In (historical), Sunset Farms, Sunset Square Shopping Center, Swanson Meadows Campground, Sweet Haven Dairy, Sycamore Flat Campground One, Sycamore Flat Campground Two, Tamarack Winter Sports Area, Tarpley Village Shopping Center, Temple Ranch, Ten Mile Campground, Terry Ranch, The Vineyard Shopping Center, Thomas Ranch, Thommen Dairy, Three Corners, Time Square Shopping Center, Todd Ranch, Towne Oil Station (historical), Traction Ranch, Trapper Springs Campground, Tres Picos Farms, Trimmer Ranger Station, Tufts Ranch (historical), Twentysix Camp (historical), United States Dept Agriculture Horticultural, United States Experimental Station, Upper Dinkey Creek Campground, Upper Kings Campground, Upper Vermillion Campground, Valley Shopping Center, Van Dyke Ranch, Vang's Chicken Farm, Vermilion Campground, Vermillion Valley Resort, Vernon Thomas Ranch, Verplank Campground, Victoria Walk Shopping Center, Village Green Country Club, Vintage Dairy, Vista Del Llano Farm, Vista del Llano Farms, Voyager Rock Campground, Wahtoke Winery, Ward Lake Campground, Weeth Ranch, Weldons Camp, West Acres Shopping Center, West Kaiser Campground, West Lake Ranch (historical), West Valley Shopping Center, Western Village Shopping Center, Westhaven Siding, Westside Ranch Dairy, Wheatville, White Bark Vista Point, Whitney Oaks Dairy, Wild West Village Shopping Center, Wildwood Farm, Will-O-The Wisp Resort, Wilson Ranch, Winchell Cove Campground, Winfrey Campgrounds, Wolfson Ranch, Woods Ranch, Yearout Ranch, Zonneveld Dairies Complex, Zuburi Ranch

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Camp Pinedale (historical)

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Academy Granite Quarry, Archer Mine, Atlas Asbestos Mine, Cantua Creek Pit, Clara H Mine, Coalinga Pit, Copper King Mine, Del Mexico Mine, Derrick Avenue Pit, Fresno Copper Mine, Game Dike Mine, Jack Thorn Mine, James Corbett Byles Mine, Kaiser Diggings, KCAC Mine, Kings River Pit, Little Panoche Pit, Mercey Mine, Mistake Mine, Pick and Shovel Mine, Providence Quarry, Railroad Mine, Rainbow Mine, Rita Mine, Sullivan Mine, Sunnyside Mine

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Camden Oil Field, Coalinga Oil Field, East Coalinga Extension Oil Field, Guijarral Hills Oil Field, Helm Oil Field, Jacalitos Oil Field, Lanare Oil Field, Pleasant Valley Oil Field, Raisin City Oil Field, Riverdale Oil Field, Silaxo Oil Pumping Station

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Alkali Sink Ecological Reserve, Ball Playground, Ball Playground, Beiden Field, Berry Park, Bicentennial Park, Bigby Park, Brentlinger Park, Bulldog Diamond, Bulldog Stadium, Calwa Park, Camacho Park, Carozza Park, Carver Park, Chandler Park, Chestnut Park, Clovis Rodeo Park, Coalinga Memorial Bowl, Cosmos Playground, Courtright Intrusive Contact Zone Geological Area, Cricket Hollow Park, Dicky Playground, Dunkle Park, Earl Ruth Park, Einstein Park, Euless Park, Falcon Baseball Field, Faller Park, Fresno County Plaza, Fresno Park, Fulton Mall, Funston Playground, Furlong Field, Greenwood Park, Hinton Park, Hobart Park, Holmes Playground, Huntington Lake Game Refuge, Huron Recreation Center, Ivy Park, Janetski Field, Jefferson Park, Jess Gill Park, John Ventura Stadium, Kaiser Park, Kearney Park, Keck Park, Keenan Park, Kerman Management Area, Kings Canyon National Park, Kingsburg City Park, Lamonica Stadium, Large Park, Laton-Kingston Park, Letterman Park, Lincoln Park, Lincoln Park, Lions Park, Logan Park, Los Gatos Creek County Park, Lost Lake Recreation Area, Malaga Recreation Park, Maldonado Park, Manchester Park, Melody Park, Memorial Park, Mendota Waterfowl Management Area, Monument Hill Park, Mosqueda Park, Neilson Park, O'Neill Park, Olsen Park, Panoche Hills Management Area, Pilobos Management Area, Pioneer Park, Quigley Playground, Radio Park, Ratcliffe Stadium, Reedy Park, Ringo Park, Robinson Park, Roeding Park, Rojas Pierce Park, Roman Playground, Rotary Ball Park, Rotary Sports Center, Sal M Salazar Park, San Gabriel Park, San Joaquin City Park, San Joaquin River Gorge Management Area, Sanger Park, Sierra Bicentennial Park, Smith Playground, Sunnyside Park, Teakettle Experiment Area, Trimmer Recreation Area, Vinland Park, W H Shaver Park, Wahtoke Park, Warmerdam Field, Wilson Park, Winton Park, Woodward Park, Wootten Park

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Black Rock, Castle Domes, Church Rock, College Rock, Crown Rock, Finger Rock, Gavilan Rock, Grand Sentinel, Indian Rock, Joaquin Rocks, John Muir Rock, Jug Rock, Kearsarge Pinnacles, Kettle Dome, Mushroom Rock, North Dome, Obelisk, Painted Rock, Swallow Rock, The Pinnacles, The Sphinx, The Tombstone, Whale Rock, Wildcat Rock

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Alder Springs, Arbios, Auberry, Avocado, Balch Camp, Barstow, Bender (historical), Benito, Big Bunch, Big Creek, Biola, Biola Junction, Bowles, Bretz Mill, Bronge (historical), Burness, Burrel, Butler (historical), Caldwell (historical), Calflax, Calwa, Camden, Cameo, Camp Sierra, Cantua Creek, Caruthers, Cecile, Cedar Crest, Cedar Grove, Cedarbrook, Cella, Centerville, Cincotta, Clint, Clotho, Clovis, Coalinga, Collins (historical), Conejo, Crabtree, Cromir, Deer Crossing, Del Rey, Dickerson (historical), Dinkey Creek, Dora Belle, Dunlap, Easton, Edmiston, El Prado (historical), Elk, Elm View, Eshel (historical), Etheda Springs, Fargo (historical), Fig Garden, Figarden, Firebaugh, Five Points, Floyd, Fort Camp (historical), Fowler, Fresno, Fresno Beach (historical), Fresno City (historical), Friant, Giffen Cantua Ranch, Glorietta, Goldleaf, Goodmill, Gordon, Granz (historical), Gravesboro, Hammond, Helm, Herndon, Highway City, Hoffman Point, Hume, Hume Station, Huntington Lake, Huron, Ingle, Ivesta, Jamesan, Kanawyers, Kerman, Kingsburg, Lacjac, Lakeshore, Lanare, Las Palmas, Laton, Lerona, Letcher (historical), Levis, Lillis (historical), Locans, Lone Star, Malaga, Marshall Junction, Mathews Mill, Mattei, McKenzie Spring (historical), McMullin (historical), Meadow Lakes, Melvin, Mendota, Mercey Hot Springs, Miley, Minkler, Miramonte, Monmouth, Mono Hot Springs, Muscatel, Nares (historical), Navelencia, Nevills (historical), New Auberry, Oakhurst (historical), Ockenden, Old Bretz Mill, Oleander, Ora, Orange Cove, Oro Loma, Oxalis, Panoche Junction, Parkfield Junction, Parlier, Piedra, Pinedale, Pinehurst, Pineridge, Prather, Pratton, Pueblo de las Juntas (historical), Raco, Raisin City, Reedley, Reka (historical), Riverbend, Riverdale, Riverview (historical), Robinson (historical), Rock Haven, Rodgers Crossing, Rolinda, Rugg (historical), San Joaquin, Sanger, Sawmill Flat, Schilling, Selma, Sentinel (historical), Shaver Lake, Shaver Lake Heights, Shipp (historical), Sierra Cedars, Sierra Sky Park, Snow Bend, Sparkville (historical), Squaw Valley, Sunnyside, Tarpey, Tarpey Village, Three Rocks, Tisechu (historical), Tollhouse, Tranquillity, Trimmer, Turk, Uva, Vanguard, Vanris (historical), Wahtoke, West Park, Westhaven, Westside, Wildflower, Wineland, Wolf, Wood Ranch, Zediker

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Auberry Post Office, Biola Post Office, Bowles Post Office (historical), Camp Sierra Post Office (historical), Caruthers Post Office, Cedar Crest Post Office (historical), Clovis Post Office, Coalinga Post Office, Conejo Post Office (historical), Dinkey Creek Post Office (historical), Dunlap Post Office (historical), Easton Post Office, Firebaugh Post Office, Fowler Post Office, Friant Post Office, Hume Post Office (historical), Huntington Lake Post Office (historical), Kearney Park Post Office (historical), Kerman Post Office, Kingsburg Post Office, Lakeshore Post Office (historical), Laton Post Office, Meadow Lakes Post Office (historical), Mendota Post Office, Millwood Post Office (historical), Miramonte Post Office (historical), Mono Hot Springs Post Office (historical), Mountain Rest Post Office (historical), Ockenden Post Office (historical), Oleander Post Office (historical), Orange Cove Post Office, Parlier Post Office, Piedra Post Office, Pinedale Post Office, Pineridge Post Office (historical), Pineridge Post Office (historical), Raisin Post Office, Raisin Post Office, Reedley Post Office, Riverdale Post Office, San Joaquin Post Office, Sanger Post Office, Selma Post Office, Shaver Lake Post Office, Shaver Post Office (historical), Shover Lake Post Office (historical), Sierra Chautauqua Post Office (historical), Tollhouse Post Office (historical), Tranquillity Post Office, Trimmer Post Office (historical), Whites Bridge Post Office (historical), Wild Flower Post Office (historical)

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Big Blue Hills, Ciervo Hills, Guijarral Hills, Jacalitos Hills, Kreyenhagen Hills, Panoche Hills, Tumey Hills

  Reserves     show all on map

Dinkey Lakes Wilderness, John Muir Wilderness, Kaiser Wilderness, Kechaye Cultural Preserve, Monarch Wilderness, Sequoia-Kings Canyon Wilderness

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Black Rock Reservoir, Courtright Reservoir, Florence Lake, Huntington Lake, Lake Joallan, Lake Thomas A Edison, Little Panoche Reservoir, Mammoth Pool Reservoir, Mendota Pool, Pine Flat Lake, Portal Forebay, Sand Creek Reservoir, Shaver Lake, Wishon Reservoir

  Ridges     show all on map

Anticline Ridge, Arrow Ridge, Bald Mountain, Bear Ridge, Black Divide, Black Mountain, Castle Ridge, Ciervo Mountain, Cirque Crest, Comb Spur, Coyote Ridge, Crown Ridge, Curry Mountain, Dead Pine Ridge, Deer Ridge, Dude Ridge, Eagle Spur, El Hocico, Foster Ridge, Garlic Spur, Gavilan Ridge, Glacier Divide, Goat Crest, Goddard Divide, Grand Dike, Granite Ridge, Hoist Ridge, Joaquin Ridge, Junction Ridge, Juniper Ridge, Kaiser Ridge, Kettle Ridge, King Spur, La Ceja, La Lomera, Le Conte Divide, Loma Atravesada, Mammoth Crest, McKenzie Ridge, Monarch Divide, Mono Divide, Monocline Ridge, Park Ridge, Pine Ridge, Pine Ridge, Pine Ridge, Poison Ridge, Ragged Spur, Rodgers Ridge, Rough Spur, Sacate Ridge, Sentinel Ridge, Silver Divide, Silver Spur, Stove Ridge, Tamarack Ridge, The Pinnacles, Tombstone Ridge, Verplank Ridge, White Divide, Windy Cliff, Windy Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Addams Elementary School, Addicott School, Ahwahnee Middle School, Alameda School (historical), Alliant International University, Alta Elementary School, Alvina Elementary School, American Colony School (historical), American Elementary School, Andrew Jackson Elementary School, Annie E Cheney Kindergarten, Arthur E Mills Intermediate School, Assembly of God School, Auberry Elementary School, Auberry School, Ayer Elementary School, Aynesworth Elementary School, Baird Elementary School, Balderas Elementary School, Bender School (historical), Bender Union School, Bethel School (historical), Bethune Elementary School, Big Creek Elementary School, Biola-Pershing Elementary School, Birney Elementary School, Bryant Middle School, Buchanan High School, Bullard High School, Burroughs Elementary School, California Christian College, California School of Professional Psychology, California State University - Fresno, Calwa Elementary School, Cambridge High School, Canal School (historical), Cantua Elementary School, Cantua School (historical), Carden School, Caruthers Elementary School, Caruthers High School, Carver Elementary School, Casa Blanca Continuation High School, Cathedral Christian School, Centennial Elementary School, Centerville Elementary School, Central Elementary School, Central High School, Central School (historical), Chawanakee School, Chawanakee School Number One, Citrus Cove School (historical), Citrus Middle School, Claremont School (historical), Clark Intermediate School, Clay Elementary School, Clovis Adult School, Clovis High School, Clovis West High School, Clovista S D A School, Coalinga High School, Coalinga Junior High School, Coalinga Polk Street School (historical), Coalinga-Huron Adult School, Cole Elementary School, Columbia Elementary School, Conejo Middle School, Confucius School, Cooper Middle School, Cowell Child Development Center, Cox Elementary School, Dailey Elementary School, De Wolf School (historical), Deer Park School (historical), Del Mar Elementary School, Del Rey Elementary School, Dewolf Continuation High School, Dry Creek Elementary School, Duke School (historical), Duncan Polytechnical High School, Dunlap Elementary School, Easterby Elementary School, Easton Continuation High School, Eaton Elementary School, Edison Computech School, Edison High School, El Capitan Senior Elementary School, Elkhorn School (historical), Emerson School, Emmanuel School, Empire School (historical), Eric White Elementary School, Ericson Elementary School, Ewing Elementary School, Fairmount Union School, Fairview School (historical), Figarden Elementary School, Firebaugh High School, Firebaugh Junior High School, Firebaugh-Las Deltas Adult Education School, Floyd School (historical), Foothill Middle School, Forkner Elementary School, Fort Miller Middle School, Fort Washington Elementary School, Fort Washington School, Fowler High School, Franklin School, Franklin School, Frankwood School (historical), Fremont Elementary School, Fremont Middle School, Fresno Adult School, Fresno Adventist Academy, Fresno Christian School, Fresno City College, Fresno High School, Fresno Pacific University, Fresno Union Academy, Friant Elementary School, Fruitvale School (historical), Garfield School, Gateway High School, General Grant Middle School, George Washington Elementary School, Gettysburg Elementary School, Gibson Elementary School, Gill School (historical), Ginsburg Physically and Educationally Handicapped School, Grant School, Granville School, Gray Colony School (historical), Great Western School, Gymnastic Academy, Hamms School, Harrison School (historical), Hawkins School (historical), Hazel M Bailey Primary School, Heald College - Fresno, Heartland High School, Heaton Elementary School, Helm Elementary School, Henry F Bishop Elementary School, Herndon-Barstow Elementary School, Hidalgo Elementary School, Highland School (historical), Holland Elementary School, Homan Elementary School, Hoover Continuation High School, Hopewell School (historical), Horace Mann School (historical), Houghton School (historical), Houghton-Kearney Elementary School, Huron Elementary School, Immanuel Academy, Indianola Elementary School, Iowa School (historical), Jackson Elementary School, Jackson Elementary School, James Garfield Elementary School, Jane Addams School, Jefferson Elementary School, Jefferson Elementary School, Jefferson Elementary School, Jefferson Elementary School, John C Martinez Junior High School, John S Wash Elementary School, Juvenile Hall School, Kastner Intermediate School, Kearney Park School (historical), Kelso Village School, Kerman Adult School, Kerman High School, Kerman Middle School, Kerman Union High School, Kerman-Floyd Elementary School, King Elementary School, Kings Canyon Adult School, Kings Canyon Middle School, Kings Canyon Mountain View School, Kingsburg High School, Kingsburg Joint Alternative Education School, Kirk Elementary School, Konkel Junior High School, Kratt Elementary School, La Fayette School, Laguna School, Lane Elementary School, Laton Elementary School, Laton High School, Lethent School (historical), Liberty School (historical), Lincoln Elementary School, Lincoln Elementary School, Lincoln Elementary School, Lincoln Elementary School, Lincoln School, Lincoln School (historical), Lindsay School (historical), Locans School (historical), Lone Star Elementary School, Los Deltos School, Lowell Elementary School, Madison Elementary School, Madison Elementary School, Magnolia School (historical), Malaga Elementary School, Malloch Elementary School, Manchester Gate Elementary School, Manning School (historical), Maric College - Fresno, Marshall Elementary School, Mayfair Elementary School, McCabe Elementary School, McCardle Elementary School, McCord Elementary School, McKinley Elementary School, McLane High School, Mechanicsville School (historical), Mendota Continuation High School, Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary, Millerton School (historical), Miramonte Elementary School, Miramonte Elementary School, Monroe Elementary School, Mount Olive School, Mountain View Christian School, Mountain View Elementary School, Mountain View School (historical), Muir Elementary School, Navelencia Middle School, Nell Dawson Elementary School, Nelson Elementary School, New Hope School (historical), Nipponese School (historical), Norseman Elementary School, Nova High School, Oak Flat School (historical), Oak View Continuation High School, Oakhurst School (historical), Oasis Continuation School, Oleander School (historical), Orange Center Elementary School, Orangedale School (historical), Oro Loma School, Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, Our Lady of Victory School, Pacific Union Elementary School, Park Christian School, Parlier High School, Perrin School (historical), Phillips Junior College Fresno Campus, Pine Grove School (historical), Pine Ridge School, Pinedale Demonstration Elementary School, Pollasky School (historical), Powers Elementary School, Prairie School (historical), Princeton School (historical), Pyle Elementary School, Rafer Johnson Junior High School, Raisin City Elementary School, Rata School, Redbank School (historical), Reedley College, Reedley High School, ReStart School, River Bend School (historical), Riverdale Elementary School, Riverdale High School, Riverdale Joint Union High Alternative Education School, Riverdale School (historical), Riverside School (historical), Riverview Alternative School, Riverview Elementary School, Robinson Elementary School, Roeding Elementary School, Rolinda Church School (historical), Roosevelt Elementary School, Roosevelt Elementary School, Roosevelt High School, Roosevelt School, Ross School (historical), Round Mountain School (historical), Rowell Elementary School, Rowell Elementary School, Ryan Preparatory Seminary, Sacred Heart School, Saint Alphonsus School, Saint Anthonys School, Saint Helens School, Saint James Cathedral School, Saint Johns School, Saint Joseph School, Saint Lasalle School, Saint Therese School, San Joaquin College of Law, San Joaquin Elementary School, San Joaquin Memorial High School, San Joaquin Valley College - Fresno, San Joaquin Valley College - Fresno Aviation, Sanger High School, Santa Maria School, Scandinavian Middle School, Selma Adult School, Selma High School, Sentinel School (historical), Sequoia Middle School, Sheridan Elementary School, Sierra Elementary School, Sierra High School, Sierra Vista Elementary School, Slater Elementary School, Smith Mountain School, Squaw Valley School, Starr Elementary School, State Center Community College District Office, Summit Lake School (historical), Sun Empire School, Sunset Elementary School, Sunset School, Sunset School, Sunshine School, Sycamore Creek Indian School (historical), Taft High School, Taft Kindergarten (historical), Tarpey Elementary School, Taylor-Fipps School, Teague Elementary School, Tehipite Middle School, Teilman School, Temperance-Kutner Elementary School, Tenaya Middle School, Terry Elementary School, Thomas Elementary School, Tioga Middle School, Tranquillity Elementary School, Tranquillity High School, Tuolumne Elementary School, Turner Elementary School, Union High School, University Colony School (historical), University of Phoenix - Central Valley Campus, Valley Christian School, Viking Elementary School, Vineland School (historical), Vinland Elementary School, Wahtoke School (historical), Walnut School, Walters School (historical), Washington Colony Elementary School, Washington Elementary School, Washington Elementary School, Washington Elementary School, Washington High School, Washington Middle School, Wawona Middle School, Webster Elementary School, Weldon Elementary School, West Coast Bible College, West Coast Christian College, West Fresno Elementary School, West Fresno Middle School, West Hills College - Coalinga, West Park Elementary School, Western School, Westland College, Westside School, Wilson Elementary School, Wilson Elementary School, Winchell Elementary School, Wishon Elementary School, Wolters Elementary School, Woodrow Wilson Elementary School, Yosemite Middle School

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Barberry Spring, Barn Spring, Barr Spring, Blue Clay Spring, Borreguero Spring, Buckeye Spring, Cascara Spring, Castro Spring, Ceirno Spring, Chimney Spring, Clover Meadow Spring, Coalinga Mineral Spring, Coalinga Mineral Springs, Cold Spring, Cold Springs, Cole Spring, Delilah Spring, Dick Wright Spring, Domengine Spring, Double Trough Spring, Dripping Spring, Elliot Spring, Eric Spring, Fig Spring, Five Springs, Fox Spring, Freitas Spring, Goat Spring, Green Water Spring, Harris Spring, Hollyhock Spring, Home Spring, Homestead Spring, Hot Springs, Indian Springs, Indian Springs, Iron Spring, Iron Spring, Iva Bell Hot Springs, Jack Hart Spring, Jack Spring, Joaquin Spring, Lane Spring, Little Oak Spring, Live Oak Spring, Lousy Spring, Marcelin Spring, Mare Spring, Martinez Spring, Middle Spring, Mills Spring, Moonshine Spring, Mustang Spring, Number Seven Spring, Penasco Spring, Rattlesnake Spring, Rock House Spring, Rock Spring, Rucker Spring, Skeleton Spring, Skelton Spring, Speck Spring, Stove Spring, Sulphur Flat Spring, Sulphur Spring, Sulphur Spring, Sulphur Spring, Sycamore Springs, Three Springs, Trough Spring, Tule Spring, Twentyfive Spring, West Spring, White Tank Spring, Wiesman Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Zalba Spring

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Abbott Creek, Alpine Creek, Alum Creek, Arkansas Creek, Arrow Creek, Arroyo Ciervo, Arroyo Corto, Arroyo Hondo, Arroyo Largo, Arroyo Leona, Arroyo Pinoso, Arroyo Recto, Arroyo Seco, Arroyo Vadoso, Arroyo Venado, Aspen Creek, Avalanche Creek, Azalea Creek, Backbone Creek, Bald Mill Creek, Balsam Creek, Basin Creek, Baxter Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Meadow Creek, Bear Wallow Creek, Bearskin Creek, Beltran Creek, Big Creek, Big Creek, Big Meadows Creek, Big Sandy Creek, Billy Creek, Billy Creek, Black Creek, Black Rock Creek, Bolsillo Creek, Boulder Creek, Boulder Creek, Bubbs Creek, Buck Rock Creek, Bull Creek, Burnt Corral Creek, Cabin Creek, Cabin Creek, Camp Creek, Camp Creek, Camp Sixty One Creek, Canoas Creek, Cantua Creek, Cartridge Creek, Cataract Creek, Charlotte Creek, Chinquapin Creek, Choke Creek, Cirque Creek, Cold Creek, Cole Slough, Collins Creek, Comb Creek, Converse Creek, Coon Creek, Copper Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Springs Creek, Cow Creek, Coyote Creek, Coyote Springs Creek, Crater Creek, Cross Creek, Crown Creek, Crystal Creek, Darwin Creek, Davis Creek, Deep Creek, Deer Cove Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Creek, Dinkey Creek, Dinkey Meadow Creek, Disappearing Creek, Dog Creek, Dog Creek, Domengine Creek, Dougherty Creek, Douglas Fir Creek, Dry Creek, Duff Creek, Dusy Branch, Dusy Creek, East Creek, East Fork Bear Creek, East Fork Big Creek, East Fork Camp Sixty-One Creek, East Fork Deer Creek, East Fork Dougherty Creek, East Fork Grizzley Creek, East Fork Lewis Creek, East Pinnacles Creek, East Short Hair Creek, Ely Creek, Evans Creek, Evolution Creek, Exchequer Creek, Fall Creek, Fancher Creek, Ferguson Creek, Fish Creek, Fleming Creek, Forked Meadow Creek, Four Forks Creek, Fresno Slough, Gardiner Creek, Garlic Meadow Creek, Garza Creek, Glacier Creek, Glacier Creek, Glen Meadow Creek, Goddard Creek, Golden Creek, Granite Creek, Grizzly Creek, Grouse Creek, Helms Creek, Hilgard Branch, Hoffman Creek, Hog Creek, Holland Creek, Home Camp Creek, Hooper Creek, Hopkins Creek, Horse Corral Creek, Horseshoe Creek, Horsethief Creek, Horsethief Creek, Hotel Creek, House Meadow Creek, Huckleberry Creek, Hughes Creek, Indian Creek, Italian Creek, Jacalitos Creek, Jacks Creek, Jasper Creek, Jose Creek, Kaiser Creek, Kennedy Creek, Kid Creek, Kolingo Creek, La Jolla Creek, Lakecamp Creek, Landslide Creek, Las Aguilas Creek, Laurel Creek, Laurel Creek, Lefever Creek, Lewis Creek, Lewis Creek, Lightning Creek, Line Creek, Little Boulder Creek, Little Dry Creek, Little Dry Creek, Little Panoche Creek, Little Rancheria Creek, Little Sandy Creek, Little White Deer Creek, Lockwood Creek, Log Meadow Creek, Long Meadow Creek, Los Gatos Creek, Lost Creek, Lower Rancheria Creek, Markwood Creek, Martinez Creek, Meadow Brook, Mercey Creek, Middle Fork Dougherty Creek, Middle Fork Kings River, Midge Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Flat Creek, Mills Creek, Mine Creek, Minnow Creek, Mono Creek, Mud Creek, Mud Run, Mule Creek, Murphy Slough, Mushroom Creek, Musick Creek, North Fork Hughes Creek, North Fork Kid Creek, North Fork Kings River, North Fork Little Dry Creek, North Fork Mono Creek, North Fork Stevenson Creek, North Fork Sycamore Creek, North Goddard Creek, North Guard Creek, Nutmeg Creek, Oak Flat Creek, Oil Creek, Ordinance Creek, Palisade Creek, Panoche Creek, Patterson Creek, Pitman Creek, Piute Creek, Post Corral Creek, Potter Creek, Providence Creek, Purple Creek, Rambaud Creek, Rancheria Creek, Rancheria Creek, Rancheria Creek, Rattlesnake Creek, Rattlesnake Creek, Rattlesnake Creek, Redoak Creek, Redwood Creek, Reese Creek, Roaring River, Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Rodgers Creek, Ross Creek, Ross Creek, Rough Creek, Rube Creek, Ruby Creek, Rush Creek, Russian Charley Creek, Sacate Creek, Saddle Creek, Sales Creek, Sallie Keyes Creek, Salt Creek, Salt Creek, Sampson Creek, Sand Creek, Scepter Creek, Senger Creek, Sequoia Creek, Sharktooth Creek, Sharp Creek, Sheep Creek, Sheep Thief Creek, Short Hair Creek, Silver Creek, Silver Creek, Silver Creek, Silver Pass Creek, Slide Creek, Slot Creek, Snow Corral Creek, Snowslide Creek, South Fork Bear Creek, South Fork Big Creek, South Fork Cartridge Creek, South Fork Kings River, South Fork Tamarack Creek, South Fork Woods Creek, Sphinx Creek, Spring Creek, Statham Creek, Statham River, Stevenson Creek, Strawberry Meadow Creek, Sugarloaf Creek, Sulphur Creek, Summit Creek, Surprise Arroyo, Swamp Creek, Sycamore Creek, Sycamore Creek, Sycamore Springs Creek, Tamarack Creek, Taylor Creek, Taylor Creek, Teakettle Creek, Tenmile Creek, Tollhouse Creek, Tombstone Creek, Tombstone Creek, Tornado Creek, Travers Creek, Turret Creek, Turtle Creek, Van Ness Slough, Verplank Creek, Vidette Creek, Wahtoke Creek, Warm Creek, Warthan Creek, Watts Creek, Weir Creek, West Fork Bear Creek, West Fork Camp Sixty One D Creek, West Fork Daulton Creek, West Fork Dougherty Creek, West Fork Hughes Creek, West Fork Kennedy Creek, West Fork Long Meadow Creek, West Kaiser Creek, West Pinnacles Creek, Westfall Creek, White Creek, White Deer Creek, White Fork, Wildcat Creek, Williams Creek, Willow Creek, Winchell Creek, Woodchuck Creek, Woods Creek, Wooten Creek, Wren Creek, Wren Creek, Zapato Chino Creek, Zebe Creek

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Acrodectes Peak, Alcalde Hills, Arrow Peak, Avalanche Peak, Backbone Mountain, Baker Mountain, Bald Mountain, Bald Mountain, Bald Mountain, Barnes Mountain, Bear Butte, Bear Dome, Bear Mountain, Bear Mountain, Black Giant, Black Mountain, Black Mountain, Black Mountain, Black Mountain, Black Peak, Black Point, Blackcap Mountain, Blue Canyon Peak, Branford Mountain, Brown Cone, Brown Peak, Buck Peak, Burnt Mountain, Burrough Mountain, Busane Peak, Campbell Mountain, Cape Horn, Cardinal Mountain, Castle Mountain, Castle Peak, Cats Head Mountain, Center Peak, Charlotte Dome, Charybdis, Chinese Peak, Cima Hill, Coalinga Nose, Cockscomb, Colosseum Mountain, Columbine Peak, Condon Peak, Converse Mountain, Corlew Mountain, Corral Mountain, Crater Mountain, Dalton Mountain, Davis Mountain, Devils Crags, Devils Table, Devils Top, Diamond Peak, Dinkey Dome, Dinkey Mountain, Disappointment Peak, Dodge Hill, Dogtooth Peak, Donut Rock, Double Peak, Dougherty Peak, Eagle Peak, Eagle Peak, Eagle Rock, El Pitón, Elephant Hill, Ely Mountain, Emerald Peak, Feather Peak, Fin Dome, Finger Peak, Flag Peak, Fleming Mountain, Florence Rock, Flume Peak, Gemini, Giraud Peak, Glacier Monument, Goat Mountain, Goat Mountain, Granite Hill, Graveyard Peak, Green Mountain, Hacker Mountain, Hall Mountain, Harmon Peak, Hoffman Mountain, Hog Mountain, Hogback Peak, Hughes Mountain, Infant Buttes, Isosceles Peak, Jackass Dike, Jesse Morrow Mountain, Johnson Point, Jorgensen Point, Jump Off Point, Kaiser Peak, Kennedy Mountain, Kerckhoff Dome, Keys Mountain, Kid Peak, Kings Castle, Kirkman Hill, Kreyenhagen Peak, La Luneta, Langille Peak, Lava Butte, Logger Point, Long Top, Lookout Peak, Lookout Point, Loper Peak, Lost Peak, Luck Point, Luckett Mountain, Marble Point, Marion Peak, Marshall Hill, Maxson Dome, Merriam Peak, Middle Palisade, Mitchell Peak, Mono Rock, Mount Bago, Mount Bolton Brown, Mount Cedric Wright, Mount Clarence King, Mount Cotter, Mount Crocker, Mount Darwin, Mount Fiske, Mount Gardiner, Mount Gilbert, Mount Givens, Mount Goddard, Mount Goethe, Mount Gould, Mount Haeckel, Mount Harrington, Mount Henry, Mount Hilgard, Mount Hooper, Mount Hopkins, Mount Humphreys, Mount Huntington, Mount Hutchings, Mount Hutton, Mount Huxley, Mount Ian Campbell, Mount Ickes, Mount Izaak Walton, Mount McDuffie, Mount McGee, Mount Mendel, Mount Mills, Mount Olive, Mount Perkins, Mount Pinchot, Mount Powell, Mount Prater, Mount Reinstein, Mount Rixford, Mount Ruskin, Mount Sampson, Mount Seneger, Mount Senger, Mount Shakspere, Mount Shinn, Mount Solomons, Mount Spencer, Mount Stevenson, Mount Tom, Mount Wallace, Mount Warlow, Mount Winchell, Mount Woodworth, Mount Wynne, Munger Peak, Muriel Peak, Musick Mountain, Nelson Mountain, Nonada Hill, North Mountain, North Palisade, North Rock, Oat Mountain, Observation Peak, Oliver Rock, Owens Mountain, Owl Mountain, Painted Lady, Palisade Crest, Palmer Mountain, Panoche Mountain, Patterson Mountain, Pavilion Dome, Penasco Rock, Perkins West Peak, Peter Peak, Picacho Rock, Pilot Knob, Pincushion Peak, Polemonium Peak, Pumice Butte, Pyramid Peak, Rambaud Peak, Recess Peak, Red and White Mountain, Red Mountain, Red Mountain, Red Mountain, Red Mountain, Rock Mountain, Round Mountain, Royce Peak, Rutan Rock, Ruth Hill, Saddle Mountain, Scylla, Sentinel Dome, Seven Gables, Sharktooth Peak, Sherman Peak, Silver Peak, Slide Peak, Smith Mountain, Smith Mountain, Sontag Point, Spanish Mountain, Stag Dome, State Peak, Stephenson Hill, Stony Point, Striped Mountain, Sugarloaf Hill, Sugarpine Hill, Sunset Point, Table Mountain, Tamarack Mountain, Tehipite Dome, Tennessee Point, The Citadel, The Hermit, The Three Sirens, Three Sisters, Three Sisters, Thunderbolt Peak, Tivy Mountain, Tunemah Peak, Turret Peak, Vennacher Needle, Volcanic Cone, Volcanic Knob, W K Hill, Ward Mountain, Wheel Mountain, Wildcat Mountain, Window Peak, Windy Peak, Wren Peak, Wright Mountain, Yucca Point, Zingheim Heights

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Tule Lake

  Towers     show all on map

DRFM Radio Station, KAIL-TV (Fresno), KBIF-AM (Fresno), KEYQ-AM (Fresno), KEZL-FM (Fowler), KFCF-FM (Fresno), KFIG-FM (Fresno), KFNI-AM (Fresno), KFNO-FM (Fresno), KFSN-TV (Fresno), KFSR-FM (Fresno), KFTV-TV (Hanford), KFYE-FM (Fresno), KGST-AM (Fresno), KIRV-AM (Fresno), KJEO-TV (Fresno), KJFX-FM (Fresno), KKAM-AM (Fresno), KKDJ-FM (Fresno), KKFO-AM (Coalinga), KMAK-FM (Orange Cove), KMJ-AM (Fresno), KMSG-TV (Sanger), KNAX-FM (Fresno), KNAX-FM (Fresno), KNGS-FM (Coalinga), KOQO-AM (Clovis), KQPW-FM (Fresno), KRGO-AM (Fowler), KRGO-AM (Fowler), KRGO-AM (Fowler), KRZR-FM (Hanford), KSEE-TV (Fresno), KTAA-FM (Kerman), KTAA-FM (Kerman), KTHT-FM (Fresno), KVPR-FM (Fresno), KVPT-TV (Fresno), KWEW-TV (Coalinga), KXDR-FM (Auberry), KXEX-AM (Fresno), KYNO-AM (Fresno), KZJE-TV (Clovis), Old Fresno Water Tower

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Bobs Flat Trail, Deep Creek Trail, Don Cecil Trail, John Muir Trail, Mono Trail, Red Mountain Trail, Shaver Trail, Sheep Creek Trail

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Balch Tunnel, Haas Tunnel, Ward Tunnel

  Valleys     show all on map

Alcalde Canyon, Alder Gulch, Auberry Valley, Avalanche Canyon, Bear Canyon, Bear Gulch, Bee Canyon, Bench Valley, Big Creek Canyon, Big Sandy Valley, Blue Canyon, Blue Canyon, Brush Canyon, Capita Canyon, Cascade Valley, Castro Canyon, Cedar Canyon, Chaney Ranch Canyon, Chimney Canyon, Coalmine Canyon, Cooper Canyon, Coyote Canyon, Cueva Canyon, Darwin Canyon, Deadman Canyon, Deep Well Canyon, Deer Canyon, Diaz Canyon, Dogwood Canyon, Dosados Canyon, Duckworth Canyon, Duncan Canyon, Dutchman Canyon, Echo Canyon, Enchanted Gorge, Escarpado Canyon, Evolution Valley, First Recess, Fish Valley, Footman Canyon, Fourth Recess, Fox Canyon, Frank Canyon, French Canyon, Garcia Canyon, Garcia Canyon, Garrison Canyon, Glacier Valley, Goddard Canyon, Gorge of Despair, Grabast Canyon, Granite Gorge, Gres Canyon, Hans Grieve Canyon, Hills Valley, Hog Canyon, Horsethief Canyon, Hot Springs Canyon, Kennedy Canyon, Kings Canyon, La Cañada Simada, Le Conte Canyon, Lewis Canyon, Little Bear Canyon, Little Panoche Valley, Little White Deer Valley, Lone Pine Canyon, Long Canyon, Long Hollow, Lost Canyon, Lost Canyon, Mantes Canyon, Marca Canyon, Markland Canyon, McGee Canyon, Milk Ranch Canyon, Moreno Gulch, Motte Canyon, Mulch Canyon, Nehi Canyon, Nichols Canyon, Nunez Canyon, Nutmeg Glen, Oak Flat Canyon, Oil Canyon, Oil Well Canyon, Parsons Canyon, Pete Merrill Canyon, Pig Chute, Pine Canyon, Piute Canyon, Portuguese Canyon, Post Canyon, Ragged Valley, Reedwater Canyon, Reese Canyon, Right Angle Canyon, Roach Canyon, Robbers Canyon, Roberts Canyon, Ruiz Canyon, Salt Canyon, Salt Canyon, Salt Canyon, Scott Canyon, Second Recess, Stove Canyon, Studhorse Canyon, Sunk Canyon, The Dark Hole, The Gorge, Third Recess, Tretten Canyon, Tumey Gulch, Twentyfive Canyon, Urruttia Canyon, Willow Springs Canyon, Windy Canyon, Windy Gulch, Zapato Chino Canyon

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Cantua Well, Wisdom Well (historical)

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Agnew Grove, Bearskin Grove, Burton Grove, Cabin Creek Grove, Converse Basin Grove, Converse Mountain Grove, Deer Meadow Grove, Evans Grove, General Grant Grove, Horseshoe Bend Grove, Indian Basin Grove, Kennedy Grove, Landslide Grove, Little Boulder Grove, Lockwood Grove, McKinley Grove, Tenmile Grove, Windy Gulch Grove,

Fresno County, California Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteFresno County White population 734,375734,375  
AsianFresno County Asian population 98,54898,548
BlackFresno County Black population 55,90755,907
American IndianFresno County American Indian population 28,42728,427
MixedFresno County Mixed population 27,48027,479
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderFresno County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 2,8432,842

Additional population tables :
State population table
California population by county