Imperial County, California Basics:

Imperial County California - Government Site

Population: 176,768
Area: 4177 square miles
County seat: El Centro
Area code(s) in use: 760
Time zone: PST
High school graduate or higher: 63.8%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 13.2%
Median household income: $41,255
Persons in poverty: 23.0%
Home ownership rate: 57.0%
Mean travel time to work: 20.9 minutes

Adjacent counties:
La Paz (AZ)  Riverside  San Diego  Yuma (AZ)  

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Map of the Imperial County area

Our detail map of Imperial County shows the Imperial County, California boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Imperial County, California

  Airports     show all on map

Brawley Municipal Airport, Calexico International Airport, Cliff Hatfield Memorial Airport, Douthitt Strip Airport, El Centro NAF Airport, Emory Ranch Airport, Holtville Airport, Imperial County Airport, Johnson Brothers Airport, O'Connell Brothers Airport, Pioneers Memorial Hospital Heliport, Salton Sea Airport, Salton Sea Base B-2, Salton Sea Test Base B-1, SCE Salton Sea Heliport, Walter's Camp Airport

  Arches     show all on map

Arturos Bridge, Whitley Bridge

  Areas     show all on map

Carrizo Badlands, Pumpkin Patch, Stark Field, The Island

  Basins     show all on map

Copper Basin, Gold Basin, Yuha Basin

  Beaches     show all on map

Bombay Beach, Sandy Beach, Sea View Beach

  Bridges     show all on map

Cibola Bridge, Coachella Bridge Number One, Coachella Bridge Number Two, McKim Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Brawley Chamber of Commerce, Brawley City Hall, Brawley Fire Department, Brawley Public LIbrary, Calexico City Hall, Calexico Fire Department Station 1, Calexico Fire Department Station 2 Headquarters, Calipatria Branch Imperial County Free Library, Calipatria City Hall, Calipatria Fire Department, Calipatria State Prison, Calipatria State Prison Fire Department, Camarena Memorial Library, Carnegie Public Library, Centinela State Prison, Centinela State Prison Fire Department, Desert Air Ambulance, El Centro Community Center, El Centro Community Center Branch el Centro Public Library, El Centro Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, El Centro Fire Department Station 2, El Centro Public Library, Federal Fire Department El Centro Naval Air Facility, Holtville Branch Imperial County Free Library, Holtville Chamber of Commerce, Holtville City Hall, Holtville Fire Department, Holtville Unified School District Office, Imperial City Hall, Imperial County Building, Imperial County Courthouse, Imperial County Fire Department Station 1 - Imperial City Fire Station 4, Imperial County Fire Department Station 2, Imperial County Fire Department Station 3, Imperial County Fire Department Station 5, Imperial County Fire Department Station 6, Imperial County Jail, Imperial County Law Library, Imperial Public Library, Imperial Valley Pioneer Museum, Niland Branch Imperial County Free Library, Niland Fire District Station 1 Headquarters, Niland Fire District Station 2, Ocotillo Branch Imperial County Free Library, Ocotillo Community Center, Salton Sea Beach Volunteer Fire Department, Schaefer Ambulance Service, Schaefer Ambulance Service, Schaefer Ambulance Service, Veterans Memorial Hall, West Shore Ambulance Service, Westmorland City Hall, Westmorland Fire Department, Winterhaven Fire Protection District

  Canals     show all on map

2 Schali Drain, 2-C Number 1 Drain, Acacia Canal, Acacia Drain, Acacia Five A Drain, Acacia FIve B Drain, Acacia Five Drain, Acacia Lateral Eight, Acacia Lateral Five, Acacia Lateral Five A, Acacia Lateral Four, Acacia Lateral Nine, Acacia Lateral Six, Acacia Lateral Six A, Acacia Lateral Ten, Acacia Lateral Three, Acacia Twelve Lateral, Acacia Twelve Lateral, Acatia Drain Six A, Acatia Lateral Eleven, Alamitos Canal, Alamitos Canal Lateral Eight, Alamitos Three Drain, Alamo Canal, Alder Canal, Alder Canal Lateral Two, Alder Drain, Alder Drain Eleven, Alder Lateral Eleven, Alder Lateral Five A, Alder Lateral Seven, Alder Lateral Six, Alder Two Drain, All American Canal, All American Drain Eight A, All American Drain Five, All American Drain Four, All American Drain Thirteen, All American Drain Two, All American Drain Two, Ash Drain, Ash Drain Thirtyseven, Ash Fifteen Drain, Ash Four Drain, Ash Lateral Fifteen, Ash Lateral Forty, Ash Lateral Fortyfive, Ash Lateral Fortyone, Ash Lateral Fortysix, Ash Lateral Fortytwo, Ash Lateral Lateral Thirtyeight, Ash Lateral Nine, Ash Lateral Six, Ash Lateral Thirteen, Ash Lateral Thirty, Ash Lateral Thirtyfour, Ash Lateral Thirtynine, Ash Lateral Thirtyseven, Ash Lateral Thirtysix, Ash Lateral Thirtythree, Ash Lateral Twelve, Ash Lateral Twentyfive, Ash Main Canal, Ash Nine A Drain, Ash Thirty A Drain, Ash Thirty B Drain, Ash Thirty Drain, Ash Thirtyfour Drain, Ash Three Drain, Ash Two Drain, B Drain, B Lateral, Bailey Drain, Barbara Worth Drain, Barth Lateral, Baughman Drain, Baughman Drain Number One, Beech Canal, Beech Drain, Beech Lateral One, Beech Lateral Two, Best Canal, Best Drain, Birch Canal, Birch Lateral Three, Blue Lake Drain, Bonds Corner Drain, Bonds Corner Drain Five, Bonds Corner Drain Four, Bonds Corner Drain One, Bonds Corner Drain Six, Bonds Corner Drain Three, Bonds Corner Drain Two, Brair Canal, Brair Siphon Weir, Brockman Drain, Brockman Drain Two, Bryant Drain, Bryant Drain One, C Drain, C Lateral, C Lateral West, C-28 Canal, C-28-2 Canal, C-28-3 Canal, Calipatria Drain Number Two, Carpenter Drain, Central Drain, Central Drain, Central Drain Eight, Central Drain Four, Central Drain Nine, Central Drain Seven, Central Drain Six, Central Drain Ten, Central Drain Three, Central Drain Three, Central Drain Three, Central Drain Three, Central Drain Three A, Central Drain Three C, Central Drain Three E, Central Drain Three E, Central Drain Three F, Central Drain Three H, Central Drain Two, Central Drain Two A, Central Drain Two C, Central Main Canal, City Ditch, Coachella Canal, Cocopah Canal, Cole Drain, Comanche Lateral, Concow Lateral, D Drain, D Lateral, D Lateral West, D-23-1-3 Canal, D-23-1-4 Canal, D-23-1-5 Canal, Daffodil Canal, Dahlia Canal, Dahlia Canal, Dahlia Drain, Dahlia Lateral, Dahlia Lateral Eight, Dandelion Canal, Darling Drain, Date Canal, Date Drain, Date Drain Three, Date Drain Three-A, Date Drain Three-B, Date Lateral Eight, Date Lateral Five, Date Lateral Nine, Date Lateral Seven, Date Lateral Seven-A, Date Lateral Six, Date Lateral Ten, De Moulin Drain, Diehl Drain, Dixie Drain Five, Dixie Drain Four, Dixie Drain Four, Dixie Drain One, Dixie Drain One-A, Dixie Drain Three, Dixie Drain Three-A, Dixie Drain Three-B, Dixie Drain Two, Dixie Lateral One, Dogwood Canal, Dogwood Canal, Dogwood Lateral Eight, Dogwood Lateral Six, Dogwood Lateral Ten, Dogwood Lateral Ten A, Dogwood Lateral Two, Dogwood Side Main, Dolson Drain, Dolson Drain Four, Dolson Drain One, Drain 1-A, Drain One, Drain Twenty, Drain Twenty-A, Drain Twenty-One, Drain Twenty-Two, Drain Two A, Dubois Drain, Dubois Drain One, E Drain, E Lateral, East Highline Canal, East Highline Eight Drain, East Highline Fourteen Drain, East Highline Lateral Eight, East Highline Lateral Eleven, East Highline Lateral Fifteen, East Highline Lateral Five, East Highline Lateral Fourteen, East Highline Lateral One, East Highline Lateral Seven, East Highline Lateral Six, East Highline Lateral Sixteen, East Highline Lateral Ten, East Highline Lateral Thirteen, East Highline Lateral Twelve, East Highline Seven Drain, East Highline Side Main One, East Highline Six Drain, East Highline Sixteen Drain, East Highline Ten Drain, East Highline Thirteen Drain, Ebony Canal, Eight A Lateral, Elder Canal, Elder Canal, Elder Fourteen Drain, Elder Fourteen-A Drain, Elder Lateral Eight, Elder Lateral Fifteen, Elder Lateral Five, Elder Lateral One, Elder Lateral One, Elder Lateral Seven, Elder Lateral Ten, Elder Lateral Thirteen, Elder Lateral Three, Elder Lateral Two, Elder Six Drain, Elder Six-A Drain, Elder Thirteen Drain, Eleventh Street Ditch, Elm Canal, Elm Drain, Elm Lateral Four, Elm Lateral One, Elm Lateral Six, Elm Lateral Three, Elm Lateral Two, Eucalyptus Canal, Eucalyptus Five Drain, Eucalyptus Lateral 10, Eucalyptus Lateral Eleven, Eucalyptus Lateral Five, Eucalyptus Lateral Four, Eucalyptus Lateral Fourteen, Eucalyptus Lateral Seventeen, Eucalyptus Lateral Two, Evergreen Canal, Evergreen Lateral Three, F Drain, F Drain, F Lateral, F-I Lateral, Fern Canal, Fern Lateral Eight, Fern Lateral Four, Fern Lateral Nine, Fern Lateral Three, Fern Sidemain, Fig Canal, Fig Drain, Fig Drain One, Fig Lateral, Fig Lateral Four, Fillaree Canal, Fillaree Drain, Fillaree Drain Four, Fillaree Drain Three, Fillaree Lateral One, Flax Canal, Flax Drain, Flax Drain One, Flax Lateral Three, Flax Lateral Two, Flax Waste, Forget-Me-Not Canal, Forget-Me-Not Drain, Forget-Me-Not Lateral One, Forget-Me-Not Lateral Two, Foxglove Canal, Foxglove Lateral Seven, G Drain, G Lateral, G Lateral Two, G-I Lateral, Gerrard Drain, Graeser Drain, Greeson Drain, Greeson Drain Three, Greeson Drain Two, H Drain, H Lateral, Heber Drain, Hemlock Canal, Hemlock Drain, Hemlock Drain One, Hemlock Lateral Four Waste, Hemlock Lateral Two B, Hemlock Sluice Drain, Hemlock Three Drain, Holiville Schenk Eleven Drain, Holt Canal, Holt Canal, Holtville Drain Four, Holtville Drain Four A, Holtville Drain Nine A, Holtville Drain One, Holtville Drain Two, Holtville Drain Two A, Holtville Drain Two C, Holtville Eight Drain, Holtville Main Drain, Holtville Main Drain Bypass, Holtville Seven Drain, Holtville Six Drain, Holtville Three Drain, I Drain, I Lateral, J Drain, J Lateral, K Drain, K Lateral, L Drain, L Lateral, Lack Lateral, Lateral Eight, Lateral Eight, Lateral Eight, Lateral Eight-A, Lateral Eighteen, Lateral Eleven, Lateral Five, Lateral Five, Lateral Five, Lateral Five, Lateral Five A, Lateral Five B, Lateral Five B, Lateral Four, Lateral Four, Lateral Four, Lateral Four A, Lateral Fourteen, Lateral Fourtythree, Lateral Nine, Lateral Nine, Lateral Nine, Lateral Nine, Lateral Number One, Lateral One, Lateral One, Lateral One, Lateral One, Lateral One, Lateral One, Lateral One, Lateral Seven, Lateral Seven-A, Lateral Six, Lateral Six, Lateral Six, Lateral Six A, Lateral Sixteen, Lateral Ten, Lateral Thirteen, Lateral Three, Lateral Three, Lateral Three, Lateral Three, Lateral Three, Lateral Three, Lateral Three, Lateral Twelve, Lateral Two, Lateral Two, Lateral Two, Lateral Two, Lateral Two, Lateral Two, Lateral Two, Lateral Two A, Lateral Two-A, Lavender Canal, Lilac Canal, Lilac Drain, Livesley Drain, Lotus Canal, Lotus Drain, M Drain, M Lateral, Magnolia Drain, Magnolia Lateral, Main Canal, Main Spruce Canal, Main Spruce Canal, Malan Canal, Malva Drain, Malva Drain One, Malva Drain Two, Malva Lateral, Malva Lateral One, Malva Lateral Two, Mansfield Canal, Maple Drain, Maple Lateral, Marigold Drain, Marigold Lateral, Marsh Lateral, Martin Drain, Mayflower Drain, Mayflower Lateral, McCall Drain, McCall Drain Five, McCall Drain Five A, McCall Drain Five B, McCall Drain Four, McCall Drain One, McCall Drain One B, McKim Drain, Meloland Drain, Mesa Drain Seven, Mesa Lateral Five, Mesa Lateral Three, Mesa Lateral Three A, Mesa Lateral Three C, Mesa Lateral Three D, Mesa Lateral Two, Mesa Six Drain, Mesa Three Drain, Mesa Three Drain, Meserve Drain, Mesquite Drain, Mesquite Drain 3, Mesquite Drain Five, Mesquite Drain Four, Mesquite Drain One, Mesquite Drain Seven, Mesquite Drain Two, Mesquite Lateral, Mohave Lateral, Moorhead Canal, Moorhead Drain, Moss Drain, Moss Lateral, Mount Signal Drain, Mount Signal Drain Four, Mount Signal Drain One, Mount Signal Drain One-A, Mount Signal Drain Three, Mulberry Drain, Mulberry Lateral, Mullen Drain, Mullen Lateral, Munyon Drain, Munyon Lateral, Myrtle Drain, Myrtle Lateral, N Drain, N Lateral, Narcissus Drain, Narcissus Lateral, Nectarine Lateral, Nettle Drain, Nettle Lateral, New Brair Canal, New Spruce Canal, Newside Canal, Newside Drain, Newside Lateral Four, Newside Lateral Three-A, Niland Lateral Five, Niland Lateral Four, Niland Lateral One, Niland Lateral Three, Niland Lateral Two, Ninth Street Ditch, North Central Drain One, North Central Drain Two, Nutmeg Drain, Nutmeg Lateral, O Drain, O Lateral, O'Brien Lateral, Oak Drain, Oak Lateral, Oakley Canal, Oasis Drain, Oasis Lateral, Oat Drain, Oat Lateral, Occident Drain, Occident Lateral, Ohmar Drain, Ohmar Lateral, Oleander Drain, Oleander Lateral, Olive Drain, Olive Lateral, Orange Drain, Orange Lateral, Orchid Lateral, Orient Drain, Orient Lateral, Orita Drain, Orita Drain, Orita Lateral, Osage Canal, Osage Drain, Osage Lateral, Outfall Drain, Oxalis Drain, Oxalis Lateral, P Drain, P Lateral, Palm Drain, Palm Lateral, Palmer Drain, Palmetto Drain, Palmetto Lateral, Pampas Drain, Pampas Lateral, Pansy Drain, Pansy Lateral, Peach Drain, Peach Lateral, Pear Canal, Pear Drain, Pear Drain Waste, Pear Lateral One, Pear Side Main, Pearsol Drain, Pepper Drain, Pepper Lateral, Pine Drain, Pine Lateral, Plum Drain, Plum Lateral, Pomelo Drain, Pomelo Lateral, Pumice Drain, Q Drain, Q Lateral, R Drain, R Lateral, R Side Main Canal, Raymond Drain, Redwood Canal, Redwood Eight Drain, Redwood Five Drain, Redwood Four Drain, Redwood Lateral Eight, Redwood Lateral Five, Redwood Lateral Four, Redwood Lateral One, Redwood Lateral Seven, Redwood Lateral Ten, Redwood Lateral Three, Redwood Nine Drain, Redwood Nine-A Drain, Reed Fifteen Drain, Reed Lateral Fifteen, Reservation Main Canal, Reservation Main Drain, Rice Drain, Rice Drain Five, Rice Drain Four, Rice Drain One, Rice Drain Six, Rice Drain Three, Rice Drain Two, Riley Canal, Riley Eleven Drain, Riley Lateral Eleven, Riley Lateral Nine, Rockwood Canal, Rockwood Drain, Rockwood Lateral B, Rockwood Lateral Four, Rockwood Lateral Seven, Rose Canal, Rose Drain, Rose Drain Eight, Rose Drain One, Rose Drain Three A, Rose Drain Two, Rose Drain Two A, Rose Lateral, Rose Lateral Seven, Rose Lateral Three, Rose Lateral Two, Rose Outlet, Rose Seven Drain, Roselle Canal, Rositas Canal, Rositas Waste, Rubber Canal, Rubber Canal, Rubber Drain, Rubber Drain One, Rubber Drain Three, Rubber Drain Two, Rubber Lateral, Rubber Lateral One, Rubber Lateral Six, Rubber Lateral Two, S Drain, S Lateral, Salt Creek Drain One, Salt Creek Drain One A, Salt Creek Drain Two, Sandal Canal, Schenk Seven Drain, Schenk Six Drain, Schenk Ten Drain, Schenk Two Drain, Seeley Drain, Seeley Drain One, Shellenberger Drain, Sioux Lateral, Siphon Eight, Siphon Eighteen, Siphon Eleven, Siphon Fifteen, Siphon Five, Siphon Four, Siphon Fourteen, Siphon Nine, Siphon Nineteen, Siphon One, Siphon Seven, Siphon Seventeen, Siphon Six, Siphon Sixteen, Siphon Ten, Siphon Thirteen, Siphon Three, Siphon Twelve, Siphon Twenty, Siphon Two, Six, Smilax Canal, Smilax Lateral One, South Alamo Canal, South Alamo Drain, South Central Drain, South Central Drain Five, South Central Drain Four, South Central Drain One, South Central Drain Six, South Central Drain Two, South Central Drain Two-A, South Hodges Drain, Spruce Drain, Spruce Drain 2, Spruce Drain No 2, Spruce Drain Number Eighteen, Spruce Drain Number One, Spruce Four Drain, Spruce Lateral Five, Spruce Lateral Four, Spruce Lateral One, Spruce Lateral Three, Spruce One Drain, Spruce Three Drain, Stahl Drain, Standard Drain, Standard Lateral, Stanley Canal, Stanley Lateral One, Stevens Drain, Stout Drain Two, Strout Drain, Sumac Canal, Sumac Lateral, Sumac Lateral Two, Sunbeam Drain, T Drain, Tamarack Canal, Tamarack Drain, Tenino Lateral, Tenth Street Ditch, Thistle Canal, Thistle Drain, Thistle Five Drain, Thistle Four Drain, Thistle Lateral Eight, Thistle Lateral Five, Thistle Lateral Four, Thistle Lateral One, Thistle Lateral Seven, Thistle Seven Drain, Thompson Drain, Thorn 1 Canal, Thorn Canal, Timothy Drain, Timothy Lateral, Timothy One Drain, Timothy Two Drain, Tokay Canal, Tokay Drain, Tokay Drain One, Tokay Drain Two, Tokay Lateral One, Toland Drain, Tonawanda Lateral, Tonto Lateral, Township Drain, Township Lateral, Trifolium Drain, Trifolium Drain 2, Trifolium Drain One, Trifolium Eight Drain, Trifolium Eleven Drain, Trifolium Extension, Trifolium Fifteen Drain, Trifolium Five Drain South, Trifolium Five Drain South, Trifolium Four Drain, Trifolium Four Drain, Trifolium Fourteen Drain, Trifolium Lateral, Trifolium Lateral Eight, Trifolium Lateral Eleven, Trifolium Lateral Fifteen, Trifolium Lateral Five North, Trifolium Lateral Five South, Trifolium Lateral Four, Trifolium Lateral Fourteen, Trifolium Lateral Nine, Trifolium Lateral One, Trifolium Lateral Seven, Trifolium Lateral Six, Trifolium Lateral Sixteen, Trifolium Lateral Ten, Trifolium Lateral Three, Trifolium Lateral Twelve, Trifolium Lateral Two, Trifolium Nine Drain, Trifolium One Drain, Trifolium Seven Drain, Trifolium Six Drain, Trifolium Six Drain, Trifolium Storm Drain, Trifolium Ten Drain, Trifolium Three Drain, Trifolium Twelve Drain, Tuberose Canal, Turnip Canal, U Drain, U Lateral, Vail Canal, Vail Cut Off Drain, Vail Drain, Vail Drain Spur, Vail Five Drain, Vail Four Drain, Vail Four-A Drain, Vail Lateral, Vail Lateral Five, Vail Lateral Five-A, Vail Lateral Four, Vail Lateral Four-A, Vail Lateral Seven, Vail Lateral Six, Vail Lateral Three, Vail Lateral Three-A, Vail Lateral Two, Vail Lateral Two-A, Vail One Drain, Vail Seven Drain, Vail Six-A Drain, Vail Six-A Drain, Vail Supply Canal, Vail Three Drain, Vail Three-A Drain, Vail Two Drain, Vail Two-A Drain, Verde Drain, Verde Drain Four, Verde Drain One, Verde Drain Three, Verde Drain Two, Verde Drain Two A, Verde Drain Two B, Verde Drain Two C, Verde Drain Two D, W Lateral, Walapai Lateral, Walnut Canal, Warren Drain, Warren Drain One, Warren Drain Two, Warren Drain Two B, Warren Drain Two C, Warren Drain Two C Number One, Warren Drain Two E, Warren Drain Two F, Wells Drain, Westmorland Canal, Westmorland Drain, Westside Drain, Westside Main Canal, Whitcomb Canal, Whitcomb Drain Two A, Whitcomb Three Drain, Whitcomb Two Drain, Wildcat Drain, Wills Drain, Wills Drain One, Wills Drain Two, Wistaria Canal, Wistaria Drain, Wistaria Drain Five, Wistaria Lateral Eight, Wistaria Lateral Five, Wistaria Lateral Four, Wistaria Lateral One, Wistaria Lateral P Two, Wistaria Lateral Seven, Wistaria Lateral Six, Wistaria Lateral Three, Wistaria Lateral Two, Wixom Drain, Woodbine Canal, Woodbine Lateral Eight, Woodbine Lateral Four, Woodbine Lateral Seven, Woodbine Lateral Three, Woodbine Lateral Two, Wores Drain, Wormwood Canal, Wormwood Drain, Wormwood Lateral Four, Wormwood Lateral Nine, Wormwood Lateral Seven, Wormwood Lateral Three-A, X Drain, X Lateral, Y Lateral, Yakima Lateral, Ypsilanti Lateral, Yuma Main Canal, Z Lateral

  Capes     show all on map

Rockwood Heading

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Evergreen Cemetery, Hedges Cemetery, Imperial Cemetery, Memory Gardens Cemetery, Mountain View Cemetery, Potholes Cemetery, Riverview Cemetery, Terrace Park Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Bombay Beach Census Designated Place, Desert Shores Census Designated Place, Heber Census Designated Place, Niland Census Designated Place, Ocotillo Census Designated Place, Palo Verde Census Designated Place, Salton City Census Designated Place, Salton Sea Beach Census Designated Place, Seeley Census Designated Place, Winterhaven Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

All Saints Episcopal Church, American Methodist Church, Amistad Cristana, Apostolic Church, Apostolic Church, Apostolic Church of Jesus, Assembly of God Church, Baptist Missionary Tabernacle, Brawley Foursquare Gospel Church, Calvary Baptist Church (historical), Central Baptist Church, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ (historical), Church of God in Christ, Church of God of Prophecy, Church of the Nazarene, Church of the Nazarene, Church of the Nazarene, Church of the Nazarene, Edwards Chapel Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, El Centro Korean Church, Emmanuel Asamblea de Dios Latina, First American Baptist Church, First Assembly of God Church, First Assembly of God Church of El Centro, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church (historical), First Baptist Church of El Centro, First Chinese Baptist Church, First Christian Church, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Methodist Church, First Mexican Baptist Church, First Presbyterian Church, First Presbyterian Church, First Southern Baptist Church (historical), First United Methodist Church, First United Methodist Church of Brawley, First United Pentecostal Church of El Centro, Foursquare Church, Free Methodist Church, Grace Baptist Church, Grace Lutheran Church, Iglesia Apostolica, Iglesia de Christo, Iglesia de Dios de la Profesia, Imperial Chamber of Commerce, Imperial Valley Church of Religious Science, Johnson Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Macedonia Church of God in Christ, New Testament Baptist Church, Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church, Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church, Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church, Saint Josephs Catholic Church, Saint Lukes Episcopal Church, Saint Margaret Mary Catholic Church, Saint Marys Roman Catholic Church, Saint Pauls Evangelical Lutheran Church, Saint Peter and Paul Episcopal Church, Saint Thomas Yuma Indian Mission, Second Baptist Church, Seeley Community Church, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Seventh Day Adventist Spanish Church, Sweet Home Baptist Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Word of Faith Church, Trinity Lutheran Church, Valley Baptist Church, Valley Christian Church, Valley Church, Western Avenue Baptist Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Bear Canyon Bluff

  Crossings     show all on map

Hoge Ferry (historical), Taylor Ferry (historical)

  Dams     show all on map

El Centro Wpp 2016 Dam, Hanlon Heading, Imperial Dam, North Dike Dam, North End Dam, Reservation Levee, Rositas Dam, Senator Wash Dam, Squaw Lake Dike Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Bear Canyon Falls, Carrizo Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Geode Beds, Shell Beds, West Mesa

  Gaps     show all on map

Indian Pass, Salvation Pass, Surveyors Pass

  Guts     show all on map

Regan Slough

  Hospitals     show all on map

Calexico Medical Center, El Centro Regional Medical Center, Fort Yuma Indian Hospital, Imperial County Hospital, Imperial Valley Sanitarium (historical), Pioneers Memorial Hospital, Public Health Services Health Center Fort Yuma Service Unit

  Islands     show all on map

Mullet Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Bard Lake, Davis Lake, Draper Lake, Ferguson Lake, Finney Lake, Gieselmann Lake, Haughtelin Lake, Ramer Lake, Red Rock Lake, Salton Sea, Squaw Lake, Stewarts Lake, Sunbeam Lake, Taylor Lake, Three Finger Lake, Walker Lake, Wiest Lake

  Levees     show all on map

Reservation Levee

  Locales     show all on map

Andrade, Araz, Barbara Worth Country Club, Benson Landing, Bombay Beach Campground, Brawley City Water Works, Brawley Wastewater Treatment Plant, Broken Spoke Country Club, Calexico Mall Shopping Center, Camp Dunlap, Carrizo Wash Boat-in Camp, City of El Centro Water Plant, Del Rio Country Club, Desert Trails Recreational Vehicle Park, Draper Ranch, Drop One, Drop One, El Centro Center Shopping Center, El Centro City Water Pollution Control Plant, Experimental Farm Number One, Experimental Farm Number Two, Flowing Wells, Four-S Ranch, Gilmores Camp, Gold Rock Ranch, Gordons Well, Grape Siding, Grays Well, Greer Ranch (historical), Hazard Headquarters, Hedges, Heise Service Station, Hovley Siding, International Country Club, Jewett Siding, Lechuga Store, Lyons Crossing, Meloland Siding, Midway Well, Motor Vu Twin Drive-In, Niland Marina, Old Araz Stage Depot, Old Carrizo Stage Station, Pacific Aquafarms, Paddlewheeler Boat-in Camp, Picacho Mill Ruins, Pilot Knob Check and Wasteway, Pilot Knob Hydro-electric Plant, Pilot Knob Substation, Potholes, Power Drop Number Four, Power Drop Number Three, Power Drop Number Two, Red Hill Marina, Rio Vista Plaza Shopping Center, Salton Golf Course, Salton Sea Beach Marina, Salton Sea Service Station, Southend Sportsman Club, Tamarack Ranch, Taylor Lake Boat-in Camp, Taylor Lake Overlook, Tropical Fish Farm, Vail Ranch, Valley Fish Farms, Valley Plaza Shopping Center, Vista Mine, Walters Camp, Watton Labor Camp, Westgate Shopping Center, Wilsie Siding, Wulfs Crossing, Yuma Test Station

  Military     show all on map

Camp Pilot Knob (historical), Chocolate Mountain Aerial Gunnery Range, Inkey Barley Range, Kitty Baggage Range, Loom Lobby Range, Naval Air Facility El Centro, Naval Auxiliary Air Station Holtville (historical), Naval Auxiliary Air Station Salton Sea (historical), Sand Hill Naval Outlying Landing Field (historical), Shade Tree Range

  Mines     show all on map

American Girl Mine, Bertram Mine, Black Eagle Mine, Cargo Mine, Easy Pickins Mine, Elliot Mine, Elms Pit, Frink Pit, Glamis Pit, Golden Dream Mine, Guadalupe Mine, Hazard Fish Springs Pit, Hess Mine, Highline Pit, Imperial Buttes Mine, La Colorado Mine, Mary Lode Mine, Mesquite Mine, New River Fines Material Pit, Occidental Mine, Old Channel Mine Shaft, Old Senator Mine, Padre Madre Mine, Pasadena Mine, Paymaster Mine, Pegleg Mine, Picacho Mine, Pioneer Mine, Rainbow Mine, Three C Mine, Tumco Mine, Wixon Gravel Pit

  Parks     show all on map

Adams Park, Alyce Gereaux Park, Border Park, Bucklin Park, California Mid-Winter Fairgrounds, Calipatria Park, Cibola National Wildlife Refuge, City Park, Cline Park, Cortez Park, Crestview Park, Crummett Park, Desert Gardens Park, Earl Walker County Park, Emerson Park, Emerson Park, Evans Park, Fraizer Field, Guadalupe Park, Hawthorne Park, Heber Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area, Heber Park, Holt Park, Imperial National Wildlife Refuge, Imperial National Wildlife Refuge, Imperial Waterfowl Management Area, Imperial Waterfowl Management Area, Irving Park, Kennedy Gardens Park, Legion Park, Lions Field, Longfellow Park, Mack Park, McGee Park, Meserve Park, Niland Park, North Park, Palo Verde County Park, Pat Williams Park, Picacho State Recreation Area, Plaza Park, Ridge Park, River Park, Rockwood Plaza, Rodriguez Park, Salton Sea State Recreation Area, Sonny Bono Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge, Stage Station Historical Marker, Sunbeam Lake County Park, Sunbeam Recreation Area, Swarthout Field, Van Der Linden Field, Vista De Anza Historical Marker, Warne Field, Warne Park, Weinburg Park, West Main Park, West Park, Westmorland City Park, Whittier Park, Wister Waterfowl Management Area

  Pillars     show all on map

Rainbow Rock

  Plains     show all on map

Yuha Desert

  Populated Places     show all on map

Acolita, Alamorio, Amos, Anza, Araz Junction, Bard, Bernice (historical), Bertram, Bombay Beach, Bonds Corner, Boulder Park, Brawley, Butlers (historical), Cactus, Calexico, Calipatria, Citrus View, Clyde, Concepcíon (historical), Coolidge Springs, Coyote Wells, Curlew, Date City, Desert Shores, Dixieland, Dunes, Edgar, El Centro, Elmore Desert Ranch, Estelle, Felicity, Fondo, Frink, Fuller, Glamis, Heber, Holtville, Hovley, Imperial, Inperial Gables, Iris, Kane Spring, Mayflower (historical), Meloland, Mesquite, Moss, Mount Signal, Mundo, Munyon, Niland, No Mirage, Obregon, Ocotillo, Ogilby, Orita, Palo Verde, Paymaster Landing, Perrys Corner, Picacho, Plaster City, Pope, Rico, Rockwood, Ross Corner, Ruthven, Salton City, Salton Sea Beach, Sandia, Seeley, Shamrock (historical), Squeaky Springs (historical), Tortuga, Truckhaven, Verdant, Watermans Corner, Westmorland, Wiest, Wilsie, Winterhaven, Wister

  Post Offices     show all on map

Brawley Post Office, Calexico Post Office, Calipatria Post Office, El Centro Main Post Office, Felicity Post Office, Heber Post Office, Holtville Post Office, Imperial Post Office, Niland Post Office, Ocotillo Post Office, Seeley Post Office, Westmorland Post Office

  Ranges     show all on map

Black Hills, Cargo Muchacho Mountains, Chocolate Mountains, Fish Creek Mountains, Little Mule Mountains, Ogilby Hills, Palo Verde Mountains, Superstition Hills, Yuha Buttes

  Reserves     show all on map

Coyote Mountains Wilderness, Fish Creek Mountains Wilderness, Indian Pass Wilderness, Jacumba Wilderness, Little Picacho Wilderness, North Algodones Dunes Wilderness, Palo Verde Mountains Wilderness, Picacho Peak Wilderness

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Bear Canyon Tank, Imperial Reservoir, Senator Wash Reservoir, Senator Wash Reservoir, Senator Wash Reservoir, Tadpole Tank

  Ridges     show all on map

Shell Reef

  Schools     show all on map

Acacia School, Alamitos School (historical), Alamo School, Aurora High School, Ben Hulse Elementary School, Bonita School, Brawley Junior College, Calexico Adventist Missionary School, Calipatria High School, Central High Adult Education School, Central High School, De Anza Junior High School, De Anza School, Desert Gardens Elementary School, Desert Oasis High School, Dool Elementary School, Douglas Junior High School, Eastside School (historical), Elm School (historical), Eucalyptus School, Exceptional Childrens School, Finley Elementary School, Fremont Elementary School, Fremont Primary School, Grace Smith Elementary School, Harding Elementary School, Heber Elementary School, Heber Junior High School, Hidalgo Elementary School, Highline School (historical), Holtville Christian School, Holtville Middle School, Imperial Avenue Holbrook School, Imperial Valley College, Jasper-Alamitos Union School, Jefferson Elementary School, Kennedy Garden School, Kennedy Middle School, Lantana School, Lincoln Elementary School, Magnolia Elementary School, Margaret Hedrick Elementary School, Martin Luther King Junior Elementary School, McCabe Elementary School, McKinley Elementary School, McKinley Public School (historical), McKinley School, Meadows Elementary School, Midway High School, Mount Signal School, Mulberry Elementary School, North End School (historical), Oakley School, Our Lady of Guadalupe School, Palmetto School (historical), Park Avenue Continuation High School, Pine Elementary School, Reid School, Rockwood Elementary School, Roosevelt School (historical), Rose Mesquite School, Rose School, Sacred Heart Primary School, Saint Josephs Elementary School, Saint Mary School, San Diego State University - Imperial Valley Campus, San Pasqual School, San Pasqual Valley School, San Pasqual Valley School, San Webb Continuation High School, Seeley Elementary School, Seventh Day Adventist School, Silsbee School, Soroptimist Elementary School, Southwest High School, Sunset Springs School (historical), Swing Elementary School, Trifolium School (historical), Union High School, Union High School, Union High School, Union High School, University of California Imperial Valley Fir, Verde School, Vincent Memorial High School, Washington School, Western Baptist Christian School, Westmorland Elementary School, Westside School, Wilson School, Witter School, Worth School, Wright School

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Arrowweed Spring, Carrizo Spring, Clapp Spring, Fish Spring, Four Palms Spring, Frink Spring, Hot Mineral Spa, McCain Spring, Mountain Spring, Peter Kane Water Hole, Salvation Spring

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Alamo River, American Girl Wash, Amerosa Wash, Anza Ditch, Araz Wash, Arrastia Wash, Arroyo Salada, Arroyo Seco, Bee Wash, Big Wash, Biloxi Wash, Boulder Creek, Bullhead Slough, Burro Wash, Campbell Wash, Carrizo Creek, Carrizo Wash, Carrizo Wash, Coral Wash, Coyote Wash, Draper Wash, Ferguson Wash, Fish Creek Wash, Garner Wash, Gatuna Wash, Gavilan Wash, German Diggins Wash, Gert Wash, Grave Wash, Gravel Wash, Greeson Wash, Iberia Wash, Indian Wash, Iris Wash, Julian Wash, Little Picacho Wash, Mammoth Wash, Marcus Wash, Milpitas Wash, Mission Wash, Myer Creek, New River, Ninemile Wash, North Fork Arroyo Salada, Palm Canyon Wash, Palm Wash, Para Wash, Picacho Wash, Pinto Wash, Salt Creek Slough, San Felipe Creek, San Felipe Wash, Senator Wash, Sortan Wash, South Fork Coyote Wash, Surprise Wash, Tarantula Wash, Tule Wash, Tumco Wash, Turnaround Wash, Unnamed Wash, Velian Wash, Verde Wash, Vinagre Wash, White Wash, Wonderstone Wash, Yuha Wash, Zenas Wash

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Algodones Dunes, Black Mountain, Blue Angels Peak, Blue Mountain, Buzzards Peak, Carrizo Mountain, Clay Point, Deer Peak, East Mesa, Flat Tops, Lion Head Mountain, Little Picacho Peak, Mount Barrow, Obsidian Butte, Palo Verde Peak, Pasadena Mountain, Pasadena Peak, Pebble Mountain, Peter Kane Mountain, Picacho Peak, Pilot Knob, Pilot Knob Mesa, Quartz Peak, Red Hill, Red Island, Rock Hill, Rojo Grande, Sawtooth Mountain, Stud Mountain, Sugarloaf Mountain, Sunrise Butte, Superstition Mountain, Thumb Peak, Travertine Rock

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KAMP-AM (El Centro), KECY-TV (El Centro), KGBA-FM (Holtville), KICO-AM (Calexico), KOZN-FM (Imperial), KQVO-FM (Calexico), KROP-AM (Brawley), KROP-AM (Brawley), KSIQ-FM (Brawley), KSSB-FM (Calipatria), KUBO-FM (Calexico), KWST-FM (Brawley), KXO-AM (El Centro), KXO-FM (El Centro), Rake Tower

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Picacho Mills Historic Trail, Truckhaven Trail

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Barrett Canyon, Bear Canyon, Davies Canyon, Davies Valley, Deguynos Canyon, Devils Canyon, Devils Canyon, Explorers Pass, Fossil Canyon, Imperial Valley, In-Ko-Pah Gorge, Jackson Gulch, Lower Borrego Valley, Martinez Gulch, Myer Valley, Painted Gorge, Pinto Canyon, Red Rock Canyon, Smoketree Valley

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Arrowhead Springs, Baileys Well, Barth Well, Beal Well, County Well, Diamond Bar Test Well, Harpers Well, Hayden Well, Indian Well, Melson Well, Midway Well, Pegleg Well, Rainey Well, Wiley Well, Yuha Well,

Imperial County, California Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteImperial County White population 158,207158,207  
BlackImperial County Black population 6,5406,540
American IndianImperial County American Indian population 4,5964,595
AsianImperial County Asian population 4,0664,065
MixedImperial County Mixed population 3,0053,005
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderImperial County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 354353

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