Inyo County, California Basics:

Inyo County California - Government Site

Population: 18,441
Area: 10181 square miles
County seat: Independence
Area code(s) in use: 760
Time zone: PST
High school graduate or higher: 88.6%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 21.0%
Median household income: $45,000
Persons in poverty: 11.3%
Home ownership rate: 63.0%
Mean travel time to work: 15.0 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Clark (NV)  Esmeralda (NV)  Fresno  Kern  Mono  Nye (NV)  San Bernardino  Tulare  

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Map of the Inyo County area

Our detail map of Inyo County shows the Inyo County, California boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Inyo County, California

  Airports     show all on map

Adamson Landing Field (historical), Amargosa Airport, Chicken Strip, Coyote Flats Airport (historical), Eastern Sierra Regional Airport, Furnace Creek Airport, Independence Airport, Inyo County Sheriff Search and Rescue Heliport, Lone Pine Airport, Shoshone Airport, Stovepipe Wells Airport, Trona Airport

  Arches     show all on map

Conglomerate Double Arch, Death Valley Natural Bridge, Telephone Arch

  Areas     show all on map

Buttermilk Country, Devils Golf Course, Devils Speedway, Indian Ranch Reservation, Olancha Dunes, Sylvania Mountains

  Basins     show all on map

Badwater Basin, Coso Basin, Cottonball Basin, Death Valley, Deep Springs Valley, Eureka Valley, Granite Park, Great Falls Basin, Hidden Valley, Little Onion, Middle Basin, Middle Park, Onion Valley, Panamint Valley Crater, Racetrack Valley, Red Amphitheater, Round Valley, Round Valley, Saline Valley, South Park, Stewart Valley, The Bowl, The Pothole, Williamson Bowl

  Benches     show all on map

Portuguese Bench, Rolling Green Terrace, Shingle Mill Bench, Warren Bench

  Buildings     show all on map

Big Pine Fire Department, Big Pine Kiosk, Bishop City Hall, Bishop Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, Bishop Visitors Center, Bristlecone Visitor Center, Bureau of Land Management Olancha Fire Station, Darwin Museum, Death Valley National Park Fire and Rescue, Death Valley National Park Visitor Center, Department of Forestry and Fire Protection Bishop Station, Department of Forestry and Fire Protection Station 59 Independence, Eastern California Museum, Furnace Creek Volunteer Fire Department, Glacier Pack Station, Haiwee Powerhouse, Independence Fire Department, Inyo County Courthouse, Inyo County Free Library, Keeler Volunteer Fire Department, Lone Pine Fire Protection District Station 1 Headquarters, Lone Pine Fire Protection District Station 2, Lone Pine Ranger Station, Meadow Farms Fire Department Station 3, Mount Whitney Ranger Station, Northern Inyo Hospital Medical Library, Olancha - Cartago Fire Department, Paiute-Shoshone Indian Cultural Center, Pine Creek Pack Station, Railroad Museum, Rainbow Pack Station, Rock Creek Lake Resort, Rock Creek Pack Station, Schulman Grove Visitor Center, Shoshone Museum, Sierra Lifeflight, Southern Inyo Fire Protection District, Symons Emergency Specialties, United States Forest Service White Mountain Ranger Station, West Ridge Fire Department Station 2, Whitney Portal Store

  Canals     show all on map

Aberdeen Bypass Ditch, Aberdeen Ditch, Big Pine Canal, Bishop Creek Canal, Collins Canal, Division Creek Ditch, Eclipse Ditch, Geiger Canal, Laws Ditch, Los Angeles Aqueduct, McIver Canal, Moiver Canal, North McNally Canal, Owens River Canal, Rawson Canal, South McNally Canal, Stevens Canal

  Capes     show all on map

Mormon Point, Point Bartlett

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Dayton Harris Grave Monument, East Line Cemetery, Independence Cemetery, Indian Cemetery, Jean Lemoigne Grave, Mount Whitney Cemetery, Old Independence Cemetery, Old Lone Pine Cemetery, Pioneer Cemetery, Pioneer Cemetery, Sunland Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Big Pine Census Designated Place, Cartago Census Designated Place, Darwin Census Designated Place, Dixon Lane-Meadow Creek Census Designated Place, Furnace Creek Census Designated Place, Homewood Canyon Census Designated Place, Independence Census Designated Place, Keeler Census Designated Place, Lone Pine Census Designated Place, Mesa Census Designated Place, Olancha Census Designated Place, Pearsonville Census Designated Place, Round Valley Census Designated Place, Shoshone Census Designated Place, Tecopa Census Designated Place, Trona Census Designated Place, Valley Wells Census Designated Place, West Bishop Census Designated Place, Wilkerson Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Bethel Chapel Community Church, Big Pine Community United Methodist Church, Calvary Baptist Church, Church of Christ, Church of the Nazarene, Church of the Nazarene, First Presbyterian Church, First Southern Baptist Church, First United Methodist Church, Foursquare Gospel Church, Grace Lutheran Church, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Mount Whitney Baptist Church, Neighborhood Assembly of God Church, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church, Our Saviour Lutheran Church, Saint Timothys Episcopal Church, Santa Rosa Catholic Church, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Seventh Day Adventist Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Trinity Episcopal Church, Valley Presbyterian Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Chalk Bluff, Travertine Point

  Craters     show all on map

Little Hebe Crater, Ubehebe Crater

  Dams     show all on map

Alabama Gates, Big Pine Creek Number 2 6-011 Dam, Bishop Creek 104-033 Dam, Haiwee 6-024 Dam, Hillside 104-030 Dam, Longley 104-031 Dam, Merrit Cut, North Haiwee Dam, North Lake 104-036 Dam, Pleasant Valley 6-045 Dam, Sabrina 104-032 Dam, South Haiwee Dam, Tinemaha 6-026 Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Darwin Falls, First Falls, Fossil Falls, Manly Fall, Second Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Airport Lake, Alkali Flat, Arcane Meadows, Arrastre Meadow, Ash Meadow, Badger Flat, Big Cottonwood Meadows, Bighorn Park, Bishop Park, Cactus Flat, Cedar Flat, Clyde Meadow, Coats Meadow, Coles Flat, Coyote Flat, Dead Horse Meadow, Devils Cornfield, Devils Kitchen, Dry Lakes, Dutch John Flat, Dutch Johns Meadow, Dutch Meadow, Ford Flat, Gomez Meadow, Grays Meadow, Harkless Flat, Harrisburg Flats, Haway Meadows (historical), High Meadows, Horseshoe Meadow, Jackass Flats, Joshua Flat, Joshua Flats, Last Chance Meadow, Lee Flat, Little Cowhorn Valley, Logging Flat, Longley Meadow, Lower Centennial Flat, Lower Grays Meadow, Mahogany Flat, Mahogany Flat, McCloud Flat, McGee Meadow, McMurry Meadows, Mesquite Flat, Mosquito Flat, Movie Flat, Niter Beds, Owens Lake, Papoose Flat, Poison Meadow, Reed Flat, Sage Flat, Sage Flat, Sam Mack Meadow, Sand Flat, Sanger Meadow, Santa Rita Flat, Santa Rosa Flat, Sawmill Meadows, Sharps Meadow, Squaw Flat, Stecker Flat, Summit Meadow, The Meadows, The Racetrack, Tungsten Hills, Ulida Flat, Upper Cactus Flat, Upper Centennial Flat, Upper Meadow, Wells Meadow, Whippoorwill Flat, White Sage Flat

  Forests     show all on map

Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest

  Gaps     show all on map

Baxter Pass, Contact Pass, Cottonwood Pass, Daylight Pass, Deadman Pass, Emigrant Pass, Emigrant Pass, Forgotten Pass, Gilbert Pass, Grapevine Canyon Pass, Haiwee Pass, Hole in the Wall, Ibex Pass, Indian Pass, Italy Pass, Jigsaw Pass, Jubilee Pass, Lost Burro Gap, Manly Pass, Mengel Pass, Mono Pass, Morgan Pass, Mulkey Pass, New Army Pass, Olancha Pass, Panamint Pass, Red Pass, Royal Gorge, Salsberry Pass, Sawmill Pass, Sheep Pass (historical), Sheephead Pass, Shepherd Pass, Slate Range Crossing, Soldier Pass, Taboose Pass, Tecopa Pass, The Narrows, The Narrows, Towne Pass, Trail Pass, Vacation Pass, Westgard Pass, Whitney Pass, Whitney Portal

  Glaciers     show all on map

Middle Palisade Glacier, Norman Clyde Glacier, Palisade Glacier, Powell Glacier

  Hospitals     show all on map

Northern Inyo Hospital, Southern Inyo Hospital

  Lakes     show all on map

Baboon Lakes, Bear Lake, Bench Lake, Big Pine Lake, Big Pine Lakes, Big Pothole Lake, Birch Lake, Birchim Lake, Bishop Lake, Black Lake, Blue Heaven Lake, Blue Lake, Bluff Lake, Bottleneck Lake, Box Lake, Brainerd Lake, Brown Lake, Buck Lake, Calvert Lake, Camp Lake, Carricut Lake, Chalfant Lakes, Chickenfoot Lake, Chocolate Lakes, Cirque Lake, Consultation Lake, Cottonwood Lake Number Five, Cottonwood Lake Number Four, Cottonwood Lake Number One, Cottonwood Lake Number Six, Cottonwood Lake Number Three, Cottonwood Lake Number Two, Cottonwood Lakes, Coyote Lake, Dade Lake, Deep Springs Lake, Dingleberry Lake, Donkey Lake, Dorothy Lake, Duck Lake, Eastern Brook Lakes, Echo Lake, Elinor Lake, Emerald Lakes, Emerson Lake, Ems Pond, Fifth Lake, Finch Lake, Finger Lake, First Lake, Fishgut Lakes, Flower Lake, Fourth Lake, Francis Lake, Frog Pond, Funnel Lake, Gable Lakes, Gem Lakes, George Lake, Gilbert Lake, Golden Lake, Golden Trout Lake, Goose Lake, Granite Lake, Grass Lake, Grass Lake, Green Lake, Grimshaw Lake, Heart Lake, Heart Lake, Hell Diver Lakes, Hidden Lake, Hidden Lake, Hidden Lakes, Higgins Lake, High Lake, Honeymoon Lake, Horton Lake, Hungry Packer Lake, Hurd Lake, Inconsolable Lake, Kenneth Lake, Klondike Lake, Lake Helen of Troy, Lake Sabrina, Ledge Lake, Little George Lake, Little Lake, Little Lakes, Little Meysan Lake, Little Pothole Lake, Loch Leven, Lone Pine Lake, Long Lake, Long Lake, Long Lake, Lower Boy Scout Lake, Lower Lamarck Lake, Lower Morgan Lake, Mack Lake, Margaret Lake, Marie Louise Lakes, Marsh Lake, Matlock Lake, Meysan Lake, Midnight Lake, Mills Lake, Mirror Lake, Moonlight Lake, Muir Lake, Mule Lake, Parker Lakes, Peanut Lake, Pee Wee Lake, Pine Lake, Piute Lake, Red Lake, Robinson Lake, Rock Creek Lake, Rocky Bottom Lake, Ruby Lake, Ruwau Lake, Saddlerock Lake, Sailor Lake, Salt Lake, Sam Mack Lake, Sardine Lake, Sawmill Lake, Schober Lakes, Second Lake, Serene Lake, Seventh Lake, Sixth Lake, Sky High Lake, Slim Lake, South Fork Lakes, Spearhead Lake, Spire Lake, Split Lake, Summit Lake, Sunset Lake, Tamarack Lakes, Thibaut Ponds, Third Lake, Thompson Lake, Thunder and Lightning Lake, Timberline Tarns, Tinemaha Lake, Topsy Turvy Lake, Treasure Lakes, Treasure Lakes, Twin Lakes, Tyee Lakes, Upper Boy Scout Lake, Upper Horton Lakes, Upper Lamarck Lake, Upper Morgan Lake, Upper Pine Lake, Warren Lake, Weir Lake, Willow Lake, Wishbone Lake, Wonder Lakes

  Lava     show all on map

Volcanic Tableland

  Locales     show all on map

Andrews Camp, Anthony Mill Ruins, Anvil Camp, Aspen Meadow Campground, Baker Creek Recreation Site, Bells Mill (historical), Big Petroglyphs, Big Pine Campground, Big Pine Creek Campground, Big Pine Creek Picnic Site, Big Pine Creek South Fork Trailhead, Big Trees Campground, Bigelow (historical), Birch Campground, Birch Lake Trailhead, Bircham Springs Picnic Area, Bishop Golf Club, Bishop Park Campground, Bishop Park Group Campground, Black Rock Fish Hatchery, Browns Town Recreational Vehicle Park, Burro Canyon Test Facility, Castle in Clay, Cedar Flat Entrance Station, Charlies Butte, China Ranch, Chris Wicht Camp, Circle S Ranch, Clair Camp, Confidence Mill, Coso (historical), Cottonwood Power Plant, Cottonwood Sawmill, Darwin East Gate, Darwin West Gate, Dayton Harris Gravity Station, Dead End Cabin, Death Valley, Deep Spring Highway Maintenace Station, Devils Gate, Diaz Lake Campground, Diaz Lake Campground, Division Creek Powerhouse, Eastern Sierra Interagency Visitor Center, Eightmile Ranch, Elna Smelter (historical), Emigrant Ranger Station, Father Crowley Viewpoint, First Falls Campground, Fish Springs State Fish Hatchery, Five Bridge, Forks Campground, Fort Independence Campground, Fossil Campground, Four Jeffrey Campground, Furnace Creek Campground, Furnace Creek Golf Course, Furnace Creek Inn, Furnace Creek Ranch, Gable Lakes Trailhead, Gill Corral, Glacier Camp, Glacier Lodge, Golden Trout Camp, Goodale Creek Campground, Graham Ranch, Grandview Campground, Grapevine Ranger Station, Grays Meadow Campground, Harmony Borax Works, Harts Camp, Hells Gate, Hog Ranch, Horton Creek Campground, Horton Lakes Trailhead, Howard Ranch, Hungry Bills Ranch, Independence Creek Campground, Indian Ranch, Intake 2 Picnic Site, Intake Campground, Inyo Camp, Inyo National Forest Supervisors Ofiice, Inyo-Mono Ecology Center, Joshua Ridge Facility, Juniper Campground, La Hupp Picnic Area, Lake Inlet Campground, Lake Outlet Campground, Lamarck Lakes Trailhead, Lees Camp, Lewis Ranch, Little Petroglyphs, Locust Grove Campground, Lone Pine Campground, Lone Pine Group Campground, Lone Pine Station, Lower Noonday Camp, Maxim Mill (historical), Mclain Park, Mesquite Spring Campground, Meysan Lake Trailhead, Millpond, Millpond Recreation Area, Mono Pass Trailhead, Monola Station (historical), Mosquito Flat Campground, Mount Whitney, Mount Whitney Fish Hatchery, Mount Whitney Golf Course, Mountain Glen Campground, Mushroom Rock, Myers Ranch, National Park Service Headquarters, North Fork Big Pine Creek Trailhead, North Lake Campground, North Lake Picnic Site, North Lake Trailhead, North Park Campground, Oak Creek Campground, Olancha Pass-Sage Flat Trailhead, Olancha Siding, Onion Valley Campground, Onion Valley Trailhead, Owens Valley Radio Observatory, Owens Valley Ranch, Parchers Camp, Parker Ranch, Paxton Ranch, Permanente (historical), Pine Creek Trailhead, Pine Creek Tungsten Mill, Pinon Campground, Pinon Picnic Area, Pleasant Valley Campground, Poleta Campground, Poleta Picnic Area, Portagee Joe Campground, Red Dog Picnic Area, Reed Corral, Roberts Ranch, Rock Creek Boating Site, Rock Creek Lake Campground, Rock Creek Lake Picnic Site, Rock Creek Picnic Site, Russell Camp, Ryan Widow, Sabrina Boating Site, Sabrina Campground, Sabrina Lake Trailhead, Sage Flat Campground, San Francis Ranch (historical), Sawmill Creek Campground, Sawmill Pass Trailhead, Schober Lane Recreation Site, Schulman Grove Picnic Area, Schulman Grove Picnic Site, Schulman-Methusalah Trailhead, Scottys Castle, Scottys Ranch, Second Falls Campground, Shepherd Pass Trailhead, Sierra View, South Lake Picnic Area, South Lake-Bishop Pass Trailhead, Stage Station, Starlight Estates, Stone Corral, Stovepipe Wells, Sunset Campground, Symmes Creek Campground, Table Mountain Campground, Taboose Creek Campground, Taboose Pass Trailhead, Taboose Ranch, Tamarack Lakes Trailhead, Texas Springs Campground, The Tanks, Thompson Camp, Thorndike Campground, Toll House, Tunawee Ranch, Tuttle Creek Campground, Tuttle Creek Trailhead, Tyee Trailhead, Union Mill (historical), Upper Noonday Camp, Upper Sage Flat Campground, Vanadium Ranch, Welch Gold Mine (historical), West Side Borax Camp, White Mountain City, White Mountain Ranger Station, Whitney Portal Campground, Whitney Portal Group Campground, Whitney Portal Picnic Area, Wildrose Ranger Station, Wilkerson Tract, Willow Campground, Willow Creek Camp, Wilson Ranch

  Military     show all on map

Bishop Army Air Field (historical), Camp Independence (historical), China Lake Naval Weapons Center

  Mines     show all on map

Abestos Number 1 Prospect, Adamson Mine, Aeroplane Mine, Alhambra Mine, Aliance Talc Mine, Alice Extension Prospect, Alice Prospect, Alice Quartz Mine, American Mine, Andrews Numbers 1-17 Prospects, Argenta Mine, Argus Sterling Mine, Arroyo Group Prospects, Ashford Mine, Badger Flat Prospects, Bakoch Prospect, Barrel Springs Group Placer Mine, Baxter Mine, Beebe Mine, Belmont Mine, Betty Jumbo Mine, Big Bell Mine, Big Four Mine, Big Pine Copper Number 1 Prospect, Big Pine Mine, Big Ram Mine, Big Silver Mine, Bighorn Mine, Billie Mine, Birthday Numbers 1-4 Prospects, Bishop Mine, Bishop Prospect, Black Aster Prospect, Black Canyon Mine, Black Eagle Mine, Black Jack Mine, Black Jackass Prospect, Black Lady Mine, Black Warrior Mine, Blackbird Prospect, Blake Mine, Blister Lode Prospect, Blue Bell Mine, Blue Boy Prospect, Blue Crystal Numbers 1-6 Prospects, Blue Grouse Prospect, Blue Monster Mine, Blue Star Mines, Blue Stone Talc Mine, Bluebird Mine, Boaz Prospect, Bob White Prospect, Bonham Mines, Boraxo Mine, Brackett Prospect, Broadway Prospect, Brockman Pit, Brook Quarry, Brown Prospect, Brownstone Mine, Buckeye Placer Mine, Buckshot Prospect, Bunker Hill Mine, Burgess Mine, Cabin Prospect, California Rose Number 2 Prospect, Cardinal Mine, Cent Prospect, Centennial Flat Clay Mine, Cerro Gordo Mine, Charlies Pride Mine, Chipmunk Mine, Christmas Mine, Cleveland Mines, Clifford Mine, Columbia Mine, Columbia Mine, Comet Mine, Cometti Mine, Condor Number 1 Mine, Contact Silver Number 8 Prospect, Cooper Mine, Copper Empire Group Mine, Copper Queen Mine, Copper Queen Mine, Corkscrew Mine, Cottonwood Materials Pit, Cowshed Workings, Crescent Mines, Custer Mine, D R Mar Jak Mine, Darwin Mines, Davenport Mine, Death Valley Junction Pit, Declaration Mine, Defense Mine, Dennis Junior Mine, Desert Bard Mine, Desert Hound Mine, Dolomite Numbers 1-8 Prospects, Donna Loy Talc Mine, Dorothy Prospect, Duarte Mine, East Coleman Pit, East Sylvester Prospect, Eclipse Mine, El Conejo Mine, El Sobrante Prospect, Elkhorn Numbers 1-8 Placer Mines, Ella Mine, Empire Mine, Estelle Tunnel, Eureka Consolidated Quartz Mine, Firecracker Mine, Fish Springs Quarry, Five Bridges Pit Number 1, Five Tunnels Mine, Flapjack Number 1 Mine, Four Horsemen Prospect, Four Mules Mine, Friend Prospect, George III Prospect, Gerstley Mine, Giant Mine, Giant Mine, Glacier Mines, Gladstone Mine, Gold Bottom Mine, Gold Bug Prospect, Gold Bugs Numbers 1-2 Prospects, Gold Giant Number 4 Mine, Gold Rabbit Prospect, Gold Seal Prospect, Goldbug Mine, Golden Lady Mine, Golden Nugget Prospect, Good Enough Prospect, Good Luck Prospect, Goodview Prospect, Graham Mine, Grand Group, Grand View Mine, Grand View Prospect, Grandview Mine, Grantham Mine, Gray Eagle Mine, Gray Eagle Talc Mine, Green Gem Numbers 1-2 Prospects, Green Giant Marble Mine, Green Group Prospects, Green Monster Mine, Green Monster Prospect, Grey Eagle Talc Mine, Gunsight Mine, Gunter Canyon Mine, Hanging Valley Mine, Harlis and Broady Mine, Hawkeye Prospect, Hemlock Mine, Hidden Valley Numbers 1-6 Prospects, Hilltop Mine, Hilltop Prospect, Holiday Mine, Hudson River Mine, Ibex Mine, Ignacio Mine, Independence Claims, Inyo King Prospect, Inyo Mine, Inyo Queen Number 1 Mine, Inyo Queen Number 2 Mine, Iron Nugget Placer Mine, Iron Side Prospect, Iron Wedge Prospect, J R Number 2 Prospect, Jack Black Mine, Jack Henry Mine, Jackrabbit Mine, Jackrabbit Prospect, Jamieson Pit, January Jones Mine, Jean Apex Prospect, Joe Diaz Prospect, Johnnie Number 7 Prospect, Josephine Mine, Julia R Numbers 1-3 Prospects, Kaweah Prospect, Keane Wonder Mill, Keane Wonder Mine, Kearsarge Group, Keeler Mine, Kerdell Prospect, Kern Borate Mine, KIFS Prospect, Kopper King Mine, Lakeview Mine, Lakeview Talc Mine, Lambert Mine, Lee Mines, Lemoigne Mine, Lila C Mine, Lindner Prospect, Lippincott Mine, Little Egypt Prospect, Little Jim Prospect, Little Joker Prospect, Little Mack Mine, Little Shot Mine, Little Sister Mine, Lizzie V Oakley Borate Mine, Long John Mine, Loretto Mine, Lost Burro Mine, Lotus Mine, Lower Biddy McCarthy Mine, Lucilles Lucky Star Prospect, Lucky Bee Prospect, Lucky Boy Mine, Lucky Jim Prospect, Lucky Josephine Number 10 Prospect, Lucky Larry Group Prospects, Lucky Strike Mine, Lucky Strike Prospect, Maid of Erin Mine, Mammoth Mine, Mammoth Mine, Manlan Numbers 1-9 Prospects, Marble Tungsten Mine, Mariposa Mine, McCloud Mine, Mendosino Mine, Merrill Prospect, Mexican Hat Prospect, Mexican Mine, Mexican Silver Prospect, Michaels 322 Prospect, Minnietta Mine, Modoc Mine, Mohawk Mine, Mollie Gibson Mines, Monongahela Prospect, Monte Cristo Prospect, Montezuma Mine, Montezuma South Prospect, Morning Star Mine, Mountain Basin Prospect, Mountain View Prospect, Mule Springs Number 1 Mine, N R A Prospect, Napoleon Mine, Narrows Claim, Narrows Numbers 1-6 Prospects, Nevada Queen Prospect, New Era Mine, Newtown Mine, Nikolaus Eureka Mine, Noble Number 6 Mine, Nooday Mine, Nunsinger Prospect, Olancha Number 1 Prospect, Old River Arrastre-Black Jack Gold Numbers 1-10 Prospects, Old River Arrastre-Owl Prospect, Old Soldier Prospect, Old Whiteside Diggings, Omega Prospect, Omega Tunnel, Onyx Mine, Opal Mine, Ophir Mine, Orondo Mine, Overholtz Mine, Paddys Pride Mine, Pasadena Numbers 1-2 Prospects, Pearl Prospect, Philday Lode Prospect, Phoenix Group, Pick Up Prospect, Pine Creek Mine, Pine Creek Mine, Pine Creek Mine-Zero Adit, Pinnacle Mine, Plain View Prospect, Platta Blanca Mine, Played Out Mine, Poleta Mine, Porter Mine, Pyrite Extension Prospect, Quackenbush Mine, Queen of Sheba Mine, Radcliffe Mine, Raindrop Prospect, Rattlesnake Prospect, Red Dog Prospect, Red Wing Mine, Reward Mine, Rex Montis Mine, Riche Mine, Rossi Mine, Round Valley Mine, Round Valley Peak Prospect, Round Valley Quarry, Rudy Mine, Rusty Pick Mine, Ruth Mine, Saint George Mines, Saint Patrick Mine, Saint Phillip Prospect, Salty Peterson Mine, San Lucas Mine, San Pedro Numbers 1-6 Prospects, Santa Rita Numbers 1-9 Placer Mines, Santa Rosa Mines, Schober Mine, Seventy-Niner Numbers 1-2 Prospects, Shaw Mine, Sierra Talc Mine, Sierra View Mine, Sierra White Quarry, Sigma Mine, Silver Dollar Mine, Silver Dollars Numbers 1-5 Prospects, Silver Princess Numbers 1-4 Prospects, Silver Spear Mine, Silver Spring Mine, Silver Spur Prospect, Silverspoon Mine, Sixtynine Numbers 1-6 Prospects, Snow Flake Mine, Snowcaps Mine, Southbend Mine, Southern Belle Mine, Squares Tunnel, Squares Tunnel Placer Mine, Squaw Flat Numbers 1-4 Mines, Squaw Flat Placer Mine, Squaw Mine, Star of the West Mine, Sterling Queen Mine, Stevens Prospect, Stockwell Mine, Suitcase Mine, Sunny Boy Prospect, Sunset Mine, Surveyors Prospect, Susan Number 1 Prospect, Talc City Mine, Talco Prospect, Thorndike Mine, Thorndyke Mine, Three Fingers Prospect, Trepier Mine, Tungstar Mine, Tungsten Blue Mine, Tungsten Peak Prospect, Ubehebe Mine, Ubehebe Talc Mine, Ulida Mine, Upper Biddy McCarthy Mine, Valley View Mine, Valley View Prospect, Valley View Prospect, Van Loon Pit, Van Loon Prospect, Veeta Mine, Vega Mine, Victor Cons Mine, Viking Mine, Virginia Group, W D C Numbers 1-5 Prospects, War Eagle Mine, Warm Spring Mine, Waterfall Prospect, Waucoba Mine, West Tunnel, Western Mine, Western Minnesota Mining Association Placer Mine, White Caps Mine, White Eagle Talc Mine, White Gull Pit, White Swan Mine, White Swan Prospect, Whiteside Mine, Whittaker Iron Mine, Widow Mine, Widow Mine Number 3, Wilkerson Mine, Wilmington Prospect, Wonder Mine, World Beater Mine, Wyoming Mine, Yaney Mine, Zincite Prospect

  Parks     show all on map

Alabama Hills Recreation Area, Big Pine Triangle County Park, Bishop City Park, California Bighorn Sheep Zoological Area, Coso Rock Art District, Death Valley Junction Historic District, Death Valley National Park, Dehy Park, Diaz Lake Recreation Area, Izaak Walton Park, Last Chance Meadow Research Natural Area, Lone Pine Park, Manzanar National Historic Site, Manzanar War Relocation Center (historical), Mendenhall Park, Merritt Park (historical), North Park (historical), Owens Lake-Silver Lead Furnace Historical Marker, Tecopa Hot Springs County Park, Tri-County Fairgrounds

  Pillars     show all on map

Winnedumah Paiute Monument

  Plains     show all on map

Darwin Plateau

  Populated Places     show all on map

Aberdeen, Alabama Hills, Alico, Alta Vista, Ashford Junction, Ashford Mill (historical), Aspendell, Badwater, Ballarat, Bartlett, Beatty Junction, Beveridge, Big Pine, Bishop, Bishop Trail Park, Blackrock, Brockmans Corner, Calvada Springs, Cartago, Chloride City (historical), Chrysopolis (historical), Coso, Coso Junction, Crater, Darwin, Death Valley Junction, Deep Springs, Dolomite, Dunmovin, Elna (historical), Evelyn, Fish Springs, Furnace (historical), Furnace Creek, Genes Mobile Home Park, Glenwood Mobile Estates, Grant, Greenwater (historical), Haiwee, Harrisburg, Highlands Mobile Home Park, Independence, Indian Village, J Diamond Trailer and Recreational Vehicle Park, Junction Ranch, Kearsarge, Keeler, Keough Hot Springs, Lane Mill (historical), Laws, Leadfield, Lila C (historical), Linnie, Little Lake, Lone Pine, Lookout City (historical), Manzanar, Meadow Farms Trailer Park, Millspaugh, Millspaugh (historical), Mock, Monola, Mountain View Mobile and Recreational Vehicle Park, Olancha, Oteys Sierra Village, Owenyo, Panamint, Panamint Springs, Park Village, Pearsonville, Peterson Mill, Poleta, Reilly (historical), Reward, Rocking K, Round Valley, Rovana, Ryan, Scheelite, Schwaub (historical), Scranton, Seven Pines, Shady Rest Trailer and Recreational Vehicle Park, Shoshone, Sierra Trailer Park, Skidoo (historical), Sunland (historical), Sunrise Mobile Home Park, Swansea, Sykes, Talus, Teakettle Junction, Tecopa, Valley Wells, West Bishop, Whitney Portal, Zurich

  Post Offices     show all on map

Bishop Post Office, Darwin Post Office, Olancha Post Office, Panamint Post Office (historical), Ryan Post Office (historical)

  Ranges     show all on map

Alabama Hills, Argus Range, Black Mountains, Calico Peaks, Confidence Hills, Coso Range, Cottonwood Mountains, Cottonwood Mountains, Darwin Hills, Dublin Hills, Funeral Mountains, Grapevine Mountains, Greenwater Range, Ibex Hills, Inyo Mountains, Kit Fox Hills, Last Chance Range, Panamint Range, Poverty Hills, Resting Spring Range, Saline Range, Santa Rosa Hills, Talc City Hills, Tecopa Hills, White Hills

  Reserves     show all on map

Argus Range Wilderness, Coso Range Wilderness, Darwin Falls Wilderness, Death Valley Wilderness, Funeral Mountains Wilderness, Ibex Wilderness, Inyo Mountains Wilderness, Malpais Mesa Wilderness, Manly Peak Wilderness, Nopah Range Wilderness, Pahrump Valley Wilderness, Piper Mountain Wilderness, Resting Spring Range Wilderness, Sacatar Trail Wilderness, South Nopah Range Wilderness, Surprise Canyon Wilderness, Sylvania Mountains Wilderness

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Diaz Lake, Longley Lake, Mule Lake, North Haiwee Reservoir, North Lake, Pleasant Valley Reservoir, Saunders Lake, South Haiwee Reservoir, South Lake, Tinemaha Reservoir

  Ridges     show all on map

Black Point, Colville Ridge, Coville Ridge, Coyote Ridge, Crystal Ridge, Haiwee Ridge, Inconsolable Range, Nelson Range, Nopah Range, Piute Crags, Red Ridge, Roberts Ridge, The Hogsback, Thompson Ridge, Wheeler Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Big Pine Elementary School, Big Pine High School, Bishop Union HIgh School, Calvary Christian School, Center School (historical), Cerro Coso Community College, Elm Street Elementary School, Fish Springs School (historical), Home Street Middle School, Inyo Heights High School, Irving School (historical), Lassen College, Lo-Inyo Elementary School, Lone Pine Adult School, Lone Pine High School, North End School (historical), Olancha Elementary School, Owens Valley Elementary School, Owens Valley High School, Pine Street School, Riverside School (historical), Round Valley Elementary School, Seventh Day Adventist School, Shoshone Continuation High School, Sunland School (historical), Tecopa-Francis Elementary School, Valley School (historical), Warm Springs School (historical), Wildrose Home

  Springs     show all on map

Allen Spring, Alpha Spring, Antelope Spring, Anvil Spring, Argus Spring, Argus Spring, Arrastra Spring, Arrastre Spring, Austin Spring, Badwater Springs, Bainter Spring, Barrel Springs, Batchelder Spring, Bed Spring, Bee Springs, Benko Spring, Big Dodd Spring, Big Pine Spring, Big Seeley Spring, Bighorn Spring, Birch Spring, Bircham Springs, Bird Spring, Black Canyon Spring, Black Spring, Black Springs, Blackrock Springs, Blackwater Spring, Bobcat Spring, Bog Mound Springs, Boron Springs, Brewery Spring, Buckhorn Springs, Burns Spring, Burro Spring, Burro Spring, Cabin Spring, Canyon Spring, Cedar Spring, Cerro Gordo Spring, Chappo Spring, Chappo Spring, China Garden Spring, China Gardens Spring, Christmas Spring, Coldwater Spring, Cole Spring, Colter Spring, Corral Springs, Coso Hot Springs, Coso Springs, Cottonwood Springs, Cove Spring, Coyote Spring, Coyote Spring, Crystal Spring, Crystal Spring, Cua Spring, Daylight Spring, Deep Canyon Spring, Dirty Socks Spring, Domingo Spring, Dripping Spring, Eagle Borax Spring, Eagle Spring, Elliot Spring, Emigrant Spring, Fish Springs, Fivemile Spring, French Madam Spring, French Spring, Goat Spring, Goat Springs, Goldbelt Spring, Graham Spring, Grapevine Springs, Greater View Spring, Greenwater Spring, Greer Spring, Grouse Spring, Grover Anton Spring, Grubstake Spring, Haiwee Spring, Hanaupah Spring, Harry Birch Springs, Hatchet Spring, Hines Spring, Hole-in-the Rock Spring, Hummingbird Spring, Hunter Spring, Ibex Spring, Indian Gardens Spring, Indian Joe Spring, Indian Spring, Jack Gunn Spring, Jackass Spring, Jail Spring, Jayhawker Spring, Johnson Spring, Jubilee Spring, Keane Spring, Keane Wonder Springs, Keane Wonder Springs, Klare Spring, La Motte Spring, Last Chance Spring, Lemonade Spring, Limekiln Spring, Little Blackrock Spring, Little Dodd Spring, Little Sand Spring, Little Seeley Spring, Little Spring, Lost Cabin Spring, Lost Spring, Lostman Spring, Lower Centennial Spring, Lower Warm Springs, Malapi Spring, Marble Bath, Margaret Ann Spring, Mariposa Spring, McGann Springs, McLean Spring, McMurry Spring, Mesquite Spring, Mexican Spring, Mill Spring, Miller Spring, Millers Spring, Monarch Spring, Montenegro Spring, Montgomery Spring, Moscow Spring, Mountain Spring, Mud Hole Spring, Mud Spring, Mule Spring, Mumford Springs, Nadeau Springs, Navel Spring, Nevares Springs, North Fork Spring, North Ruth Spring, Orchard Spring, Palm Spring, Parsons Spring, Pat Keyes Spring, Peach Spring, Post Office Spring, Pothole Spring, Quail Spring, Quail Spring, Quail Springs, Quartz Spring, Rattlesnake Spring, Redlands Spring, Reinhackle Spring, Rest Spring, Resting Springs, Rhodes Spring, Rock Spring, Rose Spring, Ruby Spring, Salsberry Spring, Salt Springs, Salt Springs, Salt Springs, Sams Spring, Sand Spring, Santa Rita Spring, Scotty Spring, Scottys Grapevine Spring, Scottys Spring, Seep Hole Spring, She Cat Spring, Sheephead Spring, Shoshone Spring, Side Hill Spring, Sidehill Spring, Skull Spring, Snooky Spring, Soda Spring, Sourdough Spring, Spanish Spring, Squaw Spring, Squaw Springs (historical), Sulphur Spring, Summer Spring, Surprise Springs, Tecopa Hot Springs, Telephone Spring, Tennessee Spring, Texas Springs, Thompson Spring, Timpapah Spring, Travertine Springs, Triangle Spring, Tub Spring, Tub Springs, Tuber Spring, Tule Spring, Tule Spring, Tule Spring, Twelvemile Spring, Twin Springs, Uhlmeyer Spring, Upper Centennial Spring, Upper Emigrant Spring, Upper Haiwee Spring, Upper Warm Spring, Virgin Spring, Warm Spring, Warm Springs, Warm Sulphur Springs, Waucoba Spring, Wild Horse Spring, Wildrose Spring, Wilkerson Springs, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Springs, Wrinkle Spring

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Amargosa River, Ash Creek, Bairs Creek, Baker Creek, Beer Creek, Big Pine Creek, Birch Creek, Birch Creek, Birch Creek, Bishop Creek, Blackrock Drain, Blackwater Wash, Bradbury Wash, Braley Creek, Carroll Creek, Cartago Creek, China Gardens Wash, Confidence Wash, Coso Wash, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cow Creek, Cow Creek, Coyote Creek, Crooked Creek, Crystal Wash, Darwin Wash, Death Valley Wash, Diaz Creek, Diaz Creek, Division Creek, Domingo Wash, Dry Fork Blackwater Wash, East Fork Coyote Creek, East Fork Rock Creek, Egypt Creek, Emigrant Wash, Falls Creek, Fish Slough, Freeman Creek, Fuller Creek, Furnace Creek Wash, Gable Creek, George Creek, Goodale Creek, Gunter Creek, Haiwee Creek, Hines Slough, Hogback Creek, Hogback Creek, Honeybee Creek, Horton Creek, Independence Creek, Indian Gardens Wash, Inyo Creek, Jubilee Wash, Junction Wash, Lamarck Creek, Lee Wash, Little Cottonwood Creek, Little Grapevine Creek, Little Pine Creek, Loco Creek, Lone Pine Creek, Lower Rock Creek, Lubken Creek, Lucky Jim Wash, McGee Creek, Meysan Creek, Middle Fork Bishop Creek, Morgan Creek, North Fork Bairs Creek, North Fork Big Pine Creek, North Fork Birch Creek, North Fork Bishop Creek, North Fork Lamarck Creek, North Fork Lone Pine Creek, North Fork Lubken Creek, North Fork Oak Creek, North Fork Willow Creek, Oak Creek, Olancha Creek, Onion Creek, Oriental Wash, Owens River, Pine Creek, Pinyon Creek, Rawson Creek, Red Mountain Creek, Rhodes Wash, Rock Creek, Salt Creek, Salt Creek, Santa Rosa Wash, Sawmill Creek, Shepherd Creek, South Fork Ash Creek, South Fork Big Pine Creek, South Fork Birch Creek, South Fork Bishop Creek, South Fork Bishop Creek, South Fork Cottonwood Creek, South Fork Lubken Creek, South Fork Oak Creek, South Fork Willow Creek, Summit Creek, Sweetwater Wash, Symmes Creek, Taboose Creek, Tecopa Wash, Thibaut Creek, Tinemaha Creek, Tucki Wash, Tuttle Creek, Union Wash, Walker Creek, Waucoba Wash, West Fork Coyote Creek, Wet Fork Blackwater Wash, White Sage Wash, Williamson Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Wash, Wingate Wash, Wyman Creek

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Aguereberry Point, Andrews Mountain, Aperture Peak, Argus Peak, Artists Palette, Ash Hill, Ashford Peak, Bald Peak, Basin Mountain, Bat Mountain, Bear Creek Spire, Bennett Peak, Birch Mountain, Black Mountain, Blanco Mountain, Boulder Peak, Broken Finger Peak, Brown Peak, Cactus Peak, Cerro Gordo Peak, Chloride Cliff, Chocolate Mountain, Chocolate Peak, Cienega Mirth, Cinder Hill, Cirque Peak, Clem Nelson Peak, Cloudripper, Clyde Spires, Coffin Peak, Conglomerate Mesa, Corkscrew Peak, Coso Peak, Crater Mountain, Crooks Peak, Crystal Peak, Dantes View, Death Valley Buttes, Deer Mountain, Desert Hound Peak, Dragon Peak, Dry Mountain, Eagle Mountain, Eagle Point, Epaulet Peak, Eureka Dunes, Eureka Peak, Fish Springs Hill, Fossil Hill, Four Gables, Funeral Peak, Gendarme Peak, Gold Hill, Goodale Mountain, Grouse Mountain, Harris Hill, Haystack, Hunter Mountain, Hurd Peak, Ibex Peak, Independence Peak, Index Hill, Indian Rock, Iron Hill, Jubilee Mountain, Kearsarge Peak, Keynot Peak, Kid Mountain, Lake Hill, Last Chance Mountain, Lime Hill, Lone Pine Peak, Lookout Mountain, Lookout Mountain, Lookout Point, Louisiana Butte, Malpais Mesa, Manly Beacon, Manly Peak, Mars Hill, Maturango Peak, Mazourka Peak, Mount Abbot, Mount Agassiz, Mount Alice, Mount Baxter, Mount Bradley, Mount Carillon, Mount Corcoran, Mount Dade, Mount Emerson, Mount Gabb, Mount Gayley, Mount Goode, Mount Inyo, Mount Inyo, Mount Irvine, Mount Jepson, Mount Johnson, Mount Julius Caesar, Mount Keith, Mount Lamarck, Mount Langley, Mount Le Conte, Mount Mallory, Mount Marsh, Mount Mary Austin, Mount Morgan, Mount Muir, Mount Nunn, Mount Palmer, Mount Perry, Mount Robinson, Mount Sill, Mount Starr, Mount Thompson, Mount Tinemaha, Mount Tom, Mount Versteeg, Mount Williamson, Muah Mountain, Needle Peak, Nevares Peak, New York Butte, Nopah Peak, Norman Clyde Peak, Olancha Peak, Ophir Mountain, Owens Point, Panamint Butte, Parkinson Peak, Parrot Point, Picture Puzzle, Pion Mesa, Pinon Peak, Pinto Peak, Piper Peak, Porter Peak, Pyramid Peak, Red Hill, Red Hill, Red Mountain, Rhodes Hill, Rogers Peak, Round Mountain, Round Mountain, Round Valley Peak, Saline Peak, Salsberry Peak, Sawmill Point, Schwaub Peak, Sentinal Peak, Shadow Mountain, Sheephead Mountain, Shore Line Butte, Silver Mountain, Silver Peak, Sky Haven, Slims Peak, Smith Mountain, Split Mountain, Striped Butte, Sugar Loaf, Sugarloaf, Sugarloaf Mountain, Sugarloaf Mountain, Sugarloaf Peak, Table Mountain, Tecopa Peak, Telescope Peak, Temple Crag, The Dunes, The Dunes, The Elephant, The Grandstand, The Hunchback, The Thumb, Thimble Peak, Thor Peak, Timosea Peak, Tin Mountain, Trail Peak, Trojan Peak, Tucki Mountain, Tunnabora Peak, Two Eagle Peak, Ubehebe Peak, University Peak, Volcano Butte, Volcano Peak, Waucoba Mountain, White Top Mountain, Wild Horse Mesa, Wildrose Peak, Winters Peak, Wonoga Peak, Wotans Throne, Wnp Peak, Zabriskie Point, Zinc Hill

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Cottonball Marsh, Sangers Slough, Tulare Swamp

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KBOV-AM (Bishop), KIBS-FM (Bishop), KNYO-AM (Independence), KWTY-FM (Cartago)

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Discovery Trail, Kings River Trail, Methuselah Trail, Meysan Trail, Mount Whitney Trail, Nadeau Trail, Old Spanish Trail, Pat Keyes Trail

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A Canyon, Addle Canyon, Al Rose Canyon, Amargosa Canyon, Anvil Spring Canyon, Armstrong Canyon, Ashford Canyon, Bainter Canyon, Bee Springs Canyon, Bendire Canyon, Beveridge Canyon, Big Horn Canyon, Bighorn Gorge, Birchim Canyon, Black Birch Canyon, Black Canyon, Black Canyon, Black Canyon, Black Rock Canyon, Bonanza Gulch, Boundary Canyon, Breakfast Canyon, Brown Canyon, Bruce Canyon, Bundy Canyon, Bunker Hill Canyon, Burro Canyon, Butte Valley, California Valley, Cannon Canyon, Centennial Canyon, Charlie Canyon, Chicago Valley, Chuckwalla Canyon, Coffin Canyon, Contact Canyon, Copper Canyon, Copper Canyon, Copper Queen Canyon, Corkscrew Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, County Line Canyon, Cowhorn Valley, Coyote Canyon, Coyote Canyon, Craig Canyon, Crooked Road Canyon, Crow Canyon, Crystal Canyon, Cucomungo Canyon, Daisy Canyon, Darwin Canyon, Dead End Canyon, Dead Horse Canyon, Deadman Canyon, Deadman Canyon, Death Valley Canyon, Dedeckera Canyon, Deep Canyon, Desolation Canyon, Dolomite Canyon, Double Canyon, Dry Bone Canyon, Dublin Gulch, Echo Canyon, Eclipse Canyon, Elderberry Canyon, Emigrant Canyon, Etcharren Valley, Fall Canyon, Fine Canyon, Fish Canyon, Frenchmans Canyon, Galena Canyon, Goff Canyon, Gold Valley, Golden Canyon, Goler Canyon, Gower Gulch, Granite Canyon, Grapevine Canyon, Grapevine Canyon, Greenwater Canyon, Greenwater Valley, Grotto Canyon, Hall Canyon, Hanaupah Canyon, Hanging Rock Canyon, Happy Canyon, Homewood Canyon, Horse Canyon, Horse Thief Canyon, Hunter Canyon, Indian Joe Canyon, Isham Canyon, Jackass Canyon, Jackass Canyon, Jackpot Canyon, Jail Canyon, Jawbone Canyon, Jayhawker Canyon, Johnson Canyon, Johnson Canyon, Keynot Canyon, Knight Canyon, Lacey Canyon, Last Chance Canyon, Lead Canyon, Lead Gulch, Lemoigne Canyon, Lewis Canyon, Lime Canyon, Little Hunter Canyon, Little Lake Canyon, Little Lakes Valley, Log Canyon, Long John Canyon, Long Valley, Magazine Canyon, Marble Canyon, Marble Canyon, Marble Canyon, Marvel Canyon, Mayfield Canyon, Mazourka Canyon, McElvoy Canyon, Mesquite Valley, Middle Fork Hanaupah Canyon, Middle Fork Shannon Canyon, Middle Park Canyon, Mill Canyon, Mill Canyon, Mill Canyon, Mollie Gibson Canyon, Monarch Canyon, Mormon Gulch, Mosaic Canyon, Moscow Canyon, Mountain Springs Canyon, Mud Canyon, Mumford Canyon, Mustard Canyon, Nemo Canyon, Ninemile Canyon, North Fork Double Canyon, North Fork Hanaupah Canyon, North Fork Shannon Canyon, North Wood Canyon, Nova Canyon, Opal Canyon, Orondo Canyon, Osborne Canyon, Owens River Gorge, Owens Valley, Owlshead Canyon, Pahrump Valley, Paiute Canyon, Panamint Canyon, Panamint Valley, Pat Keyes Canyon, Payson Canyon, Perdido Canyon, Petroglyph Canyon, Pleasant Canyon, Pleasant Valley, Poleta Canyon, Pops Gulch, Portuguese Canyon, Quail Canyon, Rainbow Canyon, Rattlesnake Canyon, Rattlesnake Gulch, Red Wall Canyon, Redding Canyon, Redlands Canyon, Renegade Canyon, Revenue Canyon, Rose Valley, San Lucas Canyon, Sand Canyon, Sardine Canyon, Scottys Canyon, Shannon Canyon, Sheep Canyon, Sheep Canyon, Shepherd Canyon, Shorty Harris Canyon, Silver Canyon, Six Spring Canyon, Slide Canyon, Snow Canyon, Soldier Canyon, Soldier Pass Canyon, Sourdough Canyon, South Fork Double Canyon, South Fork Hanaupah Canyon, South Fork Johnson Canyon, South Fork Lemoigne Canyon, South Fork Shannon Canyon, South Fork Trail Canyon, South Park Canyon, South Wood Canyon, Spook Canyon, Starvation Canyon, Stone Canyon, Sunday Canyon, Surprise Canyon, Sylvania Canyon, Talc Canyon, Talus Canyon, Tamarack Canyon, Telephone Canyon, Thompson Canyon, Thorndyke Canyon, Through Canyon, Titanothere Canyon, Titus Canyon, Trail Canyon, Tuber Canyon, Tunawee Canyon, Twenty Mule Team Canyon, Vaughn Gulch, Vermillion Canyon, Virgin Spring Canyon, Warm Spring Canyon, Water Canyon, Water Canyon, Water Canyon, Water Canyon, Water Canyon, Water Spout Gulch, Waucoba Canyon, Wheeler Canyon, Whippoorwill Canyon, White Cliff Canyon, Wickline Canyon, Wild Horse Canyon, Wildrose Canyon, Williams Canyon, Willow Springs Canyon, Wilson Canyon, Wood Canyon, Wood Canyon, Wood Canyon, Woodpecker Canyon, Wormhole Canyon

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Allens Well (historical), Ashford Well, Bennetts Well, Blackrock Well, Bradbury Well, Burgess Well, Davis Well, Franklin Well, Gervias Well, Gravel Well, Kelleys Well, Langs Well, Lee Pump, Midway Well, Shortys Well, Stovepipe Wells, Surveyors Well, Winerton Well

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Schulman Grove,

Inyo County, California Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteInyo County White population 15,08515,084  
American IndianInyo County American Indian population 2,3422,342
MixedInyo County Mixed population 553553
AsianInyo County Asian population 277276
BlackInyo County Black population 148147
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderInyo County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 1818

Additional population tables :
State population table
California population by county