Kern County, California Basics:

Kern County California - Government Site

Population: 855,498
Area: 8132 square miles
County seat: Bakersfield
Area code(s) in use: 661 760
Time zone: PST
High school graduate or higher: 71.6%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 14.9%
Median household income: $47,727
Persons in poverty: 22.5%
Home ownership rate: 59.1%
Mean travel time to work: 23.6 minutes

Adjacent counties:
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Map of the Kern County area

Our detail map of Kern County shows the Kern County, California boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Kern County, California

  Airports     show all on map

7R Ranch Airport, Bakersfield Municipal Airport, Barns Airfield (historical), Belridge Strip Airport, Blackwell Land Company Inc Airport, Borax Airport, Burroughs Heliport, California City Municipal Airport, Cashen Airport, China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station (Armitage Field), Costerisan Farms Airport, Creekside Airport, Davis Airport (historical), Delano Municipal Airport, Di Giorgio Ranch Landing Strip Airport, Edwards Air Force Auxiliary North Base, Edwards Air Force Base, Elk Hills-Buttonwillow Airport, Flying S Ranch Airport, Gardner Field (historical), Gilbreath Brothers Duck Club Airport, Inyokern Airport, J and J Crop Dusters Incorporated Airport, Joe Gottlieb Field Airport, Kelso Valley Airport, Kern County Airport (historical), Kern Medical Center Heliport, Kern Valley Airport, Kernville Heliport, Lloyd's Landing Airport, Lost Hills-Kern County Airport, Majors Airport, Maricopa Airport, Meadows Field Airport, Memorial Hospital Heliport, Mojave Airport, Mountain Valley Airport, Paradise Lakes Airport, Paramount Farms Airport, Pontious Airport, Poso-Kern County Airport, PSK Ranch Airport, Ridgecrest Community Hospital Heliport, Rio Bravo Airport (historical), Rosamond Skypark Airport, San Joaquin Community Hospital Heliport, SCE Ridgecrest Service Center Heliport, Shadow Mountain Airstrip, Shafter-Minter Field Airport, Skyotee Ranch Airport, Taft-Kern County Airport, Tehachapi Municipal Airport, Tejon Ag Airport, Wasco-Kern County Airport, West Side Hospital Heliport

  Arches     show all on map

Last Chance Canyon Arch

  Areas     show all on map

Carneros Rocks, Devil Den, Layman Area, Pinon Pines, Rademacher Mining District, Salt Creek Area

  Bars     show all on map

Lime Dyke

  Basins     show all on map

Bear Dens, Hidden Valley, Walker Basin, Welcome Valley, Willow Springs Valley

  Bays     show all on map

Joughin Cove, Kissack Bay, Kissack Cove, Paradise Cove, Robinson Bay, Rocky Point Bay, Stine Cove, Tehachapi Afterbay

  Bends     show all on map

Devils Elbow, Teamster Cutoff

  Buildings     show all on map

Arvin Branch Kern County Library, Arvin City Hall, Baker Street Branch Kern County Library, Bakersfield City Hall, Bakersfield Civic Auditorium, Bakersfield Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, Bakersfield Fire Department Station 10, Bakersfield Fire Department Station 11, Bakersfield Fire Department Station 13, Bakersfield Fire Department Station 14, Bakersfield Fire Department Station 15, Bakersfield Fire Department Station 2, Bakersfield Fire Department Station 3, Bakersfield Fire Department Station 4, Bakersfield Fire Department Station 5, Bakersfield Fire Department Station 6, Bakersfield Fire Department Station 7, Bakersfield Fire Department Station 8, Bakersfield Fire Department Station 9, Beale Memorial Branch Kern County Library, Beale Memorial Library (historical), Beardsley Elementary School District Office, Boron Branch Kern County Library, Breckenridge Lodge, Bureau of Land Management - Bakersfield Field Office / Metro Fire Station, Bureau of Land Management - Midway Fire Station, Bureau of Land Management - South Fork Fire Station, Buttonwillow Branch Kern County Library, Buttonwillow Community Center, Buttonwillow Union Elementary School District Office, California City Branch Kern County Library, California City Chamber of Commerce, California City City Hall, California City Correctional Facility, California City Fire Department, California Correctional Institution, California Correctional Institution Fire Department Station 916, California Department of Natural Resources, California Living Museum, Care Ambulance Service, Casa de los Cerritos, Central Valley Modified Community Correctional Facility, Charlotte Chichester Auditorium, China Lake Naval Air Weapons Fire Department Station 1, China Lake Naval Air Weapons Fire Department Station 2, China Lake Naval Air Weapons Fire Department Station 3, China Lake Naval Air Weapons Fire Department Station 4, Civic Center Hall, Correctional Institution Taft, Daley Mill, Delano Ambulance, Delano Branch Kern County Library, Delano Chamber of Commerce, Delano Community Center, Delano Community Correctional Facility, Delano Joint Union High School District Office, Delano Union Elementary School District Office, Depot Museum, Edmonston Substation, Edwards Air Force Base Ambulance Service, Edwards Air Force Base Fire Protection Division Station 1, Edwards Air Force Base Fire Protection Division Station 2, Edwards Air Force Base Fire Protection Division Station 3, Edwards Air Force Base Fire Protection Division Station 4, Edwards Air Force Base Fire Protection Division Station 5, Eleanor N Wilson Branch Kern County Library, Fairfax School District Office, Frazier Park Branch Kern County Library, Golden State Air Ambulance, Golden State Modified Community Correctional Facility, Hall Ambulance Service, Hall Critical Care Transport, Heritage Park Museum, Holloway-Gonzale Branch Kern County Library, Hummel Hall, Inyokern Senior Citizens Building, Inyokern Town Hall, Jackson Branch Kern County Library, Kern Ambulance Service, Kern Board of Trade Building, Kern County Administration Building, Kern County Building, Kern County Building, Kern County Center, Kern County Chamber of Commerce, Kern County Fire Department Station 11 Keene, Kern County Fire Department Station 12 Tehachapi, Kern County Fire Department Station 14 Mojave, Kern County Fire Department Station 15 Rosamond, Kern County Fire Department Station 16 - Bear Valley, Kern County Fire Department Station 17 Boron, Kern County Fire Department Station 18 - Stallion Springs, Kern County Fire Department Station 21 Taft, Kern County Fire Department Station 22 Maricopa, Kern County Fire Department Station 23 Fellows, Kern County Fire Department Station 24 McKittrick, Kern County Fire Department Station 25 Buttonwillow, Kern County Fire Department Station 26 - Lost Hills, Kern County Fire Department Station 31 Wasco, Kern County Fire Department Station 32 Shafter, Kern County Fire Department Station 33 McFarland, Kern County Fire Department Station 34 Delano, Kern County Fire Department Station 35 Woody, Kern County Fire Department Station 36 Glennville, Kern County Fire Department Station 37 Delano West, Kern County Fire Department Station 41 Virginia Colony, Kern County Fire Department Station 42 Niles, Kern County Fire Department Station 45 Edison, Kern County Fire Department Station 51 Lamont, Kern County Fire Department Station 52 Greenfield, Kern County Fire Department Station 53 - Old River, Kern County Fire Department Station 54 Arvin, Kern County Fire Department Station 55 Tejon Ranch, Kern County Fire Department Station 56 Lebec, Kern County Fire Department Station 57 Frazier Park, Kern County Fire Department Station 58 - Pine Mountain Club, Kern County Fire Department Station 61 Norris, Kern County Fire Department Station 62 Meadows Field, Kern County Fire Department Station 63 Highland, Kern County Fire Department Station 64 - River View, Kern County Fire Department Station 65 Greenacres, Kern County Fire Department Station 66 Landco, Kern County Fire Department Station 67 Rosedale, Kern County Fire Department Station 71 - Southlake, Kern County Fire Department Station 72 - Lake Isabella, Kern County Fire Department Station 73 Inyokern, Kern County Fire Department Station 74 Ridgecrest, Kern County Fire Department Station 75 Randsburg, Kern County Fire Department Station 76 Kernville, Kern County Fire Department Station 77 Ridgecrest Heights, Kern County Fire Department Station 78 Piute, Kern County General Services Building, Kern County Hall of Records Library, Kern County Law Library, Kern County Museum and Pioneer Village, Kern County Museum Historical Reference Library, Kern Valley State Prison, Kernville Branch Kern County Library, Kernville Chamber of Commerce, Lamont Branch Kern County Library, Liberty Ambulance Service, Maricopa Branch Kern County Library, Maricopa City Hall, Maturango Museum, McFarland City Hall, Mercy Hospital Medical Library, Mojave Branch Kern County Library, Mojave Chamber of Commerce, Mojave Unified School District Office, North Kern State Prison, North Kern State Prison Fire Department, Northeast Bakersfield Branch Kern County Library, Olive Drive Fire Training Facility, Pastoria Substation, Rathbun Branch Kern County Library, Regency Nursing Home, Richland School District Office, Ridgecrest Branch Kern County Library, Ridgecrest City Hall, Rio Tinto Minerals - Boron Operations Emergency Medical Services, Rosamond Branch Kern County Library, Rosamond Chamber of Commerce, Rosedale School District Office, Sand Canyon Volunteer Fire Department, Shafter Branch Kern County Library, Shafter Modified Community Correctional Facility, Taft Branch Kern County Library, Taft Chamber of Commerce, Taft City Hall, Taft Civic Center, Taft College Library, Taft Community Center, Taft Modified Community Correctional Facility, Tehachapi Branch Kern County Library, Tehachapi City Hall, Twenty Mule Team Museum, United States Forest Service Kernville Station, United States Forest Service Los Padres National Forest Station 73 - Apache Saddle, Veterans Building, Veterans Building, Veterans Memorial Building, Wasco Branch Kern County Library, Wasco City Hall, Wasco State Prison, Wasco State Prison Fire Department, Wasco Womans Club, West Kern Oil Museum

  Canals     show all on map

850 Canal, Arizona Ditch, Beardsley Canal, Belridge Ditch, Borel Canal, Buena Vista Canal, Calloway Canal, Canal Eighteen, Canal Seventeen, Central Branch Kern Island Canal, Corn Camp Ditch, Cross Valley Canal, Deep Wells Ditch, Depot Drain, East Side Canal, East Side Canal, Eightyfoot Ditch, Elk Grove Drain, Emery Ditch, Farmers Canal, Florida Drain, Garden Ditch, Gates Canal, Goose Lake Canal, Governor Edmund G Brown California Aqueduct, Governor Edmund G Brown Coastal Branch California Aqueduct, Hirshfield Ditch, Inlet Canal, James and Dixon Canal, James Canal, Kern Ditch County Drain, Kern Island Canal, Kern Island Drain, Kern River Flood Canal, Kern River Number One Flow Line, Lerdo Canal, Levee Number One Canal, Main Drain, Maple Canal, Mirasol Ditch, Mirasol Drain, New Rim Ditch, Old Rim Ditch, Outlet Canal, Palomas Drain, Pastoria Siphon, Pioneer Canal, Poso Canal, School House Ditch, Se-1 Canal, Second Los Angeles Aqueduct, Stine Canal, Stine Extension Canal, Sudan Ditch, Weed Island Ditch, West Side Canal, Whittier Ditch

  Capes     show all on map

Comanche Point, Engineer Point, Gautche Point, Lime Point, Pine Point, Pioneer Point, Robinson Point, Rocky Point, Rocky Point, Stine Point, Windy Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Bakersfield National Cemetery, Blue Mountain Cemetery, Cottage Grove Cemetery, Delano McFarland District Cemetery, Green Lawn Memorial Park, Hillcrest Memorial Park Cemetery, Indian Cemetery, Kern River Valley Cemetery, Mount Owens Cemetery, Oak Grove Cemetery, Shafter Cemetery, Union Cemetery, Westside District Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Bear Valley Springs Census Designated Place, Bodfish Census Designated Place, Boron Census Designated Place, Buttonwillow Census Designated Place, Cherokee Strip Census Designated Place, China Lake Acres Census Designated Place, Derby Acres Census Designated Place, Dustin Acres Census Designated Place, Edmundson Acres Census Designated Place, Edwards Air Force Base Census Designated Place, Fellows Census Designated Place, Ford City Census Designated Place, Frazier Park Census Designated Place, Fuller Acres Census Designated Place, Golden Hills Census Designated Place, Greenacres Census Designated Place, Greenfield Census Designated Place, Inyokern Census Designated Place, Johannesburg Census Designated Place, Keene Census Designated Place, Kernville Census Designated Place, Lake Isabella Census Designated Place, Lake of the Woods Census Designated Place, Lamont Census Designated Place, Lebec Census Designated Place, Lost Hills Census Designated Place, McKittrick Census Designated Place, Mettler Census Designated Place, Mexican Colony Census Designated Place, Mojave Census Designated Place, Mountain Mesa Census Designated Place, North Edwards Census Designated Place, Oildale Census Designated Place, Onyx Census Designated Place, Pine Mountain Club Census Designated Place, Randsburg Census Designated Place, Rosamond Census Designated Place, Rosedale Census Designated Place, Smith Corner Census Designated Place, South Taft Census Designated Place, Squirrel Mountain Valley Census Designated Place, Stallion Springs Census Designated Place, Taft Heights Census Designated Place, Tupman Census Designated Place, Valley Acres Census Designated Place, Weedpatch Census Designated Place, Weldon Census Designated Place, Wofford Heights Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Abundant Life Church, Advent Christian Church, Apostolic Assembly Church, Apostolic Assembly Church, Apostolic Assembly Spanish Church, Apostolic Church, Apostolic Church, Apostolic Church, Apostolic Church, Apostolic Faith Church, Apostolic Faith Temple, Arvin Wesleyan Church, Assembly of God Church, Assembly of God Church, Assembly of God Church, Assembly of God Church of Arvin, Assembly of God Church of Wasco, Baker Street Church of Christ, Bakersfield Bible Church, Bakersfield Christian Life Center, Bakersfield Church of Calvary, Bakersfield New Life Center, Bakersfield Pentecostal Church of Jesus Christ, Bakersfield Rescue Mission, Bethany Lutheran Church, Bethany United Methodist Church, Bethel Chapel Filipino Assembly of God Church, Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, Bible Truth Outreach United Pentecostal Church, Bible Truth Tabernacle, Body of Christ Fellowship Church, Bright Hope Baptist Church, Cain Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Church, Calloway Drive Baptist Church, Calvary Assembly of God Church, Calvary Baptist Church, Calvary Christian Center, Calvary Church of God in Christ, Calvary Full Gospel Church, Calvary Pentecostal Holiness of God Church, Calvary Temple Assembly of God Church, Canyon Community Church, Central Baptist Church, Central Church of Christ, Central Missionary Baptist Church, Chapman Street Roman Catholic Church, Chester Avenue Baptist Church, Christ the King Parish Hall, Christian Alliance Church, Christian Reformed Church, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of God, Church of the Brethren, Church of the Nazarene, Church of the Nazarene, Church of the Redeemer and Hope, College Heights Congregational Church, Community Baptist Church, Community Bible Fellowship Church, Community Chapel Pentecostal Church of God, Community Christian Fellowship Church, Community Church of Life, Community United Church of Christ, Compassion Christian Center, Confucius Church, Congregational Church of Shafter, Cornerstone Community Church, Coronado Gardens Missionary Baptist Church, Country Bible Church, Covenant Community Presbyterian Church, Crossroads Community Church, Dayspring Christian Fellowship Church, Delano Baptist Temple, Desert Christian Center, East Bakersfield Pentecostal Holiness Church, East Hills Nazarene Church, Ebenezer Reformed Church, El Buen Pastor Assembly of God Church, Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Emmanuel Temple of Apostolic Faith, Episcopal Church of the Redeemer, Evangel Assembly of God Church, Evening Light Saints Church of God, Fairfax Assembly of God Church, Faith Church of the Nazarene, Faith Lighthouse, Faith Pentecostal Holiness Church, Faith Temple Church of God in Christ, Faith Temple Pentecostal Church of God, Family Bible Church, Family Christian Church, Fellowship to Christ Church, Filipino Assembly of God Church, First Assembly of God Church, First Assembly of God Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church of Ridgecrest, First Bible Baptist Church, First Christian Church, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Church of the Nazarene, First Congregational Church, First Congregational Church of Bakersfield, First Freewill Baptist Church, First Hispanic Baptist Church, First Landmark Missionary Baptist Church, First Methodist Episcopal Church (historical), First Mexican Baptist Church, First Missionary Baptist Church, First Missionary Baptist Church, First Presbyterian Church, First Southern Baptist Church, First Southern Baptist Church, First Southern Baptist Church, First Southern Baptist Church, First Southern Baptist Church, First Southern Baptist Church, First Southern Hispanic Baptist Church, First United Methodist Church, First United Methodist Church, First United Methodist Church, Ford City Missionary Baptist Church, Foursquare Church, Foursquare Gospel Church, Frazier Park Assembly of God Church, Free Pentecostal Church, Freedom Faith Fellowship Church, Full Gospel House of Prayer, Full Gospel Lighthouse, Glorious Holy Church, Good Samaritan Presbyterian Church, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Gospel Tabernacle, Gospel Tabernacle of Arvin, Grace Community Church, Grace General Baptist Church, Grace Lutheran Church, Grace Lutheran Church, Grace Pentecostal Tabernacle, Grace Reformed Church, Greenfield First Southern Baptist Church, Guadalupe Catholic Church, Harmony Southern Baptist Church, Harvest Foursquare Church, Height Street Baptist Church, Heritage Bible Church of Bakersfield, Highland Congregation Church of Christ, Highland Park Congregation Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Holy Temple Church of God in Christ, Hope Christian Center, Hope Lutheran Church, Iglesia Centro Cristiano, Iglesia de Dios Pentecostal, Iglesia Evangelica Encuento, Iglesia Presbiteriana el Redento, Iglesia Restaurancion Cristiana, Immanuel Baptist Church, Immanuel Southern Baptist Church, Inyokern Baptist Church, Inyokern Church of Christ, Inyokern Community Methodist Church, Jerusalem Mission, Jesus Name Assembly Church, Kern Christian Center, Kernville United Methodist Church, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, La Trinidad Church, Laborers of the Harvest Church, Lamont Assembly of God Church, Lamont Church of God, Lamont Pentecostal Holiness Church, Laos Temple, Liberty Baptist Church, Liberty Christian Center, Lighthouse Christian Ministries, Lily of the Valley Church of God in Christ, Loving Way Church of God in Christ, Lutheran Church of Prayer, Maranatha Baptist Church of Lamont, McKee Road Baptist Church, Mennonite Brethren Church, Mision Asamblea de Dios, Mojave Community Congregational Church, Mojave Missionary Baptist Church, Mounta Zion Baptist Church, New Beginnings Baptist Fellowship Church, New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, New Faith Center, New First Community Baptist Church, New Harvest Christian Fellowship Church, New Hope Southern Baptist Church, New Hope Temple, New Life Church of God in Christ, New Life in Christ Church, Norris Road Christian Church, Northminster Presbyterian Church, Oasis Christian Church, Oildale Apostolic Faith Church, Oildale Church of God, Oildale Seventh Day Adventist Church, Operation Fresh Start Apostolic Faith Church, Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Church, Our Saviors Lutheran Church, Panama Baptist Church, Peace Lutheran Church, Pentecostal Assembly Church, Pentecostal Church of Arvin, Pentecostal Holiness Church, Pentecostal Holiness Church of Jesus Christ, Pentecostal Tabernacle, Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church, Plaza Christian Church, Pleasant View Baptist Church, Primera Iglesia Bautista, Primera Iglesia Bautista, Redeemer Lutheran Church, Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Rexland Acres Assembly of God Church, Rexland Acres Southern Baptist Church, Ridgecrest Church of Christ, Ridgecrest Church of the Nazarene, Ridgecrest Presbyterian Church, Ridgecrest United Methodist Church, Riverview Assembly of God Church, Riverview Church of Christ, Riverview Southern Baptist Church, Rosedale Bible Church, Sacred Heart Church, Saint Andrews Episcopal Church, Saint Anns Catholic Church, Saint Clement Catholic Church, Saint Emmanuel Baptist Church, Saint Francis Catholic Church, Saint Francis Roman Catholic Church, Saint Georges Greek Orthodox Church, Saint John Baptist Church, Saint Johns Catholic Church, Saint Johns Lutheran Church, Saint Lukes Episcopal Church, Saint Malachys Catholic Church, Saint Marks Episcopal Church, Saint Marks United Methodist Church, Saint Mary of the Desert Church, Saint Marys Catholic Church, Saint Marys Catholic Church, Saint Marys Church, Saint Marys Convent, Saint Michaels Chapel, Saint Michaels Episcopal Church, Saint Paul Baptist Church, Saint Paul Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Saint Paul Church of God in Christ, Saint Pauls Episcopal Church, Saint Peters Missionary Baptist Church, Saint Thomas Catholic Church, Saints Memorial Church of God in Christ, Second Church of Christ Scientist, Second Community Baptist Church, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Seventh Glorious Church of God in Christ, Shafter Christian Assembly Church, Shafter Missionary Baptist Church, Shafter Pentecostal Church of God, Shalimar Baptist Church, Shekinah Christian Fellowship Church, Shiloh Temple Church of God in Christ, Sikh Temple, Sonrise Church of God, South Union Free Will Baptist Church, Spanish Assembly of God Church, Spirit Life Centre, Stockdale Southern Baptist Church, Sunshine Full Gospel Church, Tehachapi Lighthouse United Pentecostal Church, Tehachapi Seventh Day Adventist Church, Tehachapi Valley United Methodist Church, Temple Bautista Belen, Templo Calvaria, Templo Sinai, The Chapel of Grace Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Kings Gathering Church, The Open Door Church of God in Christ, The Peoples Missionary Baptist Church, Thompson Memorial Church of God in Christ, Town and Country Baptist Church, Tri-Stone Baptist Church, Trinity Baptist Church, Trinity Temple Church of God in Christ, Trinity United Methodist Church, True Love Baptist Church, Truelight Missionary Baptist Church, Truth Tabernacle, Union Baptist Church, Union Missionary Baptist Church, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Kern, United Church of Religious Science, United Methodist Church of Lamont, United Methodist Church of Wasco, United Pentecostal Church, United Pentecostal Church, Unity Church, Unity in Bakersfield Church, University Avenue Christian Church, University Baptist Church, Valley Bible Church, Valley Bible Fellowship Church, Valley Christian Church, Valley Christian Fellowship Church, Vessels of Honor Ministries, Victory Baptist Church, Victory Outreach Worship Center, Vintage Christian Center, Walls of Salvation Gates of Praise Church, Wasco Christian Church, Wasco Church of the Nazarene, Wayside Chapel Community Church, West Chester Baptist Church, West Coast Baptist Church, Westside Church of Christ, White Church, Willow Springs Church, Word of Life Fellowship Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Chalk Cliff, Mon Bluff

  Crossings     show all on map

Lavers Crossing

  Dams     show all on map

Beardsley Weir, Berrenda Mesa 1051 Dam, Big Four Ranch 737 Dam, Boron T Pond 5 738-002 Dam, Boron T Pond 6 738-003 Dam, Boron Tailings Pd 738 Dam, Brite Valley 1083 Dam, Buena Vista 732 Dam, Buena Vista 735-002 Dam, Calloway Weir, Diversion Number 1 104-002 Dam, Four Weirs, Irrigation Reservoir 2011-002 Dam, Isabella Auxiliary Dam, Isabella Main Dam, Kern R County Pk 735 Dam, Richfield Weir, Tejon Storage Number 1 734 Dam, Tejon Storage Number 2 734-002 Dam

  Flats     show all on map

Airplane Flat, Alaska Flat, Antimony Flat, Bartolas Country, Basket Flat, Bear Flat, Breckenridge Meadows, Breckenridge Meadows, Brown Meadow, Buena Vista Lake Bed, Bull Flat, Cane Meadow, Canebrake Flat, China Garden, Chino Flat, Claraville Flat, Cow Flat, Crocker Flat, Cyrus Flat, Dougherty Flat, Dry Meadows, Dutch Flat, Evans Flat, Fence Camp Flat, French Meadow, Golf Meadow, Golf Meadow, Goose Lake Bed, Grouse Meadow, Hoosier Flat, Horse Canyon Agate Beds, Horsethief Flat, Joaquin Flat, Joe Clark Flat, Kern Lake Bed, Koehn Lake, La Arena, Landers Meadow, Lightners Flat, Lion Flat, Little Dry Meadow, Lomar Meadow, Lopez Flats, Mace Meadow, Mack Meadow, Maricopa Flat, Mirror Lake, Mormon Flat, Mundgi Flat, Munzer Meadow, Neasons Flat, Oak Flat, Oak Flat, Oak Flat, Pine Flat, Poso Flat, Potato Patch, Potato Patch, Proctor Lake, Reader Flat, Rhymes Flat, Rodecker Flat, Rosamond Lake, Skinner Flat, Squirrel Meadow, Studebaker Flat, Sugarloaf Park, The Horseshoe Little Oak Flat, Thornton Meadow, Tiger Flat, Tollhouse Flat, Wagy Flat, Weldon Meadow, Willow Flat, Woody Flats, Woolstalf Meadow

  Gaps     show all on map

Apache Saddle, Badger Gap, Basket Pass, Bird Spring Pass, Black Mountain Saddle, Cherry Gap, Dagany Gap, Greenhorn Summit, Hamp Williams Pass, Hoffman Summit, McGovern Gap, Oak Creek Pass, Puerta del Suelo, Raven Pass, Stag Saddle, Tehachapi Pass, The Narrows, Walker Pass

  Hospitals     show all on map

Bakersfield Heart Hospital, Bakersfield Memorial Hospital, Bakersfield Memorial Hospital, Boron Health Center, Browning Manor Convalescent Hospital, California City Medical Center, Delano Hospital, Delano Regional Medical Center, Good Samaritan Hospital, Good Samaritan Hospital Southwest, HealthSouth Bakersfield Rehabilitation Hospital, Kern County Preventorium, Kern Medical Center, Kern Valley Healthcare District, McIntire Hospital, Mercy Hospital, Mercy Southwest Hospital, Mercy Westside Hospital, North Kern Hospital (historical), Ridgecrest Regional Hospital, San Joaquin Community Hospital, Taft Medical Center, Tehachapi Valley Healthcare

  Islands     show all on map

Pelican Island (historical)

  Lakes     show all on map

Buckhorn Lake, Buena Vista Lake (historical), Castac Lake, Connecting Slough, Lake Evans, Lake Webb, Rogers Lake, Satellite Lake, Still Lake, Tom Sawyer Lake

  Locales     show all on map

A D Edmonston Pumping Plant, A M Cooper Ranch, Acebedo Ranch, Adobe Station (historical), AJB Ranch Dairy, Alder Creek Campground, Alexander Fish Ranch (historical), Allen Ranch, Allen Ranch (historical), Angelus Gun Club (historical), Ansonea Dairy, Antelope Pumping Station, Arkelo Ranch, Arnold Ranch, Arrastre, Arvin Farm Labor Supply Center, Aspen Mall Shopping Center, Associated Oil Camp, Aukeman Dairy, Auxiliary Dam Campground, Avenue Oaks Country Club, B and B Dairy, B and B Duck Club, Bacon Hills Area, Bakersfield Country Club, Banducci Ranch (historical), Barnes Ranch (historical), Basque Encino, Bear Mountain Dairy, Bellevue Ranch, Benner Ranch, Benton Park Shopping Center, Best Plaza Shopping Center, Bethany Pines Campground, Beverly Gun Club, Bickel Camp, Bidart Dairy, Big Blue Mill (historical), Bitterwater Pumping Station, Black Hills Corral, Bloomfield Ranch (historical), Blue Moon Ranch, Bob Rabbit Place, Bony Witt, Borel Powerhouse, Boron Shopping Center, Boschma and Sons Dairy, Boulder Gulch Campground, Bowen Ranch, Brady Ranch, Bradys Pack Station (historical), Breckenridge, Breckenridge Campground, Breckenridge Fire Tower, Breckenridge Mountain Lookout, Brockamp Duck Club, Brodines Ranch, Brown Mill, Browning Ranch, Browns Mill, Brundage Square Shopping Center, Buena Vista Pumping Plant, Buena Vista Ranch, Builders Square Shopping Center, Burbank Gun Club, Burhans Ranch, Burton Mill, Buttonwillow Gun Club (historical), Caballo Campground, California City Public Golf Course, California Correctional Institute, California Oak Shopping Center, Camelot Golf Course, Camp Alto Campground, Camp Condor, Camp Dix (historical), Camp Earl-Anna, Camp Eight, Camp Fifteen, Camp Kaweah, Camp Kemeric, Camp Mountain Meadows, Camp Nick Williams, Camp Nine, Camp Okihi, Camp Ten A, Camp Ten B, Camp Thirty Five-S, Camp Thirty Six-R, Camp Trefoil Boy Scout Camp (historical), Camp Yenis Hante, Campo Alto Campground, Canfield Ranch, Cannell Meadow District Ranger Office, Cannon Ranch, Carlton Ranch, Carmel Ranch, Carneros Pumping Station, Carr Ranch (historical), Carver and Bowen Ranch, Casterisan Farms, Castro Ranch, Cecil Plaza Shopping Center, Cedar Creek Campground, Center Market Shopping Center, Cherry Creek Campground, Cherry Creek Campsite, Chester Loop Shopping Center, China Lake Golf Club, Chula Vista Campground, Chula Vista Campground, Cliff, Cluff Ranch, Cole Ranch, College Shopping Center, Colorado Camp, Compressor Station Number 40 (historical), Cook Peak Lookout, Cooper Ranch, Corn Camp, Costa Dairy Farms, Cottonwood Pumping Station, Cottonwood Station (historical), Crest Drive-In (historical), Crofton Ranch, Crystal Wells Gun Club (historical), Cudahy Camp, Cummings Ranch, Davis Campground, Davis Forest Service Station, De Stanzo Ranch (historical), Deep Wells Ranch, Deepwell Ranch, Delano Public Golf Course, Delano Village Shopping Center, Democrat Fire Station, Democrat Guard Station (historical), Democrat Hot Springs, Desert Empire Fairgrounds, Devils Den, Doheny Gun Club (historical), Donald Duck Gun Club, Double S Ranch, Dougherty Ranch, Douglas Ranch, Dove Spring Mill (historical), Dove Spring Ranch (historical), Doyle Gun Club (historical), Doyle Ranch, Doyle Ranch (historical), Dudley Ranch, Dust Bowl Duck Club, E Brown Ranch (historical), East Camp (historical), East Hills Mall Shopping Center, East Hills Village Shopping Center, East Side Camp Ground, East Side Launch Ramp, Edwards Siding, El Camino Pines Campground, El Cinco Gun Club, Elk Grove Ranch, Emerald Dairy, Emidio Pumping Station, Essex Camp (historical), Estrada Ranch, Evans Flat Campground, Fairview School, Falcon Fliers Club (historical), Faust Mill, Flood Ranch, Foothill High School, Fowler Ranch (historical), Freedom Hill Ranch (historical), Freeman, French Gulch Lake Patrol Station, French Gulch Marina, French Ranch, Frog Meadows Campground, Frog Meadows Guard Station, Frontier Pines Campground, Fulton Station, Galainena Ranch, Gallup Camp (historical), Ganso Bravo Ranch (historical), Garces Circle, Garden City Station, Garfield, Garlock Station (historical), Gaskill Ranch, General Petroleum Gun Club (historical), Gerbracht Camp, Gilbert Campground, Gilbert Gun Club (historical), Gilbert Ranch, Gilbreath Gun Club, Gleason Ranch, Glennville Adobe, Goff Ranch, Goforth Substation (historical), Golden Hills Golf Course, Goose Lake Gun Club (historical), Goose Lake Ranch, Gordons Ferry, Goyenetche Dairy, Grand Oaks Ranch, Granite Station, Greenfield Ranch, Gundry Ranch (historical), Gutzier Ranch, Hall Mart Shopping Center, Hall Ranch, Hannah Ranch, Happy Gulch Campground, Harrington Ranch, Harris Ranch, Havilah Forest Service Station, Hayes Ranch (historical), Heritage Square Shopping Center, Highland Knolls Golf Course (historical), Hillcrest Gun Club, Hillcrest Shopping Center, Hobo Campground, Hobo Forest Service Station, Hodgeman Ranch, Hog Camp, Holland Camp, Holloway Camp (historical), Hollywoodvale Gun Club (historical), Honolulu Oil Main Camp, Hoover Ranch, Horned Toad Golf Club (historical), Horseshoe Ranch, Hungry Gulch Campground, Indian Hill Ranch, Indian Hill Ranch Campground, Ira J Chrisman Wind Gap Pumping Plant, Isabella Marina Number Two, Isabella Point Boat Ramp, Jack Ranch (historical), Jacks Camp, Jacks Station (historical), Jai - Alai Dairy, Jameson Ranch, Jer-Z-Boys Dairy Number 2, Jim Hill Gun Club, Joe Santos Ranch (historical), John Hartman Garage Area, John R Teerink Wheeler Ridge Punping Plant, Johns Ranch, Jordon Ranch, Junction Pumping Station, Juniper Hills Country Club, Kennedy Viewing Stands, Kern City Golf Course, Kern County Industrial Farm, Kern County Police Radio Relay Station, Kern Lake Ranch (historical), Kern River Golf Course, Kern Valley Airport, Kern Valley Marina, Kernvale, Kernville Work Center, Kimberlina Ranch, Kissack Cove Boat Ramp, Klipstein Ranch, Knox Ranch, Koostra Dairy Farms, Lakeside Ranch, Lakeview Duck Club, Lakeview Labor Camp, Landers Meadow Guard Station, Las Yeguas Ranch, Launch Area Number Nineteen, Launch Area Number Seventeen, Launch Area Number Two, Launch Ramp Number Sixteen, Lazells Ranch, Lease Camp, Lease Camp, Lebec Oaks Ranch, Lebec Pumping Station, Levee Spur, Liebel Ranch, Lightner Ranch, Live Oak Campground, Lokern Pumping Station, Los Amigos Gun Club, Los Patos Gun Club, Loscal Gun Club (historical), Lower Richbar Campground, Maddux Ranch (historical), Madison Lodge (historical), Main Dam Campground, Manny Ranch, Maple Dairy, Marian Campground, Marila Gun Club, Maya Dairy, McGill Campground, McIvers Cabin, McKittrick Ranch, McMoo Farms Dairy, Meadowbrook Farm, Meadowbrook Gun Club, Mendiburu Ranch (historical), Meritage Dairy, Mesa Marin Raceway, Mesquite Hunting Club, Middlewater Pumping Station, Midway Oil Camp, Midway Pumping Station, Mil Potrero Organization Campground, Milham Farm, Miller and Lux Headquarters Ranch (historical), Miller Ranch (historical), Mills Ranch, Ming Seven Golf Course, Miramonte Ranch, Mirasol Ranch, Moon Ranch, Moore Ranch, Mount Vernon Sewage Treatment Plant, Munn Camp, Munzer School (historical), Muroc Golf Course, Muroc Junction, Myer Ranch, Myers Ranch, Newhouse Dairy, North Fork Marina, North Gate, North of the River Sewage Treatment Plant, Oak Flat Lookout, Oak Glen Highway Maintenance Station (historical), Oasis Duck Club (historical), Oasis Holsteins Dairy, Oil Center, Oildale Shopping Center, Old Cooper Ranch, Old Hart Station, Old Headquarters Ranch (historical), Old Likely Mill, Onyx Ranch, Overton Ranch, Owens Camp, Palla Rosa Farms Dairy Number 3, Palomas Ranch, Paradise Cove Boat Ramp, Paradise Cove Campground, Pasuza Gun Club, Pentland Pumping Station (historical), Peterson Landmark Object, Petrissans Dairy, Petroleum Club, Pine Mountain Club Golf Course, Pine Tree Aqueduct Station (historical), Pintail Duck Club, Pioneer Point Campground, Piute Lookout, Piute Ranch, Pleito Creek Campsite, Pleito Creek Rustic Campsite, Pleito Ranch (historical), Poplar Grove Ranch, Porterville Gun Club (historical), Poso Creek Family Dairy, Poso Ranch, Quality Ranch, Quinn Ranch, Quinn Ranch, Raljon Ranch, Rancho Del Los Patos Duck Club, Randolph Village Shopping Center, Rankin Ranch, Raymond-Souche Ranch, Redmen Gun Club (historical), Reynolds Ranch (historical), Rhymes Campground, Richbar Guard Station, Richfield Oil Pumping Station, Richmar Farms Dairy, Ridgecrest Plaza Shopping Center, Rio Bravo Equestrian Center, Rio Bravo Pumping Station, Rio Bravo Ranch, Rio Bravo Ranch Golf and Tennis Club, River Nook Campground, Riverkern Beach Picnic Area, Rock House (historical), Rosa Dairy, Rose Station, Rosedale Station (historical), Rowlee Ranch (historical), Russell Ranch, Rutledge Ranch, Sagebrush Shopping Center, Saint Nichalos Campground, Salt Creek Campground, Salt Creek Campsite, San Emidio Ranch, San Emigdio Girl Scout Camp, San Joaquin Gun Club, Sanbergs Lodge (historical), Santiago Corrals, Sauls Ranch (historical), Schamp Ranch, Schleifer Ranch, Schmidt Camp, Semitropic Substation, Sewage Treatment Plant Number 2, Shafter High School Farm, Shead Ranch, Shead Ranch, Shirley Meadow Campground, Shirley Meadow SKi Area, Sicarte Gun Club (historical), Sierra Gun Club, Sierra Vista Shopping Center, Silver Saddle Ranch and Country Club, Skyview Dairy, Slippery Rock Picnic Area, Smith Ranch, Smyrna Substation, Snow Goose Gun Club, Sorrells Ranch (historical), South Fork Picnic Area, South Gate, Southern Calif Gas Camp, Spring Valley Farm, Standard Oil Camp Eleven-C, Standard Oil Camp Five-D, Standard Oil Camp Nine-D, Standard Oil Camp One-C, Standard Oil Signa Station, Stayer Ranch (historical), Stockdale Country Club, Stockdale Fashion Plaza Shopping Center, Stockdale Ranch, Stockdale Village Shopping Center, Stockdale West Shopping Center, Stonybrook Retreat, Suburu Ranch (historical), Sugarloaf Campground, Summit Forest Service Station, Summit Store (historical), Sundance Feedyard, Superior Gun Club, Symons Ranch, T and J Dairy, T and W Farms Dairy, Taft City Corporation Yard, Taft Hills Plaza Shopping Center, Te Velde Dairy, Tecuya Campground, Teel Ranch, Tejon Ranch, Tejon Ranch Commerce Center, Tejon Substation (historical), Temblor Pumping Station, Temblor Ranch, Ten Section Refinery, The George Lodge (historical), The Loop, The Village Center Shopping Center, Thirty Five-R Gas Plant, Thundering Herd Ranch, Tierra del Sol Championship Golf Course, Tiger Flat Campground, Tillie Creek Boat Ramp, Tillie Creek Campground, Tivoli Centre Shopping Center, Tjaarda Dairy, Toad Springs Campground, Towne Ranch, Treadwell, Tulare Gun Club, Tungsten Chief Mill, Tungsten Chief Mill (historical), Tupman Camp, Twentieth Century Fish and Gun Club, Twin Farms, Twisselmann Ranch, Una Siding (historical), Universal Gun Club, V B Ranch Dairy, Valle Grande Public Golf Course, Valley Plaza Shopping Center, Valley Village Shopping Center, Vanden Berge Dairy, Villard Ranch, Villard Ranch, Vincent Ranch, Visalia Gun Club, Volcan, Wagon Wheel Ranch, Walker Pass Campground, Walser Ranch, Wasco Sewage Disposal, Webfoot Duck Club, Weldons Ranch, West Antelope Station, West Camp, Western Mineral Camp (historical), Western Sky Dairy, Western Water Country Camp, Westfield Gun Club (historical), Westlake Gun Club (historical), Westminster Duck Club, Westside Shopping Center, White Lane Plaza Shopping Center, White Mill, White Oak Lodge (historical), White Wolf Ranch (historical), Whiteside Dairy, Widgeon Gun Club, Wilkinson Gun Club, Williams Ranch, Willow Grove Ranch (historical), Willow Springs Raceway, Willow Springs Transportation Technical Center, Wooden Shoe Annies Ranch, Woodford Ranch (historical), Woody Ranch, Wyseur Ranch (historical), Yellow Aster Mill

  Military     show all on map

Delano Army Air Field (historical), Dunlap Auxiliary Army Airfield Number 4 (historical), Edwards Air Force Base, Muroc Naval Air Station (historical), Old Fort Tejon (historical)

  Mines     show all on map

109 Limestone Quarry, Amalia Mine, Amalie Mine, Apache Mine, Aunt Rosa Mines, Baker Mine, Barbarossa Mines, Betty Lou Mine, Big Blue Mine, Big Four Mine, Bishops Claim, Black Bob Mine, Black Sambo Mine, Blake Stone Quarry, Blue Mountain Mine, Blue Point Mine, Bluebird Mine, Bobtail Mines, Bond Buyer Mine, Bright Star Mine, Bryan Mine, Burning Moscow Mine, Burton Mill Mine, Cactus Queen Mine, Carbonate Prospect, Cement Rock Quarry, Comet Mine, Commonwealth Mine, Copper Basin Mine, Cudahys Old Dutch Cleanser Mine, Daley Mine, Dear Born Mine, Devils Hole Mine, Devils Hole North Prospect, Devils Hole South Prospect, Digger Pine Mine, Don Levy Mine, Double Eagle Mine, Drunkards Dream Mine, Elephant Eagle Mine, Evergreen Mine, Excel Pit, Faust Mine, Four Oaks Mine, Friday Mine, Gallup Mine, Glen Olive Mine, Gold Peak Cowboy Mines, Gold Standard Mine, Goldbug Mine, Golden Queen Mine, Grandad Mine, Granite King Mine, Granite King Mine, Gwynne Mine, Gwynnette Mine, Hard Luck Mine, Harris Mine, Heavens Delight Mine, Horshoe Mine, Iconoclast Mine, Inyokern Cinder Pit, James Morden Mine, Jeanette Grant Mine, Jennifer Mine, Jerry Mine, Joe Walker Mine, Johannesburg Quarry, Josephine Mine, Juan Dos Mines, Keyes Mine, King David Mine, King Solomons Mine, Laurel Mine, Locarno Mine, Lone Star Mine, Lone Star Mine, Lone Star Mine, Lonely Camp Mine, Long Tom Mine, Lucky Box Mine, Lucky Dog Mine, Mack Mine, Mammoth Eureka Mines, Mammoth Mine, Mammouth Prospect, Marino Mine, Mayflower Mine, McKeadney Mine, Middle Butte Mine, Miles Prospect, Miller Ranch Prospect, Minnehaha Mine, Mohawk Buddy Mine, Opportunity SubSection Number 4 Prospect, Ora Grande Mine, Owl Mine, Picture Rock Mine, Poso Mine, Prospect Mine, Raymond Mine, Regan Mine, Rocky Hill Prospect, Ruby Mine, Russell Mine, Saddie Mine, Saint John Mine, San Antonio Mine, Seventyfour Mine, Silver Lady Prospect, Silver Strand Mine, Simon Mine, Skyline Mine, Smith Mine, Southern Cross Mine, Summit Lime Quarry, Sunset Mine, Tip Top Mine, Tom Moore Mine, Treasure Mine, Tripoli Prospect, Tropico Shaft, Tungsten Chief Mine, Tungsten Peak Mine, Uncle Sam Mine, Valley View Mine, Valverde Mine, Virginia Mine, Virginia Mine, Waterhole Mine, Western Mine, White Rock Mine, White Rock Mine, White Swan Prospect, Zenda Mine

  Oilfields     show all on map

Ant Hill Oil Field, Antelope Hills Oil Field, Bellevue Oil Field, Blackwells Corner Oil Field, Buttonwillow Gas Field, Canal Oil Field, Canfield Ranch Oil Field, Chico Martinez Oil Field, Comanche Point Oil Field, Cymric Oil Field, Devils Den Oil Field, Edison Oil Field, Fruitvale Oil Field, Greeley Oil Field, Kern Bluff Oil Field, Kern Front Oil Field, Kern River Oil Field, Los Lobos Oil Field, McDonald Anti-Cline Oil Field, McVan Oil Field, Mount Poso Oil Field, Mountain View Oil Field, North Antelope Hills Oil Field, North Belridge Oil Field, North Coles Levee Oil Field, Norwalk Oil Refinery, Paloma Oil Field, Paloma Oil Refinery, Premier Oil Field, Racetrack Oil Field, Rio Bravo Oil Field, Rosedale Oil Field, Round Mountain Oil Field, Sharktooth Oil Field, South Belridge Oil Field, South Coles Levee Oil Field, Standard Oil, Standard Oil Tank Farm, Strand Oil Field, Sunset Oil Field, Tejon Hills Oil Field, Tejon Oil Field, Temblor Ranch Oil Field, Ten Section Oil Field, Three-G Gas Plant, Tidewater Associated Oil, Union Oil, United States Geological Survey Camp - Oil and Gas Division, Wasco Oil Field, Welport Oil, Wheeler Ridge Oil Field

  Parks     show all on map

A Street Park, Albany Park, Arvin Little League Field, B Park, Balsitis Park, Beach Park, Beale Park, Belle Terrace Park, Bitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge, Borax Bill Park, Branch Memorial Park, Brockton Grissom Park, Browning Road Park, Buena Vista Aquatic Recreational Area, Buena Vista Park, Buttonwillow Park, Campus Park, Capitola Park, Casa Loma County Park, Cecil Park, Central Park, Central Park, Cesar Chavez Park, Circle Park, Civic Center Park, College Park, Cormack Park, Corvallis Park, Cougar Sports Center, Desert Memorial Park, Desert Tortoise Preserve, Di Giorgio County Park, Fages-Zalvidea Trails Marker, Father Garces Monument, Filipino Community Council Recreation Center, Ford City Park, Fort Tejon State Historic Park, Franklin Field, Frazier Mountain Park, Frederick Field, Freear Park, Galileo Park, Garlock Historical Marker, Greenhorn Mountain County Park, H Park, Haggin Oaks Park, Hart Memorial Unit, Hellmers Park, Heritage Park, Heritage Park, I Park, Inyokern County Park, J Kerman Cooper Field, Jastro Park, Jefferson Park, Jefferson Park, Kalibo Park, Kern County Fairgrounds, Kern County Park, Kern County Regional Park, Kern Delta Park, Kern National Wildlife Refuge, Kern River County Park, Kern River Preserve, Kernville Park Recreation Area, Kirchenmann Park, Kovacevich Park, Lamont Park, Live Oak Picnic Area, Lost Hills Park, Lowell Park, Mannel Park, Mayflower Park, McCray Park, McFarland Park, Meadowood Park, Memorial Park, Memorial Stadium, Memorial Stadium, Metropolitan Recreation Center, Mil Potrero Park, Mojave East Park, Mojave West Park, Mountain Mesa Park, North Park, Old Town State Historic Landmark, Onizuka Park, Orangewood Park, Oswell Park, Padre Francisco Garces Historical Monument, Panorama Park, Patriots Park, Pearson Park, Pin Oak Park, Pioneer County Park, Planz Park, Potomac County Park, Quailwood Park, Red Rock Canyon State Park, Rexland Acres Park, Richland Park, Riverside Park, Riverview Park, Rodriguez Park, Rosamond Park, Rose Stage Station Historical Marker, Sam Lynn Ball Park, Saunders Park, Scodie Park, Sears Park, Siemon Park, Smothermon Park, South Fork Wildlife Area, Standard Park, Stauffer Park, Tehachapi City Park, Tehachapi Mountain Park, Tomo-Kahni State Historic Park, Uffert Park, University Park, Upjohn Park, Upper Richbar Picnic Area, Valle Vista Park, Virginia Avenue County Park, Wayside Park, Weill Park, West Park, West Park, Westside Mountain Park, Westside Park, Westwood Park, Willow Springs Stadium, Wilson Park, Wofford Heights Park

  Pillars     show all on map

Devils Den

  Plains     show all on map

Antelope Plain

  Populated Places     show all on map

Actis, Aerial Acres, Alameda, Algoso, Alta Sierra, Annette, Ansel, Armistead, Arvin, Arvin Mobile Home Estates, Asphalto (historical), Baker, Bakersfield, Bannister, Bealville, Bear Valley Springs, Bena, Bissell, Blackwells Corner, Bodfish, Boron, Bowerbank, Bradys, Brown, Buena Vista Mobile Home Park, Burton Mill, Buttonwillow, Cable, Calders Corner, Calico, Caliente, California City, Cambio (historical), Cameron, Camp Owens, Canebrake, Canebrake (historical), Cantil, Cawelo, Ceneda, Chaffee, Cherokee Strip, China Lake, China Lake Acres, Cinco, Claraville, Conner, Crome, Cypress Gardens Mobile Home Community, Delano, Delano Mobile Home Park, Derby Acres, Desert Lake, Di Giorgio, Dow, Dustin Acres, Eaires (historical), East Bakersfield, Edison, Edmundson Acres, Edwards, El Rita, Elmo, Eric (historical), Famoso, Fellows, Fig Orchard, Five Points, Fleta, Fluhr (historical), Ford City, Fram (historical), Frazier Park, Fruitvale, Fuller Acres, Garlock, Glennville, Gloster, Gold Town (historical), Golden Hills, Goler Heights, Gosford, Grapevine, Greenacres, Greenfield, Gulf, Gypsite, Halfway House, Harpertown, Harts Place, Havilah, Hazelton, Hights Corner, Hollis, Ilmon, Indian Wells, Inmans (historical), Inyokern, Isabella (historical), Jasmin, Jastro, Johannesburg, Kayandee, Kecks Corner, Keene, Kern, Kern City, Kern Lake, Kernell, Kernville, Kernville (historical), Keyesville, Kilowatt, Kyan (historical), La Rose (historical), Lackey Place, Lake Isabella, Lake of the Woods, Lakeview, Lakeview Mobile Home Park, Lamont, Landco, Lebec, Leliter (historical), Leonards (historical), Lerdo, Levee (historical), Little Dixie (historical), Lokern, Lonsmith, Loraine, Lost Hills, Magunden, Maltha, Marcel, Maricopa, Mayfair, McFarland, McKittrick, Meridian, Mettler, Mexican Colony, Midoil, Millersville, Millux, Minter Village, Miracle Hot Springs, Missouri Triangle, Mitchells Corner, Mojave, Monolith, Moreland Mill, Mountain Mesa, Muroc (historical), Myricks Corner, Neufeld, Neuralia (historical), North Belridge, North Edwards, North Muroc (historical), North Shafter, Oil City, Oil Junction, Oildale, Old Garlock, Old River, Old Town, Olig (historical), Onyx, Packwood (historical), Palmo, Paloma (historical), Panama, Patch, Pentland, Petersburg (historical), Petro (historical), Pettit Place, Pine Mountain Club, Pinon Pines Estates, Piute (historical), Pond, Prospero, Pumpkin Center, Quailwood, Quality, Rancho Seco, Rand, Randsburg, Redrock (historical), Reefer City (historical), Reward, Ribier, Ricardo, Rich, Ridgecrest, Rio Bravo, Riverkern, Rock Springs (historical), Rosamond, Rosedale, Rowen, Saco, Sage (historical), Sageland, Saltdale, San Emidio, San Miguel de los Noches (historical), Sanborn, Sand Canyon, Scovern Hot Springs (historical), Searles, Seguro, Semitropic, Shady Rest (historical), Shafter, Shirley Meadows, Silt, Slater, Smith Corner, Solon (historical), South Lake, South Taft, Spellacy, Spicer City, Squirrel Mountain Valley, Stallion Springs, Stevens, Strand (historical), Sullivan (historical), Summers (historical), Summit, Taft, Taft Heights, Teagle (historical), Tehachapi, Tejon Ranch, Terese (historical), Thomas Lane, Trescape (historical), Treves (historical), Tupman, Twin Lakes, Twin Oaks, Una, Vaccaro (historical), Valley Acres, Venola, Vinland, Wallace Center, Walong, Warren (historical), Warren (historical), Wasco, Weedpatch, Weldon, West Baker (historical), Wheeler Ridge, Wherry Housing, Wible Orchard, Willow Springs, Wofford Heights, Woodford, Woody, Zentner

  Post Offices     show all on map

Arvin Post Office, Bakersfield Post Office, Boron Post Office, Buttonwillow Post Office, California City Post Office, Claraville Post Office (historical), Delano Post Office, Delkern Post Office, Devils Den Post Office (historical), Edwards Post Office, Frazier Park Post Office, Inyokern Post Office, Keene Post Office, Kernville Post Office, Lamont Post Office, Maricopa Post Office, McFarland Post Office, Mojave Post Office, Oildale Post Office, Ridgecrest Post Office, Rosamond Post Office, Shafter Post Office, Taft Post Office, Tehachapi Post Office, Wasco Post Office

  Ranges     show all on map

Antelope Hills, Bacon Hills, Bissell Hills, Black Hills, Buena Vista Hills, El Paso Mountains, Elk Hills, Horned Toad Hills, Little Signal Hills, Lost Hills, Pleito Hills, Point of Rocks, Rand Mountains, Rosamond Hills, San Emigdio Mountains, Scodie Mountains, Shale Hills, Tehachapi Mountains, Tejon Hills, Telephone Hills

  Reserves     show all on map

Bright Star Wilderness, El Paso Mountains Wilderness, Hagen Canyon Natural Preserve, Kiavah Wilderness, Owens Peak Wilderness, Red Cliffs Natural Preserve, Tule Elk State Natural Reserve

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Central Park Lake, Ercil Lake, Hart Park Lake, Isabella Lake, Johhnycakes Lake, Julia Lake, Lake Engle, Lake Marion, Lake Ming, Lake of the Woods (historical), Lake Paulina, Lake Stockton, Lake Woollomes, Raljon Lake, Sherm Chitwood Reservoir, Tejon Reservoir Number One, Tejon Reservoir Number Two, Watershed Reservoir, Weldon Pond

  Ridges     show all on map

Antimony Ridge, Antimony Ridge, Bald Hills, Banada Ridge, Barbarossa Ridge, Barren Ridge, Basket Ridge, Black Bill Ridge, Blue Mountain, Blue Ridge, Bluestone Ridge, Broza Ridge, Buttonwillow Ridge, Buzzard Ridge, Centennial Ridge, Devils Backbone, Geghus Ridge, Hay Corral Ridge, Hobo Ridge, King Solomons Ridge, Leuhman Ridge, Los Morones, Manzanita Ridge, Middle Ridge, Oak Ridge, Orejano Ridge, Purdie Ridge, Pyramid Hill, Red Mountain, Rodeo Ridge, Saint John Ridge, Sawtooth Ridge, Semitropic Ridge, Shale Point, South Dome, Spellacy Hill, Sweet Ridge, Tecuya Ridge, Telephone Ridge, Wheeler Ridge, Winters Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Agape Christian School, Albany Park School, Alicante Avenue Elementary School, Amy B Siebert Elementary School, Apostolic Christian Academy, Arvin High School, Aztec School, Bailey Avenue Elementary School, Baker School, Bakersfield Adult School, Bakersfield Christian Life School, Bakersfield College, Bakersfield High School, Bakersfield Junior Academy, Bear Mountain Elementary School, Beardsley Intermediate and Junior High School, Belridge Elementary School, Bessie E Owens Elementary School, Bethel Apostolic Academy, Blake Elementary School, Boron Junior-Senoir High School, Browning Road Elementary School, Brundage School (historical), Buena Vista Elementary School, Buena Vista High School, Burroughs High School, Buttonwillow Elementary School, Caliente School, California City Middle School, California State University - Bakersfield, Cameron Valley School (historical), Carden School, Caroline Harris Elementary School, Casa Loma Elementary School, Castro Lane School, Cecil Avenue Junior High School, Centennial Elementary School, Central Valley Continuation High School, Cerro Coso Community College - Indian Wells Valley Campus, Charles H Castle Elementary School, Chipman Junior High School, Christ the King School, College Heights School, College of the Tehachapis, Colonel Howard Nichols Elementary School, Compton Junior High School, Conley Elementary School, Cummings Valley School, Curran Junior High School, Del Vista Elementary School, Delano Center Kern Community College, Delano Head Start Center, Delano High School, Desert High School, Devils Den School (historical), DiGiorgio Elementary School, East Bakersfield High School, Edison Elementary School, Elk Hill Elementary School, Ellington School, Emerson Junior High School, Fairfax Elementary School, Fairview Elementary School, Faller Elementary School, Forbes Avenue Elementary School, Fort Tejon Elementary School, Frank West Elementary School, Franklin Elementary School, Frazier Park Elementary School, Fred L Thompson Junior High School, Fremont Elementary School, Fremont Elementary School, Fruitdale Junior High School, Fruitdale School, Garces High School, Gateway Elementary School, General Shafter Elementary School, Gephart Junior High School, Golden Hills Elementary School, Golden State Junior High School, Granite School (historical), Greeley School, Greenacres School, Greenfield Junior High School, Greenfield School (historical), Greenhorn School (historical), Groves Elementary School, Hamilton Elementary School, Harding Elementary School, Haven Drive Middle School, Henry Eissler Elementary School, Heritage Academy, Highland Elementary School, Highland High School, Horace Mann Elementary School, Hort Elementary School, Ignacio Valenica High School, Immanuel Christian School, Independence High School, Indian School, Inyokern Elementary School, Irving L Branch Elementary School, Jacobsen Junior High School, James Monroe Junior High School, Jasmin School, Jefferson Elementary School, Jefferson Elementary School, John L Prueitt Elementary School, Joshua Middle School, Juliet Thorner Elementary School, Karl F Clemens Elementary School, Keene School, Kern Avenue Elementary School, Kern County Union School, Kern Junior Academy, Kern Valley High School, Kernville Elementary School, Lakeside Elementary School, Landers School (historical), Las Flores Elementary School, Laurelglen Elementary School, Leo G Pauly Elementary School, Lerdo Primary School, Lincoln Elementary School, Linns Valley-Poso Flat Union Elementary School, Longfellow Elementary School, Lost Hills Elementary School, Louise Sandrini Elementary School, Lynch School, Maple Elementary School, Maricopa Elementary School, Maricopa High School, McFarland High School, McFarland Middle School, McKee Intermediate School, McKee Primary School, McKinley Elementary School, McKittrick Elementary School, McKittrick School (historical), Meridian School, Mesquite Continuation School, Mettler Elementary School, Midland Elementary School, Mojave Elementary School, Mojave Senior High School, Monroe High School, Monroe High School, Mount Vernon Elementary School, Mountain View High School, Mountain View Middle School, Mountain View School (historical), Munsey Elementary School, Murray Junior High School, Myra A Noble Elementary School, Myrtle Avenue Elementary School, Norris Elementary School, Norris Middle School, North Beardsley School, North High School, Nueva Continuation High School, O J Aetis Junior High School, Old River School, Olig School, Olive Drive Elementary School, Orangewood Elementary School, Ordena School (historical), Orthopedic School, Our Lady of Guadalupe School, Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, Palm Avenue Elementary School, Palm School (historical), Paloma School (historical), Panama Elementary School, Panama Migratory School (historical), Parkview Elementary School, Payne Avenue Middle School, Peter Pan School, Petroleum School (historical), Phoenix Learning Center, Pierce Elementary School, Pioneer Drive Elementary School, Plantation Elementary School, Planz Elementary School, Pond Elementary School, Poplar School (historical), Poso Flat School (historical), Princeton Street School, Rafaello Palla Elementary School, Rafer Johnson Elementary School, Ramon Gorza Elementary School, Rand Elementary School, Red Rock Elementary School, Regional Occupational and Agricultural School, Revival Tabernacle Christian Academy, Richland Primary School, Richland Senior Elementary School, Richmond Elementary School, Rio Bravo-Greeley Elementary School, Robert P Ulrich Elementary School, Rock Pile School (historical), Ronald Reagan Elementary School, Roosevelt Elementary School, Roosevelt Elementary School, Rosamond Christian School, Rosamond High School, Rosedale Middle School, Rosedale-North Elementary School, Ruggenberg Training Center, Saint Ann School, Saint Francis School, Saint Johns School, Saint Johns School, Saint Malachys School, Saint Marys School, Saint Marys School, San Joaquin High School, San Joaquin Valley College - Bakersfield, Santa Barbara Business College, Semitropic School (historical), Shafter High School, Shafter Migratory School (historical), Sierra Junior High School, Sierra Sands Adult School, Sierra Vista Elementary School, Sing Lum Elementary School, South Fork Elementary School, South High School, Standard Elementary School, Standard Middle School, Stella I Hills Elementary School, Stine Elementary School, Stockdale Elementary School, Stockdale High School, Summit Continuation High School, Summit High School, Sunset Elementary School, Taft College, Taft College, Taft Heights Kindergarten, Taft Primary School, Taft Union High School, Tehachapi High School, Tejon Canyon School (historical), Terrace Elementary School, Tevis Junior High School, Thomas Jefferson Elementary School, Toltec School (historical), Tompkins Elementary School, Tropico Middle School, Twin Oaks School (historical), Union Avenue School, Valle Vista School, Vaughn School (historical), Vieweg Elementary School, Vineland Elementary School, Virginia Avenue Elementary School, Vista East Continuation School, Vista High School, Vista West Continuation High School, Voorhies School, W A Kendrick School, Walker Basin School (historical), Wasco High School, Wasco Union Grammar School (historical), Washington Junior High School, Wayne Van Horn Elementary School, Wayside Elementary School, Wells Elementary School, West Boron Elementary School, West High School, Wildwood School, William Penn Elementary School, Williams Elementary School, Wingland Elementary School, Woodrow W Wallace Elementary School, Woody School (historical)

  Slopes     show all on map

Grocer Grade, Hilbrich Grade

  Springs     show all on map

Agua Fria Spring, Aido Spring, Alamo Solo Spring, Alex Cook Spring, Alphie Spring, Amargo Springs, Andress Spring, Antelope Spring, Ashley Hot Spring, Bad Name Spring, Barrel Spring, Barrel Spring, Barrington Spring, Bean Spring, Bear Spring, Bear Spring, Bear Trap Spring, Beartrap Spring, Big E Spring, Big Spring, Big Spring, Big Tenant Spring, Billy Spring, Bino Springs, Bird Spring, Bitterwater Spring, Bitterwater Spring, Bob Spring, Bobcat Spring, Boiler Spring, Boulder Spring, Bracchi Spring, Braitman Spring, Brown Spring, Buckeye Spring, Bull Spring, Bull Spring, Bull Spring, Burning Moscow Spring, Burnt Spring, Butler Spring, Butterbredt Spring, Buzzard Spring, Caliente Spring, Callioud Spring, Canary Spring, Cane Spring, Cane Spring, Carneros Spring, Carver Spring, Caughran Spring, Champagne Spring, Cochran Spring, Coffin Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Comanche Spring, Corral Spring, Cortez Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cow Chip Spring, Cow Cove Spring, Cow Heaven Spring, Coyote Spring, Coyote Spring, Coyote Spring, Coyote Spring, Crocker Spring, Crofton Spring, Cutterbank Spring, Dead Horse Spring, Dead Ox Spring, Deer Spring, Deer Springs, Delonegha Hot Springs, Democrat Spring, Devils Spring, Dobie Spring, Dougherty Spring, Dove Spring, Dripping Spring, Dutchman Prospect Spring, Eagle Spring, Earthquake Spring, Elderberry Springs, Ellings Spring, Fence Camp Spring, Fig Tree Spring, Fig Tree Spring, Fine Spring, Frazer Spring, Frog Spring, Gail Spring, Gale Spring, Gautche Springs, Golden Oaks Spring, Goodwater Spring, Green Spring, Grouse Spring, Harris Grade Spring, Harry Payne Spring, Havala Spring, Haypress Spring, Hog Camp Spring, Hog Hole Spring, Hog Spring, Hog Spring, Home Spring, Horse Canyon Spring, Horse Spring, Hot Springs, House Spring, Hungry Spring, Indian John Spring, Indian Spring, Jack Spring, Johnson Spring, Juan Yaqui Spring, Kennedy Spring, Kilmer Spring, Land Company Spring, Leppy Spring, Lieva Springs, Lion Spring, Little Tenant Spring, Lower Araujo Spring, Lower Beck Spring, Lower Boiler Spring, Lower Cow Chip Spring, Lower Grapes Spring, Lower Hog Camp Spring, Martina Spring, McIvers Spring, Measels Spring, Megs Mud Spring, Mesa Spring, Mesa Spring, Mesquite Drain Three, Mesquite Springs, Metoe Spring, Miller Spring, Miller Springs, Montgomery Spring, Mountain Oak Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Springs, Murphy Spring, Mustang Spring, Napoleon Spring, Nicoll Spring, O'Brien Spring, Oscar Meyer Spring, Palmer Spring, Peeping Tom Spring, Pigpen Spring, Pine Spring, Pine Spring, Piojo Spring, Piute Spring, Placeritas Spring, Poison Oak Spring, Poison Spring, Prefedio Spring, Purdie Canyon Spring, Purdie Spring, Quail Spring, Quail Spring, Railroad Spring, Railroad Spring, Ranger Spring, Rattlesnake Spring, Rattlesnake Spring, Red Spring, Rhymes Spring, Rock Corral Spring, Rock Spring, Rock Spring, Rock Spring, Rodeo Spring, Rosemarr Spring, Runyon Spring, Ruth Camp Spring, Saddle Spring, Saddle Spring, Salt Lick Spring, Salt Spring, Sam Spring, Sandy Creek Spring, Saturday Spring, Scodie Spring, Scovern Hot Springs, Scraper Spring, Seneca Spring, Serefin Spring, Sheep Spring, Sheep Troughs Spring, Shoemaker Spring, Skull Spring, Soda Springs, Spout Spring, Springfield Spring, Stag Spring, Stage Thicket Spring, Steve Spring, Sulfur Spring, Sulphur Spring, Sulphur Spring, Sweetwater Spring, Sycamore Spring, Taylor Spring, Telephone Canyon Spring, Thompson Spring, Tolly Spring, Trail Spring, Tule Spring, Tunnel Spring, Tunnel Spring, Tunnel Spring, Turman Spring, Twinky Spring, Upper Araujo Spring, Upper Beck Spring, Upper Grapes Spring, Upper Salt Lick Spring, Urcado Springs, Walnut Spring, Warm Spring, Water Gap Spring, Waterhole Mine Spring, Whitton Spring, Wik Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Spring, Willow Springs, Woodchopper Spring, Wygal Spring, Yates Hot Springs, Yellow Jacket Spring

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Alder Creek, Angel Creek, Arroyo Ancho, Arroyo Del Corral, Badger Creek, Barker Creek, Bartolas Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Hollow Creek, Beartrap Creek, Bitter Creek, Bitterwater Creek, Bitterwater Creek, Bodfish Creek, Bohna Creek, Bradshaw Creek, Brite Creek, Broad Creek, Buena Vista Creek, Bull Run Creek, Burke Creek, Cache Creek, Caldwell Creek, Calf Creek, Caliente Creek, Cane Creek, Canebrake Creek, Caparell Creek, Carneros Creek, Cattle Creek, Cedar Creek, Chanac Creek, Cherry Creek, Chico Martinez Creek, Chimney Creek, Cienaga Creek, Clear Creek, Clear Creek, Coffee Creek, Colorful Creek, Comanche Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cow Creek, Cow Flat Creek, Crystal Creek, Cuddy Creek, Cummings Creek, Dead Ox Creek, Deadman Creek, Delonegha Creek, Devilwater Creek, Dougherty Creek, Dry Meadow Creek, Dyer Creek, East Fork Erskine Creek, East Twin Creek, El Arroyo de los Encinos, El Paso Creek, Erskine Creek, Falls Creek, Five Dog Creek, Flying Dutchman Creek, Franciscan Creek, Freeman Creek, Frog Creek, Fulton Creek, Goose Lake Slough, Grapevine Creek, Greenhorn Creek, Grimaud Creek, Hog Creek, Ice House Creek, Indian Creek, Jacks Creek, Jerry Slough, Kelso Creek, Kern River, La Rose Creek, Landers Creek, Little Creek, Little Creek, Little Dixie Wash, Little Poso Creek, Los Alamos Creek, Los Lobos Creek, Lucas Creek, Lumreau Creek, McFarland Creek, Media Agua Creek, Middle Fork Erskine Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Monotti Creek, Mud Hen Creek, Muddy Creek, Nellie Dent Creek, North Fork Cottonwood Creek, North Fork Walker Basin Creek, Oak Creek, Old Channel Poso Creek, Packwood Creek, Panama Slough, Pastoria Creek, Peachacho Creek, Pescado Creek, Peyton Creek, Pine Mountain Creek, Pinyon Creek, Placeritas Creek, Pleitito Creek, Pleito Creek, Poso Creek, Prefedio Creek, Rancheria Creek, Rancheria Creek, Rattlesnake Creek, Rattlesnake Creek, Rattlesnake Creek, Sacatara Creek, Salt Creek, Salt Creek, San Diego Creek, San Emigdio Creek, Sand Creek, Sandy Creek, Sandy Creek, Santiago Creek, Santos Creek, Saturday Spring Creek, Setimo Creek, Shirley Creek, Silver Creek, Slick Rock Creek, South Fork Cottonwood Creek, South Fork Erskine Creek, South Fork Kern River, Spanish Needle Creek, Stable Creek, Stark Creek, Stevenson Creek, Studhorse Creek, Sycamore Creek, Sycamore Creek, Tecuya Creek, Tehachapi Creek, Tejon Creek, Temblor Creek, Tenant Creek, Thompson Creek, Tillie Creek, Tucker Creek, Tunis Creek, Tweedy Creek, Walker Basin Creek, Water Canyon Creek, Weaver Creek, West Twin Creek, Whiterock Creek, Wildcat Creek, Willow Spring Creek, Willow Spring Creek, Witch Creek, Woodward Creek, Woolstalf Creek, Zemorra Creek

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Ant Hill, Antimony Peak, Antimony Peak, Bald Eagle Peak, Ball Mountain, Ball Mountain, Basket Peak, Bear Mountain, Black Bill Peak, Black Mountain, Black Mountain, Black Mountain, Blue Point, Bodfish Peak, Bohna Peak, Breckenridge Mountain, Brown Butte, Brown Peak, Brush Mountain, Brushy Hill, Burke Hill, Butterbredt Peak, Cache Peak, Cane Peak, Cascajo Hill, Castle Butte, Cerro del Sur, Cerro Noroeste, Chuckwalla Mountain, Cook Peak, Cooks Peak, Covington Mountain, Cross Mountain, Cummings Mountain, De Stazo Hill, Desert Butte, Doney Hill, Double Mountain, Eagle Peak, Eagle Rest Peak, Eagles Nest, El Paso Peaks, El Vejón, Emerald Mountain, Emigrant Hill, Escapula Peak, Fiss Hill, Five Fingers, Fulton Peak, Galileo Hill, Gem Hill, Goat Peak, Gold Peak, Gould Hill, Government Peak, Grapevine Peak, Grouse Mountain, Harper Peak, Heald Peak, Hillcrest Point, Hole in the Mountain, Hooper Hill, Horsethief Mountain, Indian Rocks, Inspiration Point, Iron Mountain, Isham Hill, Jackrabbit Hill, Johns Peak, Kelso Peak, Knob Hill, Laura Peak, Laurel Mountain, Liebel Peak, Liebre Twins, Lightner Peak, Lookout Hill, Mayan Peak, McKittrick Summit, Middle Knob, Morris Peak, Mound, Mount Adelaide, Mount Jenkins, Mount Pheasant, Mount Poso, Mount Vernon, Nellies Nipple, Nicolls Peak, O'Brien Hill, Oiler Peak, Onyx Peak, Orchard Peak, Owens Peak, Pajuela Peak, Pampa Peak, Pilot Knob, Pine Mountain, Pinyon Mountain, Pinyon Peak, Piute Peak, Powers Peak, Quartz Mountain, Rankin Peak, Red Buttes, Red Hill, Red Hill, Red Hill, Red Mountain, Red Mountain, Robbers Roost, Rock Pile, Rocky Point, Rough and Ready Mountain, Round Mountain, Round Mountain, San Emigdio Mountain, Sanborn Hill, Saturday Peak, Sawtooth Peak, Shirley Peak, Sidney Peak, Skinner Peak, Soledad Mountain, Sorrell Peak, Split Mountain, Standard Hill, Stevenson Peak, Sugarloaf, Sugarloaf Mountain, Sunday Peak, Sunset Point, Tecuya Mountain, Tehachapi Mountain, Toms Hill, Tropico Hill, Twentyfive Hill, Twin Buttes, Wagon Wheel Mountain, Weldon Peak, White Mountain, White Rock, Willow Springs Butte, Windmill Tree Peak, Woodward Peak, Wyleys Knob, Yeguas Mountain

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Mill Potrero (historical)

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KAFY-AM (Bakersfield), KAVC-FM (Rosamond), KAVR-AM (Rosamond), KAXL-FM (Green Acres), KBAD-AM (Bakersfield), KBAK-TV (Bakersfield), KCHT-FM (Bakersfield), KCWR-AM (Bakersfield), KDNO-FM (Delano), KDOB-TV (Bakersfield), KERI-AM (Wasco-Greenacres), KERN-AM (Bakersfield), KERN-FM (Bakersfield), KERO-TV (Bakersfield), KGBM-FM (Randsburg), KGEO-AM (Bakersfield), KGET-TV (Bakersfield), KGFM-FM (Bakersfield), KHIS-AM (Bakersfield), KHIS-FM (Bakersfield), KHXT-FM (Mojave), KIWI-FM (Bakersfield), KKBB-FM (Shafter), KKRV-FM (Kernville), KKXX-FM (Delano), KLLY-FM (Oildale), KLOA-AM (Ridgecrest), KLOA-FM (Ridgecrest), KMYX-AM (Taft), KMYX-FM (Taft), KNOB-AM (Frazier Park), KNZR-AM (Bakersfield), KPRX-FM (Bakersfield), KRAB-FM (Green Acres), KRAJ-FM (Johannesburg), KSSI-FM (China Lake), KSUV-FM (McFarland), KTIE-FM (Bakersfield), KTPI-FM (Tehachapi), KTQX-FM (Bakersfield), KUZZ-FM (Bakersfield), KVLI-AM (Lake Isabella), KVLI-FM (Lake Isabella), KVOY-AM (Mojave), KWAC-AM (Bakersfield), KXEM-AM (Bakersfield), KXEM-AM (McFarland), KXHA-FM (Shafter), KZIQ-AM (Ridgecrest), KZIQ-FM (Ridgecrest), KZPE-FM (Ford City), KZPM-AM (Bakersfield), Tollgate Lookout Tower, West Fly-By Tower

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C- 2 Flight Line, C- 3 Flight Line, Cannell Meadow Trail, McIvers Road, Old Flight Line Trail, Virginia Trail

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Burro Schmidts Tunnel, Carley V Porter Tunnel, South Portal Number Four, Tunnel Number One, Tunnel Number Three, Tunnel Number Two

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Adobe Canyon, Alphie Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Antelope Valley, Aramburu Canyon, Back Canyon, Badger Canyon, Barn Canyon, Barrel Valley, Bean Canyon, Bear Canyon, Bear Canyon, Bear Canyon, Bear Trap Canyon, Bear Trap Canyon, Bear Valley, Beaver Canyon, Beck Canyon, Benninger Canyon, Benson Gulch, Berts Canyon, Big Hart Canyon, Big Last Chance Canyon, Big Sycamore Canyon, Bird Spring Canyon, Bitterwater Valley, Black Bob Canyon, Black Gulch, Blackburn Canyon, Bob Rabbit Canyon, Bodfish Canyon, Bonanza Gulch, Bootleg Canyon, Borel Canyon, Boulder Canyon, Boulder Canyon, Boulder Gulch, Bradley Canyon, Bright Star Canyon, Brite Valley, Bronco Canyon, Bronco Canyon, Browns Canyon, Buena Vista Canyon, Buena Vista Valley, Burham Canyon, Butterbredt Canyon, Cameron Canyon, Cañada del Agua Escondida, Cane Canyon, Canyon de la Lecheria, Canyon del Gato-Montes, Canyon Del Secretario, Cap Canyon, Carneros Canyon, Castac Valley, Cat Canyon, Cedar Canyon, Cedar Canyon, Cedar Canyon, Cholla Canyon, Cholly Canyon, Cienaga Canyon, Cloudburst Canyon, Coal Oil Canyon, Coffee Canyon, Cold Springs Canyon, Corral Canyon, Cortez Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cow Canyon, Cow Cove, Cow Heaven Canyon, Coyote Gulch, Crane Canyon, Crocker Canyon, Cuddy Canyon, Cuddy Valley, Cummings Valley, Cyrus Canyon, Dabney Canyon, Dead Horse Canyon, Deadfoot Canyon, Deer Canyon, Devil Canyon, Devils Canyon, Devils Gulch, Devils Kitchen, Doc Williams Canyon, Doney Gulch, Dougherty Canyon, Dove Spring Canyon, Dry Canyon, El Vallejo, Esperanza Canyon, Fiddler Gulch, Fivemile Canyon, Four Springs Gulch, Fox Canyon, Frazer Valley, Freeman Canyon, Freeman Gulch, Fremont Valley, French Gulch, French Gulch, French Ranch Gulch, Gamble Spring Canyon, Gold Canyon, Goldpan Canyon, Goler Gulch, Gordon Gulch, Granite Canyon, Grapevine Canyon, Grapevine Canyon, Haight Canyon, Hale McLeod Canyon, Hardcash Gulch, Harper Canyon, Hart Canyon, Havilah Canyon, Hayes Canyon, Haypress Canyon, Heck Canyon, Hill Canyon, Hillvale Canyon, Hodges Canyon, Hoffman Canyon, Hog Canyon, Hogeye Gulch, Horse Canyon, Horse Canyon, Horse Canyon, Horsethief Canyon, Hot Spring Valley, Howling Gulch, Hugh Mann Canyon, Indian Wells Canyon, Indian Wells Valley, Ingram Canyon, Iron Canyon, Jacksons Hole, Jawbone Canyon, Jenny Lind Canyon, Johnson Canyon, Johnson Canyon, Keller Valley, Kelly Canyon, Kelso Valley, King Canyon, Last Chance Canyon, Lavrock Canyon, Lilly Canyon, Linns Valley, Little Hart Canyon, Little Jawbone Canyon, Little Last Chance Canyon, Little Oak Canyon, Little Santa Maria Valley, Little Sycamore Canyon, Little Sycamore Canyon, Live Oak Canyon, Liveoak Canyon, Locked Gate Gulch, Loco Bill Canyon, Long Canyon, Long Tom Gulch, Lost Canyon, Lynch Canyon, Maddux Canyon, Mama Pottinger Canyon, Manuel Canyon, Marble Spring Canyon, Marino Canyon, McKittrick Valley, Menagerie Canyon, Mendiburu Canyon, Mesquite Canyon, Metralla Canyon, Midway Valley, Mike Harney Canyon, Mon Canyon, Montgomery Canyon, Mormon Canyon, Mormon Gulch, Morris Canyon, Myers Canyon, Nagel Canyon, Nightingale Gulch, Noname Canyon, North Fork Pine Tree Canyon, Noyer Canyon, O'Neil Canyon, Oak Creek Canyon, Oil Canyon, Oiler Canyon, Orejano Canyon, Orejano Canyon, P X Canyon, Paradise Valley, Peerless Valley, Phoenix Gulch, Pine Cove, Pine Tree Canyon, Pitney Canyon, Poleline Canyon, Pottinger Canyon, Quail Canyon, Rabbit Gulch, Rancheria Canyon, Red Rock Canyon, Reed Canyon, Rocky Gulch, Rodeo Canyon, Sacramento Gulch, Sage Canyon, San Emigdio Canyon, Sand Canyon, Sand Canyon, Sand Canyon, Sand Canyon, Sand Gulch, Sawmill Canyon, Scodie Canyon, Scraper Canyon, Seventeen Canyon, Short Canyon, Short Canyon, Short Canyon, Smith Canyon, Smith Canyon, South Fork Sand Canyon, Spring Canyon, Spring Gulch, Spring Mountain Gulch, Stag Canyon, Still Canyon, Stoker Canyon, Stormy Canyon, Stratton Canyon, Studhorse Canyon, Sunset Canyon, Sunset Valley, Sycamore Canyon, Sycamore Canyon, Sycamore Canyon, Sycamore Canyon, Tehachapi Valley, Tejon Canyon, Telegraph Canyon, Telephone Canyon, Temblor Valley, Three Pines Canyon, Tollgate Canyon, Tollhouse Canyon, Twentyone Canyon, Tylerhorse Canyon, Water Canyon, Water Canyon, Water Canyon, Water Canyon, Waterfall Canyon, Weiss Canyon, West Fork Sand Canyon, West Shore Gulch, White City Canyon, White Cow Canyon, Willow Gulch, Winters Canyon, Wood Canyon, Woodchoppers Canyon, Woods Canyon, Yankee Canyon

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Alfonce Well, Ambrose Well, Benson Well, Bitterwater Wells, Black Hills Well, Buckner Well, Butterbredt Well, Cane Well, Castle Butte Well, Chollo Well, Dove Well, Dry Well, Freeman Wash Well, Freeman Well, Gold Peak Well, Graham Well, Grant Wells, Haggin Well, Hockett Well, Hoffman Well, Horse Canyon Well, Inyo Well, Jawbone Well, Lone Tree Well, Lurline Wells, Pilot Well, Pinyon Well, Powers Well, Rinadis Well, Road Well, Sage Brush Well, Schoolhouse Well, Short Canyon Well, Soldier Wells, Twisselmann Well, Walker Well, Whitney Well, Willow Spring Well,

Kern County, California Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteKern County White population 710,063710,063  
BlackKern County Black population 53,89653,896
AsianKern County Asian population 41,06441,063
MixedKern County Mixed population 25,66525,664
American IndianKern County American Indian population 23,09823,098
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderKern County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 2,5662,566

Additional population tables :
State population table
California population by county