Riverside County, California Basics:

Riverside County California - Government Site

Population: 2,264,879
Area: 7206 square miles
County seat: Riverside
Area code(s) in use: 760 951 909
Time zone: PST
High school graduate or higher: 79.2%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 20.5%
Median household income: $57,096
Persons in poverty: 15.6%
Home ownership rate: 67.5%
Mean travel time to work: 31.8 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Imperial  La Paz (AZ)  Los Angeles  Orange  San Bernardino  San Diego  

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Map of the Riverside County area

Our detail map of Riverside County shows the Riverside County, California boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Riverside County, California

  Airports     show all on map

Aha-quin Airport, Banning Municipal Airport, Bear Creek Airport, Bermuda Dunes Airport, Billy Joe Airport, Blythe Airport, Blythe Service Center Heliport, Castle Heliport, Chapin Medical Pad Heliport, Chiriaco Summit Airport, City Hall Heliport, Clark Ranch Airpark, Clayton Heliport, Corona Municipal Airport, Corona Regional Medical Center Heliport, Cyr Aviation Airport, Desert Air Sky Ranch Airport, Desert Center Airport, Devers Substation Heliport, Eagle Mountain Pump Plant Landing Strip, Eisenhower Medical Center Heliport, Ernst Field Airport, Flabob Airport, French Valley Airport, Hemet Valley Hospital Helistop, Hemet-Ryan Airport, Inland Valley Regional Medical Center Heliport, Jacqueline Cochran Regional Airport, John F Kennedy Memorial Hospital Heliport, Johnson Heliport, Julian Hinds Pump Plant Airstrip, Kelly Heliport, Lake Mathews Airport, Lake Riverside Estates Airport, March Air Reserve Base, North Shore Airport (historical), Palm Springs International Airport, Perris Valley Airport, Pines Airpark, Riverside Metro Center Heliport, Riverside Municipal Airport, SCE Palm Springs District Heliport, SCE Perris District Heliport, SCE San Jacinto Valley Service Center Heliport, Sky Park Landing Field, Skylark Field Airport, Tenaja Valley Airport, Thompson Airstrip, W R Byron Airport, Wolfranch Heliport

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Arch Rock

  Areas     show all on map

Belardes Potrero, North Mountain Experimental Area, Point View, Shavers Valley, Turkey Track

  Basins     show all on map

Anza Valley, Cottonwood Basin, Crown Valley, Eagle Valley, May Valley, Menifee Valley, Music Valley, Paloma Valley, Perris Valley, Pinto Basin, San Jacinto Valley, Seven Palms Valley, Skunk Hollow, Steele Valley, Terwilliger Valley, The Sink, Walker Basin

  Bays     show all on map

Bass Cove, Bernasconi Bay, Big Rock Bay, East Bay, Holiday Bay, Mariners Bay, Whitewater Cove

  Beaches     show all on map

Bernasconi Beach, Betz Beach, Moreno Beach, Perris Beach, Salton Beach, Sneaker Beach

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Banning Bench, Hermits Bench, Pine Bench

  Bends     show all on map

The Grotto, White Post Turn

  Bridges     show all on map

Ehrenberg Bridge

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A Small World for Little People Day Care Center, Aberdeen-Inverness Residence Hall, Alford School Administration Center, Ambs Hall, American Medical Response - Little Lake, American Medical Response Anza, American Medical Response Banning, American Medical Response Beaumont, American Medical Response Cactus, American Medical Response Canyon Lake, American Medical Response Coachella, American Medical Response Corona, American Medical Response Desert, American Medical Response Desert Hot Springs, American Medical Response Downtown Riverside, American Medical Response Hemet, American Medical Response Indiana, American Medical Response Moreno Valley, American Medical Response Murrieta, American Medical Response Murrieta Station 2, American Medical Response North Perris, American Medical Response Perris, American Medical Response Riverside, American Medical Response San Jacinto, American Medical Response South Elsinore, American Medical Response Sterling, American Medical Response Sun City, American Medical Response Temecula, American Medical Response Thermal, American Medical Response Unit 302, American Medical Response Unit 312, American Medical Response Unit 348, American Medical Response Unit 391, American Medical Response West End, American Medical Response Wildomar, Anderson Hall, Andrew Carnegie Library, Angwin Hall, Arlington Branch Riverside City and County Public Library, Arlington Water Plant Number 2, Arroyo Student Housing Building, Banning Public Library, Batchelor Hall, Beaumont Chamber of Commerce, Beaumont City Hall, Beaumont Fire Service, Beaumont Library, Big Oaks Powerhouse, Blythe Ambulance Service, Blythe Fire Department, Bourns Hall, Boyce Hall, Boyden Laboratories, Brandstarter Gallery, Bureau of Land Management - Palm Springs South Coast Field Office, Butler Hall, Cabots Old Indian Pueblo and Museum, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection Perris, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection Station 20 Beaumont, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection Station 51 El Cariso, California Rehabilitation Center, California Rehabilitation Center Fire Department, California Tower, Calkins Hall Security Building, Calvary Presbyterian Church Library, Canyon Lake Branch Riverside City and County Public Library, Canyon Lake Chamber of Commerce, Casa Blanca Branch Riverside City and County Public Library, Cathedral City Branch Riverside City and County Public Library, Cathedral City Fire Department Station 411, Cathedral City Fire Department Station 412, Cathedral City Fire Department Station 413, Cavalry Ambulance, Central Branch Riverside City and County Public Library, Chapman Hall, Childrens Museum, Christian Counseling Center, Chuckawalla Valley State Prison, Chuckawalla Valley State Prison Fire Department, City of Riverside Fire Department Station 1 Downtown, City of Riverside Fire Department Station 10 Arlington Heights, City of Riverside Fire Department Station 11 Orange Crest, City of Riverside Fire Department Station 12 La Sierra South, City of Riverside Fire Department Station 13 - Box Springs, City of Riverside Fire Department Station 14 - Sycamore Canyon, City of Riverside Fire Department Station 2 Arlington, City of Riverside Fire Department Station 3 Magnolia Center, City of Riverside Fire Department Station 4 University, City of Riverside Fire Department Station 5 Airport, City of Riverside Fire Department Station 6 Northside, City of Riverside Fire Department Station 7 Arlanza, City of Riverside Fire Department Station 8 La Sierra, City of Riverside Fire Department Station 9 Canyon Crest, Coachella Branch Riverside City and County Public Library, Coachella Chamber of Commerce, Coachella Valley Museum, Corona Fire Department Station 1, Corona Fire Department Station 2, Corona Fire Department Station 3, Corona Fire Department Station 4, Corona Fire Department Station 5, Corona Fire Department Station 6, Corona Fire Department Station 7, Corona Public Library, Costo Hall, Cottonwood Visitor Center, County Rescue Ambulance Service, Del E Webb Memorial Medical Information Center, Desert Air Ambulance, Desert Hot Springs Branch Riverside City and County Public Library, Desert Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce, Desert Hot Springs City Hall, Domenigoni Valley Reservoir Project Visitors Center, Edward Dean Museum of Decorative Arts, Fawcett Laboratory, First Christian Church Nursery School and Day Care Center, Gladwyn Hall, Glen Avon Branch Riverside City and County Public Library, Harada House, Hemet Chamber of Commerce, Hemet Civic Center, Hemet Fire Department Station 1, Hemet Fire Department Station 2, Hemet Fire Department Station 3, Hemet Fire Department Station 4, Hemet Fire Department Station 5, Hemet Public Library, Highgrove Branch Riverside City and County Public Library, Highlander Hall, Hinderaker Hall, Hole Memorial Auditorium, Idyllwild Branch Riverside City and County Public Library, Idyllwild Fire Protection District, Idyllwild Park Visitors Center, Indian Wells City Hall, Indio Amtrak Station, Indio Branch Riverside County Law Library, Inland Empire Southern Baptist Association, International Bank Note Society Library, Ironwood State Prison, Joslyn Cove Senior Center, Jurupa Cultural Center, La Quinta Branch Riverside City and County Public Library, La Quinta City Hall, La Sierra Branch Riverside City and County Public Library, La Sierra Hall, La Sierra University Library, Lake Community Center, Lake Elsinore Branch Riverside City and County Public Library, Lake Elsinore Chamber of Commerce, Lake Elsinore City Hall, Lake Tamarisk Branch Riverside City and County Public Library, Lothian Residence Hall, Louis Rubidoux Branch Riverside City and County Public Library, Lynch Ambulance, March Air Reserve Base Fire Department, March Field Museum, Marcy Branch Riverside City and County Public Library, Masonic Temple, Max T McCandless Memorial Branch Riverside Public Library, McCallum Theater, Mead Valley Community Center, Mecca-North Shore Branch Riverside Public Library, Mission Ambulance, Mission Inn, Moreno Valley Branch Riverside City and County Public Library, Morongo Fire Department, Mount Rubidoux Manor, Murrieta Chamber of Commerce, Murrieta Fire Department Station 1, Murrieta Fire Department Station 2, Murrieta Fire Department Station 3, Murrieta Fire Department Station 4, Murrieta Town Hall, Nellie Weaver Hall, Noel Keen Hall, Norco Animal Shelter, Norco Branch Riverside City and County Public Library, Norco Fire Department Station 21, Norco Fire Department Station 22, Nuevo Branch Riverside City and County Public Library, Old Fort Oliver (historical), Olmsted Hall, Palm Desert Branch Riverside City and County Public Library, Palm Desert Country Club Branch Riverside City and County Public Library, Palm Springs City Hall, Palm Springs Convention Center, Palm Springs Desert Museum, Palm Springs Fire Department Station 441, Palm Springs Fire Department Station 442, Palm Springs Fire Department Station 443, Palm Springs Fire Department Station 444, Palm Springs Fire Department Station 445, Palm Springs Public Library, Palmer Hall, Palo Verde Historical Museum, Palo Verde Valley District Library, Pechanga Fire Department Station 177, Pechanga Fire Department Station 277, Pentland Hills Building, Perris Branch Riverside City and County Public Library, Perris City Hall, Pierce Hall, Port Cultural Center, Rainbow Christian Center Riverside Dream Center, Ramona Bowl Museum, Rancho Mirage Chamber of Commerce, Rancho Mirage City Hall, Rancho Mirage Public Library, River Bend Lodge, Riverside Art Museum, Riverside Chamber of Commerce, Riverside County Building, Riverside County Courthouse, Riverside County Fire Department Station 10 Elsinore, Riverside County Fire Department Station 11 Lakeland Village, Riverside County Fire Department Station 12 Temecula, Riverside County Fire Department Station 13 Home Gardens, Riverside County Fire Department Station 14 Corona, Riverside County Fire Department Station 15 El Cerrito, Riverside County Fire Department Station 16 Pedley, Riverside County Fire Department Station 17 Glen Avon, Riverside County Fire Department Station 18 West Riverside, Riverside County Fire Department Station 19 Highgrove, Riverside County Fire Department Station 2 Sunnymead, Riverside County Fire Department Station 21 Calimesa, Riverside County Fire Department Station 22 - Cherry Valley, Riverside County Fire Department Station 23 Pine Cove, Riverside County Fire Department Station 24 Cabazon, Riverside County Fire Department Station 25 San Jacinto, Riverside County Fire Department Station 26 - Little Lake, Riverside County Fire Department Station 27 Eastvale, Riverside County Fire Department Station 28 Sage, Riverside County Fire Department Station 29 Anza, Riverside County Fire Department Station 3 Nuview, Riverside County Fire Department Station 30 Pinyon, Riverside County Fire Department Station 32 La Quinta, Riverside County Fire Department Station 33 Palm Desert, Riverside County Fire Department Station 34 Winchester, Riverside County Fire Department Station 35 Thousand Palms, Riverside County Fire Department Station 36 North Palm Springs, Riverside County Fire Department Station 37 Desert Hot Springs, Riverside County Fire Department Station 38 Rubidoux, Riverside County Fire Department Station 39 Thermal, Riverside County Fire Department Station 4 Cajalco, Riverside County Fire Department Station 40 Mecca, Riverside County Fire Department Station 41 North Shore, Riverside County Fire Department Station 42 Oasis, Riverside County Fire Department Station 43 Blythe, Riverside County Fire Department Station 44 Ripley, Riverside County Fire Department Station 45 Blythe Air Base, Riverside County Fire Department Station 46 Riverbend, Riverside County Fire Department Station 47 - Lost Lake, Riverside County Fire Department Station 48 Sunnymead Ranch, Riverside County Fire Department Station 49 - Lake Tamarisk, Riverside County Fire Department Station 5 - Quail Valley, Riverside County Fire Department Station 50 South Rancho Mirage, Riverside County Fire Department Station 52 Cottonwood, Riverside County Fire Department Station 53 - Garner Valley, Riverside County Fire Department Station 54 Homeland, Riverside County Fire Department Station 55 Indian Wells, Riverside County Fire Department Station 56 - Sky Valley, Riverside County Fire Department Station 58 - Moreno Beach, Riverside County Fire Department Station 59 - Mead Valley, Riverside County Fire Department Station 6 Towngate, Riverside County Fire Department Station 60 - Canyon Lake, Riverside County Fire Department Station 61 Wildomar, Riverside County Fire Department Station 62 Rancho Carrillo, Riverside County Fire Department Station 63 - Poppet Flats, Riverside County Fire Department Station 64 - Sycamore Creek, Riverside County Fire Department Station 65 Kennedy Park, Riverside County Fire Department Station 66 Beaumont City, Riverside County Fire Department Station 67 Mesa View, Riverside County Fire Department Station 68 Menifee, Riverside County Fire Department Station 69 Rancho Mirage North, Riverside County Fire Department Station 7 Sun City, Riverside County Fire Department Station 70 La Quinta South, Riverside County Fire Department Station 71 Palm Desert North, Riverside County Fire Department Station 72 Valle Vista, Riverside County Fire Department Station 73 Rancho California, Riverside County Fire Department Station 74 Rancho Capistrano, Riverside County Fire Department Station 75 - Bear Creek, Riverside County Fire Department Station 76 - Menifee Lakes, Riverside County Fire Department Station 77 - Lake Riverside, Riverside County Fire Department Station 78 San Jacinto, Riverside County Fire Department Station 79 Coachella, Riverside County Fire Department Station 8 Woodcrest, Riverside County Fire Department Station 80 Indio, Riverside County Fire Department Station 81 North Bermuda Dunes, Riverside County Fire Department Station 82 - Lake Hills, Riverside County Fire Department Station 83 - French Valley, Riverside County Fire Department Station 84 Parkview, Riverside County Fire Department Station 85 McVicker Park, Riverside County Fire Department Station 86 - Indio Fire Station 1, Riverside County Fire Department Station 87 - Indio Fire Station 2, Riverside County Fire Department Station 88 - Indio Fire Station 3, Riverside County Fire Department Station 89 Banning, Riverside County Fire Department Station 9 Goodmeadow, Riverside County Fire Department Station 90 North Perris, Riverside County Fire Department Station 91 College Park, Riverside County Fire Department Station 92 - Wolf Creek, Riverside County Fire Department Station 93 La Quinta North, Riverside County Fire Department Station 94 - Canyon Hills, Riverside County Fire Department Station 96 Glen Oaks, Riverside County Library, Riverside Municipal Auditorium and Soldiers Memorial Building, Robert Presley Detention Center, Rock House, Rupert Costo Library of the American Indian, Saint Edwards Hall, Salton Sea State Recreation Area Headquarters Visitor Center, San Fernando Hall, San Jacinto Branch Riverside City and County Public Library, San Jacinto City Administration Building, San Jacinto City Hall, San Jacinto Community Center, Sgi-Usa Riverside Community Center, Sierra Towers, Simpson Neighborhood Center, South Hall, Speedway Volunteer Fire Department, Spieth Hall, Sproul Hall, Stahl Center, Sun City Branch Riverside City and County Public Library, Sun City Chamber of Commerce, Sun City Town Hall, Sunnymead Chamber of Commerce, Sunnymead Community Center, Temecula Branch Riverside City and County Public Library, Thaine B Price Science Complex, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Jurupa Library, Tomas Rivera Library, Trolley Museum, United States Department of Agriculture Salinity Laboratory, United States Forest Service Cleveland National Forest Station - Dripping Springs, University Lecture Hall, University of California Riverside Fire Safety, Val Verde School District Office, Valle Vista Branch Riverside City and County Public Library, Valley Resource Center, Veitch Student Center, Walt P Abraham County Administration Center, Watkins Hall, Watkins House, Webber Hall, Womans Improvement Club, Woodcrest Library, World Museum of Natural History, Yai Heki Regional Indian Museum

  Canals     show all on map

A Canal, Arlington Valley Channel, Baristo Flood Control Channel, Bly Channel, Borrow Pit Drain, Browns Drain, C Canal, C-03 Canal, C-03-10 Canal, C-03-10-3 Canal, C-03-10-4 Canal, C-03-21 Canal, C-03-21-1 Canal, C-03-22 Canal, C-05 Canal, C-16 Canal, C-16-1 Canal, C-17 Canal, C-17-1 Canal, C-18 Canal, C-18-1 Canal, C-21 Canal, C-23 Canal, C-24 Canal, C-25 Canal, C-27 Canal, C-28-1 Canal, Casa Loma Canal, Central Drain, Coachella Valley Stormwater Channel, Colorado River Aqueduct, D 23 Spill, D Canal, D- 08 Canal, D-10 Canal, D-10-11 canal, D-23 Canal, D-23-1 Canal, Deep Canyon Stormwater Channel, Duplicate Main Canal, East Portal Adit, East Side Drain, Estes Drain, Estes West Drain, F Canal, F- 02 Canal, Gage Canal, Hauser Drain, Hodges Drain, Jurupa Ditch, Lake Hemet Main Canal, Lateral Number One, Lateral Number Two, Lovekin Drain, Main Canal, MWD Lower Feeder, Norton Drain, Oasis Lateral, Olive Lake Drain, Palm Valley Stormwater Channel, Palo Verde Drain, Perris Valley Storm Drain, Pyrite Channel, Rannells Drain, Riverside Canal, San Diego Canal, Sand Draw Siphon, Siphon Twenty-One, Siphon Twenty-Three, Siphon Twenty-Two, South Ditch, South End Drain, Sunnyslope Channel, Tahquitz Creek Channel, Township Drain, Upper West Side Drain, Wasteway Number Three, Wasteway Number Two, West Canal, West Riverside Canal Lateral Number Two, West Riverside Lateral Number One, West Riverside Lateral Number Three, West Side Drain

  Capes     show all on map

Black Point, Point Lookout, Quien Sabe Point, Windy Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Coachella Valley Cemetery, Crestlawn Memorial Park, Elsinore Valley Cemetery, Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens, Laurel Cemetery, Martinez Cemetery, Mount View Cemetery, Olivewood Cemetery, Palm Springs District Cemetery, Palo Verde Cemetery, Perris Valley Cemetery, Riverside National Cemetery, San Gorgonio Memorial Park, San Jacinto Valley Cemetery, Sunny Shope Cemetery, Sunnyslope Cemetery, Toro Cemetery, Wildomar Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Aguanga Census Designated Place, Anza Census Designated Place, Bermuda Dunes Census Designated Place, Cabazon Census Designated Place, Cherry Valley Census Designated Place, Coronita Census Designated Place, Crestmore Heights Census Designated Place, Desert Center Census Designated Place, Desert Edge Census Designated Place, Desert Palms Census Designated Place, East Blythe Census Designated Place, East Hemet Census Designated Place, Eastvale Census Designated Place, El Cerrito Census Designated Place, El Sobrante Census Designated Place, French Valley Census Designated Place, Garnet Census Designated Place, Glen Avon Census Designated Place, Good Hope Census Designated Place, Green Acres Census Designated Place, Highgrove Census Designated Place, Home Gardens Census Designated Place, Homeland Census Designated Place, Idyllwild-Pine Cove Census Designated Place, Indio Hills Census Designated Place, Lake Mathews Census Designated Place, Lake Riverside Census Designated Place, Lakeland Village Census Designated Place, Lakeview Census Designated Place, March Air Reserve Base Census Designated Place, Mead Valley Census Designated Place, Meadowbrook Census Designated Place, Mecca Census Designated Place, Mesa Verde Census Designated Place, Mira Loma Census Designated Place, Mountain Center Census Designated Place, Murrieta Hot Springs Census Designated Place (historical), North Shore Census Designated Place, Nuevo Census Designated Place, Oasis Census Designated Place, Pedley Census Designated Place, Quail Valley Census Designated Place (historical), Ripley Census Designated Place, Romoland Census Designated Place, Rubidoux Census Designated Place, Sedco Hills Census Designated Place (historical), Sky Valley Census Designated Place, Sun City Census Designated Place (historical), Sunnyslope Census Designated Place, Temescal Valley Census Designated Place, Thermal Census Designated Place, Thousand Palms Census Designated Place, Valle Vista Census Designated Place, Vista Santa Rosa Census Designated Place, Warm Springs Census Designated Place, Whitewater Census Designated Place, Wildomar Census Designated Place (historical), Winchester Census Designated Place, Woodcrest Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Agape Christian Center, All Saints Episcopal Church, All Souls Universalist Church, Allen Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Amor Outreach, Amos Temple Christian Church, Antioch Missionary Baptist Church, Apostolic Assembly Church, Apostolic Assembly Church, Apostolic Assembly of the Faith in Jesus Church, Apostolic Church, Arlanza Baptist Church, Arlington Apostolic Church, Arlington Avenue Church of the Nazarene, Arlington Christian Church, Arlington Church of Christ, Arlington Korean United Methodist Church, Arlington Seventh Day Adventist Church, Arlington United Methodist Church, Bahai Faith, Banning Foursquare Church, Banning United Methodist Church, Beaumont Foursquare Church, Beaumont Presbyterian Church, Beaumont Seventh Day Adventist Church, Beth Simcha Messianic Congregation, Bethany LUtheran Church, Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Bethel Chapel, Bethel Christian Center, Bethel Church, Bible Fellowship Church of Riverside, Bible Way Missionary Church, Born Again Church, Bridges Christian Fellowship Church, Bright Light Church of God, Bright Star Missionary Baptist Church, Cabazon Community Church, Calvary Baptist Church, Calvary Baptist Church, Calvary Baptist Church, Calvary Baptist Church of Beaumont, Calvary Chapel of Corona, Calvary Chapel of Jurupa Valley, Calvary Chapel of the Pass, Calvary Christian Center, Calvary Community Church, Calvary Deaf Church, Calvary Presbyterian Church, Calvary Southern Baptist Church, Calvary Southern Baptist Church, Canaan Presbyterian Church, Canaan Spanish Assembly of God Church, Cathedral of Praise, Catholic Engaged Encounter, Celebration Church, Center for World Mission Inland Empire, Central Church of Christ, Central Church of Christ, Central Church of Christ, Central Community Christian Church, Centro Christiano de Vida, Centro Cristiano la Mission, Centro Cristiano la Voz, Centro de Adoration, Centro Maria de la Esperanza, Cherry Valley Baptist Church, Chinese Alliance Church, Christ Apostolic Faith Church, Christ Church Universal Love, Christ Fellowship Church, Christ of the Desert Newman Center, Christian Fellowship Church, Christian Life Center, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ of Indio, Church of Christ of Magnolia Center, Church of Christ of the Valley, Church of God of Prophecy, Church of God of Prophecy, Church of God of Prophecy, Church of God Seventh Day Word of Life, Church of Religious Science, Church of the Cross, Church of the Hill, Church of the Nazarene, Church of the Nazarene, Church of the Nazarene, Church of the Nazarene, Church of the Rock, Community Bible Church, Community Christian Church, Community Church of Norco, Community United Methodist Church, Congregation Beth Hatikoa, Cornerstone Baptist Church, Cornerstone Christian Assembly Church, Cornerstone Church of Indio, Cornerstone Fellowship Bible Church, Corona Evangelical Free Church, Corona Heights Baptist Church, Corona United Methodist Church, Crest Avenue Baptist Church, Crest Community Church, Crossroads Christian Church, Deeper Life Fellowship Church, Dwelling Place Family Church, East Hills Community Church, Ebenezer Asemblea de Dios, Eden Lutheran Church, Elsinore Christian Center, Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd, Eternal Light Ministries, Evangelical Free Church, Evangelical Seventh Day Baptist Church, Evangelist Centre Church, Faith Baptist Church, Faith Baptist Church, Faith Baptist Church, Faith Community Church, Faith Life Christian Center, Faith Lutheran Church, Faith Lutheran Church, Faith Tabernacle, Family Praise Fellowship Church, Fathers House Christian Fellowship, Fellowship Baptist Church, Filipino United Methodist Church, First African Methodist Episcopal Church, First Assembly of God Church, First Assembly of God Church, First Assembly of God Church, First Assembly of God Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church of Calimesa, First Baptist Church of Norco, First Christian Church, First Christian Church, First Christian Church, First Christian Church, First Christian Church, First Church of Christ, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Church of God, First Church of Religious Science, First Church of the Nazarene, First Congregational Church, First Congregational Church, First Congregational Church, First Lutheran Church, First Missionary Baptist Church, First Presbyterian Church, First Presbyterian Church, First Southern Baptist Church, First Southern Baptist Church, First Southern Baptist Church, First Southern Baptist Church, First United Methodist Church, First United Methodist Church, First United Pentecostal Church, Foothill Baptist Church of Moreno Valley, Fountain of Life Church of God, Fountain of Life Church of God in Christ, Fountain of Living Water Church, Four Square Gospel Church (historical), Foursquare Gospel Church, Free Methodist Church (historical), Freewill Baptist Church, Full Gospel Assembly of God Church, Gethsemane Lutheran Church, Glen Avon Church, Glen Avon Church of Christ, Gods Church Sabbath Fellowship, Gods House of Favor Church, Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church, Good News Missionary Baptist Church, Goodnews Church, Goodnews Church, Grace Baptist Church, Grace Baptist Church, Grace Baptist Church (historical), Grace Baptist Mission, Grace Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, Grace Bible Church, Grace Community Church of Riverside, Grace Evangelical Free Church, Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church, Grace Fellowship Church, Grace Lutheran Church, Grace Lutheran Church, Grace United Methodist Church, Greater Bethel Apostolic Church, Greater White Rose Church of God in Christ, Harvest Christian Fellowship Church, Harvester Christian Center, Haven Ministries, Hemet United Methodist Church, Hemet Valley Christian Church, Higher Ground Baptist Church, Higher Ground Church of God in Christ, Highgrove United Methodist Church, Highland Baptist Church, Highland Unity Ministries, Hindu Society of Inland Empire, His Upper Room Church, Home Churches International, Home Gardens Assembly of God Church (historical), Home Gardens Church of Christ, Hope Community Church, Hope Lutheran Church, Hope Lutheran Church, Iglesia Apostilica, Iglesia Bautista Cypress Avenue, Iglesia Cristiana Ebenezer Pentecostal, Iglesia De Cristo, Iglesia de Dios Pentecostal, Iglesia del Valle, Iglesia Evangelica de Rios, Iglesia Evangelica Rios de Agua Viva, Iglesia Mission de Jesus Cristo, Iglesia Monte de Zion, Iglesia Ni Cristo, Iglesia Unida En Cristo, Iglesia Union Camino Mejor, Immanuel Baptist Temple, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Independent Church, Independent Evangelical Church, Indio Christian Center, Inheritance Family Life Church, Inland Congregations United for Change, Inland Mission Church, Inner City Baptist Church, Interdenominational Prayer Tabernacle, Islamic Development Center, Jesus Center, Jesus Is Alive Ministries, Joy Christian Fellowship Church, Jubilee Assembly of God, Kansas Avenue Seventh Day Church, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Korean Canaan Presbyterian Church of Riverside, Korean Joong-Ang Presbyterian Church, La Sierra Community Church, La Sierra First Baptist Church, La Sierra Foursquare Church, La Sierra Spanish Advent Church, La Sierra University Church, Lake Elsinore Baptist Church, Lake Providence Baptist Church, Laotian Vientiane Church, Life Church of God in Christ, Lighthouse Community Church, Limonite Avenue Christian Fellowship Church, Lincoln Avenue Church of Christ, Living Light Church of God, Living Word Baptist Church, Living Word Christian Center, Lord of Life Lutheran Church, Magnolia Avenue Baptist Church, Magnolia Presbyterian Church, Magnolia United Presbyterian Church, Maranatha Fellowship Church, Marantha Baptist Church, March Air Force Base Chapel, Matheson Chapel, Meier Chapel, Mexican Baptist Church, Ministerio Biblico Verbo Divino, Mision Bautista De Riverside, Mission Community Foursquare Church, Mission Santa Ines, Mission Worship Center, Missionary Baptist Church of Beaumont, Moreno Valley Church of Christ, Moreno Valley Congregational Church, Moreno Valley Japanese Free Methodist Church, Moreno Valley United Methodist Church, Morongo Moravian Church, Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist Church, Mount Moriah Baptist Church, Mount Rubidoux Seventh Day Adventist Church, Mount Vernon Baptist Church, Mount Zion Church of God in Christ, Mount Zion Lighthouse Full Gospel Church, Mountainside Ministries, New Beginnings Community Baptist Church, New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, New Century Baptist Church, New Community Lutheran Church, New Covenant Bible Church, New Covenant Fellowship Church, New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, New Jerusalem Christian Center, New Jerusalem Foursquare Church, New Joy Baptist Church, New Life Christian Fellowship Church, New Saint James Church of God in Christ, New Visions Christian Church, Newness of Life Christian Ministry, Norco Christian Church, Norco Church of Christ, Norco First Assembly of God Church, Norco Foursquare Gospel Church, Norco Seventh Day Adventist Church, Northside Church of Christ, Nuevo Community Church, Oasis Christian Fellowship Church, Open Arms Fellowship Ministry, Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Roman Catholic Church, Our Lady of the Valley Catholic Church, Our Saviors Lutheran Church, Palm Baptist Church, Pathway Christian Church, Peace Lutheran Church, Pedley Christian Center, Pedley Southern Baptist Church, Pentecostal Church of God, Pentecostal Church of God, Pentecostal Full Gospel Fellowship Church, People of Harvest Fellowship Church, Peoples Church of the Valley, Pilgrim Holiness Church, Power House Church of God, Power of the Word Fellowship Church, Praise Community Fellowship Church, Precious Blood Catholic Church, Queen of Angels Church, Quinn African Methodist Episcopal Church, Reformed Baptist Church, Refreshing Spring Community Church of God in Christ, Rehoboth Tabernacle, Religious Science Church of the Desert, Resurrected Temple Church of God in Christ, River of Life Christian Center, Riverside Baptist Church, Riverside Brethren in Christ Church, Riverside Chinese Alliance Church, Riverside Community Church, Riverside Faith Temple Ministries International, Riverside First Assembly of God Church, Riverside Korean Baptist Church, Riverside Mandarin Baptist Church, Riverside New Hope Church, Riverside Seventh Day Adventist Church, Riverside Spanish Advent Church, Riverside Temple Hindu Society of Inland Empire, Rubidoux First Assembly Church, Rubidoux Hispanic Seventh Day Adventist Church, Rubidoux Missionary Baptist Church, Rubidoux United Methodist Church, Sa-Rang Presbyterian Church of Riverside, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Sacred Heart Church, Saint Agnes Episcopal Church, Saint Andrews Episcopal Church, Saint Andrews Orthodox Christian Church, Saint Anthonys Church, Saint Brides Celtic Catholic Church, Saint Catherines Catholic Church, Saint Christophers Catholic Church, Saint Edwards Convent, Saint Edwards Roman Catholic Church, Saint Francis de Sales Catholic Church, Saint Francis of Rome Catholic Church, Saint George Orthodox Church, Saint Ignatius of Antioch Church, Saint James Catholic Church, Saint James Church of God, Saint John Missionary Baptist Church, Saint Johns Catholic Church, Saint Johns Episcopal Church, Saint Johns Episcopal Church, Saint Johns Lutheran Church, Saint Mels Catholic Church, Saint Michaels Episcopal Church, Saint Paul Baptist Church, Saint Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church, Saint Stephens Episcopal Church, Saint Theresas Roman Catholic Church, Saint Thomas Catholic Church, Saint Thomas of Canterbury Episcopal Church, Salvation Army Church, Salvation Christian Ministries, Samoan Seventh Day Adventist Church, San Gabriel Church, San Gorgonio Catholic Church, Sandals Church, Second Missionary Baptist Church, Set Free Christian Fellowship Church, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Seventh Day Baptist Church, Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church, Sierra Vista Baptist Church, Sierra Vista Chapel, Sikh Temple, Southeastern California Conference of Seventh Day Adventists, Sunnymead Baptist Temple, Sunnymead Wesleyan Church, Sunnyslope Community Church, Sunrise Community Church, Temple Beth El, Temple Beth Sholom, Temple Christian Church, Templo El Siloe, Templo la Roca Finme, Tenrikyo Aichi America Mission Center, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Gate Church of God, The Grove Community Church, The Living Word Baptist Church, The Potters House Christian Fellowship Church, The Real Life Center, Thousand Palms Community Church, Trinity Baptist Church, Trinity Baptist Church, Trinity Christian Church, Trinity Lutheran Church, Truth Tabernacle of Hemet, Tyler Baptist Church, United Church of the Valley, United Pentecostal Apostolic Church, Unity Church, Unity Church, Unity Fellowship Church of Riverside, Unity Valley Church, Valley Evangelical Free Church, Victoria Presbyterian Church, Victory Outreach Church, Victory Worship Center, Vietnamese United Methodist Church, Vine-Life Christian Fellowship Church, Vineyard Christian Fellowship Church, Vision Plus Ministries, Wesley United Methodist Church, West Grand Baptist Church, Wheat, Oil and Wine Christian Church, Wind of the Spirit Worship Center, Woodcrest Baptist Church, Woodcrest Montessori Education Center, Yahweh House of Worship, Yeshua Ministry

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Oak Cliff

  Crossings     show all on map

Interchange 1, Interchange 10, Interchange 100, Interchange 100, Interchange 101, Interchange 103, Interchange 106, Interchange 12, Interchange 14, Interchange 15, Interchange 17, Interchange 18, Interchange 19, Interchange 2, Interchange 22, Interchange 23, Interchange 25, Interchange 27A, Interchange 27B, Interchange 27C, Interchange 28, Interchange 29, Interchange 30A, Interchange 30B, Interchange 31, Interchange 32A, Interchange 32B, Interchange 33, Interchange 34A, Interchange 34B, Interchange 34C, Interchange 35, Interchange 36, Interchange 4, Interchange 58, Interchange 59, Interchange 61, Interchange 64, Interchange 65, Interchange 68, Interchange 69, Interchange 7, Interchange 71, Interchange 73, Interchange 75, Interchange 77, Interchange 78, Interchange 81, Interchange 85, Interchange 87, Interchange 88, Interchange 88, Interchange 90, Interchange 90, Interchange 91, Interchange 92, Interchange 92, Interchange 93, Interchange 93, Interchange 94, Interchange 95, Interchange 96, Interchange 96A and 96B, Interchange 97, Interchange 98, Interchange 98, Interchange 99, Willow Creek Crossing

  Dams     show all on map

Alessandro 1003-003 Dam, Barker Dam, Box Springs 1003-007 Dam, Cottonwood Fire Break, East Side Detention Dike Number 1 Dam, East Side Detention Dike Number 2 Dam, El Casco 822 Dam, Fairmount Park 81 Dam, Foster 827 Dam, Hall Mill 826 Dam, Harrison Street 1003-002 Dam, Henry J Mills 35-014 Dam, Lake Hemet 817 Dam, Lee Lake 818-002 Dam, Little Lake 817-002 Dam, Mabey Canyon 1003-009 Dam, Mathews Dam, Mockingbird Canyon 81-003 Dam, Oak Street 1003-010 Dam, Palo Verde Dam, Perris 1-068 Dam, Pigeon Pass 1003-006 Dam, Prado Dam, Prenda 1003-004 Dam, Quail Valley 829 Dam, Railroad Canyon 818 Dam, Robert A Skinner 35-012 Dam, San Jacinto Dam, Squaw Tank Dam, Sycamore 1003-005 Dam, Tachevah Creek Detention Dam, Vail 2028 Dam, West Side Detention Dike Number 2 Dam, West Side Detention Dike Number 3 Dam, West Side Detention Dike Number 4 Dam, Wide Canyon 1003-008 Dam, Woodcrest Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Andreas Falls, Hidden Falls, Tahquitz Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Alvin Meadows, Birthday Flat, Blodgett Flat, Buck Flats, Bullseye Flat, Burro Flats, Chimney Flats, Chinquapin Flat, Devils Garden, Dutch Flat, Ford Dry Lake, Gibbe Flat, Goff Flat, Gold Park, Hayfield Lake, Hells Kitchen, Hixon Flat, Hurley Flat, Indian Potrero, Johnston Meadow, Juan Diego Flat, Juniper Flat, Juniper Flats, K Flat, Little Pinyon Flat, McGregor Flat, McMullen Flat, Mesquite Flat, Metate Flat, Morrell Potrero, Needles Eye, Oak Flat, Oak Flats, Pine Meadow, Pinyon Alta Flat, Pinyon Flat, Poppet Flat, Quinn Flat, Redshank, Reeds Meadow, Round Potrero, Sacaton Flat, Sagebrush Flat, Saunders Meadow, Skunk Cabbage Meadow, Tahquitz Meadow, Tripp Flats, Tripp Meadow, Turkey Flat, Upper Covington Flat, Vandeventer Flat, Verdugo Potrero, Willow Hole

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Augustine Pass, Bernasconi Pass, Cottonwood Pass, Fobes Saddle, Graham Pass, Granite Pass, Hidden Lake Divide, Iris Pass, Keen Camp Summit, Palen Pass, Pigeon Pass, Riverside Pass, San Gorgonio Pass, Santa Rosa Summit, Sheep Pass, The Blue Cut, Victory Pass, Wellman Divide

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Goodman Slough, Palo Verde Intake, Palo Verde Lagoon

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Varner Harbor

  Hospitals     show all on map

Angel View Childrens Hospital, Betty Ford Center at Eisenhower, Circle City Hospital, Corona Regional Medical Center, Corona Regional Rehabilitation Hospital, Desert Regional Medical Center, Eisenhower Memorial Hospital, Extended Care Hospital of Riverside, General Hospital, Hemet Valley Health Care Center, Hemet Valley Medical Center, Inland Urgent Care of Sun City, Inland Valley Regional Medical Center, John Fitzgerald Kennedy Memorial Hospital, Kaiser Permanente Medical Riverside Medical Center, Kaiser Permanente Riverside Medical Center, Knollwood Center, Knollwood Hospital, Loma Linda University Medical Center Murrieta, Menifee Valley Medical Center, Mission Valley Medical Center, Mission Valley Medical Center, Moreno Valley Community Hospital, Mount Rubidoux Convalescent Hospital, North Perris Medical Center, Oasis Psychiatric Health Facility, Palm Terrace Care Center, Palo Verde Hospital, Parkview Community Hospital Medical Center, Rancho Springs Medical Center, Riverside Center for Behavioral Medicine, Riverside Community Hospital, Riverside County Department of Mental Health Inpatient Treatment Facility, Riverside County Regional Medical Center, San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital, Scripps Clinic, Sun City Convalescent Center, Vista Hospital of Riverside

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Alessandro Island, Buck Island, Hall Island, Horse Island, Skippers Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Alligator Slough (historical), Hidden Lake, Hog Lake, Lake Elsinore, Lake Evans, Lake Norconian, Lee Lake, Lost Lake, Palen Lake, Swan Lake

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Mathews Dike

  Locales     show all on map

Adams Plaza Shopping Center, Alandale Forest Service Facility, Anneberg Golf Course, Apple Canyon Campground, Apple Canyon Picnic Area, Aprils Vineyard, Arlington Plaza, Arlington Square Shopping Center, Arnold Palmer Golf Course, Audie Murphy Ranch, Avondale Country Club, B Bar H Ranch, Banning Ranger Station, Bar Bell Ranch (historical), Bar V Ranch, Barker Peak Lookout, Bautista Guard Station, Bear Creek Golf and Country Club, Bear Wallows Campground, Beaumont Plaza Shopping Center, Beaumont Shopping Center, Beaumont Towne Centre Shopping Center, Bell Ranch Vineyards, Belle Campground, Bermuda Dunes Country Club, Big Horn Overlook, Bighorn Golf Club, Black Mountain Camp, Black Mountain Group Campground, Blythe Boat Club, Blythe Marina, Blythe Municipal Golf Course, Blythe Village Shopping Center, Bobs Roundup Recreational Vehicle Park, Bonita Vista Ranch, Boulder Basin Group, Box Springs, Box Springs Lookout, Britton Cellars Winery, Brocktown Arcade Shopping Center, Browns Ranch, Bunker Ranch, Butterfield County Recreational Vehicle Park, Butterfield Stage Square Shopping Center, Butterfield Valley Village Shopping Center, Cabazon Community Center, Cajalco Fire Station, California Checking Station, California Rehabilitation Center, Cameron Center Shopping Center, Camp Azalea Trails, Camp Emerson, Camp Evans, Camp Haan (historical), Camp Joe Scherman, Camp Lackey, Camp Maranatha, Camp Roosevelt, Camp Tahquitz Meadows, Camp Tree Mont, Canyon Chabusco Horse Area, Canyon Country Club North Golf Course, Canyon Country Club South Golf Course, Canyon Crest Golf Course, Canyon Estates Golf Course, Canyon Lake Country Club, Canyon Plaza Shopping Center, Canyon Springs Plaza Shopping Center, Cap Rock, Caramba Camp, Cary's Castle, Casa de Cuerva, Cathedral Canyon Country Club, Cathedral City Marketplace Shopping Center, Cathedral City Shopping Plaza Shopping Center, Cathedral Plaza Shopping Center, Cathedral Village Shopping Center, Century Plaza Shopping Center, Chaparral Country Club, Chappel Ranch, Cholla Garden, Chuckwalla Ranch (historical), Circle B Ranch, Circle E Ranch, City Hall Mall, Coachella Plaza Shopping Center, Coachella Shopping Center, Coachella Wastewater Treatment Plant, Colonial Country Club, Community Farm Center, Coon Hollow Campground, Corona del Vista Shopping Center, Corona Hills Plaza Shopping Center, Corona Mall Shopping Center, Corona Plaza Shopping Center, Corona Regional Medical Center, Corona Sewage Treatment Plant Number 1, Corvina Beach Campground, Cottonwood Campground, Country Village Golf Course, Cox Ranch, Cranston Forest Service Station, Cresta Verde Golf Club, Crossbar Oaks Campground, Crossroad Shopping Center, Dark Canyon Camp, Dark Canyon Campground, Date Palm Shopping Center, Davis Ranch, De Anza Country Club, De Anza Country Shopping Center, Deer Springs Camp, Desert Air Recreational Vehicle Park, Desert Crest Country Club, Desert Dunes Golf Course, Desert Falls Country Club, Desert Fashion Plaza Shopping Center, Desert Hills Factory Stores Shopping Center, Desert Horizons Country Club, Desert Hot Springs Town Center Shopping Center, Desert Island Country Club, Desert Princess Resort and Country Club, Diamond B Ranch, Diamond L Ranch (historical), Diamond Valley Golf Range, Diamond Valley Shopping Center, Dinah Shore Golf Course, Dripping Springs Campground, Dripping Springs Guard Station, Dripping Springs Trailhead, Dry Camp (historical), Dry Ranch, Durant Siding, E Bar B Ranch, Eagle Mountain Pumping Plant, Early Indian Fish Traps, Echo Hills Golf Course, El Cariso Campground, El Cariso Guard Station, El Cariso Picnic Site, El Dorado Golf Course, El Paseo Shopping Center, Eldorado Polo Club, Elsinore Valley Regional Sewage Treatment Plant, Emerald Desert Country Club, Empire Equestrian Center, Empire Polo Club, Esplanada Plaza Shopping Center, Ethanac Siding, Evergreen Campground, Fairchilds Golf Course, Fairmont Park Golf Course, Fairview Point Scenic Viewpoint, Farmers Corner Shopping Center, Ferguson Ranch, Fern Basin Campground, Fertilla, Fiesta Camp, Fiesta Recreational Vehicle Park, Figadota Farm, Fire Fighter Memorial Picnic Site, Fisherman Campground, Fishermans Camp, Fishermans Camp Trailhead, Five Points Shopping Center, Fleming Ranch, Fleming Ranch, Fobes Ranch, French Valley Vineyards, Fuller Mill Creek Camp, Fuller Mill Creek Picnic Area, Fuller Rancho, Fuller RIdge Campground, Fullermill Creek Campsite, Galleano Winery, Galway Downs Equestrian Training Center, Gandy Ranch, Garden Air Golf Course, Garner Ranch, Gavilan Springs Ranch, Giant Indian Intaglios, Glen Avon Golf Course (historical), Glen Avon Market Shopping Center, Glen Ivy Hot Springs, Glen Ivy Hot Springs Water Treatment Plant, Glen Ivy Recreational Vehicle Park, Glen Ivy Substation, Golden Era Golf Course, Goodhart Ranch, Granite Spur, Haakers Camp, Hacienda Palms Shopping Center, Halldecker Campground, Hammack Ranch, Happy Wanderer Recreational Vehicle Park, Hardman Shopping Center, Hell, Hemet East Shopping Center, Hemet Plaza Shopping Center, Hemet Polo Club, Hemet Valley Mall Shopping Center, Hemet Valley Shopping Center, Hidden Valley Campground, Hidden Villa Ranch, Highland Palm Golf Course, Hills Ranch, Hobson Shopping Center, Hog Ranch (historical), Hunter Palms Ranch, Hurkey Creek Campground, Hyatt School, Idyylwild Picnic Area, Indian Hills Golf Course, Indian Oaks Campground, Indian Palms Country Club, Indian Ridge Country Club, Indian Springs Golf Club, Indian Waters Recreational Vehicle Park, Indian Wells Country Club, Indian Wells Golf Course, Indian Wells Golf Resort, Indian Wells Recreational Vehicle Park, Indian Wells Village Shopping Center, Indio Fashion Mall Shopping Center, Indio Municipal Golf Course, Indio Plaza Shopping Center, Ironwood Country Club, Ivey Ranch Country Club, Jack Nicklaus Private Golf Course, Jack Nicklaus Resort Golf Course, Johns Camp, Julian Hinds Pumping Plant, Jumbo Rocks Campground, Jurupa Grand Center Shopping Center, Jurupa Hills Country Club, Juvenile Hall, Keen Camp, Keen Camp Station (historical), Keenwild Station, Ken Wortity Station, La Quinta Citrus Golf Course, La Quinta Dunes Golf Course, La Quinta Mountain Golf Course, La Sierra Plaza Shopping Center, Lake Elsinore Square Shopping Center, Lake Elsinore Town Center Shopping Center, Lake Fulmor Picnic Area, Lake Hemet Campground, Lake Hemet Picnic Area, Lakeshore Village Shopping Center, Larner Ranch, Lawless Ranch, Laws Camp, Lazy C Ranch, Lieutenant General Archie J Old Junior Golf Course, Lily Cup, Lincoln Plaza Shopping Center, Little Lake Campground, Little Round Valley Campground, Loehmanns Plaza Shopping Center, Long Valley Picnic Area, Los Alamos Ranch, Los Frijoles Campground, Lost Heads Ranch, Lost Horse Ranger Station, Lost Lake Resort, MacLean Ranch, Madington Square Shopping Center, Magnolia Drive-In (historical), Magnolia Town Center Shopping Center, Marion Mountain Campground, Marrakesh Country Club, May Ranch, Mayer Farms, Maywood Rod and Gun Club, McCalls Horse Camp, McCanna Ranch, McPherson Ranch, Mecca Beach Campground, Mellor Ranch, Menifee Lakes Country Club, Menifee Town Center Shopping Center, Menifee-Antelope Community Hall, Mesa Verde Winery, Mesquite Country Club, Millard Canyon Guard Station, Mills Ranch, Mira Loma Space Center, Mission Hills Country Club, Mission Hills North Golf Course, Mission Lakes Country Club, Mission Ranch, Mission Trail Plaza Shopping Center, Monterey Country Club, Monterey Marketplace Shopping Center, Monterey Shore Shopping Center, Moore Ranch (historical), Moreno Valley Golf Course, Moreno Valley Mall at Towngate Shopping Center, Moreno Valley Plaza Shopping Center, Moreno Valley Ranch Golf Club, Moreno Valley Shopping Center, Morgan Trailhead, Morningside Country Club, Morrell Ranch, Morris Ranch, Morris Washington Ranch, Mount Oak Boys Ranch, Mount Palomar Vineyards, Mount San Jacinto State Park Headquarters, Mountain Shadows Recreational Vehicle Resort, Mountain View Country Club, Murrieta Town Center Shopping Center, Naked City Campground, Neighbors, Newport Plaza Shopping Center, Nexus Towncenter Shopping Center, North Ridge Shopping Center, North Shore Marina, O'Donald Golf Course, Oak Glen Conservation Camp, Oak Springs Ranch, Oak Valley Golf Club, Oasis Country Club, Oasis Maintenance Station, Old Adobe Plaza Shopping Center, Old Santa Rosa Indian Ruins, Old Town Plaza Shopping Center, Olympic Golf and Tennis Driving Range, One Eleven La Quinta Shopping Center, Oriols Service Station, Ormsby Campground, Ortega Oaks Campground, Outdoor Resorts of America Golf Course, Palm Desert Country Club, Palm Desert Greens Golf Course, Palm Desert Resort and Country Club, Palm Desert Shopping Center, Palm Plaza Shopping Center, Palm Royale Country Club, Palm Springs Mall Shopping Center, Palm Springs Municipal Golf Course, Palm Springs Square Shopping Center, Palm Springs Station, Palm Springs Tennis Center, Palm Valley Country Club, Palms to Pines Shopping Center, Palms to Pines West Shopping Center, Palo Verde Plaza Shopping Center, Palomar Mesa Campground, Palomar Village Shopping Center, Panorama Golf Course, Paradise Knolls Golf Course, Parlenbar Vineyards, Pedley Square Shopping Center, Perris Town Center Shopping Center, Perris Valley Hot Air Ballooning and Parachute Center, Pershing Siding, Pete Dye Resort Golf Course, Pete Dye Resort Golf Course, Piconi Winery, Pine Flat Camp, Pine Powerhouse, Pine Springs Ranch, Pinkham Well, Pinyon Flat Campground, Pinyon Well, Plaza de las Flores Shopping Center, Plaza de Monterey Shopping Center, Plaza del Sol Shopping Center, Portola Country Club, Prado Dam, Professional Golfers Association West Golf Course, Quail Ranch Resort and Country Club, Quail Valley Country Club, Ramona Campground, Ramona Plaza Shopping Center, Rancho California Country Club, Rancho California Lake Club, Rancho California Plaza Shopping Center, Rancho Casa Blanca Recreational Vehicle Park, Rancho Center Shopping Center, Rancho de Esperanza Equestrian Training Track, Rancho de las Piedras, Rancho Las Arenas, Rancho las Palmas Country Club, Rancho las Palmas Shopping Center, Rancho Loma De Oro, Rancho Mirage Country Club, Rancho Mirage Plaza Shopping Center, Rancho Potrero (historical), Ranger Peak Lookout, Red Hawk Golf Club, Red Mountain Lookout, Rimrock Shopping Center, Rincon Mesa Campground, Riverside City Sewage Treatment Plant, Riverside County Bear Creek Forest Service Station, Riverside County Road Camp, Riverside International Raceway, Riverside Plaza, Riverside Water Quality Control Plant, Riviera Blythe Marina, Robert M Matts Soil Conservation Checking Station, Rolling Hills Ranch, Rome Hill Lookout, Round Valley Campground, Rubidoux Drive-In, Rubidoux Shopping Center, Ryan Campground, Salt Creek Campground, San Jacinto Shopping Center, San Jacinto Towne Center Shopping Center, San Juan Loop Trailhead, Santa Rosa Campground, Santa Rosa Country Club, Santa Rosa Ranch, Santa Rosa Spring Campground, Searl Ranch, Searl Ranch, Seven Hills Golf Course, Seven Hills Shopping Center, Seven Lakes Country Club, Seven Palms Ranch, Shadow Mountain Golf Course, Sheep Pass Campground, Sheep Pass Group Campground, Shoppers Square Shopping Center, Shumway Ranch, Sierra del Oro Towne Centre Shopping Center, Site of the First House in Riverside County, Skylark Ranch, Smith Shopping Center, Smoke Tree Village Shopping Center, Snyder Date Gardens, Soboba Springs Country Club, South Fork Campground, Spectrum Shopping Center, Springbrook Golf and Country Club, Stewart Ranch, Stills Landing, Stone Creek Campground, Stone Creek Campground, Stump Spring Campground, Summit, Sun City Golf Club North Course, Sun City Golf Course, Sun City Shopping Center, Sun Lakes Country Club and Golf Course, Sun Lakes Village Shopping Center, Suncrest Country Club, Sunnymead Plaza Shopping Center, Sunnymead Towne Center Shopping Center, Sunnymead Village Shopping Center, Sunrise Country Club, Sunrise Marketplace Shopping Center, Sunrise Mill (historical), Sunrise Square Shopping Center, T Cross K Ranch, Tamarisk Country Club, Temecula Creek Inn Golf Course, Temecula Hot Springs, Temecula Valley Vineyards, Temescal Station, Temscal Village Plaza Shopping Center, Tenaja Falls Trailhead, Tenaja Guard Station, The Brickyard-Riverside Shopping Center, The Colony Golf Course, The Courtyard Shopping Center, The Festival at Moreno Valley Shopping Center, The Lakes Country Club, The Plaza at Sunrise Shopping Center, The Plaza on Sixth Street Shopping Center, The Pyramids Club, The Springs Country Club, The Village Shopping Center, The Vineyard Shopping Center, Thomas Mountain Campground, Thompsons Camp, Thousand Palms Dry Camp Siding, Thousand Palms Oasis, Thunderbird Country Club, Tool Box Spring Campgorund, Tool Box Spring Campground, Torres, Torres Martinez Indian Reservation Headquarters, Tower Plaza Shopping Center, Town and Country Shopping Center, Town Center Square Shopping Center, Town Gate Community Shopping Center, Town Square Shopping Center, TPC Stadium Golf Course, Trailfinders Camp, Tri-Palm Golf Course, Tripp Flats Forest Service Faciltiy, Twin Pines Ranch, Two Bunch Palms, Tyler Mall Galleria Shopping Center, Tyler Village Shopping Center, Tyselling Shopping Center, University Center Shopping Center, University Shopping Center, University Village Shopping Center, Upper San Juan Campground, Vail Lake Boat Launch, Valley Sanitary District Water Reclamation Plant, Van Buren Drive-In, Van Buren Golf Center, Van Buren Plaza I Shopping Center, Van Buren Plaza Shopping Center, Victoria Golf Course, Victoria Village Shopping Center, Victory Palms, Village Grove Plaza Shopping Center, Village Square Shopping Center, Village West Shopping Center, Vista Grande Guard Station, Vons Shopping Center, Wagonwheel Ranch, Wassel Ranch, Water Reclamation Plant Number 4, Water Wheel Camp, West Plaza Shopping Center, Westgate Plaza Shopping Center, Wheeler Ranch, White Tank Campground, Whitewater Country Club, Whitewater Trout Farm, Wilderness Pines Campground, Wildomar Campground, Wildomar Trailhead, Wiley Well Campground, Winchester Square Shopping Center, Wonder Date Gardens (historical), Woodboro Avenue Shopping Center, Woodcrest Plaza Shopping Center, Woodhaven Country Club, Yampa Ranch, Yerxo Trading Post (historical)

  Military     show all on map

Blythe Army Air Field (historical), Camp Granite (historical), Desert Center Army Air Field (historical), March Air Reserve Base, Naval Air Facility Thermal (historical), Palm Springs Army Air Field (historical), Rice Air Base (historical), Shavers Summit Army Air Field (historical), Thermal Army Air Field (historical)

  Mines     show all on map

Alice Mine, Arlington Mine, Asbestos Mine, Atlanta Mine, Aztec Mines, Baumonk Mine, Black Eagle Area Eagle Mountain Mine, Black Eagle Mine, Black Jack Mine, Black Jack Tunnel, Blarney Stone Quarry, Bluebird Mine, Brown Mine, Cabazon Shaft, Cactus Mine, Cajalco Tin Mine, Calzona Mine, Carlos Junior Mine, Central Deposit Eagle Mountain Mine, Corona Pit, Coyote Mine, Crestmore Quarry, Dalton Mine, Desert Queen Mine, Dillon Road Pit, Dolomite Mine, Duplex Mine, Eagle Mountain Mine, Eagle Nest Mines, Eagle Valley Quarry, East Pit Eagle Mountain Mine, Eldorado Mine, Elton Mine, Garnet Queen Mine, Gavilan Mine, Glen Avon Quarry, Goat Basin Mine, Gold Coin Mine, Gold Crown Mine, Gold Dollar Mine, Gold Rice Mine, Gold Rose Mine, Gold Shot Mine, Gold Standard Mine, Golden Bee Mine, Golden Bell Mine, Golden Eagle Mine, Golden Egg Mine, Goldenrod Mine, Good Hope Mine, Granite Mine, Great Western Mine, Hexahedron Mine, Hidden Gold Mine, Hodge Mine, Ida-Leona Mine, Iron Chief Mine, Jacklin Mine, Jean Mine, Jensens Quarry, Jensens Quarry, Joel Mine, Lang Mine, Leon Mine, Los Angeles Mine, Lost Horse Mine, Lost Pony Mine, Lucky Deer Mine, Maitri Road Pit, Mastodon Mine, Maynard Mine, Meek Mine, Mission Mine, Mission Sweet Mine, Model Mine, Moose Mine, Motte Pit, Mountain Avenue Pit Number 2, Mountaineer Mine, Mystery Mine, New Hemet Bell Mine, North Star Mine, Old Swede Mine, Opal Hill Mine, Ormand Quarry, Outlaw Mine, Painted Hill Quarry, Paymaster Mine, Pinto Mine, Priest Mine, Rainbow End Mine, Rattler Mine, Red Cloud Mine, Roosevelt Mine, Rose of Peru Mine, Rusty Gold Mine, Saint Johns Mine, Santa Rosa Mine, Silver Bell Mine, Skelenger Mine, Snow Cloud Mine, Star Mine, Steece Mine, Stewart Mine, Storm Jade Mine, Sunset Mine, Super Creek Mine, Victor Mine, Welcome Stranger Mine (historical), Western States Stone Quarry, Williamson Mine, Winchester Mine, Zulu Queen Mine

  Parks     show all on map

Agricultural Park, Agua Caliente Park, Alta Murrieta Sports Park, Andulka Park, Angels Stadium, Anza Narrows Park, Appleby Park, Arlington Park, Arroyo Park, Avalon Park, Bagdouma Park, Banta Beatty Park, Baristo Park, Bergmont Park, Black Mountain Scenic Area, Bloch Cancer Survivors Park, Bobby Bonds Park and Sports Complex, Bogart County Park, Border Park, Bordwell Park, Boulder Hill Park, Box Springs Mountain Regional Park, Brentwood Park, Butterfield Stage Station Historical Marker, Butterfield Stage Trail Park, Cabazon Park, Cactus City Rest Area, Cahuilla Park, California Citrus State Historic Park, California Oaks Sports Park, Carlson Park, Carreon Park, Castleview Park, Century Park, Chalen Hill Park, Civic Center Park, Clark Field, Clays One Thousand Ranch Park, Clough Park, Coachella Valley Fringe-Toed Lizard Preserve, Collis Mayflower County Park, Community Center Park, Contreras Park, Cypress Park, Dateland Park, Davis Sports Complex, De Anza Cycle Park, De Oro Park, Demuth Park, Desert Highland Park, Desert Park, Don Lorenzi Park, Don Lorenzi Sports Center, Double Butte County Park, Eastside Neighborhood Park, Edmund C Jaeger Nature Sanctuary, El Dorado Park, Emerson Wildlife Preserve, Eucalyptus Park, Evans Park, Fairmount Park, Fairmount Park, Fritz Burns Park, Gateway Park, Gediman Park, Gibbel Park, Gilman Ranch Historic Park, Glenoak Hills Park, Glory of Gods Grace Sculpture, Goose Flats Park, Harrison Park, Hartford Spring County Park, Hidden Palms State Ecological Reserve, Hidden Springs Community Park, Hoffman Park, Horsemans Park, Humber Park, Hunt Park, Hunter Park, Hurkey Creek Park, Husteo Park, Idyllwild Park, Indian Hills Palms Park, Indian Pictographs Historical Marker, Indio Terrace Park, Ingalls Park, Islander Park, James Simpson Park, Jensen Ranch Historical Park, John Bryant Park, John F Kennedy Veterans Memorial Park, John Magee Park, Jones Park, Joshua Tree National Park, Kellog Park, Kips Korner Park, La Quinta Community Park, La Sierra Park, Lake Cahuilla County Park, Lake Cahuilla Park, Lake Elsinore Diamond Stadium, Lake Mathews Ecological Reserve, Lake Perris State Recreation Area, Lake Skinner County Park, Lakepoint Park, Lawler Park, Lincoln Park, Lincoln Park, Living Desert Reserve, Loring Park, Louis Rubidoux Nature Center, Low Park, Machado Park, Magnesia Canyon Ecological Reserve, Mangwar Park, Maze Stone Historical Marker, McCall Memorial Park, McVicker Park, Meadow Ridge Park, Miles Park, Miller Park, Minor Park, Mission Springs Park, Mistletoe Park, Monroe Park, Monterey Old Town Historic District, Moreno Valley Community Park, Morrison Park, Motte Field Park, Motte Rimrock Reserve, Mount Rubidoux Park, Mount San Jacinto State Park, Mount Vernon Park, Mountain Gate Community Park, Mountain View Park, Myra Linn Park, Neil Snipes Park, Newman Park, Nichols Park, Noble Creek Park, North Jackson Park, North Park, Oak Tree Park, Oasis Water Park, Ontario Park, Orange Crest Number 2 Park, Pala Road Park, Palm Desert Community Park, Paloma del Sol Park, Panorama Park, Park E, Park F, Parmenter Park, Pass Valley Park, Patterson Park, Pechanga Tribal Park, Pedrorena Park, Peter Mclntyre County Park, Pine Cove County Park, Pond Park, Prado County Park, Quail Run Park, Quail Valley Park, Rancho Acacias Park, Rancho Jurupa Park, Rancho Loma Park, Rancho Park, Rancho Santa Rosa Historic Area, Rangel Park, Repplier Park, Ridgeline Park, River Trails Park, Riverside County Fairgrounds, Riverside Sports Organization Complex, Rock Vista Park, Roy W Kabian Memorial Park, Ruth Hardy Park, Rutland Park, Salee Park, Sam Hicks Monument Park, San Jacinto River Park, Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve, Second Street Park, Serfas Club Park, Shamel Park, Sheridan Park, Sierra Park, Sierra Vista Park, Smith and Schaffer Memorial Baseball Field, South Jackson Park, Southwest Park, Stewart Park, Streeter Park, Summer Lake Park, Summerhill Park, Sungold Park, Sunnymead Park, Sunrise Plaza, Swick and Matich Park, Sycamore Canyon Park, Sylvan Park, Taft Park, Ted Brooks Park, Temecula Sports Park, Tequesquito Arroyo Park, Thermal Ball Park, Thirty Eighth Street County Park, Todd Park, Towngate Memorial Park, Tuscany Hills Community Park, University of California Ecological Study Area, Upland Game Hunting Area, Valley Wide Regional Park, Veterans Park, Victoria Park, Victoria Park, Victoriano Park, Villegas Park, Wardman Park, Washington Park, Wayne Makin Field, West Riverside Memorial Park, Westbluff Park, Weston Park, White Park, Whitewater Park, Wileys Well Rest Area, Willowglen Park, Wolfson Park, Woodhaven Park, Woodland Park, Yarborough Park

  Pillars     show all on map

Bulls Eye Rock, De Anza Trail Monument, Skull Rock, Split Rock

  Plains     show all on map

Gavilan Plateau, Little Desert

  Populated Places     show all on map

Aguanga, Alamo Bonito (historical), Alberhill, Alessandro, Alpine Village, Antelope Hills, Anza, Arabian Gardens Mobile Home Park, Arcilla, Arlanza, Arlington, Arlington Station, Arnold Heights, Arroyo Fairways Mobile Home Club, Auld (historical), Banning, Bannockburn Village, Beaumont, Belltown, Belvedere Heights, Bermuda Dunes, Bermuda Palms Mobile Park, Biskra Palms, Bly, Blythe, Blythe Marina Mobile Estates, Bonnie Bell, Box Springs, Butterfield Lake Estates, Cabazon, Cactus City, Cahuilla, Cahuilla Hills, Caleb (historical), Caliente Sands, Calimesa, Calimesa Mobile Home Ranch, Camelot Hills, Canyon Crest Heights, Canyon Lake, Carefree Mobile Village, Casa Blanca, Casa Loma, Cathedral City, Cherry Valley, Chiriaco Summit, Coachella, Colina Vista, Corona, Coronado Gardens Mobile Home Park, Country Manor Estates, Country Road Estates, Cox, Crestmore, De Anza Village, Desert Beach, Desert Camp, Desert Center, Desert Edge, Desert Groves Mobile Home Park, Desert Hills Trailer Park, Desert Hot Springs, Desert View, Dorado Mobile Home Park, Dos Palmas Corners, Durmid, Dutch Village, Eagle Mountain, East Blythe, East Hemet, Eastvale, Eden, Eden Hot Springs, Edgemont, Edom, Egan, El Casco, El Cerrito, Ellis, Ennis, Fern Valley, Ferrum, Garnet, Gavilan Hills, Gilman Hot Springs, Glen Avon, Glen Valley, Glenoak Hills, Glenoaks Country, Good Hope, Good Meadow, Green Acres, Hayfield, Hemet, Henshaw, Heritage Mobile Home Park, Hidden Palms, High Acres Haciendas, Highgrove, Highland Plams Mobile Home Park, Highland Springs, Hinda, Home Gardens, Homeland, Idyllwild, Inca, Indian Oaks, Indian Wells, Indian Wells Mobile Home Park, Indio, Indio Hills, Juniper Springs, Jurumpa (historical), Kavinish (historical), Kawia (historical), La Cresta, La Cresta Highlands, La Quinta, La Sierra, La Sierra Heights, Lake Crest Estates, Lake Elsinore, Lake Tamarisk, Lake Village, Lakeland Village, Lakeview, Lakeview Hot Springs, Lemona, Linda Rose, Los Ranchitos, Macomber Palms, Magnolia Avenue, Mahoney Trailer Park, Malki (historical), March Field, Martinez, Martinez (historical), May, Mead Valley, Mecca, Menifee, Menifee Lakes, Mesa Verde, Mesaville, Midland, Miller Farms, Mira Loma, Mission Hills Mobile Home Park, Mons, Moonlight Rim, Moreno, Moreno Knolls, Moreno Valley, Morongo (historical), Mortmar, Mountain Center, Murrieta, Murrieta Hot Springs, Myoma (historical), Nicklin, Norco, North Elsinore, North Palm Springs, Nuevo, Oak Haven Estates, Oakridge Ranches, Oasis, One Hundred Palms, Ordway, Ormand, Owl, Pachappa, Palm Desert, Palm Desert Country, Palm Springs, Palseta (historical), Paltewat (historical), Pedley, Pepper Corner, Perris, Pine Cove, Pine Wood, Pinto Wye, Pinyon Crest, Pinyon Pines, Porphyry, Prenda, Pueblo del Sol Mobile Park, Pushawalla Palms, Quail Valley, Radec, Rainbow Canyon Village, Ramona Bowl, Rancho Casitas Mobile Home Park, Rancho Dos Palmas, Rancho las Perris, Rancho Mirage, Rannells (historical), Ribbonwood, Rimlon, Ripley, Riverside, Riverside Junction, Romoland, Royal Palms, Rubidoux, Saboba (historical), Saddle Junction, Sage, Salton, Salvia, San Jacinto, San Sebastian (historical), Sandy Korner, Santa Margarita Groves, Santa Rosa (historical), Santa Rosa Ranch Estates, Santa Rosa South, Santa Rosa West, Sechi (historical), Sedco Hills, Serrano Heights, Shadow Ridge Creek, Silver Spur Mobile Manor, Sky Valley, Sky Valley Mobile Home Park, Snow Creek, Soboba Hot Springs, Sokut Menyil (historical), South Park, Stalder, Styx, Sun City, Sunnymead, Sunnyside Estates, Sunnyslope, Suntown, Sycamore Hills, Sycamore Springs, Sylvan Meadows, Taylor, Temalwahish (historical), Temecula, Temecula (historical), Temecula Ranchos, Temescal, Terra Cotta, Thermal, Thomas Mountain, Thousand Palms, Tosco (historical), Tova (historical), Val Verde, Valerie, Valle de los Caballos, Valle Vista, Valley Vista, Vista Santa Rosa, Warm Springs Mobile Home Park, Weisel, West March, Wewutnowhu (historical), White Water, Wildomar, Willis Palms, Winchester, Windsor Crest, Woodcrest

  Post Offices     show all on map

Arlington Post Office, Beaumont Post Office, Blythe Post Office, Cabazon Post Office, Calimesa Post Office, Cathedral City Post Office, Cathedral City Post Office (historical), Coachella Post Office, Desert Center Post Office, Desert Hot Springs Post Office, Glen Avon Post Office, Hardman Post Office, Hemet Post Office, Homeland Post Office, Idyllwild Post Office, Idyllwild Post Office (historical), Indian Wells Post Office, Indio Post Office, Keen Camp Post Office (historical), La Quinta Post Office, La Quinta Post Office (historical), La Sierra Post Office, Lake Elsinore Post Office, Magnolia Center Post Office, March Air Reserve Base Post Office, Mead Valley Post Office, Mira Loma Post Office, Moreno Post Office, Moreno Valley Post Office, Murrieta Post Office, North Palm Springs Post Office, Nuevo Post Office, Palm Desert Post Office, Palm Springs Post Office (historical), Postal Avenue Station Post Office, Quail Valley Post Office, Rancho Mirage Post Office, Ripley Post Office, Riverside Post Offcie, Romoland Post Office, Rubidoux Post Office, San Jacinto Post Office, Sun City Post Office, Sunnymead Post Office, Temecula Post Office, Thousand Palms Post Office, Vista Santa Rosa Post Office, Wildomar Post Office, Winchester Post Office

  Ranges     show all on map

Arica Mountains, Bernasconi Hills, Big Maria Mountains, Black Hills, Box Springs Mountains, Chuckwalla Mountains, Cottonwood Mountains, Coxcomb Mountains, Domenigoni Mountains, Eagle Mountains, Granite Mountains, Hexie Mountains, Indio Hills, Jurupa Mountains, Kalmia Hills, Lakeview Mountains, Little Chuckwalla Mountains, Little Maria Mountains, Little San Bernardino Mountains, McCoy Mountains, Mecca Hills, Mule Mountains, Orocopia Mountains, Palen Mountains, Pedley Hills, Pinto Mountains, Rawson Mountains, Riverside Mountains, San Jacinto Mountains, Santa Rosa Hills, Santa Rosa Mountains, The Badlands, Three Sisters, Tucalota Hills, West Riverside Mountains

  Reserves     show all on map

Big Maria Mountains Wilderness, Chuckwalla Mountains Wilderness, Hidden Divide Natural Preserve, Joshua Tree Wilderness, Little Chuckwalla Mountains Wilderness, Mecca Hills Wilderness, Mount San Jacinto State Wilderness, Orocopia Mountains Wilderness, Palen/McCoy Wilderness, Rice Valley Wilderness, Riverside Mountains Wilderness, San Jacinto Wilderness, San Mateo Canyon Wilderness, Santa Rosa Mountains State Wilderness, Toro

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Cahuilla Lake, Canyon Lake, Cottonwood Lake, Diamond Valley Lake, Eagle Tank, El Casco Lake, Foster Lake, Grand Tank, Hidden Tank, Hole Lake, Horseshoe Lake, Ivanpah Tank, Lake Cahuilla, Lake Fulmor, Lake Hemet, Lake Mathews, Lake Riverside, Little Lake, Live Oak Tank, Lone Pine Reservoir, Long Tank, Meadows Lake, Mockingbird Reservoir, Mojave Tank, Oak Street Creek Reservoir, Perris Reservoir, Poorman Reservoir, Prado Flood Control Basin, Railroad Reservoir, San Jacinto Reservoir, Ski Land Lake, Skinner Reservoir, Spring Tank, Squaw Tank, Squaw Tank, Stirrup Tank, Tabaseca Tank, Twin Tanks, Vail Lake, White Tank

  Ridges     show all on map

Blackburn Ridge, Buck Ridge, Chalk Hill, Elsinore Mountains, Fuller Ridge, Garnet Ridge, Keen Ridge, Marion Ridge, One Horse Ridge, Rocky Ridge, Rouse Ridge, South Ridge, West Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Abraham Lincoln Continuation High School, Abraham Lincoln Elementary School, Acacia Middle School, Adams Elementary School, Adams-Truman Elementary School, Adult and Alternative Education School, Agua Caliente Elementary School, Alamos School, Alcott Elementary School, Alessandro High School, Alessandro Middle School, All Saints Garden Academy, Allan Orrenmaa Elementary School, Alta Murrieta School, Alvord Continuation High School, Amistad High School, Andrew Jackson Elementary School, Andy and Toni Chavez Elementary School, Anne Sullivan Nursery and Kindergarten, Antelope School (historical), Arizona Intermediate School, Arlanza Elementary School, Arlington High School, Armada Elementary School, Arnold Heights Elementary School, At Your Pace Education Center, Auburndale Intermediate School, Avaxat School, Badger Springs Middle School, Banning High School, Baptist Christian High School, Bar V Ranch School (historical), Bautista Creek Elementary School, Bear Valley School, Beaumont Senior High School, Benjamin Franklin Elementary School, Bethel Christian High School, Bethel Christian Preschool, Big Springs School, Blythe Middle School, Bobby G Duke Middle School, Box Springs School, Braille Institute of the Desert, Bryant Elementary School, Bubbling Wells Elementary School, Buena Vista High School, Bundy Canyon Christian School, Butterfield Elementary School, Butterfield Elementary School, Cabazon Elementary School, Cahuilla Elementary School, California Baptist University, California Ranch School, California School for the Deaf, Callie Kirkpatrick Elementary School, Calvary Chapel Christian Academy, Calvary Chapel San Jacinto Christian School, Calvary Christian School, Canyon Academy, Canyon Springs High School, Carden School, Casa Blanca Preschool, Casa Blanca School, Castle Lake School, Castle View Elementary School, Cathedral City Elementary School, Cathedral City High School, Centennial High School, Centennial Vista High School, Central Elementary School, Central Middle School, Cesar Chavez Elementary School, Chapparal Hills School, Chase School, Chemawa Middle School, Chester W Morrison Elementary School, Childrens Center of the Inland Counties, Childrens Montessori Center, Childrens World Learning Center, Christa S McAuliffe Elementary School, Christian Day School, Christian Heritage School, Christian School, Christian School of the Desert, Cielo Vista Elementary School, Cloverdale Elementary School, Coachella Valley Adult School, Coachella Valley Union High School, College of the Desert, Collett Elementary School, Continuation School, Cornerstone Christian School, Cornerstone Fellowship Academy, Corona Christian School, Corona Christian School, Corona Fundamental Intermediate School, Corona High School, Coronita Elementary School, Cottonwood School, Creative Teaching School, Cree Junior High School, Creekside High School, Creekside School, Crest Haven School, Crossroads Christian School, Crossroads New Life Educational Ministries, De Anza Elementary School, Della S Lindley Elementary School, Desert Hot Springs Elementary School, Desert Springs Middle School, Desert Sun School, Divine Word Seminary, Donald Graham Elementary School, Dwight Eisenhower Elementary School, E Hale Curran School, Eagle Mountain School, Earhart Middle School, Edgemont Elementary School, El Cerrito Elementary School, Elsinore Elementary School, Elsinore High School, Elsinore Middle School, Emerson Elementary School, Ensign School (historical), Fairview School of Fine Arts, Faith Baptist Academy, Faith Christian Academy, Felix J Appleby Elementary School, Ferndale School (historical), First Baptist Preschool, Fleet Adventure School, Foothill Elementary School, Foothill Elementary School, Foundational Education School, Francis S Stevens School, Fremont Elementary School, Fruitvale Elementary School, Garretson Elementary School, George Washington Elementary School, George Washington Elementary School, Gerald R Ford Elementary School, Glen Avon Christian School, Glen Avon Elementary School, Glen View Elementary School, Good Hope Elementary School, Good Shepherd Lutheran School, Grace Preparatory School, Granite Hill Elementary School, Grant Elementary School, Growing Place School, Hamilton School, Harrison Elementary School, Harvest Christian School, Harvest Time Christian School, Harvest Valley Elementary School, Hawarden Hills Academy, Hawthorne Christain School, Hawthorne Elementary School, Helen Hunt Jackson Alternative High School, Hemet Adult School, Hemet Elementary School, Hemet Senior High School, Hemet Valley Seventh Day Adventist School, Hemmerling Elementary School, Hendrick Ranch School, Herbert Hoover Elementary School, Hidden Springs School, Highgrove Elementary School, Highland Elementary School, Highland Elementary School, Hillcrest Academy, His Light Christian Academy, Hoffer Elementary School, Home Gardens Elementary School, Honey Hollow Elementary School, Hope Learning Academy, Horizon Continuation High School, Hyatt Elementary School, Hyatt Elementary School, Idyllwild Elementary School, Immanuel Lutheran Elementary School, Ina Arbuckle Elementary School, Indian Hills Elementary School, Indio High School, Indio Middle School, Jackson Elementary School, James Madison Elementary School, James Monroe Elementary School, Jean Hayman Elementary School, Jefferson Elementary School, Jefferson Elementary School, Joan F Sparkman Elementary School, John Adams Elementary School, John F Kennedy Elementary School, John Kelly Elementary School, John Stallings Elementary School, John W North High School, Julius Corsini Elementary School, Jurupa Middle School, Jurupa Valley High School, Katherine Finchy Elementary School, Kokell Elementary School, La Familia Continuation High School, La Granada Elementary School, La Petite Academy, La Quinta High School, La Sierra Academy, La Sierra High School, La Sierra University, Lakeland Childrens Center, Landau Elementary School, Landmark Middle School, Las Brisas Christian Academy, Learning Bee School, Letha Raney Intermediate School, Liberty Elementary School, Lighthouse Christian Academy, Lincoln Alternative Elementary School, Lincoln School, Linfield Christian High School, Little Lake School, Loma Vista Intermediate School, Longfellow Elementary School, Machado Elementary School, Madison Elementary School, Magnolia Elementary School, Magnolia Preschool and Kindergarten, Magnolia School, March Mountain High School, Margaret White Elementary School, Margarita Middle School, Maric College - Palm Springs, Martin Van Buren Elementary School, Mary McLeod Bethune School, Masters Hands Christian School, Matthew Gage Middle School, Mead Valley Elementary School, Mecca Elementary School, Menifee Elementary School, Menifee Valley Middle School, Mesa Grande Seventh Day Adventist School, Midland Elementary School, Midland School (historical), Mira Loma Christian School, Mission Elementary School, Mission Middle School, Monarch Academy, Monroe Elementary School, Monte Vista Middle School, Montessori Academy, Montessori Academy of Corona, Montessori Childrens House, Moreno Elementary School, Moreno Valley Adult High School, Moreno Valley Christian School, Moreno Valley High School, Morning Dove Christian School, Mount San Jacinto College, Mount San Jacinto Continuation High School, Mount Zion Academy, Mountain Shadows Middle School, Mountain View Elementary School, Mountain View High School, Mountain View Junior High School, Mountain View Middle School, Murrieta Christian School, Murrieta Elementary School, Murrieta Valley Christian Academy, Murrieta Valley High School, Myra Linn Elementary School, Nan Sanders Elementary School, Nellie N Coffman Middle School, Nellie N Coffman School, Norco Elementary School, Norco Intermediate School, Norco Senior High School, Norco Vista High School, Norte Vista High School, Notre Dame High School, Nueva Vista Continuation High School, Nuview Elementary School, Oak Grove Institute-Jack Weaver School, Oasis Elementary School, Olive Branch Christian Academy, Oliver Christian School Center, Oliver Elementary School, Ortega High School, Ortega High School, Our Lady of Guadalupe Academy, Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, Pachappa Elementary School, Pacific Avenue Elementary School, Palm Desert High School, Palm Desert Middle School, Palm Elementary School, Palm Springs Adult School, Palm Springs High School, Palm View Elementary School, Palo Verde College, Palo Verde High School, Paradise Valley Day School, Park Hill Elementary School, Parkridge Elementary School, Pass Christian School, Pedley Elementary School, Perris Community Adult School, Perris Elementary School, Perris Elementary School Annex, Perris High School, Perris Junior High School, Perris Lake High School, Peter Pendleton Elementary School, Pinacate Middle School, Polytechnic High School, Praise Fellowship Christian Academy, Precious Blood Catholic School, Precious Cargo Christian Academy, Professional Golfers Career College, Promenade Elementary School, Quail Valley School, Queen of Angles School, Raceway School, Rail Ranch School, Railroad Canyon Elementary School, Rainbow Ridge Elementary School, Ramona Elementary School, Ramona Elementary School, Ramona High School, Ramsey High School, Rancho Elmentary School, Rancho Mirage Elementary School, Rancho Verde High School, Rancho Vista High School, Raymond Cree Middle School, Red Hawk Elementary School, Red Mountain Christian School, Revival Christian Academy, Ridgecrest Elementary School, Rio Vista Continuation High School, Rivera Elementary School, Riverside Adult School, Riverside Christian High School, Riverside Christian School, Riverside Community College, Riverside Community College Moreno Valley Campus, Riverside Community College Norco Campus, Riverside Montessori Academy, Riverside Preparatory Academy, Riverview Elementary School, Romoland Elementary School, Roosevelt School, Rubidoux High School, Rustic Lane Elementary School, Ruth Brown Elementary School, Sacred Heart School, Sage College - Moreno Valley Campus, Saint Boniface School, Saint Catherines School, Saint Christophers School, Saint Edward School, Saint Francis School, Saint Hyacinth Academy, Saint James School, Saint Jeanne de Lestonnac School, Saint Johns Lutheran School, Saint Joseph of Arimathea School, Saint Mels School, Saint Paul Evangelical Lutheran School, Saint Teresa School, Saint Thomas School, Sam Pasqual School House, San Andreas High School, San Ignacio School, San Jacinto Alternative High School, San Jacinto Elementary School, San Jacinto Senior High School, Santiago High School, Seneca Elementary School, Serrano Elementary School, Seventh Day Adventist School, Seventh Day Adventist School, Sheriffs Academy, Sherman Indian Institute, Shivela Middle School, Sierra Middle School, Sierra Springs Christian School, Sierra Vista Elementary School, Sky Country Elementary School, Smoke Tree School, Stone Avenue Elementary School, Sugar Hill School, Summit Elementary School, Sunny Sands Elementary School, Sunnymead Middle School, Sunnymeadows Elementary School, Sunnyslope Elementary School, Sunshine Special School, Susan B Anthony Elementary School, Susan B Coombs Intermediate School, Temecula Christian School, Temecula Middle School, Temecula Valley High School, Temescal Canyon High School, Temple Beth El Child Development Center, Terra Cotta Middle School, Terrace Elementary School, The Palm Valley School, Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School, Thomas Jefferson Middle School, Tomas Rivera Middle School, Tovashal School, Town and Country Day School, Tree Farm Schools, Troth Street Elementary School, Truth Christian Academy, Turnoff Continuation High School, Tuscany Hills Elementary School, Twin Palms Continuation and Adult School, Twinhill Elementary School, Union High School, University Heights Junior High School, University Middle School, University of California - Riverside, University of California Experiment Station, University of Southern California-Idyllwild, Vail Elementary School, Val Verde Elementary School, Valle Vista Elementary School, Valley Adventist Christian School, Valley Christian Academy, Valley Christian School, Valley View Elementary School, Valley View Elementary School, Valley View High School, Van Avery Preparatory School, Van Buren Elementary School, Vicentia Elementary School, Victoria Elementary School, Victoriano Elementary School, Victress Bower School for Exceptional Students, Vineyard Christian School, Vista del Monte Elementary School, Vista Heights School, Washington Elementary School, Washington School, Wells Intermediate School, Wellwood Elementary School, West Riverside Elementary School, West Valley High School, Whittier Elementary School, Wildomar Elementary School, William Howard Taft Elementary School, William McKinley Elementary School, Willow Brook School, Wilmot Elementary School, Winchester Elementary School, Withrow Elementary School, Woodcrest Christian Church, Woodcrest Christian High School, Woodcrest Elementary School, Woodrow Wilson Middle School

  Slopes     show all on map

Oak Slope, Saint Johns Grade

  Springs     show all on map

Adobe Spring, Adobe Spring, Agua Alta Spring, Agua Bonita Spring, Agua Caliente Spring, Agua Fuerte Spring, Apache Spring, Asbestos Spring, Bare Tree Spring, Basin Spring, Bautista Spring, Bay Tree Spring, Bear Spring, Bear Wallow Spring, Big Cedar Spring, Buck Spring, Bull Canyon Spring, Buzzard Spring, Cactus Spring, Canyon Spring, Carrillo Spring, Cartridge Spring, Cassina Springs, Cave Spring, Cedar Spring, Cedar Spring, Cedar Spring, Chuckawalla Bill Spring, Chuckwalla Spring, Cinco Poses Spring, Console Springs, Corn Spring, Cotton Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Covington Spring, Deer Spring, Deer Springs, Deer Springs, Dobe Spring, Dos Palmas Spring, Dos Palmas Spring, Dos Palmas Spring, Dripping Springs, Duchess Spring, Dunkel Spring, Duval Spring, Eagle Spring, Eagle Tank Spring, Fawn Spring, Fobes Spring, Fox Spring, Gooseberry Spring, Granite Spring, Grapevine Spring, Gucci Spring, Halfway Spring, Harford Spring, Hayfield Spring, Hayfield Summit Spring, Heller Spring, Hidden Spring, Hidden Springs, Hop Patch Spring, Hot Spring, Hunters Spring, Indian Spring, Iodine Spring, Iron Spring, Jolley Spring, Jozee Spring, Ladd Canyon Spring, Landslide Spring, Lion Spring, Lion Spring, Little Camp Spring, Little Paradise, Live Oak Spring, Los Chinos Spring, Lost Palms Oasis, Mad Woman Spring, Magee Spring, Magnesia Spring, McCoy Spring, Mesquito Spring, Middle Spring, Milky Spring, Million Dollar Spring, Mountain Home Spring, Nettle Spring, Oak Canyon Spring, Oak Spring, Oak Spring, One Horse Spring, Peach Tree Spring, Pechanga Hot Springs, Pigeon Spring, Pigeon Spring, Pine Tree Spring, Pinkham Spring, Potrero Spring, Powderbox Spring, Quail Spring, Rancho Spring, Rarick Spring, Rattlesnake Spring, Root Spring, Santa Rosa Spring, Sawyer Spring, Serrano Spring, Sheep Hole Oasis, South Ridge Spring, Strawberry Cienaga, Stubbe Spring, Stump Spring, Sulphur Spring, Sulphur Spring, Summit Spring, Sycamore Spring, Talmadge Spring, Tank Spring, Tool Box Spring, Toro Spring, Tule Spring, Tunnel Spring, Virgin Spring, Watering Trough Spring, Wild Grape Spring, Wood Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Alkali Wash, Arroyo Del Toro, Azalea Creek, Baisley Creek, Bautista Creek, Bautista Wash, Bear Creek, Bedford Wash, Big Morongo Wash, Big Wash, Black Mountain Creek, Box Canyon Wash, Brown Creek, Cahuilla Creek, Carrizo Creek, Cat Creek, Cedar Creek, Cholla Wash, Coldwater Creek, Corn Springs Wash, Cottonwood Creek, Coyote Creek, Coyote Creek, Dead Indian Creek, Ditch Creek, Dragon Wash, Dry Creek, Dry Morongo Wash, Dry Wash, Dry Wash, Eagle Creek, East Branch Snow Creek, East Fork Snow Creek, Ebbens Creek, Elder Creek, Falls Creek, Fried Liver Wash, Fuller Mill Creek, Garnet Queen Creek, Garnet Wash, Gold Shot Creek, Grapevine Creek, Guadalupe Creek, Hamilton Creek, Hathaway Creek, Herkey Creek, Hidden Fork, Horse Creek, Horsethief Creek, Indian Creek, Irish Wash, Jenson Creek, Kolb Creek, Lilly Creek, Little Morongo Creek, Little Morongo Wash, Little San Gorgonio Creek, Logan Creek, Long Valley Creek, Main Street Wash, Marion Creek, Martinez Creek, McCoy Wash, Mellor Creek, Mission Creek, Montgomery Creek, Morongo Wash, Morris Creek, Murrieta Creek, Noble Creek, North Fork San Jacinto River, Omstott Creek, One Horse Creek, Palm Canyon Wash, Pechanga Creek, Pinkham Wash, Pinto Wash, Pipe Creek, Poppet Creek, Potrero Creek, Potrero Creek, Ramon Creek, Ramon Wash, Red Butte Wash, Red Cloud Wash, Salt Creek, San Bernardino Wash, San Gorgonio River, San Jacinto River, Santa Gertrudis Creek, Sheep Creek, Ship Creek, Smith Creek, Smoke Tree Wash, Snow Creek, South Fork San Jacinto River, Spring Brook, Spring Creek, Stone Creek, Strawberry Creek, Super Creek, Tahquitz Creek, Temecula Creek, Temescal Wash, Tequesquite Arroyo, Tequesquito Arroyo, Thousand Palm Canyon Wash, Tucalota Creek, Tule Creek, Twin Pines Creek, Vidal Wash, Wallace Creek, Wardlow Wash, Warm Springs Creek, Washington Wash, West Branch Hathaway Creek, West Branch Salvia Wash, West Fork Snow Creek, White Wash, Whitewater River, Willow Creek, Wilson Creek, Yucaipa Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Alligator, Angelus Hill, Antsell Rock, Apache Peak, Arlington Mountain, Asbestos Mountain, Avenaloca Mesa, Bachelor Mountain, Bald Mountain, Bald Peak, Baldy Mountain, Barker Peak, Bat Caves Buttes, Beauty Mountain, Beauty Peak, Bell Mountain, Billy Goat Mountain, Black Butte, Black Hill, Black Hill, Black Mountain, Black Mountain, Black Rock, Black Rocks, Blake Hill, Buck Mesa, Buried Mountain, Butterfly Peak, Cabazon Peak, Cahuilla Mountain, Castle Rocks, Cave Rocks, Chaney Hill, Claremont, Cone Peak, Coney Hill, Cornell Peak, Dellamont, Desert Angel, Devers Hill, Devils Rockpile, Double Butte, Drury Peak, Edom Hill, Eisenhower Mountain, Eisinore Peak, Estelle Mountain, Fan Hill, Fisherman Point, Flat Top Mountain, Folly Peak, Garnet Hill, Gavilan Mountain, Gavilan Peak, Gold Hill, Haystack Mountain, Hemet Butte, Hogbacks, Indian Mountain, Indio Mountain, Inspiration Point, Iron Spring Mountain, Jean Peak, Jumbo Rocks, Keys View, Kitching Peak, Lily Rock, Lion Peak, Little Cahuilla Mountain, Little Thomas Mountain, Lookout Mountain, Lost Horse Mountain, Malapai Hill, Marion Mountain, Martinez Mountain, Mastedon Peak, Mastodon Peak, McCoy Peak, Mesa de Burro, Mesa de Colorado, Mesa de la Punta, Mica Butte, Miller Peak, Miracle Hill, Monument Mountain, Monument Peak, Mount Davis, Mount Eden, Mount Edna, Mount Jurupa, Mount Minerva Hoyt, Mount Rubidoux, Mount Rudolph, Mount Russell, Murray Hill, Negro Hill, Newton Drury Peak, North Hill, Oak Mountain, Oak Mountain, Olive Hill, Pachappa Hill, Painted Hill, Palm View Peak, Palo Verde Mesa, Park Hill, Pettit Hill, Pilot Mountain, Pine Mountain, Pinto Mountain, Point Happy, Polly Butte, Pyramid Peak, Quail Mountain, Quarry Hill, Rabbit Peak, Ranger Peak, Rattlesnake Mountain, Red Dome, Red Mountain, Red Tahquitz, Redonda Mesa, Reservoir Butte, Riverside Mountain, Rock Pile, Rock Point, Rome Hill, Roundtop, Rouse Hill, Ryan Mountain, San Jacinto Peak, Santa Rosa Mountain, Sharp Peak, Sheep Mountain, Sierra Peak, Sitton Peak, South Peak, Spitler Peak, Spring Crest, Squaw Hill, Squaw Mountain, Steele Peak, Sugarloaf Mountain, Suicide Rock, Table Mountain, Tahquitz Peak, The Matterdome, Thomas Mountain, Toro Peak, Trabuco Peak, Tres Cerritos, Tule Peak, Twin Buttes, Victoria Hill, Whitewater Hill, Wild Horse Peak

  Swamps     show all on map

Wellmans Cienaga

  Towers     show all on map

KATY-FM (Idyllwild), KBZT-FM (La Quinta), KCHV-FM (Coachella), KCLB-AM (Coachella), KCMJ-AM (Palm Springs), KCMJ-FM (Indio), KCPC-AM (Cathedral City), KCPC-AM (Cathedral City), KDES-AM (Palm Springs), KDES-FM (Palm Springs), KDUO-FM (Riverside), KERU-FM (Blythe), KESQ-TV (Palm Springs), KEZN-FM (Palm Desert), KGGI-FM (Riverside), KHCS-FM (Palm Desert), KHCS-FM (Palm Desert), KHSJ-AM (Hemet), KHYE-FM (Hemet), KJMB-AM (Blythe), KJMB-FM (Blythe), KMET-AM (Banning), KMIR-TV (Palm Springs), KNWZ-AM (Thousand Palms), KOLA-FM (San Bernardino), KOLA-FM (San Bernardino), KPLM-FM (Palm Springs), KPRO-AM (Riverside), KPSC-FM (Palm Springs), KPSC-FM (Palm Springs), KPSI-AM (Palm Springs), KPSI-FM (Palm Springs), KPSI-FM (Palm Springs), KPSL-AM (Thousand Palms), KRCQ-FM (Indio), KRTM-FM (Temecula), KRTM-FM (Temecula), KRTM-FM (Temecula), KRTM-FM (Temecula), KUCR-FM (Riverside), KUNA-AM (Indio), KUTE-AM (Desert Hot Springs), KVCR-FM (San Bernardino), KVCR-TV (San Bernardino), KWRM-AM (Corona), KWRP-FM (San Jacinto), KWXY-AM (Cathedral City), KWXY-FM (Cathedral City), KZAL-FM (Desert Center), Tahquitz Peak Lookout

  Trails     show all on map

Adobe Loop Trail, Alessandro Trail, Aqueduct Jeep Trail, Bee Canyon Truck Trail, Black Mountain Trail, Black Mountain Truck Trail, Bluewater Truck Trail, Butterfield Overland Trail, Cactus Spring Trail, Cariso Truck Trail, Cholla Garden Nature Trail, Cinco Poses Trail, Clark Trail, Coldwater Trail, Cooper Cienega Truck Trail, Desert Divide Trail, Dripping Springs Trail, East Branch Millard Canyon Trail, East Horsetheif Trail, El Cariso Nature Trail, Hidden Horseshoe and Pushawalla Palms Trail, Hidden Spring Trail, Indian Creek Truck Trail, Indian Palms Trail, Indian Truck Trail, Kitching Peak Trail, Los Alamos Truck Trail, Lost Palms Trail, McCallum Trail, Morgan Trail, Painted Hill Trail, Poppet Flat Divide Truck Trail, Ramona Trail, Raywood Flat Trail, Rouse Hill-Bautista Canyon Trail, Ryan Mountain Trail, San Jacinto Ridge Truck Trail, San Mateo Trail, San Mateo Truck Trail, Santa Rosa Ranch Trail, Sitton Peak Truck Trail, Smoke Tree Ranch Trail, South Fork Trail, Tenaja Truck Trail, Verdugo Truck Trail, Wash Trail, Wildomar Truck Trail, Willis Palms and West Mesa Trail

  Tunnels     show all on map

Cajalco Tunnel, Coachella Tunnels, Cottonwood Tunnel, Coxcomb Tunnel, East Eagle Mountain Tunnel, Hayfield Tunnel Number One, Hayfield Tunnel Number Two, Mecca Pass Tunnels, Val Verde Tunnel, West Eagle Mountain Tunnel

  Valleys     show all on map

Agua Alta Canyon, Aguanga Valley, Alder Canyon, Alder Canyon, Anderson Canyon, Andreas Canyon, Apple Canyon, Auld Valley, Avery Canyon, Bald Eagle Canyon, Banning Canyon, Bautista Canyon, Bear Canyon, Bear Trap Canyon, Bedford Canyon, Bee Canyon, Berdoo Canyon, Big Wash, Bishop Canyon, Bixby Canyon, Black Rabbit Canyon, Blackburn Canyon, Blaisdell Canyon, Blind Canyon, Bluewater Canyon, Boulder Canyon, Boundary Canyon, Box Canyon, Box Springs Canyon, Bradley Canyon, Brooks Canyon, Brown Canyon, Brown Canyon, Bull Canyon, Bundy Canyon, Burnt Valley, Cactus Valley, Cahuilla Valley, Cajalco Canyon, Castile Canyon, Cathedral Canyon, Cherry Canyon, Chino Canyon, Cholla Canyon, Chuckwalla Valley, Coachella Valley, Coldwater Canyon, Cole Canyon, Coon Hollow, Corral Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cow Canyon, Crystal Springs Canyon, Culp Valley, Dark Canyon, Dawson Canyon, Decker Canyon, Deep Canyon, Deep Canyon, Devil Canyon, Devils Hole, Diamond Valley, Dickey Canyon, Difficult Canyon, Domenigoni Valley, Dry Camp Canyon, Duchess Canyon, Durasno Valley, Dutch Charlie Canyon, Eagle Canyon, East Branch Millard Canyon, East Deception Canyon, East Double Canyon, East Fork Palm Canyon, East Wide Canyon, Ebbens Valley, Edwards Canyon, Elder Canyon, Fan Canyon, Fargo Canyon, Fig Tree Valley, Fobes Canyon, French Valley, Fresno Canyon, Front Hill Canyon, Fun Valley, Gilman Canyon, Glenoak Valley, Goodhart Canyon, Grape Canyon, Green Canyon, Guthrie Canyon, Hagador Canyon, Hall Canyon, Harlan Canyon, Hemet Valley, Hidden Palm Canyon, Hidden Spring Canyon, Hidden Valley, Hidden Valley, Horse Canyon, Horsethief Canyon, Hungry Hollow, Indian Canyon, Indio Canyon, Johnson Canyon, Johnson Canyon, Joseph Canyon, Juaro Canyon, Kimmel Canyon, Laborde Canyon, Lamb Canyon, Lancaster Valley, Leach Canyon, Lewis Valley, Lion Canyon, Lion Canyon, Little Morongo Canyon, Little Round Valley, Little Tahquitz Valley, Live Oak Canyon, Live Oak Canyon, Long Canyon, Long Canyon, Long Canyon, Long Valley, Long Valley, Lorenz Canyon, Los Alamos Canyon, Lost Horse Valley, Lost Palms Canyon, Mabey Canyon, Magnesia Spring Canyon, Main Street Canyon, Maniobra Valley, Martinez Canyon, Massacre Canyon, Mayhew Canyon, McBribe Canyon, McVicker Canyon, Mead Valley, Medicine Canyon, Mias Canyon, Middle Branch Millard Canyon, Midway Canyon, Millard Canyon, Miller Canyon, Million Dollar Canyon, Mockingbird Canyon, Moreno Valley, Morrell Canyon, Munsen Canyon, Murray Canyon, Nance Canyon, Nicholias Canyon, Nickel Canyon, Oak Canyon, Olsen Canyon, Orocopia Canyon, Painted Canyon, Palm Canyon, Palo Verde Valley, Parks Canyon, Pauba Valley, Penrod Canyon, Pigeon Pass Valley, Pinkham Canyon, Pixley Canyon, Placer Canyon, Pleasant Valley, Porcupine Wash, Potrero Canyon, Protzman Canyon, Pushawalla Canyon, Pushawalla Canyon, Queen Valley, Radec Valley, Railroad Canyon, Railroad Canyon, Rawson Canyon, Reche Canyon, Red Canyon, Red Cloud Canyon, Reed Valley, Reinhardt Canyon, Rice Canyon, Rice Valley, Rock Canyon, Rockhouse Canyon, Rogers Canyon, Round Valley, Saint Johns Canyon, Sand Canyon, Sand Draw, Scott Canyon, Selgato Canyon, Sheep Canyon, Skeleton Canyon, Slater Canyon, Slaughter Tree Wash, Slaughterhouse Canyon, Snow Canyon, Spillway Canyon, Stinson Canyon, Strawberry Valley, Stubbe Canyon, Surprise Valley, Sycamore Canyon, Tachevah Canyon, Tahquitz Canyon, Tamarack Valley, Temecula Canyon, Temecula Valley, Temescal Canyon, Temescal Valley, Tenaja Canyon, Thermal Canyon, Thousand Palms Canyon, Tin Mine Canyon, Toll Road Canyon, Toro Canyon, Tucalota Valley, Tule Canyon, Tule Valley, Walker Canyon, Wardlow Canyon, Warm Springs Valley, Weber Valley, Wentworth Canyon, West Berdoo Canyon, West Branch Millard Canyon, West Deception Canyon, West Double Canyon, West Fork Palm Canyon, West Wide Canyon, White House Canyon, Wildhorse Canyon, Willow Canyon, Willow Valley, Wilson Canyon, Wilson Valley, Wolf Valley, Wood Canyon, Yellow Spots Canyon

  Wells     show all on map

Aztec Well, Black Eagle Well, Browns Well, Chuckwalla Well, Churchwalla Well, Clemens Well, Conejo Well, Covington Well, Desert Queen Well, Ford Well, Gold Rose Well, Granite Well, Gruendikes Well (historical), Gulliday Well, Gypsum Well, Hopkins Well, Lost Horse Well, Mission Well, Packard Well, Pinto Wells, Priests Well, Ruby Lee Well, Shavers Well, Sidewinder Well, Smoke Tree Well, Sunrise Well, Teague Well

  Woods     show all on map

McCallum Grove, Sirocco Palms, Upper Willows,

Riverside County, California Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteRiverside County White population 1,830,0221,830,022  
BlackRiverside County Black population 158,542158,541
AsianRiverside County Asian population 149,482149,482
MixedRiverside County Mixed population 74,74174,741
American IndianRiverside County American Indian population 43,03343,032
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderRiverside County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 9,0609,059

Additional population tables :
State population table
California population by county