Shasta County, California Basics:

Shasta County California - Government Site

Population: 178,368
Area: 3775 square miles
County seat: Redding
Area code(s) in use: 530
Time zone: PST
High school graduate or higher: 88.1%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 19.3%
Median household income: $44,396
Persons in poverty: 17.6%
Home ownership rate: 65.0%
Mean travel time to work: 19.7 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Lassen  Modoc  Plumas  Siskiyou  Tehama  Trinity  

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Map of the Shasta County area

Our detail map of Shasta County shows the Shasta County, California boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Shasta County, California

  Airports     show all on map

American Display Heliport, Benton Field Airport, Bridge Bay Resort Seaplane Base, Burney Service Center Heliport, Double Creek Ranch Airport, Enterprise Skypark (historical), Fall River Mills Airport, Mercy Medical Center Heliport, Redding Municipal Airport, Redding Sky Ranch (historical), Shingletown Airport (historical), Tews Field Airport

  Areas     show all on map

Brush Patch, Chaos Jumbles, Cutter Meadows, Devils Rock Garden, Manzanita Chute, Regan Meadow, South Cow Creek Meadows

  Bars     show all on map

Bush Barl, Paige Bar, Readings Bar

  Basins     show all on map

Arbuckle Basin, Bear Wallow, Fluhart Basin, Lawrence Basin, Little Valley, Pine Basin, Reynolds Basin, Samwell Cave, Swede Basin, The Cove, Thousand Lakes Valley

  Bays     show all on map

Allie Cove, Bailey Cove, Digger Bay, Elmore Bay, Halfway Cove, Hirz Bay, McCloud River Arm, O'Brien Creek Inlet, Packers Bay, Pit River Arm, Sacramento River Arm, Salt Creek Inlet, Silverthorn Bay, Squaw Creek Arm, Turntable Bay

  Benches     show all on map

Murken Bench, Rocky Ledge

  Bends     show all on map

Churn Creek Bottom, Hamilton Bend, Oak Bottom, Round Bottom, The Bend

  Bridges     show all on map

Balls Ferry Bridge, Pit River Bridge, Silver Bridge, Twin Bridges, Twin Bridges

  Buildings     show all on map

American Medical Response Station 1, American Medical Response Station 3, American Medical Response Station 4, Anderson Branch Shasta County Library, Anderson City Hall, Anderson Fire Protection District, Anderson Police Department, Bella Vista Volunteer Fire Company, Big Bend Volunteer Fire Company 70, Burney Branch Shasta County Library, Burney Fire Protection District Station 17, Burney Fire Protection District Station 18, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection Pondosa, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection Region Northern Cascade, California Highway Patrol Northern Division Headquarters, California Highway Patrol Redding, Cassel Volunteer Fire Company 10, Castella Fire Protection District, Centerville Volunteer Fire Company Station 52, Cottonwood Fire Protection District, Crews Cabin (historical), Fall River Mills Fire Protection District, Fort Crook Museum, French Gulch Volunteer Fire Company, Happy Valley Fire Protection District Station 1, Happy Valley Fire Protection District Station 2, Hat Creek Volunteer Fire Company, Igo - Ono Volunteer Fire Company Station 50, Interagency Fire and Visitor Center, Jones Valley Volunteer Fire Company Station 72, Keswick Volunteer Fire Company Shasta County Fire Station 53, Lakehead Volunteer Fire Company, McArthur Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, McArthur Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Mercy Medical Ground Ambulance, Millville Fire Protection District, Montgomery Creek Volunteer Fire Company Station 71, Montgomery Creek Volunteer Fire Company Station 71 Substation, Mountain Gate Volunteer Fire Department, Oak Run Volunteer Fire Company, Old Redding City Hall Building, Old Station Volunteer Fire Company Station 12, Ono State Fire Station, Palo Cedro Volunteer Fire Company Station 32, PHI Air Medical Redding, Pit One Powerhouse, Pit Three Powerhouse, Platina - Wildwood Volunteer Fire Company Station 66, Reach Air Medical Services, Reading Adobe, Redding Convention Center, Redding Fire Department Station 1, Redding Fire Department Station 2, Redding Fire Department Station 3, Redding Fire Department Station 4, Redding Fire Department Station 5, Redding Fire Department Station 6, Redding Fire Department Station 7, Redding Fire Department Station 8, Redding Museum and Art Center, Redding Police Department, Shasta College Fire Department, Shasta County Courthouse, Shasta County Jail, Shasta County Library, Shasta County Sheriff's Office Burney, Shasta County Sheriff's Office City of Shasta Lake, Shasta County Sheriff's Office Headquarters, Shasta County Sheriff's Office Redding, Shasta Fire District Station 56, Shasta Lake Fire Protection District Station 1, Shasta Lake Fire Protection District Station 2, Shasta Lake Fire Protection District Station 3, Shingletown Sheriff's Office, Shingletown Volunteer Fire Company, Shingletown Volunteer Fire Company Substation, Soldier Mountain Volunteer Fire Company Station 13, Veterans Memorial Building, Veterans Memorial Hall, Wards Cabin, West Valley Volunteer Fire Company Station 55, Whitmore Volunteer Fire Company Station 31

  Canals     show all on map

Anderson Cottonwood Canal, Coleman Canal, Happy Valley Irrigation Canal, Keswick Ditch, Lee Drainage Canal, Lost Creek Diversion Flume, McArthur Diversion Canal

  Capes     show all on map

Anderson Point, Buck Point, Delta Point, Lookout Point, Panorama Point, Windy Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Burney Cemetery, Cloverdale Cemetery, Cottonwood Cemetery, Cove Cemetery, Dana Cemetery, Fall River Cemetery, Fern Cemetery, Halcumb Cemetery, Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery, Lawn Crest Memorial Cemetery, Middleton Cemetery, Oddfellows Cemetery, Ogburn Inwood Cemetery, Parkville Cemetery, Pine Grove Cemetery, Pioneer Cemetery, Saint Josephs Cemetery, Whiskeytown Cemetery, Whitmore Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Bella Vista Census Designated Place, Big Bend Census Designated Place, Burney Census Designated Place, Cassel Census Designated Place, Cottonwood Census Designated Place, Fall River Mills Census Designated Place, French Gulch Census Designated Place, Hat Creek Census Designated Place, Johnson Park Census Designated Place, Keswick Census Designated Place, Lakehead Census Designated Place, McArthur Census Designated Place, Millville Census Designated Place, Montgomery Creek Census Designated Place, Mountain Gate Census Designated Place, Old Station Census Designated Place, Palo Cedro Census Designated Place, Round Mountain Census Designated Place, Shasta Census Designated Place, Shingletown Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

All Saints Episcopal Church, Bethel Assembly of God Church, Church of Christ, Church of Jesus Christ, First Baptist Church, First Church of Christ Scientist, Foursquare Church, Saint Josephs Roman Catholic Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Bonnie Craigs, Butte Creek Rim, Butte Creek Rim, Castle Crags, Crescent Cliff, Gray Cliff, Hat Creek Rim, Palisade Cliff, Red Cliff, The Rim

  Craters     show all on map

Chaos Crater, Crescent Crater, Deep Hole, Timbered Crater

  Dams     show all on map

2 S Ranch 3220 Dam, Anderson-Cottonwood Diversion 51-000 Dam, Antelope Reservoir Dam, Boyd Number 1 3222 Dam, Boyd Number 2 3222-002 Dam, Charles Smith Irrigation 1224 Dam, Clair A. Hill Whiskeytown Dam, Coleman Forebay 97-087 Dam, George Reese Reservoir 225 Dam, Hat Creek Number 2 Diversion 97-109 Dam, Haynes Reservoir 2223 Dam, Iron Canyon 97-124 Dam, Iron Canyon Dam, James Montgomery 1220 Dam, Junge Number 2 2225 Dam, Junge Number 3 2225-002 Dam, Keswick Dam, Lema 1225 Dam, Manzanita Lake Dam, McCloud 97-123 Dam, McCumber 97-094 Dam, Middle Stake Fish Weir (historical), Musselbeck Dam, Nash 2222 Dam, North Battle Creek 97-096 Dam, Null 1221 Dam, Pit 5 Conduit Embankment 97-108 Dam, Pit Five Dam, Pit Four Dam, Pit Number 1 Diversion 97-099 Dam, Pit Number 1 Forebay 97-110 Dam, Pit Number 3 97-098 Dam, Pit Number 4 97-100 Dam, Pit Number 5 Diversion 97-107 Dam, Pit Number 7 97-122 Dam, Pit Number Three Dam, Pit Six Dam, Proctor Creek Dam, Ross Number 1 1222 Dam, Ross Number 2 1222-002 Dam, Saeltzer Dam (historical), Shasta Dam, Spring Creek Dam, Treatment Ponds 3223 Dam, Truett 2221 Dam, Wildcat Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Bear Creek Falls, Burney Falls, Clover Creek Falls, Crystal Creek Falls, Hatchet Creek Falls, Kings Creek Falls, Kinner Falls, Lion Slide Falls, Lion Wash Falls, Montgomery Creek Falls, Pit River Falls, Potem Falls, Whiskeytown Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Anklin Meadows, Arbuckle Flat, Arkright Flat, Arvison Flat, Ashpan Flat, Badger Flat, Bagley Flat, Bailey Creek Meadows, Big Flat, Bird Flat, Bosworth Meadow, Brokeoff Meadows, Bumpass Hell, Camp Nine Flat, Carberry Flat, China Garden, Corral Meadow, Coyote Flat, Coyote Flat, Crow Flat, Dan Hunt Meadows, Deer Flat, Dersch Meadows, Dersch Meadows, Dickson Flat, Doe Flat, Dutch Flat, Fenders Flat, Forks Flat, Fuller Flat, Garret Flat, Grasshopper Flat, Hagen Flat, Haynes Flat, Huckleberry Meadows, Jackrabbit Flat, Kemp Flat, Little Bear Flat, Little Bunch Grass Meadow, Little Joe Flat, Little Meadows, Long Hay Flat, Lower Kings Creek Meadow, Lower Meadow, Maiden Flat, Matquaw Flat, McCumber Flat, McElroy Flat, Monday Flat, Mule Shoe, Nelson Flat, Oak Flat, Oak Flat, Old Cow Creek Meadows, Peterson Flat, Pine Flat, Poorman Flat, Portuguese Flat, Rabbit Flat, Sand Flat, Scharsch Meadows, Sheep Flat, Sheraton Flats, Sims Flat, Smith Flat, Squaw Flat, Stouts Meadow, Sunflower Flat, Thatchers Meadows, The Corduroy, The Gardens, Two Pine, Upper Kings Creek Meadow, Upper Meadow, Wiley Flat

  Forests     show all on map

Dwarf Forest, Latour Demonstration State Forest, Shasta National Forest

  Gaps     show all on map

Bartle Gap, Buckhorn Summit, Budweiser Gap, Damnation Pass, Dekkas Creek Saddle, Emigrant Pass, Fluhart Gap, Goose Gap, Hatchet Mountain Pass, Noble Pass, Nobles Pass, Sanford Pass, The Saddle, Whalan Summit

  Hospitals     show all on map

Cascade Sanatorium, Mayers Memorial Hospital, Mercy Medical Center Redding, Northern California Rehabilitation Hospital, Patients Hospital of Redding, Shasta General Hospital (historical), Shasta Regional Medical Center

  Islands     show all on map

Beaver Island, Rancherie Island, Reading Island, Ski Island, Slaughterhouse Island, The Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Arthur Lake, Backbone Lake, Baker Lake, Barrett Lake, Baum Lake, Bench Lake, Bidwell Pond, Big Bear Lake, Big Lake, Big Lake, Blue Lake, Blue Lake, Bluff Lake, Box Lake, Buckhorn Lake, Carobe Lake, Cirque Lake, Cliff Lake, Cluster Lakes, Cold Boiling Lake, Cornaz Lake, Cow Creek Forebay, Crags Lake, Crater Pool, Crumbaugh Lake, Crystal Lake, Curtis Lake, Deer Lake, Dry Lake, Durbin Lake, Eastman Lake, Echo Lake, Echo Lake, Emerald Lake, Emigrant Lake, Everett Lake, Fall River Lake, Feather Lake, Government Lake, Grace Lake, Grassy Lake, Grey Rock Lake, Hat Lake, Heart Lake, Heart Lake, Hemlock Lake, Hidden Lake, Horr Pond, Horse Lake, Horseshoe Lake, Huckleberry Lake, Hufford Lake, Indian Lake, Ink Lake, Juniper Hole, Lake Britton, Lake Eiler, Lake Helen, Lake Helen, Lily Pond, Little Bear Lake, Little Lake, Logan Lake, Lower Twin Lake, Lower Twin Lake, Magee Lake, Manzanita Lake, Mud Lake, Mud Lake, Murken Lake, Nora Lake, Owl Lake, Philpot Lake, Rainbow Lake, Red Lake, Reflection Lake, Ridge Lakes, Rising River Lake, Seven Lakes, Shadow Lake, Sifford Lakes, Silver Lake, Silver Lake, Smokey Lake, Soap Lake, Soda Lake, Summit Lake, Summit Lake, Summit Lake, Swan Lake, Terrace Lake, Terry Lake, Tule Lake, Upper Twin Lake, Upper Twin Lake

  Locales     show all on map

A C Graves Ranch, AC Graves Ranch, Addington Ranch (historical), Ah-Di-Ala Campground, Ah-Di-Na, Ah-Di-Na Campground, Allie Cove Campground, American Trails Recreation Site, Anderson Landfill, Antlers Campground, Arbuckle Camp, Arbuckle Flat Campground, Armstrong Ranch, Armstrong Ranch, Arvison Flat Guard Station (historical), Asbury Pipe, Ash Camp, Ashpan Snowmobile Park, Askins Ranch, Aubrey Place (historical), Bailey Cove Campground, Balls Ferry, Basin Gulch Campgrounds, Bass Mountain Marker, Bear Camp, Beegum Gorge Campground, Beehive Campground, Bidwell Ranch, Big Bend Hot Springs, Big Bend US Forest Service Station, Big Cedar Camp (historical), Big Pine Campground, Big Springs Campground, Bird Flat Guard Station (historical), Black Ranch, Bland Ranch, Bogard Ranch, Bollibokka Club, Brandy Creek Campground, Bridge Bay Resort, Bridge Campground, Bridge Picnic Area, Brin Marr Ranch, Buckhorn Forest Fire Station, Bunchgrass Campground, Burke Ranch, Burney Fish Hatchery (historical), Butcher Gulch Campground, Butte Creek Cabin, Cabin Spring, Cache Cabin, Camp Britton, Camp Digger Butte (historical), Camp Forward, Camp McCumber, Camp Pit, Camp Shasta, Cascade Cove Resort, Cassel Campground, Castle Creek Campground, Cave Campground, Cayton Siding, Centimundi Boat Launching Ramp, Chirpchatler Camp, Churn Creek Golf Course, Clark Creek Camp, Clark Creek Lodge, Clear Creek Camp Ground, Cobblestone Center Shopping Center, Coleman Fish Hatchery, Coleman Powerhouse, Cone and Ward Ranch, Conrad Ranch, Cottonwood Substation, Cove School, Cow Creek Powerhouse, Cox Rnach, Crags Campground, Crystal Creek Conservation Camp, Crystal Lake State Fish Hatchery, Cutter Place Campground, Cypress Campground, Cypress Square Shopping Center, Darrah Springs State Fish Hatchery, Deadlun Campground, Deep Creek Campground, Deer Lick Guard Station, Deer Ranch, Dekkas Rock Campground, Dersch Ranch, Devils Half Acre, Diddy Wells Forest Fire Station, Digger Bay Marina, Dry Creek Campground, Dry Creek Campground, Duncan Ranch, Dusty Campground, Ellery Creek Campground, Ellis School, Emigrant Ford Campground, Estep, Farnsworth Ranch, Fillmore Ranch, Fishermans Point Picnic Site, Fort Reading Ranch, Fuller Ranger Station (historical), Gaines Ranch, Ghost Camp, Gilman Ranch, Girard Lookout, Gold Hills Country Club, Goose Valley Ranch, Gooseneck Cove Campground, Government Camp, Greens Creek Campground, Gregory Beach Campground, Gregory Creek Campground, Hall Cabin, Happy Hunting Grounds, Harrison Gulch Ranger Station, Harry Marr Ranch, Hat Creek Campground, Hat Creek Forest Service Station, Hat Creek Ranger Station, Hat Creek Rim Lookout, Hat One Powerhouse, Hat Two Powerhouse, Hawkins Landing Campground, Heavey Sheep Camp, Hidden Valley Ranch, Hillcrest Forest Fire Station, Hillcrest Shopping Center, Hirz Bay Campgrounds, Honn Campground, Hootman Ranch, Horrs Four Corners, Intermountain Fairgrounds, James B Black Powerhouse, Jennings Creek Camp, Jones Inlet Campsite, Jones Valley Campground, Jones Valley Marina, Judge Carr Powerplant, Kilarc Powerhouse, Kings Creek Campground, Kinner Ranch, Lake Boulevard Plaza Shopping Center, Lake McCloud Boat Launching Ramp, Lake Redding Golf Course, Lake Shastina Golf Resort, Lakeshore Campground, Lakeshore East Campground, Lakeshore East Campground, Lakeshore Fire Control Station, Lakeshore Resort, Lamoine Mill Site, Lassen Speedway, Latour Fire Station, Lee Ranch, Lengel Place, Little Antelope Campground, Lofton, Lone Tree Community Center, Lookout Hogback OPG and E, Lost Creek Camp, Lost Creek Organization Campground, Lower Salt Creek Campground, Lower Salt Creek Resort, Madrone Campground, Madrone Guard Station, Magee Lookout, Magee Trailhead, Manzanita Lake Campground, Mariners Point Campground, McCloud Bridge Campground, McCloud Bridge Guard Station, McCloud River Club, Menning Golf Course, Moore Creek Campground, Moose Camp, Mount Shasta Mall Shopping Center, Mount Shasta Silica Camp (historical), Mountain School, Negro Camp, Nelson Point Campground, North Fork Beegum Campground, Northpoint Plaza Shopping Center, Northshore Campground, Nunes Ranch, Oak Bottom Campground, Oak Bottom Campround, Oak Grove Campground, Ogo State Fire Station, Old Cow Creek Campground, Old Green Burney Camp, Old Man Campground, Old Station Campground, Old Station Picnic Area, Packers Bay Marina, Peterson Ranch, Pine Flat Ranger Station (historical), Pine Point Campground, Pine Street School Shopping Center, Pit Five Powerhouse, Pit Four Powerhouse, Pollard Flat Campground, Powers, Ragen Meadow Ranger Station (historical), Rancho Buena Ventura, Rancho Buenaventura, Rat Farm (not official), Rayner, Redding Gun Club, Redding Landfill, Rend Island Campground, Reservoir Public Camp, Ricks Fishing Lodge, Rim Campground, Rising River Ranch, Ritts Mill, Riverview Country Club, Riverview Ranch, Rocky Campground, Rocky Ridge Campground, Round Bottom Ranger Station (historical), Rupert Boat Ramp, Saint John Ranch, Salt Creek Group Campgrounds, Salt Creek Point Campground, Sandy Campground, Sandy Picnic Area, Scharsch Ranch, Scharsch Ranch, Schultz Sheep Camp, Seeliger Ranch, Selvester Ranch, Shasta District Fairgrounds, Shasta Factory Outlet Shopping Center, Shasta Lake Ranger Station, Shasta Marina, Sheep Camp, Sheep Camp, Silverthorn Bay Boat Launching Ramp, Silverthorn Bay Resort, Sims Flat Campground, Sims Lookout, Sims Station, Ski Island Campground, Slaughterhouse Island Campground, Smoky Cabin, Snow Camp, South Cow Creek Campground, Squaw Creek Fire Control Station, Stein Creek Camp, Stuckeys Place, Sugar Pine Sheep Camp, Sugarloaf Picnic Area, Suicide Cabin, Sulphur Works, Summit Lake Recreation Site, Swain Snowmobile Parking, Tasadi Resort, The Pines Picnic Area, The Plantation, Tollgate, Tollhouse, Tower House, Trinity Mountain Forest Service Station, Tucker Oaks Golf Course, Turntable Forest Service Facility, Twin Bridges Campground, University of California Observatory, Upper Salt Creek Campground, Upper Salt Creek Resort, Vista House, Volta Powerhouse, Walking Bear Camp, Wards Upper Cabin, Wheeler Ranch, Whiskey Creek Picnic Area, Whiteman Ranch, Whitmore Forest Fire Station, Wilcox Ranch, Williams Ranch, Williams Ranch, Willow Creek Ranch, Winston Bell, Wintoon Campground, Witherow Ranch, Yolla Bolly District Ranger Station

  Military     show all on map

Redding Army Air Field (historical)

  Mines     show all on map

Akers Prospect, Alice Consolidated Mine, Baker Mine, Balaklaia Mine, Balaklaia Mine, Benson Mine, Black Diamond Mine, Black Diamond Mine, Black Spider Mine, Black Tom Mine, Blue Bird Placer Mine, Blue Gravel Mine, Blue Gravel Mine, Bracket Mine, Braden Sand Pit, Bright Star Mine, Brunswick Mine, Brush Mountain Quarry, Buena Vista Mine, Bunker Hill Mine, Burney Pit, Carlson and Sandburg Mine, Carroll Sand and Gravel Pit, Cates Mine, Centerville Hydraulic Pits, Clear Creek Hydraulic Pits, Clear Creek Pit, Clear Creek Pit Number 1, Clear Creek Pit Number 2 (historical), Clear Creek Tailings Pit, Clipper Mine, Compton Mine, Coronado Mine, Corrine Mine, Cottonwood Creek Pit Number 2, Crownpoint Mine, Del Oro Mine, Desmond Mine, Dixon and Cooper Mine, Donkey Mine, Early Bird Mine, Eiler Mine, El Dorado Mine, Eureka Tellurium Mine, Falkenbury Shale Quarry, Fall River Quarry B, Fawndale Rock Quarry, Franklin Mine, Friday-Louden Mine, Ganim Mine, Ganim Mine, Gladstone Mine, Gold Leaf Mine, Golden Chariot Mine, Golinsky Mine, Gray Rocks Quarry, Great Verde Prospect, Hope So Mine, Horsetown Placer Mining Area, Hummingbird Mine, Iron Mountain Mine, Jefferson Mine, Jensen Mine, Jubilee Mine, Keswick Hydraulic Pits, Kett Pit, King Copper Prospect, Lechner Mine, Lone Star Prospect, Mad Mule Mine, Mad Ox Mine, Mammoth Mine, Manzanita Mine, Midas Mine, Midnight Mine, Milkmaid Mine, Minnesota Mine, Mount Shasta Mine, Mountain Gate Quarry, Mountain Top Mine, National Mine, Niagara Mine, Niagara Summit Mine, North Star Mine, Old American Mine, Old Spanish Mine, Oro Grande Mine, Philladelphia Mine, Potosi Mine, Rattlesnake Mine, Ruby Pearl Mine, Sacramento Pliocene Mine, Saddle Pocket Mine, Salee Mine, Salt Creek Mine, Scorpion Mine, Shasta Iron Mine, Shasta King Mine, Sholes Placer Mine, Silver Falls Mine, Silver King Mine, Spreadeagle Mine, Stowell Mine, Sugarloaf Mine, Sugarloaf Prospect, Summit Mine, Sunny Hill Mine, Sunshine Mine, Sutro Mine, Three R Mine, Tom Green Mine, Uncle Sam Mine, Walker Mine, Washington Mine, West Point Mine, White Girl Mine, White King Placer Mine, Winchester Placer Mine, Yankee John Mine

  Parks     show all on map

Ahjumawi Lava Springs State Park, Anderson River Park, Buckeye Park, Burney Civic Park, California-Oregon Highway Historical Marker, Cascade Park, Castle Crags State Park, Cinder Flats State Wildlife Area, Clear Creek Gold Discovery Historical Marker, Coggins Park, Cottonwood Historic District, French Gulch County Park, French Gulch Historic District, Griffith Park, Hat Creek Park, Kutras Park, Lake Redding Park, Lassen Volcanic National Park, McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park, North Street Park, Reading Adobe Historical Marker, Salt Creek Picnic Area, Shasta State Historic Park, Turtle Bay Bird Sanctuary, Veterans Park, Volonte Park, Washburn Bue Park, Whiskeytown-Shasta-Trinity National Recreation Area, Woods Memorial Park

  Pillars     show all on map

Bare Rock, Castle Rock, Cave Rock, Devils Rock, Hot Rock, Mushroom Rock, Mushroom Rock, Old Man Rock, White Rock

  Plains     show all on map

Millville Plains, Stillwater Plains, Swede Creek Plains

  Populated Places     show all on map

Amberwood Mobile Home Park, Anderson, Antlers, Baird (historical), Balls Ferry Fishing Resort, Bateman Place, Bayha (historical), Beal Place, Bella Vista, Big Bend, Brookside Mobile Home Park, Buckeye, Bully Hill, Burney, Calkins (historical), Cassel, Castella, Castle Crag, Cayton, Centerville, Central Valley (historical), Churn Creek Mobile Home Park, Churntown (historical), Clear Creek Mobile Home Park, Cloverdale, Conant, Coram, Cottonwood, Cottonwood Estates, Country Aire Mobile Home Park, Country Club Mobile Estates, Dana, Delta, Deluxe Mobile Park, Dirigo, Doyles Corner, Eastman Place, El Rio Estates, Ellis (historical), Elmore (historical), Enterprise, Enterprise Mobile Park, Fairway Oaks Mobile Home Park, Fall River Mills, Fern, Fisher, Fitzpatrick (historical), Four Corners, Four Corners, Frazier Corners, French Gulch, Furnaceville (historical), Gas Point, Gibson, Girvan, Glenburn, Glenburn, Gomez, Government Camp, Harlow Place, Hart (historical), Hat Creek, Henryford (historical), Hillcrest, Hogtown (historical), Holiday Harbor Resort, Houston (historical), Igo, Ingot, Inwood, Iron Mountain, Johnson Park, Kelly (historical), Kennett (historical), Keswick, Keswick Dam Trailer Park, Kett, Knob, Lakehead, Lakeshore, Lakeview Resort, Lamoine, Las Colinas Mobile Home Park, Lazy Landing Mobile Home Park, Lillienthal (historical), Loomis Corners, Los Robles Estates, Mabel (historical), Manzanita Lake, Marina Travel Park, Matheson, McArthur, McArthur Mobile Home Park, McColl, Middletown (historical), Midway, Millville, Minnesota, Montgomery Creek, Moose-horn Mobile Home Park, Morley (historical), Motion, Mountain Gate, Mountain Gate Mobile Home Park, Mountain Shadows Mobile Home Estates, Newtown, Northgate Trailer Park, O'Brien, Oak Bottom (historical), Oak Run, Obie, Old Station, Olinda, Ono, Osborne, Pacheco, Paige Bar, Palo Cedro, Paradise View Mobile Estates, Park Villa Mobile Home Estates, Pawnee, Pine Grove, Pittville, Platina, Point McCloud, Pollard Flat, Pollock, Portal Inn, Project City (historical), Quartz Point Mobile Home Park, Rapid River Mobile Home Park, Redding, Redding Lakeside Mobile Estates, Redding Oaks Mobile Home Park, Reddingwood Mobile Home Park, Redwoods, Redwoods Mobile Home Community, Rinckel, River Park Mobile Estates, Riverland Mobile Home Park, Riverside Mobile Park, Riverview, Riviera Mobile Estates, Round Mountain, Safari Mobile Home Park, Shady Acres Trailer Park, Shady Hill Trailer Park, Shady Oaks Mobile Park, Shasta, Shasta Lake, Shasta Lake Mobile Home Park, Sherman, Shingletown, Silverthorn, Sims, Smith, Spalding Corner, Starlite Mobile Estates, Sugarloaf, Summertown, Summit City (historical), Sweetbriar, Tunnel Inn, Twin Lakes Mobile Estates, Twin View Terrace Mobile Home Park, Viola, Vollmers, Wagoner, Waugh (historical), Wengler, Whiskeytown, Whitehouse (historical), Whitmore, Whittington Place, Wilkinson, Winthrop (historical), Wonderland Mobile Home Park, Ydaloom (historical)

  Post Offices     show all on map

Anderson Post Office, Burney Post Office, Castle Crags Post Office (historical), Castle Post Office, Castlecrag Post Office (historical), Cottonwood Post Office, Deerhaven Post Office (historical), Fall River Mills Post Office, Hat Creek Post Office, Manyanita Lake Post Office (historical), Montgomery Creek Post Office, Old Station Post Office, Old Station Post Office (historical), Redding Post Office, Shasta Post Office, Viola Post Office (historical)

  Reserves     show all on map

Lassen Volcanic Wilderness, Thousand Lakes Wilderness

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Alcohol Jacks Reservoir, Antelope Reservoir, Antelope Reservoir, Bainbridge Reservoir, Bald Mountain Reservoir, Chalk Reservoir, Coleman Forebay, Cone Reservoir, Coyote Flat Reservoir, Elks Lake, Falks Lake, Green Place Reservoir, Indian Reservoir, Iron Canyon Reservoir, Keswick Reservoir, Kilarc Reservoir, Knoch Reservoir, Lake Britton, Lake Margaret, Lake McCloud, Lake Redding, McCumber Reservoir, Mirror Lake, Moon Springs Reservoir, North Battle Creek Reservoir, Olinda Reservoir, Pit 7 Reservoir, Pit Four Reservoir, Pit Four Reservoir, Pit Six Reservoir, Plum Valley Reservoir, Porcupine Reservoir, Rainbow Lake, Reese Reservoir, Shasta Lake, Soldier Mountain Reservoir, Spring Creek Reservoir, Tunnel Reservoir, Twin Ponds, Warner Grade Reservoir, Whiskeytown Lake, Wilson Reservoir, Woodridge Lake

  Ridges     show all on map

Anderson Spring Ridge, Aubrey Ridge, Backbone Ridge, Backbone Ridge, Bear Creek Ridge, Blue Ridge, Blue Ridge, Brunswick Ridge, Buck Ridge, Bullskin Ridge, Croxford Ridge, Curl Ridge, Dead Horse Ridge, Delucci Ridge, Flatiron Ridge, Flume Creek Ridge, French Ridge, Garden Ridge, Girard Ridge, Grayback Ridge, Highland Ridge, Hogback Ridge, Honeymoon Ridge, Horse Ridge, Horsebone Ridge, Jacks Backbone, Juniper Ridge, Kettlebelly Ridge, McKinsey Ridge, Mears Ridge, Middle Ridge, Mosquito Creek Ridge, Noble Ridge, Onion Creek Ridge, Pismire Ridge, Powder Spur, Rooster Comb, Saddle Back, Sanders Ridge, Shingletown Ridge, Skunk Ridge, Sweetbrier Ridge, Tar Bully, Topnotch Ridge, Two Rock Ridge, Yankee Billy Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Albion School, Alta Mesa Elementary School, Anderson Heights Elementary School, Anderson Union High School, Bass Elementary School, Bella Vista Elementary School, Black Butte Elementary School, Bonny View Elementary School, Buckeye Elementary School, Burney Junior-Senior High School, Bush Bar School, Butte School, Cascade School, Castle Rock Elementary School, Cedar Creek Elementary School, Cedar Meadows Elementary School, Central Valley High School, Central Valley Intermediate School (historical), Clear Creek School, Clover Creek School (historical), Cloverdale School (historical), Columbia Elementary School, Cypress Elementary School, Deer Creek Elementary School, East Burney Elementary School, East Cottonwood Grade School, Enterprise High School, Fall River Elementary School, Fall River Junior and Senior High School, French Gulch-Whiskeytown Elementary School, Grant Elementary School, Grant School, Happy Valley Elementary School, Happy Valley Primary School, Igo-Ono Elementary School, Indian Springs Elementary School, Inwood School, Island School (historical), Junction Elementary School, Juniper Elementary School, Kenyon School (historical), Keswick School (historical), Kosk School (historical), Lassen View Elementary School, Latona School (historical), Lincoln School, Live Oak School, Lone Tree School (historical), Magnolia Elementary School (historical), Manzanita Elementary School, Meadow Lane Elementary School, Mill Creek School, Millville Elementary School, Mineral School, Mistletoe Elementary School, Mistletoe School (historical), Montgomery Creek Elementary School, Morley School, Mount Burney Elementary School, Mountain Grove School (historical), North Cow Creek Elementary School, North State School, Nova High School (historical), Oak Run Elementary School, Oak Run School (historical), Oaklawn Elementary School, Pachecho School (historical), Pacheco Elementary School, Parkville School, Parsons Junior High School, Phillips School (historical), Pine School, Pineland School, Pioneer High School, Prairie Elementary School, Project City Elementary School, Rockland School, Rockland School (historical), Rocky Point School, Rother Elementary School, Sacramento River School, Sacred Heart School, Saint Joseph School, Sequoia Middle School, Shasta Bible College, Shasta Christian Day School, Shasta College, Shasta Elementary School, Shasta High School, Shasta Meadows Elementary School, Sierra School, Sierra School (historical), Simpson University, Slate Creek School, Smithson School, South Fork School (historical), Spring Creek School, Sycamore Elementary School, Toyon Elementary School, Twin Valley School, Verde Vale Elementary School, West Cottonwood Junior High School, Whitmore Elementary School, Wilcox School

  Slopes     show all on map

Deep Creek Slide, Nelson Creek Slides, The Incline, Yellow Slides

  Springs     show all on map

Alder Spring, Baker Spring, Bear Pen Springs, Bear Spring, Bedrock Spring, Berry Spring, Big Bend Hot Springs, Big Spring, Big Spring, Brand Spring, Bumpass Hot Springs, Burney Spring, By Gonney Spring, Cabin Spring, Cascade Springs, Clover Creek Springs, Coble Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Springs, Cornaz Spring, Cornaz Spring, Cornez Spring, Coyote Spring, Crook Springs, Crystal Springs, Dad Lofton Spring, Darrah Springs, Deer Springs, Dodge Spring, Dripping Springs, Fern Spring, Frank Storey Spring, Glass Springs, Grass Spring, Grouse Spring, Grouse Spring, Gum Spring, Hackney Spring, Hole in Ground Spring, Howard Springs, Hunt Hot Spring, Indian Spring, Indian Spring, Indian Spring, Indian Springs, Jake Spring, Johnson Spring, Long Spring, Manzanita Spring, Maple Spring, Mexican Spring, Moody Spring, Moon Springs, Moon Springs, Mountain Home Spring, Mud Spring, Old Boundary Spring, Onion Springs, Popcorn Spring, Pot Spring, Rainbow Spring, Roaring Spring, Rock Spring, Rock Spring, Sam Wolfin Spring, Sardine Spring, Sheep Springs, Shiloah Mineral Springs, Shoemaker Spring, Soda Spring, Soda Spring, Soda Springs, Supans Springs, Thousand Springs, Tophet Springs, Ward Spring, Ward Springs, Water Trough Springs, Wilcox Spring, Willow Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Adler Creek, Albert Creek, Alder Creek, Alder Creek, Anderson Creek, Andrews Creek, Arbuckle Creek, Ash Creek, Ash Creek, Atkins Creek, Azelle Creek, Backbone Creek, Bacon Creek, Bailey Creek, Baker Creek, Baker Creek, Baker Flat Creek, Bald Mountain Creek, Baldwin Creek, Bars Creek, Basin Hollow Creek, Battle Creek, Beal Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Beartrap Creek, Beartrap Creek, Beartrap Creek, Beaver Creek, Bee Creek, Beegum Creek, Berry Creek, Big Backbone Creek Inlet, Big Basin Creek, Big Bollibokka Creek, Big Creek, Bills Creek, Blackberry Creek, Blodgett Creek, Blue Jay Creek, Bontabile Creek, Boulder Creek, Boulder Creek, Boulder Creek, Boulder Creek, Brandy Creek, Bridges Creek, Brock Creek, Browns Creek, Brush Creek, Brush Creek, Buckeye Creek, Buffum Creek, Bull Creek, Bull Creek, Bullhock Creek, Bunchgrass Creek, Burney Creek, Butcher Creek, Butcherknife Creek, Butte Creek, Butter Creek, Cabin Creek, Campbell Creek, Campbell Creek, Cantrell Creek, Canyon Creek, Canyon Creek, Cape Horn Creek, Carberry Creek, Castle Creek, Cayton Creek, Cedar Creek, Cedar Salt Log Creek, Centipede Creek, Charlie Creek, Chatterdown Creek, Chiquito Creek, Churn Creek, Claiborne Creek, Clark Creek, Clear Creek, Clikapudi Creek, Clough Creek, Clover Creek, Clover Creek, Coal Creek, Coal Creek, Coal Creek, Connor Creek, Cornish Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cove Creek, Cow Creek, Crooks Creek, Crow Creek, Crystal Creek, Cunningham Creek, Curl Creek, Dairy Creek, Damnation Creek, Dead Horse Creek, Dead Horse Creek, Deadlun Creek, Deadman Creek, Deep Creek, Deep Hole Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Creek, Dekkas Creek, Dickerson Creek, Didallas Creek, Digger Creek, Ditch Creek, Ditch Fork Duncan Creek, Doby Creek, Dodge Creek, Dog Creek, Doney Creek, Dooles Creek, Dropoff Creek, Dry Burney Creek, Dry Clover Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Fork, Ducket Creek, Duncan Creek, Dunn Creek, Dutch Creek, Eagle Creek, East Dry Creek, East Fork Chatterdown Creek, East Fork Duncan Creek, East Fork Hat Creek, East Fork Nelson Creek, East Fork North Fork Squaw Creek, East Fork Squaw Creek, East Fork Stillwater Creek, East Valley Creek, Ellery Creek, Elmore Creek, Eye Creek, Fall Creek, Fall Creek, Fall Creek, Fall River, Fannie Creek, Fidler Creek, First Creek, First South Fork East Fork Clear Creek, Fish Creek, Flat Creek, Flat Creek, Flat Creek, Flume Creek, Fort Creek, Fox Creek, Frazier Creek, French Creek, Gap Creek, Garden Creek, Gibson Creek, Gimblin Creek, Glendenning Creek, Goat Creek, Goat Creek, Gold Creek, Goose Creek, Green Burney Creek, Greens Creek, Gregory Creek, Hall Creek, Hamp Creek, Hat Creek, Hat Mountain Creek, Hatchet Creek, Hawk Creek, Hawkins Creek, Hazel Creek, Hell Creek, Hirz Creek, Hoffmeister Creek, Hogback Creek, Honn Creek, Horse Creek, Horse Creek, Huckleberry Creek, Huling Creek, Hunt Creek, Indian Creek, Indian Creek, Indian Creek, Initial Creek, Iron Canyon Creek, Ja She Creek, Jackass Creek, Jackass Creek, Jake Creek, Jenny Creek, Jerusalem Creek, Jessie Creek, Jim Creek, Johnny Sisk Creek, Kabyai Creek, Kanaka Creek, Keluche Creek, Kosk Creek, Lack Creek, Ladybug Creek, Lava Creek, Lick Creek, Lick Creek, Lick Creek, Little Backbone Creek, Little Bollibokka Creek, Little Castle Creek, Little Churn Creek, Little Cow Creek, Little Dog Creek, Little Gap Creek, Little Hatchet Creek, Little Kabyai Creek, Little Kanaka Creek, Little Roaring Creek, Little Shotgun Creek, Little Slate Creek, Little South Fork Dog Creek, Little Sugarloaf Creek, Little Tule River, Lizard Creek, Lockhart Creek, Long Tom Creek, Lost Creek, Lost Creek, Lost Creek, Low Pass Creek, Lower Limestone Valley Creek, Manzanita Creek, Marble Creek, Marble Creek, Mary Fork, Mathles Creek, McCloud River, McGill Creek, Mears Creek, Middle Creek, Middle Fork Cottonwood Creek, Middle Salt Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Millseat Creek, Mink Creek, Minnow Creek, Moccasin Creek, Modesto Fork, Modin Creek, Montgomery Creek, Moody Creek, Moon Fork Cottonwood Creek, Moore Creek, Moosehead Creek, Mosquito Creek, Moss Creek, Motion Creek, Muddy Spring Creek, Nawtawaket Creek, Nelson Creek, Nelson Creek, Nelson Creek, Newtown Creek, North Fork Backbone Creek, North Fork Bailey Creek, North Fork Battle Creek, North Fork Bear Creek, North Fork Beegum Creek, North Fork Castle Creek, North Fork Chatterdown Creek, North Fork Clark Creek, North Fork Cottonwood Creek, North Fork Dog Creek, North Fork East Fork Clear Creek, North Fork Hazel Creek, North Fork Little Backbone Creek, North Fork Little Cow Creek, North Fork Montgomery Creek, North Fork North Salt Creek, North Fork Nosoni Creek, North Fork Rock Creek, North Fork Salt Creek, North Fork Shotgun Creek, North Fork Slate Creek, North Fork Squaw Creek, North Fork Squaw Creek, North Fork Tom Neal Creek, North Salt Creek, Nosoni Creek, Oak Creek, Oak Opening Creek, Oak Run Creek, Oat Creek, Old Cow Creek, Olinda Creek, Oliphant Creek, Olney Creek, Onion Creek, Onion Creek, Paige Boulder Creek, Paige Soube, Painter Creek, Panther Creek, Papoose Creek, Peacock Creek, Peavine Creek, Peavine Creek, Pigeon Creek, Pine Creek, Pit River, Poison Creek, Polly Creek, Potem Creek, Potter Creek, Procter Creek, Prospect Creek, Puppy Creek, Rancheria Creek, Rancheria Creek, Rattlesnake Creek, Rector Creek, Reynolds Creek, Reynolds Creek, Richardson Creek, Ringeye Creek, Ripgut Creek, Rising River, Roaring Creek, Roaring River, Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Rocky Creek, Root Creek, Root Creek, Rosebriar Creek, Rough and Ready Creek, Ruling Creek, Salmon Creek, Salt Creek, Salt Creek, Salt Creek, Salt Creek, Salt Creek, Salt Creek, Sanford Creek, Screwdriver Creek, Second Creek, Second South Fork East Fork Clear Creek, Shake Creek, Sheep Creek, Shelly Creek, Sheridan Creek, Shingle Creek, Shingle Creek, Shoemaker Gulch, Short Creek, Shotgun Creek, Shotgun Creek, Silver Creek, Silverhorn Creek, Slate Creek, Slate Creek, Slaughter Pole Creek, Slickrock Creek, Smith Creek, Snow Creek, Snowslide Creek, Soda Creek, Soldier Creek, South Cow Creek, South Fork Backbone Creek, South Fork Bailey Creek, South Fork Bear Creek, South Fork Blue Creek, South Fork Castle Creek, South Fork Chatterdown Creek, South Fork Claiborne Creek, South Fork Clear Creek, South Fork Digger Creek, South Fork Hazel Creek, South Fork Montgomery Creek, South Fork Motion Creek, South Fork Shotgun Creek, South Fork Slate Creek, South Fork Spring Creek, South Fork Squaw Creek, South Fork Stacey Creek, South Soda Creek, Spring Branch, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Squaw Creek, Squaw Creek, Squaw Creek, Squaw Valley Creek, Squirrel Creek, Stacey Creek, Star City Creek, Stein Creek, Stillwater Creek, Stump Creek, Sucker Springs Creek, Sugarloaf Creek, Sulphur Creek, Sulphur Creek, Summit Creek, Swede Creek, Sweetbrier Creek, Swift Creek, Tadpole Creek, Third South Fork East Fork Clear Creek, Tom Dow Creek, Tom Head Creek, Tom Neal Creek, Town Creek, Tracy Creek, Trough Creek, Tule River, Tuna Creek, Turtle Creek, Underground Creek, Upper Limestone Valley Creek, West Fork Didallas Creek, West Fork Hat Creek, West Fork Salt Creek, West Fork Squaw Creek, West Fork Stillwater Creek, West Hunt Creek, Whiskey Creek, Whitlow Creek, Whitney Creek, Wildcat Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Wilson Creek, Winnibulli Creek, Wittawaket Creek, Woodman Creek, Yank Creek, Ycotto Creek, Zinc Creek

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Alamine Peak, Arbuckle Mountain, Ashpan Butte, Badger Mountain, Bagley Mountain, Bald Mountain, Bald Mountain, Bald Mountain, Bales Mountain, Bass Mountain, Bear Mountain, Bear Wallow Butte, Bee Knoll, Beetle Butte, Billibokka Mountain, Black Butte, Blue Mountain, Blue Mountain, Bluejay Mountain, Bluenose Peak, Bohemotash Mountain, Boulder Peak, Brock Butte, Brock Mountain, Brokeoff Mountain, Brown Butte, Brown Mountain, Brush Mountain, Brushy Butte, Brushy Butte, Buck Butte, Buck Mountain, Buckhorn Bally, Bucks Peak, Bully Hill, Bumpass Mountain, Bunchgrass Mountain, Burney Mountain, Burney Spring Mountain, Carberry Mountain, Castle Dome, Chalk Mountain, Chall Mountain, Chamise Peak, Chaos Crags, Chickabally Mountain, Chicken Hawk Hill, Chirpchatter Mountain, Cinder Butte, Cinder Butte, Cinder Cone, Claiborne Peak, Clover Mountain, Coble Mountain, Copley Mountain, Cornaz Peak, Coyote Peak, Crane Mountain, Crater Butte, Crater Peak, Cutter Butte, Damnation Peak, Dan Covey Butte, Dan Hunt Mountain, Davis Mountain, Democrat Mountain, Devils Mountain, Di Hill, Diamond Peak, Dog Creek Mountain, Dorsey Butte, Doyle Butte, Ducket Peak, Dudgen Butte, Dutch Butte, Dutchman Peak, Eagle Peak, East Fork Mountain, Eiler Butte, Elmore Mountain, Eskimo Hill, Fairfield Peak, Fauries Peak, Fish Mountain, Flat Top, Fort Mountain, Freaner Peak, Fredonyer Peak, Fuller Mountain, Gold Hill, Goose Mountain, Gray Rocks, Gray Rocks, Green Mountain, Green Mountain, Green Mountain, Grey Rocks, Grizzly Peak, Grouse Mountain, Hall Butte, Haney Mountain, Hanland Peak, Hat Creek Hill, Hat Mountain, Hat Mountain, Hatchet Mountain, Haycock Peak, High Mountain, Hirz Mountain, Hogback Mountain, Horse Heaven Buttes, Horse Mountain, Huckleberry Mountain, Iron Mountain, Jackass Mountain, Jamo Point, Kanaka Peak, Kettle Mountain, Killanger Peak, Knob Peak, Ladybug Butte, Lassen Peak, Latour Butte, Little Bagley Mountain, Little Bally, Little Devils Mountain, Little Huckleberry Mountain, Little Logan Butte, Little Potato Butte, Little Round Mountain, Little Round Mountain, Little Round Mountain, Little Shoeinhorse Mountain, Logan Mountain, Long Valley Mountain, Lookout Mountain, Lookout Mountain, Lookout Mountain, Lookout Peak, Loomis Peak, Mad Mule Mountain, Magee Peak, Mammoth Butte, Manzanita Hill, McKenzie Mountain, McMullen Mountain, Merry Mountain, Miller Buttes, Miller Mountain, Minnesota Mountain, Monarch Mountain, Mount Diller, Mount Helen, Mule Mountain, Nawtawaket Mountain, North Fork Mountain, North Gray Rocks, North Red Mountain, Nosoni Mountain, O'Brien Mountain, Oak Knob, Oak Mountain, Opdyke Hill, Paradise Peak, Petty Butte, Pigeon Hill, Pilot Mountain, Pilot Pinnacle, Potato Butte, Prospect Peak, Quartz Hill, Raker Peak, Rattlesnake Hill, Reading Peak, Rector Peak, Red Lake Mountain, Red Mountain, Red Mountain, Red Rock Hill, Red Rock Mountain, Richie Peak, Rocky Ledge Butte, Round Mountain, Round Mountain, Sacramento Mountain, Saddle Mountain, Saddle Mountain, Sage Hen Hill, Salt Creek Mountain, Satin Peak, Schell Mountain, Seventeen Hill, Shasta Bally, Shirttail Peak, Shoeinhorse Mountain, Shoemaker Bally, Signal Butte, Signal Butte, Sixmile Hill, Ski Heil Peak, Skunk Hill, Snow Mountain, Soldier Mountain, South Fork Mountain, South Fork Mountain, Stacher Butte, State Mountain, Stump Creek Butte, Sugar Pine Mountain, Sugarloaf, Sugarloaf, Sugarloaf, Sugarloaf Mountain, Sugarloaf Peak, Survivors Hill, Table Mountain, Tamarack Mountain, Tater Hill, Tolladay Peak, Tombstone Mountain, Town Mountain, Trinity Mountain, Tucker Butte, Tumble Buttes, Twin Buttes, Valley View Point, Van Sicklin Butte, Vulcans Castle, Ward Butte, West Prospect Peak, Whittington Butte, Wilcox Peak, Wild Cow Mountain, Winnibulli Mountain, Woodman Hill, Yellowjacket Mountain

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Hollenbeak Swamp, McArthur Swamp, Vestals Swamp

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KARZ-FM (Burney), KAVA-AM (Burney), KEWB-FM (Anderson), KEWB-FM (Anderson), KHTE-AM (Redding), KIBC-FM (Burney), KIXE-TV (Redding), KLXR-AM (Redding), KNCA-FM (Burney), KNCQ-FM (Redding), KNNN-FM (Central Valley), KQMS-AM (Redding), KRCR-TV (Redding), KRDG-AM (Redding), KRDG-AM (Redding), KSHA-FM (Redding), KVIP-AM (Redding), KVIP-FM (Redding), KVIP-FM (Redding)

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Bluford Trail, Bunchgrass Trail, Chaos Crags Trail, Coal Mine Trail, Cone Point Trail, Crags Trail, Creek Trail, Curl Ridge Jeep Trail, Cypress Camp Trail, Dry Creek Trail, Echo Lake Trail, Emigrant Trail, Falls Trail, Headwaters Trail, Indian Creek Trail, Latour Trail, Magee Trail, Nelson Flat Trail, Noble Trail, Old Emigrant Trail, River Trail, Root Creek Trail, Rough and Ready Trail, Slate Ridge Trail, Sunset Loop, Tamarack Swale Trail, Wilcox Trail

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Aiken Gulch, Al Smith Gulch, Alden Gulch, Alder Gulch, Arbuckle Gulch, Baker Gulch, Baker Gulch, Barber Gulch, Barrel Gulch, Basin Gulch, Bastard Canyon, Baxters Gulch, Bear Canyon, Bear Creek Canyon, Bear Gulch, Bear Gulch, Bear Gulch, Bear Gulch, Bear Gulch, Bear Valley, Bear Wallow Gulch, Beartrap Gulch, Big Bear Gulch, Big Gulch, Blue Canyon, Blue Lake Canyon, Bluford Gulch, Bogus Gulch, Bones Gulch, Boswell Gulch, Box Canyon, Box Canyon, Browns Canyon, Brush Gulch, Brushy Canyon, Buck Gulch, Buck Hollow, Bull Canyon, Bull Gulch, Bullion Gulch, Bunchgrass Valley, Butcher Gulch, Canyon Hill Gulch, Canyon Hollow, Cavanaugh Canyon, Cayton Valley, Cedar Gulch, Cedar Gulch, Centennial Gulch, Chain Gang Gulch, Chase Gulch, China Gulch, China Gulch, Clarks Gulch, Cline Gulch, Clough Gulch, Coal Gulch, Coal Pit Gulch, Coal Pit Gulch, Cold Spring Gulch, Cold Springs Canyon, Constant Flow Gulch, Cosy Dell, Cottonwood Gulch, Cow Canyon, Cow Gulch, Crow Gulch, Cut-Throat Gulch, Dam Gulch, Dark Canyon, Dark Canyon, Dark Canyon, Deadwood Gulch, Devils Canyon, Devils Canyon, Dinner Gulch, Doe Gulch, Doe Gulch, Dog Gulch, Dogwood Gulch, Doodlebug Gulch, Dows Gulch, Drunken Gulch, Dry Gulch, Dutch Gulch, Dutch Gulch, East Fork Sunday Gulch, Eiler Gulch, Fall River Valley, Fir Gulch, Fitzhugh Gulch, Fivemile Gulch, Flume Canyon, Fools Gulch, Fowler Gulch, Franklin Gulch, French Gulch, French Gulch, Frenchman Gulch, Frost Gulch, Garden Gulch, George Williams Gulch, Goldsborough Gulch, Goose Valley, Graddock Gulch, Grassy Swale, Grizzly Gulch, Hagaman Gulch, Happy Valley, Harrison Gulch, Hat Creek Valley, Hell Roaring Gulch, Hightower Gulch, Hooten Gulch, Hoover Gulch, Hopper Gulch, Horned Owl Gulch, Hornet Gulch, Hornet Gulch, Iron Canyon, Jic Gulch, Johns Gulch, Jones Valley, Knob Gulch, Lee March Gulch, Liberty Gulch, Lick Canyon, Lick Gulch, Lightning Canyon, Limerock Gulch, Little Bear Gulch, Little Bear Gulch, Little Cow Gulch, Little Devils Canyon, Little Hot Spring Valley, Little Hot Springs Valley, Little Valley, Live Oak Canyon, Logan Gulch, Long Canyon, Long Gulch, Long Hollow, Long Valley, Lunch Gulch, Mad Mule Gulch, Mad Ox Gulch, Madison Canyon, Madison Gulch, Malinda Gulch, Marlowe Gulch, Martin Gulch, Martin Gulch, McCall Gulch, McCandless Gulch, McCardle Gulch, McClure Gulch, Mica Gulch, Miller Valley, Miners Gulch, Modesty Gulch, Murderers Gulch, Murphy Canyon, Museum Canyon, New Gulch, New York Gulch, Niles Canyon, North Fork Fivemile Gulch, North Fork Spring Gulch, Norton Gulch, Oregon Gulch, Orofino Gulch, Packers Gulch, Panther Gulch, Papoose Gulch, Peavine Gulch, Pine Timber Gulch, Platinum Gulch, Plum Valley, Pollard Gulch, Post Gulch, Poverty Gulch, Price Hollow, Professor Gulch, Quail Gulch, Queens Draw, Rail Canyon, Rail Canyon, Rainey Gulch, Rattlesnake Gulch, Red Gulch, Red Hill Gulch, Reno Canyon, Rich Gulch, Rich Gulch, Right Fork French Gulch, Riley Gulch, Rippley Gulch, Roberts Canyon, Rodgers Gulch, Rush Gulch, Salt Gulch, Salzman Gulch, Sawmill Gulch, Sawpit Gulch, Saylor Gulch, Schmeider Gulch, Schneider Gulch, Scorpion Gulch, Scorpion Gulch, Seaman Gulch, Shake Tree Gulch, Shiell Gulch, Shirttail Gulch, Shoemaker Gulch, Shoemaker Gulch, Slaughterhouse Gulch, Sleepy Hollow, Slug Gulch, South Fork Spanish Canyon, South Fork Spring Gulch, Spanish Canyon, Spanish Gulch, Spiers Gulch, Spring Gulch, Spring Gulch, Spring Gulch, Spring Gulch, Starvation Gulch, State Gulch, Station Gulch, Stinking Canyon, Stone Gulch, Stony Gulch, Stottard Gulch, Studhorse Gulch, Sugarpine Canyon, Sulphur Gulch, Summit Gulch, Sunday Gulch, Sunset Gulch, Susanville Canyon, Swett Canyon, Tabournel Gulch, Tamarack Swale, Tarantula Gulch, Taylor Gulch, Telephone Gulch, Timber Canyon, Tincup Gulch, Townsend Gulch, Trail Gulch, Wagon Road Gulch, Wagoner Canyon, Walts Gulch, Water Gulch, Waters Gulch, Watson Gulch, West Fork Crow Gulch, West Fork Sunday Gulch, White Fawn Gulch, White Rock Gulch, Whitney Gulch, Wild Bill Gulch, Wildcat Canyon, Wiley Flat Gulch, Wilk Gulch, Willow Spring Gulch, Winston Gulch, Winton Canyon, Wood Gulch, Yankee Gulch, Zachary Gulch, Zerr Gulch

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Government Well

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Cherry Thicket, Flat Woods, Lower Plantation, Upper Plantation,

Shasta County, California Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteShasta County White population 158,569158,569  
MixedShasta County Mixed population 7,3137,313
American IndianShasta County American Indian population 5,5295,529
AsianShasta County Asian population 4,8164,815
BlackShasta County Black population 1,7841,783
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderShasta County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 357356

Additional population tables :
State population table
California population by county