Siskiyou County, California Basics:

Siskiyou County California - Government Site

Population: 44,223
Area: 6278 square miles
County seat: Yreka
Area code(s) in use: 530
Time zone: PST
High school graduate or higher: 88.7%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 23.1%
Median household income: $37,948
Persons in poverty: 19.6%
Home ownership rate: 64.3%
Mean travel time to work: 18.5 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Del Norte  Humboldt  Jackson (OR)  Josephine (OR)  Klamath (OR)  Modoc  Shasta  Trinity  

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Map of the Siskiyou County area

Our detail map of Siskiyou County shows the Siskiyou County, California boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Siskiyou County, California

  Airports     show all on map

Butte Valley Airport, Coonrod Ranch Airport, Dunsmuir Municipal-Mott Airport, Happy Camp Airport, Lefko Airport, Longbell Ranch Airport, Mc Cloud Airstrip, Montague Airport-Yreka Rohrer Field, Round Mountain Airport, Scott Valley Airport, Siskiyou County Airport, Triple R Ranch Airport, Weed Airport

  Arches     show all on map

Balcony Bridge, Balcony Cave, Bearpaw Bridge, Boulevard Bridge, Boulevard Cave, Brushy Bridge, Captain Jacks Bridge, Chocolate Bridge, Dragons Mouth, Forbidden Arch, Garden Bridges, Guano Bridge, Heppe Bridge, Hopkins Bridge, Irish Bridge, Merrill Natural Bridge, Natural Bridge, Ovis Bridge, Peninsula Bridge, Sentinel Bridge, Symbol Bridge, Venetian Bridge

  Areas     show all on map

Bogus Burn, Burnt Lava Flow Geological Area, Canby Bay, Caribou Meadows, Cracker Meadows, Iodine Prairie, Johnsons Hunting Ground, Long Prairie, Middlehell, The Heart

  Bars     show all on map

Attebery Bar, Cody Bar, Eagles Nest Bar, Eyese Bar, Flapjack Bar, Fong Wah Bar, Garvey Bar, Glasgow Bar, Heiney Bar, Kanaka Bar, Knudsen Bar, Lone Pine Bar, Masonic Bar, Masonic Bar, McConnell Bar, Missouri Bar, Murderers Bar, Oak Bar, Persido Bar, Rattlesnake Bar, Round Bar, Skeahan Bar, Swiss Bar, Three Dollar Bar, Ti Bar, Wingate Bar, Woodrat Bar, Woods Bar

  Basins     show all on map

Antelope Sink, Arnica Sink, Ash Creek Sink, Bear Wallow, Bear Wallow, Beaver Basin, Buns Basin, Cedar Basin, Cedar Basin, Dads Pocket, Death Valley, Devils Pocket, Devils Punchbowl, Dry Lake, Flint Valley, Hidden Valley, Horse Pocket, Hungry Hollow, Little Marble Valley, Marble Valley, Mule Pocket, Semig Basin, Seven Lakes Basin, Skunk Hollow, The Thumb of the Glove, Tickner Hole, Wooley Creek Pocket, Yellow Jacket Basin

  Bays     show all on map

Keaton Cove, Peninsula Bay

  Bends     show all on map

Alex Hole, Horseshoe Bend, Sawmill Curve

  Bridges     show all on map

Meamber Bridge, Pioneer Bridge, R Lyle Davis Bridge, Thornton Memorial Bridge, Walker Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Abbotts Upper Cabin, Abrams Cabin (historical), Ahlgren Cabin, Butte Valley Ambulance Service, Butte Valley Fire Protection District, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection Fort Jones, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection Hornbrook, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection Macdoel, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection McCloud, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection Weed, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection Yreka, California Highway Patrol Mount Shasta, California Highway Patrol Yreka, City of Dunsmuir Fire Department, City of Etna Ambulance, City of Etna Fire Department, Colestin Rural Fire District Station 2, Copco Lake Fire Protection District Station 1, Copco Lake Fire Protection District Station 2, Dorris Branch Siskiyou County Public Library, Dorris City Hall, Dorris Fire Department, Dunsmuir Branch Siskiyou County Public Library, Etna Branch Siskiyou County Public Library, Etna City Hall, Etna Police Department, Fall Creek Powerhouse, Fort Jones Branch Siskiyou County Public Library, Fort Jones City Hall, Fort Jones Fire Department, Fort Jones Museum, Gazelle Fire Department, Grenada Fire Protection District, Hammond Ranch Fire Company, Happy Camp Branch Siskiyou County Public Library, Happy Camp Fire Protection and Ambulance District, Hornbrook Fire Protection District, Hutton Guard Station, Juniper Lodge, Klamath River Volunteer Fire Company Station 1, Klamath River Volunteer Fire Company Station 2, Knutzen Cabin, Lake Shastina Fire Department, Lake Shastina Police Department, Lowdens Cabin, Mayten Fire Protection District, McCloud Fire Department, Millers Cabin (historical), Montague Branch Siskiyou County Public Library, Montague City Hall, Montague Fire Department, Mount Shasta Ambulance, Mount Shasta Branch Siskiyou County Public Library, Mount Shasta City Fire Department Station 1, Mount Shasta City Fire Department Station 2, Mount Shasta City Hall, Mount Shasta Fire Protection District Station 1, Mount Shasta Fire Protection District Station 2, Mount Shasta Police Department, Mount Shasta Vista Volunteer Fire Company Station 1, Mount Shasta Vista Volunteer Fire Company Station 2, Northern Siskiyou Ambulance, Parker Cabin (historical), Pleasant Valley Fire Company, Pumping Plant D, Salmon River Ranger Office, Salmon River Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Scott Valley Fire Protection District Callahan, Scott Valley Fire Protection District Eastside Road, Scott Valley Fire Protection District French Creek, Scott Valley Fire Protection District Greenview, Scott Valley Fire Protection District Masterson Road, Scott Valley Fire Protection District Moffett Creek, Scott Valley Fire Protection District Scott River, Seiad Valley Fire Company, Siskiyou County Courthouse, Siskiyou County Law Library, Siskiyou County Museum, Siskiyou County Public Library, Siskiyou County Sheriff, Siskiyou County Sheriff's Office, Siskiyou County Sheriff's Office, Siskiyou County Sheriff's Office Dorris, Siskiyou County Sheriff's Office Mount Shasta, Siskiyou Police Department, Sisson Museum, South Yreka Fire Protection District, Stinson Cabin, Tennant Fire Department, Tulelake Branch Siskiyou County Public Library, Tulelake City Hall, Tulelake Police Department, Tulelake Volunteer Fire Department, United States Forest Service Ash Creek Forest Service Station, United States Forest Service McCloud Ranger Station, United States Forest Service Oak Knoll Ranger Station, Weed City Hall, Weed City Police Department, Weed City Volunteer Fire Department, Weed Museum, Yreka City Hall, Yreka Police Department, Yreka Volunteer Fire Department

  Canals     show all on map

Custer Ditch, Fretis Ditch, Friden Ditch, Greenview Ditch, Kuck Ditch, Mill Creek Ditch, P1 Canal, Shackleford Ditch, Van Brimmer Canal, Yreka Ditch

  Capes     show all on map

Cecil Point, China Point, China Point, Cone Point, Granite Point, Grouse Point, High Point, High Point, Hovey Point, Humbug Point, Indian Point, Indian Point, Lafayette Point, Morgan Point, Runaway Point, Trapper Point, Tripp Point, Williams Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Bennett Cemetery, Dunsmuir Cemetery, Evergreen Cemetery, Foulke Cemetery, Gazelle Cemetery, Gillems Graveyard, Henley-Hornbrook Cemetery, Horse Creek Cemetery, Julien Cemetery, Kanaka Cemetery, Lakeview Cemetery, Little Shasta Cemetery, Montague Cemetery, Mount Shasta Memorial Park, Picard Cemetery, Winema Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Carrick Census Designated Place, Edgewood Census Designated Place, Gazelle Census Designated Place, Greenview Census Designated Place, Grenada Census Designated Place, Happy Camp Census Designated Place, Hornbrook Census Designated Place, Macdoel Census Designated Place, McCloud Census Designated Place, Mount Hebron Census Designated Place, Tennant Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Assembly of God Church of Dunsmuir, Berean Fundamental Church, Bethel Assembly of God Church, Calvary Chapel, Charity Mission, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of the Nazarene, Church of the Nazarene, Community Presbyterian Church, Faith Center Foursquare Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church of Tulelake, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Southern Baptist Church, Holy Cross Church, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Mount Zion Lutheran Church, Saint Anthonys Catholic Church, Saint Johns Catholic Church, Saint Josephs Catholic Church, Saint Marks Episcopal Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Trinity Lutheran Church, Tulelake Christian Fellowship Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Blue Nose Bluff, Cedar Point, Dougherty Bluff, Ferry Point, Gillem Bluff, Grant Bluffs, Howitzer Point, Klamath Rim, Limestone Bluffs, Limestone Bluffs, Padgetts Bluff, Vesa Bluffs

  Craters     show all on map

Alcohol Crater, Aspen Crater, Black Crater, Chimney Crater, Crater Glass Flow, Deep Crater, Double Hole Crater, Giant Crater, High Hole Crater, Mammoth Crater, Modoc Crater, Paint Pot Crater, Semi Crater, Shastine Crater

  Crossings     show all on map

Florin Crossing, Gordons Ferry (historical), Hammond Crossing, Jack Harveys Crossing, Lower Crossing, Upper Crossing

  Dams     show all on map

Barton 1181-002 Dam, Box Canyon Dam, Campbell Lake 180 Dam, Cloak Lake 1181 Dam, Copco Number 1 91 Dam, Copco Number 2 91-002 Dam, Dwight Hammond 1182 Dam, Earl B Fiock 187 Dam, Earl B Fiock Number 2 2180 Dam, Earl B Fiock Number 3 2180-002 Dam, Fiock Number 2 2181 Dam, George Fiock Number 1 189 Dam, Greenhorn 1010 Dam, Iron Gate Dam, Kangaroo Lake Dam, Lake Juanita 1-053 Dam, Lake Suzanne 1186 Dam, Lakin Dam, Montague Number 2 2012 Dam, Mud Creek Dam, Pondosa Dam, Pruett 184 Dam, Ray Soule Reservoir 182 Dam, Shasta River 60-000 Dam, Shelley 1180 Dam, Waste Water Ponds 647 Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Ash Creek Falls, Coquette Falls, Faery Falls, Horsetail Falls, Ishi Pishi Falls, Johnson Creek Falls, Lower Falls, Maple Falls, Middle Falls, Mossbrae Falls, Ponytail Falls, Upper Falls, Whitney Falls, Wilderness Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Adobe Flat, Albers Meadow, Angel Meadow, Atkins Meadows, Back Meadows, Baker Flat, Beauty Flat, Big Bear Flat, Big Meadow, Big Meadows, Big Meadows, Big Sand Flat, Big Tableland, Bigelow Meadow, Brazille Flat, Bridge Flat, Brownell Meadow, Browns Meadow, Bruin Flat, Bull Barn Flat, Bull Meadow, Bunny Flat, Butler Flat, Cabin Meadow, Cameron Meadow, Cameron Meadows, Carter Meadow, Cedar Flat, Cedar Flat, Chandler Glade, Cherry Flat, Cleghorn Meadows, Colby Meadow, Coonrod Flat, Cooper Meadow, Craker Meadows, Crapo Meadows, Curtis Meadows, Dale Meadows, Dan Stevens, Dead Steer Flat, Deason Flat, Deer Camp Meadows, Doe Flat, Dollar Meadows, Donomore Meadows, Dry Lake, Elk Flat, Elk Flat, Elk Meadow, Fir Glade, Fish Meadow, Fourmile Flat, French Flat, Garvey Glade, Gold Flat, Granite Meadow, Grants Meadows, Grasshopper Flat, Halfmoon Meadow, Hardscrabble, Harts Meadow, Haypress Meadow, Haypress Meadows, Hells Meadows, High Prairie, Horn Field, Ikes Flat, Joe Keen Meadows, Johns Meadows, Julia Glover Flat, Juniper Flat, Kaiser Meadow, Lees Meadow, Let-Er Buck Meadow, Little Shasta Meadow, Little Tableland, Lone Pine Meadow, Long Meadow, Middle Creek Meadows, Milk Ranch Meadows, Miller Glade, Mills Flat, Mills Meadow, Morehouse Meadows, Morgan Meadows, Muse Meadow, Nordheimer Flat, Oklahoma Flat, Old Lady Glade, Olsen Meadows, Onion Flat, Onion Meadow, Panther Meadow, Paradise Hollow, Perks Pasture, Pete Ives Glade, Phantom Meadows, Poker Flat, Pollock Flat, Ponto Park, Poverty Flat, Quail Flat, Quaken Asp Glade, Rattlesnake Meadow, Robinson Flat, Robinson Flat, Ross Meadow, Round Meadows, Sand Flat, Sardine Flat, Sawpit Flat, Schoolhouse Flat, Secret Meadow, Shelly Meadows, Shingle Flat, Shumway Flat, Slaughter House Flat, Sniktaw Meadow, Stanshaw Meadows, Stillwater Meadows, Surveyors Glade, Tamarack Flat, Tamarack Flat, Telephone Flat, Ti Creek Meadows, Tom Young Flat, Trail Meadow, Trooks Flat, Tyler Meadows, Wadsworth Flat, Willow Flat

  Forests     show all on map

Klamath National Forest

  Gaps     show all on map

Baldy Gap, Black Bear Summit, Black Butte Summit, Bloomfield Pass, Chilcoot Pass, Cook and Green Pass, Cyclone Gap, Devils Gate, Election Gap, Etna Summit, False Gap, Gold Digge Pass, Hebron Summit, Horn Creek Gap, Horsefly Gap, Kelley Pass, Military Pass, North Gate, Offield Saddle, Pipeline Gap, Rider Gap, Ruffey Gap, Salmon, Schoolhouse Gap, Seiad Low Gap, Shinar Saddle, Six Shooter Pass, Snowmans Hill Summit, Stephens Pass, Telephone Saddle, The Gate, Titus Gap, Wards Fork Gap, Windy Gap

  Glaciers     show all on map

Bolam Glacier, Hotlum Glacier, Konwakiton Glacier, Mud Creek Glacier, Watkins Glacier, Whitney Glacier, Wintun Glacier

  Guts     show all on map

McCloud Slough

  Hospitals     show all on map

Fairchild Medical Center, Mercy Medical Center Mount Shasta, Scott Valley Rural Health Center, Weed Clinic

  Islands     show all on map

Fairchild Island, Hambone Island, Otey Island, Sheepy Creek Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Abbott Lake, Abrams Lake, Albert Lake, Angel Lake, Antelope Creek Lakes, Aspen Lake, Azalea Lake, Babs Lake, Beal Lake, Bear Lake, Bear Lake, Bear Lake, Big Blue Lake, Big Carmen Lake, Big Duck Lake, Big Elk Lake, Bingham Lake, Blanche Lake, Blue Granite Lake, Blue Pond, Blueberry Lake, Browns Lake, Buck Lake, Buckhorn Lake, Bug Lake, Bullseye Lake, Burney Lake, Buzzard Lake, Cabin Meadow Lake, Caldwell Lakes, Calf Lake, Campbell Lake, Caribou Lake, Castle Lake, Cecil Lake, Cedar Lake, Cedar Lake, Charmaine Lake, Chimney Rock Lake, Chinquapin Lake, Chipmunk Lake, Clarence King Lake, Clear Lake, Cliff Lake, Cliff Lake, Cloak Lake, Crater Lake, Cuddihy Lakes, Deadman Lake, Deep Lake, Deyarmie Lake, Diamond Lake, Dobkins Lake, Dogwood Lake, Dry Lake, Dry Lake, Duck Lake, Durney Lake, East Boulder Lake, Eaton Lakes, Echo Lake, Elk Hole, Elk Lake, English Lake, Fish Lake, Fox Creek Lake, Frog Lake, Frying Pan Lake, Gate Lake, Gem Lake, Glaser Lakes, Gold Granite Lake, Golden Russian Lake, Goodbye Lake, Granite Lakes, Gray Rock Lake, Green Granite Lake, Grouse Creek Lake, Gumboot Lake, Hancock Lake, Heart Lake, Heather Lake, Helen Lake, Hello Lake, Hemlock Lake, Hidden Lake, High Lake, Hogan Lake, Hooligan Lake, Horse Range Lake, Horse Range Lakes, Horseshoe Lake, Independence Lake, Indian Tom Lake, Isinglass Lake, Jackson Lake, Jewel Lake, Jones Lake, Josephine Lake, Josephine Lake, Kelly Lake, Kidder Lake, Kleaver Lake, Knownothing Lake, Lake Ethel, Lake Katherine, Lake Miller, Lake of the Island, Lily Lake, Lily Pad Lake, Lily Pad Lake, Lipstick Lake, Little Caribou Lake, Little Carmen Lake, Little Castle Lake, Little Crater Lake, Little Duck Lake, Little Elk Lake, Little Hancock Lake, Little Jackson Lake, Little Medicine Lake, Little South Fork Lake, Log Lake, Lonesome Lake, Long Gulch Lake, Long High Lake, Lost Lake, Lost Lake, Lost Spoon Lake, Lough Lake, Lower Bear Lake, Lower Boulder Lake, Lower Caribou Lake, Lower Cliff Lake, Lower Klamath Lake, Lower Mill Lake, Lower Russian Lake, Lower Seven Lake, Lower Sky High Lake, Lower Wright Lake, Luther Lake, Man Eaten Lake, Marlahan Pond, Mavis Lake, McCash Lake, Medicine Lake, Meeks Meadow Lake, Meiss Lake, Meteor Lake, Middle Boulder Lake, Mill Creek Lake, Mill Creek Ponds, Milne Lake, Monument Lake, Moraine Lake, Moraine Lake, Mud Lake, Mud Lake, Mud Lake, Neil Lake, Nordheimer Lake, Ogaromtoc Lake, Onemile Lake, Oro Fino Pond, Orr Lake, Osprey Lake, Panhandle Lake, Paradise Lake, Paynes Lake, Picayune Lake, Pine Lake, Pleasant Lake, Poison Lake, Porcupine Lake, Porcupine Lake, Pumpkinseed Lake, Rainbow Lake, Rainy Lake, Raspberry Lake, Red Rock Lakes, Rock Fence Lake, Rock Lake, Ruffey Lakes, Rush Creek Lake, Russell Lake, Russian Lake, Salmon Lake, Salt Lake, Scott Bar Pond, Scott Lake, Secret Lake, Section Line Lake, Shadow Lake, Sheep Camp Lake, Sheepy Lake, Shelly Lake, Siphon Lake, Sisson Lake, Smith Lake, Smiths Lake, Snake Lake, Snowslide Lake, Snyder Lake, Soapstone Lake (historical), Soapstone Pond, Solitaire Lake, South Fork Lakes, South Sugar Lake, Souza Lake, Spirit Lake, Statue Lake, Steinacher Lake, Sugar Lake, Summit Lake, Summit Lake, Summit Meadow Lake, Surprise Lake, Tamarack Lake, Taylor Lake, Telephone Lake, Terrace Lake, Tickner Lake, Timber Lake, Toad Lake, Toad Lake, Tobacco Lake, Toms Lake, Toms Lake, Towhead Lake, Trail Gulch Lake, Turk Lake, Twin Lakes, Twin Lakes, Uncles Lake, Upper Albert Lake, Upper Boulder Lake, Upper Cliff Lake, Upper English Lake, Upper Gray Rock Lake, Upper Gumboot Lake, Upper Seven Lake, Upper Sky High Lake, Upper Wright Lake, Virginia Lake, Washbasin Lake, Waterdog Lake, West Boulder Lake, West Park Lakes, Wet Weather Lake, White Deer Lake, White Lake, Wicks Lake, Wild Horse Lake, Wild Lake, Willis Hole, Wolverine Lake, Wooley Lake

  Lava     show all on map

Callahan Flow, Devils Homestead, Glass Flow, Half Mile Tube, Medicine Lake Glass Flow, Porcupine Lava Tube, Ross Flow, Schonchin Flow, Tilted Rock Lava Flow

  Levees     show all on map

Cement Banks

  Locales     show all on map

Abbott Ranch, Ahlgren Ranch, Algoma, Alta Vista Ranch, Ananias Camp, Anthony Milne Camp, Ash Creek Forest Service Station, Bacon Rind Campground, Baileys Cabin, Baker Cabin, Baker Place, Baldy Mountain Lookout, Barba, Bark Shanty Camp, Barton Cabin, Beans Camp, Beans Camp, Bear Canyon Campground, Bear Canyon Ranger Station (historical), Bear Skull Camp, Bear Wallow Camp, Beaver Creek Campground, Beaver Creek Forest Service Station, Bee Camp, Bell Echo Camp, Big Camp, Big Canon, Big Flat Campground, Big Rock, Big Rock Camp, Black Bear, Black Butte Trailhead Parking, Blue Heron River Access, Blue Ridge Ranch, Bolivar Lookout, Bolivar Lookout, Bottling Works Mall Shopping Center, Boulder, Box Camp, Box Camp, Bridge Flat Campground, Buckhorn Camp, Buckley, Buckley, Burns Ranch, Burnt Camp, Callahan Camp, Callahan Work Center, Camp Creek Campground, Camp Eden, Camp Eden Picnic Area, Camp Four Campsite, Camp Lowe (historical), Camp Three Campground, Captain Jacks Stronghold, Car A (historical), Carter Cabin, Castle Lake Campground, Castle Lake Nordic Center, Cayuse River Access, Cecil Point Lookout, Cedar Camp, Cedar Flat Cabin, Cheesebrough, Chippy Spur, Cinnabar Camp, Collins Creek Baldy Lookout, Condrey Ranch, Coney Island, Connor Ranch (historical), Conrad Ranch, Cook and Green Campground, Cooley Circle Seven Ranch Recreation Site, Cooley Circle Seven Ranch Resort, Copco Substation, Coyote Corners, Crawford Creek Forest Service Station, Criss Ranch, Curley Jack Campground, Davis, Davis Cabin, Deadwood, Deadwood Conservation Camp, Deadwood Lookout, Deer Camp, Deer Mountain Lodge, Delis Ranch, Deter Camp, Dillion Creek Campground, Dillon Camp, Douglas School, Dry Lake Lookout, Dukes Ranch, Dunlap, Dysert Ranch, Eagle Spring Camp, Eagles Nest Golf Course, East Fork Campground, Eddy Gulch Lookout, Edie Ranch, Edwards, Eton Ranch, Facey, Fall Creek Fish Hatchery, Faulkstein Camp, Finley Camp, Five Dollar Camp, Foothill School, Forest House, Forks of Salmon, Forks of Salmon Guard Station, Fort Goff Campground, Fort Jones Historic Marker, Fort Jones Omni Radio Range Station, Fosters Cabin, Four Corners, Four Corners, Four Corners Lake Snowmobile Park, Fowlers Campground, Georges Ranch, Gillems Camp, Gillis, Glacierview Ranch, Godfrey Ranch, Goosenest Ranger Station, Granada Ranch, Grass Lake Forest Service Station, Greenhorn School, Grider Creek Ranch, Grindstone Camp, Gumboat Campground, Haight, Halter, Hambone Pump Station, Hamilton Camp, Happy Camp Ranger Station, Harris Spring Campground, Harris Spring Guard Station, Hart, Hart Camp, Harts Camp, Hayden Cabin, Hessig Ranch, Hidden Valley Ranch, Hines Camp, Hjertager Mill, Hoags Camp, Hoffman Mill, Hole In Rock, Horse Camp, Hotelling Campground, Houston Cabin, Hull Cabin, Humbug Guard Station, Humbug Picnic Area, Humbug Recreation Site, Hungry Creek Lookout, Hutton Campground, Idlewild Campground, Indian Scotty Campground, Indian Well Campground, Iron Gate Fish Hatchery, Iron Phone, Irving Creek Ranch, J H Ranch, J Joe Curve, Jawbone Camp, Jensen Mill, Jerome, Jims Camp, JJJ Ranch, Joe Bar, Johnson Dairy, Juanita Lake Campground, Jumpoff Joe Curve, K C Mine Camp, Kangaroo Lake Campground, Kegg, Kelsey Camp, Kelsey Creek Guard Station, Kennedy Homestead, Kindig Camp, King Bill Ranch, Klamath National Forest Supervisor Headquarters, Klamathon, Kuck, Kucks Cabin, Laird Landing, Lairds Camp, Lake Mountain Lookout, Lake Siskiyou Campground, Lakeview Lookout, Lakeview Ranch, Langer Ranch, Lava Camp, Leaf Camp, Lees Lodge (historical), Lema, Liskey, Little North Fork Campground, Little Shasta Ranger Station (historical), Lodgepole Forest Station, Long Ranch (historical), Lor-o Ranch, Lovers Camp, Lower Falls Picnic Site, Luginbolhl Lodge, Maple Spring Camp, Maplesden Ranch, Marble Valley Guard Station, Martin, Martin Dairy, Martin Dairy Campground, Matthews Creek Campground, May, Mayflower Ranch, McBride Springs Campground, McCloud Golf Club, McCloud Ranger Station, McCoys Cabin, McDowell Camp, McKinney River Access, Meiss Ranch, Methodist Church Camp, Middle Creek Camp, Mills Ranch, Mine Forest Service Station, Moccasin Ranch, Morgan Ranch, Mount Hebron Work Center, Mount Shasta Nursery (historical), Mount Shasta Ski Park Resort, Mount Shasta State Fish Hatchery, Mount Shasta Woods, Mountain House, Mountain Meadow Ranch, Mule Bridge Campground, Mullens Camp, Munson Mill (historical), Ney Springs, Nitwit Camp, No-See-Em Camp, Nolton, Norcross, North Fork Camp, North Fork Camp, O'Brien, O'Neil Creek Campground, Oak Bottom Campground, Oak Bottom Forest Service Station, Oak Grove School, Oak Knoll Ranger Station, Offield Mountain Lookout, Old Schmidt Sawmill, Old White Mill, P.P. and L. Radio Repeater Station, Packers Peak Cabin, Panther Meadows Campground, Parker Camp, Parker Ranch, Parker Ranch, Parrot Mill (historical), Parsons Ranch, Pedro Cabin, Petersburg Station, Pick-aw-Ish Campground, Pickle Camp, Pierce, Pilgrim Creek Experimental Station, Pondosa Fire Control Station, Porterfield Ranch, Prather Ranch, Pythian Cave Microwave Relay Station, Quartz Lookout, Rancheria Camp, Red Bank Campground, Red Cap Ranch, Reeves Ranch, Rocky Bar Campground, Rohrer, Rollin, Round Mountain Ranch, Salmon River Ranger Station, Sarah Totten Campground, Sawyers Bar Work Center, Schmitt Mill (historical), Scott Bar Forest Service Station, Scott Bar Lookout, Scott Mountain Trailhead Parking, Scott River Holding Corral, Scott River Ranger Station, Seiad Oaks Administration Site, Seiad Work Center, Selby Cabin, Shadow Creek Campground, Shafter Campground, Shake Camp, Shasta Alpine Lodge, Sheep Camp, Sheep Camp, Sheep Camp Lookout, Shirttail Camp, Shovel Creek Guard Station, Site of Thomas and Wright Battle, Slagger Camp, Slagger Camp Forest Service Station, Small, Smith Cabin, Smith Sawmill (historical), Snow Survey Cabin, Snowden, Somes Bar Work Center, Soule Ranch, Spannaus Ranch, Spring Flat Campground, Stephens Pass Camp, Stewart Springs, Stud Horse Camp, Sugar Pine Camp, Sulphur Springs Campground, Sylva, Sylva Brothers, Tecnor, Tennant Campground, Tennant Forest Service Station, Terwilliger Walters, The Cedars, Ti Bar Forest Service Station, Tom Davis Ranch, Tom Taylor Cabin, Towniey, Trail Creek Campground, Tree of Heaven Campground, Trout Camp, TY G Ranch, Ukonom Ranger Station, Undertakers Camp, United States Forest Service Station, Vanderpoole Mill (historical), Vans Camp, Wagon Camp, Weed Golf Club, West Branch Campground, West Branch Guard Station, West Wildlife Overlook, Whisky Camp, White, Whites Cabin, Whites Stage Station (historical), Wiley Ranch, Wiley Ranch Guard Station, Wiley Ranch Recreation Site, Williams, Willow Creek Ranch, Wilson Cabin, Wilson Mill (historical), Windy Camp, Winema Farms, Wooley Camp, Wyehka Lodge, Yellowjacket Camp, Yoakumville, Yonce, York, York, Young Ranch

  Mines     show all on map

Advance Mine, Annie Johnson Mine, Ball Mine, Ball Mine, Bell Mine, Big Cliff Mine, Big Fish Mine, Black Bear Mine, Bloomer Mine, Blue Bar Mine, Blue Ledge Mine, Blue Mine, Blue Nose Mine, Bluejay Mine, Boggs Mine, Bonally Mine, Bonetta Bee Mine, Boyer Mine, Brown Quarry, Bumblebee Mine, Bunker Hill Mine, Buzzard Hill Mine, Chapman Mine, Cherry Hill Mine, China Creek Mine, Cinnabar Mine, Cinnabar Mine, Classic Hill Mine, Clay Mine, Cleaver Mine, Cobb Mine, Codfish Hill Mine, Columbia Mine, Commodore Mine, Corbett Mine, County Mine, Crapo Mine, Cub Bear Mine, Daffodil Mine, Dewey Mine, Dimmick Mine, Dougherty Mine, Eliza Mine, Espee Mine, Eton Mine, Evening Star Mine, Evergreen Mine, Facey Mine, Finley Mine, Fino Mine, Forest and Stout Mine, Foster Mine, Franklin Mine, Gallia Mine, Gibraltar Mine, Gilta Mine, Gold Bar Mine, Gold Bug Mine, Gold Leaf Mine, Gold Reef Mine, Gold Reel Mine, Golden Age Mine, Golden Eagle Mine, Golden Rule Mine, Golden Seal Mine, Goodenough Mine, Grey Eagle Mine, Grouse Creek Mine, Gulick Mine, Gumboot Mine, Gunbarrel Mine, Hansen, Hart Quarry, Hazel Mine, Hegler Mine, Hennings Mine, Hickey Mine, Hickey Mine, High Grade Mine, Highland Mine, Hoboken Mine, Hogan Mine, Homestake Mine, Huey Mine, Hummingbird Mine, Independence Mine, Indian Bottom Mine, Indian Girl Mine, Iron Dyke Mine, Jade Mine, Jilson Mine, Johnson Mine, Judge Mine, Jumbo Mine, Juniper Knoll Pit, K C Mine, Kalamath Mine, Kanaka Hill Mine, King Solomon Mine, Kismet Mine, Klatt Mine, Knownothing Mine, Kramer Mine, Ladd Mine, Lanky Bob Mine, Last Chance Mine, Laurel Mine, Le Roy Mine, Littrel Mine, Loftus Mine, Lucky Boy Mine, Lumgrey Mine, Madrone Mine, Malloy Mine, McCavick Mine, McKeen Mine, McKinley Mine, McNeal Mine, Mills Ranch Quarry, Monague Quarry, Mono Mine, Montague Quarry, Morehouse Mine, Morning Star Mine, Morrison-Carlock Mine, Mount Hebron Quarry, Mount Shasta Pit, Mount Vernon Mine, Muck a Muck Mine, Munson Mine, Negro Boy Mine, Negro Hill Mine, New Diggings Mine, New Year Mine, New York Mine, Norma Mine, Olsen Mine, One Hundred Dollar Mine, Orloff Mine, Osgood Mine, Overton Mine, Pegleg Mine, Pegleg Mine, Penn Mine, Polar Bear Mine, Providence Mine, Providence Mine, Rainbow Mine, Red Hill Mine, Red Hill Mine, Reeves Mine, Rhodonite Mine, Rhodonite Mine, Richardson Bedrock Mine, Richter Mine, Salmon River Mine, Sauerkraut Mine, Schroeder Mine, Scorpion Mine, Security Mine, Sheba Mine, Shelba Mine, Siskiyou Mine, Siskiyou Mine, Siskon Mine, Smith Mine, Snoozer Mine, Snowbird Mine, Snowbrush Mine, Society Girl Mine, Stanslaw Mine, Star Mine, Star of the West Mine, Starveout Mine, Sterling Mine, Sugar Hill Mine, Taylor Lake Mine, Tin Cup Mine, Tip Top Mine, Trust Buster Mine, Tryer Mine, Tunnel Mine, Turner Mine, Umpah Mine, Uncle Sam Mine, Union Mine, White Bear Mine, Wiegel Mine, Williams Point Mine, Wilson Mine, Winterings Mine, Wolverine Mine, Wood Mine, Yellow Rose Mine, Zarina Mine

  Parks     show all on map

Alden Historical Marker, B R Alden Historical Marker, Bel Air Park, Butte Valley Fairgrounds, Deer Mountain Snowmobile Park, Discovery Park, Greenhorn Park, Jefferson Davis Historical Monument, Jones Beach Picnic Area, Juniper Point Picnic Area, Lava Beds National Monument, Lava Lakes Wildlife Sanctuary, Lincoln Park, Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge, Mirror Cove Picnic Area, Mount Shasta City Park, Mount Shasta Natural Landmark, Newton Park, Otis Roper Park, Randolf Collier Safety Roadside Rest Area, Ringe Park, Shastise Park, Siskiyou County Fairgrounds, Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge, West Miner Street-Third Street Historic District, Yreka Park

  Pillars     show all on map

Big Rock, Big Rock, Black Rock, Black Rock, Bonnet Rock, Chimney Rock, Crystal Creek Rock, Duzel Rock, Fleener Chimneys, Heppe Chimney, Hospital Rock, Hot Spot, Lennox Rock, Mallethead Rock, Masonic Rock, Murphy Rock, Panther Rock, Red Rock, Ross Chimneys, Shaft Rock, Sheep Rock, Table Rock, Temple Rock, The Castles, Thumb Rock, Tickner Chimneys, White Rock

  Populated Places     show all on map

Abrams Lake Mobile Estates, Agawesh (historical), Ager, Ainsworth Corner, Andesite, Ash Creek Junction, Ash Creek Station (historical), Ashipak (historical), Azalea, Bartle, Bestville, Beswick, Big Springs, Black Butte, Boalkea (historical), Bohnapobatin (historical), Bolam, Bray, Cal-ore Trail Mobile Estates, Callahan, Canby Cross, Cantara (historical), Carrick, Cascade Sun Mobile Home Estates, Cecilville, Chalk Bank Landing, Chateau Shasta Mobile Home Park, Cheeseville, Cinnabar Springs (historical), Clear Creek, Cole, Copco, Cottage Grove, Cougar, Cove Mobile Villa, Curtis, Deacon Lee Place, Deetz, Dorris, Dunsmuir, Edgewood, Eileen, Erickson, Esperanza (historical), Etna, Eyese Bar (historical), Ferry Point (historical), Fleener Place, Fort Goff, Fort Jones, Foster, Gazelle, Gilta (historical), Gottsville, Graham (historical), Grass Lake, Greenview, Grenada, Hambone, Hamburg, Hammond Ranch, Happy Camp, Hatfield, Hawkinsville, Henley, Hilt, Hooper, Hooperville (historical), Horizon Hills Mobile Home Park, Hornbrook, Horse Creek, Hoskin, Hotlum, Houston (historical), Howard, Igerna, Indian Creek Trailer Park, Jerome, Jims Camp, Kegg, Kinyon, Klamath River, Laird Landing, Lakin, Leaf, Little Shasta, Logan, Macdoel, McCloud, Metcalf (historical), Montague, Mott, Mount Hebron, Mount Shasta, Mugginsville, Nickels Mobile Park, Oak Ridge Mobile Estates, Oakbar, Oaks Mobile Home And Recreational Vehicle Park, Oro Fino, Patsiluvra (historical), Penoyar, Pioneer, Pomeroy (historical), Pondosa, Ranch Mobile Home Park, Riverwood Mobile Home Estates, Rodney's Mobile Park, Sawyers Bar, Scott Bar, Seiad Valley, Shadow Mountain Mobile Home Park, Shapashkeni (historical), Shasta Retreat, Shasta Springs, Signal Butte, Slagger, Snowden, Somerset, Somes Bar, Sputuishkeni (historical), Steelhead, Summerville, Swiss Bar, Swobe, Tennant, Tulelake, Upton, Walker, Warmcastle Mobile Home Park, Watsaghika (historical), Weed, Welwashkeni (historical), Wiyahawir (historical), Wukakeni (historical), Wyntoon, Yreka, Yutoyara (historical)

  Post Offices     show all on map

Big Flat Post Office (historical), Callahan Post Office, Dorris Post Office, Dunsmuir Post Office, Edgewood Post Office, Etna Post Office, Fort Jones Post Office, Gazelle Post Office, Greenview Post Office, Grenada Post Office, Happy Camp Post Office, Hornbrook Post Office, Klamath River Post Office, Macdoel Post Office, McCloud Post Office, Montague Post Office, Mount Shasta Post Office, Retreat Post Office (historical), Shade Springs Post Office (historical), Tulelake Post Office, Weed Post Office, Yreka Post Office

  Ranges     show all on map

Kelsey Range, Kilgore Hills, Klamath Mountains, Marble Mountains, Mineral Range, Panhandle Hills, Salmon Mountains, Scott Bar Mountains, Scott Mountains, Siskiyou Mountains, Three Sisters, Trinity Mountains, Whitehorse Mountains

  Rapidss     show all on map

Green Riffle, Savage Rapids, The Eddys

  Reserves     show all on map

Castle Crags Wilderness, Lava Beds Wilderness, Marble Mountain Wilderness, Mount Shasta Wilderness, Russian Wilderness

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Adobe Flat Reservoir, Barnum Flat Reservoir, Barton Lake, Bass Lake, Big Lake, Big Springs Lake, Bonita Lake, Copco Lake, Dwight Hammond Reservoir, Freeway Lake, Greenhorn Reservoir, Hole in the Ground Lake, Iron Gate Reservoir, Juanita Lake, Kangaroo Lake, Lake Shastina, Lake Siskiyou, Log Pond, Solitare Lake, Steamboat Lake, Trout Lake, Ukonom Lake

  Ridges     show all on map

Alder Creek Divide, Baldy Mountain Ridge, Beans Ridge, Bear Ridge, Big Buck Ridge, Big Ridge, Blue Jay Ridge, Blue Ridge, Blue Ridge, Buckhorn Ridge, Cayenne Ridge, Cedar Crest, Coyote Ridge, Coyote Ridge, Cypress Ridge, Dillon Divide, East Fork Ridge, Elk Lick Ridge, Fisk Ridge, Five-and-Ten Divide, Fox Creek Ridge, Fryingpan Ridge, Grasshopper Ridge, Grider Ridge, Hayden Ridge, Hell Hole Ridge, Hemlock Ridge, High Rim, Hog Range, Hotelling Ridge, Humpback Ridge, I-Am-Up Ridge, Incline Ridge, Johnny O'Neil Ridge, Jumpoff, Lightning Ridge, Little Buck Ridge, Lone Pine Ridge, Lone Pine Ridge, McKeen Divide, Middle Creek Ridge, Mill Creek Ridge, Mud Lake Ridge, Nabob Ridge, Otey Ridge, Picadilly Ridge, Rainbow Ridge, Razor Ridge, Red Banks, Red Fir Ridge, Red Mountain, Reynolds Ridge, Roemer Ridge, Sandy Ridge, Sargents Ridge, Scarface Ridge, Scott Camp Ridge, Slinkard Ridge, Smith Ridge, Snoozer Ridge, Soap Creek Ridge, Soda Creek Ridge, Steinacher Ridge, Swamp Creek Ridge, Taylor Divide, Thimbleberry Ridge, Thompson Ridge, Titus Ridge, Titus Ridge, Typhoon Ridge, Walker Ridge, Walla Walla Ridge, White Ridge, Whitlow Ridge, Wright Ridge, Yellow Jacket Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Big Springs Elementary School, Bogus Elementary School, Butte Valley High School, Butteville Union Elementary School, Cedar Park School (historical), College of the Siskiyous, Delphic Elementary School, Discovery High School, Dorris Elementary School, Dunsmuir Elementary School, Dunsmuir High School, Dwinell School (historical), East Fork School, Etna Elementary School, Etna High School, Evergreen Elementary School, Fall Creek School, Fall Creek School, Forks Elementary School, Fort Jones Elementary School, Gazelle Elementary School, Gold Street Elementary School, Greenhorn School, Grenada Elementary School, Happy Camp Elementary School, Happy Camp High School, Highland School, Honolulu School (historical), Hornbrook Elementary School, Horse Creek School (historical), Hovey Gulch School, Indian Creek School (historical), Irving Creek School (historical), Jackson Street Elementary School, Junction Elementary School, Klamath River Elementary School, Little Shasta Elementary School, Lone Star School (historical), Low Wood School (historical), Lowden School (historical), Macdoel Elementary School, McCloud Elementary School, McCloud High School, McConnahue School (historical), Meamber School, Mill Creek School (historical), Moffett Creek School (historical), Mono School (historical), Montague Elementary School, Mound School (historical), Mount Shasta Elementary School, Mount Shasta High School, Nolton School (historical), Oak Grove School, Oklahoma School, Quartz Valley Elementary School, Quartz Valley School, Red Rock School, Rollin School (historical), Russianville School (historical), Sawyers Bar Elementary School, Scott Valley Junior High School, Seiad Elementary School, Shasta River School (historical), Shasta View School (historical), Sisson Elementary School, Snowden School, Somes Bar School (historical), South Fork School (historical), Spring School, Ti Bar School, Tulelake High School, Tulelake Middle School, Vineland School (historical), Weed Elementary School, Weed High School, Willow Creek Elementary School, Winema School, Yreka High School

  Slopes     show all on map

Butte Fork Slide

  Springs     show all on map

Acorn Spring, Alder Spring, Andersons Spring, Baird Springs, Barrel Spring, Bear Spring, Bear Spring, Bear Wallow, Bear Wallow Spring, Bearground Spring, Bearwallow Spring, Belnap Spring, Big Spring, Big Springs, Big Springs, Bishop Spring, Black Butte Spring, Black Rock Spring, Blue Lady Spring, Blue Spring, Buck Mountain Spring, Buckhorn Spring, Buckhorn Spring, Buckhorn Spring, Bundoora Spring, Campbell Spring, Cave Springs, Cedar Spring, Chipmunk Spring, Cinnabar Springs, Clark Spring, Cold Bottle Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Collins Spring, Cramer Spring, Crystal Springs, Cub Spring, D Ranch Spring, Dead Mole Spring, Deer Spring, Deter Spring, Dorris Spring, Double Spring, Dry Creek Spring, Eagle Spring, Eaton Spring, Elbow Spring, Elk Lick, Elk Spring, Esperanza Spring, Evans Spring, Faulkstein Spring, Fern Spring, Filson Spring, First Spring, Flat Springs, Ford Spring, Fountain of Youth Spring, Frame Mill Spring, Freeman Springs, Grouse Spring, Harris Spring, Hockaday Springs, Hole in the Ground Spring, Hooper Spring, Horse Trough Spring, Horsefly Spring, Huckleberry Spring, Indian Spring, Intake Spring, Iron Trough Spring, Jackass Spring, Jacks Spring, Jewel Spring, Jims Springs, Junction Spring, Kangaroo Spring, Klamath Hot Springs, Klamathon Spring, Lava Crack Spring, Little Shasta Spring, Little Spring, Little Springs, Little Springs, Lost Spring, Lower Maple Spring, Lucky Spring, Maple Grove Spring, Maple Spring, Maple Spring, Maple Spring, Maple Spring, Maple Spring, Maple Spring, Maple Spring, Mayfield Spring, McBride Springs, McGinnis Springs, McKay Springs, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring (historical), Ney Springs, Onion Spring, Paynes Springs, Pinto Spring, Point Spring, Poison Spring, Quail Spring, Rancheria Spring, Red Spring, Red Tank Spring, Reeves Ranch Springs, Rose Spring, Salal Spring, Schonchin Spring, Secret Spring, Sheepheaven Spring, Shingle Spring, Silvas Spring, Slagger Spring, Smith Spring, Soda Spring, Soda Spring, Soda Spring, Soda Springs, Soft Water Spring, Spannaus Spring, Steep Trail Spring, Stock Trail Spring, Stud Horse Spring, Sulphur Spring, Sulphur Spring, Sulphur Springs, Swabs Spring, Sylva Spring, Tamarack Spring, Tecnor Spring, Trapper Spring, Tunnel Spring, Twin Springs, Two Springs, Upper Maple Spring, Upper Soda Springs, Wanaka Spring, Warm Spring, Widow Spring, Windy Spring, Yellow Jacket Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Alder Creek, Alder Creek, Alder Creek, Alex Creek, Angel Creek, Antelope Creek, Arastra Creek, Ash Creek, Ash Creek, Atkins Creek, Aubrey Creek, Babs Fork, Back Meadows Creek, Badger Creek, Bald Hornet Creek, Bark Shanty Creek, Bark Shanty Creek, Barkhouse Creek, Bartle Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Pen Creek, Bear Skull Creek, Bear Valley Creek, Bear Valley Creek, Bear Wallow Creek, Beaughton Creek, Beaver Creek, Beaver Creek, Benjamin Creek, Big Bend Creek, Big Canyon Creek, Big Carmen Creek, Big Creek, Big Creek, Big Elk Fork, Big Ferry Creek, Big Meadows Creek, Big Meadows Creek, Big Medicine Creek, Big Mill Creek, Big Rock Fork, Big Slough, Big Springs Creek, Big Springs Creek, Big Twin Creek, Bill Berry Creek, Bishop Creek, Bittenbender Creek, Black Bear Creek, Blackberry Creek, Blakes Fork, Blind Horse Creek, Blue Heron Creek, Blue Jay Creek, Bogus Creek, Bolam Creek, Boles Creek, Boulder Creek, Boulder Creek, Boulder Creek, Brewer Creek, Bridge Creek, Browns Creek, Brush Creek, Buckeye Creek, Buckhorn Creek, Buckhorn Creek, Bug Creek, Bull Creek, Bullhead Creek, Bumblebee Creek, Bunton Hollow Creek, Burney Valley Creek, Burns Creek, Butler Creek, Butte Creek, Butte Fork Applegate River, Buzzard Creek, Cabin Meadow Creek, Cade Creek, Camp Creek, Canyon Creek, Canyon Creek, Canyon Creek, Cape Horn Creek, Caribou Creek, Caroline Creek, Carrick Creek, Carter Creek, Castle Lake Creek, Catsup Creek, Cecil Creek, Cedar Creek, Cedar Creek, Cedar Creek, Cement Creek, Cherry Creek, Cherry Creek, China Creek, China Creek, China Creek, China Doctor Creek, Clark Creek, Clauson Creek, Clear Creek, Clear Creek, Clear Creek, Clear Creek, Coats Creek, Cody Creek, Coffee Can Creek, Cold Creek, Cold Creek, Cold Creek, Cold Creek, Cold Springs Creek, Cole Creek, Collins Creek, Cook and Green Creek, Coon Creek, Coon Run, Copper Creek, Copper Creek, Copper Creek, Copper Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cougar Creek, Cow Creek, Cow Creek, Cow Creek, Crapo Creek, Crater Creek, Crawford Creek, Crawford Creek, Crystal Clear Creek, Crystal Creek, Cub Creek, Cuddihy Fork, Curley Jack Creek, Daggett Creek, Dairy Creek, Dale Creek, Darkey Creek, Davis Creek, Dead Cow Creek, Dead Horse Creek, Deadwood Creek, Death Valley Creek, Deep Creek, Deep Lake Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Lick Creek, Deer Lick Creek, Deer Lick Creek, Deer Pen Creek, Des Moines Creek, Dillon Creek, Ditch Creek, Dobbins Creek, Doe Creek, Dog Fork, Doggett Creek, Dollar Creek, Dona Creek, Donomore Creek, Doolittle Creek, Doolittle Creek, Doolittle Creek, Douglas Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Duck Lake Creek, Duncan Creek, Dunns Gulch, Dutch Creek, Dutch Creek, Dutch Creek, Dutch Creek, Dutch Creek, Duzel Creek, East Boulder Creek, East Dog Fork, East Fork Beaver Creek, East Fork Deadwood Creek, East Fork Elk Creek, East Fork Fort Goff Creek, East Fork Horse Creek, East Fork Indian Creek, East Fork Knownothing Creek, East Fork Portuguese Creek, East Fork Rattlesnake Creek, East Fork Scott River, East Fork Seiad Creek, East Fork South Fork Salmon River, East Fork Thompson Creek, East Walker Creek, Eddy Creek, Edge Creek, Edson Creek, Elk Creek, Elliott Creek, Elliott Creek, Emigrant Creek, Empire Creek, Etna Creek, Evans Creek, Everill Creek, Eyese Creek, Fall Creek, Fawn Creek, First Creek, Fish Creek, Fish Lake Creek, Fishtrap Creek, Fivemile Creek, Flems Fork, Fly Stain Creek, Fort Goff Creek, Fourmile Creek, Fourmile Creek, Fox Creek, French Creek, French Creek, Fryingpan Creek, Gard Creek, Gates Creek, Glendenning Fork, Graham Creek, Graham Creek, Granite Creek, Granite Creek, Granite Creek, Grant Creek, Grant Creek, Gravel Creek, Green Creek, Green Valley Creek, Greenhorn Creek, Grider Creek, Grizzly Creek, Grouse Creek, Grouse Creek, Grouse Creek, Gulick Creek, Gum Boot Creek, Gumboot Creek, Halfmoon Creek, Halverson Creek, Hammel Creek, Hancock Creek, Harris Creek, Hayes Creek, Haypress Creek, Hedge Creek, Hell Hole Creek, Herr Creek, Herr Creek, Highland Creek, Hines Creek, Hogan Creek, Hole in the Ground Creek, Horn Creek, Horse Creek, Horse Creek, Horse Creek, Horse Range Creek, Horsethief Creek, Hot Creek, Houston Creek, Humbug Creek, Hummingbird Creek, Hungry Creek, Hunts Creek, Hutton Creek, Ikes Creek, Ikes Creek, Inconstance Creek, Independence Creek, Indian Creek, Indian Creek, Indian Creek, Indian Creek, Iron Creek, Irving Creek, Isinglass Creek, Jackass Creek, Jackson Creek, Jenny Creek, Jim Creek, Joe Creek, Joe Miles Creek, Johns Meadows Creek, Johnson Creek, Johnson Creek, Johnson Creek, Julien Creek, Juniper Creek, Kanaka Creek, Kangaroo Creek, Keeler Creek, Kelsey Creek, Kennedy Creek, Kidd Creek, Kidder Creek, King Creek, Kinsman Creek, Knownothing Creek, Kohl Creek, Kuntz Creek, Ladds Creek, Lake of the Island Creek, Left Hand Fork Specimen Creek, Left Hand Fork Uncles Creek, Lewis Creek, Lick Creek, Lick Creek, Lick Creek, Little Bear Valley Creek, Little Bogus Creek, Little Carmen Creek, Little Dutch Creek, Little Elk Creek, Little Elk Lake Creek, Little Ferry Creek, Little Grider Creek, Little Grizzly Creek, Little Houston Creek, Little Humbug Creek, Little Jackson Creek, Little Medicine Creek, Little Mill Creek, Little North Fork Salmon River, Little Shasta River, Little Smoky Creek, Little Soda Creek, Little South Fork Indian Creek, Little South Fork Salmon River, Little Springs Creek, Little Twin Creek, Long High Creek, Long Prairie Creek, Longfellow Creek, Lost Lake Creek, Lost River, Louie Creek, Louse Creek, Lumgrey Creek, Lunch Creek, Lunch Creek, Macks Creek, Malone Creek, Marble Creek, Marilyn Creek, Matthews Creek, Maxwell Creek, McAdam Creek, McCarthy Creek, McCash Fork, McGuffy Creek, McKay Creek, McKinney Creek, McNeal Creek, McNeil Creek, Meamber Creek, Medicine Creek, Meeks Meadow Creek, Merrill Creek, Methodist Creek, Middle Creek, Middle Creek, Middle Fork Applegate River, Middle Fork Clear Creek, Middle Fork Fort Goff Creek, Middle Fork Humbug Creek, Middle Fork of Little South Fork, Middle Fork Sacramento River, Middle Fork Titus Creek, Milk Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Miners Creek, Mitchell Creek, Moffett Creek, Monte Creek, Monte Creek, Morehouse Creek, Morgan Creek, Mountain House Creek, Muck-a-Muck Creek, Mud Creek, Mud Creek, Mule Creek, Music Creek, Muskgrave Creek, Natuket Creek, Negro Creek, Negro Creek, Ney Springs Creek, Nicklwaite Creek, No Mans Creek, No Name Creek, Nordheimer Creek, North Fork Bear Creek, North Fork Bogus Creek, North Fork Clear Creek, North Fork Creek, North Fork Dillon Creek, North Fork Ditch Creek, North Fork French Creek, North Fork Greenhorn Creek, North Fork Horse Range Creek, North Fork Kelsey Creek, North Fork Sacramento River, North Fork Salmon River, North Fork Wooley Creek, North Hungry Creek, North Russian Creek, Noyes Valley Creek, O'Neil Creek, Oak Flat Creek, Oak Hollow Creek, Olsen Creek, Onemile Creek, Oregon Slu, Oro Fino Creek, Panther Creek, Panther Creek, Panther Creek, Panther Creek, Parker Creek, Parks Creek, Pat Ford Creek, Patterson Creek, Patterson Creek, Paynes Creek, Paynes Lake Creek, Peregrine Creek, Picnic Creek, Pig Creek, Pilgrim Creek, Pitch Fork, Plummer Creek, Poison Creek, Pole Creek, Pomeroy Creek, Portuguese Creek, Portuguese Creek, Prather Creek, Preston Creek, Punch Creek, Raccoon Creek, Rail Creek, Rainy Valley Creek, Rancheria Creek, Rattlesnake Creek, Red Hill Creek, Red Rock Creek, Reynolds Creek, Rhodonite Creek, Right Hand Fork Uncles Creek, Right Hand North Fork Salmon River, Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Rock Fence Creek, Rogers Creek, Rough Creek, Ruffey Creek, Rush Creek, Sainte Claire Creek, Salmon River, Salt Creek, Salt Creek, Salt Log Creek, Sandy Bar Creek, Scarface Creek, Schoolhouse Creek, Scotch Creek, Scott Camp Creek, Scott River, Seattle Creek, Second Valley Creek, Seiad Creek, Seikel Creek, Shackleford Creek, Shadow Creek, Shasta River, Sheepheaven Creek, Sheepy Creek, Shelly Fork, Shelton Creek, Shiltos Creek, Shinar Creek, Shingle Creek, Short Creek, Shovel Creek, Sign Creek, Silver Fork, Singleton Creek, Sixmile Creek, Skunk Creek, Slide Creek, Slide Creek, Slide Creek, Slide Creek, Slippery Creek, Sloan Creek, Slug Creek, Smith Creek, Smith Fork, Smoky Creek, Snackenbury Creek, Sniktaw Creek, Snow Creek, Snowshoe Creek, Soap Creek, Soapstone Creek, Soda Creek, Soldier Creek, Somes Creek, South Fork Bogus Creek, South Fork China Creek, South Fork Clear Creek, South Fork Clear Creek, South Fork Humbug Creek, South Fork Indian Creek, South Fork Kelsey Creek, South Fork Mill Creek, South Fork Pat Ford Creek, South Fork Sacramento River, South Fork Salmon River, South Fork Scott River, South Fork Taylor Creek, South Fork Willow Creek, South Fork Wooley Creek, South Russian Creek, Spaulding Creek, Specimen Creek, Spring Branch, Spring Creek, Squirrel Creek, Stanshaw Creek, Stanza Creek, Steep Trail Creek, Steinacher Creek, Stink Creek, Studhorse Creek, Sucker Creek, Sugar Creek, Sur Cree Creek, Sutcliffe Creek, Swamp Creek, Swillup Creek, Tangle Blue Creek, Tate Creek, Taylor Creek, Taylor Creek, Taylor Creek, Teneyck Creek, Tenmile Creek, Thomas Creek, Thompson Creek, Three Creeks, Ti Creek, Tickner Creek, Tiger Fork, Tims Creek, Tinkham Creek, Titus Creek, Tom Martin Creek, Tom Payne Creek, Tompkins Creek, Toms Valley Creek, Trail Creek, Trapper Creek, Tripp Creek, Trout Creek, Tuft Creek, Twin Creeks, Twin Valley Creek, U-Fish Creek, Ukonom Creek, Uncles Creek, Upper Elk Creek, Vann Creek, Vesa Creek, Wagon Creek, Walker Creek, Walla Walla Creek, Wards Fork, West Boulder Creek, West Branch Indian Creek, West Branch Indian Creek, West Cottonwood Creek, West Fork Beaver Creek, West Fork Beaver Creek, West Fork Clear Creek, West Fork Crawford Creek, West Fork Dutch Creek, West Fork Fort Goff Creek, West Fork Horse Creek, West Fork Knownothing Creek, West Fork Little South Fork Indian Creek, West Fork McKinney Creek, West Fork Parks Creek, West Fork Plummer Creek, West Fork Rattlesnake Creek, West Fork Seiad Creek, West Fork Shadow Creek, West Grider Creek, Whiskey Creek, Whisky Creek, Whisky Creek, Whitney Creek, Wildcat Creek, Williams Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Wilson Creek, Wingate Creek, Wolf Creek, Wolf Creek, Woods Creek, Wooley Creek, Wooliver Creek, Yellow Dog Creek, Yellow Jacket Creek, Yreka Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Abney Butte, Anderson Peak, Antelope Mountain, Ash Creek Butte, Asperin Butte, Badger Mountain, Badger Peak, Bailey Hill, Bald Butte, Bald Hill, Bald Mountain, Bald Mountain, Baldy, Baldy Mountain, Ball Mountain, Bally Mountain, Bare Mountain, Barntop Mountain, Bat Butte, Bear Mountain, Bear Mountain, Bear Peak, Bear Wallow Peak, Bearcat Mountain, Bearpaw Butte, Black Butte, Black Fox Mountain, Black Marble Mountain, Black Mountain, Black Mountain, Black Mountain, Bloomingcamp Peak, Blue Mountain, Bogus Mountain, Bonita Butte, Border Mountain, Boulder Peak, Boulder Peak, Bowerman Peak, Box Camp Mountain, Browns Knob, Buck Butte, Buck Hill, Buck Mountain, Buck Peak, Buckhorn Bally, Buckhorn Mountain, Bullion Mountain, Butcher Hill, Butler Mountain, Butte Mountain, Cabin Butte, Cade Mountain, Caldwell Butte, Caldwell Minor, Camelback, Canyon Mountain, Caribou Mountain, Carter Meadows Summit, Cedar Mountain, Chaparral Hill, China Mountain, China Peak, China Peak, Chip Butte, Cinder Butte, Cinder Cone, Cinder Cone, Close Butte, Condrey Mountain, Cook and Green Butte, Copper Butte, Copper Mountain, Cottonwood Peak, Cougar Butte, Coyote Peak, Coyote Point, Craggy Mountain, Craggy Peak, Cranston Knob, Crapo Mountain, Crescent Butte, Cub Hill, D Hill, Daggett Mountain, Dead Horse Summit, Deadman Point, Deadwood Baldy Peak, Deer Mountain, Denny Point, Desolation Peak, Dillon Mountain, Doe Peak, Dogwood Butte, Dorris Hill, Dorris Hill, Drop Rock, Dry Creek Peak, Dry Lake Mountain, Eagle Nest Butte, Eagle Rock, East Jerome Butte, East Peak, Eaton Peak, El Capitan, Elk Peak, English Peak, Etna Mountain, Evans Mountain, Everitt Hill, Fawn Hill, Figurehead Mountain, Fons Butte, Fourmile Butte, Fourmile Hill, Fruit Mountain, Garner Butte, Garner Mountain, Gazelle Mountain, Glass Mountain, Goff Butte, Goosenest, Gray Butte, Green Butte, Gregory Mountain, Grizzly Peak, Grouse Hill, Gunsight Peak, Haight Mountain, Hambone Butte, Hardin Butte, Harris Knoll, Harris Mountain, Haystack, Haystack Butte, Herd Peak, Hill 22, Hill 23, Hippo Butte, Hopper Hill, Horn Peak, Horse Mountain, Horse Peak, Horsethief Butte, Howe Point, Huckleberry Mountain, Hughes Hill, Hunters Hill, Ikes Mountain, Indian Butte, Indian Creek Baldy, Indian Spring Mountain, Inlow Butte, Irving Mountain, Island Butte, J F Mountain, Jackson Peak, Jerome Butte, Juniper Knoll, Kangaroo Mountain, Kings Castle, Kluntuchi Butte, Lake Mountain, Lick Mountain, Lilly Mountain, Little Baldy, Little Black Fox Mountain, Little Cottonwood Peak, Little Deer Mountain, Little Glass Mountain, Little Grayback, Little Horse Peak, Little Medicine Mountain, Little Mount Hoffman, Little Pilot, Little Preston, Lookout Butte, Lookout Point, Lovers Leap, Lower Devils Peak, Lyons Peak, Mahogany Mountain, Mahogany Point, Manzanita Hill, Marble Mountain, Martin Hill, Marys Peak, McGavin Peak, McKenzie Butte, McKinley Mountain, Medicine Mountain, Medicine Mountain, Merrill Mountain, Middle Devils Peak, Miller Mountain, Misery Hill, Montana Peak, Monument Point, Mount Bradley, Mount Dome, Mount Eddy, Mount Emily, Mount Hebron, Mount Hoffman, Mount Shasta, Murch Butte, Nine Buck Butte, No Mans Mountain, Offield Mountain, Orleans Mountain, Orr Mountain, Oso Butte, Owls Head, Packers Peak, Papoose Hill, Paradise Craggy, Pigeon Roost, Piney Mountain, Pony Peak, Porcupine Butte, Portuguese Peak, Powder Hill, Prescott Mountain, Preston Peak, Prospect Hill, Pumice Stone Mountain, Pyramid Peak, Quail Hill, Quartz Hill, Rabbit Hill, Rainbow Mountain, Rattlesnake Butte, Rattlesnake Mountain, Red Butte, Red Butte, Red Butte, Red Cap Mountain, Red Hill, Red Hill, Red Hill, Red Hill, Red Hill, Red Shale Butte, Riverview, Rock Creek Butte, Round Mountain, Round Mountain, Russell Peak, Russian Peak, Sauerkraut Peak, Sawtooth Mountain, Schneider Hill, Schonchin Butte, Schoolhouse Hill, Scraggy Mountain, Secret Spring Mountain, Sentinel Rocks, Sharp Mountain, Shastarama Point, Shastina, Sheep Camp Butte, Sheep Mountain, Sheepheaven Butte, Sheepy Peak, Shotgun Peak, Signal Butte, Six Shooter Butte, Slater Butte, Slinkard Peak, Sloan Butte, Smith Hill, Snag Hill, Snell Butte, Snowmans Hill, Solomons Temple, Somes Mountain, South China Mountain, Spees Peak, Spring Hill, Squaw Peak, Steamboat Mountain, Stephens Butte, Sterling Mountain, Stillwater Butte, Stricklin Butte, Stud Hill, Sugar Hill, Sugar Pine Butte, Sugarloaf, Tanners Peak, Ten Bear Mountain, Terwilliger Peak, The Lieutenants, The Whaleback, Thomas Hill, Three Sisters, Tims Peak, Toad Mountain, Tom Martin Peak, Tom Payne Peak, Trail Mountain, Tri-Forest Peak, Trout Creek Butte, Typhoon Mesa, Ukonom Mountain, Ulcer Point, Upper Devils Peak, Watakma Butte, West Haight Mountain, Whisky Butte, White Cloud Mountain, White Mountain, Whitney Butte, Wild Horse Mountain, Wildcat Peak, Willow Creek Mountain, Windmill Point, Windy Peak, Yellow Butte, Yellow Butte, Yellow Dog Peak, Yellowjacket Butte

  Swamps     show all on map

Boozey Lake, Crumes Lake, Deep Lake, Falvey Lake, Gillem Lakes, Grass Lake, Laird Lake, Lake One, Long Glade, Lower Klamath Lake Sump, Shovel Creek Meadows, Summit Lake, Tule Lake

  Towers     show all on map

Blue Ridge Lookout Tower, English Peak Lookout Tower, KEDY-FM (Mount Shasta), KEDY-FM (Mount Shasta), KSYC-AM (Yreka), KWHO-FM (Weed), KWHO-FM (Weed), KWSD-AM (Mount Shasta), KYRE-FM (Yreka)

  Trails     show all on map

Angel Meadow Trail, Bear Creek Trail, Big Nasty Trail, Bill Fruit Trail, Boundary National Recreation Trail, Bunchgrass Trail, Burnt Camp Trail, Castle Lake Trail, Clear Creek National Recreation Trail, Clear Creek Trail, Copper Trail, Deacon Lee Trail, Garden Gulch Trail, Gillem Bluff Trail, Goosenest Trail, Horse Camp Trail, Jacobs Ladder, Kelsey Trail, Little Soda Creek Trail, Low Gap Trail, Missing Link Trail, Parker Camp Trail, Sisson Calahan National Recreation Trail, Soda Creek Trail, Spees Peak Trail, Tanners Peak Trail, Titus Ridge Trail, Vesa Creek Trail, Whitney Butte Trail, Willow Creek Mountain Trail

  Tunnels     show all on map

Tule Lake Tunnel

  Valleys     show all on map

Alder Gulch, Ankeny Gulch, Applesauce Gulch, Argus Gulch, Ault Gulch, Avalanche Gulch, Avalanche Gulch, Baker Gulch, Baker Gulch, Bark Shanty Gulch, Barn Gulch, Bean Gulch, Beans Gulch, Bear Canyon, Bear Gulch, Bear Gulch, Bear Gulch, Bear Valley, Bear Valley, Bear Valley, Bear Wallow Gulch, Bearground Gulch, Beartrap Gulch, Beef Corral Gulch, Big Brushy Gulch, Big Conrad Gulch, Big Lime Gulch, Big Wheel Gulch, Bigelow Gulch, Bigland Gulch, Black Gulch, Black Rock Canyon, Blacks Gulch, Blacks Gulch, Bloody Gulch, Blue Canyon, Blue Gulch, Blue Gulch, Boardman Gulch, Boardtree Gulch, Bogard Gulch, Boulder Gulch, Box Canyon, Box Canyon, Boyd Gulch, Bridge Gulch, Browns Gulch, Browns Gulch, Bruces Gulch, Brushy Gulch, Brushy Gulch, Brushy Gulch, Brushy Gulch, Buckhorn Gulch, Bug Gulch, Burney Valley, Bushy Gulch, Butcher Gulch, Butcher Gulch, Butte Valley, Cabin Gulch, Callahan Gulch, Camp Gulch, Camp Gulch, Canaan Gulch, Canal Gulch, Caribou Gulch, Carson Gulch, Cascade Gulch, Cayuse Gulch, Cedar Cove, Cedar Gulch, Cedar Gulch, Cedar Gulch, Chase Gulch, China Gulch, China Gulch, China Gulch, China Gulch, China Gulch, City Gulch, Clapboard Gulch, Cliff Valley, Clinton Draw, Coleman Gulch, Compressor Gulch, Cooley Gulch, Coon Hollow, Costa Gulch, Cougar Gulch, Counts Gulch, Cousins Gulch, Coyote Gulch, Coyote Gulch, Cracker Gulch, Cram Gulch, Crawfish Gulch, Creole Belle Gulch, Croaks Gulch, Cronan Gulch, Crooked Gulch, Crooker Gulch, Croy Gulch, Cuddihy Valley, Dark Canyon, Dark Gulch, Davis Canyon, Davis Gulch, Dead Horse Canyon, Dead Horse Gulch, Dead Mule Gulch, Deadman Gulch, Deadman Gulch, Desolation Gulch, Devils Canyon, Devils Gulch, Devils Gulch, Devils Gulch, Dewey Gulch, Diggles Gulch, Diller Canyon, Dockery Gulch, Dog Paw Gulch, Dowling Gulch, Dry Gulch, Dry Gulch, Dry Gulch, Dutch Gulch, Earhart Canyon, East Fork Eddy Gulch, East Fork Whites Gulch, East Gulch, Echo Canyon, Eddy Gulch, Eliza Gulch, Elk Valley, Elmo Gulch, Enterprise Gulch, Facey Gulch, Fan Gulch, Farley Gulch, Fat Doe Gulch, Finley Gulch, Fish Gulch, Fish Gulch, Flat Springs Canyon, Flower Gulch, Flume Canyon, Fogg Gulch, Fong Wah Gulch, Four Bit Gulch, Fourth of July Gulch, Franklin Gulch, Franklin Gulch, Franks Valley, French Gulch, French Gulch, French Gulch, Frog Pond Gulch, Garden Gulch, Garden Gulch, Garvey Gulch, Gasquet Gulch, George Allen Gulch, Gibson Gulch, Glasgow Gulch, Glendenning Gulch, Gooey Gulch, Gopher Gulch, Gould Gulch, Graham Gulch, Granite Gulch, Graveyard Gulch, Green Valley, Grider Valley, Grizzly Gulch, Guys Gulch, Hamburg Gulch, Hamlin Gulch, Hardscrabble Gulch, Harlan Davis Canyon, Harry Hall Gulch, Harvey Gulch, Hayes Gulch, Hazel Gulch, Headwater Gulch, Heartstrand Gulch, Heiney Gulch, Hello Canyon, Hells Canyon, Henry Bell Gulch, Henrys Gulch, Hi You Gulch, Hickey Gulch, Hicks Gulch, Hidden Valley, Hog Gulch, Horseshoe Gulch, Hossick Gulch, Hotelling Gulch, Hovey Gulch, Howards Gulch, Hull Gulch, Humbug Gulch, Hunters Gulch, Hurds Gulch, Independence Valley, Indian Gulch, Indian Gulch, Jackass Gulch, Jail Gulch, Jake Allgood Gulch, Jakes Gulch, Jaynes Canyon, Jennings Gulch, Jessups Gulch, Johnny Bull Gulch, Jones Gulch, Joyland Gulch, Kanaka Gulch, Kelly Gulch, Kelly Gulch, Kennebec Gulch, Kentuck Gulch, Ketchum Gulch, Knox Gulch, Kuck Ditch Draw, Lashes Gulch, Lawson Gulch, Left Fork Canaan Gulch, Lick Gulch, Lightning Gulch, Lightning Gulch, Lime Gulch, Lime Gulch, Lime Gulch, Lime Gulch, Lime Gulch, Limekiln Gulch, Limestone Gulch, Little Barkhouse Gulch, Little Bear Valley, Little China Gulch, Little Conrad Gulch, Little Humbug Gulch, Little Rattlesnake Gulch, Little Springs Canyon, Live Yankee Gulch, Log Gulch, Logan Gulch, Long Gulch, Long Gulch, Long Gulch, Long Gulch, Long Gulch, Long Gulch, Long Gulch, Long Gulch, Long Gulch, Lovelady Gulch, Luce Gulch, Luther Gulch, Mallard Gulch, Manzanita Gulch, Maple Gulch, Maple Gulch, Marble Gulch, Marley Gulch, McConaughy Gulch, Meadow Gulch, Meamber Gulch, Messner Gulch, Middle Gulch, Middle Lick Gulch, Milk Gulch, Mill Gulch, Miller Gulch, Miller Gulch, Modoc Gulch, Modoc Gulch, Monument Gulch, Moonshine Gulch, Moore Gulch, Moores Gulch, Murderers Gulch, Murphy Gulch, Mutton Gulch, Myrtle Gulch, Negro Creek Canyon, Negro Gulch, Nellie Gray Gulch, Neversweet Gulch, New Barn Gulch, New York Gulch, Nielon Gulch, Noland Gulch, Noyes Valley, Nunes Gulch, O'Farrill Gulch, Oak Gulch, Oro Fino Valley, Orton Gulch, Osburger Gulch, Osterried Gulch, Ottley Gulch, Packers Valley, Panther Canyon, Panther Cove, Panther Gulch, Panther Gulch, Park Gulch, Parks Canyon, Paul Gulch, Peck Gulch, Peregrine Gulch, Perkins Gulch, Phillips Gulch, Picayune Gulch, Pierces Draw, Pine Tree Hollow, Pleasant Valley, Pleasant Valley, Pointers Gulch, Poison Canyon, Poison Gulch, Pollocks Gulch, Polly Gulch, Portugese Gulch, Poverty Gulch, Printer Gulch, Quartz Valley, Quigleys Cove, Ragged Gulch, Ragland Gulch, Rainy Valley, Ranch Gulch, Rancheria Gulch, Rattlesnake 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Specimen Gulch, Spring Gulch, Stack Gulch, Stage Gulch, Station Gulch, Steamboat Gulch, Steep Hollow, Stein Gulch, Stiffneck Gulch, Stoner Gulch, Stones Valley, Stove Spring Canyon, Stricklin Gulch, Sugarpine Gulch, Sundown Gulch, Sunk Gulch, Swans Gulch, Swanson Gulch, Swearingen Gulch, Sweaty Gulch, Swede Gulch, Sweetwater Gulch, Swiss Gulch, Tanner Gulch, Tanner Gulch, Tapplin Gulch, Taritsi Gulch, Telephone Gulch, Tennessee Gulch, Tennessee Gulch, Thompson Gulch, Three Biscuit Gulch, Timber Gulch, Timber Gulch, Timber Gulch, Timothy Gulch, Tincup Gulch, Titcomb Gulch, Titmouse Gulch, Tom Gray Gulch, Toms Cabin Gulch, Townsend Gulch, Trail Gulch, Trail Gulch, Trail Gulch, Trail Gulch, Trail Gulch, Tuttle Gulch, Twin Valley, Two Bit Gulch, Tyler Gulch, Uminoffer Gulch, Van Horn Gulch, Wagner Gulch, Walbridge Gulch, Walker Gulch, Walla Walla Gulch, Walters Gulch, Water Gulch, Webb Gulch, West Fork Eddy Gulch, West Fork Whites Gulch, Weston Gulch, Whiskey Gulch, White Rock Gulch, Whites Gulch, Whites Gulch, Whites Gulch, Whites Gulch, Whites Gulch, Wild Gulch, Wildcat Gulch, Williams Gulch, Wilson Gulch, Windler Gulch, Winters Gulch, Wood Gulch, Wood Gulch, Wood Gulch, Woodchopper Gulch, Woods Gulch, Yonka Gulch, Youngs Valley, Zolls Gulch

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Antelope Well, Bray Well, Cedar Well, Deter Well, Dock Well, Hambone Well, Jacobs Well, La Honda Well, Lairds Well, Lost Iron Well, McIntosh Well, Murphy Well, Parsons Well, Pumice Stone Well, Rainbow Well, Sand Flat Well, Toad Well, Van Bremmer Well, White Deer Well,

Siskiyou County, California Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteSiskiyou County White population 38,78438,783  
MixedSiskiyou County Mixed population 2,1232,122
American IndianSiskiyou County American Indian population 1,9901,990
BlackSiskiyou County Black population 663663
AsianSiskiyou County Asian population 575574
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderSiskiyou County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 133132

Additional population tables :
State population table
California population by county