Trinity County, California Basics:

Trinity County California - Government Site

Population: 13,506
Area: 3179 square miles
County seat: Weaverville
Area code(s) in use: 530 707
Time zone: PST
High school graduate or higher: 91.3%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 19.7%
Median household income: $36,569
Persons in poverty: 17.7%
Home ownership rate: 73.2%
Mean travel time to work: 18.6 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Humboldt  Mendocino  Shasta  Siskiyou  Tehama  

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Map of the Trinity County area

Our detail map of Trinity County shows the Trinity County, California boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Trinity County, California

  Airports     show all on map

Hayfork Airport, Hell'er High Water Airport, Hyampom Airport, Lake Mountain Landing Strip, Lonnie Pool Field/Weaverville Airport, Ruth Airport, Silver Creek Ranch Airport, Trinity Center Airport

  Arches     show all on map

Massacre Natural Bridge

  Areas     show all on map

Bear Valley Meadows, Bear Wallow Meadows, Cutler Thicker, Frazier Gardens, Haypress, Jakes Hunting Ground, Keystone Meadows, Little Prairie, Lower Siligo Meadow, Pony Mountain Meadows

  Bars     show all on map

Canadian Bar, Coopers Bar, Evans Bar, French Bar, Gold Bar, Hawkins Bar, Idaho Bar, Luccock Bar, McAtee Bar, New York Bar, Poker Bar, Schneiders Bar

  Basins     show all on map

Alder Basin, Antone Basin, Baker Hollow, Bear Basin, Black Basin, Bullards Basin, Cedar Basin, Clarks Basin, Cub Wallow, Elderberry Duff, Frying Pan, Joe Basin, La Flume Basin, Montgomery Basin, Mumbo Basin, Mumford Basin, Panther Basin, Pettijohn Basin, Refuge Valley, Soldier Basin, Uhl Basin, Willow Basin

  Bays     show all on map

Dillon Cove, Hetten Cove, Papoose Arm

  Benches     show all on map

Eagle Creek Benches

  Bends     show all on map

Corral Bottom, Devils Elbow, Devils Kitchen, Hall Gate

  Bridges     show all on map

Fern Point Bridge, Mule Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

California Highway Patrol Weaverville, Coffee Creek Volunteer Fire Department, Douglas City Fire Department, Downriver Volunteer Fire Company, Fosters Cabin, Hawkins Bar Fire Department, Hayfork Branch Trinity County Library, Hayfork Ranger District Station, Hayfork Volunteer Fire Department, Highland Art Center, Hyampom Volunteer Fire Department, Ironsides Museum, Junction City Fire Protection District Station 1, Junction City Fire Protection District Station 2, Junction City Fire Protection District Station 3, Lewiston Volunteer Fire Department, Old Womans Home, Osprey Information Center, Post Mountain Volunteer Fire Department, Salyer Volunteer Fire Department, Scott Museum, Southern Trinity Area Rescue, Southern Trinity Area Rescue Substation, Trinity Center Volunteer Fire Department, Trinity County Courthouse, Trinity County Law Library, Trinity County Library, Trinity County Life Support, Trinity County Sheriff's Office, Trinity County Sheriff's Office Substation, Trinity Visitor Center, Veterans Memorial Hall, Weaverville Volunteer Fire Department, Zenia Kettenpom Volunteer Fire Department

  Canals     show all on map

Buckeye Ditch, Coffee Ditch, Diener Ditch, Howes Ditch, La Grange Ditch, Union Hill Ditch

  Capes     show all on map

Ant Point, Dun Juan Point, Fern Point, Johnson Point, Kingfisher Point, Pauls Point, Rattlesnake Point, Tonys Point, Wilson Point, Zeigler Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Ridgeville Cemetery, Weaverville Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Burnt Ranch Census Designated Place, Coffee Creek Census Designated Place, Douglas City Census Designated Place, Hayfork Census Designated Place, Hyampom Census Designated Place, Junction City Census Designated Place, Lewiston Census Designated Place, Mad River Census Designated Place, Ruth Census Designated Place, Trinity Center Census Designated Place, Trinity Village Census Designated Place, Weaverville Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Church Wilburn, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Weaverville Church of the Nazarene

  Cliffs     show all on map

Cement Bluff, Zenia Bluffs

  Crossings     show all on map

Hoxie Crossing, Staffords Crossing, Waldorf Crossing

  Dams     show all on map

Ewing 1072 Dam, Lewiston Dam, Robert W Matthews Dam, Trinity Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Burnt Ranch Falls, Canyon Creek Falls, Gray Falls, Kickapoo Waterfall

  Flats     show all on map

Asa Bean Flat, Bear Flat, Bear Wallow Meadow, Bee Tree Flat, Bell Flat, Benjamin Flat, Big Flat, Big Flat, Big Flat of Naufus, Big Meadow, Blacks Flat, Blanchard Flat, Boles Opening, Bowerman Meadows, Butter Creek Meadows, Butterfly Flat, Cannon Ball Flat, Cedar Flat, Cherry Flat, Cherry Flat, Chicken Flat, Chipmunk Meadow, Clems Flat, Cleveland Meadow, Deer Flat, Digger Pine Flat, Doe Flat, Double Cabin Flat, Echo Flat, Ferguson Flat, Fern Glade, Foster Glades, Gibson Meadow, Grass Valley, Grasshopper Flat, Grassy Flat, Gratten Flat, Grizzly Meadows, Grouse Prairie, Haynes Delight, Haypress Meadow, Hayward Flat, Hocker Flat, Hocker Meadow, Hoffman Flat, Hole-in-the-Ground, Horse Heaven Meadows, Horse Pasture, Johnson Glades, Keystone Flat, Lazyman Flat, Little Bear Wallow Meadow, Long Glade, Lower Canyon Creek Meadows, Manzanita Flat, Maple Flat, Mary Blaine Meadow, Masterson Meadow, Meter Meadow, Morris Meadows, Morris Meadows, Mumford Meadow, Murphy Glades, Musser Flat, Oak Flat, Oak Flat, Oak Flat, Oneeyed Flat, Packwood Flat, Parker Meadow, Penney Glades, Perry Salt Log, Pfeiffer Flat, Pine Flat, Prather Flat, Preacher Meadow, Raglan Flat, Rainey Glades, Raymond Flat, Red Flat, Red Mountain Field, Red Mountain Meadows, Red Mountain Pasture, Robbers Meadow, Rock Flat, Rutled Opening, Salt Flat, Scott Flat, Scott Glades, Siligo Meadows, Silver Flat, Skunk Flat, Springtime Flat, Squaw Flat, Squirrel Flat, Starvation Flat, Steiner Flat, Steveale Meadow, Stockton Flat, Stoddard Meadow, Summit Flat, Sunflower Flat, Sunflower Glade, Sunny Flat, Sweepstake Flat, Swim Meadow, Taylor Flat, Taylors Flat, Upper Canyon Creek Meadows, Van Matre Meadows, Waldorff Flat, Weber Flat, Wintoon Flat

  Forests     show all on map

Ellen Pickett State Forest, Trinity National Forest

  Gaps     show all on map

Bear Gap, Bee Tree Gap, Cedar Gap, Chikoot Pass, Chris Gap, Deer Creek Pass, Glennison Gap, Hayfork Summit, High Camp Pass, Hole in the Ground, Lamb Gap, Little Stonewall Pass, Low Gap, Low Gap, Low Gap, Nelson Creek Gap, Oregon Mountain Summit, Rattlesnake Gap, Scott Mountain Summit, Sims Gap, Slate Gap, Snow Gap, Stonewall Pass, Stoveleg Gap, West Low Gap

  Hospitals     show all on map

Trinity Hospital

  Islands     show all on map

Irish Isles, Ridgeville Islands

  Lakes     show all on map

Adams Lake, Alpine Lake, Antone Lake, Big Bear Lake, Big Lake, Big Marshy Lake, Billy-Be-Damn Lake, Black Rock Lake, Bluff Lake, Bollman Lake, Boulder Creek Lakes, Boulder Lake, Buck Lake, Bull Lake, Canyon Creek Lakes, Conway Lake, Deadfall Lakes, Deer Lake, Devils Lake, Diamond Lake, Doe Lake, Dry Lake, East Fork Lakes, East Weaver Lake, Echo Lake, Emerald Lake, Forbidden Lakes, Foster Lake, Found Lake, French Lake, Friend Lake, Gibson Lake, Graham Lake, Granite Lake, Granite Lake, Grizzly Lake, Grouse Lake, Hell to Find Lake, Henthorne Lake, Hidden Lake, Highland Lakes, Horse Ranch Lake, Horseshoe Lake, Kalmia Lake, L Lake, Lake Anna, Lake Eleanor, Landers Lake, Lily Lake, Lily Lake, Lilypad Lake, Lion Lake, Little Bear Lake, Little Boulder Lake, Little Lake, Little Marshy Lake, Log Lake, Lois Lake, Lost Lake, Lost Lake, Lower Lake, Lucky Lake, Luella Lake, Maddox Lake, Masterson Meadow Lake, McCartneys Pond, McDonald Lake, Minnie Lake, Mirror Lake, Mosquito Lake, Mud Lake, Mullane Lake, Mumbo Lake, Papoose Lake, Picayune Lake, Pond Lily Lake, Pony Lake, Rattlesnake Lake, Round Lake, Rush Creek Lakes, Sapphire Lake, Scorpion Lake, Seven Up Lake, Shimmy Lake, Slattery Pond, Slide Lake, Smith Lake, Stoddard Lake, Sugar Pine Lake, Summit Lake, Swan Lake, Tamarack Lake, Tangle Blue Lake, Tapie Lake, Turtle Lake, Twin Lakes, Twin Lakes, Union Lake, Union Lakes, Upper Lake, Upper Mumbo Lake, Ward Lake, Watts Lake, Wee Bear Lake, Whites Creek Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Ackerman Campground, Adams Ranch, Alpine View Campground, Asa Bear Crossing, Atkinson Historical Site, Backbone Ridge Lookout, Bailey Canyon Campground, Bailey Canyon Campground, Barritt Cabin, Bear Creek Cabin, Bear Creek Trailhead Parking, Bear Lake Camp, Bear Valley Meadows Camp, Bear Wallow Camp, Bear Wallow Camp, Bearwallow Camp, Big Bar District Ranger Office, Big Bar Ranger Station, Big Bar Recreation Site, Big Creek Ranch, Big Flat Campground, Big Meadow Camp (historical), Big Slide Campground, Billys Peak Lookout, Blacks Camp, Blossom Cabin, Blue Point, Bobs Farm, Bowerman Boat Launching Ramp, Bowermans Ranch, Bridge Camp, Brooks Ranch, Brown Camp, Brown Camp, Browns Camp, Buckhorn Camp, Buckhorn Station, Bucks Ranch, Burnt Ranch Campground, Burnt Ranch Station, Bushytail Campground, Butte Camp, Camp Carter, Camp Springtime, Camp Trinity, Canyon City, Canyon Creek Trailhead Parking, Captains Point Campground, Carter Ranch, Cedar Flat Picnic Area, Chapman Ranch, Cherry Camp, Chicago Camp, China Gardens, China Gardens Camp, Clark Spring Campground, Clements Ranch, Clems Camp, Cobb Ranch, Coffee Creek Guard Station, Coffee Creek Ranch, Coffee Creek Station, Cold Springs Campground, Coleridge, Cooper Gulch Campground, Covington Mill, Dedrick Lookout, Deer Creek Camp, Denny Campground, Denny Forest Service Station, Devil Camp, Dinkles Ranch, Double A Ranch, Double Cabins, Douglas City Campground, Duncan Ranch, Duncan Ranch, Dutchman Camp, Eagle Creek Campground, Eagle Creek Ranch, Eagle Creek Trailhead Parking, Eagle Ranch, East Fork Trailhead Parking, East Weaver Campground, Eightmile Camp, Election Camp, Eltapom, Emmons Cabin, Enos Camp, Fannie Wilburn Historical Site, Fawn Campground, Fawn Lodge, Fawn Lodge Forest Service Station, Feldmiller Ranch, Fern Campground, Fingal Ranch, Fir Cove Campground, Fir Cove Campground, Flournoy Cabin, Flyblow Camp, Fool Gulch Camp, Forest Glen Campground, Foss Camp, Fosters Cabin, Fourth of July Camp, Francis Cabin, French Ranch, Gemmill Gulch Picnic Area, Georges Valley Parking, Georges Valley Trailhead, Gilman Ranch, Gilman Ranch, Glade Campground (historical), Goat Camp, Goat Camp (historical), Goldfield Campground, Goldfield Ranger Station (historical), Goldfish Campground, Grasshopper Campground, Grasshopper Ranger Station (historical), Grasshoppers Camp, Gray Falls Campground, Gray Ranch, Green Mountain Trailhead Parking, Grel Ranch, Grunerts Place, Gumboat Trailhead Parking, Gummer Place, Hailstone Camp, Hangers Roost Camp (historical), Harmon, Hayden Flat Campground, Hayden Flat Guard Station, Hayden Place (historical), Hayfork Bally Lookout, Hayward Flat Campground, Heath Ranch, Helena, Hell Gate Recreation Site, Hidden Valley Ranch, Hobart Creek Recreation Site, Hobo Gulch Campground, Hodges Cabin, Hog Ranch, Hopkins Camp, Horse Flat Campground, Horse Ranch, Horse Ridge Lookout, Hunter Camp, Hunter Camp, Hunters Camp, Hunters Camp, Hunters Camp, Hyampom Forest Station, Independent Order of Odd Fellows Camp, Indian Dick Forest Service Station, Indian Valley Station, Jackass Spring Campground, Jakes Lower Camp, Jakes Upper Camp, Jamison Ranch, Jensen Cabin, Johnson Headquarters, Jorstad Cabin, Junction City Campground, Junction City Guard Station, Keno Camp, Kinney Camp, Kokanee Picnic Area, Ladder Camp, Lake City, Lake Mountain Community Hall, Lake Mountain Ranch, Lake Mountain Ranch, Lakeview Terrace Campground, Lampley Ranch, Langworthy Cabin, Last Chance Camp, Lipps Camp, Little Doe Wilderness Trailhead, Little Rock Picnic Area, Little Rock Picnic Area, Lone Pine Corrals, Long Canyon Trailhead Parking, Long Ranch, Longs Cabin, Lovers Leap, Low Gap Campsite, Lowden Ranch, Lower Glade Camp, Lower Waldorff Ranch, Mad River Campground, Mad River Campground, Mad River Ranger Station, Mad River Ranger Station (historical), Manzanita Ranch, Marcels Ranch, Mariners Roost Campground, Martin Cabin, Mary Smith Campground, Marysville, McGillivrays Ranch (historical), McKay Camp, Megram Cabin, Messner Cabin, Messner Cabin, Milk Camp, Miller Ranch, Miller Spring Recreation Site, Minersville Campground, Moliter Cabin, Moody Ranch, Morris Meadows Camp, Morrison Cabin, Morrison Camp, Muldoon Gulch, Mule Creek Forest Service Station, Mullane Corral, Natural Bridge Picnic Area, Naufus Spike Camp, Norwegian Ranch, Old Denny, Old Willburn Ranch, Onemile Camp, Onion Camp, Panther Camp, Panther Creek Campground, Pegleg Camp, Pepperwood Corrals, Philpot Campground, Pickett Peak Campground, Pickett peak Lookout, Pigeon Point Campground, Pine Cove, Pine Cove Boat Launching Ramp, Pine Root Forest Service Station, Pine Root Spring Campground, Police Camp, Police Camp, Pony Camp, Portuguese Camp, Post Ranger Station (historical), Preacher Meadow Campground, Rattlesnake Camp, Rattlesnake Camp, Readings Bar, Ridgeville Campground, Ridgeville Island Campground, Riewerts Ranch, Ripstein Campground, River Meadows Campground, Rock Cabin Camp, Rock Cabin Parking, Rock Cabin Trailhead, Rose Ranch, Rush Creek Campground, Russell Cabin, Ruth Guard Station (historical), Saddle Camp, Saddle Camp, Saint Jacques Place, Salmon Rock Camp, Salt Creek Campground, Salt Creek School, Salyer Forest Service Facility, Salyer Work Center, Sand Place, Schlomberg Cabin, Scott Mountain Campground, Seven Up Cedars, Shannon Ranch, Shiell Ranch, Shingle Shanty, Simmons Camp (historical), Skull Camp, Skunk Point Group Campground, Skunk Point Picnic Area, Skunk Ranch, Slide Creek Campground, Slide Creek Campground, Snow Camp, Snow Survey Cabin, Soldier Ridge Parking, Soldier Ridge Trailhead, Sportshaven, Squaw Camp, Stapp Ranch, Steel Bridge Campground, Stockton Ranch, Stoddard Cabin, Stonehouse, Stoney Creek Campground, Stoney Point Campground, Stove Camp, Strunce Cabin, Stuart Fork Picnic Area, Stuart Fork Trailhead Parking, Sulphur Camp, Summit Camp (historical), Sunflower Glade Trailhead, Tanbark Picnic Area, Tannery Gulch Campground, Tepee Gulch Camp, Terral Ranch, The Cedars, Three Forks, Todd Cabin, Todd Ranch, Travis Ranch, Trinity Alps Golf Course, Trinity Alps Marina, Trinity Center Boat Ramp and Marina, Trinity Center Recreation Plus Boat Ramp Marina, Trinity Pines, Trinity River Campground, Trinity River Fish Hatchery, Trumble Ranch, Tunnel Rock Campground, Two Hundred and One Spur, Upper Glade Camp, Upper Glade Camp, Upper Waldorff Ranch, Vann Cabin, Virgin Creek Guard Station (historical), Water Spout Parking, Watertrough Camp, Watts Lake Recreation Site, Weaver Bally Lookout, Weaverville Ranger District Station, West Low Gap Trailhead, West Low Gap Trailhead Parking, Whalan Station, Whipple Ranch, White Rock City, White Rock Guard Station, Whites Bar Picnic Area, Wilburn Ranch, Windy Nip, Witter Ranch, Wolford Cabin, Wyntoon, Zenia Guard Station

  Mines     show all on map

After All Mine, Alaska Mine, Altoona Mine, Arbuckel Mine, Bales and Van Matre Mine, Barry Creek Mine, Batham Dredge Mine, Beaudry Mine, Blue Jay Mine, Boarding House Mine, Bonanza King Mine, Bonanza Mine, Bonanza Mine, Boomer Mine, Brook Mine, Brown Bear Mine, Buckeye Mine, Bully Choop Mine, Cement and Mule Creek Mine, Chloride Mine, Chloride Mine, Cinnabar Mine, Cleveland Mine, Cope and Johnson Mine, Cunningham Mine, Diener Mine, Dinsmore Pit, Dixie Queen Mine, Dorleska Mine, Eastman Mine, Ellen Mine, Engle Mine, Enterprise Mine, Fairview Dredge Mine, Fairview Mine, Farmer Mine, Five Pines Mine, Globe Mine, Grand National Mine, Gunbarrel Mine, Gypsy Queen Mine, Hazel D Mine, Highland Mine, Holland Mine, Humboldt Mine, Hunter Mine, Index Mine, Ingleside Mine, Integral Mine, Island Mountain Mine, Kadas Mine, Kellogg Mine, Kelly Mine, Klondike Mine, Kottmeter Mine, La Grange Mine, La Grange Pit, Lady Slipper Mine, Lady Slipper Mine, Layman Mine, Lewiston Dredge Mine, Liberty Mine, Little Anna Mine, Little Elsie Mine, Lone Jack Mine, Lower Nash Mine, Lower Nash Mine, Lucky Sunday Mine, Maple Mine, Mary Blaine Mine, Mary Queen Mine, Mason and Thayer Mine, McClaron Mine, Minersville Mine, Moliter Mine, Mueller Mine, Old Bill Mine, Ozark Mine, Pansy Mine, Phillips Mine, Ralston Group, Red Hill Mine, Red Hill Mine, Reese Brothers Coal Mine, Rising Sun Mine, Robbers Roost Mine, Rowles Mine, Salmon Summit Mine, Salmon Summit Mine, Scorpion Mine, Sherwood Mine, Silver Grey Mine, Slate Creek Mine, Spider Mine, Thompson Divide Dredge Mine, Tip Top Mine, Tolly Hill Mine, Trout Creek Mine, Uncle Sam Mine, Union Hill Mine, Unity Mine, Upper Nash Mine, Vencia Mine, White Rock Mine, Woodrat Mine, Yellowstone Mine

  Parks     show all on map

Hayfork Park, Helena Historic District, Lewiston Community Park, Lewiston Historic District, Lowden Park, Trinity County Fairgrounds, Weaverville Historic District, Weaverville Joss House State Historic Park

  Pillars     show all on map

Castle Rock, Castle Rock, Chicago Rock, Doe Rock, Eagle Rock, Four Corners Rock, Hermit Rock, Hetten Rock, Little Black Rock, Mad River Rock, Marshall Rock, Mikes Rock, Panther Rock, Panther Rock, Red Rock, Salmon Rock, Senteney Rock, Spring Rock, Stone Face, Tombstone Rock, Washington Rock

  Plains     show all on map

Petes Pasture

  Populated Places     show all on map

Big Bar, Bob Hoaglin Place, Bragdon (historical), Bramlet Place, Bucktail, Burnt Ranch, Carrville, Cedar Stock, Coffee, Coffee Creek, Crabtree Place, Deadwood, Dedrick, Del Loma, Denny, Douglas City, Estrellita, Fairview, Forest Glen, Friend Place, Globe Mill, Graham Place, Hawkins Bar, Hayfork, Helena, Hoboken, Hyampom, Island Mountain, Junction City, Kekawaka, Keno (historical), Kettenpom, Lewiston, Luckie Place, Mad River, McClellan Place, Miller Place, Minersville (historical), Murphy Place, Nielson Place, Norgaar (historical), Payne, Peanut, Penney, Pinewood Cove, Quinby, Ridgeville, Russ Place, Ruth, Salyer, Shannon Place, Sids Place, Stringtown (historical), Tlelding (historical), Trinity Alps, Trinity Center, Trinity Village, Ueland Place, Waugullewatl (historical), Waugullewutlekauh (historical), Weaverville, Wigdon Place, Wildwood, Willie Hoaglin Place, Yellowjacket Place, Zenia

  Post Offices     show all on map

Big Bar Post Office, Douglas City Post Office, Forest Glen Post Office (historical), Hayfork Post Office, Helena Post Office (historical), Hyampom Post Office, Junction City Post Office, Lewiston Post Office, Salyer Post Office, Trinity Alps Post Office (historical), Trinity Center Post Office, Weaverville Post Office

  Ranges     show all on map

Coast Ranges, Trinity Alps

  Reserves     show all on map

Chanchelulla Wilderness, North Fork Wilderness, Trinity Alps Wilderness, Yolla Bolly-Middle Eel Wilderness

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Bear Lake (historical), Ewing Reservoir, Lewiston Lake, Ruth Lake, Trinity Lake, Union Hill Pond

  Ridges     show all on map

Backbone Ridge, Bake Oven Ridge, Barnum Ridge, Baxter Ridge, Bierce Ridge, Blue Divide, Blue Point Ridge, Blue Ridge, Blue Ridge, Blue Ridge, Bowerman Ridge, Brooks Ridge, Buck Ridge, Buck Ridge, Buck Ridge, Buckeye Ridge, Bull Ridge, Campbell Ridge, Carey Ridge, Cobb Ridge, Collins Ridge, Crooks Ridge, Dead Puppy Ridge, Devils Backbone, Devils Backbone, Devils Hole Ridge, Doe Ridge, Double Gate Ridge, East Ridge, Fairview Ridge, Farmer Ridge, Fawn Ridge, Feeny Ridge, Fenton Ridge, Fisher Ridge, Fisher Ridge, Foot of Bull Ridge, Grouse Ridge, Grouse Ridge, Grouse Ridge, Halfway Ridge, Halsey Ridge, Haman Ridge, Hammerhorn Ridge, Hayden Roughs, Hayfork Divide, Hennessy Ridge, Hetten Ridge, Horse Mane Ridge, Horse Ridge, Horse Ridge, Horsehead Ridge, Jim Jam Ridge, Jims Ridge, Jones Ridge, Lightning Camp Ridge, Lightning Camp Ridge, Limestone Ridge, Limestone Ridge, Linton Ridge, Lone Springs Ridge, Long Ridge, Long Ridge, Lookout Ridge, Lowery Ridge, Mad River Ridge, Manzanita Ridge, McFarland Ridge, Megram Ridge, Montgomery Ridge, Mule Ridge, Mule Ridge, North Mickey Ridge, Oak Ridge, Pelletreau Ridge, Penney Ridge, Powell Ridge, Rackerby Ridge, Rainbow Ridge, Rancheria Ridge, Rattlesnake Ridge, Russell Ridge, Sawtooth Ridge, Schoolmarm Ridge, Scott Ridge, Sego Ridge, Shake Ridge, Sherer Ridge, Shinbone Ridge, Skylight Ridge, Soldier Ridge, South Fork Mountain, South Mickey Ridge, Stockton Ridge, Stone Ridge, Stoney Ridge, Sugar Ridge, Sulphur Glade Ridge, Swim Ridge, Tannery Ridge, Telephone Ridge, Telephone Ridge, The Bedstead, Treloar Ridge, Trough Ridge, Tunnel Ridge, Van Horn Ridge, Wilcox Ridge, Wrights Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Blanchard Flat School, Burnt Ranch Elementary School, Burnt Ranch School, Clover School (historical), Coffee Creek Elementary School, Cox Bar School, Douglas City Elementary School, Hayfork Elementary School, Hayfork High School, Hettenshaw School, Hoaglin School (historical), Hoaglin-Zenia Elementary School, Hyampom Elementary School, Junction City Elementary School, Lake Mountain School (historical), Lake Mountain School (historical), Lewiston Elementary School, Long Ridge School (historical), Old Lewiston School House (historical), Peak School (historical), Southern Trinity High School, Trinity Center Elementary School, Trinity High School, Van Duzen Elementary School, Weaverville Elementary School, Wildwood School

  Slopes     show all on map

Beaver Slide, China Slide, Comstock Slide, Mule Slide

  Springs     show all on map

Allen Spring, Atkinson Spring, Bear Spring, Bear Wallow Spring, Big Meadow Springs, Big Meadows Springs, Big Spring, Buck Spring, Buck Spring, Buck Spring, Cedar Spring, Chicago Spring, China Spring, China Springs, Clarence Spring, Clark Spring, Climbing Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Spring, Cold Springs, Crystal Spring, Deadman Spring, Deer Lick Springs, Doe Spring, Dog Run Spring, Fir Root Spring, Glade Camp Spring, Hackney Spring, Happy Camp Spring, Indian Springs, Jackass Spring, Jim Jam Spring, Jim River Spring, Last Chance Spring, Lemonade Spring, Love Letter Spring, Maple Spring, Marble Springs, McCullah Spring, Miller Spring, Misery Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Springs, One Mile Spring, Pine Root Spring, Pine Root Spring, Plummer Spring, Porter Spring, Quartz Spring, Salt Log Spring, Sardine Spring, Schoolhouse Spring, Seven Up Cedars Spring, Shasta Spring, Sheep Camp Spring, Sheep Camp Springs, Silver Spring, Smitty Spring, Squaw Camp Spring, Sulphur Spring, Surveyor Spring, Tub Spring, Turney Spring, V Spring, Vaughn Spring, Waggit Spring, Water Spout Spring, Water Trough Spring, Waterspout, Wiregrass Spring, Wiregrass Springs, Zeigler Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Adams Creek, Alder Basin Creek, Allen Creek, Anada Creek, Antone Creek, Armstrong Creek, Backbone Creek, Baker Creek, Balm of Gilead Creek, Bar Creek, Barker Creek, Barleyfield Creek, Barnes Creek, Barron Creek, Barry Creek, Battle Creek, Battle Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Wallow Creek, Bell Creek, Bidden Creek, Bidden Creek, Bierce Creek, Big Bar Creek, Big Creek, Big Creek, Big Creek, Big East Fork Canyon Creek, Big French Creek, Big Meadow Creek, Big Slide Creek, Black Lassic Creek, Blair Creek, Bloody Run Creek, Blue Slide Creek, Bluff Creek, Bluford Creek, Bordy Creek, Boulder Creek, Boulder Creek, Boulder Creek, Boulder Creek, Bradburn Creek, Browns Creek, Brush Creek, Brushy Creek, Buckeye Creek, Buckeye Creek, Buckeye Creek, Buckhorn Creek, Bull Creek, Burgess Creek, Butter Creek, Butterfly Creek, Byrons Creek, Cabin Creek, Cable Creek, Canadian Creek, Cannon Ball Creek, Canyon Creek, Canyon Creek, Caraway Creek, Carr Creek, Carr Creek, Casoose Creek, Cave Creek, Cedar Creek, Cedar Creek, Cedar Flat Creek, Cement Creek, Chamise Creek, Chanchelulla Creek, Charlton Creek, Cherry Glade Creek, Chilcoot Creek, China Creek, China Creek, China Creek, Chinkhollow Creek, Choptoy Creek, Clark Creek, Clear Creek, Coffee Creek, Coffee Ditch, Cold Camp Creek, Cold Creek, Cold Creek, Cold Creek, Cold Creek, Cold Springs Creek, Collins Bar Creek, Collins Creek, Conner Creek, Coon Creek, Copper Creek, Corral Creek, Corral Creek, Cottonwood Creek, County Line Creek, Cow Creek, Cox Creek, Crooks Creek, Crow Creek, Crystal Creek, Cutfinger Creek, Dan Rice Creek, Dark Canyon Creek, Dashields Creek, Davis Creek, Davis Creek, Davis Creek, Deacon Creek, Deadfall Creek, Deadhorse Creek, Deadwood Creek, Deep Creek, Deep Hollow Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Creek, Denny Creek, Devils Creek, Digger Creek, Dixon Bar Creek, Don Juan Creek, Donaldson Creek, Dubakella Creek, Duncan Creek, Dutch Creek, Dutchman Creek, Dutton Creek, Dyer Creek, Eagle Creek, Eagle Creek, Eagle Creek, East Branch East Fork North Fork Trinity River, East Branch East Weaver Creek, East Fork Big Creek, East Fork Big French Creek, East Fork Browns Creek, East Fork Carr Creek, East Fork Coffee Creek, East Fork Hayfork Creek, East Fork New River, East Fork North Fork Trinity River, East Fork Papoose Creek, East Fork Smoky Creek, East Fork South Fork Trinity River, East Fork Stuart Fork, East Fork Trinity River, East Hayshed Creek, East Tule Creek, East Weaver Creek, Eightmile Creek, Eltapom Creek, Emigrant Creek, Fall Creek, Fall Creek, Fall Creek, Farley Creek, Fawn Creek, Fire Camp Creek, Flume Creek, Foster Creek, Fourmile Creek, Gas Creek, Gates Creek, Gilman Creek, Glade Creek, Glen Creek, Goods Creek, Grace Creek, Granite Creek, Granite Creek, Grass Valley Creek, Grassy Flat Creek, Gratten Creek, Graves Creek, Gray Creek, Grizzly Creek, Grouse Creek, Gypsy Creek, Hale Creek, Hall City Creek, Happy Camp Creek, Hardscrabble Creek, Hastings Creek, Hatchet Creek, Hawk Creek, Hawkins Creek, Hayfork Creek, Hayshed Creek, Hells Half Acre Creek, Hembrey Creek, Hennessy Creek, Hetten Creek, Hickory Creek, High Camp Creek, Hitchcock Creek, Hoaglin Creek, Hobart Creek, Hobel Creek, Holly Creek, Horse Creek, Horse Mane Creek, Hudson Creek, Hulls Creek, Hyampom Creek, Icebox Creek, Indian Creek, Indian Creek, Indian Valley Creek, Italian Creek, James Creek, Jim Jam Creek, Jims Creek, Johnson Creek, Johnson Creek, Jonathan Creek, Joseph Creek, Jud Creek, Kekawaka Creek, Kerlin Creek, Kettenpom Creek, Lamb Creek, Landers Creek, Lick Creek, Lick Creek, Lightfoot Creek, Lightning Creek, Limestone Creek, Little Bark Shanty Creek, Little Barker Creek, Little Bear Wallow Creek, Little Bidden Creek, Little Boulder Creek, Little Browns Creek, Little Creek, Little Creek, Little Deep Creek, Little Deer Creek, Little East Fork Canyon Creek, Little French Creek, Little Grass Valley Creek, Little Lick Creek, Little Mule Creek, Little Papoose Creek, Little Picayune Creek, Little Rattlesnake Creek, Little Red Mountain Creek, Little Salt Creek, Little Sandy Bar Creek, Little Silver Creek, Little Swede Creek, Little Trinity River, Littlefield Creek, Littlefield Creek, Lost Creek, Lousy Creek, Lynch Creek, Lynch Creek, Manzanita Creek, Maple Creek, Marie Creek, Marshall Creek, Masterson Meadow Creek, Maxwell Creek, Maynard Creek, McDonald Creek, Menzel Creek, Middle Creek, Middle Creek, Middle Fork Owens Creek, Middle Fork Rattlesnake Creek, Milk Creek, Milk Ranch Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Miller Creek, Miller Creek, Mills Creek, Miners Creek, Minnehaha Creek, Minnie Creek, Monkey Creek, Monroe Creek, Mud Creek, Mud Creek, Mule Creek, Mumbo Creek, Nancy Creek, Naufus Creek, Nelson Creek, New River, Nicholas Creek, North Fork Adams Creek, North Fork Coffee Creek, North Fork Davis Creek, North Fork Eagle Creek, North Fork East Fork Hayfork Creek, North Fork Hayfork Creek, North Fork Middle Fork Eel River, North Fork Mud River, North Fork Owens Creek, North Fork Papoose Creek, North Fork Philpot Creek, North Fork Ramshorn Creek, North Fork Scorpion Creek, North Fork Smoky Creek, North Fork Swift Creek, North Fork Trinity River, North Post Creek, North Rattlesnake Creek, Nyott Creek, Olsen Creek, Olsen Creek, Owens Creek, Packers Creek, Panther Creek, Panther Creek, Panther Creek, Panther Creek, Papoose Creek, Parker Creek, Pelletreau Creek, Pelletreau Creek, Peterptor Creek, Peyton Creek, Philpot Creek, Picayune Creek, Pickett Creek, Pin Creek, Pine Creek, Plummer Creek, Pond Lily Creek, Pony Creek, Pony Creek, Post Creek, Potato Creek, Prairie Creek, Price Creek, Prospect Creek, Queatchumpah Creek, Quinby Creek, Quinby Creek, Raff Creek, Ramshorn Creek, Rancheria Creek, Rancheria Creek, Rattlesnake Creek, Rattlesnake Creek, Reading Creek, Red Chert Creek, Red Lassic Creek, Red Mountain Creek, Red Mountain Creek, Red Rock Creek, Ripple Creek, Robbers Meadow Creek, Robinson Creek, Rock Bar Creek, Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Rowdy Bar Creek, Rowski Creek, Rusch Creek, Rush Creek, Saloon Creek, Salt Creek, Salt Creek, Salt Creek, Salt Creek, Salt Lick Creek, Sandy Bar Creek, Sawmill Creek, Schoolhouse Creek, Schoolmarm Creek, Scorpion Creek, Scott Mountain Creek, Senteney Creek, Shanty Creek, Sharber Creek, Sheep Corral Creek, Shell Mountain Creek, Sherer Creek, Sheridan Creek, Sherwood Creek, Shock Creek, Silver Creek, Sims Creek, Slate Creek, Slide Creek, Smith Creek, Smith Creek, Smoky Camp Creek, Smoky Creek, Soap Creek, Soldier Creek, Soldier Creek, Soldier Creek, South Fork Coffee Creek, South Fork Deadwood Creek, South Fork Duncan Creek, South Fork East Fork New River, South Fork Goods Creek, South Fork Indian Creek, South Fork Little Lick Creek, South Fork Mad River, South Fork Owens Creek, South Fork Papoose Creek, South Fork Ramshorn Creek, Specimen Creek, Spot Creek, Squaw Creek, Squirrel Creek, Star Creek, Star Creek, Steer Creek, Stetson Creek, Steveale Creek, Stone Creek, Stoney Creek, String Bean Creek, Strope Creek, Stuart Fork, Sugar Pine Creek, Sulphur Glade Creek, Summit Creek, Sunday Creek, Sunflower Creek, Sunrise Creek, Surprise Creek, Swede Creek, Swift Creek, Swift Creek, Tamarack Creek, Texas Chow Creek, Tompkins Creek, Treloar Creek, Trinity Alps Creek, Trout Creek, Tub Creek, Tule Creek, Tunnel Creek, Twin Lakes Creek, Twomile Creek, Uhl Creek, Underwood Creek, Union Creek, Van Horn Creek, Van Matre Creek, Van Ness Creek, Virgin Creek, Wagner Creek, Walker Creek, Watson Creek, Weaver Creek, West Branch Crow Creek, West Fork Carr Creek, West Fork Miners Creek, West Fork North Fork Eel River, West Fork Salt Creek, West Fork Van Duzen River, West Hayshed Creek, West Tule Creek, West Weaver Creek, Whisky Creek, Whisky Creek, White Creek, Whites Bar Creek, Whites Creek, Willow Basin Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Wilson Creek, Wilson Creek, Wolford Creek, Yellow Jacket Creek, Yellowjacket Creek, Yellowjacket Creek, Yew Wood Creek

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Arts Peak, Bald Peaks of Plummer, Barker Mountain, Barleyfield Peak, Battle Mountain, Bear Wallow Mountain, Beartooth Mountain, Big Butte, Big Hunter, Big Mountain, Billys Peak, Billys Peak, Black Lassic, Black Mountain, Black Rock Mountain, Blue Slide, Bonanza King, Booth Knoll, Bowerman Peak, Browns Mountain, Brush Mountain, Brushy Mountain, Brushy Mountain, Bully Choop Mountain, Cabin Peak, Caesar Peak, Chanchelulla Peak, Chaparral Mountain, China Peak, Chinquapin Butte, Coffee Pot, Copper Hill, Cory Peak, Coyote Peak, Deadman Peak, Deadmans Point, Dedrick Point, Dees Peak, Dubakella Mountain, Duncan Hill, Eagle Peak, Fawn Butte, Friend Mountain, Gates Mountain, Gibson Peak, Goods Mountain, Gozem Peak, Granite Peak, Grassy Mountain, Green Mountain, Green Mountain, Grizzly Butte, Grizzly Mountain, Gunsight Peak, Hammerhorn Mountain, Happy Camp Mountain, Hayfork Bally, Hennessy Peak, Hettenshaw Peak, Hoadley Peaks, Hoosimbim Mountain, Hopkins Peak, Horse Ranch Peak, Horsehead Mountain, Hyampom Mountain, Irish Mountain, Ironside Mountain, Jackass Peak, Joes Peak, Kettenpom Peak, Lake Mountain, Limedyke Mountain, Little Bally, Little Butte, Little Granite Peak, Little Round Mountain, Low Mountain, Manzanita Butte, Mary Blaine Mountain, Middle Peak, Mikes Peak, Mills Hill, Monument Peak, Monument Peak, Moose Peak, Morgan Hill, Mount Hilton, Mumford Peak, Musser Hill, Neafus Peak, Norse Butte, North Kelsey Peak, North Yolla Bolly Mountains, Oregon Mountain, Pattison Peak, Perrys Knob, Pettijohn Mountain, Pickett Peak, Pilot Peak, Pine Butte, Plummer Hill, Plummer Peak, Pony Buck Peak, Pony Buttes, Pony Mountain, Post Mountain, Potato Mountain, Preachers Peak, Ramshorn Summit, Rays Peak, Rays Peak, Red Hill, Red Lassic, Red Mountain, Red Mountain, Red Mountain, Red Mountain, Red Rock Mountain, Robbers Roost, Rocky Point, Rocky Point, Round Mountain, Round Mountain, Sawtooth Mountain, Scott Mountain, Seven Up Peak, Seven Up Peak, Shannon Butte, Shell Mountain, Siligo Peak, Smith Peak, Snowslide Peak, Solomon Peak, South Dubakella Mountain, South Kelsey Peak, Star Mountain, Sugar Pine Butte, Sugarloaf Mountain, Sugarloaf Peak, The Knob, Thompson Peak, Thompson Peak, Thurston Peaks, Twin Sisters Mountain, Tylers Peak, Underwood Mountain, Union Hill, Usher Hill, Van Horn Peak, Virgin Creek Buttes, Weaver Bally, Wedding Cake, Wells Mountain, Whisky Bill Peak, Wildcat Peak, Wildhorse Peak, Windy Mountain, Woodmans Butte, Ycatapom Peak, Youngs Peak

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Butcher Bobs Garden, Rice Lake

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Kettenpom Peak Lookout

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Barry Creek Trail, Ben Arthur Trail, Ben Duncan Mailbox Trail, Buck Ridge Trail, Cottonwood Trail, Cutfinger Trail, Devils Hole Ridge Trail, Divide Trail, Doe Ridge Trail, Fred Williams Trail, Haynes Delight Trail, Hoaglin Tom Duncan Trail, Humboldt Trail, Luckie Trail, Marble Caves Trail, Morrison Trail, New River Divide Trail, Rock Cabin Trail, Rough Gulch Trail, Ruth Hayfork Trail, Smoke Howe Trail, Soldier Basin Trail, Soldier Trail, Telephone Line Trail, Tule Divide Trail, Waterspout Trail, Willow Trail, Wrights Ridge Trail, Wrights Valley Trail, Yellowjacket Trail, Zig Zag Trail

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Clear Creek Tunnel, Mud Tunnel

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Alder Gulch, Alder Gulch, Alder Gulch, Anderson Gulch, Asbestos Gulch, Ash Hollow, Austrian Gulch, Baker Gulch, Bar Gulch, Barleyfield Gulch, Barney Gulch, Basin Gulch, Baxter Gulch, Baxter Gulch, Bean Gulch, Bear Canyon, Bear Gulch, Bear Gulch, Bear Gulch, Bear Gulch, Bear Gulch, Bear Gulch, Bear Gulch, Bear Gulch, Bear Trap Gulch, Bell Gulch, Benson Gulch, Betty Gulch, Big Bear Gulch, Big Canyon, Billie Gulch, Billy Gulch, Billys Gulch, Birdie M Gulch, Bone Gulch, Bowerman Gulch, Box Canyon, Box Canyon, Boyer Gulch, Bragdon Gulch, Bridge Gulch, Bridge Gulch, Brock Gulch, Brock Gulch, Browns Canyon, Bryon Gulch, Buck Gulch, Buck Gulch, Bule Gulch, Cabin Gulch, Camp Gulch, Carr Gulch, Carrier Gulch, Carter Gulch, Cedar Canyon, Cedar Gulch, Chanchelulla Gulch, China Gulch, China Gulch, China Gulch, China Gulch, China Gulch, China Gulch, China Springs Gulch, Chinquapin Gulch, Chrome Gulch, Church Gulch, Cinnabar Gulch, Clapboard Gulch, Clawton Gulch, Clear Gulch, Clover Gulch, Clover Gulch, Clover Gulch, Cold Valley, Conrad Gulch, Coon Gulch, Coonrod Gulch, Cooper Gulch, Corral Gulch, Corral Gulch, Cow Gulch, Cow Gulch, Croften Gulch, Crosby Gulch, Crumpy Gulch, Cummings Creek, Cutthroat Gulch, Daley Gulch, Dark Gulch, Deadman Gulch, Deadshot Gulch, Deep Gulch, Deep Gulch, Deep Gulch, Deep Gulch, Deer Gulch, Deer Gulch, Deer Gulch, Democrat Gulch, Devils Canyon, Devils Canyon, Devils Gulch, Digger Gulch, Digger Gulch, Dinner Gulch, Ditch Gulch, Dobbins Gulch, Doe Gulch, Dog Gulch, Donnelly Gulch, Drinkwater Gulch, Dry Gulch, Dry Gulch, Dry Gulch, Duncan Gulch, Dutch Gulch, East Fork Clear Gulch, East Fork Kingsbury Gulch, East Valdor Gulch, Eastman Gulch, Elk Gulch, Ellen Gulch, Enright Gulch, Ewing Gulch, Farley Gulch, Feeny Gulch, Felter Gulch, Ferry Gulch, Finley Gulch, Fisher Gulch, Five Cent Gulch, Flume Gulch, Fool Gulch, Fourbit Gulch, Fox Gulch, Fox Gulch, Freethy Gulch, Freezeout, French Cove, French Cove, French Gulch, Frietas Gulch, Fulton Gulch, Gant Gulch, Garden Gulch, Garden Gulch, Garden Gulch, Gardner Gulch, Gardner Gulch, Gemmill Gulch, Georges Valley, Gibson Gulch, Goods Gulch, Goods Gulch, Grader Gulch, Granite Canyon, Granite Canyon, Grant Gulch, Grapevine Gulch, Grapevine Gulch, Green Gulch, Greenhorn Gulch, Grub Gulch, Gurley Gulch, Gwin Gulch, Halfway Gulch, Halls Gulch, Hay Gulch, Hayfork Valley, Haylock Gulch, Hayward Gulch, Hazel Gulch, Heavey Gulch, Hettenshaw Valley, Hoadley Gulch, Hoaglin Valley, Hobo Gulch, Hopkins Hollow, Hyampom Valley, Indian Valley, Irish Gulch, Italian Gulch, Jennings Gulch, Jerry Gulch, Jesse Gulch, Jessup Gulch, Johnson Gulch, Johnson Gulch, Jones Gulch, Kellogg Gulch, Kettenpom Valley, Kingsbury Gulch, Knowles Gulch, Kuntz Canyon, Lady Gulch, Lake Bear Gulch, Lake Gulch, Lance Gulch, Landis Gulch, Langdon Gulch, Last Chance Gulch, Limeklin Gulch, Limestone Gulch, Line Gulch, Line Gulch, Little Bear Gulch, Little Clover Gulch, Little Cow Gulch, Little Ripstein Gulch, Little Roycroft Gulch, Logan Gulch, Long Canyon, Long Canyon, Long Gulch, Long Gulch, Lorenz Gulch, Low Mountain Gulch, Lucy Gulch, Martin Gulch, Maupin Gulch, McCovey Gulch, McGuire Gulch, McIntyre Gulch, McKinney Gulch, McKinzey Gulch, Menzel Gulch, Midas Gulch, Middle Fork Kingsbury Gulch, Middleton Gulch, Mill Gulch, Mill Gulch, Mill Gulch, Miller Gulch, Mooney Gulch, Moore Gulch, Morgan Gulch, Morrison Gulch, Morrison Gulch, Mosquito Gulch, Mosquito Hollow, Moss Gulch, Muckawee Gulch, Muldoon Gulch, Mule Gulch, Mule Gulch, Munger Gulch, Murphy Gulch, Neaman Gulch, Negro Gulch, Noonan Gulch, Noonan Gulch, North Fork Gulch, North Fork Kingsbury Gulch, North Twin Gulch, Norway Gulch, O'Connell Gulch, Oregon Gulch, Packer Gulch, Packers Gulch, Page Gulch, Pansy Gulch, Panther Gulch, Panwauket Gulch, Parry Gulch, Pasture Gulch, Pear Tree Gulch, Petrified Gulch, Phillips Gulch, Pierce Gulch, Plummer Gulch, Poison Canyon, Poison Gulch, Pole Gulch, Poorman Gulch, Posey Gulch, Powerhouse Gulch, Rackerby Gulch, Ragged Gulch, Raglan Gulch, Rail Gulch, Rail Gulch, Rarick Gulch, Raspberry Gulch, Rich Gulch, Rich Gulch, Ripstein Gulch, Road Gulch, Rocky Gulch, Ross Gulch, Rough Gulch, Roycroft Gulch, Saddle Gulch, Saddle Gulch, Salt Gulch, Sandy Canyon, Sandy Gulch, Sawmill Gulch, Sawmill Gulch, Sawmill Gulch, Sawmill Gulch, Sawmill Gulch, Schofield Gulch, Schuler Gulch, Scotts Gulch, Secret Gulch, Semore Gulch, Shady Gulch, Sheep Gulch, Shiell Gulch, Shoemaker Gulch, Short Gulch, Sidney Gulch, Skunk Gulch, Slattery Gulch, Slide Gulch, Smith Gulch, Smith Gulch, Snipe Gulch, Snow Gulch, Snow Gulch, Snowslide Gulch, Snowslide Gulch, Snowslide Gulch, Snowslide Gulch, South Clawton Gulch, South Fork Eastman Gulch, South Twin Gulch, Spike Buck Gulch, Spring Gulch, Spring Gulch, Spring Gulch, Squaw Gulch, Squirrel Gulch, Star Gulch, Stiller Gulch, Stonehouse Gulch, Store Gulch, Strause Gulch, Stribling Gulch, Sulphur Gulch, Sulphur Gulch, Sweepstake Ditch, Tannery Gulch, Taylor Gulch, Ten Cent Gulch, Thompson Gulch, Thompson Gulch, Thorne Gulch, Three Sisters Gulch, Thurston Gulch, Tom Lang Gulch, Tough Gus Gulch, Trinity House Gulch, Twobit Gulch, Union Gulch, Unity Gulch, Usher Gulch, Vance Gulch, Vitzthum Gulch, West Branch Clear Gulch, West Valdor Gulch, Wheel Gulch, Wheel Gulch, White Oak Gulch, Whitney Gulch, Willits Ravine, Willow Gulch, Willow Gulch, Willow Gulch, Wolford Gulch, Wrights Valley, Young Gulch

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Oak Grove, Palace of the Oaks,

Trinity County, California Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteTrinity County White population 11,99311,993  
American IndianTrinity County American Indian population 662661
MixedTrinity County Mixed population 648648
AsianTrinity County Asian population 108108
BlackTrinity County Black population 6867
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderTrinity County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 2727

Additional population tables :
State population table
California population by county