Clear Creek County, Colorado Basics:

Clear Creek County Colorado - Government Site

Population: 9,060
Area: 395 square miles
County seat: Georgetown
Area code(s) in use: 303
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 95.4%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 37.3%
Median household income: $60,517
Persons in poverty: 9.8%
Home ownership rate: 79.7%
Mean travel time to work: 30.1 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Gilpin  Grand  Jefferson  Park  Summit  

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Map of the Clear Creek County area

Our detail map of Clear Creek County shows the Clear Creek County, Colorado boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Clear Creek County, Colorado

  Airports     show all on map

Arapahoe Heliport, Berthoud Pass Heliport, Henderson Heliport, Ptarmigan Heliport

  Basins     show all on map

Hells Hole, Smelter Basin

  Buildings     show all on map

Clear Creek County Sheriff's Office, Clear Creek Emergency Medical Services Station 2, Clear Creek Emergency Medical Services Station 4 Georgetown, Clear Creek Fire Authority Station 1 Dumont, Clear Creek Fire Authority Station 2 Idaho Springs, Clear Creek Fire Authority Station 3 Empire, Clear Creek Fire Authority Station 4 Georgetown, Clear Creek Fire Authority Station 6 Floyd Hill, Clear Creek Fire Authority Station 7 Saint Marys, Clear Creek Fire Authority Station 8 Silver Plume, Clear Creek Fire Authority Station 9 York Gulch, Colorado State Patrol Idaho Springs Post, Eisenhower Tunnel Colorado Department of Transportation Fire Department, Empire Police Department, Evergreen Fire / Rescue Station 5, Georgetown Police Department, Idaho Springs Police Department

  Canals     show all on map

Hicks Number 5 Ditch

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Alvorado Cemetery, Dumont Cemetery, Empire Cemetery, Griffin Monument, Idaho Springs Cemetery, Silver Plume Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Downieville-Lawson-Dumont Census Designated Place, Floyd Hill Census Designated Place, Saint Mary's Census Designated Place, Upper Bear Creek Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Empire Community Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Pavillion Point

  Dams     show all on map

Altura Dam, Beaver Brook Number 2 Dam, Beaver Brook Number 3A Dam, Clear Lake Dam, Fall River Dam, Georgetown Dam, Green Lake Dam, Ice Lake Dam, Idaho Springs Dam, Lake Caroline Dam, Loch Lomond Dam, Lower Cabin Creek Hydroelectric Dam, Lower Chinns Dam, Lower Urad Dam, Murray Dam, Saint Marys Lake Dam, Stewart Lake Dam, Upper Cabin Creek Hydroelectric Dam, Upper Chinns Dam, Upper Urad Dam

  Flats     show all on map

Beaver Meadows, Groundhog Flat, Highland Park, Indian Creek Park, Magnet Park, Summit Lake Flats

  Gaps     show all on map

Argentine Pass, Berthoud Pass, Empire Pass, Guanella Pass, Juniper Pass, Squaw Pass, Vasquez Pass

  Glaciers     show all on map

Saint Marys Glacier

  Lakes     show all on map

Abyss Lake, Beartrack Lakes, Bill Moore Lake, Blue Lake, Byron Lake, Chicago Lakes, Echo Lake, Ethel Lake, Frozen Lake, Geneva Lake, Hassell Lake, Herman Lake, Ice Lake, Lake Caroline, Lincoln Lake, Little Beartrack Lakes, Loch Lomond, Murray Lake, Naylor Lake, Ohman Lake, Reynolds Lake, Saint Marys Lake, Shelf Lake, Silver Dollar Lake, Slater Lake, Square Top Lakes, Steuart Lake, Summit Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Arapaho Springs Campground, Barbour Fork Picnic Ground, Bear Creek Guard Station, Beartrack Campground, Beaver Brook Lodge, Beaver Meadow Campground, Big Bend Picnic Grounds, Brookvale Ranch, Camp Rock, Camp Rock Campground, Camp Shwayder, Camp Wilaha, Clear Creek Picnic Area, Clear Lake Campground, Clear Lake Picnic Area, Cloudland Picnic Ground, Columbine Campground, Dodge Ranch Headquarters, Doolittle Ranch, Eagles Aeire Picnic Ground, Easter Seal Handicamp, Eisenhower Tunnel Point of Interest, Empire Guard Station, Evans Ranch Headquarters, Floral Park Campground, Geneva Basin Ski Area, Guanella Pass Campground, Idaho Springs Work Center, Loveland Ski Area, Mizpah Campground, Mount Evans Elk Management Headquarters, Mount Evans Shelter House, Rainbow Rancho Fish Hatchery, Saint Marys Glacier Lodge, Shelter Cabin, Silver Lake Ski Area, Silver Spruce Mill, Singing River Ranch, Squaw Mountain Lodge, Squaw Pass Picnic Ground, Squaw Pass Ski Area, West Chicago Creek Campground

  Mines     show all on map

A Tunnel Mine, A.P.T. Tunnel Mine, ACA Mine, Accidental Mine, Accord Mine, Ace of Diamonds Shaft Mine, Ada Group of Mines, Ada Mine, Addition Mine, Addule Shaft Mine, Aetna Mine, Air Line Mine, Alabama Mine, Alabama Shaft Mine, Alabama Tunnel Mine, Alaska Mine, Albany Mine, Albert Mine, Albion Tunnel Mine, Albro Group Mine, Alcan Mine, Aldrich Mine, Alexander Mine, Alexander Mine, Alfred Whitney Mine, Algot Mine, Alhambra Mine, Alice Mine, Aliunde Mine, Alkire Tunnel Mine, Allen Shaft Mine, Alley May Mine, Alma Lincoln Mine, Almaden Mine, Alpha Mine, Alpha Mine, Alpha Mine, Alpine Mine, American Boy Mine, American Eagle Mine, American Mine, American Queen Mine, American Sisters Mine, American-Standard Tunnel Mine, Ames Lode Mine, Amy C Mine, Amy Mine, Amy Mine, Anamosa Mine, Anchor Extension Mine, Andrew Lowe Mine, Angeline Mine, Anglo Saxon Mine, Anglo-Celt Mine, Anna B Mine, Annie Lode Mine, Annie May Mine, Anoka County Mine, Anon Mines, Antelope Mine, Aorta Mine, AP Tunnel Mine, Apex Shaft Mine, Archibell Mine, Arden Mine, Argentine Mine, Argentine Mine, Argentine Mine, Argo Mine, Argo Shaft Mine, Argo Tunnel Mine, Argosy Mine, Argus Mine, Ariadne Mine, Arizona Jim Mine, Arlington Lode Mine, Artemus Ward Mine, Arthur Mine, Arvada Mine, Ashby Tunnel, Ashland Mine, Ashland Shaft Mine, Astor Mine, Atlantic Mine, Atlantic Mine, Atlantis Mine, Atlas Mine, Aunt Jack Mine, Aurora Mine, Aurum Mine, Austerbaum Mine, Austerlitz Tunnel Mine, Avalanche Shaft Mine, Azeda Mine, Aztec Mine, Aztec Tunnel Mine, B F Moore Mine, B Fitz Mine, B Tunnel Mine, Baby Eddie Tunnel, Bacchus Group Mine, Back Bone Mine, Baehr Mine, Bald Eagle Mine, Bald Eagle Mine, Bald Mountain Mine, Baltic Mine, Baltimore Mine, Baltimore Mine, Bancroft Number Ten Mine, Bank Mine, Banner Mine, Bantala Mine, Banty Mine, Barbara Mine, Barbara Tunnel Mine, Barber-Elliott Mine, Bard Creek Mine, Barter Mine, Barton Mine, Bay State Tunnel Mine, Bear Creek Mine, Beaver Brook Mica Lode, Beaver Brook Mine, Beaver Incline Mine, Beaver Mine, Bech Mine, Becky Sharp Mine, Beecher Morris Mine, Belcher Mine, Belgian Hare Mine, Bell Mine, Bell Mine, Bell of the West Mine, Belle Creole Mine, Belle Mine, Belle of Empire Mine, Bellevue Mine, Bellevue Shaft Mine, Bellevue-Rochester Mine, Bellman Mine, Bellview Hudson Tunnel, Belmont Mine, Belotti Mine, Ben Curtis Mine, Ben Dare Mine, Ben Harrison Mine, Benton Mine, Berry Tunnel Mine, Bertha Maude Mine, Bertha Mine, Bi-metalist Mine, Big Blue Mine, Big Boy Mine, Big Boy Mine, Big Chance Mine, Big Chief Mine, Big Chief Shaft Mine, Big Dipper Mine, Big Esther Mine, Big Fifty-one Mine, Big Five Mine, Big Flat Mine, Big Forty Mine, Big Indian Shaft, Big Three Mine, Billie Mine, Birtley Tunnel Mine, Bismark Mine, Bismark Mine, Bix Six Mine, Black Bear Tunnel Mine, Black Eagle Shaft, Black Earth Shaft Mine, Black Lion Mine, Black Mine, Black Mine, Black Prince Mine, Black Squirrel Mine, Black Swan Mine, Blackborn Mine, Blackstone Mine, Blackwood Mine, Blaine Mine, Blazing Star Mine, Blind Mine, Blizzard Mine, Blooming Thistle Mine, Blue Bell Mine, Blue Bird Mine, Blue Ridge Mine, Blue Ridge Tunnel Mine, Boat Mine, Bobtail Mine, Bohemian Mine, Bon Ton Mine, Bonanza Mine, Bonanza Tunnel Mine, Booster Mine, Booth and Smith Pit, Borealis Mine, Boreas Mine, Boston Mine, Boston Tunnel Mine, Boulder Nest Mine, Bourbon Tunnel Mine, Boxer Mine, Brandt Mine, Braun Mine, Brazil Shaft Mine, Brazil Tunnel Mine, Breadwinner Mine, Bride Mine, Bridge Tunnel Mine, Brighton Mine, Brighton Mine, Britannic Mine, Brittle Silver Mine, Broad Gauge Mine, Broadway Mine, Broganza Mine, Broken Handle Mine, Bronaber Mine, Brookfield Mine, Brooklyn Mine, Brooklyn Shaft Mine, Brown Mine, Brown Mountain Tunnel Mine, Brown Quartz Mine, Brown Reindeer Mine, Brownell Mine, Bruce Mine, Brunswick Mine, Bryan Mine, Bryan Tunnel Mine, Bryant Shaft Mine, Buckeye Lode Mine, Buckeye Mine, Buckeye Tunnel, Bulgine Mine, Bull Doze Mine, Bullion King Mine, Bullion Mine, Bullion Mine, Burleigh Mine, Burns Moore Mine, Burr Mine, Burrel Shaft Mine, Bush Mine, Butler Mine, Buxton Mine, C M Welch Mine, C Tyrol Mine, Caddo Mine, California Tunnel Mine, Calumet Mine, Calvin Mine, Camp Bird Mine, Camp Valley Tunnel, Cape Breton Pits, Capital Mine, Capital Prize Tunnel, Capital-North Portal Mine, Capitol Shaft Mine, Captain Clark Mine, Captain Wells Mine, Cardigan Group Mine, Cardwell Mine, Carlin Mine, Caroline Mine, Cascade Mine, Cash Mine, Cashier Mine, Casino Shaft Mine, Cass County Mine, Castleton Shaft Mine, Cataract Mine, Caverne Mine, Cecil Mine, Celestine Mine, Centennial Mine, Central America Mine, Central Colorado Tunnel Mine, Central Equator Mine, Central Shaft Mine, Central Tunnel Mine, Centurion Mine, Centurion Tunnel Mine, Century Mine, Challenge Mine, Champion Dirt Mine, Champion Mine, Champion Shaft Mine, Chance Mine, Charles H Moore Lode Mine, Charter Oak Mine, Chemung County Mine, Chicago Mine, Chicago Mine, Chicago Mine, Chloride Mine, City Mine, Clara Mine, Clarisa Mine, Clarissa Mine, Clark Mine, Clear Creek and Gilpin Tunnel Mine, Clear Creek Gold Mine, Clear Creek Power and Development Lode Mine, Clear Creek Shaft Mine, Cleopatra Mine, Clermont Mine, Cleveland Tunnel Mine, Cleveland-Silverwing Mine, Cliff Mine, Clifford Mine, Climax Mine, Clinton Mine, Coinage Mine, Collie Mine, Collins Mine, Collom Mine, Colorado Central Mine, Colorado School of Mines Experimental Mine, Columbia Mine, Columbian Chief Mine, Columbine Mine, Columbus Mine, Combination Mine, Comet Tunnel, Coming Nation Mine, Commercial Union Mine, Commodore Mine, Commonwealth Mine, Commonwealth Tunnel Mine, Companion Mine, Comstock Mine, Comstock Mine, Conqueror Mines, Continental Mine, Coo Coo Mine, Cooper Mine, Copenhagen Mine, Copper King Mine, Cora Mine, Corbett Mine, Corona Mine, Corry City Mine, Cottontail Mine, County Treasurer Mine, Covode Mine, Cox Mine, Cracker Jack Mine, Cramer Mine, Crazy Girl Shaft, Crescent City Mine, Crockett Mine, Croesus Mine, Cross Mine, Crown Mine, Crown Point Mine, Crown Point Mine, Crown Prince Mine, Crown Shaft Mine, Crystal Mine, Cuba Mine, Curmon Mine, Cyclone Mine, Cyclone Mine, D'Artagnan Mine, Dagenais Mine, Daily Mine, Daisy Mine, Daniel Peters Mine, Danube Mine, Davenport Mine, Davis Mine, De Caprivi Mine, De Lessers Mine, Dead Jack Mine, Decator Mine, Dedrick Mine, Defender Lode Mine, Democrat Mine, Democrat Mountain Tunnel Mine, Denbigh Mine, Denver City Mine, Denver Mine, Desh Mine, Design Mine, Dewey Mine, Dewey Tunnel Mine, Dewey Tunnel Mine, Dexter Mine, Diamond Joe Tunnel Mine, Diamond Lil Tunnel Mine, Diamond Mine, Diamond Mountain Tunnel Mine, Diamond Tunnel, Dierks Mine, Dixie Mine, Dixie Tunnel Mine, Doctor Mine, Doctor Mine, Domino Tunnel Mine, Donaldson Mine, Donna Juanita Mine, Doric Mine, Dorit Mine, Double Eagle Mine, Dove Mine, Dover Mine, Doves Nest Shaft-West Mine, Dropner Mine, Drummond Mine, Dubuque Mine, Duluth Mine, Dumont Pit, Dumont Placer Mine, Dunbarton Mine, Duncan Mine, Dundee Mine, Dunderberg Mine, Dunkirk Mine, Eagen Mine, Eagle Bird Mine, Eagle Mine, Eagles Nest Mine, East Butte Mine, East Griffith Mine, East Lake Mine, East Mine, Eclipse Mine, Eclipse Mine, Edgar Extension Mine, Edgar Leeper Mine, Edgar Mine, Edgar Shaft Mine, Edgar Tunnel, Edna Fannie Tunnel Mine, Edna Mine, Edward Shaft Mine, Edward Tunnel Mine, Eleanor Jane Mine, Elida Mine, Elizabeth M Lode Mine, Elizabeth Mine, Elkhorn Shaft Mine, Elky Tunnel Mine, Ella McKenney Mine, Ella Mine, Elliott and Barber Number One Mine, Elliott and Barber Number Two Mine, Elm City Mine, Elmira Mine, Emma Jane Mine, Emperor Tunnel Mine, Empire City Mine, Empire Mine, Empress Mine, England Mine, Enterprise Shaft Mine, Equator Mine, Equinox Shaft Mine, Esmeralda Mine, Esperanza Mine, Essex Mine, Essling Mine, Estrella Tunnel Mine, Ethel Tunnel Mine, Ethel Walker Mine, Etruria Mine, Eulalie Tunnel Mine, Eureka Mine, Eureka Swansea Mine, Europe Mine, European Mine, Eussel Shaft Mine, Eva Mine Complex, Evergreen Mine, Exchange Mine, F and C Mine, F W Cram Mine, Fairfield Tunnel Mine, Fairmount Mine, Fairview Mine, Falcon Mine, Falu Shaft Mine, Fanny Shaft Mine, Faust Mine, Financier Mine, Fireman and Conductors Mine, Florence Mine, Floyd Hill Mine, Fog Storm Mine, Food Cliff Mine, Ford Hill Mine, Forge Hill Tunnel Mine, Fortune Mine, Fortune Mine, Four-C Tunnel Mine, Foxhall Mine, Fraction Mine, Franklin D Tunnel Mine, Franklin Mine, Franklin Shaft Number Eighty-seven Mine, Franklin Shaft Number Seventy-three Mine, Franks Mine, Free America Mine, Free Gold Mine, Freeland Mine, Freeland Tunnel Mine, Freeland Tunnel Mine, Freeman Mine, Freighters Friend Shaft Mine, French Flag Mine, French Girl Mine, Frontenac Mine, Frontenac Shaft Mine, Fulton Mine, G Tunnel Mine, Gabanta Mine, Galatea Mine, Gem Consolidated Mine, Gem Mine, General Thomas Mine, Georgetown Estate Mine, Georgetown Loop, German Shaft Mine, Gertrude Mine, Giant Warrior Shaft Mine, Gillespie Group Mine, Gilt Edge Mine, Gladstone Tunnel Mine, Glascow Mine, Glenalla Mine, Gold Anchor Mine, Gold and Silver Coin Shaft Mine, Gold Belt Mine, Gold Bug Mine, Gold Bullion Shaft Mine, Gold Chloride Mine, Gold Crown Shaft Mine, Gold Dirt Mine, Gold Dollar Mine, Gold Dust Tunnel Mine, Gold Dust Tunnel Mine, Gold Eclipse Mine, Gold Fissure Mine, Gold Glen Mine, Gold Medal Mine, Gold Pit Mine, Gold Pot Mine, Gold Queen Mine, Gold Valley Mine, Gold Vault Mine, Golden Belt Mine, Golden Calf Mine, Golden Eagle Mine, Golden Edge Shaft Mine, Golden Empire Mine, Golden Gate Mine, Golden Glen Mine, Golden Glory Mine, Golden Hammer Mine, Golden Hope Mine, Golden Light Tunnel Mine, Golden Opportunity Mine, Golden Queen Mine, Golden Rod Shaft Mine, Golden Rule Mine, Golden Treasure Tunnel Mine, Gomer Mine, Gondola Tunnel Mine, Good Luck Mine, Granite Granite and Marble Pit, Grant Mine, Grass Valley Mine, Gray Copper Mine, Great American Mine, Great Britain Mine, Great East Shaft Mine, Great East Tunnel Mine, Great Grizzley Gulch Mine, Great West Shaft Mine, Greek Garden Mine, Greenback Mine, Griffith Tunnel, Grisley Shaft Mine, Grizzly Tunnel, Grover Cleveland Shaft Mine, Grover Mine, Guanella Pit, Gully Mine, Gum Tree Mine, Gunn Mine, Guy Irving Mine, H.B. Shaft Mine, Hall Tunnel, Hamill Mine, Hansbrough Mine, Happy Easter Mine, Happy Thought Mine, Harpoon Mine, Harrisburg Mine, Harrison Mine, Harrower Mine, Hathaway Mine, Hawkeye Shaft Mine, Hayes Tunnel Mine, Headlight Mine, Helen Mine, Helen Tunnel Mine, Heliotrope Tunnel Mine, Helmic Mine, Henderson Mine, Henry Wilson Mine, Hercules Mine, Hiawatha Tunnel Mine, Hidden Diamond Mine, Hidden Treasure Mine, Hidden Treasure Mine, High Five Mine, Highland Group Mine, Highland Mine, Highland Mine, Homestake Mine, Homestake Shaft Mine, Hoosac Mine, Hope Mine, Horn Lode Mine, Hot Pot Shaft Mine, Houston Mine, Howard Mine, Huabado Mine, Hudson Tunnel Mine, Hughes Shaft Mine, Hukill Mine, Humboldt Mine, Hyland Mine, Ida May Mine, Idaho Bride Mine, Idaho Mine, Idaho Springs Custom Mine, Illinois Bar Mine, Illinois Mine, Imperial Chief Mine, Independence Mine, Independence Tunnel Mine, Indigo B Mine, Ingham Mine, Ingram Mine, International Mine, Investigator Mine, Invincible Mine, Iowa Mine, Iowa Mine, Irene Mine, Irene Mine, Iron Hat Mine, Iron King Mine, Ironclad Placer Mine, Itood Mine, J A M Mine, J. Warner Mine, Jackpot Mine, Jacobson Ranch Mine, Jean Mine, Jefferson City Lode Mine, Jennie Lind Tunnel Number One Mine, Jessica Mine, Jim J Mine, Jim Lode Mine, Joe Reynolds Mine, John L Emerson Mine, John L Frannie Mine, John Paul Jones Mine, Johnny Bull Mine, Johnny Bull Mine, Jones Mine, Jones Placer Mine, Joseph A Horn Mine, Joseph Mine, Josephine Mine, Josephine Mine, Josephine Shaft Mine, Juanita Mine, Jumbo Mine, Jumbo Tunnel Mine, Junction Finder Mine, Junction Mine, Jury Mine, K K K Mine, Kanawha Mine, Kane Mine, Kangaroo Mine, Kantinka Mine, Katie Emmett Mine, Katie S. Mine, Kearsarge Mine, Keast Tunnel Mine, Keith Mine, Kelly Mine, Kelly Tunnel Number Four Mine, Kelso Group Mine, Kennedy Group Mine, Kent Mine, Kent Tunnel Mine, Kentucky Tunnel, Kinda Tunnel Mine, King Albert Mine, King Cyrus Mine, King Solomon Mine, King Williams Mine, Kirtley Mine, Kitty Clyde Mine, Kitty Owsley Mine, Knickerbocker Mine, Kobold Mine, Kokomo Shaft Mine, L M Mine, La Clide Mine, La Munyon Mine, La Plata Tunnel Mine, Lady Adelaide Mine, Lady Bell Mine, Lake Central Project Mine, Lake Mine, Lake Superior Shaft Mine, Lake Tunnel Mine, Lake West Mine, Lalla Mine, Lamartine Shaft Group Mine, Lamartine Tunnel, Lance Mine, Last Chance Mine, Last Chance Mine, Lathrop Level Mine, Laura Mine, Lawrence L. Mine, Le Roi Mine, Lead Belt Tunnel Mine, Leavenworth Mine, Lebanon Tunnel, Lee Shaft Mine, Legal Tender Mine, Legion Mine, Lena Mine, Lexington Mine, Liberator Mine, Liberty Mine, Lily Mine, Lincoln Mine, Lincoln Mine, Lincoln Tunnel Mine, Little Albert Tunnel Number Five Mine, Little Annie Tunnel Mine, Little Boss Mine, Little Boss Mine, Little Champion Mine, Little Cub Mine, Little Ella Mine, Little Emma Tunnel Mine, Little Florence Mine, Little Harry Mine, Little Jack Mine, Little Jacket Mine, Little Johnnie Mine, Little Josephine Mine, Little Mattie Mine, Little Richard Mine, Little Ruby Tunnel Mine, Little Six Mine, Little Superior Mine, Little Topsy Mine, Little Ute Mine, Little Warrior Mine, Lizzie S Mine, Loeber Mine, Log Cabin Mine, Lombard Mine, London Tunnel West Mine, Lone Star Mine, Lone Star Placer Mine, Lone Tree Extension Shaft Mine, Loranzie Mine, Lord Byron Mine, Lorraway Mine, Lower Maxwell Mine, Lucania Tunnel, Lucky Find Mine, Lucky Gold Mine, Lucky Strike Group Mine, Lucky Strike Mine, Lynch Shaft Mine, Lyons Mine, M and E Mine, M and M Shaft Mine, M E Mine, M.K. Shaft Mine, Mab Mine, MacKay Tunnel Mine, Madison Mine, Magdalena Mine, Magnet Mine, Mahany Mine, Main Trunk Mine, Maine Mine, Mammoth Mine, Mammoth Mine, Mammoth Mine, Mammoth Shaft Mine, Mandolina Tunnel Mine, Manhattan Mine, Manhattan Mine, Maple Leaf Mine, Marble Mine, Marguerite B Mine, Mark One Ventures Mine, Mark Twain Mine, Market Mine, Marshall Tunnel, Martha E Mine, Martha Parks Mine, Mary Ann Shaft Mine, Mary C. Mine, Mary D Mine, Mary Foster Mine, Mary Philips Mine, Mastedon Mine, Matthews Tunnel Mine, Mattie Jack Tunnel Mine, Mattie Mine, Maud S Mine, Maude Monroe Mine, Maximillian Mine, Maxwell Mine, May Day Mine, May Mine, May Queen Mine, May Rose Mine, Mayflower Mine, McClellan and Wholcke Mine, McClellan Mountain Mine, McMickle Mine, Mendic Mine, Mendick Tunnel Mine, Mendota Mine, Merrimac Tunnel Mine, Meteor Mine, Metropolitan Mine, Mick Mack Mine, Midwest Tunnel Mine, Miller Tunnel Mine, Millington Mine, Milton Mine, Mineral Chief Mine, Minnesota Mines, Minnie Shaft Mine, Minott Mine, Mint Mine, Mint Shaft Mine, Mirage Mine, Miss Dividends Mine, Mix Mine, Mohawk Mine, Moline Tunnel, Mollie Fisher Mine, Molly Bawn Mine, Mona Mine, Monarch Mine, Money Musk Mine, Monitor Shaft Mine, Monster Mine, Monte Cristo Mine, Montgomery Ward Mine, Montreal Mine, Moose Shaft Mine, Morgan Shaft and Tunnel Mine, Morning Star Mine, Morning Star Mine, Moscow Mine, Mother Mine, Mount Etna Tunnel Mine, Mount Judge Mine, Mount Vesuvius Tunnel Mine, Muscovite Mine, Myra Mine, Mystery Shaft Mine, Mystic Mine, N and H Mine, Nabob Mine, Nabob Mine, Nabob Shaft Mine, Neath Mine, Neptune Mine, Nettie B. Mine, New Bedford Mine, New Century Mine, New Era Placer Mine, New Europe Mine, New Hope Mine, New Tunnel Mine, Newcastle Mine, Newton Shaft Mine, Niagara Mine, Ninety-four Mine, Ninety-one Mine, Niquiet Mine, Nonpareil Mine, Norman Shaft Mine, Normandeau Mine, North America Mine, North Fork Mine, North Star-Mann Mine, Nyanza Tunnel Mine, O.S. Storrs Mine, Ocean Queen Mine, Ocean Wave Mine, October Mine, Ohio Belle Mine, Ohio Mine, Old Chief Shaft Mine, Old Settler Mine, Old Settler Mine, Old Settler Tunnel, Old Soda Creek School Pegmatite Mine, Old Stag Tunnel Mine, Old Stone Wall Mine, Oldbury Shaft Mine, Olive Mine, Omaha Mine, Oneida Mine, Onondaga Mine, Ontario Mine, Ophir-Argo Mine, Ore Cash Mine, Oregon Mine, Oregon Tunnel Mine, Oriental Tunnel Mine, Orinoco Mine, Oriole Mine, Oro Fino Tunnel Mine, Oro Mine, Orphan Mine, Orvetta Mine, Ottawa Mine, Ovida Mine, Owatona Shaft Mine, P T Shaft Mine, Pacific Mine, Panama Mine, Paragon Mine, Paragon Mine, Park Group Mine, Parker Placer Mine, Patton Mine, Paxter Mine, Pay Rock Mine, Pay Streak Mine, Paymaster Mine, Payne Mine, Paynes Bar Mine, Payrock Mine, Peabody Mine, Pegmatite Mine, Pelican Mine, Pennsylvania Mine, Pennsylvania Tunnel Mine, Perkins Mine, Peru Tunnel, Peter Mine, Peterson Tunnel Mine, Phillips Shaft Mine, Phoenix Mine, Phonolite Tunnel Mine, Pine Tree Shaft Mine, Pioneer Mine, Pioneer Mine, Pittsburg Mine, Platts Big Chance Mine, Platts Mine, Polar Star Mine, Pomeroy Mine, Poorman Tunnel Mine, Port Jarvis Mine, Portland Mine, Potosi Mine, Power Mine, President Hayes Shaft Mine, Pride of the Rock Mine, Pride of the West Mine, Primos Mine, Princess of India Tunnel Mine, Princeton Mine, Producer Mine, Protection Mine, Providence Mine, Prudential Tunnel Mine, Pulaski Mine, Pumpkin Mine, Purdue Mine, Puritan Mine, Puzzler Mine, Quartermaster Shaft Mine, Queen Bee Shaft, Queen City Tunnel, Queen Elizabeth Mine, Queen of the West Tunnel, Quickie Iron Mine, Quito Mine, Rachel Mine, Rainbow Mine, Ramshorn Tunnel Mine, Randolph Mine, Range Line Tunnel Mine, Raymond Mine, Raymond P Heon Mine, Recompense Mine, Red Elephant Mine, Red Jacket Mine, Red Lion Mine, Red Lion Mine, Refuge Mine, Refugee Group Mine, Regina Mine, Reindeer Mine, Remington Mine, Rendal Mine, Renshaw-Miller Mine, Renshaw-Mosher Mine, Republican Mountain Mine, Resolute Lode Mine, Rexall Mine, Reynolds Mine, Rhoda Mine, Ricci Winze Mine, Richmond Mine, Rifle Group Mine, Right Tunnel Mine, Rio Grande Mine, Rio Grande Shaft Mine, Rising Sun Mine, Robineau Claims Mine, Roca Mine, Rockford Mine, Rockford Tunnel, Rocky and Stoney Mine, Rocky Cliff Mine, Rogers Shaft, Roote Ranch Mine, Rosecrans Mine, Rosetta Mine, Rowe Mine, Royal Ann Mine, Ruby Tunnel Mine, S P Mine, Saginaw Shaft Mine, Saint George Mine, Saint George Mine, Saint Joseph Mine, Saint Paul Mine, Salisbury Mine, Sampson Mine, Sampson Mine, San Juan Tunnel, Santa Fe Mine, Santa Fe Mountain Mine, Santa Fe Shaft Mine, Santa Fe Tunnel Mine, Santiago Mine, Santiago Mine, Sappho Mine, Saums Mine, Saxon Mine, Sceptre Tunnel, Schley Mine, Scotia Mine, Scotia Mine, Scott Mine, Searle Shaft Mine, Seaton Mine, Seaton Mine, Sedgewick Mine, Seeman Tunnel Mine, Seeroy Claims, Senator Tunnel Mine, September Tunnel Mine, Seven Forty Mine, Seven Metals Mine, Seven-Thirty Mine, Seventy-six Mine, Shafer Mine, Shaffer Hill Mine, Shafter Mine, Shakespeare Mine, Sherman Mountain Mine, Sherman Shaft Mine, Ship Ahoy Mine, Sidney Tunnel, Silent Friend Mine, Sill Mine, Silver Age Mine, Silver Age Mine, Silver Bell Mine, Silver Belle Mine, Silver Chain Mine, Silver Cliff Mine, Silver Cloud Mine, Silver Cycle Mine, Silver Gem Mine, Silver Glance Mine, Silver Glance Tunnel Mine, Silver Horn Mine, Silver Jim Mine, Silver King Mine, Silver Leaf Mine, Silver Link Mine, Silver Mountain Mine, Silver Plume Mine, Silver Queen Mine, Silver Ring Mine, Silver Spruce Mine, Silver Wind One Mine, Silver Wind Three Mine, Silver Wind Two Mine, Silver Wing Mine, Silverine Mine, Skidoo Mine, Skyrocket Mine, Smith Tunnel Mine, Smuggler Mine, Snowdrift Mine, Snyder Beryl Claim Mine, Solid Muldoon Mine, Sonora Mine, Sophy Mine, Sound Shaft Mine, South American Mine, Spear Tunnel Mine, Specht Tunnel Mine, Specie Payment Mine, Specie Payment Tunnel Mine, Squaw Mine, Standard Mine, Stanley Mine, Stanley Shaft Mine, Star Mine, Star Mine, Star of the West Mine, Star Tunnel, Startle Mine, Stella-Independence Shaft, Stephens Mine, Stephens Placer Mine, Sterling Silver Group Mine, Stevens Mine, Storrs Mine, Sub Treasury Mine, Sulitelma Mine, Summit Mine, Summit Mine, Sun and Moon Mine, Sunburst Tunnels, Sunkirk Mine, Sunkist Mine, Sunnyside Mine, Sunnyside Tunnel, Sunshine Tunnel Mine, Superior Mine, Surprise Mine, Sussex Mine, Sutro Mine, Sweet Home Mine, Syndicate Tunnel Mine, Syracuse Mine, Tamasoa Mine, Teddy Bear Mine, Telephone Tunnel Mine, Teller Tunnel Mine, Tenth Legion Mine, Terrible Dunderburg Mine, Terrible Mine, Texaco Mine, Theobold Placer Mine, Third Bellevue Mine, Thirty Second Mine, Tigris Mine, Tim Tarsney Mine, Tobin Group Mine, Toledo Mine, Tolland County Mine, Tom Boy Mine, Tom Moore Mine, Tomahawk Mine, Torpedo Mine, Torrey Two Tunnel Mine, Transvaal Mine, Treasure Vault Mine, Treasure Vault Mine, Treasure Vault Mine, Treasury Mine, Trembath Tunnel Mine, Trenton Lode Mine, Trish Lee Tunnel Mine, Tropic Mine, Tropic Shaft Mine, Tunnel Lode Number Three Mine, Turner Tunnel Mine, Turpin Mine, Twin Ports Mine, Two Kings Mine, Tyler Mine, Tyrone Tunnel Mine, Tyson Mine, U S Tunnel Mine, Union Mine, Union Mine, Union Tunnel Mine, United Freeland Mine, United Gold Mine, University Mine, Upper Maxwell Mine, Urad Mine, Venice Mine, Veteran Mine, Veto Shaft Mine, Victor Mine, Victor Shaft Number three Mine, Vida Shaft Mine, Vidler Mine, Viking Mine, Virginia City Mine, Virginia Mine, Virginia Shaft Mine, Vulcan Mine, W and M Mine, Waldorf Mine, Wallace Shaft Mine, Walt Stembel Mine, Waltham Mine, War Baby Mine, Ward Mine, Washington Mine, Weedy Mine, West Chester Shaft Mine, West End Tunnel Mine, West Fork Mine, West Geneva Iron Deposit Mine, West Gold Tunnel Mine, West Griffith Mine, West Terrible Mine, Western Shaft Mine, Whale Mine, White Mine, White Pine Tunnel Mine, Whitewater Mine, Wide West Mine, Wilbur Mine, Wild Rose Mine, Williams Mine, Williams Shaft Mine, Willis Gulch Shaft Mine, Wilson Tunnel Mine, Windsor Castle Shaft Mine, Winning Card Mine, Winters Mine, Winterset Mine, Wisconsin Mine, Wolverine Tunnel Mine, Wyandotte Tunnel Mine, Wyoming Mine, Wyoming Valley Tunnel Mine, Yankee Girl Shaft Mine, Yellow Jacket Mine, Yellow Metals Mine, Yukon Girl Mine, Zeda and Weda Mine, Zero Tunnel

  Parks     show all on map

Abyss Lake Scenic Area, Colorado Game and Fish Reserve, Echo Lake Park, Frosberg Park, Georgetown-Silver Plume Historic District, Leadville Historic District, Mount Evans Elk Management Area

  Pillars     show all on map

Captains Rock, Jackson Monument, The Sawtooth

  Populated Places     show all on map

Alice, Argo Mill, Bakerville, Berthoud Falls, Black Eagle Mill, Blue Valley, Brookvale, Downieville, Dumont, Empire, Freeland, Georgetown, Gilson Gulch, Graymont, Idaho Springs, Lamartine, Lawson, Ninetyfour (historical), Saint Marys, Silver Plume, Silverdale (historical), Yankee (historical)

  Post Offices     show all on map

Dumont Post Office, Empire Post Office, Georgetown Post Office, Idaho Springs Post Office, Silver Plume Post Office, Waldorf Post Office (historical)

  Ranges     show all on map

Front Range

  Reserves     show all on map

Mount Evans Wilderness

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Beaver Brook Number 2 Reservoir, Beaver Brook Number 3A Reservoir, Chinns Lake, Clear Lake, Duck Lake, Fall River Reservoir, Georgetown Reservoir, Green Lake, Green Lake, Idaho Springs Reservoir, Lake Caroline, Lake Edith, Lake Quivira, Lower Cabin Creek Hydroelectric Reservoir, Lower Cabin Creek Reservoir, Lower Chinns Reservoir, Lower Urad Reservoir, Murry Reservoir, Sherwin Lake, Silver Lake, Upper Cabin Creek Hydroelectric Reservoir, Upper Cabin Creek Reservoir, Upper Chinns Reservoir, Upper Urad Reservoir

  Ridges     show all on map

McClellan Mountain

  Schools     show all on map

Empire School

  Springs     show all on map

Idaho Springs

  Streams     show all on map

Barbour Fork, Bard Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Track Creek, Beartrack Creek, Beaver Brook, Beaverdam Creek, Blue Creek, Cascade Creek, Cherokee Creek, Chicago Creek, Chicken Creek, Cliff Creek, Corral Creek, Dry Creek, Duck Creek, Ethel Creek, Fall River, Grass Creek, Hoop Creek, Leavenworth Creek, Lion Creek, Little Bear Creek, Lost Creek, Mad Creek, Meadow Brook, Melvina Creek, Metz Creek, Mill Creek, Miller Creek, North Beaver Brook, North Empire Creek, Pat Creek, Pedee Creek, Quayle Creek, Rose Creek, Ruby Creek, Ruby Creek, Silver Creek, Silver Creek, Soda Creek, South Chicago Creek, South Clear Creek, Steel Creek, Trail Creek, Tumbling Creek, Ute Creek, Vance Creek, West Chicago Creek, West Fork Clear Creek, West Fork Yankee Creek, Woods Creek, Yankee Creek

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Alpine Peak, Alps Mountain, Argentine Peak, Baker Mountain, Bald Mountain, Bald Mountain, Bard Peak, Bellevue Mountain, Breckinridge Peak, Brown Mountain, Captain Mountain, Chief Mountain, Colorado Mines Peak, Columbia Mountain, Cone Mountain, Democrat Mountain, Devils Nose, Douglas Mountain, Engelmann Peak, Epaulet Mountain, Flirtation Peak, Fox Mountain, Ganley Mountain, Goliath Peak, Gray Wolf Mountain, Grays Peak, Griffith Mountain, Hicks Mountain, Independence Mountain, James Peak, Kelso Mountain, Leavenworth Mountain, Lincoln Mountain, Little Sugarloaf Peak, Mount Bancroft, Mount Bethel, Mount Bierstadt, Mount Edwards, Mount Eva, Mount Evans, Mount Flora, Mount Judge, Mount Machebeuf, Mount Parnassus, Mount Pence, Mount Pisgah, Mount Sniktau, Mount Spalding, Mount Susan, Mount Trelease, Mount Warren, Mount Wilcox, Otter Mountain, Paines Mountain, Papoose Mountain, Pendleton Mountain, Porcupine Hill, Red Elephant Hill, Red Mountain, Republican Mountain, Revenue Mountain, Robeson Peak, Rogers Peak, Saddleback Mountain, Santa Fe Mountain, Santa Fe Peak, Saxon Mountain, Seaton Mountain, Shaffer Hill, Sheridan Hill, Sherman Mountain, Silver Plume Mountain, Snyder Mountain, Square Top Mountain, Squaw Mountain, Stanley Mountain, Sugarloaf Peak, Sullivan Mountain, Torreys Peak, Vance Peak, Vasquez Peak, Warrior Mountain, Witter Peak, Woodchuck Peak, Woods Mountain

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KBDI-TV (Broomfield), KYGO-FM (Denver)

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Argentine Trail, Chicago Lakes Trail, Grays Peak Trail, Prospectors Trail, Silver Dollar Lake Trail

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August P Gumlick Tunnel, Golden Belt Tunnel, Vasquez Tunnel

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Anchor Gulch, Beaver Brook Canyon, Bendemeer Valley, Boomerang Gulch, Brown Gulch, Butler Gulch, Buttermilk Gulch, Cloud Gulch, Cottonwood Gulch, Cumberland Gulch, Deadman Gulch, Deadman Gulch, Delany Gulch, Devils Canyon, Dry Gulch, Eclipse Gulch, Georgia Gulch, Gilson Gulch, Golden Glen Gulch, Grizzly Gulch, Hamlin Gulch, Haystack Canyon, Herman Gulch, Hoosac Gulch, Hukill Gulch, Jackwhacker Gulch, Johnson Gulch, Kearney Gulch, King Solomon Gulch, Lewis Gulch, Little Hamlin Gulch, Lucania Gulch, Maximilian Gulch, Mexican Gulch, Ohio Gulch, Oro Gulch, Phillips Gulch, Pinkerton Gulch, Robinson Gulch, Rosa Gulch, Sawmill Gulch, Seaton Gulch, Silver Gulch, Smelter Gulch, Snowdrift Gulch, Snyder Gulch, Spring Gulch, Spring Gulch, Steve Canyon, Stevens Gulch, Thompson Gulch, Turkey Gulch, Virginia Canyon, Warren Gulch, Washoe Gulch, Watrous Gulch, Wide-awake Gulch, Witter Gulch, Woodpecker Gulch, York Gulch,

Clear Creek County, Colorado Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteClear Creek County White population 8,6798,679  
MixedClear Creek County Mixed population 154154
American IndianClear Creek County American Indian population 9190
BlackClear Creek County Black population 7272
AsianClear Creek County Asian population 6363
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderClear Creek County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 99

Additional population tables :
State population table
Colorado population by county