Dolores County, Colorado Basics:

Dolores County Colorado - Government Site

Population: 1,995
Area: 1067 square miles
County seat: Dove Creek
Area code(s) in use: 970
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 88.4%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 18.8%
Median household income: $43,098
Persons in poverty: 13.9%
Home ownership rate: 79.8%
Mean travel time to work: 21.1 minutes

Adjacent counties:
La Plata  Montezuma  San Juan  San Juan (UT)  San Miguel  

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Map of the Dolores County area

Our detail map of Dolores County shows the Dolores County, Colorado boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Dolores County, Colorado

  Airports     show all on map

Dove Creek Airport, Pleasant View Heliport, Rico Heliport

  Basins     show all on map

Boggy Basin, Hells Hole, Navajo Basin, The Blowout, Tin Can Basin

  Bridges     show all on map

Bradfield Bridge, Burro Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Cahone Pumping Station, Dove Creek Fire Department, Dove Creek Pumping Station, Dove Creek Volunteer Ambulance Service, Rico Community Center, Rico Fire Department, Rico Public Library, Rico Town Hall, Rico Volunteer Fire Department

  Canals     show all on map

Beaver Creek Ditch, Little Fish Creek Ditch

  Capes     show all on map

Mountain Sheep Point, Spook Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Nash Cemetery, Peel Cemetery, Rico Cemetery

  Churches     show all on map

Cahone Church, First Baptist Church of Rico, Rico Community Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Glade Point, Pease Point, The Rincon, Wild Horse Point

  Dams     show all on map

Belmear Lake Dam, Dove Creek and 1 Dam, Ducks Nest Dam, Dunham Dam, Garner Dam, Groundhog Dam, Morrison Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Eagle Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Alkali Flat, Bemis Flats, Derby Flats, Geyser Park, Hugh Ray Flats, Long Park, The Meadows, The Vega

  Gaps     show all on map

Bolam Pass

  Lakes     show all on map

Arrowhead Lake, Clyde Lake, Corral Lake, Dry Lake, Dutchman Lake, Glade Lake, Little Dry Lake, Long Park Lake, Nipple Lake, Owen Lake, Stoner Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Beaver Creek Massacre, Bradfield Ranch, Burns (historical), Burro Bridge Campground, Calico Trailhead, Cayton Campground, Coke Oven, Cottonwood Guard Station, Cresto Ranch, Dolores Canyon Overlook Picnic Area, Dove Creek Pumping Station, Dunton Guard Station, Emerson Campground, Fort Narraguinnep Historical Site, Glade Guard Station, King Ranch, Mavreeso Campground, Miller Ranch, Morgan Camp, Navajo Lake Trailhead, Rico Ball Park, Rico Ranger Station, Salter Y, West Dolores Campground, Willow Spring Guard Station

  Mines     show all on map

ABG Mine, Albion Mine, Allegheny Mine, Alma Mater Mine, Argentine Mine, Argonaut Mine, Atlantic Cable Mine, Atlas Mine, Aztec Mine, Badger Tunnel Mine, Bancroft Mine, Belzora Mine, Ben Group Mine, Black Wonder Mine, Blackhawk Mine, Blaine Tunnel Mine, Blue Bell Mine, Broken Thumb Mine, Buckhorn Tunnel Mine, Burns Group Mine, Bushwhacker Mine, Butler Group Mine, Caledonia Mine, Calico Peak Mine, California Mine, Calumet Mine, Christina Mine, Clan Campbell Mine, Como Mine, Corkscrew Mine, Cowdrey Mine, Dolly Mine, Double Cross Mine, Eagle Tunnel Mine, Eighty-eight Tunnel Mine, Emma Mine, Enterprise Mine, Eureka Mine, Expectation Mine, Falcon Mine, Fickle Goddess Tunnel Mine, Flying Fish Mine, Forest-Payroll Tunnel Mine, Free Coinage Mine, Futura Mine, Futurity Tunnel Mine, Geyser Spring, Glade Canyon Prospect, Gold Anchor Mine, Golden 1900 Mine, Golden Fleece Mine, Grand View Group Mine, Graysill Mine, Great Western Mine, Hand-out Mine, Hibernia Mine, Hicks Mine, Hope and Cross Mine, Humboldt Tunnel Mine, Iron Dollar Mine, Iron Giant Mine, Ironclad Mine, Isabella Shaft Mine, Jeep Mine, Johnny Bull Mine, Jones Mine, Jones Tunnel Mine, Jumbo Number Three Mine, Key Group Mine, Kite Tunnel Mine, Lackawanna Mine, Larson Mine, Last Chance Mine, Laura Mine, Laxey Mine, Leila Davis Mine, Lexington Mine, Lily D Mine, Little Leonard Mine, Little Maggie Mine, Little Silver Mine, Little Susan Mine, Logan Mine, Logan Shaft Mine, Lucky Boy Mine, Lucky Pine Mine, Magnet Mine, Mediterranean Mine, Mohawk Mine, Montezuma Mine, Mount Pleasant Mine, Mountain Spring Mine, Nellie Bly Mine, New Dawn Group Mine, New Demon Mine, Nora Lily Mine, North Star Mine, Nutmeg Mine, Oro Mine, Pack Rat Mine, Palmetto Group Mine, Payroll Mine, Pigeon Mine, Poor Boy Mine, Potter Mine, Princeton Mine, Privateer Mine, Pro Patria Tunnel Mine, Puzzle Mine, Puzzler Mine, Rainy Day Mine, Ramco Claims Mine, Rand Mine, Revenue Mine, Richmond Mine, Rico Argentine Mining Company Mine, Rico Boy Mine, Rock of Ages Mine, Rosebud Group Mine, Saint Louis Mine, Sambo Mine, San Juan Mine, Sawyer Shaft Mine, Silver Glance Mine, Silver Swan Mine, Skeptical Mine, Smuggler Mine, Song Bird Tunnel Mine, South Park Mine, Stephanite Mine, Sulfur King Mine, Sulphur Queen Group Mine, Sunflower Mine, Swickheimer Group Mine, Teaser Mine, Telegraph Mine, Troy Mine, Uncle Ned Mine, Uncle Remus Mine, Union Carbide Mine, Utah Claim, Van Winkle Mine, Wellington Mine, Whim Mine, Worlds Fair Prospect, Yellow Bee Mine, Yellow Jacket Mine, Zulu Chief Mine

  Parks     show all on map

Bradfield Recreation Site, Lone Cone State Wildlife Area, Louis M Jones Memorial Park, Narraguinnep Natural Area

  Populated Places     show all on map

Cahone, Dove Creek, Dunton, Northdale, Rico

  Post Offices     show all on map

Disappointment Post Office (historical), Dunton Post Office (historical), Rico Post Office

  Ranges     show all on map

Rico Mountains, San Miguel Mountains

  Rapidss     show all on map

Snaggletooth Rapid

  Reserves     show all on map

Lizard Head Wilderness

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Aaron Reservoir, Abbot Reservoir, Albert Reservoir, Ancil Reservoir, Andrews Reservoir, Arnold Reservoir, Aspen Reservoir, Aspen Reservoir, Auto Way Spring Reservoir, Baird Reservoir, Bald Hill Reservoir, Baldy Reservoir, Barlow Lake, Barney Reservoir, Bear Reservoir, Beaver Point Number 2 Reservoir, Beaver Reservoir, Beef Trail Reservoir, Belmear Lake, Bench Reservoir, Bench Spring Reservoir, Big Reservoir, Big Spring Reservoir, Big Water Number Four Reservoir, Big Water Reservoir Number Eight, Big Water Reservoir Number Five, Big Water Reservoir Number One, Big Water Reservoir Number Seven, Big Water Reservoir Number Six, Big Water Reservoir Number Ten, Big Water Reservoir Number Thirteen, Big Water Reservoir Number Three, Black Jack Reservoir, Black Snag Reservoir, Border Reservoir, Bradfield Reservoir, Bradfield Reservoir, Brumley Reservoir, Buck Reservoir, Buster Reservoir, Cabin Reservoir, Calf Reservoir, Canyon Reservoir, Carlyle Reservoir, Cat Reservoir, Cattail Reservoir, Cheap Reservoir, Chicken Aspen Reservoir, Clara Reservoir, Cleveland Reservoir, CLyde Lake Reservoir, Coffee Camp Reservoir, Cold Reservoir, Corner Reservoir, Cornwallis Reservoir, Corrals Reservoir, Cottonwood Gulch Reservoir, Cow Camp Reservoir, Cresto Reservoir, Cresto Spring Reservoir, Crooked Reservoir, Dale Reservoir, Dalton Reservoir, Darnell Reservoir, Dawson Reservoir, Dead Doe Reservoir, Dead Snag Reservoir, Devere Reservoir, Diana Reservoir, Disappointment Number Five Reservoir, Disappointment Number Four Reservoir, Disappointment Number Nine Reservoir, Disappointment Number Seven Reservoir, Disappointment Number Six Reservoir, Disappointment Number Three Reservoir, Disappointment Reservoir Number 1, Disappointment Reservoir Number 2, Divide Reservoir, Divide Reservoir, Doe Point Reservoir, Doe Reseeding Reservoir, Don Smith Reservoir, Dopey Reservoir, Dove Creek Number 1 Reservoir, Dove Reservoir, DR Reservoir, Drake Reservoir, Drale Reservoir, Dressel Number Two Reservoir, Dressel Reservoir, Drift Fence Reservoir, Dry Canyon Reservoir, Dry Lake Reservoir, Ducks Nest Reservoir, Dunham Place Number 2 Reservoir, Dunham Reservoir, East Lake Reservoir, Elk Reservoir, Evans Reservoir, Fader Reservoir, Fence Line Reservoir, Ferris Reservoir, Five Pine Reservoir, Five Pines Reservoir Number Two, Flat Reservoir, Flatiron Reservoir, Floating Reservoir, Forks Reservoir, Fox Den Reservoir, Franks Reservoir, Garbareno Reservoir, Garner Reservoir, Gate Reservoir, Geren Reservoir, Glade Point Reservoir, Glade Reservoir, Goble Canyon Reservoir, Gordon Reservoir, Gravel Pit Reservoir, Groundhog Point Reservoir, Groundhog Reservoir, Hap Reservoir, Henry Reservoir, Hinchman Reservoir, Holly Reservoir, Horse Reservoir, Horsetooth Reservoir, Hosea Reservoir, Hydrolic Reservoir, Island Reservoir, Joe Redd Reservoir, Johnson Reservoir, Jose Spring Reservoir, Juan Spring Reservoir, King Number Two Reservoir, King Reservoir, Knight Spring Reservoir, Knolls Reservoir, Koeing Reservoir, Koppenhafer Reservoir, Lake Clydia Reservoir, Lake Reservoir, Lake Unit Number Four Reservoir, Lake Unit Number Three Reservoir, Lake Unit Number Two Reservoir, Leonia Reservoir, Lila Reservoir, Little Beaver Number 2 Reservoir, Little Beaver Number 3 Reservoir, Little Beaver Reservoir, Little Pony Reservoir, Lone Dome Reservoir, Lone Mesa Number Two Reservoir, Lone Mesa Reservoir, Lone Pine Reservoir, Long Draw Reservoir, Long Park Reservoir, Lost Park Reservoir, Lower Glade Reservoir, Luggan Reservoir, Main Reservoir, Manaugh Spring Reservoir, McCabe Reservoir, McClure Reservoir, McEwen Reservoir, McKinney Draw Reservoir, McKinney Reservoir, Mel Dalton Number One Reservoir, Mesa Point Reservoir, Middle Number 1 Reservoir, Middle Number 2 Reservoir, Middle Number 3 Reservoir, Middle Number 4 Reservoir, Middle Number 5 Reservoir, Morrison Lake, Muhly Reservoir, Narraguinnep Reservoir, Navajo Lake, Near Draw Number Five Reservoir, Near Draw Number Four Reservoir, Near Draw Number Six Reservoir, Near Draw Number Three Reservoir, Near Draw Number Two Reservoir, Near Draw Reservoir, Needed Reservoir, Neil Reservoir, New Reservoir, Nielson Reservoir, North Nipple Reservoir, North Reservoir, Oak Draw Reservoir, Oak Reservoir, Oakbrush Reservoir, Old Dunham Reservoir, Old Station Reservoir, Only Reservoir, Overlook Reservoir Number One, Palmer Reservoir, Pat Canyon Reservoir, Pease Point Reservoir, Pease Reservoir, Pee Wee Reservoir, Peeled Pine Reservoir, Perkins Reservoir, Pine Arroyo Reservoir, Pine Reservoir, Pine Reservoir, Pine Spring Reservoir, Plateau Reservoir, Plateau Rim Reservoir, Point Reservoir, Pole Canyon Reservoir, Pole Canyon Reservoir Number One, Pony Reservoir, Pot Hole Reservoir, Powerline Number Three Reservoir, Quakie Reservoir, Rabit Hash Reservoir, Ranger Reservoir, Red Lake, Road Spring Reservoir, Robert Reservoir, Rock Bottom Reservoir, Rock Park Reservoir, Rock Reservoir, Rocky Draw Number 5 Reservoir, Rocky Draw Number One Reservoir, Rogers Reservoir, Roy Reservoir, Royce Reservoir, Royce Reservoir, Runt Reservoir, Ryman Number Four Reservoir, Ryman Number Three Reservoir, Ryman Number Two Reservoir, Saddle Reservoir, Saddle Reservoir Number Two, Sagebrush Number One Reservoir, Sagebrush Reservoir, Salter Canyon Reservoir, Salter Reservoir, Seep Reservoir, Side Canyon Reservoir, Silbo Reservoir, Slide Reservoir, Snag Reservoir, South Reservoir, Spruce Lake, Steer Number Eight Reservoir, Steer Number Five Reservoir, Steer Number Four Reservoir, Steer Number One Reservoir, Steer Number Seven Reservoir, Steer Number Six Reservoir, Steer Number Three Reservoir, Steer Number Two Reservoir, Steer Number Two Reservoir, Stoner Mesa Reservoir, Study Plot Reservoir, Summers Reservoir, Sunshine Reservoir, Swank Reservoir, Ted Reservoir, Tom Akin Reservoir, Tozer Number One Reservoir, Trail Reservoir, Travis Reservoir, Turner Reservoir, Twin Spring Reservoir, Twin Spring Reservoir, Upper Beaver Reservoir, Upper Little Beaver Reservoir, Upper Willow Reservoir, Violet Reservoir, Waterhole Reservoir, White Sands Reservoir, Wild Bill Number Eleven Reservoir, Wild Bill Number Five Reservoir, Wild Bill Number Four Reservoir, Wild Bill Number Fourteen Reservoir, Wild Bill Number Nine Reservoir, Wild Bill Number Six Reservoir, Wild Bill Number Ten Reservoir, Wild Bill Number Thirteen Reservoir, Wild Bill Number Three Reservoir, Wild Bill Number Twelve Reservoir, Wild Bill Number Two Reservoir, Wild Bill Number Two Reservoir, Wild Bill Reservoir Number Eight, Wild Bill Reservoir Number One, Wild Cow Reservoir, Wild Horse Reservoir, Wild Horse Reservoir, Willow Reservoir, Willow Spring Reservoir, Wolf Den Reservoir, Yearling Reservoir, Young Reservoir, Zwicker Reservoir, Zwicker Reservoir Number 2

  Ridges     show all on map

Blue Ridge, Darling Ridge, McCloud Point, Sliderock Ridge, The Hogback, Willow Divide

  Schools     show all on map

Cahone School, Lavender School, Rico Grade School

  Slopes     show all on map

CHC Hill

  Springs     show all on map

Bankston Spring, Big Spring, Big Water Spring, Black Snag Spring, Blue Spring, Bradfield Spring, Browning Spring, Bug Spring, Burnt Cabin Spring, Camp Spring, Canyon Spring, Champagne Spring, Cold Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Cresto Spring, Cub Spring, Doe Spring, Dunton Hot Spring, Evans Spring, Fader Spring, Far Draw Spring, Ferris Spring, Garbarero Spring, Geyser Warm Spring, Glade Canyon Spring, Glade Mountain Spring, Indian Spring, Irwin Spring, Little Bill Spring, Lone Mesa Spring Number 1, Manaugh Spring, Narraguinnep Spring, Paradise Warm Spring, Pat Spring, Pease Spring, Peeled Pine Spring, Pine Arroyo Spring, Railroad Spring, Road Spring, Rock Spring, Rusty Spring, Sagebrush Spring, Snyder Spring, Soft Water Spring, Tom Westcott Spring, Tommy Spring, Trimble Spring, Twin Spring, White Sands Spring, Wild Bill Spring, Willow Spring, Wolf Den Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Aspen Creek, Barlow Creek, Bear Creek, Beaver Creek, Burnett Creek, Burnt Cabin Creek, Calf Creek, Canyon Creek, Clear Creek, Coal Creek, Coke Oven Creek, Cold Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cub Creek, Deer Creek, Disappointment Creek, Dove Creek, Dry Creek, Eagle Creek, East Fork Fall Creek, Fall Creek, Fall Creek, Fish Creek, Fox Den Creek, Geren Creek, Geyser Creek, Glade Creek, Goble Creek, Groundhog Creek, Horse Creek, Hunt Creek, Johnny Bull Creek, Kilpacker Creek, Little Fish Creek, Lizard Head Creek, Lower Monument Creek, Marguerite Creek, Mavreeso Creek, McJunkin Creek, Meadow Creek, Monument Creek, Morrison Creek, Morrison Creek, Nash Creek, North Twin Creek, Papoose Creek, Pine Creek, Piute Creek, Plateau Creek, Rabbit Creek, Roberts Creek, Ryman Creek, Scotch Creek, Silver Creek, Silver Creek, Slate Creek, Snow Spur Creek, South Twin Creek, Spectacle Creek, Spring Creek, Stoner Creek, Straight Creek, Sulphur Creek, Sulphur Creek, Summer Camp Creek, Taylor Creek, Tenderfoot Creek, Truby Creek, West Dolores River, West Fork Fall Creek, West Monument Creek, Wildcat Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Anchor Mountain, Bald Hill, Beaver Mountain, Belmear Mountain, Black Mesa, Blackhawk Mountain, Brumley Point, Bug Point, Calico Peak, Cedar Point, Dolores Mountain, Dunn Peak, Eagle Peak, El Diente Peak, Elliott Mountain, Elston Mountain, Expectation Mountain, Flattop Mountain, Flattop Mountain, Glade Mountain, Grizzly Peak, Groundhog Mountain, Harts Peak, Hermosa Peak, Island Mesa, Johnny Bull Mountain, Landslip Mountain, Lincoln Mountain, Lone Mesa, Mount Wilson, Narraguinnep Mountain, Newman Hill, Nipple Mountain, Ormiston Point, Papoose Peak, Sandstone Mountain, Section Point, Sockrider Peak, South Mountain, Squaw Point, Stoner Mesa, Storm Peak, Taylor Mesa, Telescope Mountain, Thomas Mountain, White Rock, Whitecap Mountain

  Towers     show all on map

Benchmark Lookout

  Trails     show all on map

Burnett Creek Trail, Circle Trail, Cross Mountain Trail, Eagle Peak Trail, East Fork Trail, East Fork Trail, Fish Creek Trail, Geyser Spring Trail, Goble Trail, Ground Hog Stock Driveway, Groundhog Stock Driveway, Highline Stock Driveway, Johnny Bull Trail, Kilpacker Trail, Navajo Lake Trail, Ormiston Point Stock Driveway, Pipe Creek Trail, Priest Gulch Trail, Scotch Creek Trail, Spring Creek Trail, Stoner Mesa Trail, Stoner Stock Trail, Telephone Trail, Twin Spring Trail, Winter Trail

  Valleys     show all on map

Alkali Canyon, Alkali Draw, Alkali Wash, Allyn Gulch, Aztec Gulch, Big Canyon, Big Hell Canyon, Big Spring Gulch, Bootlegger Gulch, Brewer Canyon, Cabin Canyon, Cahone Canyon, Canyon East, Cash Gulch, Chicken Aspen Canyon, Copper Gulch, Cottonwood Canyon, Cottonwood Draw, Cow Canyon, Deadman Draw, Deadwood Gulch, Doe Canyon, Dry Canyon, East Branch Pine Arroyo, Estes Draw, Evans Draw, Ewing Gulch, Fader Draw, Far Draw, Ferris Canyon, Fill Gulch, Five Pine Canyon, Glade Canyon, Glade Point Canyon, Iron Draw, Lake Canyon, Levigood Canyon, Little Cahone Canyon, Little Hell Canyon, Little Main Draw, Long Draw, Mavreeso Canyon, McKinney Draw, Middle Branch Pine Arroyo, Narraguinnep Canyon, Near Draw, Peeled Pine Canyon, Peterson Slide, Pole Canyon, Priest Gulch, Roche Gulch, Rock Spring Draw, Rocky Draw, Ryman Draw, Salter Canyon, Schoolhouse Draw, Secret Canyon, Sharp Canyon, Sharps Draw, Sheep Canyon, Spear Slide, Spook Canyon, Spruce Gulch, The Glade, Tucker Canyon, Ward Canyon, West Branch Big Canyon, West Branch Pine Arroyo, West Ryman Draw, White Flats Draw, White Sands Draws, Wild Bill Canyon, Williams Draw, Willow Draw, Willow Draw

  Wells     show all on map

Brewer Well,

Dolores County, Colorado Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteDolores County White population 1,8711,871  
American IndianDolores County American Indian population 6261
MixedDolores County Mixed population 4847
BlackDolores County Black population 87
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderDolores County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 43

Additional population tables :
State population table
Colorado population by county