Mesa County, Colorado Basics:

Mesa County Colorado - Government Site

Population: 147,790
Area: 3329 square miles
County seat: Grand Junction
Area code(s) in use: 970
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 89.8%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 25.1%
Median household income: $51,029
Persons in poverty: 13.4%
Home ownership rate: 71.6%
Mean travel time to work: 21.5 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Delta  Garfield  Grand (UT)  Gunnison  Montrose  Pitkin  San Juan (UT)  

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Map of the Mesa County area

Our detail map of Mesa County shows the Mesa County, Colorado boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Mesa County, Colorado

  Airports     show all on map

BLM Fire Center Heliport, Grand Junction Regional Airport, Hendricks Field Airport at West Creek Ranch, Hubbard Airport, Lands End Microwave Heliport, Mack Mesa Airport, Mountain Bell Heliport, Phylcon Ranch Airport, Pinyon Airport, Saint Marys Hospital and Medical Center Heliport, Whitewater Heliport

  Arches     show all on map

Arete Arch, Bulwark Arch, Cedar Tree Arch, Centennial Arch, Crown Arch, Culvert Arch, Ela Natural Bridge, Finger Arch, Hole in the Bridge Arch, Juanita Arch, Protractor Arch, Trail Arch, Trap Arch, Tubloc Arch, Two Feathers Arch, West Pollock Arch, Will Minor Arch, Window Rock, Window Rock Tower, Windows of Pollock Canyon

  Areas     show all on map

Grand Mesa, The Burn, The Hunting Ground, Upper Colorado Region - 2-digit Hydrologic Unit Code - 14

  Arroyos     show all on map

Castro Draw

  Basins     show all on map

Bennetts Basin, Bull Basin, Bull Basin, Coal Creek Basin, Coyote Basin, Hallock Basin, Halls Basin, Hells Hole, Johnson Basin, Lost Horse Basin, Lugans Basin, Miner Basin, Parker Basin, Sinbad Valley, Spring Basin, Two V Basin, Whitewater Basin

  Benches     show all on map

Cabin Bench, Clarks Bench, Franks Bench, Massey Bench, Milbern Bench, North Love Mesa Bench, South Love Mesa Bench, West Bench

  Bends     show all on map

Crow Bottom, Moore Bottom, Oldham Bottoms

  Bridges     show all on map

Fuller Bridge, Healy Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Central Orchard Mesa Fire Department, Clifton Fire Protection District, De Beque Fire Protection District, East Orchard Mesa Fire District, Gateway - Unaweep Fire Department, Glade Park Volunteer Fire Department, Grand Junction Fire Department Station 1, Grand Junction Fire Department Station 2, Grand Junction Fire Department Station 3, Grand Junction Fire Department Station 4, Grand Junction Fire Department Station 5, Lands End Fire Protection District, Lower Valley Fire Protection District Station 1, Lower Valley Fire Protection District Station 2, Palisade Fire Department, Plateau Valley Fire Protection District, Plateau Valley Fire Protection District, Plateau Valley Fire Protection District Ambulance, Saint Mary's Care Flight

  Canals     show all on map

Appleton Drain, Bear Den Ditch, Berthold Updyke and Landon Ditch, Bower Ditch, Brandon Ditch, Brown and Campion Ditch, Bull Elk Ditch, Carnahan Ditch Number 1, Castle Ditch, Elizabethe Ditch, Erie Canal, Fruita Aqueduct, Golden Hill Canal, Government Highline Canal, Grand Valley Canal, Hinderlider Lift Canal, Independent Ranchmens Ditch, Kannah Creek Extension Ditch, Kannah Creek Flow Line, Kannah Creek Highline Ditch, Kiefer Extension Grand Valley Canal, Lander Extension Ditch, Larkin Ditch, Laurent Ditch, Loma Drain, Long Mesa Ditch, Main Line Grand Valley Canal, Mesa County Ditch, Mormon Mesa Ditch, Orchard Mesa Canal, Orchard Mesa Canal Number 1, Orchard Mesa Canal Number 2, Orchard Mesa Siphon, Price Ditch, Purdy Mesa Flow Line, Redlands First Lift Canal, Redlands Second Lift Canal, Roan Creek Ditch Number 2, Ruby Ditch, Shropshire Ditch, Silver Gage Ditch, Smith Ditch, South Side Canal, Stub Ditch, The Redlands Power Canal

  Capes     show all on map

Beavertail Mountain, The Peninsula

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Calvary Cemetery, Cedar Crest Cemetery, Clover Cemetery, Crown Point Cemetery, Eagalite Cemetery, Elmwood Cemetery, Glade Park Cemetery, Independent Order of Odd Fellows and Masonic Cemetery, Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery, Memorial Gardens of the Valley, Mesa Cemetery, Sacred Heart Cemetery, Whitewater Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Clifton Census Designated Place, Fruitvale Census Designated Place, Loma Census Designated Place, Orchard Mesa Census Designated Place, Redlands Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Central Ochard Mesa Community Church, Church of the Brethren, Church of the First Born, Light and Life Chapel, Mesa View Church, Pear Park Church, Saint Nicholas Church, Unity Church, Wayside Chaple

  Cliffs     show all on map

Artists Point, Bailey Point, Baxter Point, Black Point, Bug Point, Cold Shivers Point, Corcoran Point, Fleming Point, Indian Point, Jacobs Ladder, Lands End, Long Point, Palisade Point, Renegade Point, Short Point, Smith Point, Spruce Point, Spruce Point, Suction Point, The Big Slide, The Breaks, The Palisade, Thimble Rock Point, Tunnel Point, White Slide, Windy Point

  Dams     show all on map

6 and 50 Retention Dam, Anderson Brothers Number 1 Dam, Anderson Dam, Anderson Number 1 Dam, Anderson Number 2 Dam, Anderson Number 6 Dam, Aubert Dam, Badger Detention Dam, Beaver-Huffington Dam, Big Beaver Dam, Big Creek Number 1 Dam, Big Creek Number 3 Dam, Big Creek Number 4 Dam, Big Creek Number 5 Dam, Blackman Dam, Bolen Dam, Bolen, Anderson, Jacobs Number 2 Dam, Bonham-Wells Dam, Bull Basin Number 1 Dam, Bull Basin Number 2 Dam, Bull Creek Number 1 Dam, Bull Creek Number 2 Dam, Bull Creek Number 3 Dam, Bull Creek Number 4 Dam, Bull Creek Number 5 Dam, Bunk Ridge Retention Dam, Burg Dam, Carpenter Dam, Casto Dam, Chambers Dam, Cheney Dam, Cliff Lake Dam, Colby Horse Park Dam, Coon Creek Number 1 Dam, Coon Creek Number 2 Dam, Coon Creek Number 3 Dam, Cottonwood Number 1 Dam, Cottonwood Number 2 Dam, Cottonwood Number 4 Dam, Cottonwood Number 5 Dam, Craig Number 1 Dam, Craig Number 2 Dam, Currier Number 2 Dam, Dawson Dam, Deep Creek Number 2 Dam, Deer Retention Dam, Duvall Number 1 Dam, Flowing Park Dam, Fred De Camp Dam, Fruita Number 1 Dam, Fruita Number 2 Dam, Fruita Number 3 Dam, Fruita Settling Basin Number 2 Dam, G H and S Number 2 Dam, Gardner Lake Dam, Gobbo Number 1 Dam, Gobbo Number 2 Dam, Gobbo Number 3 Dam, Grand Mesa Number 1 Dam, Grand Mesa Number 6 Dam, Grand Mesa Number 8 Dam, Grand Mesa Number 9 Dam, Grand Valley Diversion Dam, Griffith Number 1 Coon Creek 1 E Dam, Grove Creek Number 1 Dam, Grove Creek Number 2 Dam, Guild Enlargement Dam, Hallenbeck Number 1 Dam, Hallenbeck Number 2 Dam, Hartman Retention Dam, Hawkhurst Dam, Hogchute Dam, Indian Wash Detention Dam, Jensen Dam, Jerry Creek Number 1 Dam, Jerry Creek Number 2 Dam, Jumbo Dam, Juniata Dam, Kendall Dam, King Number 1 Dam, King Number 2 Dam, King Number 3 Dam, Kirkendall Dam, Kitson Dam, Leon Lake Dam, Leon Park Dam, Long Slough Dam, Lost Lake Dam, Mack Mesa Dam, McKelvie Number 1 Dam, Mesa Creek Number 4 Dam, Mesa Lake Number 1 Dam, Mesa Lake Number 2 Dam, Mesa Lake Number 3 Dam, Michaelson Dam, Mirror Lake Number 1 Dam, Monument Number 1 Dam, Monument Number 2 Dam, Palisade Cabin Dam, Parker Basin Number 1 Dam, Parker Basin Number 2 Dam, Parker Basin Number 3 Dam, Phylcon Number 1 Dam, Pine Park 1 Dam, Rapid Creek Number 1 Dam, Rapid Creek Number 2 Dam, Redlands Dam, Reeder Dam, Ruby Lee Dam, Scales Number 1 Dam, Scales Number 3 Dam, Soap Retention Dam, Somerville-McCullah Dam, Spring Creek Number 1 Dam, Thompson Number 1 Dam, Thompson Number 2 Dam, Thompson Number 3 Dam, Twin Basin Dam, Upper Highline Dam, Vega Dam, Vincent Number 1 Dam, Vincent Number 2 Dam, Wade Retention Dam, West Badger Detention Dam, West Griffith Number 3 Dam, Whale Dam, Y T Dam

  Flats     show all on map

Big Park, Blue Creek Park, Bronco Flats, Buzzard Park, Cactus Park, Cobert Flats, Dads Flat, Dead Horse Pasture, Dead Mare Park, Deer Park, Elk Park, Fish Park, Flowing Park, Gill Meadows, Glade Park, Grass Park, Hells Hole, Indian Park, Kirkendall Flats, Little Park, Logpile Flat, Lowell Flat, No Good Park, Plateau Park, Porter Flat, Poverty Flat, Reservoir Park, Ryan Park, Sand Flat, Sheep Flats, Silvey Flats, Snyder Flats, Stillwater Park, Sunflower Flat, Swede Flats, The Meadows (historical), Wagon Park, Wagon Park, Webb Flats, Whittaker Flats, Willow Park, Windger Flats, Winter Flats

  Forests     show all on map

Grand Mesa National Forest, Manti-La Sal National Forest

  Hospitals     show all on map

Colorado West Regional Mental Health Psychiatric Hospital, Community Hospital, Family Health West Hospital, Grand Junction Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Mantey Heights Rehabilitation and Care Center, Saint Marys Hospital and Medical Center

  Lakes     show all on map

Big Pond, Blue Lake, Campbell Lake, Connecticut Lake, Crane Lake, Elk Lake, Far Pond, Gander Pond, Little Bear Lake, Lost Lake, Love Lake, Mid Griffith Lake, Middle Pond, Mosquito Lake, Rim Pond, South Mesa Lake, The Lake, Whiskers Pond

  Locales     show all on map

Arrowhead Camp, Aspen Grove Campground, Atwell Homestead, Beaser Homestead, Big Creek Campground, Big Creek Leon Drift Fence, Big Creek Ranch, Black Camp, Blumberg Camp, Bonham Campground, Bonham Campground, Book Cliff View, Bookcliff Country Club, Brush Creek Cow Camp, Bull Creek Cow Camp, Bull Creek School, Bureau of Reclamation Office, Buzzard Campground, Buzzard Cow Camp, Calamity Camp, Calhoun Cow Camp, Cameo Siding, Carson Hole Picnic Area, Carver Homestead, Cayton Guard Station, Climax Camp, Club Cow Camp, Coke Ovens Overlook, Colclasure Homestead, Colcord Camp, Cold Springs Ranger Station, Collbran Job Corps, Colorado National Monument Headquarters, Cottonwood Campground, Crater View, Cross Barr Cross Ranch, Deer Run, Department of Parks and Outdoor Recreation Office, Devils Kitchen Picnic Area, Distant View Overlook, Divide Forks Campground, Dominguez Campground, Eagalite School, East Entrance Colorado National Monument, East Orchard Mesa Community Hall, Eastgate Center, Eddington Homestead, Enterprise Community Center, Escalante Forks, Fallen Rock Overlook, Frank Ball Homestead, Fruita Canyon View, Fruita Picnic Area, Fuller Hill, Georgia Mesa School, Glacier Spring Campground, Grand Speedway, Grand View, Halfway House, Hallenbeck Cow Camp, Harris Homestead, Hawxhurst Cow Camp, Hay Press Campground, Highland View Overlook, Hightower Guard Station, Historic Trail View, Jumbo Reservoir Campground, Kennon Cow Camp, Kiwanis Youth Camp, Lands End Overlook Picnic Ground, Leon Cow Camp, Leslie Homestead, McCall Ranch, McKenny Homestead, Meeker Tree, Mesa Lake Picnic Area, Mesa Lakes Ranger Station, Mesa Mall, Mesa Village Shopping Center, Miller Homestead, Miracle Rock Picnic Ground, Monroe Homestead, Mormon Mesa School, Morris Ranch, Musser Cow Camp, Oil Well Camp, Orchard Mesa Rifle Range, Owens Creek Corral, Parker Basin School, Parrish Homestead, Peach Tree Center, Picket Corral Ranch, Pioneer Village Shopping Center, Powderhorn Ski Area, Power and Water Resources Office, Ray Ball Homestead, Red Canyon Overlook, Ruby, Shale, Skyway Point, Snipes Corral, Solarus Square Shopping Center, Spring Bull Cow Camp, Spruce Grove Campground, Star Community Center, Steamboat Rock Campground, Tanner Homestead, Taylor Homestead, Teller Arms Center, Tenderfoot Camp, The Falls Campground, The Mesa Pointe Shopping Center, Tunnel, Twin Peaks Bible and Missionary Camp, Two V Ranch, U C Cow Camp, Uranium Downs, Vega Lodge, Vega State Recreation Area, West Entrance Colorado National Monument, Wild Rose Picnic Ground, Winter Camp

  Mines     show all on map

Abbot Pit, Ajax One Mine, Allen Pit, Amax Uranium Mine, Amethyst Mine, Anchor Mine, Anchor Number One Mine, Arrowhead Mine, Arrowhead Mines, Austin Mine, Big Indian Lease Mine, Black Diamond Mine, Black Mama Number 3 Mine, Blackbird Mine, Blue Creek Mines, Blue Flame Mine, Bonanza Mine, Book Cliff Mine, Boyer Mine, Boyer Peacock Mine, Burk Pit, C-G-26 Mine, Calamity Mine, Calamity Mines, Cameo Number One Mine, Campbell Number Two Mine, Captain Jinks Mine, Cliffdweller Mines, Coal Gulch Coal Mine, Cole Pit, Colorado Copper Properties Mine, Copper Rivet Mine, Corcoran Mine, Deep Creek Mine, Depression Mine, Depression Mines, Egger Pit 501, Elizabeth Mines, Farmer Coal Mine, Farmer Mutual Mine, Farmers Mine, Farmers Mine, Farmers Number Two Mine, Fireside Enterprises Quarry, Fruita Mine, Fruita Number Two Mine, Fruita Ready Mix Pit, G-2 Shaft, Garfield Mine, Garvey Mine, Gearhart Mine, Gearhart Pit, George Cocharan Mine, Gilmore Lode, Go Boy Mine, Golden Pit, Grassie and Cozzette Mine, Grasso Mine, Herron and Strong Pit, Hi-Grade Mine, Hicks Mine, Hidden Treasure Mine, Hidden Treasure Mine, Himes Drilling Mine, Holland Mine, Homestead Mine, Hubbard Mine, Huffer Pit, Hunter Mine, Hy Grade Mine, Jarvis Coal Mine, John Brown Mine, Johnnie Mae Mine, Kanarado Mine, Kannah Creek Mine, Kelehen Mine, La Sal Group Mine, La Salle Group Mine, Lane Mine, Liberty Bell Number 2 Mine, Little Maverick Mines, Locust Mine, Lost Dutchman Mine, Lost Indian Mine, Lucky Day Mine, Lumsden Mine, Mammoth Mine, Mark Mine, Maverick Mine, Maverick Mines, McGinley Mine, McGinley Mine, Mesa Mine, Mica View Mine, Midway Farmer Number Three Mine, Midwest Mine, Midwest Red Arrow Mine, Molina Deposit Mine, Monarch Mine, Mother Dee Mine, Mount Lincoln Mine, Nearing Mine, New Verde Mines, Nichols Pit, Nielson Mine, North Beaver Mesa Mine, Old Black Diamond Mine, Outlaw Mines, Outlaw Twenty-three Mine, Pack Rat Mine, Packrat Group Mine, Palisade Mines, Peach Mines, Peacock Mine, Powder Horn Incline Mine, Protector Mine, Rae Marie Mine, Rajah Group Mines, Raven Mine, Rena Mine, Riverside Sand and Gravel Pit, Roadside Mine, Ronnie Mine, Salute Mine, Scott Mine, Shakin Quakie Mine, Shelby Dean Two Mine, Small Spot Mine, Smith Aggregate Pit, Smith Mine, Snowshoe Mine, Spring Mine, Stormy Treasure Mine, Sunspot Mine, Sunspot Mine, Supply Eleven Mine, Teepee Pole Mine, Tenderfoot Group Mine, The Duke Mine, Thomas Allen Lease Mine, Thomas Mine, Trojan Mine, Truck Stop Placer, United Sand and Gravel Pit, Upper John Brown Mine, Vanadium King Mine, Vanaking Number 1 Mine, Wasp Mine, William Mine, Winfield-McCormick Mine, Winger Mine, Yellow Cat Mine, Yellow Jacket Mine, Yellow Jacket Mine, Yellowbird Mines

  Parks     show all on map

Colorado National Monument, Highline Lake State Recreational Area, Lincoln Park, Melrose Park, Sherwood Park, Washington Park

  Pillars     show all on map

Balance Rock, Balanced Rock, Black Rocks, Bottle Rock, Castle Rocks, Coke Ovens, Devils Kitchen, East Monument, Flume Creek Canyon, Independence Monument, Kissing Couple, Liberty Cap, Miracle Rock, Monument Rocks, Pipe Organ, Sentinel Spire, Squaw Fingers

  Populated Places     show all on map

Akin, Appleton, Bridgeport, Bridges Switch, Cameo, Clifton, Collbran, De Beque, Durham, Fruita, Fruitvale, Gateway, Gilsonite, Glade Park, Grand Junction, Heiberger, Highland Park, John Held Corner, Johnsons Corner, Kannah, Loma, Mack, Mesa, Mesa Lakes, Mesa Lakes Resort, Molina, Mount Lincoln, Orchard Mesa, Palisade, Pear Park, Plateau City, Redlands, Rhone, Rosevale, Utaline, Whitewater

  Post Offices     show all on map

Annex Post Office, Clifton Post Office, Collbran Post Office, De Beque Post Office, Fruita Post Office, Fruitvale Post Office, Grand Junction Post Office, Loma Post Office, Mack Post Office, Mesa Post Office, Molina Post Office, Palisade Post Office, Skyway Post Office (historical)

  Ranges     show all on map

Escalante Breaks, The Redlands

  Reserves     show all on map

Black Ridge Canyons Wilderness

  Reservoirs     show all on map

6 and 50 Reservoir, Anderson Brothers Reservoir, Anderson Brothers Reservoir Number 1, Anderson Reservoir, Anderson Reservoir, Anderson Reservoir Number 1, Anderson Reservoir Number 2, Anderson Reservoir Number 6, Atkinson Reservoir, Aubert Reservoir, Ball Reservoir Number 1, Barnes Reservoir, Baugh Reservoir, Beaver Dam Reservoir, Beaver Lake, Beaver-Huffington Reservoir, Big Beaver Reservoir, Big Creek Reservoir, Big Creek Reservoir, Big Creek Reservoir Number 1, Big Creek Reservoir Number 3, Big Creek Reservoir Number 4, Big Creek Reservoir Number 5, Big Meadows Reservoir, Black Pine Reservoir, Blackman Reservoir, Bolen Reservoir, Bolen, Anderson, and Jacobs Reservoir Number 2, Bolen, Anderson, Jocobs Reservoir Number 2, Bonham Reservoir, Bonham-Wells Reservoir, Bull Basin Reservoir Number 1, Bull Basin Reservoir Number 2, Bull Creek Reservoir Number 1, Bull Creek Reservoir Number 2, Bull Creek Reservoir Number 3, Bull Creek Reservoir Number 4, Bull Creek Reservoir Number 5, Burckhalter Reservoir Number 1, Burg Reservoir, Cabin Reservoir, Carpenter Reservoir, Carson Lake, Casto Reservoir, Chambers Reservoir, Cheney Reservoir, Cliff Lake Reservoir, Colby Horse Park Reservoir, Cold Sore Reservoir, Coon Creek Reservoir Number 1, Coon Creek Reservoir Number 2, Coon Creek Reservoir Number 3, Coon Creek Reservoir Number 4, Cottonwood Lake Number 1, Cottonwood Lake Number 2, Cottonwood Lake Number 4, Cottonwood Lake Number 5, Cottonwood Reservoir Number 1, Cottonwood Reservoir Number 2, Cottonwood Reservoir Number 4, Cottonwood Reservoir Number 5, County Line Reservoir, Craig Reservoir Number 1, Crum Reservoir, Currier Number 2 Reservoir, Currier Reservoir, Curtin Reservoir, Dawson Reservoir, De Beque Reservoir, De Camp Reservoir, Deep Creek Reservoir Number 2, Desert Reservoir, Duvall Reservoir Number 1, Enochs Lake, Flowing Park Reservoir, Forty Acre Lake, Fred Decamp Reservoir, Fruita Reservoir, Fruita Reservoir Number 1, Fruita Reservoir Number 2, Fruita Reservoir Number 3, Fruita Settling Basin Number 2 Reservoir, Fruita Waterworks Reservoir Number 1, Fruita Waterworks Reservoir Number 2, G H and S Reservoir Number 2, Gardner Lake Reservoir, Glacier Springs, Gobbo Reservoir, Gobbo Reservoir Number 1, Gobbo Reservoir Number 2, Gobbo Reservoir Number 3, Grand Mesa Reservoir Number 1, Grand Mesa Reservoir Number 6, Grand Mesa Reservoir Number 8, Grand Mesa Reservoir Number 9, Griffith Lake, Griffith Number 1 Coon Creek 1 Reservoir, Grove Creek Reservoir Number 1, Grove Creek Reservoir Number 2, Guild Enlargement Reservoir, Guild Reservoir, Hallenbeck Reservoir, Hallenbeck Reservoir Number 1, Hallenbeck Reservoir Number 2, Hartman Retention Reservoir, Hawkhurst Reservoir, Highline Lake, Hogchute Reservoir, Hollenbeck Reservoir Number 2, Hunter Reservoir, Indian Wash Detention Reservoir, Jenson Reservoir, Jerry Creek Number 1 Reservoir, Jerry Creek Number 2 Reservoir, Jumbo Reservoir, Juniata Reservoir, Kendall Reservoir, Kenney Creek Reservoir, King Reservoir, King Reservoir Number 1, King Reservoir Number 2, King Reservoir Number 3, Kirkendall Reservoir, Kitson Reservoir, Labbe Reservoir, Lake of the Woods, Lambert Reservoir, Lane Reservoir, Leon Lake, Lily Lake, Little Meadows Reservoir, Long Slough Reservoir, Lost Lake, Lost Lake, Lost Lake, Lost Reservoir, Mack Mesa Lake, Mack Mesa Reservoir, McCurry Reservoir, McDonald Reservoir, McKelvie Reservoir, McKelvie Reservoir Number 1, Mesa Creek Reservoir Number 4, Mesa Lake, Mesa Lake Number 1, Mesa Lake Number 2, Mesa Lake Number 3, Mesa Lakes, Michaelsen Reservoir, Mirror Lake Number 1 Reservoir, Monroe and Barnes Reservoir, Monument Reservoir Number 1, Monument Reservoir Number 2, Neversweat Reservoir, Osborn Reservoir, Palisade Cabin Reservoir, Palisade Reservoir Number 1, Palisade Reservoir Number 1, Palisade Reservoir Number 3, Parker Basin Reservoir Number 1, Parker Basin Reservoir Number 2, Parker Basin Reservoir Number 3, Phylcon Number 1 Reservoir, Pine Park 1 Reservoir, Pine Park Reservoir Number 1, Pine Park Reservoir Number 2, Piute Reservoir, Rapid Creek Reservoir Number 1, Rapid Creek Reservoir Number 2, Reeder Reservoir, Robbins Reservoir, Rock Lake, Ruby Lee Reservoir, Scales Lake Number 1, Scales Lake Number 2, Scales Reservoir Number 1, Scales Reservoir Number 3, Schrader Reservoir, Silver Lake, Somerville-McCullah Reservoir, Spring Creek Reservoir Number 1, Stump Pond, Summit Reservoir Number 1, Summit Reservoir Number 2, Sunnyside Reservoir, Sunset Lake, Thompson Reservoir Number 1, Thompson Reservoir Number 2, Thompson Reservoir Number 3, Twin Basin Reservoir, Upper Highline Reservoir, Vega Reservoir, Vincent Reservoir Number 1, Vincent Reservoir Number 2, Vincent Reservoirs, Water Dog Reservoir, Watson Reservoir, West Griffith Lake, Whale Reservoir, Y T Reservoir, Youngs Lake, YT Reservoir

  Ridges     show all on map

Bad Point, Black Ridge, Brushy Ridge, Bunkwater Ridge, Camp Ridge, Coal Ridge, Dominguez Ridge, Fire Ridge, Gill Creek Divide, Hads Point, Kelso Point, Leonards Ridge, Long Point, Middle Point, Pine Ridge, Plateau Ridge, Ross Ridge, Sinbad Ridge, South Shale Ridge, Sowbelly Ridge, Tatum Ridge, The Tongue, Unaweep Divide, Wagon Truck Ridge, Willow Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Broadway School, Central High School, Clover School, Coates Creek School, Columbus School, Emerson School, Fruitvale School, Hawthorne School, Lincoln School, Little Creek School, Lowell School, Mesa College, Nisley School, Orchard Avenue School, Pamona School, Pleasant View School, Redlands School, Saint Josephs School, Taylor School, Tope School, Whitman School

  Slopes     show all on map

Knob Hill

  Springs     show all on map

Big Spring, California Spring, Corduroy Spring, Cox Spring, Dolores Point Spring, DP Spring, End Spring, Goody Spring, Kruzen Springs, Maiden Spring, McGinley Spring, Monument Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mule Spring, Notch Spring, Steamboat Spring, Thrailkill Spring, Toms Canyon Spring, Warm Spring, Willow Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Adobe Creek, Anne Holland Creek, Asbury Creek, Atkinson Creek, Badger Wash, Barklay Creek, Baxter Creek, Bear Creek, Beaver Creek, Beaver Creek, Beaver Dam Branch North Fork Mesa Creek, Beaver Dam Creek, Bieser Creek, Big Beaver Creek, Big Creek, Big Creek, Big Dominguez Creek, Big Johnson Creek, Big Wash, Birch Creek, Bird Creek, Blue Creek, Boxelder Creek, Branch Creek, Brook Creek, Bulkley Wash, Bull Creek, Bunch Ground Branch Blue Creek, Buzzard Creek, Calamity Creek, Callow Creek, Castle Creek, Cheever Creek, Cheney Creek, Clark Wash, Clear Creek, Coal Creek, Coal Creek, Collier Creek, Coon Creek, Corcoran Wash, Corral Fork Little Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cow Creek, Coyote Wash, Crane Creek, Crooked Creek, Cruse Wash, Deep Creek, Deer Creek, Dierich Creek, Dry Fork Big Dominguez Creek, Dry Fork Kimball Creek, Dry Owens Creek, Dry Rock Creek, East Branch Big Salt Wash, East Branch Reed Wash, East Creek, East Fork Big Creek, East Fork Brush Creek, East Fork Escalante Creek, East Hawxhurst Creek, East Leon Creek, East Porter Creek, East Salt Creek, East Salt Creek, East Two Creek, East Willow Creek, Fall Creek, Finney Cuts, Fish Creek, Garvey Branch, Gas Creek, Gennings Creek, Gill Creek, Gill Creek, Ginright Creek, Groundhog Creek, Grove Creek, Gunnison River, Harrison Creek, Hawxhurst Creek, Hay Press Creek, Hightower Creek, Hill Creek, Horsethief Creek, Hunter Wash, Indian Creek, Indian Creek, Indian Wash, Jerry Creek, John Brown Creek, Johnson Creek, Juniata Ditch, Kannah Creek, Keith Creek, Kelso Creek, Kenney Creek, King Creek, La Fair Creek, Ladder Creek, Lava Boulder Creek, Layton Wash, Leach Creek, Leon Creek, Lewis Wash, Lipan Wash, Little Beaver Creek, Little Beaver Creek, Little Creek, Little Creek, Little Dolores River, Little Horsethief Creek, Little Johnson Creek, Little Rock Creek, Little Salt Wash, Little Wash, Mack Wash, Maiden Creek, Mailbox Branch Blue Creek, Massey Branch, McDonald Creek, McGinley Creek, Mesa Creek, Michaelsen Creek, Middle Fork Escalante Creek, Middle Leon Creek, Middle Willow Creek, Middleton Creek, Monument Creek, Moore Creek, Mosquito Creek, Mosquito Creek, Muleshoe Creek, Negro Creek, Nelson Creek, North East Creek, North Fork Cheney Creek, North Fork Escalante Creek, North Fork Kannah Creek, North Fork Wallace Creek, North Fork West Creek, North Gill Creek, North Lobe Creek, North Thompson Creek, Oak Creek, Owens Creek, Park Creek, Payne Wash, Peck and Beede Wash, Persigo Wash, Plateau Creek, Points Creek, Pole Creek, Porter Creek, Pretty Creek, Pritchard Wash, Ranger Creek, Rapid Creek, Red Creek, Reed Wash, Reno Creek, Reservoir Creek, Rock Creek, Rose Creek, Salt Creek, Salt Creek, Salt Creek, Service Creek, Sheep Creek, Sheep Creek, Sheep Creek, Shirtail Creek, Sink Creek, Skunk Creek, Smith Creek, Snowslide Creek, Snyder Creek, South Fork Mesa Creek, South Lobe Creek, South Tate Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Steep Creek, Stubb Creek, Swanee Creek, Tate Creek, Trail Canyon, Trail Canyon Wash, Twentyeight Hole Wash, Two Creek, Two Creek, U C Creek, Uhl Creek, Ute Creek, Walt Creek, Watson Creek, West Brush Creek, West Creek, West Fork Kimball Creek, West Hawxhurst Creek, West Leon Creek, West Porter Creek, West Prong Alkali Creek, West Salt Creek, West Two Creek, West Willow Creek, Whitewater Creek, Wilderness Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Wilson Creek, Windy Creek, Youngs Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Bald Mountain, Bald Mountain, Baldridge Point, Baldy Mountain, Barney Hill, Basin Butte, Battleship Rock, Beef Pasture Point, Black Mountain, Blue Mesa, Boque Mountain, Bronco Knob, Brush Mountain, Bull Hill, Calamity Mesa, Campbell Mountain, Campbell Point, Castle Peak, Castle Rock, Central Orchard Mesa, Chalk Mountain, Chalk Mountain, Cone Mountain, Corcoran Peak, Creek Mesa, Dillard Mesa, Dinkle Hill, Dolores Point, East Orchard Mesa, Elk Mountain, Flagpole Mountain, Flat Iron, Flat Top Mesa, Flat Top Mountain, Flatiron Mountain, Garfield Mesa, Georgia Mesa, Gibbler Mountain, Good Point, Hayes Mesa, Haystack Mountain, Haystack Peaks, Hightower Mountain, Horse Mesa, Horse Mesa, Horse Mountain, Horse Mountain, Horse Mountain, Horse Point, Horsethief Mountain, Housetop Mountain, Indian Peak, Iron Spring Mesa, Island Mesa, Kansas Mesa, Keep Mountain, Kelso Mesa, Kimbell Mesa, Lenna Peak, Leon Peak, Little Baldy, Little Round Mountain, Long Mesa, Long Mesa, Long Mesa, Long Mesa, Long Point, Long Point Mountain, Love Mesa, Mack Mesa, Maigatter Knob, Middle Mesa, Monument Hill, Monument Mesa, Monument Rock, Moon Mesa, Mormon Mesa, Mosquito Mountain, Mount Garfield, Mount Law, Mount Lincoln, Mud Hill, Nick Mountain, Ninemile Hill, No Mans Mesa, Oak Hill, Oil Well Mountain, Old Man Mountain, Orchard Mesa, Outlaw Mesa, Payne Mesa, Pine Hill, Pine Mountain, Pinon Mesa, Piņon Mesa, Place Mesa, Porter Mountain, Potato Mountain, Pyramid Rock, Quaker Mesa, Red Mountain, Redrock Point, Reeder Mesa, Reno Mountain, Riggs Hill, Round Mountain, Round Mountain, Ruth Mountain, Saddlehorn, Samson Mesa, Sewemup Mesa, Snipe Mountain, Star Mesa, Steamboat Mesa, Sugarloaf Mountain, Sugarloaf Peak, Sugarloaf Peak, Tenderfoot Mesa, The Beehive, The Flat Tops, Timber Ridge, Triangle Mesa, Triangle Mesa, Twin Peaks, Two Peak, Uncompahgre Butte, Van Mountain, West Monument, White Cap, Whitewater Hill, Wolf Hill, Wrigley Mesa

  Towers     show all on map

KCIC-FM (Grand Junction), KEKB-FM (Fruita), KEXO-AM (Grand Junction), KIOB-FM (Grand Junction), KJCT-TV (Grand Junction), KJOL-FM (Grand Junction), KJOL-FM (Grand Junction), KJYE-FM (Grand Junction), KJYE-FM (Grand Junction), KMIY-AM (Grand Junction), KMSA-FM (Grand Junction), KNZZ-AM (Grand Junction), KPRN-FM (Grand Junction), KQIL-AM (Grand Junction), KQIX-FM (Grand Junction), KREX-TV (Grand Junction), KSTR-AM (Grand Junction)

  Trails     show all on map

Bald Mountain Trail, Bar X Bench Stock Trail, Basin Trail, Bax X Bench Stock Trail, Beaver Dam Trail, Bench Trail, Black Ridge Trail, Blue Creek Trail, Brush Creek Trail, Brushy Ridge Trail, Cabin Trail, Carson Lake Trail, Coal Creek Trail, Cottonwood Lakes Foot Trail, Deep Creek Trail, Divide Forks Trail, Dominguez Trail, Foot Trail, Franks Bench Trail, Gill Creek Trail, Godding Eisberry Grade, Gunnison Trail, Hawxhurst Trail, High Foot Trail, High Trail, High Trail, Indian Point Trail, John Ottos Trail, Kimball Creek Trail, Liberty Cap Trail, Lily Lake Trail, Long Point Trail, Lower Bench Trail, Mailbox Trail, Massey Trail, Middle Point Trail, Monument Canyon Trail, Monument Trail, Old Ute Indian Trail, Pollock Trail, Rim Trail, Serpents Trail, Short Point Trail, Silver Spruce Trail, Smalley Mountain Trail, Snowshoe Trail, South Bench Trail, Spring Camp Trail, Telephone Trail, Upper Bench Trail, Ute Canal Trail, Ute Creek Trail, West Bench Trail, Whitewater Basin Trail

  Tunnels     show all on map

Beavertail Mountain Tunnel, Leon Tunnel

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Alkali Canyon, Anderson Gulch, Anderson Gulch, Ashmead Draw, Atwell Gulch, Bangs Canyon, Barklay Cabin Gulch, Bean Gulch, Bear Canyon, Bear Gulch, Bear Gulch, Bear Gulch, Big Salt Wash, Billings Canyon, Bloss Gulch, Blue Creek Canyon, Bogue Gulch, Boyce Gulch, Briar Canyon, Bull Canyon, Bull Canyon, Bull Draw, Carson Hole, Carter Gulch, Castro Draw, Cave Canyon, Cayton Gulch, Clover Gulch, Coal Canyon, Coal Gulch, Coal Gulch, Columbus Canyon, Cook Canyon, Coon Hollow, Corral Gulch, Cosgrove Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Cross Canyon, Dark Canyon, De Beque Canyon, Deacon Gulch, Death Valley, Deep Canyon, Devils Canyon, Dominguez Canyon, Dry Gulch, Durant Gulch, East Entrance Monument Canyon, East Fork Little Muddy Gulch, East Fork Pollock Canyon, East Redrock Canyon, East Road Gulch, Farmers Canyon, Frank Moore Canyon, Fruita Canyon, Gateway Canyon, Gibbler Gulch, Gold Star Canyon, Gothard Gulch, Grand Valley, Grassy Gulch, Groundhog Gulch, Groundhog Gulch, Haley Draw, Hancock Gulch, Hanson Draw, Hells Hole, Horse Gulch, Horseshoe Canyon, Horsethief Canyon, Hungry Gulch, Hunter Canyon, Jacks Canyon, Jackson Canyon, Jefferson Canyon, Jerry Gulch, John Brown Canyon, Kendig Gulch, King Gulch, Kings Canyon, Knowles Canyon, Kodels Canyon, Ladder Canyon, Lake Canyon, Lake Fork, Lane Gulch, Larsen Canyon, Lefthand Draw, Lightening Basin, Limekin Gulch, Little Alkali Canyon, Little Anderson Gulch, Little Maverick Canyon, Little Muddy Gulch, Lizard Canyon, Lockhart Draw, Long Canyon, Lumsden Canyon, Main Canyon, Maverick Canyon, Mayflower Gulch, McKenzie Canyon, Mee Canyon, Middle Canyon, Middle Canyon, Middle Fork Bear Canyon, Middle Gulch, Miller Canyon, Moffat Gulch, Monument Canyon, Monument Canyon, Moon Canyon, Moore Canyon, Moulton Valley, Muddy Gulch, Nancy Hanks Gulch, No Thoroughfare Canyon, North Cottonwood Canyon, North Fork Bear Canyon, North Larsen Canyon, Open Draw, Pansy Gulch, Payne Canyon, Pine Gulch, Pineapple Gulch, Plateau Valley, Pole Gulch, Pole Gulch, Pollock Canyon, Rabbit Valley, Rattlesnake Canyon, Red Canyon, Redrock Canyon, Road Gulch, Roberts Canyon, Rocky Pitch Gulch, Rough Canyon, Rough Draw, Ruby Canyon, Salt Creek Canyon, Sand Wash, Shire Gulch, Sieber Canyon, Slide Gulch, Smalley Gulch, Smith Gulch, South Larsen Canyon, Spring Canyon, Spring Gulch, Standup Gulch, Sulphur Gulch, Tatum Gulch, Taylor Gulch, The Blowout, Thompson Ditch Draw, Tommy Dodson Canyon, Toms Canyon, Turner Gulch, Twentyeight Hole, Unaweep Canyon, Ute Canyon, Wade Gulch, Wedding Canyon, West Bangs Canyon, West Branch Dry Hollow, West Durant Gulch, West Fork Clover Gulch, West Fork Pollock Canyon, West Palmer Gulch, White Sage Draw, Wildhorse Draw, Wright Draw, Yellowjacket Canyon,

Mesa County, Colorado Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteMesa County White population 139,514139,513  
MixedMesa County Mixed population 3,2513,251
American IndianMesa County American Indian population 2,3652,364
AsianMesa County Asian population 1,3301,330
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderMesa County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 148147

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