Weld County, Colorado Basics:

Weld County Colorado - Government Site

Population: 263,525
Area: 3987 square miles
County seat: Greeley
Area code(s) in use: 970 303
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 85.0%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 25.8%
Median household income: $56,589
Persons in poverty: 14.4%
Home ownership rate: 70.5%
Mean travel time to work: 26.4 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Adams  Boulder  Broomfield  Denver  Kimball (NE)  Laramie (WY)  Larimer  Logan  Morgan  

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Map of the Weld County area

Our detail map of Weld County shows the Weld County, Colorado boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Weld County, Colorado

  Airports     show all on map

Ag-Air Incorporated Heliport, Air Dusters Inc Airport, Barnetts Field, Beaugh Airport, Bellmore Farms Airport, Branchs Heliport, Burnham Field Airport, Carrera Airpark, Cartwheel Airport, Cass Field Airport, Crop Air Inc Airport, Delventhal Farm Airport, Easton (Valley View) Airport, Erie Municipal Airport, Frontier Airstrip, Greeley-Weld County Airport, Hardin Heliport, Hay Fever Farm Airport, Hayes Airport, Highline Farm Airstrip, Hilltop Heliport, Horseshoe Landings Airport, Jackrabbit Strip Airport, Kugel-Strong Airport, Land Airport, Lindys Airpark, Mile Hi Airport, NCMC Heliport, Parkland Airport, Platte Valley Airpark, Rancho de Aereo Airport, Reed Airport, Reid Ranches Airport, Shaull Farm Airstrip, Skylane Ranch Airport, Suckla Farms Balloonport, The Farm Airport, Tonga Airport, Tri-County Heliport, Uhrich Airport, Weld County Municipal Airport, Westberg-Rosling Farms Airport, William Leon Schawo Airport, Williams Ranch Airport, Wings N Things Airpark & Museum Airport, Yocam Ranch Airport

  Basins     show all on map

Eastman Basin, Prospect Valley

  Buildings     show all on map

AIRLIFE Denver, Ault - Pierce Fire Department Station 1, Ault - Pierce Fire Department Station 2, Ault Police Department, Bonnie Plant Farms, Briggsdale Fire District, Carbon Valley Recreation Center, Colorado State Patrol District 3 Northeast Colorado, Dacono Police Department, Eaton Fire Protection District Station 1, Eaton Police Department, Erie Police Department, Evans Fire and Rescue Station 1 East Side, Evans Fire and Rescue Station 2 West Side, Firestone Police Department, Firestone Town Hall, Fort Lupton Fire Department Station 1, Fort Lupton Fire Department Station 2, Fort Lupton Police Department, Frederick - Firestone Fire Protection District Station 1, Frederick - Firestone Fire Protection District Station 2, Frederick - Firestone Fire Protection District Station 3, Frederick - Firestone Fire Protection District Station 4, Frederick Police Department, Galeton Fire Protection District, Greeley Fire Department Station 1, Greeley Fire Department Station 2, Greeley Fire Department Station 3, Greeley Fire Department Station 4, Greeley Fire Department Station 5, Greeley Fire Department Station 6, Greeley Fire Department Station 7, Hudson Fire Protection District, Hudson Fire Protection District Station 1, Hudson Fire Protection District Station 2, Hudson Fire Protection District Station 3, Johnstown Fire and Rescue, La Salle Fire Department, La Salle Police Department, Lochbuie Police Department, Meeker Memorial Museum, Milliken Fire Protection District Station 1, Milliken Fire Protection District Station 2, Mountain View Fire Protection District Station 3 Mead, Mountain View Fire Protection District Station 6 Erie, Mountain View Fire Protection District Station 7 Dacono, New Raymer - Stoneham Fire Department, North Colorado Med Evac, North Colorado Medical Evacuation, North Metro Fire / Rescue Department Station 68, North Metro Fire Rescue District Training Center, Nunn Fire Department, Pawnee Fire Protection District Grover Fire Department, Platte Valley Fire Protection District, Platteville / Gilcrest Fire Protection District Gilcrest Station, Platteville / Gilcrest Fire Protection District Platteville Station, Prairie View Community Building, Severance Fire Department Station 1, Severance Fire Department Station 2, Southwest Weld Fire Protection District Station 1 Keenesburg, Southwest Weld Fire Protection District Station 2 Prospect Valley, Southwest Weld Fire Protection District Station 3 Roggen, Stoneham Fire Department, Weld County Detention Center, Weld County Paramedic Services Kodak Station, Weld County Paramedic Services Station 1, Weld County Paramedic Services Station 2, Weld County Paramedic Services Station 3, Weld County Sheriff Office, Weld County Sheriffs Office, Windsor - Severance Fire Protection District Station 1, Windsor - Severance Fire Protection District Station 2, Windsor Police Department

  Canals     show all on map

Beebe Seep Canal, Beeman Ditch, Bijou Canal, Boomerang Ditch, Bowles Seep Canal, Box Elder Lateral, Brantner Ditch, Brighton Ditch, Brighton Lateral Ditch, Bucker Ditch, Bull Ditch, Burger-Gault Lateral, Carr and Tyler Ditch, Coal Ridge Ditch, Collins Lateral, Company Ditch, Consolidated Law Ditch, Cottonwood Extension Ditch, Denver-Hudson Canal, East Burlington Extension Ditch, East Speer Canal, Eaton and McClellan Ditch, Eaton Ditch, Eaton Ditch, Empire Intake Canal, Evans Number 2 Ditch, Evans Town Ditch, Evens Number 2 Ditch, Evens Town Ditch, Farmers Extension Canal, Farmers Independent Ditch, Fulton Extension Ditch, Fulton Lateral Ditch, German Ditch, Gilmore Ditch, Godding Dailey and Plumb Ditch, Godfrey Ditch, Good Lateral, Graham Seep, Grapevine Ditch, Greeley Number 3 Ditch, Henrylyn Canal, Highland South Side Ditch, Highline Lateral, Hoover Ditch, Ide and Starboard Ditch, Illinois Ditch, Jackson Lake Inlet, Jim Number 1 Lateral, Jim Number 2 Lateral, John Law Ditch, Jones Ditch, Keen Lateral, Lakeside Lateral, Last Chance Ditch, Latham Ditch, Little Thompson Ditch, Lone Tree Ditch, Longs Lateral Ditch, Lower Latham Drain, Lower Latham Outlet, Lowline Canal, Lupton Bottom Ditch, Lupton Bottoms Ditch, Mead Lateral, Mead Lateral, Meadow Island Ditch Number 2, Medow Island Ditch Number 1, Miner Longan Ditch, Neres Canal, North Boomerang Extension, North Fork Ogilvy Ditch, Ogilvy Ditch, Owl Creek Ditch, Patterson Ditch, Petit Lateral, Pierce Lateral, Platte Valley Ditch, Platteville Ditch, Platteville Lateral, Plumb Ditch, Prospect Lateral Ditch, Prospect Lateral Sub Number 2 Ditch, Riverside Intake Canal, Roulard Lateral, Rural Ditch, Seven Cross Ditch-Mapelli Filling Ditch, Smith and Emmons Ditch, South Branch Union Ditch, South Fork Ogilvy Ditch, Spear Canal, Speer Canal, Stanley Ditch, Stanley Lateral Ditch, Thompson and Platte Ditch, Thompson Ditch, Town Lateral, Union Ditch, Union Ditch Extension, Union Reservoir Ditch, West Burlington Extension Ditch, West Grapevine Ditch, West Neres Canal, West Speer Canal, Western Mutual Ditch, Whitney Ditch, Wild Horse Ditch, Windsor Reservoir Outlet, Yoxall Ditch

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Ault Cemetery, Beebe Draw Cemetery, Beebe Draw Pioneer Cemetery, Briggsdale Cemetery, Eaton Cemetery, Elwell Cemetery, Evans Cemetery, Gerry Cemetery, Highland Lake Cemetery, Hillside Cemetery, Home of Peace Cemetery, Horst Cemetery, Keota Cemetery, Lakeview Cemetery, Liberty Cemetery, Linn Grove Cemetery, Mizpah Cemetery, Mountain View Cemetery, Mountain View Cemetery, Pilgrim Cemetery, Prairie View Cemetery, Raymer Cemetery, Saint Francis Cemetery, Sligo Cemetery, Sunnyside Cemetery, Sunset Memorial Cemetery, Zion Church Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Aristocrat Ranchettes Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Osgood Church, Zion Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Chalk Bluffs

  Dams     show all on map

Adams and Bunker Number 1 Dam, Adams and Bunker Number 2 Dam, Adams and Bunker Number 3 Dam, Akers and Tarr Dam, Angel Lake Dam, Arrowhead Dam, B L Swift Dam, Banner Lake Number 1 Dam, Banner Lake Number 3 Dam, Banner Lake Number 5 Dam, Bass Dam, Baxter Dam, Behrens Dam, Bijou Dam, Black Hollow Dam, Brainard Lake R-2 Dam, Briscoe Lake Dam, Calkins Dam, Carlin Dam, Clennon Dam, Coal Bank Watershed CB-1 Dam, Coal Ridge Waste Dam, Cozzens Dam, D A Lord Number 4 Dam, De France Dam, Deremer Lake Number 10 Dam, Diamond Dam, Dover Dam, Eagle Rock Dam, Eaton-Law Dam, Empire Dam, Frederick Dam, Fulton Waste Dam, German Number 12 Dam, German Number 8 and 9 Dam, Giffon Number 1 Dam, Giffon Number 2 Dam, Greeley Lake West Dam, H A Smith Dam, Harry Denning Irrigation Number 1 Dam, Hartford Dam, Heart Dam, Henry Dam, Highland Dam, Highland Number 1 Dam, Highland Number 3 Dam, Holt Dam, Horse Creek Dam, Hummel Dam, Ide and Starbird Number 1 Dam, Ide and Starbird Number 2 Dam, Ireland Number 5 Dam, Isabel Myron Dam, J B Cooke Dam, John Keller Dam, John Law Dam, Johnstown Dam, Klingenberg Flood Control Number 1 Dam, Klug Number 3 Dam, Koenig Dam, Lake Canal Number 1 Dam, Leemans Lake Dam, Lemon-Erickson Number 1 Dam, Little Gem Dam, Little Thompson Dam, Logan Dam, Lost Creek Number 1 Dam, Loup Lake Dam, Lower Latham Dam, Marshall Number 2 Dam, McGrew Dam, Mead Dam, Miantenoma Dam, Milton Lake Dam, Minnie Dam, Moeller Dam, Mose Davis Number 2 Dam, Mulligan Dam, Munger Number 1 Dam, Munger Number 2 Dam, New Thomas Dam, North Star Dam, Oklahoma Lake Dam, Olds Dam, Owl Creek Dam, Parmalee Dam, Patton Spring Reservoir Dam, Perry Dam, Prospect Dam, Riverside Dam, Rockwell Dam, Sanborn Dam, Seeley Lake Dam, Seven Reverse Y Number 1 Dam, Shaw Dam, Sloan Number 1 Dam, South Side Dam, Sullivan Dam, Thompson Dam, Thompson Dam, Twombley Dam, Union Dam, Wildhorse Number 1 Dam, Windsor Dam, Windsor Lake Dam, Wood Dam, Wykert Number 1 Dam, Wykert Number 2 Dam, Wykert Number 4 Dam

  Flats     show all on map

Crow Valley Park, Greasewood Flats, Green City Flats, The Delta

  Forests     show all on map

Pawnee National Grassland

  Guts     show all on map

Colfer Sloughs

  Hospitals     show all on map

North Colorado Medical Center

  Islands     show all on map

Scout Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Bidwell Lake, Dutch Girl Lake, Greasewood Lake, Hill Lake, Neff Lake, Seeley Lake, Seventy Holes Lake, Spring Lake, Wheeler Lake, Windsor Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Adam Dairy, Adobe Flat Windmill, Allenbaw Windmill, Anderson Windmill, Antelope Windmill, Arrowhead Windmill, Ash Lane Dairy, Ashmann Windmill, Atwell Windmill, Badger Windmill, Bain Windmill, Baker Windmill, Ball Windmill, Bank Windmill, Barnesville Station, Baxter Camp, Beacon Camp, Bebee Draw Gun Club, Bella Holstein Dairy, Big Bend Windmill, Big Flat Windmill, Big Hole Windmill, Big Pipe Windmill, Big Tank Windmill, Black Hollow, Blowout Windmill, Bly Windmill, Bog Windmill, Bourlier Windmill, Brass Cap Windmill, Buck Windmill, Buffalo Ridge Landfill, Buffalo Windmill, Buttes Windmill, Buxman Dairy and Farms, Caliche Windmill, Canyon Windmill, Carroll Windmill, Cattail Windmill, Cayuse Windmill, Center Windmill, Central Plains Experiment Range Headquarters, Central Weld Sanitary Landfill, Central Windmill, Cervi Ranch, Cheever Windmill, Cleland Dairy Farms, Coal Mine Windmill, Cockroft Dairy Farms, Collins Windmill, Colorado National Golf Club, Colt Windmill, Contour Windmill, Cooksey Farms, Coyote Windmill, Crame Windmill, Creek Windmill, Crow Valley Recreation Area, Darling Ranch, Davis Windmill, Denver Regional Landfill, Dipping Windmill, Doublebarrel Windmill, Drain Windmill, Durbin Windmill, Eagle Rock Ranch, Eagle Windmill, Eagles Nest Ranch, East Farr Water Well, Eastman Windmill, Elliot Windmill, Erickson Windmill, Erix Windmill, F Quarter Circle Ranch, Fagerberg Farm, Farrington Windill, Flying G Ranch, Fourteen Windmill, Front Range Dairy, Galeton Dairy, Geary Windmill, Gilcrest Feedlot, Gilney Windmill, Glasspool Windmill, Gove, Grassy Flat Windmill, Greasewood Windmill, Greeley Country Club, Gull Windmill, Gunn Windmill, Gunsight Windmill, Halter Windmill, Hanscome Dairy, Happy Hollow Windmill, Hat Windmill, Headgate Windmill, Heinz Windmill, High Five Windmill, Hilltop Ranch, Hilltop Windmill, Hirsch Dairy, Hoffman Windmill, Hole in the Wall Windmill, Horizon Vue Dairy, Horsetail Windmill, Horton Feedlot, Hosock Windmill, Howard Windmill, Hudson Pullett Farm, Indian Caves Windmill, Ione, Johnson Dairy, Joker Windmill, Joker Windmill, Kaw Windmill, Kerbs Dairy, Kibben Windmill, Kindvall Windmill, Klug Ranch, Kluver, Koenig, Kuner Feedlot, Lakeside Ranch, Lamm Windmill, Last Chance Windmill, Lee Windmill, Liberty Community Center, Little Hole Windmill, Little Thompson Grange, Lobb Windmill, Lone Tree Windmill, Long Draw Windmill, Longs Peak Dairy, Lory, Low Flat Windmill, Lucas School, Lutz Ranch, M and J Dairy, Maddux, McCartney Windmill, McCormick Windmill, McKay Windmill, McNamara Junior Windmill, Meadow Springs Ranch, Meads Windmill, Mesa Windmill, Midwest Childrens Home, Miller Feed Lots, Missile Windmill, Mitchell Windmill, Money Saver Windmill, Monlux Windmill, Moore, Morning Fresh Farms, Morwai Dairy, Motis Windmill, Mule Shoe Windmill, Murphy Windmill, Mustang Windmill, National, Nene Windmill, Nob Hill Windmill, Noble Windmill, North Owl Windmill, North Weld Sanitary Landfill, Orr Windmill, Owl Camp, Owl Camp Windmill, Painted Prairie Dairy, Painter Ranch, Pap Windmill, Pawnee Buttes Trailhead, Pawnee National Grasslands Research Center, Pawnee Work Center, Pearl Howlett School, Peters Ranch, Peterson Windmill, Phillips Windmill, Pickert's Dairy, Plain View School, Ponnequin Camp, Poston Windmill, Prange Windmill, Producer's Feedlot, Railroad Windmill, Rand Windmill, Range Rider Headquarters, Rauth Windmill, Raven Windmill, Reverse K Four Ranch, Ridge Windmill, Rinn Valley Grange, Rock Cave Windmill, Rockridge Windmill, Rodenbaugh Windmill, Rohn Windmill, Rossi Dairy, Rush Windmill, Saddle Windmill, Sample Windmill, Sand Creek Windmill, Saver Water Well, Schnoor Windmill, Second Wind Dairy, Seven Cross Windmill, Seventy Ranch, Shaklee Windmill, Sheehan, Skyline Windmill, State Coal Mine Junction, Stephens Windmill, Stewart Windmill, Stone Corral Windmill, Stonehouse Windmill, Stout Dairy, Sublette, Tateyama Dairy, Test Windmill, Tip Top Windmill, Triple K Farms, Tuber, Two Mile Windmill, Two Timer Windmill, Valley Windmill, Vat Windmill, Verbich Windmill, Vim Windmill, Vivian Windmill, Walker Elevator, Weld County Gravel Pit, Weld County Landfill, Wells Cow Camp, West Cross Windmill, West Farr Windmill, Wildhorse Windmill, Worely Windmill, Wrangler Windmill, Wye Windmill, Youngland Windmill

  Mines     show all on map

Alpha Mine, Baum Mine, Bohlender Mine, Boulder Valley Mine, Buddy Mine, Casselman Mine, Christenson Mine, Columbine Mine, Crandalls New Mine, Davis Mine, Diamond Mine, Eagle Mine, Emerson Mine, Erie Mine, Erie Mine, Eureka Mine, Eureka Number One Mine, Evans Mine, Firestone Mine, Frederick Mine, Furney Manganese Prospect, Gentry Mine, Golden Pit, Graden Mine, Grant Mine, Grayden Mine, Grover Mine, Hingley Coal Property Mine, Ideal Mine, Imperial Mine, Island Grove Pit, Jones-Evan Mine, Keenesburg Strip Mine, King Solomon Mine, Lincoln Mine, Little Ash Mine, Louisville Coal and Land Number One Mine, Maxwell Mine, McKissick Mine, Morgan Shaft, Morrison Mine, New Shaft, Puritan Mine, Russell Mine, Saint Vrain Pit, Shamrock Mine, Sterling Mine, Sunset Mine, Warwick Mine, White Ash Mine, Whitehouse Mine, Wolff Lease Mine

  Oilfields     show all on map

Black Hollow Oil Field, Keota Oil Field, Mustang Oilfield, New Windsor Oil Field, Pierce Oil Field

  Parks     show all on map

Broadview Park, Farr Park, Glenmere Park, Island Grove Park, Lincoln Park, Luther Park, Montview Park, Sunrise Park

  Populated Places     show all on map

Adna, Alden, Aristocrat Ranchettes, Auburn, Ault, Avalo, Barnesville, Bracewell, Briggsdale, Bruce, Buckingham, Buda, Bunyan, Canton, Carr, Clark, Cloverly, Comer, Cornish, Dacono, Dearfield, Dent, Dick, Dover, East La Salle, Eaton, Elm, Elwell, Evans, Evanston, Farmers, Firestone, Fort Lupton, Fort Saint Vrain (historical), Fosston, Frederick, Galeton, Garden City, Gates, Gilcrest, Gill, Gowanda, Greeley, Greeley Junction, Grover, Hambert, Hardin, Hardman, Harney, Hereford, Highland Lake, Hillsboro, Houston, Hudson, Hurrich, Idaho Creek, Jackson Field, Jessum, Johnson, Johnstown, Kahler, Keenesburg, Keota, Kersey, Kirkland, Krauss, Kuner, La Salle, Liberty, Lochbuie, Lowe, Lucerne, Maloy, Mason Corner, Masters, Matthews, Mead, Milliken, Mumper Corner, New Raymer, Nunn, Old Fort Vasquez (historical), Peckham, Pierce, Platteville, Plumbs, Powars, Prospect Valley, Pulliam, Purcell, Puritan, Raymer, Rinn, Rockport, Roggen, Rosedale, Roy, Saint Vrains, Severance, Sloan, South Roggen, Spanish Village, Stage, Stoneham, Tampa, Tonville, Vollmar, Walker, Warren, Wattenberg, Welty, Wildcat, Windsor

  Post Offices     show all on map

Ault Post Office, Carr Post Office, Dacono Post Office, Downtown Greeley Post Office, Eaton Post Office, Erie Post Office, Evans Post Office, Firestone Post Office, Fort Lupton Post Office, Frederick Post Office, Galeton Post Office, Gilcrest Post Office, Gill Post Office, Greeley Post Office, Hudson Post Office, Johnstown Post Office, Keenesburg Post Office, Kersey Post Office, La Salle Post Office, Lucerne Post Office, Masters Post Office, Mead Post Office, Milliken Post Office, New Raymer Post Office, Nunn Post Office, Pierce Post Office, Platteville Post Office, Roggen Post Office, Severance Post Office, Stoneham Post Office, Windsor Post Office

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Adams and Bunker Reservoir Number 1, Adams and Bunker Reservoir Number 2, Adams and Bunker Reservoir Number 3, Akers and Tarr Reservoir, Allison Reservoir, Angel Lake, Antelope Reservoir, Anthony Reservoir Number 2, Arrowhead Reservoir, B L Swift Reservoir, Baldridge Lake, Ballinger Reservoir, Banner Lake Number 1 Reservoir, Banner Lake Number 3 Reservoir, Banner Lake Number 5 Reservoir, Banner Lakes, Bass Reservoir, Baxter Lake, Behrens Reservoir, Black Hollow Reservoir, Boyd Number 2 Reservoir, Brainard Lake R-2, Bringleson Reservoir, Briscoe Lake, Calkins Lake, Carlin Reservoir, Chestnut Reservoir, Clark Lake, Clennon Reservoir, Coal Bank Watershed CB-1 Reservoir, Coal Ridge Waste Reservoir, Cole Reservoir, Cottonwood Lake, Coursey Reservoir Number 1, Cozzens Lake, Crom Lake, Darling Reservoir, Davis Reservoir, De France Reservoir, De Remer Lakes, Decker - Pierce Reservoir, DeFrance Reservoir, Denning Irrigation Reservoir Number 1, Deremer Lake Number 10, Diamond Reservoir, Dougan Reservoir, Dover Reservoir, Drake Lake, Eagle Rock Reservoir, Eagle Rock Reservoir, East Stoneham Reservoir, Eaton-Law Reservoir, Eichheim Reservoir, Empire Reservoir, Erickson Reservoir, Eshelman Reservoir, Faber Reservoir, Firestone Lake, Foster Reservoir, Franklin Lake, Frederick Reservoir, French Lake, Fulton Waste Reservoir, German Reservoir Number 12, German Reservoir Number 8 and 9, Giffon Number 1 Reservoir, Giffon Number 2 Reservoir, Greeley Lake West Reservoir, Gress Reservoir, Gunn Reservoir Number Three, H A Smith Reservoir, Hackberry Reservoir, Hamilton Reservoir, Hartford Reservoir, Heart Reservoir, Henery Lake Reservoir, Henry Reservoir, Highland Lake, Highland Reservoir, Highland Reservoir Number 1, Highland Reservoir Number 3, Hillsboro Reservoir, Hogarty Reservoir, Holt Reservoir, Howard Reservoir, Howards Lake, Hummel Reservoir, Ide and Starbird Reservoir Number 1, Ide and Starbird Reservoir Number 2, Indian Creek Reservoir, Ireland Number 5 Reservoir, Ireland Reservoir Number 6, Ireland Reservoir Number Five, Ireland Reservoir Number Four, Ireland Reservoir Number One, Isabel Myron Reservoir, J B Cooke Reservoir, James Lake, John Keller Reservoir, John Law Reservoir, Johnstown Reservoir, Kammerzell Lake, King Lake, Klingenberg Flood Control Number 1 Reservoir, Klug Lake, Klug Reservoir Number 3, Koenig Reservoir, Lake Canal Reservoir Number 1, Lake Marie, Lake Thomas, Law Reservoir, Lee Lake, Leemans Lake, Lemon-Erickson Reservoir Number 1, Lillie Reservoir, Lindies Lakes, Little Gem Reservoir, Little Thompson Reservoir, Logan Reservoir, Loloff Reservoir, Long Lake, Loop Lake, Lord Reservoir, Lost Creek Reservoir Number 1, Lott Reservoir, Loup Lake, Lower Latham Reservoir, Mahood Reservoir, Marshall Reservoir Number 2, Mason Reservoir, McGrew Reservoir, McGrew Reservoir, McKay Reservoir, Mead Reservoir, Miantenoma Reservoir, Miller Reservoir, Milton Lake Reservoir, Milton Reservoir, Minnie Reservoir, Moeller Reservoir, Monahan Lakes, Mose Davis Lake, Mose Davis Reservoir Number 2, Mulligan Reservoir, Munger Reservoir Number 1, Munger Reservoir Number 2, Murphy Reservoir, Neill Brothers Reservoir, Neuman Lake, New Thomas Reservoir, Newell Lake, North Star Reservoir, Oklahoma Lake, Oklahoma Reservoir, Olds Reservoir, Owl Creek Reservoir, Parmalee Reservoir, Patton Spring Reservoir, Prospect Reservoir, Rehmer Lake, Reno Reservoir, Riverside Reservoir, Rockwell Reservoir, Roulard Lake, Rowe Brothers Reservoir, Sanborn Reservoir, Sand Reservoir Number 1, Sand Reservoir Number 2, Saxton Lake, Schneider Lake, Sequine Reservoir, Seven Reverse Y Number 1 Reservoir, Shaw Reservoir, Sloan Number 1 Reservoir, Smith Reservoir, South Side Reservoir, Spomer Lakes, Stybr Reservoir Number 2, Sullivan Reservoir, Swanson Lake, Thomas Lake Reservoir, Thomas Reservoir, Thompson Lake, Thompson Reservoir, Thompson Reservoir, Toedtli Reservoir, Town of Mead Reservoir, Triangle Reservoir Number 1, Twombly Reservoir, Uhl Reservoir, Union Reservoir, Waite Lake, West Greeley, Wild Horse Reservoir, Wildhorse Reservoir 1, Windsor Reservoir, Woods Lake, Wykert Number 4 Reservoir, Wykert Reservoir Number 1, Wykert Reservoir Number 2

  Schools     show all on map

Arlington School, Ashton School, Aspen Ridge Preparatory School, Auburn School (historical), Barnesville School, Bebee Draw School, Big Bend School, Black Rock Elementary School, Brentwood Middle School, Buell School (historical), Butler Elementary School, Cameron School, Carbon Valley Academy, Children's House of Weld County, Coal Ridge Middle School, Dailey School, Daniels School, Erie High School, Erie Middle School, Erkenbeck School, Fairview School, Fort Lupton High School, Fort Lupton Middle School, Four-Way School, Franklin Middle School, Frederick Elementary School, Frederick High School, Frederick Middle / High School, Hazelton School, Heath Middle School, Hudson Elementary School, Independence School, Jackson Elementary School, Jefferson High School, Kiowa School, Kuner School, La Grange School, Legacy Elementary School, Lincoln School (historical), Lone Tree School (historical), Madison Elementary School, Maplewood Elementary School, Martinez Elementary School, Meade Elementary School, Meade Middle School, Meeker Elementary School, Midway School, Mountain View School, Oklahoma School, Olin School (historical), Peter Brown School (historical), Pleasant Valley School, Pleasant Valley School (historical), Porter School, Praira School, Prairie Public School, Prairie Queen School, Prairie View School, Prospect Valley School, Rockaway School, Saint Peters School, Saint Vrain School, Sherwood School, Sky View School, Twombly Elementary School, University of Northern Colorado, Valley View School, Vim School, Vista Ridge Academy, Vista Ridge Academy, Wattenberg School, Wyatt School

  Springs     show all on map

Antelope Spring, Boyd Springs, De Moss Spring, Deer Spring, Dolan Spring, Elizabeth Spring, Gatehook Spring, Hightower Spring, Hillman Spring, Oasis Spring, Patton Spring, Rattlesnake Springs, Razor Spring, Reisburg Spring, The Wolf Spring, Willow Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Big Dry Creek, Big Thompson River, Block Hollow Creek, Boulder Creek, Box Elder Creek, Cache la Poudre River, Coal Creek, Coalbank Creek, Comanche Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cow Creek, Crow Creek, East Lost Creek, Eastman Creek, Geary Creek, Goose Creek, Horse Creek, Horsetail Creek, Howard Creek, Idaho Creek, Igo Creek, Jack Rabbit Creek, Jim Creek, Little Crow Creek, Little Dry Creek, Little Owl Creek, Little Sand Creek, Little Simpson Creek, Lone Tree Creek, Lone Tree Creek, Lost Creek, Lost Creek, Mule Creek, North Fork Geary Creek, North Pawnee Creek, Owl Creek, Owl Creek, Pawnee Creek, Porter Creek, Robinson Creek, Saint Vrain Creek, Sand Creek, Sand Creek, Sand Creek, Simpson Creek, South Pawnee Creek, Spotwood Creek, Spotwood Creek, Spring Creek, The Slough, Twomile Creek, West Fork Willow Creek, West Sand Creek, Wild Horse Creek, Wildhorse Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Antelope Hill, Crow Valley Hill, Pawnee Buttes, Point of Rocks, Riley Mound, Seven Cross Hill, Simpson Mesa, Smith Mound, Squaw Rock, The Sand Hills, Twin Mounds, Wildcat Mound, Wildhorse Tit

  Swamps     show all on map

Packard Reservoir

  Towers     show all on map

KATR-AM (Greeley), KCDC-FM (Longmont), KDHT-FM (Greeley), KFKA-AM (Greeley), KHNC-AM (Johnstown), KIMN-FM (Fort Collins), KLTT-AM (Brighton), KRZN-AM (Thornton), KSQI-FM (Greeley), KTRR-FM (Loveland), KUAD-FM (Windsor), KUNC-FM (Greeley), KVVS-AM (Windsor), KZJG-TV (Longmont)

  Valleys     show all on map

Ashcroft Draw, Baker Draw, Battle Canyon, Bebee Draw, Big Hollow, Black Hollow, Bull Canyon, Coal Bank Draw, Eaton Draw, Ennis Draw, Hay Gulch, Holmes Draw, Jackson Draw, Long Draw, Pawnee Valley, Pleasant Valley, Sanborn Draw, Sand Canyon, Sequine Gulch, Sheep Draw, Spring Draw

  Wells     show all on map

Alkali Well, Andy Larkspur Water Well, Bear Water Well, Chief Well, Corner Well, Diamond Well, East Simpson Well, Gap Water Well, Gilliam Water Well, Headquarters Waterwell, Hidden Valley Well, Hillside Water Well, Hot Shot Well, Ida Well, Jackpot Water Well, Jinx Well, Keota Water Well, Key Water Well, Lewis Well, Liberty Well, Lonestar Water Well, Milligon Well, Missile West Water Well, Monument Water Well, Osborne Water Well, Porter Water Well, Railroad Water Well, Range Rider Water Well, Side Hill Well, Slab Water Well, Sorrell Water Well, Sub Water Well, Three Corner Water Well, Vail Water Well, West Simpson Well,

Weld County, Colorado Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteWeld County White population 246,132246,132  
MixedWeld County Mixed population 5,5345,534
American IndianWeld County American Indian population 4,4804,479
AsianWeld County Asian population 3,6893,689
BlackWeld County Black population 3,4263,425
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderWeld County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 264263

Additional population tables :
State population table
Colorado population by county