Fairfield County, Connecticut Basics:

Fairfield County Connecticut - Government Site

Population: 933,733
Area: 625 square miles
County seat: Bridgeport
Area code(s) in use: 203
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 89.0%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 44.6%
Median household income: $82,614
Persons in poverty: 8.8%
Home ownership rate: 69.7%
Mean travel time to work: 28.1 minutes

Adjacent counties:
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Map of the Fairfield County area

Our detail map of Fairfield County shows the Fairfield County, Connecticut boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Fairfield County, Connecticut

  Airports     show all on map

50 Washington Street Heliport, BIP Heliport, Bridgeport Hospital Heliport, Chase Manhattan Bank of Connecticut Heliport, Cyanamid Stamford Helistop, Danbury Hospital Heliport, Danbury Municipal Airport, Flying Ridge Airstrip, General Electric Heliport, Igor I Sikorsky Memorial Airport, ITT Heliport, Medical Center Heliport, Merritt 7 Helistop, Milford-Alexander Heliport, Monroe Airport (historical), Norden Systems Heliport, Norwalk Airport (historical), Sikorsky Bridgeport Heliport, Sikorsky Heliport, Stamford Hospital Heliport, Union Carbide Corp Heliport, USSC Heliport

  Areas     show all on map

Devils Den, Upper Plain (historical)

  Bars     show all on map

Ballast Reef, Bluff Island Ledge, Budd Reef, Camp Meeting Bar, Cockenoe Reef, Cockenoe Shoal, Cormorant Reef, Drews Bar, Flint Rocks, Flint Rocks, Georges Rock, Great Reef, Greens Ledge, Harbor Ledge, Harbor Ledge, Hidelum Rock Bar, Mill Bar, Newfoundland Reef, Oronoque Bar, Peck Ledge, Penfield Reef, Pine Point, Point Rocks, Rogers Reef, Shippan Point Shoal, Smith Reef, Twomile Island Bar

  Basins     show all on map

Halloween Basin, Marine Basin

  Bays     show all on map

Allens Cove, Brewster Cove, Burr Creek, Burritt Cove, Byram Harbor, Captain Harbor, Charles Creek, Cockenoe Bay, Cockenoe Harbor, Compo Cove, Cos Cob Harbor, Cove Harbor, Danbury Bay, East Norwalk Harbor, Goeller Cove, Greenwich Cove, Greenwich Harbor, Indian Harbor, Lower Pine Cove, Norwalk Harbor, Pear Tree Point Cove, Peck Great Cove (historical), Ram Bay, Scott Cove, Sheffield Island Harbor, Shelter Harbor, Smith Beach Harbor, Smith Cove, Southport Harbor, Squantz Cove, Stamford Harbor, Westcott Cove, Wilson Cove, Zieglers Cove

  Beaches     show all on map

Alvord Beach, Belden Beach (historical), Burial Hill Beach, Calf Pasture Beach, Compo Beach, Cummings Park Beach, Fairfield Beach, Fairfield Beach, Fairfield Public Beach, Fords Beach, Harbor Point Beach, Harbor View Beach, Hawthorne Beach, Jennings Beach, Long Beach, Long Beach, Long Beach, Lordship Beach, Marvin Beach, Money Beach, Pear Tree Point Beach, Pine Ledge, Pleasure Beach, Rowayton Community Beach, Saint John Beach, Sasco Hill Beach, Seaside Beach, Short Beach, Sound Beach (historical), South Pine Creek Beach, Southport Beach, Uncas Point Beach, Weed Beach, West Beach

  Bridges     show all on map

Barn Plain Bridge, Berkshire Bridge, Birmingham Bridge (historical), Bridgeport Bridge, Burrs Bridges, Center Bridge, Clapboard Hill Bridge, Lottery Bridge (historical), Main Street Bridge, Old Grays Bridge, Rings End Bridge, Saugatuck River Bridge, Sherman Bridge, Stanley Simon Bridge, Stevens Bridge, Theal Bridge, Washington Bridge, Yellow Mill Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, Aloysisus P Kelley Theatre, Alumni Hall-Sports Arena, Alumni House, Arts Center, Audubon Center of Greenwich, Ball Pond Volunteer Fire Company, Bannow Science Center, Barnum House, Barone Campus Center, Bartlett Arboretum Library, Bates Scofield House, Beckerle Volunteer Hose Company 9, Bellarmine Hall, Belltown Fire Department, Berchmans Hall, Bernhard Art and Humanities Center, Bethel Fire Chief's Office, Bethel Fire Marshal's Office, Bethel Public Library, Bethel Volunteer Fire Department, Black Rock Branch Bridgeport Public Library, Boothe Memorial Museum, Botsford Fire Rescue, Bridgeport Center, Bridgeport City Hall, Bridgeport Convention and Visitors Bureau, Bridgeport Correctional Center, Bridgeport Department of Archives Records and Information Services, Bridgeport Fire Department, Bridgeport Fire Department - Rescue Squad 5 Headquarters, Bridgeport Fire Department Engine and Ladder 6, Bridgeport Fire Department Engine Company 12, Bridgeport Fire Department Engine Company 15, Bridgeport Fire Department Engine Company 16, Bridgeport Fire Department Engine Company 3 and 4, Bridgeport Fire Department Engine Company 7 and Ladder 11, Bridgeport Fire Department Engine Company and Ladder 10, Bridgeport Fire Marshal's Office, Bridgeport Jai Alai, Bridgeport Municipal Garage, Bridgeport Public Library, Brookfield Emergency Medical Services, Brookfield Fire Marshal's Office, Brookfield Historical Society Building, Brookfield Library, Brookfield Town Office, Brookfield Volunteer Fire Company, Bruce Museum, Bruce Museum Library, Burr Homestead, Bush-Holley House, Cabaret Theater, Campion Hall, Candlewood Company, Canisius Hall, Cardinal Shehan Center, Cartwright Towers, Catharine B Mitchell Museum, Center for Multicultural Relations, Center for Vocational Art, Central Utility Facility, Challenger Learning Center, Charles F Dolan School of Business, Charles Ives Center for the Performing Arts, Cheiftan Estate (historical), Childrens Home, Citizens Volunteer Hose Company 6, Claver Hall, Clifford House, Comstock Community Center, Congregation B'Nai Isreal Library, Connecticut Audubon Birdcraft Museum, Connecticut Audubon Society Library, Connecticut Department of Children and Families Library, Connecticut Department of Justice Centralized Library, Connecticut Graphis Arts Center and Museum, Connecticut Judicial Branch Law Library, Connecticut Judicial Branch Law Library at Stamford, Court Marina, Culpeper Language Resource Center, Cyrenius H Booth Library, Danbury Ambulance Service, Danbury Fire Department Engine 23, Danbury Fire Department Engine 24, Danbury Fire Department Engine 25, Danbury Fire Department Engine 26, Danbury Fire Department Headquarters, Danbury Health Care Affiliates, Danbury Hospital Health Science Library, Danbury Ice Arena, Danbury Law Library, Danbury Museum and Historical Society, Danbury Museum and Historical Society Research Library, Danbury Public Library, Danbury Scott-Fanton Museum, Daniel T Banks Health Science Library, Darien Emergency Medical Services Post 53, Darien Fire Marshal's Office, Darien Library, Darien Volunteer Fire Department, David J Dolan House, DiMenna-Nyselius Library, Dodgingtown Volunteer Fire Company, Donnarumma Hall, East Norwalk Library, Easton Volunteer Emergency Management Service, Easton Volunteer Fire Department, Echo Hose Hook and Ladder Company Station 1, Echo Hose Hook and Ladder Volunteer Ambulance, Embassy Towers, Fairchild Memorial Library, Fairfield County Court House, Fairfield County Courthouse, Fairfield County Jail, Fairfield Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, Fairfield Fire Department Station 2, Fairfield Fire Department Station 3, Fairfield Fire Department Station 4, Fairfield Fire Department Station 5, Fairfield Historical Society Library, Fairfield Historical Society Museum, Fairfield Public Library, Fairfield Regional Fire School, Fairfield Woods Public Library, Federal Correctional Institution Danbury, Ferguson Library, First Congregational Church Library, Francis M Harrison Memorial Library, Garner Correctional Institution, Georgetown Fire District, Germantown Volunteer Hose Company 10, Gonzaga Hall, Grauert Field, Greenwich Arts Council, Greenwich Emergency Medical Services, Greenwich Fire Chief's Office, Greenwich Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, Greenwich Fire Department Station 2 Cos Cob, Greenwich Fire Department Station 3 Byram, Greenwich Fire Department Station 4 Glenville, Greenwich Fire Department Station 5 Sound Beach, Greenwich Fire Department Station 6 Round Hill, Greenwich Fire Department Station 8 Back Country, Greenwich Hospital Library, Greenwich Library, Greenwich Town Hall, Gustav and Dagmar Nyselius Library, Hall-Brooke Hospital Professional Library, Hanford-Silliman House, Harborview Towers, Hawkes Nest (historical), Hawleyville Volunteer Fire Company 1, Health Science Library, Historical Society of the Town of Greenwich, Housatonic Museum of Art, Huntington Fire Company 3, Huntington Historical Society Building, Independent Volunteer Hose Company 4, Jeremy Richard Library, Jewish Community Center Library, Jogues Hall, John C Dolan Hall, John Rogers Studio and Museum, Julie Hall (historical), Keeler Tavern (historical), Kostka Hall, Laurelwood Place, Lawrence A Wien Experimental Theatre, Little Red School House, Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum, Long Hill Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, Long Hill Fire Department Station 2, Long Hill Fire Department Station 3, Long Ridge Fire Company Station 1, Long Ridge Fire Company Station 2, Long Ridge Library, Loyola Hall, Lukacs Gallery, Magnus Wahlstrom Library, Mailands (historical), Marcus Hall, Maritime Aquarium, Mark Twain Library, Marvin Tavern (historical), McAuliffe Hall, Mid Fairfield Youth Museum, Military Museum of Southern New England, Mill Plain Volunteer Fire Company 12, Miry Brook Volunteer Fire Company 13, Monroe Fire Marshal's Office, Monroe Public Library, Monroe Town Hall, Monroe Volunteer Emergency Medical Services, Monroe Volunteer Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, Monroe Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Nathaniel Wheeler Memorial Fountain, Nature Center for Environmental Activities Library, Nelson Ambulance Services EFK of Connecticut Headquarters, New Canaan Chamber of Commerce, New Canaan Fire Company 1, New Canaan Fire Marshal's Office, New Canaan Historical Society Building, New Canaan Historical Society Library, New Canaan Historical Society Museum, New Canaan Library, New Canaan Nature Center, New Canaan Town Hall, New Canaan Volunteer Ambulance, New Fairfield Fire Company A, New Fairfield Free Public Library, New Fairfield Town Hall, Newfield Branch Bridgeport Public Library, Newtown Fire Hook and Ladder, Newtown Fire Marshal's Office, Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Nichols Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, Nichols Fire Station 2, Noroton Fire Department, Noroton Heights Fire Department, Noroton Presbyterian Church Library, Noroton Town Hall, North Branch Bridgeport Public Library, Norwalk Fire Department Station 1, Norwalk Fire Department Station 2 Headquarters, Norwalk Fire Department Station 3, Norwalk Fire Department Station 4, Norwalk Fire Department Station 5, Norwalk Marine Fire Rescue, Norwalk Museum, Norwalk Museum Historical Refernce Library, Norwalk Public Library, Norwalk Technical Community College Learning Resources Center, Number 9 Stable (historical), Old Mill Green Branch Bridgeport Public Library, Old Stone Fort, P T Barnum Museum, Padanarum Hose Company 3, Park City Plaza, Park Royal, Patterson Club, Pedro Arrupe Campus Ministry Center, Pequot Library, Phoenix Volunteer Hose Company 8, Pine Rock Park Fire Company 4, Plumb Memorial Library, Putnam Cottage Museum, Red Cross Headquarters, Redding Fire and Emergency Medical Services Company Station 1, Redding Fire and Emergency Medical Services Company Station 2, Redding Paramedic Alliance, Redding Paramedic Alliance, Redding Paramedic Alliance, Reeves Memorial Library, Regina A Quick Center for the Arts, Regis Hall, Reverend Frederick W Kelly Computer Center, Ridgefield Community Center, Ridgefield Fire Department Headquarters, Ridgefield Fire Department Station 2, Ridgefield Library and Historical Association, Ridgefield Town Hall, Roinick Observatory, Round Hill Community House (historical), Round Hill Stables (historical), Rowayton Arts Center, Rowayton Fire Department, Rowayton Free Public Library, Ruth A Haas Library, Sacred Heart University Library, Saint Augustana Homes, Saint Ignatius Jesuit Residence, Saint Josephs Manor, Saint Robert Jesuit Residence, Sandy Hook Fire Rescue Company Station 1 Headquarters, Sandy Hook Fire Rescue Company Station 2, Sargents Estate (historical), School of Nursing, Security Building, Shelton Fire Chief's Office, Shelton Fire Marshal's Office, Sherman Fire Marshal's Office, Sherman Library, Sherman Volunteer Fire Department, Sikorsky Aircraft Fire Department, Silvermine Guild Arts Center, South End Community Center Branch Stamford Public Library, Southport Volunteer Fire Department, Southwell Hall, Squantz Engine Company, Stamford Catholic Library, Stamford Center for the Arts, Stamford Emergency Medical Services, Stamford Fire and Rescue Department Station 1 Headquarters, Stamford Fire and Rescue Department Station 2, Stamford Fire and Rescue Department Station 3, Stamford Fire and Rescue Department Station 4, Stamford Fire and Rescue Department Station 5, Stamford Fire and Rescue Department Station 6, Stamford Fire and Rescue Department Station 7, Stamford Fire Department South End Station, Stamford Fire Marshal's Office, Stamford Hall, Stamford Historical Society Library, Stamford Historical Society Museum, Stamford Hospital Health Sciences Library, Stamford Museum, Stamford Nature Center, Stepney Volunteer Fire Company Station 1, Stepney Volunteer Fire Company Station 2, Stevenson Volunteer Fire Company Station 1 Headquarters, Stevenson Volunteer Fire Company Station 2, Stony Hill Volunteer Fire Department, Stratford Emergency Medical Services, Stratford Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, Stratford Fire Department Station 2, Stratford Fire Department Station 3, Stratford Fire Department Station 4, Stratford Historical Society Building, Stratford Historical Society Library, Stratford Library Association, Student Town House Complex, Sun Tavern (historical), Sycamore Place, The Beaver Brook Volunteer Fire Company, The Discovery Museum, The Levee, Thomas J Walsh Art Gallery, Trinity Episcopal Church Library, Trumbell Center Fire Department Station 1, Trumbull Center Fire Department Station 2, Trumbull Emergency Medical Services, Trumbull Fire Marshal's Office, Trumbull Library, Trumbull Police Department, Turn of River Branch Stamford Public Library, Turn of River Station 1, Turn of River Station 2, University of Fairfield Media Center, Walsh Athletic Center, Washington Building, Water Witch Volunteer Hose Company 7, Waveny House, Webbs Tavern, Weed Memorial Branch Library Stamford Public Library, West Redding Fire District 2, Weston Public Library, Weston Town Fire Chief's Office, Weston Volunteer Emergency Medical Services, Weston Volunteer Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, Weston Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Westport Emergency Medical Services, Westport Fire Department Coleytown Station, Westport Fire Department Greens Farms, Westport Fire Department Headquarters, Westport Fire Department Saugatuck Station, Westport Historical Society Library, Westport Nature Center, Westport Town Fire Marshal's Office, Westport Town Hall, White Hills Volunteer Fire Company 5, Whitney Museum of American Art at Champion, Wiggans Health Sciences Library, William E Finch Junior Archives, William Pitt Child Developement Center, Wilton - Weston Advanced Life Support Association, Wilton Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, Wilton Fire Department Station 2, Wilton Heritage Museum, Wilton Historical Society Building, Wilton Historical Society Library, Wilton Library Association, Wilton Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Woodfield Orphanage (historical), Wooster Volunteer Hose Company 5, Workshop Theatre Barn, Xavier Hall, YMCA

  Canals     show all on map

Black Rock Entrance Channel, Bridgeport Entrance Channel

  Capes     show all on map

Arrowhead Point, Battery Point, Black Rock Neck, Bluff Point, Bluff Point, Byram Point, Calf Pasture Point, Cedar Point, Cemetery Point, Chatterton Point, Colyer Point, Compo Point, Cook Point, Cooks Point, Crimbo Point, Cummings Point, Davenport Point, Driftwood Point, Elias Point, Elizabeth Neck, Fayerweather Point, Ferry Point, Ferry Point, Field Point, Fitch Point, Flat Neck Point, Frost Point, Great Neck, Greenwich Point, Gregory Point, Grove Point, Hawkins Point, Hendricks Point, Holiday Point, Indian Harbor Point, Jennings Point, Jennings Point, Judy Point, Kensie Point, Keyser Point, Liberty Point, Little Neck, Long Beach Point, Long Neck, Long Neck Point, Mather Point, Mead Point, Never Sink Point, Noroton Neck, Noroton Point, Orchard Point, Oyster Shell Point, Park Point, Pear Tree Point, Peartree Point, Peck Point, Pine Creek Point, Pocono Point, Point Hedden, Point No Point, Pond Point, Rocky Neck, Rocky Neck, Rocky Neck Point, Roton Point, Seymour Point, Sherwood Point, Shippan Point, Shoal Point, Sniffens Point, Sound View Point, Southwest Point, Spear Point, Steel Point, Stony Point, Stratford Point, Todd Point, Tongue Point, Turners Point, Vaughns Neck, Wallacks Point, Wilson Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Adams Cemetery, Agudath Sholom Cemetery, Aspetuck Cemetery, Bald Hill Cemetery, Bell Cemetery, Berkshire Cemetery, Beth-el Cemetery, Boothe Memorial Park, Boulton Cemetery, Bradley Cemetery, Brinsmade Cemetery, Brinsmade Cemetery, Brown Cemetery, Center Cemetery, Central Cemetery, Christ Church Cemetery, Christ Church Cemetery, Close Cemetery, Coburn Cemetery, Coleytown Cemetery, Colonial Cemetery, Coram Cemetery, Coram Cemetery, Cutlers Farm Cemetery, Daniels Farm Cemetery, East Norwalk Cemetery, Elmwood Cemetery, Fairchild Memorial Park, Fairfield Memorial Park, First Congregational Church Cemetery, Florida Cemetery, Garden Center Cemetery, Gate of Heaven Cemetery, Gilbertown Cemetery, Great Plain Cemetery, Green Cemetery, Greenfield Hill Cemetery, Greenwich Cemetery, Hebrew Cemetery, Hebrew Cemetery, Hickok Cemetery, Hillside Cemetery, Howe Cemetery, Hoyt Cemetery, Hull Cemetery, Huntington Cemetery, Huntingtown Cemetery, Knapp Cemetery, Lakeview Cemetery, Lakeview Cemetery, Lands End Cemetery, Laure Hill Cemetery, Lawn Cemetery, Lawncroft Cemetery, Leads Cemetery, Lockwood Cemetery, Lonetown Cemetery, Long Hill Cemetery, Long Hill Cemetery, Long Ridge Union Cemetery, Lower White Hills Cemetery, Loyalty Cemetery, Maple Grove Memorial Park, Merritt Cemetery, Mill Plain Cemetery, Miry Brook Cemetery, Monroe Cemetery, Morgan Cemetery, Mount Grove Cemetery, New Fairfield Cemetery, Newfield Cemetery, Newtown Village Cemetery, Nichols Farm Cemetery, North Cemetery, Oaklawn Cemetery, Old Burying Ground, Old Burying Ground, Old Church Cemetery, Old Congregational Burying Ground, Old Congregational Church Cemetery, Old Indian Cemetery, Old Jewish Cemetery, Old Main Street Cemetery, Old Stratfield Cemetery, Old Town Cemetery, Old West Cemetery, Parade Hill Cemetery, Park Cemetery, Pecks Cemetery, Pembroke Cemetery, Pembroke Cemetery (historical), Point Cemetery (historical), Poplar Plains Cemetery, Putnam Cemetery, Putnam Cemetery, Quaker Ridge Cemetery, Raymond Cemetery, Redding Ridge Cemetery, Ridgefield Cemetery, Riverside Cemetery, Riverside Cemetery, Riverside Cemetery, Rowayton Cemetery, Roxbury Cemetery, Saint Andrew Cemetery, Saint Augustine Cemetery, Saint John Cemetery, Saint John the Baptist Greek Catholic Cemetery, Saint Johns Cemetery, Saint Johns Cemetery, Saint Johns Cemetery, Saint Marys Cemetery, Saint Marys Cemetery, Saint Marys Cemetery, Saint Marys Cemetery, Saint Mathews Cemetery, Saint Michaels Cemetery, Saint Pauls Cemetery, Saint Pauls Cemetery, Saint Peters Cemetery, Saint Roses Cemetery, Sellecks Corner Cemetery, Sharp Hill Cemetery, Sheffield Island Cemetery (historical), Sherman Center Cemetery, Silvermine Cemetery, Slassoh Cemetery, Spring Grove Cemetery, Stephey Cemetery, Stevens Cemetery, Tashua Burial Ground, Taunton Cemetery, Tomac Cemetery, Umpawaug Cemetery, Union Cemetery, Union Cemetery, Union Cemetery, Union Cemetery, Union Cemetery, United Jewish Center Cemetery, Unity Cemetery, Waring Cemetery, Water Baptist Cemetery, Waterbury Cemetery, Webbs Hill Cemetery, Weed Cemetery, Westover Cemetery, Willowbrook Cemetery, Woodland Cemetery, Wooster Cemetery, Wooster Street Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Bethel Census Designated Place, Byram Census Designated Place, Cannondale Census Designated Place, Cos Cob Census Designated Place, Darien Census Designated Place, Georgetown Census Designated Place, Glenville Census Designated Place, Greenwich Census Designated Place, New Canaan Census Designated Place, Old Greenwich Census Designated Place, Pemberwick Census Designated Place, Ridgefield Census Designated Place, Riverside Census Designated Place, Southport Census Designated Place, Stratford Census Designated Place, Trumbull Census Designated Place, Westport Census Designated Place, Wilton Center Census Designated Place

  Channels     show all on map

Black Rock Reach, Break of the Beach (historical), Cedar Creek Reach, East Branch, Ferry Point Reach, Inner Reach, Norfolk River Reach, Outer Reach, Oyster Shell Reach, Seaview Park Reach, West Branch, Yellow Mill Channel

  Churches     show all on map

Advent Christian Church, Advent Christian Church, Albertson Memorial Church, Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, Antioch Temple, Assumption Church, Assumption Church, Assumption Greek Orthodox Church, Baha'i Faith, Baptist Church of Danbury, Baum Shalom, Beaver Bog Church, Berea Church, Bernardine Convent, Beth Israel Synagogue, Bethany Alliance Church, Bethany Church, Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Bethel Memorial Deliverance Church, Bethel Tabernacle Church, Bethel United Methodist Church, Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Bible Baptist Church, Bible Way Temple, Bibleway Church of God, Black Rock Congregational Church, Bread of Life Church, Bridgeport Islamic Society, Brooklawn Seventh Day Adventist Church, Calvary Baptist Church, Calvary Baptist Church, Calvary Episcopal Church, Calvary Evangelical Free Church, Calvary Korean Church of Connecticut, Canaan Institution Baptist Church, Centro Christiano Church, Christ and Holy Trinity Church, Christ Church, Christ Church, Christ Church, Christ Church, Christ Episcopal Church, Christ Episcopal Church, Christ Episcopal Church, Christ Temple House of Prayer, Christ Temple Pentecostal Church, Christ the King Lutheran Church, Christian Assembly Church, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of God, Church of God, Church of God, Church of God, Church of God New Life, Church of God of Prophecy, Church of God Pentecostal, Church of Jesus Christ, Church of Love, Church of New Canaan United Methodist Church, Church of Patmos, Church of the Archangels, Church of the Good Shepherd, Church of the Lord Jesus, Church of the Lord Jesus, Church of the Nazarene, Church of the Nazarene, Community Advent Christian Church, Community Baptist Church, Community Baptist Church, Community of the Cross Church, Congregation Agudas Achim, Congregation Agudath Sholom, Congregation B'Nai Israel, Congregation B'Nai Israel, Congregation B'Nai Torah, Congregation Beth El, Congregation Beth El Church, Congregation Bikur Cholim, Congregation of Notre Dame, Congregation of Notre Dame, Congregation Rodeph Sholom, Congregationa Adath Yisrael, Connecticut Korean Mission Church, Convent of the Sacred Heart, Covenant Church of Easton, Danbury Church of Christ, Danbury Lighthouse Church, Danbury Presbyterian Community Church, Daughters of the Holy Spirit Church, Daughters of the Holy Spirit Church, Diamond Hill United Methodist Church, Dingletown Church, Dingletown Church, East Avenue United Methodist Church, Easton Baptist Church, Egag Chapel of Saint Ignatius Loyola, Emanuel Assembly of God Church, Emmanuel Church, Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Evangelical Assembly of God Church, Evangelical Community Church, Fairfield Grace United Methodist Church, First Apostolic Church of Norwalk, First Assembly of God Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Christian Church, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Congregational Church, First Congregational Church, First Congregational Church, First Congregational Church, First Congregational Church, First Congregational Church, First Congregational Church, First Congregational Church, First Congregational Church, First Congregational Church, First English Lutheran Church, First Haitian Methodist Church, First Presbyterian Church, First Presbyterian Church, First Seventh Day Adventist Church, First Spanish Nazarene Church, First United Church of Christ, First United Methodist Church, First United Methodist Church, Fountain of Youth Bible Church, Franciscan Monastery, Friends Church, Full Gospel Pentecostal Church, Georgetown United Methodist Church, Golden Hill United Methodist Church, Good Samaritan Church, Good Shepherd Christian Church, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Gospel Missionary Baptist Church, Grace Baptist Church, Grace Bible Church, Grace Episcopal Church, Grace Episcopal Church, Grace Fellowship Church, Greenfield Hill Congregational Church, Greens Farms Congregational Church, Holy Ascension Armenian Church, Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Holy Family Church, Holy Name Church, Holy Name of Jesus Church, Holy Temple Church of God, Holy Trinity Byzantine Church, Holy Trinity Church, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church, Hope Evangelical Free Church, Hosanna Ministry Church, Hosanna Ministry Church, House of Prayer and Deliverance, House of Prayer and Deliverance Church, House of Prayer Church, House of Restoration Church, Hungarian Reformed Church, Hunting Ridge Church, Huntington Congregational Church, Huntington United Methodist Church, Iglesia Betania Church, Iglesia Cristiana Asael, Iglesia De Cristo Elim Church, Iglesia De Dios Incorporada, Immaculate Heart Church, Immanuel Lutheran Church, International Pentecostal Church, Islamic Community Center, Jesse Lee Memorial United Methodist Church, Jesse Lee United Methodist Church, Jesus Christ Free Church, Jesus Saves Ministries, King Street Church, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Lighthouse Baptist Church, Lighthouse Baptist Church, Little Zion Church of God, Living Bread of LIfe Evangelistic Church, Long Hill Baptist Church, Long Hill United Methodist Church, Long Ridge Congregational Church, Long Ridge United Methodist Church, Lordship Community Church, Macedonia Church, Messiah Baptist Church, Miracle Temple Church of God, Monroe Congregational Church, Mount Avery Baptist Church, Mount Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church, Mount Zion Baptist Church, Muhammad Temple, New Bethel Church of God, New Convenant Congregational Church, New Hope Apostolic Church, New Hope Baptist Church, New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, New Jerusalem Church, New Life Christian Fellowship, New Testament Church of God, Newbury Congregational Church, Newman Center, Newtown Congregational CHurch, Newtown United Methodist Church, Nichols United Methodist Church, Noroton Presbyterian Church, North Greenwich Congregational Church, North Park Baptist Church, North Stamford Congregational Church, Norwalk United Methodist Church, Notre Dame of Easton, Orthodox Greek Catholic Church, Our Lady of Fatima Church, Our Lady of Grace Church, Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, Our Lady of Peace Church, Our Lady Star of the Sea Church, Philadelphia Church, Presbyterian Church of Greenwich, Ridgebury Congregational Church, Ridgefield Christian Center Church, Rock of Hope Church, Round Hill Community Church, Rowayton United Methodist Church, Roxbury Church, Sacred Heart Church, Sacred Heart Church, Sacred Heart Church, Saint Aloysius Roman Catholic Church, Saint Andrew Episcopal Church, Saint Andrews Church, Saint Andrews Protestant Episcopal Church, Saint Anns Church, Saint Anns Church, Saint Anthonys Maronite Rite Church, Saint Anthonys Roman Catholic Church, Saint Augustine Cathedral, Saint Barnabas Church, Saint Benedicts Church, Saint Bridget Church, Saint Catherine of Siena Church, Saint Catherines Church, Saint Cecilias Church, Saint Clements Church, Saint Dimitrie Romanian Orthodox Church, Saint Edwards Church, Saint Elizabeth Seton Church, Saint Francis of Assisi Church, Saint Gabriel Church, Saint George Albanian Church, Saint George Antiochian Church, Saint George Catholic Church, Saint George Greek Orthodox Church, Saint Georges Episcopal Church, Saint Georges Roman Catholic Church, Saint Gregory the Great Church, Saint James Baptist Church, Saint James Episcopal Church, Saint James Roman Catholic Church, Saint Jeromes Church, Saint John the Baptist Church, Saint Johns Catholic Church, Saint Johns Church, Saint Johns Church, Saint Johns Church of Darien, Saint Johns Episcopal Church, Saint Johns Episcopal Parish Church, Saint Joseph of Stratford Church, Saint Josephs Brookfield Church, Saint Josephs Church, Saint Josephs Church, Saint Josephs Church, Saint Jude Church, Saint Ladislaus Church, Saint Leos Catholic Church, Saint Luke Church, Saint Lukes Chapel, Saint Lukes Episcopal Church, Saint Marguerite Bourgeoys Church, Saint Marks Church, Saint Marks Episcopal Church, Saint Marks Lutheran Church, Saint Mary Parish Church, Saint Marys Church, Saint Marys Church, Saint Marys Church, Saint Marys Roman Catholic Church, Saint Matthews Church, Saint Matthews Episcopal Church, Saint Michaels Lutheran Church, Saint Nicholas Catholic Church, Saint Nicholas Church, Saint Nicholas Church, Saint Patricks Church, Saint Patricks Roman Catholic Church, Saint Paul Lutheran Church, Saint Pauls Church, Saint Pauls Episcopal Church, Saint Pauls Episcopal Church, Saint Pauls Episcopal Church, Saint Pauls Episcopal Church, Saint Pauls Lutheran Church, Saint Pauls on the Green Church, Saint Peter Church, Saint Peters Church, Saint Peters Church, Saint Peters Episcopal Church, Saint Philip Church, Saint Pius X Church, Saint Raphaels Church, Saint Raphaels Church, Saint Rochs Church, Saint Saviours Episcopal Church, Saint Stephens Convent, Saint Stephens Episcopal Church, Saint Thomas Church, Saint Thomas Episcopal Church, Saint Thomas More Church, Saint Thomas the Apostle Church, Saint Timothy Episcopal Church, Saint Vladimirs Cathedral, Salem Church, Salvation ARmy, Salvation Army, Salvation Army, Second Congregational Church, Second New Light Baptist Church, Shelton Congregational Church, Sherman Church, Shiloh Baptist Church, Shiloh Baptist Church, Silliman Memorial Baptist Church, Sisters of Mercy Church, Stamford Baptist Church, Stamford United Christian Church, Stanwich Church, Stepney Baptist Church, Stratford Baptist Church, Stratford United Methodist Church, Talmadge Hill Chapel, Temple Beth El, Temple Israel, Temple Shalom, Temple Shearith Israel, Temple Sholam, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Spring-Life Church of God, Trinity Christian Tabernacle, Trinity Episcopal Church, Trinity Episcopal Church, Trinity Lutheran Church, True Vine of Holiness Church, Trumbull Congregational Church, Turn of River Presbyterian Church, Turners Faith Temple, Union Baptist Church, Unitarian Church in Westport, Unitarian Universalist Church, Unitarian Universalist Church, United Church of Christ, United Church of Rowayton, United Congregational Church, United Congregational Church, United Congregational Church, United Covenant Church, United House of Prayer Church, United Jewish Center, Unity Church, Unity Hill United Church, Valley Presbyterian Church, Victory Christian Center, Walters African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, West End Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, West Norwalk Church, White Hills Church, Wilton Baptist Church, Wilton Congregational Church, Woodside African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, World Unity Church, Young Israel of Stamford, Zion Hill Church, Zion Lutheran Church, Zion Lutheran Church

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Lowther Point

  Crossings     show all on map

Interchange 1, Interchange 10, Interchange 10, Interchange 11, Interchange 11, Interchange 12, Interchange 13, Interchange 14, Interchange 15, Interchange 16, Interchange 17, Interchange 18, Interchange 19, Interchange 2, Interchange 21, Interchange 22, Interchange 22, Interchange 23, Interchange 24, Interchange 25, Interchange 26, Interchange 27, Interchange 28, Interchange 28, Interchange 29, Interchange 29, Interchange 3, Interchange 3, Interchange 3, Interchange 3, Interchange 30, Interchange 31, Interchange 31, Interchange 32, Interchange 33, Interchange 33, Interchange 34, Interchange 35, Interchange 36, Interchange 36, Interchange 37, Interchange 4, Interchange 4, Interchange 41, Interchange 41, Interchange 42, Interchange 42, Interchange 44, Interchange 45, Interchange 46, Interchange 47, Interchange 48, Interchange 49, Interchange 5, Interchange 5, Interchange 5, Interchange 50, Interchange 51, Interchange 52, Interchange 53, Interchange 6, Interchange 6, Interchange 7, Interchange 7, Interchange 8, Interchange 8, Interchange 9, Interchange 9, Interchange Eighteen, Interchange Thirty-six

  Dams     show all on map

American Can Company Dam, American Felt Dam, Aspetuck Reservoir Dam, Beaver Brook Pond Dam, Beaver Dam Lake Dam, Bethels Pond Dam, Boggs Pond Dam, Buckley Pond Dam, Bunnells Pond Dam, Canoe Brook Lake Dam, Canoe Brook Lake Dike, Chasmars Pond Dam, Chestnut Ridge Reservoir Dam, Converse Lake Dam, Curtis Pond Dam, East Lake Reservoir Dam, Easton Reservoir Dam, Eureka Lake Dam, F W Perry Pond Dam, Factory Pond Dam, Farringtons Pond Dam, Forest Lake Dam, Forest Lake Dam, Fyre Lake Dam, Grays Pond Dam, Green Pond Dam, Grupes Reservoir Dam, Hattertown Pond Dam, Haviland Millpond Dam, Hemlock Reservoir Dam, Huntington Pond Dike, Indian Spring Pond Dam, Island Brook Lagoon Dam, John D Milne Dam, Kaatz Pond Dam, Kents Pond Dam, Lake Candlewood Dike, Lake Mauweehoo Dam, Lake Naraneka Dam, Lake Windwing Dam, Laurel Reservoir Dam, Lees Pond Dam, Lower Kohanza Dam, Mamanasco Lake Dam, Margerie Lake Reservoir Dam, Mathers Pond Dam, Means Brook Reservoir Dam, Mercers Pond Dam, Mianus Filter Plant Dam, Mianus Reservoir Dam, Mianus River Pond Dam, Millard Pond Dam, Mountain Pond Dam, Nash Pond Dam, New Canaan Reservoir Dam, North Stamford Reservoir Dam, Padanaram Reservoir Dam, Parks Pond Dam, Pemberwick Dam, Pinewood Lake Dam, Popes Pond Dam, Popps Mountain Dike, Putnam Park Pond Dam, Putnam Reservoir Dam, Raymonds Pond Dam, Rock Lake Dam, Rockwood Lake Dam, Rocky Glen Dam, Saddle Pond Dam, Samp Mortar Reservoir Dam, Samuel P Senior Dam, Sandy Hook Dam, Shadow Lake Dam, Shelton Reservoir Number 2 Dam, Shelton Reservoir Number 3 Dam, Sherwood Millpond Dam, Siscowit Reservoir Dam, South Norwalk Reservoir Dam, Spahn Pond Dam, Spectacle Swamp Dam, Spring Lake Dam, Steichens Pond Dam, Stevenson Dam, Success Lake Dam, Taunton Pond Dam, Thayers Pond Dam, Timber Lake Dam, Tongue Point Breakwater, Topping Pond Dam, Trap Falls Reservoir Dam, Upper Kohanza Dam, Upper Mianus Pond Dam, Warner Pond Dam, Wataba Lake Dam, Waubeeka Lake Dam, Wellgoto Pond Dam, West Fork Pond Dam, West Lake Reservoir Dam, Wilshire Pond Dam, Winnipauk Dam, Wooley Pond Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Halfway Falls, Rippowan Falls

  Forests     show all on map

Paugussett State Forest, Pootatuck State Forest

  Guts     show all on map

Farm Creek, Grays Creek, Lewis Gut, Mill Creek, The Gut, Village Creek

  Harbors     show all on map

Black Rock Harbor, Bridgeport Harbor, Cedar Creek Harbor

  Hospitals     show all on map

Bridgeport Hospital, Danbury Hospital, Doctor Barnes Sanitarium (historical), Fairfield State Hospital, Family Health Care Center, Greenwich Hospital, Laurel Heights State Sanitarium, Long Hill Hospital, Norwalk Hospital, Notre Dame Nursing Home, Park City Hospital, Saint Joseph Medical Center, Saint Lukes Hospital, Saint Vincent Medical Center, Saint Vincent's Behavioral Health Center, Shelton Lakes Health Care Center, Silver Hill Hospital, Southwest Community Mental Health Center, Stamford Hospital, Witherell Hospital

  Islands     show all on map

Beers Rocks, Bell Island, Betts Island, Bluff Island, Bold Rock, Bowers Island, Brush Island, Brush Island, Butlers Island, Calf Islands, Calf Pasture Island, Candlewood Isle, Canfield Island, Carting Island, Cedar Hammock, Channel Rock, Chauncey Island, Chimon Island, Chimon Rock, Cockenoe Island, Contentment Island, Copps Island, Copps Rocks, Cove Island, Cove Rock, Cove Rocks, Crab Island, Crow Island, Daskam Island (historical), Deer Island, Diving Island, Dog Island, Dunder Rock, East White Rock, Farwells Island, Fayerweather Island, Fish Islands, Flathead Rocks, Game Cock Island, Goose Island, Goose Island, Goose Island, Gorham Island, Grass Island, Grassy Hammock Rocks, Grassy Island, Grassy Rock, Great Captain Island, Great Captain Rocks, Great Island, Green Island, Greenway Island, Greenwich Island, Guernsey Island (historical), Hall Island, Hay Island, Haycock Rock, Hiding Rocks, Highwater Rock, Hitchcock Rock, Horse Island, Hoyt Island, Hubbell Island, Inner Cove Rock, Jack Island, Jones Rocks, Kitts Island, L'Hammock Island, Little Captain Island, Little Hammock Island, Little Ram, Little Tavern Island, Long Island, Manresa Island, Nash Island, Ned Island, Norwalk Islands, Old Baldy, Otter Rocks, Peach Island, Peacock Island, Peck Point Rock (historical), Pecks Rock, Pelican Island, Pine Island, Popes Island, Pratt Island One, Pratt Island Two, Raymond Rocks, Red Rock, Rich Island, Rock Island, Round Island, Salt Rock, Sandy Hammock, Saw Island, Shea Island, Sheep Rocks, Sheffield Island, Sherwood Island, Shore Island, Sprite Island, Stephens Island (historical), Tavern Island, The Cows, The Plans, Thistle Island, Tree Hammock, Tweed Island, Twomile Island, Vincent Island, Wakeman Island, Ware Island, Wee Captain Island, White Rock, Wilson Head, Wood Island, Woolsey Rock, Yellow Rock, Yellow Rocks

  Lakes     show all on map

Attschul Pond, Baird Millpond, Ball Pond, Banks Pond, Beaver Dam Lake, Bendels Pond, Bennett Ponds, Bermuda Lagoon, Big Lake, Blanchard Pond, Bolling Pond, Brewsters Pond, Bruce Pond, Bulkley Pond, Candees Pond, Canoe Brook Lake, Carp Pond, Cavanaugh Pond, Chamberland Pond, Chordas Pond, Closes Pond, Cobbs Mill Pond, Cogers Pond, Collins Pond, Converse Lake, Cooks Pond, Corner Pond, Cos Cob Pond, Cranberry Pond, Davidge Pond, Davis Pond, Deer Pond, Deering Pond, Dickens Pond, Disbrow Pond, Domenicks Pond, Dommericks Pond, Doughnut Lake, Doyles Pond, Ehrsam Pond, Factory Pond, Falls Pond, Farringtons Pond, Florshiem Pond, Fourteen Acre Pond, Fox Hill Lake, Frash Pond, Frog Pond, Gerow Millpond, Godfrey Pond, Gorhams Pond, Green Pond, Guskie Pond, Guthrie Pond, Hams Pond, Hattertown Pond, Haviland Millpond, Hawley Pond, Hazen Pond, Hedmons Pond, Hendersons Pond, Holly Pond, Holts Ice Pond, Holy Ghost Fathers Pond, Hoyt Pond, Huntington Pond, Island Brook Lagoon, Jellif Mill Pond, Jennings Pond, Johns Pond, Kaatz Pond, Kachele Pond, Keating Pond, Kellners Pond, Kellogg Pond, Kents Pond, Lake Kenosia, Lake Mead, Lake Susan, Lake Wackawana, Lake Windwing, Laurel Lake, Lees Pond, Lewis Pond, Lily Pond, Little Pond, Livermore Pond, Lockwood Pond, Mamanasco Lake, McManus Lake, Mercers Pond, Mianus Pond, Mill Pond, Mill Pond, Millard Pond, Millers Pond, Mirror Lake, Moffitts Pond, Mother Superior Lake, Motil Pond, Mullens Pond, Myers Pond, Nash Pond, Noroneke Lake, North Pond, Orient Lodge Lake, Outpost Inn Pond, Parks Pond, Pecks Mill Pond, Pecks Pond, Perrys Millpond, Perrys Pond, Pfeiffer Pond, Pinewood Lake, Princes Pond, Putnam Park Pond, Raymonds Pond, Rockland Ponds, Rockwell Swamp, Rogers Pond, Round Pond, Rowledge Pond, Sanfords Pond, Seeleys Pond, Selby Pond, Sheffield Pond, Sherwood Millpond, Silvermine Pond, Smith Pond, South Pond, Spring Lake, Spruce Pond, Steichens Ponds, Sterns Pond, Stillman Pond, Stillwater Pond, Streets Pond, Success Lake, Sugar Hollow Pond, Sympaug Pond, Tarrywile Lake, Taunton Pond, Taylors Pond, Thayers Pond, Timber Lake, Toll Gate Pond, Trails End Pond, Tri-Lake, Turtle Pond, Turtle Pond, Umpawaug Pond, Valley Pond, Wardwell Pond, Waubeeka Lake, Winnipauk Millpond, Woods Pond, Wooley Pond

  Locales     show all on map

Academy Hill Square Shopping Center, Addessi Center Shopping Center, Adventure Camp (historical), Algonquin Club, Arena At Harbor Yard, Aspetuck Four Corners, Aspetuck Valley Country Club, Baldwin Plaza Shopping Center, Ballpark At Harbor Yard, Bangall (historical), Bart Center Shopping Center, Bayview Shopping Center, Belle Haven Club, Berkshire Junction (historical), Berkshire Mills, Berkshire Shopping Center, Bethel Plaza Shopping Center, Bethel Station, Bethel Village Square Shopping Center, Birchwood Corners Shopping Center, Birchwood Country Club, Birchwood Country Club, Black Rock Harbor Number One Light, Black Rock Harbor Number Three Light, Black Rock Lighthouse (historical), Black Rock Yacht Club, Bonds Dock, Boneville (historical), Booth Bismuth Mine (historical), Boston Industrial Park, Botsford Station (historical), Bradlees Shopping Center, Breakwater Lighthouse, Bridgeport and Port Jefferson Ferry, Bridgeport Harbor Generating Station, Bridgeport Harbor Lighthouse, Bridgeport Station, Brook Center Shopping Center, Brookfield Craft Center, Brookfield Golf Course, Brookfield Junction (historical), Brookfield Office Park, Brookfield Park Shopping Center, Brooklawn Country Club, Brookside Shopping Center, Brownson Country Club, Bruce Memorial Golf Club, Bulls Head Shopping Center, Burning Tree Country Club, Burr Creek Marina, Caldor Shopping Center, Caldor Shopping Center, Camp Allen, Camp Arden, Camp Hood (historical), Camp Ludington, Camp Mauwehu, Camp Trefoil, Camp Trefoil, Canal Landing (historical), Candlewood Boat and Beach Club, Candlewood Plaza Shopping Center, Cannondale Station, Captains Cove Seaport, Carriage Hill Shopping Center, Cedar Point Yacht Club, Center Seven Shopping Center, Chimney Heights Shopping Center, Chucks Corner Shopping Center, Clock Landing (historical), Codfish Hill, Colonial Green Shopping Center, Colonial Square Shopping Center, Commerce Park, Commerce Park, Compo Acres Shopping Center, Compo Shopping Center, Compo Yacht Club, Connecticut Golf Club, Copps Hill Plaza Shopping Center, Cos Cob Station, Couch Station (historical), Country Club of Darien, Country Club of Fairfield, Cramer Shopping Center, Crofut Corner (historical), Crossway Mall Shopping Center, Danbury Fair Shopping Mall Shopping Center, Danbury Fairgrounds, Danbury Railroad Museum, Danbury Shopping Center, Daniels Mills (historical), Darien Landing (historical), Darien Shopping Center, Darien Station, Darinor Shopping Plaza Shopping Center, Deercrest Country Club, Diamond Hill, Dolan Campus, Dolans Corner Shopping Center, Donnelly Plaza Shopping Center, Dutcher Grove (historical), Eagle Nest (historical), East Breakwater Light, East End Freight Yards, East End Yacht Club, East Iron Works (historical), East Norwalk Station, Edwards Shopping Center, Fairchild Wheeler Golf Course, Fairfield Civilian Conservation Corps Camp (historical), Fairfield Green Shopping Center, Fairfield Railroad Station, Fairfield Shopping Center, Fairfield Station, Fairview Country Club, Fairwood Shopping Center, Field Club of Greenwich, Five Corners (historical), Four Corners (historical), Francis J Clarke Industrial Park, Georgetown Plaza Shopping Center, Getaway Shopping Center, Girolmetti Court Shopping Center, Glenbrook Shopping Area Shopping Center, Glenbrook Shopping Center, Glenbrook Station, Goodwives Shopping Plaza Shopping Center, Grand Central Fashion Plaza Shopping Center, Grand Central Shopping Center, Grass, Great Captain Island Lighthouse, Greenlea (historical), Greens Farm Station, Greens Farms Plaza Shopping Center, Greens Ledge Lighthouse, Greenwich Avenue Center Shopping Center, Greenwich Country Club, Greisers Store (historical), H Smith-Richardson Golf Club, Halloween Yacht Club, Harbor Ledge Light, Hard Corner (historical), Hawley Lane Shopping Center, Heritage Square Shopping Center, Heroy Recreation Area, Hi-Ho Center Shopping Mall Shopping Center, Hidden Valley Nature Center, Highland Golf Course, Hill Side Home, Hillandale Country Club, Hillandale Country Club, Housatonic Boat Club, Hoyt Boy Scout Center, Hubb Shopping Center, Hubbard Heights Golf Club, Huntington Landing (historical), Huntington Plaza Shopping Center, Huntington Village Center Shopping Center, Imperial Plaza Shopping Center, Indian Harbor Yacht Club, Innis Arden Golf Club, Isaac Street Plaza Shopping Center, Ischoda Yacht Club, Jennings Plaza Shopping Center, Johnsons Corner (historical), Joyce Corner (historical), Kenosia Trotting Park (historical), Lafayette Shopping Plaza Shopping Center, Lake Hills Shopping Center, Lakewood Camp, Landmark Square Shopping Center, Landmark Square Shopping Center, Lands End, Long Ridge, Mariahs Way Shopping Center, Marina Village, Mather Dock, McLaughlin Vineyards, Merritt Plaza Shopping Center, Mianus River Boat and Yacht Club, Milbrook Golf Club, Mill River Country Club, Minuteman Yacht Club, Monroe Corporate Park, Monroe Plaza Shopping Center, Monroe Station (historical), New Canaan Country Club, New Fairfield Shopping Center, New Milford South Farms (historical), New Pasture Point (historical), Newfield Shopping Center, Newtown Country Club, Newtown Shopping Center, Newtown West Farms (historical), Noroton Heights Shopping Center, Noroton Station (historical), Noroton Yacht Club, North Street Shopping Center, Norwalk Country Club, Norwalk Cove Marina, Norwalk Factory Outlet Center Shopping Center, Norwalk Island Lighthouse (historical), Norwalk Mall Shopping Center, Norwalk Station (historical), Norwalk Yacht Club, Nutmeg Square Shopping Center, Oak HIlls Park Golf Course, Old Greenwich Station, Old Greenwich Yacht Club, Orchard Industrial Park, Oronoque Village Country Club, Ox Ridge Hunt Club, Peck Ledge Lighthouse, Pecks Mill (historical), Penfield Shopping Center, Pequot Yacht Club, Perrys Quarter (historical), Pine Creek Park 3 Golf Course, Pine Rock Paper Mill (historical), Pixlee Tavern (historical), Playhouse Plaza Shopping Center, Playhouse Square Shopping Center, Pleasant Valley Picnic Area, Plum Trees (historical), Plumtrees Plaza Shopping Center, Ponus Yacht Club, Pootatuck Yacht Club, Porter Point (historical), Redding Country Club, Redding Station, Remington Gun Club, Rickys Shopping Center, Ridgefield Golf Course, Ridgefield Shopping Center, Ridgefield Station (historical), Ridgeway Plaza Shopping Center, Ridgeway Shopping Center, Ridgewood Country Club, Riordon Well Station, Riverside Station, Riverside Yacht Club, Rock Ridge Country Club, Rocky Point Club, Rolling Hills Country Club, Rolling Ridge Commercial Park, Rosemary Hall, Round Hill, Round Hill Country Club, Route 6 Shopping Center, Rowayton Station, Sand Hill Plaza Shopping Center, Sandy Hook Plaza Shopping Center, Saugatuck Harbor Yacht Club, Scanlet Square Shopping Center, Shelton Research Industrial Park, Shelton Square Shopping Center, Sherman Lighthouse (historical), Shoppers Plaza Shopping Center, Shore and Country Club, Short Beach Golf Course, Shovehaven Golf Course, Silver Spring Country Club, Silvermine Golf Club, Silvermine Industrial Park, Smith Corners (historical), Sound View (historical), South Benson Marina, South End, South Norwalk Boat Club, South Norwalk Station (historical), South Side Plaza Shopping Center, South Wilton Station, Southport Station, Springdale Shopping Area Shopping Center, Springdale Station, Sprite Island Yacht Club, Stamford Harbor Lighthouse, Stamford Light, Stamford Station, Stamford Town Center Shopping Center, Stamford Yacht Club, Stamford Yacht Club, Stanley Lasker Richter Municipal Golf Course, Stanwich Club, Sterling Farms Golf Club, Stevenson Station, Stop and Shop Shopping Center, Stratford Lighthouse, Stratford Square Shopping Center, Stratford Station, Strawberry Hill Shopping Center, Sunnyside Boat Ramp, Tamarack Country Club, Tashua Knolls Country Club, Taylor Farm, Taylor Mill (historical), Terre Haute Golf Course and Industrial Complex (historical), The Ballast, The Dock Shopping Center, The Kingdom (historical), The Market Place Shopping Center, The Village, The Village Square Shopping Center, Thomas F Dolan Commons, Three Thousand Three Hundred and Fifty Five Shopping Plaza, Thru-Way Shopping Center, Tongue Point Lighthouse, Town and Country Shopping Center, Town Center Shopping Center, Town Hall Shopping Plaza Shopping Center, Trap Falls (historical), Trapfall Hill (historical), Trumbull Center Shopping Center, Trumbull Park Business Center Shopping Center, Trumbull Shopping Center, Trumbull Shopping Park Shopping Center, Tunxis Hill Shopping Center, Turkey Roost (historical), Twin Bridges, Twin Bridges Picnic Area, Union Corner (historical), Village Center Shopping Center, Village Shopping Center, Wee Burn Country Club, West Iron Works (historical), West Landing (historical), Westfield Shopping Park Shopping Center, Westport Plaza Shopping Center, Westport Shopping Center, Westport Station, Wheeler Shopping Center, White Hill Shopping Center, White Turkey Plaza Shopping Center, Whitney Farms Golf Club, Wilton Riding Club, Wilton Station, Woodcock Nature Center, Woodside Plaza Shopping Center, Woodway Country Club, Woodway Station (historical), Yacht Haven East, Yacht Haven West, Yankee Ridge Shopping Center, Yellow Grist Mill (historical)

  Military     show all on map

Black Rock Fort (historical), Bridgeport Army Air Field (historical), Fort Stamford (historical)

  Mines     show all on map

Redding Garnet Mine (historical)

  Parks     show all on map

1983 Downtown Stamford Historic District, Abraham Nichols Park, Aldo Park, Aldrich Park, Allens Meadows Park, Alumni Diamond, Alumni Field, Atlantic Square, Baker Park, Ballard Green, Ballard Park, Barlow Field, Barnum-Palliser Historic District, Barrett Field, Bartlett Arboretum Historic Preserve, Bassickville Historic District, Bayley Beach Park, Beach Memorial Park, Beachwood Park, Bear Mountain Reservation, Beardsley Park, Beardsley Zoological Gardens, Bethel Green, Binney Park, Black Rock Gardens Historic District, Black Rock Historic District, Boston Post Road Historic District, Bradley Park, Brett Woods Park, Briants Field (historical), Bridgeport Downtown North Historic District, Bridgeport Downtown South Historic District, Bruce Park, Bruce Park, Bush-Holley Historic Site and Visitor Center, Byram Park, Calf Pasture Beach City Park, Calf Pasture Park, Campion Field, Central Park, Cherry Lane Park, Cherry Lawn Park, Chestnut Hill Park, City Hall Park, Ciuccoli Field, Clinton Park, Clover Field, Cobblers Green, Colonial Park, Compo-Owenoke Historic District, Connecticut Audubon Society at Larsen Sanctuary, Copps Hill Common, Courtland Park, Cove Island Park, Cranbury Park, Cummings Park, Czecik Marina Park, Danbury Pleasure Park (historical), Danbury Town Park, Davidow Park, Deer Park, Devils Glen Park, Dickinson Memorial Park, Doubleday Field, Dyke Park, East Bridgeport Historic District, East Green (historical), East Main Street Historic District, East Ridge Recreation Area, East Village Park, Eastside Park, Elton Rogers Woodland Park, Enniston Park (historical), Fairchild-Wheeler Park, Fairfield Village Green, Far Mill Park, Farringtons Park, Field Point Park (historical), Fitzgerald Field, Flax Hill Park, Fort Stamford Park, Gateway Village Historic District, Gault Park, Gentlemens Trotting Park (historical), Glenwood Park, Golden Hill Historic District, Gould Manor Park, Grace Salmon Memorial Park, Grass Island Park, Great Oak Park, Greenfield Hill Historic District, Greenfield Hill Village Green, Greenwich Avenue Historic District, Greenwich Common, Greenwich Municipal Center Historic District, Greenwich Point Park, Hatters Park, Havemeyer Fields, High Park, Horseshoe Park, Huntington State Park, Imperial Park, Indian Ledge Park, Indian Well State Park, Island Brook Park, Jennie Jenks Park, Jennings Garden, Johnson Oak Park, Kennedy Stadium, Kenosia Park, Kiwanis Park, Kosciuszco Park, L A Sturges Park, Lafayett Park, Lake Mohegan Recreation Area, Lakeview Village Historic District, Lanes Mine Nature Park, Latham Park, Lilalyn Park, Lione Park, Lions Park, Long Brook Park, Long Ridge Village Historic District, Longfellow Park, Low Park, Ludlowe Recreation Center, Maefair Court, Main Street Historic District, Main Street Park, Marina Park Historic District, Martin Park, Mather Fields, Mathews Park, McClevy Green, McGuane Field, Mead Memorial Park, Meckauer Park, Mianus River State Park, Middlebrooks Park, Mill Hollow Park, Mill Plain Green, Mischa Brook Park, Monroe Center Historic District, Monroe Green, Montgomery Pinetum, Newfield Park, Newman Mills Park, Nichols Farm Historic District, Nike Recreation Fields, Ninety Acres Park, North End Park, North Parade Ground (historical), Norwalk Green, Nothinagle Memorial Field, Old Mill Green, Old Post Office Square, Overlook Park, Owenoke Park, P T Barnum Square, Paradise Green Park, Park Square, Parloa Field, Pecks Mill Pond Park, Pemberwick Park, Pine Rock Park, Pleasure Beach Park, Putnam Memorial State Park, Quarry Head Park, Remington City Historic District, Remington Village Historic District, Revonah Manor Historic District, Richardson Park, Ridgefield Center Historic District, Riverview Park, Rocky Glen State Park, Roger Sherman Baldwin Park, Rogers Park, Rosa Hartman Park, Sachem Hill Field, Schencks Island Park, Scofield Park, Scribner Park, Seaside Park, Seaside Village Historic District, Seaview Park, Senoir Park, Seth Low Pierrepont State Park Reserve, Sherman Town Park, Sherwood Island State Park, Shoreline Star Greyhound Park and Entertainment Complex, Short Beach Park, Sleepy Hollow Park, South End Historic District, South Main and Washington Street Historic District, Southfield Park, Southport Park, Spring Pond Park, Springwood Park, Squantz Pond State Park, Stanley Lasker Richter Memorial Park, Sterling Park, Stony Brook Park, Stratford Center Historic District, Strickland Road Historic District, Success Park, Sunnyside Field, Svihra Park, Tilley Pond Park, Tokeneke Park, Town Hall Playground, Town Park, Town Park, Treadwell Memorial Park, Tungsten Mine Park, Tunxis Hill Park, Twin Brooks Park, University Field, Varsity Field, Veterans Park, Veterans Park, Veterans Park, Veterans Park, Veterans Park, Washington Park, Water View Park, Waterside Park, Waveny Park, Webb Mountain Park, Weed Beach Park, Weed Circle Park, Weir Farm National Historic Site, Went Field, West Beach Park, West Broad Street Green (historical), West Mountain Refuge, West Park, West Side Park, Western Greenwich Civic Center Park, Westport Longshore Club Park, Wild Flower Sanctuary, William Wolfe Park, Williams Park, Woodland Park, Woodside Park, Woodway Park, Wooster Mountain State Park, Wooster Park, Yeomans Park and Athletic Field, YMCA Park

  Pillars     show all on map

Channel Rock, Hanford Rock, Nat Clocks Rock, Old Pelt, Todd Rock

  Populated Places     show all on map

Adams (historical), Aqua Vista, Aspetuck, Atchison Cove, Bald Hill Street (historical), Ball Pond, Barley Plain (historical), Bassickville (historical), Bayside (historical), Beardsley, Beaverbrook, Beckettville, Beers Mill (historical), Belle Haven, Belltown, Berkshire, Bethel, Bigelow Corners, Birchbark (historical), Black Rock, Boggs (historical), Boston, Botsford, Branchville, Bridgeport, Brookfield, Brookfield Center, Brundage Corners (historical), Byram, Candlewood Knolls, Candlewood Orchards, Candlewood Pines, Candlewood Shores, Cannondale, Casagmo, Cedar Heights, Cedarhurst, Coley Town, Compo, Coram (historical), Cos Cob, Cranbury, Crestfield Heights, Cupheag (historical), Danbury, Daniels Mill, Darien, Dingletown, Dodgingtown, Dolphin Cove, East Bridgeport, East Danbury (historical), East Norwalk, East Port Chester (historical), East Village, Easton, Fairchild Heights Trailer Park, Fairfield, Finchville (historical), Five Points, Fox Hill, Georgetown, Germantown, Gilbert Corners, Glenbrook, Glenville, Godfrey Corner, Greenfield Hill, Greens Farms, Greenwich, Greenwich Street (historical), Grover Hill, Hale Court, Harborview, Hattertown, Hawleyville, Hawthorne (historical), Hawthorne Place (historical), Hawthorne Terrace, Hayestown, High Ridge, High Ridge, Hockanum Park (historical), Hollywyle Park, Hopewell, Housatonic Heights, Hoytville (historical), Hunting Ridge, Huntington, Huntingtown, Hurlburt Street (historical), Ivy Brook (historical), Johnsons Corner, Joyceland (historical), Kelley Mill (historical), Knollcrest, Lakeside Woods, Lattins Landing, Little Danbury, Little Danbury (historical), Lockwood (historical), Locust Glen (historical), Lonetown, Long Hill, Long Ridge, Lordship, Lyons Plain, Margerie Manor, Marshville (historical), Mather Street (historical), Melville Village, Mianus, Mill City (historical), Mill Hill, Mill Plain, Mill Plain, Miller Corners (historical), Millville (historical), Miry Brook, Monroe, Morgan Fair Corners, Murray, New Canaan, New Fairfield, Newfield, Newfield, Newtown, Nichols, Noroaton (historical), Noroton, Noroton Heights, North Bridgeport, North Greenwich, North Mianus, North Mianus, North Newtown (historical), North Ridgefield (historical), North Stamford, North Wilton, Northfield, Norwalk, Obtuse Hill, Old Greenwich, Oronoque, Oronoque Hills North, Oronoque Hills South, Owenoke, Ox Hill, Palestine, Palmers Hill, Pauquaunuch (historical), Pecks Mill, Pemberwick, Pembroke Village (historical), Pine Hill, Pine Rock Park, Pinneys Corners, Plattsville, Pleasant Acres, Ponus, Poodatook (historical), Pootatuck Park, Prospect Hill (historical), Putney, Redding, Redding Ridge, Richards Corner, Ridgebury, Ridgefield, Ridgeway, Riverbank, Riverside, Riverside, Riversville, Rock Raymond, Rock Ridge, Rocky Glen, Round Beach, Rowayton, Roxbury, Sandy Hook, Sanfordtown, Saugatuck, Saugatuck Shores, Schoonhoven Park, Sealey Street (historical), Selleck Four Corners (historical), Sellecks Corners, Shady Rest, Shelton, Sherman, Shippan Point, Shorehaven, Silvermine, Snug Harbor, South End, South Norwalk, South Wilton, Southfield (historical), Southport, Spring Wood, Springdale, Stamford, Stanwich, Stepney, Stevenson, Stratfield, Stratford, Sunnyside, Sunnyside Trailer Park, Ta'agan Point, Talmadge Hill, Taylor Corners, Thatchersville (historical), Titicus, Toilsome Hill, Tokeneke, Topstone, Trumbull, Tunxis Hill, Turn of River, Uncowa (historical), Upper Stepney, Valley Road (historical), Waldemere (historical), Walnut Tree Hill (historical), Wataba Lake, Waterside (historical), West Norwalk, West Redding, Westcott (historical), Westford Village, Weston, Westport, White Hills, Wildmans Landing, Willisville (historical), Wilton, Winnipauk, Winnipauk Village

  Post Offices     show all on map

Adams Post Office (historical), Aspetuck Post Office (historical), Bald Hill Post Office (historical), Balls Pond Post Office (historical), Bankside Post Office, Barnum Post Office (historical), Bethel Post Office, Botsford Post Office, Branchville Post Office (historical), Bridgeport Post Office, Brookfield Center Post Office, Brookfield Post Office, Candlewood Isle Post Office (historical), Cannondale Post Office (historical), Cooper Post Office (historical), Coscob Post Office, Cranbury Post Office (historical), Danbury Post Office, Darien Post Office, Dodgingtown Post Office, East Norwalk Post Office (historical), Easton Post Office, Fairfield Post Office, Georgetown Post Office, Glenbrook Post Office (historical), Glenville Post Office (historical), Greenfield Hill Post Office (historical), Greens Farms Post Office, Greenwich Post Office, Hawleyville Post Office, Hawthorne Post Office (historical), High Ridge Post Office (historical), Huntington Post Office (historical), Hurlbutt Post Office (historical), Indian Harbor Post Office (historical), Limestone Post Office (historical), Lockwood Post Office (historical), Long Hill Post Office (historical), Long Ridge Post Office (historical), Lyons Plain Post Office (historical), Mianus Post Office (historical), Mill Plain Post Office (historical), Monroe Post Office (historical), New Canaan Post Office, New Fairfield Post Office, Newtown Post Office, Nichols Farm Post Office (historical), Nichols Post Office (historical), Noroton Heights Post Office (historical), Noroton Post Office (historical), North Greenwich Post Office (historical), North Ridgefield Post Office (historical), North Sherman Post Office (historical), North Stamford Post Office (historical), North Wilton Post Office (historical), Norwalk Post Office, Old Greenwich Post Office, Oronoque Post Office (historical), Plattsville Post Office (historical), Putney Heights Post Office (historical), Redding Post Office (historical), Redding Ridge Post Office, Redding Town Post Office, Ridgebury Post Office (historical), Ridgefield Post Office, Ripton Post Office (historical), Riverbank Post Office (historical), Riverside Post Office, Round Hill Post Office (historical), Rowayton Post Office (historical), Samp Mortar Post Office (historical), Sandy Hook Post Office, Sanford Post Office (historical), Scotts Bridge Post Office (historical), Shelton Post Office, Sherman Post Office, Silver Mine Post Office (historical), Smiths Ridge Post Office (historical), South Norwalk Post Office (historical), South Wilton Post Office (historical), Southport Post Office, Springdale Post Office (historical), Stamford Post Office, Stanwich Post Office (historical), Stepney Post Office (historical), Stevenson Post Office (historical), Stratford Post Office (historical), Trumbull Post Office (historical), West Norwalk Post Office (historical), West Redding Post Office (historical), West Stratford Post Office (historical), Weston Post Office, Westport Post Office, White Hills Post Office (historical), Wilson Point Post Office (historical), Wilton Post Office, Winnipauk Post Office (historical)

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Aspetuck Reservoir, Bear Rock Pond, Beaver Brook Pond, Beaver Dam Lake, Bellarmine Pond, Bethels Pond, Bishop Mill Pond (historical), Boggs Pond, Bunnells Pond, Byram River Reservoir, Canoe Brook Lake, Carringtons Pond, Chalmers Pond, Chasmars Pond, Chestnut Ridge Reservoir, Curtis Pond, East Lake Reservoir, Easton Reservoir, Eureka Lake, F W Perry Pond, Forest Lake, Fyre Lake, Grays Pond, Great Pond, Grupes Reservoir, Hattertown Pond, Held Pond, Hemlock Reservoir, Hopkins Pond, Horse Tavern Reservoir, Indian Spring Pond, Isinglass Reservoir, John D Milne Lake, King Lake, Lake Candlewood, Lake Forest, Lake Housatonic, Lake Lillinonah, Lake Mauweehoo, Lake Mohegan, Lake Naraneka, Lake Windwing, Lake Zoar, Laurel Reservoir, Lee Pond, Lower Kohanza Lake, Mamanasco Pond, Margerie Lake Reservoir, Mathers Pond, Means Brook Reservoir, Merton Mill Pond, Mianus Reservoir, Mianus River Pond, Mianus River Reservoir, Mill Pond, Moodys Mill Pond, Mountain Pond, Nash Pond, New Canaan Reservoir, Nichols Pond, North Lake, North Stamford Reservoir, North Stamford Reservoir, Old Mill Pond (historical), Old South Norwalk Reservoir, Padanaram Reservoir, Pootatuck River Reservoir, Popes Pond, Putnam Lake, Rock Lake, Rockwood Lake, Rogers Park Pond, Saddle Pond, Samp Mortar Reservoir, Saugatuck Reservoir, Saugatuck Reservoir, Shadow Lake, Shelton Reservoir, Shelton Reservoir, Shelton Reservoir Number 3, Sherwood Millpond, Sherwood Millpond, Skelton Reservoir, South Norwalk Reservoir, Spahn Pond, Spectacle Swamp, Spruce Swamp Pond, Squantz Pond, Streets Pond, Thrushwood Lake, Timber Lake, Todd Park, Topping Pond, Trap Falls Reservoir, Upper Kohanza Lake, Upper Mianus Pond, Walnut Hill Pond, Warner Pond, Wataba Lake, Wellgoto Pond, West Fork Pond, West Lake Reservoir, Wilcox Pond, Wilshire Pond, Woodway Golf Club Pond

  Ridges     show all on map

Brushy Ridge, Candleview Ridge, Hickory Ridge, Marvin Ridge, Quaker Ridge, Ruscoe Ridge, Scott Ridge, Smith Ridge, Smith Ridge, Sturges Ridge, Turner Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Abbott Tech School, Academy of Information Technology and Engineering, Adams Schoolhouse (historical), All Saints School, Anna H Rockwell School, Baker School, Barlow Mountain Elementary School, Barnum School, Bassick High School, Beardsley School, Bedford Middle School, Benjamin Franklin Education Center, Benjamin Franklin Middle School, Bethel High School, Bethel Middle School, Bi-Cultural Day School, Birdseye School, Black Rock School, Blackham School, Blessed Sacrament School, Booth Hill School, Booth Hill School, Branchville Elementary School, Bridge Port Engineering Institute, Bridgeport Regional Vocational Aquaculture Center, Brien McMahon High School, Broad River School, Broadview Middle School, Brookfield High School, Brookside Elementary School, Brunswick School, Bryant School, Bunnell High School, Burdick Junior High School, Burrs Farm Elementary School, Carter Street School, Center Elementary School, Center High School, Center School, Center School, Center School, Center School, Central High School Magnet School, Central Middle School, Chalk Hill Middle School, Chapel Street School, Cherry Lawn School, Christian Heritage School, Cider Mill School, Circle of Friends School, Cloonan Middle School, Coleytown Elementary Regional Center, Coleytown Middle School, Columbus Elementary School, Columbus School, Cos Cob School, Cross School, Cunale School, Danbury High School, Daniels Farm School, Darien High School, Davenport Ridge School, David Wooster Middle School, Deer Hill Institute (historical), Dolan Middle School, Dunbar School, Dunigan School, Dwight Elementary School, East Ridge Middle School, East Side Middle School, Eastern Middle School, Edison School, Edison School (historical), Eli Whitney School, Elizabeth S Shelton School, Fairfield Academy (historical), Fairfield Country Day School, Fairfield High School, Fairfield University, Fairfield Woods Middle School, Farmingville Elementary School, Fawn Hollow Elementary School, Ferndale Seminary, Ferry School, Fitch School, Fowler School, Fox Run Elementary School, Frank A Berry School, Franklin School, Franklin School, Franklin School, Garden School, Garfield School, Glenbrook School, Glenville School, Graif School, Grasmere School, Grassy Plain School, Great Neck School, Great Plain School, Green School (historical), Greens Farms Academy, Greens Farms School, Greenwich Academy, Greenwich Catholic Elementary School, Greenwich High School, Haithcock School, Hall Elementary School, Hallen School, Hamilton Avenue School, Harding High School, Harry B Flood High School, Harry B Flood Middle School, Hart Magnet Elementary School, Havenmeyer School (historical), Hawley Elementary School, Hayestown Avenue School, Hed O'Meadow Elementary School, Hellen Keller Middle School, High Horizons Magnet School, Hillcrest Middle School, Hillel Academy School, Hindley Elementary School, Holland Hill Elementary School, Hollow Tree School, Holmes Elementary School, Holy Family School, Holy Name of Jesus School, Holy Name School, Holy Rosary School, Holy Spirit School, Honey Hill School, Honeyspot Elementary School, Hooker School, Howe School, Hoyt School, Huckleberry Hill Elementary School, Hurtbutt Elementary School, Immaculate High School, Immanuel Lutheran School, Ina E Driscoll School, Jane Ryan School, Jefferson Elementary School, Jefferson School, Jennings School, Joel Barlow Regional High School, John Read Middle School, John Winthrop Middle School, Johnson Academy, Julain Curtiss School, Julia A Stark School, K T Murphy School, Kendall Elementary School, King and Low-Heywood Thomas School, King Street Intermediate School, King Street Primary School, King Street School, Kings Highway School, Kolbe High School, Kolbe-Cathedral High School, Kolburne School, Lafayette School, Locust Avenue School, Long Hill School, Long Lots Junior High School, Long Meadow Hill Junior High School, Long Ridge School, Longfellow Elementary School, Lordship Elementary School, Low and Heywood School (historical), Low Heywood School, Ludlowe High School, Luis Munoz Marin School, Madison Middle School, Madison School, Magnet Middle School, Magrath Elementary School, Maimonides Academy of Western, Manrissa Institute, Maplewood Annex School, Maplewood Elementary School, Maplewood Junior High School, Marvin Elementary School, Marvin School, Mather Junior High School, McKinley Elementary School, McKinley School, Meeting House Hill School, Middle Gate Elementary School, Middlebrook School, Middlebrook School, Middlesex Junior High School, Mill Hill School, Mill Ridge Intermediate School, Mohegan Elementary School, Monroe Elementary School, Monroe-Trumbull Regional Alternative High School, Morris Avenue School, Most Precious Blood School, Multicultural Magnet School, Naramake Elementary School, Nathan Hale Middle School, Nathan Hale School, Nathan Hale School, Nathaniel Ely Elementary School, New Canaan Country School, New Canaan High School, New Fairfield High School, New Fairfield Middle School, New Hope Christian School, New Lebanon School, New Street School, Newfield Junior High School, Newfield School, Newtown High School, Newtown Middle School, Nichols Avenue School, Nichols School, North Mianus School, North Stratfield School, North Street School, Northeast Elementary School, Norwalk High School, Norwalk Technical Community College, Notre Dame High School, Notre Dame High School, Notre Dame School, Old Greenwich School, Old Red Schoolhouse (historical), Old Staples Academy, Oldfield School, Osborne Hill Elementary School, Our Lady of Fatima School, Our Lady of Grace School, Our Lady of the Assumption School, Our Lady Star of the Sea School, Ox Ridge Elementary School, Park Avenue School, Park City Magnet School, Parkway Christian Academy, Parkway School, Pembroke School, Peter Parley School, Peter Piper School, Plum Field School, Plumtrees School, Ponus Ridge Middle School, Ralph M T Johnson School, Read Middle School, Redding Elementary School, Rice School, Ridgebury Elementary School, Ridgefield High School, Ridgefield Montessori School, Riley School, Ripton School, Riverfield High School, Riverside School, Roberts Avenue School, Rock School (historical), Rogers Park Middle School, Roosevelt School, Roosevelt School, Rowayton Elementary School, Rowayton Middle School, Rowayton School, Roxbury Elementary School, Royle Elementary School, Sacred Heart Academy, Sacred Heart Academy, Sacred Heart School, Sacred Heart School, Sacred Heart School, Sacred Heart School, Sacred Heart University, Saint Aloysius School, Saint Ambrose School, Saint Andrews School, Saint Anns School, Saint Anthonys School, Saint Anthonys School, Saint Augustine School, Saint Basils College, Saint Catherine of Siena School, Saint Cecilias School, Saint Charles School, Saint Gabriel Middle School, Saint Gregorys School, Saint James School, Saint Johns School, Saint Joseph School, Saint Josephs High School, Saint Josephs School, Saint Josephs School, Saint Josephs School, Saint Jude School, Saint Luke School, Saint Lukes School, Saint Marks School, Saint Marys School, Saint Marys School, Saint Marys School, Saint Marys School, Saint Michaels School, Saint Peters School, Saint Peters School, Saint Raphael School, Saint Stephens School, Saint Stephens School, Saint Theresas School, Saint Thomas Aquinas School, Samuel Staples Elementary School, Sandy Hook Elmentary School, Saxe Middle School, Scofield Magnet Middle School, Scotland Elementary School, Second Hill Lane School, Shelter Rock School, Shelton High School, Shelton School, Sheridan School, Sherman School, Sherman School, Sherman School, Silver Mine Elementary School, South School, South Street School, Springdale Elementary School, Stadley Rough School, Stamford High School, Staples High School, Stepney Elementary School, Stepney High School, Stevens School, Stillmeadow Elementary School, Stonybrook School, Stratfield Elementary School, Stratford High School, Stratford Historical Academy, Sunnyside Elementary School, Tashua School, The Bolton School (historical), The International School at Rogers Magnet, The William Pitt Child Development Center, Tilford W Miller School, Tokeneke Elementary School, Tomlinson Middle School, Toquam Magnet School, Tracy School, Trinity Catholic High School, Trumbull High School, Turn of River Middle School, Union School, University of Bridgeport, University of Connecticut Stamford Branch, University School, Unquowa School, Veterans Park Elementary School, Waltersville School, Warde High School, Washington Elementary School, Webster School, West Rocks Middle School, Western Connecticut State University, Western Connecticut State University Westside Campus, Western Middle School, Westhill High School, Weston Middle School, Westover Elementary School, Wheeler School, Whisconier Middle School, Whitby School, Whittier Elementary School, Wilcoxson School, Wilton High School, Winnipauk School, Wolfpit School, Woodlawn School, Woodrow Wilson School, Wooster Junior High School, Wright Trade School

  Streams     show all on map

Ash Creek, Aspetuck River, Ball Pond Brook, Ballwall Brook, Barretts Brook, Bates Brook, Beardsley Brook, Beaver Brook, Belden Brook, Belden Hill Brook, Betts Pond Brook, Black Brook, Blackmans Pond Brook, Boehm Brook, Bogus Mountain Brook, Boone Brook, Booth Hill Brook, Boys Halfway River, Branchville Brook, Brothers Brook, Browns Brook, Bruce Brook, Bryant Brook, Burying Ground Brook, Butternut Hollow Brook, Byram River, Canoe Brook, Cemetery Brook, Cemetery Pond Brook, Chestnut Hill Brook, Chub Brook, Cold Spring Brook, Comstock Brook, Converse Pond Brook, Cooper Pond Brook, Copts Brook, Cricker Brook, Curtis Pond Brook, Curtiss Brook, Davidge Brook, Deadman Brook, Deep Brook, Dibbles Brook, Dingle Brook, East Branch Comstock Brook, East Branch Converse Pond Brook, East Branch Cricker Brook, East Branch Mianus River, East Branch Silvermine River, East Brook, East Fork, East Lake Brook, East Swamp Brook, Farmill River, Ferry Creek, Fivemile River, Freeman Brook, Gerow Brook, Gilbert Bennett Brook, Gilbert Brook, Glen Brook, Godfrey Brook, Goetzen Brook, Goodwives River, Grays Pond Brook, Great Brook, Greens Farms Brook, Greenwich Creek, Greenwood Brook, Halfway River, Harvey Pete Brook, Haviland Brook, Hawleys Brook, Hazelton Brook, Holy Ghost Fathers Brook, Hop Brook, Horse Tavern Brook, Horseneck Brook, Housatonic River, Huckleberry Hills Brook, Indian Hole Brook, Indian River, Island Brook, Ivy Brook, Ivy Brook, Jennings Brook, Johnsons Creek, Keating Pond Brook, Keelers Brook, Kettle Creek, Kissen Brook, Kohanza Brook, Lees Pond Brook, Lewis Brook, Limekiln Brook, Limekiln Brook, Little River, Londons Brook, Long Brook, Mann Brook, Mayapple Brook, Merwin Brook, Mianus River, Mill River, Mill River, Miry Brook, Moffitts Brook, Mopus Brook, Morehouse Brook, Morrissey Brook, Muddy Brook, Mullens Brook, Nelson Brook, Nob Crook Brook, Noroton River, North Branch Pootatuck River, North Branch West Branch Saugatuck River, North Farrars Brook, Norwalk River, Padanaram Brook, Parks Pond Brook, Parting Brook, Patterson Brook, Pequonnock River, Pine Creek, Piping Brook, Pogond Brook, Pole Bridge Brook, Poorhouse Brook, Poorhouse Brook, Pootatuck River, Poplar Plains Brook, Pumpkin Ground Brook, Quaker Brook, Raven Stream, Ridgefield Brook, Rippowam River, Rockwood Lake Brook, Rooster River, Round Hill Brook, Sasco Brook, Saugatuck River, Sawmill Brook, Sawmill River, Sharps Brook, Short Woods Brook, Silver Brook, Silver Spring Brook, Silvermine Brook, Silvermine River, Spectacle Brook, Springdale Brook, Stony Brook, Stony Brook, Stony Hill Brook, Sympaug Brook, Tatetuck Brook, Tenmile River, Thayers Brook, Titicus River, Tollgate Brook, Tom Brook, Umpawaug Pond Brook, West Branch Pequonnock River, West Branch Saugatuck River, West Brook, West Redding Brook, White Rock Creek, Wilshire Pond Brook, Wimisink Brook, Wolf Pit Brook, Woods Pond Brook, Worden Brook

  Summits     show all on map

Academy Hill, Bagburn Hill, Bald Hill, Bald Mountain, Barnabas Hill, Barrow Mountain, Bear Mountain, Beaver Bog Mountain, Beaver Brook Mountain, Belden Hill, Benjamin Hill, Biddle Hill, Bogus Hill, Bogus Mountain, Booth Hill, Branchville Hill, Briggs Hill, Bugg Hill, Cains Hill, Camfield Hill, Canoe Hill, Catamount Hill, Cedar Hill, Cedar Mountain, Charcoal Hill, Chestnut Hill, Chestnut Hill, Christie Hill, Church Hill, Clapboard Hill, Clapboard Hill, College Hill, Compo Hill, Comstock Hill, Comstock Knoll, Coolfish Hill, Coram Hill, Davis Hill, Deer Hill, Diamond Hill, Eden Hill, Fanton Hill, Ferris Hill, Fire Hill, Flat Rock Hill, Flirt Hill, Florida Hill, Gallows Hill, Gilbert Hill, Golden Hill, Goodsell Hill, Great Hill, Grumman Hill, High Rock Hill, Hirams Hill, Honey Hill, Hoyden Hill, Hubbell Hill, Huckleberry Hill, Huckleberry Hill, Huckleberry Hills, Indian Hill, Isinglass Hill, Israel Hill, Ivy Hill, Lambert Hill, Long Hill, Lower Belden Hill, Lower White Hills, Meekers Hill, Meetinghouse Hill, Merwins Hill, Middle Clapboard Hill, Middle Mountain, Milking Yard Mountain, Mill Hill, Mischa Hill, Moose Hill, Moses Mountain, Mount Pisgah, Mount Pleasant, Mountain End, Ned Mountain, Nod Hill, Nod HIll, Orchard Hill, Osborn Hill, Osborne Hill, Palmer Hill, Pavement Hill, Picketts Ridge, Pine Hill, Pine Mountain, Pond Mountain, Pop Mountain, Powells Hill, Prospect Hill, Prospect Hill, Prospect Hill, Prospect Hill, Redding Ridge, Rhode Island Rocks, Rock Raymond, Round Hill, Round Hill, Round Hill, Round Mountain, Round Mountain, Sasco Hill, Sasqua Hill, Second Hill, Seth Low Mountain, Seymour Rock, Shelter Rock, Silvermine Hill, Sipperly Hill, Sport Hill, Spring Hill, Spruce Mountain, Staples Hill, Stony Hill, Straits Rock, Success Hill, Sugar Hill, Sugar Loaf Hill, Sugarloaf, Sunset Hill, Sunset Hill, Sunset Hill, Sweet Cake Mountain, Talmadge Hill, Tashua Hill, Taunton Hill, Tenmile Hill, Thomas Mountain, Titicus Mountain, Topstone Mountain, Town Hill, Town Mountain, Towner Hill, Tunxis Hill, Turkey Hill, Turner Mountain, Umpawaug Hill, Upper Bald Hill, Walnut Tree Hill, Wanzer Mountain, Webbs Hill, West Mountain, Windy Hill, Wooster Mountain, Wren Knolls, Zion Hill

  Swamps     show all on map

Beaver Bog, Bound Swamp, Carter Swamp, East Swamp, Great Meadows, Great Swamp, Hoyts Swamp, Huckleberry Swamp, Lyons Swamp, Mill Plain Swamp, Pine Swamp, Pumping Station Swamp, Quipy Swamp, Short Woods, Spectacle Swamp, Umpog Swamp, Wolf Swamp, Wood Creek Swamp (historical)

  Towers     show all on map

Redding Lookout Tower, WCUM-AM (Bridgeport), WDAQ-FM (Danbury), WDJZ-AM (Bridgeport), WEBE-FM (Westport), WEDW-FM (Stamford), WEDW-TV (Bridgeport), WEFX-FM (Norwalk), WEZN-FM (Bridgeport), WFAR-FM (Danbury), WICC-AM (Bridgeport), WINE-AM (Brookfield), WLAD-AM (Danbury), WMMM-AM (Westport), WMNR-FM (Monroe), WNLK, WNLK-AM (Norwalk), WPKN-FM (Bridgeport), WQQQ-FM (Stamford), WREF-AM (Ridgefield Center), WREF-AM (Ridgefield), WRKI-FM (Brookfield), WSHU-FM (Fairfield), WSLX-FM (New Canaan), WSTC-AM (Stamford), WVOF-FM (Fairfield), WWPT-FM (Westport), WXCI-FM (Danbury)

  Valleys     show all on map

Buttermilk Hollow, Pleasant Valley, Redding Glen

  Woods     show all on map

Fairfield Woods, Roosevelt Forest, Selleck Woods,

Fairfield County, Connecticut Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteFairfield County White population 752,589752,588  
BlackFairfield County Black population 111,114111,114
AsianFairfield County Asian population 48,55448,554
MixedFairfield County Mixed population 16,80716,807
American IndianFairfield County American Indian population 4,6694,668
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderFairfield County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 934933

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State population table
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