Litchfield County, Connecticut Basics:

Litchfield County Connecticut - Government Site

Population: 187,516
Area: 921 square miles
County seat: Litchfield
Area code(s) in use: 860 203
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 91.3%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 32.6%
Median household income: $71,345
Persons in poverty: 6.2%
Home ownership rate: 78.4%
Mean travel time to work: 26.6 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Berkshire (MA)  Dutchess (NY)  Fairfield  Hampden (MA)  Hartford  New Haven  

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Map of the Litchfield County area

Our detail map of Litchfield County shows the Litchfield County, Connecticut boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Litchfield County, Connecticut

  Airports     show all on map

A J Oster Company Heliport, Candlelight Farms Airport, Candlelight Heliport, Canterbury Farm Airport, Docktors Field, Good Hill Farm Airport, Irish Hills Farms Airport, Long View Landing Airport, North Canaan Aviation Facilities Inc Airport, Northfield Heliport, O and G Heliport, Ripley Field Airport, Sharon Hospital Heliport, Thomson Field, Waterbury Airport, Whelan Farms Airport, Wings Ago Airstrip

  Areas     show all on map

Little Plain (historical), Rag Land, The Crooed Esses

  Bars     show all on map

Lighthouse Flats

  Bays     show all on map

Bristol Cove, First Bay, Hurtbut Cove, Keeler Cove, Kilbourne Cove, New Milford Bay, North Bay, Sandy Cove, Second Bay, South Bay, The Cove, Third Bay

  Beaches     show all on map

Highland Beach, Litchfield Town Beach, Morris Town Beach, Mudge Pond Town Beach

  Benches     show all on map

Saint Johns Ledges, Slashers Ledges

  Bridges     show all on map

Boardmans Bridge, Bulls Bridge Covered Bridge, Burrall Bridge (historical), Dutchers Bridge, Frost Bridge, Fuller Bridge, Gaylord Bridge, Gilbert Bridge, Kingdom Bridge, Lovers Leap Bridge, Mill Pond Bridge, Minor Bridge, Moore Bridge, Reynolds Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Abbey of Regina Laudis Library, Bakerville Library, Bantam Fire Company, Barkhamsted East Fire Company, Base Lodge, Beardsley Memorial Library, Bellamy-Ferriday House, Bethlehem Ambulance Association, Bethlehem Public Library, Bethlehem Town Hall, Bethlehem Volunteer Fire Department, Bridgewater Volunteer Fire Department, Bryant Memorial Town Hall, Burnham Library, Burrville Regional Fire School, Burrville Volunteer Fire Department, C H Pease Museum, Calhaoun Memorial Library, Canaan Fire Company, Canaan Historical Library, Canaan Historical Society Library, City of Torrington Street Division Garage, Colebrook Fire Department, Colebrook Historical Society Building, Colebrook Town Garage, Colebrook Town Hall, Colebrook Volunteer Fire Department Center Station, Colebrook Volunteer Fire Department Forge Station, Connecticut Railroad Historical Museum, Conservatin Center, Cornwall Town Hall, Cornwall Volunteer Fire Department Cornwall Bridge Firehouse, Cornwall Volunteer Fire Department West Cornwall Firehouse, David M Hunt Library and School Association, Douglas Library, Drakeville Volunteer Fire Department, East Litchfield Volunteer Fire Company, Edsel Ford Memorial Library, Falls Village Volunteer Fire Department, Flanders Nature Center, Gay-Holt House Museum, Gaylordsville Volunteer Fire Department, Gilbert Library, Glebe House, Goshen Fire Marshal's Office, Goshen Historical Society Building, Goshen Historical Society Library, Goshen Library, Goshen Town Offices, Goshen Volunteer Fire Company, Gunn Memorial Library, Gunn Memorial Museum, H J Ingraham Memorial Research Library, Harwinton Ambulance Association, Harwinton Community Hall, Harwinton Public Library, Harwinton Town Garage, Harwinton Town Hall, Harwinton Town Hall, Harwinton Volunteer Fire Department, Harwinton Westside Volunteer Fire Department, Holley Williams House Museum, Hotchkiss Library of Sharon, Hotchkiss-Fyler House, Hungerford Memorial Library, Institute for American Indian Studies Research and Education Library, Jacques Gordon Musical Foundation (historical), James Morris Museum, John T Kenney Hitchcock Museum, John Thompson Memorial Library, Kent Art Association, Kent Building Fire Marshal's Office, Kent Community House, Kent Memorial Library, Kent Town Hall, Kent Volunteer Fire Department, Knickerbocker Tavern (historical), Lakeville Hose Company, Lime Rock Park Ambulance, Litchfield County Center for Higher Education, Litchfield County Courthouse, Litchfield County Dispatch, Litchfield County Jail, Litchfield Historical Society Building, Litchfield Historical Society Museum, Litchfield Town Hall, Litchfield Volunteer Ambulance Association, Litchfield Volunteer Fire Department, Lock Museum of America, Lock Museum of America Library, Medical Arts Building, Minot Memorial Library, Morris Historical Museum, Morris Historical Society Building, Morris Public Library, Morris Town Hall, Morris Volunteer Fire Department, New Hartford Fire Department Station 1, New Hartford Fire Department Station 2, New Hartford Fire Marshal's Office, New Hartford Free Public Library, New Hartford Historical Society Museum, New Hartford Town Hall, New Hartford Volunteer Ambulance Service, New Milford Community Ambulance Corporation, New Milford Fire Association, New Milford Fire Marshal's Office, New Milford Historical Society Museum, New Milford Hospital Health Sciences Library, New Milford Public Library, New Milford Town Hall, New Preston Fire Department, Norfolk Fire Marshal's Office, Norfolk Historical Society Building, Norfolk Historical Society Museum, Norfolk Library, Norfolk Lions Club Ambulance, Norfolk Town Hall, Norfolk Volunteer Fire Department, North Canaan Town Hall, North Canaan Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Northfield Volunteer Fire Company, Northville Volunteer Fire Department, Northwestern Connecticut Community College Library, Noyes Memorial Building, Oak Library, Old Bethlehem Historical Museum, Old Goshen Town Hall, Old School House Museum, Oliver Wolcott Library, Pine Lodge, Pine Meadow Volunteer Fire Department, Pleasant Valley Volunteer Fire Department, Plymouth Ambulance Service, Plymouth Fire Marshal's Office, Plymouth Historical Society Building, Plymouth Library Association, Plymouth Town Hall, Plymouth Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Red Mountain Shelter (historical), Riverton Volunteer Fire Company, Roxbury Ambulance Association, Roxbury Town Hall, Roxbury Volunteer Fire Department, Salisbury Fire Marshal's Office, Salisbury Volunteer Ambulance Service, Sharon Fire Department Station 1, Sharon Fire Department Station 2, Sharon Fire Marshal's Office, Terryville Volunteer Fire Department Headquarters, Terryville Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Terryville Volunteer Fire Department Station 3, Thomaston Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Thomaston Volunteer Fire Department, Torringford Volunteer Fire Department, Torrington Fire Department Headquarters, Torrington Fire Department North End Station, Torrington Library, Torrington Library University of Connecticut, Warren Volunteer Fire Company, Washington Ambulance Association, Washington Fire Marshal's Office, Washington Volunteer Fire Department, Water Witch Hose Company 1 Lanesville Station, Water Witch Hose Company 2 Grove Station, Watertown Fire Department Company 2, Watertown Fire Department Headquarters, Watertown Fire District, Winchester Center Fire Department, Winsted Area Ambulance Association, Winsted Fire Department Cascade Engine Company 3 and 4, Winsted Fire Department Headquarters, Winsted Fire Department Union Engine Company 1, Winsted Fire Marshal's Office, Woodbury Ambulance Association, Woodbury Volunteer Fire Department / Hotchkissville Fire Company, Woodbury Volunteer Fire Department / Orenaug Fire Company

  Capes     show all on map

Arrow Point, Birch Point, Cameron Point, Candlewood Point, Cheeree Point, Chimney Point, Frink Point, Indian Point, Lookout Point, Marks Hollow Point, Marsh Point, Oak Point, Point Folly, Randalls Point, Wheeler Point, Willow Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Allen Cemetery, Allentown Cemetery, Bakersville Cemetery, Bantam Cemetery, Barkhampsted Cemetery, Barrack Cemetery, Bolland District Cemetery, Bulls Bridge Cemetery, Calhoun Cemetery, Canaan Cemetery, Carmel Hill Cemetery, Center Cemetery, Center Cemetery, Center Cemetery, Center Cemetery, Church of the Immaculate Conception Cemetery, Colebrook River Burying Ground, Colebrook River Cemetery, Collins Cemetery, Congregational Cemetery, Cornwall Cemetery, Danbury Quarter Cemetery, Dutcher Bridge Cemetery, East Cemetery, East Cemetery, East Cemetery, East Cemetery, East Church Cemetery, East Street Cemetery, Ellsworth Cemetery, Eno Hill Cemetery, Evergreen Cemetery, Evergreen Cemetery, Forest View Cemetery, Gallows Hill Burying Ground, Gaylordsville Cemetery, Good Hill Cemetery, Goshen Cemetery, Grantville Cemetery, Hall Meadow Cemetery, Headquarters Cemetery, Hemlock Cemetery, Hillside Cemetery, Hillside Cemetery, Holy Cross Cemetery, Hunt Memorial Cemetery, Hurlbut Cemetery, Immaculate Conception Cemetery, Indian Burying Ground, Judea Cemetery, Kent Hollow Cemetery, Lakeside Cemetery, Long Mountain Cemetery, Lower City Cemetery, Lower Merryall Cemetery, Milton Cemetery, Morningside Cemetery, Mount Olive Cemetery, Mount Saint James Cemetery, Mountain View Cemetery, Munson Cemetery, Nepaug Cemetery, New Saint Francis Cemetery, Newfield Cemetery, North Cemetery, North Cemetery, Northfield Cemetery, Northville Cemetery, Old Bethlehem Cemetery, Old Cemetery, Old Leavonworth Cemetery, Old Middle Street Cemetery, Old North Road Burying Ground, Old Watertown Cemetery, Peet Cemetery, Pierce Hollow Cemetery, Pine Grove Cemetery, Quaker Cemetery, Riverside Cemetery, Riverton Cemetery, Romford Cemetery, Root Cemetery, Saint Joseph Cemetery, Saint Marys Cemetery, Saint Marys Cemetery, Saint Michaels Cemetery, Saint Patricks Cemetery, Saint Thomas Cemetery, Sand Hill Cemetery, Scoville Cemetery, Sedgwick Cemetery, Sharon Eastside Cemetery, Skiff Mountain Cemetery, Sons of Jacob Cemetery, South Cemetery, South Cemetery, South Cemetery, South Cemetery, South Cemetery, Southeast Cemetery, Under Mountain Cemetery, Upper Merryall Cemetery, West Cemetery, West Cemetery, West Goshen Cemetery, West Meetinghouse Cemetery, West Side Cemetery, West Side Cemetery, West Torrington Cemetery, Winchester Cemetery, Wright Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Bethlehem Village Census Designated Place, Canaan Census Designated Place, Falls Village Census Designated Place, Lakeville Census Designated Place, New Hartford Center Census Designated Place, New Milford Census Designated Place, New Preston Census Designated Place, Norfolk Census Designated Place, Northwest Harwinton Census Designated Place, Oakville Census Designated Place, Sharon Census Designated Place, Terryville Census Designated Place, Thomaston Census Designated Place, Watertown Census Designated Place, Winsted Census Designated Place, Woodbury Center Census Designated Place

  Channels     show all on map

First Narrows, The Narrows

  Churches     show all on map

All Saints Episcopal Church, All Saints of America Orthodox Christian Church, B'Nai Israel, Bakerville Methodist Church, Battell Chapel (historical), Bridgewater Congregational Church, Calvary Baptist Church, Canaan United Methodist Church, Center Congregational Church, Center Congregational Church, Christian Apostolic Church, Church of Christ, Church of Christ Baptist Church, Church of the Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Church, Church of the Nativity, Church of the Transfiguration Episcopal Church, Colebrook Congregational Church, Congregational Church of Christ, Covenant Church, Eagle Rock Church, East Canaan Congregational Church, Faith Bible Church, Faith Tabernacle Apostolic Church, Falls Village Congregational Church, First Assembly of God Church, First Baptist Church, First Church of Bethlehem, First Church of Winsted, First Congregational Church, First Pentecostal Church, Founders Congregational Church, Friendship Baptist Church, Full Gospel Lighthouse Church, Gaylordsville United Methodist Church, Gothic Union Episcopal Church, Harvest Baptist Church, Harwinton Congregational Church, Hutterian Brethren Church, Immaculate Conception Church, Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Church, Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, Lakeview United Methodist Church, Litchfield County Christian Church, Litchfield United Methodist Church, Living Faith Christian Center, Morris Congregational Church, Nepaug Congregational Church, New Beginnings Assembly of God Church, New Church, New Milford Church, New Preston Congregational Church, North Cornwall Meeting House, North Norfolk Chapel, Northfield Congregational Church, Old West Church (historical), Our Lady of Grace Church, Our Savior Lutheran Church, Pleasant Valley United Methodist Church, Plymouth Congregational Church, Regina Laudis Priory, Riverton Congregational Church, Roxbury Congregational Church, Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church, Torringford Church, Trinity Church Lime Rock, United Church of Christ, Washington Hill Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Grand Staircase, Kelly Slide, Lookout Point, Lovers Leap, Pine Ledge, The Ballyhack

  Crossings     show all on map

Interchange 43, Interchange 44, Interchange 45, Interchange 46

  Dams     show all on map

Allen Dam, Bantam Pond Dam, Bantam Project Dam, Belleview Lake Dam, Benedict Pond Dam, Big Meadow Pond Dam, Bigelow Pond Dam, Black Rock Dam, Black Rock Pond Dam, Bleachery Dam, Bristol Reservoir Number 2 Dam, Bristol Reservoir Number 4 Dam, Bristol Reservoir Number 5 Dam, Bronson E Lockwood Dam, Brophy Pond Dam, Buckley Pond Dam, Bull Pond Dam, Bulls Bridge Dam, Burr Pond Dam, Camp Freedman Pond Dam, Cat Swamp Pond Dam, Cedar Hill Pond Dam, Colebrook River Dam, Cream Hill Lake Dam, Crystal Lake Dam, Crystal Lake Dam, Dam Number 6, Deans Reservoir Dam, Doolittle Lake Dam, East Branch Dam, Echo Lake Dam, Ella Fohs Camp Pond Dam, Fall Mountain Lake Dam, Fisher Pond Dam, Flanders Wildlife Pond Dam, Ford Pond Dam, Gaylord Pond Dam, Goose Pond Dam, Great Falls Dam, Gritman Pond Dam, Hall Meadow Brook Dam, Hall Meadow Brook Dike, Hancock Brook Dam, Hatch Pond Dam, Highland Lake Dam, Hilltop Pond Dam, Hoover Pond Dam, Irvings Pond Dam, Ivy Mountain Pond Dam, Jones Pond Dam, Jordan Pond Dam, Ladner Pond Dam, Lake Candlewood Dam, Lake Candlewood Dike Number 2, Lake Floren Dam, Lake Harwinton Dam, Lake Plymouth Dam, Lake Tayolan Dam, Lake Triangle Dam, Lake Winnemaug Dam, Lakeville Reservoir Number 2 Dam, Laurel Lake Dam, Lemanquais Pond Dam, Lockwood Pond Dam, Long Meadow Pond Dam, Mad River Dam, Middle Pond Dam, Miles Pond Dam, Morosani Pond Number 1 Dam, Morosani Pond Number 2 Dam, Morris Reservoir Dam, Nash Pond Dam, Nepaug Dam, New Milford Reservoir Number 2 Dam, New Milford Reservoir Number 3 Dam, New Milford Reservoir Number 4 Dam, Norfolk Brook Dam, North Pond Dam, North Pond Dikes, Northfield Brook Dam, Northfield Pond Dam, Nystrom Pond Dam, Old Marsh Pond Dam, Ouleout Lake Dam, Park Pond Dam, Park Pond Dike, Peck Pond Dam, Pin Shop Pond Dam, Pitch Reservoir Dam, Plymouth Reservoir Dam, Quist Pond Dam, Reuben Hart Reservoir Dam, Richards Corner Dam, Riga Lake Dam, Rizzo Pond Dam, Robertsville Dam, Roger Lewis Pond Dam, Rugg Brook Reservoir Dam, Saville Dam, Schwartz Pond Dam, Shepaug Reservoir Dam, Smith Pond Dam, South Pond Dam, Spaulding Pond Dam, Spooner Dam, Stillwater Pond Dam, Stony Batter Pond Dam, Straits Pond Dam, Sucker Brook Dam, Terryville Reservoir Number 3 Dam, Thomaston Dam, Tobey Pond Dam, Tomlinson Pond Dam, Transylvania Pond Dam, Twin Lakes Dam, Tyler Lake Dam, Upper Pond Dam, Upper Shepaug Reservoir Dam, Valley Pond Dam, Wampee Pond Dam, Wangum Lake Dam, Wapato Pond Dam, West Branch Dam, West Hill Pond Dam, West Side Dam, Wewaka Brook Pond Dam, Whist Pond Dam, Whiting River Dam, Wigwam Reservoir Dam, Wigwam Reservoir South Dam, Wilson Pond Dam, Wilton Pond Dam, Winchester Club Pond Dam, Winchester Lake Dam, Wononpakook Lake Dam, Wood Creek Dam, Woodcreek Dike, Woodcreek Pond Dam, Woodridge Lake Dam, Wyant Pond Dam, Zeiner Pond Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Buttermilk Falls, Great Falls, Great Falls, Roxbury Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Indian Field

  Forests     show all on map

Algonquin State Forest, American Legion State Forest, Chestnut Lands, Housatonic State Forest, J O Enders State Forest, Mattatuck State Forest, Mohawk State Forest, Nepaug State Forest, Paugnut State Forest, Peoples State Forest, Wyantenock State Forest

  Hospitals     show all on map

Geer Memorial Health Center, Memorial Hospital, New Milford Hospital, Northwest Mental Health Facility, Sharon Hospital, The Charlotte Hungerford Hospital, Wellspring Foundation

  Islands     show all on map

Cedar Island, Club Island, Curatole Island, Deer Island, Goodyear Island, Half-Mile Island, Loon Island, Oak Island, Paquabaug, Rock Island, Strong Island, The Lime Kiln, Wannuppee Islands, Wintergreen Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Atwood Pond, Atwood Swamp, Balmoral Farm Pond, Bantam Lake, Bates Pond, Bauer Pond, Beaman Pond, Beardsley Pond, Beeslick Pond, Benedict Pond, Besse Park Pond, Big Meadow Pond, Bingham Pond, Bull Pond, Chapel Pond, Clark Pond, Cranberry Pond, Cream Hill Lake, Crissey Pond, Crystal Lake, Dog Pond, Doolittle Lake, Duck Pond, Eel Pond, Emmons Pond, Fall Mountain Lake, Ferris Pond, Fisher Pond, Fuller Pond, Gaylord Pond, Greystone Pond, Hart Pond, Hatch Pond, Hawkins Pond, Hedden Pond, Heminway Pond, Henderson Pond, Hesseky Meadow Pond, Indian Lake, Johnson Brothers Pond, Jones Pond, Kellogg Pond, Lake Harwinton, Lake Waramaug, Leonard Pond, Little Pond, Marsh Pond, Milton Pond, Miscus Pond, Mohawk Pond, Morton Pond, Mount Tom Pond, Mud Pond, Mudge Pond, North Spectacle Pond, Northfield Pond, Old Man McMullen Pond, Ore Hill Pond, Parkins Ponds, Patterson Pond, Radey Pond, Reichenback Pond, Ricker Pond, Rowley Pond, Seldom Seen Pond, South Spectacle Pond, Straits Pond, Strastrom Pond, Sylvan Lake, Taylor Pond, The Cranberry Bog, Tomlinson Pond, Travis Pond, Twin Lakes, Wangum Lake, Wapato Pond, Washinee Lake, Washining Lake, Wilford Pond, Wononpakook Lake, Wononskopomuc Lake, Wood Creek Pond, Zeiglers Pond, Zeiner Pond

  Locales     show all on map

Above All (historical), Ames Iron Works (historical), Ames Plaza Shopping Center, Aspetuck Plain (historical), Austin Hawes Campground, Austins Mill (historical), Baker Plains (historical), Balcoms Mill (historical), Balls Forge (historical), Bantam Lake Yacht Club, Barclay Square Shopping Center, Barkhamsted Lighthouse (historical), Barnes Lime Kilns (historical), Beckley Iron Furnace (historical), Beech Rock, Bethlehem Fairgrounds, Birge Park Shopping Center, Boardman Bridge, Bobrinka Youth Camp (historical), Boy Scout Service Center, Braman Camp (historical), Branch Brook Campground, Cadndlewood Lake Golf and Country Club, Camp Awosting, Camp Berger, Camp Berkshire, Camp Birchwood, Camp Cochipianee, Camp Columbia, Camp Delaware, Camp Dutton (historical), Camp Easton, Camp Ella Fohs, Camp Francis, Camp Freedman, Camp Hope, Camp Jewell, Camp Kenico, Camp Kenmont, Camp Kent, Camp Layton Rose, Camp Leonard Leonore, Camp Mattatuck, Camp Mel, Camp Mohawk, Camp Pioneer, Camp Po-Ne-Mah, Camp Sequassen, Camp Sloane, Camp Toguam, Camp Trinita, Camp Tunxis (historical), Camp Wa-nee, Camp Wabigoon, Camp Wahanda, Camp Wangum, Camp Washington, Camp Womponset, Camp Workcoeman, Canaan Country Club, Candlewood Trails, Candlewood Valley Country Club, Cannon Forge (historical), Cantam Lake Ski Club, Carlsons Grove, Chapin Furnace (historical), Chapinville Station (historical), Chaugham Lookout, Chichester Ferry (historical), Chinqueque Camp (historical), Choggam Corner (historical), College Street (historical), Connecticut Soaring Center, Cornwall Bridge Pottery, Cornwall Center, Cornwall Hollow, Cornwall Plain (historical), Cozy Hills Campground, Crestbrook Country Club, Dean Corners, Dowd Camp (historical), East Street, Emmons Corners, Finest Super Center Shopping Center, Foothills Shopping Plaza Shopping Center, Forks of the River (historical), Four Corners (historical), Gaylordsville Station, Geer Mountain Camp, Gillettes Grist Mill (historical), Goose Green, Grassy Hill (historical), Green Woods Country Club, Greenwood Industrial Park, Greenwoods Industrial Park, Haight Vineyard, Harwinton Fair Grounds, Harwinton Shopping Center, Hatch Four Corners, Hatch Landing (historical), Headquarters, Hemlock Hill Campground, Hickory Knoll (historical), Highland Lake Club, Hitchcock Corners, Hopkins Vineyard, Housatonic Boy Scout Reservation, John Browns Birthplace, Judds Bridge, Kasznay Shopping Center, Kellogg Corners, Kent Green Shopping Center, Kent Iron Mines (historical), Kings Plaza Shopping Center, Kinneys Corners, Lake Station (historical), Lake Wanamaug Country Club, Lakeside Driving Park, Laurel Crest Campground, Litchfield Country Club, Lone Oaks Campsites, Lookout Driving Park, Lores Plaza Shopping Center, Lower Farms (historical), Mandona Iron Works (historical), Maple Hollow, Maplewood Industrial Park, Maria Pratt Girl Scout Camp, Mead Corners, Merwin Hines Four Corners (historical), Middle Quarter (historical), Middle Quarter Mall Shopping Center, Mohawk Mountain Ski Area, Molasses Hollow (historical), Moose Beat Lot (historical), Moosehorn Plains (historical), Mount Riga Blast Furnace (historical), Munsons Mill (historical), Naugatuck YMCA Camp, Near East Camp, New Hartford Industrial Park, New Milford Shopping Plaza Shopping Center, New Preston Station (historical), Norfolk Country Club, North Corners, Norton Four Corners (historical), Old Kent Furnace (historical), Old Post Office Square Shopping Center, Paradise Valley Farm, Parmalee Manor (historical), Pearson Corners, Pilgrim Mall Shopping Center, Preston Hill, Quarta Camp (historical), Rogers Corners (historical), Roraback Lodge, Rowley Park Plaza Shopping Center, Roxbury Iron Mine and Furnace Complex (historical), Sandy Beach, Satans Kingdom, Sharon Country Club, Skiff Mountain, State Line, Still River, Terryville Station, The Clam Shell, Torrington Country Club, Washington Depot, Washington Golf Course, Watertown Pumping Station

  Military     show all on map

Fort Griswold (historical)

  Mines     show all on map

Bradley Ore Bed (historical), Davis Ore Mine (historical), Roxbury Garnet Mine (historical)

  Parks     show all on map

Above All State Park, Addis Park, Aldorizo Park, Alvord Park, Baldwin Park, Bellamy-Ferriday Garden, Bethlehem Green Historic District, Bigelow Park, Black Rock State Park, Borzani Park, Brian E Tierney Preserve, Bridgwater Green, Brodie Park, Browns Corner Recreation Area, Bryan Plaza, Burr Pond State Park, Callahan Park, Campbell Falls State Park, Canaan Village Historic District, Charles Arnold Recreation Area, Clatter Valley Park, Club Island Park, Cobble Park, Coe Memorial Park, Delano Field, Dennis Hill State Park, Downtown Torrington Historic District, East Plymouth Historic District, Echo Lake Park, Eddy Field, Edith Scoville Memorial Sanctuary, Elise Besse Park, Emery Park, Emmanuel Williamson Park, Falls Village Historic District, Flanders Historic District, Fuessenich Park, George C Waldo State Park, Goshen Historic District, Green Woods Park, Harwinton Conservation and Recreation Area, Haystack Mountain State Park, Highland Lake Park, Hillside Gardens, Hodge Park, Hollow Park, Housatonic Meadows State Park, Humaston Brook State Park, Iron Mountain Reservation, Ivy Mountain State Park, Joe Ruwet Playground, John A Minetto State Park, John Toro Sports Complex, Kent Falls State Park, Kent Green, Lake Waramaug State Park, Laurel Park, Lawrence FIeld, Lilly Preserve, Lime Rock Historic District, Lime Rock Park, Litchfield Green, Litchfield Historic District, Lovers Leap State Park, Lynn Deming Park, Maasser Park, Macedonia Brook State Park, Major Besse Park, Miles Wildlife Sanctuary, Milton Center Historic District, Mine Hill Preserve, Mohawk State Park, Mount Bushnell State Park, Mount Riga State Park, Mount Tom State Park, Natalie White Preserve, New Milford Center Historic District, New Preston Hill Historic District, Norfolk Historic District, Norfolk Village Green, North Green, Nova Scotia Hill Park, Nystrom Park, Oxbow Park, Patterson Park, Platt Hill State Park, Pleasant View Park, Plymouth Green, Pond Mountain Natural Area, River Road Reserve, Roxbury Center Historic District, Sharon Valley Historic District

  Pillars     show all on map

Red Rocks, The Pinnacle, The Pinnacle

  Populated Places     show all on map

Acropolis (historical), Allentown, Amesville, Bakersville, Bantam, Bantam (historical), Barkhampsted Center, Barkhamsted, Bethlehem, Birch Groves, Bridgewater, Browns Corner, Bulls Bridge, Burrville, Calhoun Corners, Campville, Canaan, Canaan Street (historical), Canaan Valley, Candlewood Lake Club, Candlewood Point, Candlewood Springs, Catlin Corners (historical), Cauklintown (historical), Chimney Point, Colebrook, Colebrook River (historical), Corner of the Pines, Cornwall, Cornwall Bridge, Daytonville (historical), Dempsey Landing, Devils Backbone, Drakeville, Dudleytown (historical), East Canaan, East Cornwall, East Kent, East Litchfield, East Morris, East Winsted (historical), Ellsworth, Emmons City (historical), Erickson Corner, Falls Village, Flanders, Fluteville (historical), Foley (historical), Gaylordsville, Goshen, Grantville, Grappaville, Greystone, Gulls Hollow, Hammertown, Hancock, Harwinton, Hickory Haven, Highland Lake Shores (historical), Hop Brook (historical), Horse Heaven, Hotchkissville, Hotchkissville (historical), Huntsville, Hurds Corner, Interlaken Estates, Joyceville, Kelly Corner, Kent, Kent Furnace, Lake (historical), Lakeside, Lakeville, Lanesville, Lime Rock, Lincoln City (historical), Litchfield, Lower City, Lower Merryall, Macedonia, Marble Dale, McClaveville, Meekertown (historical), Merwinsville, Mill Brook, Milton, Minortown, Mitcheltown, Mooreville, Morris, Mount Riga (historical), Mudgetown, Nelsons Corner, Nepaug, New Hartford, New Milford, New Preston, Newberry Corner, Newfield, Norfolk, North Colebrook, North Cornwall, North Goshen, North Hollow (historical), North Kent, North Woodbury, North Woodbury (historical), Northfield, Northville, Oakville, Ore Hill, Orton Corner (historical), Park Lane, Pequabuck, Pine Grove, Pine Meadow, Pleasant Valley, Pleasantville (historical), Plymouth, Pomeraug, Puddle Town, Puffingham (historical), Reynolds Bridge, Riverton, Robertsville, Romford, Roxbury, Roxbury Falls, Roxbury Station, Russian Village, Salisbury, Sandy Beach, Sharon, Sharon Valley, Sodom, South Canaan, South Ellsworth, South Kent, South Norfolk, Taconic, Terryville, The Cedars, Thomaston, Tolles, Torringford, Torrington, Town Hill, Turkey Cobble, Twin Lakes, Tyler Lake Heights, Upper Merryall, Wangum Village, Warren, Washington, Watertown, Weatogue, Wellsville, West Cornwall, West Goshen, West Morris, West Norfolk, West Torrington, West Woods, Winchester Center, Winsted, Woodbury, Woodville, Wrightville, Yelping Hill

  Post Offices     show all on map

Bakersfield Post Office (historical), Bantam Post Office, Barkhamsted Post Office (historical), Bethlehem Post Office, Bordman Post Office (historical), Bridgewater Post Office, Bulls Bridge Post Office (historical), Burrville Post Office (historical), Campville Post Office (historical), Canaan Post Office, Canaan Valley Post Office (historical), Colebrook Post Office, Colebrook River Post Office (historical), Cornwall Bridge Post Office, Cornwall Centre Post Office (historical), Cornwall Hollow Post Office (historical), Cornwall Post Office, East Canaan Post Office, East Cornwall Post Office (historical), East Goshen Post Office (historical), East Kent Post Office (historical), East Litchfield Post Office (historical), East Morris Post Office (historical), Ellsworth Post Office (historical), Falls Village Post Office, Fluteville Post Office (historical), Gaylordsville Post Office, Goshen Post Office, Grantville Post Office (historical), Greystone Post Office (historical), Hallington Post Office (historical), Hampsted Post Office (historical), Harwinton Post Office, Hotchkissville Post Office (historical), Huntsville Post Office (historical), Joyceville Post Office (historical), Kent Furnace Post Office (historical), Kent Post Office, Lakeside Post Office, Lakeview Post Office, Lime Rock Post Office (historical), Litchfield Post Office, Marble Dale Post Office, Mill Brook Post Office (historical), Milton Post Office (historical), Minortown Post Office (historical), Morris Post Office, New Hartford Post Office, New Milford Post Office, New Preston Post Office, Norfolk Post Office, North Colebrook Post Office (historical), North Goshen Post Office (historical), North Kent Post Office (historical), North Norfolk Post Office (historical), North Woodbury Post Office, Northfield Post Office, Northville Post Office (historical), Ore Hill Post Office (historical), Orton Post Office (historical), Park Lane Post Office (historical), Pequabuck Post Office, Pine Meadow Post Office, Pleasant Valley Post Office, Plymouth Post Office, Pondtown (historical), Reynolds Bridge Post Office (historical), Riga Post Office (historical), Riverton Post Office, Robertsville Post Office (historical), Romford Post Office (historical), Roxbury Post Office, Roxbury Station Post Office (historical)

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Bacon Pond, Bald Hill Reservoir, Bantam Pond, Bantam River Reservoir, Barkhamsted Reservoir, Bear Swamp Pond, Beaver Pond, Beckley Pond, Beecher Pond, Belleview Lake, Bigelow Pond, Bird Pond, Birdsall Pond, Black Rock Lake, Black Rock Pond, Blatz Pond, Bog Meadow Pond, Bristol Reservoir Number 4, Bristol Reservoir Number Five, Bristol Reservoir Number Three (not official), Bristol Reservoir Number Two, Bronson E Lockwood Reservoir, Bronson E Rockwell Reservation, Brophy Pond, Buckley Pond, Bulls Bridge Pond, Burr Pond, Camp Delaware Pond, Camp Freedman Pond, Camp Pond, Case Pond, Case Pond, Cat Swamp Pond, Cedar Hill Pond, Childs Pond, Church Street Reservoir, Colebrook River Lake, Collinsville Reservoir, Compensating Reservoir, Crystal Lake, Crystal Lake, Cunningham Pond, Deep Lake, Dolphin Pond, East Branch Naugatuck River Reservoir, Eastman Pond, Echo Lake, Echo Lake, Ella Fohs Camp Pond, Engleke Pond, Flanders Wildlife Pond, Ford Pond, Forge Pond (historical), Ghilds Pond, Gillette Reservoir, Goodwin Pond, Goose Pond, Great Falls Reservoir, Great Mountain Pond, Gritman Pond, Hall Meadow Brook Reservoir, Hamlin Pond, Hancock Brook Lake, Hannon Pond, Hatch Pond, Hatchaloosie Reservoir, Herron Pond, Hidden Lake, Highland Lake, Hilltop Pond, Hollenbeck Pond, Hoover Pond, Housatonic River Reservoir, Hurlbut Pond, Iffland Pond, Indian Heaven Pond, Irvings Pond, Ivy Mountain Pond, Jordan Pond, Kelley Pond, Kelly Pond, Ladner Pond, Lake Floren, Lake Harwinton, Lake Mc Donough, Lake Plymouth, Lake Tavolan, Lake Triangle, Lake Winchester, Lake Winnemaug, Lakeville Reservoir Number 1, Lakeville Reservoir Number 2, Laurel Lake, Laurel Lake, Lemanquais Pond, Litchfield Reservoir, Lockwood Pond, Long Meadow Pond, Lorenzo Pond, Mad River Reservoir, Marino Pond, Masterbone Pond, McCoy Pond, Merriman Pond, Meyers Pond, Middle Pond, Migeon Pond, Miles Pond, Mill Pond, Minor Pond, Morehouse Pond, Morosani Pond Number 1, Morosani Pond Number 2, Morris Reservoir, Nash Pond, Nepaug Reservoir, New Hartford Reservoir, New Milford Reservoir Number 1, Norfolk Brook Reservoir, North Canaan Community Pool, North Pond, North Pond, Northfield Brook Lake, Nystrom Pond State, Oak Ledge Pond, Ouleout Lake, Park Pond, Park Pond, Peck Pond, Phelps Pond, Pin Shop Pond, Pitch Reservoir, Plymouth Lake, Plymouth Reservoir, Pond Hill Pond, Pratt Pond, Quist Pond, Reservoir Number 2, Reservoir Number 3, Reservoir Number 4, Reuben Hart Reservoir, Richards Pond, Riga Lake, Rizzo Pond, Roger Lewis Pond, Rugg Brook Reservoir, Schwartz Pond, Shepaug Reservoir, Silas Hall Pond, Smith Pond, Smith Pond, Smith Pond, South Pond, South Pond, Spaulding Pond, Spooner Pond, Stillwater Pond, Stony Batter Pond, Stony Batter Pond, Sucker Brook Reservoir, Terryville Reservoir Number 2, Terryville Reservoir Number 3, Tobey Pond, Twin Lakes, Tyler Lake, Upper Pond, Upper Shepaug Reservoir, Valley Pond, Wampee Pond, Watertown Reservoir, West Branch Reservoir, West Hill Pond, West Side Pond, Westside Reservoir, Wewaka Brook Pond, Whist Pond, Whiting River Reservoir, Wigwam Reservoir, Wilson Pond, Wilton Pond, Winchester Club Pond, Winchester Lake, Wood Creek Reservoir, Wood Creek Reservoir, Woodbridge Lake, Woodbury Reservoir, Wyant Pond

  Ridges     show all on map

The Hogback

  Schools     show all on map

Alternative Community Education School, Ann Antolini School, Avon Old School, Bakerville Consolidated School, Baldwin Elementary School, Bantam School, Barkhamsted Elementary School, Batcheller Primary School, Bethlehem School, Black Rock School, Boardman School, Booth Free Elementary School, Botelle Elementary School, Brick Schoolhouse, Burnham School, Canaan Academy (historical), Canterbury School, Center School, Colebrook Consolidated School, Cornwall Consolidated Elementary School, Cream Hill Agricultural School (historical), District Number 6 School, East Elementary School, East Main Street School, East School, Falls Avenue School, Flanders Elementary School, Fletcher W Judson School, Foreign Mission School (historical), Gaylordsville School, Gilbert High School, Glenholme School, Goshen Academy (historical), Goshen Center School, Griffin Elementary School, Gunnery School, Harry S Fisher Middle School, Harry S Fisher School, Harwinton Consolidated School, Heminway Park School, Hill and Plain School, Hinsdale Elementary School, Historical Academy, Holt School, Indian Mountain School, Ingleside School (historical), Institute for American Indian Studies, Institute of World Affairs, James Morris Academy (historical), John Pettibone Elementary School, Junior Republic of Connecticut, Kent Center School, Lands End School (historical), Laurel School, Lee H Kellogg School, Litchfield Female Academy (historical), Litchfield High School, Litchfield Intermediate School, Litchfield Law School, Litchfield School for Boys, Main Street School, Marvelwood School, Mitchell Elementary School, New Hartford Elementary School, New Milford High School, North Canaan Elementary School, Northville Elementary School, Northwester Regional High School, Northwestern Connecticut Community College, Ore Hill School, Pearson Middle School, Pierce Academy (historical), Plymouth Center Elementary School, Polk School, Prospect Street School, Red Rock Schoolhouse, Regional High School, Riverside School, Rumsey Hall School, Saint Johns School, Saint Louis De Montfort Seminary, Saint Mary Magdalen School, Saint Matthew School, Salisbury School, South Kent School, South School, Southbury Training School, Southwest School, Stafford School, Swift Junior High School, Taft School, Tapping Reeve House and Law School, Terryville High School, The Forbes School, The Forman School, The Hotchkiss School, The Little Red Schoolhouse, Torringford Elementary School, Tuller School, Vogel-Wetmore School, Wamogo High School, Watertown High School, Wolcott School, Yale University Forestry School

  Springs     show all on map

Cold Spring (historical)

  Streams     show all on map

Adams Brook, Bakersville Brook, Baldwin Brook, Ball Brook, Bantam River, Battle Swamp Brook, Beardsley Pond Brook, Beaver Brook, Beckley Pond Brook, Beckwith Brook, Bee Brook, Beebe Brook, Beeslick Brook, Birdseye Brook, Bizell Brook, Blackberry River, Bloody Brook, Bog Hollow Brook, Bog Meadow Brook, Bonney Brook, Bradford Brook, Branch Brook, Brassi Brook, Brown Brook, Bull Mountain Brook, Bullymuck Brook, Burton Brook, Butternut Brook, Camp Brook, Carmel Hill Brook, Carse Brook, Catlin Brook, Cedar Swamp Brook, Center Brook, Choggam Brook, Clapboard Oak Brook, Clark Brook, Cobble Brook, Colebrook Brook, Cross Brook, Decker Brook, Deep Brook, Deming Brook, Denman Brook, Doolittle Lake Brook, Dowd Brook, Drake Pond Brook, Duming Brook, East Aspetuck River, East Branch Farmington River, East Branch Leadmine Brook, East Branch Naugatuck River, East Branch Shepaug River, East Meadow Brook, East Morris Brook, East Mountain Brook, East Spring Brook, Echo Lake Brook, Factory Brook, Fenn Brook, Fenn Brook, Finnak Brook, Flat Brook, Fox Brook, Fox Brook, Fred Beers Brook, Furnace Brook, Galpin Brook, Garnett Brook, Ginger Creek, Good Hill Brook, Great Brook, Guinea Brook, Gulf Stream, Gunn Brook, Hall Meadow Brook, Hallock Brook, Hart Brook, Harvey Brook, Hatch Brook, Heffers Brook, Hesseky Brook, Hill Brook, Hitchcock Mill Brook, Hollenbeck River, Hop Brook, Humaston Brook, Indian Lake Creek, Indian Meadow Brook, Ivy Brook, Ivy Mountain Brook, Jack Brook, Jacks Brook, Jakes Brook, Jefferson Hill Brook, Jericho Brook, Kelly Pond Brook, Kelsey Brook, Kent Falls Brook, Kettle Brook, Kirby Brook, Lake Waramaug Brook, Leadmine Brook, Ledgy Brook, Lewis Atwood Brook, Little Brook, Little Jacks Brook, Little Pootatuck Brook, Long Pond Brook, Loon Brook, Lovers Lane Brook, Macedonia Brook, Mad River, Mallory Brook, Mallory Brook, Marandus Brook, Marsh Brook, Marshall Lake Brook, Marshepaug River, Mauwee Brook, McDuffee Brook, Merryall Brook, Mill Brook, Mill Brook, Mill Brook, Millard Brook, Miry Brook, Monument Brook, Moore Brook, Moosehorn Brook, Moosehorn Brook, Morgan Brook, Moulthrop Brook, Mudge Pond Brook, Nepaug River, Nibbling Brook, Nickel Mine Brook, Nonnewaug River, Norfolk Brook, North Branch Brown Brook, North Brook, North Brook, North Brook North Nepaug Brook, North Flanders Brook, North Kent Brook, North Nepaug Brook, Northfield Brook, Ocain Brook, Ore Hill Brook, Pettee Brook, Pickett Brook, Pierce Brook, Pine Swamp Brook, Pitch Brook, Plumb Brook, Poland River, Pomperaug River, Pond Mountain Brook, Powder Brook, Preston Brook, Pudding Brook, Purchase Brook, Purgatory Brook, Ratlum Brook, Reed Brook, Roaring Brook, Roaring Brook, Rock Brook, Rocky River, Roxbury Brook, Rugg Brook, Salmon Creek, Sanders Hill Brook, Sandy Brook, Second Hill Brook, Shepaug River, Slab Meadow Brook, Slocum Brook, Smith Pond Brook, South Brook, South Nepaug Brook, Spaulding Brook, Sprain Brook, Spruce Brook, Spruce Brook, Spruce Brook, Spruce Brook, Spruce Brook, Spruce Brook, Spruce Swamp Creek, Squabble Brook, Squash Hollow Brook, Stewart Hollow Brook, Still Brook, Still River, Still River, Stony Brook, Storehouse Brook, Sucker Brook, Sucker Brook, Sucker Brook, Sutliffe Brook, Swamp Brook, Tanner Brook, Tannery Brook, Taylor Brook, Thayer Brook, Tobey Pond Brook, Todd Hollow Brook, Torringford Brook, Town Farm Brook, Transylvania Brook, Troy Brook, Turkey Brook, Turner Brook, Turrill Brook, Upper Purchase Brook, Valley Brook, Wachocastinook Creek, Walker Brook, Wangum Lake Brook, Wattles Brook, Weekeepeemee River, Weller Brook, West Aspetuck River, West Branch Bantam River, West Branch Butternut Brook, West Branch Farmington River, West Branch Leadmine Brook, West Branch Naugatuck River, West Branch Shepaug River, West Side Pond Brook, Wetauwanchu Brook, Wewaka Brook, White Hollow Brook, Whiting Brook, Whiting River, Whittlesey Brook, Wigwam Brook, Womenshenuk Brook, Wood Creek, Wood Creek, Wright Brook, Yuza Mini Brook

  Summits     show all on map

Above All, Apple Hill, Aspetuck Hill, Babb Hill, Babes Hill, Bald Hill, Bald Hill, Bald Mountain, Bald Mountain, Bald Peak, Baldwin Hill, Barnes Hill, Barney Hill, Barrack Mountain, Bartholomew Hill, Battle Hill, Bear Hill, Bear Hill, Bear Mountain, Bee Mountain, Beebe Hill, Beech Hill, Beech Hill, Beecher Hill, Bell Hill, Besse Hill, Birch Hill, Birch Hill, Bird Hill, Bird Peak, Black Rock, Blackmans Hill, Bloody Mountain, Boardman Mountain, Booth Hill, Botsford Hill, Bradford Mountain, Brandy Hill, Brass Mountain, Bread Loaf Mountain, Bromica Mountain, Bronson Mountain, Brook Hill, Brown Mountain, Brush Hill, Brushy Hill, Buck Hill, Buck Mountain, Bulkeley Hill, Bull Mountain, Bunker Hill, Burr Mountain, Burr Mountain, Caleb Hill, Calebs Peak, Camp Hill, Canaan Mountain, Candlewood Mountain, Carmel Hill, Carmen Hill, Cave Hill, Cedar Hill, Cemetery Hill, Cherry Hill, Chestnut Hill, Chestnut Hill, Church Hill, Church Hill, Church Hill, Church Hill, City Hill, Cobble Hill, Cobble Mountain, Coltsfoot Mountain, Cotton Hill, Cream Hill, Davidson Hill, Dean Hill, Deming Hill, Dennis Hill, Dudleytown Hill, Dutcher Hill, Dutton Mountain, Eagle Rock, East Bald Mountain, East Chestnut Hill, Ellsworth Hill, Eno Hill, Fall Mountain, Falls Mountain, Fenn Hill, Fink Hill, Flagg Hill, Flanders Mountain, Flat Hill, Flat Rock, Forge Mountain, Fort Hill, Fort Mountain, Fox Hill, French Mountain, Fuller Mountain, Furnace Hill (historical), Gallows Hill, Gallows Hill, Garrett Mountain, Gay Woods Hill, Geer Mountain, Glacier Rock, Golf Course Hill, Good Hill, Grant Hill, Grassy Hill, Great Mountain, Green Mountain, Green Pond Mountain, Greenleaf Hill, Gridley Mountain, Guarding Mountain, Guernsey Hill, Harmony Hill, Hayden Hill, Haystack Mountain, Hickory Hill, Hickory Hill, Hogpen Hill, Holcomb Hill, Holt Hill, Hoop Pole Hill, Horse Hill, Hough Mountain, Howe Mountain, Huckleberry Hill, Hut Hill, Indian Mountain, Iron Hill, Ivy Mountain, Jefferson Hill, Jennings Hill, Jones Mountain, Joshua Hill, Kavanaugh Hill, Kent Mountain, King Hill, Lane Hill, Lattin Hill, Leonard Mountain, Lions Head, Little Mount Tom, Long Mountain, Looking Glass Hill, Lower Church Hill, Lower Segar Mountain, Lucas Hill, Magnolia Hill, Mauwee Peak, Meetinghouse Hill, Miles Mountain, Milton Hill, Mine Hill, Mine Mountain, Mine Mountain, Mohawk Mountain, Moosehorn Hill, Mount Algo, Mount Bushnell, Mount Easter, Mount Ouleout, Mount Pisgah, Mount Prospect, Mount Prospect, Mount Prospect, Mount Rat, Mount Riga, Mount Tobe, Mount Tom, Mount Tom, Music Mountain, New Preston Hill, Norfolk Summit, Numeral Rock, Ore Hill, Ore Mountain, Orenaug Hills, Orenaug Rocks, Overlook, Painter Hill, Panorama Hill, Parker Hill, Peacock Hill, Peck Mountain, Peet Hill, Pie Hill, Pine Cobble, Pine Hill, Pine Hill, Pine Knob, Pine Mountain, Pine Mountain, Platt Hill, Plumb Hill, Plumb Hill, Plymouth Hill, Pond Hill, Pond Mountain, Poor House Hill, Pumpkin Hill, Quarry Hill, Rabbit Hill, Raccoon Hill, Ragged Mountain, Rail Tree Hill, Rattlesnake Hill, Rattlesnake Hill, Raven Rock, Rebekahs Hill, Red Mountain, Red Mountain, Red Mountain, Reed Hill, Riggs Hill, Roberts Hill, Robin Hill, Rock Cobble Hill, Rocky Hill, Round Mountain, Rucum Hill, Rugg Hill, Saint Johns Peak, Sawpit Hill, Sawyer Hill, Schermerhorn Hill, School Hill, Scoville Hill, Scuppo Hill, Second Hill, Sedgwick Mountain, Segar Mountain, Sentry Hill, Sharon Mountain, Sharon Mountain, Sherman Hill, Silver Hill, Skiff Mountain, Spencer Hill, Sperry Hill, Spooner Hill, Steep Rock, Stillson Hill, Stone Man Mountain, Sugar Loaf Hill, Tan Fat Hill, Tanner Hill, Tarradiddle, The Cobble, The Cobble, The Pinnacle, Thorpe Mountain, Tibbals Hill, Tinker Hill, Titus Mountain, Todd Hill, Toms Hill, Tower Hill, Town Hill, Town Hill, Town Hill, Town Hill, Treasure Hill, Turtle Rock, Wallens Hill, Waller Hill, Walnut Hill, Walnut Mountain, Washington Hill, West Hill, West Meetinghouse Hill, Wetauwanchu Mountain, Wheeler Hill, Whitcomb Hill, White Rock, Windmill Hill, Wolf Pit Mountain, Wood Key Hill, Woodbury Mountain, Yellow Mountain

  Swamps     show all on map

Alder Swamp, Alder Swamp (historical), Ash Swamp, Ash Swamp, Balsam Fir Swamp, Bantam Swamp, Bear Swamp, Bear Swamp, Bear Swamp, Beaver Brook Meadow, Beckley Bog, Black Spruce Bog, Black Spruce Bog, Blue Swamp, Cedar Swamp, Cranberry Swamp, Flagg Swamp (historical), Grant Swamp, Great Bear Swamp, Hall Meadow, Hedgehop Swamp (historical), Holleran Swamp, Hoyt Hayes Swamp, Indian Meadow, Keep Swamp, Long Swamp, Mast Swamp, Meeker Swamp, Nepash Meadows, Nepaug Marsh, No Mans Land Swamp, Peat Swamp, Pecks Swamp, Perkins Swamp, Pine Swamp, Pine Swamp, Poplar Swamp, Popple Swamp, Red Spruce Swamp, Ripley Swamp, Robbins Swamp, Rumsey Meadow (historical), Smith Meadow, Spruce Swamp, Tamarack Swamp, Whitten Swamp, Wildcat Swamp

  Towers     show all on map

Candlewood Lookout Tower, Memorial Clock Tower, Mohawk Tower, Roxbury Fire Tower, WGSK-FM (South Kent), WSNG-AM (Torrington)

  Trails     show all on map

Candlewood Trail, Mattatuck Trail

  Tunnels     show all on map

Terryville Tunnel

  Valleys     show all on map

Clatter Valley, Cream Hollow, Dean Ravine, Housatonic Valley, Housatonic Valley, Johnson Hollow, Kent Hollow, Marks Hollow, Pinnacle Valley, Sages Ravine, Wildcat Hollow,

Litchfield County, Connecticut Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteLitchfield County White population 177,765177,765  
AsianLitchfield County Asian population 3,1883,187
MixedLitchfield County Mixed population 2,8132,812
American IndianLitchfield County American Indian population 563562
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderLitchfield County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 188187

Additional population tables :
State population table
Connecticut population by county