New Haven County, Connecticut Basics:

New Haven County Connecticut - Government Site

Population: 863,604
Area: 605 square miles
County seat: New Haven
Area code(s) in use: 203
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 88.0%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 32.7%
Median household income: $62,234
Persons in poverty: 12.0%
Home ownership rate: 64.2%
Mean travel time to work: 24.1 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Fairfield  Hartford  Litchfield  Middlesex  

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Map of the New Haven County area

Our detail map of New Haven County shows the New Haven County, Connecticut boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in New Haven County, Connecticut

  Airports     show all on map

American Cyanamid Company Heliport, Ansonia Airfield, Bethany Airport (historical), Bob Thomas Ford Heliport, Bristol-Myers/Squibb Company Heliport, Burke Heliport, C N Flagg Heliport, Clark Heliport, Consumer Products Division/Warner-Lambert Company Heliport, Griswold Airport, HSI Heliport, Meriden Markham Municipal Airport, Meriden-Wallingford Hospital Heliport, Miry Dam Heliport, North Branford Heliport, North Haven Heliport, Partyka Chevrolet Heliport, Reeds Gap Heliport, Rondo Heliport, Saint Marys Heliport, Tie Communications Heliport, Timex Heliport, Tweed-New Haven Airport, USSC/NH Heliport, Wallingford Airport (historical), Waterbury-Oxford Airport, West Haven Airport (historical), Yale New Haven Hospital Heliport

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Giants Playground

  Bars     show all on map

Adams Fall, Bradley Rocks, Branford Reef, Browns Reef, Charles Reef, Chimney Corner Reef, Culvar Bar, East Reef, Falkner Island Reef, Five Foot Rock, Gangway Rock, Goose Rocks Shoals, Half Acre Rock, Indian Reef, Inner Reef, Leetus Rocks, Madison Reef, Mary Ann Bar, Mary Ann Bar, Mermaid Rock, Moon Rock, Moulthrops Bar, Negros Head, Netties Reef, Northford Rock, Northwest Reef, Old Head Reef, Pardee Bar, Quixes Ledge, Riding Rock, Savin Rock, Shag Bank, Shag Bar, South West Ledge, The Tailings, Townshend Ledge, Wheaton Reef

  Bays     show all on map

Beard Cove (historical), Big Cove, Bloody Cove, Branford Cove, Branford Harbor, Foster Hole, Granite Bay, Great Lots Cove (historical), Guilford Harbor, Hotchkiss Cove, Indian Cove, Island Bay, Jackson Cove, Joshua Cove, Kidd Harbor, Lamphier Cove, Lindsey Cove, Little Harbor, Maltby Cove, Milford Harbor, Morris Cove, New Haven Harbor, Pages Cove, Pink House Cove, Sachem Head Harbor, Smith Bay, The Bar, The Gulf, Thimble Island Harbor, Tylers Cove, Winter Harbor

  Beaches     show all on map

Bayview Beach, Burwells Beach, Circle Beach, Dossin Park Beach, East Rive Beach, Farview Beach, Fort Trumbull Beach, Front Beach, Gulf Beach, Gulf Beach, Hammonasset Beach, Hotchkiss Cove Beach, Hotchkiss Grove Beach, Jacobs Public Beach, Laurel Beach, Limewood Beach, Momauguin Beach, Morningside Beach, Oyster River Beach, Point Beach, Pond Point Beach, Prospect Beach, Rocky Beach, Sea Bluff Beach, Shell Beach, Short Beach, Silver Sands Beach, Sunset Beach, Walnut Public Beach, West Silver Sands Beach

  Bridges     show all on map

Broad Street Bridge, Chapel Street Bridge, Ferry Bridge, Grand Avenue Bridge, Great Bridge (historical), Gulf Bridge, Howletts Bridge, Lewis Bridge, Mansfield Bridge, Memorial Bridge, Pine Bridge, Salem Bridge, State Street Bridge, Thomson Bridge, Tomlinson Bridge, Towns Bridge, Tuttle Bridge (historical), Water Street Bridge, West River Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Acadia House, Access Ambulance Service SKMP Enterprises, Act 2 Theater, Albertus Magnus College Library, Alliance Theatre, Allington Community Center, Allington Public Library, Allingtown Fire District Headquarters, Allingtown Fire District Minor Park Station, Allis-Bushnell House and Museum, American Medical Response, Andrew Mellon Library, Andrews Homestead Museum, Ansonia Fire Department Charter Hose Company 4, Ansonia Fire Department Eagle Hose Company 6, Ansonia Fire Department Fountain Hose Company 1, Ansonia Fire Department Hilltop Hose Company 5, Ansonia Fire Department Webster Hose Company 3, Ansonia Library, Ansonia Nature and Recreation Center, Ansonia Rescue and Medical Services, Aquinas Building, Barnard Nature Center, Barry Building, Beacon Brook Health Care Center, Beacon Falls Fire Marshal's Office, Beacon Falls Public Library, Beacon Hose Company 1, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Bellamy Building, Berkeley College - North, Berkeley College - South, Bethany Town Hall and Community Center, Bethany Volunteer Firemans Association Headquarters, Bethany Volunteer Firemans Association Hinman Station, Bethel Building, Bingham Building, Boardman Building, Boyer Building, Boys and Girls Club, Bradley Building, Branford College, Branford Counseling Center, Branford Fire Department - Short Beach Company 4, Branford Fire Department Headquarters, Branford Fire Department Indian Neck Company 9, Branford Fire Department M P Rice Company 2, Branford Fire Department Stony Creek Company 5, Branford Historical Society Building, Brownell Building, Buckman Building, Buley Building, Calhoun College, Calvin Hill Day Care Center, Campion Ambulance Service, Campion Ambulance Service, Campus Center, Celentano Building, Center Church Parish House, Center for Jewish Life, Chapel Medical Building, Chapel on Edgewood Public Library, Charger Gymnasium, Chase Building, Cheshire Correctional Institution, Cheshire Fire Department Company 2, Cheshire Fire Department Company 3, Cheshire Fire Department Headquarters, Cheshire Town Hall, Church Building, Citizens Volunteer Hose Company 2, Clark Memorial Library, Clark Tavern (historical), Community House, Connecticut Audubon Coastal Center, Connecticut Building, Connecticut Childrens Museum, Connecticut Hall, Connecticut Mental Health Center, Connecticut Mental Health Center Library, Connecticut State Judicial Department Law Library, Connecticut State Medical Society, Connecticut Superior Court Building, Connecticut Superior Court Juvenile Court and Detention Center, Connecticut Trolley Museum, Coogan Pavilion, Cook Hill Volunteer Fire Department, Cosgrove Marcus Messer Sports Center, Cross Campus Library, Curtis Building, Curtist Memorial Library, Cushing-Whitney Library, Dana Building, Daughters of Isabella, Davenport College, Davenport Public Library, Davies House, Davis Building, Deacon John Grave House Museum, Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center Library, Derby Fire Alarm Headquarters, Derby Fire Department East End Hose Company 3, Derby Fire Department Hotchkiss Hose Company 1, Derby Fire Department Paugassett Hook and Ladder Company 4, Derby Fire Department Storms Engine Company 2, Derby Fire Marshal's Office, Derby Neck Library, Derby Public Library, Divinity Quadrangle, Dodd Building, Donald Mitchell Library, Dunham Building, Durfee Building, Dwight Co-operative Houses, E C Scranton Memorial Library, Earl Building, East Haven Fire Department Headquarters, East Haven Fire Department Station 3, East Haven Fire Department Station 4, East Haven Fire Department Station 6, East Wallingford Volunteer Fire Department, Educational Center for the Arts, Edward H Kirschbaum Library, Eli Whitney Barn, Eli Whitney Museum, Elks Club, Engleman Building, Esther Swinkin Memorial Library, Ezra Stiles College, Fannie Beach Community Center, Farnam Building, Farnam Wing, Farnham Building, Farnum House, Federal Building, First Congregational Church Library, Fisher Building, Fitkin Building, Fowler Memorial, Gateway Community-Technical College Library Media Center, Gaylord Hospital Medical Library, George Street Garage, Glendale Health Care Center, Grace Building, Great Hill Hose Company, Greeley Forestry Laboratory, Greenbriar Office Greenhouse and Rehabilitation Center, Griffin Hospital Health Science Library, Guilford Community Center, Guilford Fire Chief's Office, Guilford Fire Department Headquarters, Guilford Fire Department Station 1 / Washington Engine Company 1, Guilford Fire Department Station 2 / Eagle Hose Company 2, Guilford Fire Department Station 3 / F C Spencer Hook and Ladder Company 1, Guilford Fire Department Station 4 / North Guilford Company 4 / North Guilford Company 5, Guilford Free Library, Guilford Historic Town Center, Hagaman Memorial Library, Hamden Fire Department Station 2, Hamden Fire Department Station 3, Hamden Fire Department Station 4, Hamden Fire Department Station 9, Hamden Volunteer Fire Company Station 5, Hamden Volunteer Fire Company Station 7, Hamden Volunteer Fire Company Station 8, Harkness Building, Hendrie Building, Henry Whitfield State Historical Museum, Heritage Village Ambulance Association, Hickerson Building, High Plains Community Center, Highland Heights, Hilton C Buley Library, Holocaust Memorial, Hope Building, Hotchkiss House, Howard Whittemore Memorial Library, Human Relations Area File Library, Hunter Building, Hunters Ambulance Service, Hunters Ambulance Service - Wallingford, Hyland House Museum, Immanuel Baptist Shelter, Institute of Sacred Music, J Edwards College, James Blackstone Memorial Library, James Dwight Dana House, Jenkins Laboratory, Jennings Building, Jewish Community Center of Greater New Haven, Jewish Historical Society Building, Jewish Home for the Aged, John Lyman Performing Arts Center, Johnson Laboratory, Jones Auditorium, Kaplan Building, Kellogg Environmental Center, Knapps Tavern (historical), Knights of Columbus Supreme Council, Knights of Columbus Supreme Council Archives, Lang Building, Lauder Building, Laurelton Hall, Law Enforcement Resource Center, Lawrence Building, Leila Day Child Care Center, Linsly-Chittenden Building, Lippard Building, Little Theatre, Long Wharf Maritime Center, Long Wharf Theatre, Lyman Center, Madison Ambulance Association, Madison Fire Marshal's Office, Madison Historical Society Building, Madison Hose Company 1, Manson Youth Institution, Marian Building, Marsh Building, Marvin K Peterson Library, Mary and James Dimeo Library, Mary Harkness Auditorium, Mason Branch Library, Masonic Temple, Masonic Temple, Mattatuck Historical Society Building, Mattatuck Historical Society Library, Mattatuck Museum, Max R Traurig Learning Resources Center, Maxcy Building, McAuliffe Building, McClellan Building, McKeon Building, Meigs Point Nature Center, Mellon House, Meriden Fire Engine Company 1, Meriden Fire Engine Company 2, Meriden Fire Engine Company 3, Meriden Fire Engine Company 4, Meriden Fire Engine Company 5, Meriden Fire Prevention, Meriden Public Library, Middlebury Public Library, Middlebury Volunteer Fire Department Headquarters, Middlebury Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Milford Chamber of Commerce, Milford City Hall, Milford Fire Department Headquarters, Milford Fire Department Station 5, Milford Fire Department Station 6, Milford Fire Department Station 7, Milford Fire Department Station 8, Milford Historical Society Complex, Milford Public Library, Miller Memorial Library, Morrill Building, Morse College, Mount Carmel Childrens Home (historical), National Art Museum of Sport, Naugatuck Ambulance, Naugatuck Fire Department Eastside Station, Naugatuck Fire Department Headquarters, Naugatuck Fire Marshal's Office, Naugatuck Town Hall, Neff Building, Nelson Ambulance, Nelson Ambulance Service SKMP Enterprises, New Haven Chamber of Commerce, New Haven City Hall, New Haven Colonial Historical Society Building, New Haven Community Center, New Haven Correctional Center, New Haven County Courthouse, New Haven Fire Communications, New Haven Fire Department Engine Company 10, New Haven Fire Department Engine Company 11, New Haven Fire Department Engine Company 15, New Haven Fire Department Engine Company 16, New Haven Fire Department Engine Company 17, New Haven Fire Department Engine Company 4, New Haven Fire Department Engine Company 5, New Haven Fire Department Engine Company 6, New Haven Fire Department Engine Company 8, New Haven Fire Department Engine Company 9, New Haven Fire Training Academy, New Haven Foundation, New Haven Free Public Library, New Haven Jewish Home for the Aged, New Haven Law Library, New Haven Nursing Center, New Haven Veterans Coliseum (historical), New Haven Warehouse, Nilan Building, North Branford Fire Department Company 1, North Branford Fire Department Company 2, North Branford Fire Department Company 3, North Branford Fire Department Company 4, North Branford Town Hall, North Building, North Campus Residence Complex, North Farms Volunteer Fire Department, North Haven Fire Department Headquarters, North Haven Fire Department Montowese Volunteer Fire Company, North Haven Fire Department Northeast Volunteer Fire Company, North Haven Fire Department West Ridge Volunteer Fire Company, North Haven Town Hall, North Madison Volunteer Fire Company, Northams House, Oakdale Theater, Old Stone House, Old Town Museum, One Hundred Second Infantry Regiment Museum, Orange Public Library, Orange Town Hall, Orange Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Orange Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Orlando Building, Osborne Homestead Museum, Osborne Library, Otis House, Overseas Mission Study Center, Oxford Ambulance Association, Oxford Public Library, Oxford Town Hall, Oxford Volunteer Fire Department Center Company, Oxford Volunteer Fire Department Quaker Farms Company, Oxford Volunteer Fire Department Riverside Company, Paier College of Art Library, Palace Theater, Parsons Government Center, Payne Whitney Gymnasium, Pelz Building, Peterson Library, Piantino Library, Pierce Laboratory, Pierson College, Planned Parenthood of Connecticut Library, Polish Roman Catholic League, Porter Building, Prince Hall Masonic Temple, Prince Professional Center, Prospect Public Library, Prospect Town Garage, Putnam Cottage Museum, Quinnipiac College Library, Ray Tompkins Building, Revival Center, Rosary Building, Sabbathday House, Saint Francis Home, Saint Josephs Building, Saint Raphael Hospital Health Sciences Library, Saint Thomas More Center, Sansbury Building, Saybrook College, Schwartz Hall, Science Park Building 1, Science Park Building 115, Science Park Building 117, Science Park Building 118, Science Park Building 120, Science Park Building 121, Science Park Building 124, Science Park Building 15, Science Park Building 2, Science Park Building 25, Science Park Building 26, Science Park Building 29, Science Park Building 4, Science Park Building 5, Science Park Building Number 14, Scranton Professional Building, Seabury Building, Seymour Public Library, Seymour Volunteer Ambulance Association, Sheffield Building, Sherman Medical Building, Shubert Performing Arts Center, Siena Building, Silas Bronson Library, Silliman College, Slate Library, Smillow Field House, South Central Rehabilitation Center, South Meriden Volunteer Fire Department, Southbury Ambulance Association, Southbury Fire Marshal's Office, Southbury Playhouse, Southbury Public Library, Southbury Training School Fire Department, Southbury Training School Medical Library, Southbury Volunteer Firemens Association Headquarters, Southbury Volunteer Firemens Association Purchase Fire House, Southbury Volunteer Firemens Association South Britain Fire House, Southbury Volunteer Firemens Association Southford Fire House, Sprague Building, Stanley Downs Memorial Building, State of Connecticut Social Services, Sterling Hall, Sterling Law Building, Sterling Library, Sterling Opera House, Stetson Branch Library, Stores Receiving, Storm Engine Company Ambulance and Rescue Corps, Street Building, Taylor Memorial Library, Temple Emanuel Library, The Museum, Timothy Dwight College, Tompkins Building, Totoket Historical Society Building, Traurig Library and Learning Resources Center, Trumbll College, Ukranian Heritage Center, United Church of Christ Library, University Theater, Vanderbilt Building, Verdi Building, Veterans Memorial Hospital Health Sciences Library, Volunteer Fire Department of Prospect, Wallingford Department of Fire Services, Wallingford Fire Department Company 1, Wallingford Fire Marshal's Office, Wallingford Historical Society Building, Wallingford Historical Society Library, Wallingford Public Library, Wallingford Town Hall, Walsh Building, Water Learning Laboratory, Waterbury Chamber of Commerce, Waterbury Fire Chief's Office, Waterbury Fire Department Station 10 Headquarters, Waterbury Fire Department Station 11, Waterbury Fire Department Station 2, Waterbury Fire Department Station 4, Waterbury Fire Department Station 5, Waterbury Fire Department Station 6, Waterbury Fire Department Station 7, Waterbury Fire Department Station 8, Waterbury Fire Department Station 9, Waterbury Hospital Health Center Library, Waterbury Municipal Center Complex, Waterbury Republican and American Library, Webster Correctional Institution (historical), Welch Building, West Haven Chamber of Commerce, West Haven Fire Department Headquarters, West Haven Fire Department Hook and Ladder Company 1, West Haven Fire Department Savin Rock Hose Company 4, West Haven Fire Department Steven Heights Company 5, West Haven Public Library, West River Senior Center, West Rock Nature Center, West Shore Fire District Benham Hill Station, West Shore Fire District Headquarters, Whalley Center, Whitney Humanities Center, Whitney Library, Whitney Water Center, Wilkinson Building, Willoughby Wallace Memorial Library, Winchester Building, Winchester Building, Winter Sports Building, Wintergreen Building, Wolcott Fire Chief's Office, Wolcott Public Library, Wolcott Volunteer Ambulance Association, Wolcott Volunteer Fire Department Company 1, Wolcott Volunteer Fire Department Company 2, Wolcott Volunteer Fire Department Company 3, Woodbridge Fire Department, Woodbridge Town Library, Woolsey Building, Wright Building, Wright Nuclear Structure Laboratory, Yale Art Gallery, Yale Bowl, Yale Co-op, Yale Divinity School, Yale Physicians Building, Yalesville Volunteer Fire Department, Young Israel of New Haven, Young Mens Institute Library, YWCA

  Capes     show all on map

Baldwin Point, Bradley Point, Branford Point, Brown Point, Burns Point, Cart Point (historical), Chipman Point, City Point, Clark Point, Dragon Point, Dutch House Point (historical), Flying Point, Fort Hale Point, Goat Point, Grape Vine Point, Great Neck, Guilford Point, Hammonasset Point, Harrison Point, Haycock Point, Hoadley Point, Hogshead Point, Horton Point, Indian Neck, Indian Neck, Indian Neck Point, Jeffrey Point, Johnson Point, Johnson Point, Joshua Point, Joshua Point, Juniper Point, Leetes Island, Lighthouse Point, Linden Point, Mansfield Point, Merwin Point, Milford Point, Morgan Point, Morris Neck, Mulberry Point, O' Sullivan Island, Oyster River Point, Pawson Point, Paynes Point, Pleasant Point, Pond Point, Prudden Point, Sachem Head, Sackett Point, South End Point, Stable Point, Stanley Point, Sylvan Point, Town Neck, Tuttles Point, Uncas Point, Veddar Point, Vineyard Point, Webster Point, Welches Point, Wigwam Neck

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Alderbrook Cemetery, All Saints Cemetery, All Saints Cemetery, B'nail Jacob Memorial Park, B'nail Scholom Cemetery, Bare Plain Cemetery, Beaverdale Memorial Park, Beth El Synagogue Cemetery, Bluff Head Cemetery, Branford Center Cemetery, Broad Street Cemetery, Brockett Hill Cemetery, Brookside Cemetery, Bucks Hill Cemetery, Burying Ground 1720, Calvary Cemetery, Carrington Cemetery, Center Cemetery, Center Cemetery, Center Church Cemetery, Center Street Cemetery, Central Burying Grounds, Cheshire Street Cemetery, City Cemetery, Congregation Beth El Cemetery, Congregation Bethel of Ansonia Cemetery, Congregation Mishkan Israel Cemetery, Damascus Cemetery, East Cemetery, East Farms Cemetery, East Lawn Cemetery, Eastside Cemetery, Edgewood Cemetery, Elm Street Cemetery, Evergreen Cemetery, Gethsemane Cemetery, Great Hill Cemetery, Greenlawn Cemetery, Grove Cemetery, Grove Street Cemetery, Guntown Cemetery, Hamden Plains Cemetery, Hammonasset Cemetery, Hebrew Cemetery, Hillside Cemetery, Hillside Cemetery, Hillside Cemetery, Holy Land Cemetery, Holy Trinity Cemetery, In Memoriam Cemetery, Jacks Hill Cemetery, Kings Highway Cemetery, Lithuanian Cemetery, Lufbery Memorial Park, Mapledale Cemetery (historical), Marcus Cooke Memorial Park, Masonic Cemetery, Meriden Hebrew Cemetery, Middlebury Cemetery, Middleground Cemetery, Milford Cemetery, Milford Cemetery, Milford Side Cemetery, Mill Plain Cemetery, Mishkan Israel Cemetery, Montowese Cemetery, Mount Saint Peters Cemetery, Mountain View Cemetery, New Haven Crypt Cemetery, New Pine Grove Cemetery, New Saint Bridget Cemetery, New Saint Josephs Cemetery, Northeast Burying Ground, Northford Cemetery, Northwest Cemetery, Nut Plains Cemetery, Oak Cliff Cemetery, Oak Grove Cemetery, Old Bethany Cemetery, Old Cemetery, Old Saint Josephs Cemetery, Orange Center Cemetery, Pine Bridge Cemetery, Pine Grove Cemetery, Pine Grove Cemetery, Pine Hill Cemetery, Pine Hill Cemetery, Prospect Cemetery, Riverside Cemetery, Sacred Heart Cemetery, Saint Agnes Cemetery, Saint Augustine Cemetery, Saint Bernards Cemetery, Saint Casimirs Cemetery, Saint James Cemetery, Saint Johns Cemetery, Saint Laurents Cemetery, Saint Lawrence Cemetery, Saint Marys Cemetery, Saint Marys Cemetery, Saint Marys Cemetery, Saint Michaels Cemetery, Saint Patricks Cemetery, Saint Stanislaus Cemetery, Saints Peter and Paul Cemetery, Salem Bridge Cemetery, Smith Elementary School, Southford Cemetery, Sperry Cemetery, Sperry Cemetery, Stiles Memorial Cemetery, Street Memorial Park, Summer Hill Cemetery, Tabor Cemetery, Trinity Cemetery, Union Cemetery, Union Cemetery, Walker Farm Cemetery, Walnut Grove Cemetery, West Cemetery, West Haven Green Cemetery, West River Memorial Park, West Side Cemetery, West Side Cemetery, Westside Cemetery, Westville Cemetery, Westwood Cemetery, Woodin Street Cemetery, Woodtick Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Branford Center Census Designated Place, Cheshire Village Census Designated Place, East Haven Census Designated Place, Guilford Center Census Designated Place, Heritage Village Census Designated Place, Madison Center Census Designated Place, North Haven Census Designated Place, Orange Census Designated Place, Wallingford Center Census Designated Place

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New Haven Harbor Entrance Channel

  Churches     show all on map

Advent Christian Church, Agape Christian Center, All Saints Episcopal Church, All Saints Parish Church, Alpha and Omega Church, Amazing Grace Baptist Church, Ansonia Church of Christ, Anthony Building Chapel, Apostolic Church of Deliverance, Apostolic Community Church, Assumpton Church, Battell Chapel, Beacon House Full Gospel Church, Berean Assembly of God Church, Berean Baptist Church, Beth Israel Synagogue, Bethany Lutheran Church, Bethany Missionary Baptist Church, Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Bethel Assembly of God Church, Bethel Assembly of God Church, Bible Church of Waterbury, Bible Gospel Center, Bibleway Church, Bienvenota Iglesias, Bikur Cholem Sheveth Achim, Blessed Sacrament Church, Blessed Sacrament Church, Branford Bible Church, Bunker Hill Congregational Church, Calvary Alliance Church, Calvary Apostolic Church, Calvary Baptist Church, Calvary Baptist Church, Calvary Baptist Church, Calvary Temple, Calvary United Pentecostal Church, Center Church on the Green, Center Congregational Church, Center Congregational Church, Central Baptist Church, Cheshire United Methodist Church, Christ and the Epiphany Church, Christ Chapel, Christ Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Christ Church, Christ Church, Christ Church of Ansonia, Christ Deliverance Church, Christ Episcopal Church, Christ Episcopal Church, Christ Episcopal Church, Christ Episcopal Church, Christ Lutheran Church, Christ the Redeemer Roman Catholic Church, Christadelphian Chapel, Christian and Missionary Alliance Church, Christian Community Church, Christian Fellowship Church of God, Christian Life Fellowship, Christian Pentecostal Church, Christian Tabernacle Baptist Church, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of God and Saints of Christ Church, Church of God in Christ, Church of God New Testament Church, Church of God of Prophecy, Church of the Ascension, Church of the Epiphany, Church of the Epiphany, Church of the Good Shepherd, Church of the Good Shepherd, Church of the Good Shepherd, Church of the Immaculate Conception, Church of the Living God, Church of the Nazarene, Church of the Nazarene, Church of the Redeemer, Church of the Resurrection, Church of the Resurrection, Church of the Sacred Heart, Clinton African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Community Baptist Church, Community Bible Church, Congregation B'Nai Jacob, Congregation Beth El Keser Israel, Congregation of Shalom, Cornerstone Christian Center, Cornerstone Church, Daughters of the Holy Spirit Church, Deliverance Church of God, Derby United Methodist Church, Dixwell Avenue Congregational Church, Dixwell Avenue United Church of Christ, Door of Hope Community Church, Dunbar United Church of Christ, Dwight Chapel, East Pearl Street United Methodist Church, Ebenezer Chapel, Edwards Abbey, Emanuel Lutheran Church, Evangelical and Reformed United Church of Christ, Evangelical Baptist Church, Evangelical Baptist Church, Evangelical Baptist Church, Evangelical Christian Church, Evangelical Free Church, Evangelical Temple Church of God, Faith Baptist Church, Faith Center Church, Faith Temple Church of God, Faith Temple Revival Center, Faith United Methodist Church, Family Christian Worship Center, First Assembly of God Church, First Assembly of God Church, First Assembly of God Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church of Ansonia, First Baptist Church of Branford, First Baptist Church of Guilford, First Baptist Church of Meriden, First Church of Christ, First Church of Christ, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Congregational Church, First Congregational Church, First Congregational Church, First Congregational Church, First Congregational Church, First Congregational Church, First Congregational Church, First Congregational Church, First Congregational Church, First Congregational Church, First Congregational Church of West Haven, First Lutheran Church, First Methodist Church, First Presbyterian Church, First Unitarian Universalist Church, First United Church of Christ, First United Methodist Church, First United Methodist Church, First United Methodist Church, First United Methodist Church, Friendship Baptist Church, Friendship Baptist Church, Gateway Christian Fellowship Church, Good Samaritan Pentecostal Church, Good Shepherd Holiness Church, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Grace and Saint Peters Episcopal Church, Grace Baptist Church, Grace Baptist Church, Grace Baptist Church, Great Hills United Methodist Church, Greater New Haven Emanuel Temple, Hamden Plains United Methodist Church, Heritage Baptist Church, Hillside Covenant Church, Holiness Church of Christ Center, Holy Angels Church, Holy Infant Church, Holy Rosary Church, Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, Holy Trinity Orthodox Church, Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church, Holy Virgin Mary-Nativity Church, House of Jacob Church, Iglesia Cristiana, Iglesia De Dios, Iglesia Mision Juan 539, Immaculate Conception Church, Immanuel Baptist Church, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Immanuel Saint James Episcopal Church, Inspirational Evangelistic Church, John 316 Christian Church, Joy of Israel Congregation, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Korean Catholic Church, Korean Presbyterian Church, Liberty Community Church, Lighthouse Baptist Church, Little Rock Church of Christ, Living Faith Christian Church, Lutheran Church of Cheshire, Lutheran Church of Madison, Macedonia Baptist Church, Macedonia Church, Main Street Baptist Church, Mary Taylor United Methodist Church, Masjid al-Islam, Masjid Muhammad New Haven, McCall African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Meriden Hills Baptist Church, Middlebury Baptist Church, Middlebury Congregational Church, Mill Plain Union Church, Montowese Baptist Church, Morningstar Church, Mount Calvary Deliverance Church, Mount Carmel Congregational Church, Mount Gideon Faith Fellowship, Mount Hebron Baptist Church, Mount Hope Temple, Mount Olive African Methodist Episcopal Church, Mount Olive Church, Mount Olive Church of God, Mount Sacred Heart Convent, Mount Zion Pentecostal Church, Mount Zion-Christ Apostolic Church, Naugatuck Congregational Church, Naugatuck Valley Community Church, Nazareth Pentecostal Church, New Apostolic Church, New Freedom Baptist Church, New Haven Friends Church, New Haven Shambhala Center, New Hope Baptist Church, New Life Apostolic Church, North Branford Congregational Church, North Guilford Congregational Church, North Haven Congregational Church, Northford Congregational Church, Old Stone Church, Olivet Baptist Church, Orange Congregation-Jehovahs Church, Orange Congregational Church, Our Lady of Fatima Church, Our Lady of Fatima Church, Our Lady of Grace Monastery, Our Lady of Lebanon Catholic Church, Our Lady of Loreto Church, Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Roman Catholic Church, Our Lady of Pompeii Church, Our Lady of the Assumption Church, Our Lady of Victory Roman Catholic Church, Oxford United Church of Christ, Parker African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Pentecostal Assembly Church, Pilgrim Church, Pinebrook Assembly of God Church, Plymouth Church, Plymouth Congregational Church, Pond Hill Baptist Church, Prayer and Deliverance Church, Prospect Congregational Church, Refuge Church of Christ, Rehoboth Church of God, Resurrection Lutheran Church, River Valley Baptist Church, Sacred Heart Church, Sacred Heart Church, Saint Aedans Church, Saint Andrews Church, Saint Andrews Episcopal Church, Saint Andrews Episcopal Church, Saint Annes Church, Saint Anns Church, Saint Anns Church, Saint Anns Roman Catholic Church, Saint Anthony Roman Catholic Church, Saint Anthonys Church, Saint Anthonys Church, Saint Augustines Church, Saint Augustines Church, Saint Barbara Greek Orthodox Church, Saint Barnabas Church, Saint Bernadettes Church, Saint Bonifaces Church, Saint Brendens Roman Catholic Church, Saint Bridgets Church, Saint Casimirs Polish Catholic Church, Saint Casimirs Roman Catholic Church, Saint Cecilia Evangelization Church, Saint Clare Church, Saint Donatos Church, Saint Elizabeths Church, Saint Francis Church, Saint Francis Church, Saint Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Church, Saint George Catholic Church, Saint George Episcopal Church, Saint James Episcopal Church, Saint James Unity Holiness Church, Saint Joan of Arc Church, Saint John Lutheran Church, Saint John of the Cross Church, Saint John the Baptist Catholic Church, Saint John the Evangelist Episcopal Church, Saint John Vianney Church, Saint John Vianney Church, Saint Johns By-The-Sea Episcopal Church, Saint Johns Episcopal Church, Saint Johns Episcopal Church, Saint Johns Episcopal Church, Saint Johns Episcopal Church, Saint Johns Evangelical Lutheran Church, Saint Joseph Church, Saint Joseph Roman Catholic Church, Saint Josephs Church, Saint Josephs Parish Church, Saint Judes Church, Saint Laurent Roman Catholic Church, Saint Lawrences Church, Saint Leo the Great Church, Saint Louis Church, Saint Lucys Church, Saint Lukes Episcopal Church, Saint Margaret Roman Catholic Church, Saint Maria Goretti Church, Saint Martin de Pores Catholic Church, Saint Mary Church and Priory, Saint Marys Church, Saint Marys Church, Saint Marys Church, Saint Marys Church of Branford, Saint Marys Convent, Saint Marys Russian Orthodox Church, Saint Marys United Free Will Baptist Church, Saint Matthew United Freewill Baptist Church, Saint Michaels Church, Saint Michaels Church, Saint Michaels Roman Catholic Church, Saint Michaels Roman Catholic CHurch, Saint Michaels Ukranian Catholic Church, Saint Monicas Church, Saint Nicholas Church, Saint Pauls Church, Saint Pauls Episcopal Church, Saint Pauls Episcopal Church, Saint Pauls Lutheran Church, Saint Pauls Union African Methodist Episcopal Church, Saint Peter and Pauls Church, Saint Peter and Saint Paul Ukranian Church, Saint Peters Church, Saint Peters Church, Saint Peters Episcopal Church, Saint Puis X Church, Saint Ritas Church, Saint Rose Roman Catholic Church, Saint Roses Church, Saint Stanislaus Kosta Church, Saint Stanislaus Roman Catholic Church, Saint Stanislaus Roman Catholic Church, Saint Stephens African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Saint Stephens Church, Saint Thereses Church, Saint Thomas Becketts Church, Saint Thomas Church, Saint Thomas Episcopal Church, Saint Vincent DePauls Church, Saint Vincent Ferrer Church, Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Church, Saints Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church, Salem Lutheran Church, Salvation Army, Second Congregational Church, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Seymour United Methodist Church, Shaw Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Shekinah Glory Apostolic Church, Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, Sisters of Notre Dame Church, South Britain Congregational Church, South Congregational Church, South Meriden United Methodist Church, Spring Glen Church, Star Bethlehem Church, Straightway Church, Sweet Hope Plain Free Will Baptist Church, Tabor Lutheran Church, Temple B'Nai Abraham, Temple Beth Shalom, Temple Beth Tikvah, Temple of Faith Church, Temple Victory, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Meeting Place, Three Saints Orthodox Church, Totoket Valley Church, Trinity Episcopal Church, Trinity Episcopal Church, Trinity Episcopal Church, Trinity Evangelical Free Church, Trinity Temple Church of God in Christ, Turkish Islamid Cultural Associates, Union Temple, Unitarian Society of New Haven Church, Unitarian Universalist Church, United Brethren in Christ Church, United Church, United Church of Christ, United Church of Christ, United Church of Christ, United Church of Westville, United House of Prayer Church, United Methodist Church, United Methodist Church, United Methodist Church of Waterbury, United Pentecostal Church, Universal Life-Inner Religion Church, Valley Assembly of God Church, Varick African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Victory Temple, Vineyard Christian Fellowship Church, Virgin Mary and Archangle Church, Walk of Faith Church, Waterbury Baptist Ministries, Way of the Cross Church, Wesley United Methodist Church, West Haven Church of God, West Woods Bible Chapel, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Westside Church of Christ, White Oak Baptist Church, White Oak Church (historical), Whitneyville Congregational Church, Wildemere Beach Church, Wolcott Community Bible Church, Wolcott Congregational Church, Woodmont United Church of Christ, Yalesville United Methodist Church, Yeshiva Gedolah Lubavith Chabad Minyan, Zen Center of New Haven, Zion Baptist Church, Zion Episcopal Church, Zion Lutheran Church, Zion Lutheran Church, Zion Lutheran Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Bluff Head, Broomstick Ledges, Chimney Corner, Forbes Bluff, Sandy Point

  Crossings     show all on map

Interchange 1, Interchange 10, Interchange 11, Interchange 12, Interchange 13, Interchange 14, Interchange 14, Interchange 15, Interchange 16, Interchange 17, Interchange 18, Interchange 2, Interchange 3, Interchange 34, Interchange 35, Interchange 36, Interchange 37, Interchange 38, Interchange 39, Interchange 40, Interchange 41, Interchange 42, Interchange 43, Interchange 44, Interchange 46, Interchange 47, Interchange 48, Interchange 50, Interchange 51, Interchange 52, Interchange 53, Interchange 54, Interchange 54, Interchange 55, Interchange 55, Interchange 56, Interchange 56, Interchange 57, Interchange 6, Interchange 60, Interchange 61, Interchange 62, Interchange 66, Interchange 67, Interchange 7, Interchange 8, Interchange Sixty

  Dams     show all on map

Anaconda American Brass Company Dam, Baldwins Pond Dam, Beaver Brook Dam, Beaver Pond Dam, Bishops Pond Dam, Black Pond Dam, Bladens River Dam, Bradley Hubbard Reservoir Dam, Branford Supply Ponds Dam, Bristol Fish and Game Club Pond Dam, Broad Brook Reservoir Dam, Burns Point Jetty, Butterworth Dam, Carrington Pond Dam, Cedar Swamp Pond Dam, Cheshire Reservoir Dam, Chestnut Hill Dam, Cornelis Dam, East Brass Mill Dam, East Breakwater, East Mountain Reservoir Dam, Elmere Reservoir Dam, Farm Brook Dam Site 1, Farm Brook Site 2A Dam, Farm Brook Site 2B Dam, Farmington Canal Lock, Fountain Lake Dam, Glen Lake Dam, Graniss Pond Dam, Gravel Pond Dam, Great Brook Reservoir Dam, Great Hill Reservoir Dam, Guilford Lakes Lower Dam, Guilford Lakes Upper Dam, Hanover Pond Dam, High Hill Pond Dam, Hitchcock Lake Dam, Hoadley Pond Dam, Hop Brook Dam, Indian Lake Dam, Inner Breakwater, John Dees Pond Dam, Kelsey Pond Dam, Kerite Dam, Kinneytown Dam, Lake Bethany Dam, Lake Chamberlain Dam, Lake Dawson Dam, Lake Elise Dam, Lake Gaillard Dam, Lake Housatonic Dam, Lake Housatonic Dike, Lake Quassapaug Dam, Lake Saltonstall Dam, Lake Watrous Dam, Lake Whitney Dam, Lake Wintergreen Dam, Lane Pond Dam, Laurelwood Pond Dam, Long Jetty, Long Meadow Pond Dam, Lower Ansonia Reservoir Dam, Luddington Rock Breakwater, MacKenzie Reservoir Dam, Mad River Dam, Maltby Lake Dam Number 1, Maltby Lakes North Dam, Maltby Lakes West Dam, Maupas Pond Dam, Menuckatuck Reservoir Dam, Middle Reservoir Dam, Mirror Lake Dam, Mixville Pond Dam, Moss Farms Pond Dam, Mulberry Reservoir Dam, New Britain Reservoir Dam, New Naugatuck Reservoir Dam, North Farms Reservoir Dam, Old Naugatuck Reservoir Dam, Outer Breakwater, Pages Millpond Dam, Peat Swamp Reservoir Dam, Picketts Pond Dam, Pistapaug Pond Dam, Pritchards Pond Dam, Quillinan Reservoir Dam, Quonnipaug Lake Dam, Rimmon Dam, Risdon Pond Dam, Sandy Point Dike, Seymour Reservoir Number 1 Dam, Seymour Reservoir Number 2 Dam, Seymour Reservoir Number 3 Dam, Seymour Reservoir Number 4 Dam, Shedpaug Dam, Sheraug Dam, Simpson Pond Dam, Southington Reservoir Number 2 Dam, Sow and Pigs Jetty, Sperry Pond Dam, Straitsville Reservoir Dam, Swan Lake Dam, Thurston Pond Dam, Towantic Pond Dam, Turners Pond Dam, Ulbrich Reservoir Dam, Union City Dam, Upper Ansonia Reservoir Dam, Upper Lake Phipps Dam Number 1, Upper Lake Phipps Dam Number 2, Upper River Pond Dam, Wards Millpond Dam, Waterbury Reservoir Number 2 Dam, Wepawaug Reservoir Dam, West Breakwater, Whitney Dam, Wire Company Dam Number 2, Woodtick Reservoir Dam, Woodtick Reservoir Dike

  Flats     show all on map

Buell Flats, Great Flat, Podunk Great Plain, West Haven Flats

  Forests     show all on map

Naugatuck State Forest

  Gaps     show all on map

Reed Gap

  Guts     show all on map

Farm River Gut

  Hospitals     show all on map

Atrium Health Care Center, Chapel Medical Center, Connecticut Mental Health Center, Dixwell Health Center, East Pavilion, Easter Seals Rehabilitation Center, Gaylord Hospital, Griffin Hospital, Hill Health Center, Hospital of Saint Raphael, Long Wharf Health Center, Masonic Health Care Center, Memorial Hospital, Midstate Medical Center, Milford Hospital, Milford Mental Health Clinic, Orchard Medical Center, Regis Health Center, Saint Marys Hospital, Salem Health Care Center, Skyview Hospital, South Pavilion Hospital, The Connecticut Hospice, Undercliff Sanitorium, Veterans Affairs Connecticut Healthcare System West Haven Campus, Waterbury Hospital, West Pavilion Childrens Hospital, Yale - New Haven Hospital, Yale - New Haven Psychiatric Hospital, Yale Psychiatric Institute

  Islands     show all on map

Andrews Island, Ball Island, Bear Island, Beers Island, Belden Island, Big Boil, Big Indian, Bishop Rock, Black Rock, Blackstone Rocks, Bowman Rock, Burr Island, Cat Island, Cedar Island, Cedar Island, Chaffinch Island, Charles Island, Clam Island, Cut in Two Island, Darrow Rocks, Davis Island, Democrat Rock, Dick Rock, Dick Rocks, Dogfish Island, Duck Island, East Crib, East Indies Rocks, East Stooping Bush Island, Falkner Island, Foot Rocks, Foskett Island, Fowler Island, Frisbie Island, Goose Island, Goose Rocks, Governor Island, Grass Island, Green Island, Green Island, Gull Rock, Gull Rocks, Hatch Rock, Hen Island, High Island, Hog Island, Hookers Rock, Horse Island, Horse Island, House Chimney Island, Indian Islands, Inner White Top, Jefferson Rock, Jeffrey Rock, Johnson Island, Kelsey Island, Lewis Island, Little Duck Island (historical), Lobster Rock, Lovers Island, Marine Island, Mary Rock, Middle Rock, Middle Rock, Mine Island, Money Island, Moon Rock, Narrows Island, Nells Island, North Rocks, Northford Rock (historical), Old Cobble Rocks, Outer Island, Outer Thimble, Outer White Top, Pork Rocks, Pot Island, Potato Island, Red Point Rocks, Rogers Island, Round Rock, Saint Helena Island, Savin Rock, Sedge Island, Smith Island, Spectacle Island, Squaw Rocks, Stony Island, Sumac Island, Taunton Rock, The Chimneys, The Thimbles, Three Quarters Rock, Tuxis Island, Twin Rocks, Umbrella Island, Wayland Island, West Crib, Wheeler Island, White Top Rock, Willard Island, Wooster Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Abbotts Pond, Atwood Pond, Augurs Ice Pond, Axle Shop Pond, Baldwin Dudley Pond, Baldwins Pond, Barbers Pond, Bartlett Pond, Bartlett Pond, Baummer Pond, Beattie Pond, Beaver Pond, Beer Pond, Beetle Bung Pond, Bishops Pond, Bishops Pond, Bishops Pond, Branford Supply Ponds, Brooks Pond, Bruces Ice Pond, Capello Pond, Carrington Pond, Cedar Pond, Center Pond, Chanko Pond, City Mills Ponds, Clark Pond, Clarks Pond, Clarktown Pond, Clear Lake, Clintons Pond, Coan Pond, Colony Pond, Community Lake, Dayton Pond, Dudley Pond, Emery Pond, Enders Pond, Evers Pond, Fenn Pond, Foxon Pond, Frost Road Pond, Game Farm Pond, Goulds Pond, Graniss Pond, Griffins Pond, Gulf Pond, Hancock Pond, Hanover Pond, Hartens Pond, Hills Pond Number 1, Hills Pond Number 2, Hitchcock Lake, Hog Pond, Horse Pond, Horseshoe Lagoon, Hummers Pond, Indian Lake, Jepp Pond, Keley Pond, Kifmire Pond, Kneuer Pond, Konolds Pond, Lake Wepawaug, Lake Wequapauset, Lake Wintergreen, Lane Pond, Larsens Pond, Lidyhites Pond, Lily Pond, Linsley Pond, Little Tracys Pond, Little West Pond, Lower Fulton Park Pond, Lower Lagoon, Madison Lakes, Malleys Pond, Maltby Lake, Maupas Pond, Mirror Lake, Miry Dam Pond, Mixville Pond, Myer Huber Pond, Nathan Pond, Nichols Pond, Old Scroggie Pond, Pakovitch Ponds Number 1, Papermill Pond, Parkers Pond, Peck Pond, Pin Oak Pond, Pine Lake, Pirot Pond, Pollywog Pond, Pritchards Pond, Quirks Pond, Quonnipaug Lake, Rifle Range Pond, Roe Pond, Rose Mill Pond, Ruscom Pond, Schildgen Pond, Schumanns Pond, Shelley Lakes, Simpson Pond, Spring Lake, Spring Lake, Stannard Pond, Straw Pond, Talmage Pond, Talmages Ice Pond, Theriaults Ice Pond, Thirsty Lake, Thody Pond, Towantic Pond, Town Millpond, Turners Pond, Turtle Pond, Tuxis Pond, Union Ice Company Pond, Upper Fulton Park Pond, Upper Lagoon, Walker Pond, Water Company Pond Number 1, Welton Pond, West Lake, Whedons Pond, Witch Hazel Millpond, Wooding Ice Pond (historical), Woodings Pond, Woodruffs Pond, Youngs Pond

  Locales     show all on map

Acme Mall Shopping Center, Allerton Farms (historical), Alling Crossing, Alling Memorial Golf Course, Amity Shopping Center, Amity Village Shopping Center, Ansonia Landing Shopping Center, Ansonia Mall Shopping Center, Ansonia Plaza Shopping Center, Ashlar Village of the Masonic Charity, Atlantic Retail Outlet Shopping Center, Audubon Arts District, Bayshore Shopping Center, Beaver Hill Shopping Center, Bell Dock, Birchin (historical), Blackie (historical), Bradley Station (historical), Branford Craft Village Shopping Center, Branford Hills Plaza Shopping Center, Branford Square Shopping Center, Branhaven Shopping Center, Breakneck (historical), Brookside Industrial Park, Brushy Hill Shopping Center, Bull Hill Plaza Shopping Center, Caldor Shopping Center, Caldor Shopping Center, Camp Cedarcrest, Camp Clark, Camp Highland, Camp Hubinger, Camp Laurelwood, Camp Palmer, Cart Point Landing (historical), Centennial Plaza Shopping Center, Central Shopping Plaza Shopping Center, Chamberlain Plaza Shopping Center, Chapel Day Plaza Shopping Center, Chapel Square Mall Shopping Center, Chase Country Club, Cherry Hill Shopping Center, Cheshire Golf Course (historical), Cheshire Industrial Park, Cheshire Landfill Area, Cheshire Shopping Center, Cheshire Shopping Center, Cheshire Station (historical), College Plaza Shopping Center, Colonial Plaza Shopping Center, Colony Shopping Park Shopping Center, Commerce Campus Industrial Park, Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, Connecticut Post Mall Shopping Center, Connecticut State Boat Launching Area, Cooke Homestead (historical), Corners (historical), Coxe Cage, Crosspointe Plaza Shopping Center, Cullman Courts, Customhouse Square, Davenport Quarter (historical), Davis Corners (historical), Davis-Johns Corners (historical), Dayton Den (historical), Dell Lots (historical), Drazen Shopping Center, Dutch House Wharf (historical), East Haven Plaza Shopping Center, East Mountain Municipal Golf Course, East Wharf, Eaton Quarter (historical), Edwards Plaza Shopping Center, Elm Tree Corner (historical), Eseck Plain (historical), Express Plaza Shopping Center, Falkner Island Light, Fence Shott (historical), Firelite Shopping Center, Five Mile Point Lighthouse, Four Corners (historical), Four Corners (historical), Golfland Shopping Center, Grancentral Plaza Shopping Center, Granite Square Shopping Center, Grannis Corners, Grant Oak Shopping Center, Grassy Hill Country Club, Great Hills Country Club, Gregson Quarter (historical), Guilford Plaza Shopping Center, Guilford Station, Guilford Town Boat Landing, Hamden City Recycling Center, Hamden Mart Shopping Center, Hamden Plains (historical), Hamden Plaza Shopping Center, Hamden Village Fair Shopping Center, Hammonasset River Town Dock, Heritage Country Club, Hertfordshire Quarter (historical), Highland Greens Golf Course, Hop Brook Municipal Golf Course, Hop Garden (historical), Hughes Ferry (historical), Hunter Memorial Golf Course, Ingalls Hockey Rink, Israel Field (historical), Kiwanis Easter Seal Day Camp, Laurel View Country Club, Leavingsworth Ferry (historical), Lebanon Quarter (historical), Lighthouse Marina, Lincoln Plaza Shopping Center, Little Italy (historical), Little River Shopping Center, Lockworks Shopping Center, Lower Wharf (historical), Madison Country Club, Madison Shopping Plaza Shopping Center, Main Street (historical), Mallgate Plaza Shopping Center, Manson Youth Institution, Maplecroft Plaza Shopping Center, Market Place Shopping Center, Mattatuck Plaza Shopping Center, Meadow Shott (historical), Meadowbrook Country Club, Meadows End (historical), Melba Shopping Plaza Shopping Center, Meriden Hub Shopping Center, Meriden Parkade Shopping Center, Meriden Square Shopping Center, Mesites Plaza Shopping Center, Milford Plaza Shopping Center, Milford Yacht Club, Minor Brook, Montowese Shopping Plaza Shopping Center, Mount Carmel Shopping Center, Mount Carmel Station, Mountview Plaza Shopping Center, Naugatuck Avenue Shopping Center, Naugatuck Industrial Park, Naugatuck Valley Mall Shopping Center, New City (historical), New Haven Country Club, New Haven Lawn Club, New Haven Lighthouse, New Haven Long Whorf, New Haven Marina, New Haven Plaza Shopping Center, New Haven Station (historical), New Haven Yacht Club, Newman Quarter (historical), North End (historical), North Haven Shopping Center, North Madison Shopping Center, Northford Station (historical), Oak Lane Country Club, Old Gate Shopping Center, Old Westfield (historical), Orange Derby Shopping Center, Orange Hills Country Club, Orange Hills Country Club, Orange Meadows Shopping Center, Orange Promenade Shopping Center, Orange Shopping Center, Orchard Hill Plaza Shopping Center, Oxmour Plaza Shopping Center, Oyster Point Quarter (historical), Park Plaza Shopping Center, Parker Farms, Parker Farms Country Club, Pathmark Shopping Center, Peck Lane Plaza Shopping Center, Pergament Center Shopping Center, Phelps Gate, Phipps Lake Picnic Area, Pilgrim Harbor Country Club, Pilgrim Memorial, Pilgrims Harbor (historical), Pine Corners, Pine Orchard Club, Plaza on the Green Shopping Center, Pomperaug Golf Club, Pond Point Beach, Pond Point Shopping Center, Putnam Place Shopping Center, Quinnipiac Brewery (historical), Race Brook County Club, River View Country Club, Rubber Avenue Plaza Shopping Center, Sandy Point Lighthouse, Savin Rock Parkade Shopping Center, Shepard Pen (historical), Silver Mine Industrial Park, Sleeping Giant Country Club, South Britain Station (historical), South Commons Industrial Park, South Meriden Shopping Center, Southbury Shopping Plaza, Southbury Station (historical), Southwest Ledge Lighthouse, Stockadge Shoppes Shopping Center, Strawberry Hill Shopping Center, The Bent (historical), The Corner, Tigertown, Todds Grist Mill (historical), Town Line Square Shopping Center, Tranquility (historical), Tri Beach Country Club, Tri-Town Plaza Shopping Center, Trolley Museum, Trolley Square Shopping Center, Twin Lakes Golf Course, Tynan Crossing (historical), Union Station, University of New Haven Athletic Complex, University Place Shopping Center, Valley Shopping Center, Waldbaums Shopping Plaza Shopping Center, Wallingford Country Club, Waterbury Brass Mill (historical), Waterbury Country Club, Waterbury Plaza Shopping Center, Waterbury Plaza Shopping Center, Waterbury Union Station, Wayside Plaza Shopping Center, West Breakwater Lighthouse, West Haven Station (historical), West Wharf, Western Hills Municipal Golf Course, Westwood Plaza Shopping Center, Westwood Shopping Center, Westwoods Plaza Shopping Center, Wheelers Farm, White Oaks, Whites Corner (historical), Willowbrook Farms, Wolcott Plaza Shopping Center, Woodbridge Country Club, Woodhaven Country Club, Woodmont Station (historical), Woods, Yale Golf Club, Yalesville Station (historical), YMCA Camp

  Military     show all on map

Black Rock Revolutionary War Fort (historical), Coast Guard Station New Haven, Fort Nathan Hale (historical), Fort Trumbull (historical), Fort Wooster (historical), New Haven Army Air Field (historical)

  Mines     show all on map

Blakeslee Quarry (historical), Holbrook Quarry (historical), Jinny Hill Bartytes Mine (historical), Leetes Island Quarry (historical), Pine Rock Quarry

  Parks     show all on map

Abe Stone Park, Abe Stone Park, Allington Park, American Italian Civic Club Park, Amistad Memorial, Anderson Avenue Playground, Anthony Thompson Field, Art Park, Baldwin Marsh Wildlife Area, Bank Street Historic District, Bassett Park, Bayview Park, Bayview Park, Beacon Falls Town Recreation Field, Beaver Hills Historic District, Beaver Ponds Park, Beecher Park, Bend of the River Sanctuary, Benjamin J Nessing Memorial Park, Birch Wood Park, Bitner Park, Bowen Field, Bowling Green, Branford Center Historic District, Branford Point Historic District, Breen Field, Brewster Field, Broadway Squares, Bronson Avenue Park, Bronson Meadows Playground, Brook Glen Park, Brookside Park, Brooksvale Recreation Park, Bucks Hill Park, Carini Field, Cedar Park, Cedar Park, Center Square, Ceppa Field, Chaffinch Island State Park, Chapel Street Historic District, Charles E Wheeler Wildlife Area, Charles E Wheeler Wildlife Area, Chase Park, Chase Park, Cheshire Historic District, Cheshire Town Park, Chittenden Park, Clinton Park, Colonial Park (historical), Columbus Park, Columbus Park, Confield Park, Connecticut Law Enforcement Memorial, Constitution Square, Coon Hollow Park, Cottage Park, Coyle Field, Daniel Stewart Plaza, Davenport Playground, De Gale Field, Decosta Playground, Dewitt Cuyler Field, Diamond Hill Park, Doctor Francis Giuffrida Park, Doolittle Park, Downtown Seymour Historic District, East Haven Marsh Wildlife Area, East River Wildlife Area, East Rock Park, East Shore Park, Eaton Park, Edgerton Park, Edgewood Mall, Edgewood Park, Edgewood Park Historic District, Edward Park, Eisenhower Park, Elm Haven, Emerson Leonard Wildlife Area, Fairchild Park, Fairmont Park, Falcon Field, Farnam Memorial Gardens, Foley Stadium, Foote Memorial Park, Foote School Field, Fort Hill Park, Fort Wooster Park, Franam Courts Playground, Frank Field, Franklin Square, Fulton Park, Fusco Field, Garden Street Playground, Giuffrida Memorial Outdoor Center YMCA, Great Harbor Hunting Area, Great Harbor Wildlife Area, Guilford Town Green, Guilford Town Park, Habershon Field, Hamilton Park, Hammer Field, Hammonasset Natural Area Preserve, Hammonasset State Park, Harriet Wallace Park, Harrison Park, Hawley Avenue Playground, Hillhouse Avenue Historic District, Hillside Historic District, Holy Land Monument, Hope Memorial Field, Hotchkiss Field, Howard Avenue Historic District, Hubbard Park, Hubbard Park, Jackson Cove Park, Jess Dow Field, Jocelyn Square, John A Coe Park, Johnson Hill Park, Ken Strong Stadium, Kennedy Field, Kensington Avenue Park, Kensington Playground, Kettletown State Park, Kimberly Playgrounds, Lake Zoar Wildlife Area, Lakeside Park, Lakewood Park, Legion Field, Lenzi Playground, Library Park, Lighthouse Point Park, Lions Park, Lyman Hall Monument, Madison Green, Madison Green Historic District, Margaret Egan Center Park, Marsh Botanical Gardens, Mathewson Playground, Mattheis Park, McGrath Park, Meadowside Playground, Meeting House Hill Historic District, Michael Street Park, Middlebury Center Historic District, Middlebury Green, Middlebury Land Conservation Association, Milford Green, Mixville Park, Monitor Square, Moore Field, Morris Triangle, Morse Park, Mule Well Field, Munson Street Triangle, Murray Park, Nathan Hale Park, Nelligan Park, New Haven Green, New Haven Green Historic District, Nike Site Park, Ninth Square Historic District, Nolan Field, North End Field, Nut Plains Park, Orange Center Historic District, Orange Street Historic District, Osborndale State Park, Overlook Historic District, Oyster Point Historic District, Painter Park, Paradise Game Preserve, Pardee Rose Garden, Parker Memorial Park, Parker Memorial Park, Pawnson Park, Pawson Park Marsh Wildlife Area, Peddlers Park, Peters Rock Park, Peterson Park, Phelphs Triangle, Pines Bridge Historic District, Pitch Pines Park, Platt Park, Prageman Park, Prospect Gardens, Quassy Amusement Park, Quigley Stadium, Quinnipiac Park, Quinnipiac Park, Quinnipiac River Historic District, Quinnipiac River Marsh Wildlife Area, Quinnipiac River Public Access, Quinnipiac River State Park, Ray Park, Red Root Park, River Street Historic District, Robert Hutchins Parkette, Rowland Park, Russian Village Historic District, Saint Johns Field, Scott Road Park, Settlers Village (historical), Sherman Triangle, Shingle Hill Park, Silver Sands State Park, Sleeping Giant State Park, Sloping Acres Playground, South Britain Historic District, Southbury Historic District Number 1, Southford Falls State Park, Spireworth Park, Stanley Park, State Street Triangle, Stony Creek-Thimble Island Historic District, Supply Pond Park, The Esplanade, Town Hall Field, Town Plot, Triangular Park, Trowbridge Square Historic District, Union Square, Upper Main Street Historic District, Upper State Street Historic District, Veterans Memorial Park, Victory Memorial Park, Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park, Walco Park, Wallace Park, Walter Camp Field, Warsaw Park, Washington Field, Washington Park, Washington Park, Washington Playgrounds, Waterbury Green, Waterbury Municipal Stadium, Waterville Green, Welchs Point Park, West Haven Green, West Peak State Park, West River Wildlife Sanctuary, West Rock Park, West Rock Playground, West Rock Ridge State Park, West Side Field Park, Wexler Triangle, Wharton Brook State Park, Whitney Avenue Historic District, Whitney Grove Square, Whittemore Glen State Park, Wilcox Park, William D Bertini Park, Wooster Playground, Wooster Square, Wooster Square Historic District, Youngs Pond Park

  Pillars     show all on map

Baldwin Rock, Big Mermaid, Bird Rock, Blyn Rock, Bradley Rocks, Cow and Calf, Goshen Rock, High Rock, Pine Rock, Smith Rock

  Populated Places     show all on map

Allingtown, Ansonia, Ardmore in Burnt Hills, Arlington Heights, Armoryville (historical), Augerville, Autumn HIll, Baldwins Crossing, Barnesville, Bayview, Beacon Falls, Beaver Head Corner, Belvedere Heights, Berkshire Estates, Bethany, Bethany Wood, Boneville (historical), Bowers Hill, Bradleyville, Branford, Branford Hills, Brewsterville (historical), Brightview, Bronson Heights, Brooksvale, Bunker Hill, Burnt Hill, Cedar Beach, Cedar Land, Centerville, Cheshire, Cheshire Street (historical), City of Milford (balance), City Point, Clintonville, Coe Town (historical), Davidsons Corner, Deaconwood, Derby, Devon, Dexterville (historical), Double Beach, East Derby, East Farms, East Hanover (historical), East Haven, East Meriden, East Mountain, East River, East Wallingford, Eastside Park, Fair Haven, Fair Haven East, Fair Lawn, Fairmount, Fairview (historical), Fernwood Estates, Flanders (historical), Forest Heights, Forestview Terrace, Fort Hill Park, Fort Trumbull, Fox Hollow, Fox Hollow, Foxon, Frarysville (historical), Glen Ridge, Grand View Heights, Greenwood Heights, Guilford, Hamden, Hemingway Town (historical), Heritage Village, Highwood (historical), Hillbright, Hillcrest, Hoadley Neck, Honeypot Glen, Hopeville, Hotchkiss Grove (historical), Indian Neck, Ives Corner, Ivesville (historical), Jerusalem (historical), Kettletown, Kinneytown, Lakeside, Lakewood, Laurel Beach, Lebanon (historical), Leetes Island, Liberia (historical), Long Hill, Madison, Meadowbrook, Menunkatuc (historical), Meriden, Middle Beach, Middlebury, Milford, Milford Lawns, Mill Plain, Millbrook, Miller Memorial Community, Millville, Mixville, Mohawk Park, Momauguin, Montowese, Morningside, Morris Cove, Mount Carmel, Mount Carmel Center, Mountaincrest, Myrtle Beach, Naugatuck, Naugatuck (historical), Naugatuck Gardens, Naugatuck Junction, New Guinea (historical), New Halville, New Haven, Newton Heights, North Branford, North Guilford, North Haven, North Haven Bridge, North Madison, North Milford (historical), Northford, Nut Plains, Oakdale Manor, Old Milford (historical), Orange, Oronoke, Overlook, Overlook, Oxford, Paugusset (historical), Paynes Corners, Pine Bridge, Pine Orchard, Platts Knoll, Platts Mills, Podunk, Point Beach, Pondside, Prospect, Quaker Farms, Quinnipiac, Quinnipiac (historical), Raynham, Red City (historical), Richards Corner, Rivercliff, Riverside, Riverview Mobile Home Estates, Robert Hutt Congregate Housing, Rockland, Sachem Head, Savin Rock, Sea Bluff, Seaview Beach, Seymour, Short Beach, Silver Beach, Slineyville (historical), South Britain, South End, South Meriden, Southbury, Southford, Spring Glen, Stony Creek, Straitsville, Strathmore Woods, Thompson Corner (historical), Totoket, Town Plot Hill, Tracy, Turkey Hill (historical), Tylertown (historical), Union City, Valley Mobile Home Park, Wallingford, Walnut Beach, Warren Park, Washington Park, Waterbury, Waterville, West Cheshire, West Haven, West Hills, West Seymour, West Shore, West Side Hill, Westview Heights, Westville, Whitneyville, Wildermere Beach, Wolcott, Woodbridge, Woodmont, Woodtick, Woodwardtown (historical), Woronock, Yalesville

  Post Offices     show all on map

Allingtown Post Office (historical), Amity Post Office (historical), Ansonia Post Office, Beacon Falls Post Office, Bethany Post Office (historical), Branford Post Office, Brooksvale Post Office (historical), Cheshire Post Office, Clintonville Post Office (historical), Derby Post Office, Devon Station Post Office, East Haven Post Office (historical), East River Post Office (historical), East Wallingford Post Office (historical), Fair Haven Post Office (historical), Garnet Post Office (historical), Guilford Post Office, Hamden Post Office (historical), Highwood Post Office (historical), Leete Island Post Office (historical), Madison Post Office, Meriden Post Office, Meriden Post Office (historical), Middlebury Post Office, Milford Post Office, Montowese Post Office (historical), Mount Carmel Center Post Office (historical), Mount Carmel Post Office (historical), Muddy River Post Office (historical), Naugatuck Post Office, New Haven Main Branch Post Office, North Branford Post Office, North Guilford Post Office (historical), North Haven Post Office, North Madison Post Office (historical), Northford Post Office, Orange Post Office, Oxford Post Office (historical), Pine Orchard Post Office (historical), Pines Bridge Post Office (historical), Prospect Post Office (historical), Quaker Farms Post Office (historical), Rockland Post Office (historical), Sachem Head Post Office (historical), Seymour Post Office, Short Beach Post Office (historical), South Britain Post Office (historical), South Haven Post Office (historical), South Meriden Post Office (historical), Southbury Post Office, Southford Post Office (historical), Stony Creek Post Office (historical), Straitsville Post Office (historical), Totoket Post Office (historical), Tracy Post Office (historical), Tyler City Post Office (historical), Union City Post Office (historical), Wallingford Post Office, Waterbury Post Office, Waterville Post Office (historical), West Cheshire Post Office (historical), Westhaven Post Office (historical), Westville Post Office (historical), Whitneyville Post Office (historical), Wildemere Station Post Office, Wolcott Post Office (historical), Woodmont Post Office (historical), Woodmont Station Post Office, Yale Post Office, Yalesville Post Office (historical)

  Reserves     show all on map

Black Pond State Wildlife Area

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Ansonia Reservoir, Avalon Farm Pond, Beaver Brook Ponds, Black Pond, Bladens River Reservoir, Bradley Hubbard Reservoir, Bristol Fish and Game Club Pond, Bristols Ice Pond (historical), Broad Brook Reservoir, Brush Shop Pond, Butterworth Brook Reservoir, Candee Reservoir, Cheshire Reservoir, Chestnut Hill Reservoir, City Mills Ponds, Clarks Pond, Clay Pond, Coe Pond, Cone Pond, Cornelis Pond, Crosbys Pond, Dream Lake, East Mountain Reservoir, Edgewood Park Pond, Farm Brook Reservoir, Farm Brook Site 2A Reservoir, Farm Brook Site 2B Reservoir, Fountain Lake Reservoir, Glen Lake, Gravel Pond, Great Brook Reservoir, Great Hill Reservoir, Guilford Lake, Guilford Lakes, High Hill Pond, Hoadley Pond, Hop Brook Lake, Hopkins Pond, Indian Lake, Iris Pond, Ives Pond (historical), John Dees Pond, Jordan Pond, Kelsey Pond, Lake Bethany, Lake Chamberlain, Lake Dawson, Lake Elise, Lake Gaillard, Lake Hammonasset, Lake Quassapaug, Lake Saltonstall, Lake Watrous, Lake Watrous, Lake Whitney, Lake Wintergreen, Larkin Pond, Laurelwood Pond, Lily Pond, Lily Pond, Little River Reservoir, Long Meadow Pond, Long Pond, Lower Ansonia Reservoir, MacKenzie Reservoir, Maltby Lakes North, Maltby Lakes West, Maltby Lower Lake, Menuckatuck Reservoir, Merimere Reservoir, Middle Reservoir, Milford Reservoir, Mix Pond (historical), Moss Farms Pond, Mulberry Reservoir, Naugatuck Ice Company Pond, Naugatuck River Reservoir, Naugatuck River Reservoir, Naugatuck River Reservoir, New Britain Reservoir, New Dam Pond, New Naugatuck Reservoir, North Farms Reservoir, Old Naugatuck Reservoir, Pages Millpond, Peat Swamp Reservoir, Phipps Lake, Picketts Pond, Pistapaug Pond, Pistapaug Pond, Quillinan Reservoir, Reservoir Number 1, Reservoir Number 2, Reservoir Number 3, Risdon Pond, Scards Pond, Scoville Reservoir, Seymour Reservoir Number 1, Seymour Reservoir Number 2, Seymour Reservoir Number 3, Seymour Reservoir Number 4, Silver Lake, Southington Reservoir Number 2, Sperry Pond, Spring Brook Reservoir, Spring Water Lake, Straitsville Reservoir, Sullivans Pits Septic Lagoons, Swan Lake, Thurston Pond, Tracys Pond, Transylvania Pond, Tylers Mill Pond (historical), Ulbrich Reservoir, Upper Ansonia Reservoir, Upper Guilford Lake, Upper Lake Phipps, Upper Lake Phipps, Upper River Pond, Valley Shores Pond North, Valley Shores Pond South, Vanasso Pond, Wards Millpond, Waterbury Reservoir Number 2, Web Shop Pond, Wepawaug Reservoir, West Brook Reservoir, William J Ulbrich Reservoir, Woodings Pond, Woodruffs Pond (historical), Woodtick Reservoir

  Ridges     show all on map

Mad Mare Ridge, Saltonstall Ridge, West Rock Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

A Baldwin Middle School, A W Cox School, Academy of Our Lady of Mercy, Academy on the Green, Academy School, Albertus Magnus College, Alcott Middle School, Algonquin School, Alice Peck School, Alma E Pagels School, Amity High School, Amity Junior High School, Amity Regional Junior High School, Anderson School, Andrew Avenue School, Anna L LoPresti School, Anna V Molloy School, Ansonia High School, Ansonia Middle School, Arnold College, Assumption School, B W Tinker School, B'nail Jacob School, Baldwin School, Barnard School, Barnard School, Bear Path School, Beecher Road School, Beecher School, Benjamin Franklin School, Benjamin Jepson Magnet School, Bergin Education Complex, Beth Chana-Hannah Academy, Beth David Academy, Bethany School, Betsy Ross Arts School, Bishop School, Bishop Woods School, Blessed Sacrament Convent, Blessed Sacrament School, Blessed Sacrament School, Boy Torah High School, Bradley School, Branford Academy (historical), Branford High School, Branford Hills School, Bucks Hill School, Bullet Hill School House, Bunker Hill School, Calf Pen Meadow School, Calvin Leete School, Canoe Brook School, Career Magnet High School-Conte School, Carrigan Middle School, Carver High School (historical), Casimir Pulaski School, Cedar Lake School, Cedarhurst School, Celentano School, Center School, Center School, Central Ave School, Chapman School, Cheever School, Cheshire Academy, Cheshire Academy, Cheshire High School, Childrens Community School, Choate School, Church Street School, City Hill Middle School, Clarence E Thompson School, Clemente Middle School, Clinton Avenue School, Clintonville Elementary School, Co-operative High School, Cold Spring School, Columbus Family Academy, Columbus School, Commodore Hull Intermediate School, Connecticut Police Academy, Conte High School, Convent Notre Dame School (historical), Crosby High School, Crosby High School, Cross Street School, D C Moore School, Dag Hammarskjold Junior High School, Darcey Early Intervention School, Davis Street Magnet School, Deer Run School, Deer Run School, Derby High School, Doctor Robert H Brown School, Dodd Middle School, Dominic H Ferrara School, Doolittle School, Douglas School, Driggs School, Duggan School, Dunbar Hill School, E C Adams Middle School, Earley Junior High School, East Farms School, East Haven Academy, East Haven High School, East Rock Community School, East Rock Global Studies Magnet School, Ecole Saint Anne School, Edgar C Stiles School, Edgewood Avenue School, Edith E Mackville School, Edwards Street School, Eli Whitney School, Eli Whitney Technical School, Elliott Learning Center, Enlightenment School, Evarts C Stevens School, F J Kingsbury School, Fair Haven Middle School, First Avenue School, Foote School, Forest School, Foundation School, Francis Walsh Intermediate School, Francist T Maloney High School, Frisbie School, Gan School, Garrington School, Gateway Community Technical School, Gateway Community Technical School, Gerrish Avenue School, Gianotti Junior High School, Gillis School, Gilmartin School, Goffe Street School (historical), Great Oak School, Greater New Haven State Technical College, Green Acres Elementary School, Grove J Tuttle School, Grove School, Guilford High School, Guilford Lakes School, H S Chase School, Hamden Hall Country Day School, Hamden High School, Hamden Middle School, Hamden Middle School, Hand High School, Hanover School, Harbor Street School, Harborside Middle School, Harrison Avenue School, Harry M Bailey Middle School, Hawthorne School, Hays School, Head Start, Head Start, Helen Street School, Helene Grant School, Hendricken School, High Hill School, High Plains School, High School in the Community, Highland Elementary School, Highland School, Highland School, Hill Central School, Hillside School, Holy Angels School, Holy Cross High School, Holy Trinity School, Hop Brook School, Hopeville School, Hopkins School, Indian Neck School, Irving School, Isadore Wexler School, Island Avenue School, Israel Putnam School, Ivy Street School, J Franklin O'Brien Learning Center, J Milton Jeffrey School, Jackie Robinson Middle School, James H Moran Middle School, James Hillhouse High School, Jefferson School, Jerome Harrison School, John B Sliney School, John Barry School, John F Kennedy High School, John F Kennedy School, Johnson School, Jonathan Law High School, Jones School, Joseph A Foran High School, Joseph Melillo Middle School, Katherine Brennan School, Kathleen H Ryerson School, Kaynor Technical School, Keefe School, Kimberly Avenue School, Larkin School, Laurel Ledge School, Laurel Street School, Lee High School, Lennox Avenue School, Lincoln Bassett Community School, Lincoln Middle School, Lincoln School, Lincoln-Hayes School, Linwood School, Live Oaks School, Long River Middle School, Lyman Hall High School, Maloney Interdistrict Magnet School, Maple Hill School, Maple Hill School, Mark T Sheehan Middle School, Martin Luther King School, Mary Abbott School, Mary F Rotella School, Mary L Tracy School, Mary R Tisko School, Mary T Murphy School, Mary V Carrigan Middle School, Masuk High School, Mathewson School, Mattatuck Community College, McTeran School, Mead School, Mead School, Meadowside School, Memorial School, Merriman School, Michael F Wallace Middle School, Milford Academy, Mill Road School, Momauguin School, Montowese Elementary School, Moses Y Beach School, Mount Carmel School, Nathan Hale School, Nathan Hale School, Naugatuck High School, Naugatuck Valley Community Technical College, Neighborhood Music School, New Haven College, Noble School, Nolan School, North Branford High School, North Branford Intermediate School, North End Middle School, North Haven High School East, North Haven Middle School, Norton School, Notre Dame Academy, Notre Dame High School, Orchard Hills School, Orville H Platt High School, Osauge Avenue School, Our Lady of LaSalette Seminary, Our Lady of Mercy School, Our Lady of Mount Carmel School, Our Lady of Mount Carmel School, Our Lady of Victory School, Overbrook School, Oxford Center School, Paier College of Art, Parker Farms Elementary School, Paul Chatfield School, Peck Place School, Peck School, Pine Orchard School, Pine School, Platt Regional Vocational Technical Center, Pleasant Vale Boarding School for Boys (historical), Polly T McCabe Center, Pond Hill Elementary School, Prince School, Prince School, Prospect Community Elementary School, Prospect Street School, Pumpkin Delight School, Putnam Avenue School, Quaker Farms School, Quinnipiac College, Quinnipiac College, Quinnipiac College Annex, Quinnipiac School, Race Brook School, Rectory School (historical), Regan School, Ridge Hill School, Ridge Road Elementary School, Robert W Carbone School, Roberto Clemente Elementary School, Rock Hill Elementary School, Roger Sherman School, Rungay School, Russell School, Sacred Heart Academy, Sacred Heart High School, Sacred Heart School, Saint Aedan School, Saint Anns School, Saint Bernadette School, Saint Boniface School, Saint Boniface School, Saint Brenden School, Saint Bridgets School, Saint Francis School, Saint Francis School, Saint Francis Xavier School, Saint Gabriel School, Saint Hedwig School, Saint Joseph School, Saint Josephs School, Saint Josephs School, Saint Josephs School, Saint Laurent School, Saint Lawrence School, Saint Louis School, Saint Lucy School, Saint Margaret School, Saint Margaret-McTernan School, Saint Margarets School for Girls (historical), Saint Martins School, Saint Mary School, Saint Mary School, Saint Marys High School, Saint Marys School, Saint Marys School, Saint Marys School, Saint Marys School, Saint Michaels School, Saint Michaels School, Saint Peters School, Saint Rita School, Saint Rose School, Saint Rose School, Saint Stanislaus School, Saint Stephen School, Saint Thomas Day School, Saint Thomas School, Saint Vincent de Paul School, Saints Peter and Paul School, Salem School, Savin Rock Community School, Seabreeze School, Second Academy (historical), Seth G Haley School, Seymour High School and Annex (historical), Seymour Middle School, Shepardson School, Shepherd Glen School, Sheridan Academy for Excellence, Sherman School, Shoreline Day School, Simon Lake School, Simpson Elementary School, Sleeping Giant Junior High School, Slocum School, Sound School, South Britain Consolidated School, Southbury High School, Southern Connecticut State College, Southwest District School (historical), Sprague School, Spring Glen School, State Street School, State Street School, Sterling School, Strong Traditional Magnet Academy, Teikyo Post University, Temple School, The Country School, The Guilford Handcraft Center, The Museum Laboratory School, The Young Ladies Female Seminary, Thomas Hooker School, Timothy Dwight School, Totoket Valley Elementary School, Troup Middle School, Truman School, Trumbull School, Turkey Hill School, Tyrrell School, Union School, University of Connecticut at Waterbury, Upper School, Urban Youth Center Elementary School, Urban Youth Center Middle School, Vernon Hays School, Village Street School, Vincent E Mauro School, Vocational Education Center, Wakelee School, Walsh School, Washington Middle School, Washington Middle School, Washington School, Washington School, Washington Street School, Waterbury High School, Waterbury State Technical College, Waterbury State Technical Institute, Webster School, Welch Annex School, Welch School, Wendell L Cross School, West Haven High School, West Hill Elementary Magnet School, West Shore Middle School, West Side Middle School, West Woods Christian School, West Woods School, Western School, Westover School, Whittelsey Avenue School, Wightwood School, Wilbur Cross High School, Wilby High School, Wilcox Technical School, Williams School, Willis School, Winchester School, Wintergreen School, Wolcott High School, Woodrow Wilson School, Woodward School, Woolsey School, Worthington Hooker School, Yale University, Yalesville School, Young Mens Institute

  Springs     show all on map

Ball Spring (historical), Cold Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Allen Brook, Asmun Brook, Bailey Creek, Beacon Hill Brook, Beaver Brook, Beaver Brook, Beaver Pond Brook, Beaver Swamp Brook, Belden Brook, Black Brook, Bladens River, Branch Brook, Break Hill Brook, Broad Brook, Brooksvale Stream, Bullet Hill Brook, Burrs Brook, Butterworth Brook, Calf Pen Meadow Creek, Cathole Brook, Catlin Brook, Cavanaugh Brook, Chase Brook, Chestnut Branch, Clough Brook, Cold Spring Brook, Copper Mill Brook, Cove River, Crooked Brook, Crow Hollow Brook, Cuff Brook, Dowd Hollow Brook, Dudley Creek, East Mountain Brook, East River, Eaton Brook, Egypt Brook, Eightmile Brook, Eightmile Brook, Farm Brook, Farm River, Fence Creek, Finch Brook, Fivemile Brook, Fivemile Brook, Fourmile Brook, Fulling Mill Brook, Globe Mill Brook, Goat Brook, Great Brook, Great Creek, Great Hill Brook, Gulf Brook, Hall Lot Brook, Hammonasset River, Hancock Brook, Harbor Brook, Hemingway Creek, Hemlock Brook, Hemp Swamp Brook, Hickory Brook, Hitchcock Lake Brook, Hoadley Creek, Hockanum Brook, Hog Pond Brook, Honeypot Brook, Hop Brook, Hopeville Pond Brook, Hopp Brook, Hurds Brook, Huzzle Guzzle Brook, Indian River, Iron Stream, Jacks Brook, Jepp Brook, Jeremy Brook, Judd Brook, Kettletown Brook, Kinneytown Brook, Lee Brook, Lily Brook, Lindsley Brook, Little Meadow Brook, Little River, Little River, Long Meadow Pond Brook, Long Swamp Brook, Mad River, Maloney Brook, Marks Brook, Means Brook, Meetinghouse Brook, Mill River, Mixville Brook, Morris Creek, Moulthrap Brook, Mountain Brook, Mud Brook, Mud Brook, Muddy River, Munger Brook, Naugatuck River, Neck River, Nickel Mine Brook, North Branch Harbor Brook, North Branch Spoon Shop Brook, Notch Hill Brook, Oil Mill Brook, Old Field Creek, Old Tannery Brook, Oyster River, Page Lot Brook, Pigeon Brook, Pine Brook, Pine Brook, Pine River, Pink House Cove Brook, Pisgah Brook, Pond Brook, Pond Brook, Quinnipiac River, Race Brook, Riggs Street Brook, Rimmon Brook, Roaring Brook, Roses Brook, Sammis Brook, Sanford Brook, Sanford Brook, Sargent River, Schoolhouse Brook, Sevenmile Brook, Shattuck Brook, Shepard Brook, Silver Brook, Sixmile Brook, Sled Haul Brook, Sluice Creek, Smith Pond Brook, Sodom Brook, South Branch Bullet Hill Brook, Spinning Mill Brook, Spoon Shop Brook, Spring Brook, Spruce Brook, Spruce Brook, Spruce Glen Brook, Steel Brook, Steele Brook, Stiles Brook, Stony Brook, Straitsville Brook, Stubby Plain Brook, Stubby Plain Brook, Sucker Brook, Toms Creek, Towantic Brook, Trout Brook, Turkey Hill Brook, Turkey Hill Brook, Turkey Hill Brook, Turkey Hill Brook, Tuttle Brook, Twomile Brook, Upper White Hills Brook, Walnut Hill Brook, Watermans Brook, Welton Brook, Wepawaug River, West Brook, West River, West River, Wharton Brook, White Hills Community Brook, Willow Brook, Willow Brook, Wilmot Brook, Wintergreen Brook, Wooster Brook, Wooster Brook

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Allington Hill, Andrews Hill, Bald Hill, Baldwin Hill, Baldwin Hill, Barn Hill, Bates Rocks, Beacon Cap, Beacon Hill, Beacon Hill, Beacon Hill, Becar Hill, Bedlam Hill, Beseck Mountain, Bluff Head, Bowers Hill, Branford Hill, Breakneck Hill, Bryan Hill, Bucks Hill, Bucks Hill, Buckwheat Hill, Bullet Hill, Burwell Hill, Camp Hill, Carrington Hill, Castle Rock, Cathole Mountain, Cedar Knoll, Chauncey Peak, Cherry Hill, Cherry Hill, Chestnut Hill, Chestnut Hill, Chidsey Hill, City Hill, Clapboard Hill, Clark Hill, Clinton Hill, Compounce Mountain, Cook Hill, Cranberry Hill, Derby Hill, Durkee Hill, East Hill, East Peak, East Rock, East Sugarloaf, Eels Hill, Fivemile Hill, Georges Cellar Hill, Georges Hill, Good Hill, Grassy Hill, Great Hill, Great Hill, Great Hill, Green Hill, High Rock, Hopkins Hill, Horse Hill, Hulls Hill, Hungry Hill, Hunters Mountain, Huntington Hill, Huzzle Guzzle Hill, Ichabod Hill, Indian Head, Jacks Hill, Jinny Hill, Joes Rock, Jones Hill, Knobb Hill, Lamentation Mountain, Lewis Hill, Lidyhites Hill, Lindsley Hill, Long Hill, Markham Hill, Marsh Hill, Meeting House Hill, Merwin Hill, Mill Rock, Moose Hill, Moose Hill, Mount Carmel, Mount Fair, Mount Pisgah, Mount Sanford, Mount Tom, Mulberry Hill, Nichols Hill, North Hill, Notch Hill, Peck Hill, Peck Hill, Peck Mountain, Pine Hill, Pond Hill, Preston Hill, Prospect Hill, Prospect Hill, Prospect Hill, Prospect Mountain, Quonnipaug Mountain, Rabbit Rock, Race Hill, Rattlesnake Hill, Raynham Hill, Reservoir Hill, Rimmon Hill, Rock Rimmon, Rockhouse Hill, Round Hill, Round Hill, Sandy Hill, Sanford Hill, Sawtooth Rocks, Sea Hill, Shingle Hill, Skorarat Hill, Snake Rock, Southington Mountain, Spice Hill, Success Hill, Sunset Hill, Talmadge Hill, Tame Buck Hill, Tobys Rock Mountain, Totoket Mountain, Towantic Hill, Turkey Hill, Turkey Hill, Upper White Hills, Walnut Hill, Walnut Hill, West Peak, West Sugarloaf, Westside Hill, Windy Hill, Wolf Hill, Woodruff Hill

  Swamps     show all on map

Baldwin Swamp, Beaver Head Swamp, Beaver Pond Meadows, Billberry Swamp, Black Swamp, Brittany Meadows, Buck Meadow, Calf Pen Meadow, Cedar Island Meadow, Cedar Swamp, Cedar Swamp, Cedar Swamp, Dismal Swamp, Farley Swamp, Fresh Meadows, Grape Swamp, Ivy Swamp, Kissawaug Swamp, Long Meadow, Marsh Meadow, Miry Swamp, Mohawk Swamp, Plum Meadow, Rose Swamp, Satans Meditation, Tamarac Swamp, Tamarack Swamp, The Cove, Towner Swamp, Wolf Swamp

  Towers     show all on map

Castle Crag, Great Hill Lookout Tower, Guilford Lookout Tower, Harkness Tower, Oxford Lookout Tower, Sleeping Giant Tower, WADS-AM (Ansonia), WATR-AM (Waterbury), WAVZ, WAVZ-AM (New Haven), WDRC-FM (Hartford), WEDY-TV (New Haven), WELI-AM (New Haven), WFIF, WFIF-AM (Milford), WFNW-AM (Naugatuck), WHAI-TV (Bridgeport), WKCI-FM (Hamden), WLNV-FM (Derby), WMMW-AM (Meriden), WNHC-AM (New Haven), WNHU-FM (West Haven), WPLR-FM (New Haven), WQAQ-FM (Hamden), WQQW-AM (Waterbury), WQQW-AM (Waterbury), WRXC-FM (Shelton), WTNH-TV (New Haven), WTVU-TV (New Haven), WTXX-TV (Waterbury), WWCO-AM (Waterbury), WWEB-FM (Wallingford), WXCT-AM (Hamden), WYBC-FM (New Haven), WYBC-FM (New Haven)

  Trails     show all on map

Mattabesset Trail, Mattatuck Trail, Naugatuck Trail, Quinnipiac Trail, Regicides Trail, West Woods Trail

  Tunnels     show all on map

Genesee Tunnel, West Rock Tunnel

  Valleys     show all on map

Copper Valley, Quinnipiac Gorge, Wildcat Gorge

  Woods     show all on map

College Woods, High Rock Grove,

New Haven County, Connecticut Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteNew Haven County White population 687,429687,428  
BlackNew Haven County Black population 120,041120,040
AsianNew Haven County Asian population 33,68133,680
MixedNew Haven County Mixed population 18,13618,135
American IndianNew Haven County American Indian population 4,3184,318
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderNew Haven County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 864863

Additional population tables :
State population table
Connecticut population by county