Custer County, Idaho Basics:

Custer County Idaho - Government Site

Population: 4,340
Area: 4921 square miles
County seat: Challis
Area code(s) in use: 208
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 89.2%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 25.9%
Median household income: $41,698
Persons in poverty: 18.7%
Home ownership rate: 81.4%
Mean travel time to work: 21.7 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Blaine  Boise  Butte  Elmore  Lemhi  Valley  

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Map of the Custer County area

Our detail map of Custer County shows the Custer County, Idaho boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Custer County, Idaho

  Airports     show all on map

Challis Airport, Copper Basin Airport, Falconberry Landing Strip, Flying Joseph Ranch Airport, Foster Ranch Landing Strip, Loon Creek Landing Strip, Mackay Airport, Silva Ranch Airport, Stanley Airport, Star 'S' Ranch Airport, Twin Bridges Airport, Upper Loon Creek-US Forest Service Airport

  Areas     show all on map

Cape Horn

  Bars     show all on map

Cedar Creek Bar

  Basins     show all on map

Antz Basin, Bear Wallow, Bighorn Basin, Bradshaw Basin, Chamberlain Basin, Copper Basin, Corral Basin, Crane Basin, Darlington Sinks, Dodge Basin, Eddy Basin, Four Lakes Basin, Germania Basin, Germer Basin, Horse Basin, Horse Wallow, Iron Basin, Joe Jump Basin, Juliette Basin, Lake Basin, Lehman Basin, Little Basin, Little Bradshaw Basin, Sheep Pen Basin, Spring Basin, Spring Basin, Spring Basin, Spud Basin, Stanley Basin, Strawberry Basin, Swensen Basin, The Kettles, The Paint Pot, Washington Basin, Willow Patch, Wino Basin, Woods Basin, Ziegler Basin

  Bends     show all on map

Mormon Bend

  Bridges     show all on map

Bennett Creek Bridge, Lower Loon Creek Bridge, Sheep Bridge, Sheep Bridge, Sheep Creek Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Bureau of Land Management Challis Field Office, Challis Volunteer Fire Department, Clayton Volunteer Fire District, Custer County Sheriff's Office, Custer Museum, Mackay Ambulance, Mackay Fire Department, Sawtooth Valley Rural Fire Department, South Custer Rural Fire District, South Custer Rural Fire District, South Custer Rural Fire District

  Canals     show all on map

Angelo Ditch, Chilly Canal, Darlington Ditch, Hanrahan Ditch, Hanson Ditch, Lower Cedar Creek Ditch, McGowan Ditch, Nielsen Ditch, Rodger Ditch, Sharp Ditch, Swauger Ditch

  Capes     show all on map

Prospect Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Barton Cemetery, Battleground Cemetery, Boot Hill Cemetery, Chilly Cemetery, Darlington Cemetery, Houston Cemetery, Mount McCaleb Cemetery, Stanley Cemetery

  Cliffs     show all on map

Bartlett Point, Bull Trout Point, Chinese Wall, Eagle Rock, Feltham Creek Point, Iron Creek Point, McNabbs Point

  Dams     show all on map

Bar D Dam, Buster Lake Dam, Challis Creek Dam, Clayton Mine Number One-Upper Dam, Clayton Mine Number Two-Lower Dam, Empire Mine Number One - Upper Dam, Empire Mine Number Two Dam, Hoodoo Mine Number One Dam, Mackay Dam, MacKay Dam, Mosquito Flat Dam, Stanley Lake Fish Barrier Dam, Summit Dam, Sunbeam Dam (historical), Yellow Belly Lake Fish Barrier Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Bridal Veil Falls, Goat Falls, Lady Face Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Antelope Flat, Barton Flats, Bradbury Flat, Centennial Flat, Copper Basin Flat, Decker Flat, Elk Meadow, Elk Meadow, Jackass Flat, Jeffs Flats, Little Antelope Flat, Povert Flat, Smiley Meadows, Sunflower Flat, The Meadows

  Forests     show all on map

Challis National Forest

  Gaps     show all on map

Antelope Pass, Doublespring Pass, Horseheaven Pass, Leatherman Pass, The Gunsight, Trap Creek Narrows, Windy Devil

  Lakes     show all on map

Alpine Lake, Alpine Lake, Angel Lake, Arrowhead Lake, Baker Lake, Baptie Lake, Bayhorse Lake, Bear Lake, Bench Lake, Bench Lakes, Betty Lake, Big Boulder Lakes, Big Fall Creek Lake, Blue Lake, Boorn Lakes, Boulder Chain Lakes, Boulder Lake, Boulder Lake, Bowknot Lake, Burnt Creek Lake, Calkins Lake, Cape Horn Lakes, Casino Lakes, Castle Lake, Champion Lakes, Cirque Lake, Collie Lake, Cornice Lake, Cove Lake, Crater Lake, Crimson Lake, Cutthroat Lake, Deer Lakes, Dike Lake, Dutch Lake, East Basin Lake, Eddy Lake, Edith Lake, Elizabeth Lake, Elk Lake, Emerald Lake, F Eighty-Two Lake, Farley Lake, Finger Lakes, Fish Lake, Fourth of July Lake, Frog Lake, Frog Lakes, Garland Lakes, Gentian Lake, Glacier Lake, Goat Lake, Goat Lake, Goat Lake, Golden Lake, Gunsight Lake, Hanson Lakes, Hatchet Lake, Headwall Lake, Heart Lake, Hell Roaring Lake, Helldiver Lake, Herd Lake, Hidden Lake, Hidden Lake, Hindman Lake, Hoodoo Lake, Hook Lake, Horse Lake, Horseshoe Lake, Hourglass Lake, Hummock Lake, Imogene Lake, Iris Lake, Island Lake, Island Lake, Jimmy Smith Lake, Josephus Lake, Kelly Lake, Kidney Lake, Knapp Lakes, Lake Kathryn, Langer Lake, Lightning Lake, Lily Lake, Little Bayhorse Lake, Little Frog Lake, Little Redfish Lake, Little Redfish Lake, Lodgepole Lake, Lola Lakes, Lonesome Lake, Lost Lake, Lower Cramer Lake, Mable Lakes, Marshall Lake, Marten Lake, McDonald Lake, McGown Lakes, Middle Cramer Lake, Milk Lake, Moose Lake, Mystery Lake, Neck Lake, Newman Lake, Noisy Lake, North Fork Lake, Phyllis Lake, Pinyon Lake, Pinyon Lake, Profile Lake, Quartzite Lake, Quiet Lake, Rainbow Lake, Red Lake, Redfish Lake, Rock Lake, Rocky Lake, Rough Lake, Ruffneck Lake, Saddleback Lakes, Sapphire Lake, Sawtooth Lake, Scoop Lake, Scree Lake, Seafoam Lake, Shallow Lake, Sheep Lake, Shelf Lake, Six Lakes, Slab Barn Lake, Slide Lake, Sliderock Lake, Snow Lake, Soldier Lakes, Spruce Gulch Lake, Stanley Lake, Stevens Lakes, Sullivan Lake, Swamp Lake, Swauger Lakes, Swim Lake, Tin Cup Lake, Tiny Lake, Toxaway Lake, Twin Creek Lakes, Upper Cramer Lake, Upper Redfish Lakes, Valley Creek Lake, Vanity Lakes, Walker Lake, Washington Lake, Washington Lake, Waterdog Lake, West Fork Lakes, Wildhorse Lakes, Willow Lake, Yellow Belly Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Antelope Guard Station, Asay Ranch, Banner Creek Rest Area, Basin Creek Campground, Battleground (historical), Bayhorse Campground, Bayhorse Recreation Site, Bear Creek Campground, Beaver Creek Campground, Bench Creek Rest Area, Big Bend Campsite, Big Lost River Lower Access Area, Big Lost River Upper Access Area, Biggs Ranch, Bleas Canyon Recreation Site, Blind Creek Campground, Blind Summit, Blowfly Campground, Bonanza Guard Station, Bowery Creek Trailhead Camp, Bowery Guard Station, Boyle Ranch, Bradley Memorial Camp, Broad Canyon Recreation Site, Bruno Cabin Ruins, Buckhorn Roadside Rest, Cape Horn Guard Station, Carlson Ranch (historical), Challis District Ranger Station, China Creek Recreation Site, Chinook Bay Campground, Clayton Ranger Station, Cluvewr Creek Campsite, Copper Basin Cow Camp, Copper Basin Guard Station, Corral Creek Cow Camp, Cougar Creek Ranch, Cougar Lookout, Cow Camp, Custer County Fairgrounds (historical), Custer Lookout, Custer Number 1 Campground, Deep Creek Recreation Site, Dolly Lake Campsite, Doublespring Ranch, Dutchman Flat Campground, Earthquake Visitors Information Center, East Fork Bureau of Land Management, East Fork School, Eightmile Campground, Elk Creek Floatboat Access, Elk Creek Rest Area, Elkhorn Ranch, Ellis Access Area, Empire Smelter, Falconberry Guard Station, Fall Creek Recreation Site, Fannys Hole, Flat Rock Campground, Gardells Campsite, Garden Creek, Glacier View Campground, Grandjean Campground, Granite Rest Area, Greyhound Creek Campsite, Greylock Campground, Heyburn Mountain Campground, Holman Creek Campground, Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch, Indian Spring Guard Station, Inlet Campground, Iron Creek Campground, Jarvis Ranch (historical), Jimmy Smith Lake Public Fishing Area, Jons Camp Campsite, Josephus Lake Recreation Site, Lake Creek Campsite, Lake Creek Recreation Site, Lake View Campground, Land of the Yankee Fork Historic Area Interpretive Center, Little Boulder Transfer Camp, Little Creek Campsite, Little Creek Guard Station, Little West Fork Campground, Livingston Mill, Livingston Mine Power Plant, Lola Creek Campground, Lone Pine Ranch (historical), Lookout Cabin, Loon Creek Guard Station, Loon Creek Lookout, Lower Jackass Flat Campground, Lower O'Brien Campground, Mackay Dam Access Area, Mackay District Ranger Office, Mackay Fish Hatchery, Mackay Reservoir Access Area, Mackay Reservoir Recreation Site, Mahoney Campsite, Mammoth, Marble Creek Campground, Marble Creek Number Two Campsite, Marsh Creek Recreation Site, Marsh Creek Transfer Camp, Marshall Creek Campground, Mayfield Creek Recreation Site, Mid Cottonwood Point, Middle Fork Lodge, Mill Creek Campground, Monte Cristo Recreation Site, Mormon Bend Campground, Mountain View Campground, Mountain View Guard Station, Mystery Creek Recreation Site, Owen Cabin, Oyler Ranch, Park Creek Campground, Park Creek Overlook, Parker Mill, Pebble Beach Campsite, Penal Gulch Access Area, Phi Kappa Campground, Phillips Creek Transfer Campground, Pine Creek Flat Campsite, Point Campground, Polecamp Flat Campground, Quick Stop Campsite, Rat Creek Recreation Site, Redfish Inlet Transfer Camp, Redfish Lake Lodge, Redfish Lake Visitors Center, Redfish Outlet Campground, Riverside Campground, Rosenkranze Ranch, Salmon River Campground, Salmon River Campground, Sandy Beach Boat Ramp, Sawtooth Fish Hatchery, Sawtooth Lodge, Sawtooth National Forest Trailhead, Sawtooth Valley Ranger Station, Seafoam Guard Station, Sheep Mountain Recreation Site, Sheep Trail Campground, Shelf Campsite, Snyder Springs Picnic Area, Sockeye Campground, Stanley District Ranger Office, Stanley Lake Campground, Stanley Museum Recreation Site, Star Hope Campground, State Land Campground, Summit Creek Recreation Site, Summit Ranch, Sunbeam Dam Recreation Site, Sunflower Campsite, Sunny Gulch Campground, Swauger Ranch (historical), Thatcher Creek Campground, Thatcher Creek Overlook, Tincup Campground, Tollgate Ruins, Torreys Hole Floatboat Access, Torreys Hole Recreation Site, Transfer Camp, Transfer Campground, Trap Creek Rest Area, Twin Peaks Lookout, Twin Peaks Recreation Site, Upper Jackass Flat Campground, Upper O'brien Campground, Upper Pahsimeroi Recreation Site, Vader Creek Rest Area, Valley Creek Ranger Station, West Fork Campground, White Creek Campground, Whitey Cox Campground, Wildhorse Campground, Wildhorse Guard Station, Wood Ranch, Yankee Fork Dredge, Yankee Fork Recreation Site

  Mines     show all on map

Aztec Mine, Beardsley Mine, Black Rock Mine, Buckskin Mine, Cal-Ida Mine, Champion Mine, Clayton Mine, Copper Basin Mine, Corral Mine, Crater Mine, Cyprus-Thompson C Open Pit Mine, Darlington Shaft, Deer Trail Mine, Empire Mine, Greenback Mine, Greyhound Mine, Hermit Mine, Horseshoe Mine, Keystone Mine, Little Livingston Mine, Livingston Mine, Lost Packer Mine, Lucky Boy Mine, Mountain King Mine, Mule Shoe Mine, Pacific Mine, Phi Kappa Mines, Ramshorn Mine, Redbird Mine, Riverview Mine, Scheelite Jim Mine, Seafoam Mine, Silver Bell Mine, Silver Rute Mine, Silverbell Mine, Skylark Mine, South Butte Mine, Star Hope Mine, Sunbeam Mine, Sunrise Mine (historical), Tango Mine, Turtle Mine, Twin Apex Mine, Wildhorse Mines

  Parks     show all on map

Land of the Yankee Fork State Park & National Forest Historic Area, Langer Monument, North Shore Picnic Ground

  Pillars     show all on map

Castle Peak, Finger of Fate, Garrett Rock, Loon Creek Point, Patterson Peak, Rock of Ages, Rye Grass Pinnacle, Summit Rock

  Populated Places     show all on map

Alder City (historical), Bayhorse, Bonanza, Cape Horn (historical), Casto, Challis, Chilly, Clayton, Cliff (historical), Crystal (historical), Custer, Dickey, Ellis, Garden City (historical), Goldburg, Grandjean, Grouse, Houston, Leslie, Lost River, Lower Stanley, Mackay, Obsidian, Robinson Bar, Rothas, Stanley, Sunbeam, Torreys, White Knob (historical)

  Post Offices     show all on map

Sunbeam Post Office (historical)

  Ranges     show all on map

Boulder Mountains, Donkey Hills, Pahsimeroi Mountains, Salmon River Mountains, White Cloud Peaks, White Hills, White Knob Mountains, White Mountains

  Rapidss     show all on map

Indian Riffles

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Bear Creek Lake, Bellas Lakes, Big Lake, Brockie Lake, Buster Lake, Carlson Lake, Challis Creek Lakes, Clear Lake, Dry Creek Reservoir, Fishpole Lake, Green Lake, Grouse Creek Lake, Iron Bog Lake, Kane Lake, Long Lake, Mackay Reservoir, Merriam Lake, Mosquito Flat Reservoir, Nolan Lake, Pass Lake, Rough Lake, Round Lake, Round Lake, Shadow Lakes, Summit Reservoir

  Ridges     show all on map

Buffalo Ridge, Greyhound Ridge, Mains Ridge, Railroad Ridge, Red Ridge, Serrate Ridge, Sliderock Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Alder Creek School, Bartlett School (historical), Barton School, Barton School, Big Creek School (historical), Challis Elementary School, Challis Junior-Senior High School, Clayton Primary School, Goldburg School (historical), Mackay Elementary School, Mackay Junior-Senior High School, Stanley Elementary-Junior High School

  Slopes     show all on map

The Potholes

  Springs     show all on map

Alkali Spring, Baby Creek Spring, Barney Hot Springs, Bear Wallow Spring, Big Spring, Birch Springs, Bishop Spring, Bradshaw Spring, Buck Springs, Challis Hot Springs, City Spring, Coyote Spring, Daugherty Spring, Dean Spring, Doublespring, Douglas Spring, Dry Creek Spring Number 1, Dry Creek Spring Number 2, Dugout Spring, Fallini Spring, Freighter Spring, Gooseberry Spring, Gossi Spring, Granite Spring, Graves Spring, Gray Stud Spring, Hamilton Springs, Horse Basin Spring Number 1, Horse Basin Spring Number 2, Horse Spring, Hot Springs, Howell Spring, Iron Spring, Iron Springs, Jenson Cabin Spring, Jenson Spring, Johnston Spring, Leavitt Spring, LMB Spring, Lone Pine Spring, Long Creek Spring, Lower Bradshaw Spring, Magpie Spring, Malm Spring, Marafio Spring, Marco Spring, Middle Spring, Moffett Springs, Mountain Spring, Mountain Spring, Mud Spring, Mud Spring, Mule Spring, Opal Spring, Pecks Canyon Spring, Philips Spring, Poison Spring, Poison Springs, Rattlesnake Spring, Richardson Spring, Rock Spring, Rosebrior Spring, Rye Grass Spring, Scratching Post Spring, Short Creek Spring Number 1, Short Creek Spring Number 2, Short Creek Spring Number 3, Shower Bath Springs, Skull Spring, Slate Creek Hot Spring, Slaughterhouse Springs, Snyder Springs, Sorrel Spring, Spar Mountain Spring, Spring Gulch Spring, Squaw Creek Spring, Stovepipe Spring, Sullivan Hot Springs, Summit Spring, Sunbeam Hot Springs, Third Spring, Tub Spring, Warm Spring, Warm Springs, West Spring, Whiskey Springs, White Colt Spring, Wood Road Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Adair Creek, Alder Creek, Alder Creek, Alder Creek, Allen Creek, Alta Creek, Alturas Lake Creek, American Creek, Anderson Creek, Anderson Spring, Annie Rooney Creek, Asher Creek, Aspen Creek, Aspen Creek, Aspen Creek, Baby Creek, Badger Creek, Bady Creek, Bailey Creek, Baker Creek, Baldwin Creek, Banner Creek, Barney Creek, Bartlett Creek, Bartlett Creek, Basin Creek, Basin Creek, Basin Creek, Bayhorse Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Lake Creek, Beaver Creek, Beaver Creek, Bell Creek, Bench Creek, Bennett Creek, Bernard Creek, Big Boulder Creek, Big Casino Creek, Big Creek, Big Creek, Big Fall Creek, Big Lake Creek, Bighorn Creek, Birch Creek, Birch Creek, Blind Creek, Blind Creek, Blind Creek, Blind Fork Trail Creek, Block Creek, Blowfly Creek, Blue Creek, Blue Lake Creek, Blue Rock, Bluett Creek, Boone Creek, Boone Creek, Boulder Chain Lakes Creek, Boulder Creek, Boundary Creek, Boundary Creek, Bowery Creek, Bradshaw Creek, Broken Ridge Creek, Broken Wagon Creek, Bruin Creek, Bruno Creek, Buck Creek, Buck Creek, Buck Creek, Buckskin Creek, Bull Creek, Burnt Aspen Creek, Burnt Creek, Burnt Creek, Burnt Creek, Butcher Creek, Cabin Creek, Cabin Creek, Cabin Creek, Cabin Creek, Camp Creek, Camp Creek, Camp Creek, Camp Creek, Camp Creek, Canyon Creek, Cape Horn Creek, Carbonate Creek, Carcass Creek, Cash Creek, Castle Creek, Castle Fork, Casto Creek, Cat Creek, Cearley Creek, Cedar Creek, Challis Creek, Chamberlain Creek, Champion Creek, Charcoal Creek, Cherry Creek, Cherry Creek, Cherry Creek, Chet Creek, Chicken Creek, Chicken Creek, China Creek, Chuck Creek, Cinnabar Creek, Cleveland Creek, Cliff Creek, Cliff Creek, Cliff Creek, Coal Camp Fork, Coal Creek, Coal Creek, Coal Creek, Coal Creek, Cold Creek, Cold Spring Creek, Collie Creek, Copper Creek, Corduroy Creek, Corley Creek, Corral Basin Creek, Corral Creek, Corral Creek, Corral Creek, Corral Creek, Corral Creek, Corral Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cougar Creek, Cow Creek, Coyote Creek, Crooked Creek, Crystal Creek, Darling Creek, Deadfall Creek, Deadwood Creek, Decker Creek, Deep Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Horn Creek, DeWitt Creek, Ditch Creek, Dodge Creek, Doe Creek, Donkey Creek, Doublespring Creek, Drop Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Duffield Creek, Duffy Creek, Eagle Creek, East Basin Creek, East Fork Big Lost River, East Fork Boone Creek, East Fork Burnt Creek, East Fork Herd Creek, East Fork Lehman Creek, East Fork Mayfield Creek, East Fork Navarre Creek, East Fork Pahsimeroi River, East Fork Salmon River, East Fork Thomas Creek, East Fork Valley Creek, East Pass Creek, Eddy Creek, Eightmile Creek, Elbow Creek, Elevenmile Creek, Elk Creek, Elk Creek, Elkhorn Creek, Elkhorn Creek, Elkhorn Creek, Ellis Creek, Estes Creek, Fairchild Creek, Fall Creek, Fall Creek, Fawn Creek, Feltham Creek, First Creek, First Spring Creek, Fisher Creek, Fishhook Creek, Fivemile Creek, Flat Creek, Float Creek, Fontez Creek, Ford Creek, Four Aces Creek, Fourth of July Creek, Fourth of July Creek, Fourth Spring Creek, Fox Creek, Fox Creek, Fox Creek, French Creek, Garden Creek, Garden Creek, Garden Creek, Gardner Creek, Garland Creek, Garnet Creek, Germania Creek, Goat Creek, Gold Creek, Goldburg Creek, Gooseberry Creek, Gooseberry Creek, Grant Creek, Grasshopper Creek, Grasshopper Creek, Greyhound Creek, Greylock Creek, Grouse Creek, Grouse Creek, Gunsight Creek, Halstead Creek, Hamilton Creek, Hanna Creek, Hannah Slough, Hardscrabble Creek, Harlan Creek, Hawley Creek, Hay Creek, Hell Roaring Creek, Herd Creek, Hillside Creek, Hilts Creek, Hole-in-Rock Creek, Holman Creek, Hood Creek, Horse Basin Creek, Horse Creek, Horse Lake Creek, Huckleberry Creek, Huffman Creek, Hunter Creek, Ibex Creek, Ibex Creek, Indian Creek, Iron Bog Creek, Iron Creek, Iron Creek, Jack Creek, Jack Creek, Jackson Creek, Jeffs Creek, Jerrys Creek, Jim Creek, Jimmy Smith Creek, Job Creek, John Short Springs, Jones Creek, Jordan Creek, Jose Creek, Juliette Creek, Kane Creek, Kelly Creek, Kelly Creek, Kinnikinic Creek, Knapp Creek, Kotch Creek, Laidlow Creek, Lake Creek, Lake Creek, Lake Creek, Lake Creek, Lake Creek, Last Chance Creek, Lavine Creek, Lawson Creek, Left Fork Bear Creek, Left Fork Cherry Creek, Left Fork Fall Creek, Left Fork Iron Bog Creek, Left Fork Wildhorse Creek, Leg Creek, Lehman Creek, Lick Creek, Lightning Creek, Lime Creek, Lime Creek, Lime Creek, Lincoln Creek, Lion Creek, Little Basin Creek, Little Boone Creek, Little Boulder Creek, Little Burnt Creek, Little Casino Creek, Little Creek, Little Fall Creek, Little Kane Creek, Little Lake Creek, Little Loon Creek, Little Soldier Creek, Little West Fork Morgan Creek, Little Wickiup Creek, Livingston Creek, Lodgepole Creek, Lola Creek, Lone Cedar Creek, Lone Pine Creek, Lone Pine Creek, Long Creek, Long Lost Creek, Long Tom Creek, Loon Creek, Lost Creek, Lower Cedar Creek, Lower Harden Creek, Lucinda Creek, Lunch Creek, Lupine Creek, Lynch Creek, Lyon Creek, Mack Creek, MacRae Creek, Mahogany Creek, Mahoney Creek, Main Fork, Marco Creek, Marsh Creek, Marshall Creek, Martin Creek, Martin Creek, Massacre Creek, Mayfield Creek, Mays Creek, McDonald Creek, McGowan Creek, McGown Creek, McKay Creek, McKee Creek, McKenney Creek, McKey Creek, Meadow Creek, Meadow Creek, Meadow Creek, Meridian Creek, Merino Creek, Methodist Creek, Middle Fork Bear Creek, Middle Fork Cherry Creek, Middle Fork Lawson Creek, Middle Fork Navarre Creek, Midwinter Creek, Milky Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Moffett Creek, Moose Creek, Morgan Creek, Mosqueto Creek, Mosquito Creek, Mountain Meadow Creek, Mud Creek, Mud Lake, Mule Creek, Mule Creek, Muley Creek, Muskeg Creek, Mystery Creek, Navarre Creek, Ned Creek, Nelson Creek, New Creek, Newman Creek, Newton Creek, Ninemile Creek, Nip and Tuck Creek, No Name Creek, Noho Creek, North Fork Big Lost River, North Fork Birch Creek, North Fork Bowery Creek, North Fork Lawson Creek, North Fork Sage Creek, North Fork Sheep Creek, Opal Creek, Orelano Creek, Pack Creek, Packer Basin Creek, Pahsimeroi River, Park Creek, Park Creek, Park Creek, Park Creek, Parker Creek, Parsons Creek, Pass Creek, Pat Hughes Creek, Patrol Creek, Pats Creek, Peach Creek, Peanut Creek, Pearl Creek, Pete Creek, Phi Kappa Creek, Phillips Creek, Pierson Creek, Pig Creek, Pigtail Creek, Pine Creek, Pinto Creek, Pinyon Creek, Pioneer Creek, Pistol Creek, Placer Creek, Poison Creek, Pole Creek, Pole Stackyard Creek, Polecamp Creek, Pork Creek, Potaman Creek, Potter Vine Creek, Prospect Creek, Prospect Creek, Prospect Creek, Rabbit Creek, Ramey Creek, Ramey Creek, Rankin Creek, Rapid River, Rat Creek, Rattlesnake Creek, Red Bluff Creek, Red Rock Creek, Redfish Lake Creek, Redrock Creek, Rider Creek, Right Fork Bear Creek, Right Fork Fall Creek, Right Fork Iron Bog Creek, Right Fork Kane Creek, Right Fork Willow Creek, Road Creek, Road Creek, Roaring Creek, Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Rough Creek, Rough Creek, Rush Creek, Sage Creek, Sage Creek, Sagebrush Creek, Salt Creek, Sands Creek, Sawmill Creek, Sawmill Creek, Sawmill Creek, Sawmill Creek, Scratch Creek, Seafoam Creek, Second Creek, Second Spring Creek, Sevenmile Creek, Shady Creek, Shake Creek, Sheep Creek, Sheep Creek, Sheep Creek, Sheep Creek, Sheep Creek, Sheephead Creek, Shell Creek, Shep Creek, Shep Creek, Short Creek, Short Creek, Short Creek, Shotgun Creek, Silver Creek, Silver Creek, Silver Rule Creek, Sink Creek, Sink Creek, Sixmile Creek, Slate Creek, Sled Creek, Slickenside Creek, Slide Creek, Slide Creek, Smiley Creek, Smith Creek, Snowslide Creek, South Carson Creek, South Fork Alder Creek, South Fork Big Creek, South Fork Big Creek, South Fork Champion Creek, South Fork Cottonwood Creek, South Fork East Fork Salmon River, South Fork Lawson Creek, South Fork Sheep Creek, South Fork Warm Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spruce Creek, Spud Creek, Squaw Creek, Squaw Creek, Squaw Creek, Squaw Creek, Stag Creek, Stanley Creek, Stanley Lake Creek, Star Hope Creek, Steep Creek, Stephens Creek, Steve Creek, Sullivan Creek, Sulphur Creek, Sulphur Creek, Summit Creek, Summit Creek, Sunday Creek, Swamp Creek, Swauger Slough, Swim Creek, Talman Creek, Tango Creek, Taylor Creek, Taylor Creek, Tenmile Creek, Tennell Creek, Thatcher Creek, Thicket Creek, Third Spring, Third Spring Creek, Thomas Creek, Thompson Creek, Thompson Creek, Thousand Springs Creek, Three Cabins Creek, Timber Creek, Timber Creek, Tincup Creek, Toolbox Creek, Trail Creek, Trail Creek, Trail Creek, Trail Creek, Trail Creek, Trandsfer Creek, Trap Creek, Trapper Creek, Trealor Creek, Treon Creek, Twelvemile Creek, Twin Bridges Creek, Twin Creek, Twin Creek, Upper Cedar Creek, Upper Harden Creek, Vader Creek, Valley Creek, Van Horn Creek, Vanity Creek, Velvet Creek, Walker Creek, Warm Creek, Warm Spring Creek, Warm Springs Creek, Warm Springs Creek, Warren Creek, Washington Creek, Washington Lake Creek, West Creek, West Fork Burnt Creek, West Fork Creek, West Fork East Fork Salmon River, West Fork Herd Creek, West Fork Lehman Creek, West Fork Little Loon Creek, West Fork Little Soldier Creek, West Fork Mayfield Creek, West Fork Morgan Creek, West Fork Navarre Creek, West Fork Pahsimeroi River, West Fork Thomas Creek, West Fork Yankee Fork, West Pass Creek, White Creek, White Valley Creek, Wickiup Creek, Wildhorse Creek, Williams Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Winnemucca Creek, Wood Creek, Yankee Fork, Zipper Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Alpine Peak, Anderson Peak, Bachelor Mountain, Bald Mountain, Bald Mountain, Basin Butte, Bear Creek Summit, Bear Mountain, Bible Back Mountain, Big Black Dome, Big Flat Top, Big Soldier Mountain, Blackmon Peak, Blue Mountain, Bonanza Peak, Borah Peak, Bowery Peak, Cabin Creek Peak, Cabin Mountain, Cape Horn, Cape Horn Mountain, Cape Horn Summit, Castle Peak, Castle Rock, Chilly Buttes, Copper Basin Knob, Copper Mountain, Corkscrew Mountain, Corral Creek Summit, Croesus Peak, Decker Peak, Dickey Peak, Donaldson Peak, Dugout Hill, Easley Peak, Elk Mountain, Estes Mountain, Flat Top, Germer Park, Glassford Peak, Glide Mountain, Grand Mogul, Greyhound Mountain, Grouse Creek Mountain, Grouse Creek Peak, Grouse Peak, Herd Peak, Heyburn Mountain, Horstmann Peak, Horton Peak, Hunter Creek Summit, Invisible Mountain, Jerry Peak, Keystone Mountain, Langer Peak, Leatherman Peak, Lee Peak, Lehman Butte, Leslie Butte, Lime Mountain, Little Soldier Mountain, Lone Pine Peak, Lookout Mountain, Loon Creek Summit, Lupine Mountain, Mackay Peak, Mahogany Hill, Massacre Mountain, Mayfield Peak, McGown Peak, Meadow Peak, Meridian Peak, Merriam Peak, Middle Mountain, Mill Creek Summit, Miller Peak, Morgan Creek Summit, Mount Breitenbach, Mount Cramer, Mount Greylock, Mount Jordan, Mount Loening, Mount McCaleb, Mount Mills, Observation Peak, Packrat Peak, Phi Kappa Mountain, Pine Summit, Pinyon Peak, Pioneer Mountain, Porphyry Peak, Potaman Peak, Potato Mountain, Pyramid Peak, Ramshorn Mountain, Red Butte, Red Hill, Red Mountain, Redbird Mountain, Reserve Mountain, Reward Peak, Robinson Bar Peak, Rookie Point, Round Mountain, Ruffneck Peak, Ryan Peak, Saturday Mountain, Scarface Mountain, Sevy Peak, Sheep Mountain, Sheep Mountain, Shelly Mountain, Sherman Peak, Smiley Mountain, Spring Hill, Squawtit, Standhope Peak, Swensen Butte, Table Mountain, Table Mountain, Table Mountain, The Arrowhead, The Temple, Trail Creek Summit, Twin Peaks, Van Horn Peak, Vanity Summit, Warren Mountain, Washington Peak, Watson Peak, White Knob, White Mountain, White Valley Mountain, Williams Peak, Willow Creek Summit, Windy Devil, Woods Peak

  Swamps     show all on map

Iron Bog Swamp, The Swamps, Thousand Springs

  Trails     show all on map

Bull Moose Trail, Copper Creek Trail, Snowbank Trail, Twin Buttes Trail, Yellow Belly Trail

  Tunnels     show all on map

Cossack Tunnel

  Valleys     show all on map

Anderson Canyon, Arentson Gulch, Armison Gulch, Aspen Gulch, Bailey Corral Canyon, Banana Gulch, Bear Canyon, Bear Canyon, Beardsley Gulch, Bedy Canyon, Bellas Canyon, Big Blind Canyon, Big Canyon, Big Gulch, Big Hill Gulch, Big Rocky Canyon, Black Daisy Canyon, Blaze Canyon, Blind Canyon, Blue Jay Canyon, Boneyard Gulch, Box Bailey Corral Canyon, Bradbury Gulch, Bradshaw Gulch, Broad Canyon, Bull Gulch, Bull of the Woods Gulch, Bullion Gulch, Burnt Gulch, Burnt Hollow, Burnt Spring Gulch, Calkins Gulch, Cape Horn Draw, Cartwright Gulch, Cayuse Canyon, Cherry Gulch, Chimney Gulch, Christian Gulch, Club Canyon, Cold Spring Gulch, Corral Canyon, Cougar Canyon, Cougar Gulch, Coyote Canyon, Crawford Canyon, Crooked Canyon, Crows Nest Canyon, Cub Canyon, Daugherty Gulch, Dead Cat Canyon, Death Canyon, Deer Gulch, Devil Canyon, Dry Canyon, Dry Canyon, Dry Canyon, Dry Canyon, Dry Gulch, Dry Gulch, Dry Gulch, Dry Hollow, Dry Hollow, Dry Hollow, First Crossing Gulch, Flower Garden, Fox Canyon, Franklin Canyon, Frisch Gulch, Fuller Gulch, Galena Gulch, Gerry Gulch, Grand Prize Canyon, Grand Prize Gulch, Grand View Canyon, Grave Canyon, Grover Gulch, Happy Hollow, Harry Canyon, Hell Canyon, Hell Canyon, Hogan Gulch, Horseshoe Canyon, Howell Canyon, Howell Canyon, Jackass Gulch, Jim Canyon, Joes Gulch, John Gulch, Keystone Gulch, Klug Gulch, Lang Gulch, Larkspur Canyon, Leaton Gulch, Left Fork Death Canyon, Left Fork Waddoups Canyon, Little Blind Canyon, Little Rough Canyon, Lost Mine Canyon, Lower Brown Canyon, Mahogany Gulch, Mahogany Gulch, Malm Gulch, Mammoth Canyon, Marcroft Canyon, Marsh Canyon, Merrimac Gulch, Methodist Gulch, Middle Canyon, Miller Canyon, Millick Gulch, Mine Canyon, Monument Gulch, Mountain Home Canyon, Mountain Spring Canyon, Mud Spring Canyon, Mud Spring Gulch, Mud Spring Gulch, Muldoon Canyon, Mulkey Gulch, Narrow Canyon, North Gulch, Oster Gulch, Packer Gulch, Pahsimeroi Valley, Park Canyon, Pecks Canyon, Penwell Gulch, Pine Gulch, Preachers Cove, Puzzler Gulch, Ras Canyon, Redbird Gulch, Richardson Canyon, Right Fork Death Canyon, Right Fork Waddoups Canyon, Rio Grande Canyon, Rock Spring Canyon, Rough Canyon, Round Valley, Sams Gulch, Sand Hollow, Sawmill Canyon, Sawmill Canyon, Sawmill Canyon, Sawmill Gulch, Sawtooth Valley, Schoolhouse Canyon, Sheep Canyon, Slaughterhouse Gulch, Slide Canyon, Smelter Canyon, Spar Canyon, Spring Gulch, Spring Gulch, Spruce Gulch, Spruce Gulch, Squib Canyon, Star Hope Gulch, Stephens Gulch, Stewart Canyon, Summerhouse Canyon, Sunny Gulch, Surprise Valley, Swauger Gulch, Swift Gulch, Taylor Canyon, Telephone Draw, Telephone Draw, Telephone Gulch, Thousand Springs Valley, Trail Gulch, Upper Brown Canyon, Vance Canyon, Waddoups Canyon, Wildcat Canyon, Wood Canyon

  Wells     show all on map

Bayhorse Well,

Custer County, Idaho Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteCuster County White population 4,2274,227  
MixedCuster County Mixed population 6160
American IndianCuster County American Indian population 2626
AsianCuster County Asian population 1313
BlackCuster County Black population 98
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderCuster County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 44

Additional population tables :
State population table
Idaho population by county