Idaho County, Idaho Basics:

Idaho County Idaho - Government Site

Population: 16,327
Area: 8477 square miles
County seat: Grangeville
Area code(s) in use: 208
Time zone: PST
High school graduate or higher: 87.8%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 14.8%
Median household income: $37,067
Persons in poverty: 19.2%
Home ownership rate: 77.7%
Mean travel time to work: 19.1 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Adams  Clearwater  Lemhi  Lewis  Missoula (MT)  Nez Perce  Ravalli (MT)  Valley  Wallowa (OR)  

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Map of the Idaho County area

Our detail map of Idaho County shows the Idaho County, Idaho boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Idaho County, Idaho

  Airports     show all on map

Cambell Ferry Airstrip, Chamberlain US Forest Service Airport, Clear Creek International Airport, Cold Meadow-US Forest Service Airport, Concord Landing Strip, Cottonwood Municipal Airport, Dixie-US Forest Service Airport, Elk City Airport, Fish Lake Airport, Idaho County Airport, Idaho State Emergency Airstrip, Kamiah Municipal Airport, Kooskia Municipal Airport, Mackay Bar Airport, Mallard Creek Ranch Airport, Moose Creek Airport, Mullins Airstrip, Orogrande Landing Strip, Pinnacle Airport, Riggins Flight Strip, Root Ranch Landing Strip, Running Creek Ranch Airport, Shearer Airport, Slate Creek Airport, Spencer Ranch Landing Strip, Warren Airport, Wilson Bar USFS Airport

  Areas     show all on map

Stickney Garden

  Bars     show all on map

American Bar, Bailey Bar, Bargamin Bar, Bear Bar, Big Bar, Big Mallard Creek Bar, Blackhawk Bar, Blue Bird Bar, Boise Bar, Bull Creek Bar, Butcher Bar, Campbell Flat, Chimney Bar, Chimney Bar, Cooper Bar, Cooper Bar, Corey Bar, Cunningham Bar, Deer Park Bar, Disappointment Bar, Dry Bar, Elkhorn Bar, Elkhorn Bar, Fall Creek Bar, Fawn Creek Bar, Fivemile Bar, Gaines Bar, Goddard Bar, Groundhog Bar, Haney Bar, Indian Creek Bar, Island Bar, Jackson Bar, John Day Bar, Johnson Bar, Johnson Bar, Johnson Bar, Kenmitzer Bar, Kirby Bar, Kirkwood Bar, Lantz Bar, Large Bar, Lemhi Bar, Little Elkhorn Bar, Long Tom Bar, Lucile Bar, Lucky Creek Bar, Ludwig Bar, Lyons Bar, Music Bar, Nixon Bar, Painter Bar, Pine Bar, Pittsburg Bar, Ragtown Bar, Rattlesnake Bar, Rattlesnake Bar, Reed Bar, Richardson Bar, Rocky Bar, Russel Bar, Russell Bar, Sheep Creek Bar, Sherwin Bar, Shorts Bar, Slicker Bar, Spindle Creek Bar, Spring Bar, Squaw Bar, Sunny Bar, Swartz Bar, Taylor Bar, Twentyfive Mile Bar, Twentymile Bar, Twilegar Bar, Upper Butcher Bar, Upper Sherwin Bar, Waldo Bar, Warm Springs Bar, Warm Springs Bar, White House Bar, Widow Bar, Wilson Bar, Yellow Pine Bar

  Basins     show all on map

Bismark Basin, Boulder Basin, Bull Run Cove, Chamberlain Basin, Cougar Basin, Crooks Corral Basin, Crows Nest Basin, Devils Hole, Dry Basin, Florence Basin, Hard Creek Basin, McCalla Basin, McGaffee Basin, Nut Basin, Rattlesnake Basin, Rooney Basin, Stickney Basin, The Basin, West Fork Basin

  Beaches     show all on map

Steamboat Summit

  Bends     show all on map

Big Eddy, Clarks Hole, Elbow Bend, Horse Bend, Horseshoe Bend, Maggie Bend, Oxbow

  Bridges     show all on map

Antler Ridge, Eagle Mountain Pack Bridge, Horse Creek Bridge, Mackay Bar Bridge, Manning Bridge, Mocus Point Rock Bridge, Partridge Creek Bridge, Porphyry Bridge, Rice Creek Bridge, Split Creek Bridge, Stoddard Bridge, Upper Weitas Pack Bridge, Wind River Pack Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Battle Ridge - Pleasant Valley - Clearwater Volunteer Rural Fire Department, Bureau of Land Management Cottonwood Field Office, Carrot Ridge Volunteer Fire District, Cottonwood Rural Fire Department, Cottonwood Volunteer Fire Department, Elk City Volunteer Fire Department, Ferdinand Rural City Fire Department, Glenwood - Caribel Volunteer Fire District, Grangeville Fire Department, Grangeville Police Department, Harpster Volunteer Fire Department, Idaho County Sheriff's Office, Kooskia Ambulance, Kooskia Fire Department, Kooskia Police Department, North Idaho Correctional Institution, North Idaho Correctional Institution Fire Department, Ridge Runner Fire Department, Riggins City Fire Department, Riggins Police Department, Salmon River Rural Fire District Station 2, Salmon River Rural Fire District Station 3, Salmon River Rural Fire District Station 4, Salmon River Rural Fire District Station 5, Salmon River Rural Fire District Station 6, Secesh Meadow Rural Fire District, Stites Fire Department, White Bird Fire Department

  Capes     show all on map

Bear Point, Beaver Point, Cape Horn, Cooper Point, Crown Point, Fick Point, Hida Point, Rocky Point, Rose Lewis Point, Sabe Vista Point, Willow Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Battle Ridge Cemetery, Canfield Cemetery, Clearwater Cemetery, Cottonwood Cemetery, Denver Cemetery, Fairview Cemetery, Florence Cemetery, Grandview Cemetery, Joseph Cemetery, Meadow Creek Cemetery, Miller Cemetery, Mount Zion Cemetery, Nicodemus Cemetery, Nikesa Cemetery, North Riggins Cemetery, Pine Grove Cemetery, Saint Anthony Cemetery, Saint Maurus Cemetery, Stites Cemetery, Tahoe Cemetery, White Bird Cemetery, Winona Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Elk City Census Designated Place

  Cliffs     show all on map

Arctic Point, Ballinger Point, Bell Point, Buckshot Point, Bug Slope, California Point, Cub Point, Dead Elk Point, Devils Ladder, Dizzy Head, Doe Point, Dog Point, Drumlummen Point, Dry Point, Falls Point, Fire Creek Point, Flea Ridge Point, Footstool Point, Hot Point, Huddleson Bluff, Hungry Rock, Idaho Point, Jungle Point, Lake Creek Point, Lone Pine Point, Louse Point, Marble Point, Meeker Point, Mocus Point, Moughmer Point, Old Man Point, Painter Point, Penny Cliffs, Peterson Point, Plummer Point, Ring Creek Point, Rock Creek Point, Salmon River Breaks, Scotts Bluff, Shasta Point, Sheep Creek Point, Shissler Peak, Soda Creek Point, Split Creek Point, Stillman Point, The Drop-off, Three Links Point, Tony Point, West Fork Point, Wolf Point

  Crossings     show all on map

Indian Crossing, Jenkins Crossing, Magruder Crossing

  Dams     show all on map

Johns Creek Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Hazard Falls, Mallard Creek Falls, Patsy Ann Falls, Salmon Falls, Selway Falls, Shoestring Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Anchor Meadow, Beaver Flat, Beaver Meadows, Big Creek Meadows, Bimerick Meadows, Bouffard Flat, Boulder Flat, Box Flat, Buck Meadows, Buck Meadows, Burnt Flats, Canteen Meadows, Cayuse Meadows, Cedar Flats, Chain Meadows, Chase Meadow, Club Meadows, Cold Meadows, Cooper Flat, Corduroy Meadows, Cottonwood Flats, Cow Flats, Crane Meadows, Dempsey Flat, Dillinger Meadows, Doumecq Plains, Dry Meadow, Earthquake Meadows, Elk Flat, Elk Meadows, Elk Meadows, Elk Meadows, Faust Meadows, Fish Creek Meadows, Floyd Meadows, Fox Park, Frosty Meadows, Garrison Flat, Gold Meadows, Goodwin Meadows, Grave Meadow, Hand Meadows, Hard Creek Meadow, Hard Creek meadows, Harlan Meadows, Haypress Meadows, Hiltsley Flat, Horse Flat, Horse Heaven Meadows, Horsefly Meadows, Hot Springs Meadow, Icicle Flat, Indian Meadows, Joseph Plains, Kelly Meadows, Keystone Meadows, Kidder Flat, Kooskooskia Meadows, Lacey Flat, Lee Flat, Little Lodgepole Meadow, Little Mallard Meadows, Little Pony Meadows, Long Meadow, Lost Knife Meadows, Lost Meadows, Lost Packer Meadows, Lost Park Meadows, Lower Lodgepole Meadow, Lower Meadow, Lower Ramey Meadows, Lower Trout Creek Meadows, Lower Twentymile Meadows, Lynx Meadows, Marion Meadows, Marshall Meadow, Marten Meadows, McComas Meadows, Meadow of Doubt, Middle Meadow, Middle Meadows, Moose Jaw Meadow, Moose Meadows, Moose Meadows, Mountain Meadows, Mud Flat, No-see-um Meadows, North Star Meadows, Old Man Meadows, Packer Meadows, Pealy Flat, Peterson Flat, Phantom Meadow, Pimble Point, Porcupine Meadow, Powell Pasture, Queen Creek Meadow, Red Top Meadows, Reed Point, Republican Flats, Round Bottom Meadows, Ruby Meadows, Rye Patch, Secesh Meadows, Service Flats, Shillam Flat, Sneakfoot Meadows, Soard Flat, Soldier Meadows, Sponge Meadows, Squaw Meadow, Star Meadows, Storm Creek Flat, Stratton Meadow, Summit Flat, Swartz Meadow, Table Meadows, Tenmile Flat, Tenmile Meadows, Tepee Flats, Thompson Flat, Three Blaze Meadow, Three Links Meadows, Timothy Flats, Twogood Flat, Upper Lodgepole Meadow, Upper Ramey Meadows, Upper Red Top Meadows, Upper Trout Creek Meadows, Wag Meadows, Wapiti Meadows, Warren Meadow, Weitas Meadows, Wet Meadows, White Bird Meadow, Willow Flat, Wind River Meadows, Woodruff Flat, Wounded Doe Licks

  Forests     show all on map

Nez Perce National Forest

  Gaps     show all on map

'Imnamatnoon Likoolam, 12 Mile Saddle, Archer Saddle, Bean Creek Saddle, Bear Creek Pass, Bear Creek Pass, Beartrap Saddle, Beartrap Saddle, Beaver Dam Saddle, Beaver Saddle, Big Canyon Saddle, Big Fog Saddle, Blackburn Saddle, Blodgett Pass, Boulder Pass, Brush Creek Saddle, Buck Creek Saddle, Buck Saddle, Canada Saddle, Cedar Saddle, Center Ridge Saddle, Chamook Saddle, Chimney Saddle, Coffee Can Saddle, Cold Springs Saddle, Cold Storage Saddle, Cow Creek Saddle, Dead Man Saddle, Deadhorse Saddle, Deep Saddle, Deep Saddle, Deep Saddle, Dixie Summit, Drake Saddle, Dry Saddle, Fan Creek Saddle, Fire Camp Saddle, Fish Butte Saddle, Fish Lake Saddle, Fisher Creek Saddle, Fog Mountain Saddle, Friday Pass, Game Warden Saddle, Glover Saddle, Grave Creek Saddle, Green Saddle, Green Saddle, Grizzly Saddle, Hamby Saddle, Harrington Saddle, Haystack Saddle, Hells Half Acre Saddle, Horse Heaven Saddle, Jack Creek Summit, Jesse Pass, Johnson Saddle, Kim Creek Saddle, Lemon Creek Saddle, Lightning Creek Saddle, Little Slate Creek Saddle, Lost Horse Pass, Low Saddle, Magruder Saddle, Mertary Creek Saddle, Merton Creek Saddle, Moon Saddle, Motthorn Saddle, Nez Perce Pass, O'Hara Saddle, Packbox Pass, Papoose Saddle, Pipe Saddle, Pittsburg Saddle, Poe Saddle, Pueblo Summit, Rape Saddle, Remount, Riverview Saddle, Sabe Saddle, Savage Pass, Saw Pit Saddle, Scott Saddle, Sherman Saddle, Shuck Saddle, Sleepy Hollow, Sleepy Saddle, Smith Saddle, Smith Saddle, Squaw Saddle, Stormy Pass, Studebaker Saddle, Tamarack Saddle, The Narrows, Tribulation Saddle, Vance Creek Saddle, Wacamyoos Likoolam Saddle, Wahoo Pass, Warm Springs Pass, Warm Springs Saddle, Warren Summit, Wildhorse Saddle, Windy Saddle, Windy Saddle

  Hospitals     show all on map

Saint Mary's Hospital, Syringa General Hospital

  Islands     show all on map

Big Foot Island, Rock Island

  Lakes     show all on map

American Hill Lake, Andys Lakes, Appendix Lake, Bald Mountain Lake, Baldy Lake, Basin Lake, Basin Lake, Battle Lake, Bear Lake, Bear Lake, Bear Pete Lake, Beaver Lake, Bell Lake, Big Fog Lake, Big Hazard Lake, Big Sand Lake, Bigfoot Lake, Bilk Lake, Bills Lake, Bitch Lake, Black Lake, Black Lake, Bleak Creek Lake, Boston Mountain Lake, Boyd Lake, Brandon Lakes, Brown Lake, Brushy Fork Lake, Buck Lake, Buck Lake, Burnt Knob Lakes, California Lake, California Lake, Canyon Lake, Center Creek Lakes, Center Lake, Chimney Lake, Coffee Cup Lake, Colt Lake, Cooks Lake, Coolwater Lake, Coquina Lake, Corky Lake, Corral Lake, Cottonwood Lake, Cove Lakes, Crater Lake, Crescent Lake, Crystal Lake, Crystal Lake, Cub Lake, Cutthroat Lake, Dan Lake, Deer Lake, Dennis Lakes, Diamond Lake, Disappointment Lake, Dishpan Lake, Dodge Lake, Dodge Lake, Doe Lake, Dog Lake, Dry Lake, Duck Lake, Duck Lake, Eagle Mountain Lake, East Gospel Lake, East Peak Lake, Echo Lake, Eden Lake, Elizabeth Lake, Elk Lake, Elk Lake, Elk Track Lakes, Emerald Lake, Emerald Lake, Fawn Lake, Fawn Lake, Fire Lake, Fish Lake, Fish Lake, Fish Lake, Flea Lake, Florence Lake, Flossie Lake, French Creek Lakes, Frog Lake, Frog Lake, Frog Lake, Frog Pond, Garnet Lake, Gay Lake, Gem Lake, Goat Lake, Goat Lake, Goat Lake, Goat Lakes, Gold Pan Lake, Gospel Lakes, Granite Lake, Granite Lake, Grass Mountain Lakes, Greystone Lake, Grimes Lake, Grouse Lake, Haas Lake, Half Acre Lake, Hamilton Lakes, Hanson Lakes, Hard Butte Lake, Hard Creek Lake, Hazard Lake, He Devil Lake, Heslip Lake, Hidden Lake, Hidden Lake, Hidden Lake, Hidden Lake, Highline Lakes, Hjort Lake, Hoodoo Lake, Horse Heaven Lake, Horseshoe Lake, Horseshoe Lake, Hump Lake, Hungry Lake, Hurst Lake, Indian Lake, Indian Postoffice Lake, Indigo Lake, Isaac Lake, Jeanette Lake, John Lake, Josephine Lake, Kelly Lake, Kenneth Lake, Kettle Lake, Kidney Lake, Knob Lakes, Lake Creek Lakes, Lake Rock Lake, Lake Serene, Lava Butte Lakes, Legend Lake, Lemhi Lake, Lily Lake, Lily Pad Lake, Line Lake, Little Sheepeater Lake, Lizard Lakes, Lloyd Lake, Lloyds Lake, Lone Lakes, Lonesome Lake, Long Lake, Lost Lake, Lottie Lake, Louse Lake, Lower Bear Lake, Lower Cannon Lake, Lower Gospel Lake, Lower Knob Lake, Lower Trilby Lake, Lower Twin Lake, Mac Han Lake, Macarthur Lake, Maple Lake, Marsh Lake, Marshall Lake, Mary Lake, Maud Lake, Maude Lake, May Lake, Middle Knob Lake, Middle Trilby Lake, Mirror Lake, Mirror Lake, Moe Lake, Moores Lake, Moose Lake, Moose Lake, Morgan Lake, Mosquito Lake, Mud Lake, Mud Lake, Nethker Lake, North Lone Lake, North Three Links Lakes, Nut Basin Lake, Old Man Lake, Oregon Butte Lake, Papoose Lake, Papoose Lake, Papoose Lake, Parachute Lake, Paradise Lake, Park Lake, Parsons Lake, Partridge Creek Lake, Piper Lake, Pollywog Lake, Porphyry Lake, Purgatory Lake, Quad Lake, Quartzite Lake, Rainbow Lake, Rainbow Lake, Rainbow Lake, Ranger Lake, Rattlesnake Lake, Red Lake, Rock Island Lake, Rock Lake, Rocky Ridge Lake, Round Lake, Round Lake, Ruby Lake, Rudd-Moore Lakes, Running Lake, Saddle Lake, Scribner Lake, Seven Devils Lake, Seven Lakes, Shasta Lake, Sheep Lake, Sheep Spring Lake, Sheepeater Lake, Shelf Lake, Shining Lake, Siah Lake, Sid Lake, Skookum Lake, Slate Lake, Slate Lakes, Slide Rock Lake, South Lone Lake, South Three Links Lakes, Sponge Lake, Spread Point Lake, Spruce Creek Lakes, Spruce Lake, Square Lake, Square Mountain Lake, Square Rock Lake, Stillman Lake, Stingray Lake, Stoddard Lake, Storm Lake, Swamp Angel Lake, Swamp Lake, Swet Lake, Swet Lake Pond, Tadpole Lake, Thirteen Lakes, Tolo Lake, Triangle Lake, Trilby Lakes, Triple Lakes, Twentymile Lake, Twin Lakes, Twin Lakes, Twin Lakes, Two Lakes, Upper Bear Lake, Upper Cannon Lake, Upper Gospel Lake, Upper Hazard Lake, Upper Knob Lake, Upper Slate Lake, Upper Trilby Lake, Upper Twin Lake, Walton Lakes, White Cap Lakes, White Sand Lake, Whitehouse Pond, Wildhorse Lake, Wind Lakes, Wiseboy Lakes, Wood Lake

  Locales     show all on map

A Manes, Aitken, Allison Creek Campground, Allison Creek Picnic Area, Allison Ranch, Apgar Campground, Arctic Point Lookout, Arrow Campsite, Asbestos Point, Atlas Mill, Austin Ridge Lookout, Badley Ranch, Bargamin Bar Campsite, Barton Cabin, Base Camp Campground, Beal Cabin, Bear Creek Campground, Bear Packer Camp, Bears Oil and Roots Camp, Beartrap Ranch, Beaver Ridge Lookout, Belle Creek Campground, Bemis Ranch, Bentz Brothers, Bentz Cow Camp, Bicardi Place, Big Mallard Creek Campground, Black Butte Lookout, Blakely, Blue Ridge Cabin, Bob Sewell, Boodry Place, Boundary Campground, Boyd Creek Campground, Bridge Creek Campground, Brown, Bruin Creek Campground, Bungalow Cow Camp, Burgdorf Campground, Burgdorf Guard Station, Button Beach Access Area, Cache Mountain Camp, California Creek Bar Campground, Calvin, Calvin Ranch, Camp Howard Cow Camp, Camp Martin, Camp Moosehorn, Camp Thomas, Campbells Ferry, Canyon Junction, Canyon Meadows Work Center, Carey Dome Scenic View, Carlson, Carrey, Castle Butte Camp, Castle Creek Campground, Castle Creek Work Center, Cedar Flats Campground, Cedar Flats Job Corps Center, Chamberlain Guard Station, Chinook Campground, Christie Creek Forest Service Station, Circle C Ranch, Circle C Ranch, Circle C Ranch, Clearwater Battlefield Site, Cold Meadows Forest Service Station, Cold Mountain Lookout, Cold Springs Cow Camp, Colt Creek Cabin, Colt Creek Campground, Cook, Cook Ranch, Cooper Flat Guard Station, Corey Bar Campground, Cotter Bar Picnic Area, Cottonwood Job Corps Center, Cove Camp, Cove Camp, Cove Ranch, Cow Corrals, Cox, Crofoot Ranch, Crooked River Number Five Campground, Crooked River Number Three Campground, Crooks Corral, Crum, Davis Ranch, Deep Creek Campground, Devils Farm, Devils Garden, Devils Washbasin, Dismal Camp, Ditch Creek Campground, Dixie House (historical), Dixie Woodyard, Dixie Work Center, Dixon Corrals, Dixon Cow Camp, Dry Camp, Dry Diggins Lookout, E Manes, Eakin Cabin, Elk City Lard Comm, Elk City Mining Company, Elk City Ranger Station, Elk Summit Work Center, Elkhorn Bar Campground, Elkhorn Lookout, Elmen, Estep Cabin, Fenn Ranger Station, First Smoke Jump Site, Fish Creek Guard Station, Fish Creek Meadow Campground, Fish Lake Cabin, Five Island, Fivemile Campground, Flynn Creek Ranch, Fog Mountain Campground, Footrot Corrals, Footrot Corrals Campground, Forest Service Station, Fourteen Mile Tree Campsite, Freeman Place, Frogtown, Full Stomach Camp, Gedney Creek Campground, George Gill, Gibler, Gilmore Ranch, Glade Creek Camp, Glade Creek Campground, Glover Campground, Gotzinger, Grandad Campsite, Grangeville, Grangeville Golf and Country Club, Grangeville Hatchery, Granite Spring Recreation Site, Green Flat Campground, Greensward Camp, Groom, H Rhett, Hackett Cabin, Halfway House Campground, Hammer Creek Recreation Site, Hand Cabin, Hand Camp, Hard Creek Guard Station, Harlin Mill, Hayes, Hays Station, Hazard Campground, Hells Canyon Forest Service Station, Henry Baker, Henry Baker Ranch, Henry Rhett, Herb Brown, Hershey Point Lookout, Hettinger Trailhead, Hibbs Cabin, Hibbs Cow Camp, Hibbs Ranch, Hinkley Cabin, Hoodoo Lake Campground, Horse Camp, Horse Creek Administrative Research Site, Horse Heaven Cabin, Horse Sweat Pass Camp, Horsesteak Meadow Camp, Hotzel Ranch, Howard Camp, Howard Ranch, Humptown, Hungery Creek Camp, Idaho County Poor Farm, Idaho Game Department, Indian Creek Campground, Indian Creek Ranch, Indian Grave Camp, Indian Hill Lookout, Indian Park, J Manes, Jacksons Cow Camp, James Ranch, Jerry Johnson Campground, Jerusalem Artichokes Campsite, Johnson Cabin, Jones, Jumbo Camp, Kidder, Kiddler Place, Kiepe Place, Kilgore Orchard, Kirkwood Corrals, Kirkwood Cow Camp, Knife Edge Campground, Kooskia National Fish Hatchery, Laggett Creek Recreation Site, Lamb Ranch, Lantz Bar Campsite, Lantz Bar Forest Service Facility, Lantz Bar Forest Service Facility, Lantz Bar Recreation Site, Likkep, Little Ponderosa Ranch, Liz Creek Cabin, Lloyds Lake Overlook, Lochsa Historical Station, Lochsa Lodge, Lochsa Work Center, Lolo Creek Campground, Lolo Pass Ski Area, Lonesome Cove Camp, Long Cabin, Lower Pittsburg Landing, Lyons Mining Camp, Lytle Camp, Mackay Bar Campground, Magger, Magpie Creek Campsite, Magpie Creek District Ranger Station, Magruder Campground, Magruder Massacre Site, Magruder Ranger Station, Major Fenn Picnic Area, Mallard Creek Ranch, Mallard Creek Trailhead, Manes Place, Maxwell, McAllister Recreation Site, McComas Ranch (historical), McCoy Cabin, McGaffee Cabin, McLead Ranch, McMeekin Ranch, Meadow Creek Campground, Meadow Creek Guard Station, Mex Mountain Work Center, Mill Lookout, Moon Cabin, Moores Station, Moores Work Center, Moose Creek Ranger Station, Morre, Mosquito Ridge Trailhead, Mountain House, Muleshoe Creek Camp, Mundt, Newsome Forest Service Station, Newsome Recreation Site, Newsome Work Center, Ninemile Rest Area, No-see-um Camp, North Fork Campground, North Meadow Camp, North Riggens, North Star Ranch, O'Hara Bar Historical Site, O'Hara Campground, O'Hara Youth Camp, Obia Cabin, Old Adams Ranger Station, Old Orogrande, Orogrande Campground, Orogrande Summit Campground, Orogrande Summit Campground, Papoose Campground, Paradise Campground, Paradise Guard Station, Pell Cabin, Penman Hill, Pete Forks Campground, Phelps, Pittsburgh Landing, Poet Creek Campground, Polly Bemis Ranch, Portable Soup Camp, Post Pile Saddle, Potlatch Camp 58, Powell Campground, Powell Ranger Station, Pueblo Summit Trailhead, Race Creek Campground, Race Track Campground, Rackliff Campground, Raines Creek Trailhead, Rainy Day Point Campground, Rape Place, Rapid River Fish Hatchery, Raven Creek Campground, Red Horse Campground, Red Horse Campground, Red River Campground, Red River Campground, Red River Hot Springs Recreation Site, Red River Ranger Station, Retreat Camp, Retreat Camp, Rhett Creek Campground, Rhett Meadows, Riddle Lodge, Robinson, Rock Cairns, Rocky Bluff Campground, Rocky Ridge Lake Campground, Romine Ranch, Root Ranch, Running Creek Ranch, Rusell, Saddle Camp, Saddle Camp, Salmon Trout Camp, Sams Creek Campground, Sams Creek Recreation Site, Savage Camp, Sawyer Ridge Lookout, Scott Place, Scott Williams, Selway Falls Campground, Selway Falls Guard Station, Selway Lodge, Seven Devils Campground, Seven Devils Guard Station, Seven Devils Recreation Site, Sewell, Shake Cabin, Shearer Guard Station, Shearer Mill, Sheep Creek Rest Area, Sheep Creek Rest Area, Shepp Ranch, Silvers Station, Sing Lee Campground, Sixtytwo Ranger Station, Skookumchuck Campground, Skookumchuck Work Center, Slate Creek District Ranger Station, Slate Creek Work Center, Slide Creek Campground, Slims Campground, Small Prairie Camp, Smith Creek Work Center, Smith Knob Lookout, Smith Saddle Trailhead, Smokehouse (historical), Snodgrass, Snow Haven Ski Area, Sourdough Saddle Campground, South Fork Campground, South Fork Clearwater Station, Spencer Ranch, Spirit Revival Ridge Camp, Spring Bar Campground, Spring Camp Ranch, State Campground Recreation Site, Stoddard Creek Lookout, Stonebraker Ranch, Surprise Creek Camp, Surprise Creek Recreation Site, Swet Lake Cabin, Table Meadows Campground, Table Meadows Campground, Telephone Camp, Tepee Cabin, The Crevice, The Sinque Hole Camp, The Smoking Place Camp, Thompson Place, Three Forks Ranger Station, Three Links Work Station, Tollgate Ranch, Tolo Lake Access Area, Trail Point, Tumbledown Bridge, Twentymile Bar Campground, Twentythree Mile Campground, Twin Bridges Access Area, Two Lakes Cabin, Ulery, Upper Gospel Lake Viewpoint, Upper Pittsburg Landing, Upper Pittsburgh Landing, Van Creek Campground, Vinegar Creek Boat Ramp, Vista Point Lookout, Wallis Cabin, Walters, Walters Ranch, War Eagle Mountain Lookout, Warren Forest Service Facility, Weitas Meadows Campground, Wendover Campground, Wendover Ridge Rest Site, Whiskey Bills Cabin, White Bird Station, White Cap Trailhead, White Sand Campground, Whitehouse Campground, Whiteman, Whitewater Campground, Whitewater Ranch, Wicks, Wild Goose Campground, Wild Horse Corrals, Wilderness Gateway Pack Bridge, Wildhorse Lake Campground, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson Cabin, Wilson Cabin, Wilson Cabin, Wilson Cow Camp, Wilson Cow Camp, Wilson Ranch, Wind River Boat Ramp, Wind River Bridge Trailhead, Windy Camnp Recreation Site, Windy Ridge Camp, Windy Saddle Campground, Wisdom, Witter Ridge Campsite, Wolfe Place, Wurl Cabin, Wyant Camp, Yastes, Zumwalt

  Military     show all on map

Cottonwood Air Force Station (historical)

  Mines     show all on map

Ajax Mine, Alamance Mine, Alberta Mine, Alberta Mine, Altemont Mine, American Eagle Mine, American Mine, Atlas Mine, Banner Mine, Big Buffalo Mine, Big Three Mine, Black Bear Mine, Black Diamond Mine, Black Lady Mine, Blackbird Mine, Blue Jacket Mine, Blue Ribbon Mine, Bluebird Placer Mine, Buckhorn Mine, Buffalo Idaho Mine, Bullion Mine, Burpee Mine, Buster Mine, Cal-Idaho Pit, Center Star Mine, Chitwood Mine, Circ Twins Mine, Clearwater Mine, Coeur d'Alene Mine, Comstock Mine, Crackerjack Mine, Del Rio Mine, Dewey Mine, Diamond Drill Mine, Diamond Hitch Mine, Dillinger Mine, Dixie Queen Mine (historical), Dixie Royal Mine, Durden Mine, Easter Mine, Eutopia Mine, Fisher Mine, Fourmile Mine, Fourmile Mine, Gallagher Mine, Gilt Edge Mine, Gnome Mine, Gold Bug Mine, Gold Leaf Mine, Gold Master Mine, Gold Point Mine, Goldbug Mine, Golden Anchor Mine, Golden Fleece Mine, Golden Hand Mine, Golden Rule Placer Mine, Grangeville Mine, Grave Ajax Mine, Haystack Mine, Hematite Mine, Hercules Mine, Hi Yu Mine, Homestake Mine, Humboldt Mine, Hyatt Mine, Idaho Champion Group Prospects, Iron Crown Mine, Juanita Mine, Jumbo Mine, Kimberly Mine, L Mine, Leadville Mine, Leggett Placer Mine, Little Leggett Placer Mine, Lone Pine Mine, Lone Pine Mine, Long Tom Mine, Lucky Lad Mine, Lucky Strike Mine, Mackey Mine, Mammoth Mine, McKinley Mine, McKinley Mine, Meador Diggings, Mother Lode Mine, Mother Lode Mine, Mount Marshall Mine, New York Mine, North Hill Mine, North Star Mine, North Star Mine, Old Orogrande Mine, Old Portland Mine, Old Timer Mine, Ontario Mine, Oregon Tipton Mnine, Orogrande Frisco Mine, Painter Mine, Pasadena Mine, Pell Placer Mine, Penman Mine, Penn Dixie Mine, Poorman Mine, Prichard Mine, Red Horse Mine, Rescue Mine, Revelation Mine, Robinson Dike Mine, Saint Louis Mine, Sentinel Mine, Sheelite Mine, Sherman-Howe Mine, Sixtyfour Mine, Skylark Mine, Slip Easy Mine, Smith Mine, Snowshoe Mine, South Fork Mine, Spotted Horse Mine, Steckner Mine, Sultan Shaft, Sungold Mine, Swastika Mine, Tiawaka Mine, Toropah Mine, Tuttle Mine, Twin Butte Mine, Umatilla Mine, Una Mine, Union Group Mines, Unity Mine, US Mine, Vesuvius Mine, Wagner Mine, War Eagle Mine, Waverly Mine, Wild Hope Mine, Wiseboy Mine, Wonder Mine, Yakima Mine, Zenith Mine

  Parks     show all on map

Buck Park, Cedar Grove Picnic Area, Chief Joseph War Historical Marker, Fish Creek Recreation Area, Horse Creek Administrative Research Area, Kube Park, Middle Fork Clearwater Wild and Scenic River, Moose Meadow Creek Research Natural Area, Nez Perce National Historical Park, Nezperce Indian War Historical Monument, O'Hara Creek Research Natural Area, Salmon River Breaks Primitive Area, Salmon Wild and Scenic River, Three Devils Picnic Area, Tom Beal Park

  Pillars     show all on map

Devils Chair, Diamond Rock, Indian Postoffice, Old Warriors Face

  Populated Places     show all on map

Asbestos Point, Big Cedar, Boles, Burgdorf, Cable Car Crossing, Calendar, Canfield, Caribel, Clark Tree, Clearwater, Concord, Copperville, Cottonwood, Cross Trails, Davidson, Denver, DeVeny Place, Dixie, Dryden, East Kamiah, Elk City, Elk Summit, Fall Creek, Fenn, Ferdinand, Florence, Fourway Junction, French Creek, Gibler, Glenwood, Gold Point, Golden, Grangeville, Green, Greencreek, Harpster, Harrisburg, Jim Moore Place, Joseph, Keuterville, Kooskia, Leprouse, Lightfoot, Lowell, Lucile, Mackay Bar, McCrea Place, Mexican Place, Midasville, Mount Idaho, Mud Springs, Newsome, Old Golden, Orogrande, Pardee, Pardee Corner, Pollock, Potter Place, Powell Junction, Red River Hot Springs, Riggins, Riggins Hot Springs, Sampson, Seaburg, Shells Lick, Slate Creek, Stites, Syringa, Tahoe, Taylor, Tramway, Turner, Upper Crossing, Warren, Westlake, Whipsaw Saddle, White Bird, Winona, Woodland, York

  Post Offices     show all on map

Burgdorf Post Office (historical), French Creek Post Office (historical), Manuel Post Office (historical), Warren Post Office (historical)

  Ranges     show all on map

Clearwater Mountains, Cold Springs Mountains, Grass Mountains, High Breaks, Seven Devils Mountains

  Rapidss     show all on map

Bargamin Rapids, Big Hill Rapids, Big Mallard Rapids, Big Sulphur Rapids, Bills Creek Rapids, Blackhawk Rapid, Blackhawk Rapids, Boulder Rapids, Brush Creek Rapids, Canapener Rapids, Carey Falls, China Rapids, Chittam Rapids, Copper Creek Rapids, Davis Creek Rapids, Deadman Rapids, Deep Creek Rapids, Devils Teeth Rapids, Divide Creek Rapids, Double Drop Rapids, Dried Meat Rapids, Dug Creek Rapids, Durham Rapids, Elkhorn Rapids, Fiddle Creek Rapids, Five Pine Rapids, Fivemile Rapids, Granite Creek Rapids, Granite Rapids, Growler Rapids, Gunbarrel Rapids, Hancock Rapids, Hancock Rapids, Highrange Rapids, Imnaha Rapids, Indian Rapids, Lantz Rapids, Little Devils Teeth Rapids, Little Growler Rapids, Little Mallard Rapids, Lower Bernard Creek Rapids, Lower Dug Bar Rapids, Lower Pittsburg Rapids, Ludwig Rapids, Middle Kirby Rapids, Middle Pittsburg Rapids, Mountain Sheep Rapids, Muir Rapids, No-Name Rapids, Ouzel Rapids, Pine Bar Rapids, Pleasant Valley Rapids, Rainier Rapids, Robinson Gulch Rapids, Rocky Point Rapids, Roland Bar Rapids, Ruby Rapids, Sheep Creek Rapids, Sheep Creek Rapids, Slaughter Gulch Rapids, Snow Hole Rapids, Somers Creek Rapids, Split Rock Rapids, T-Bone Creek Rapids, Three Creek Rapids, Upper Bernard Creek Rapids, Upper Kirby Rapids, Upper Pleasant Valley Rapids, Vinegar Creek Rapids, Wapshilla Rapids, Warm Springs Rapids, Waterspout Rapids, Whitehorse Rapids, Wild Sheep Rapids, Wolf Creek Rapids, Zigzag Rapids

  Reserves     show all on map

Gospel-Hump Wilderness, Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness, Snake National Wild River

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Swartz Pond

  Ridges     show all on map

Abercombie Ridge, Arlington Ridge, Arrison Ridge, Austin Ridge, Barren Ridge, Battle Creek Ridge, Battle Ridge, Bear Grass Ridge, Beaver Ridge, Bentz Ridge, Biddle Ridge, Bingman Ridge, Black Ridge, Blacktail Ridge, Blacktail Ridge, Bouffard Ridge, Brushy Ridge, Bull Creek Ridge, Bull Elk Ridge, Camel Ridge, Camp Howard Ridge, Canyon Creek Ridge, Cedar Ridge, Center Ridge, Center Ridge, Center Ridge, Chamook Ridge, China Point Ridge, Clarks Ridge, Cold Mountain Ridge, Columbia Ridge, Coolwater Ridge, Copper Ridge, Corey Ridge, Coyote Ridge, Dan Ridge, Delmage Ridge, Dennis Ridge, Dent Ridge, Dentist Parlor Ridge, Divide Number Three, Dogtown, Drumlummen Ridge, Dry Diggins Ridge, Eakin Ridge, Eightyeight Ridge, Eldorado Ridge, Ericson Ridge, Fawn Ridge, Flatiron Ridge, Free Use Ridge, Friday Ridge, Gabe Ridge, Glover Ridge, Goat Heaven Peaks, Goat Ridge, Green Ridge, Green Ridge, Grouse Ridge, Grouse Ridge, Hagen Ridge, Harrington Ridge, Harris Ridge, Hewed Log Ridge, Hida Ridge, Hidden Creek Ridge, Highline Ridge, Highline Ridge, Highrange Ridge, Horse Heaven Ridge, Horse Ridge, Hungry Ridge, Indian Ridge, Jackson Ridge, Johnson Ridge, Keating Ridge, Kerlee Ridge, Kidder Ridge, Knife Edge Ridge, Lava Ridge, Lightning Ridge, Log Ridge, Lucky Ridge, Magruder Ridge, Mann Creek Ridge, Maple Lake Ridge, Matteson Ridge, McCalla Ridge, McClinery Ridge, Meeker Ridge, Middle Ridge, Moose Ridge, Morrison Ridge, Mosquito Ridge, Moughmer Ridge, Mud Springs Ridge, Otter Ridge, Parachute Ridge, Pasture Ridge, Patrol Ridge, Pettibone Ridge, Phantom Ridge, Phillips Ridge, Pinnacle Ridge, Price Ridge, Prospect Ridge, Quartz Ridge, Quartzite Ridge, Radcliff Ridge, Rainbold Ridge, Ramey Ridge, Rattlesnake Ridge, Red Horse Ridge, Red Ridge, Rocky Ridge, Runaway Ridge, Saddle Blanket Ridge, Saddle Horse Ridge, Saddle Ridge, Salamander Ridge, Saturday Ridge, Savage Ridge, Sawyer Ridge, Sheep Drive Ridge, Sheep Ridge, Sheepeater Ridge, Silver Ridge, Silver Spur Ridge, Simmons Ridge, Sixtytwo Ridge, Skoug Ridge, Sly Ridge, Smith Ridge, Split Creek Ridge, Storm Ridge, Suicide Point, Swede Ridge, Table Lands, Tag Creek Ridge, Tahoe Ridge, Tamarack Ridge, Telephone Ridge, Tenmile Ridge, Three Prong Ridge, Trout Creek Ridge, Van Ridge, Warnock Ridge, Weitas Ridge, Wendover Ridge, White Bird Hill, White Bird Ridge, White Bird Ridge, Wild Horse Ridge, Williams Creek Ridge, Windy Ridge, Witter Ridge, Wounded Doe Ridge, Wylies Ridge, Yew Ridge

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Big Butte School, Clearwater Valley Elementary School, Clearwater Valley High School, Clearwater Valley Primary School, Cow Creek School, Elk City Elementary-Junior High School, Grangeville Elementary-Junior High School, Grangeville High School, Powell Elementary - Junior High School, Prairie Elementary School, Prairie High School, Prairie Middle School, Riggins Elementary School, Saint Gertrude Academy (historical), Saint Joseph School, Saint Maurus School, Saints Peter and Paul School, Salmon River Junior - Senior High School, Tenmile School, White Bird Primary School

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Aitken Spring, Alder Spring, Barth Hot Springs, Barton Spring, Bear Springs, Blue Gulch Spring, Blue Spring, Browns Spring, Buckhorn Spring, Bull Springs, Cabin Spring, Camp Thomas Spring, Cannon Ball Spring, Chain Spring, Chicken Spring, China Spring, Clyde Spring, Cold Springs, Colgate Warm Springs, Cora Spring, Cottonwood Spring, Coyote Spring, Davis Spring, Diablo Spring, Elk Horn Spring, Elk Spring, Fenn Cabin Spring, Fish Dam Spring, Fourth of July Spring, Freds Spring, Frog Spring, Granite Spring, Grass Mountain Spring, Henry Moore Spring, High Spring, Hite Spring, Horner Springs, Hot Springs, Howard Spring, Icicle Spring, Indian Springs, Jerry Johnson Hot Springs, Joe Spring, Kessler Creek Spring, Log Trough Spring, Logged Up Springs, Lyda Spring, Marten Hot Springs, Martin Spring, Morrison Ridge Spring, Mosquito Springs, Mud Springs, Mullin Spring, Murdicks Spring, Parsons Spring, Peter Ready Spring, Pig Foot Spring, Quaking Aspen Springs, Quartz Spring, Rattlesnake Spring, Rattlesnake Spring, Rattlesnake Spring, Red Rock Spring, Rodger Spring, Saddle Spring, Sheep Spring, Sheep Spring, Skunk Spring, Soldier Spring, Spring Camp, Squawberry Spring, Stanley Hot Springs, Stuart Hot Springs, Stub Creek Spring, Sweet Anise Spring, Table Spring, Tepee Springs, Thomas Spring, Thorn Spring, Tony Seyfreid Spring, Two Buck Spring, Warm Springs, Weir Creek Hot Springs, Yellow Bull Spring

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'Imnamatnoon Creek, Ace Creek, Adams Creek, Alder Creek, Alder Creek, Alder Creek, Alex Creek, Alkire Creek, Allison Creek, Allison Creek, American Creek, American River, Anchor Creek, Anderson Creek, Anita Creek, Ant Creek, Apgar Creek, April Creek, Arctic Creek, Arizona Creek, Arlington Creek, Arrow Creek, Asbestos Creek, Ash Creek, Ashpile Creek, Aubion Creek, Austin Creek, Baboon Creek, Bad Luck Creek, Badger Creek, Bagely Creek, Bailey Creek, Bailey Creek, Bait Creek, Bald Mountain Creek, Baldy Creek, Baldy Creek, Ball Creek, Ballinger Creek, Baner Creek, Bar Creek, Barefoot Creek, Bargamin Creek, Barren Creek, Basin Creek, Basin Creek, Basin Creek, Basin Creek, Basin Creek, Baston Creek, Bat Creek, Bat Creek, Battle Creek, Bay Creek, Bean Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Mountain Creek, Bear Trap Creek, Beaver Creek, Beaver Creek, Beaver Dam Creek, Beaver Dam Creek, Bee Creek, Bell Creek, Bemis Creek, Bend Creek, Bentz Creek, Berg Creek, Bernard Creek, Berry Creek, Bess Creek, Big Bear Creek, Big Blowout Creek, Big Boulder Creek, Big Buck Creek, Big Campbell Creek, Big Canyon Creek, Big Canyon Creek, Big Cedar Creek, Big Creek, Big Creek, Big Dave Creek, Big Elk Creek, Big Elkhorn Creek, Big Flat Creek, Big Flat Creek, Big Hammer Creek, Big Horse Canyon Creek, Big Mallard Creek, Big Ramey Creek, Big Sand Creek, Big Smith Creek, Big Squaw Creek, Big Stew Creek, Big Sulphur Creek, Big Tinker Creek, Bill Creek, Bills Creek, Billy Creek, Bimerick Creek, Birch Creek, Birch Creek, Biscuit Creek, Bitch Creek, Bivouac Creek, Black Creek, Black George Creek, Blacks Creek, Blacktail Creek, Blanco Creek, Blane Creek, Bleak Creek, Bluff Creek, Boise Creek, Bolton Creek, Boulder Creek, Boulder Creek, Boulder Creek, Boulder Creek, Boundary Creek, Bow Creek, Bowl Creek, Box Car Creek, Box Creek, Box Sing Creek, Boyd Creek, Boyer Creek, Brady Creek, Brandon Creek, Brave Creek, Brick Creek, Bridge Creek, Bridge Creek, Bridge Creek, Bridge Creek, Brown Creek, Browns Creek, Browns Creek, Browns Spring Creek, Bruin Creek, Brush Creek, Brush Creek, Brushy Fork, Brushy Fork Creek, Brust Creek, Buck Lake Creek, Buckhorn Creek, Buckner Creek, Bull Creek, Bull Run Creek, Bullion Creek, Bully Creek, Burgdorf Creek, Burn Creek, Burn Creek, Burn Creek, Burn Creek, Burned Creek, Burnt Cedar Creek, Burnt Creek, Burnt Knob Creek, Butcher Creek, Butcher Creek, Butte Creek, Butter Creek, Butts Creek, Cabin Creek, Cabin Creek, Cabin Creek, Cabin Creek, Cabin Creek, Cabin Creek, Cabin Creek, Cache Creek, Cache Creek, Cache Creek, Cactus Creek, California Creek, California Creek, Camel Creek, Camp Creek, Camp Creek, Camp Creek, Camp Creek, Camp Creek, Camp Creek, Camp Creek, Camp Creek, Camp Creek, Cannon Creek, Cantaloupe Creek, Canteen Creek, Canyon Creek, Canyon Creek, Canyon Creek, Canyon Creek, Captain John Creek, Carey Creek, Caribou Creek, Carlson Creek, Cartwright Creek, Carver Creek, Cascade Creek, Cascade Creek, Castle Creek, Castle Creek, Cat Creek, Cat Creek, Cayuse Creek, Ceanothus Creek, Cedar Creek, Cedar Creek, Cedar Creek, Center Creek, Center Creek, Center Creek, Center Creek, Center Star Creek, Chain Creek, Chair Creek, Chamberlain Creek, Chamook Creek, Chance Creek, Channel Creek, Chapman Creek, Cherokee Creek, Cherry Creek, Cherry Creek, Chessler Creek, Chicken Creek, Chimney Creek, China Creek, China Creek, China Creek, China Creek, Chittam Creek, Christie Creek, Chuckling Creek, Churchill Creek, Chute Creek, Circle Creek, Clamp Creek, Clark Creek, Clarks Creek, Clarks Fork, Clayburn Creek, Clear Creek, Clear Creek, Clear Creek, Cliff Creek, Cliff Creek, Cliff Creek, Clift Creek, Club Creek, Coconut Grove Creek, Coin Creek, Cold Creek, Cold Creek, Cold Springs Creek, Cold Storage Creek, Cole Creek, Colgate Creek, Color Creek, Colt Creek, Colt Killed Creek, Comb Creek, Comstock Creek, Coolwater Creek, Coon Creek, Cooper Creek, Cooperation Creek, Copper Creek, Corduroy Creek, Corduroy Creek, Corral Creek, Corral Creek, Corral Creek, Corral Creek, Cottontail Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cougar Creek, Cougar Creek, Cougar Creek, Cove Creek, Cove Creek, Covert Creek, Cow Creek, Cow Creek, Cow Creek, Cow Creek, Cox Creek, Coyote Creek, Coyote Creek, Crab Creek, Cradle Creek, Crawford Creek, Crew Creek, Cro Creek, Crocker Creek, Crooked Creek, Crooked Creek, Crooked Creek, Crooked Fork, Crooked River, Crow Creek, Crow Creek, Cub Creek, Cub Creek, Cub Creek, Cup Creek, Cupboard Creek, Curven Creek, Dan Creek, Dave Creek, Dawson Creek, Dead Elk Creek, Deadhorse Creek, Deadman Creek, Deadwood Creek, Decker Creek, Deep Creek, Deep Creek, Deep Creek, Deep Saddle Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Park Creek, Dennis Creek, Denny Creek, Dent Creek, Devils Farm Creek, Devils Teeth Creek, Devils Toe Creek, Dillinger Creek, Dipper Creek, Disappointment Creek, Disgrace Creek, Dismal Creek, Ditch Creek, Ditch Creek, Ditch Creek, Divide Creek, Divide Creek, Dodge Creek, Dodo Creek, Doe Creek, Doe Creek, Doe Creek, Doe Lake Creek, Dog Creek, Dog Creek, Dog Creek, Dog Creek, Dollar Creek, Dolph Creek, Donkey Creek, Dora Creek, Double Creek, Doubt Creek, Doug Creek, Downey Creek, Drake Creek, Droogs Creek, Dry Can Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Lake Creek, Duck Creek, Dugout Creek, Dump Creek, Duncan Gulch, Dusty Creek, Dutch Creek, Dutch Oven Creek, Dutch Oven Creek, Dwyer Creek, Eagle Creek, Eagle Creek, Eagle Creek, Eagle Gulch, Eagle Mountain Creek, Earthquake Creek, East Fork 'Imnamatnoon Creek, East Fork American River, East Fork Berg Creek, East Fork Big Mallard Creek, East Fork Big Ramey Creek, East Fork Bully Creek, East Fork Corral Creek, East Fork Cougar Creek, East Fork Crooked Creek, East Fork Crooked River, East Fork Deer Creek, East Fork Fall Creek, East Fork Fivemile Creek, East Fork Goose Creek, East Fork Horse Creek, East Fork John Day Creek, East Fork Magruder Creek, East Fork Meadow Creek, East Fork Meadow Creek, East Fork Moose Creek, East Fork O'Hara Creek, East Fork Relief Creek, East Fork Rhett Creek, East Fork Sable Creek, East Fork Sheep Creek, East Fork Sheep Creek, East Fork Split Creek, East Fork Trail Creek, East Fork Waw’aalamnime Creek, East Fork Whimstick Creek, East Fork Wickiup Creek, East Fork Woodland Grade Creek, Eben Creek, Echo Creek, Edgeworth Creek, Eel Creek, Elbow Creek, Eldorado Creek, Elfers Creek, Elk City Creek, Elk Creek, Elk Creek, Elk Creek, Elk Creek, Elk Creek, Elkhorn Creek, Elkhorn Creek, Ely Creek, Emery Creek, Ericson Creek, Eutopia Creek, Eva Creek, Fall Creek, Fall Creek, Fall Creek, Fall Creek, Fall Creek, Fall Creek, Fall Creek, Falls Creek, False Creek, Fan Creek, Farrens Creek, Farris Creek, Farrow Creek, Fawn Creek, Fawn Creek, Fawn Lake Creek, Felix Creek, Fern Creek, Fern Creek, Fern Creek, Fernan Creek, Fiddle Creek, Fir Creek, Fir Creek, Fire Creek, Fire Creek, First Creek, Firstwater Creek, Fish Creek, Fish Creek, Fish Creek, Fish Lake Creek, Fitting Creek, Fitz Creek, Fitz Creek, Fivemile Creek, Fivemile Creek, Fivemile Creek, Fivemile Creek, Flame Creek, Flat Creek, Flat Creek, Flat Creek, Flint Creek, Flossie Creek, Flynn Creek, Fortune Creek, Fourmile Creek, Fourmile Creek, Fourmile Creek, Fourth of July Creek, Fox Creek, Fox Creek, Fox Creek, Frank Brown Creek, Franklin Creek, Freeman Creek, Freezeout Creek, French Creek, French Creek, Frenchman Creek, Fro Creek, Frog Creek, Fry Pan Creek, Gabe Creek, Galena Creek, Game Creek, Gap Creek, Gardiner Creek, Gardiner Fork, Garnet Creek, Gasper Creek, Gass Creek, Gate Creek, Gedney Creek, George Creek, Getta Creek, Gilmore Creek, Ginger Creek, Gizard Creek, Glacier Creek, Glade Creek, Glass Creek, Glover Creek, Goat Creek, Goat Creek, Goat Creek, Goat Rock Creek, Goddard Creek, Gold Creek, Gold Creek, Gold Lake Creek, Gold Meadows Creek, Gold Pan Creek, Goodman Creek, Goodwin Creek, Goose Creek, Gospel Creek, Granite Creek, Granite Creek, Granite Creek, Granite Creek, Grave Creek, Grave Creek, Grave Creek, Gravey Creek, Greek Creek, Green Creek, Green Creek, Green Ridge Creek, Gregory Creek, Greystone Creek, Grit Creek, Grotto Creek, Grouse Creek, Grouse Creek, Grouse Creek, Grouse Creek, Grouse Creek, Grouse Creek, Grouse Creek, Grouse Creek, Grouse Creek, Grouse Creek, Guard Creek, Gus Creek, Guthery Creek, Gypsy Creek, Hagen Creek, Hailey Creek, Halfway Creek, Halfway Creek, Hamby Fork, Hamilton Creek, Hammer Creek, Hand Creek, Handy Creek, Hanover Creek, Hanson Creek, Hard Creek, Hard Creek, Harlan Creek, Harman Creek, Harrington Creek, Hartman Creek, Haskell Creek, Hat Creek, Hay Fork, Hays Creek, Hays Creek, Haysfork Creek, Haystack Creek, Hazard Creek, Healy Creek, Heath Creek, Heather Creek, Helix Creek, Hell Creek, Hell Creek, Hellgate Creek, Hells Gate Creek, Hells Half Acre Creek, Hen Creek, Henrys Gulch, Hepner Creek, Herman Creek, Heslip Creek, Hi Yu Creek, Hida Creek, Hidden Creek, Hidden Creek, Hidden Creek, Higgins Creek, Higgins Creek, High Breaks Creek, Highrange Creek, Hiltsley Creek, Holly Creek, Home Sweet Home Creek, Homestake Creek, Hoodoo Creek, Hoodoo Creek, Hoodoo Creek, Hopwood Creek, Horn Creek, Horse Creek, Horse Creek, Horse Creek, Horse Flat Creek, Horseshoe Creek, Hot Springs Creek, Hot Springs Creek, Hotzel Creek, Houston Creek, Howard Creek, Howard Creek, Huckleberry Creek, Huddleson Creek, Hungery Creek, Hungry Creek, Hunt Creek, Huntz Creek, Hurley Creek, Hurst Creek, Hyatt Creek, Indian Creek, Indian Creek, Indian Creek, Indian Creek, Indian Creek, Indian Grave Creek, Indian Hill Creek, Indian Meadow Creek, Indian Peak Creek, Indigo Creek, Iodine Creek, Irish Creek, Isaac Creek, Island Creek, Jack Creek, Jack Creek, Jacks Creek, Jackson Creek, Jake Creek, Jam Creek, James Creek, Jay Creek, Jeanette Creek, Jeanette Creek, Jersey Creek, Jessie Creek, Jewitt Gulch, Jim Sandy Creek, Jimmie Creek, Jims Creek, Joe Creek, Joe Creek, John Day Creek, Johns Creek, Johns Creek, Johnson Creek, Johnson Creek, Johnson Creek, Jones Creek, Jordan Creek, Josephine Creek, Jungle Creek, Jungle Creek, Jungle Creek, K Creek, Kate Creek, Kay Creek, Kelly Creek, Kelly Creek, Kentucky Creek, Kerlee Creek, Kerr Creek, Kessler Creek, Key Creek, Kim Creek, Kinnikinnick Creek, Kirby Creek, Kirks Fork, Kirkwood Creek, Kitchen Creek, Klip Creek, Klopton Creek, Knob Creek, Knoll Creek, Kube Creek, Kurry Creek, Kylie Creek, Ladder Creek, Ladder Creek, Lake Creek, Lake Creek, Lake Creek, Lake Creek, Lake Creek, Lake Creek, Lark Creek, Lawyer Creek, Lazy Creek, Lee Creek, Lee Creek, Left Fork Divide Creek, Left Fork Dry Creek, Left Fork Fall Creek, Left Fork Slaughter Creek, Left Fork Wolf Creek, Legend Creek, Leggett Creek, Leitch Creek, Lemhi Creek, Lemon Creek, Lick Creek, Lick Creek, Lightning Creek, Lightning Creek, Lightning Creek, Lightning Creek, Lightning Fork Little Elk Creek, Limber Luke Creek, Linda Creek, Line Creek, Little Berg Creek, Little Blowout Creek, Little Boulder Creek, Little Boulder Creek, Little Buck Creek, Little Campbell Creek, Little Cedar Creek, Little China Creek, Little Clearwater River, Little Copper Creek, Little Creek, Little Creek, Little Dead Elk Creek, Little Elk Creek, Little Elk Creek, Little Elkhorn Creek, Little Fir Creek, Little Fish Creek, Little Fivemile Creek, Little Flat Creek, Little French Creek, Little French Creek, Little Granite Creek, Little Hammer Creek, Little Leggett Creek, Little Lightning Creek, Little Lodgepole Creek, Little Mallard Creek, Little Medicine Creek, Little Moose Creek, Little Ramey Creek, Little Red Horse Creek, Little Salmon River, Little Schwar Creek, Little Siegel Creek, Little Slate Creek, Little Smith Creek, Little Squaw Creek, Little Sulphur Creek, Little Tinker Creek, Little Trout Creek, Little Van Buren Creek, Little Weitas Creek, Little White Bird Creek, Little Wing Creek, Liz Creek, Lizard Creek, Lochsa River, Lodge Creek, Lodge Creek, Lodgepole Creek, Log Creek, Log Creek, Lolo Creek, Lone Creek, Lone Knob Creek, Lone Park Creek, Lone Pine Creek, Lonely Creek, Lonesome Creek, Long Haul Creek, Long Meadow Creek, Long Prairie Creek, Long Tom Creek, Long Tom Creek, Looking Glass Creek, Lookout Creek, Loon Creek, Lost Creek, Lost Elk Creek, Lost Hunter Creek, Lost Mule Creek, Lost Valley Creek, Lottie Creek, Lowell Creek, Lucky Creek, Lunch Creek, Lunch Creek, Lynx Creek, Lynx Creek, Lyon Creek, Macaroni Creek, MacGregor Creek, Mackay Creek, Mackey Creek, Maggie Creek, Magkpie Creek, Magpie Creek, Magruder Creek, Mahoney Creek, Maiden Creek, Maloney Creek, Mann Creek, Maple Creek, Maple Creek, Marble Creek, Mare Creek, Markham Creek, Marten Creek, Martinez Creek, Matteson Creek, Maud Creek, Maurice Creek, Maxwell Creek, May Creek, Mayflower Creek, McCalla Creek, McCrea Creek, McCulley Creek, McGuire Creek, McKinzie Creek, Meadow Creek, Meadow Creek, Meadow Creek, Meadow Creek, Meadow Creek, Meadow Creek, Meeker Creek, Merron Creek, Merton Creek, Mex Creek, Mica Creek, Middle Fork Clarks Fork, Middle Fork Clear Creek, Middle Fork Clearwater River, Middle Fork Cottonwood Creek, Middle Fork Red River, Mike White Creek, Mile Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Miller Creek, Miller Creek, Mink Creek, Mirage Creek, Mire Creek, Mist Creek, Mitchell Creek, Moccasin Creek, Mocus Creek, Molly Creek, Monroe Creek, Monument Creek, Moon Creek, Moon Creek, Moore Creek, Moores Creek, Moores Lake Creek, Moose Butte Creek, Moose Creek, Moose Creek, Moose Creek, Moose Jaw Creek, Moose Meadow Creek, Morgan Creek, Moss Creek, Mox Creek, Mud Creek, Mulcahy Creek, Mule Creek, Mule Creek, Muleshoe Creek, Mulligan Creek, My Creek, Myers Creek, Myers Creek, Myrtle Creek, Mystery Creek, Nan Creek, Nelson Creek, Nethker Creek, Nevada Creek, Newsome Creek, Nick Creek, Nikesa Creek, Nineteenmile Creek, Nixon Creek, No Business Creek, No Business Creek, No Man Creek, No Name Creek, No-see-um Creek, Noble Creek, Nolan Creek, North Creek, North Fork Cabin Creek, North Fork Christie Creek, North Fork Goat Creek, North Fork Joe Creek, North Fork Klopton Creek, North Fork Lightning Creek, North Fork Maggie Creek, North Fork Moose Creek, North Fork Mud Creek, North Fork Porphyry Creek, North Fork Queen Creek, North Fork Rattlesnake Creek, North Fork Sheep Creek, North Fork Skookumchuck Creek, North Fork Slate Creek, North Fork Spruce Creek, North Fork Squaw Creek, North Fork Stoddard Creek, North Fork Storm Creek, North Fork White Bird Creek, North Fork Wolf Fang Creek, North Meadow Creek, North Star Creek, Nugget Creek, Nugget Creek, Number One Creek, Nut Creek, O'Hara Creek, Obia Creek, Old Man Creek, Old Timer Creek, Olive Creek, Opal Creek, Open Creek, Orchard Creek, Otter Creek, Otter Creek, Otter Creek, Otter Slide Creek, Otterson Creek, Otto Creek, Our Creek, Oxbow Creek, Ozark Creek, Pack Creek, Pack Creek, Pack Horse Creek, Packbox Creek, Packer Creek, Packers Creek, Pagoda Creek, Paine Creek, Paloma Creek, Panther Creek, Papoose Creek, Parachute Creek, Paradise Creek, Parks Creek, Partridge Creek, Pass Creek, Pat Brennan Creek, Patrick Creek, Patrol Creek, Pea Creek, Peach Creek, Peak Creek, Peasley Creek, Pedro Creek, Pell Creek, Pell Creek, Pete Creek, Pete Creek, Pete Creek, Pete King Creek, Peter Ready Creek, Peterson Creek, Pettibone Creek, Phantom Creek, Piah Creek, Pillar Creek, Pilot Creek, Pinchot Creek, Pine Knob Creek, Pinnacle Creek, Pinto Creek, Pipe Creek, Placer Creek, Placer Creek, Plant Creek, Plummer Creek, Poacher Creek, Poe Creek, Poet Creek, Poker Creek, Polar Creek, Pole Creek, Polly Creek, Pond Creek, Pondosa Creek, Poodle Creek, Porcupine Creek, Porcupine Creek, Porphyry Creek, Porphyry Creek, Post Creek, Postoffice Creek, Pot Creek, Power Creek, Power Creek, Price Creek, Prism Creek, Proctor Creek, Prospector Creek, Pup Creek, Puzzle Creek, Quartz Creek, Quartz Spring Creek, Queen Creek, Queen Creek, Queen Creek, Quinn Creek, Rabbit Creek, Rabbit Creek, Rabbit Creek, Rabbit Creek, Rabbit Creek, Rabbit Creek, Rabbit Creek, Race Creek, Race Creek, Rackliff Creek, Radcliff Creek, Rail Creek, Raines Creek, Rainey Creek, Rainier Creek, Rainy Day Creek, Ralph Smith Creek, Ranch Creek, Ranch Creek, Rapid River, Rat Creek, Rattlesnake Creek, Rattlesnake Creek, Rattlesnake Creek, Rattlesnake Creek, Rattlesnake Creek, Rattlesnake Creek, Raven Creek, Raven Creek, Red Horse Creek, Red Lake Creek, Red Pine Creek, Red River, Red Rock Creek, Red Top Creek, Reed Creek, Reed Creek, Reese Creek, Relaskop Creek, Relief Creek, Renshaw Creek, Reverse Creek, Rhett Creek, Rhett Creek, Rhoda Creek, Rice Creek, Richardson Creek, Richardson Creek, Rickman Creek, Right Fork Fall Creek, Right Fork Rock Creek, Rim Creek, Ring Creek, Roar Creek, Robbins Creek, Robertson Creek, Robin Creek, Robin Creek, Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Rock Lake Creek, Rocky Ridge Creek, Roll Creek, Rooster Creek, Root Creek, Root Creek, Rough Creek, Rough Creek, Round Spring Creek, Royal Creek, Rubie Creek, Ruby Creek, Ruby Creek, Ruff Creek, Rugged Creek, Rumpus Creek, Runaway Creek, Running Creek, Ryan Creek, Rye Patch Creek, Sabe Creek, Sable Creek, Saddle Creek, Saddle Creek, Saddle Creek, Saddle Fork, Salamander Creek, Salix Creek, Sally Ann Creek, Salt Creek, Sams Creek, Sand Creek, Sand Creek, Sand Creek, Sands Creek, Santa Creek, Santiam Creek, Sapp Creek, Sardine Creek, Saturday Creek, Savage Creek, Saw Pit Creek, Sawmill Creek, Sawmill Creek, Sawyer Creek, Schissler Creek, Schofield Creek, Schooner Creek, Schwar Creek, Schwartz Creek, Scimitar Creek, Scully Creek, Sears Creek, Seat Creek, Second Creek, Secondwater Creek, Selway River, Serpent Creek, Sevenmile Creek, Shady Creek, Shake Creek, Sharkey Creek, Sharman Creek, Shasta Creek, Shebang Creek, Sheep Creek, Sheep Creek, Sheep Creek, Sheep Creek, Sheep Creek, Sheep Creek, Sherman Creek, Sherwin Creek, Shingle Creek, Shissler Creek, Shoot Creek, Short Creek, Short Creek, Shorts Creek, Shotgun Creek, Shovel Creek, Shuck Creek, Shumaker Creek, Siegel Creek, Silge Creek, Sill Creek, Silver Creek, Silver Creek, Silver Spur Creek, Simmons Creek, Sing Lee Creek, Six-Bit Creek, Sixmile Creek, Sixtysix Creek, Sixtytwo Creek, Skeleton Creek, Skookum Creek, Skookumchuck Creek, Skull Creek, Slate Creek, Slaughter Creek, Slaughter Creek, Sled Creek, Sleepy Creek, Slick Ear Creek, Slide Creek, Slide Creek, Slide Creek, Slide Creek, Slide Creek, Slippy Creek, Sliver Creek, Smith Creek, Smith Creek, Smith Creek, Smithy Creek, Snake Creek, Snoose Creek, Snow Creek, Snow Water Creek, Snowshoe Creek, Snowslide Creek, Snyder Creek, Sob Creek, Soda Creek, Soldier Creek, Soldiers Home Creek, Solo Creek, Sotin Creek, Sourdough Creek, South Fork Big Mallard Creek, South Fork Canyon Creek, South Fork Chamberlain Creek, South Fork Christie Creek, South Fork Clear Creek, South Fork Clearwater River, South Fork Cottonwood Creek, South Fork Cottonwood Creek, South Fork Cow Creek, South Fork Dillinger Creek, South Fork Dump Creek, South Fork Fivemile Creek, South Fork Gilmore Creek, South Fork Goat Creek, South Fork Joe Creek, South Fork John Day Creek, South Fork Kitchen Creek, South Fork Lookout Creek, South Fork Race Creek, South Fork Red River, South Fork Running Creek, South Fork Salmon River, South Fork Shingle Creek, South Fork Skookumchuck Creek, South Fork Spruce Creek, South Fork Squaw Creek, South Fork Storm Creek, South Fork Surprise Creek, South Fork Threemile Creek, South Fork Whimstick Creek, South Fork White Bird Creek, Space Creek, Sparrow Creek, Spindle Creek, Spire Creek, Split Creek, Sponge Creek, Spook Creek, Spread Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spruce Creek, Spruce Creek, Spur Creek, Spur Creek, Square Mountain Creek, Squaw Creek, Squaw Creek, Squirrel Creek, Stanley Creek, Starvation Creek, Station Creek, Steamboat Creek, Steckner Creek, Steep Creek, Steep Creek, Steep Creek, Stewart Creek, Stillman Creek, Stockney Creek, Stoddard Creek, Stony Creek, Storm Creek, Storm Creek, Storm Creek, Stove Creek, Straight Creek, Stratton Creek, Stray Creek, Stripe Creek, Stub Creek, Stub Creek, Stud Creek, Summit Creek, Summit Creek, Summit Creek, Surprise Creek, Surprise Creek, Surveyor Creek, Suttler Creek, Swale Creek, Swamp Creek, Swan Creek, Swan Creek, Swede Creek, Swet Creek, Swift Creek, Swiftwater Creek, T-Bone Creek, Tag Creek, Tahoe Creek, Tamarack Creek, Tango Creek, Taylor Creek, Telcher Creek, Telcher Creek, Telephone Creek, Telephone Creek, Tenmile Creek, Tepee Creek, Tepee Creek, Tepee Creek, Tepee Creek, Tepee Gulch, Test Creek, Thimble Creek, Thirst Creek, Thirteen Creek, Thomas Creek, Thorn Creek, Thorn Springs Creek, Three Creek, Three Devils Creek, Three Lakes Creek, Three Links Creek, Three Prong Creek, Threemile Creek, Threemile Creek, Threemile Creek, Throng Creek, Tick Creek, Tollgate Creek, Tom Beal Creek, Tom Creek, Tom Taha Creek, Tomcat Creek, Tony Creek, Too Kush Creek, Trail Creek, Trail Creek, Trail Creek, Trapper Creek, Trapper Creek, Traps Creek, Traveling Creek, Tray Creek, Triple Creek, Trough Creek, Trout Creek, Trout Creek, Trout Creek, Trout Creek, Tumble Creek, Turnbull Creek, Twentymile Creek, Twentythree Mile Creek, Twin Cabins Creek, Twin Creek, Twin Creek, Twin Lakes Creek, Twist Creek, Two Creek, Two-bit Creek, Twomile Creek, Umatilla Creek, Union Creek, Utah Creek, Van Buren Creek, Van Creek, Vance Creek, Vance Creek, Vermilion Creek, Vetter Creek, Vicory Creek, Victor Creek, Vinegar Creek, Vista Creek, Wag Creek, Wahoo Creek, Walde Creek, Wall Creek, Walton Creek, Wapiti Creek, Wapiti Creek, Wapiti Creek, Warm Spring Creek, Warm Springs Creek, Warm Springs Creek, Warm Springs Creek, Warm Springs Creek, Warm Springs Creek, Warren Creek, Wart Creek, Wash Creek, Washout Creek, Waterspout Creek, Waw’aalamnime Creek, Weasel Creek, Webfoot Creek, Weir Creek, Wendover Creek, West Branch South Fork Clear Creek, West Creek, West Fork 'Imnamatnoon Creek, West Fork Allison Creek, West Fork American River, West Fork Anderson Creek, West Fork Beaver Creek, West Fork Big Creek, West Fork Big Elk Creek, West Fork Big Ramey Creek, West Fork Boulder Creek, West Fork Butts Creek, West Fork Chamberlain Creek, West Fork Clear Creek, West Fork Cougar Creek, West Fork Crooked Creek, West Fork Crooked Creek, West Fork Crooked Creek, West Fork Crooked River, West Fork Gedney Creek, West Fork Gospel Creek, West Fork Grouse Creek, West Fork Lake Creek, West Fork Meadow Creek, West Fork Newsome Creek, West Fork O'Hara Creek, West Fork Peasley Creek, West Fork Porphyry Creek, West Fork Postoffice Creek, West Fork Race Creek, West Fork Rapid River, West Fork Rattlesnake Creek, West Fork Red River, West Fork Robbins Creek, West Fork Sable Creek, West Fork Sheep Creek, West Fork Stratton Creek, West Fork Three Links Creek, West Fork Twentymile Creek, West Fork Waw’aalamnime Creek, West Fork Wendover Creek, West Fork West Creek, West Fork Whimstick Creek, West Fork Wickiup Creek, West Fork Woodland Grade Creek, West Horse Creek, West Moose Creek, Wheeler Creek, Whimstick Creek, Whiskey Creek, Whiskey Creek, Whisky Bob Creek, Whistling Pig Creek, Whistling Pig Creek, Whitaker Creek, White Bird Creek, White Bird Creek, White Cap Creek, White Creek, White Creek, White Sand Creek, Whitman Creek, Wickiup Creek, Wickiup Creek, Wickiup Creek, Wigwam Creek, Wild Cow Creek, Wild Horse Creek, Wildcat Creek, Wildhorse Creek, Wilkerson Creek, Williams Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Willow Creek, Wilson Creek, Wind Lakes Creek, Wind River, Windy Creek, Wing Creek, Wisdom Creek, Wise Creek, Wiseboy Creek, Witsher Creek, Witter Creek, Wolf Creek, Wolf Creek, Woodland Grade Creek, Wounded Doe Creek, Wyant Creek, Wye Creek, Wyley Creek, Wynn Creek, Yakus Creek, Yew Creek, Yew Creek, Yokum Creek, Yoosa Creek, Young Creek, Zigzag Creek, Zoe Creek

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Abrams Height, Ace Butte, Anderson Butte, Andys Hump, Ant Hill, Archer Mountain, Archer Point, Asbestos Peak, Ashpile Peak, Bad Luck Mountain, Bailey Mountain, Baking Powder Mountain, Bald Mountain, Bald Mountain, Baldy Mountain, Bally Mountain, Barren Hill, Bat Point, Battle Ground, Bear Mountain, Bear Pete Mountain, Bear Wallow, Beaver Jack Mountain, Bemis Point, Berg Mountain, Big Burn Point, Big Butte, Big Creek Point, Big Creek Point, Big Fog Mountain, Big Hill, Big Rock Mountain, Bilk Mountain, Bismark Mountain, Black Butte, Black Hawk Mountain, Black Tip, Blacktail Butte, Blacktail Butte, Blodgett Mountain, Blowout Mountain, Blue Joint, Blue Mountain, Blue Ribbon Mountain, Boston Mountain, Boundary Peak, Bowl Butte, Box Car Mountain, Bruin Mountain, Brush Hill, Bryan Mountain, Buffalo Hump, Burgdorf Summit, Burnt Knob, Burnt Knob, Burnt Strip Mountain, Burpee Mountain, Butts Creek Point, Butzien Butte, Cabin Mountain, Camel Hill, Cannon Ball Mountain, Carey Dome, Castle Butte, Cayuse Mountain, Cedar Knob, Center Mountain, Center Star Mountain, Chair Point, Chicken Peak, Chimney Butte, Chimney Peak, Chimney Rock, China Mountain, China Point, Churchill Mountain, Cold Mountain, Concord Hill, Cone Peak, Coolwater Mountain, Cooperation Point, Copper Butte, Corral Hill, Cottontail Point, Cottonwood Butte, Cottonwood Butte, Cougar Mountain, Cove Mountain, Cove Peak, Crane Hill, Crofoot Point, Crystal Mountain, Cuneo Point, Dairy Mountain, Dead Mule Peak, Dead Point, Deadtop Mountain, Deadwood Mountain, Dellas Peak, Dennis Mountain, Devils Point, Devils Throne, Devils Tooth, Diablo Mountain, Disgrace Butte, Dismal Mountain, Dome Hill, Dry Point, Dutch Oven Ridge, Eagle Mountain, Eagle Point, Eagle Rock, Eakin Point, East Peak, Elevator Mountain, Elk Butte, Elk Mountain, Elk Summit, End Butte, Fall Creek Point, Fall Point, Farrow Mountain, Fenn Mountain, Fire Mountain, Fish Butte, Fish Creek Point, Flytrap Butte, Fog Mountain, Fox Peak, Free Use Point, Freeman Peak, Freezeout Mountain, Frenchman Butte, Frisco Peak, Frog Peak, Gardiner Peak, Gateway Peak, Gedney Mountain, Ghost Mountain, Giants Nose, Goat Mountain, Goat Mountain, Goat Point, Goat Ridge, Goat Roost, Goddard Point, Gold Hill, Goose Creek Point, Gospel Hill, Gospel Peak, Granite Mountain, Granite Peak, Grass Mountain, Grave Butte, Grave Meadow Peak, Grave Peak, Grave Point, Green Creek Point, Green Mountain, Green Mountain, Greenside Butte, Greystone Butte, Grouse Creek Point, Hanover Mountain, Hard Butte, Harrington Mountain, Haystack Mountain, Haystack Mountain, Haystack Mountain, He Devil, Heavens Gate, Hells Half Acre Mountain, Hershey Point, Hidden Peak, Higgins Hump, Hoodoo Mountain, Horse Heaven, Horse Heaven, Horse Point, Horsejaw Mountain, Hot Springs Point, Huckleberry Butte, Hungry Creek Point, Hungry Point, Hunter Peak, Indian Grave Peak, Indian Hill, Indian Hill, Indian Mountain, Indian Peak, Indian Trail Ridge, Iron Mountain, Jack Mountain, Jay Point, Jeanette Mountain, Jersey Mountain, Jim Thrash Knob, Joe Point, John Day Mountain, Johnson Butte, Jungle Point, Kelly Mountain, Lake Rock, Langdon Point, Lava Butte, Lemhi Point, Lick Point, Little Baldy, Little Copper Butte, Little Green Mountain, Little Pyramid, Little Round Top, Little Sheepeater Point, Little Weitas Butte, Liz Butte, Lizard Peak, Lochsa Peak, Lodge Point, Lodgepole Hump, Lodgepole Point, Lone Fir Hill, Lone Knob, Lonely Mountain, Long Lake Point, Looking Glass Butte, Lookout Butte, Lost Packer Peak, Maggie Butte, Magruder Mountain, Mammoth Mountain, Marble Butte, Marshall Mountain, Marten Hill, Maxim Ridge, Maxwell Point, McCatron Ridge, McConnell Mountain, McLendon Butte, Mex Mountain, Middle Butte, Middle Ridge, Mineral Hill, Mink Peak, Moccasin Mountain, Moccasin Peak, Mockmer Butte, Moe Peak, Mollie Point, Monument Hill, Moose Butte, Moose Meadows Point, Mosquito Peak, Mother Lode Hill, Mount Aura, Mount Belial, Mount George, Mount Paloma, Mount Sampson, Mount Stewart, Mule Creek Point, Nellie Mountain, Nelson Point, Nez Perce Peak, Nick Wynn Mountain, Nipple Knob, Nipple Mountain, No-see-um Butte, North Blacktail Butte, North Butte, North Peak, North Pole, Nugget Point, Nut Hill, O'Hara Point, Obia Point, Old Stormy, Old Timer Mountain, One Man Butte, Oregon Butte, Orogrande Summit, Otter Butte, Padrick Ridge, Papoose Peak, Parachute Hill, Parsell Point, Patrick Butte, Patrol Point, Patrol Point, Patrol Point, Paunch Mountain, Pilot Knob, Pilot Rock, Pine Knob, Pole Mountain, Pool Knob, Porphyry Peak, Porters Mountain, Potato Hill, Potato Hill, Preacher Mountain, Prospect Point, Proux Mountain, Pyramid Mountain, Pyramid Mountain, Pyramid Point, Quartzite Butte, Rabbit Point, Rainey Point, Rainy Day Point, Ranger Peak, Rattlesnake Peak, Rattlesnake Point, Red Rock Butte, Reed Mountain, Rhoda Point, Rock Pillar, Rock Point, Rocky Peak, Rocky Point, Rocky Point, Roots Knob, Round Knob, Round Mountain, Round Top, Round Top Mountain, Roundtop, Roundtop Mountain, Ruby Mountain, Runaway Point, Rupe Peak, Sabe Mountain, Sable Hill, Saddle Mountain, Salamander Butte, Salmon Mountain, Salmon Point, Sams Throne, Schoolmarm Peak, Shattuck Mountain, She Devil, Shearer Peak, Sheep Hill, Sheep Hill, Sheep Mountain, Sheep Mountain, Sheepeater Mountain, Sherman Peak, Shining Butte, Silver Dome, Sinker Mountain, Skookum Butte, Sky Pilot, Slate Point, Smith Butte, Smith Knob, Smoky Peak, Snowy Summit, Sob Point, Sourdough Peak, Southwest Butte, Sparrow Point, Sponge Mountain, Spot Mountain, Spread Creek Point, Spring Mountain, Square Mountain, Square Rock, Square Top, Squaw Point, Stanley Butte, Steep Hill, Stoddard Creek Point, Stormy Point, Stripe Mountain, Sugarloaf, Sugarloaf Butte, Sugarloaf Butte, Sugarloaf Knob, Swartz Meadow Point, Sweeny Hill, Swet Point, Tamarack Mountain, Tenmile Hill, The Crags, The Goblin, The Horn, The Knob, The Ogre, Thirteen Mountain, Three Prong Mountain, Tom Beal Peak, Tomato Point, Tower of Babel, Triangle Mountain, Trout Peak, Twentymile Butte, Twin Butte, Twin Buttes, Twin Imps, Twin Peak, Umbrella Butte, Vance Mountain, Vance Point, Vermilion Peak, Vitta Point, Wahoo Peak, Walde Mountain, Wall Point, War Eagle Mountain, Warm Springs Point, Watchtower Peak, Waugh Mountain, Weasel Point, Weitas Butte, Wheeler Mountain, Whiskey Butte, White Bird Hill Summit, White Top Mountain, Wickiup Butte, Wild Horse Butte, Windy Point, Witter Point, Wood Hump, Woodrat Mountain, Wylies Peak

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Bad Luck Lookout Tower, Fish Creek Lookout Tower, KORT-AM (Grangeville), KORT-FM (Grangeville), KORT-FM (Grangeville)

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Anderson Butte National Recreation Trail, Beaver Creek Trail, Bismark Trail, Boise Trail (historical), Broken Leg Trail, Chamberlain Trail, Colgate Licks Nature National Recreation Trail, Coyote Springs Trail, East Boyd Glover Roundtop National Recreation Trail, Elk Creek Trail, Farrow Mountain Trail, Heavens Gate Trail (historical), Lava Butte Trail, Major Fenn Nature Nautral Recreation Trail, Meadow Creek National Recreation Trail, Mule Creek Trail, Nellie Mountain Trail, Nez Perce Trail, Nugget Point Trail, Old Boise Trail, Old Nez Perce Indian Trail, Old Nez Perce Trail, Pilot Knob Trail, Reed Bar Trail, Sliver Creek Trail, South Route Old Nez Perce Trail, Stoddard Trail, Three Blaze Trail

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Alum Gulch, Alvin Gulch, Andrews Canyon, Annie Gulch, Arlise Gulch, Baboon Gulch, Baker Gulch, Baker Gulch, Bascom Canyon, Bear Gulch, Bear Gulch, Bear Gulch, Big Canyon, Big Gulch, Black Canyon, Black Canyon, Blackburn Gulch, Blind Gulch, Blue Gulch, Borrow Pit Gulch, Bowman Gulch, Box Canyon, Box Canyon, Bracket Gulch, Brushy Canyon, Buffalo Gulch, Calendar Canyon, Canaan Canyon, Cat Gulch, Chamberlain Gulch, Chamberlain Gulch, Charity Gulch, Christmas Tree Gulch, Church Canyon, Cold Spring Gulch, Coon Gulch, Cora Gulch, Cottonwood Gulch, Cowen Gulch, Deer Gulch, Dewey Gulch, Diamond Drill Canyon, Dixie Gulch, Doty Draw, Dry Gulch, Dry Gulch, Egbert Gulch, Flock Canyon, Flume Gulch, Forest Gulch, French Gulch, Garden Gulch, Gibbons Canyon, Gill Gulch, Gillespie Gulch, Grass Gulch, Grizzly Gulch, Hagen Draw, Halls Gulch, Halls Gulch, Hanley Gulch, Harrison Johnson Draw, Hells Canyon, Hernden Draw, Humbug Gulch, Hundred Dollar Gulch, Huntz Gulch, Hutton Gulch, Jackass Gulch, Jameson Draw, Jimmie Thompson Draw, Jumbo Canyon, Kane Gulch, Langdon Gulch, Last Chance Gulch, Long Canyon, Long Gulch, Long Gulch, Long Gulch, Lovell Gulch, Low Saddle, Mack Gulch, Magpie Gulch, Maple Canyon, McCanen Gulch, McCully Gulch, Meyer Gulch, Moonshine Canyon, Nelson Gulch, North Fork Baker Gulch, Nugget Gulch, Owens Gulch, Pine Tree Gulch, Pioneer Gulch, Pool Gulch, Rainbow Gulch, Rankin Gulch, Ranyhan Gulch, Ray Church Gulch, Robber Gulch, Rocky Canyon, Royal Gorge, Ruggles Gulch, Saddle Gulch, Saddle Gulch, Sawmill Gulch, Seven Springs Canyon, Sheep Gulch, Shorty Canyon, Shut-in Canyon, Slaughter Gulch, Slaughter Gulch, Sleepy Hollow, Slow Gulch, Smith Canyon, Smith Gulch, Snake River Canyon, Snowshoe Gulch, Soards Gulch, South Fork Baker Gulch, South Fork Saddle Gulch, Steep Gulch, Sumac Gulch, Talbot Gulch, Taylor Gulch, The Narrows, Thorn Gulch, Vance Gulch, Vonberge Gulch, Warden Gulch, Weinheimer Gulch, Wells Gulch, Wet Gulch, Whiskey Gulch, Whiskey Gulch, Whistling Pig Canyon, White Bird Canyon, Wilkins Gulch, Willey Gulch, Wilmer Owl Gulch, Woodruff Gulch

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Coconut Grove, Lewis and Clark Grove,

Idaho County, Idaho Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteIdaho County White population 15,42915,429  
American IndianIdaho County American Indian population 457457
MixedIdaho County Mixed population 310310
AsianIdaho County Asian population 8281
BlackIdaho County Black population 4948
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderIdaho County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 1616

Additional population tables :
State population table
Idaho population by county