Jerome County, Idaho Basics:

Jerome County Idaho - Government Site

Population: 22,461
Area: 597 square miles
County seat: Jerome
Area code(s) in use: 208
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 70.9%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 14.8%
Median household income: $40,309
Persons in poverty: 18.6%
Home ownership rate: 64.3%
Mean travel time to work: 18.3 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Cassia  Gooding  Lincoln  Minidoka  Twin Falls  

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Map of the Jerome County area

Our detail map of Jerome County shows the Jerome County, Idaho boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Jerome County, Idaho

  Airports     show all on map

Hazelton Municipal Airport, Jerome County Airport

  Buildings     show all on map

Bypass Hydroelectric Facility, First Segregation Fire District, First Segregation Fire District, Hazelton A Hydroelectric Facility, Idaho Department of Fish and Game, Idaho National Guard, Jerome City Fire Department Station 1, Jerome City Fire Department Station 2, Jerome City Fire Department Station 3, Jerome City Hall, Jerome City Police Department, Jerome County Courthouse, Jerome County Historical Museum, Jerome County Paramedics, Jerome County Sheriff's Office, Jerome Rural Fire District, Midpoint Substation, Number Four Pumping Station

  Canals     show all on map

A Canal, A Drain, B Canal, B Ditch, B-1 Ditch, Big Wood Drain Ditch, Buschham Spill, Bypass Canal, C Canal, C Ditch, C Lateral, C-1 Ditch, C-55 Spill, C-Spill, D Five Ditch, D Four Ditch, E Canal, E E Main Drain, E-1 Canal, Eden Drain, F Canal, F Pipeline, F-1 Canal, G Canal, Goose Lake Drain, H Canal, Hazelton B Spill, J Canal, K Canal, L Canal, Lateral 15, Lateral 16, Lateral 16A, Lateral 16B, Lateral 18, Lateral 21, Lateral 27, Lateral C-11, Lateral C-14, Lateral C-17, Lateral C-18, Lateral C-25, Lateral C-32, Lateral C-33, Lateral C-39, Lateral C-40, Lateral C-44, Lateral C-48, Lateral C-50, Lateral C-52, Lateral C-53, Lateral C-54, Lateral C-55, Lateral C-59, Lateral C-60, Lateral C-62, Lateral H-1, Lateral J-1, Lateral J-15, Lateral J-17, Lateral J-2, Lateral J-3, Lateral K-1, Lateral K-2, Lateral L-1, Lateral L-10, Lateral L-11, Lateral L-12, Lateral L-13, Lateral L-14, Lateral L-15, Lateral L-16, Lateral L-17, Lateral L-18, Lateral L-2, Lateral L-21, Lateral L-23, Lateral L-24, Lateral L-26, Lateral L-26, Lateral L-28, Lateral L-29, Lateral L-3, Lateral L-31, Lateral L-34, Lateral L-37, Lateral L-5, Lateral L-7, Lateral L-8, Lateral L-9, Lateral M-10, Lateral M-2, Lateral M-3, Lateral M-4, Lateral M-5, Lateral M-6, Lateral M-9, Lateral N-1, Lateral N-15, Lateral N-17, Lateral N-20, Lateral N-22, Lateral N-23, Lateral N-24, Lateral N-25, Lateral N-29, Lateral N-3, Lateral N-30, Lateral N-33, Lateral N-34, Lateral N-37, Lateral N-4, Lateral N-41, Lateral N-43, Lateral N-44, Lateral N-45, Lateral N-5, Lateral N-7, Lateral N-8, Lateral N-9, Lateral N32, Lateral PA, Lateral PA1, Lateral PA2, Lateral PA2 Spill, Lateral PA4, Lateral PA5, Lateral PE4, Lateral R-1, Lateral R-10, Lateral R-11, Lateral R-12, Lateral R-13, Lateral R-14, Lateral R-16, Lateral R-17, Lateral R-19, Lateral R-2, Lateral R-22, Lateral R-3, Lateral R-4, Lateral R-5, Lateral R-6, Lateral R-6A, Lateral R-7, Lateral R-8, Lateral R-9, Lateral S-1, Lateral S-14, Lateral S-15, Lateral S-17, Lateral S-18, Lateral S-3, Lateral S-43, Lateral S-5, Lateral S-6, Lateral S-7, Lateral U-10, Lateral U-12, Lateral U-2, Lateral U-3, Lateral U-4, Lateral U-5, Lateral U-7, Lateral U-8, Lateral W-1, Lateral W-21, M Canal, M Canal Waste, Milner Gooding Canal, Murphy Spill, N Canal, North Side Main Canal, P A Lateral, P A Lateral, P Canal, P-2 Pipeline, PB Ditch, PB-1 Ditch, PC Ditch, PC-1 Ditch, PD-4 Ditch, PD-5 Ditch, Plant 3 Pipeline, R Canal, S Canal, U Canal

  Churches     show all on map

Ascension Priory, Trinity Lutheran Church

  Dams     show all on map

Shoshone Falls Dam, Twin Falls Dam, Wilson Lake Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Twin Falls

  Hospitals     show all on map

Saint Luke's Jerome Medical Center

  Lakes     show all on map

26 Mile Lake, Bass Lake, Camp Two Lake, Rocky Ridge Lake, Russian Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Auger Falls Access Area, Bacon Reservoir Ranch (historical), Caldron Linn (historical), Devils Corral, Hunt Station, Jerome Country Club, Jerome County Fairgrounds, Jerome County Fairgrounds, Jerome Game Farm, Jerome Station, Magic Valley Hatchery, McHenry, Minidoka Relocation Center

  Parks     show all on map

Camozzi Park, Candlelight Park, Centennial Waterfront Park, Gayle Forsyth Memorial Park, Milner Historical Recreation Area, Minidoka Internment National Monument

  Populated Places     show all on map

Barrymore, Eden, Falls City, Greenwood, Haytown (historical), Hazelton, Hillsdale (historical), Hunt, Hydra, Jerome, McHenry, Perrine, Schodde, Sugar Loaf, Tipperary Corner

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Bend Reservoir, Blue Lakes, Cheatgrass Reservoir, Don Reservoir, East Artifact Reservoir, Goose Lake, Hidden Reservoir, Hope Reservoir, Poleline Reservoir, Rabbit Lake Reservoir, Valley Road Pond, Vineyard Lake, Wilson Lake Reservoir

  Schools     show all on map

Canyonside School, Central Elementary School, Central Elementary School, Eden Primary School, Hazelton Elementary School, Hazelton Intermediate School, Jefferson Elementary School, Jerome High School, Jerome High School, Jerome Junior High School, Jerome Middle School, Trinity School, Valley Junior-Senior High School, Washington Elementary School

  Springs     show all on map

Ellisons Spring, Warm Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Alpheus Creek, Warm Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Cinder Butte, Flat Top Butte, Hazelton Butte, Skeleton Butte, Sonnickson Butte, Wilson Butte

  Towers     show all on map

KART-AM (Jerome), KAWZ-FM (Twin Falls), KBSW-FM (Twin Falls), KEZJ-FM (Twin Falls), KFMA-FM (Jerome), KKVI-TV (Twin Falls), KMVT-TV (Twin Falls)

  Valleys     show all on map

Box Canyon

  Wells     show all on map

Star Lake Well Number 1, Wilson Ridge Well,

Jerome County, Idaho Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteJerome County White population 21,38321,382  
American IndianJerome County American Indian population 517516
MixedJerome County Mixed population 314314
AsianJerome County Asian population 112112
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderJerome County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 2222

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