Lemhi County, Idaho Basics:

Lemhi County Idaho - Government Site

Population: 7,762
Area: 4563 square miles
County seat: Salmon
Area code(s) in use: 208
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 90.3%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 20.1%
Median household income: $36,372
Persons in poverty: 21.2%
Home ownership rate: 75.6%
Mean travel time to work: 16.1 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Beaverhead (MT)  Butte  Clark  Custer  Idaho  Ravalli (MT)  Valley  

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Map of the Lemhi County area

Our detail map of Lemhi County shows the Lemhi County, Idaho boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Lemhi County, Idaho

  Airports     show all on map

Cumming Triangle Landing Area, Leadore Airport, Lemhi County Airport, Lower Loon Creek Airport, May Airport

  Bars     show all on map

Cache Bar, California Bar, Corn Creek Bar, Ebenezer Bar, Johnson Bar, Salzer Bar

  Basins     show all on map

Badger Basin, Badger Basin, Baldy Basin, Boulder Basin, Copper Basin, Devils Basin, Dutchler Basin, First Basin, Ghoul Basin, Hayden Basin, McGowan Basin, Meyers Cove, Moyer Basin, North Basin, Peel Tree Basin, Rooker Basin, Swan Basin, White Horse Basin

  Bridges     show all on map

Bernard Bridge, Big Creek Bridge, Camas Creek Bridge, Cove Creek Bridge, Waterfall Creek Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Bureau of Land Management Salmon Field Office, Elk Bend Fire Protection District Station 1, Elk Bend Fire Protection District Station 2, Elk Bend Fire Protection District Station 4, Gibbonsville Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Leadore Volunteer Fire Department, Lemhi County Sheriff's Office, North Fork Fire District, Pahsimeroi Volunteer Fire Department, Salmon Advanced Ambulance Service Station 2, Salmon City - Lemhi County Fire District 1, Salmon Police Department

  Canals     show all on map

Big Flat Ditch, McNutt Ditch

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Chief Tendoy Cemetery, Junction Cemetery, McRea Cemetery

  Cliffs     show all on map

Aparejo Point, Meyers Cove Point, Red Point

  Dams     show all on map

Armstrong Dam, Billy Creek Dam, Blackbird Tailings Dam, Boggeman Dam, Bohannon Dam, Cummings Dam, Ellsworth-Lower Dam, Ellsworth-Middle Dam, Ellsworth-Upper Dam, Geertson Dam, Gorley Creek Dam, Lemhi River Weir, Mill Creek Lake Dam, Warm Springs Creek Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Devlin Falls, Napias Creek Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Ax Park, Big Flat, Boulder Flat, Camas Meadows, Corral Flat, Cow Basin, East Boulder Meadow, Firbox Meadows, Firebox Meadows, Fritzer Flat, Frog Meadows, Hoodoo Meadows, Poverty Flat, Racetrack Meadow, Squawboard Meadow, Trapper Flat, Twelvemile Meadows, Willow Meadow

  Forests     show all on map

Salmon National Forest

  Gaps     show all on map

Bannock Pass, Big Hole Pass, Deadman Pass, Firebox Summit, Goldstone Pass, Horse Creek Pass, Lemhi Pass, Lemhi Pass, Lost Trail Pass, Remenclau Saddle, Timber Creek Pass, Williams Creek Summit, Woods Creek Pass

  Hospitals     show all on map

Steele Memorial Medical Center

  Islands     show all on map

Ship Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Airplane Lake, Allan Lake, Alpine Lake, Barking Fox Lake, Big Clear Lake, Birdbill Lake, Buck Lake, Buck Lakes, Buffulo Skull Lake, Cache Creek Lakes, Cathedral Lake, Corn Lake, Cougar Lake, Crater Lake, Deer Lake, Devils Lake, Doe Lake, Dome Lake, Echo Lake, Everson Lake, Falconberry Lake, Fawn Lake, Gentian Lake, Glacier Lake, Goat Lake, Goat Lake, Golden Trout Lake, Gooseneck Lake, Grouse Lake, Harbor Lake, Hat Creek Lakes, Heart Lake, Iron Lake, Liberty Lakes, Lost Lake, Lost Packer Lake, Mill Lake, Mirrow Lake, Nez Perce Lake, Opal Lake, Paragon Lake, Parrott Lake, Plateau Lake, Pole Lake, Pollywog Lake, Pony Lake, Pothole Lake, Ramshorn Lake, Reflection Lake, Reynolds Lake, Roaring Creek Lakes, Rock Lakes, Sheepeater Lake, Shewag Lake, Ship Island Lake, Shoban Lake, Skyhigh Lake, South Fork Lake, Terrace Lakes, Tip Top Lake, Tule Lake, Turquoise Lake, Twin Cove Lake, U P Lake, Wallace Lake, Welcome Lake, West Fork Lakes, West Puddin Lake, White Goat Lake, Williams Lake, Wilson Lake, Woodtick Lake, Yellowjacket Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Beartrap Lookout, Bernard Creek Guard Station, Big Boulder Meadow, Big Creek Camp (historical), Big Creek Campground, Big Eightmile Campground, Big Indian Camp, Big Spring Creek Hatching Channel, Cache Bar Campground, Cache Creek Cabin, Camp Creek Access Area, Cassel Gulch, Cave Campsite, Clear Creek Recreation Site, Cobalt Mine, Cobalt Ranger Station, Colson Creek Guard Station, Cougar Point Recreation Site, Cow Creek Campsite, Crags Campground, Deadwater Campground, Deadwater Picnic Area, Deep Creek Recreation Site, Deer Gulch Access Area, Degan Ranch, Ebenezer Bar Campground, Fairview Guard Station, Falconberry Ranch, Fly Creek Campsite, Fort Lemhi (historical), Friday Cabin (historical), Gattin Ranch, Granite Mountain Guard Station, Hayden Creek Access Area, Hayden Creek Rearing Ponds, Henderson Cabin, Horse Creek Campsite, Horse Creek Hot Springs Campground, Horsetail Campsite, Hot Springs Lookout, Indian Creek Guest Ranch, Indianola Field Station, Iron Lake Campground, Killum Point, Kingsbury Ranch, Lake Creek Ranch, Leacock Ranch, Leadore Ranger Station, Lemhi River Access Area, Lemhi River Salmon Trap, Lime Creek Access Area, Long Tom Campground, Lost Spring Campground, Lost Trail Pass Picnic Area, Lower Grouse Campground, Mahoney Campsite, Mcdonald Flat Recreation Site, McFarland Access Area, Meadow Lake Campground, Merritt Ranch, Middle Fork Campground, Middle Fork Peak Campground, Middle Fork Trailhead, Mill Creek Recreation Site, Miller Ranch, Mormon Ranch, North Fork Forest Service Station, North Fork Ranger Station, Oreana Lookout, Pahsimeroi Hatchery, Pahsimeroi Rearing Ponds, Parrott Placer Campground, Peterson Ranch, Pine Creek Ranch (historical), Rattlesnake Creek Campground, Reno (historical), Rock Creek Campground, Rood Ranch (historical), Sagebrush Lookout, Simplot Campground, Simplot Ranch, Sleeping Deer Recreation Site, Smokeys Cubs Recreation Site, Snowshoes Cabin, South Fork Campground, Splettstosser Ranch, Stormy Peak Lookout, Swamp Camp, Tappan Island Campsite, Tappen Ranch, Twin Creek Campground, Twin Peaks Ranch, Upper Grouse Campground, Wagonhammer Campground, Wallace Lake Recreation Site, Warm Spring Ranger Cabin, White Goat Lookout (historical), Williams Creek Ranger Station, Williams Lake Recreation Site, Wilson Creek Campground, Yellowjacket Campground, Yellowjacket Ranch, Yellowjacket Ranger Station

  Mines     show all on map

Big Lead Mine, Big Lead Mine, Blackbird Mine, Blackbird Mines, Blackpine Mine, Blue Jay Mine, Blue Plate Mine, Brown Bull Mine, Buckhorn Mine, Clipper Bullion Mine, Columbia Mine, Commodore Mine, Copper King Mine, Copper Queen Mine, Gold Hill Mine, Goldstone Mine, Gregor Mine, Grunter Mine, Haidee Mine, Harmony Mine, Hilltop Mine, Ima Mine, Iron Dyke Mine, Italian Mine, Jureano Placer Diggings, Kentuck Mine, Kitty Burton Mine, Latest Out Mine, Maryland Mine, Mayflower Mine, Mountain Boy Mine, Musgrove Mine, Nabob Mine, Ore Cash Mine, Park Mine, Parker Mine, Pope Shenon Mine, Portland Mine, Queen of the Hills Mine, Rabbit Foot Mine, Ray Lode Mine, Red Jacket Mine, Red Spar Mine, Ridgeway Mine, Ringbone Cayuse Mine, Saint Clair Mine, Sims Mine, Singheiser Mine, Spring Creek Mines, Sunshine Mine, Tin Cup Mine, Tormay Mine, Twin Peaks Mine, Ulysses Mine, Yellowjacket Mine

  Parks     show all on map

Fort Lemhi Monument, Idaho Primitive Area, Lewis and Clark Monument, Sacajawea Monument

  Pillars     show all on map

Castle Rock

  Populated Places     show all on map

Baker, Blackbird, Carmen, Cobalt, Elk Bend, Forney, Gibbonsville, Gilmore, Hahn, Junction, Leadore, Leadville, Leesburg, Lemhi, May, Nicholia, North Fork, Patterson, Salmon, Shoup, Tendoy, Ulysses (historical), Williams Lake Resort, Yellowjacket

  Post Offices     show all on map

Leesburg Post Office (historical), McNutt Post Office (historical)

  Ranges     show all on map

Beaverhead Mountains, Bighorn Crags, Lemhi Range, Red Hills, Yellowjacket Mountains

  Rapidss     show all on map

Cliffside Rapids, Dutch Oven Rapids, Jack Creek Rapids, Long Tom Rapids, Pine Creek Rapids

  Reserves     show all on map

Frank Church - River of No Return Wilderness

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Basin Lake, Bear Valley Lakes, Cummings Lake, Hull Creek Reservoir, Meadow Lake, Mill Creek Lake, Stone Reservoir

  Ridges     show all on map

Antler Ridge, Beartrap Ridge, Butcherknife Ridge, Center Ridge, Deep Creek Ridge, Fishfin Ridge, Fishing Ridge, Fluorspar Ridge, Gant Ridge, Goldbug Ridge, Gutzman Ridge, Henderson Ridge, Jackass Ridge, Leacock Point, Lewis and Clark Ridge, Little Deer Creek Ridge, Long Tom Ridge, Middle Ridge, Napoleon Ridge, Oreana Ridge, Pepper Creek Ridge, Phelan Ridge, Pine Creek Ridge, Porphyry Ridge, Roan Ridge, Trapper Ridge, Waugh Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Bridgeview Alternative High School, Brooklyn Intermediate Elementary School, Geertson Creek School (historical), Leadore School, Patterson Elementary School, Salmon Elementary-Junior High School, Salmon Pioneer Primary School, Salmon Senior High School, Salmon Seventh-Day Adventist School, Sandy Creek School (historical), Tendoy Elementary School

  Springs     show all on map

Albertson Spring, Alhands Spring, Allhands Spring, Andrews Spring, Bache Spring, Bare Spring, Bear Camp Spring, Bear Wallow Spring, Beartrap Spring, Boche Spring, Bohannon Spring, Box Spring, Box Springs, Breazeale Spring, Bull Spring, Bull Summit Waterhole, Camp Springs, Cherry Spring, Chet Rowe Spring, China Spring, Coal Kiln Spring, Coal Mine Gulch Spring, Cold Spring, Corbett Spring Number 1, Coyote Spring, Crib Spring, Deadwater Spring, Dishpan Spring, Dishrag Spring, Dragroad Spring, Eckersell Spring, First Basin Spring, Goldbug Hot Springs, Grindstone Spring, Grizzly Spring, High Spring, Hodges Spring, Horse Creek Hot Springs, Horsefly Spring, Hot Spring (historical), Hot Springs, Hot Springs, Indian Spring, Irish Bay Springs, Keg Spring, Magpie Spring, Magpie Spring Number 2, Magpie Springs, Marlin Spring, McCoy Spring, Mud Flat Spring, Mud Lick, Muleshoe Springs, Napo Spring, Nez Perce Spring, Oreana Spring, Owl Creek Hot Springs, Poison Gulch Spring, Poison Spring, Porcupine Spring, Porcupine Spring, Purcell Spring, Rigger Spring, Robertson Spring, Saddle Spring, Sagebrush Spring, Sagebrush Spring, Salmon Hot Spring, Sawmill Gulch Spring, Sharkey Hot Spring, Sheephorn Spring, Slaughterhouse Spring, Smith Spring, Soapstone Spring, Telephone Pole Spring, Tincan Spring, Tincup Spring, Valieaux Spring, Wagonbox Spring, Wagonhammer Spring, Walters Spring, Warm Spring, Warm Springs, Whisky Spring, Willow Spring, Y Springs

  Streams     show all on map

Adams Creek, Agency Creek, Alder Creek, Alder Creek, Allan Creek, Allen Creek, Allison Creek, Alpine Creek, Alpine Creek, Anderson Creek, Anvil Creek, Aparejo Creek, Apple Creek, Arnett Creek, Arrastra Creek, Badger Creek, Baker Creek, Baldy Creek, Basin Creek, Basin Creek, Beagle Creek, Bear Basin Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Valley Creek, Beartrack Creek, Beartrap Creek, Beaver Creek, Bernard Creek, Big Bear Creek, Big Deer Creek, Big Eightmile Creek, Big Hat Creek, Big Jureano Creek, Big Sheepeater Creek, Big Silverlead Creek, Big Timber Creek, Birch Creek, Birch Creek, Bird Creek, Birdseye Creek, Blackbird Creek, Blackeagle Creek, Blacktail Creek, Blue Creek, Bob Moore Creek, Bobtail Creek, Bog Creek, Bohannon Creek, Boulder Creek, Bray Creek, Bridge Creek, Bridge Creek, Bronco Creek, Broomtail Creek, Brush Creek, Buck Creek, Buck Lake, Buckhorn Creek, Bull Creek, Bull Creek, Burn Creek, Butte Creek, Cabin Creek, Cabin Creek, Cabin Creek, Cabin Creek, Cabin Creek, Cabin Creek, Cache Creek, Calamity Creek, Camas Creek, Camp Creek, Camp Creek, Camp Creek, Canyon Creek, Carlin Creek, Carmen Creek, Carol Creek, Castle Creek, Cat Creek, Cave Creek, Cayuse Creek, Chamberlain Creek, Cheney Creek, Cherry Creek, Chippie Creek, Chipps Creek, Cinch Creek, Clear Creek, Clear Creek, Cliff Creek, Climb Creek, Cold Creek, Cold Creek, Cold Spring Creek, Colson Creek, Colt Creek, Comet Creek, Cooper Creek, Copper Creek, Copper Creek, Corn Creek, Corral Creek, Corral Creek, Corral Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cougar Creek, Cove Creek, Cow Creek, Cow Creek, Cramer Creek, Cruikshank Creek, Dahlonega Creek, Dairy Creek, Daly Creek, Deadhorse Creek, Deep Creek, Deep Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Park Creek, Deriar Creek, Diamond Creek, Ditch Creek, Divide Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Duck Creek, Dummy Creek, Dummy Creek, Dump Creek, Dutch Oven Creek, East Boulder Creek, East Butte Creek, East Fork Bohannon Creek, East Fork Daly Creek, East Fork Hayden Creek, East Fork Indian Creek, East Fork Kenney Creek, East Fork Kirtley Creek, East Fork Morgan Creek, East Fork Owl Creek, East Fork Patterson Creek, East Fork Pierce Creek, East Fork Reynolds Creek, East Fork Sage Creek, East Fork Spring Creek, East Fork Tower Creek, East Fork Wimpey Creek, Ebenezer Creek, Eighteenmile Creek, Elevenmile Creek, Elk Creek, Elkhorn Creek, Everson Creek, Ezra Creek, Falls Creek, Falls Creek, Fawn Creek, Fell Creek, Fenster Creek, Ferry Creek, Filly Creek, Fir Creek, Firebox Creek, Flume Creek, Flume Creek, Fly Creek, Fontail Creek, Ford Creek, Forge Creek, Fountain Creek, Fourth of July Creek, Fourth of July Creek, Fox Creek, Frank Hall Creek, Freeman Creek, Furnace Creek, Gant Creek, Garden Creek, Garfield Creek, Gary Creek, Geertson Creek, Gibbs Creek, Goat Creek, Goodluck Creek, Gorley Creek, Grouse Creek, Grove Creek, Gunbarrel Creek, Hammer Creek, Hammerean Creek, Hat Creek, Hawley Creek, Hayden Creek, Haynes Creek, Henry Creek, High Creek, Hoodoo Creek, Hopper Creek, Hornet Creek, Horse Creek, Horseshoe Bend Creek, Horsethief Creek, Hot Creek, Hot Spring Creek, Hot Springs Creek, Hughes Creek, Hull Creek, Humbug Creek, Hyde Creek, Indian Creek, Indian Creek, Inyo Creek, Iron Creek, J Fell Creek, Jack Creek, Jackass Creek, Jackass Creek, Jefferson Creek, Jenny Creek, Jesse Creek, Joe Moore Creek, Kadletz Creek, Kadletz Creek, Kelly Creek, Kenney Creek, Kerr Creek, Kirtley Creek, Kriley Creek, Lake Creek, Lake Creek, Lake Creek, Lake Creek, Lake Creek, Lake Fork, Lee Creek, Left Fork Peterson Creek, Lemhi River, Liberty Creek, Lick Creek, Lick Creek, Lime Creek, Little Aparejo Creek, Little Bear Creek, Little Bear Creek, Little Deep Creek, Little Deep Creek, Little Deer Creek, Little Ditch Creek, Little Eightmile Creek, Little Fourth of July Creek, Little Hat Creek, Little Horse Creek, Little Hull Creek, Little Jacket Creek, Little Jureano Creek, Little Mill Creek, Little Moose Creek, Little Moose Creek, Little Sage Creek, Little Sawmill Creek, Little Sheep Creek, Little Sheepeater Creek, Little Silverlead Creek, Little Spring Creek, Little Timber Creek, Little White Goat Creek, Little Woodtick Creek, Little Woodtick Creek, Long Tom Creek, Lost Creek, Lost Spring Creek, Macarte Creek, Mackinaw Creek, Mahogany Creek, Mahogany Creek, Mahoney Creek, Martindale Creek, McConn Creek, McDevitt Creek, McGinty Creek, McKay Creek, McKim Creek, McNutt Creek, Meadow Creek, Meadow Creek, Meadow Creek, Meadow Creek, Meadow Creek, Meadow Lake Creek, Mearney Creek, Melville Creek, Middle Creek, Middle Fork Hat Creek, Middle Fork Little Timber Creek, Middle Fork Salmon River, Milk Creek, Milk Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Mink Creek, Moccasin Creek, Mogg Creek, Moonshine Creek, Moose Creek, Moose Creek, Morgan Creek, Morse Creek, Moyer Creek, Mud Creek, Mud Creek, Mud Lick Creek, Muddy Creek, Mulkey Creek, Musgrove Creek, Mustang Creek, Napias Creek, Negro Green Creek, Nez Perce Creek, Nez Perce Creek, North Crane Creek, North Fork Big Creek, North Fork Cow Creek, North Fork Hat Creek, North Fork Hughes Creek, North Fork Iron Creek, North Fork Kirtley Creek, North Fork Little Timber Creek, North Fork McKim Creek, North Fork Morgan Creek, North Fork Salmon River, North Fork Sheep Creek, North Fork Squaw Creek, North Fork Tower Creek, North Fork Webber Creek, North Fork Williams Creek, North Jump Creek, Opal Creek, Ostrander Creek, Otter Creek, Owl Creek, Panther Creek, Papoose Creek, Paradise Creek, Park Creek, Park Fork, Parrott Creek, Pass Creek, Pattee Creek, Patterson Creek, Patterson Creek, Payne Creek, Peel Tree Creek, Pepper Creek, Perreau Creek, Peterson Creek, Phantom Creek, Phelan Creek, Pierce Creek, Pine Creek, Poison Creek, Poison Creek, Poison Creek, Pole Creek, Pole Creek, Pole Creek, Pony Creek, Porcupine Creek, Porphyry Creek, Powder Creek, Pratt Creek, Price Creek, Prospect Creek, Pruvan Creek, Purcell Creek, Quaking Asp Creek, Quartz Creek, Quigley Creek, Rabbit Creek, Rams Creek, Rancherio Creek, Ransack Creek, Rapps Creek, Rattlesnake Creek, Rattlesnake Creek, Reese Creek, Reservoir Creek, Reservoir Creek, Reynolds Creek, Right Fork Peterson Creek, Ringle Creek, Roan Creek, Roaring Creek, Rocky Creek, Rye Grass Creek, Rye Grass Creek, Saddle Creek, Sage Creek, Sage Creek, Salt Creek, Salt Creek, Salzer Creek, Sandy Creek, Sawlog Creek, Sawmill Creek, Sawpit Creek, Second Creek, Sevenmile Creek, Sharkey Creek, Sharkey Creek, Shears Creek, Sheep Creek, Sheep Creek, Sheldon Creek, Shell Creek, Shep Creek, Shewag Creek, Ship Island Creek, Short Creek, Short Creek, Short Creek, Shovel Creek, Silver Creek, Slide Creek, Slippery Creek, Smithie Creek, Smithy Creek, Smout Creek, Snowshoe Creek, Soda Creek, Sourdough Creek, South Fork Big Deer Creek, South Fork Cabin Creek, South Fork Camas Creek, South Fork Hull Creek, South Fork Iron Creek, South Fork Moyer Creek, South Fork Phelan Creek, South Fork Poison Creek, South Fork Porphyry Creek, South Fork Sheep Creek, South Fork Waterfall Creek, South Fork Williams Creek, South Fork Yearian Creek, South Jump Creek, Spider Creek, Spletts Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Squaw Camp Creek, Squaw Creek, Squaw Creek, Squaw Creek, Squirrel Creek, State Creek, Stinking Creek, Stroud Creek, Stud Creek, Summit Creek, Swamp Creek, Swartz Creek, Tater Creek, Tenmile Creek, Tenmile Creek, Texas Creek, Threemile Creek, Tobias Creek, Tormay Creek, Tower Creek, Trail Creek, Trail Creek, Trail Creek, Trail Creek, Tumble Creek, Twelvemile Creek, Twin Creek, Vine Creek, Votler Creek, Waddington Creek, Wade Creek, Wade Creek, Wagonhammer Creek, Wallace Creek, Wallace Creek, Walter Creek, Warm Creek, Warm Spring Creek, Warm Spring Creek, Warm Spring Creek, Warm Spring Creek, Waterfall Creek, Weasel Creek, Webfoot Creek, West Fork Anderson Creek, West Fork Big Creek, West Fork Blackbird Creek, West Fork Camas Creek, West Fork Hayden Creek, West Fork Hughes Creek, West Fork Hull Creek, West Fork Indian Creek, West Fork Iron Creek, West Fork Little Eightmile Creek, West Fork Nez Perce Creek, West Fork North Fork Salmon River, West Fork Perreau Creek, West Fork Sage Creek, West Fork Sandy Creek, West Fork Squaw Creek, West Fork Wimpey Creek, West Fork Yellowjacket Creek, Wheat Creek, Wheetip Creek, Whiskey Spring Creek, White Creek, White Goat Creek, Wickiup Creek, Wildcat Creek, Williams Creek, Williams Creek, Willow Creek, Wilson Creek, Wimpey Creek, Withington Creek, Woods Fork Horse Creek, Woodtick Creek, Woodtick Creek, Woolard Creek, Wright Creek, Yearian Creek, Yellow Cat Creek, Yellowjacket Creek, Zeph Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Aggipah Mountain, Allan Mountain, Anderson Mountain, Bald Mountain, Baldy, Baldy Mountain, Beehive, Big Creek Peak, Big Windy Peak, Bitterroot Mountain, Black Mountain, Blackbird Mountain, Blue Nose, Cathedral Rock, Cathedral Rock, Cayuse Point, Center Mountain, Copper Mountain, Copperhead Peak, Degan Mountain, Dome Mountain, Duck Creek Point, Duck Peak, Dutchler Mountain, Dutchmans Hump, Eagle Mountain, Eagles Nest, East and West Peak, Eighteenmile Peak, Falconberry Peak, Flatiron Mountain, Fly Creek Point, Freeman Peak, Gant Mountain, Gilmore Summit, Goat Mountain, Goat Mountain, Goldstone Mountain, Granite Mountain, Grizzly Hill, Gunsight Peak, Haystack Mountain, Horse Creek Butte, Horse Heaven, Horse Prairie Mountain, Indian Peak, Indian Point, Irishmans Rock, Iron Mountain, Italian Peak, Junction Peak, Jureano Mountain, K Mountain, King Mountain, Lake Mountain, Leadore Hill, Lem Peak, Long Mountain, Long Tom Mountain, Martin Mountain, May Mountain, McEleny Mountain, Middle Fork Peak, Mill Mountain, Mineral Hill, Mogg Mountain, Monument Peak, Morgan Mountain, Morning Glory Peak, Mount McGuire, Moyer Peak, N Mountain, Napoleon Hill, Negro Peak, Parker Mountain, Parker Mountain, Phelan Mountain, Point of Rock, Poison Peak, Portland Mountain, Puddin Mountain, Pyramid Peak, Quartzite Mountain, Ramsey Mountain, Red Rock Peak, Rocky Mountain, Rocky Peak, Sacajawea Peaks, Sagebrush Mountain, Sal Mountain, Scott Peak, Sheep Mountain, Sheep Mountain, Sheepeater Point, Sheephorn Mountain, Sheephorn Peak, Sheldon Peak, Sleeping Deer Mountain, Spring Mountain, Squaw Peak, Stein Mountain, Stormy Peak, Sugar Loaf, Swan Peak, Taylor Mountain, Taylor Mountain, Timber Creek Peak, Tincup Hill, Trail Peak, Twin Peaks, Ulysses Mountain, Wards Butte, Watson Peak, Webber Peak, West Horse Point, White Goat Mountain, White Mountain, Wilson Mountain, Woodtick Summit, Yellow Peak

  Swamps     show all on map

Quicksand Bog

  Towers     show all on map

KSRA-AM (Salmon), KSRA-FM (Salmon), Skunk Camp Lookout Tower

  Trails     show all on map

Ax Park Way, Birch Creek Trail, Brushy Gulch Trail, Clear Creek Trail, Copper Mountain Trail, Crags Trail, Daly Creek Trail (historical), Divide Trail, Gant Ridge Trail, Hornet Creek Trail, Hot Springs Trail (historical), Moose Creek Trail, Pattee Ridge Trail, Pretty Gulch Trail (historical), Sagebrush Lookout Trail, Sheepeater Trail, Ship Island Trail, Singheiser Trail, South Fork Trail, Waterfall Trail, Waterfall Trail

  Valleys     show all on map

Anderson Gulch, Arrastra Gulch, Baby Joe Gulch, Badger Spring Gulch, Bates Gulch, Bear Gulch, Bear Gulch, Bear Gulch, Beartrap Gulch, Beaver Gulch, Bell Mountain Canyon, Berg-Green Gulch, Big Dry Gulch, Big Dry Gulch, Bills Canyon, Black Canyon, Blind Canyon, Bloise Gulch, Bobcat Gulch, Box Spring Gulch, Bradley Gulch, Brown Gulch, Bruce Canyon, Brushy Gulch, Brushy Gulch, Burns Gulch, Burnt Gulch, Buster Gulch, Buster Gulch, Camel Gulch, Carl Gulch, Cedar Gulch, Cedar Gulch, Cedar Gulch, China Gulch, China Gulch, Chinese Gulch, Cliff Canyon, Coal Kiln Canyon, Coffee Gulch, Coffee Gulch, Cohen Gulch, Cool Gulch, Coons Canyon, Copper Canyon, Copper Gulch, Cow Gulch, Crone Gulch, Cronks Canyon, Cruiser Gulch, Crystal Gulch, Cyanide Gulch, D C Gulch, Davis Canyon, Davis Canyon, Davis Gulch, Deadhorse Canyon, Deadwater Gulch, Devils Canyon, Diamond Gulch, Donnelly Gulch, Dry Gulch, Dry Gulch, Dry Gulch, Dry Gulch, Dry Gulch, Dry Gulch, Dry Gulch, Dry Gulch, Dry Gulch, Dry Wash Gulch, Eidelman Canyon, Elkhorn Gulch, Ennis Gulch, Fan Gulch, Federal Gulch, Fluorspar Gulch, Fred and Mary Draw, French Gulch, Friedorf Gulch, Fritzer Gulch, Gallagher Gulch, German Gulch, Glacier Gulch, Gold Bug Gulch, Gold Star Gulch, Golway Gulch, Grouse Gulch, Grouse Gulch, Hale Gulch, Halfway Gulch, Hood Gulch, Horsefly Gulch, Horseshoe Gulch, Horsethief Canyon, Indian Gulch, Indian Head Canyon, Irish Canyon, Italian Canyon, Italian Gulch, Jack Smith Gulch, Jakes Canyon, Johnson Gulch, Keg Gulch, Keystone Gulch, Kitty Gulch, Klop Gulch, Left Fork Rock Canyon, Lemhi Union Gulch, Lemhi Valley, Liberty Gulch, Line Gulch, Little Dry Gulch, Little Dry Gulch, Little Dry Gulch, Little Thompson Gulch, Long Canyon, Long Canyon, Ludwig Gulch, Magpie Canyon, Mahogany Canyon, Mammoth Canyon, Maxwell Gulch, Mayflower Gulch, McCoy Canyon, McDonald Gulch, Meadow Canyon, Milo Canyon, Missouri Gulch, Mollie Gulch, Montana Canyon, Monument Gulch, Mormon Canyon, Napo Canyon, Napoleon Gulch, Oregon Gulch, Paint Canyon, Perk Canyon, Petes Gulch, Pollard Canyon, Powder Gulch, Powderhorn Gulch, Prairie Basin, Pretty Gulch, Quartz Gulch, Quartzite Canyon, Railroad Canyon, Ramsey Canyon, Rathburn Gulch, Reservoir Gulch, Rocky Canyon, Rocky Canyon, Rood Gulch, Rose Gulch, Roske Gulch, Rough Canyon, Sawlog Gulch, Sawlog Gulch, Sawmill Canyon, Sawmill Gulch, Sawmill Gulch, Sawmill Gulch, Scott Canyon, Shortys Gulch, Sierra Gulch, Silver Moon Gulch, Skull Gulch, Slaughterhouse Gulch, Smelter Gulch, Smith Gulch, Smith Gulch, Sourdough Gulch, South Fork Worthing Canyon, South Gulch, Spring Gulch, Spring Mountain Canyon, Spruce Gulch, Squaw Gulch, Stein Gulch, Stroud Gulch, Struggle Gulch, Swanson Gulch, Thompson Gulch, Thompson Gulch, Trail Gulch, Transfer Gulch, Trapper Gulch, Trapper Gulch, Treloar Gulch, Turner Gulch, U C Gulch, Van Horn Gulch, Vineyard Gulch, Viola Gulch, Virginia Gulch, Wagon Road Gulch, Wards Gulch, Waugh Gulch, Wilmot Gulch, Wire Gulch,

Lemhi County, Idaho Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteLemhi County White population 7,4677,467  
MixedLemhi County Mixed population 147147
American IndianLemhi County American Indian population 7069
BlackLemhi County Black population 3938
AsianLemhi County Asian population 3131
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderLemhi County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

Additional population tables :
State population table
Idaho population by county