Iroquois County, Illinois Basics:

Iroquois County Illinois - Government Site

Population: 29,257
Area: 1117 square miles
County seat: Watseka
Area code(s) in use: 815 217
Time zone: CST
High school graduate or higher: 87.7%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 14.1%
Median household income: $47,908
Persons in poverty: 11.7%
Home ownership rate: 75.8%
Mean travel time to work: 24.4 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Benton (IN)  Ford  Kankakee  Newton (IN)  Vermilion  Warren (IN)  

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Map of the Iroquois County area

Our detail map of Iroquois County shows the Iroquois County, Illinois boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Iroquois County, Illinois

  Airports     show all on map

Bayles Lake Landing Strip, Berns Airport, Braden Farms Airport, Dietchweiler Airport, Disosway Airport, Kuiper Landing Strip, Loy Airport, Milford Airport, Newman Landing Strip, Nottke Airport, Porter Airport, Raymond Classen Memorial Airport, Redeker Airport, Russell Airport, Songwood Inn Airport, Wichman Airport, Wilken Airport, Zoomer Field Airport

  Bridges     show all on map

Fiddler Bridge, L'Erable Bridge, Perry Bridge, Plato Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Ashkum Township Fire Protection District, Beaver Fire Protection District, Beaverville Fire Protection District, Buckley Fire Protection District - Buckley Ambulance Service, Chebanse Township Rural Fire Protection District, Cissna Park Fire Protection District, Concord Fire Protection District, Crescent - Iroquois Emergency Medical Services and Ambulance Services, Crescent - Iroquois Fire Protection District, Danforth Fire Protection District, Gilman Community Fire Protection District, Iroqouis County Historical Museum, Iroquois - Ford Fire Protection District, Iroquois County Courthouse, Iroquois Memorial Hospital Ambulance, Iroquois Memorial Hospital Ambulance, Loda Fire Protection District, Martinton Fire Protection District, Milford District Library, Milford Fire Protection District, Milks Grove Town Hall, Onarga Fire Protection District, Otto Township Fire Protection District, Papineau Fire Protection District, Sheldon District Fire Department, Sheldon Emergency Medical Services, Stockland Fire Protection District, Watseka City Hall, Watseka Public Library, Watseka Volunteer Fire Department, Wellington - Greer Fire Protection District, Woodland Fire Protection District

  Canals     show all on map

Beaver Ditch Number 1, Beaver Ditch Number 2, Eastburn Ditch Number 1, Eastburn Ditch Number 2, Main Martinton Ditch Number 3, Martinton Ditch Number 3, Middleport Ditch Number 1, North Martinton Ditch, North Martinton Ditch Number 2, North Sheldon South Concord Ditch, Possum Trot Ditch, Sheldon Ditch Number 1

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Amity Cemetery, Apostolic Cemetery, Arseneau Cemetery, Ash Grove Cemetery, Ashkum Cemetery, Assumption Cemetery, Barden Cemetery, Bardon Cemetery, Beaver Cemetery, Beaver Creek Cemetery, Beckwith Cemetery, Belmont Cemetery, Body Cemetery, Bookless Cemetery, Caveny Cemetery, Chamberlain Cemetery, Chebanse Cemetery, Cissna Park Cemetery, Clifton Cemetery, Courtright Cemetery, Crozier-Crozzar Cemetery, Danforth Luthern Cemetery, Darby Cemetery, Davis Cemetery, Del Rey Cemetery, East Artesia Cemetery, Eastburn Cemetery, Enslyn Cemetery, Evans-Thomas Cemetery, Flesher Cemetery, Floral Hill Cemetery, Frame Cemetery, Gaffield Cemetery, Gard Army of the Republic Cemetery, Gilman Cemetery, Greentown Cemetery, Henry Cemetery, Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery, Iroquois Memorial Park, J H Grant Memorial Cemetery, Johnson Family Cemetery, Jones Cemetery, Julian Cemetery, Keen Cemetery, Kirby Cemetery, L'Erable Catholic Cemetery, Leckie Cemetery, Liberty Cemetery, Lisk Cemetery, Lister Cemetery, Longshore Cemetery, Lyman Cemetery, Magee Cemetery, Maple Grove Cemetery, McConnel Cemetery, McCullough Cemetery, McKinney Cemetery, Mendenall Cemetery, Milk's Grove Cemetery, Morris Chapel Cemetery, Mount Olivet Cemetery, Mount Vernon Cemetery, Nilson Cemetery, Oak Hill Cemetery, Oak Ridge Cemetery, Old Apostolic Cemetery, Old Burg Cemetery, Old Milford Cemetery, Old Salem Cemetery, Old Texas Cemetery, Old Winfield Cemetery, Onarga Cemetery, Orchardville Cemetery, Pace Cemetery, Pangburn Cemetery, Papineau Cemetery, Pierce Cemetery, Pine Ridge Cemetery, Pineview Cemetery, Prarie Dell Cemetery, Rappen Cemetery, Reddin Farm Cemetery, Ricker Farm Cemetery, Roberts Cemetery, Roper Cemetery, Rosenberger Cemetery, Rothgeb Cemetery, Rowe Family Cemetery, Saint John's Ash Grove Cemetery, Saint John's Lutheran Cemetery, Saint Joseph Cemetery, Saint Joseph Cemetery, Saint Mary & Joseph Cemetery, Saint Mary's Cemetery, Saint Mary's Cemetery, Saint Paul Lutheran Cemetery, Saint Peter's Cemetery, Saint Peter's Lutheran Cemetery, Schroeder-Gierker Burial Plot, Schwer Cemetery, Seeder Hill Cemetery, Sheldon Cemetery, Six Graves, Spence Family Burying Ground, Spouch Cemetery, Sturdevant Cemetery, Sugar Creek Chapel Cemetery, Sursa Cemetery, Teege Cemetery, Tegge Cemetery, Thawville Cemetery, Thomas Cemetery, Trinity Lutheran Cemetery, Troup Cemetery, Vennum Cemetery, Weatherford Farm Cemetery, Webster Cemetery, Wenger Cemetery, Wenger Cemetery, Wilson Cemetery, Wilson-Yates Cemetery, Woodland Cemetery

  Churches     show all on map

Apostolic Christian Church, Ashkum United Methodist Church, Beaver Church, Christian Church (historical), Clifton Baptist Church, Clifton Wesleyan Church, Danforth Reformed Church, First Christian Church, First Church of the Nazarene, First Methodist Episcopal Church, Gilman United Methodist Church, Immaculate Conception Church, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Loda United Methodist Church, Milks Grove Church (historical), Nazarene Church, Our Saviour Evangelical Lutheran Church, Prairie Dell Church, Saint John Lutheran Church, Saint Johns Church, Saint Johns Lutheran Church, Saint Mary and Josephs Church, Saint Paul Lutheran Church, Saint Paulinus Church, Sugar Creek Chapel, Trinity Lutheran Church, Union Church, Zion Lutheran Church, Zion Lutheran Church of Clifton, Zion United Church of Christ

  Crossings     show all on map

Interchange 272, Interchange 280, Interchange 283, Interchange 293, Interchange 297, Interchange 302

  Dams     show all on map

Bayles Lake Dam, Kellart Lake Dam, Lake Iroquois Dam, Widner Lake Dam

  Hospitals     show all on map

Iroquois Memorial Hospital

  Lakes     show all on map

Kam Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Adsit Farms, Ahlden Farms, Ard Farms, Beebe Farms, Blue Ridge Farm, Bossong Farms, Carley Farms, Carlson Farms, Chandler Farms, Cissna Junction (historical), Classen Farms, Crawford Farm, Crescent City Station, D and S Farms, Eisenmann Farms, Ernst Farms, Finegan Farm, Flag Farm, Fraily Farms, Freedom Hill Farms, Freeland Junction (historical), Frerichs Farm, Gilman Water Treatment Plant, Greenview Farm, Grohler Farms, Hi Ho Farm, Hillside Stock Farm, Hopkins Farm, Hustedt Farms, Idaville Cor, Iroquois County Farm, J B Farms, James Farms, Johnson's Farm, Kaeb Dairy, Kafer Farms, Lee Farms, Linder Farm, Lubben Farms, Lucht Farms, McMillan Farms, Miller Farm, Milquois Farm, Miner Farm, Morts Farms, Mulberry Lane Farm, Mustard Seed Ranch, Orr Farms, Paradise Farms, Perfume Acres, Perkinson Farm, Perzee Farm, Pleasant Knoll Farm, Pool Farms, R and R Farms, R M Farms, Rapp Farm, Ravens Farm, Ristow Farms, Rivers Edge Farm, Schippert Farms, Schumacher Farm, Seggebruch Farms, Tall Grass Farms, Tavenner Farms, Tipton Farms, Triple K Single T Farms, Van Hoveln Farms, Waldbeser Farm, Wessels Farms, Wielert Farm, Yates Farm, Young Farms, Zachgo Farm, Zecher Farm, Zeedyk Farms

  Mines     show all on map

Ashkum Quarry

  Parks     show all on map

Bonnies Prairie Nature Preserve, Dawson Park, Forest Park, Hooper Branch Savanna Nature Preserve, Iroquois County State Conservation Area, Kay Park, Legion Park, Loda Cemetery Prairie Nature Preserve, Peters Park

  Populated Places     show all on map

Alonzo, Ashkum, Beaverville, Bryce, Buckley, Cissna Park, Claytonville, Clifton, Coaler, Crescent City, Cutmer, Danforth, Darrow, Delrey, Donovan, Eastburn, Effner, Fountain Creek, Freedville, Gilman, Goodwine, Greer, Hallock, Hickman, Hooper, Iroquois, L'Erable, La Hogue, Leonard, Loda, Martinton, Milford, North Hooper, Onarga, Papineau, Pitchin, Pittwood, Ridgeville, Schwer, Sheldon, Stockland, Thawville, Watseka, Webster, Wellington, Woodland, Woodland Junction, Woodworth

  Post Offices     show all on map

Ashkum Post Office, Beaverville Post Office, Cissna Park Post Office, Claytonville Post Office, Clifton Post Office, Crescent City Post Office, Danforth Post Office, Gilman Post Office, Goodwine Post Office, Iroquois Post Office, Lahogue Post Office (historical), Loda Post Office, Onarga Post Office, Papineau Post Office, Plato Post Office (historical), Stockland Post Office, Watseka Post Office, Wellington Post Office

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Bayles Lake, Bayles Lake, Fish Lake, Iroquois Lake, Kellart Lake, Lake Iroquois, Miller Spring Lake, Widner Lake

  Schools     show all on map

Adams School (historical), Amos School (historical), Ashkum Elementary School, Baron School (historical), Barritt School (historical), Beland School (historical), Belmont School (historical), Benjamin School (historical), Benoit School (historical), Blue Grove School (historical), Brault School (historical), Brayton School (historical), Brinkman School (historical), Brooke School (historical), Brown Hill School (historical), Brown School (historical), Brumback School (historical), Bundan School (historical), Bundy School (historical), Carey School (historical), Centennial School (historical), Center School (historical), Centerville School (historical), Central High School, Chapman School (historical), Chebanse Elementary School, Cherry Grove School (historical), Cissna Park Senior High School, Cissna School (historical), Clabby School (historical), Clark School (historical), Classen School (historical), Cleary School (historical), Cleveland School (historical), Clifton Elementary School, Clifton School (historical), College Center School (historical), College Corner School (historical), College Corner School (historical), Columbia School (historical), Corlett School (historical), Crescent City Elementary School, Crescent-Iroquois High School, Demoure School (historical), Dieter School (historical), Dodsonville School (historical), Donovan Junior High School, Donovan Senior High School, Drake School (historical), Duckworth School (historical), Dutour School (historical), Elgin School (historical), Evans School (historical), Fairview School (historical), Fairview School (historical), Fairview School (historical), Fidelity School (historical), Frigon School (historical), Fruin School (historical), Gagnon School (historical), Gay Creek School (historical), Gilchrist School (historical), Glass School (historical), Grace School (historical), Green School (historical), Grob School (historical), Heller School (historical), Henley School (historical), Herman School (historical), Hesperian School (historical), Holmes School (historical), Holtz School (historical), Hopewell School (historical), Hubb School (historical), Independence School (historical), Iroquois West Elementary School-Danforth, Iroquois West Elementary School-Gilman, Iroquois West Elementary School-Thawville, Iroquois West High School, Iroquois West Middle School, Jackson School (historical), Jarvis School (historical), John L Nash Middle School, Jones School (historical), Kahle School (historical), Kelly School (historical), Kerns School (historical), Kidd School (historical), Laird School (historical), Lamont School (historical), Leatherman School (historical), Lee School (historical), Leemon School (historical), Leggottville School (historical), Lenz School (historical), Liberty Loan School (historical), Liberty School (historical), Liberty School (historical), Loda Elementary School, Longshore School (historical), Longview School (historical), Loveridge School (historical), Lyman School (historical), Maple Grove School (historical), Maple Grove School (historical), Maple Grove School (historical), Marlowe School (historical), McFarland School (historical), Merkle School (historical), Milford Grade School, Milford High School, Mitchell School (historical), Mount Taber School (historical), Nettie Davis Elementary School, New Athens School (historical), New Bethel School (historical), New Gothic School (historical), New Salem School (historical), New Victor School (historical), Newbold School (historical), North School (historical), North Star School (historical), Nourie School (historical), Oak Bank School (historical), Oak Grove School (historical), Oak Grove School (historical), Old Burg School (historical), Parker Center School (historical), Pearson School (historical), Pierce School (historical), Plato School (historical), Pleasant Grove School (historical), Pleasant Hill School (historical), Pleasant Hill School (historical), Pleasant Hill School (historical), Pleasant Valley School (historical), Pleasant Valley School (historical), Pleasant Valley School (historical), Pleasant Valley School (historical), Pond Lily School (historical), Possum Trot School (historical), Prairie Chapel School (historical), Prairie Dell School (historical), Prairie Green School, Prairie View School (historical), Quaker School (historical), Ramsey School (historical), Regnier School (historical), Rhode Island School (historical), Roberts School (historical), Ross Farm School (historical), Ruddy School (historical), Rush School (historical), Saint Paul School (historical), Salem School (historical), Sand Ridge School (historical), Schoon School (historical), Search School (historical), Shannon School (historical), Sheldon Elementary School, Sheldon High School, Shule School (historical), South Side School, Spring Dale School (historical), Streff School (historical), Strevey School (historical), Switzer School (historical), Swival School (historical), Tatro School (historical), Thomas School (historical), Van Neste School (historical), Vanderporten School (historical), Veatch School (historical), Victor School (historical), Victory School (historical), Wade School (historical), Wadleigh School (historical), Walker School (historical), Ward School (historical), Warrick School (historical), Washington School (historical), Watseka High School, Wellington High School (historical), West Cleveland School (historical), West Grove School (historical), West School (historical), West Side School, West Union School (historical), West Union School (historical), Weygandt School (historical), White College School (historical), White School (historical), Willoughby School (historical), Willow Grove School (historical), Willow Grove School (historical), Willow Spring School (historical), Wise School (historical), Woodland Elementary School, Youngs School (historical)

  Streams     show all on map

Beaver Creek, Blackston Branch, Cole Creek, Coon Creek, Fountain Creek, Gaffield Creek, Gay Creek, Hooper Branch, Jefferson Creek, Langan Creek, Little Beaver Creek, Little Mud Creek, Mud Creek, Mud Creek, Pigeon Creek, Pike Creek, Prairie Creek, Prairie Creek, Shavetail Creek, Soldier Creek, Spring Creek, Sugar Creek, Whisky Creek

  Towers     show all on map

WGFA-AM (Watseka), WGFA-FM (Watseka)

  Valleys     show all on map

Eastburn Hollow,

Iroquois County, Illinois Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteIroquois County White population 28,37928,379  
MixedIroquois County Mixed population 351351
BlackIroquois County Black population 293292
AsianIroquois County Asian population 146146
American IndianIroquois County American Indian population 8887
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderIroquois County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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