Carter County, Kentucky Basics:

Carter County Kentucky - Government Site

Population: 27,353
Area: 410 square miles
County seat: Grayson
Area code(s) in use: 606
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 74.8%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 9.3%
Median household income: $35,415
Persons in poverty: 20.4%
Home ownership rate: 78.3%
Mean travel time to work: 31.3 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Boyd  Elliott  Greenup  Lawrence  Lewis  Rowan  

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Map of the Carter County area

Our detail map of Carter County shows the Carter County, Kentucky boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Carter County, Kentucky

  Airports     show all on map

Olive Hill-Sellers' Field Airport, Praise God Airport, Womstead Field Airport

  Basins     show all on map

Box Canyon

  Bridges     show all on map

Barretts Creek Ford (historical), Fern Bridge, Little Fork Bridge (historical), Raven Bridge (historical)

  Buildings     show all on map

Carter City Volunteer Fire Department, Carter County Emergency Ambulance Service District, Grahn Volunteer Fire Department, Grayson Volunteer Fire Protection District, Hitchins Volunteer Fire Department, Norton Branch Volunteer Fire Department, Olive Hill Volunteer Fire Protection District

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Amey Cemetery, Anglin Cemetery, Anglin Cemetery, Ash Cemetery, Bailey Cemetery, Barney Fultz Cemetery, Bentley Cemetery, Biggs Cemetery, Blankenship Cemetery, Bledsoe Cemetery, Boggs Cemetery, Boggs Cemetery, Bolding Cemetery, Bradley Cemetery, Bradley Cemetery, Burnett Cemetery, Burton Cemetery, Burton Cemetery, Burton Farm Cemetery, Caraway Cemetery (historical), Carroll Cemetery, Carter Cemetery, Carter County Memorial Gardens, Clark Cemetery, Colley Cemetery, Conn-Bradley Cemetery, Conn-Evans Cemetery, Cooksey Cemetery, Cooper Cemetery, Cresswell Cemetery, Damron Cemetery, Davis Cemetery, Duncan Cemetery, Easterling Cemetery, Edison Cemetery, Enex-Sloan Cemetery, Everman Cemetery, Everman Cemetery, Field Cemetery, Flat Fork Church Cemetery, Fults Cemetery, Gilliam Cemetery, Glancy Cemetery, Goebel Cemetery, Hale Cemetery, Hall Cemetery, Hannah Cemetery, Hargett Cemetery, Henderson Cemetery, Huffman Cemetery, Jones Cemetery, Jordan Cemetery, Keffer Cemetery, Kilgore Cemetery, King Family Cemetery, Kiser Cemetery, Kitchen Cemetery, Kitchen Cemetery, Kitchen Cemetery (historical), Littleton Cemetery, Logan Cemetery, Manning Cemetery, Masters Cemetery, McDavid Cemetery, McGinnis Cemetery, Meadows Cemetery, Memorial Park Cemetery, O'Neal Cemetery, Olive Hill Cemetery, Patton Cemetery, Porter Cemetery, Ratcliff Cemetery, Rice Cemetery, Robinson Cemetery, Rush Cemetery, Sally Cemetery, Sammons Cemetery, Sammons Cemetery (historical), Seaton Cemetery, Sexton Cemetery, Trumbo Cemetery, Vincent Cemetery, Wagoner Cemetery, Walker Cemetery, Webb Cemetery, Webb Cemetery, Wilson Cemetery, Wilson Creek Cemetery, Womack Graveyard, Zornes Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Clark Hill Census Designated Place, Hitchins Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Barrett Creek Church, Bethel Church, Boone Church, Bowen Chapel, Brinergar Church, Community Church (historical), Davys Church, Deer Creek Chapel, Everman Church, Fairview Church, Flat Fork Church, Flat Fork Church of God, Goebel Church, Grahn Nazarene Church (historical), Hudgins Hill Baptist Church, Huff Run Church, James Chapel (historical), Johns Run Church, Kibbey Church, Kings Chapel Church, Kirk Memorial Missionary Baptist Church, Limestone Apostolic Church, Lindsey Chapel, Mount Chapel Church, Mount Pleasant Church, Mountain Chapel United Baptist Church, Mountain Top Chapel, New Light Church, New Salem Church, Norton Branch Church, Oak Grove Church, Oakland Church, Old School Church, Pactolus United Methodist Church, Pilgrim Holiness Church, Pine Springs Church, Pleasant Hill Church, Pleasant Valley Church, Plummer Church, Reedville Church, Ross Chapel, Savage Memorial Church, Smith Creek Church, Smoky Valley Christian Church, Stinson Church, The Robert Gee Memorial Christian Church (historical), Union Church, Wesleyville Church, Wilson Creek Church, Wolf Creek Church

  Dams     show all on map

Grayson Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Lick Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Horton Flat, Mayhew Flats

  Forests     show all on map

Tygarts State Forest

  Gaps     show all on map

Deep Cut

  Lakes     show all on map

Anglin Pond, Fraley Pond, Rose Lake, Stevens Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Atlas Railroad Station (historical), Bailey Mine Station (historical), Boone Furnace (historical), Camp Webb, Easterline Shelter, Enterprise Railroad Station (historical), Evan's Store (historical), Fultz Switch (historical), Grant Station (historical), Holland Railroad Stop (historical), Kilgore Station (historical), Leon Railroad Station (historical), Mount Savage Furnace (historical), Mount Savage Railroad Station (historical), Norton Station (historical), Old Hanging Prison Wall Gardens, Pactolus Furnace (historical), Pope Railroad Station (historical), Qualls Mill (historical), Seaton Railroad Station (historical), Shay Railroad Stop (historical), Star Mines (historical)

  Parks     show all on map

Camp Robert C. Webb (historical), Carter Caves State Resort Park, Grayson Game Refuge Area, Grayson Lake State Park, Sunrise Valley Golf and Country Club

  Populated Places     show all on map

Access, Aden, Antioch (historical), Beech Grove, Beetle, Boone Furnace, Brinegar, Carter, Charlotte Furnace, Clark Hill, Clifty (historical), Cold Springs (historical), Cory, Counts Crossroads, Davy Run (historical), Deevert, Denton, Eby, Enterprise, Fairview Hill, Fitch, Fultz, Garvin Ridge, Gesling, Globe, Globe Community (historical), Gollihue, Grahn, Grant, Grayson, Gregoryville, Hayward, Hitchins, Iron Hill, Jacobs, Jeriel, Johns Run, Lawton, Leon, Limestone, Lindsey Chapel (historical), Mount Savage, Mountain Top, Music, Norton Branch, Offill's Mill (historical), Olive Hill, Pactolus, Poplar, Prater, Reeder (historical), Reedville, Rooney, Rose Hill, Ross (historical), Silica (historical), Smiths Creek, Smoky Valley, Soldier, Sophi, Stinson, Straight Creek, The Cross Roads (historical), Upper Tygart, Wesleyville, Willard, Williams Creek, Wolf

  Post Offices     show all on map

Armstrong Post Office (historical), Beetle Post Office (historical), Bet Post Office (historical), Blue Rock Post Office (historical), Brinergar Post Office (historical), Caves Post Office (historical), Caves Post Office (historical), Counts Crossroads Post Office (historical), Cox Post Office (historical), Crisco Post Office (historical), Deer Creek Post Office (historical), Dry Fork Post Office (historical), Everman Post Office (historical), Fay Post Office (historical), Fontana Post Office (historical), Forks of Tygarts Post Office (historical), Fultz Post Office (historical), Globe Post Office (historical), Gollihue Post Office (historical), Gregoryville Post Office (historical), Ira Post Office (historical), Jacobs Post Office (historical), Jeriel Post Office (historical), Johns Run Post Office (historical), Kings Chapel Post Office (historical), Lego Post Office (historical), Lick Falls Post Office (historical), Limestone Post Office (historical), Little John Post Office (historical), Maddox Post Office (historical), McDavid Post Office (historical), McGlome Post Office (historical), Mount Savage Post Office (historical), Music Post Office (historical), Norton Post Office (historical), Partlow Post Office (historical), Prater Post Office (historical), Prater Post Office (historical), Reeder Post Office (historical), Reedville Post Office (historical), Reedville Post Office (historical), Road Post Office (historical), Rosedale Post Office (historical), Seney Post Office (historical), Smiths Creek Post Office (historical), Smoky Valley Post Office (historical), Sophie Post Office (historical), Sophie Post Office (historical), Upper Tygart Post Office (historical), Whitt Post Office (historical), Williams Creek Station (historical), Wolf Post Office

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Grayson Lake, Olive Hill Reservoir, Smoky Valley Lake

  Ridges     show all on map

Blueberry Ridge, Devils Backbone, Dry Ridge, Greenbrier Ridge, Sand Ridge, Smoky Ridge, Tick Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Aden School (historical), Anglin School (historical), Antioch School (historical), Beckwith Branch School (historical), Bens Run School (historical), Boone Furnace School (historical), Breckinridge School (historical), Brinergar School (historical), Brushy School (historical), Buckeye School (historical), Cedar Grove School (historical), Cedar Point School (historical), Clark Hill School (historical), Cliffdale School (historical), Clifty School (historical), Corey School (historical), Coreys Branch School (historical), Davy Run School (historical), Davys School (historical), Deer Creek School (historical), Denton School (historical), Dry Branch School (historical), E.K. Mines School (historical), Enterprise School (historical), Flat Fork School (historical), Flat Rock School (historical), Four Mile School (historical), Fultz School (historical), Geigersville School (historical), Glancy School (historical), Globe School (historical), Grahn School (historical), Gravel Lick School (historical), Greenbrier School (historical), Gregoryville School (historical), Henderson Branch School (historical), Huff Run School (historical), James Chapel School (historical), Jordan Fork School (historical), Kentucky Christian College, Kings Chapel School (historical), Lawton School (historical), Limestone School (historical), Little Star School (historical), Locust School (historical), Lost Creek School, Lower Wilson School (historical), Maddox School (historical), McDavid School (historical), McGlone Fork School (historical), Middle Wilson School (historical), Mocabee School (historical), Music School (historical), Norton Branch School (historical), Oakdale School (historical), Oakland School (historical), Pennebaker School (historical), Perry Branch School (historical), Pines Springs School (historical), Pleasant Valley School (historical), Pope Hollow School (historical), Prater School (historical), Providence School (historical), Rattlesnake School (historical), Read School (historical), Reeder School (historical), Reedville School (historical), Rock Springs School, Ross Chapel School (historical), Shell Rock School (historical), Smith Branch School (historical), Smith Creek School (historical), Smoky Valley School (historical), Soldier School (historical), Spicy School (historical), Stafford Hill School, Star School, Stinson School (historical), Sulfur Spring School (historical), Tick Ridge School (historical), Union School (historical), Upper Grassy School, Upper Tygart School, Upper Wilson Creek School (historical), Wesleyville School (historical), Wolf Creek School (historical)

  Springs     show all on map

Sulfur Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Adams Creek, Alf Branch, Anglin Branch, Barn Hollow, Barn Hollow, Barnes Branch, Barrett Creek, Beckwith Branch, Bedford Branch, Bells Trace Creek, Bens Run, Big Branch, Big Run, Big Run, Big Sinking Creek, Black Branch, Bone Branch, Bowling Branch, Bradley Branch, Brikles Branch, Brushy Creek, Brushy Fork, Buckeye Branch, Buckner Branch, Buffalo Creek, Butler Branch, Candy Branch, Canoe Run, Carl Branch, Cave Branch, Cedar Run, Clark Branch, Clay Branch, Clifty Creek, Colen Branch, Cook Creek, Coon Eye Branch, Corn Branch, Cory Branch, Cory Branch, Cove Branch, Craig Creek, Damron Branch, Dan Branch, Davis Branch, Davis Fork, Davis Fork, Davy Run, Dawson Branch, Deer Creek, Dixie Fork, Dry Branch, Dry Fork, Dudley Branch, Dyer Branch, Dyer Branch, E K Mines Branch, Easterling Branch, Elk Lick, Everman Creek, Fall Branch, Fallen Timber Branch, Falls Branch, Fannin Branch, Far Clifty Creek, Fields Branch, Fighting Fork, Flat Fork, Flat Fork, Fleming Fork, Fourmile Creek, Fraley Branch, Friends Branch, Garvin Branch, Gilliam Branch, Glancy Fork, Goodin Branch, Goose Creek, Grahn Fork, Grassy Creek, Gravel Lick, Greasy Creek, Green Branch, Greenbrier Branch, Greenbrier Branch, Griffy Branch, Gum Branch, Halfway Branch, Hall Branch, Halls Fork, Hamilton Branch, Hammertight Branch, Harvey Branch, Hedge Branch, Henderson Branch, Henry Fannin Branch, Hess Branch, Hickory Grove Hollow, Hilton Branch, Holland Branch, Hubbard Branch, Huff Run, Hurricane Branch, Jacobs Fork, James Creek, Jessie Branch, Johns Branch, Johns Run, Jones Branch, Jordan Fork, Katy Branch, Kenny Camp Creek, Kiser Branch, Knipp Branch, Laft Zornes Branch, Leadingham Branch, Leatherwood Branch, Leatherwood Branch, Left Prong Anglin Branch, Let Dyer Branch, Lick Branch, Lick Branch, Lick Branch, Little Fork Little Sandy River, Little Gimlet Creek, Little Huff Run, Little Sinking Creek, Littles Branch, Logan Branch, Logan Branch, Logan Fork, Long Branch, Long Fork, Lost Creek, Lower Stinson Creek, Luke Carroll Branch, Manley Branch, Mary Branch, McConnel Branch, McDavid Branch, McGlone Fork, Meadow Branch, Meadows Fork, Mill Branch, Mill Branch (historical), Mill Road Branch, Mocabee Creek, Mock Branch, Moore Branch, Mudlick Branch, Mullins Branch, Murphy Branch, Nolan Branch, Norton Branch, Osburn Branch, Patrick Branch, Perry Branch, Perry Fork, Peter Branch, Pickle Fork, Porter Branch, Powell Creek, Proctor Branch, Pugh Branch, Ramey Branch, Rayburn Branch, Rayburn Branch, Reeves Branch, Reeves Branch, Rice Branch, Right Prong Anglin Branch, Righthand Fork Everman Creek, Robin Run, Rock Lick, Rock Springs Branch, Rose Creek, Ross Branch, Ross Chapel Creek, Roy Zornes Branch, Rush Creek, Sam Carroll Branch, Saulsberry Branch, Saw Pit Branch, Schoolhouse Branch, Scott Branch, Scotts Branch, Shanty Branch, Shingle Branch, Shop Branch, Shuff Branch, Silver Mines Branch, Slab Camp Branch, Slate Lick, Smith Branch, Smith Creek, Smith Run, Smiths Creek, Smoky Creek, Soldier Fork, South Fork Clark Branch, Spring Branch, Spring Branch, Squire Lick, Stallard Creek, Stamper Branch, Stamper Fork, Stan Branch, Star Creek, Stevens Branch, Steward Branch, Stone Coal Branch, Straight Creek, Straight Creek, Stumps Run, Suesie Branch, Sugar Tree Branch, Sugarcamp Branch, Sutton Branch, Swanson Branch, Tar Kill Branch, Taylor Branch, Taylor Branch, Teddy Branch, Thomas Branch, Thompson Branch, Tipton Branch, Town Branch, Trough Camp Creek, Twin Lick, Upper Stinson Creek, Upper Tygart Branch, Waddell Branch, Webb Branch, Wells Branch, Whitley Branch, Wilson Branch, Wilson Creek, Winding Bridge Branch, Wolf Creek, Wolfpen Branch, Wolfpen Branch, Wolfpen Creek, Wolfpen Creek, Zornes Branch

  Summits     show all on map

Armstrong Hill, Bald Eagle Hill, Biggs Hill, Hocks Nest, Hunts Knob, Mayo Hill, Potato Knob, Staffords Hill, Star Hill, Tinsley Hill, Whitley Knob

  Towers     show all on map

Frazier Flat Lookout Tower, Tick Ridge Look Out Tower, WGOH-AM (Grayson), WKCC-FM (Grayson), WUGO-FM (Grayson)

  Tunnels     show all on map

Aden Tunnel, Means Tunnel, Triplet Tunnel

  Valleys     show all on map

Abbott Hollow, Alum Hollow, Bailey Hollow, Barn Hollow, Beechy Hollow, Black Hollow, Blair Hollow, Bone Hole Hollow, Booth Hollow, Bourbon Hollow, Bows Hollow, Bruce Hollow, Bruce Hollow, Burns Hollow, Carter Hollow, Cherry Tree Hollow, Cooper Hollow, Cummings Hollow, Dark Hollow, Dark Hollow, Dark Hollow, Dinnens Branch, Elzeline Hollow, Erwin Hollow, Foggy Hollow, Fred Hollow, Fuller Hollow, Graveyard Hollow, Graveyard Hollow, Gray Hollow, Gregory Hollow, Gum Hollow, Hickory Grove Hollow, Hickory Log Hollow, Hill Hollow, Hogshead Hollow, Horn Hollow, House Hollow, Hubbard Hollow, Hurricane Hollow, Jacobs Hollow, Jerry Bell Hollow, Kinney Camp Hollow, Kiser Hollow, Lewis Hollow, Maddox Hollow, Madhouse Hollow, Mall Hollow, Miller Hollow, Montague Hollow, Negro Hollow, Negro Hollow, Old House Hollow, Pope Hollow, Prine Hollow, Saint Paul Hollow, Sawmill Hollow, Sawmill Hollow, Schoolhouse Hollow, Schoolhouse Hollow, Scott Hollow, Shop Hollow, Soapstone Hollow, Stevens Hollow, Stewart Hollow, Sturgill Hollow, Sugar Cane Hollow, Todd Hollow, Tygart Canyon, Whitehouse Hollow, Wiles Stevens Hollow, Williams Hollow,

Carter County, Kentucky Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteCarter County White population 26,80626,805  
MixedCarter County Mixed population 219218
BlackCarter County Black population 164164
American IndianCarter County American Indian population 8282
AsianCarter County Asian population 5554
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderCarter County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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