Casey County, Kentucky Basics:

Casey County Kentucky - Government Site

Population: 16,069
Area: 444 square miles
County seat: Liberty
Area code(s) in use: 606
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 65.9%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 9.1%
Median household income: $28,416
Persons in poverty: 27.4%
Home ownership rate: 81.1%
Mean travel time to work: 27.6 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Adair  Boyle  Lincoln  Marion  Pulaski  Russell  Taylor  

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Map of the Casey County area

Our detail map of Casey County shows the Casey County, Kentucky boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Casey County, Kentucky

  Airports     show all on map

Liberty-Casey County Airport

  Bridges     show all on map

Little South Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Brush Creek Fire Department, Butchertown Community Center, Casey County Ambulance Service, Clementsville Volunteer Fire Department, Dunnville Volunteer Fire Department, East Casey Volunteer Fire Department, Liberty Fire Department, Poplar Springs Volunteer Fire Department, South Fork Volunteer Fire Department, Southeast Casey County Volunteer Fire Department

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Adam Cemetery, Allen Cemetery, Antioch Church Cemetery, Antioch Church Cemetery, Austin Cemetery, Bald Knob Graveyard, Baldock Church Cemetery, Belton Cemetery, Bethelridge Cemetery, Bowmer Cemetery, Brown Cemetery, Brown Cemetery, Brush Creek Cemetery, Butchertown Cemetery, Calvary Ridge Cemetery, Caney Fork Cemetery, Carr Cemetery, Carson Cemetery, Cloyd-Hicks Family Graveyard, Cole Spring Cemetery, Combast Cemetery, Contown Cemetery, Cox Graveyard, Drye Graveyard, Dunham Cemetery, Durham Cemetery, Elder Cemetery, Ellis Cemetery, Falconbury Cemetery, Gilpin Cemetery, Glenwood Cemetery, Grave Hill Cemetery, Green River Church Cemetery, Green River Valley Church Cemetery, Grove Ridge Church Cemetery, Hatfield Cemetery, Hatter Cemetery, Jenny Chapel Cemetery, Jones Chapel Cemetery, Jones Graveyard, Luttrell Cemetery, Malone Cemetery, Mason Creek Cemetery, Middleburg Cemetery, Miller Cemetery, Mintonville Cemetery, Moore Cemetery, Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Murphy Family Cemetery, Oak Hill Cemetery, Old Willow Springs Cemetery, Peavy Cemetery, Peyton Cemetery, Phelps Cemetery, Piedmont Cemetery, Pine Grove Baptist Church Cemetery, Poplar Grove Cemetery, Poplar Springs Cemetery, Rice Cemetery, Rich Hill Church Cemetery, Roberts Cemetery, Rogers Cemetery, Russell Cemetery, Salem Church Cemetery, Salyer Cemetery, Scotts Chapel Cemetery, Shady Grove Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Southerland Cemetery, Spaw Cemetery, Tabscott Cemetery, Thomas Cemetery, Thomastown Cemetery, Trace Fork Cemetery, Valley Oaks Cemetery, Vaught Cemetery, Wall Cemetery, Walnut Hill Cemetery, Watson Chapel Cemetery, Whited Cemetery, Whitehouse Cemetery, Williams Cemetery, Willow Springs Church Cemetery, Wilson Cemetery

  Churches     show all on map

Antioch Church, Antioch Church, Athens Church of Christ, Atwood Chapel, Baldock Chapel, Bethany Church of Christ, Bethlehem Church, Block Church, Bruce Chapel, Brush Creek Church (historical), Brush Creek Tabernacle, Canaan Valley Separate Baptist Church, Caney Fork Church (historical), Carr Chapel First Church of God, Chestnut Grove Church (historical), Clearview Church, Cole Spring Church, Dry Ridge Church, Ellisburg Baptist Church (historical), Ferndale Church (historical), Frey Creek Church, Friendship Church, Green River Christian Church, Green River Valley Seperate Baptist Church, Grove Church, Grove Ridge Baptist Church, Hilltop Church (historical), Hurricane Meeting House (historical), Indian Creek Baptist Church, Jenny Chapel, Johnson Chapel (historical), Jones Chapel, Locust Grove Church, Maxey Valley Church of God (historical), Mount Calvary Baptist Church, Mount Pleasant Church, Normans Chapel United Brethren Church (historical), North Rolling Fork Church, Oak Grove Church, Oak Grove Church, Oak Grove Church of Christ (historical), Old Willow Methodist Church (historical), Piedmont Church, Pleasant Grove Church, Polly Ann Church, Poplar Grove Baptist Church, Poplar Springs Church, Rich Hill Church, Rifle Creek Church, Salem Church, Scotts Chapel (historical), Shady Grove Church, South Fork Church, Thomas Ridge Christian Church, Trace Fork Church, Valley Grove Church, Valley Oaks United Baptist Church (historical), Walltown Christian Church, Walnut Hill Separate Baptist Church (historical), Watson Chapel Christian Church, White Oak Church, Willow Springs Methodist Church (historical)

  Cliffs     show all on map

Rocky Point

  Falls     show all on map

Stacy Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Chestnut Flat

  Gaps     show all on map

Coulter Gap, Dogwood Gap, Kings Gap, Neely Gap, Turkeyfoot Gap

  Locales     show all on map

Hickory Hills Country Club (historical), Kidds Store, Noel Chapel, Pumpkin Chapel, The Flatwoods Section, Wa-kon-da-ho Camp

  Populated Places     show all on map

Argyle, Athens, Atterson, Bass, Beech Bottom, Bethelridge, Boyle (historical), Butchertown, Calvary (historical), Caney Fork (historical), Cantown, Carpenter Creek (historical), Chilton, Clementsville, Creston, Dogwood (historical), Duncan, Dunnville, Ellisburg, Evans Ford, Evona, Ferndale (historical), Foster (historical), Frey Creek (historical), Gilpin, Honey Acre, Jacktown, Knob Lick (historical), Labascus, Lanhamtown, Lawhorn Hill, Liberty, Luttrell (historical), Martin Creek (historical), Middleburg, Mintonville, Moore, Mount Olive, Neelys Gap (historical), Peytons Store, Phil, Pine Grove (historical), Poplar Springs (historical), Pricetown, Red Hill, Rheber, Riffe Creek (historical), Rubert Ford, Ruletown (historical), Scotts Chapel (historical), Snake Ridge (historical), Staffordsville (historical), Stapp (historical), Sulphur Run (historical), Teddy, Walltown, Ware, White Oak Ridge (historical), Windsor, Woodrum Ridge (historical), Yosemite

  Post Offices     show all on map

Allens Store Post Office (historical), Argyle Post Office (historical), Atterson Post Office (historical), Baldock Post Office (historical), Bluster Post Office (historical), Boyle Post Office (historical), Bright Post Office (historical), Celeste Post Office (historical), Chilton Post Office (historical), Chuck Post Office (historical), Clementsville Post Office (historical), Coffey Post Office (historical), Creston Post Office (historical), Cross Post Office (historical), Douglas Post Office (historical), Dove Post Office (historical), Dye Post Office (historical), Ed Post Office (historical), Ellisburg Post Office (historical), Evana Post Office (historical), Gilpin Post Office (historical), Grove Post Office (historical), Hartwell Post Office (historical), Harveyton Post Office (historical), Humphrey Post Office (historical), Irene Post Office (historical), Jasper Post Office (historical), Joyce Post Office (historical), Judd Post Office (historical), Kidds Store Post Office (historical), Labascus Post Office (historical), Linnie Post Office (historical), Lucinda Post Office (historical), Mintonville Post Office (historical), Neal Post Office (historical), Nuby Post Office (historical), Peck Post Office (historical), Penoe Post Office (historical), Phil Post Office (historical), Poplar Hill Post Office (historical), Powers Post Office (historical), Pricetown Post Office (historical), Pumpkin Chapel Post Office (historical), Rheber Post Office (historical), Ridge Post Office (historical), Rife Creek Post Office (historical), Rocky Ford Post Office (historical), Rollings Post Office (historical), Teddy Post Office (historical), Vinson Post Office (historical), Ware Post Office (historical), Wess Post Office (historical)

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Lake Liberty

  Ridges     show all on map

Alien Ridge, Apostolic Ridge, Bark Ridge, Bethany Ridge, Bethel Ridge, Black Ridge, Blue Hole Ridge, Bluster Ridge, Brown Ridge, Burton Ridge, Button Ridge, Byrd Ridge, Calvary Ridge, Caney Fork Ridge, Chapel Ridge, Chelf Ridge, Chestnut Level Ridge, Chicken Gizzard Ridge, Devil Harbor, Dry Ridge, Ewing Ridge, Green Pond Ridge, Griffith Ridge, Grove Ridge, Hacker Ridge, Hazel Point, High Ridge, Hughes Ridge, Hurricane Ridge, Merritt Ridge, Nubbin Ridge, Oak Hill Ridge, Pennington Ridge, Peyton Ridge, Polly Ridge, Possum Trot Ridge, Ragged Ridge, Red Hill Ridge, Riffle Ridge, Rigney Ridge, Rough Ridge, Rye Field Ridge, Snake Ridge, South Fork Ridge, Taylor Ridge, Tennessee Ridge, Thomas Ridge, Turner Ridge, Vaught Ridge, Walnut Hill Ridge, Wells Ridge, Wilson Ridge, Woodrum Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Allen School, Atterson School (historical), Atwood School, Beech Grove School (historical), Bethany School (historical), Bethelridge School (historical), Black Lick School (historical), Boyles School, Brown School (historical), Brush Creek School, Buckeye School (historical), Butchertown School (historical), Calhoun Creek School, Calvary School, Campbell School, Caney Fork School, Canoe Creek School, Casey Amish Elementary School (historical), Casey Creek School, Centennial School, Chadwell School, Chelf School, Chestnut Level School, Chuckuluck School, Clements School, Cochran School, Contown School (historical), Cox Elementary School (historical), Creston School (historical), Delk School, Dogwood Gap School (historical), Douglas Elementary School (historical), Dry Fork School, Duncan School (historical), Dunnville School (historical), Ellisburg School (historical), Fairview School, Ferndale School, Foster School, Freedom School, Frey Creek School, Gilpin School (historical), Good Hope School (historical), Goose Creek School (historical), Green Pond School, Griffith School, Grove School, Hammond School, Hatter Creek School, Hickory Grove School, Holt School, Hopewell School, Indian Creek School, Johnson Chapel School (historical), Jonathan School, Kidds Store School, Knob Lick School, Lanhamtown School (historical), Lawhorn Hill School (historical), Luttrell School, Martin Creek School, Maxey Valley School, McBeth Elementary School (historical), McDaniel School, McFarland School, Middleburg School (historical), Mintonville School (historical), Mount Olive School (historical), Murphy School, Neely Gap School, Noel Chapel School, Oak Hill School, Patsy Riffe School (historical), Pennington School, Phelps Elementary School (historical), Phil School (historical), Pine Grove School, Pine Grove School, Pine Hill School, Pleasant View School (historical), Poplar Hill School, Poplar Springs School, Posey School, Pumpkin Chapel School, Red Hill School (historical), Reynold Creek School, Rheber School (historical), Ridge School, Riffe Creek School (historical), Rocky Ford School, Scotts Chapel School, Shoehammer School, Shuck Creek School, South Fork Elementary School (historical), Spraggen School, Stapp School, Sulphur Run School, Tate School, Thomas Ridge School (historical), Turkey Creek Elementary School (historical), Turkey Knob School (historical), Valley Oak School (historical), Walnut Hill School, Wess School, White Oak School, Whitehead School (historical), Woodrum School, Woods Creek School, Woods School, Yosemite School (historical)

  Streams     show all on map

Allen Creek, Apple Branch, Barger Branch, Bear Branch, Bem Branch, Black Lick Branch, Britches Leg Branch, Brock Creek, Brush Creek, Buck Branch, Buck Branch, Bull Run Creek, Calhoun Creek, Caney Fork, Canoe Creek, Carpenter Creek, Clear Branch, Coffman Branch, Cooley Branch, Cow Creek, Cox Branch, Crane Creek, Dawson Creek, Doe Creek, Dry Fork, Egypt Creek, Elizabeth Creek, Elk Cave Branch, Ellis Branch, Fort Branch, Frances Branch, Frey Creek, Garrett Creek, George Branch, Goose Creek, Gum Lick Creek, Gusty Branch, Hamlin Branch, Harris Creek, Hatter Branch, Hatter Creek, Henson Creek, Hickman Creek, Hicks Branch, Hill Branch, Hites Creek, Horse Lick Creek, House Fork Creek, Hungry Creek, Indian Creek, Indian Creek, Jonathan Fork, Jones Branch, Kellum Branch, Kettle Creek, Knob Lick Creek, Lane Branch, Little Creek, Little Goose Creek, Little South Fork, Locust Creek, Long Branch, Long Branch, Luttrell Creek, Martin Creek, Mason Creek, McAnelly Branch, McCann Branch, McClures Fork, Mill Branch, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Miners Branch Little South Fork, Moccasin Creek, Moore Branch, Muddy Branch, Murphy Branch, Owens Branch, Pawpaw Creek, Pee Dee Creek, Pelham Branch, Penn Branch, Peyton Branch, Polston Branch, Price Creek, Pruitt Branch, Reynold Creek, Riffe Creek, Robin Lick Creek, Rowe Branch, Russell Branch, Russell Creek, Scotts Creek, Scrubgrass Branch, Seng Branch, Shuck Creek, Sloan Fork, South Fork Green River, Strong Branch, Sulphur Branch, Sulphur Run, Tarter Branch, Tilford Creek, Trace Fork, Trough Lick, Turkey Creek, Wards Branch, Wolf Creek, Wolf Pen Branch, Woods Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Antioch Hill, Bald Knob, Bethel Knob, Big Round Hill, Boyle Knob, Burnt Cabin Knob, Button Knob, Buzzard Knob, Chandler Knob, Connie Knob, Dicks Point, Dye Knob, Earls Knob, Elliott Knob, Gilpin Hill, Gordon Lick Knob, Grape Knob, Green River Knob, Henson Knob, Kings Gap Knob, Martin Knob, Maxey Knob, May Knob, McClure Knob, Meeting House Knob, Minor Knob, Pine Knob, Porter Knob, Rattlesnake Knob, Rich Hill Knob, Rocky Knob, Salyer Knob, Sand Knob, Sand Knob, Seths Knob, Sherman Knob, Spaw Knob, Steele Knob, Tarter Knob, Turkey Knob, Turkey Pen Knob, Turkeyfoot Knob, Wall Knob, Watson Knob, Weatherford Knob

  Towers     show all on map

Button Knob Lookout Tower, Sand Knob Lookout Tower, WKDO-AM (Liberty), WKDO-FM (Liberty), WKDO-FM (Liberty)

  Valleys     show all on map

Atwood Hollow, Big Hollow, Bruce Chapel Hollow, Burdlick Hollow, Dick Sinkhorn Hollow, Grove Hollow, Hale Hollow, Hamilton Hollow, Howe Hollow, Huff Hollow, Long Hollow, Long Hollow, Mark Hollow, Matheny Lane Hollow, Maxey Valley, Mill Branch Hollow, Mill Hollow, Miner Hollow, Reed Hollow, Simpson Hollow, Sugar Camp Hollow, Sulphur Springs Hollow,

Casey County, Kentucky Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteCasey County White population 15,71515,715  
MixedCasey County Mixed population 145144
BlackCasey County Black population 112112
American IndianCasey County American Indian population 4848
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderCasey County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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