Harlan County, Kentucky Basics:

Harlan County Kentucky - Government Site

Population: 28,613
Area: 466 square miles
County seat: Harlan
Area code(s) in use: 606
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 70.6%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 10.7%
Median household income: $26,758
Persons in poverty: 32.5%
Home ownership rate: 69.4%
Mean travel time to work: 24.5 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Bell  Lee (VA)  Leslie  Letcher  Perry  Wise (VA)  

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Map of the Harlan County area

Our detail map of Harlan County shows the Harlan County, Kentucky boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Harlan County, Kentucky

  Airports     show all on map

Harlan Airport, Tucker-Guthrie Memorial Airport

  Buildings     show all on map

Benham City Hall, Benham Fire Department Station 2, Benham Hotel (historical), Benham Jail House (historical), Benham School House Inn, Bledsoe Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Bledsoe Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Chicago House (historical), Coal Miners Memorial Theater, Cumberland Fire Department Station 1, Cumberland Fire Department Station 2, Cumberland Fire Department Station 3, Evarts Fire Department, Harlan County Emergency Management, Harlan County Rural Fire Department Station 1, Harlan County Rural Fire Department Station 2, Harlan Emergency Medical Services, Harlan Fire Department, Harlan Fire Department Station 2, Johnsons Lifecare Ambulance Service, Kentucky Coal Mining Museum, Lamp House Number 2, Lower Cloverfork Fire Department, Loyall Fire Department, Lynch Bathhouse (historical), Lynch City Hall, Lynch Fire Department, Martins Fork Fire and Rescue Department, Mine Rescue Station, Putney Fire Department, Squire House (historical), Sunshine Fire Department, Upper Cloverfork Fire Department, Wallins Volunteer Fire Department, Yocum Creek Fire Department

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Beech Grove Cemetery, Burkhart Cemetery, Cawood Cemetery, Coldiron Cemetery, Cornett Cemetery, Creech Cemetery, Fee Cemetery, Field Cemetery, Gabes Branch Cemetery, Green Cemetery, Green Hill Cemetery, Gross Cemetery, Hall Cemetery, Holbrook Cemetery, Howard Cemetery, Howard Cemetery, Israel Blair Cemetery, Jones Cemetery, Kelly Cemetery, Kelly Cemetery, Kelly Cemetery, Lewis Cemetery, Middleton Cemetery, Middleton Cemetery, Napier Cemetery, Pope Cemetery, Pounding Mill Cemetery, Rainbow Cemetery, Resthaven Cemetery, Robbins Cemetery, Sergent Cemetery, Slack Cemetery, Turner Cemetery, Wash Smith Cemetery, Wilder Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Ages Census Designated Place, Cawood Census Designated Place, Coldiron Census Designated Place, Coxton Census Designated Place, Elcomb Census Designated Place, Kenvir Census Designated Place, Pathfork Census Designated Place, Putney Census Designated Place, Rosspoint Census Designated Place, Shields Census Designated Place, South Wallins Census Designated Place, Sunshine Census Designated Place, Teetersville Census Designated Place, Totz Census Designated Place, Verda Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Benham United Methodist Church, Bledsoe Church, Britton Creek Church, Catholic Church of the Resurrection, Charity Freewill Baptist Church, Creech Chapel, Cumberland Christian Center, Faith Pentecostal Church, Grace Church, Huff Church, Jesses Creek Primative Baptist Church, Lee City Holiness House of Prayer, Little Creek Church, Mill Branch Church, Mill Creek Church, Rhea Church, Straight Creek Church

  Dams     show all on map

Martins Fork Dam

  Flats     show all on map

Black Bottom, Chestnut Flats, Cote Bottom, Sloane Fields

  Forests     show all on map

Kentenia State Forest

  Gaps     show all on map

Backbone Rock Gap, Beartree Gap, Big Stone Gap 6, Black Mountain Gap, Brierfield Gap, Britton Gap, Catron Gap, Chestnut Gap, Childs Gap, Clover Gap, Cranks Gap, Darty Gap, Doubling Gap, Falling Water Gap, Fighting Gap, Foundation Gap, Garner Gap, Garrison Gap, Grassy Gap, Grassy Gap, Harris Gap, Hazard Gap, Hurricane Gap, Indian Grave Gap, Indian Grave Gap, Jacks Gap, Joe Gap, Levi Gap, Low Gap, Middleton Gap, Morris Gap, Rockhouse Gap, Salt Trace Gap, Shell Gap, Sourwood Gap, Sugar Gap, Trace Gap

  Hospitals     show all on map

Cumberland Community Comprehensive Center, Harlan Appalachian Regional Hospital

  Locales     show all on map

Ages Railroad Station (historical), Alva Railroad Station (historical), Ameron Railroad Station (historical), Bailey Mine Railroad Station (historical), Banner Fork Coal Company (historical), Bardo Railroad Station (historical), Baxter Railroad Station (historical), Benham Railroad Station (historical), Benito Railroad Station (historical), Bennett Railroad Station (historical), Black Star Coal Camp, Britton Creek Camp (historical), Brookside Railroad Station (historical), Callihan Railroad Station (historical), Casco Railroad Station (historical), Cassity Railroad Station (historical), Cato Railroad Station (historical), Cawood Railroad Station (historical), Chad Railroad Station (historical), Clearbrook Railroad Station Number One (historical), Closplint Railroad Station Number One (historical), Closplint Railroad Station Number Two (historical), Clutts Railroad Station (historical), Coalville Railroad Station (historical), Coburn Railroad Station (historical), Colton Railroad Station (historical), Comet Railroad Station (historical), Cornett Railroad Station (historical), Cote Railroad Station (historical), Coxton Railroad Station (historical), Creed Smith Store and Sawmill (historical), Crummies Railroad Station (historical), Darby Coal Mining Camp (historical), Darby Coal Mining Camp Railroad Station (historical), Darbytown, Dillon Railroad Station (historical), Dione Railroad Station (historical), Dressen Railroad Station (historical), Emerling Railroad Station (historical), Fee Railroad Station (historical), Fegley Railroad Station (historical), Fisk Railroad Station (historical), Flager, Forester Railroad Station (historical), Foy Railroad Station (historical), Galindo Railroad Station (historical), Gano Coal Camp (historical), Gano Railroad Station (historical), Gatun Railroad Station (historical), Gaynor Railroad Station (historical), Glenbrook Railroad Station (historical), Glidden Railroad Station (historical), Golva Railroad Station (historical), Grays Knob, Guffey Railroad Station (historical), Gulston Railroad Station (historical), Harcrow Railroad Station (historical), Harlan County Forestry Camp, Harlan Railroad Station (historical), Harnick Railroad Station (historical), Hensley Store (historical), Highsplint Railroad Station (historical), Hiram Railroad Station (historical), Hoight Mining Camp (historical), Holmes House (historical), Holmes Mill (historical), Jacks Gap Rock, Jane Post Office (historical), Joffroy Railroad Station (historical), John Paces Store (historical), Kayu Railroad Station (historical), Keeman Railroad Station (historical), Keith Railroad Station (historical), Kellioka Railroad Station (historical), Kentenia Railroad Station (historical), Kenvir Railroad Station Number Five (historical), Kenvir Railroad Station Number Four (historical), Kerr Railroad Station (historical), Kettle Rockhouse, Kildav Railroad Station (historical), Kinlaw Railroad Station (historical), Kitts Railroad Station (historical), Laden Railroad Station (historical), Landis Railroad Station (historical), Lanier Railroad Station (historical), Layman Railroad Station (historical), Leyland Railroad Station (historical), Lick Branch, Liggett Railroad Station (historical), Lisle Railroad Station (historical), Low Railroad Station (historical), Loyall Post Office, Loyall Railroad Station (historical), Lupton Railroad Station (historical), Lynch Railroad Station (historical), Malcomson Railroad Station (historical), Mary Alice Railroad Station (historical), McKnight, Merna Railroad Station (historical), Mill River Railroad Station (historical), Molus Railroad Station (historical), Munson Railroad Station (historical), Natures Bathing Pool, Neff Railroad Station (historical), Newbert Railroad Station (historical), Oblo Railroad Station (historical), Parkdale Railroad Station (historical), Pearson Railroad Station (historical), Peepace Store (historical), Petain Railroad Station (historical), Pillsbury Railroad Station (historical), Poor Fork Railroad Station (historical), Popeville Railroad Station (historical), Pounding Mill (historical), Prestridge Railroad Station (historical), Putney Railroad Station (historical), Raybon Railroad Station (historical), Rhea Railroad Station (historical), Ridgeway Post Office (historical), Risely Railroad Station (historical), Rock House, Rosspoint Railroad Station (historical), Sanborn Railroad Station (historical), Senger Railroad Station (historical), Shields Railroad Station (historical), Short Store (historical), Shrider Railroad Station (historical), Sikes Railroad Station (historical), Splint Railroad Station (historical), Springton Railroad Station (historical), Standfield Railroad Station (historical), State Fish Hatchery (historical), Sykes Railroad Station (historical), Tasker Railroad Station (historical), Tausley Railroad Station (historical), The Town Rocks, Three Point Coal Camp (historical), Tisdale Railroad Station (historical), Townsend Railroad Station (historical), Tremont Railroad Station (historical), Verda Railroad Station (historical), Wallins Railroad Station (historical), Waterfall Rock, Wheeler Coal Camp (historical), Whitnel Railroad Station (historical), Wilhoit Railroad Station (historical), Wilkes Railroad Station (historical), Wilsonberger Coal Camp (historical), Yancey Railroad Station (historical), Yocum Creek Railroad Station (historical)

  Mines     show all on map

Lynch Tipple Mine (historical), Portal 30, Portal 31

  Parks     show all on map

Coal Miners Memorial Park, Cranks Creek Wildlife Management Area, Kingdom Come State Park, Stone Mountain Park

  Pillars     show all on map

Hanging Rock

  Populated Places     show all on map

Ages, Alva, Arthur, Bailey Creek, Bardo, Baxter, Benham, Benito, Big Laurel, Black Bottom, Black Mountain, Blackjoe, Blair, Bledsoe, Bobs Creek, Brookside, Cawood, Chad, Chevrolet, Closplint, Clover, Clover-Darby, Clovertown, Clutts, Coldiron, Colts, Coxton, Cranks, Creech, Crummies, Cumberland, Darkmont, Dillon, Dione, Divide, Dizney, Draper, Dressen, Elcomb, Evarts, Farmers Mill, Fresh Meadows, Gano, Gatun, Georgetown, Golden Ash, Harlan, Harlan Gas, Highsplint, Hiram, Holmes Mill, Insull, Keith, Kentenia, Kenvir, Kildav, Kitts, Laden, Layman, Lenarue, Liggett, Longton, Louellen, Loyall, Lynch, Martins Fork, Mary Alice, Mary Helen, Molus, Nolansburg, Pansy, Pathfork, Pine Mountain, Putney, Redbud, Rex, Rhea, Ridgeway, Rileyville, Rio Vista, River Ridge, Rosspoint, Rutherford, Sampson, Sand Hill, Shields, Short Town, Smith, South Wallins, Stanfill, Sunshine, Tacky Town, Teetersville, Ten Spot, Three Point, Tin Can Alley (historical), Totz, Tremont, Tway, Twila, Verda, Wallins Creek, Wilhoit, Woods, Yancey

  Post Offices     show all on map

Ages Post Office (historical), Alva Post Office (historical), Avondale Post Office (historical), Bailey Post Office (historical), Bardo Post Office (historical), Bayleys Creek Post Office (historical), Benham Post Office, Benito Post Office (historical), Big Rock Post Office (historical), Blackjoe Post Office (historical), Blair Post Office (historical), Bledsoe Post Office (historical), Bobs Creek Post Office (historical), Brookside Post Office (historical), Cargo Post Office (historical), Cawood Post Office (historical), Cello Post Office (historical), Chad Post Office (historical), Chevrolet Post Office (historical), Clover Post Office (historical), Cloverfork Post Office (historical), Coal Good Post Office (historical), Coalgood Post Office, Coxton Post Office (historical), Cranks Creek Post Office (historical), Cranks Post Office (historical), Creech Post Office (historical), Crummies Post Office (historical), Day Post Office (historical), Dayhoit Post Office, Devall Post Office (historical), Dillon Post Office (historical), Dione Post Office (historical), Dizney Post Office (historical), Draper Post Office (historical), Elcomb Post Office (historical), Est Post Office (historical), Friendship Post Office (historical), Fulkerson Post Office (historical), George Post Office (historical), Glass Post Office (historical), Grays Knob Post Office (historical), Gross Post Office (historical), Gulston Post Office (historical), Highsplint Post Office (historical), Hiram Post Office (historical), Incline Post Office (historical), Insull Post Office (historical), Jonesburg Post Office (historical), Jonesburg Post Office (historical), Keith Post Office (historical), Keith Post Office (historical), Kellioka Post Office (historical), Kentenia Post Office (historical), Kildav Post Office (historical), Kitts Post Office (historical), Klondike Post Office (historical), Laden Post Office (historical), Layman Post Office (historical), Leadford Post Office (historical), Lejunior Post Office, Lenarue Post Office (historical), Leonard Post Office (historical), Lewis Post Office (historical), Liggett Post Office (historical), Lisle Post Office (historical), Louellen Post Office (historical), Lynch Post Office, Martins Fork Post Office (historical), Molus Post Office (historical), Pee Vee Post Office (historical), Pine Mountain Post Office (historical), Redbud Post Office (historical), Rosspoint Post Office (historical), Salts Post Office (historical), Sampson Post Office (historical), Sandvale Post Office (historical), Saylor Post Office (historical), Short Town Post Office (historical), Smith Post Office (historical), Smithville Post Office (historical), Splint Post Office (historical), Sunshine Post Office (historical), Tettersville Post Office (historical), Three Point Post Office (historical), Tremont Post Office (historical), Tway Post Office (historical), Twila Post Office (historical), Verda Post Office (historical), Wallins Creek Post Office (historical), White Star Post Office (historical), Yancey Post Office (historical), Yowell Post Office (historical)

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Herb Smith Lake, Martins Fork Lake

  Ridges     show all on map

Big Ridge, Brownies Ridge, Catron Spur, Cave Spur Ridge, Chunklick Spur, Cranks Ridge, Crummies Spur, Double Spur, English Spur, Ewing Spur, Fickle Ridge, Foresters Spur, Gilliam Ridge, Grays Ridge, Jesse Spur, Little Fork Ridge, Little Spur, Lone Spur, Long Ridge, Looney Ridge, Middle Ridge, Mill Ridge, Mill Spur, Potato Hill Ridge, Puckett Ridge, Rockhouse Ridge, Sukey Ridge, Timber Ridge, Toms Spur, Yellow Buck Spur

  Schools     show all on map

Avondale School (historical), Beech Grove School, Black Mountain Elementary School (historical), Black Star Elementary School (historical), Blair School (historical), Brownies Creek School (historical), Cedar Chapel School (historical), Coldiron School, Dayhoit School (historical), Fourmile School, Green Hills Elementary School, Hall High School, High Bank School, Holmes Mill Elementary School, Huff School, Hurst School (historical), Incline School, Jones Creek School, Little Creek School, Lynch Colored Public High School (historical), Lynch Grade and High School (historical), Lynch High School (historical), Middle School, Mill Creek School, Nolansburg School, Pine Branch School (historical), Pine Flat School (historical), Pine Mountain Settlement School (historical), Redbud School (historical), Reuben Branch School, Rosspoint School, Salt Trace School (historical), School Number Four (historical), Shields Elementary School (historical), Splint School, Straight Creek School (historical), Upper Cranks Creek School, Upper Martins Fork School (historical)

  Streams     show all on map

Abe Branch, Abner Branch, Abner Branch, Abner Fork, Adams Branch, Ages Creek, Alecs Branch, Anna Howard Branch, Ashhopper Branch, Babs Branch, Bailey Branch, Bailey Creek, Baker Branch, Baker Branch, Ball Branch, Banks Branch, Banner Fork, Barn Branch, Barnett Branch, Bear Branch, Bear Branch, Bear Branch, Beartree Branch, Bee Branch, Bee Branch, Beechbottom Branch, Ben Saylor Branch, Berts Branch, Betseys Branch, Big Branch, Big Branch, Big Branch, Big Branch, Big Branch, Big Branch, Big Branch, Big Branch, Big Branch, Big Cove Branch, Big Jonathan Branch, Big Laurel Creek, Big Run, Bill Branch, Bills Creek, Blanton Branch, Board Branch, Bob Day Branch, Bobs Creek, Bradford Branch, Breedens Creek, Bridge Branch, Bridge Branch, Britton Creek, Brock Branch, Brock Branch, Brown Branch, Browning Creek, Buck Branch, Burgoyne Branch, Camp Branch, Camp Fork, Carr Branch, Catron Creek, Cave Branch, Cawood Branch, Chad Branch, Chads Branch, Charles Branch, Charlie Blair Branch, Cherry Fork, Cherrytree Branch, Chestnut Branch, Childs Branch, Chumney Branch, Chumney Branch, Chunklick Branch, Clark Fork, Cliff Branch, Cloud Branch, Cloud Branch, Clover Fork Cumberland River, Clover Gap Branch, Cloverlick Creek, Coal Bank Branch, Coldiron Branch, Coldiron Branch, Coldiron Branch, Cornett Branch, Crackstill Branch, Crane Creek, Cranks Creek, Crawford Branch, Crummies Creek, Cy Branch, Daniel Branch, Dave Lewis Branch, Dave Smith Branch, Daves Branch, Daws Branch, Days Branch, Days Creek, Deep Branch, Deep Gap Branch, Deep Hollow Branch, Dick Branch, Dora Branch, Drakes Branch, Drift Branch, Dry Branch, Dry Branch, Eastep Branch, Elisha Howard Branch, Eloise Branch, English Creek, Enoch Branch, Ewing Creek, Fanny Wynn Branch, Farmers Branch, Farmers Branch, Fate Fork, Fickle Cove, Flat Branch, Flat Branch, Foresters Creek, Fourmile Branch, Franks Branch, French Branch, Fugitt Creek, Gabes Branch, Gap Branch, Gap Branch, Garner Branch, Gilbert Branch, Gilley Branch, Ginseng Creek, Grant Branch, Grays Branch, Greasy Creek, Green Branch, Hall Branch, Halls Branch, Harris Branch, Haupts Branch, Heads Creek, Henry Branch, Henry Fork, Hensely Branch, Hensley Branch, Hi Lewis Branch, Hi Lewis Branch, High Fork Branch, Hobbs Fork, Holcomb Branch, Hooser Branch, Huff Branch, Huff Creek, Hugh Branch, Ikes Branch, Irvin Branch, Island Branch, Jack Bailey Branch, Jacks Branch, Jacks Branch, Jacks Fork, Jackson Mill Creek, James Creek, Jerry Branch, Jerry Fork, Jerrys Branch, Jesse Bailey Branch, Jesses Creek, Joe Branch, John Branch Left Catron, Jones Branch, Jones Branch, Jones Creek, Judes Branch, Kate Branch, Kelly Branch, Kelly Branch, Kelly Branch Clover Fork, Kitts Creek, Lakey Branch, Lane Branch, Laurel Branch, Laurel Branch, Laurel Branch, Laurel Branch, Laurel Branch, Laurel Branch, Laurel Branch, Laurel Branch, Laurel Branch, Laurel Branch, Laurel Fork, Laurel Fork, Laurel Hill Branch, Lee Ann Branch, Lee Branch, Left Fork Ages Creek, Left Fork Bailey Creek, Left Fork Bill Branch, Left Fork Cloverlick Creek, Left Fork Cranks Creek, Left Fork Fugitt Creek, Left Fork Kelly Branch, Left Fork Martins Fork Cumberland River, Left Fork Mill Creek, Left Fork of Little Looney, Left Fork Reuben Branch, Left Fork Turtle Creek, Lewis Branch, Lick Branch, Lick Branch, Lick Branch, Lick Branch, Lick Branch, Lick Branch, Lick Branch, Lick Fork, Liges Branch, Little Creek, Little Creek, Little Creek, Little Fork, Little Grays Branch, Little Laurel Branch, Little Looney Creek, Little Widow Branch, Littlefield Branch, Lobster Branch, Long Branch, Long Fork, Long Rock Branch, Looney Creek, Louder Creek, Lovely Branch, Lovely Branch, Lowe Branch, Lower Double Branch, Lower Halls Branch, Lower Hannah Branch, Lower Laurel Branch, Lower Trace Branch, Maggard Branch, Marcum Branch, Martins Fork Cumberland River, Mary Wynn Branch, Meadow Branch, Meadow Creek, Med Short Branch, Middle Fork, Middle Fork Cranks Creek, Middle Fork Reuben Branch, Middleton Branch, Middleton Branch, Mile Branch, Mill Branch, Mill Branch, Mill Branch, Mill Branch, Mill Cliff Branch, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Mills Branch, Moore Branch, Mud Ridge Branch, Myer Branch, Napier Branch, Nims Branch, Nolan Branch, Nolan Branch, Old Field Branch, Old House Branch, Old House Branch, Oldhouse Branch, Orchard Branch, Oxstall Branch, Pace Branch, Path Fork, Pearl Branch, Pearl Saylor Branch, Peet Branch, Penley Branch, Penny Branch, Perkins Branch, Peters Branch, Plats Fork, Pods Branch, Polecat Branch, Poor Fork Cumberland River, Poplar Lick Branch, Pounding Mill Branch, Pounding Mill Branch, Pounding Mill Branch, Powell Branch, Raccoon Branch, Razor Fork, Reds Creek, Reids Branch, Reuben Branch, Rice Branch, Right Fork Bill Branch, Right Fork Breedens Creek, Right Fork Cloverlick Creek, Right Fork Cranks Creek, Right Fork Enoch Branch, Right Fork Looney Creek, Right Fork Mill Creek, Right Fork Turtle Creek, Road Branch, Rob Blanton Branch, Rock Branch, Rockhouse Branch, Rockhouse Branch, Rockhouse Branch, Rockhouse Creek, Rocky Branch, Rough Branch, Sally Huff Branch, Sally Williams Branch, Salt Trace Branch, Sam Howard Branch, Saylor Branch, Saylor Creek, Schoolhouse Branch, Schoolhouse Branch, Scott Branch, Scott Branch, Seagraves Creek, Second Branch, Shade Branch, Sharps Branch, Shell Branch, Shop Branch, Short Fork, Shumate Branch, Skidmore Branch, Slaters Fork, Slick Rock Branch, Smith Branch, Spring Branch, Spruce Pine Creek, Spruce Ridge Branch, Spurlock Branch, Star Branch, Station Branch, Stillhouse Branch, Stillhouse Branch, Straight Branch, Stretchneck Branch, Sugarcamp Branch, Sugarcamp Branch, Sugarcamp Branch, Sulaney Branch, Sycamore Branch, Tantrough Branch, Terry Fork, Thompson Branch, Thorps Branch, Tom Jones Branch, Toms Branch, Toms Branch, Trace Branch, Trace Branch, Trace Fork, Trap Branch, Troublesome Creek, Tunnel Hill Branch, Turkeypen Branch, Turner Branch, Turner Creek, Turnpike Branch, Turtle Creek, Tyree Branch, Upper Double Branch, Upper Halls Branch, Upper Hannah Branch, Upper Laurel Branch, Upper Trace Branch, Wallins Creek, Watts Creek, Wax Branch, Whiteoak Branch, Widow Branch, Wilder Branch, Wilder Branch, Wilson Branch, Wilson Fork, Windy Fork, Wolf Pen Branch, Woodward Branch, Yearley Branch, Yocum Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Black Mountain, Bob Lowe Knob, Bobs Spur, Butterfly Knob, Fox Knob, Grays Knob, Gross Knob, Happy Top, Howard Cliff, Indian Hill, Joe Knob, Kitts Knob, Little Black Mountain, Notch Rock, Potato Hill, Potato Knob, Rebels Rock, Reynolds Mountain, Sugarcamp Knob, Terry Spur, White Rocks, Yellow Rock

  Towers     show all on map

Beschman Lookout Tower, Big Black Mountain Lookout Tower, Chuncklick Look Out Tower, Little Black Lookout Tower, WCPM-AM (Cumberland), WFSR-AM (Harlan), WHLN-AM (Harlan), WTUK-FM (Harlan)

  Trails     show all on map

Little Sheppard Trail

  Tunnels     show all on map

Wagonroad Tunnel

  Valleys     show all on map

Arrow Hollow, Bears Lettuce Hollow, Boggs Hollow, Bulldog Hollow, Canoe Hollow, Cedar Hollow, Cutshin Hollow, Double Hollow, Fisher Hollow, Gap Hollow, Howard Hollow, Mapple Hollow, Meadow Hollow, Nettle Hollow, Nim Hollow, Old Mill Hollow, Opossum Hollow, Owl Hollow, Raccoon Hollow, Ranson Hollow, Richland Hollow, Rocky Hollow, Salad Hollow, Saylor Hollow, Slack Hollow, Slip Hollow, Slope Hollow, Spicewood Hollow (historical), Squirrel Hollow, Sue Hollow, Sulphur Spring Hollow,

Harlan County, Kentucky Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteHarlan County White population 27,52627,525  
BlackHarlan County Black population 658658
MixedHarlan County Mixed population 286286
AsianHarlan County Asian population 114114
American IndianHarlan County American Indian population 5757
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderHarlan County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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