Knox County, Kentucky Basics:

Knox County Kentucky - Government Site

Population: 31,697
Area: 386 square miles
County seat: Barbourville
Area code(s) in use: 606
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 66.9%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 9.6%
Median household income: $24,193
Persons in poverty: 35.9%
Home ownership rate: 63.5%
Mean travel time to work: 20.0 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Bell  Clay  Laurel  Whitley  

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Map of the Knox County area

Our detail map of Knox County shows the Knox County, Kentucky boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Knox County, Kentucky

  Airports     show all on map

Henry Field

  Bends     show all on map

Mackey Bend

  Buildings     show all on map

Artemus Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Artemus Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Artemus Volunteer Fire Department Station 3, Bailey Switch Fire Department, Barbourville Fire Department Station 1, Barbourville Fire Department Station 2, Corbin Fire Department Station 3, East Knox Fire Department, Knox County Ambulance Service, Little Poplar Creek Fire Department, Richland Fire Department, Stinking Creek Fire Department, West Knox Fire Department Station 1, Woodbine Fire and Rescue Department Station 2

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Adam and Eve Cemetery, Adams Cemetery, Amis Cemetery, Asher Cemetery, Asher Cemetery, Baker Cemetery, Baker Cemetery, Barbourville Cemetery, Bingham Cemetery, Binghamtown Cemetery, Black Cemetery, Black Cemetery, Blanton Cemetery, Brafford Cemetery, Bratton Cemetery, Browns Cemetery, Bryant Cemetery, Burch Cemetery, Callebs Creek Cemetery, Carter Cemetery, Carty Cemetery, Castle Cemetery, Clark-Hinkle Cemetery, Clouse Cemetery, Cobb Cemetery, Cobb Cemetery, Cottongim Cemetery, Coy Cemetery, Davis Cemetery, Detherage Cemetery, Dozier Cemetery, Evans Cemetery, Evergreen Cemetery, Farley Cemetery, Faulkner Cemetery, Fisher Cemetery, Franklin Cemetery, Frost Cemetery, Fuson Cemetery, Gambrel Cemetery, Gibson Cemetery, Gilbert Cemetery, Glasscock Cemetery, Gray Cemetery, Gregory Cemetery, Hammond Cemetery, Hammons Cemetery, Hampton Cemetery, Hampton Cemetery, Harts Cemetery, Hawn Cemetery, Hawn Cemetery, Helton Cemetery, Helton Cemetery, Hignite Cemetery, Hubb Cemetery, Hutchison Cemetery, Indian Creek Cemetery, Jarvis Cemetery, Johes Cemetery, John W. Campbell Cemetery, Johnson Cemetery, Jones Cemetery, Jones Cemetery, Jones Cemetery, Jones Cemetery, Ketchen Cemetery, Killian Cemetery, Lay Cemetery, Lee Cemetery, Liberty Cemetery, Mac Williams Cemetery, Mackey Cemetery, Mackey Cemetery, Marion Cemetery, Mayhew Cemetery, Mays Cemetery, Mays Cemetery, Messer Cemetery, Miles Cemetery, Miller Cemetery, Mills Cemetery, Mills Cemetery, Mills-Messer Cemetery, Morris Cemetery, Pfaff Cemetery, Phipps Cemetery, Pine Hill Cemetery, Pittman Cemetery, Powell Cemetery, Powell Cemetery, Prichard Cemetery, Renfro Cemetery, Resthaven Cemetery, Rice Cemetery, Riley Cemetery, Riley Cemetery, Sasser Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Smith-Hicks Cemetery, Sowders Cemetery, Stacey Cemetery, Swanson Cemetery, Terrell Cemetery, The Old Corum Cemetery, Tinsley Cemetery, Tuggle Cemetery, Turkey Creek Cemetery, Turner Cemetery, Tuttle Cemetery, Walton Cemetery, Warfield Cemetery, Warren Cemetery, West Cemetery, Williamson Cemetery, Wollum Cemetery, Yaeger Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Artemus Census Designated Place, Flat Lick Census Designated Place, Gray Census Designated Place, Himyar Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Apple Grove Church, Artemus Baptist Church, Artemus Christian Church, Artemus Christian Church, Beech Spring Church, Beech Springs Church, Brush Creek Church, Callihan Church, Calvary Baptist Church, Candle Ridge Church, Chapel Grove Baptist Church, Clate Church, Clay Gap Church, Cole Branch Church, Concord Church, Cow Fork Church, Crane Nest Church, Davis Chapel, Dowis Chapel, Dripping Spring Church, Emanuel Church, Evergreen Baptist Church, Faith Church, Fellowship Church, Flat Creek Church, Friendship Church, Grays Church, Green Road Church, Grove Church, Harts Chapel, Henderson Chapel, Holiness Church, Horn Branch Church, Indian Creek Baptist Church, Indian Gap Church, Jeff Creek Church, Liberty Church, Little Indian Creek Church, Little Poplar Creek Church, Locust Grove Church, Lower Coalport Church, Lynn Camp Church, McClellan Church, Mill Mission Church, Mount Olivet Church, Mount Pleasant Church, Myrick Church, New Covenant Church, New Hope Church, New Star Church, Old Poplar Creek Church, Paint Hill Baptist Church, Paint Hill Baptist Church (historical), Paint Hill Holiness Church, Park Hill Church, Piney Grove Church, Pleasant Ridge Church (historical), Poplar Grove Church, Poplar Grove Church, Powers Chapel, Prichard Church, Richland Church, Richland Church, River Church, Roadside Church, Rock Spring Church, Salem Baptist Church, Salt Gum Church, Sinking Valley Baptist Church, Smokey Church, Suprise Church, Swan Pond Baptist Church, Trace Branch United Methodist Church, Turkey Creek Mission, Union Mission Church, Union Mission Church (historical), Walker Church, Young Grove Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Toms Cliffs

  Flats     show all on map

Haults Flats

  Gaps     show all on map

Caney Gap, Cooley Gap, Hammons Gap, Hawn Gap, Hinkle Gap, Indian Gap, Logan Gap, Low Gap, Mud Hole Gap, Paint Gap, Tubhandle Gap, Whitley Gap

  Hospitals     show all on map

Knox County Hospital, Red Bird Mission Hospital

  Lakes     show all on map

Dishman Springs Lake, Swan Pond

  Locales     show all on map

Anchor Railroad Station (historical), Artemus Railroad Station (historical), Baileys Switch, Barnyard, Bays Railroad Station (historical), Bennettsville Railroad Station (historical), Bertha Railroad Station (historical), Bryants Store, Campbells Store (historical), Cannon Railroad Station (historical), Charlton Railroad Station (historical), Corbin Municipal Golf Course, Daniel Boone Old Camp (historical), Deep Cut, Downs Railroad Station (historical), Elys Railroad Station (historical), Emanuel Railroad Station (historical), Fount, Fount Railroad Station (historical), Geraldine Railroad Station (historical), Green Road, Green Road Railroad Station (historical), Hanby Railroad Station (historical), Heidrick Railroad Station (historical), Himyar Railroad Station (historical), Hubbards Mill (historical), Indian Springs Country Club, Jarvis Store, Keel Railroad Station (historical), Kingtown, Logan Old Ford, Loulynn Railroad Station (historical), Luster Railroad Station (historical), Mackey Bend Ferry (historical), Messer Store (historical), Mills, Myrick Railroad Station (historical), Orford Railroad Station (historical), Ostned Railroad Station (historical), Pennsy Store (historical), Pogues Mill (historical), Powers Coal Camp, Rock Cliff Railroad Station (historical), Rossland Railroad Station (historical), Salt Gum, Slick Lizard Coal Camp (historical), Southland Railroad Station (historical), Steels Mill (historical), The Forks of Stinking, Tiffany Railroad Station (historical), Tinsley Railroad Station (historical), Trosper Railroad Station (historical), Trudel Railroad Station (historical), Walker Cabin (historical), Warren Railroad Station (historical), Watch, Wheeler Railroad Station (historical), Wilton Railroad Station (historical), Wilton Railroad Station Number Two (historical)

  Mines     show all on map

Bennett Coal Mine (historical), Bennett Jellico Mine (historical), Bertha Mine (historical), Blue Gem Mine (historical), Daniel Bingham Mine (historical), Mathews Mine (historical), Robert Gregory Mine (historical), Tye Fork Coal Company (historical)

  Parks     show all on map

Walker Memorial State Park

  Pillars     show all on map

Cave Rock

  Populated Places     show all on map

Apple Grove (historical), Arkle, Artemus, Avis (historical), Barbourville, Baughman, Bimble, Boone Heights, Brush Creek (historical), Cannon, Crane Nest, Davis Bend (historical), Dewitt, Dishman Springs, East Jellico (historical), Emanuel, Erose, Flat Lick, Gibbs, Girdler, Gray, Hammond, Heidrick, Henry Woodson Station (historical), Himyar, Hinkle, Kayjay, Middleton Station (historical), Mocking Bird Branch (historical), Moore Hill, Old Flat Lick, Permon, Pogue (historical), Providence, Rossland, Samuel Slaughter Station (historical), Scalf, Siler, Sprule, Swan Lake, Swanpond, Tedders, Trosper, Turkey Creek (historical), Walker, Warren, Wheeler, Wilton, Woollum

  Post Offices     show all on map

Abel Post Office (historical), Anchor Post Office (historical), Artemus Post Office, Baden Post Office (historical), Baileys Switch Post Office (historical), Barbourville Post Office, Barnyard Post Office (historical), Baughman Post Office (historical), Bertha Post Office (historical), Bimble Post Office (historical), Birdseye Post Office (historical), Bradel Post Office (historical), Bryants Store Post Office, Cannon Post Office (historical), Caudill Post Office (historical), Cave Rock Post Office (historical), Charlton Post Office (historical), Clate Post Office (historical), Coalport Post Office (historical), Crane Nest Post Office (historical), Dewitt Post Office, Dishman Post Office (historical), Elon Post Office (historical), Elys Post Office (historical), Elys Post Office (historical), Emanuel Post Office (historical), Fount Post Office (historical), Garrich Post Office (historical), Gibbs Post Office (historical), Girdler Post Office (historical), Gray Post Office, Green Road Post Office (historical), Hammond Post Office (historical), Heidrick Post Office, Himyar Post Office (historical), Hinkle Post Office (historical), Holden Post Office (historical), Hubbs Post Office (historical), Indian Creek Post Office (historical), Jarvis Post Office (historical), Kayjay Post Office (historical), King Post Office (historical), Knox Fork Post Office (historical), Lay Post Office (historical), Lindsay Post Office (historical), Middlepoint Post Office (historical), Mills Post Office (historical), Mink Post Office (historical), Old Flat Lick Post Office, Paynes Post Office (historical), Permon Post Office (historical), Pine Post Office (historical), Place Post Office (historical), Rain Post Office (historical), Rome Post Office (historical), Rossland Post Office (historical), Salt Gum Post Office (historical), Scalf Post Office, Steel Post Office (historical), Swan Lake Post Office (historical), Swanpond Post Office (historical), Tedders Post Office (historical), Trace Branch Post Office (historical), Trosper Post Office (historical), Walker Post Office, Warren Post Office (historical), Watch Post Office (historical), Wheeler Post Office (historical), Williams Post Office (historical), Wilton Post Office (historical)

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Cannon Lake, Wilton Lake

  Ridges     show all on map

Candle Ridge, Chestnut Flats, Cole Ridge, Flag Ridge, Fork Ridge, Horse Pens Ridge, Kentucky Ridge, Powell Ridge, Short Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Alex School, Arat School, Artemus High School (historical), Bailey School (historical), Baker School (historical), Bargo School, Beech Springs School (historical), Broughton School, Brush School (historical), Callebs Creek School (historical), Callihan School (historical), Campbell School (historical), Carnes School, Clate School (historical), Davis Bend School (historical), Dewitt Elementary School, Dowis School, Dozier School (historical), East Ward School, Elys Branch School (historical), Emanuel School (historical), Engle School (historical), Erose School, Flat Lick School (historical), Fount Elementary School (historical), Fount Junior High School (historical), Goldens Creek School, Goodin School (historical), Gray School (historical), Green Road School (historical), Grove School (historical), Hampton School, Harpes Creek School, Haven School, Heidrick School (historical), Helton School (historical), Horn Branch School (historical), Hubbs Creek School (historical), Jackson School, Jeff Creek School, Keck School (historical), Ketchen School (historical), King School (historical), Knox Fork School (historical), Lake School (historical), Law School, Lay School (historical), Left Dry Creek School, Liberty School (historical), Locust Grove School (historical), Lower Coalport School (historical), Lynn Camp School, Mackey Bend School (historical), Macroe School, McClellan School (historical), Messer School, Mills Creek School, Mission School, Moore Creek School (historical), Mount Carmel School (historical), Mount Olivet School, Myrick School (historical), New Bethel School (historical), Permon School, Red Bird Settlement School, Reese School (historical), Rock Spring School (historical), Saint Camillus Academy, Shady School, Sinking Valley School (historical), Sprule School, Stony School (historical), Taylor School, Tedders School, Trace Branch School (historical), Trosper School (historical), Turkey Creek School (historical), Union College, Upper Beaver School, Upper Coalport School (historical), Wells School

  Streams     show all on map

Acorn Fork, Alex Creek, Amburgey Branch, Asher Branch, Asher Branch, Bailey Branch, Bailey Branch, Bailey Branch, Bailey Branch, Bain Branch, Bear Branch, Bell Fork, Bennett Branch, Bennett Branch, Betty Troublesome Creek, Big Beech Branch, Big Branch, Big Indian Creek, Big Shady Branch, Billies Branch, Bingham Branch, Black Lick Branch, Blue Gem Branch, Blue Hole Branch, Board Tree Branch, Bob Bargo Branch, Brices Creek, Browns Branch, Brush Creek, Buckeye Fork, Bull Creek, Bull Run, Bunker Branch, Burnt House Branch, Burton Branch, Callebs Creek, Camel Branch, Carnes Branch, Carter Branch, Carter Roark Branch, Catron Branch, Chestnut Branch, Clark Branch, Coles Branch, Cooley Branch, Coon Branch, Cow Fork, Crook Branch, Dancey Branch, Davis Branch, Disappointment Creek, Dora Branch, Dozier Branch, Dozier Fork, East Ridge Branch, Eatin Fork, Elam Branch, Elliott Branch, Elys Branch, Evans Branch, Fighting Creek, Flat Creek, Fortney Branch, Fourmile Branch, Frisby Branch, George Hale Branch, Goodin Branch, Goodin Branch, Goodin Creek, Gravy Branch, Green Branch, Greenbriar Branch, Gregory Branch, Gregory Branch, Grubb Branch, Hale Branch, Hale Fork, Hammans Branch, Hammons Fork, Hanson Branch, Hardy Branch, Hawn Branch, Hazel Fork, Helton Branch, Henry Branch, Higgins Branch, Higgins Branch, Hinkle Branch, Hog Branch, Honeycut Branch, Hooker Branch, Horn Branch, Hubbard Branch, Hubbard Branch, Hubbs Creek, Hughes Branch, Hunting Shirt Branch, Indian Creek, Jackson Branch, Jarvis Branch, Jarvis Branch, Jeff Creek, John Hale Branch, Johns Branch, Jones Fork, Jordan Branch, Kinningham Branch, Knox Fork, Laurel Creek, Lawrence Branch, Lay Branch, Ledger Branch, Left Fork Moore Creek, Lewellen Branch, Lewis Branch, Lick Branch, Little Beech Branch, Little Brush Creek, Little Bull Creek, Little Cow Fork, Little Creek, Little Indian Creek, Little Poplar Creek, Little Richland Creek, Long Branch, Long Branch, Lost Fork, Lost Fork, Low Gap Branch, Low Gap Branch, Lynn Camp Branch, Macroe Branch, Mattingly Branch, Meadow Branch, Middle Fork Richland Creek, Middle Fork Stinking Creek, Mill Branch, Miller Branch, Mills Creek, Mills Fork, Moore Creek, Morris Branch, Mosley Branch, Mud Lick, Mulberry Fork, Nealie Branch, Negro Creek, Noeville Branch, Numan Branch, Owens Branch, Owens Branch, Paint Gap Branch, Parkers Branch, Parrot Branch, Patterson Branch, Payne Creek, Paynes Branch, Perry Jarvis Branch, Phillip Branch, Pigeon Fork, Pigeon Roost Branch, Pogue Branch, Poplar Branch, Powell Branch, Powell Hale Branch, Powers Branch, Powers Branch, Prichard Branch, Pumpkin Run Branch, Quillan Branch, Ramsey Branch, Rich Branch, Richland Creek, Ricket Branch, Ridner Branch, Riley Fork, Road Fork Creek, Roaring Fork, Rock House Branch, Rock House Branch, Runyon Branch, Salt Gum Creek, Sand Lick, Sandy Branch, Sasser Branch, Scott Branch, Scratch Ankle Branch, Shingle Roof Branch, Shop Branch, Shy Mug Branch, Simmons Branch, Sled Road Branch, Smith Branch, Smokey Creek, Spider Creek, Spruce Pine Branch, Stewarts Creek, Stinking Creek, Stone Cove Branch, Stony Fork, Stony Fork, Straight Creek Branch, Stringer Branch, Sugar Camp Branch, Sugartree Branch, Swan Pond Creek, T-Run Branch, Tallow Branch, Tinsley Branch, Tom Doolin Fork, Trace Branch, Trace Branch, Tuggle Fork, Tulley Branch, Turkey Creek, Turkey Fork, Tye Fork, Upper Goodin Branch, Valentine Branch, Wells Branch, Whitesbury Branch, Williams Branch, Williamson Branch, Wilson Branch, Wolfe Pen Branch, Wyrick Branch, Youngs Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Beech Hill, Big Rock, Bob Bray Mountain, Brush Mountain, Clinch Knob, Dry Hill, Dry Hill, Gillam Hill, Gillam Knob, Huckleberry Knob, Kirby Mountain, Lay Mountain, Little Rock, Paint Hill, Poplar Flat, Samson Hill, The Corral, The Three Knobs, Tunnel Hill, Willis Knob

  Towers     show all on map

Mud Creek Lookout Tower, WCTT-AM (Corbin), WCTT-FM (Corbin), WKDP-AM (Corbin), WKDP-FM (Corbin), WKYZ-AM (Gray), WVCT-FM (Keavy), WYWY-AM (Barbourville), WYWY-FM (Barbourville)

  Valleys     show all on map

Barley Hollow, Bertha Hollow, Big Hollow, Booger Hollow, Brown Hollow, Buck Hollow, California Hollow, Cove Hollow, Demps Hollow, Dyer Hollow, Engle Hollow, Foley Hollow, Gambrel Hollow, Garden Hollow, Gozey Hollow, Hog Hollow, Hog Wallow Hollow, Hogpen Hollow, Horse Hollow, Hubbs Hollow, John Carter Hollow, Johnson Hollow, Logan Hollow, Low Hollow, Lowe Hollow, Martin Hollow, Old House Hollow, Old House Hollow, Orchard Hollow, Owens Hollow, Owens Hollow, Parrott Hollow, Pogue Hollow, Possum Hollow, Punch Hollow, Red Worm Hollow, Reese Hollow, Rocky Hollow, Shep Hollow, Smith Hollow, Sublimity Hollow, Witch Hollow,

Knox County, Kentucky Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteKnox County White population 30,84130,841  
BlackKnox County Black population 380380
MixedKnox County Mixed population 285285
AsianKnox County Asian population 9595
American IndianKnox County American Indian population 6363
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderKnox County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 3231

Additional population tables :
State population table
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