Lewis County, Kentucky Basics:

Lewis County Kentucky - Government Site

Population: 13,853
Area: 483 square miles
County seat: Vanceburg
Area code(s) in use: 606
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 70.7%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 10.4%
Median household income: $27,311
Persons in poverty: 31.7%
Home ownership rate: 79.2%
Mean travel time to work: 30.3 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Adams (OH)  Carter  Fleming  Greenup  Mason  Rowan  Scioto (OH)  

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Map of the Lewis County area

Our detail map of Lewis County shows the Lewis County, Kentucky boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Lewis County, Kentucky

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Ohio Region - 2-digit Hydrologic Unit Code - 05

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Pennyweight Bar

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Cabin Creek Bridge (historical)

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Black Oak Volunteer Fire Department, Camp Dix Volunteer Fire Department, Clarksburg Lewis County Court House, Fire Brick Volunteer Fire Department, Firebrick Volunteer Fire Department, Garrison Volunteer Fire Department, Kinniconick Volunteer Fire Department, Lewis County Volunteer Fire Company, Tollesboro Volunteer Fire Department, Vanceburg Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Vanceburg Volunteer Fire Department Station 2

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Adams Cemetery, Aills Cemetery, Brightman Cemetery, Bruce Family Graveyard, Burtonville Cemetery, Cedar Leaf Cemetery, Christy Cemetery, Esham Cemetery, Evans Cemetery, Fairmont Cemetery, Fearis Cemetery, Hackworth Cemetery, Holly Cemetery, Howland Cemetery, Hubbard Cemetery, Lewis Cemetery, Matty Cemetery, Mays Cemetery, McCoy Cemetery, McCurg Cemetery, McEldowney Cemetery, Million Cemetery, Nash Cemetery, Pine Grove Cemetery, Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Rayburn Community Cemetery, Skidmore Cemetery, Stone Cemetery, Sullivan Cemetery, Thomas Cemetery, Thompson Family Graveyard, Thorp Cemetery, Valley Cemetery, Veach Cemetery, Waring Cemetery, Webster Cemetery, Willis Cemetery

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Garrison Census Designated Place

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Aills Chapel Church, Armstrong Church, Bethel Church, Bevins Chapel, Black Oak Church, Blankenship Church, Canaan Church, Carrs Church, Cedar Grove Church, East Fork Church, Ebenezer Church, Evans Chapel, Fryes Church, Gallilee Church, Golden Ridge Church, Happy Hollow Church, Holly Hill Church, Kentucky Heights Church, Laurel Point Church, Liberty Church, Martin Church, Martins Fork Christian Church, Mount Tabor Church, Mount Zion Church, Muses Chapel, Nolan Church, Oak Ridge Church, Pine Grove Church, Pine Valley Church, Reynolds Chapel, Rock Hill Chapel, Saint Paul Methodist Church, Saint Pauls Christian Church, Salem Church, Sand Hill Church, Saylor Branch Church, Scott Branch Church, Tannery Church of Christ, Thackers Chapel, Trinity Church, Union Church, Walnut Grove Church, Walnut Grove Church, Wesley Chapel

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Slate Point

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Dam Number 32

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Dolls Bottom, Formans Bottom, Kennedys Bottom, The Sand Fills, Wilson Bottom

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Flat Gap

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Gilpins Landing, Holton Landing (historical)

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Lewis County Infirmary

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Brush Creek Island, Manchester Island Number 1, Manchester Island Number 2, Willow Island (historical)

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Badfords Landing (historical), Beckett Railroad Station (historical), Block House Fort (historical), Bruce Railroad Station (historical), Buena Vista Cabin Railroad Station (historical), Buena Vista Station, Camp Dix, Chalkley Station, Crumbs Landing (historical), Dravo Railroad Station (historical), Firebrick Railroad Station (historical), G N Cabin Railroad Station (historical), Garrison Landing (historical), Garrison Railroad Station (historical), Glen Railroad Station (historical), Grahams Railroad Station (historical), Head of Grassy, Heaths Mill, Henderson Shelter, Huckleberry Tower, Irvin Railroad Station (historical), J Montieth Landing (historical), Kimballs Landing (historical), Lewis County Fairgrounds, Lloyd Railroad Station (historical), Manchester Station Landing, Manvels Landing (historical), Meldahls Landing (historical), Moores Landing (historical), Murphys Landing (historical), Murphys Landing (historical), Pancoast Landing (historical), Pence Run (historical), Pine Hill Overlook, Quincy Railroad Station (historical), R O Cabin Railroad Station (historical), Red Fox Landing (historical), Rock Creek Landing (historical), Rome Station, Ruggles Camp, Saint Pauls Landing, Saint Pauls Railroad Flag Stop (historical), Saint Pauls Railroad Station (historical), Salt Lick Landing (historical), Salt Wells, Scaffold Link, Spurgins Mill, Stafford Hill Overlook, Stone Branch Railroad Station (historical), Stone Chimney Landing, Sullivan Railroad Stop (historical), Sullivans Landing, Swearingens Landing (historical), Sycamore Ford, Thomson Landing (historical), Trace Railroad Station (historical), Trinity Railroad Station (historical), V A Cabin Railroad Station (historical), Vilidan Landing (historical), W Montieth Landing (historical), Washman Lookout, Wells Landing, White Corner (historical), Williams Landing (historical), Wilsons Landing (historical), Wright Railroad Station (historical)

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Cabin Creek Bridge Historical Marker, Cabin Creek Point of Entry Historical Marker, Esculapia Springs Historical Marker, First Import Route for Horses Historical Marker, Jesse Grants Tanyards Historical Marker, Lewis County Historical Marker, Magnificent Pin Oak Historical Marker, Ohio River Islands National Wildlife Refuge, Union Memorial Historical Marker

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Awe, Bald Point (historical), Buena Vista, Burtonville, Carrs, Charters, Clarksburg, Concord, Cottageville, Covedale, Crum, Emerson, Epworth, Fearisville, Firebrick, Garrison, Glen Springs, Harris, Herron Hill, Irwin, Kinniconick, Kirkville, Mount Vernon (historical), Nashtown, Oak Ridge (historical), Pence, Petersville, Poplar Flat, Queens, Quincy, Rexton, Ribolt, Rugless, Saint Marys (historical), Saint Paul, Sand Hill, Stricklett, Tannery, Tollesboro, Trinity, Upper Bruce (historical), Upper Indian Creek (historical), Vanceburg

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Alburn Post Office (historical), Awe Post Office (historical), Boggs Post Office (historical), Burtonville Post Office (historical), Cabin Creek Post Office (historical), Camp Dix Post Office (historical), Carrs Post Office (historical), Charters Post Office (historical), Concord Post Office (historical), Covedale Post Office (historical), Crum Post Office (historical), Emerson Post Office (historical), Epworth Post Office (historical), Everetts House Post Office (historical), Fearsville Post Office (historical), Firebrick Post Office (historical), Fruit Hill Post Office (historical), Fruit Post Office (historical), Garrison Post Office, Glen Springs Post Office (historical), Halbert Post Office (historical), Hazelton Post Office (historical), Head of Grassy Post Office (historical), Jacktown Post Office (historical), Kinney Post Office (historical), Kinney Post Office (historical), Kinniconick Post Office (historical), Kinnicunick Post Office (historical), Kinny Mills Post Office (historical), Libbie Post Office (historical), Martins Fork Post Office (historical), McCormiks Spring Post Office (historical), McKenzie Post Office (historical), McKinnies Post Office (historical), Mouth of Laurel Post Office (historical), Nashtown Post Office (historical), Noah Post Office (historical), Petersville Post Office (historical), Pugh Post Office (historical), Randville Post Office (historical), Records Post Office (historical), Red Fox Post Office (historical), Rexton Post Office (historical), Ribolt Post Office (historical), Rock Creek Post Office (historical), Rockport Post Office (historical), Rugless Post Office (historical), Saint Pauls Post Office (historical), Station Landing Post Office (historical), Stouts Landing Post Office (historical), Tannery Post Office (historical), Tannery Post Office (historical), Thor Post Office (historical), Throp Post Office (historical), Trinity Post Office (historical), Upper Bruce Post Office (historical), Wadsworth Post Office (historical), Whitehouse Post Office

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Mitchell Lake

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Alum Rock Ridge, Buck Lick Ridge, Chalk Ridge, Cherry Ridge, Kentucky Ridge, Oak Ridge, Pleasant Ridge

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Armstrong School, Bald Point School (historical), Blankenship School, Browns Run School (historical), Canaan School, Carrs School (historical), Chalk Ridge School (historical), Covedale School, Fly Branch School, Fryer School (historical), Garrison School (historical), Happy Hollow School (historical), Heselton School, Holly School, Hoop School (historical), Kinniconick School, Laurel School, Martin School (historical), Middle Indian School, Mosby School, Mount Zion School, Myers School, Oak Hill School (historical), Oak Ridge School, Pence School, Pine Valley School (historical), Raccoon School, Red Brush School, Red Bush School (historical), Richland School (historical), Rock Run School, Scott Branch School (historical), Spy Run School, Tannery School, Tar Fork School, Town Branch School, Trinity School, Upper Indian School, Valley School (historical), Washington School (historical)

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Anderson Branch, Appletree Branch, Axehandle Branch, Bark Branch, Barrett Branch, Bear Branch, Bear Branch, Bear Branch, Bee Branch, Bee Branch, Beechy Creek, Ben Willim Branch, Bethel Creek, Bevins Creek, Big Branch, Big Branch, Big Branch, Big Chestnut Lick, Big Lick, Big Lick Branch, Big Sulphur Branch, Bill Chain Branch, Bill Rice Branch, Bishop Branch, Bivens Branch, Black Lick Branch, Blood Lick, Blue Ridge Fork, Blue Spring Branch, Bobbie Branch, Boles Fork, Bradford Branch, Brandy Lick, Bridge Branch, Briery Branch, Briery Creek, Browns Run, Brushy Branch, Bryant Lick, Buck Lick, Buck Lick Branch, Buck Lick Branch, Bullick Branch, Burnt Cabin Branch, Camphor Branch, Cat Branch, Cedar Run, Cherry Camp Creek, Chestnut Branch, Clark Branch, Clarks Branch, Clarksburg Branch, Clary Branch, Clay Lick, Clay Lick, Clear Creek, Cloddy Field Branch, Clover Field Branch, Cloverleaf Branch, Cole Grove Branch, Coon Branch, Cooper Fork Branch, Crooked Creek, Cummins Branch, Deep Hole Branch, Dogwood Branch, Dry Run, Dummit Branch, Dunaway Branch, Dyer Branch, East Fork Bethel Creek, East Fork Cabin Creek, Elk Lick Branch, Esham Branch, Fish Gut Branch, Fitch Branch, Flatwoods Branch, Fly Branch, Fry Branch, Fryer Branch, Fuller Branch, Gander Branch, Garden Branch, Goodwin Branch, Grandison Branch, Grassy Branch, Grassy Fork, Greenhow Branch, Grog Branch, Groundhog Branch, Gunnel Branch, Hamilton Branch, Hamlin Branch, Hardy Fork, Hatcher Branch, Hazel Branch, Hog Camp Branch, Holly Branch, Holly Branch, Horsley Branch, Horsley Branch, Horsley Branch, House Branch, Iller Branch, Indian Creek, Indian Creek, Indian Run, Indian Run, Irvins Creek, Jess Canille Branch, John A Lewis Branch, Johnson Branch, Jordan Branch, Kansas Branch, Katy Cooper Branch, Kegley Branch, Kelly Branch, Kilan Branch, Kincaid Branch, Kinniconick Creek, Laurel Fork, Leatherbelly Branch, Leatherwood Branch, Lee Branch, Left Fork Greenhow Branch, Left Fork Rock Creek, Lick Branch, Lick Branch, Litch Branch, Little Bill Chain Branch, Little Branch, Little Branch, Little Iller Branch, Little Sulphur Branch, Long Branch, Long Branch, Long Lick, Lost Hill Branch, Low Gap Branch, Lower Twin Branch, Lower Twin Branch, Machine Branch, Martin Fork, Matthews Branch, McDowell Creek, McKinney Branch, Medley Fork, Mefford Branch, Middle Lick Branch, Mill Branch, Mill Branch, Mill Branch, Mill Fork, Mill Hollow Creek, Miller Branch, Mills Branch, Millstone Branch, Montgomery Creek, Moore Branch, Morgan Branch, Mosby Creek, Mud Lick Branch, Mudlick Branch, Neds Branch, Nolan Branch, Old Kinniconick Bed, Old Trace Branch, Old Trace Creek, Orchid Branch, Paint Lick Branch, Pea Vine Branch, Pell Branch, Perry Creek, Perry Fork, Pigpen Branch, Pine Branch, Pine Branch, Pipe Lick, Polecat Branch, Polly Moore Branch, Pond Run, Pool Branch, Powderlick Branch, Pressley Branch, Quicks Run, Raccoon Branch, Red Fox Branch, Redden Branch, Reeder Fork, Right Fork Greenhow Branch, Right Fork Rock Creek, Riley Branch, Rock Blind Branch, Rock Camp Branch, Rock Creek, Rock Run, Salem Creek, Salt Lick Creek, Sand Branch, Sargent Branch, Saylor Branch, Scaffold Lick, Schoolhouse Branch, Schoolhouse Branch, Schultz Fork, Scott Branch, Sexton Branch, Shanty Branch, Shepherd Branch, Sparks Branch, Spring Branch, Spy Run, Staggs Branch, Staggs Branch, Stamm Fork, State Road Fork, Stein Branch, Stone Branch, Stone Branch, Straight Fork, Straight Fork Branch, Stricklet Branch, Sugar Tree Branch, Sugarcamp Branch, Sugartree Branch, Sunday Lick, Swearingen Branch, Swim Branch, Sycamore Creek, Tar Fork, Terrapin Branch, Thomas Branch, Thomas Branch, Thoroughman Branch, Thurman Branch, Toles Creek, Toller Branch, Tomblesons Run, Town Branch, Trace Creek, Trout Branch, Trumstock Branch, Twelveacre Branch, Union Branch, Upper Twin Branch, Upper Twin Branch, Vance Creek, Wash Broomfield Branch, Wesley Branch, Willim Branch, Willis Branch, Wolf Creek, Yellowlick Branch

  Summits     show all on map

Big Brier Knob, Blue Ridge Hill, Eskalapia Mountain, Glen Springs Hill, High Rock, Hymes Knob, Lost Hill, Lost Hill, Negro Hill, Peach Orchard Hill, Pine Knob, Round Top, Stone Hill, Sulphur Knob, Tanbark Hill, Union Hill

  Towers     show all on map

WKKS-AM (Vanceburg), WKKS-AM (Vanceburg), WKKS-FM (Vanceburg)

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Arkansas Hollow, Backbone Hollow, Barn Hollow, Bear Hollow, Beechy Hollow, Big Hollow, Big John Hackworth Hollow, Big Johnson Hollow, Big Lick Hollow, Big Stave Hollow, Bigden Hollow, Black John Hollow, Blane Hollow, Blankenship Hollow, Blue Hollow, Board Tree Hollow, Bogdens Hollow, Boles Hollow, Brackman Hollow, Brighton Hollow, Brown Hollow, Brown Hollow, Buckner Hollow, Buris Hollow, Burnt House Hollow, Carr Hollow, Cassidy Hollow, Chain Hollow, Chimney Hollow, Clay Hollow, Coal Hollow, Cow Hollow, Dan Gillam Hollow, Dan Morgan Hollow, Devil Hollow, Dry Hollow, Duff Hollow, Eaton Hollow, Edington Hollow, Eskalapia Hollow, Fairmont Hollow, Finger Board Hollow, First Hollow, Fite Hollow, Fox Hollow, Gate Hollow, George Bruce Hollow, Ghost Hollow, Ginn Hollow, Greenbrier Hollow, Griffin Hollow, Hackworth Hollow, Hackworth Hollow, Hammerhill Hollow, Happy Hollow, Harris Hollow, Heinish Hollow, Henderson Hollow, Hershey Hollow, Hetrick Hollow, Hickory Hollow, Hildebrand Hollow, Holbrook Hollow, Holbrook Hollow, Jack Harrison Hollow, Jass Hollow, John Howard Hollow, Johnson Hollow, Jones Hollow, Killfillian Hollow, Kinney Hollow, Knott Hollow, Lambert Hollow, Lee Hollow, Leitch Hollow, Lige Grimm Hollow, Little Stave Hollow, Littleton Hollow, Manley Hollow, May Hollow, McCless Hollow, Meenach Hollow, Mefford Hollow, Mill Hollow, Mill Hollow, Monk Hollow, Moore Hollow, Moore Hollow, Newberry Hollow, Nolan Hollow, Oil Well Hollow, Opossum Hollow, Owl Hollow, Peach Orchard Hollow, Pell Hollow, Pheasant Lick Hollow, Pigeon Roost Hollow, Pinchgut Hollow, Pitts Hollow, Plum Hollow, Progue Hollow, Psimer Hollow, Puncheon Camp Hollow, Red Buck Hollow, Road Fork Hollow, Road Fork Hollow, Rocky Branch, Rube Hollow, Ruckel Hollow, Runyan Hollow, Schoolhouse Hollow, Schoolhouse Hollow, Second Hollow, Shaw Hollow, Shaw Hollow, Shaw Hollow, Sherman Hollow, Siam Hollow, Silver Lick Hollow, Silver Lick Hollow, Slate Hollow, Slate Hollow, Slate Hollow, Smith Hollow, Smoothrock Hollow, Stable Hollow, Stamper Hollow, Stockholm Hollow, Stouts Hollow, Sugar Camp Hollow, Sugarcamp Hollow, Sugarcamp Hollow, Sulphur Springs Hollow, Tar Camp Hollow, Third Hollow, Thompson Hollow, Thompson Hollow, Troy Gilmore Hollow, Troy Hollow, Turkeypen Hollow, Twin Hollows, Ulett Hollow, Underwood Hollow, Whistling Jim Hollow, Wolf Hollow,

Lewis County, Kentucky Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteLewis County White population 13,67313,672  
MixedLewis County Mixed population 8383
American IndianLewis County American Indian population 4241
AsianLewis County Asian population 1413
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderLewis County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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