Morgan County, Kentucky Basics:

Morgan County Kentucky - Government Site

Population: 13,483
Area: 381 square miles
County seat: West Liberty
Area code(s) in use: 606
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 69.3%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 10.8%
Median household income: $29,154
Persons in poverty: 29.1%
Home ownership rate: 73.9%
Mean travel time to work: 29.3 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Elliott  Johnson  Lawrence  Magoffin  Menifee  Rowan  Wolfe  

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Map of the Morgan County area

Our detail map of Morgan County shows the Morgan County, Kentucky boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Morgan County, Kentucky

  Airports     show all on map

West Liberty Airport

  Bends     show all on map

Adkins Curve, Cottle Bend

  Bridges     show all on map

Marshal Early Bridge, Mussel Shoals Bridge (historical)

  Buildings     show all on map

519 / Wrigley Volunteer Fire Department, Blackwater Fire Department, Caney Valley Fire Department, Eastern Kentucky Correctional Complex, Eastern Kentucky Correctional Complex, Morgan County Emergency Ambulance Service, Morgan County Office Building, Peddler Gap 172 Volunteer Fire Department, Peddler Gap Volunteer Fire Department, West Liberty Fire Department, White Oak Volunteer Fire Department, Wrigley Volunteer Fire Department

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Adkins Cemetery, Adkins White Cemetery, Beculhimer Cemetery, Bishop Cemetery, Bishop Cemetery, Black Cemetery, Blairs Cemetery, Brown Cemetery, Buskirk Cemetery, Caney Cemetery (historical), Carpenter Cemetery, Caskey Cemetery, Cassity Cemetery, Cecil Cemetery, Coffey Cemetery, Cold Iron Cemetery, Cole Cemetery, Combs Cemetery, Conley Cemetery, Conley Cemetery, Cottle Cemetery, Cottle Cemetery, Cottle Cemetery, Cox Cemetery, Daniel Cemetery, Daniel Cemetery, Davis Cemetery, Day Cemetery, Deboard Cemetery, Easterling Cemetery, Elam Cemetery, Elam Cemetery, Fergerson Cemetery, Ferguson Cemetery, Ferguson Cemetery, Fugett Cemetery, Goad Cemetery, Greear Cemetery, Henry Cemetery, Henry Cemetery, Henry Cemetery, Higgins Cemetery, Higgins Cemetery, Hitch Cemetery, Howard Cemetery, Ison Cemetery, Jenkins Cemetery, John Williams Cemetery, Kidd Cemetery One, Kidd Cemetery Two, Kidd Family Cemetery, Kidd-White Cemetery, Lacy Cemetery, Mann Cemetery, Morris Cemetery, Murphy Fork Cemetery, Neal Cemetery, Oakley Cemetery, Old Grassy Cemetery (historical), Oney Cemetery, Patton Cemetery, Peiratt Cemetery, Pelfery Cemetery, Perry Cemetery One, Perry Cemetery Two, Potter Cemetery, Quesinberry Cemetery, Salem Cemetery, Salyer Cemetery, Sexton Cemetery, Skaggs Cemetery, Steele Cemetery, Stinson Cemetery, Taulbee Cemetery, Thornsberry Cemetery, Wells Cemetery, Wheeler Cemetery, Whitaker Cemetery, Williams Cemetery, Wright Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Ezel Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Abundant Life Full Gospel Church, Assembly of Faith Church, Bethany Church, Blairs Mill Church of Christ, Blairs Mills Church, Brushy Fork United Baptist Church, Centerville Enterprise Baptist Church, Church of Christ, Cindas Creek Church, Consolation Mission Church, Crockett Community Church, Elam Church, Elk Fork Church, Faith Hills Mennonite Church, First Baptist Church, Goodwins Chapel (historical), Grassy Lick Church, Grassy Valley Church, Index Community Church, Jones Creek Enterprise Baptist Church, Lacy Creek Church of Enterprise Baptist, Lebanon Church of United Baptist, Lepton Church (historical), Lick Branch Community Church, Little Caney Church, Lost Point Pentecostal Church, Martha Enterprise Baptist Church, McKinney Church (historical), Mize Church, New Salem Church, Oak Hill Church, Oak Hill Church of God, Oak Hill Church of God, Old Grassy Church, Old Paint Primitive Baptist Church, Open Fork Church, Ophir Enterprize Baptist Church, Paint Creek Church, Paint Valley Church, Pendelton Church, Prater United Methodist Church, Rockcastle Baptist Church, Salem Fork Christian Church, Smith Creek Valley Church, South Liberty Church, Southfork Church, Sulphur Spring Church, The Bertha Church, The Open Fork of Paint United Baptist Church (historical), Toms Branch Church, Union Church, Walnut Grove Church, Wells Chapel, West Liberty Christian Church, West Liberty United Methodist Church, Whte Oak Christian Church, Williams Creek Church

  Crossings     show all on map

Adele Interchange

  Falls     show all on map

Wrigley Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Saints Bottom

  Gaps     show all on map

Peddler Gap

  Hospitals     show all on map

Morgan County Appalachian Regional Hospital

  Locales     show all on map

Blairs Mill Railroad Station (historical), Camp Judy Layne, Henry, Hickory Grove, Howard Shelter, Index Railroad Station (historical), Jim Dyers Corn Crib, Lewis Railroad Station (historical), Omer, The Chapel, Twentysix Boat Ramp, Wells Railroad Station (historical), Wells Station, Wrigley Railroad Station (historical)

  Populated Places     show all on map

Adele, Bear Wallow (historical), Blairs Mills, Blaze, Bonny, Caney, Cannel City, Caskey Fork (historical), Caskey Settement (historical), Cindas Creek, Coffee Creek (historical), Cottle, Crockett, Dehart, Dingus, Ditney School (historical), Ebon, Elamton, Elkfork, Ezel, Fannin (historical), Florress, Gordon Ford, Grassy Creek, Greear, Head of Stacy Fork (historical), Hickory Grove (historical), Holliday, Index, Jeptha, Jericho (historical), Jones Creek (historical), Kellacey, Leisure, Lenox, Liberty Road, Licking River, Lost Creek (historical), Lower Sandlick (historical), Malone, Matthew, Maytown, Middle Fork (historical), Mima, Mize, Moon, Murphyfork, Neal Valley (historical), Nickell, Oak Hill (historical), Odfield Mobile Home Park, Ophir, Panama, Payton, Pekin, Perry Bend (historical), Pomp, Redwine, Relief, Rexville, Right Fork (historical), Road Fork (historical), Rockhouse (historical), Rush Branch (historical), Salem, Sellars, Silverhill, Smith Creek (historical), Stacy Fork, Straight Creek (historical), Tarkiln (historical), Twentysix, Upper Sandlick (historical), Upper White Oak Creek (historical), Vance Fork (historical), War Creek (historical), West Liberty, Wheel Rim, Wheelrim Fork (historical), White Oak, Woodsbend, Wrigley, Yocum, Zag

  Post Offices     show all on map

Alice Post Office (historical), Apple Post Office (historical), Arnette Post Office (historical), Bangor Post Office (historical), Blairs Mill Post Office (historical), Blaze Post Office (historical), Bonny Post Office (historical), Burg Post Office (historical), Buskirk Post Office, Caney Post Office (historical), Cannel City Post Office (historical), Cattle Post Office (historical), DeHart Post Office (historical), Demund Post Office (historical), Dingus Post Office (historical), Ebon Post Office (historical), Elamton Post Office (historical), Elamton Post Office (historical), Elder Post Office (historical), Elk Fork Post Office (historical), Elna Post Office (historical), Essex Post Office (historical), Ezel Post Office, Flores Post Office (historical), Forest Post Office (historical), Fyffe Post Office (historical), Goodsey Post Office (historical), Gordon Ford Post Office (historical), Grassy Creek Post Office (historical), Greear Post Office (historical), Hamptons Mill Post Office (historical), Henry Post Office, Holliday Post Office (historical), Index Post Office (historical), Insko Post Office, Insko Post Office (historical), Jeptha Post Office (historical), Jeston Post Office (historical), Kellancey Post Office (historical), Lamar Post Office (historical), Leasure Post Office (historical), Lemon Post Office (historical), Lennox Post Office (historical), Liberty Road Post Office (historical), Licking River Post Office (historical), Lizzie Lane Post Office (historical), Logville Post Office (historical), Loveland Post Office (historical), Malone Post Office, Manker Post Office (historical), Matthew Post Office (historical), Mima Post Office (historical), Mize Post Office (historical), Moon Post Office (historical), Morgan Post Office (historical), Murphy Fork Post Office (historical), Murphy Post Office (historical), Nanny Post Office (historical), New Cummer Post Office (historical), Nickell Post Office (historical), Nickell Post Office (historical), Omer Post Office (historical), Ophir Post Office (historical), Panama Post Office (historical), Payton Post Office (historical), Pekin Post Office (historical), Piedmont Post Office, Pomp Post Office (historical), Popping Post Office (historical), Redwine Post Office (historical), Relief Post Office (historical), Relief Post Office (historical), Rexville Post Office (historical), Sellers Post Office (historical), Silverhill Post Office (historical), Steele Post Office (historical), Swetnam Post Office (historical), Taylorsville Post Office (historical), Twenty Six Post Office (historical), Wellford Post Office (historical), Wells Post Office (historical), White Oak Post Office (historical), Williams Post Office (historical), Wise Post Office (historical), Woodsbend Post Office (historical), Wrigley Post Office, Yocum Post Office (historical), Zag Post Office (historical)

  Ridges     show all on map

Alderson Ridge, Bolin Ridge, Ditney Ridge, Ditney Ridge, Goad Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Adele School (historical), Big Lick School (historical), Blairs Mill School (historical), Blaze School (historical), Bonny School (historical), Burchett Flat School (historical), Caney School (historical), Cannel City Elementary School, Carter School (historical), Caskey Fork School (historical), Cattle School (historical), Centerville School (historical), Crockett School, Ditney School (historical), Ezel School, Goad Ride School (historical), Grassy Lick School (historical), Greasy School, Halsey School (historical), Hickory School (historical), Hutchinson School (historical), Jeptha School (historical), Lennox School, Lick Branch School (historical), Licking River School, Licking River School (historical), Maxie School (historical), Maytown School (historical), McClain School (historical), Mordica School (historical), Morgan County Vocational School, Mussel Shoals School, Oak Hill School (historical), Paragon School (historical), Paws Creek School (historical), Peddler Gap School (historical), Pekin School (historical), Peyton School (historical), Rankin-Mize School (historical), Redwine School (historical), Rockhouse School (historical), Salem School, Silverhill School (historical), Smith Creek School, South Liberty School (historical), Stacey Fork School (historical), Trace Fork School (historical), Upper Pleasant Run School (historical), Vance Fork School (historical), War Creek School (historical), Wells Hill School, Wheel Rim School (historical), White Oak School (historical), White Oak School (historical), Whites Branch School (historical), Woodsbend School, Wrigley School (historical)

  Streams     show all on map

Allen Day Creek, Arnett Branch, Baldwin Creek, Barker Branch, Barker Branch, Bear Branch, Bear Branch, Bear Branch, Bellamy Branch, Benton Branch, Big Lick Branch, Big Mandy Creek, Big Sinking Creek, Big Spring Branch, Big Staff Branch, Birch Fork, Blackwater Creek, Blair Branch, Blair Branch, Bolin Branch, Booker Branch, Broke Leg Creek, Browns Branch, Brushy Fork, Bryant Fork, Buck Branch, Buck Branch, Bucket Branch, Caney Creek, Carpenter Branch, Caskey Fork, Castle Branch, Cecil Branch, Cindas Creek, Clebitt Branch, Coffee Creek, Coley Branch, Conley Branch, Conley Branch, Coon Creek, Cow Branch, Cruey Branch, De Board Branch, Deadling Branch, Devil Creek, Devils Fork, Doc Ison Branch, Doe Branch, Dry Branch, Dunnie Branch, Dyer Branch, Dyer Branch, Eaton Creek, Elam Branch, Elam Branch, Elam Branch, Elk Fork, Elliott Lick Branch, Elm Log Branch, Fannins Fork, Felins Branch, Ferguson Branch, Ferguson Branch, Flaxseed Branch, Fyffe Branch, Gevedon Branch, Gillam Branch, Gladie Branch, Gose Branch, Grampus Branch, Grassy Creek, Gravel Lick, Gray Branch, Greasy Creek, Greasy Fork, Greear Branch, Gum Bottom Branch, Halsey Branch, Haney Branch, Hans Branch, Harns Branch, Harper Branch, Havens Branch, Hinson Branch, Hog Branch, Hookpole Branch, Horse Mill Branch, Howard Branch, Indian Creek, Johns Branch, Jones Creek, Kay Branch, Keeton Branch, Knatty Branch, Knocking Cave Creek, Lacy Branch, Lacy Creek, Laurel Branch, Laurel Branch, Laurel Fork, Leach Branch, Left Fork Lacy Creek, Left Fork Laurel Fork, Lewis Branch, Lewis Branch, Lewis Branch, Lick Branch, Lick Branch, Lick Fork, Little Blackwater Creek, Little Blackwater Creek, Little Caney Branch, Little Caney Creek, Little Laurel Branch, Little Lick Branch, Little Pea Branch, Long Branch, Long Branch, Loring Nickell Branch, Lost Creek, Lower Long Branch, Lower Sandlick Creek, Lucky Branch, Lunce Branch, Lykins Branch, May Branch, McGuire Branch, McKinney Branch, Meetinghouse Branch, Meetinghouse Branch, Middle Branch, Middle Branch Rockhouse Creek, Middle Fork Elk Fork, Middle Fork Lacy Creek, Mill Branch, Mill Branch, Mill Branch, Mine Branch, Mining Branch, Minor Creek, Mordica Branch, Mordica Branch, Muddy Branch, Murphy Fork, Nickell Branch, Nickell Fork, North Fork Licking River, Okley Cave Branch, Old House Branch, Old House Branch, Oldfield Fork, Open Fork, Open Fork Paint Creek, Osborne Branch, Painter Branch, Pasture Branch, Patoker Branch, Paulina Branch, Payton Fork, Pelfrey Branch, Pelfry Branch, Peter Cave Branch, Phils Branch, Phipps Fork, Piney Branch, Pleasant Run, Poorhouse Fork, Powder Spring Branch, Prater Branch, Prater Branch, Pretty Branch, Pretty Branch, Pricy Creek, Pup Branch, Putty Branch, Ragstand Branch, Right Fork Lacy Creek, Right Fork Laurel Fork, Right Fork Smith Creek, Right Fork White Oak Creek, Road Fork, Road Fork, Robinson Branch, Rockhouse Branch, Rockhouse Branch, Rockhouse Creek, Rocky Branch, Roe Branch, Rosnick Branch, Rube Branch, Rush Branch, Sage Branch, Salem Fork, Sebastian Branch, Sellars Fork, Shoals Branch, Short Branch, Simpson Branch, Smith Creek, Spaws Creek, Splitwood Branch, Spring Branch, Spring Branch, Stable Branch, Stacy Fork, Steele Branch, Stick Branch, Stingy Fork, Stinson Branch, Stone Coal Fork, Straight Creek, Straight Creek, Sugar Camp Branch, Sugar Camp Branch, Tantroft Branch, Tarkiln Branch, Tarkiln Branch, Testerman Branch, Toms Branch, Trace Fork, Turpentine Branch, Tyre Branch, Upper Long Branch, Upper Sandlick Creek, Vance Fork, Vest Branch, Village Branch, Walters Fork, War Creek, Webb Branch, Wells Branch, White Oak Branch, White Oak Creek, Williams Creek, Willie Branch, Wilson Branch, Wolfpen Branch, Yearling Branch, Yocum Branch, Yocum Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Daisy Knob, Fairfield Hill, Granddaddy Knob, Jeff Lewis Hill, Limekiln Knob, McClannahan Hill, Park Hill, Peddler Hill, Testerman Knob, Wells Hill, Winding Stairs

  Towers     show all on map

Ezel Lookout Tower, Ezel Lookout Tower, West Liberty Lookout Tower, WLKS-AM (West Liberty)

  Trails     show all on map

CCC Trail

  Valleys     show all on map

Black Cave Hollow, Devil Hollow, Griffit Hollow, Neal Valley, Orchard Hollow, Poplar Hollow, Sow Hollow,

Morgan County, Kentucky Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteMorgan County White population 12,70112,700  
BlackMorgan County Black population 607606
MixedMorgan County Mixed population 108107
AsianMorgan County Asian population 4040
American IndianMorgan County American Indian population 2726
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderMorgan County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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