Rowan County, Kentucky Basics:

Rowan County Kentucky - Government Site

Population: 23,427
Area: 280 square miles
County seat: Morehead
Area code(s) in use: 606
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 76.5%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 23.9%
Median household income: $33,615
Persons in poverty: 30.0%
Home ownership rate: 64.7%
Mean travel time to work: 20.2 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Bath  Carter  Elliott  Fleming  Lewis  Menifee  Morgan  

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Map of the Rowan County area

Our detail map of Rowan County shows the Rowan County, Kentucky boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Rowan County, Kentucky

  Airports     show all on map

Morehead-Rowan County Clyde A. Thomas Regional Airport

  Buildings     show all on map

Academic-Athletic Center, Admissions Center, Adron Doran University Center, Allie Young Hall, Alumni Center, Alumni Tower, Astrophysical Laboratory, Baird Music Hall, Baptist Student Union, Breckinridge Hall, Butler Hall, Button Auditorium, Camden-Carroll Library, Campus Greenhouse, Cartmell Hall, Chi Alpha Fellowship, Claypool-Young Art Building, Combs Building, Cooper Hall, Daniel Boone National Forest Cumberland Ranger District Morehead Office, Downing Hall, Eagle Lake Apartments, East Mignon Hall, Elliotville Fire Department, Farmers Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Farmers Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Fields Hall, Gilley Apartments, Ginger Hall, Hayes Crossing Haldeman Volunteer Fire Department, Honors House, Howell-McDowell Administration Building, Kentucky Center for Traditional Music, Kentucky Division of Forestry Northeastern District, Kentucky Folk Art Center, Lappin Hall, Laughlin Health Building, Lloyd Cassity Building, Mays Hall, Methodist Student Center, Mignon Hall, Mignon Tower, Morehead - Rowan County Emergency Medical Services, Morehead Fire Department Station 1, Morehead Fire Department Station 2, Morehead Ranger District Office, Multicultural Student Services, Newman Center, Normal Hall, Nunn Hall, Palmer Development House, Pine Crest Childrens Home, President's House - Morehead State University, Rader Hall, Reed Hall, Regents Hall, Rice Service Building, Route 377 Fire Department, Senff Natatorium, Thompson Hall, Water Testing Laboratory, Waterfield Hall, Wellness Center, West Mignon Hall, Wetherby Gym, Wilson Hall

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Abbott Cemetery, Abbott-Sturgill Cemetery, Adams Cemetery, Adams Cemetery, Adams-Plank, Adkins Cemetery One, Adkins Cemetery Two, Alfrey Cemetery, Anderson Cemetery, Anderson Family Cemetery, Armstrong Family, Back-Peyton Cemetery, Bailey Cemetery, Baldridge Cemetery, Baldridge Cemetery Two, Barnett Cenetery, Barnette Family Cemetery, Barrick Cemetery Two, Barrick Cemetery Two, Barricks Cemetery One, Beartown Church, Benjamin Caudill Cemetery, Bently Cemetery, Blanton-White Cemetery, Bowman Cemetery, Boyd Cemetery, Bradley-Moore Cemetery, Brown Cemetery Five, Brown Cemetery Four, Brown Cemetery One, Brown Cemetery Three, Brown Cemetery Two, Brown-Fannin Cemetery, Bruce-Tussey Cemetery, Bryant-Goodman Cemetery, Buckner Cemetery, Bumgardner Cemetery, Burton Cemetery, Butts Cemetery, C Jackson Cemetery, Carey Cemetery, Carpenter Cemetery, Caskey Cemetery, Cassity Cemetery One, Cassity Cemetery Two, Catron Cemetery, Caudill Cemetery, Caudill Cemetery, Caudill Cemetery Three, Caudill Cemetery Two, Caudill South Cemetery, Caudill-Norwood Cemetery, Caudill-Porter Cemetery, Christian Cemetery, Christian Cemetery, Clack Cemetery, Clark Cemetery One, Clark Cemetery Two, Clearfield Cemetery, Click Cemetery, Coffey-Riddle Cemetery, Community Cemetery, Conely Cemetery Two, Conn Cemetery One, Conn Cemetery Three, Conn Cemetery Two, Cooper CemeteryTwo, Cornett Cemetery, Cox Cemetery One, Cox Cemetery Two, Cranston Cemetery, Craycraft Cemetery, Crisp Family Cemetery, Crisp Farm Cemetery, Crix Cemetery, Davis Cemetery One, Davis Cemetery Two, Dawson Cemetery, DeHart Cemetery One, DeHart Cemetery Three, DeHart Cemetery Two, DeWitt Cemetery, Dillion Cemetery, Dillon Cemetery, Ditney Cemetery, Drake Cemetery, E Fraley Cemetery, Eden Cemetery, Eldridge Cemetery One, Eldridge Cemetery Two, Elick Trent Cemetery, Ellington Cemetery, Ellington Farm Cemetery, Ellington South Cemetery, Epperheart Cemetery, Estep Cemetery, Evans Cemetery, Ferguson Cemetery, Fey-Crockett Cemetery, Fitzpatrick Cemetery, Flem Jones Cemetery, Fletcher Cemetery, Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Forman Cemetery, Fouch Cemetery One, Fouch Cemetery Two, Fraley Cemetery One, Fraley Cemetery Three, Fraley Cemetery Two, Fraley-Osborne Cemetery, Franklin Cemetery, Fryman Cemetery, Fultz Cemetery, Fultz Family Cemetery, G W Hall Cemetery, Goodan-Fultz Cemetery, Gray-Seamonds Cemetery, Green Cemetery, Gregory Cemetery One, Gregory Cemetery Two, Hall Cemetery, Hamilton Cemetery, Hamm Cemetery, Hankins Cemetery, Harlan Ellington Cemetery, Harvey Trent Senior Cemetery, Hayes Cemetery, Henderson Cemetery, Hiatt Cemetery, Hinton Cemetery, Hitch Cemetery, Hogge Cemetery, Hogtown Cemetery, Horsely-Brown Cemetery, Howard Cemetery One, Howard-Smith Cemetery, Howell Cemetery, Humphries Cemetery, Ingram Cemetery, Ison Cemetery, Issac Jones Cemetery, J Foster Cemetery, J M Caudill Cemetery, J. Adkins Cemetery, Jackson Family Cemetery, James-Jones Cemetery, Jason Trent Cemetery, Jennings Cemetery, Jent Cemetery One, Jent Cemetery Two, John W Moore Cemetery, Johnson Black Cemetery, Johnson Cemetery Four, Johnson Cemetery One, Johnson Cemetery Two, Johnson-Coffee Cemetery, Jones Cemetery, Jones Cemetery One, Kegley Cemetery, Kegley-Nickell Cemetery, Kelsey Cemetery, King Family Cemetery, Kissick Cemetery, Lambert Cemetery, Lee Cemetery, Link Cemetery, Logan Cemetery, Lowe Cemetery, Lyon Cemetery, Mabry Cemetery One, Mabry Cemetery Two, Mabry Hill Cemetery, Maddox-Hamm Cemetery, Markwell Cemetery, Martin Cemetery One, Martin Cemetery Two, Mathews Cemetery, May Cemetery, McBrayer Cemetery, McClain-Arnold Cemetery, McClure Cemetery, McCormic-McClure Cemetery, McDaniel Cemetery One, McDaniel Cemetery Two, McDaniel-Fraley-Adkins Cemetery, McDavid Cemetery, McGlosson Cemetery, McKenzie Cemetery, Mckinney Cemetery, Miller Cemetery, Molton Cemetery, Moore Cemetery One, Moore Cemetery Three, Moore Cemetery Two, Moore-Messer Cemetery, Mount Hope Cemetery, Mount Pisgah Cemetery, Mullen Cemetery, Muse Cemetery, New Alfrey Cemetery, New Sill Cemetery, Newsill Cemetery, Nickell-Harris Cemetery, Parker Cemetery One, Parker Cemetery Three, Parker Cemetery Two, Parsons Cemetery, Pence Cemetery, Pennington Cemetery, Pernell Cemetery One, Pernell Cemetery Two, Perry Cemetery, Peyton-Igo Cemetery, Phipps Cemetery, Pine Grove Cemetery, Pine Hill Cemetery, Pine Hill Cemetery, Plank Family Cemetery, Porter Cemetery, Poston Cemetery, Prather-Stamper Cemetery, Prince-Tabor Cemetery, Purvis Cemetery, Quesinberry Cemetery Two, Quiesinberry Cemetery One, Ramey Cemetery, Razor Cemetery, Restland Cemetery, Reynolds Cemetery, Rice Cemetery, Richards Cemetery One, Richards Cemetery Two, Riddle Cemetery, Roe Cemetery, Roll Alfrey Cemetery, Rose Cemetery, Sardis Cemetery, Scaggs-Harr Cemetery, Scaggs-Ison Cemetery, Shumate Cemetery One, Shumate Cemetery Two, Siloam Cemetery, Skaggs Caudle Cemetery, Slusher Cemetery, Smedley Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Sparks Cemetery Two, Sparks Cemterery One, Stacy-Peyton Cemetery, Stevens Cemetery, Stevens-Stigall Cemetery, Stewart Cemetery, Stigall Cemetery One, Stigall Cemetery Two, Sunrise Cemetery, Swim Family Cemetery, Tackett Cemetery, Thompson-Dailey Cemetery, Trent Black Cemetery, Trent Cemetery One, Trent Cemetery Two, Trumbo Cemetery One, Tussey Cemetery, Underwood Cemetery, Utterback Cemetery, W B Hall Cemetery, Wagoner Corner Cemetery, Wallace Cemetery One, Wallace Cemetery Three, Wallace Cemetery Two, Whisman Cemetery, Whisman Cemetery, White Cemetery Five, White Cemetery Four, White Cemetery One, White Cemetery Three, White Cemetery Two, White Family Cemetery, William Conn Cemetery, Williams Cemetery, Williams Cemetery One, Williams Cemetery Two, Williams-Turner Cemetery, Willie Black Cemetery, Wilson Cemetery, Woodford Black Cemetery, Wyatt Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Clearfield Census Designated Place, Farmers Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Alfrey Church, Bluebank Church, Cooper Chapel, Dry Creek Church, Farmers Christian Church, Farmers Church, Johnson Church, Little Perry Church, Lower Lick Fork Church, Mount Pisgah Church, New Hope Church, Oak Grove Church, Pine Grove Mission, Plank Church, Poplar Spring Church, Sardis Church, Sharkey Church, Siloam Church, Slabcamp Church, Slatey Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Amburgy Rocks

  Crossings     show all on map

Fannin Crossing

  Gaps     show all on map

Spurlock Gap

  Hospitals     show all on map

Saint Claire Regional Medical Center

  Lakes     show all on map

Giant Canada Goose Pond

  Locales     show all on map

Alfrey Boat Ramp, Bangor Boat Ramp, Billy Branch Picnic Area, Boat Gunnel Branch Picnic Area, Carl D Perkins Center, Clark State Fish Hatchery, Claylick Boat Ramp, Claylick Boat-in Campground, Eagle Trace Golf Course, Ed Ellington Industrial Park, Fern Bluff Parking Area, Freestone Railroad Station (historical), High Bank Picnic Area, John Will Stacey Business Park, Lakeview Vista, Lick Fork Railroad Station (historical), Licking Railroad Station (historical), Morehead State University Farm, Muskie Bend Fishing Point, Paragon Railroad Station (historical), Poppin Rock Boat Ramp, Ramey Creek Picnic Area, Rockville Railroad Station (historical), Rodburn Hollow Campsite, Sadler Tennis Courts, Scott Creek Boat Ramp, Scott Creek Marina, Scott Creek Recreation Site, Shallow Flats Fishing Point, Sheltowee Trailhead Parking, Twin Knobs Recreation Site, United States Forest Service Administration Site, Warix Run Boat Ramp, Windy Bay Fishing Point

  Parks     show all on map

Allen Field, Allie Young Law Office Historical Marker, Civil War Courthouse Burnings Historical Marker, Jayne Stadium, Moonlight Schools Historical Marker, Morgans Fourth Raid Historical Marker, National Register Historic District Morehead State University Historical Marker, Rowan County Historical Marker, Rowan County War Historical Marker, University Softball Field

  Populated Places     show all on map

Bangor, Big Brushy (historical), Bluestone, Brady, Christy, Clearfield, Cogswell, Craney, Cranston, Elliottville, Farmers, Gates, Haldeman, Hamim, Hays Crossing, Hilda, Lakeview Heights, Lick Fork, Minor, Morehead, Mount Hope (historical), Paragon, Ramey, Rodburn, Sharkey, Slatey (historical), Smile, Triplett, Waltz

  Post Offices     show all on map

Blue Bank Post Office (historical), Freestone Post Office (historical), Hilda Post Office (historical), Licking Post Office (historical), Longway Post Office (historical), Munson Post Office (historical), New Way Post Office (historical), Pelfry Post Office (historical), Pine Spring Post Office (historical), Ramey Post Office (historical), Smile Post Office (historical), Triplett Post Office (historical), Waltz Post Office (historical)

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Cave Run Lake, Lake Lewman

  Ridges     show all on map

Brown Ridge, Crix Ridge, Jones Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Adams Davis School (historical), Blue Bank School (historical), Clark School (historical), Clark School (historical), Clear Creek School, Clear Fork School (historical), Clear Fork School (historical), Cora Wilson Stewart Moonlight School, Coswell School (historical), Cranston School (historical), Cranston School (historical), Farmers Elementary School (historical), Hilda School (historical), Island Fork School (historical), McKinsey School (historical), Moore School (historical), Morehead State University, Mount Hope School, Mount Hope School (historical), Paragon School (historical), Rowan County High School, Sharkey School (historical), Slatey School (historical), Tilden-Hogge School, Upper Lick Fork School, Waltz School (historical)

  Streams     show all on map

Abner Tackett Branch, Adams Branch, Alec Hall Branch, Alpha Bradley Branch, Andy White Branch, Anna Ham Branch, Barber Branch, Barn Branch, Bates Branch, Bearskin Branch, Becky Branch, Bee Branch, Ben Ham Branch, Big Brushy Creek, Big Long Branch, Big Tom Brown Branch, Billy Branch, Blevins Branch, Blind Branch, Bluebank Branch, Boyd Branch, Bratton Branch, Brown Fork, Browning Branch, Brushy Branch, Brushy Fork, Buckner Branch, Buffalo Branch, Bull Fork, Burnt House Branch, Burrs Branch, Burton Branch, Buttermilk Branch, Campbell Branch, Carey Branch, Carpenter Branch, Carpenter Branch, Caudill Branch, Charity Branch, Christy Creek, Cincinnati Branch, Clay Branch, Claylick Branch, Claylick Branch, Clear Fork, Clinton Hamilton Branch, Cold Spring Branch, Cooper Branch, Copperas Branch, Cow Branch, Craney Creek, Cross Branch, Curtis Branch, Dan Hall Branch, DeBord Branch, Deep Cut Branch, Deep Ford Branch, Deer Lick Branch, Deer Lick Branch, Doe Branch, Dogtrot Branch, Don McKinsey Branch, Dry Branch, Dry Branch, Dry Creek, Duff Branch, Earls Branch, Easton Branch, Edington Branch, Elk Lick Fork, Emory Branch, Estep Branch, Evans Branch, Evans Branch, Fallen Timber Branch, Fisher Branch, Glady Branch, Glenwood Branch, Grassy Lick Branch, Gregory Branch, Hale Morgan Branch, Hall Branch, Ham Branch, Ham Branch, Haney Branch, Harper Branch, Harvey Branch, Hawkins Branch, Hays Branch, Hickory Lick Branch, Hill Branch, Hogge Branch, Holly Fork, Humphreys Branch, Hungry Branch, Hyatt Branch, Island Fork, Jacks Branch, Jane Branch, Johnson Branch, Jones Branch, Kidds Branch, Kinder Branch, Kiser Branch, Lambert Branch, Laurel Branch, Laurel Fork, Lee Branch, Lee Branch, Lick Branch, Lick Branch, Little Brushy Creek, Little Long Branch, Little Perry Branch, Little Tom Brown Branch, Lockegee Branch, Logan Branch, Long Branch, Lovelace Fork, Lower Lick Fork, Maddox Branch, Mann Branch, Martin Branch, Martin Branch, McClurg Branch, Middle Fork, Middle Prong Big Brushy Creek, Mill Branch, Mill Branch, Mill Branch, Millseep Branch, Mock Branch, Moore Branch, Moore Branch, Morgan Fork, Murphy Branch, Murray Branch, Muse Branch, New Ground Branch, Nichols Branch, Nickell Branch, North Fork Triplett Creek, Old House Creek, Open Fork, Orchard Branch, Oxley Branch, Padgett Branch, Parsons Branch, Passenger Branch, Patties Lick Branch, Pence Branch, Perry Branch, Peter Everett Branch, Phelps Branch, Pickett Branch, Pint Lick Branch, Plank Branch, Pond Lick Branch, Porter Branch, Possum Trot Branch, Ramey Creek, Rattlesnake Branch, Rawls Branch, Riddle Fork, Right Fork Burnt House Branch, Road Branch, Road Branch, Roberts Branch, Roberts Branch, Rock Fork, Sand Branch, Schoolhouse Branch, Schoolhouse Branch, Schoolhouse Branch, Scott Creek, Seas Branch, Shop Branch, Shop Branch, Slab Camp Branch, Slabcamp Branch, Slabcamp Creek, Stillhouse Branch, Stonecoal Branch, Sugar Branch, Sugar Camp Branch, Sugar Cane Branch, Swim Branch, Tackett Branch, Tandy Tackett Branch, Tar Branch, Tarkhill Branch, Tater Lick Branch, Thomas Cave Branch, Three Forks Branch, Three Lick Branch, Triplett Creek, Turner Branch, Upper Lick Fork, Wagner Fork, Walker Branch, Wallace Branch, Wallace Branch, Warix Run, Warren Branch, Weaver Branch, Wes Bradley Branch, White Branch, White Pine Branch

  Summits     show all on map

Buzzard Knob, Clack Mountain, Dane Greer Hill, Green Mountain, Limestone Knob, Lockegee Rock, Poppin Hill, Smoky Knob, Sugarloaf Mountain, Twin Knobs, Wilson Hill

  Towers     show all on map

Hickory Flats Lookout Tower, Little Bell Tower, Triangle Lookout Tower, WKMR-TV (Morehead), WKMR-TV Tower, WMKY-FM (Morehead), WMOR Radio Tower, WMOR-AM (Morehead), WMOR-FM (Morehead)

  Trails     show all on map

Big Limestone Trail, Dry Branch Conneoter Trail, Shallow Flats Wildlife Trail

  Tunnels     show all on map

Poppin Rock Tunnel

  Valleys     show all on map

Biddle Hollow, Big Hollow, Big Hollow, Bill Brown Hollow, Black Cave Hollow, Blacklog Hollow, Bob Cooper Hollow, Boone Hollow, Brush Hollow, Cassidy Ford Hollow, Cincinnati Hollow, Dark Hollow, Deer Lick Hollow, Fox Hollow, Henry Short Hollow, Laurel Hollow, Limekiln Hollow, Little White Pine Hollow, Logan Hollow, McCless Hollow, Negro Hollow, Nickles Hollow, Old House Hollow, Opossum Strut Hollow, Poplar Hollow, Rockwall Hollow, Rodburn Hollow, Shop Hollow, Shrout Hollow, Sulphur Hollow, White Pine Hollow,

Rowan County, Kentucky Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteRowan County White population 22,53722,536  
BlackRowan County Black population 422421
MixedRowan County Mixed population 234234
AsianRowan County Asian population 187187
American IndianRowan County American Indian population 4746
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderRowan County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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