Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana Basics:

Plaquemines Parish Louisiana - Government Site

Population: 23,879
Area: 780 square miles
Parish seat: Pointe A La Hache
Area code(s) in use: 504 985
Time zone: CST
High school graduate or higher: 80.5%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 16.2%
Median household income: $57,386
Persons in poverty: 11.0%
Home ownership rate: 76.4%
Mean travel time to work: 25.7 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Jefferson  Orleans  St. Bernard  

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Map of the Plaquemines Parish area

Our detail map of Plaquemines Parish shows the Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana

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Air Logistics Heliport, Air Logistics Heliport, Amax Metals Recovery Incorporated Heliport, Bay Couquille Seaplane Base, Birdwin Airport, Braithwaite Park Airport, Burrwood Production Facility Heliport, Calky Terminal Seaplane Base, Chevron Southpass Tank Battery W-2 Heliport, Chevron USA Incorporated Seaplane Base, Conoco Incorporated Venice Heliport, DGS Heliport, E-3 Tank Battery Seaplane Base, E-5 Tank Battery Seaplane Base, E-8 Tank Battery Seaplane Base, Era Helicopters Venice Base Heliport, Garden Island Bay Seaplane Base, Grand Bay Receiving Station Heliport, Grand Bay Seaplane Base, Main Pass 69 Pipeline Seaplane Base, Marathon Venice Heliport, New Orleans Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base (Alvin Callender Field), Offshore Service Ships Heliport, Phi Venice Heliport, Port Sulphur Seaplane Base, Quarantine Bay Seaplane Base, Quarles Drilling Heliport, Romere Pass Seaplane Base, Saturday Island Tank Battery Seaplane Base, Shell Central Facilities East Bay Block 24 Heliport, Shell Central Facilities Seaplane Base, Shell Pipeline Nairn Heliport, Shell Venice Terminal Heliport, Southern Seaplane Airport, Southern Seaplane Base, W-1 Tank Battery Seaplane Base, W-2 Tank Battery Seaplane Base, West Bay Seaplane Base, West Black Bay Seaplane Base, West Delta Brock 30 Terminal Seaplane Base, West Delta Receiving Station Heliport

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Mississippi River Delta

  Bars     show all on map

Battledore Reef, Errol Shoal, Myth Shoal, Parry O'Neill Reef, Robinson Reef (historical)

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Caernarvon Crevasse

  Bays     show all on map

Adema Pond, Adolph Clark Pass, Adolph Clarks Pond (historical), Alberts Pond, Alexis Bay, Allen Bay, Alligator Pass, American Bay, Anderson Bay, Andres Pond (historical), Auguste Bay, Back Levee Canal, Back Levee Ditch, Ballandock Canal, Barataria Bay, Bardel Canal, Bastian Bay, Bastian Lake, Battery Bayou, Battle Ground Bay, Bay Batiste, Bay Carrion Crow, Bay Chaland, Bay Chalon, Bay Chene Fleur, Bay Cheniere Ronquille, Bay Cheri (historical), Bay Coquette, Bay Crabe, Bay Crapaud (historical), Bay Denesse, Bay Dispute, Bay Gardene, Bay Jack Nevette, Bay Jimmy, Bay La Fourche, Bay la Mer, Bay La Mer, Bay Law, Bay Long, Bay Melville, Bay of River Aux Chenes, Bay Pomme d'Or (historical), Bay Rondo, Bay Ronquille, Bay Schayot, Bay Shallow, Bay Tambour, Bayou Barge, Bayou Batola, Bayou Bend, Bayou Canard Gris, Bayou des Plantins, Bayou Eau Noire, Bayou Fon Gera, Bayou Francais, Bayou Garelle, Bayou Gentilly, Bayou Goudet, Bayou Grande, Bayou Grosbec, Bayou Jack, Bayou Jack Bend, Bayou la Croix, Bayou Lamoque, Bayou Law, Bayou Lery, Bayou Long, Bayou Mandeville, Bayou Maringouin, Bayou Menard, Bayou Plaquemines, Bayou Ponton, Bayou Tambour, Bayou Terre Aux Boeufs, Bayou Tortillon, Bayou Tortillon, Bayou Zip, Bel Pass Bay, Belair Canal, Bell Bayou, Bell Pond, Benedict Bayou, Benedict Outside Pond, Benneys Bay, Bennie Pond, Bennies Pond, Bienvenue Inside Pond, Bienvenue Outside Pond, Bienvenue Pass, Big Four Bayou, Big Mar, Big Pond, Billet Bay, Bills Pond, Black Bay, Blackbird Pond, Blind Bay, Blue Goose Pond, Bluewing Pond, Bob Taylors Pond (historical), Bog Pond, Bohemian Bayou, Bonnies Bay, Bottle Bayou Pond, Bottle Pond, Brant Bayou, Branville Bay, Breton Sound, Bucket Bend, Bucks Bay, Bull Bay, Buoy Pass, Buoy Pond, Buras Pond, Burrwood Bayou, Cadro Pass, California Bay, Caminada Pass, Camps Pond, Canal Marine, Cane Pond, Cane Pond, Caquin Bay, Carencro Bay, Caskett Bayou, Cat Bay, Cazezu Canal, Charles Bayou, Chawee Bay, Cheniere Pass, Christie Pond, Clam Bay, Club Pond, Cockler Bay, Cognevich Pass, Contrariete Pass, Coon Outside Pond, Cottam Pass, Coule Pond, Cow Bayou, Cox Bay, Crooked Bayou, Crooked Bayou, Cuselich Bay, Cuselich Canal, Customhouse Bay, Cyprien Bay (historical), D P Canal, Dave Inside Pond, Dave Outside Pond, Daylight Bay, Dead Women Bend, Dead Women Inside Pond, Dead Women Outside Pond, Dead Women Pass, Deadman Pond, Death Pond, Deer Island Bayou, Deer Range Canal, Delacroix Canal, Delta Bend, Delta Pass, Denesse Pass, Dennis Pass, Dixon Bay, Dune Pond, East Bay, East Fork, Emeline Pass, Fairview Canal, False River, Felicity Bay, Ferrand Bay, First Bay, Flat Bayou, Flatboat Inside Pond, Flatboat Outside Pond, Flatboat Pass, Flatboat Pond, Fleur Pond, Fort Bayou, Forty Arpent Canal, Foster Canal, Four Bayou, Foxs Pond, Francois Bend, Freeport Sulphur Company Canal, French Duck Pond, Fresh Water Bayou, Fresh Water Bayou, Fucich Bayou, Garden Bay, Garden Island Bay, Gaspar Bayou, Gaspar Inside Pond, Gaspar Outside Pond, Gasper Bay, Gauthier Pond, Gondle Pond, Goose Island Inside Pass, Goose Island Outside Pond, Grand Bay, Grand Bayou, Grand Coquille Bay, Grand Lake, Grand Pass, Grand Point Bay, Grants Pass, Grants Pond, Hacks Bayou, Harris Bayou, Harrys Pond, Hayes Canal, Henderson Pond, Hingle Bend, Hingle Pond, Horse Duck Pond, Horsepower Canal, Horseshoe Pond, Hospital Bay, Hospital Pond, Island Bay, Jack Bay, Jackass Bay, Japan Outside Pond, Japan Pass, Jim Williams Canal, Joe Brown Pass, Joe Brown Pond, Joe Dennis Pond, Joe Gravolet Canal, Joes Bay, Joes Pond, John Bayou, John Johnson Pond, Johnson Pass, Joseph Bayou, Jurjevich Canal, Kelly Gap, Kimbel Pass, Kitchen Pond, L Bayou Mc Cutchen, L'Homme Pond, La Tete Bay, Lake Batola, Lake Cuatro Caballo, Lake Fausan, Lake Grand Ecaille, Lake John, Lake Lery, Lake Pato Caballo, Lake Pond, Lake Pond, Lake Robinson, Lake Washington, Laurence Pond, Little Coquille Bay, Little False River, Little Lake Batola, Little Lake Pond, Little Oak Pond, Little Pass, Little Twentyseven Pond, Lizzamonde Pond, Locust Pond (historical), Long Bay, Long Bayou, Lookout Pass, Loomis Pass, Loomis Pond, Lost Bayou, Lost Flat Bay, Lost Flat Bayou, Lost Lake, Lower Grand Bayou, Lucien Pond, Mack Pond, Main Pass, Main Pass, Major Inside Pond, Major Outside Pond, Mann Inside Pond, Mann Outside Pond, Manuel Canal, Martins Canal, Mary Bowers Pond, Maziers Pond, Middle Ground, Mingle Canal, Minout Pond, Mississippi Bayou, Morgan Pond, Morgan Pond, Mud Bay, Mud Bay, Nestor Canal, Net Bayou, Nicholl Pond, Nom Inside Pond, Nom Outside Pond, Noms Pass, North Shore Bay, Octave Pass, Octave Pass, Octave Pass North, Octave Pond, Old Stump Lake, Orange Bayou, Outlet E-1, Outlet E-2, Paddy Bay, Pailleen Queue Pond, Pass a Loutre, Pass Tante Phine, Pass Tit Francois, Paul Pond, Petit Felix Pond, Petit Lake, Pierre Bay, Piling Pond, Pintail Flat, Pintail Pond, Pintail Pond, Pipe Bay, Pointe A La Hache Boat Harbor, Pointe Fienne Bay, Polk and Dallas Bayou, Pontons Bay, Popcorn Bayou, Port Eads Sanitary Canal, Portage Bay, Post Pond, Potato Pond, Promised Land Canal, Quarantine Bay, Raphael Pass, Rat Bayou, Red Pass, Redfish Bay, Redhead Outside Pond, Reggio Canal, Renaud Bend, River aux Chenes, Riverside Bay, Robinson Canal, Robinson Pond, Romere Pass, Ronde Bayou, Ronde Pond, Rose Bay, Round Lake, Round Pond, Sabot Pond, Sand Hill Bayou, Sandy Point Bay, Sawdust Bend Bayou, Scarabin Pass, Scarabin Pond, Schayots Canal, Scott Bay, Seagull Pond, Second Bay, Shell Bayou, Shell Island Bay, Shell Lake, Shortway Bayou, Shrimp Lagoon, Sister Bayou, Skipjack Bay (historical), Snow Goose Bayou, Socola Canal Number Two, Son Pond, South Pass, Southeast Pass, Southwest Pass, Spanish Bay, Spanish Lake, Spillway Canal, Sprigtail Pond, Stone Pond, Sun Bayou, Sun Bayou, Sun Lagoon, Swanson Bayou, Te Don Pond, Tessiers Bend, The Garigue, Third Bay, Thomassin Pond, Thorn Tree Bayou, Tiger Pass, Tilitie Pond, Timber Bayou, Tonys Pond, Trespass Pond, Twentyseven Pass, Twentyseven Pond, Twin Lakes, Two Sisters Bayou, Upper Grand Bayou, Upper Wilkinson Bay, Valentiers Pond, Valer Canal, Viveals Pass, Washington Pond, West Bay, Whale Bay, Whiskey Bay, Widgeon Pond, Wilkinson Bay, Wilkinson Canal, William Boyles Bayou, Williams Pass (historical), Willow Bayou, Willow Outside Pond, Willow Pond, Woodyard Pond, Wreck Bay, Wright Pass, Yellow Cotton Bay (historical), Zinzin Bay

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English Turn Bend, Jesuits Bend, Plaquemines Bend, Spoonbill Bend, Spoonbill Bend, Tropical Bend

  Buildings     show all on map

Callender Naval Air Station Fire Department, Cubits Gap Lighthouse, F Edward Herbert Riverside Research Center, Fort Jackson Museum, Head of Passes Lighthouse, Louisiana Medal of Honor Park Museum, Metropolitan Developmental Center, NAS Child Development Center, Plaquemines Parish Fire Department (historical), Plaquemines Parish Fire District 1 Pointe a la Hache Volunteer Fire Department, Plaquemines Parish Fire District 2 Belle Chasse Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Plaquemines Parish Fire District 2 Belle Chasse Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Plaquemines Parish Fire District 2 Belle Chasse Volunteer Fire Department Station 3, Plaquemines Parish Fire District 3 Port Sulphur Volunteer Fire Department, Plaquemines Parish Fire District 4 Buras Volunteer Fire Department, Plaquemines Parish Fire District 5 Boothville Venice Fire Department, Plaquemines Parish Fire District 6 Lake Hermitage Volunteer Fire Department, Plaquemines Parish Fire District 7 Woodlawn Fire Department, Plaquemines Parish Library Belle Chasse Branch, Plaquemines Parish Library Port Sulphur Branch, Plaquemines Parish Office, Plaquemines Parish Sheriff's Office, Plaquemines Parish Sheriff's Office, Plaquemines Parish Sheriff's Office, Plaquemines Parish Sheriff's Office, Plaquemines Parish Sheriff's Office - Belle Chasse Lockup, Plaquemines Parish Sheriff's Office - Detective Bureau, Port Sulphur Police Department, Riverbend Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Southwest Pass Lighthouse, Tulane University Museum of Natural History

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Augusta Canal, Ballandock Structure, Braithwaite Canal, Buras Drainage Canal, Cognevich Canal, Colum-Bel Cut, Concession Canal, Concord Canal, Cooks Canal (historical), Cross Canal, Donner Canal, Doullut Canal, Easterlings Canal, Fernandez Canal, Gravolet Canal (historical), Hero Canal, Industry Canal, Jimmie Canal, Joe Brown Canal, Lorez Canal, Meyers Canal, Mumphry Ditch, Ollie Canal, Perez Canal, Planters Canal, Sarah Canal, Scarsdale Canal, Socola Canal, Stella Canal, Timber Canal, Venice Canal (historical), White Ditch, Woodyard Canal (historical)

  Capes     show all on map

Bolivar Point, California Point, Cockler Point, Cockler Point, Coquille Point, Curfew Point, Deepwater Point, Fort Point, Grand Island Point, Grassy Point, Little Raccoon Point, Mangrove Point, Mozambique Point, North Point, Pintail Point, Point Cheniere Ronquille, Point Michel, Point Pleasant, Poverty Point, Raccoon Point, Saint Marys Point, Sandy Point, Shingle Point, Sixtymile Point, Spanish Point, Sun Point, Sunrise Point, Telegraph Point, Willow Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Ancal Cemetery, Ballowe Cemetery, Belair Cemetery, Bohemian Cemetery, Boothville Cemetery, Cannon Cemetery, Deer Range Cemetery, Dobard Cemetery, English Turn Cemetery, Feets Cemetery, Ironton Cemetery, Johnson Fisher Cemetery, Magnolia Cemetery, Mange Cemetery, Nairn Cemetery, Nero Cemetery, Point Celeste Cemetery, Point Pleasant Cemetery, Saint Patrick Cemetery, Saint Paulinus Cemetery, Scarsdale Cemetery, Woodland Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Belle Chasse Census Designated Place, Boothville Census Designated Place, Boothville-Venice Census Designated Place (historical), Buras Census Designated Place, Buras-Triumph Census Designated Place (historical), Empire Census Designated Place, Pointe a la Hache Census Designated Place, Port Sulphur Census Designated Place, Triumph Census Designated Place, Venice Census Designated Place

  Channels     show all on map

Anderson Pass, Baptiste Collette Bayou, Bastian Pass, Bayou Ronquille (historical), Bel La Pass, Bel Pass, Big Pass, Bottle Bayou, Buttermilk Channel (historical), Chaland Pass, Charlie Marshall Pass, Dead Duck Pass, Dead Man Bayou, Felice Bayou, Garden Island Pass, Grand Bank Bayou, Grand Bayou Pass, Grand Pass, Jaquines Pass (historical), John Johnson Bayou, Lake Campo Pass, Marion Pass, Martins Pass, Mitchell Cut, North Pass, Northeast Pass, Old Spanish Pass, Outlet E-3, Outlet W-1, Outlet W-2, Pass Abel, Pilot Bayou, Quatre Bayou Pass, Raccoon Pass, Redfish Bayou (historical), Second Bayou, Spanish Pass, Sullivan Bayou (historical), Taylor Pass, Tom Loar Pass (historical), Triple Pass

  Churches     show all on map

Apostolic Church, Assumption Catholic Church, Bethlehem Church, Bethlehem Church, Blessed Martin Church, City Price Baptist Church, Faith Temple, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church of Belle Chasse, Full Gospel Church, Grand Bayou Church (historical), Greater Saint Peter Baptist Church, Hope Chapel, Israelite Baptist Church, Macedonia Church (historical), Mount Olive Church, Mount Zion Baptist Church, Mount Zion Church (historical), Oakville Missionary Baptist Church, Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, Pilgrim Rest Church (historical), Port Sulphur Baptist Church, Saint John Church, Saint John the Baptist Church, Saint Joseph Church, Saint Jude Church, Saint Patrick Church, Saint Pauline Church (historical), Saint Pauls Baptist Church, Saint Thomas Church, Second Mount Zion Church, Truth and Praise

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East Jetty, East Jetty, Empire Lock, Ostrica Lock, West Jetty, West Jetty, West Jetty

  Flats     show all on map

Wilder Flats

  Gaps     show all on map

The Jump

  Guts     show all on map

Adolph Pond, Bayou Alphonse, Bayou Alphonse, Bayou Auguste (historical), Bayou Barriere, Bayou Bio, Bayou Boue, Bayou Caiman (historical), Bayou Chaland, Bayou Chawee, Bayou Chene, Bayou Cheniere Ronquille, Bayou Cheri, Bayou Cirek, Bayou Cook, Bayou Coquette, Bayou Courant, Bayou Crapaud, Bayou de Suite, Bayou Dominique, Bayou Duhuy, Bayou Duhuy, Bayou Dulac, Bayou Dum Barr (historical), Bayou Eau Duce, Bayou Fontanelle, Bayou Grand Liard, Bayou Grande Cheniere, Bayou Huertes, Bayou Jacques, Bayou La Chute (historical), Bayou la Mer, Bayou Lacire, Bayou le Boon (historical), Bayou Lelet, Bayou Little Channel, Bayou Long, Bayou Long (historical), Bayou Lost, Bayou McCutchen, Bayou Petit Liard (historical), Bayou Pompadour, Bayou Tambour, Bayou Tony (historical), Bayou Tortillon, Bayou Trouve, Bayou Vacheire, Bayou Washington, Bel Pass Bayou, Big Oyster Bayou, Bruquiere Pass, Bullseye Bayou, Buras Bayou, Cane Bayou, Cane Ridge Slough, Clearwater Bayou, Customhouse Bayou (historical), Deer Island Bayou, Delta Cut, Double Bayou, Drauzenes Island, Dry Cypress Bayou (historical), English Bayou, English Bayou (historical), Felice Bayou, Fell Cut, Ferrand Bayou, Fontanelle Bayou, Francis Martin Bayou, Goat Bayou, Grand Bayou Carrion Crow (historical), Hermitage Bayou, Jackson Bayou, John Johnson Pass, Le Blanc Bayou, Leons Pass, Lighthouse Bayou, Little Crevasse, Little Pass, Little Pass de Wharf (historical), Lonesome Bayou, Long Island Bayou, Mercantile Bayou, Meyers Bayou, Noels Pass, Oaks Bayou, Oil Mine Bayou (historical), Old Balize Bayou, Pass de Wharf (historical), Pass Du Bois, Pass La Graisse, Pass La Graisse, Pass La Graisse, Polk and Dallas Bayou, Porpoise Bayou, Rattlesnake Bayou, Scofield Bayou, Spanish Pass, Stake Island Bayou, Straight Bayou, Tommy Dantz Bayou, Uhlan Bay, Wilkinson Bayou, Willies Bayou, Wiltz Pass, Yaratich Bayou, Yaratich Bend

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Buras Boat Harbor

  Hospitals     show all on map

Plaquemines Parish General Hospital (historical)

  Islands     show all on map

Bastian Island, Belle Isle, Big Island, Bird Island, Bosco Island, Brant Island, Breton Islands, Contrariete Island, Deer Island, Drum Island, Dymond Island, Gallega Island, Garden Island Bay, Gaspar Island, Goose Island, Gosier Island, Grand Gosier Islands, Grand Terre Islands, Grise Bourbe Island, Harris Island, Japan Island, Jaquines Island, Jessies Island, Lanaux Island, Lonesome Island, Lookout Island, North East Pass Mud Lumps (historical), North Mud Lumps, North Pass Mud Lumps (historical), Pelican Island, Pointe A La Hache Relief Outlet, Sable Island, Savage Island, Scarabin Island, Snake Island, South Mud Lumps (historical), Spanish Island, Stake Island (historical), Stone Island, Thomasin Lumps, Timber Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Adams Bay, Bakers Bay, Bay Au Fer, Bay Chicot, Bay De La Cheniere, Bay de Suite, Bay Jacques, Bay Jacquin (historical), Bay Joe Wise, Bay Lanaux, Bay Sansbois, Bay Vacherie, Bennies Pass, Charlies Pass, Chicharas Bay, Dennis Pass, Drakes Bay (historical), Dymond Pond, English Bay (historical), Flatboat Bayou, Fleur Pond (historical), Halfmoon Bay, Hingle Pass, Joes Outside Pond, Lake Campo, Lake Five, Lake Judge Perez, Lake Laurier, Little Bay Pomme d'Or (historical), Little Red Pass, Long Bay, Micale Bayou, Mitchell Pond, Petit Bay Chene Fleur, Raquette Bay, Round Lake, Scofield Bay (historical), Simeons Pond, Speckled Goose Pond, Thomasin Bayou, Yankee Pond

  Levees     show all on map

Alliance Revetment, Bayou Lamoque Revetment, Bohemia Revetment, Buras Revetment, Diamond Revetment, English Turn Revetment, Gravolet Revetment, Harlem Revetment, Jesuit Bend Revetment, Junior Revetment, Linwood Revetment, Lower Childress-Fort Jackson Revetment, Monsecour Revetment, Myrtle Grove Revetment, Oak Point Revetment, Point Michel Revetment, Port Sulphur Revetment, Scarsdale Revetment, Tropical Bend Revetment

  Locales     show all on map

Bayou Barriere Golf Course, Beaumar Plantation, Belle Chasse Ferry, Belle Chasse Wastewater Treatment Facility, Boothville Wastewater Treatment Facility, Buras Wastewater Treatment Plant, Cantwell Depot (historical), Deer Range, Delta Duck Club (historical), Hidden Oaks Golf Course, Junior, Mozambique Point Light, Old Spanish Magazine (historical), Olga Light, Port Sulphur Golf Club, Port Sulphur Wastewater Treatment Faciity, Potash District Camp (historical), Scarsdale Pumping Station, South Pass Light, Star Spur (historical)

  Military     show all on map

Battery Brooke (historical), Battery Forse (historical), Battery Merrill (historical), Battery Millar (historical), Battery Pike (historical), Battery Ransom (historical), Battery Ridgely (historical), Battery Scott (historical), Coast Guard Station Venice, Fort De La Boulaye (historical), Naval Air Station New Orleans

  Oilfields     show all on map

Alliance Oil and Gas Field, Balize Bay Gas Field, Bastian Bay Oil and Gas Field, Bayou Gentilly Gas Field, Blind Bay Oil Field, Block 1 Oil Field, Block 12 Oil Field, Block 21 Gas Field, Block 24 Oil Field, Block 27 Oil Field, Block 30 Gas Field, Block 47 Oil and Gas Field, Block 5 Oil Field, Block 52 Oil Field, Block 53 Oil and Gas Field, Block 54 Oil and Gas Field, Block 6 Oil Field, Block 69 Oil Field, Block 83 Oil Field, Block and Oil Field, Burrwood Oil Field, Caskett Bayou Gas Field, Cox Bay Oil and Gas Field, Crooked Bayou Gas Field, Dalcour Gas Field, Delacroix Oil and Gas Field, Delta Duck Oil Field, Diamond Oil and Gas Field, Drakes Bay Gas Field, East Bay Oil Field, Empire Oil Field, Fort Jackson Gas Field, Fort Saint Philip Gas Field, Garden Island Bay Oil and Gas Field, Grand Bay Oil Field, Lafitte Oil and Gas Field, Lake Campo Gas Field, Lake Hermitage Oil and Gas Field, Lake Lery Gas Field, Lake Petit Gas Field, Lake Washington Oil and Gas Field, Magnolia Oil and Gas Field, Nairn Oil Field, North Black Bay Oil and Gas Field, Phoenix Gas Field, Pointe A La Hache Oil and Gas Field, Potash Oil and Gas Field, Quarantine Bay Oil and Gas Field, Raphael Pass Gas Field, Romere Pass Oil and Gas Field, Southeast Pass Oil Field, Spanish Lake Gas Field, Spanish Lake Oil Field, Stella Oil and Gas Field, Venice Oil Field, West Bastian Bay Oil and Gas Field, West Bay Oil and Gas Field, West Black Bay Oil and Gas Field

  Parks     show all on map

Bohemia State Wildlife Management Area, Delta National Wildlife Refuge, Pass a Loutre State Water Fowl Management Area, Prea Park

  Populated Places     show all on map

Alliance, Augusta, Balize (historical), Bayou Cane, Belair, Belle Chasse, Bellevue, Bertrandville, Beshel, Bohemian, Boothville, Braithwaite, Bremond, Breton, Buras, Burbridge, Burnbridge, Burrwood (historical), Carlisle, Cedar Grove, Concession, Cronin Mobile Home Park, Daisy (historical), Dalcour, Davant, Deer Range, Diamond, Duvic, Empire, Encalade, English Turn, Filipino (historical), Fort Jackson, Fort Saint Phillip, Fosters Canal, Gloria, Grand Bayou, Grand Bayou Village (historical), Grand Prairie (historical), Grande Ecaille, Greenwood, Gulftown, Happy Jack, Harlem, Hesperides, Home Place, Ironton, Jesuit Bend, La Reussite, Lake Judge Perez, Linwood, Little Rock (historical), Live Oak, Magnolia, Martin, Monsecour, Myrtle Grove, Nairn, Naomi, Nero, Nestor, Nicholls (historical), Noble Manor, Oakville, Olga, Ollie, Orchard, Ostrica, Phoenix, Pilottown, Point Celeste, Point Pleasant (historical), Pointe la Hache, Port Eads, Port Nickel, Port Sulphur, Potash, Promised Land, Quarantine (historical), Reussite, Saint Clair, Saint Rosalie, Sarah, Scarsdale, Socola, South Pass, Southern Oaks Mobile Home Park, Star, Stella, Sunrise, Triumph, Tropical Bend, Venice, West Point, West Pointe A La Hache, Wills Point, Woodland, Woodlawn

  Post Offices     show all on map

Belair Post Office (historical), Belle Chasse Post Office, Belle Chasse Post Office, Bertrandville Post Office (historical), Bohemia Post Office (historical), Boothville Post Office, Braithwait Post Office, Braithwaite Post Office, Buras Post Office, Burrwood Post Office (historical), Carlisle Post Office, City Price Post Office (historical), Concession Post Office (historical), Daisy Post Office (historical), Dalcour Post Office (historical), Davant Post Office, Diamond Post Office (historical), Duvic Post Office (historical), Empire Post Office, English Turn Post Office (historical), Fort Jackson Post Office (historical), Fort Saint Philip Post Office (historical), Gloria Post Office (historical), Grand Prairie Post Office (historical), Happy Jack Post Office (historical), Homeplace Post Office (historical), Jesuit Bend Post Office (historical), Martin Post Office (historical), Myrtle Grove Post Office (historical), Nairn Post Office (historical), Naomi Post Office (historical), Neptune Post Office (historical), Nero Post Office (historical), Nestor Post Office (historical), Nicholls Post Office (historical), Olga Post Office (historical), Ostrica Post Office (historical), Phoenix Post Office (historical), Pigniolo Post Office (historical), Pilottown Post Office, Pointe A La Hache Post Office, Port Eads Post Office (historical), Port Sulphur Post Office, Potash Post Office (historical), Quarantine Post Office (historical), Saint Sophie Post Office (historical), Sunrise Post Office (historical), Triumph Post Office (historical), Venice Post Office, Wills Point Post Office (historical)

  Ridges     show all on map

Paul Morgan Ridge (historical), Rigaud Ridge (historical), Tigers Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Belle Chasse Academy School, Belle Chasse High School, Belle Chasse Middle School, Belle Chasse Primary School, Blessed Martin School (historical), Boothville Venice Elementary School, Buras High School (historical), McBride School, Our Lady of Lourdes School (historical), Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, Phoenix High School, Plaquemines Parish Alternative School, Pointe A La Hache School (historical), Port Sulphur High School (historical), Saint Jude School (historical), Saint Pauline School (historical), Scottville School, South Plaquemines Elementary School, South Plaquemines High School, Sunrise School, Swartse School (historical), Tulane University Hebert Riverside Reserach Center, Woodlawn School

  Streams     show all on map

Bayou Concession, Bayou Lafourche, Bayou Raquette, Mississippi River

  Towers     show all on map

KAGY-AM (Port Sulphur), KESN-FM (Buras Triumph), WNOE-AM (New Orleans),

Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhitePlaquemines Parish White population 17,12117,121  
BlackPlaquemines Parish Black population 4,9434,942
AsianPlaquemines Parish Asian population 836835
MixedPlaquemines Parish Mixed population 549549
American IndianPlaquemines Parish American Indian population 406405
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderPlaquemines Parish Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 4847

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