Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana Basics:

Terrebonne Parish Louisiana - Government Site

Population: 111,713
Area: 1232 square miles
Parish seat: Houma
Area code(s) in use: 985
Time zone: CST
High school graduate or higher: 74.8%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 13.8%
Median household income: $49,545
Persons in poverty: 16.8%
Home ownership rate: 74.2%
Mean travel time to work: 24.3 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Assumption  Lafourche  St. Mary  

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Map of the Terrebonne Parish area

Our detail map of Terrebonne Parish shows the Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana

  Airports     show all on map

Block 8 Seaplane Base, Charlie Hammonds Seaplane Base, Cocodrie Heliport, District 8 Emergency Heliport, Division 'B' Office Heliport, Dulac Imco Services Dock Heliport, Energy Heliport, Houma Terrebonne Heliport, Houma-Terrebonne Airport, Huffaker Field Airport, Marine Shale Processors Incorporated Heliport, Odeco Cocodrie Heliport, Shell Pipe Line Gibson Heliport, South Louisiana Medical Center Heliport, Southland Strip, Southland Strip Number 2, Terrebonne General Medical Center Heliport, Thibodaux Municipal Airport, Transco Schriever Heliport, Union Dulac Heliport

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Coteau Charles

  Bars     show all on map

Ship Shoal

  Bays     show all on map

Alligator Bayou, Alligator Bayou, Austrian Bayou, Avoca Island Cutoff, Bay Banan, Bay Baptiste, Bay Blanc, Bay California, Bay Castagnier, Bay Chaland, Bay Charlie, Bay de l'Ouest, Bay de Mongles, Bay Junop, Bay Long, Bay Long, Bay Lost Reef, Bay Pumpkin, Bay Round, Bay Sainte Elaine, Bay Sale, Bay Touch-me-not, Bay Voisin, Bay Welsh, Bay Wilson, Bayou Banan, Bayou Barre, Bayou Butler, Bayou Carencro, Bayou Casse-Tete, Bayou Charbon, Bayou Chauvin, Bayou Chene, Bayou Chevreau, Bayou Chevreau, Bayou Chitigue, Bayou Chouvere, Bayou Colyell, Bayou Copasaw, Bayou De Cade, Bayou De L'Ouest, Bayou de Log, Bayou de Mangue, Bayou De West, Bayou des Illettes, Bayou du Cougrant, Bayou du Large, Bayou du Nord, Bayou Duferene, Bayou Dufrene, Bayou Dulac, Bayou Goreau, Bayou Grand Caillou, Bayou Guillaume, Bayou Jean Lacroix, Bayou John Bop, Bayou Jones, Bayou l'Ourse, Bayou La Cache, Bayou la Loutre, Bayou Leblanc, Bayou Netouche Pas, Bayou New Route, Bayou Pelton, Bayou Penchant, Bayou Petit Caillou, Bayou Plat, Bayou Pointe au Chien, Bayou Portage, Bayou Poulailler, Bayou Provost, Bayou Rambio, Bayou Saint Jean Charles, Bayou Sale, Bayou Sanbout, Bayou Sarian, Bayou Sauveur, Bayou Shaffer, Bayou Tambour, Bayou Terrebonne, Bayou Voisin, Big Bayou Jose, Big Carencro Bayou, Big Hellhole Lake, Big Horn Bayou, Big Misale Bayou, Billy Goat Bay, Biscuit Bayou, Blackbird Bayou, Blue Hammock Bayou, Bonvillain Canal, Boudreaux Canal, Brady Canal, Buckskin Bayou, Burke Canal, Burkes Bayou, Bush Canal, Caillou Bay, Caillou Lake, Canal Saint Jean Charles, Carencro Bayou, Carencro Lake, Copasaw Canal, Coupe Nouvelle, Creole Bayou, Creole Pass, Crochet Canal, Crooked Bayou, Crooked Bayou, Cross Bayou, Cutoff Bayou, Deep Saline, Deer Bay, Deer Bayou, Deer Bayou, Deer Island Bayou, Deer Island Bayou, Dog Lake, Dog Lake Bayou, Dominick Bayou, Dry Horn Bayou, Eagle Bayou, Eagle Lake, East Bay Junop, Falgout Canal, Falgout Canal Bayou, Felix Lake, Fiddlers Lake, Fish Bayou, Flat Bayou, Fohs Canal, Forty Acre Bayou, Four Island Bayou, Four Point Bayou, Fourleague Bay, Fred Bayou, Goose Bay, Grand Bayou, Grand Bayou du Large, Grand Pass, Grand Pass des Ilettes, Hackberry Bayou, Hackberry Lake, Hellhole Bay, Hellhole Bayou, Houma Navigation Canal, Humble Canal, Huth Canal, Indian Bay, Indian Pass, Jack Stout Bay, Jack Stout Bayou, Jacko Bay, Jug Lake, Kent Bayou, King Lake, Lake Becasse, Lake Billiot, Lake Boudreaux, Lake Chapeau, Lake Chien, Lake De Cade, Lake Felicity, Lake Gascha, Lake Gero, Lake Hatch, Lake Mechant, Lake Pagie, Lake Penchant, Lake Quitman, Lake Theriot, Lapeyrouse Canal, Lewis Bayou, Little Bay Jose, Little Bayou Chevreau, Little Bayou Jose, Little Bayou Penchant, Little Carencro Bayou, Little Carencro Bayou, Little Carrion Bayou, Little Cocodrie Bayou, Little Hellhole Bayou, Little Horn Bayou, Little Misale Bayou, Little Mosquito Bayou, Little Mosquito Pass, Locust Bayou, Lost Lake, Lost Lake Pass, Lower Pass, Madison Bay, Mangrove Bay, Minors Canal, Moncleuse Bay, Moreau Beaux Bayou, Mosquito Bay, Mosquito Bayou, Moss Bay, Mound Bayou, Mud Lake, Mudhole Bay, Mudhole Bayou, Muskrat Bayou, New Canal, Oak Bayou, Old Lady Lake, Old Oyster Bayou, Old Oyster Bayou Lake, Oyster Bayou, Oyster Bayou, Palmetto Bayou, Partridge Bayou, Pass des Ilettes, Pass des Illes, Pelican Bayou, Pelican Lake, Pelican Pass, Peoples Canal, Petit Pass des Ilettes, Piquant Bayou, Plessale Cut, Plumb Bayou, Post Bayou, Prospere Bayou, Proveausal Bay, Quitman Bayou, Rabbit Bayou, Raccourci Bay, Raccourci Bayou, Rainbow Bayou, Rat Bayou, Redfish Bayou, Rice Bayou, Robinson Canal, Saint Paul Bayou, Salt Bay, Schooner Bayou, Superior Canal, Sword Bayou, Tambour Bay, Taylors Bayou, Terrebonne Bay, The Narrows, Tony Bayou, Tony Lake, Towhead Bayou, Treasure Bayou, Trinity Bay, Troiscent Piquets Bay, Trouble Bayou, Turtle Bayou, Turtle Bayou, Turtle Bayou, Turtle Bayou, Victors Bayou, Violin Bayou, Voss Canal, Vouvia Bayou, Wax Bayou, Wildcat Bayou, Willow Bayou, Wonder Lake

  Bends     show all on map

East Bend

  Bridges     show all on map

Bayou Dularge Bridge, Boudreaux Canal Bridge, Dulac Bridge, Houma Navigation Bridge

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Bayou Black Volunteer Fire Department, Bayou Cane Volunteer Fire Department, Bayou Dularge Fire Department, Bayou Terrebonne Waterlife Museum, Bourg Volunteer Fire Department, Chateau Terrebonne Health Care Center, Coteau Volunteer Fire Department, Donner - Chacahoula Fire Department, Dularge Volunteer Fire Department, Dumas Auditorium, East Gibson Volunteer Fire Department, East Houma Library, Gibson Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Grand Caillou Volunteer Fire Department, Grand Caillou Volunteer Fire Department, Grand Caillou Volunteer Fire Department, Heritage Manor of Houma, Homestead Assisted Living Facility, Houma - Terrebonne Civic Center, Houma City Hall, Houma Fire Department Airbase Station, Houma Fire Department Central Station, Houma Fire Department East Houma Station, Houma Fire Department North Houma Station, Houma Fire Department South Houma Memorial Station, Houma Police Department, Little Caillou Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Little Caillou Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Little Caillou Volunteer Fire Department Station 3, Louisiana State Police Troop C, Maison De Ville Nursing Home of Houma, Montegut / Pointe - aux - Chenes Fire Department, Montegut / Pointe - aux - Chenes Fire Department Station 2, Montegut / Pointe - aux - Chenes Fire Department Station 3, Montegut / Pointe - aux - Chenes Fire Department Station 4, Oaks of Houma, Saint Lucy Community Center, Schriever Volunteer Fire Department, Terrebonne House Adult Care Facility, Terrebonne Museum, Terrebonne Parish Courthouse, Terrebonne Parish Health Unit, Terrebonne Parish Juvenile Detention Center, Terrebonne Parish Library, Terrebonne Parish Library, Terrebonne Parish Library Bourg Branch, Terrebonne Parish Library Chauvin Branch, Terrebonne Parish Library Gibson Branch, Terrebonne Parish Library Montegut Branch, Terrebonne Parish Library North Terrebonne Branch, Terrebonne Parish Office, Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's Office, Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's Office - Detective Bureau, The Suites at Sugar Mill Point Adult Care Facility, Village East Volunteer Fire Company

  Canals     show all on map

Ashland Canal, Billiot Canal, Caro Canal, Donner Canal, Donner Canal, Duplantis Canal, Hanson Canal, Houma Canal, Lapeyrouse Canal, Madison Canal, Marmande Canal, Ringo Cocke Canal, Sevin Canal, Shell Canal, Terrebonne Lafourche Drainage Canal, Viguerie Canal

  Capes     show all on map

Bodwin Point, Cooke Point, Dead Alligator Point, Fishing Point, Fox Point, Grand Point, Hog Point, Hog Point, Mosquito Point, Point Mast, Point Meshe, Pount au Fer, Raccoon Point, Shell Point, South Point, Sword Point, Turn Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Bisland Cemetery, Butler Cemetery, Carlof Cemetery, Celestin Cemetery, Crozier Cemetery, Dugas Cemetery, Garden of Memories Cemetery, Halfway Cemetery, Holy Family Cemetery, Magnolia Cemetery, Matherne Cemetery, Mulberry Cemetery, Myrtle Grove Cemetery, Picou Cemetery, Provost Cemetery, Sacred Heart Cemetery, Saint Ann Cemetery, Saint Elie Cemetery, Saint Francis Cemetery, Saint John Cemetery, Saint Joseph Cemetery, Thibodaux Cemetery, Woodlawn Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Bayou Cane Census Designated Place, Bourg Census Designated Place, Chauvin Census Designated Place, Dulac Census Designated Place, Gray Census Designated Place, Montegut Census Designated Place, Presquille Census Designated Place, Schriever Census Designated Place, United Houma Nation State Designated Tribal Statistical Area

  Channels     show all on map

Bodwin Cutoff, Caillou Boca, Caillou Pass, Cat Island Pass, Coupe Colin, Coupe Creuse, Deep Cut, Grand Cut, Grand Pass Chaland, Lake du Diable, Lily Boom Cutoff, Little Pass Chaland, Mile Pass, Mosquito Pass, Old Camp Pass, Pass Barre, Pass la Poule, Pass Wilson, Plumb Island Pass, Plumb Island Pass, Sainte Elaine Pass, Seabreeze Pass, Tambour Cutoff, Whiskey Pass, Wine Island Pass

  Churches     show all on map

Annunziata Church, Assembly of God Church, Bayou Baptist Church, Bayou Blue Assembly of God Church, Bayou du Large Baptist Mission, Beulah Church, Bourg Baptist Mission Church, Buzzard Roost Church, Calvary Church (historical), Carpentier Mission, Chapel of the Blessed, Christian Assembly Church, Christian Faith Fellowship Church, Church of Christ, Church of God Family Worship Center, Clanton Chapel United Methodist Church, Coteau Mission, Cure D'Ars Chapel, Du Large House of Prayer, Dularge Community Baptist Church, Eagle Wright Baptist Church, Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church, Faith Baptist Church, Father's House Church, First Assembly of God Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church of Houma, First Baptist Church of Houma Family Life Center, First Corinthian Baptist Church, First Presbyterian Church, First United Methodist Church, Friendswood Church of God, Gibson Church, Gospel Assembly Church of Houma, Grace Church, Grace Lutheran Church, Grand Caillou Baptist Church, Gray Church, Greater Saint Matthew's Baptist Church, Harvest Cathedral Ministries, Harvest Fields Community Church, His House Tabernacle, Holy Family Church, Holy Rosary Church, Houma Christian Center, House of the Lord, Howard Baptist Church, Immaculate Conception Church, Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, Jerusalem Church, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, L'eglise de Deju, Little Caillou Church, Live Oak Church, Living Gospel Church, Living Word Church, Magnolia United Methodist Church, Maria Immacolata Church, Montegut Baptist Church, Morning Star Church, Moses Israel Church, Mount Calvary Church, Mount Horeb Baptist Church, Mount Olive Baptist Church, Mount Olive Baptist Church, Mount Pilgrim Church, Mount Vernon United Methodist Church, Mulberry Baptist Church, New Beginning Community Outreach Center, New Life Christian Ministries, New Magnolia Baptist Church, New Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church, New Mount Zion Baptist Church, New Rising Sun Baptist Church, New Saint Paul Missionary Baptist Church, New Salem Baptist Church, New Zion Baptist Church, Pleasant View Baptist Church, Plymouth Rock Baptist Church, Resident Baptist Church, Rock of Ages Baptist Church, Rose Hill Church, Sacred Heart Church, Saint Andrews Episcopal Mission, Saint Ann Church, Saint Anns Chapel, Saint Anthonys Church, Saint Bernadette Church, Saint Bridget Church, Saint Charles Church, Saint Francis de Sales Church, Saint Gregory Barbarigo Church, Saint John Church, Saint Joseph Church, Saint Lawrence Catholic Church, Saint Louis Chapel, Saint Lucy Catholic Church, Saint Lukes Church, Saint Lukes Church, Saint Marks Church, Saint Matthews Episcopal Church, Saint Michaels Church, Saint Peters Church, Saint Peters Church, Saint Peters Church, Schriever Baptist Mission Church, Seventh Day Adventist Church, South Terrebonne Church of Christ, Spirit Filled Life Center, Sunlight Church, Temple of Praise, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Trinity Bible Church, Truth Community Church, Victory Christian Center, Vision Christian Center, Wesley United Methodist Church

  Flats     show all on map

Hatch Point

  Guts     show all on map

Alligator Cut, Bayou Big Parasol, Bayou Bluff, Bayou Boeuf, Bayou Cantrelle, Bayou Charles Theriot, Bayou Chine, Bayou de l' Ouest, Bayou de la Valle, Bayou Jack, Bayou Jose, Bayou La Carpe, Bayou la Fleur, Bayou Lucien, Bayou Nicholi, Bayou Rochelle, Bayou Sale, California Canal, Deer Island Pass, East Bayou, Felicity Bayou, Flat Bayou, Grand Bayou Bourbeux, Grassy Bayou, Hog Bayou, Lake de la Valle, Little Lewis Bayou, Petit Bayou Bourbeux, Trinity Bayou

  Hospitals     show all on map

Leonard J Chabert Medical Center, Physicians Alliance Hospital of Houma, Physicians Medical Center, Terrebonne Addictive Disorders Clinic, Terrebonne General Medical Center

  Islands     show all on map

Biscuit Island, Bleux Island, Brush Island, Caillou Island, Cat Island, China Island, Congo Island, Cutoff Island, Deer Island, Halters Island, Hebert Island, Isles Dernieres, Little Hammock, Lovell Island, Mosquito Island, Narrow Hammock, Pelican Island, Plumb Island, Point Au Fer Island, Raccoon Island, Rainbow Island, Rice Island, Terrebonne Island, Timbalier Island, Whiskey Island, Wine Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Bay Bourbeux, Bay Cocodrie, Bay Coon Road, Bay Couteau, Bay la Fleur, Bay la Peur, Bay Long, Bay Lucien, Bay Negresse, Bay Wallace, King Bayou, Lake Barre, Lake Cocodrie, Lake Hackberry, Lake Jean Pierre, Lake La Graisse, Lake Pelto, Lake Saint Jean Baptiste, Lake Tambour, Lake Washa, Plumb Lake, Round Bayou, Sweetwater Pond, Wine Bayou

  Locales     show all on map

Aragon Plantation, Ardoyne Plantation, Bourgs Camp (historical), Colonial Acres Golf Course, Ellendale Country Club, Falgout Canal Marina, Houma Golf Course, Lake Bridge, Lynn Park Shopping Center, Mosquito Point Light, Oyster Bayou Inner End Light, Oyster Bayou Lighthouse, Pointe Farms, Saint Michaels Plantation, Southdown Plantation, Southern Oaks Golf Club, Southland Mall Shopping Center, Sunrise, Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government Houma Generating Station, Terrebonne Parrish Consolidated Government Clinton Street Sewage Plant, Two Oaks, United States Sugar Cane Experimental Station, Village East Shopping Center

  Military     show all on map

Houma Air Force Station (historical), Naval Air Station Houma (historical)

  Oilfields     show all on map

Bay Baptiste Gas Field, Bay Junop Oil and Gas Field, Bay Sainte Elaine Oil and Gas Field, Bayou Chauvin Oil and Gas Field, Bayou Copasaw Gas Field, Bayou Jean Lacroix Oil and Gas Field, Bayou Penchant Oil and Gas Field, Bayou Point Au Chien Gas Field, Bayou Rambio Oil and Gas Field, Bourg Gas Field, Caillou Island Oil Field, Crescent Farms Oil and Gas Field, Deep Saline Gas Field, Deer Island Oil and Gas Field, Dog Lake Oil and Gas Field, Donner Oil Field, Du Large Gas Field, East Donner Gas Field, East Gibson Gas and Oil Field, East Lake De Cade Gas Field, Fiddlers Lake Gas Field, Four Isle Dome Oil and Gas Field, Fourleague Bay Gas Field, Gibson Oil Field, Hollywood Gas Field, Hollywood Oil and Gas Field, Houma Gas Field, Humphreys Oil and Gas Field, Isles Dernieres Oil Field, Kent Bayou Oil and Gas Field, Lake Barre Oil Field, Lake Boudreaux Gas Field, Lake De Cade Gas Field, Lake Gero Gas Field, Lake Hatch Oil and Gas Field, Lake Pagie Gas Field, Lake Pelto Oil Field, Lapeyrouse Oil and Gas Field, Lirette Oil and Gas Field, Montegut Oil and Gas Field, Mosquito Bay Gas Field, North Kent Bayou Gas Field, North Montegut Gas Field, North Turtle Bayou Gas Field, Northeast Gibson Oil Field, Orange Grove Oil and Gas Field, Oyster Bay Oil Field, Palmetto Bayou Oil and Gas Field, Pass Des Ilettes Gas Field, Pass Wilson Oil and Gas Field, Pelican Lake Gas Field, Point Au Fer Oil Field, Saint Bayou Gas Field, Salt Bay Gas Field, Sauveur Bayou Gas Field, Seabreeze Pass Gas Field, South Bourg Gas Field, South Chauvin Gas Field, South Houma Oil and Gas Field, South Humphreys Gas Field, South Sunrise Oil and Gas Field, Southeast Houma Gas Field, Southwest Bourg Gas Field, Sunrise Oil and Gas Field, Turtle Bayou Gas Field, Wallace Bayou Oil and Gas Field, West Deer Island Oil Field, Wildcat Bayou Gas Field, Willow Woods Gas Field

  Parks     show all on map

Harmond Park, Houma Historic District, Legion Park, Madison Park, Shady Oak Park, Williams Avenue Recreation Center

  Populated Places     show all on map

Acadian Villa, Allemand, Ardoyne, Argyle, Ashland, Bayou Cane, Bobtown, Boudreaux, Bourg, Broadmoor, Bull Run, Capri Court Mobile Home Park, Carriage Cove Mobile Home Park, Carte Rouge, Central, Chacahoula, Chauvin, Circle G Mobile Home Park, Cocodrie, Country Boy Mobile Home Park, Country Boy Mobile Home Park, Country Hollow, Crescent, Crozier, Cypress Gardens, Donna Lynns Mobile Home Park, Donner, Dulac, Edward Daigle, Ellendale, Ellsworth, Fairlane, Faith Trailer Court, Gibson, Gray, Greenwood, Highland Park, Hollywood, Houma, Humphreys, Idlewild, Isle of Cuba, Johnson Ridge, Klondyke, Lapeyrouse, Lazy Acres, Lost Bayou Mobile Home Park, Magnolia, Magnolia Plantation, Mandalay, McBride, Mechanicville, Millers Mobile Home Park, Minerva Plantation, Mobile Estates Mobile Home Park, Montegut, Mott Trailer Park, Mulberry, Myrtle Grove (historical), Oak Forest, Oakshire Manor, Point Barre, Point-Aux-Chenes, Presquille, Rebecca Plantation, Remwood Mobile Home Park, Sarah Plantation, Savoie, Schriever, Southdown, Sunshine, Taylors Mobile Home Park, Theriot, Waterproof, Whispering Oaks Mobile Home and Recreational Vehicle Park, Woodlawn, Zacarter

  Post Offices     show all on map

Bourg Post Office, Chauvin Post Office, Dulac Post Office, Gibson Post Office, Gray Post Office, Houma Post Office, Montegut Post Office, Schriever Post Office, Theriot Post Office

  Reserves     show all on map

Mandalay National Wildlife Refuge

  Ridges     show all on map

Marmande Ridge, Smith Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Acadian Elementary School, Andrew Price Alternative School, Arcadian Elementary School, Ardoyne School, Bayou Black Elementary School, Bayou Cane Adult Education Center, Boudreaux Canal Little Caillou School, Bourg Elementary School, Broadmoor Elementary School, Bull Run School (historical), Caldwell Middle School, Chauvin School, Christ Baptist Church Child Care Center, Coteau Bayou Blue School, Daigleville School, Dulac School, DuLarge Elementary School, Dularge Middle School, Duplantis School (historical), East Houma Elementary School, East Park School (historical), East Street Alternative School, Ellender Memorial High School, Elysian Fields Middle School, Evergreen Junior High School, Friendswood Church of God Christian Child Care Center, Gibson Elementary School, Grand Caillou Elementary School, Grand Caillou Middle School, Greenwood Middle School, H L Bourgeois High School, Holy Rosary School, Honduras Elementary School, Houma Christian School, Houma Junior High School, Juvenile Detention Center Alternative School, L E Fletcher Technical Community College, Lacache Middle School, Legion Park Middle School, Lisa Park School, Little Caillou Elementary School, Lower Bayou du Large School (historical), Lower Montegut School, Lower Pointe au Chien School, Magnolia School (historical), Maria Immacolata Catholic School, Montegut Elementary School, Montegut Middle School, Morning Star School (historical), Mulberry Elementary School, Naguin School (historical), Oaklawn Junior High School, Oakshire Elementary School, Petersville School (historical), Pointe-aux-Chenes Elementary School, Saint Bernadette Catholic School, Saint Francis de Sales Cathedral School, Saint Gregory Barbarigo School, Saint Joseph School, Saint Lucy Day Care and Child Development Center, Saint Matthew's Episcopal School, School for Exceptional Children, Schriever Elementary School, Smith Ridge School (historical), South Terrebonne High School, Southdown Elementary School, Southdown High School, Southside School (historical), Terrebonne High School, Terrebonne Vocational Rehabilitation Center School, Terrebonne Vocational Technical High School, The Depaul School, Upper Little Caillou Elementary School, Vandebilt Catholic High School, Village East School, West Park Elementary School, Willow Woods School (historical)

  Streams     show all on map

Bayou Barbue, Bayou Black, Bayou Cane, Bayou Cocodrie, Bayou Grand Caillou, Bayou Guillaume, Bayou La Carpe, Bayou Little Coteau, Bayou Mauvais Bois, Bayou Plat, Chacahoula Bayou, Chacahoula Bayou, Hackberry Bayou, Little Bayou, Little Bayou Black, Mill Creek, Ouiski Bayou, Oyster Bayou, Saint Louis Bayou, Small Bayou La Pointe, Tiger Bayou, Woodlawn Bayou

  Swamps     show all on map

Devil Swamp, Felicity Island

  Towers     show all on map

KCIL-FM (Houma), KJIN-AM (Houma), KNSU-FM (Thibodaux)

  Tunnels     show all on map

Houma Tunnel,

Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteTerrebonne Parish White population 80,54580,545  
BlackTerrebonne Parish Black population 21,22521,225
American IndianTerrebonne Parish American Indian population 6,2566,255
MixedTerrebonne Parish Mixed population 2,3462,345
AsianTerrebonne Parish Asian population 1,2291,228
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderTerrebonne Parish Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 112111

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