Cumberland County, Maine Basics:

Cumberland County Maine - Government Site

Population: 283,840
Area: 835 square miles
County seat: Portland
Area code(s) in use: 207
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 93.6%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 40.2%
Median household income: $57,159
Persons in poverty: 11.1%
Home ownership rate: 68.1%
Mean travel time to work: 22.3 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Androscoggin  Oxford  Sagadahoc  York  

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Map of the Cumberland County area

Our detail map of Cumberland County shows the Cumberland County, Maine boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Cumberland County, Maine

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Brunswick Executive Airport, Cliff Dow Airport, Coombs Ultralight Airport, Crescent Lake Seaplane Base, Douglass Seaplane Base, Dry Pond Seaplane Base, Eagle Field Airport, Enman Field, Eric's Field Airport, Farr Field Airport, Maine Aquarium Heliport, Maple Ridge Airport, Memorial Hospital Heliport, Mountain View Airport, Naples Seaplane Base, Oak Knoll Airport (historical), Panther Pond Seaplane Base, Port O'Maine Airport, Portland International Jetport, Pownal Airport, Sand Bar Seaplane Base, Scottow Bog Flightpark Ultralight Flightpark, Slip Knot Landing Airport, Spurwink Farm Airfield, Super Cub Field Airport, Twin Eagles Airport

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Desert of Maine

  Bars     show all on map

Alden Rock, Anderson Rock, Bache Rock, Ballaststone Ledges, Bar Ledge, Birch Island Ledge, Black Rock, Blacksnake Ledge, Bold Dick, Branning Ledge, Brant Ledges, Broad Cove Rock, Bulwark Shoal, Bunganuc Rock, Bustins Ledge, Catfish Rock, Cedar Ledges, Channel Rocks, Charity Ledge, Chimney Rock, Chimney Rock, Chiver Ledge, Clark Ledge, Cool Rock, Corwin Rock, Cow Island Ledge, Cox Ledge, Crab Ledge, Crowell Rock, David Castle, Diamond Island Ledge, Dick Shoal, Dipper Cove Ledges, Eagle Island Ledge, East Cod Ledge, East Cod Ledge Rock, East Hue and Cry, Eastern Drunkers Ledge, Elm Ledge, Googins Ledge, Goose Ledge, Goose Nest Ledge, Goudy Ledge, Grassy Ledge, Green Island Ledge, Green Island Reef, Green Ledges, Halfway Rock, Holbrook Ledge, Indian Rock, Jenny Ledge, Johns Ledge, Jones Ledge, Jordan Reef, Junk of Pork, Little River Rock, Little Whaleboat Ledge, Littlejohn Rock, Lower Basket Ledge, Lower Clapboard Island Ledge, Lumbo Ledge, Mariner Ledge, Mark Island Ledge, Mark Island Ledge, Merriman Ledges, Middle Ground, Middle Ground Rock, Middle Rock, Middle Rock, Mink Rocks, Mitchell Rock, Moshier Ledge, North Jenny Ledge, North Ledge, Northwest Ledge, Old Anthony Rock, Old Proprietor, Old Tom Rock, Pine Tree Ledge, Pomroy Rock, Ponce Ledge, Pond Island Ledges, Prince Point Ledge, Prince Point Ledge, Pulpit Rock, Ram Island Ledge, Round Rock, Round Shoal, Saddleback Ledge, Sandy Point Ledges, Seal Ledge, Seal Rocks, Sheep Island Ledge, Sheep Island North Ledges, Shooting Rock, Sister Island Ledge, Sisters Ground, Soldier Ledge, South Ledges, Stave Island Ledge, Stevens Rock, Stoop Ledges, Sturdivant Island Ledges, Taylor Reef, The Brothers, The Hussey, The Sisters, Torry Rock, Trotts Rock, Trundy Reef, Turnip Island Ledge, Underwood Ledge, Upper Basket Ledge, Upper Clapboard Island Ledge, Watts Ledge, Webster Rock, West Cod Ledge, West Cod Ledge Rock, West Hue and Cry, West Ledge, Whale Back, Whaleboat Ledge, Willard Rock, Wilson Ledges, Witch Rock, Yarmouth Ledges, Yellow Rock, York Ledge

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Ash Point Cove, Back Cove, Basin Cove, Beach Cove, Beals Cove, Boat Cove, Brickyard Cove, Brickyard Cove, Broad Cove, Broad Cove, Broad Cove, Broad Cove, Broad Sound, Broken Cove, Brown Cove, Burnell Cove, Buttermilk Cove, Camp Cove, Card Cove, Casco Bay, Chandler Cove, Chivericks Cove, Clam Cove, Clark Cove, Clubhouse Cove, Cocktail Cove, Coleman Cove, Cub Cove, Cundy Harbor, Curtis Cove, Danford Cove, Dead Mans Cove, Diamond Cove, Dingley Cove, Dipper Cove, Dorseys Cove, Doughty Cove, Dyer Cove, Dyer Cove, Edwards Cove, Elm Tree Cove, Fishermans Cove, Flag Cove, Goose Cove, Great Harbor Cove, Great Ledge Cove, Gun Point Cove, Hadlock Cove, Hall Cove, Hall Cove, Hallicom Cove, Harbor Grace, Harpswell Cove, Harpswell Harbor, Harpswell Sound, Hayden Bay, Hen Cove, Hunger Bay, Hussey Sound, Indian Cove, Jackson Cove, John Cove, Johnson Cove, Jordan Bay, Josiahs Cove, Kettle Cove, Lamson Cove, Little Cove, Little Cove, Lombos Hole, Long Cove, Long Cove, Long Reach, Loon Cove, Lowell Cove, Lower Bay, Lower Harvey Cove, Luckse Sound, Mackerel Cove, Maiden Cove, Maple Cove, Maquoit Bay, Mast Cove, Maxwell Cove, Merepoint Bay, Merriconeag Sound, Merriman Cove, Middle Bay, Middle Bay Cove, Mill Cove, Mussel Cove, Mussel Cove, New Place Cove, Nonesuch Cove, North Cove, Orrs Cove, Peter Cove, Pond Cove, Potts Harbor, Punchbowl, Quahog Bay, Reed Cove, Rich Cove, Richmond Island Harbor, Ridley Cove, Sandy Cove, Sandy Cove, Schooner Cove, Seal Cove, Seal Cove, Sebago Cove, Shark Cove, Shelldrake Cove, Shingle Cove, Ship Cove, Simonton Cove, Skolfield Cove, Sloanes Cove, Smugglers Cove, Spar Cove, Spar Cove, Spicers Cove, Spring Cove, Spring Cove, Staples Cove, Staples Cove, Stover Cove, The Dock, Thomas Bay, Turtle Cove, Upper Harvey Cove, Wards Cove, Water Cove, Western Cove, Wharf Cove, White Cove, Widgeon Cove, Wilson Cove, Witch Cove, Woodward Cove, Wreck Cove, Zeb Cove

  Beaches     show all on map

Andrews Beach, Back Shore, Big Beach, Cliff House Beach, Crescent Beach, East End Beach, Little Beach, Pine Point Beach, Scarborough Beach, Thomas Point Beach, West Shore Sandy Beach, Western Beach, Willard Beach

  Benches     show all on map

Cundy Ledge, Fish Point Ledge, The Ledges, Verrills Ledges

  Bridges     show all on map

Babbs Bridge, Bailey Island Cobwork Bridge, Brunswick-Topsham Bridge, Eel Weir Bridge, Great Falls Bridge, Gurnet Bridge, Loveitt Bridge, Marsh Bridges, Martin Point Bridge, Portland Bridge, Portland Bridge, Riverton Bridge, Tukey Bridge, Vaughans Bridge (historical), Veterans Memorial Bridge, Whites Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Academy Building, Admiral Robert E Peary Home Museum, Alumni House, American Medical Response, American Medical Response, Anderson Hall, Andover College Library, Appleton Hall, Bailey Hall, Bangor Theological Seminary Portland, Baxter House Museum, Baxter Memorial Library, Beech Ridge Speedway Ambulance, Bernstein Shur Law Library, Bolsters Mills Village Library, Bowdoin College Hawthorne Longfellow Library, Bowdoin College Museum of Art, Bridgton Fire Department North Station, Bridgton Fire Department South Station, Bridgton Fire Department West Station, Bridgton Historical Society Museum, Bridgton Hospital Skillin Health Science Library, Bridgton Police Department, Bridgton Public Library, Brooks Student Center, Brown Memorial Library, Brunswick Chamber of Commerce, Brunswick Fire Department Central Station, Brunswick Fire Department Emerson Station, Brunswick Naval Air Station Fire Department, Brunswick Police Department, Brunswick Town Offices, Burnell Tavern (historical), Cape Elizabeth Fire Department Cape Cottage Fire Station, Cape Elizabeth Fire Department Town Center Station, Cape Elizabeth Police Department, Cape Elizabeth Town Hall, Casco Bay Terminal, Casco Castle (historical), Casco Central Fire Station, Casco Public Library, Caswell Public Library, Central Bridgton Fire Department, Chamber of Commerce of the Greater Portland Region, Chamberlain House, Chebeague Island Fire Department, Chebeague Island Library, Chebeague Island Rescue Station, Cliff Island Library, Corthell Hall, Cumberland Center Police Department, Cumberland County Civic Center, Cumberland County Courthouse, Cumberland County Jail, Cumberland County Sheriff's Office, Cumberland County Sheriff's Office, Cumberland Fire Department Central Station, Cumberland Fire Department West Station, Cumberland Rescue Department, Cumberland Town Hall, Cundy's Harbor Volunteer Fire Department, Cundys Harbor Library, Curtis Memorial Library, Dalton Holmes Davis Memorial Library, Danforth Gallery, Daniel Marrett House Museum, Dickey Wood Hall, E B Mallett Office Building, East Baldwin Fire Station, East Windham Fire Department (historical), Enoch Harrington House Museum, Environmental Building Center, Faith House Womans Shelter, Falmouth Emergency Medical Services, Falmouth Fire Emergency Medical Services Central Station, Falmouth Memorial Building, Falmouth Memorial Library, Falmouth Police Department, Falmouth Town Hall, Falmouth Volunteer Fire Department Emergency Medical Services Central Station, Falmouth Volunteer Fire Department Emergency Medical Services Foreside Station, Falmouth Volunteer Fire Department Engine 3, Fifth Maine Regiment Community Center, Foundation for Blood Research, Frances W Peabody Research Library, Freeport Community Library, Freeport Fire Rescue Department, Freeport Historical Building, Freeport Police Department, Freeport Town Hall, Frye Island Fire Department Station 1, Frye Island Fire Department Station 2, Frye Island Police Department, Gem Theatre (historical), George I Lewis and Family Gallery, Gorham Campus Library, Gorham Fire Department North Gorham White Rock Station, Gorham Fire Department West Gorham Station, Gorham Fire Department White Rock Station, Gorham Fire Rescue Central Station, Gorham Police Department, Gorham Town Hall, Governor Baxter School for the Deaf Library, Gray Fire and Rescue, Gray Fire Rescue Department Station 2 Dry Mills, Gray Fire Rescue Department Station 3, Gray Public Library, Greater Portland Council of Governments, Greenwood Opera House, Halls Tavern (historical), Harpswell Historical Society Building, Harpswell Neck Volunteer Fire Department Irving F Chipman Station, Harpswell Sheriff's Deputy Office, Harpswell Town Offices, Harriet Beecher Stowe House, Harrison Fire Department, Harrison Village Library, Hubbard Hall, Hyde Hall, Ingraham Mainstay Drug Rehabilitation Center, J W Payson Gallery, Jamesons Tavern (historical), Joanne Waxman Library, John Mitchell Center, Jones Museum of Glass and Ceramics, Josephine S Abplanalp Library, Joshua L Chamberlain Museum, Kaplan University South Portland Library, Kathleen and Daniel Wellehan Library, Lakes Environmental Association Library, Long Creek Youth Development Center, Long Island Community Library, Long Island Fire and Rescue, Luther Bonney Hall, Maine Archives and Museums, Maine Charitable Mechanic Association Library, Maine College of Art Library, Maine Correctional Center, Maine Forestry Service, Maine Hall, Maine Historical Society Brown Research Library, Maine Historical Society Building, Maine History Gallery, Maine Mall, Maine Medical Center Library, Maine Publicity Bureau Building, Maine State Information Center, Maine State Police Troop B, Maine State Police Troop G, Maine Youth Center Library, Masonic Temple, Massachusetts Hall, Masterton Hall, McLellan House, McLellan-Sweat Mansion, Mechanics Hall, Memorial Branch South Portland Public Library, Memorial Hall, Mercy Hospital Health Sciences Library, Merrill Memorial Library, Mid Coast Hospital Health Sciences Library, Moulton Union, Munjoy Branch Portland Public Library, Naples Fire Department and Rescue Unit, Naples Historical Society Museum, Naples Public Library, Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum, Nathan and Henry B Cleaves Law Library, New England Bible College Library, New Gloucester Fire Department, New Gloucester Fire Department Station 2, New Gloucester Public Library, New Gloucester Volunteer Fire Rescue Department, North Baldwin Fire Station, North Bridgton Public Library, North East Mobile Health Services, North Gorham Public Library, North Yarmouth Fire Rescue, Northeast Mobile Health Service, Oak Street Theatre, Orrs Island Fire Department, Orr`s Island Library, Osher Map Library Smith Center for Cartographic Education, Parkview Professional Building, Payson Smith Hall, Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum, Pejepscot Historical Museum, Pejepscot Historical Society Building, Pejepscot Historical Society Museum, Pierce Atwood Law Library, Poland Police Department, Portland City Hall, Portland Club, Portland Convention and Visitors Bureau and Information Center, Portland Exhibition Building, Portland Fire Department, Portland Fire Department Bramhall Station, Portland Fire Department East Deering Station, Portland Fire Department Munjoy Station, Portland Fire Department Northgate, Portland Fire Museum, Portland Harbor Museum, Portland International Ferry Terminal, Portland Museum of Art, Portland Museum of Art Library, Portland Performing Arts Center, Portland Police Department East Bayside Center, Portland Police Department Headquarters, Portland Police Department Midtown Center, Portland Police Department Munjoy Hill Center, Portland Police Department Parkside Center, Portland Police Department West End Center, Portland Public Library, Portland Public Library Burbank Branch, Portland Public Library Peaks Island Branch, Portland Public Library Riverton Branch, Portland Public Safety Building, Portland Society of Natural History, Portland Visitor Information Center, Powers House, Pownal Fire and Rescue Center Station, Pownal Fire and Rescue North Station, Pownal Scenic and Historical Society Building, Presidents House, Presidents House, Preti Flaherty Beliveau and Pachios Library, Prides Corner Fire Station, Prince Memorial Library, Rackleff Building, Raymond Fire Department, Raymond Fire Rescue Department Station 2, Raymond Village Library, Raymond-Casco Historical Society Building, Reiche Branch Library, Richville Library, Robie-Andrews Hall, Russell Hall, Saint Joseph's College Wellehan Library, Sappi Fine Paper Technology Center Library, Sargent Gymnasium, Scarborough Downs Emergency Medical Services Ambulance, Scarborough Fire Department Engine 1 Pleasant Hill Station, Scarborough Fire Department Engine 3 Pleasant Hill Road Station, Scarborough Fire Department Engine 4 Pine Point Station, Scarborough Fire Department Oak Hill Station, Scarborough Fire Department Station 5 North Scarborough, Scarborough Fire Rescue Department Dunstan Station, Scarborough Historical Society Building, Scarborough Marsh Nature Center, Scarborough Museum, Scarborough Police Department, Scarborough Public Library, Searles Science Building, Sebago Fire Department Station 1, Sebago Fire Department Station 2, Sebago Fire Department Station 3, Sebago Volunteer Emergency Medical Services, Seth Adams Hall, Shaker Library, Shaker Museum, South Casco Fire Department Station 2, South Portland Fire Department Cash Corner, South Portland Fire Department Cash Corner, South Portland Fire Department Central Station, South Portland Fire Department Ferry Village, South Portland Fire Department Union Street, South Portland Fire Department West End, South Portland Fire Department Willard Hose Company, South Portland Police Department, South Portland Public Library, South Portland Public Library Memorial Branch, South Windham Public Library, Southern Maine Community College First Responders, Southern Maine Community College Library, Southern Maine Technical College Library, Spaulding Memorial Library, Spratt-Mead Museum, Standish Fire and Emergency Medical Services, Standish Fire and Emergency Medical Services District 3, Steep Falls Library, Sullivan Gymnasium, Tate House, The Baxter Gallery, The Childrens Museum of Maine, Thomas Memorial Library, United Ambulance Service, United Society of Shakers Sabbathday Lake Library, United States Courthouse, United States Customs House, University of Maine School of Law Garbrecht Law Library, University of Southern Maine Art Gallery, University of Southern Maine Glickman Family Library, University of Southern Maine Libraries, University of Southern Maine Police Department, Upton-Hastings Hall, Victoria Mansion, Village Fire and Rescue Station (historical), Village Square Information Center, Wadsworth-Longfellow House, Walker Art Gallery, Walker Memorial Library, Warren Hill Gymnasium, West Baldwin Fire Station, West Bridgeton Fire Department, Westbrook Fire and Rescue Station 1, Westbrook Fire and Rescue Station 2, Westbrook Fire and Rescue Station 3, Westbrook Police Department, Westbrook Town Hall, Windham Fire Rescue Department District 1, Windham Fire Rescue Department District 2, Windham Fire Rescue Department District 3, Windham Fire Rescue Department District 4 Headquarters, Windham Police Department, Windham Public Library, Windham Town Hall, Winthrop Hall, Woodman Building, Woodward Hall, Yarmouth Fire and Rescue, Yarmouth Fire and Rescue Wyman Station, Yarmouth Historical Society and Museum, Yarmouth Police Department, Yarmouth Town Hall

  Canals     show all on map

Eel Weir Canal

  Capes     show all on map

Abner Point, Abners Nose, Adams Head, Adams Point, Andrews Nubble, Arrowhead Point, Artist Point, Ash Point, Barnes Point, Bartlett Point, Bartol Point, Basin Point, Bear Point, Bear Point, Bells Point, Bennett Cove, Bethel Point, Bettys Neck, Birch Point, Birch Point, Blaney Point, Bluff Point, Brackett Point, Breezy Point, Brewers Point, Browns Point, Browns Point, Bunganuc Point, Buttermilk Point, Callen Point, Cape Elizabeth, Cape Monday, Chebeague Point, Checkly Point, City Point, Collins Point, Cornfield Point, Cox Point, Cub Point, Cundy Points, Cushing Point, Cushing Point, Deer Point, Division Point, Doughty Point, Doyle Point, Drinkwater Point, Dyer Point, East Cundy Point, East Point, East Point, Echo Point, Ferry Rock, Fish Point, Flying Point, Flying Point Neck, Fogg Point, Fort Point, Fort Point, Fort Scammel Point, Goose Point, Gun Point, Hall Point, Harpswell Neck, Harpswell Neck, Hayward Point, High Head, High Head, Howard Point, Hunts Point, Indian Point, Indian Point, Jerry Point, Johns Point, Jordan Point, Jordan Point, Kellys Point, Kelseys Point, Keoka Point, Knolls Point, Krams Point, Lambert Point, Little Flying Point, Long Point, Lookout Point, Lyon Point, Mackworth Point, Madelon Point, Martin Point, Maxwell Point, McKenney Point, Mere Point, Merepoint Neck, Miller Point, Monk Point, Moore Point, Nonesuch Point, Nubble, Parker Point, Parrot Point, Parsons Point, Peabbles Point, Pinkham Point, Potts Point, Powell Point, Prince Point, Prince Point, Prince Point, Prouts Neck, Raymond Cape, Raymond Neck, Ricker Head, Rock Ledge, Rock Point, Salmon Point, Sanborns Point, Sandy Point, Shelldrake Point, Shelldrake Point, Simpson Point, Spring Point, Spruce Point, Staples Point, Staples Point, Stimpsons Point, Stockbridge Point, Stover Point, Sunset Point, The Cod Rocks, Thomas Point, Thompson Point, Thompson Point, Tondreaus Point, Torrington Point, Trundy Point, Waldo Point, Wards Point, Watts Point, West Cundy Point, West Point, Western Head, Weston Point, Weston Point, Whaleback, Wharton Point, Whitehead, Whites Point, Whites Point, Winnocks Neck, Wolf Neck, Woodward Point, Wrights Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Adams Cemetery, Allen Family Cemetery, Alms House-City Farm Cemetery, Ancient Burying Ground, Annie Simpson Grave, Arlington Cemetery, Austin Cemetery, Babb Cemetery, Bailey Cemetery, Bailey Island Cemetery, Barnard Cemetery, Benton Cemetery, Berry Cemetery, Black Point Cemetery, Blake Cemetery, Blanchard Cemetery, Boulter Cemetery, Boulter John Cemetery, Bowie Cemetery, Brackett Memorial Cemetery, Brooklawn Memorial Cemetery, Brown Cemetery, Brown Cemetery, Brown Cemetery, Brown Number 2 Cemetery, Browns Cemetery, Bunganuc Cemetery, Burham Cemetery, Burnham Cemetery, Burr Cemetery, Calvary Cemetery, Cape Elizabeth Church Cemetery, Carsley Cemetery, Center Cemetery, Chaplin Cemetery, Chase Cemetery, Chase Jameson Cemetery, Choate Cemetery, Chute Cemetery, Cobb Cemetery, Collins Cemetery, Collins Cemetery, Conant Cemetery, Congregational Church Cemetery, Convene Cemetery, Cook-Pinkham Cemetery, Craig Road Burying Grounds, Cranberryhorn Cemetery, Davis Cemetery, Day Cemetery, Deer Hill Cemetery, Dolley Cemetery, Douglass Cemetery, Dows Corner Cemetery, Dunn Nason Guptill Cemetery, Dunning Private Cemetery, Dyer Cemetery, Dyer Cemetery, Dyer Family Cemetery, Eastern Cemetery, Eastern Cemetery, Eben Libby Farm Cemetery, Edes Falls Cemetery, Edwards Family Cemetery, Elder Cemetery, Elmwood Cemetery, Emerson Cemetery, Emerson-Thorne Cemetery, Evergreen Cemetery, Farris Cemetery, Fenderson Cemetery, Fenderson Marshall Cemetery, Fickett Cemetery, Field Cemetery, Finnish Cemetery, Finnish Cemetery, First Parish Cemetery, Fitch Cemetery, Fitch Cemetery, Fitch Cemetery, Flint Cemetery, Flying Point Cemetery, Fogg Yard, Foreside Community Cemetery, Forest City Cemetery, Forest Hill Cemetery, Fort Hill Cemetery, Franklin Stevens Cemetery, Friends Cemetery, Friends Cemetery, Friendship Cemetery, Gatchell Cemetery, George Street Cemetery, Godd Cemetery, Goodwin Cemetery, Goudreau Family Burying Ground, Gowen Family Cemetery, Grand Trunk Cemetery, Grant Family Cemetery, Graveyard Point Cemetery, Gray Village Cemetery, Green Grove Cemetery, Groves Winslow, Growstown Cemetery, Hale Cemetery, Haley Cemetery, Ham Cemetery, Hamblen Cemetery, Hanson Burial Ground, Harding Cemetery, Harding Cemetery, Hardy Cemetery (historical), Harmon Cemetery, Harmon Cemetery, Harmon Cemetery, Harmon Waterhouse Cemetery, Harpswell Center Cemetery, Hartwell Little Cemetery, Harty Cemetery, Hasty Cemetery, Henry Tenny Cemetery, Heuston Burying Ground, High Street Cemetery, Highland Lake Cemetery, Highland Lake Church Cemetery, Highland Memorial Gardens, Hillcrest Cemetery, Hillside Cemetery, Hio Ridge Cemetery, Hunnewell Cemetery, Huston Family Cemetery, Indian Cemetery, Indian Cemetery, Ingalls Hill Cemetery, Jameson Cemetery, Jewell Cemetery, Johnson Cemetery, Johnson Cemetery, Jones Cemetery, Jordan Hanscom Cemetery, Jose Cemetery, Keene Cemetery, Kenison Cemetery, King Cemetery, King Cemetery, Knight Cemetery, Knight Cemetery, Knight Cemetery, Knight Cemetery, Lake Cemetery, Lakeside Cemetery, Lakeside Cemetery, Lane Cemetery, Larrabee Cemetery, Larrabee Cemetery, Larrabee Cemetery, Ledge Cemetery, Leighton Cemetery, Leighton Family Cemetery, Lewis Cemetery, Libby Cemetery, Libby Cemetery, Libby Cemetery, Libby Cemetery, Libby Mitchell Cemetery, Littlefield Cemetery, Lord Cemetery, Lord Cemetery, Lord Cemetery, Loveitt Cemetery, Lowell Cemetery, Lower Corner Cemetery, Luke Nickerson, Lumbard Cemetery, Lunt Memorial Cemetery, Mains Cemetery, Major John Waterhouse Cemetery, Manning Cemetery, Maple Ridge Cemetery, Maplewood Cemetery, Maplewood Cemetery, Maplewood Cemetery, Maquoit Cemetery, Marsh Cemetery, Marston Cemetery, Martin Cemetery, Maxfield Cemetery, Mayberry Cemetery, Mayberry Cemetery, McGregor Cemetery, McIntosh Cemetery, McLaughlin Cemetery, Merrill Cemetery, Merrill Graveyard, Mills Cemetery, Morrell Cemetery, Morrison Hill Church Cemetery, Moss Side Cemetery, Moulton Cemetery, Moulton Cemetery, Mount Carmel Cemetery, Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Mount Sinai Cemetery, Mountain Road Cemetery, Mountain View Cemetery, Mugford Family Cemetery, Murch Cemetery, New Meadows Cemetery, Noah Elliot Grave, Nonesuch Cemetery, North Bridgton Cemetery, North Freeport Cemetery, North Gorham Cemetery, North Raymond Cemetery, North Street Cemetery, Norton Cemetery, Noyes Cemetery, Oak Hill Cemetery, Old Anderson Cemetery, Old Friends Cemetery, Old Parish Burying Ground, Old Settlers Cemetery, Old Smith Burying Ground, Old Wentworth Cemetery, Orrs Island Cemetery, Packard Cemetery, Paine Cemetery, Paine Cemetery, Palmer-Ingalls Cemetery, Pennell Cemetery, Perley Cemetery, Perley Cemetery, Pierce Cemetery, Pike Cemetery, Pine Grove Cemetery, Pine Grove Cemetery, Pine Grove Cemetery, Pineland Memorial Cemetery, Pines Cemetery, Pioneer Cemetery, Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Plummer Cemetery, Plummer Cemetery, Plummer Libby Cemetery, Pond Cove Cemetery, Poor Birch Cemetery, Poor Cemetery, Poor Cemetery, Porters Landing Cemetery, Pownal Center Cemetery, Pride Family Cemetery, Purington Cemetery, Quaker Cemetery, Randall Cemetery, Raymond Hill Baptist Church Cemetery, Raymond Village Cemetery, Reverend Stephen Waterhouse Cemetery, Richards Cemetery, Richville Cemetery, Ridge Cemetery, Ridlon Cemetery, Ridlon Cemetery, Riverside Cemetery, Riverside Cemetery, Riverside Cemetery, Riverside Cemetery, Rocky Hill Cemetery, Rounds Cemetery, Ryefield Cemetery, Saccarappa Cemetery, Saint Hyacinthe Cemetery, Saint Josephs Cemetery, Saint Pauls Memorial Garden, Sanborn Cemetery, Sanborn Cemetery, Sandy Creek Cemetery, Sapling Hill Cemetery, Sawyer Cemetery, Sawyer Cemetery, Scarborough Memorial Cemetery, Seavey Cemetery, Shaw Cemetery, Shaws Mill Cemetery, Simpson Cemetery, Skilling Cemetery, Skolfield Cemetery, Skolfield Doyle Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Smith Private Ground Cemetery, Smith-Anderson Cemetery, South Bridgton Cemetery, South Freeport Cemetery, South Gorham Cemetery, South Gray Cemetery, South Harrison Cemetery, South Street Cemetery, Stimpson Cemetery, Stone Cemetery, Stroudwater Burying Ground, Strout Cemetery, Summit Hill Cemetery, Sweden Road Cemetery, Tenney Hill Cemetery, The Great Grave, Thompson Family Cemetery, Tibbetts Hunnewell Cemetery, Town Farm Cemetery, Trafton Cemetery, Tubbs Cemetery, Tuttle Cemetery, Upper Mast Landing Cemetery, Varney Cemetery, Village Cemetery, Walnut Hill Cemetery, Ward Cemetery, Ward Cemetery, Warren Cemetery, Waterhouse Cemetery, Webbs Mills Cemetery, Webster Cemetery, Weeman Cemetery, Wentworth Cemetery, Wescoat Eliakim Cemetery, West Baldwin Cemetery, West Cumberland Church Cemetery, West Gorham Cemetery, West Gorham Cemetery, West Harpswell Cemetery, West Scarboro Cemetery, Western Cemetery, White Cemetery, White Cemetery, White Rock Cemetery, Whitten Field Cemetery, Wiggins Cemetery, Willard Cemetery, Windham Hill Cemetery, Wolf Neck Cemetery, Woodlawn Cemetery, Woodlawn Cemetery, Woodsum Cemetery, Woodsum Number 2 Cemetery, York Cemetery, York Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Bridgton Census Designated Place, Brunswick Census Designated Place, Brunswick Station Census Designated Place, Casco Census Designated Place, Cousins Island Census Designated Place, Cumberland Center Census Designated Place, Falmouth Census Designated Place, Falmouth Foreside Census Designated Place, Freeport Census Designated Place, Gorham Census Designated Place, Gray Census Designated Place, Little Falls Census Designated Place, Little Falls-South Windham Census Designated Place (historical), Littlejohn Island Census Designated Place, Naples Census Designated Place, North Windham Census Designated Place, Scarborough Census Designated Place, South Windham Census Designated Place, Standish Census Designated Place, Steep Falls Census Designated Place, Yarmouth Census Designated Place

  Channels     show all on map

Chute River, Diamond Island Pass, Diamond Island Roads, Ewin Narrows, Green Island Passage, Gurnet Strait, Lower Narrows, Prince Gurnet, The Notch, Whitehead Passage

  Churches     show all on map

African International Church, Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Church, Anchor Missionary Fellowship Church, Assembly of God Church, Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, Berean Baptist Church, Blue Point Congregational Church, Bolsters Mills United Methodist Church, Bridgton Road Church, Calvary Chapel, Cape Elizabeth Church, Cape Elizabeth Methodist Church, Cape Elizabeth United Methodist Church, Cape Shore Assembly of God Church, Casco Village Church, Cathedral Church of Saint Luke, Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Central Square Baptist Church, Chestnut Street United Methodist Church, Christ Chapel, Christ Church, Church of Christ, Church of the Holy Spirit, Church of the Holy Spirit Episcopal Church, Church of the Nazarene, Church of the Nazarene of South Portland, Church of the Servant, Clark Memorial United Methodist Church, Community Church, Cousins Island Chapel, East Brunswick Baptist Church, East Harpswell Free Will Baptist Church, Eckankar Religion of Light Church, Elm Street United Methodist Church, Emmanuel Assembly of God Church, Emmaus Lutheran Church, Fairhaven Assembly of God Church, Falmouth Congregational Church, Feminist Spiritual Community, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church of Yarmouth, First Church, First Church of Christ, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Congregational Church, First Congregational Church, First Congregational Church, First Parish Congregational Church, First Parish Congregational Church, First Parish Congregational Church, First Parish Congregational Church, First Parish Unitarian Church, First Universalist Church, Foreside Community Church, Friends Church, Friends Meeting House, Glenwood Square Baptist Church, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Gorham Christian Assembly Church, Grace Baptist Church, Greater Grace Bible Church, Greater Portland Church of Christ, Green Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Harpswell Meetinghouse, Highland Cliff Advent Church, Highland Lake Congregational Church, Holy Cross Church, Holy Martyrs Church, Holy Martyrs Church, Holy Nativity Orthodox Church, Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, Immanuel Baptist Church, International Christian Church, King Chapel, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, Korean United Methodist Church, Lighthouse Christian Center, Little Falls Baptist Church, Maquoit Church, Mariners Church, Morrison Hill Church (historical), Naples United Methodist Church, Nazarene First Church, New Gloucester Bible Church, North Deering Alliance Church, North Deering Congregational Church, North Street Church, North Yarmouth and Freeport Baptist Meetinghouse, Oak Hill Chapel, Oak Hill Community Church, Old Red Church, Park Avenue Church of God, Payson Park Evangelical Free Church, Peoples United Methodist Church, Pine Point Church, Pleasant Hill Chapel (historical), Portland Church of Christ International, Queen of the Mission Chapel, Raymond Village Community Church, Royal Ridge Church of God, Sacred Heart Church, Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church, Saint Albans Episcopal Church, Saint Anns Episcopal Church, Saint Ansgar Lutheran Church, Saint Batholomew Church, Saint Camillus Mission Rectory, Saint Charles Borromeo Church, Saint Dominics Roman Catholic Church, Saint Gregory Rectory, Saint Hyacinth Church, Saint Johns Church, Saint Johns Church, Saint Joseph Catholic Church, Saint Joseph College Chapel, Saint Josephs Church, Saint Josephs Convent, Saint Jude Chapel, Saint Judes Catholic Church, Saint Judes Church, Saint Lawrence Church, Saint Louis Roman Catholic Church, Saint Mary Church, Saint Mary the Virgin Church, Saint Mary the Virgin Episcopal Church, Saint Maximillian Parish Church, Saint Nicholas Episcopal Church, Saint Patricks Church, Saint Pauls Church, Saint Pauls Episcopal Church, Saint Peters Episcopal Church, Saint Peters Episcopal Church, Saint Pius X Church, Saint Raymonds Church, Salvation Army, Scarborough Free Baptist Church, School Street United Methodist Church, Seamens Friends Society, Sebago Center Community Church, Sebago Lake Congregational Church, Second Parish Orthodox Church, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Seventh Day Adventist Church, South Bridgton Congregational Church, South Freeport Church, South Gorham Baptist Church, South Windham Community Church, Spirit Ministries Church, Spurwink Church, Standish Congregational Church, State Street Church, State Street Church of God, Stevens Avenue Congregational Church, Stroudwater Baptist Church, Stroudwater Christian Church, Swedenborgian Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Trinity Baptist Church, Trinity Episcopal Church, Trinity Lutheran Church, Tuttle Road United Methodist Church, Union Chapel, Union Church, Union Church, Unitarian Universalist Church, Unitarian Universalist Church, Unitarian Universalist Church, Unitarian Universalist Church of Westbrook, United Church of Christ at North Gorham, Unity of Greater Portland Church, Universalist Meeting House, Vineyard Christian Fellowship, West Cumberland United Methodist Church, West Cumberland United Methodist Church, West Falmouth Baptist Church, West Scarborough United Methodist Church, Westbrook United Methodist Church, Westbrook-Warren Congregational Church, White Rock Baptist Church, Williams Temple Church of God in Christ, Williston-West Church, Windham Baptist Church, Windham Christian Life Center, Windham Hill United Church of Christ, Windham Plains Chapel, Woodfords Congregational Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Fryes Leap

  Crossings     show all on map

Interchange 10, Interchange 11, Interchange 16, Interchange 17, Interchange 18, Interchange 19, Interchange 20, Interchange 21, Interchange 23, Interchange 3, Interchange 4, Interchange 5, Interchange 6, Interchange 6, Interchange 6, Interchange 7, Interchange 7, Interchange 8, Interchange 8, Interchange 9, Interstate 22, Mitchell Hill

  Dams     show all on map

Adams Pond Dam, Bog Dam, Bridge Street Dam, Brunswick Dam, Clark Pond Dam, Crystal Lake Dam, Cumberland Dam, Dam Number One, Dundee Pond Dam, East Elm Street Dam, Eel Weir Dam, Foxwells Bridge Brook Dam, Gambo Falls Dam, Highland Lake Dam, Highland Lake Dam, Jordan Mill Dam, Knights Pond Dam, Little Falls Dam, Little Sebago Lake Dam, Mallison Falls Dam, Mill Brook Dam, Mill Pond Dam, North Gorham Dam, Panther Pond Dam, Peabody Lake Mill Dam, Rich Mill Pond Dam, Saccarappa Dam, Sebago Lake Dam, Songo Lock Dam, Stevens Brook Dam, Stroudwater Dam, Thomas Pond Dam, Watchic Pond Dam, Wilson Pond Dam, Woods Pond Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Basion Cove Falls, Dundee Falls, Mallison Falls, Presumpscot Falls, Saccarappa Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Jugtown Plain

  Forests     show all on map

Falmouth Town Forest

  Gaps     show all on map

Upper Narrows

  Guts     show all on map

Jaquish Gut, Molly Gut, Wills Gut

  Harbors     show all on map

Portland Harbor

  Hospitals     show all on map

Bridgton Hospital, Bridgton Medical Center, Dudley Coe Infirmary, Freeport Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Healthline Community Health Center, Maine Eye and Ear Infirmary (historical), Maine Medical Center, Mercy Hospital, Mercy Westbrook Hospital, Mid Coast Hospital, New England Rehabilitation Hospital of Portland, Osteopathic Hospital of Maine, Parkview Adventist Medical Center, Pineland Hospital and Training Center, Regional Memorial Hospital, Spring Harbor Hospital, State Street Hospital (historical), United States Marine Hospital

  Islands     show all on map

Bailey Island, Bangs Island, Bar Island, Barnes Island, Bartol Island, Basket Island, Bass Island, Bates Island, Battleship Island, Bean Island, Ben Island, Big Hen Island, Big Island, Birch Island, Birch Island, Birch Island, Black Rock, Blueberry Island, Blueberry Island, Bombazine Island, Bowman Island, Bragdon Island, Bush Island, Bustins Island, Cedar Ledges, Center Island, Clapboard Island, Cliff Island, College Island, College Island, Cousins Island, Cow Island, Crab Island, Crow Island, Crow Island, Crow Island, Crow Island, Crow Island, Cushing Island, Dingley Island, Dingley Islands, Doctor Island, Dogs Head, Dollys Island, Driscoll Island, Drunker Ledge, Duck Rock, Eagle Island, East Brown Cow, Elm Islands, Flag Island, Flash Island, Fowler Island, French Island, Freyee Islands, Frye Island, Gallows Island, George Island, Gillman Island, Googins Island, Goose Nest, Goulds Island, Grape Island, Great Chebeague Island, Great Diamond Island, Great Mark Island, Haddock Rock, Halfway Rock, Haskell Island, Heath Island, Hen Island, Hen Island, Hog Island Ledge, Hope Island, Hopkins Island, Horse Island, Horse Island, House Island, Indian Island, Indian Island, Inner Birch Island, Inner Green Island, Inner Green Island, Inner Island, Inner Spectacle Island, Inner Twin Island, Iron Island, Irony Island, Jaquish Island, Jenny Island, Jewell Island, Lanes Island, Leavitt Island, Lindsay Island, Little Birch Island, Little Birch Island, Little Bull Ledge, Little Bustins Island, Little Chebeague Island, Little Diamond Island, Little French Island, Little Iron Island, Little Island, Little Jewell Island, Little Mark Island, Little Moshier Island, Little Whaleboat Island, Littlejohn Island, Long Island, Long Island, Long Ledge, Long Point Island, Loon Island, Lower Coombs Island, Lower Goose Island, Lpon Island, Mackworth Island, Mark Island, Martin Island, Merrill Isle, Middle Island, Mile Island, Millstone Island, Ministerial Island, Moshier Island, Mosquito Island, Oak Island, Oak Knoll Island, Obeds Rock, Orrs Island, Outer Birch Island, Outer Doctor Island, Outer Green Island, Outer Green Island, Outer Island, Outer Spectacle Island, Outer Twin Island, Overset Island, Papoose Island, Peaks Island, Penny Island, Pettingill Island, Pine Island, Pinkham Island, Plummer Island, Pole Island, Pond Island, Pound of Tea, Pumpkin Nob, Ragged Island, Ram Island, Ram Island, Ram Island, Richmond Island, Ring Island, Rogue Island, Rogues Island, Rookies Island, Sand Island, Sebascodegan Island, Serag Island, Sheep Island, Sheep Island, Shelter Island, Shorey Island, Sister Island, Sisters Island, Snow Island, Sow and Pigs, Spider Island, Spider Island, Stave Island, Stepping Stones, Stockman Island, Sturdivant Island, The Brothers, The Goslings, The Nubbin, Three Islands, Thrumcap, Treasure Island, Treasure Island, Turner Island, Turnip Island, Two Bush Island, Uncle Zeke Island, Upper Coombs Island, Upper Flag Island, Upper Goose Island, Upper Green Islands, Vaill Island, West Brown Cow, Whale Rock, Whaleboat Island, White Bull, White Island, Williams Island, Wyer Island, Yarmouth Island, Zakelo Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Adams Pond, Allen Bog, Beaver Pond, Beaver Pond, Blanchard Pond, Bog Pond, Bonny Eagle Pond, Brandy Pond, Browns Pond, Chaffin Pond, Coffee Pond, Coffin Pond, Cold Rain Pond, Collins Pond, Crescent Lake, Crystal Lake, Duck Pond, Dumpling Pond, Echo Pond, Farwell Bog, Florida Lake, Forest Lake, Foster Pond, Great Pond, Halfmoon Pond, Haskell Pond, Highland Lake, Hog Meadow Pond, Holt Pond, Ingalls Pond, Island Pond, Lily Pond, Little Duck Pond, Little Pond, Little Watchic Pond, Long Lake, Mariner Pond, Massacre Pond, Mud Ponds, Notched Pond, Nubble Pond, Otter Pond, Otter Ponds, Owl Pond, Parker Pond, Perley Pond, Pettingill Pond, Rainbow Pond, Raymond Pond, Richards Pond, Rye Pond (historical), Sabbathday Pond, Sand Pond, Snake Pond, Southeast Pond, Tarkill Pond, The Heath, The Sinkhole, Trickey Pond, Upper Bay

  Locales     show all on map

Barrows-Scribner Mill (historical), Basket Island Light, Battery Steele (historical), Bay of Naples Family Camping Area, Bayleys Camping Resort, Beech Ridge Speedway, Bradles Plaza Shopping Center, Breakwater Marina, Brewers South Freeport Marine, Bridgton Highlands Country Club, Bridgton Pines Cabins and Campground, Browns Wharf, Brunswick Golf Course, Brunswick Industrial Park, Camp Beaumont, Camp Bendito, Camp Hammond (historical), Camp Kingswood, Camp Ma-Ta-Poni, Camp Newfound, Camp O-At-Ka, Camp Owatonna, Camp Pinecliffe, Camp Pondicherry, Camp Skylemar, Camp Somoset, Camp Ticawa, Camp Wildwoods, Camp Winaco, Camp Woodlands, Cape Elizabeth Light, Castle Tower, Centerboard Yacht Club, Chandlers Wharf, Channel Crossing Marina, Clapboard Island Light, Cobbs Bridge, Colonial Mast Campground, Congress Square, Cooks Corners Shopping Center, Cornerbrook Shopping Center, Cornish Station, Crow Island Light, Cumberland Farmers Club, Cumberland Wharf, Cushing Island Landing (historical), Custom House Wharf, Davis Landing, Drunkers Ledge Beacon, Dry Mills Fish Hatchery and Game Farm, Dundee Power Station, Eel Weir Power Station, Engineers Wharf, Falmouth Shopping Center, Forest Avenue Plaza Shopping Center, Forest City Landing, Forrest City Landing, Four Seasons Camping Area, Freeport Crossing Outlet Mall, Freeport Outlet Shopping Center, Freeport Town Dock and Landing, Freeport Village Square Shopping Center, Frye Island Golf Course, Gorham Country Club, Gorham Raceway, Gorham Town Farm, Gorham Village Plaza Shopping Center, Gray Plaza Shopping Center, Gray Station, Great Chebeague Golf Club, Halfway Rock Light, Harraseeket Yacht Club, Hemlock Hills Campground, High Head Yacht Club, Hinds Boys Scout Camp, Hobsons Wharf, Holbrooks Marina, Hoop Camp, House Island Light, Jones Landing Marina, King Way Mall Shopping Center, Kokatosi Campground, Land of Nod, Little Diamond Island Light, Little Diamond Island Observatory, Long Lake Bible Camp, Long Wharf, Luther Gulick Girls Camp (historical), Mackerel Cove Marina, Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Game Farm, Maine State Pier, Mall Plaza Shopping Center, Marine Shipyard, Marineast, Merepoint Yacht Club, Mill Creek Shopping Center, Monument Light, Monument Square Shopping Center, Naples Golf and Country Club, New Gloucester Fish Hatchery, New Gloucester Station, Nokomis Camping Area, North Gate Shopping Center, North Windham Shopping Center, Oak Ledge Camp, Oakhill Plaza Shopping Center, Old Port, Old Port Exchange, Opportunity Farm (historical), Orrs Island Campground, Orrs-Bailey Yacht Club, Park Street Row, Peaks Island Marina, Pettengill Farm Museum, Pleasant Hill Country Club, Plummer Landing, Pond Cove Shopping Center, Pondicherry Mills, Portland Breakwater Light, Portland Country Club, Portland East Shopping Center, Portland Fish Pier, Portland Head Lighthouse, Portland Municipal Boat Launch, Portland Observatory, Portland Pier, Portland Stove Foundry, Portland Yacht Services Complex, Prouts Neck Golf Course, Pumpkin Knob Light, Pumpkin Valley, Ram Island Ledge Light Station, Raymond Fish Hatchery (historical), River Meadow Golf Course, Riverside Golf Course, Sable Oaks Golf Club, Scarboro Beach Station, Scarborough Downs, South Portland Municipal Boat Launch, South Portland Municipal Golf Course, Southern Maine Vocational Technical Institute Pier, Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse, Spring Point Marina, State Pier, State Reformatory for Men, Strouts Point Marina, Strouts Point Wharf, Sunset Marina, The Four Corners (historical), The Quinbys Campground, Town Landing, Town Landing, Twin Bridges, Twin Falls Golf Club, Union Station Plaza Shopping Center, Union Wharf, Uptown Artwork, Vicki-Lin Camping Area, Wade Station Fish Hatchery, Watsons Marina, West Falmouth Station (historical), West Gate Shopping Center, West Scarboro Station (historical), Westbrook City Farm (historical), Westerly Winds Golf Course, Willowdale Golf Course, Windham Mall Shopping Center, Wolfes Neck Farm (historical), Wrights Wharf

  Military     show all on map

Casco Bay Naval Auxiliary Air Facility (historical), Coast Guard Base South Portland, Fort Andros (historical), Fort George (historical), Fort Gorhamtown (historical), Fort Preble (historical), Naval Air Station Brunswick, Old Province Fort (historical), Pejepscot Fort (historical)

  Parks     show all on map

Back Cove Historic District, Back Cove Park, Basket Island Preserve, Baxter Pines, Baxter Woods, Boothby Square, Bradbury Mountain State Park, Congress Square Park, Crescent Beach State Park, Cumberland Mills Historic District, Deering Oaks Park, Deering Street Historic District, Edward Payson Park, Edwards Field, Federal Street Historic District, First Civic Monument, Fore River Sanctuary, Fort Allen Park, Fort Allen Park, Fort McKinley Historic District, Fort Sumner Park, Fort Williams Park, Gorham Campus Historic District, Hadlock Field, Harraseeket Historic District, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Monument, Hinckley Park, Lincoln Park, Lincoln Street Historic District, Lishness Park, Lobstermans Statue, Longfellow Square, Mast Landing Bird Sanctuary, Mill Creek Park, Monument Square, Neal Dow Memorial, New Gloucester Historic District, Pennellville Historic District, Pickard Field, Pondicherry Square, Portland Downtown Historic District, Portland Stadium, Portland Waterfront Historic District, Post Office Plaza, Presumpscot Park, Prouts Neck Bird Sanctuary, Royal River Park, Scarborough Beach State Park, Sebago Lake State Park, South Street Historic District, Spring Point Shoreway, Spring Street Historic District, Standpine Park, Steep Falls Wildlife Management Area, Stroudwater Historic District, Tommys Park, Two Lights State Park, Westbrook College Historic District, Western Promenade, Western Promenade Historic District, Whittier Field, Wildwood Park, Willard Square, Winslow Memorial Park, Wolfes Neck Woods State Park

  Populated Places     show all on map

Ammoncongan (historical), Aucocisco (historical), Babb Corner, Bailey Island, Baker Corner, Blackstrap, Blue Point, Bolsters Mills, Bradleys Corner, Bridgton, Brighton Corner, Broadview Park, Brunswick, Bunganuc Landing, Bustins Island, Cape Cottage, Cape Elizabeth, Casco, Cash Corner, Central Landing, Chandler Cove Landing, Chebeague Island, Cleaves Landing, Cliff Island, Cliff Island Landing, Convene, Cook Mills, Cooks Corner, Cousins Island, Crescent Lake, Crockett Corner, Crocketts Corner, Cumberland Center, Cumberland Center Station, Cumberland Foreside, Cumberland Mills, Cundys Harbor, Cushing Briggs, Cushing Island, Danish Village (historical), Deep Cut, Deering, Deering Junction, Delano Park, Dog Corner, Dolley Corner, Doughty Landing, Douglas Hill, Dow Corner, Dry Mills, Dunns, Dyer Corner, Dyer Cove, East Baldwin Mattocks Station, East Deering, East End, East Gray, East Harpswell, East Raymond, East Sebago, Edes Falls, Eight Corners, Elizabeth Park, Elmwood, Evergreen Landing, Falmouth, Falmouth Foreside, Ferry Village, Foggs Corner, Fort Gorges, Fort Levett, Fort Lyon, Fort Preble, Fort Scammel, Fosters Corner, Freeport, Frye Island, Gag Corner, Garrison Hills Estates, Gates Hill (historical), Glantz Corner, Gorham, Grand Beach, Gray, Great Diamond Island Landing, Great Falls (historical), Growstown, Grubb Hill (historical), Gumet (historical), Harding, Harmon Beach, Harpswell Center, Harrison, Higgins Beach, Higgins Corner, Highland Lake, Highlands, Hillside, Hillside, Ingalls, Intervale, Ireland Corner, Jenks Landing, Jones Wharf, Kimballs Corner, Knightville, Libbytown, Ligonia, Linnhaven West, Little Diamond Island Landing, Little Falls, Littlejohn Island, Lone Creek Village (historical), Long Beach, Long Island, Loveitts Field, Lowells Corner (historical), Lower Village (historical), Lunts Corner, Macs Corner, Mariner, Mast Landing, McKinley Estates, Meeting House Hill, Merepoint, Merrow Landing, Merrymeeting Trailer Park, Morrills Corner, Mosher Corner, Mountainview Park, Munjoy Hill, Naples, Nasons Corner, New Gloucester, Newhall, North Baldwin, North Bridgton, North Deering, North Falmouth, North Gorham, North Gray, North Harpswell, North Pownal, North Raymond, North Scarborough, North Sebago, North Windham, Oak Hill, Oakdale, Orrs Island, Peaks Island, Pennellville, Pike Corner, Pine Point, Pine Point Beach, Pleasant Hill, Pleasant Hill, Pleasant Hill, Pleasantdale, Plummer Landing, Ponce Landing, Pond Cove, Popeville, Porter Landing, Portland, Pownal Center, Prides Corner, Prouts Neck, Raymond, Richville, Rigby (historical), Riverton, Rosemont, Rosemont, Royal Junction, Sabbathday Lake Village, Sagamore Village, Sandy Creek, Scarborough, Scotland, Scribners Mill, Sebago Center, Sebago Lake, Shaker Village, Shaw Mills, Sodom, Songo Lock, South Bridgton, South Buxton, South Casco, South Freeport, South Gorham, South Gray, South Harpswell, South Naples, South Portland, South Portland Gardens, South Windham, Standish, Stanwood Park, Steep Falls, Stroudwater, Stuarts Corner, Suckerville, Summit View Park (historical), Sunset Landing, Sunset Park, Thornton Heights, Todds Corners, Town Landing, Trefethen, Two Trails, Upper Gloucester, Upper Village (historical), Village of Halidon (historical), Waites Landing, Walnut Hill, Wards Cove, West Baldwin, West Bridgton, West Cumberland, West End, West Falmouth (historical), West Falmouth Corner, West Gorham, West Gray, West Harpswell, West Pownal, West Scarborough, West Sebago, Westbrook, Western Landing, White Rock, Whites Corner, Willard Square, Windham Center, Windham Hill, Woodfords, Woodfords Corner, Yarmouth, Yarmouth Junction, York Landing

  Post Offices     show all on map

Allens Corner Post Office (historical), Birch Island Post Office, Bolsters Mills Post Office (historical), Bonny Eagle Post Office (historical), Bowery Beach Post Office (historical), Bridgton Post Office (historical), Bridgton Valley Post Office (historical), Briggs Corner Post Office (historical), Brunswick Post Office, Bunganuc Post Office (historical), Bustins Island Post Office, Cape Cottage Post Office, Cape Elizabeth Post Office (historical), Casco Post Office, Cashs Corner Post Office (historical), Chebeague Island Post Office, Chebeague Post Office (historical), Cliff Island Post Office, Convene Post Office, Cooks Post Office (historical), Cousins Island Post Office (historical), Crescent Lake Post Office, Cumberland Mills Post Office (historical), Cumberland Post Office (historical), Cundys Harbor Post Office (historical), Cushings Island Post Office, Deering Center Post Office (historical), Deering Post Office (historical), Diamond Post Office (historical), Douglas Hill Post Office, Dry Mills Post Office, East Baldwin Post Office, East Deering Post Office (historical), East North Yarmouth Post Office (historical), East Raymond Post Office (historical), East Sebago Post Office, East Yarmouth Post Office (historical), Edes Falls Post Office (historical), Falmouth Foreside Post Office (historical), Falmouth Post Office (historical), Freeport Post Office, Gorham Post Office, Gray Post Office, Harding Post Office (historical), Harpswell Center Post Office (historical), Harrison Post Office, Higgins Beach Post Office (historical), Higgins Post Office (historical), Highland Lake Post Office (historical), Hillside Post Office, Intervale Post Office, Knightsville Post Office (historical), Little Chebeague Post Office (historical), Little John Island Post Office, Long Island Post Office (historical), Mariner Post Office (historical), Mere Point Post Office, Mericoneag Post Office (historical), Mountain Post Office (historical), Naples Post Office (historical), New Casco Post Office (historical), New Gloucester Post Office, Newhall Post Office, North Baldwin Post Office, North Bridgton Post Office, North Deering Post Office (historical), North Falmouth Post Office (historical), North Gorham Post Office (historical), North Gray Post Office (historical), North Harpswell Post Office (historical), North Pownal Post Office (historical), North Raymond Post Office, North Scarboro Post Office (historical), North Sebago Post Office, North Windham Post Office, North Yarmouth Post Office (historical), North Yarmouth Post Office (historical), North Yarmouth West Post Office (historical), Oak Hill Station Post Office (historical), Oaks Post Office (historical), Orrs Island Post Office (historical), Ottawa Post Office (historical), Peak Island Post Office (historical), Pearl Street Station Post Office, Pine Point Post Office (historical), Pleasantdale Post Office (historical), Pond Cove Post Office (historical), Portland Post Office, Pownal Post Office (historical), Presumpscot Post Office (historical), Prides Corner Post Office (historical), Prouts Neck Post Office, Raymond Post Office, Sabbathday Lake Post Office, Sandy Beach Post Office (historical), Sandy Creek Post Office (historical), Scarboro Post Office (historical), Sebago Lake Post Office, Sebago Post Office (historical), Songo Lock Post Office (historical), South Bridgton Post Offfice (historical), South Casco Post Office (historical), South Freeport Post Office, South Harpswell Post Office (historical), South Naples Post Office (historical), South Portland Station Post Office, South Standish Post Office (historical), South Windham Post Office, Standish Post Office, Steep Falls Post Office (historical), Stroudwater Post Office (historical), Trefethen Post Office (historical), Upper Gloucester Post Office, Upper Yarmouth Post Office (historical), Walnut Hill Post Office (historical), West Bridgton Post Office (historical), West Brunswick Post Office (historical), West Cumberland Post Office (historical), West End Station Post Office, West Falmouth Post Office (historical), West Gorham Post Office (historical), West Gray Post Office (historical), West Harpswell Post Office (historical), West Scarboro Post Office (historical), Westbrook Post Office (historical), White Rock Post Office (historical), Willard Post Office (historical), Windham Center Post Office (historical), Windham Center Post Office (historical), Woodfords Station Post Office (historical), Yarmouth Post Office, Yarmouthville Post Office (historical)

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Adams Pond, Bay of Naples, Cascade Brook, Chub Pond, Clark Pond, Crystal Lake, Dundee Pond, Eel Weir Canal, Fitch Mill Pond, Half Moon Pond, Highland Lake, Highland Lake, Knights Pond, Little Sebago Lake, Mill Brook, Mill Pond, Panther Pond, Peabody Pond, Presumpscot River Reservoir, Rich Millpond, Royal River Reservoir, Royal River Reservoir, Sanborn Pond, Sebago Lake, Sebago Lake Basin, Stevens Pond, Stroudwater River Reservoir, Thomas Pond, Upper Pond, Watchic Pond, Willett Brook, Wilson Pond, Woods Millpond, Woods Pond, Yarmouth Reservoir

  Ridges     show all on map

Beech Ridge, Beech Ridge, Hio Ridge, Lower Ridge, Maple Ridge, Mitchell Ledge, Oak Ledge, Pleasant Ridge, Saddleback Hills, Upper Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Andover College, Appletree School, Arlington School, Arthur R Gould School Long Creek Youth Development Center, Aucocisco School, Baldwin Consolidated School, Bangor Theological Seminary, Barker School (historical), Baxter School for the Deaf, Benjamin Wentworth Intermediate School, Berean Christian Academy, Birthwise Midwifery School, Blake School, Blue Point School, Bonny Eagle High School, Bowdoin College, Breakwater School, Bridge Saint School, Bridgton Academy, Bridgton Elementary School, Brown Elementary School, Brown Saint School, Brunswick High School, Brunswick Junior High School, Burchard A Dunn School, Butler School, Buxton School (historical), Canal Elementary School, Cape Elizabeth High School, Cape Elizabeth Middle School, Casco Bay High School, Casco Bay Montessori School, Casco Bay Montessori School, Casco Memorial School, Cathedral School (historical), Catherine McAuley High School, Charles Shaw Junior High School, Chebeague Island School, Cheverus High School, Cliff Island School, Coffin Elementary School, Community School at Opportunity Farm, Congin School, Cornerstone Baptist Academy, Cottage Farm School, Crooked River Elementary School, Cummings School, D W Lunt School (historical), Daniel F Mahoney Middle School, Deering High School, Dodge House, Dodge House Day School, Dora L Small Elementary School, Dyer Elementary School, East End Community School, Edna Libby Elementary School, Eight Corners Elementary School, Elmwood School, Elwood G Bessey School, Emerson School, Falmouth Elementary School, Falmouth High School, Falmouth Middle School, Frank H Harrison Middle School, Fred C Wescott School, Fred P Hall School, Freeport High School, Freeport Middle School, Friends School (historical), Future Builders School, George E Jack School, Gorham High School, Gorham High School, Gorham Middle School, Graves School, Gray New Gloucester High School, Gray New Gloucester Middle School, Great Falls Elementary School, Greater Portland Christian School, Greater Portland Christian School, Greely High School, Greely Institute, Greely Middle School, Growstown School, Gun Point School (historical), Hamlin Elementary School, Hancock School, Harding School (historical), Harpswell Islands School, Harriet Beecher Stowe Elementary School, Harrison Elementary School, Harrison Elementary School, Harrison Lyseth Elementary School, Hawthorne School (historical), Henley School, Hill School, Hill School (historical), Hodson School, Holy Cross School South Portland, Howard C Reiche Community School, Huston School, Hutchins School, Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts, Intercoast Career Institute, Jack Junior High School, James Otis Kaler Elementary School, Jordan Acres School, Jordan Small Middle School, Kaplan University, King Middle School, Knight School (historical), L 'Ecole Francaise du Maine School, Lake Region High School, Lake Region Middle School, Lake Region Technical Center, Lake Region Vocational Center, Larrabee School, Lebi Hall School (historical), Levey Day School, Lewis School, Libby School, Lighthouse Day School, Lincoln Middle School, Litchfields School, Little Falls School, Little Log Cabin Montessori School, Long Island Elementary School, Longfellow School, Longfellow School (historical), Longfellow School Elementary School, Lyman Moore Middle School, Mabel I Wilson School, Maine Classical School, Maine College of Art, Maine Region 10 Technical High School, Maine Special Education Mental Health Collaborative School, Manchester School, Maple Ridge School, Marada Adams School, Mast Landing School, Masterpiece Childrens Center, May Center for Child Development, Meadowbrook Montessori School, Memorial Middle School, Memorial School, Mercy Hospital School of Radiologic Technology School, Merriconeag Waldorf School, Morse Street School, Narragansett Elementary School, Nathan Clifford School, Nathan Clifford School (historical), New Country School, New England Bible College, North Atlantic Montessori School, North School, North Yarmouth Academy, North Yarmouth Memorial School, Ocean Avenue School, Peaks Island School, Peary School, Pennell Junior High School, Pierre's School of Cosmetology, Pigeon Brook School, Pine Grove Child Development Center, Pine Grove Child Development Center School, Pine Tree Academy, Pleasant Hill School, Pleasant Hill School (historical), Plummer-Motz School (historical), Pond Cove Elementary School, Portland Academy (historical), Portland Arts and Technology High School, Portland Arts and Technology High School, Portland High School, Potter Academy, Pownal Elementary School, Presumpscot School, Prides Corner School, Raymond Elementary School, Redbank Village School, Reynolds School, Riverton School, Robie School, Rocky Hill School, Roosevelt School, Royal Academy, Russell School, Russell School, Saccarappa School, Saint Brigid School, Saint Elizabeth School, Saint John's Catholic School, Saint Joseph's College, Saint Louis School for Boys, Saint Patrick School, Scarborough High School, Scarborough Middle School, Seaton School, Sebago Elementary School, Shailer School, Skillin Elementary School, Songo Locks School, South Harrison School, South Portland High School, South Standish School, Southern Maine Community College, Spa Technical Institute School, Spa Technical Institute School Westbrook, Spring Harbor Academy, Spurwink School, Spurwink School Brunswick, Spurwink School Casco, Standish Baptist Academy, Staples School, State School for Boys, Steep Falls Elementary School, Stevens Brook Elementary School, The Children's Center School, The Little Dolphin School, The Maine College of Art, Toddle Inn Elementary School, Town House School (historical), Township High School, Tuttle Road School (historical), Underwood School, University of New England Westbrook College, University of Southern Maine, University of Southern Maine at Portland, University of Southern Maine Gorham, Valentine School, Village Elementary School Gorham, Vocational Education Region 10 School, Waynflete School, West Harpswell Elementary School (historical), West School, Westbrook College Child Center, Westbrook High School, Westbrook Middle School, Westbrook Regional Technical Center, Westbrook Regional Technology Center School, White Rock School (historical), Whitney School, Willard School, Willard School, William H Rowe School, Windham Christian Academy, Windham High School, Windham Middle School, Windham Primary School, Windham Real School, Winfield Children's House School, Yarmouth Academy, Yarmouth Elementary School, Yarmouth High School

  Springs     show all on map

Davis Spring, Underwood Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Ai Brook, Alewife Brook, Allen Range Brook, Anderson Brook, Anthoine Creek, Bachelder Brook, Baker Brook, Barberry Creek, Bartlett Brook, Bear Brook, Bear River, Beaver Brook, Beaver Pond Brook, Beech Ridge Brook, Black Brook, Bond Brook, Brandy Brook, Brandy Brook, Breakneck Brook, Bunganuc Stream, Burgess Brook, Carsley Brook, Carter Brook, Cascade Brook, Chandler Brook, Chenery Brook, Clark Brook, Cold Brook, Cold Spring Brook, Cole Brook, Colley Wright Brook, Collins Brook, Collyer Brook, Cousins River, Crooked River, Day Brook, Decker Brook, Deer Brook, Dingley Brook, Dingley Brook, Ditch Brook, Dock Brook, Douglas Brook, Douglass Brook, Dug Hill Brook, Dunstan River, Dutton Hills Brook, Dyer Brook, East Branch Chandler Brook, East Branch Piscataqua River, Eastman Brook, Eddy Brook, Elmer Brook, Fall Brook, Farm Brook, Farwell Brook, Files Brook, Finnerd Brook, Fogg Brook, Fore River, Fort Hill Brook, Foster Brook, Frost Gully Brook, Gay Brook, Glantz Brook, Gristmill Brook, Gully Brook, Hamblen Brook, Hanson Brook, Harraseeket River, Harvey Brook, Haskell Brook, Hatchery Brook, Hayden Brook, Heath Brook, Heath Brook, Higgins Creek, Hill Brook, Hobbs Brook, Hyde Brook, Indian Camp Brook, Inkhorn Brook, Jack Branch, Johnson Branch, Johnson Brook, Josies Brook, Kelsey Brook, Kimball Brook, Lakin Brook, Lambert Point Stream, Leavitt Brook, Legrand Brook, Libby Brook, Libby River, Lincoln Weeks Brook, Little River, Little River, Long Creek, Mare Brook, Martin Brook, Maxfield Brook, McIntosh Brook, Meader Brook, Meadow Brook, Meadow Brook, Meadow Brook, Meadow Brook, Merrill Brook, Mill Brook, Mill Brook, Mill Brook, Mill Brook, Mill Brook, Mill Brook, Mill Creek, Mill Stream, Miller Creek, Milliken Brook, Minnow Brook, Mosher Brook, Mosquito Brook, Muddy River, Nason Brook, Nason Brook, Nonesuch River, North Branch, North Branch Little River, Northwest River, Norton Brook, Nubble Brook, Ollie Brook, Otter Brook, Outlet Brook, Panther Run, Phillips Brook, Pigeon Brook, Piscataqua River, Pleasant River, Pollack Creek, Pond Cove Brook, Pratts Brook, Presumpscot River, Quaker Brook, Red Brook, Robinson Brook, Roddings Creek, Rodgers Brook, Rolfe Brook, Royal River, Runaround Brook, Russell Brook, Samborn Brook, Sand Brook, Sawyer Brook, Scarborough River, Scitterygusset Creek, Silver Brook, Simpson Brook, Skunk Knoll Brook, Small Brook, Smith Brook, Smith Brook, Songo River, South Branch Stroudwater River, Spurwink River, Stanley Hall Brook, Stevens Brook, Stevens Brook, Sticky River, Strawberry Creek, Stroudwater River, Strout Brook, Strout Brook, Stuart Brook, Sucker Brook, Sucker Brook, Tannery Brook, Tenny River, Thayer Brook, Thoits Branch, Thomes Brook, Tingley Brook, Toddy Brook, Town Farm Brook, Trout Brook, Tucker Brook, Valley Brook, Ward Brook, Weeman Brook, Westcott Brook, Westcott Brook, Whitney Brook, Wiggins Brook, Willett Brook, Willow Brook, Wilson Brook, Windle Brook, Woodsum Brook

  Summits     show all on map

Accomac Mountain, Adams Hill, Allie Hawks Hill, Anderson Hill, Atherton Hill, Baker Mountain, Bald Hill, Bald Mountain, Bald Pate Mountain, Bald Rock, Barren Hill, Barton Hill, Bibber Hill, Blackstrap Hill, Blackstrap Hill, Blue Hill, Blue Point Hill, Blueberry Hill, Boody Hill, Bradbury Mountain, Breakheart Hill, Brigham Hill, Brimstone Hill, Brown Hill, Bruce Hill, Buttermilk Mountain, Byrons Hill, Canada Hill, Carter Hill, Chaplin Hill, Choate Hill, Cox Pinnacle, Cranberryhorn Hill, Crendell Hill, Cressey Hill, Dearborn Hill, Decker Mountain, Deer Hill, Douglas Mountain, Dundee Hill, Dutton Hill, Dyke Mountain, Dykes Mountain, Fales Hill, Fitch Hill, Flints Mountain, Fogg Hill, Fogg Mountain, Fort Hill, Fort Hill, Freeman Hill, Gloucester Hill, Glovers Wig, Gotham Hill, Grandview Hill, Graves Hill, Green Hill, Harding Hill, Hedgehog Mountain, Hobbs Hill, Hogfat Hill, Hunger Hill, Hunnewell Hill, Hunt Hill, Ingalls Hill, Jones Hill, Kelsey Hill, Kimball Hill, Knight Hill, Knight Hill, Larrabee Mountain, Leach Hill, Ledge Hill, Leighton Hill, Lewis Hill, Libby Hill, Libby Hill, Little Hill, Little Mountain, Long Reach Mountain, Lorenzen Hill, Mariner Mountain, Marston Hill, Mayberry Hill, Meetinghouse Hill, Milliken Hill, Ministers Hill, Misery Hill, Mitchell Hill, Mitchell Hill, Mitchell Hill, Mosher Mountain, Mount Henry, Mount Hunger, Nash Hill, Nubble Hill, Oak Hill, Oak Hill, Oak Hill, Orrs Hill, Packard Hill, Peacock Hill, Peaked Mountain, Perley Hill, Philip Mountain, Pig Knoll, Pine Hill, Pisgah Hill, Pismire Mountain, Pleasant Hill, Poors Hill, Poplar Ridge, Prospect Hill, Pumpkin Hill, Pumpkin Knob, Quaker Hill, Randall Hill, Rattlesnake Mountain, Raymond Hill, Reed Hill, Rich Hill, Robinson Hill, Rocky Hill, Rocky Hill, Rocky Hill, Rohrs Hill, Rollins Hill, Running Hill, Sandy Hill, Scottow Hill, Shore Acres Hill, Skid Hill, Skunk Knoll, Small Hill, Smalls Hill, Snows Hill, Spears Hill, Spurwink Hill, Sturdivant Hill, Summit Hill, Sunset Rock, Tarkiln Hill, Tenny Hill, Tenny Hill, Thompson Hill, Tiger Hill, Timmons Hill, Torrey Hill, Town Farm Hill, Trues Hill, Tryon Mountain, Varney Hill, Walnut Hill, Wardtown, Webb Rowe Mountain, Wescutogo Hill, White Mountain, Whites Hill, Whites Mountain, Whitney Hill, Windham Hill, Winn Mountain, Winston Hill, Woodbury Hill, York Hill

  Swamps     show all on map

Biglow Swamp, Boody Meadow, Brandy Bog, Capisic Pond, Gray Meadow, Moose Meadow, Morgan Meadow, Perley Meadow, Pitts Meadow, Rigby Bog (historical), Scarboro Marshes, Scottow Bog, Ted Swamp, The Heath

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Atherton Hill Lookout Tower, Gloucester Hill Lookout Tower, Trundy Point Lookout Tower, WBAE-AM (Portland), WBLM-FM (Portland), WBOR-FM (Brunswick), WCSH Radio Tower (Havre De Grace), WDCS-FM (Scarborough), WGAN Radio Tower (Havre De Grace), WGAN-AM (Portland), WGAN-AM (Portland), WGEI-FM (Topsham), WGME-TV (Portland), WKXA Radio Tower (Havre De Grace), WLAM-AM (Gorham), WLOB-AM (Portland), WLPZ-AM (Westbrook), WMEA-FM (Portland), WMGX-FM (Portland), WMPG-FM (Gorham), WPOR Radio Tower (Havre De Grace), WPOR-FM (Portland), WPXT-TV (Portland), WRED-AM, WSJB-FM (Standish), WTHT-FM (Auburn), WTHT-FM (Lewiston), WWGT-FM (Portland), WYFP-FM (Harpswell), WYNZ-FM (Westbrook), WZAN-AM (Portland)

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Casco Bay Ferry, Peaks Island Ferry

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Shad Gully

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Bowdoin Pines,

Cumberland County, Maine Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteCumberland County White population 263,971263,971  
BlackCumberland County Black population 7,6647,663
AsianCumberland County Asian population 6,2446,244
MixedCumberland County Mixed population 4,8254,825
American IndianCumberland County American Indian population 1,1351,135
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderCumberland County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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