Franklin County, Maine Basics:

Franklin County Maine - Government Site

Population: 30,618
Area: 1697 square miles
County seat: Farmington
Area code(s) in use: 207
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 90.3%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 22.7%
Median household income: $39,416
Persons in poverty: 17.1%
Home ownership rate: 76.4%
Mean travel time to work: 23.5 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Androscoggin  Kennebec  Oxford  Somerset  

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Map of the Franklin County area

Our detail map of Franklin County shows the Franklin County, Maine boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Franklin County, Maine

  Airports     show all on map

Hilltop Airport, Lindbergh Airport, Rangeley Lake Seaplane Base, Steven A. Bean Municipal Airport, Sugarloaf Regional Airport

  Basins     show all on map

Crocker Cirque, Hartwell Intervale, New Vineyard Basin, Rapid Stream Valley

  Bays     show all on map

Blanchard Cove, City Cove, Echo Cove, Greenvale Cove, Hunter Cove, Skedaddle Cove, Smith Cove, South Cove

  Buildings     show all on map

Carrabassett Valley Police Department, Carrabassett Valley Public Library, Carrabassett Valley Volunteer Fire Department Mountain Station, Carrabassett Valley Volunteer Fire Department Valley Station, Carthage Volunteer Fire Department, Chesterville Volunteer Fire Department, Dead River Historical Society, Eustis Fire Department, Farmington Fire and Rescue Station 1, Farmington Fire and Rescue Station 2, Farmington Police Department, Farmington Public Library, Franklin County Courthouse, Franklin County Jail, Franklin County Law Library, Franklin County Sheriffs Department, Franklin Memorial Hospital Ben Franklin Center Library, Industry Volunteer Fire Department, Jay Fire Rescue Station 1, Jay Fire Rescue Station 2, Jay Hill Antique Auto Museum, Jay Niles Memorial Library, Jay Police Department, Jim Ditzler Memorial Library, Kingfield Fire Department, Kingfield Historical House, Kingfield Historical Society, Merrill Hall, New Sharon Fire Department, New Vineyard Public Library, New Vineyard Volunteer Fire Department, North Star Emergency Medical Services, Northstar Emergency Medical Services, Northstar Emergency Medical Services Phillips Station, Northstar Emergency Medical Services Rangeley, Orgonon Museum, Phillips Historical Society, Phillips Public Library, Phillips Volunteer Fire Department, Rangeley Lakes Chamber of Commerce, Rangeley Lakes Region Historical Society, Rangeley Police Department, Rangeley Public Library, Rangeley Volunteer Fire Department Oquossoc Station, Rangeley Volunteer Fire Department Rangeley Station, Red Schoolhouse Museum, Stanley Museum, Stratton Public Library, Strong Fire Department, Strong Historical Society, Strong Public Library, Sugarloaf Area Chamber of Commerce, Temple Fire Department, Tranet Library, University of Maine at Farmington Art Gallery, University of Maine Farmington Campus Police, University of Maine Farmington Mantor Library, Vance and Dorothy Hammond Museum, Webster Free Library, Weld Historical Society, Weld Public Library, Weld Volunteer Fire Department, Western Maines Childrens Museum, Wilhelm Reich Museum, Wilton Fire Department, Wilton Free Public Library, Wilton Police Department

  Capes     show all on map

Bonney Point, Eagle Point, Haines Point, Spots Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Adams Richardson Cemetery, Allen Cemetery, Allens Mills Cemetery, Avon Cemetery, Avon Valley Road Cemetery, Barrett Cemetery, Beans Corner Cemetery, Belcher Cemetery, Berry Mills Cemetery, Birchland Cemetery, Blake Cemetery, Blodgett Cemetery, Boardman-True Cemetery, Borough Cemetery, Brackley Cemetery, Brooks Cemetery, Burbank Nile Cemetery, Butterfield Cemetery, Byron Annex Cemetery, Byron Cemetery, Carthage Cemetery, Case Cemetery, Center Burying Ground, Center Cemetery, Center Hill Cemetery, Center Hill Cemetery, Chesterville Hill Cemetery, Cunningham Cates Cemetery, Daggett Cemetery, Davis Cemetery, Day Mountain Cemetery, Deane Cemetery, Dunham Cemetery, East Dixfield Cemetery, East Madrid Cemetery, East Wilton Cemetery, Eustis Cemetery, Evergreen Cemetery, Fairview Cemetery, Field Cemetery, Flagstaff Cemetery, Freeman Ridge Cemetery, Gay Cemetery, Gower Cemetery, Hackett Notch Cemetery, Hardy Cemetery, Harnden Cemetery, Herrick Mountain Cemetery, Holley Cemetery, Huff Cemetery, Hunter French Cemetery, Intervale Cemetery, Intervale Cemetery, Jay Hill Cemetery, Knott Burial Plot, Lakeview Cemetery, Lowell Cemetery, Lowell Cemetery, Madrid Cemetery, Mantor Cemetery, McLain Stewart Cemetery, Mitchell Cemetery, Mosher Hill Cemetery, Mount Abram Cemetery, Mount Blue Cemetery, Mountain View Cemetery, Newman Cemetery, Norcross Cemetery, North Freeman Cemetery, North Jay Cemetery, Oakes Peary Cemetery, Old Tainter Burying Ground, Peabody Corner Cemetery, Pearson Cemetery, Pease Cemetery, Phillips-Maine Cemetery, Pike Cemetery, Pinkham Hill Cemetery, Pratt Corner Cemetery, Rangeley Village Cemetery, Red Schoolhouse Cemetery, Reeds Mill Cemetery, Riverside Cemetery, Riverside Cemetery, Riverside Cemetery, Robertson Cemetery, Russell Cemetery, Sand Hill Cemetery, Savage Cemetery, Sewall Cemetery, Shaw Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Soper Cemetery, Sprague Howland Cemetery, Staples Cemetery, Starbird Corner Cemetery, Stones Corner Cemetery, Storer Hill Cemetery, Strong Town Cemetery, Stubbs Mill Cemetery, Sunnyside Cemetery, Swan Cemetery, Sweet Cemetery, Tainter Corner Cemetery, Talcott Corner Cemetery, Taylor Hill Cemetery, Thompson Fruitland Cemetery, Tory Hill Cemetery, Town Line Cemetery, Village Cemetery, Village Cemetery, Voter Cemetery, Webster Cemetery, Weeks Mills Cemetery, Weld Road Cemetery, Weld Road Cemetery, West Freeman Cemetery, Whitney Cemetery, Zion Hill Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Chisholm Census Designated Place, Farmington Census Designated Place, Wilton Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Beans Corner Baptist Church, Church of the Good Shepherd, Fairbanks Union Church, Farmington Falls Union Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Congregational Church, First Congregational Church, Flagstaff Memorial Church, Friends of Jesus Church, Henderson Memorial Baptist Church, New Hope Baptist Church, New Sharon Congregational Church-United Church of Christ, Oquossoc Log Church, Our Lady of the Lakes Catholic Church, Rangeley Congregational Church, Rangeley Free Baptist Church, Saint Luke Catholic Church, Saint Lukes Episcopal Church, Strong United Methodist Church, Tree of Life Worship Center, Union Church, Wilton United Methodist Church

  Dams     show all on map

Arnold Pond Dam, Arnold Pond Inlet Dam, Bauds Pond Dam, Beaver Pond Dam, Big Island Pond Dam Number 4, Chain Lakes Dam, City Pond Dam, Dead River Dam, Dodge Pond Dam, Eustis Power Dam, Flagg Dam, Haley Pond Dam, Jay Dam, Kingfield Dam, Little Island Pond Dam Number 3, Long Pond Dam, Lower Station Dam, Massachusetts Bog Dam, Mercer Dam, Otis Dam, Porter Lake Dam, Rangeley Lake Dam, Riley Dam, Staples Pond Dam, Temple Stream Dam, Upper Station Dam, Wilson Pond Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Angel Falls, Poplar Stream Falls, Sarampus Falls, Shadagee Falls, Smalls Falls

  Gaps     show all on map

Byron Notch, Delaware Gap

  Hospitals     show all on map

Franklin Memorial Hospital

  Islands     show all on map

Bean Island, Doctors Island, Indian Rock, South Bog Islands, Toothaker Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Adley Pond, Bag Pond, Ballard Pond, Barnard Pond, Beal Pond, Beattie Pond, Beaver Bog, Beaver Pond, Beaver Pond, Beaver Pond, Ben Gile Pond, Big Island Pond, Blanchard Pond, Blanchard Ponds, Bog Pond, Boundary Pond, Bugeye Pond, Caribou Bog, Caribou Pond, Chain of Ponds, Chase Pond, Chittenden Pond, Clear Pond, Clearwater Pond, Cloutman Pond, Cow Pond, Cranberry Pond, Crosby Pond, Crowell Pond, Day Mountain Pond, Day Pond, Dill Pond, Douglas Pond, Drury Pond, Eddy Pond, Elaine Pond, Ellis Pond, Ethel Pond, Fellows Pond, Flatiron Pond, Gile Logan, Grants Pond, Grants Pond, Greely Pond, Greenbush Pond, Grindstone Pond, Gull Pond, Halfmoon Pond, Hammond Pond, Harvey Pond, Hid Pond, Hills Pond, Holman Pond, Horseshoe Pond, Horseshoe Pond, Hurricane Pond, Jackson Pond, Jessie Pond, Jim Pond, Johns Pond, Jones Pond, Kamankeag Pond, L Pond, Ledge Pond, Lily Pond, Little Barnard Pond, Little Greely Pond, Little Greenbush Pond, Little Jim Pond, Little Kennebago Lake, Little Northwest Pond, Little Saddleback Pond, Little Swift River Pond, Little Tea Pond, Little Viles Pond, Locke Pond, Long Logan, Long Pond, Long Pond, Long Pond, Loon Lake, Lost Logan, Lost Pond, Lufkin Pond, Maxie Pond, McIntire Pond, Midway Pond, Mill Pond, Moose and Deer Pond, Mount Blue Pond, Mountain Pond, Mud Pond, Mud Pond, Mud Pond, Mud Pond, Mud Pond, Mud Pond, Mud Pond, Nash Pond, Natanis Pond, Norcross Pond, North Pond, Northwest Pond, Nutting Pond, Oqim Pond, Otter Pond, Parker Pond, Pearl Pond, Pease Pond, Perk Pond, Perry Pond, Pinnacle Pond, Podunk Pond, Poison Pond, Prick Pond, Quill Pond, Quimby Pond, Redington Pond, Redington Pond, Reed Pond, Robinson Pond, Rock Pond, Rock Pond, Roland Pond, Ross Pond, Round Mountain Pond, Round Pond, Round Pond, Round Pond, Round Pond, Sabbath Day Pond, Saddleback Pond, Sand Pond, Sandy River Ponds, Sapet Pond, Secret Bog, Secret Pond, Shallow Pond, Shiloh Pond, Sipun Pond, Snow Mountain Pond, South Boundary Pond, South Pond, Southwest Pond, Spencer Pond, Stetson Pond, Stratton Brook Pond, Swift River Pond, Taylor Hill Pond, Tea Pond, The Horns Pond, Third Greely Pond, Toothaker Pond, Tory Hill Pond, Trout Pond, Tufts Pond, Tumbledown Pond, Twin Island Pond, Unknown Pond, Varnum Pond, Viles Pond, Webb Lake, Wethern Pond, White Cap Pond, Wilson Pond, Wing Pond, Winslow Pond, Witham Bog, Witham Pond, Yorks Logan

  Locales     show all on map

Alder Stream Farm, Bald Mountain Camps, Ben Dewitt Camp (historical), Big Island Camp, Camp Number 12 (historical), Camp Number Eleven (historical), Camp Number Ten (historical), Caribou Camp (historical), Cathedral Pines Campground, Chain of Ponds Camp, Clear Water Sporting Camps, Crocker Mountain Cirque Campground, Deer Farm Campground, Deer Farms Camp and Campground, Dome Mountain Camps, Farmington Fairgrounds, Green Farm, Haines Landing Marina, Height of Land Scenic Overlook, Johns Pond, Kennebago Lake Camps, Kennedys Corners, Mingo Springs Golf Course, Moose Mill Camp, Mountain View Camps, Nor 40 Campground, North Camps, Oquossoc Angling Association, Otter Camp (historical), Records, Saddleback Ski Area, Sam-o-set Camps, Sarampas Falls Campsite (historical), Spring Farm, State Camp (historical), Sugarloaf Golf Club, Sugarloaf Outdoor Center, Summit, Tim Pond Camp, Titcomb Mountain Ski Area, Twin Bridges, Twin Pond Campground, Upper Farm, Valley Crossing, Wilson Lake Country Club, Wilton Farm and Home Museum, Wilton Station (historical)

  Military     show all on map

Ralph Odom Training Facility

  Parks     show all on map

Chesterville Wildlife Management Area, Chisholm Square, Hunter Cove Wildlife Sanctuary, Kineowatha Park, Mount Blue State Park

  Pillars     show all on map

Piazza Rock

  Populated Places     show all on map

Allens Mills, Avon, Avon Corner, Barnjum, Beans Corner, Bemis, Berry Mills, Bigelow, Bullen Mills, Butterfield (historical), Carrabassett, Carthage, Chase Corner, Chesterville, Chisholm, Coburn Gore, Dallas, Davis Town, Dead River (historical), Dryden, East Dixfield, East Madrid, East Wilton, Eustis, Fairbanks, Farmington, Farmington Falls, Goodrich Corner, Grants Camps, Hildreths Mill, Jay, Kamankeag (historical), Kennebago, Kennebago Settlement, Keough, Kingfield, Knowltons Corner, Langtown Mill, Loon Lake, Lowelltown, MacQuillis Corner, Macy, Madrid, Madrid Junction, Mingo Springs, Moosehorn (historical), Mooselookmeguntic, Mountainview, New Sharon, New Vineyard, North Chesterville, North Jay, Oquossoc, Overlake, Perham Junction, Phillips, Rangeley, Redington, Reeds, Riley, Round Mountain, Salem, Skinner, Soule Mill, South Rangeley, South Strong, Stones Corner, Stratton, Strong, Tainter Corner, Temple, Temple Intervale, Ten Degree, The Landing, Weeks Mills, Weld, Weld Corner, West Farmington, West Mills, Wilton, Wilton Intervale

  Post Offices     show all on map

Alder Post Office (historical), Allens Mills Post Office (historical), Avon Post Office (historical), Bald Mountain Post Office, Barker Post Office (historical), Beans Corner Post Office (historical), Beattie Post Office (historical), Bemis Post Office (historical), Berry Mills Post Office (historical), Big Island Post Office (historical), Bigelow Post Office (historical), Carrabassett Post Office (historical), Chain of Ponds Post Office (historical), Chesterville Post Office (historical), Chisholm Post Office (historical), Coburn Gore Post Office, Coplin Post Office (historical), Dallas Post Office (historical), Dryden Post Office, East Madrid Post Office (historical), East New Sharon Post Office (historical), East New Vineyard Post Office (historical), East Strong Post Office, East Wilton Post Office (historical), Eustis Post Office, Fairbanks Post Office (historical), Farmington Falls Post Office, Farmington Post Office, Freeman Post Office (historical), Grants Post Office, Greenvale Post Office (historical), Haines Landing Post Office (historical), Indian Rock Post Office (historical), Jacksonville Post Office (historical), Jay Bridge Post Office (historical), Jimpond Post Office (historical), Kingfield Post Office, Loon Lake Post Office (historical), Macy Post Office (historical), Madrid Post Office (historical), Milton Springs Post Office (historical), Mooselookmeguntic Post Office, Mountainview Post Office (historical), Nashville Post Office (historical), New Sharon Post Office, New Vineyard Post Office, North Chesterfield Post Office (historical), North Farmington Post Office (historical), North Freeman Post Office (historical), North Industry Post Office (historical), North Jay Post Office, North Wilton Post Office (historical), Notch Post Office (historical), Oquossoc Post Office, Phillips Post Office, Pratts Corner Post Office (historical), Rangeley Post Office, Redington Mills Post Office (historical), Redington Post Office (historical), Reeds Mill Post Office (historical), Richardson Post Office (historical), Riley Post Office (historical), Round Mountain Post Office, Saddleback Post Office (historical), Salem Post Office (historical), Skinner Post Office (historical), South Carthage Post Office (historical), South Chesterville Post Office (historical), South Rangeley Post Office (historical), Stratton Post Office, Strong Post Office, Temple Post Office, Tim Post Office (historical), Webb Post Office (historical), Weld Post Office, West Farmington Post Office (historical), West Freeman Post Office (historical), West Mills Post Office (historical), West Wilton Post Office (historical), Wilton Post Office

  Ranges     show all on map

Blue Mountains, Kibby Range, Redington Pond Range

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Androscoggin River Reservoir, Androscoggin River Reservoir, Androscoggin River Reservoir, Arnold Pond, Bauds Pond, Beaver Pond, Big Island Pond, Carrabassett River Reservoir, Chain Lakes, City Pond, Dodge Pond, Haley Pond, Kennebago Lake, Kennebago River Reservoir, Little Island Pond, Little Norridgewock Stream Reservoir, Long Pond, Lower Pond, Massachusetts Bog, Mill Pond, Mosher Pond, North Branch Dead River Reservoir, Porter Lake, Rangeley Lake, Saddleback Lake, Staples Pond, Temple Stream Reservoir, Tim Pond, Tr-Arnold Pond, Wilson Pond

  Ridges     show all on map

Cloutman Ridge, Cow Ridge, Cow Ridge, Ephraim Ridge, Eustis Ridge, Freeman Ridge, Gammon Ridge, Kennebago Divide, Mud Pond Ridge, Poplar Ridge, Rand Ridge, Sable Ridge, Sawyer Hill Ridge, Sol Ridge, Threemile Ridge, Toenail Ridge, Townsend Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Academy Hill School, Avon Valley School, Blethen School, Butterfield School, Calvary Hill Christian School, Cape Cod Hill Elementary School, Carrabassett Valley Academy, Cascade Brook School, Chesterville School, Coplin School, Craig School, Cushman School, Dallas School (historical), East Madrid School, Foster Regional Applied Technical Center School, Freeman Center School (historical), Freeman Ridge School, Gerald D Cushing School, Greenvale School, Guild School (historical), Hardy School, Jay Elementary School, Kennebago School (historical), Kingfield Elementary School, Langtown School (historical), Mile Square School, Mount Abram Regional High School, Mount Blue High School, Mount Blue Middle School, North Freeman School, Open Bible Baptist Christian School, Peabody School (historical), Phillips Elementary School, Phillips Middle School, Pratt Corner School, Prescott School, Rand School, Rangeley Lakes Regional School, Red Schoolhouse, Reed School, Spruce Mountain High School North, Spruce Mountain Middle School, Stanley School (historical), Starbird School, Stower School, Stratton Elementary School, Strong Elementary School, Talcott School, University of Maine at Farmington, W G Mallett School, Weld Elementary school, Weld Elementary School, Western Maine Christian Academy, Winship School

  Streams     show all on map

Adams Brook, Alder Brook, Alder Brook, Alder Inlet, Alder Stream, Alder Stream, Allen Brook, Anderson Brook, Bachelor Brook, Baker Brook, Barker Brook, Barker Stream, Barnard Brook, Basin Brook, Bates Brook, Beales Brook, Bean Brook, Bear Brook, Bear Brook, Beaver Bog Brook, Beaver Brook, Bemis Stream, Berry Brook, Big Sag Brook, Black Brook, Blanchard Brook, Blanchard Pond Outlet, Bog Brook, Boundary Brook, Bowley Brook, Bradbury Brook, Bragdon Brook, Butterfield Brook, Caribou Flow, Cascade Brook, Cascade Stream, Chandler Mill Stream, Cherry Run, Clay Brook, Clearwater Brook, Cold Brook, Cold Stream, Conant Brook, Conant Stream, Cottle Brook, Coubers Brook, Cram Brook, Crossman Stream, Crowley Branch, Dakin Brook, Dead Brook, Dead Stream, Dickey Brook, Doctor Brook, Dunning Brook, Durgin Brook, East Branch Kibby Stream, East Branch Moose River, East Brook, Edes Brook, Fillibrown Brook, Fish Brook, Flatiron Brook, Four Ponds Brook, Fran Brook, Fuller Brook, Geneva Bog Brook, Gilkey Brook, Gold Brook, Goodrich Brook, Green Brook, Greenbush Inlet, Gus Mitchell Brook, Hack Inlet, Hale Brook, Haley Brook, Haley Brook, Halfmile Brook, Hall Brook, Hammond Field Brook, Hanscom Brook, Hardy Brook, Hardy Stream, Hatchery Brook, Hay Bog Brook, Henry Mitchell Brook, Hogans Brook, Horseshoe Stream, Houghton Brook, Huckleberry Stream, Hurricane Brook, Huston Brook, Hutchinson Brook, Indian Brook, Indian Stream, Indian Stream, James Brook, Jim Pond Brook, Jim Pond Brook, Jolly Brook, Jont Stream, Kennebago River, Keyes Brook, Kittredge Brook, Lapham Brook, Ledge Brook, Little Alder Stream, Little Gulf Stream, Little Norridgewock Stream, Long Pond Stream, Lutton Brook, Martin Brook, Massachusetts Bog Stream, McGurdy Stream, McLeary Brook, Meadow Brook, Middle Branch Alder Stream, Middle Branch Kibby Stream, Mill Brook, Mill Brook, Mitchell Brook, Mitchell Brook, Mosquito Brook, Mount Blue Stream, Mountain Brook, Mountain Pond Stream, Muddy Brook, Nash Brook, Nash Brook, Nash Stream, Nile Brook, North Branch Alder Stream, North Branch Dead River, Northwest Inlet, Norton Brook, Norton Brook, Number One Brook, Number Six Brook, Orbeton Stream, Otter Brook, Parlin Brook, Perham Stream, Pine Brook, Poplar Brook, Poplar Stream, Potash Brook, Quick Stream, Quill Pond Brook, Quimby Brook, Rand Brook, Rangeley River, Rapid Stream, Redington Pond Outlet, Redington Stream, Reed Brook, Reed Brook, Ridley Brook, Robinson Brook, Rock Pond Stream, Sable Mill Brook, Saddleback Stream, Sawyer Brook, Sevenmile Stream, Shadagee Brook, Skunk Branch, Smart Brook, Smith Brook, Snowman Brook, Sol Brook, South Bog Stream, South Branch Alder Stream, South Branch Carrabasset River, South Branch Dead River, South Branch Moose River, South Branch Sandy River, South Brook, Stanley Stream, Stoney Brook, Stony Brook, Stratton Brook, Sugar Brook, Swett Brook, Taylor Brook, Tea Brook, Temple Brook, Temple Stream, Tim Brook, Toothaker Brook, Townsend Brook, Trask Brook, Trout Brook, Tucker Valley Brook, Tufts Pond Brook, Tumbledown Brook, Valley Brook, Varnum Stream, Viles Brook, Webb River, Welch Brook, West Branch Alder Stream, West Branch Carrabassett River, West Branch Clearwater Brook, West Branch Gulf Stream, West Branch Mill Brook, West Branch Moose River, West Branch Nash Stream, West Branch Spencer Stream, West Brook, Whetstone Brook, Whiskey Brook, Whittier Brook, Wiggle Brook, Wilber Brook, Wilson Stream, Wilson Stream, Winship Stream, Winter Brook, Yeaton Brook

  Summits     show all on map

Allen Pinnacle, Antler Hill, Bag Pond Mountain, Bald Mountain, Bald Mountain, Bald Pate, Bannock Mountain, Barnard Mountains, Bean Mountain, Bear Hill, Beaver Mountain, Beech Hill, Bemis Mountain, Blabon Hill, Black Mountain, Black Nubble, Black Nubble, Black Spur, Blackcat Mountain, Blueberry Mountain, Boardman Mountain, Boil Mountain, Bray Hill, Brimstone Mountain, Browns Peak, Burnham Hill, Burnt Hill, Butterfield Hill, Caldin Hill, Cape Cod Hill, Caribou Mountain, Caswell Mountain, Caswell Mountain, Center Hill, Center Hill, Chandler Hill, Chase Pond Mountain, Cherry Hill, Chick Hill, Clay Brook Mountain, Clear Pond Mountain, Cobble Hill, Cow Hill, Cowen Hill, Cranberry Peak, Crocker Mountain, Crockett Mountain, Day Mountain, Dean Mountain, Derby Mountain, Dome Mountain, Dyer Hill, East Kennebago Mountain, Elephants Head, Farm Hill, Farmer Mountain, Foster Hill, Four Ponds Mountain, Gleason Mountain, Gordon Hill, Grays Mountain, Green Hill, Greenbush Mountain, Griffin Mountain, Hampshire Hill, Hartwell Mountain, Hedgehog Hill, Hedgehog Hill, Holt Hill, Horn Hill, Houghton Ledges, Hunter Mountain, Hurricane Mountain, Ick Norton Mountain, Indian Stream Mountain, Ira Mountain, Jackson Mountain, Jay Hill, Kibby Mountain, King Mountain, Kinneys Head, Knowles Hill, Lake Mountain, Lakin Hill, Law Mountain, Leavitt Hill, Leroy Peak, Little Blue, Little Jackson Mountain, Little Moose Hill, Little Mountain, Little Poplar Mountain, Lone Mountain, Lookout Hills, Louise Mountain, Lowell Hill, Macomber Hill, Maple Hill, Mecham Hill, Merrill Mountain, Moose Hill, Moose Mountain, Mosher Hill, Mount Abraham, Mount Blue, Mount Pisgah, Mount Redington, Nebo Mountain, New Vineyard Mountains, Noon Mountain, Norton Mountain, Oakes Nubble, Old Blue Mountain, Old Bluff, Old Bluff Hill, Onion Hill, Owls Head, Paine Hill, Patriots Peak, Peaked Mountain, Perham Hill, Perry Mountain, Philbrick Hill, Phillips Mountain, Pope Mountain, Poplar Mountain, Porter Hill, Potato Hill, Potato Hill, Potato Nubble, Potter Hill, Potter Hill, Powderhouse Hill, Pratt Mountain, Quill Hill, Reed Hill, Round Mountain, Rowe Hill, Saddleback Junior, Saddleback Mountain, Saddleback Mountain, Sampson Hill, Sanborn Hill, Shallow Pond Mountain, Sisk Mountain, Sixtynine Mountain, Smart Mountain, Snow Mountain, South Crocker Mountain, Spaulding Mountain, Spencer Bale Mountain, Spotted Mountain, Spruce Mountain, Spruce Mountain, Spruce Mountain, Spruce Mountain, Stoney Brook Mountain, Storer Hill, Stubbs Mountain, Sugarloaf Mountain, Sylvester Hill, Tantrattle Mountain, Taylor Hill, Tea Mountain, The Horn, The Horns, Tim Mountain, Titcomb Hill, Tory Hill, Treat Hill, True Hill, True Mountain, Tumbledown Mountain, Van Dyke Mountain, Varnum Mountain, Vose Mountain, Voter Hill, Walker Hill, Warren Hill, Welcome Hill, White Cap Mountain, Wilder Hill, York Hill, York Hill, Zion Hill

  Swamps     show all on map

Beaver Bog, Hayno Bog, Lower Hathan Bog, Norton Brook Pond, South Bog, Spencer Bog, Upper Hathan Bog

  Towers     show all on map

WKTJ-AM (Farmington-West Farm), WKTJ-FM (Farmington), WTOS-FM (Skowhegan), WUMF-FM (Farmington)

  Trails     show all on map

Angel Falls Trail, Arnold Pond Trail, Arnold Trail, Bemis Stream Trail, Bemis Trail, Bigelow Range Trail, Brook Trail, Carlo Col Trail, Chimney Trail, Morrell Trail, Piazza Rock Trail

  Valleys     show all on map

Big Sag Basin, Caribou Valley,

Franklin County, Maine Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteFranklin County White population 29,82229,821  
MixedFranklin County Mixed population 398398
AsianFranklin County Asian population 184183
American IndianFranklin County American Indian population 122122
BlackFranklin County Black population 9291
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderFranklin County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

Additional population tables :
State population table
Maine population by county