Knox County, Maine Basics:

Knox County Maine - Government Site

Population: 39,606
Area: 365 square miles
County seat: Rockland
Area code(s) in use: 207
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 91.2%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 29.1%
Median household income: $47,714
Persons in poverty: 11.5%
Home ownership rate: 79.0%
Mean travel time to work: 18.9 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Lincoln  Waldo  

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Map of the Knox County area

Our detail map of Knox County shows the Knox County, Maine boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Knox County, Maine

  Airports     show all on map

Bald Mountain Airport, Ben Hur Heliport, Clark Field Airport, Knox County Regional Airport, Matinicus Island Airport, Penobscot Bay Medical Center Heliport, Vinalhaven Airport, Watson Airport, Watson Landing Strip, Witherspoons Landing Strip, Inc. Airport

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Areys Neck Woods

  Bars     show all on map

Airy Ledge, Alden Rock, Allen Ledge, Arey Ledges, Ash Island Ledge, Babbidge Island Ledges, Bailey Ledge, Bantam Ledge, Barter Shoal, Bay Cove Ledge, Bay Ledge, Bay West, Benny Ledge, Beyer Ship Ledge, Big Shoal, Black Island Ledge, Black Ledge, Black Ledges, Black Rock, Black Rocks, Blue Hill Rock, Bradstreet Rock, Brewster Point Ledge, Brewster Point Ledge, Browns Ledge, Buffalo Ledge, Bunker Ledge, Burnt Ledge, Calderwood Rock, Cape Ann Ledge, Carey Rock, Carver Ledge, Cat Ledge, Cato Ledge, Channel Ledge, Channel Rock, Channel Rock, Channel Rock, Channel Rock, Clam Ledge, Clam Ledges, Clam Ledges, Clark Island Ledge, Collins Rock, Colt Ledge, Compass Island Ledge, Crabtree Point Ledge, Crosby Ledge, Cross Island Ledge, Crotch Island Ledges, Crow Island Ledges, Cunning Rock, Dagger Ledge, Davis Shoal, Deadman Ledge, Diamond Rock, Diamond Rock Ledge, Dillingham Ledge, Dobbin Rock, Dodge Point Ledge, Dogfish Ledges, Drunkard Ledge, Drunkard Ledge, Dry Ledges, Duck Harbor Ledge, East Black Ledge, Eastern Ear Ledge, Eastern Ledge, Eastern Ledge, Egg Rock Ledge, Egg Rock North Ledge, Egg Rock South Ledge, Emery Ledge, False Halibot Rock, Fiddlers Ledge, Fish Point Ledge, Flat Ledge, Folly Ledge, Foster Ledges, Fox Ears, Frenchman Ledge, Gangway Ledge, Garden Island Ledge, Gay Cove Ledge, Gig Rock, Goose Rock Ledge, Grace Rock, Great Spoon Ledge, Green Island Seal Ledges, Green Ledge, Green Ledge, Green Ledge, Green Point Shoal, Greens Ledge, Griffin Ledge, Griffin Ledge, Grindstone Ledge, Grindstone Ledge, Gull Bar, Gull Rock, Gully Ledge, Gunning Rock Shoal, Haddock Ledge, Haddock Ledge, Halfway Rock, Halibut Ledge, Halibut Rock, Harbor Ledges, Harpoon Ledge, Hart Island Ledges, Hart Ledge, Henderson Ledge, Heron Neck Ledge, Herring Ledge, Hewett Island Rocks, High Clam Ledge, Hog Cove Ledge, Holden Ledge, Horseman Ledge, Hough Ledge, House Ledge, Howie Rock, Hupper Shoal, Hurricane Ledge, Inner Bay Ledges, Inner Breakers, Inner Grindstone Ledge, Inner Ledges, Inner Shag Ledge, Iron Point Ledge, James and Willies Ledge, Jenks Ledge, Junken Ledge, Kays Ledge, Keeler Rock, Kelp Ledges, Kent Ledge, Kimball Rock, Knubble Ledge, Lane Ledge, Lark Ledges, Leach Rock, Leach Rock, Little Egg Rock Shoals, Little Franklin Ledge, Little Triangle Ledge, Lobster Ledge, Lobster Ledge, Long Ledge, Long Ledge, Lowell Ledge, Lower Gangway Ledge, Lower Ledge, Mackerel Ledge, Malcolm Ledge, Marsh Cove Ledges, Marshall Ledge, McIntosh Ledge, Medric Rock, Metinic Island Ledge, Middle Ledge, Middle Ledges, Midway Rocks, Mitten Ledge, Moores Harbor Ledge, Morse Ledge, Mosquito Ledge, Moxy Reef, Murray Ledge, North Popplestone Ledge, Northeast Ledge, Northeast Point Reef, Northeast Pond Ledge, Northern Triangles, Northwest Ledge, Norton Island Ledges, Old Cilley Ledge, Old Duke Ledges, Old Horse Ledge, Old Horse Ledge, Old Hump Ledge, Old Man Ledge, Old Woman Ledge, Otter Island Ledge, Otter Island Ledge, Otter Island Ledge, Outer Ledges, Outer Scrag Ledge, Outer Shag Ledge, Owls Head Ledge, Perry Ledge, Pigeon Ground, Point Ledge, Point Ledge, Pond Hole Ledges, Porterfield Ledge, Post Office Ledge, Poverty Hump, Ram Island Ledge, Richs Ledge, Roaring Bull, Roaring Bull Ledge, Rock T, Round Rock, Saddleback Ledge, Saddleback Ledge Shoal, Sand-in-Point Ledge, Sawyer Ledge, Seal Ledge, Seal Ledge, Seal Ledge, Seal Ledge, Seal Ledge, Seal Ledges, Seal Ledges, Seavey Ledges, Shag Ledges, Shag Rock, Sheep Island Bar, Sheep Island Ledge, Sheep Island Shoals, Sister Ledge, Snippershan Ledge, South Breaker, South Breaker, South Ledge, South Ledge, South Popplestone Ledge, Southeast Breaker, Southern Triangles, Southwest Ledges, Sparrow Island Ledges, Spears Rock, Spoon Ledge, Squeaker Guzzle, Stallion Ledge, Stimpsons Rock, Sugar Loaves, Sunken Black Ledge, Sunken Ledge, Sunken Pond Ledge, The Barrel, The Breakers, The Graves, The Hogshead, The Kegs, The Sisters, The Washers, Thompson Rock, Three Fathom Ledge, Trial Point Ledge, Triangle Ledge, Tuckanuck Ledge, Turning Rock, Turnip Yard, Two Bush Ledge, Two Bush Reef, Upper Gangway Ledge, Wash Ledge, Waterman Ledge, West Black Ledge, West Halibut Ledges, West Malibu Ledges, Western Bight, Western Ear Ledge, Western Ledge, Whaleback, Wheeler Big Rock, Wheeler Rock, Wiggins Rock, Wreck Ledge, Yellow Ledge, Yellow Ledge, Yellow Rock, York Ledges, Zephyr Ledges, Zephyr Rock

  Bays     show all on map

Ames Creek, Arey Cove, Armstrong Cove, Back Cove, Ballyhac Cove, Banks Cove, Barred Harbor, Bartlett Harbor, Baum Bay, Billys Cove, Boathouse Cove, Broad Cove, Broad Cove, Browns Cove, Bull Cove, Burgess Cove, Camden Harbor, Camp Cove, Carver Cove, Carvers Cove, Carvers Harbor, Cato Cove, Cherry Cove, Cherry Tree Cove, Clam Cove, Clam Cove, Clark Cove, Condon Cove, Cox Cove, Criehaven Harbor, Crockett Cove, Crockett Cove, Cubby Hole, Cutler Cove, Davis Cove, Days Cove, Deep Cove, Deep Cove, Deep Cove, Deep Cove, Deep Cove, Delano Cove, Dix Island Harbor, Dodges Cove, Drinking Cove, Duck Harbor, False Whitehead Harbor, Fish Hook, Fish House Cove, Floods Cove, Frenchman Cove, Friendship Harbor, Gay Cove, Georges Harbor, Greens Island Cove, Harrington Cove, Hatchet Cove, Head Harbor, Hog Cove, Home Harbor, Hornbarn Cove, Hurricane Sound, Hyler Cove, Indian Creek, Isle Au Haut Bay, Jennings Cove, Kent Cove, Laundry Cove, Lermond Cove, Long Cove, Long Cove, Long Cove, Long Cove, Maple Juice Cove, Marsh Cove, Marsh Cove, Matinicus Harbor, Merchants Cove, Mill Cove, Mill Pond, Mill Priviledge, Mill Stream, Ministers Creek, Moores Harbor, Mosquito Harbor, Mullen Cove, Nabby Cove, Northeast Cove, Northwest Cove, Nortons Cove, Old Cove, Old Cove, Old Harbor, Old Harbor Pond, Otis Cove, Owls Head Bay, Owls Head Harbor, Pasture Cove, Penobscot Bay, Philbrook Cove, Polly Cove, Pond Cove, Pond Point, Port Clyde Harbor, Pulpit Harbor, Rackliff Bay, Reindeer Cove, Richs Cove, Roberts Harbor, Rockland Harbor, Saint George Harbor, Salt Works Cove, Sand Cove, Sands Cove, Seal Bay, Seal Bay, Seal Cove, Seal Cove, Seal Harbor, Seavey Cove, Sheep Thief Gulch, Sherman Cove, Shipwreck Cove, Smith Cove, Smith Harbor, Southern Harbor, Southwest Cove, Squeaker Cove, Teel Cove, Tenants Harbor, The Basin, The Reach, The Seal Trap, The Swimming Pool, Thunder Gulch, Turkey Cove, Turnip Yard, Vinal Cove, Waterman Cove, Watts Cove, West Penobscot Bay, Wheeler Bay, Wiley Cove, Wilson Cove, Winter Harbor, Wood Cove, Wooster Cove, Youngs Cove

  Beaches     show all on map

Boom Beach, Clayters Beach, Goss Beach, Indian Camp Beach, Laite Memorial Beach, Lucia Beach, Markey Beach, Medrick Beach, Narrow Place Beach, South Sandy Beach

  Benches     show all on map

Fiddler Ledge, Hay Ledge

  Bridges     show all on map

Carrying Place Bridge, Sprucehead Island Bridge, Tannery Lane Footbridge

  Buildings     show all on map

American Boathouse, Bolduc Correctional Facility, Camden Fire Department, Camden First Aid Association, Camden Opera House, Camden Police Department, Camden Public Library, Camden Town Office, Camden-Rockport Historical Society Building, Conway House Museum, Cushing Public Library, Cushing Volunteer Fire Department, Friendship Museum, Friendship Public Library, Friendship Volunteer Fire Department, Gibbs Library, Hope Library, Hope Volunteer Fire Department Hope Corner Station, Hope Volunteer Fire Department South Hope Station, Hurricane Island Outward Bound School Headquarters, Jackson Memorial Library, Knox Building, Knox County Courthouse, Knox County Jail, Knox County Law Library, Knox County Sheriff's Office, Knox Mill Museum, Lathbury Library, Maine Coast Artists Gallery, Maine State Prison, Maine State Prison Library, Maine Watercraft Museum, Marshall Point Lighthouse Museum, Mary Meeker Cramer Museum, Matinicus Island Rescue, Matthews Museum of Maine Heritage, Mildred Stevens Williams Memorial Library, Montpelier, North East Mobile Health Services, North Haven Emergency Medical Services, North Haven Public Library, North Haven Volunteer Fire Department, Olson House, Owls Head Fire Department, Owls Head Light Station, Owls Head Transportation Museum Lang Education Center and Library, Owls Head Village Library, Penobscot Bay Medical Center Niles Perkins Health Science Library, Point Lookout Club (historical), Revere Memorial Library, Rockland Chamber of Commerce, Rockland City Hall, Rockland Department of Public Safety Fire Department, Rockland Police Department, Rockland Public Library, Rockland Visitor Information Center, Rockport Fire Department Main Station, Rockport Fire Department West Rockport Station, Rockport Opera House, Rockport Police Department, Rockport Public Library, Rockport-Camden-Lincolnville Chamber of Commerce, Saint George Volunteer Fire Department Port Clyde Station, Saint George Volunteer Fire Department Substation, Saint George Volunteer Fire Department Tenants Harbor, Shore Village Lighthouse Museum Library, Shore Village Museum, South Thomaston Ambulance Service, South Thomaston Public Library, South Thomaston Volunteer Fire Department, Spite House, Sterling Ambulance, Tenants Harbor Lighthouse (historical), The Wyeth Center, Thomaston Ambulance Service, Thomaston Fire Department, Thomaston Police Department, Thomaston Public Library, Town Office Number 1, Town Office Number 2, Union Ambulance Service, Union Fire Department, Vinalhaven Fire Department, Vinalhaven Historical Society Museum, Vinalhaven Police Department, Vinalhaven Public Library, Vose Library, Warren Ambulance Service, Warren Free Public Library, Warren Volunteer Fire Department, Washington Fire Department, William A Farnsworth Art Museum, William A Farnsworth Library, YMCA Building

  Capes     show all on map

Ames Point, Amesbury Point, Arey Neck, Ash Point, Ash Tree Point, Atlantic Point, Babcocks Point, Bailey Point, Battery Point, Beauchamp Point, Birch Point, Birch Point, Birch Point, Birch Point, Bird Point, Blank Point, Bob Meadow Point, Boot Neck, Bradford Point, Bradford Point, Brewster Point, Browns Head, Burton Point, Calderwood Point, Calderwood Point, Calf Point, Clark Point, Condon Point, Conway Point, Coombs Neck, Crabtree Point, Crockett Point, Crockett Point, Crockett Point, Curtis Point, Cushing Point, Days Point, Deacon Brown Point, Deadman Point, Dillingham Point, Dodge Point, Dog Point, Dyer Point, Eaton Point, Ebens Head, Elwell Point, Elwell Point, Fernalds Neck, Field Point, Fish Head, Fish Point, Fish Point, Fort Point, Ginn Point, Harbor Point, Hart Neck, Hathorne Point, Hawthorn Point, Hayden Point, Hendrickson Point, Heron Neck, High Head, Holt Point, Hopkins Point, Horseman Point, Hospital Point, Howard Point, Hupper Point, Indian Point, Iron Point, Jameson Point, Jameson Point, Lelands Point, Lookout Point, Mackerel Point, Marsh Cove Head, Marshall Point, Martin Point, McCarthy Point, Merchants Point, Montgomery Point, Moores Head, Mullen Head, Nash Point, Neds Point, Northeast Point, Northeast Point, Northwest Point, Northwest Point, Norton Point, Ogier Point, Otis Point, Otter Point, Owls Head, Patten Point, Pleasant Point, Popplestone Point, Richs Point, Robinson Point, Round Neck, Salt Point, Sedgewick Point, Sharks Point, Smith Point, Smith Point, Southwest Point, Stand-in Point, Stephens Head, Stones Point, Sunset Point, Telegraph Point, Thayer Point, Thorndike Point, Trial Point, Turkey Point, Vaughan Neck, Waterman Point, Watts Point, Webster Head, West Point, Wilson Head, Young Point, Young Point, Zeke Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Achorn Cemetery, Amesbury Cemetery, Ash Point Cemetery, Browns Cemetery, Browns Cemetery, Clark Cemetery, Cummins Cemetery, Duck Harbor Cemetery, East Union Cemetery, Evergreen Cemetery, Fairview Cemetery, Farnsworth Cemetery, Forest Hill Cemetery, Frye Cemetery, Fuller Cemetery, Ginns Point Cemetery, Griffin Cemetery, Hall Cemetery, Harbor Cemetery, Hart Cemetery, Hathorn Cemetery, Head of Bay Cemetery, Hill Cemetery, Hillside Cemetery, Holiday Beach Cemetery, Hope Grove Cemetery, Howard Cemetery, Hyler Jameson Cemetery, John Carver Cemetery, Kelleran Cemetery, Kent Cemetery, Lake View Cemetery, Lane Family Cemetery, Leadbetter Cemetery, Maple Grove Cemetery, McDowell Cemetery, Merchant Island Cemetery, Miller Cemetery, Morey Hill Cemetery, Mount View Cemetery, New Rockville Cemetery, North Parish Cemeteries, Oak Hill Cemetery, Ocean View Cemetery, Orff Cemetery, Perry Cemetery, Pierpont Cemetery, Pine Grove Cemetery, Pleasant View Cemetery, Pooles Hill Cemetery, Post Sunny View Cemetery, Quaker Cemetery, Riverview Cemetery, Roberts Cemetery, Rockport Cemetery, Rose Hill Cemetery, Saint Johns Cemetery, Samoset Cemetery, Seaside Cemetery, Seaview Cemetery, Seaview Cemetery, Seaview Cemetery, Skidmore Cemetery, South Parish Cemetery, South Warren Cemetery, Sprague Cemetery, The Village Cemetery, Tolman Cemetery, Turners Cemetery, Village Cemetery, Village Cemetery, Village Cemetery, Wayside Cemetery, West Rockport Cemetery, Weymouth Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Camden Census Designated Place, Thomaston Census Designated Place

  Channels     show all on map

Burnt Island Thorofare, Davis Strait, Fisherman Island Passage, Fox Islands Thorofare, Isle Au Haut Thorofare, Leadbetter Narrows, Little Thorofare, Matinicus Roads, Muscle Ridge Channel, Northeast Passage, Old Hump Channel, Otter Island Passage, Pell Island Passage, Two Bush Channel

  Churches     show all on map

Apostolic Christian Life Church, Appleton Baptist Church, Assembly of God Church, Chestnut Street Baptist Church, Christian Science Reading Room, Church of the Nazarene, Congregational Church of Rockland, Federated Church in Thomaston, First Baptist Church, First Congregational Church, First Unitarian Universalist Church, Grace Bible Fellowship Building, Grace Pentecostal Church, Harmony Bible Baptist Church, Hope Community Bible Church, Littlefield Memorial Baptist Church, Living Waters Revival Church, Our Lady of Good Hope Church, Owls Head Baptist Church, Peoples United Methodist Church, Ridge Church, Saint Bernards Church, Saint James Catholic Church, Saint John the Baptist Episcopal Church, Saint Peters Episcopal Church, Saint Thomas Episcopal Church, Second Congregational Church, South Hope Community Church, Thomaston Baptist Church, Union Church of Vinalhaven, Vesper Hill Childrens Chapel, Warren Baptist Church, Washington Village Baptist Church, West Rockport Baptist Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Maiden Cliff, Millerite Ledges, Negro Head

  Dams     show all on map

Alford Lake Dam, Appleton Ridge Pond Dam, Chickawaukie Pond Dam, Crystal Pond Dam, East Union Dam, Fish Pond Dam, Forest Pond Dam, Knox Mill Dam, Megunticook Lake East Dam, Megunticook Lake West Dam, Mill Pond Dam, Mill Stream Dam, Mirror Lake Dam, Pettengill Marsh Dam, Rockland Breakwater, Seabright Mill Dam, Sennebec Pond Dam, Tolman Dam, Warren Sawmill Pond Dam (historical), Washington Pond Dam

  Guts     show all on map

Lawrys Narrows, Lobster Gut, Mill River, Minister Gut, Pleasant Point Gut

  Harbors     show all on map

Rockport Harbor

  Hospitals     show all on map

Camden Health Care Center, Goulds Hospital, Island Community Medical Center, Mid-Coast Mental Health Center, Pen Bay Medical Center

  Islands     show all on map

Allen Island, Andrews Island, Ash Island, Babbidge Island, Bar Island, Bar Island, Barter Island, Barton Island, Battery Island, Benner Island, Beverage Island, Big Brewster, Big Garden Island, Big Green Island, Big Hen Island, Big White Island, Bills Island, Birch Island, Birch Island, Black Island, Black Rock, Blackhorse Island, Blubber Island, Bluff Head, Boy Scout Island, Brig Ledge, Brimstone Island, Broom Island, Browns Island, Burnt Island, Burnt Island, Burnt Island, Burnt Island, Burnt Island, Burnt Island, Burying Island, Calderwood Island, Calderwood Neck, Caldwell Island, Calf Island, Camp Cove Ledge, Camp Island, Carvers Island, Cedar Island, Cedar Island, Channel Rock, Clam Island, Clam Island, Clark Island, Combs Island, Cranberry Island, Crane Island, Crane Island, Crane Island, Crescent Island, Cross Island, Crotch Island, Crotch Island, Crow Island, Curtis Island, Cushing Island, Cutters Nubble, Dagger Island, Davids Island, Davis Island, Dix Island, Dogfish Island, Doliver Island, Downfall Island, Duck Island, Dumpling Island, Dyer Island, Eagle Island, Eagle Island, East Goose Rock, Eastern Ear Island, Eastern Egg Rock, Eben Island, Egg Rock, Elwell Island, Emery Island, Ewe Island, Fiddlehead Island, Fisherman Island, Flag Island, Flake Island, Flat Island, Fog Island, Fox Rocks, Franklin Island, Friendship Long Island, Garden Island, Garden Island, Garrison Island, Gay Island, Georges Islands, Goose Island, Goose Rock, Goose Rock, Graffam Island, Great Pond Island, Great Spoon Island, Green Island, Green Island, Green Ledge, Green Ledge, Greens Island, Greer Island, Greer Island, Gundell Island, Gunning Rock, Gunning Rocks, Hall Island, Hall Island, Harbor Island, Harbor Island, Harbor Island, Hardwood Island, Hart Island, Hay Island, Hay Islands, Hen Island, Hen Island, Hen Islands, Hewett Island, High Island, High Island, High Ledge, Hog Island, Hog Island, Hupper Island, Hurricane Island, Hurricane Island, Indian Island, Indian Ledge, Isle Au Haut, Kimball Island, Lane Island, Large Green Island, Lasell Island, Lawrys Island, Lawrys Ledge, Leadbetter Island, Little Brimstone Island, Little Burnt Island, Little Caldwell Islands, Little Egg Rock, Little Green Island, Little Green Island, Little Green Island, Little Hen Island, Little Hurricane Island, Little Island, Little Island, Little Island, Little Pond Island, Little Smith Island, Little Spoon Island, Little Two Bush Island, Little White Island, Lobster Island, Lowell Rock, Marblehead Island, Mark Island, Matinicus Island, Matinicus Rock, McGee Island, Merchant Island, Metinic Green Island, Metinic Island, Mink Island, Mink Island, Monroe Island, Morse Island, Mosquito Island, Mount Ephraim Island, Mouse Island, Mouse Island, Mouse Island, Mouse Island, Mouse Island, Moxie Island, Murry Island, Muscle Ridge Islands, Narrows Island, Nathan Island, Neck Island, Nettle Island, No Mans Land, North Haven Island, Northern Island, Norton Island, Nubbins, Oak Island, Oak Island, Ohio Island, Otter Island, Otter Island, Otter Island, Pease Island, Pell Island, Penobscot Island, Pleasant Island, Pole Island, Potato Island, Pudding Island, Pulpit Rock, Rabbits Ear, Rabbits Ear Island, Rackliff Island, Ragged Island, Ram Island, Ram Island, Ram Island, Ram Island, Ram Island, Ram Island, Rasberry Island, Red Lion Island, Roberts Island, Robinson Rock, Rosebud Island, Saddle Island, Sand Island, Scraggy Ledge, Seal Island, Seal Island, Seavey Island, Seavey Island, Shag Ledge, Shag Rock, Shark Island, Sheep Island, Sheep Island, Sheep Island, Slins Island, Smith Island, South Big Garden Island, Southern Island, Southern Mark Island, Sparrow Island, Spaulding Island, Spectacle Island, Spectacle Island, Spectacle Island, Spectacles, Sprucehead Island, Stimpsons Island, Stoddart Island, Stone Island, Talbot Island, Teal Island, Teel Island, Ten Cent Island, Tenpound Island, Tenpound Island, The Bandies, The Brothers, The Cow Pen, The Fang, The Neck, The Nubble, Thompson Island, Tommy Island, Toms Island, Turnip Island, Turnip Island, Two Bush Island, Two Bush Island, Twobush Island, Vinal Falls, Vinalhaven Island, Western Ear Island, Wharton Island, Wheat Island, Wheaton Island, White Island, White Ledge, Whitehead Island, Whitehorse Island, Widow Island, Wolsgrover Island, Wooden Ball Island, Yellow Ridge Island, York Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Booth Quarry Pond, Carvers Pond, Cedar Pond, Charley Browns Pond, Cotton Pond, Crawford Pond, Crystal Pond, Dyers Pond, Folly Pond, Fresh Pond, Fresh Pond, Grassy Pond, Hobbs Pond, Hosmer Pond, Howard Pond, Johnson Pond, Lawson Quarry Pond, Lermond Pond, Lilly Pond, Lily Pond, Long Pond, Long Pond, Maces Pond, Mansfield Pond, Muddy Pond, Muddy Pond, Newbert Pond, North Pond, Otter Pond, Rocky Pond, Round Pond, Round Pond, Salt Pond, Sennebec Pond, Seven Tree Pond, South Pond, The Marsh, The Pool, White Oak Pond

  Locales     show all on map

Bancroft Summer School Camp, Browns Head Light Station, Camden Yacht Club, Camp Adahi, Catawamteak (historical), Curtis Island Light, Dog Fish Beacon, Duck Harbor Campground, Duck Harbor Landing, Fort Point Light (historical), Franklin Island Light, Goose Rocks Lighthouse, Heron Neck Light Station, Highland Mill Mall, Hurricane Island Outward Bound School Dock, Indian Island Light Station, Isle Au Haut Light Station, J O Browns Ferry Dock, Journeys End Marina, Knight Marina, Knox Woolen Mills (historical), Lermond Mill (historical), Lobster Buoy Campsite, Lookout, Loons Cry Campground, Marshall Point Light Station, Matinicus Rock Light Station, Meguniticook by the Sea Campground, North End Shipyard, North Haven Ferry, North Haven Yacht Club, Oakland Park, Owls Head Transportation Museum, Pleasant Beach, Roberts Roost Campground, Rockland Breakwater Light, Rockland Community Yacht Club, Rockland Golf Course, Rockland Harbor Boatyard, Rockland Landings Marina, Rockland Plaza Shopping Center, Rockland Public Landing, Rockland Shopping Center, Rockport Boat Club, Rockport Historic Kiln Area, Rockport Marine, Rockport Town Landing, Saddleback Ledge Light Station, Saltwater Farm Campground, Samoset Golf Course, Sandy Shore Recreational Vehicle Resort, Schooner Wharf, Sennebec Lake Campground, Two Bush Island Light, Union Fairgrounds, Warren Station, Waterman Beach, Wentworth Corners, Whitehead Island Light Station, Whitehead Lifesaving Station, William A Farnsworth Homestead, Zekes Lookout

  Military     show all on map

Fort Saint George (historical), Naval Auxiliary Air Station Rockland (historical)

  Mines     show all on map

Booths Quarry (historical), High Island Granite Quarry (historical), Lawsons Quarry (historical), Sands Quarry (historical)

  Parks     show all on map

Armburst Hill Wildlife Preserve, Breakwater and Marie Reed Park, Camden Amphitheater, Camden Opera House Block, Chestnut Street Historic District, Cramer Park, Curtis Island Park, Duryea Morton Audubon Sanctuary, Harbor Park, High Street Historic District, J C Park, Lanes Island Preserve, Main Street Historic District, Meadow Mountain Preserve, Merryspring Park, Mullen Head Park, Owls Head State Park, Petit Manon Refuge, Rockland Recreation Building and Playground, Rockland Residential Historic District, Rockport Historic District, Rockport Marine Park, Rockport Recreation Park, Shirt Tail Point Park, Thomaston Athletic Field, Thomaston Historic District, Village Green, Walker Park, Wasgett Field

  Populated Places     show all on map

Appleton, Ash Point, Athearns Corner, Blackinton Corners, Burkettville, Camden, Clark Island, Crescent Beach, Criehaven, Cushing, East Friendship, East Union, East Warren, Elmore, Englishtown (historical), Friendship, Glen Cove, Glenmere, Globe, Goose Rocks, Grants Turn, Gushees Corner, Hibberts Corner, Holiday Beach, Hope, Isle Au Haut, Lake City, Lawry, Long Cove, Lucas Corner, Maddocks Corner, Martin, Martins Corner, Martinsville, Matinicus, Melvin Heights, Montpelier, Morang Corner, North Appleton, North Cushing, North Haven, North Hope Corner, North Union, Oakes Corner, Owls Head, Payson Corner, Pease Corner, Pitmans Corner, Pleasant Point, Port Clyde, Proctors Corner, Pulpit Harbor, Razorville, Rockland, Rockport, Rockville, Saint George, Sawpit Corner, Shermans Mill, Simonton Corners, South Cushing, South Hope, South Thomaston, South Union, South Warren, Spruce Head, Stickney Corner, Stovers Corner, Tenants Harbor, Thomaston, Union, Vinalhaven, Warren, Washington, Wattons Mill, West Appleton, West Rockport, West Washington, White Oak Corner, Whitney Corner, Willis Corners

  Post Offices     show all on map

Appleton Post Office, Ashpoint Post Office, Burkettville Post Office, Camden Post Office, Clark Island Post Office (historical), Criehaven Post Office (historical), Friendship Post Office (historical), Glen Cove Post Office (historical), Glenmere Post Office, Globe Post Office (historical), Highland Post Office (historical), Hope Post Office, Hurricane Island Post Office (historical), Isle Au Haut Post Office, Lawry Post Office, Lond Cove Post Office (historical), Martin Post Office, Martinsville Post Office (historical), Matinicus Post Office, Meduncook Post Office (historical), North Appleton Post Office (historical), North Cushing Post Office (historical), North Haven Post Office, North Hope Post Office (historical), North Union Post Office (historical), North Warren Post Office (historical), North Washington Post Office (historical), Owls Head Post Office, Pleasant Point Post Office (historical), Pleasantville Post Office (historical), Port Clyde Post Office, Pulpit Harbor Post Office (historical), Razorville Post Office (historical), Rockland Post Office, Rockport Post Office, Rockville Post Office (historical), Saint George Post Office (historical), Simonton Post Office (historical), South Cushing Post Office, South Hope Post Office, South Thomaston Post Office, South Union Post Office, South Warren Post Office (historical), South Washington Post Office (historical), Spruce Head Post Office, Stickney Corner Post Office (historical), Tenants Harbor Post Office, Thomaston Post Office, Union Post Office, Vinalhaven Post Office, Warren Post Office (historical), Washington Post Office, West Warren Post Office (historical), West Washington Post Office

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Alford Lake, Appleton Ridge Pond, Chickawaukie Pond, Crystal Pond, Fish Pond, Forest Pond, Knox Mill Pond, Lerman Pond, Mill Pond, Mill Stream, Mirror Lake, Pettengill Marsh, Seabright Pond, Tolman Pond, Warren Sawmill Pond (historical), Washington Pond

  Ridges     show all on map

Appleton Ridge, Appleton Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Appleton Village School, Ashwood Waldorf School, Camden Hills Regional High School, Camden Rockport Elementary School, Camden Rockport Middle School, Children's House Montessori School, Cushing Community School, Elm Street School, Friendship Village School, Gaul Middle School, Gilford Butler School, Hodge One Room School (historical), Hope Elementary School, Isle Au Haut Rural School, Lincoln Elementary School, Lura Libby School, MacDougal School (historical), Mary E Taylor Middle School, Matinicus Elementary School, McLain Middle School, Mid Coast School of Technology Region 8, North Haven Community School, Oceanside High School East, Oceanside High School West, Outward Bound School, Owls Head Central School, Owls Head Schoolhouse (historical), Pen Bay Christian School, Prescott Memorial School, Riley School, Rockland District Middle School, S O J Schoolhouse (historical), Saint George School, Seton School, South Hope Christian School, South School, The Artisans College, The Community School, Thomaston Grammar School, Thompson Memorial School, Union Elementary School, Vinalhaven School, Warren Community School, Watershed School

  Streams     show all on map

Allen Brook, Back River, Back River, Barter Creek, Beaverdam Brook, Branch Brook, Bull Brook, Bull Brook, Davis Stream, Dead River, Duck Brook, East Branch Oyster River, Fuller Brook, Goose River, Great Brook, Gully Brook, Harriet Brook, Hope Brook, Keene Brook, Little Medomak Brook, Luce Brook, Marsh Brook, Meadow Brook, Meduncook River, Megunticook River, Merchant Brook, Mill Creek, Mill River, Mill Stream, Murchs Brook, Oyster River, Pats Brook, Pease Brook, Perry Creek, Pettengill Stream, Pitcher Brook, Quiggle Brook, Saint George River, Sharkeyville Creek, Spring Brook, Stepping Stone Brook, Varnah Brook, Washington Brook, Weskeag River, West Branch Oyster River

  Summits     show all on map

Ames Knob, Apple Tree Hill, Bald Mountain, Bald Mountain, Barley Hill, Barrett Hill, Basin High Mountain, Bear Hill, Beech Hill, Benner Hill, Black Dina, Clarry Hill, Coggans Hill, Coombs Mountain, Cooms Hill, Cunningham Mountain, Delano Hill, Dodge Mountain, Duck Harbor Mountain, Dushane Hill, Eastern Head, Foggs Hill, Gooseberry Knob, Gurney Hill, Hatchet Mountain, Ingraham Hill, Isle Au Haut Mountain, Jerusalem Mountain, Johnson Hill, Jones Hill, Kimball Head, Limestone Hill, Meadow Mountain, Middle Mountain, Mosquito Head, Mount Battie, Mount Megunticook, Mount Nebo, Oak Hill, Patrick Mountain, Philbrick Mountain, Pine Hill, Pleasant Mountain, Post Hill, Ragged Mountain, Rocky Mountain, Sawyer Mountain, Shag Roost, Shepards Hill, Simmons Hill, Spruce Mountain, Stahls Hill, Starboard Rock, Tiptoe Mountain, Wentworth Mountain, Western Head, Western Head, Wiley Hill

  Swamps     show all on map

Cedar Swamp, Dyer Pond, Far Meadow, Great Meadow, Pond Swamp, Purgatory Swamp, Rice Heath, The Bog

  Towers     show all on map

WBQX-FM(Thomaston), WMCM-FM (Rockland), WMEP-FM (Camden), WRKD Radio Tower (Havre De Grace), WRKD-AM (Rockland)

  Trails     show all on map

Black Dina Trail, Bowditch Trail, Cliff Trail, Duck Harbor Trail, Ebens Head Trail, Edies Trail, Horseman Point Trail, Jerusalem Mountain Trail, Maiden Cliff Trail, Mount Battie Trail, Mount Megunticook Trail, National Merchant Trail, Old Cove Trail, Ragged Mountain Trail, Sawyer Notch Trail, Seal Point Trail, Spring Brook Trail, Thunder Gulch Trail, Trail Point Trail, Western Head Trail,

Knox County, Maine Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteKnox County White population 38,45738,457  
MixedKnox County Mixed population 554554
BlackKnox County Black population 238237
AsianKnox County Asian population 198198
American IndianKnox County American Indian population 158158
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderKnox County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

Additional population tables :
State population table
Maine population by county