Lincoln County, Maine Basics:

Lincoln County Maine - Government Site

Population: 34,143
Area: 456 square miles
County seat: Wiscasset
Area code(s) in use: 207
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 92.7%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 31.6%
Median household income: $50,494
Persons in poverty: 11.1%
Home ownership rate: 84.6%
Mean travel time to work: 25.4 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Kennebec  Knox  Sagadahoc  Waldo  

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Map of the Lincoln County area

Our detail map of Lincoln County shows the Lincoln County, Maine boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Lincoln County, Maine

  Airports     show all on map

Kimberly Airport, Robinson Ridge Field Airport, Ruby Airport, Wiscasset Airport

  Bars     show all on map

Allen Shoal, Bantam Rock, Bar Island Ledge, Browns Head Ledge, Card Ledge, Cat Ledges, Clous Ledge, Coombs Ledge, Corvette Ledge, Cow Island Dry Ledges, Cow Island Ledges, Cow Island Sunken Ledges, Cranberry Ledge, Decker Rock, Devils Back, Devils Elbow, Devils Limb, Dictator Ledge, Dry Ledge, Dry Ledge, Eastern Ledge, Eastern Ledge, Fourfoot Rock, Gall Rock, Gangway Ledge, Garden Island South Ledge, Glidden Ledge, Goose Rock, Greenleaf Ledge, Gull Rock Ledge, Haddock Island Kelp Ledge, Haddock Island Ledge, Halftide Ledge, Halftide Rock, Harbor Island Rock, Harding Ledge, Havener Ledge, Heron Island South Ledge, Hodgdon Ledge, Hog Island Bar, Hog Island Ledge, Holbrook Ledge, Inner Heron Island Ledge, Inner Ledge, Jims Island Ledge, Kelp Ledge, Knowles Rocks, Long Island Ledges, Long Ledge, Long Ledge, McFarlands Ledges, Merrill Ledge, Middle Ground, Middle Ledges, Moser Ledge, New Harbor Dry Ledges, New Harbor Sunken Ledges, Northeast Point Ledges, Outer Heron Island Ledge, Outer Pumpkin Island Ledge, Pemaquid Ledge, Pig Island Ledge, Pinkham Shoal, Poland North Ledge, Poland South Ledge, Polins East Ledge, Polins Ledges, Pollock Rock, Poor Shoal, Powderhorn Ledge, Pumpkin Cove Ledge, Pumpkin Island Northeast Ledge, Pumpkin Ledges, Ram Island Ledge, Ram Ledges, Reed Rock, Round Rock, Salt Pond Ledge, Seal Ledges, Seal Rock, Seal Rock, Seal Rocks, Shag Ledge, Southeast Breaker, Spruce Point Ledges, Stover Ledge, Sunken Duck Rock, The Bulldog, The Hypocrites, The Motions, Thread of Life Ledges, Thrumcap Ledge, Tibbits Ledge, Webber Dry Ledge, Webber North Ledge, Webber Sunken Ledge, Western Ledge, Western Ledge, White Island Ledge, Wreck Island Ledges, Wylie Rock

  Bays     show all on map

Back Cove, Back River Cove, Bailey Cove, Blake Cove, Boothbay Harbor, Bradstreet Cove, Briar Cove, Broad Cove, Brooks Cove, Browns Cove, Browns Head Cove, Burnham Cove, Calf Cove, Cameron Cove, Cape Harbor, Card Cove, Cavis Cove, Christmas Cove, Christmas Cove, Christmas Cove, Clam Cove, Clark Cove, Cod Cove, Colby Cove, Coombs Cove, Cork Cove, Cozy Harbor, Cushman Cove, Damariscove Harbor, Days Cove, Deadman Cove, Deckers Cove, Deep Cove, Deep Cove, Dodge Lower Cove, Dodge Upper Cove, Ebenecook Harbor, Factory Cove, Fitch Cove, Fossetts Cove, Fowle Cove, Great Bay, Greenland Cove, Greenleaf Cove, Havener Cove, Heal Cove, Hendricks Harbor, Hendricks Harbor, Hilton Cove, Hogdon Cove, Huston Cove, Johns Bay, Jones Cove, Lewis Cove, Lighthouse Cove, Linekin Bay, Lobster Cove, Long Cove, Long Cove, Long Cove, Long Cove, Long Cove, Love Cove, Lowes Cove, Maddock Cove, Marsh Harbor, McCarty Cove, McFarlands Cove, Meadow Cove, Mears Cove, Meetinghouse Cove, Merrill Cove, Mill Cove, Moffat Cove, Monhegan Harbor, Morang Cove, Moxie Cove, Muscongus Bay, Muscongus Bay, Muscongus Harbor, Muscongus Sound, New Harbor, Newdick Cove, Ocean Harbor, Pea Cove, Pemaquid Harbor, Pierce Cove, Pig Cove, Pitchers Cove, Pleasant Cove, Poorhouse Cove, Pottle Cove, Prentiss Cove, Prentiss Cove, Pumpkin Cove, Round Cove, Round Pond, Rum Cove, Salt Bay, Salt Marsh Cove, Sampson Cove, Seal Cove, Sheepscot Bay, Squeaker Cove, Squirrel Cove, Tarbox Cove, The Eddy, Thomas Cove, Wadsworth Cove, Webber Cove, West Harbor Pond, Wiley Cove

  Beaches     show all on map

Pebbly Beach, Pemaquid Beach

  Benches     show all on map

Corvette Ledge, Dictator Ledge, Poland Ledges

  Bridges     show all on map

Southport Bridge, Trevett Swing Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Alna Center Schoolhouse Museum, Alna Historical Society Building, Alna Volunteer Fire Department, American Legion Hall, Bigelow Laboratory and Maine Department of Marine Resources Library, Boothbay Chamber of Commerce Tourist Information Center, Boothbay Harbor Memorial Library, Boothbay Harbor Municipal Building, Boothbay Harbor Police Department, Boothbay Harbor Region Chamber of Commerce, Boothbay Harbor Rescue Service Coast Guard, Boothbay Harbor Volunteer Fire Department, Boothbay Region Ambulance Service, Boothbay Regional Historical Society and Museum, Boothbay Town Hall, Boothbay Volunteer Fire Department, Boothbay Volunteer Fire Department East Booth, Bremen Fire Department, Bremen Public Library, Bremen Rescue First Responders, Bremen Volunteer Fire Department, Bridge Academy Public Library, Bristol Area Library, Bristol Fire Department Bristol Mills, Bristol Fire Department New Harbor, Bristol Fire Department Round Pond, Castle Tucker House Museum, Central Lincoln County Ambulance Service, Central Lincoln County YMCA Building, Chapman-Hall House Museum, Coopers Mills Fire Department, Damariscotta Fire Department Massasoit Engine Company, Damariscotta Information Bureau, Damariscotta Police Department, Damariscotta Region Chamber of Commerce, Darling Marine Center Library, Dresden Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Dresden Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Edgecomb Fire Department, Fishermans Museum and Art Gallery, Fort Edgecomb Block House, Grand Banks Schooner Museum, Hawks Nest Teen Center, Hendricks Hill Museum, Jefferson Volunteer Fire and Rescue Station 1, Jefferson Volunteer Fire and Rescue Station 2, Jefferson Volunteer Fire and Rescue Storage, Kenneth E Stoddard Shell Museum, Kings Mills Fire Department, Lincoln County Courthouse, Lincoln County Historical Society and Museum, Lincoln County Law Library, Lincoln County Sheriff's Office, Lincoln Theatre, Lions Club, Maine Art Gallery, Maine Department of Marine Resources Aquarium, Maine Department of Marine Resources Bigelow Laboratory, Maine Yankee Energy Information Center, Miles Memorial Hospital Medical Library, Minnehatta Fire Department, Monhegan Memorial Library, Monhegan Museum, Monhegan Volunteer Fire Department, Musical Wonder House Music Museum, Newcastle Fire Department, Nickels-Sortwell House, Nobleboro Historical Society Building, Nobleboro Volunteer Fire Department Mills Station, North Whitefield Fire Department (historical), Oceans East Aquarium and Living Museum of the Gulf of Maine, Pemaquid Fishermans Co-operative Building, Pemaquid Historical Association Library, Pownalborough Courthouse (historical), Rutherford Library, Saint Andrews Hospital Medical Library, Saint Patricks Parish Center, Skidompha Public Library, Somerville Fire Department, Somerville Town Library, South Bristol Town House, South Bristol Volunteer Fire Department, South Bristol Volunteer Fire Department Walpole, Southport Memorial Library, Southport Town Hall, Southport Volunteer Fire Department Main Station, Thompson Harvesting Museum, Two Bridges Regional Jail, Waldoboro Emergency Medical Services, Waldoboro Police Department, Waldoboro Public Library, Waldoboro Volunteer Fire Department, Waldoborough Historical Society Museum, Westport Island Volunteer Fire Department, Whitefield Fire and Rescue, Wiscasset Ambulance Service, Wiscasset Jail and Museum, Wiscasset Police Department, Wiscasset Public Library, Wiscasset Volunteer Fire Department, YMCA Building

  Capes     show all on map

Albee High Head, Bailey Point, Bailey Point, Bartlett Point, Bennett Neck, Birch Point, Brook Point, Brooks Point, Bull Point, Butter Point, Cameron Point, Cape Newagen, Carlisle Point, Carney Point, Cavis Point, Chewonki Neck, Clark Point, Clifford Point, Clough Point, Cottage Point, Courthouse Point, Cross Point, Cushman Point, Davis Point, Dodge Point, Dogfish Head, Dry Point, Dutch Neck, East Neck, Farnham Point, Farnsworth Point, Fish Point, Fitch Point, Fort Point, Foster Point, Fowle Point, Glidden Point, Goodwin Point, Green Point, Green Point, Gross Neck, Hall Point, Havener Point, Heath Point, Hendricks Head, Hillton Point, Hockomock Point, Hoffse Point, Hollis Point, Hubbard Point, Jacks Point, Jones Neck, Jones Point, Juniper Point, Kelsey Point, Lewis Point, Linekin Neck, Little Point, Lobster Point, Long Cove Point, Lower Fitch Point, McFarland Point, McFarlands Point, McGuire Point, McKown Point, Mill Point, Mollys Head, Montgomery Point, Newdick Point, Norris Point, North Point, Norton Ledge, Oak Point, Paradise Point, Pea Point, Pemaquid Neck, Pemaquid Point, Perkins Point, Pitchers Point, Plummer Point, Point Pleasant, Quarry Point, Railway Point, Rocky Point, Round Cove Point, Shipley Point, Sproul Point, Spruce Point, Stearns Point, Thurston Point, Wall Point, Webbs Point, Wentworth Point, West Neck, White Point, White Point, Wiley Point, Willis Point, Woltz Point, Young Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Alna Cemetery, Ancient Cemetery, Bailey Sewall Cemetery, Baptist Cemetery, Barstow Cemetery, Barters Island Baptist Church Cemetery, Bethlehem Cemetery, Booth Harrison Ward Cemeteries, Brooks Cemetery, Calvary Cemetery, Cameron Hodgdon Cemetery, Colby Cemetery, Creamer Cemetery, Cromwell Cemetery, Dodge Cemetery, Dunbar Cemetery, Dunton Cemetery, Dunton Gilmore Cemetery, Dunton Shaw Cemetery, Dutch Neck Cemetery, East Side Cemetery, Eastman Cemetery, Eugley Cemetery, Evergreen Cemetery, Evergreen Cemetery, Ezekiel Tarbox Cemetery, Fairview Cemetery, Farnham Cemetery, Ford Cemetery, Forest Lake Cemetery, Forrest Hill Cemetery, Fowle Cemetery, Fowles Ames Skinner Cemetery, Fred Greenleaf Cemetery, German Protestant Cemetery, Glidden Cemetery, Greenleaf Cemetery, Grove Cemetery, Hall Cemetery, Harriman Mitchell Stacy Cemetery, Heal Shattuck Cemetery, Henry Kehail Cemetery, Herriman Cemetery, Highland Cemetery, Hillside Cemetery, Hillside Cemetery, Hodgdon Cemetery, Hodgdon Cemetery, Hodgdon Dunton Dickson Cemetery, Hopkins Cemetery, Huntoon Cemetery, Jackson Cemetery, Jewett Cemetery, Jewett Nelson Blake Moore Cemetery, Jewett Schweppe Cemetery, Jordan Tarbox Cemetery, Kehail Cemetery, Knight Cemetery, Lincoln Cemetery, Loudville Cemetery, Lowell Cemetery, Main Cemetery, Manson Dunton Cemetery, Maple Grove Cemetery, Maple Grove Cemetery, Marston Cemetery, Mayers Cemetery, McCarty Cemetery, McKinney Cemetery, McKinney Daughters Cemetery, Moore Cemetery, North Edgecomb Cemetery, Noyes Cemetery, Oaklawn Cemetery, Ocean Hill Cemetery, Ocean View Cemetery, Old Brooks Cemetery, Old Fort Cemetery, Oliver Cemetery, Parsons Cemetery, Parsons Cromwell Colby Cemetery, Parsons Greenleaf Cemetery, Pierce Cemetery, Pine Grove Cemetery, Pine Knoll Cemetery, Potter Cemetery, Preble Cemetery, Quinnam Cemetery, Rhines Parsons Cemetery, Rhumrill Cemetery, Riverside Cemetery, Saint Patrick Cemetery, Samuel Tarbox Junior Cemetery, Sand Hill Cemetery, Seigars Cemetery, Shea Cemetery, Sheepscott Cemetery, Shepherd Cemetery, Shore Road Cemetery, Stephen Jewett Cemetery, Stephen Knight Cemetery, Tarbox Bailey Cemetery, Tarbox Cemetery, Thomas Knight Cemetery, Trash Cemetery, Trask Lawn Cemetery, Tyler Whitten Freeman Cemetery, Union Cemetery, Walpole Cemetery, Webber Cemetery, Weeks Cemetery, West Bristol Cemetery, Whitefield Cemetery, Whitten Lewis Cemetery, Wiley Cemetery, William Knight Cemetery, Willis Harrington Cemetery, Wilson Cemetery, Woodlawn Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Boothbay Harbor Census Designated Place, Damariscotta Census Designated Place, Damariscotta-Newcastle Census Designated Place (historical), Newcastle Census Designated Place, Waldoboro Census Designated Place, Wiscasset Census Designated Place

  Channels     show all on map

Cowseagan Narrows, Fisherman Island Passage, Flying Passage, Hockomock Channel, Keene Narrows, Lower Hell Gate, Lower Narrows, Lower Narrows, Oven Mouth, The Narrows, The Narrows

  Churches     show all on map

All Saints by the Sea Episcopal Church, Alna Meetinghouse, Berean Church, Boothbay Baptist Church, Bremen Union Church, Broad Bay Congregational Church, Bunker Hill Church, Congregational Church of Boothbay Harbor, Congregational Church of Bristol, Damariscotta Baptist Church, Dresden Community Church, East Boothbay United Methodist Church, Edgecomb Congregational Church, Faith Baptist Church of Damariscotta, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Congregational Church, First United Methodist Church, Harrington Meetinghouse, Head Tide Church, Newcastle Alna Baptist Church, Ocean Point Chapel, Old German Meeting House, Old Walpole Meetinghouse, Our Lady Queen of Peace Roman Catholic Church, Saint Andrews Episcopal Church, Saint Columbas Episcopal Church, Saint Denis Church, Saint Giles Church, Saint Johns Anglican Church, Saint Johns Episcopal Church, Saint Patricks Church, Saint Pauls Chapel, Saint Philips Episcopal Church, Second Congregational Church, Southport United Methodist Church, Spruce Point Chapel, The White Church, Union Church of South Bristol, United Church, Westport Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

The Bluff

  Dams     show all on map

Adams Pond Dam, Appalachie Pond Dam, Boynton-Trask Dam, Bristol Mills Dam, Clark Cove Pond Dam, Clary Saw Mill Dam, Colby Mills Dam, Coopers Mills Dam, Damariscotta Lake Dam, Dresden Bog Dam, Goose River Dam, Head Tide Dam, Hilton Pond Dam, Marsh Bridge Dam, Montsweag Dam, Montsweag Dam- Mason Station, New Harbor Pond Dam, Southport Water Supply Pond Dam, Three Corner Pond Dam, Trout Brook Dam, Verney-Leighton Marsh Dam, Waldoboro Dam, West Harbor Pond Dam

  Gaps     show all on map

The Narrows

  Guts     show all on map

Back River, Sasanoa River, The Gut, Townsend Gut

  Hospitals     show all on map

Miles Memorial Hospital, Saint Andrews Hospital and Healthcare Center

  Islands     show all on map

Bar Island, Barters Island, Beaver Island, Berry Island, Birch Island, Bird Feather Island, Boston Island, Bremen Long Island, Bryant Island, Burnt Island, Cabbage Island, Cape Island, Capitol Island, Carlisle Island, Cedarbush Island, Clam Island, Clam Rock, Cow Island, Crotch Islands, Crow Island, Crow Island, Cunningham Island, Damariscove Island, David Island, Davis Island, Duck Rocks, Eastern Duck Rock, Farmers Island, Fish Hawk Island, Fisherman Island, Fort Island, Foster Island, Foxbird Island, Gem Island, Gooseberry Island, Green Island, Green Islands, Haddock Island, Hardy Island, Harper Island, Hay Island, High Island, Hodgdon Island, Hodgsons Island, Hoe Island, Hog Island, Hog Island, Hungry Island, Hunting Island, Indian Island, Indiantown Island, Inner Duck Rock, Inner Heron Island, Inner Island, Isle of Springs, Jims Island, Johns Island, Johnson Island, Jones Garden Island, Killick Stone Island, Lehman Island, Little Green Island, Little Island, Little Oak Island, Lobster Rock, Locust Island, Louds Island, Lower Mark Island, Manana Island, Marsh Island, McFarland Island, Merrow Island, Merry Island, Miles Island, Miller Island, Monhegan Island, Mouse Island, Negro Island, Oar Island, Outer Heron Island, Outer Island, Palmer Island, Peabow Island, Peggy Island, Perch Island, Peters Island, Pleasant Cove Island, Powderhorn Island, Pratts Island, Prentiss Island, Pumpkin Island, Ram Island, Ram Island, Ram Islands, Reeds Island, Ross Island, Rutherford Island, Sawyer Island, Smutty Nose Island, Southport Island, Spectacle Island, Spectacle Islands, Squirrel Island, The Ark, The Cuckolds, Thief Island, Thomas Great Toe, Thrumcap Island, Thrumcap Island, Tibbet Island, Tumbler Island, Turnip Island, Tyler Islands, Western Egg Rock, Westport Island, White Islands, Whites Island, Whittum Island, Witch Island, Woodbridge Island, Wreck Corner, Wreck Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Appalachie Pond, Biscay Pond, Boyd Pond, Cooks Pond, Damariscotta Lake, Deer Meadow Pond, Dodge Pond, Duckpuddle Pond, Flood Pond, Gardiner Pond, Givens Pond, Gross Pond, Hastings Pond, Havener Pond, Heal Pond, Horn Pond, James Pond, Kalers Pond, Kerr Pond, Knickerbocker Lakes, Lily Pond, Little Dyer Pond, Little Medomak Pond, Little Pond, Little Pond, Long Pond, Lower Pond, McCurdy Pond, Medomak Pond, Mill Pond, Muddy Pond, Musquash Pond, Pemaquid Pond, Pinkham Pond, Ross Pond, Sidensparker Pond, Tobias Pond, Travel Pond, Upper Pond, Weary Pond, Webber Pond, Wiley Pond

  Locales     show all on map

Boothbay Harbor Yacht Club, Boothbay Railway Village, Boothbay Region Country Club, Burnt Island Light Station, Camp Kieve, Campers Cove Campground, Central Maine Power Plant, Chewonki Campground, Cuckolds Lighthouse, Damariscotta Lake Farm, Damariscove Lifesaving Station, Duck Puddle Campground, East Boothbay Shipyards, Fishermans Wharf, Gray Homestead Campground, Health and Welfare Camp, Hendricks Head Light Station, Hunters Landing, Knickerane Picnic Area, Lake Pemaquid Campground, Little Ponderosa Campground, Maine Yankee Nuclear Power Plant, Manana Island Fog Station, Meadow Shopping Center, Monhegan Island Light, National Audubon Society Nature Camp, Pemaquid Lighthouse, Pier 1, Pier 6, Pier 7, Pier 8, Ram Island Light Station, Robinson Wharf, Shaws Wharf, Sherman Lake View Campground, Shore Hills Campground, Southport Yacht Club, Squirrel Island Colony (historical), Wattons Wharf, Wawenock Country Club, Woods End, YMCA Camp

  Military     show all on map

Coast Guard Station Boothbay Harbor, Fort Charles (historical), Fort Edgecomb (historical), Fort Frederick (historical), Fort Shirley (historical), Shurts Fort (historical), William Henry Memorial Fort (historical)

  Parks     show all on map

Barrett Park, Colonial Pemaquid State Historic Site, Damariscotta Lake State Park, Dodge Point Preserve, Fishermans Memorial Park, Fort Edgecomb State Park, Harold B Clifford Playground, Head Tide Historic District, Indiantown Preserve, Inner White Island Preserve, Kitzi-Colby Preserve, Levison Preserve, Little River Dam Preserve, Lonna Bunting Childrens Playground, Main Street Historic District, Noble Monument, Ovens Mouth Preserve, Pemaquid Lighthouse Park, Porter Preserve, Rachael Carson Salt Pond Preserve, Samoset Memorial, Sheepscot Historic District, Singing Meadow Preserve, Todd Wildlife Sanctuary, Wiscasset Historic District

  Pillars     show all on map

Pulpit Rock

  Populated Places     show all on map

Alna, Alna Center, Back Narrows, Bayville, Benner Corner, Bogues Corner, Boothbay, Boothbay Harbor, Bremen, Bristol, Broad Cove, Camp Wavus, Cedar Grove, Chamberlain, Christmas Cove, Coopers Mills, Damariscotta, Damariscotta Mills, Davis Corner, Dover, Dresden Mills, East Boothbay, East Edgecomb, Edgecomb, Eugley Corner, Feylers Corner, Flanders Corner, Fort Edgecomb, Glendon, Harrington Corner, Hatchs Corner, Head Tide, Hendricks Harbor, Heron Island, Jefferson, Jones Corner, Kalers Corner, Kennedy Corner, Keyes Corner, Knowlton Corner, Linekin, Loudville, Manks Corner, Medomak, Monhegan, Mount Pisgah, Mouse Island, Muscongus, Muscongus (historical), New Harbor, Newagen, Newcastle, Nobleboro, North Edgecomb, North Jefferson, North Newcastle, North Waldoboro, North Whitefield, Oak Hill, Ocean Point, Orffs Corner, Pemaquid, Pemaquid (historical), Pemaquid Beach, Pemaquid Harbor, Pemaquid Point, Pine Cliff, Pools Landing, Pownalborough (historical), Round Pond, Sandhill Corner, Sheepscot, Somerville, South Bristol, South Dresden, South Jefferson, South Newcastle, South Waldoboro, Southport, Sprague Corner, Spruce Shores, Spruceworld, Trainor Corner, Trevett, Turners Corner, Waldoboro, Walpole, West Boothbay Harbor, West Bristol, West Dresden, West Southport, West Waldoboro, Westport, Whitefield, Winslow Hill, Winslows Mills, Wiscasset, Yellow Head

  Post Offices     show all on map

Alna Post Office, Backriver Post Office (historical), Barters Island Post Office (historical), Bayville Post Office, Benner Post Office (historical), Biscay Post Office (historical), Boothbay Centre Post Office (historical), Boothbay Harbor Post Office, Boothbay Post Office, Bremen Post Office (historical), Bristol Mills Post Office (historical), Bristol Post Office, Broad Bay Post Office (historical), Broad Cove Post Office (historical), Bunkerhill Post Office (historical), Capitol Island Post Office, Cedar Grove Post Office, Chamberlain Post Office, Christmas Cove Post Office, Coopers Mills Post Office (historical), Damariscotta Mills Post Office, Damariscotta Post Office, Dresden Mills Post Office, Dresden Post Office (historical), Dyers Post Office (historical), Dyers River Post Office (historical), East Alna Post Office (historical), East Boothbay Post Office, East Edgecomb Post Office (historical), East Newcastle Post Office (historical), Edgecomb Post Office (historical), Feylers Corner Post Office (historical), Fishlake Post Office (historical), Glendon Post Office (historical), Headtide Post Office, Heron Island Post Office, Isle of Springs Post Office (historical), Jefferson Post Office (historical), Joice Post Office (historical), Kings Mills Post Office (historical), Lincoln Post Office (historical), Linekin Post Office (historical), Linwood Post Office (historical), Loudville Post Office, Medomak Post Office, Monhegan Island Post Office (historical), Monhegan Post Office, Mouse Island Post Office (historical), Muscongus Post Office (historical), New Harbor Post Office, Newagen Post Office, Newcastle Post Office, Nobleboro Post Office, North Edgecomb Post Office, North Jefferson Post Office (historical), North Newcastle Post Office, North Nobleboro Post Office (historical), North Waldoboro Post Office, North Whitefield Post Office, Ocean Point Post Office (historical), Orffs Corner Post Office (historical), Pemaquid Beach Post Office, Pemaquid Harbor Post Office, Pemaquid Point Post Office, Pemaquid Post Office, Pleasant Pond Post Office (historical), Round Pond Post Office, Sawyers Post Office (historical), Sheepscott Post Office, Somerville Post Office (historical), South Bristol Post Office (historical), South Dresden Post Office (historical), South Jefferson Post Office (historical), South Newcastle Post Office (historical), South Somerville Post Office (historical), South Waldoboro Post Office (historical), Southport Post Office, Squirrel Island Post Office, Trevettt Post Office (historical), Waldoboro Post Office, Walpole Post Office (historical), West Boothbay Harbor Post Office (historical), West Bristol Post Office (historical), West Dresden Post Office (historical), West Jefferson Post Office (historical), West Southport Post Office, West Waldoboro Post Office (historical), Westport Post Office (historical), Whitefield Post Office, Winslows Mills Post Office, Wiscasset Post Office (historical)

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Adams Pond, Appalachie Pond, Biscay Pond, Clark Cove Pond, Clary Lake, Dresden Bog Reservoir, Dyer Long Pond, French Pond, Goose River Pond, Hilton Pond, Long Pond, Medomak River Reservoir, Montsweag Reservoir, Montsweag Reservoir, New Harbor Pond, Sheepscot River Reservoir, Sherman Lake, Southport Water Supply Pond, Three Corner Pond, Trout Brook, Verney-Leighton Marsh

  Ridges     show all on map

Keene Neck, Robinson Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

A D Gray Middle School, Alna School (historical), Boothbay Region Elementary School, Boothbay Region High School, Bremen School, Bridge Academy, Bristol Consolidated School, Castner School, Center for Teaching and Learning School, Chewonki Semester School, Damariscotta Montessori School, Darling Marine Center School, Dresden Elementary School, Edgecomb Eddy School, Great Salt Bay Community School, Ira C Darling Center for Research, Teaching and Service, Jefferson Village School, Kieve Wavus Education School, Lincoln Academy, Longfellow School (historical), Medomak Middle School, Medomak Valley High School, Miller School, Monhegan Island School, Nobleboro Central School, North End School (historical), Sandhill School, Sheepscot Valley Children's House School, Somerville Elementary School, South Bristol Elementary School, Southport Central School, The Deck House School, Whitefield Elementary School, Wiscasset Christian Academy, Wiscasset High School, Wiscasset Middle School, Wiscasset Primary School

  Streams     show all on map

Alford Brook, Back Brook, Back Meadow Brook, Back River, Beaverdam Brook, Ben Brook, Benner Brook, Black Brook, Brann Brook, Campbell Creek, Carlton Brook, Chewonki Creek, Cross River, Crummett Brook, Damariscotta River, Deer Meadow Brook, Demuth Brook, Dyer River, East Branch Eastern River, Eastern Branch, Eastern Branch Johns River, Eastern River, Farnsworth Brook, Finn Brook, Goose River, Johns River, Jones Brook, Levensaler Brook, Little Falls Brook, Little River, Lovejoy Stream, Marsh River, Meadow Brook, Meadow Brook, Medomak River, Montsweag Brook, North Branch Johns River, Oyster Creek, Palmer Brook, Parsons Creek, Pemaquid River, Sheepscot River, Slaigo Brook, Squam Creek, Stickney Brook, Travel Brook, Trout Brook, Ward Brook, Waterman Brook, West Branch Davis Stream, West Branch Eastern River, West Branch Sheepscot River, Western Brook, Wiley Brook

  Summits     show all on map

Beech Hill, Benner Hill, Black Head, Blinn Hill, Bodge Hill, Brooks Turner Hill, Bunker Hill, Burleigh Hill, Burnt Head, Call Hill, Cordwood Hill, Crocker Hill, Crummett Mountain, Cushman Hill, Demuth Hill, Doggett Castle, Dyer Hill, Eugley Hill, Haggett Hill, Haskell Hill, High Head, Hopkins Hill, Howard Hill, Hunt Hill, Johnston Hill, Jones Hill, Kenniston Hill, Lighthouse Hill, Little Whitehead, Lookout Hill, Marrs Hill, McCobb Hill, Mount Hunger, Palmer Hill, Peter Mountain, Procks Ledge, Smith Hill, Thomas Hill, Tyler Hill, White Head, Willett Hill

  Swamps     show all on map

Labrador Meadow

  Towers     show all on map

WCME-FM (Boothbay Harbor)

  Trails     show all on map

Hockomock Nature Trail,

Lincoln County, Maine Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteLincoln County White population 33,25533,255  
MixedLincoln County Mixed population 410409
AsianLincoln County Asian population 205204
American IndianLincoln County American Indian population 137136
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderLincoln County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

Additional population tables :
State population table
Maine population by county