Somerset County, Maine Basics:

Somerset County Maine - Government Site

Population: 51,824
Area: 3924 square miles
County seat: Skowhegan
Area code(s) in use: 207
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 87.1%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 14.8%
Median household income: $38,141
Persons in poverty: 18.2%
Home ownership rate: 78.0%
Mean travel time to work: 25.0 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Aroostook  Franklin  Kennebec  Penobscot  Piscataquis  Waldo  

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Map of the Somerset County area

Our detail map of Somerset County shows the Somerset County, Maine boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Somerset County, Maine

  Airports     show all on map

Avery Field Airport, Beech Hill Airport, Bob-Mar Airport, Central Maine Airport of Norridgewock, Cianbro Heliport, Gadabout Gaddis Airport, Greenfield Hill Airport, Grignons Private Landing Area, Hapworths Landing Area, Hogans Field, Moose River Seaplane Base, Newton Field Airport, Payne Field Airport, Pittsfield Municipal Airport, Seboomook Forestry District Headquarters Heliport, Sky Lodge Landing Strip, Socatean Bay Airport, Wesserunsett and Ice Seaplane Base

  Basins     show all on map

The Basin, Weeks Basin

  Bays     show all on map

Barrows Cove, Great Eddy, Lindsay Cove, Northeast Cove, Otter Pond Cove

  Benches     show all on map

Henhawk Ledge, The Ledges

  Bridges     show all on map

Hilton Bridge, New Portland Wire Bridge, Norridgewock Bridge, Peltoma Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Anna Field Fernald Library, Anson Madison Starks Ambulance Service, Anson Volunteer Fire Department, Anson Volunteer Fire Department South Station, Athens Historical Society Museum, Athens Volunteer Fire Department, Bingham Fire Department, Bingham Union Library, Cambridge Fire Department, Canaan Fire Department, Canaan Public Library, Canaan Volunteer Fire Department, Coolidge Library, Cornville Volunteer Fire Department, Depot House Museum, Detroit Fire and Rescue, Detroit Volunteer Fire Department, Fairfield Fire Department Station 1, Fairfield Fire Department Station 2, Fairfield Historical Society, Fairfield Municipal Building, Fairfield Police Department, Harmony Fire Department, Harmony Regional Ambulance Service, Hartland Public Library, Hartland Saint Albans Emergency Medical Services, Hartland Volunteer Fire Department, History House, History House, Jackman Area Volunteer Ambulance Service, Jackman Moose River Fire Department, Jackman Public Library, Kennebec Valley Technical College Media Center, L C Bates Museum, Lakewood Theater, Lawrence Public Library, Lunder Library, Madison Fire Department, Madison Fire Department East Madison Station, Madison Police Department, Madison Public Library, Maine State Police Troop C, Margaret Chase Smith Library, New Portland Community Library, New Portland Fire Department, Norridgewock Fire Department, Norridgewock Free Public Library, Norridgewock Historical Society, Pittsfield Fire Department, Pittsfield Historical Society, Pittsfield Police Department, Pittsfield Public Library, Redington Fairview General Hospital Health Science Library, Rockwood Fire and Rescue Department, Saint Albans Volunteer Fire Department, Saint Sebastian Parish Hall, Shaw Public Library, Skowhegan Community Center, Skowhegan Fire Station, Skowhegan Municipal Building, Skowhegan Police Department, Skowhegan Public Library, Smithfield Volunteer Fire Department, Solon Volunteer Fire Department, Somerset Academy Community Center, Somerset County Court House Library, Somerset County Courthouse, Somerset County Jail, Somerset County Sheriff's Office, South Solon Meeting House, Starks Volunteer Fire Department, Stewart Public Library, Upper Kennebec Ambulance Service, West Fork Volunteer Fire Department

  Capes     show all on map

Arnolds Point, Birch Point, Birch Point, Black Point, Black Point, Bray Point, Halfway Point, Latty Point, Old Point, Packard Point, Pages Point, Passaconaway Point, Sand Bar Point, Sandbar Point, Seboomook Point, Thompson Point, Toe of the Boot

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Athearn Cemetery, Athens Cemetery, Baker Cemetery, Blackwell Cemetery, Blunt Cemetery, Calvary Cemetery, Caratunk Cemetery, Carr Cemetery, Carsley Cemetery, Chadborne Cemetery, City Cemetery, Concord Corner Cemetery, Covell Cemetery, Crocker Cemetery, Dickinson Cemetery, Dore Hill Cemetery, East Madison Dam Cemetery, East New Portland Cemetery, East Ridge Cemetery, Ellis Cemetery, Emery Cemetery, Emery Hill Cemetery, Evergreens Cemetery, Fairview Cemetery, Fall Brook Cemetery, Fern-Dale Cemetery, Flagstaff Cemetery, Flanders Cemetery, Forest Hill Cemetery, Forest Hill Cemetery, Frederic Cemetery, Friend Cemetery, Fuller Corner Cemetery, Gould Cemetery, Greenleaf Cemetery, Greenleaf Cemetery, Hampshire Hill Cemetery, Hayden Cemetery, Highland Cemetery, Hilton Cemetery, Holden Cemetery, Jewett Cemetery, Jones Cemetery, Jordan Cemetery, Kelley Cemetery, Kinsman Cemetery, Klondike Cemetery, Lado Cemetery, Land of Rest Cemetery, Larone Cemetery, Leighton Cemetery, Libby Cemetery, Locke Cemetery, Longley Cemetery, Lords Hill Cemetery, Lyford Cemetery, Malbons Mill Cemetery, Maloon Cemetery, Maplewood Cemetery, Memorial Garden Cemetery, Mercer Village Cemetery, Morse Cemetery, Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Mount Rest Cemetery, Mutton Hill Cemetery, Nevins Cemetery, North Cemetery, North New Portland Cemetery, North Road Cemetery, Nyes Corner Cemetery, Old Oak Cemetery, Old Point Cemetery, Old River Road Cemetery, Pierce Cemetery, Pierce Hill Cemetery, Pine Grove Cemetery, Pooler Cemetery, Pooler Cemetery, Richards Cemetery, Riverview Cemetery, Saint Josephs Cemetery, Saint Josephs Cemetery, Saul Cemetery, Savage Hill Cemetery, Sebastian Rasle Cemetery, Slab City Cemetery, South Cemetery, Stevens Cemetery, Stevens Cemetery, Sunset Cemetery, Sunset View Cemetery, Tozier Cemetery, Union Cemetery, Village Cemetery, Village Cemetery, Village Cemetery, Village Cemetery, Village Cemetery, Village Cemetery, Warren Hill Cemetery, Watson Cemetery, West New Portland Cemetery, West Pittsfield Cemetery, West Ripley Cemetery, Weymouth Cemetery, Whitehouse Cemetery, Wilson Cemetery, Wing Cemetery, Young Elliot Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Anson Census Designated Place, Bingham Census Designated Place, Fairfield Census Designated Place, Hartland Census Designated Place, Madison Census Designated Place, Norridgewock Census Designated Place, Pittsfield Census Designated Place, Skowhegan Census Designated Place

  Channels     show all on map

Black Narrows, Caribou Narrows, Caribou Narrows, Frost Pond Flowage, Lower Narrows, Mosquito Narrows, The Narrows, The Thoroughfare, Upper Narrows

  Churches     show all on map

All Saints Episcopal Church, Bingham Congregational Church, Bingham Free Meetinghouse, Calvary Presbyterian Church, Cornville Church, Fairfield United Methodist Church, First Baptist Church, First Congregational Church, Hartland First Baptist Church, Hartland Methodist Church, Madison Congregational Church, Madison Methodist Church, Notre Dam De Lourdes Catholic Church, Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Pittsfield Universalist Church, Riverfront Church of God, Saint Albans Union Church, Saint Anthonys Church, Saint Josephs Church, Saint Martins Episcopal Church, Saint Sebastian Catholic Church, Skowhegan Federated Church, Solon Congregational Church, Ten Lots Chapel, Trinity Evangelical Free Church, Union Church, Union Church, United Baptist Church of Madison

  Cliffs     show all on map

Trickey Bluffs

  Crossings     show all on map

Interchange 35, Interchange 36, Interchange 38, Interchange 39

  Dams     show all on map

Abenaquis Dam, Anson Station Dam, Black Brook Dam, Brassua Dam, Cambridge Pond Dam, Canada Falls Dam, Cold Brook Dam, Crocker Pond Dam, Dead River Dam (historical), Dirigo Dowel Dam, Dole Pond Dam, East Madison Dam, East Pond Dam, Embden Pond Dam, Fahi Pond Dam, Gilman Stream Dam, Gold Brook Dam, Great Moose Lake Dam, Hancock Pond Dam, Harris Dam, Harris Dike, Heald Stream Dam, Hewett Marsh Dam, Higgins Brook Dam, Hurricane Pond Dam, King-Bartlett Lake Dam, Lanigan Dam, Long Pond Dam, Long Pond Dam, Longfalls Dam, Lower Dam, Lower Dam, Lower Dam, Luther Pond Dam, Madison Paper Corporation Log Dam, Mercer Bog Dam, Mill Stream Dam, Mill Stream Dam, Moxie Pond Dam, Mulligan Stream Dam, Old Roll Dam, Pennell Pond Dam, Penobscot Lake Dam, Pierce Pond Dam, Pioneer Dam, Pleasant Pond Dam, Ripley Pond Dam, Sandy River Dam (historical), Seboomook Dam, Spencer Dam, Spencer Lake Dam, Spencer Stream Dam, Upper Dam, Upper Dam, Upper Dam (historical), West Outlet Dam, Weston Dam, Weymouth Pond Dam, Whites Pond Dam, Williams Dam, Wyman Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Attean Falls, Austin Stream Falls, Caratunk Falls, Cold Stream Falls, Grand Falls, Heald Stream Falls, Holeb Falls, Houston Brook Falls, Little Canada Falls, Long Falls, Moxie Falls, Poplar Hill Falls, The Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Lexington Flats, The Plains

  Gaps     show all on map

The Notch

  Guts     show all on map

Spencer Gut

  Hospitals     show all on map

Central Maine Sanatorium, Redington Fairview General Hospital, Sebasticook Valley Hospital

  Islands     show all on map

Big Island, Birch Island, Birch Island, Birch Island, Birch Island, Bowden Island, Burnt Jacket Island, East Island, Farrand Island, Gates Island, Gray Island, Gulliver Island, Hog Island, Hurricane Island, Ledge Island (historical), Libbey Island, Lily Island, Loon Island, Middle Island, Miller Islands, Oak Islands, Pine Island, Pomleau Island, Ram Island, Round Island, Savage Island, Three Pine Island, Torry Island, Two Pine Island, Weston Island, Yeaton Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Alder Pond, Alder Pond, Attean Pond, Austin Pond, Austin Pond, Baker Flowage, Baker Lake, Baker Pond, Baker Pond, Baker Pond, Baker Pond, Baker Pond, Bald Mountain Pond, Barker Pond, Barrett Pond, Basin Pond, Bean Pond, Bear Pond, Beaver Pond, Beaver Pond, Beck Pond, Benjamin Pond, Big Bartley Pond, Big Berry Pond, Big Dimmick Pond, Big Fish Pond, Big Grenier Pond, Big Mucalsea Pond, Bill Morris Pond, Black Brook Pond, Black Hill Pond, Blakeslee Lake, Bobs Pond, Bog Pond, Bog Pond, Boulder Pond, Bowley Pond, Boynton Pond, Bradley Pond, Brandy Pond, Burnt Land Pond, Butler Pond, Butler Pond, Butler Pond, Call Pond, Campbell Pond, Cape Horn Pond, Cedar Pond, Cedar Pond, Center Pond, Chain Ponds, Chase Bog, Chase Pond, Chase Pond, Chase Stream Pond, Chase Stream Pond, Chub Pond, Chub Pond, Clayton Pond, Clear Pond, Clearwater Pond, Clearwater Pond, Clish Pond, Coburn Pond, Cold Pond, Cold Stream Pond, Corner Pond, Crocker Pond, Cunningham Pond, Davis Pond, Daymond Pond, Dead Stream Pond, Decker Ponds, Deer Bog, Deer Pond, Demo Pond, Desolation Pond, Devils Bog, Dingley Pond, Dipper Pond, Dixon Pond, Dority Pond, Doughnut Pond, Dubois Pond, Duncan Pond, Durgin Pond, Eagle Pond, East Carry Pond, East Pond, Egg Pond, Ellis Pond, Elm Pond, Enchanted Pond, Everett Pond, Felker Pond, Fernald Pond, Fernald Pond, Fish Pond, Fish Pond, Fish Pond, Fish Pond, Fisher Ponds, Fitzgerald Pond, Flatiron Pond, Fletcher Ponds, Fogg Pond, Foley Pond, Fourth Saint John Pond, Frost Pond, Frypan Pond, Gammon Pond, Gander Pond, Gilman Pond, Goose Pond, Gordon Pond, Grace Pond, Grass Pond, Grass Pond, Grassy Pond, Great Moose Lake, Grenier Pond, Hale Pond, Halfmoon Pond, Hall Pond, Hall Pond, Hancock Pond, Hayden Pond, Heald Pond, Heald Pond, Heald Ponds, Helen Pond, Hicks Pond, High Pond, Higher Pond, Hill Pond, Holeb Pond, Horse Pond, Horseshoe Pond, Horseshoe Pond, Horseshoe Pond, Horseshoe Pond, Horseshoe Pond, Horseshoe Pond, Hutch Pond, Indian Pond, Iron Pond, Ironbound Pond, Ironbound Pond, Island Pond, Jewett Pond, Joe Pokum Pond, Joes Hole, Johns Pond, Johns Pond, Jones Pond, Kilgore Pond, King Pond, Kingsley Bog, Knights Pond, Knights Pond, Ladd Pond, Lake Como, Lake George, Lane Pond, Lang Pond, Lard Pond, Leith Pond, Lewiston Pond, Lily Pond, Lily Pond, Lily Pond, Line Pond, Little Austin Pond, Little Bartley Pond, Little Berry Pond, Little Big Wood Pond, Little Brassua Lake, Little Chase Pond, Little Chase Stream Pond, Little Dimmick Pond, Little Dingley Pond, Little Elm Pond, Little Enchanted Pond, Little Fish Pond, Little Fish Pond, Little Fish Ponds, Little Foley Pond, Little Gordon Pond, Little Grass Pond, Little Grenier Pond, Little Indian Pond, Little Indian Pond, Little Indian Pond, Little King Lake, Little Lane Pond, Little Lane Pond, Little Lang Pond, Little Moxie Pond, Little Mucalsea Pond, Little Otter Pond, Little Palmer Pond, Little Pond, Little Saint John Lake, Little Turner Pond, Little Wilson Hill Pond, Lizzies Bog, Log Landing Pond, Lone Jack Pond, Long Bog, Long Pond, Long Pond, Long Pond, Long Pond, Long Pond, Loon Pond, Loon Stream Deadwater, Lost Pond, Lost Pond, Lost Pond, Lost Pond, Lost Pond, Lost Pond, Lower Enchanted Pond, Lower First Saint John Pond, Lower Shaw Pond, Macdougall Pond, Mainstream Pond, Markham Pond, Martin Pond, Mary Petuche Pond, Mayfield Pond, McKenney Pond, McKenney Ponds, Middle Carry Pond, Middle Grenier Pond, Mink Ponds, Moore Pond, Moores Bog, Moores Pond, Moose Pond, Morrill Pond, Morse Pond, Mosquito Pond, Mountain Dimmick Pond, Mountain Ponds, Moxie Bog, Mud Pond, Mud Pond, Mud Pond, Mud Pond, Mud Pond, Mud Pond, Mud Pond, Mud Pond, Mud Pond, Mud Pond, Mud Pond, Mud Pond, Mud Pond, Mule Pond, Muskrat Pond, Nevens Pond, No Name Pond, North Otter Pond, North Pond, Nye Bog, Oaks Pond, Old Point Pond, Otter Pond, Otter Pond, Otter Pond, Otter Pond, Otter Pond, Palin Pond, Palmer Pond, Parker Bog Ponds, Parker Pond, Parkers Pond, Parlin Pond, Perry Pond, Pickerel Pond, Pooler Ponds, Porter Pond, Prentiss Pond, Prescott Pond, Rancourt Pond, Redmond Pond, Roberts Pond, Robinson Pond, Robinson Pond, Rock Pond, Roderique Pond, Round Pond, Round Pond, Round Pond, Round Pond, Round Pond, Rowe Pond, Rowell Pond, Rush Pond, Russell Pond, Safford Pond, Saint Francis Lake, Sandy Pond, Scribner Bog, Sears Pond, Shaw Pond, Sibley Pond, Smith Pond, Smith Pond, Smith Pond, Smith Pond, Smith Pond, Snake Pond, Socatean Pond, Spaulding Pond, Spectacle Pond, Spencer Lake, Spencer Pond, Split Rock Pond, Spring Lake, Spruce Pond, Squirtgun Flowage, Stafford Pond, Starbird Pond, Stony Brook Pond, Sugar Berth Pond, Summit Pond, Sunday Pond, Supply Pond, Temple Pond, Ten Thousand Acre Pond, Third Saint John Pond, Tibbetts Pond, Tobey Pond, Tobey Ponds, Toby Pond, Tomhegan Pond, Trickey Ponds, Trout Pond, Truesdale Pond, Turner Pond, Turner Pond, Upper Dingley Pond, Upper First Saint John Pond, Upper Kilgore Pond, Upper Misery Pond, Upper Pierce Pond, Welman Pond, West Carry Pond, Whipple Pond, White Deer Pond, Williams Pond, Wilson Hill Pond, Withee Pond, Wood Pond, Wounded Deer Pond, Wyman Pond

  Locales     show all on map

Abnaki Camping Center, Appletree Inn, Baker Lake North Campsite, Baker Lake South Campsite, Bald Mountain Station, Big Indian Camps, Billy-Jack Depot, Boston Ranch, Boundary Cottage, Bulldog Camps, Camp Modin for Boys, Camp Modin for Girls, Camp Number Two (historical), Churchill Camp, Comber Inn, Cornish Farm, Dead River Fish Hatchery, Deveraux Camps (historical), Doucie Brook Campsite, East Carry Camps, Ela Rearing Station, Five Corners, Flaws Bogan Campsite, Fogg Farm, Foxs Camp, Good Will Homes, Grace Pond Camp, Great Works, Happy Horseshoe Campground, Heald Pond Camp (historical), Hilton Farm, Hobbstown Depot Camp, Hughey Camp (historical), Jackman Field, Johns Camping Area, Johnson W Parks Golf Course, Kennebec Village Shopping Center, Kibby Kamp, King and Bartlett Camps, Knowles Campsite, Lakewood Golf Course, Maine State Reformatory for Women (historical), Mainstream Station (historical), Milliken Farm, Moose River Campground, North New Portland Fairgrounds, Northern Outdoors Campground, Number Five Farm (historical), Otter Pond Camps, Palmyra Golf and Recreational Vehicle Resort, Pierce Pond Camps, Pittston Farm, Saint John Pond Depot, Sainte Juste Checkpoint, Salmon Stream Farm, Sampsons Shopping Center, Sandy Bay Farm, Sandy Beach Lakeside Campground, Seboomook Wilderness Campground, Skowhegan State Fair Grounds, Skowhegan Village Shopping Center, Skowhegan Waste Treatment Plant, South Branch Camp, Southwest Branch Campsite, Spencer Lake Camps, Sterlings Camps, Stony Brook Camp, Sunset Campsite, Tenmile Swing, The Chimes, Turner Brook Campsite, Twelve Corners, Two Rivers Campground, Village Plaza Mall Shopping Center, Warden Camp, West Carry Camp, Whipple Farm, Wild Goose Club, Yonder Hill Campground

  Parks     show all on map

Coburn Park, Coburn Park, Madawaska Bog Wildlife Management Area, Mason Park, Memorial Field, Monument Park, Oosoola Park, Saint Albans Game Management Area, Tomhegan Game Sanctuary

  Pillars     show all on map

The Pinnacles

  Populated Places     show all on map

Anson, Arnolds Landing, Athens, Attean (historical), Attean Landing, Barron Corner, Bingham, Blackwell Corner, Blair, Bog Corner, Brassua, Brighton, Browns Corner, Burton Corner, Cambridge, Canaan, Caratunk, Cass Corner, Castle Harmony, Cornville, Corson Corner, Corsons Corner, Cyrs, Dane Corner, Deadwater, Dennistown, Detroit, Dixie Corner, Dogtown, Dow Corner, Dyerville, East Madison, East Mercer, East New Portland, Ellis Corner, Embden, Emerson Corner, Fairfield, Fairfield Center, Goodwin Corner, Gould Corner, Harmony, Hartland, Hayden Landing, Hinckley, Holeb, Holway Corner, Houston Corner, Hoxies, Hurd Corner, Jackman, Jackman Mill (historical), Johnson Corner, Johnson Corner, La Croix Depot, Lake Moxie, Lake Parlin (historical), Lakewood, Larone, Lexington, Long Pond, Lower Mill, Lyford Corner, Mackamp, Madison, Mainstream, Malbons Mills, Manson Corner, Marsh Corner, Martin Corner, Mayfield Corner, Mercer, Miles Corner, Miller Corner, Mitchell Corner, Moody Corner, Moose River, Moscow, Mosher Corner, Nash Corner, New Portland, Norridgewock, Norridgewock (historical), North Anson, North Fairfield, North New Portland, Nutter Corner, Nyes Corner, Ogontz, Palmyra, Pease Corner, Phillips Corner, Pittsfield, Pleasant Pond, Plummer Corner, Poplar Ripps, Rice Corner, Ripley, Rockwood, Saint Albans, Sanborn Corner, Sandy River, Seboomook, Shawmut, Skowhegan, Smithfield, Solon, Somerset Junction, South Solon, Spring Lake, Spring Lake Landing, Starks, Stronghold, Tarratine, The Forks, Thompson, Thompson Corner, Three Streams, Tilton Corner, Todds Corner, Toulouse Corner, Troutdale, Waltons Mill, Waverley, Weeks Corner, West Athens, West Forks, West Palmyra, White School Corner, Wildwood, Witham Corner

  Post Offices     show all on map

Anson Post Office, Athens Post Office, Bates Post Office (historical), Bingham Post Office, Blackwell Post Office (historical), Bloomfield Post Office (historical), Boston Ranch Post Office (historical), Branch Post Office (historical), Brighton Post Office, Cambridge Post Office, Canaan Line Post Office (historical), Canaan Post Office, Canada Line Post Office (historical), Canada Road Post Office (historical), Caratunk Post Office, Carrie Pond Post Office (historical), Concord Post Office (historical), Cornville Post Office (historical), Crockerville Post Office (historical), Davidsville Post Office (historical), Dead River Post Office (historical), Deadwater Post Office, Detroit Post Office, East Athens Post Office (historical), East Cornville Post Office (historical), East Madison Post Office (historical), East Mercer Post Office (historical), East Milburne Post Office (historical), East New Portland Post Office, East Pond Post Office (historical), East Saint Albans Post Office (historical), Embden Centre Post Office (historical), Embden Post Office (historical), Fairfield Center Post Office (historical), Fairfield Corners Post Office (historical), Fairfield Post Office (historical), Flagstaff Post Office (historical), Gerard Post Office (historical), Harmony Post Office, Hartland Post Office (historical), Highland Post Office (historical), Hinckley Post Office, Holeb Post Office, Jackman Post Office (historical), Lake Austin Post Office (historical), Lake Moxie Post Office (historical), Lake Parlin Post Office (historical), Lakewood Post Office, Larone Post Office (historical), Lexington Post Office (historical), Long Pond Post Office, MacKamp Post Office (historical), Madison Center Post Office (historical), Madison Post Office, Mainstream Post Office (historical), Mayfield Post Office (historical), Mercer Post Office, Moose River Post Office, Moscow Post Office (historical), New Portland Post Office, Norridgewock Post Office, North Cornville Post Office (historical), North Fairfield Post Office, North Madison Post Office (historical), North New Portland Post Office, North Norridgewock Post Office (historical), North Solon Post Office, Number Two Post Office (historical), Ogontz Post Office (historical), Palmyra Post Office, Parlin Pond Post Office (historical), Pittsfield Post Office (historical), Pleasant Pond Post Office (historical), Revere Post Office (historical), Ripley Post Office (historical), Rockwood Post Office, Rowe Pond Post Office (historical), Sandy Bay Post Office (historical), Savage Post Office (historical), Seboomook Post Office (historical), Shawmut Post Office, Shirley Post Office (historical), Shorey Post Office (historical), Skowhegan Falls Post Office (historical), Skowhegan Post Office, Smithfield Post Office, Solon Post Office, Somerset Junction Post Office (historical), Somerset Post Office (historical), South Bloomfield Post Office (historical), South Pittsfield Post Office (historical), South Smithfield Post Office (historical), South Solon Post Office (historical), Spencer Post Office, Spring Lake Post Office (historical), Starks Post Office, Stronghold Post Office (historical), Tarratine Post Office, The Birches Post Office, The Forks Post Office, Troutdale Post Office (historical), Webber Post Office (historical), West Anson Post Office (historical), West Athens Post Office (historical), West Cornville Post Office (historical), West Embden Post Office (historical), West Forks Post Office (historical), West Madison Post Office (historical), West Moscow Post Office (historical), West Outlet Post Office, West Palmyra Post Office (historical), West Pittsfield Post Office (historical), Wyman Dam Post Office, Wyman Dam Post Office (historical)

  Rapidss     show all on map

Bombazee Rips, Camel Rips, Gore Rapids, Spencer Rips, Spencer Rips

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Big Bog, Black Brook Pond, Brassua Lake, Cambridge Pond, Canada Falls Lake, Cheney Pond, Cold Brook, Cold Brook, Crocker Pond, Dole Pond, Douglas Pond, East Pond, Embden Pond, Fahi Pond, Fifth Saint John Pond, Flagstaff Lake, Gilman Stream Reservoir, Hancock Pond, Hewett Marsh, Higgins Brook, Hurricane Pond, Indian Pond, Indian Pond, Indian Pond, Indian Stream Reservoir, Jackson Pond, Kennebec River Reservoir, Kennebec River Reservoir, Kennebec River Reservoir, Kennebec River Reservoir, Kennebec River Reservoir, King and Bartlett Lake, Lemon Stream, Long Pond, Long Pond, Luther Pond, Mercer Bog, Mill Pond, Mill Pond, Mill Stream, Misery Pond, Moxie Pond, Mulligan Stream, Pennell Pond, Penobscot Lake, Pierce Pond, Pleasant Pond, Ripley Pond, Sandy River Reservoir, Sebasticook River Reservoir, Seboomook Lake, Second Saint John Pond, Spencer Lake, Spencer Stream, Wesserunsett Lake, Whites Pond, Wyman Lake

  Ridges     show all on map

Babbitt Ridge, Bates Ridge, Blue Ridge, Brooks Ridge, Camera Ridge, Chapman Ridge, Coburn Ridge, East Ridge, Eaton Ridge, Foster Ridge, Little King Ridge, Misery Ridge, Pleasant Ridge, Summit Ridge, The Divide, Veazy Ridge, West Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Athens Elementary School, Ball School, Blaine School, Bloomfield Academy (historical), Bloomfield Elementary School, Cambridge Elementary School, Cambridge Flats School, Canaan Elementary School, Carrabec Community School, Carrabec High School, Center School, Central Elementary School (historical), Cleveland School, Cornville Elementary School (historical), Courser Memorial School, Cummings Art School, Eaton School (historical), Ell School, Embden Elementary School (historical), Emerson School (historical), Fairfield Primary School, Forest Hills Consolidated School, Franklin School, Gale School, Garret Schenck Elementary School, Good Will Hinckley School, Harmony Elementary School, Hartland Consolidated School, Head of Pond School, Highland School, Kennebec Montessori School, Kennebec Valley Community College, Lawrence High School, Lawrence Junior High School, Longfellow School, Madison Area Memorial High School, Madison Elementary School, Madison Junior High School, Maine Central Institute, Manson Park School, Margaret Chase Smith School Skowhegan, Marie Bradford School, Mercer Elementary School, Mill Stream Elementary School, Millay School, Mills School, Moscow Elementary School, North Elementary School, Old Point Avenue School, Palmyra Consolidated School (historical), Parsons School, Pond Road School, Purington School (historical), Quimby Middle School, Red School, Revere School, Riverview Memorial School, Rockwood Elementary School (historical), SAD 53 Alternative Education, Saint Agnes Parochial School, Saint Albans Consolidated School, Skowhegan Area High School, Skowhegan Area Middle School, Smithfield Elementary School, Solon Elementary School, Somerset Academy, Somerset Academy (historical), Somerset Career and Technical Center School, Somerset Valley Middle School, Spurwink School Cornville, Starks Elementary School (historical), Stetson School, Stetson School, Upper Kennebec Valley Memorial High School, Vickery School, Warsaw Middle School, Washington School, Webber School, Whittier School, Wiley School

  Streams     show all on map

Abacotnetic Stream, Addition Brook, Alder Brook, Alder Brook, Alder Brook, Alder Brook, Alder Brook, Alder Pond Brook, Alder Stream, Austin Brook, Austin Stream, Baker Branch Saint John River, Baker Brook, Baker Stream, Baker Stream, Baker Stream, Bald Mountain Brook, Bald Mountain Stream, Barker Brook, Barrett Brook, Barton Brook, Bassett Brook, Bean Brook, Bear Brook, Bear Brook, Beaver Brook, Beaver Brook, Beaver Brook, Becky Inlet, Benjamin Brook, Big Sandy Stream, Bigelow Brook, Bitter Brook, Black Brook, Black Brook, Black Brook, Black Brook, Black Brook, Black Hill Stream, Black Stream, Black Stream, Blanchard Brook, Bloodsucker Brook, Bog Brook, Bog Brook, Bog Brook, Bog Brook, Bog Brook, Bog Brook, Bog Brook, Bog Stream, Bog Stream, Bombazee Brook, Brailey Brook, Brandy Brook, Brandy Brook, Brassua Stream, Britenell Brook, Brown Brook, Budworm Brook, Butler Brook, Camp Brook, Campbell Brook, Campbell Brook, Carney Brook, Carrabassett River, Carrabassett Stream, Carry Brook, Carry Brook, Carry Brook, Carrying Place Stream, Chase Stream, Chase Stream, Church Brook, Churchill Brook, Churchill Camp (historical), Churchill Stream, Clark Brook, Clarks Brook, Coburn Brook, Cold Brook, Cold Brook, Cold Brook, Cold Stream, Comstock Brook, Cooper Brook, Corson Brook, Craigin Brook, Cunningham Brook, Currier Brook, Davis Brook, Dead Brook, Dead River, Dead Stream, Deadwater Brook, Deadwater Brook, Decker Brook, Demo Brook, Desolation Brook, Devils Bog Brook, Dickey Brook, Dimmick Stream, Dole Brook, Doucie Brook, Dud Brook, Durgin Brook, Durgin Brook, Dyer Brook, East Branch Barrett Brook, East Branch Black Stream, East Branch Enchanted Stream, East Branch Gulf Stream, East Branch Gulliver Brook, East Branch Norris Brook, East Branch Rainey Brook, East Branch Salmon Stream, East Branch Sandy Stream, East Branch Wesserunsett Stream, East Inlet, East Inlet Bald Mountain Pond, Eastman Brook, Elm Stream, Emery Brook, Enchanted Stream, Fahi Brook, Fall Brook, Falls Brook, Falls Brook, Farnham Brook, Ferguson Brook, Ferguson Stream, Fish Brook, Fish Brook, Fish Brook, Fogg Brook, Foley Outlet, Fourmile Brook, Fourmile Brook, Frost Pond Brook, Gander Brook, Getchell Brook, Gilbert Brook, Gilman Brook, Gilman Stream, Gilroy Brook, Gold Brook, Gold Brook, Goodwin Brook, Grant Brook, Gray Brook, Greenwood Brook, Greenwood Stream, Gulf Stream, Gulf Stream, Gulf Stream, Gulliver Brook, Hale Brook, Haley Brook, Halfway Brook, Halfway Brook, Hancock Stream, Hanson Brook, Harris Brook, Harrison White Brook, Heald Inlet, Heald Stream, Heald Stream, Healey Brook, Higgins Brook, Higgins Stream, Hilton Brook, Hilton Brook, Hilton Brook, Holeb Stream, Holly Brook, Hood Brook, Horse Brook, Houston Brook, Hunniwell Brook, Hurricane Brook, Hurricane Brook, Hutchins Brook, Ike Brook, Indian Stream, Indian Stream, Indian Stream, Jackin Brook, Jackson Brook, Jerome Brook, Jewett Stream, Jimmy Brook, Joaquin Brook, Joe Pokum Bog, Johnson Brook, Johnson Brook, Johnson Brook, Johonnett Brook, Jones Brook, Jones Brook, Josiah Brook, Kelly Brook, Kibby Stream, Kimball Brook, Kimball Brook, Kincaid Stream, Knowles Brook, Lambert Brook, Lane Brook, Lang Stream, Lard Brook, Ledge Brook, Leech Brook, Lemon Stream, Lemon Stream, Lemon Stream, Little Alder Brook, Little Baker Brook, Little Ferguson Brook, Little Heald Brook, Little Houston Brook, Little Indian Stream, Little Lane Brook, Little Michael Stream, Little Penobscot Brook, Little Russell Stream, Little Sandy Stream, Little Southwest Branch Saint John River, Little Spencer Stream, Logan Brook, Long Brook, Longley Brook, Lost Brook, Lost Pond Brook, Luce Brook, Luther Brook, Lyshornes Brook, Madawaska Brook, Magoon Brook, Main Stream Sebasticook River, Mansell Brook, Martin Stream, Martin Stream, McDonald Brook, McKain Brook, McKenney Brook, McKenney Brook, Meadow Brook, Meadow Brook, Meadow Brook, Meadow Brook, Meloon Brook, Michael Stream, Michael Stream, Middle Branch Norris Brook, Mile Brook, Mill Stream, Mill Stream, Mill Stream, Mill Stream, Mink Brook, Mink Brook, Misere Brook, Misery Stream, Moose Brook, Moose River, Mosquito Stream, Mountain Brook, Mountain Brook, Moxie Stream, Mud Brook, Mullen Brook, Mulligan Stream, Negro Brook, Newell Brook, Norris Brook, North Branch Brassau Stream, North Branch Campbell Brook, North Branch Carry Brook, North Branch Carrying Place Stream, North Branch Chase Stream, North Branch Misery Stream, North Branch Penobscot River, North Branch Spruce Brook, North Branch Wood Stream, Northwest Branch Saint John River, Nulhedus Stream, Number Six Brook, Oak Stream, Otter Pond Stream, Page Brook, Paine Brook, Palmer Stream, Parker Bog Brook, Parker Brook, Parlin Stream, Parsons Brook, Pattee Brook, Pease Brook, Pelton Brook, Penobscot Brook, Piel Brook, Pierce Pond Stream, Pleasant Pond Stream, Pond Stream, Pooler Brook, Pratt Brook, Prouty Brook, Public Lot Brook, Railbridge Brook, Rainey Brook, Rattling Brook, Ray Brook, Reed Brook, Reed Brook, Rift Brook, Ripley Stream, Roberts Brook, Robinson Brook, Robinson Pond Outler, Rogers Brook, Saddle Brook, Safford Brook, Saint Francis Brook, Salmon Stream, Sandy River, Sandy Stream, Schoolhouse Brook, Sheehan Brook, Smith Brook, Snell Brook, Snow Brook, Snow Brook, Socatean Stream, South Bog Stream, South Branch Austin Stream, South Branch Brassua Stream, South Branch Brook, South Branch Carry Brook, South Branch Norris Brook, South Branch Palmer Stream, South Branch Penobscot River, South Branch Spruce Brook, Southwest Branch Saint John River, Span Brook, Spaulding Brook, Spencer Brook, Spencer Stream, Spring Lake Brook, Spruce Brook, Stafford Brook, Stag Brook, Stewart Brook, Stony Brook, Stony Brook, Stony Brook, Stony Brook, Stony Brook, Stony Brook, Sucker Brook, Sucker Brook, Summit Brook, Supply Stream, Sweeney Brook, Sweetster Brook, The Serpentine, Thompson Brook, Thompson Brook, Threemile Brook, Tobey Brook, Tobey Brook, Tom Fletcher Stream, Tomhegan Stream, Tower Stream, Town Farm Brook, Trout Brook, Trout Brook, Trout Brook, Trout Stream, Turner Brook, Turner Brook, Turner Brook, Turner Brook, Tuttle Brook, Twomile Brook, Upper Churchill Stream, Usher Inlet, Viles Brook, Wesserunsett Stream, West Branch Black Stream, West Branch Cold Brook, West Branch Gulliver Brook, West Branch Misery Stream, West Branch Rainey Brook, West Branch Sandy Stream, West Branch Wesserunsett Stream, West Outlet, Whit Brook, Whitcombe Brook, Whitehouse Brook, Whitten Brook, Wild Brook, Williams Brook, Williams Brook, Witham Brook, Witham Brook, Withee Brook, Wood Stream

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Attean Mountain, Avery Peak, Baker Mountain, Bald Mountain, Bald Mountain, Barton Hill, Basin Mountain, Bean Brook Mountain, Bear Mountain, Bear Mountain, Beech Hill, Berry Hill, Bigelow Hill, Black Brook Hill, Black Hill, Black Nubble, Black Nubble, Black Nubble, Black Nubble, Blackwell Hill, Blanchard Mountain, Boundary Bald Mountain, Brackett Hill, Briggs Hill, Bunker Hill, Burnt Hill, Burnt Hill, Burnt Jacket Mountain, Burnt Nubble, Burrill Hill, Burrill Hill, Burrill Hill, Camera Hill, Carson Hill, Cates Hill, Catheart Mountain, Chandler Hill, Chandler Hill, Chase Hill, Chase Stream Mountain, Church Hill, Coburn Mountain, Cold Stream Mountain, Comeouter Hill, Comstock Mountain, Cornish Hill, Cow Mountain, Currier Hill, Dead River Mountain, Devils Head, Dimmick Mountain, Dixon Mountain, Dodling Hill, Dore Hill, Dunbar Hill, Eames Hill, East Nubble, Eaton Hill, Eaton Mountain, Elm Pond Mountain, Flagstaff Mountain, Fletcher Hill, Fletcher Mountain, Ford Hill, Foss Mountain, Foster Hill, Fox Hill, French Hill, Furbush Hill, Fush Hill, Gamape Hill, Gilman Pond Mountain, Goodrich Hill, Goodwin Hill, Goodwin Hill, Granny Cap, Grant Hill, Green Hill, Green Mountain, Greenlaw Mountain, Hackett Hill, Ham Hill, Hardscrabble Mountain, Hardwood Mountain, Hardwood Mountain, Heald Mountain, Hedgehog Hill, Hedgehog Mountain, Hedgehog Mountain, Hilton Hill, Hilton Hill, Hinckley Hill, Holland Waite Hill, Horn Hill, Howard Hill, Huff Hill, Hurd Hill, Hurricane Hill, Hurricane Mountain, Hutchins Hill, Ironbound Mountain, Jewell Hill, Jim Eaton Hill, Johns Hill, Johnson Mountain, Johnson Mountain, Kelly Mountain, King and Bartlett Mountain, Knights Pond Hill, Lane Hill, Lang Hill, Libby Hill, Limestone Hill, Little Bear Mountain, Little Beech Hill, Little Bigelow Mountain, Little Chase Stream Mountain, Little Dodling Hill, Little Indian Hill, Little Russell Mountain, Long Pond Mountain, Loomis Hill, Lords Hill, Mahoney Hill, Mainstream Mountain, McIntrye Hill, Middle Mountain, Millay Hill, Misery Knob, Moose Mountain, Mosquito Mountain, Mount Bett, Mount Bigelow, Mount Hunger, Mount Tom, Moxie Mountain, Mucalsea Mountain, Mulhern Hill, Negro Hill, Nelson Hill, New Portland Hill, Nulhedus Mountain, Number Five Mountain, Number Six Mountain, Number Two Mountain, Oak Hill, Old Bluff Mountain, Old Bluff Mountain, Otter Pond Mountain, Owls Head, Palmer Hill, Parkman Hill, Parlin Hill, Parlin Mountain, Peaked Hill, Pease Hill, Peeks Hill, Picked Chicken Hill, Pickle Hill, Pierce Hill, Pierce Pond Mountain, Pleasant Pond Mountain, Poplar Hill, Porcupine Mountain, Pratt Hill, Pray Hill, Robbins Hill, Ross Hill, Ross Mountain, Roundtop Mountain, Rowell Hill, Rowell Hill, Rowell Mountain, Russell Mountain, Saint Albans Mountain, Sally Mountain, Sandy Bay Mountain, Sandy Stream Mountain, Savage Hill, Seboomook Mountain, Sevenmile Hill, Shutdown Mountain, Slidedown Mountain, South Mountain, Spencer Mountain, Spotted Spruce Mountain, Stafford Hill, Sterry Hill, Stewart Mountain, Stickney Hill, Stony Brook Mountain, Strickland Hill, Sunset Hill, Talbot Hill, Tarbell Hill, Telephone Hill, The Norways, Three Slide Mountain, Thurston Hill, Tibbetts Hill, Truesdale Mountain, Tumbledown Mountain, Tuttle Hill, Varney Hill, Waite Hill, Ward Hill, West Peak, Whipple Hill, Whittemore Hill, Wilcox Hill, Wilder Hill, Williams Mountain, Wilson Hill, Witham Mountain

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Big Meadow Bog, Bryant Bog, Canaan Bog, Canaan Bog, Decker Bog, East Pond Bog, Elbow Bog, Johnson Bog, Juniper Bog, Kingsley Flowage, Little Bog, Little Indian Bog, Mayhew Bog, Number Five Bog, Potter Bog, Robbers Bog, Rowell Bog, Russell Bog, Scribner Bog, Sugar Hill, Sweeney Bog, Twelvemile Bog, Whipple Bog, Whitman Bog

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Bigelow Lookout Tower, Ross Mountain Lookout Tower, WEZO-FM (Fairfield), WFMX-FM (Skowhegan), WIGY-FM (Madison), Williams Mountain Lookout Tower, WSKW-AM (Skowhegan)

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Alder Brook Trail, Arnolds Trail, Bald Mountain Trail, Fire Warden Trail, Sally Mountain Trail

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Slidedown Valley,

Somerset County, Maine Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteSomerset County White population 50,32150,321  
MixedSomerset County Mixed population 726725
AsianSomerset County Asian population 311310
American IndianSomerset County American Indian population 259259
BlackSomerset County Black population 207207
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderSomerset County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

Additional population tables :
State population table
Maine population by county