Essex County, Massachusetts Basics:

Essex County Massachusetts - Government Site

Population: 755,970
Area: 493 square miles
County seat:
Area code(s) in use: 978 781
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 88.7%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 36.4%
Median household income: $66,918
Persons in poverty: 11.0%
Home ownership rate: 64.2%
Mean travel time to work: 27.6 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Hillsborough (NH)  Middlesex  Rockingham (NH)  Suffolk  

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Map of the Essex County area

Our detail map of Essex County shows the Essex County, Massachusetts boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Essex County, Massachusetts

  Airports     show all on map

Bentley Heliport, Beverly Hospital Heliport, Beverly Municipal Airport, Digital - Dascomb Road Heliport, Digital Minuteman Heliport, Ferncroft Village Heliport, Gear Plant Heliport, Goddard Airport, Haverhill - Riverside Airport, Holy Family Hospital Heliport, Lake Gardner Seaplane Base, Lawrence General Hospital Heliport, Lawrence Municipal Airport, Long Hill Orchard Heliport, Meadowbrook Airport, Merrimack Valley Seaplane Base, Nugent Heliport, Plum Island Airport, Pond Road Heliport, Pooles Heliport, Rider Heliport, Sadler Hill Heliport, Snow Airport, USCG Heliport

  Areas     show all on map

Kings Pool

  Bars     show all on map

Avery Ledge, Bald Rocks, Barn Rocks, Black Bess Rocks, Black Mine, Black Rocks, Boden Rocks, Bow Bell Ledge, Bowditch Ledge, Breaking Rocks, Burnham Rocks, Butlers Toothpick (historical), Chappel Ledge, Cole Ridge, Coney Ledge, Cutthroat Shoal, Davereux Rocks, Davis Ledge, Dog Bar, Dry Breakers, Eagle Bar, Eastern Point Ledge, Emersons Rocks, Endeavors, Endeavors Inner, Endeavors Outer, Field Rocks, Flat Ground, Fred Bliss Rocks, Gales Ledge, Gooseberry Ledge, Great Aquavitae, Great Pig Rocks, Half Tide Rocks, Halftide Rocks, Hardy Rocks, Hardy Shoal, Haste Shoal, House Ledge, Inner Breakers, John Ledge, Johns Peril, Kettle Island Ledge, Kettlebottom, Lasque Ledge, Little Aquavitae, Little Pig Rocks, Little Salt Rocks, Little Salvages, Lobster Rocks, Lobster Rocks, Middle Breakers, Middle Ground, Middle Ground, Milk Island Bar, Misery Ledge, Misery Shoal, Monument Bar, Newcomb Ledge, North Pier, Old Sump, Outer Badger Rocks (historical), Outer Breakers, Pickett Ledge, Pilgrim Ledge, Pitchers Shoal, Pope Head Shoal, Privy Ledge, Roaring Bull, Round Rock Shoal, Saturday Night Ledge, Saunders Ledge, Shag Rocks, South Pier, Southeast Breakers, Southwest Breakers, Sow and Pigs (historical), Tedesco Rocks, Tedesco Rocks, The Salvages, Tinkers Ledge, Triangle Rocks, Wellman Ledge, White Rocks

  Basins     show all on map

Bay State Quarry, Gannerys Quarry

  Bays     show all on map

Annisquam Harbor, Ballarach Cove, Beverly Cove, Beverly Harbor, Black Cove, Brace Cove, Broad Sound, Cat Cove, Collins Cove, Crane River, Danvers River, Days Creek, Dolliber Cove, Dorothy Cove, Essex Bay, Folly Cove, Freshwater Cove, Gap Cove, Gloucester Harbor, Goose Cove, Gull Cove, Gully Point Cove, Harbor Cove, Hate Cove, Hodgkins Cove, Hoop Pole Cove, Ipswich Bay, Jimmy Lanes Cove, Juniper Cove, Kettle Cove, Ladys Cove, Lanes Cove, Lewis Cove, Lighthouse Cove, Little Good Harbor, Little Good Harbor, Loblolly Cove, Lobster Cove, Lobster Cove, Mackerel Cove, Manchester Bay, Montgomery Cove, Nahant Bay, Nahant Harbor, Normans Woe Cove, Oakes Cove, Old House Cove, Palmer Cove, Pigeon Cove, Plum Cove, Plum Cove, Plum Island Sound, Porter River, Proctor Cove, Salem Sound, Sandy Bay, Smith Cove, South River, Southeast Harbor, The Basin, Waters River, Whale Cove, Whittiers Cove, Wonson Cove

  Beaches     show all on map

Back Beach, Black Beach, Black Rock Beach, Cape Hedge Beach, Coffins Beach, Cowfort, Crane Beach, Cressy Beach, Dane Street Beach, Devereux Beach, Fishermans Beach, Fort Beach, Fort Pickering Beach, Front Beach, Garmet Beach, Gas House Basin, Goldthwait Beach, Good Harbor Beach, Graves Beach, Gray Beach, Greystone Beach, Josephs Beach, Kings Beach, Long Beach, Long Beach, Lynn Beach, Mingo Beach, Old Churm, Old Garden Beach, Patch Beach, Pavilion Beach, Pebbly Beach, Phillips Beach, Pond Beach, Popplestone Beach, Riverhead Beach, Salisbury Beach, Sandy Beach, Short Beach, Singing Beach, Stony Beach, Tuckers Beach, West Beach, Whales Beach, White Beach, Wingaersheek Beach

  Bridges     show all on map

A. Piatt Andrew Bridge, Annisquam Bridge, Bates Bridge, Blynman Drawbridge, Buchanan Bridge, Casey Bridge, Choate Bridge, Double-Arch Sandstone Bridge, Duck Bridge, Essex River Causeway, Fox Hill Bridge, General Edwards Bridge, Granite Keystone Bridge, O'Leary Bridge, O'Reilly Bridge, Old Town Bridge, Rocks Bridge, Rowley Bridge, The Bridge Causeway, Thunder Bridge, Whittier Memorial Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Abbot Hall, Abbot Tavern (historical), Abbott Public Library, Amesbury Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, Amesbury High School Library, Amesbury Public Library, Amesbury Town Hall, Andover Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, Andover Fire Department Station 2, Andover Fire Department Station 3, Andover Historical Society Building, Andover Town Hall, Andrew-Safford House, Annisquam Exchange and Art Gallery, Annisquam Historical Society Building, Atkinson Elementary School Library, Atlantic Cataldo Ambulance Service, Bartlett Museum, Beauport, Beauport Ambulance Service, Beauport Museum, Bentley Library, Bentley School Library, Beverly City Hall, Beverly Community Center, Beverly Farms Branch Beverly Public Library, Beverly Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, Beverly Fire Department Station 2, Beverly Fire Department Station 5, Beverly Historical Society Building, Beverly Hospital Library, Beverly Public Library, Bishop Fenwick High School Library, Bowditch Elementary School Library, Boxford Fire Department East Station, Boxford Fire Department West Station, Brock Historical House, Bulfinch Building, Byfield Fire Department, Byfield Town Hall, Cabot House, Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce, Cape Ann Historical Association, Cape Ann Historical Association Library, Cape Ann Historical Museum, Cape Ann Historical Society, Caroline M Underhill Research Library, Carriage Museum, Cashman Elementary School Library, Centerville Elementary School Library, Central Catholic High School Library, Central Wharf Warehouse Visitor Center, Charles W Galloupe Memorial Library, Coffin House, Coffin House Museum, Cotting-Smith Assembly House, Cushing House, Custom House, Dalton House, Danvers Fire Department, Danvers Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, Danvers Townhall, Derby House, Doyon Memorial School Library, Drewicz School Library, Elihu Thompson House, Essex Agricultural and Technical Institute Library, Essex County Court Buildings, Essex County Jail, Essex Fire Department, Essex Historical Society and Shipbuilding Museum Archives, Essex Historical Society Building, Essex Institute Museum (historical), Essex Institute Museum Building, Essex Law Library, Essex Ship Building Museum, Essex Shipbuilding Museum, Essex Town Hall, Estey Tavern (historical), Fitz Hugh Lane House, Fitz Memorial Library, Flint Public Library, Free Public Library, Gardner-Pingree House, Georgetown Fire Department Erie 4 Station, Georgetown Fire Department Headquarters, Georgetown Middle High School Library, Georgetown Peabody Library, Georgetown Town Office, Gloucester City Hall, Gloucester Fire Department Bay View Station, Gloucester Fire Department Headquarters, Gloucester Fire Department Magnolia Station, Gloucester Fire Department West Gloucester Station, Gloucester Fishermens Museum, Gloucester High School Library, Gloucester Lyceum, Golden Hill School Library Library, Grand Army of the Republic Museum, Greater Newburyport Chamber of Commerce, Groveland Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, Groveland Fire Department Station 2, Guardian Ambulance, Hale House, Hall-Haskell House, Hamilton Fire Department, Hamilton Hall, Hamilton-Wenham Public Library, Hammond Museum, Hannah Elementary School Library, Harold Bentley Library, Hartnett Library, Hathaway House, Haverhill City Hall, Haverhill Fire Department Fire Chief, Haverhill Fire Department Station 1, Haverhill Fire Department Station 2, Haverhill Fire Department Station 3 Headquarters, Haverhill Fire Department Station 4, Haverhill Fire Department Station 8, Haverhill Fire Department Station 9, Haverhill Municipal Hospital Medical Library, Haverhill Public Library, Hawkes House, Health - Tech Ambulance Service, Healy House, Hearth and Eagle House, Higgins Middle School Library, Highlands Elementary School Library, Holy Family Hospital and Medical Center Health Sciences Library, Hooper Mansion, Horace-Mann Camp Fire Station, Hose House Number 2, House of Seven Gables, Hyde-Mills House, Ipswich Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, Ipswich Fire Department Station 2, Ipswich Historical Society Building, Ipswich Middle-High School Media Center, Ipswich Public Library, Ipswich Town Hall, Ipswich Visitors Center, Isley House, James L Babson Museum, Jenks Learning Resource Center, Jewish Community Center, John Heard House, John Ward House, Jonathan Corwin House, Joppan House, Landmark School South Campus Library, Lawrence City Hall, Lawrence Fire Department Engine 5, Lawrence Fire Department Engine 7, Lawrence Fire Department Engine 9, Lawrence High School Library Media Center, Lawrence Police Station, Lindsay Library, Lynn City Hall, Lynn Classical High School Library, Lynn Fire Department Broadway Station, Lynn Fire Department Eastern Avenue Station, Lynn Fire Department Fayette Street Station, Lynn Fire Department Headquarters, Lynn Fire Department Highlands Station, Lynn Fire Department Lynnfield Street Station, Lynn Fire Department Pine Hill Station, Lynn Fire Department Tower Hill Station, Lynnfield Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, Lynnfield Fire Department Station 2, Lyons Ambulance Service, Manchester Fire Department, Marblehead Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, Marblehead Fire Department Station 2, Masconomet Regional Middle School Library, Massachusetts Law Library, Massachusetts Prevention Center of the Merrimack Valley Resource Center, Merrimac Fire Department, Methuen Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, Methuen Fire Department Station 3, Methuen Fire Department Station 5, Methuen Fire Department Station 6, Middleton Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, Middleton Historical Society Library, Nahant Fire Department, Nahant Townhall, Narbonne-Hale House, Newbury Fire Department, Newbury Town Library, Newburyport City Hall, Newburyport Fire Department, Newburyport High School Library, Newburyport Public Library, North Andover Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, North Andover Fire Department Station 2, North Shore Art Association, North Shore Community College Learning Resource Center, North Shore Technical High School Library, Northeast Document Conservation Center, Paper House, Peabody City Hall, Peabody Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, Peabody Fire Department Station 3, Peabody Fire Department Station 4, Peabody Fire Department Station 5, Peabody Fire Department Station 7, Peabody Institute Library, Peabody Veterans Memorial High School Library, Pigeon Cove Substation, Pingree School Library, Robert Ford Elementary School Library, Rockport Art Association, Rockport Fire Department Main Station, Rockport Information Center, Rogers Medical Library, Ropes Mansion and Garden, Rowley Fire Department, Saint Annes Orphanage, Salem City Hall, Salem Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, Salem Fire Department Station 2, Salem Fire Department Station 4, Salem Fire Department Station 5, Salisbury Elementary School Library, Salisbury Fire Department, Salisbury Public Library, Sandy Bay Historical Society, Sargent-Murray-Gilmon-Hough House, Saugus Fire Department Headquarters, Saugus Fire Department Station 1, Saugus Public Library, Shoemaker Elementary School Library, Stephen Phillips Library, Summer Street School Library, Swampscott Fire Department, Swampscott Townhall, The Castle, The Whittier Pavilion, Thomas Hoyt Memorial Library, Tiltons Tower (historical), Timony Grammar School Library, Topsfield Fire Department, Topsfield Town Library, Trask House Museum, Triton Regional High School Library, University of Massachusetts Marine Station, Wenham Fire Department, Wenham Townhall, West Newbury Fire Department Garden Street Station, West Newbury Fire Department Headquarters, Witchcraft Heights School Library

  Canals     show all on map

North Canal, South Canal

  Capes     show all on map

Allen Head, Andrews Point, Babson Point, Bass Point, Bearskin Neck, Bearskin Neck, Biskie Head, Black Bess Point, Black Rock Point, Blaney Rock, Boden Point, Cape Ann, Cape Hedge, Cape Merrill, Castle Neck, Castle Rock, Chubb Point, Cloutman Point, Coffin Point, Coles Island, Conomo Point, Coolidge Point, Crow Island, Curtis Point, Davis Neck, Dolliber Point, Dolliver Neck, Eagle Head, East Point, Eastern Point, Emerson Point, Farm Point, Flat Point, Fluen Point, Flying Point, Folger Point, Folly Point, Fort Point, Fosters Point, Gales Point, Galloupes Point, Gap Head, Glass Head, Goldsmith Point, Gully Point, Halibut Point, Hog Island Point, Hospital Point, Hospital Point, Ipswich Bluff, Ireland Point, Jack Point, Juniper Point, Lands End, Laws Point, Lighthouse Point, Lincoln House Point, Littles Point, Loblolly Point, Long Point, Long Point, Magnolia Point, Mussel Point, Naugus Head, Normans Woe, Nortons Point, Old Hospital Point, Palmer Point, Peachs Point, Peters Point, Phillips Point, Pickering Point, Pickworth Point, Plum Island Point, Presson Point, Proctor Point, Red Rock, Rocky Neck, Rowe Point, Rust Island, Salem Neck, Salters Point, Sand Point, Sandy Point, Skinner Head, Small Point, Smith Point, Smith Point, Spouting Horn, Stanwood Point, Susan Point, Thurston Point, Tuck Point, Tucks Point, Twopenny Loaf, Wheeler Point, Wigwam Point, Woodbury Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Ancient Burying Ground, Bayview Cemetery, Beech Grove Cemetery, Beechbrook Cemetery, Belleville Cemetery, Bellevue Cemetery, Bnai Brith Cemetery, Bridge Street Cemetery, Brookside Cemetery, Calvary Cemetery, Calvary Cemetery, Cawles Memorial Cemetery, Cedar Grove Cemetery, Central Cemetery, Chelsea Cemetery, Cherry Hill Cemetery, Children of Israel Cemetery, Choate Cemetery, Church Street Cemetery, Elmwood Cemetery, Elmwood Cemetery, Emmanuel Memorial Park, First Burial Ground, First Burying Ground, First Cemetery, First Parish Burying Ground, Flint Burying Ground, Goodale Cemetery, Green Street Cemetery, Greenlawn Cemetery, Greenlawn Cemetery, Greenwood Cemetery, Hamilton Cemetery, Harbor View Cemetery, Harmony Cemetery, Harmony Cemetery, Harmony Grove Cemetery, Haverhill City Cemetery, High Street Cemetery, Highland Cemetery, Highland Cemetery, Hilldale Cemetery, Hillside Cemetery, Holten Cemetery, Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Immaculate Conception Cemetery, Langsford Cemetery, Linwood Cemetery, Lithuanian Cemetery, Lithuanian Cemetery, Locust Grove Cemetery, Locust Grove Cemetery, Locust Grove Cemetery, Long Hill Cemetery, Lower Corner Cemetery, Magnolia Cemetery, Maple Hill Cemetery, Maplewood Cemetery, Merrimack Cemetery, Monumental Cemetery, Mount Adnah Cemetery, Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Mount Prospect Cemetery, Mount Vernon Cemetery, North Beverly Cemetery, Oak Grove Cemetery, Oak Grove Cemetery, Oak Hill Cemetery, Oak Hill Cemetery, Oakdale Cemetery, Old Bridge Street Burying Ground, Old Burial Hill Cemetery, Old East Burying Ground, Old Settlers Cemetery, Old South Cemetery, Old South Cemetery, Old Town Cemetery, Peabody Cemetery, Pine Grove Cemetery, Pine Grove Cemetery, Polish Cemetery, Puritan Lawn Memorial Park, Ridgewood Cemetery, Riverside Cemetery, Riverview Cemetery, Rosedale Cemetery, Ross Memorial Park, Rowley Burial Ground, Sacred Heart Cemetery, Saint Anthonys Cemetery, Saint Augustines Cemetery, Saint Francis Cemetery, Saint James Cemetery, Saint Jeans Cemetery, Saint Josephs Cemetery, Saint Josephs Cemetery, Saint Josephs Cemetery, Saint Marys Cemetery, Saint Marys Cemetery, Saint Marys Cemetery, Saint Marys Cemetery, Saint Patricks Cemetery, Saints Peter and Paul Cemetery, Salisbury Cemetery, Salisbury Plains Cemetery, Sawyer Hill Burying Ground, Searles Cemetery, Seaside Cemetery, Sons of Israel Cemetery, Sons of Jacob Cemetery, Southside Cemetery, Spring Grove Cemetery, Spring Street Cemetery, Sumner Station Cemetery, Swampscott Cemetery, Syrian Cemetery, Temple Bethel Cemetery, Temple Emanuel Cemetery, True Cemetery, Union Cemetery, Union Cemetery, Union Cemetery, Village Cemetery, Wadsworth Cemetery, Walnut Cemetery, Walnut Grove Cemetery, Walnut Grove Cemetery, Walnut Hill Cemetery, Washington Cemetery, Waterside Cemetery, Wenham Cemetery, Wesleyan Cemetery, West Parish Cemetery, Willow Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Amesbury Census Designated Place, Andover Census Designated Place, Boxford Census Designated Place, Danvers Census Designated Place, Essex Census Designated Place, Ipswich Census Designated Place, Lynnfield Census Designated Place, Marblehead Census Designated Place, Nahant Census Designated Place, Rockport Census Designated Place, Rowley Census Designated Place, Salisbury Census Designated Place, Saugus Census Designated Place, Swampscott Census Designated Place, Topsfield Census Designated Place

  Channels     show all on map

Beverly Channel, Black Rock Channel, Blynman Canal, Childrens Island Channel, Choate Island Channel, Dog Bar Channel, Eagle Island Channel, Lords Creek, Manchester Channel, Marblehead Channel, North Channel, Rams Horn Channel, Salem Channel, Salem Channel, Sculpin Ledge Channel, South Channel, South Channel, Stacy Creek, The Thorofare, Third Creek

  Churches     show all on map

Adelynrood Retreat, All Saints Church, All Saints Church, Alliance Church, Andover Baptist Church, Andover Bible Chapel, Annisquam Village Church, Asambleas De Iglesias, Assembly of God Church, Assembly of God Church, Austin Square Baptist Church, Austin Square Cambodian Baptist Church, Ballardvale United Church, Bethany United Church of Christ, Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Bethlehem Temple Pentecostal Church, Beverly Church of the Nazarene, Broadway United Methodist Church, Brookridge Community Church, Byfield Parish Church, Calvary Baptist Church, Calvary Episcopal Church, Calvary Temple, Cape Ann Bible Church, Centerville Church, Central Congregational Church, Central Congregational Church, Central Congregational Church, Centre Congregational Church, Children of Israel Church, Christ Church, Christ Church, Christ United Methodist Church, Christian Ebenezer Church, Christian Renewal Church, Church in the Cove, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Church of Jesus Christ United Church, Church of the Angels, Church of the Holy Name, Church of the Nazarene, Clifton Lutheran Church, Community Covenant Church, Community United Methodist Church, Corner Stone Christian Church, Crombie Street United Church, Cutler Church, Dane Street Congregational Church, East Baptist Church, East Parrish Church, East Saugus United Methodist Church, Faith Lutheran Church, Fellowship Bible Church, First Assembly of God Church, First Assembly of God Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church in Salem, First Baptist Church of Lynn, First Baptist Church of Saugus, First Baptist Church of Swampscott, First Calvary Baptist Church, First Christian Church, First Church in Ipswich, First Church in Wenhem, First Church of Christ, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Church of Danvers, First Church Unitarian Church, First Congregational Church, First Congregational Church, First Congregational Church, First Congregational Church, First Congregational Church, First Congregational Church, First Congregational Church, First Congregational Church, First Congregational Church of Swampscott, First Lutheran Church, First Parish Church, First Parish Unitarian Church, First Parish Unitarian Church, First Presbyterian Church, First Religious Society Church, First Spanish Free Methodist Church, First Unitarian Church, First Unitarian Universalist Church, First United Church of Christ Congregational, First United Methodist Church, First United Methodist Church, Forest Street Union Church, Free Christian Church, Gloucester Community Church, Good Samaritan Church, Grace Church, Grace Episcopal Church, Grace Episcopal Church, Grace Fellowship Church, Grace Reform Baptist Church, Groveland Congregational Church, Haverhill Community Church, Hispanic Church of God, Holy Apostle Peter and Paul Church, Holy Cross Armenian Church, Holy Rosary Church, Holy Trinity United Methodist Church, Hope Chapel, Hope Congregational Church, Iglesia Bautista Biblica, Iglesia Cristana Methodista, Iglesia Evangelica Hispana, Iglesia Pentecostal, Iglesia Pentecostal Cristo, Immanuel Congregation Church, Independent Christian Church, Jubilee Christian Center, Judson Memorial Baptist Church, Lanesville Congregational Church, Lynn Cambodian Baptist Church, Prophet Elias Monastery, Rosedale Church, Ruggles Baptist Church, Saint Clares Monastery, Saint Johns Episcopal Church, Saint Marys Church, Saint Paul Lutheran Church, Saint Stephens Methodist Church, South Byfield Church, Star of the Sea Catholic Church, Star of the Sea Chapel, Temple Beth El, Temple Israel, Temple Sinai, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Wenham Church, West Gloucester Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Bar Head, Bass Rocks, Black Wills Cliff, Brier Neck, Eagle Hill, Forty Steps, Great Neck, Gregory Island, Half Tide Rocks, Stage Head, The Headlands, Town Head, West Cliff

  Crossings     show all on map

Interchange Eighteen, Interchange Eighteen and Forty, Interchange Eleven, Interchange Fifteen, Interchange Forty, Interchange Forty-One, Interchange Forty-six, Interchange Forty-Six, Interchange Forty-Three, Interchange Forty-Two, Interchange Fourteen, Interchange Fourtyseven, Interchange Nine, Interchange Nineteen, Interchange Nineteen, Interchange Seventeen, Interchange Seventeen, Interchange Sixteen, Interchange Sixteen, Interchange Ten, Interchange Thirteen, Interchange Thirty, Interchange Thirty Eight, Interchange Thirty Nine, Interchange Thirty Seven, Interchange Thirty Six, Interchange Twelve, Interchange Twenty, Interchange Twenty, Interchange Twenty Five, Interchange Twenty Five, Interchange Twenty-four, Interchange Twenty-one, Interchange Twenty-three, Interchange Twenty-two, Interchange Twenty-two

  Dams     show all on map

Ames Pond Dam, Artichoke River Dam, Babson Reservoir Dam, Bailey Pond Dam, Bakers Meadow Reservoir Dam, Baldpate Pond Dam, Beverly Reservoir Dam (historical), Birch Pond Dam, Boston Brook Dam, Brackett Pond Dam, Breeds Pond Outlet Dam, Brothers of Sacred Heart Dam, Browns Pond Dam, Bull Brook Reservoir Dam, Buswell Pond Dam, Chadwick Pond Dam, Creighton Pond Dam, Crystal Lake Dam, Devils Dishfull Pond Dam, Dog Bar Breakwater, Dow Brook Reservoir Dam, Dykes Dam, Elginwood Pond Dam, Emerson Brook Lake Street Dam, Farnums Mill Pond Dam, Fernwood Lake Dam, Fernwood Lake East Dam, Fernwood Lake West Dam, Field Pond Dam, Fish Brook Dam, Fosters Pond Dam, Fountain Pond Dam, Fourmile Pond Dam, Goose Cove North Dam, Goose Cove Northwest Dike, Goose Cove South Dam, Goose Cove Southwest Dike, Griswold Pond Dam, Haggetts Pond Dam, Haskell Pond Dam, Hawkes Pond Outlet Dam, Hood Pond Dam, Howes Pond Dam, Ipswich Mills Dam, Ipswich River Dam, Ipswich River Dam, John A W Pearce Lake Dam, John Leo Silver Lake Dam, Johnson Creek Dam at Salem Street, Johnsons Pond Dam, Kenoza Ave Pond Dam, Kenoza Lake Dam, Lake Attitash Dam, Lake Cochichewick Outlet Dam, Lake Gardner Dam, Lake Saltonstall Outlet Dam, Lawrence Reservoir Dam, Lily Pond Outlet Dam, Longham Reservoir Outlet Dam, Lowe Pond Outlet Dam, Lower Artichoke Reservoir Dam, Lower Millpond Dam, Lynn Reservoir Dam, Lynn Waterways Dam, Merrimack River Dam, Middleton Pond Outlet Dam, Mile Brook Dam, Mill Pond Dam, Mill Pond Dam, Mill Pond Dam, Mill River Culvert and Tide Gate Dam, Millvale Reservoir Dam, North Canal Outlet Dam, Norwood Pond Dam, Parker River Dam, Parker River Dam, Parker River Dam at Central Street, Pentucket Pond Outlet Dam, Pillings Pond Dam, Putnamville Reservoir Dam, Putnamville Reservoir East Dike, Putnamville Reservoir West Dike, Quarry Reservoir Dam, Rantoul Pond Dam, Rock Pond Dam, Round Pond Dam, Salem Reservoir Dam, Searles Pond Dam, Shawsheen River Dam, Shawsheen River Dam, Shoe Pond Dam, Sluice Pond Dam, Spicket River at Lowell Street Dam, Spring Pond Dam, Stearns Pond East Dam, Stephens Dam, Stevens Pond Outlet Dam, Stiles Pond Outlet Dam, Strangman Pond Dam, Suntaug Lake Dam, Sydneys Pond Dam, Towne Pond Dam, Tuxbury Pond Outlet Dam, Upper Banjo Pond Dam, Upper Millpond Dam, Walden Pond East End Dam, Walden Pond Outlet Dam, Wallace Pond Outlet Dam, West Pond Outlet Dam, Winona Pond Dam

  Flats     show all on map

Joppa Flats

  Forests     show all on map

Boxford State Forest, Georgetown Rowley State Forest, Harold Parker State Forest, Willowdale State Forest

  Guts     show all on map

Annisquam River, Inner Gut, Outer Gut, Plum Island River

  Harbors     show all on map

Back Harbor, Inner Harbor, Lynn Harbor, Magnolia Harbor, Manchester Harbor, Marblehead Harbor, Pancake Ground, Rockport Harbor, Salem Harbor, Western Harbor

  Hospitals     show all on map

Alley Hospital, Amesbury Health Center Hospital, Amesbury Hospital (historical), Anna Jaques Hospital, Baldpate Hospital, Bayridge Hospital, Bon Secours Hospital, Burke Memorial Hospital, Cable Memorial Hospital, Caritas Holy Family Hospital and Medical Center, Clover Hill Hospital, Danvers State Hospital, Glynn Memorial Hospital, Hale Hospital, Hunt Memorial Hospital, Isolation Hospital, Kindred Hospital North Shore, Lahey Clinic North Shore, Lawrence General Hospital, Lynn Hospital, Merrimack Valley Hospital, North Shore Children's Hospital, North Shore Medical Center Salem Campus, North Shore Medical Center Union Campus, Northeast Hospital Corporation Addison Gilbert Campus, Northeast Hospital Corporation Beverly Campus, Philips Academy Isham Health Center, Saugus General Hospital, Shaughnessy - Kaplan Rehabilitation Hospital, Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital

  Islands     show all on map

Abbot Rock, Allen Rock, Archer Rock, Averills Island, Babson Ledge, Badgers Rock, Bagwell Island, Bakers Island, Bartlett Rock, Bass Rock, Bass Rock, Bemo Ledge, Black Rock, Black Rock, Black Rock, Black Rock, Boohoo Ledge, Boynton Island, Brace Rock, Brimbles, Brown Island, Browns Island, Buck Rock, Bull Island, Burnham Rocks, Carr Island, Castle Rock, Caswell Rock, Chaces Island, Childrens Island, Choate Island, Chubb Island, Chubb Islet, Coney Island, Coney Island Rock, Cormorant Rock, Corn Island, Cove Ledge, Cross Banks, Cross Farm Hill, Crow Island Rock, David Rock, Dean Island, Deer Island, Dilly Island, Dodge Rock, Dole Island, Dolphin Rock, Dread Ledge, Dry Salvages, Eagle Island, Eagle Island, Eagle Island, Egg Rock, Flip Rock, Fowlers Island, Gangway Rock, Gerry Island, Gordon Rock, Grape Island, Graves Island, Grays Rock, Great Bank, Great Egg Rock, Great Haste Island, Great Ledge, Great Misery Island, Green Rock, Hales Island, Halftide Rock, Halfway Rock, Harbor Ledge, Harbor Rock, Haste Rock, High Rock, Hog Islands, Holy Island, House Island, Humphreys Island, Jack Rock, Jeggle Island, Joe Beach Ledge, Kents Island, Kettle Island, Kettle Island Ledge, Kimball Island, Kitfield Ledge, Knapp Rock, Little Egg Rock, Little Haste, Little Misery Island, Little Pine Island, Londoner, Long Island, Lowe Island, Lunt Rock, Marblehead Rock, Martin Rock, Mayflower Ledge, Midchannel Rock, Middle Ground, Middle Ground, Milk Island, Mill Ledge, Misery Rock, Mitchell Rock, Nahant Rock, Nelson Island, Neverfail Ledge, Normans Woe Rock, North Gooseberry Island, Oak Island, Oak Rock, Off Rock, Old Harry Rock, Outer Point Rock, Paddock Rock, Pea Island, Pearce Island, Pigeon Rock, Pine Island, Pine Island, Pine Island, Pitman Rock, Plum Island, Pope Head, Popplestone Ledge, Pork Island, Porter Rock, Powers Rock, Prairie Ledge, Pride Rock, Ragged Ledge, Ram Island, Ram Island, Ram Island, Ram Island, Ram Islands, Ram Islet, Rams Horn Rock, Rising States Ledge, Rock Dundy, Roger Island, Saddle Rock, Salt Island, Salt Island Ledge, Salt Rock, Sammy Rock, Sandy Bay Ledge, Satan Rock, Saturday Night Ledge, Sauli Rock, Seal Island, Searle Rock, Sellman Berth, South Gooseberry Island, Stanley Island, Stone Ledge, Stone Rock, Straitsmouth Island, Tablet Rock, Tenpound Island, Tenpound Island Ledge, Thacher Island, The Five Sisters, The Spindle, Tinkers Island, Tom Moore Rock, Tommy Island, Trues Island, Turkey Island, Twelvefoot Rock, Volunteer Rock, Webber Rock, Whaleback, White Ledge, Williams Rock, Winter Island, Wolcott Island, Woodbridge Island, Wrights Island

  Isthmi     show all on map

Great Neck (historical), Little Neck, The Cut (historical)

  Lakes     show all on map

Aunt Betts Pond, Bartholowmew Pond, Bear Pond, Bear Pond, Bear Pond (historical), Beaver Pond, Beck Pond, Berry Pond, Black Joe Pond, Camborne Pond, Cape Pond, Cedar Pond, Cedar Pond, Cedar Pond, Cedar Pond, Chebacco Lake, Clark Pond, Clark Pond, Collins Pond, Coy Pond, Craig Pond, Crane Pond, Crooked Pond, Crystal Pond, Cutler Pond, Danvers Reservoir (historical), Dexter Pond, Elginwood Pond, Flag Pond, Flax Pond, Floating Bridge Pond, Forest Lake, Foster Pond, Frog Pond, Frye Pond, Frye Pond, Goldfish Pond, Gravelly Pond, Hobbs Pond, Hoveys Pond, Hussey Pond, Kimballs Pond, Lake Cochichewick, Lake Pentucket, Langsford Pond, Lily Mere, Little Crane Pond, Little Elder Pond, Loop Pond, Lower Pond, Meadow Pond, Middleton Pond, Muddy Pond, Mystic Pond, Nells Pond, Niles Pond, Oliver Pond, Palmer Pond, Peabody Reservoir (historical), Pierces Pond, Pillings Pond, Pintail Pond, Pleasant Pond, Pomps Pond, Pout Pond, Prankers Pond, Quills Pond, Rabbit Pond, Redds Pond, Rockery Pond, Rum Rock Lake, Salem Pond, Sargent Millpond, Scotts Pond, Searles Pond, Sharpners Pond, Sidneys Pond, Sisters Pond, Sleepy Hollow Pond, Sperrys Pond, Spofford Pond, Spring Pond, Stage Island Pool, Stearns Pond, Stevens Pond, Stevens Pond, Stevens Pond, Sudden Pond, Suntaug Lake, Teal Pond, Towne Pond, Ware Pond, Wenham Lake, Wilson Pond

  Locales     show all on map

Alfalfa Farm, Amesbury Country Club, Amesbury Industrial Park, Amesbury Town Landing, Andover Country Club, Andover Station, Annisquam Harbor Light, Annisquam Lighthouse, Appleton Farms, Arrowhead Farm, Artichoke Dairy, Asylum Station (historical), Atlantic Forest Ski Area, Bakers Island Light, Ballardville Station, Bass Rocks Country Club, Bayleys Wharf, Beach Bluff Station (historical), Beaver Brook Station (historical), Beverly Depot, Beverly Depot Station, Beverly Farms Station, Beverly Golf and Tennis Club, Beverly Plaza, Black Marsh Channel Light, Black Rocks Light, Blackburn Circle, Blackburn Industrial Park, Boston Hill Ski Area, Boston Yacht Club, Boxford Station (historical), Bradford Country Club, Bradford Ski Area, Brooksby Farm, Brookside Square Shopping Center, Cabot Street Shopping Center, Cabot Street Shopping Center / Professional Building, Caldor Shopping Center, Camp Sea Haven, Candlewood Golf Club, Cape Ann Golf Club, Cape Ann Industrial Park, Cape Ann Light, Cape Ann Lighthouse, Central Plaza, Central Plaza Shopping Center, Central Wharf, Cider Hill Farm, Clifton Station (historical), Cliftondale Station, Cogswell Farm Landing, Colonial Golf and Country Club, Colonial Shopping Center, Corinthian Yacht Club, Cranes Castle, Cross Roads Plaza Shopping Center, Cross Roads Shopping Plaza, Crystal Springs Golf Club, Curzon Mill, Danvers Plaza, Danvers Plaza Shopping Center, Danvers Port Station (historical), Derby Wharf, Derby Wharf Light, Devereux Station (historical), Dexter Industrial Green, Dolphin Yacht Club, East Gloucester Shopping Center, East India Mall Shopping Center, East Lynn Station (historical), East Saugus Station, Eastern Point Light, Eastern Point Lighthouse, Eastern Yacht Club, Egg Rock Light, Elliot Street Shopping Plaza, Elliott Street Shopping Plaza Shopping Center, Endicott Plaza, Endicott Plaza Shopping Center, Endicott Square, Endicott Square Shopping Center, Essex Country Club, Essex Falls Station (historical), Essex Plaza Shopping Center, Essex Station (historical), Far Corner Golf Course, Fellsway Fashion Center, Fellsway Fashion Center Shopping Center, Forrester Warehouse (historical), Fort Pickering Lighthouse, Fort Sewall, Georgetown Shopping Center, Gloucester Breakwater Light, Gloucester Station, Grant Circle, Hamilton-Wenham Station, Hatches Wharf, Hatchs Wharf, Haverhill Country Club, Haverhill Plaza Shopping Center, Haverhill Station, Hawthorne Birthplace, Hawthorne Cove Marina, Hawthorne Square Mall, Hawthorne Square Mall Shopping Center, Hickory Hill Golf Course, Highland Plaza, Highlander Plaza Shopping Center, Hospital Point Lighthouse, Hospital Point Range Light, Hospital Point Rear Range Light, Indian Ridge Golf Club, Ingaldsby Farm, Ingalls Station (historical), Intervale Factory (historical), Ipswich Bay Yacht Club, Ipswich Light, Ipswich Shopping Center, Ipswich Station, Iron Rail Girls Camp, Kelly Green Golf Course, Kernwood Golf Course, Kettle Cove Industrial Park, Kings Plaza, Liberty Tree Mall, Long Hill Orchard, Lorraine Park Campground, Lynn Common Station (historical), Lynn Station, Lynn-Central Square Station, Lynnfield Center Golf Club, Lynnfield Station (historical), Lynngate Plaza, Machine Shop Station (historical), Manchester Station, Mann Orchards, Marble Ridge Station, Marblehead Light, Merrimac Plaza, Merrimack Valley Golf Club, Methuen Mall, Mini Mall, Montserrat Station, New England Shopping Center, New Meadows Golf Club, Newburyport Harbor Light, Newburyport Station, Newhall Station, North Andover Mall, North Andover Plaza, North Beverly Station, North Pier Light, North Shore Shopping Center, Old Newbury Golf Club, Patmos (historical), Pickering Wharf, Pines Speedway, Pleasant Hills Station, Port Plaza, Prides Crossing Station, Primrose Shopping Center, Proctors Station, River Works Station, Rockport Breakwater Light, Rockport Golf Club, Rockport Station, Rocky Neck Art Colony, Rowley Station, Russell Orchards, Sagamore Springs Golf Club, Salem Country Club, Salem Station, Sandy Point Light, Saugus Plaza, Saugus Plaza Shopping Center, Saugus Race Track, Saugus Station (historical), Shawsheen Plaza, Smolak Farm, South Lawrence Plaza, Spree Shopping Center, Stevens Crossing Station (historical), Straitsmouth Light, Swampscott Mall, Swampscott Station, T-Wharf, Tapleyville Station (historical), Tedesco Country Club, Tenpound Island Light, Tenpound Island Lighthouse, The Thomson Country Club, Topsfield Station, Upper Turn Light, Walnut Place Shopping Center, West Gloucester Station, West Lynn Station (historical), West Parish (historical), White Rocks Light, YMCA Camp, YMCA Camp, YMCA Camp

  Military     show all on map

Camp Curtis Guild National Guard Reservation, Coast Guard Air Station Salem (historical), Fort Miller (historical), Fort Pickering (historical)

  Parks     show all on map

Abbott Park, Academy Hill Historic District, Alliance Park, American League Park, American Woolen Mill Housing District, Amesbury and Salisbury Mills Village Historic District, Amesbury Town Park, Andover Village Industrial District, Anna Parker Playground, Arlington-Basswood Historic District, Atkinson Common, Audubon Bird Sanctuary, B W Palmer State Park, Baker Meadow Reservation, Balch Playground, Barry Park, Bartlett Mall, Batchelder Park, Bates Park, Bertram Field, Bessie Baker Park, Beverly Center Business District, Bialek Park, Boxford Village Historic District, Boxford Wildlife Sanctuary, Boxwood Wildlife Sanctuary, Bradford Common Historic District, Breakheart Reservation, Brown Square, Burke Playground, Campagnone Common, Captain Solomon Jacobs Park, Carr Island State Reservation, Cashman Park, Central Gloucester Historic District, Central Square Historic District, Central Street District, Chandler-Hovey Park, Charter Street Historic District, Chestnut Street District, Clark Street Playground, Collins Street Playground, Cooney Athletic Field, Costello Park, Coyne Park, Crocker Park, Crombie Street District, Cronin Playground, Crowninshield-Bentley House, Cummings Park, Danvers Park, Deer Jump Reservation, Den Rock Park, Derby Waterfront District, Dix Park, Downfall Wildlife Management Area, Downtown Lawrence Historic District, Downtown Salem District, East End Historic District, East India Square Fountain, Essex Institute Historic District, Essex Street Mall, Evans Field, Federal Street District, Femino Park, Fish Flake Hill Historic District, Fishermens Monument, Flax Pond Playground, Forest River Park, Forrester, Fountain Park, Frazier Field, Gallows Hill Park, Gatchell Green, GEAA Field, Gerry Playground, Gloucester Fisherman Statue, Gowdy Playground, Halibut Point Reservation, Hamilton Historic District, Harold R Rafton Reservation, Harry Ball Field, Haverhill Stadium, Herling Park, Hidden Park, High Street Historic District, Highland Park, Hobbs Playground, Hood Playground, House of Seven Gables Historic District, Howard Playstead, Hurd Stadium, Independence Park, Innocenti Park, Ipswich Wildlife Sanctuary, Jackson Park, Jackson Park, Jackson Terrace Historic District, Kernwood Park, Kiley Playground, Kimball Haskell Park, Lynch Park, Lynn Common, Masconomo Park, Memorial Park, Memorial Park, Misery Island Reservation, Mount Ann Park, Mullaney Park, O'Connell Park, Obear Park, Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, Passaqua Playground, Patton Park, Pingree Park, Plum Island State Park, Puritan Lawn Memorial Park, Ravenswood Park, Riley Playground, Riveride Park, Salem Common, Salem Maritime National Historic Site, Salem Willows Park, Salisbury Beach State Reservation, Saugus Ironworks National Historic Site, Seaside Park, Shawnsheen Park, Starrow Park, State Fort Park, Winnekenni Park, Winter Island Maritime Park

  Pillars     show all on map

Castle Rock

  Populated Places     show all on map

Amesbury, Andover, Annisquam, Annisquam (historical), Aqawam (historical), Asbury Grove, Ayers Village, Ballardvale, Bass Rocks, Bay View, Beach Bluff, Beaver Brook (historical), Beverly, Beverly Cove, Beverly Farms, Boxford, Boxford Station, Bradford, Brigadoon Village, Browns Point, Burleys Corner, Byfield, Camp Sea Haven, Centerville, Clifton, Cliftondale, Curzon Mill, Cushing, Danvers, Danvers Center, Danversport, Dogtown Commons, Doles Corner, East Boxford, East Gloucester, East Lynn, East Parish, Eden Square, Essex, Essex Falls, Ferncroft, Five Pound Island, Freshwater Cove Village, Georgetown, Glen Mills, Gloucester, Graceland Park, Grosvenor Corner, Groveland, Haggetts, Hamilton, Hathorne, Haverhill, Highlands, Highlandville, Howe, Ipswich, Joppa, Kent Corner, Kettle Cove Village, Kings Forest, Kinsman Corner, Knights Crossing, Lands End, Lanesville, Lawrence, Leightons Corner, Linebrook, Little Nahant, Little Neck, Lowell Junction, Lynn, Lynnfield, Lynnhurst, Magnolia, Manchester-by-the-Sea, Maple Park, Marble Ridge Station, Marblehead, Marblehead Lighthouse, Marblehead Neck, Marlboro, Marsh Corner, Marston Corners, Merrimac, Merrimac Terrace, Merrimacport, Methuen, Middleton, Middleton Colony, Montserrat, Mount Vernon Park, Nahant, Nahapassumkeck (historical), Nancys Corner, Nasnocomacack (historical), Natick (historical), Naumkeag (historical), Needham Corner, Newbury Old Town, Newburyport, North Andover, North Andover Center, North Beverly, North Salem, North Saugus, Oakland Vale, Ocean View, Okommakamesit (historical), Peabody, Pentucket (historical), Phillips Point, Pigeon Cove, Pine Island, Pinefield, Pleasant Hills, Plum Island, Plumbush, Prides Crossing, Proctor, Putnamville, Raddin Station, Rial Side, Rings Island, Riverdale, Riverdale Station, Riverside, Riverview, Riverview Landing, Rockport, Rocks Village, Rocky Neck, Rooty Plain, Rosemont, Rowley, Rowley Shore, Salem, Salem Neck, Salisbury, Salisbury Beach, Salisbury Plains, Salisbury Point, Saugus, Saugus (historical), Shawsheen Heights, Shawsheen Village, South Byfield, South Essex, South Georgetown, South Groveland, South Hamilton, South Lawrence, South Lynnfield, South Middleton, South Peabody, South Salem, Stevens Crossing, Stonehaven (historical), Swampscott, Tapleyville, Topsfield, Tozier Corner, Upper Green, Ward Hill, Wenham, Wenham Neck, West Andover, West Boxford, West Gloucester, West Lynn, West Manchester, West Newbury, West Parish, West Parish, West Peabody, West Town Landing, Wingaersheek (historical), Wonasquam (historical), Wyoma

  Post Offices     show all on map

Amesbury Post Office, Amesbury Post Office (historical), Andover Post Office, Annisquam Post Office (historical), Artichoke Post Office (historical), Asbury Grove Post Office (historical), Attitash Post Office (historical), Ayers Village Post Office (historical), Bakers Island Post Office (historical), Ballardvale Post Office, Bay View Post Office (historical), Beach Bluff Post Office (historical), Belleviewport Post Office (historical), Beverly Farms Post Office, Beverly Post Office, Boxford Post Office, Boxford Post Office (historical), Bradford Post Office (historical), Byfield Post Office, Byfield Post Office (historical), Clifton Post Office (historical), Cliftondale Post Office (historical), Danvers Centre Post Office (historical), Danvers Port Post Office (historical), Danvers Post Office, Danversport Post Office (historical), East Boxford Post Office (historical), East Gloucester Post Office (historical), East Haverhill Post Office (historical), East Lynn Post Office, Essex Post Office, Fort Ruckman Post Office (historical), Georgetown Post Office, Georgetown Post Office (historical), Gloucester Post Office (historical), Groveland Post Office, Hamilton Post Office, Hathorne Post Office (historical), Haverhill Post Office, Hills Post Office (historical), Ipswich Post Office, Little Neck Post Office (historical), Lynnfield Post Office (historical), Marblehead Station A Post Office (historical), Merrimac Post Office (historical), Merrimacport Post Office (historical), Middleton Post Office (historical), Millwood Post Office (historical), Nanepashemet Post Office (historical), Newbury Post Office (historical), North Andover Depot Post Office (historical), North Beverly Post Office (historical), Plaza Post Office (historical), Plum Island Post Office (historical), Post Office Square Shopping Center, Riverdale Post Office (historical), Rowley Post Office (historical), Salisbury Beach Post Office (historical), Salisbury Point Post Office (historical), Salisbury Post Office (historical), Saugus Post Office (historical), Saunders Hills Post Office (historical), South Byfield Post Office (historical), South Essex Post Office (historical), South Groveland Post Office (historical), South Middleton Post Office (historical), South Peabody Post Office (historical), Tapleyville Post Office (historical), West Gloucester Post Office (historical), West Newsbury Post Office (historical)

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Mitchels Falls

  Reserves     show all on map

Goldthwait Reservation, High Plain Reservation, Indian Ridge Reservation, Shawnsheen River Reservation, Vale Reservation

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Babson Reservoir, Bailey Pond, Bakers Meadow Pond, Bakers Meadow Reservoir, Baldpate Pond, Beverly Reservoir, Birch Pond, Bobby Harris Pond, Brackett Pond, Breeds Pond, Browns Pond, Bull Brook Reservoir, Buswell Pond, Chadwick Pond, Clarks Pond, Creighton Pond, Crystal Lake, Crystal Lake Reservoir, Devils Dishfull Pond, Dow Brook Reservoir, Dykes Pond, Emerson Brook Reservoir, Farnums Mill Pond, Fernwood Lake, Field Pond, Fish Brook Reservoir, Folly Hill Reservoir, Fosters Pond, Fourmile Pond, Frog Pond, Griswold Pond, Haggetts Pond, Haskell Pond, Hawkes Pond, Hills Pond, Hood Pond, Howes Pond, Ipswich River Reservoir, Ipswich River Reservoir, Ipswich River Reservoir, Johnsons Pond, Kellehers Pond, Kenoza Lake, Lake Attitash, Lake Gardner, Lake Saltonstall, Lawrence Reservoir, Lily Pond, Little River Reservoir, Longham Reservoir, Lowe Pond, Lower Artichoke Reservoir, Lower Banjo Pond, Lower Millpond, Lower Pond, Lynn Reservoir, Merrimack River Reservoir, Mile Brook Reservoir, Mill Pond, Mill Pond, Mill Pond, Mill Pond, Mill Pond, Mill Pond Stevens Pond, Millvale Reservoir, North Canal Reservoir, Norwood Pond, Osgood Pond, Parker River Reservoir, Parker River Reservoir, Parker River Reservoir, Pattens Pond, Peabody Reservoir, Pentucket Pond Outlet Reservoir, Putnamville Reservoir, Rantoul Pond, Rock Pond, Round Pond, Salem Reservoir, Shawsheen River Reservoir, Shawsheen River Reservoir, Shawsheen River Reservoir, Shoe Pond, Sluice Pond, Spicket River Reservoir, Spring Pond, Spring Pond, Stevens Pond, Stiles Pond, Strangman Pond, Sutton Pond, Sydneys Pond, Upper Artichoke Reservoir, Upper Banjo Pond, Upper Millpond, Upper Pond, Walden Pond, Wallace Pond, West Pond, Winona Pond

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Bear Hill, Bow Ridge, Eastern Point, Indian Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

A Drewicz Elementary School, Abbot Academy, Aborn School, Abraham Edwards School, Academy of Strategic Learning HMCS School, Aldworth School, Alexander B Bruce School, Amesbury Elementary School, Amesbury High School, Amesbury Middle School, Andover Central School, Andover High School, Andover Junior High School, Andover Sch of Montessori, Andover West Middle School, Annie L Sargent School, Arlington School, Ashford Street School, Assumption School, Atkinson School, Ayers Ryal Side School, Babson School, Ballard School, Bancroft Elementary School, Bartlett School, Bass River School, Bates School, Beeman Memorial School, Belleville School, Belmonte Saugus Middle School, Bentley School, Bessie Buker Elementary School, Bessie Buker Middle School, Beverly Grammar School, Beverly High School, Beverly Memorial Junior High School, Beverly School for the Deaf, Bishop Fenwick High School, Blynman School, Bowditch School, Bradford College, Bradlee School (historical), Bradstreet School, Breed School, Breen School, Brickett Elementary School, Briscoe Junior High School, Briscoe Middle School, Brooks School, Brookwood School, Burley School, Burnham Elementary School, Burrill School, Byfield School, Caleb Dustin Hunking School, Cape Ann School, Cape Ann Waldorf School, Captain William G Shoemaker School, Cardinal Cushing Academy, Carlton School, Centerville School, Central Catholic High School, Central Elementary School, Central School, Charles C Cashman Elementary School, Charles S Storrow School, Childrens Montessori School, Clark Creative Learning Center, Clark Creative Learning School, Clark School, Coastal Educational Collaborative School, Cobbet Elementary School, Cobbet Junior High School, Cogswell School, Cogswell School, Cohen Hillel Academy, Collins Middle School, Community Day School, Comprehensive Grammar School, Consentino School, Corliss Schools, Cornerstones School, Cove Elementary School, Cove-Montserrat School, Covenant Christian School, Crowell School, Currier School, Currier School, Cutler School, Danvers High School, Danversport School, Davenport School, Devereux School, Doctor Frederick N Sweetsir School, Doctor John C Page School, Doctor Paul Nettle School, Doctor Samuel C Eveleth School, Doherty Middle School, Donald P Timothy Memorial School, Douglas Waybright School, Dunn Middle School, E J Harrington School, East Gloucester Elementary School, East Haverhill School, Eastern Avenue School, Edward A Sission School, Edward A Sisson School, Edward F Parthum School, Elbridge Gerry School, Elmer S Bagnall School, Emerson School, Emily G Wetherbee School, Endicott Community College, Endicott School, Essex County Agricultural and Technical Institution, Essex County Training School, Essex Elementary School, Essex School, Faith Christian School, Farnsworth School, Federal Street School, Fellowship Bible School, Felton School, Forbes School, Forest School, Foss School, Fox Hill School, Fox School, Francis M Leahy School, Francis T Bresnahan Elementary School, Franklin School, Fuller Meadow School, General Donovan School, George W Brown School, Georgetown High School, Georgetown Middle-High School, Gerard A Guilmette School, Glen Urquhart School, Gloucester Alternative High School, Gloucester High School, Glover School, Golden Hill School, Gordon College, Governor Dummer Academy, Great Oak School, Greater Lawrence Educational Collaborative School, Greater Lawrence Regional Vocational Technical School, Greenleaf School, Groveland School, Hadley School, Hamilton-Wenham Regional School, Hannah Elementary School, Harbor School, Harbor-Commonworks School, Harry Lee Cole School, Haverhill Alternative School, Haverhill High School, Haverhill Street School, Helen R Donaghue School, Henry C Sanborn Elementary School, Henry K Oliver School, High School, Highland School, Highlands School, Hill View Montessori Charter School of Haverhill, Holten-Richmond Junior High School, Holy Rosary School, Holy Trinity School, Hood School, Horace Mann Laboratory, Horace Mann School, Horace Mann School, Hovey School, Howe Manning School, Howe School, Huckleberry Hill School, Hunking School, Immaculate Conception School, Ingalls School, Ipswich High School, Ipswich Junior High School, Ivan G Smith School, J Henry Higgins Middle School, Jackman School, Jackson School, James F Hennessey School, James F Leonard School, John E Burke School, John E McCarthy School, John G Whittier School, John K Tarbox School, John R Rollins School, Johnson School, Julia F Callahan School, Junior High School, Kane School, Keefe School, Kelley School, Kennedy Junior High School, Kiley Brothers Memorial School, Kipp Academy Lynn Charter School, L H Coffin School, Lawlor School, Lawrence Central High School, Lawrence Family Development Charter School, Lawrence High School, Lawrence Junior High School, Lewis School, Lincoln School, Lincoln-Thomson School, Linebrook School, Lynn Alternative High School, Lynn Classical High School, Lynn English High School, Lynn Vocational Technical Institute, Lynn Woods School, Lynnfield Center School, Lynnfield High School, Lynnfield Middle School, Lynnfield South School, Lynnhurst School, Machon School, Malcolm L Bell School, Manchester High School, Maple School, Maplewood School, Marblehead Community Charter School, Marblehead High School, Marblehead Veterans Middle School, Marsh Grammar School, Maryknoll Sisters Novitiate, Masconomet Regional Junior-Senior High School, McKeown Elementary School, Memorial School, Merrimack College, Merrimack College, Merrimack School, Methnen Central School, Methuen High School, Milburn Alternative-Haverhill School, Miles River Middle School, Milton L Fuller Elementary School, Moody School, Morse School, Mount Carmel School, Mount Pleasant Hospital, Needham Corner South Memorial School, Newbury Elementary School, Newburyport High School, Newburyport Montessori School, North Andover High School, North Andover Middle School, North Beverly Elementary School, North Shore Christian School, North Shore Education Consortium, North Shore Regional Vocational School, North Shore School, Northeastern University Edwards Laboratory, Northern Essex Community College, O'Keefe Alternative High School, Oakland School, Oaklandvale School, Oliver Ames High School, Oliver School, Our Lady of LaSalette Seminary, Our Lady of the Assumption School, Paul F Doyon Memorial School, Peabody Center School, Peabody High School, Peabody School, Peabody Veterans Memorial High School, Penn Brook School, Pentucket Lake Elementary School, Pentucket Regional Junior High School, Pentucket Regional Senior High School, Perley Elementary School, Phillips Academy, Phillips School, Pickering Junior High School, Pickering School, Pigeon Cove School, Pike School, Pine Grove School, Pleasant Hills Junior High School, Pleasant Valley School, Plum Cove School, Pringle School, Proctor Elementary School, Professional Center for Handicapped Children, R L Wood School, Ralph B Omaley Middle School, River Valley Charter School, Riverside School, Roads School, Robert L Ford School, Rockport Community School, Rogers School, Rupert A Nock Middle School, S Hobbs Memorial School, Sacred Heart Elementary School, Sacred Heart Elementary School, Sacred Heart Juniorate, Sacred Heart School, Sacred Hearts Elementary School, Saint Ann Elementary School, Saint Anne School, Saint Annes School, Saint Augustines School, Saint Augustines School, Saint Basils Seminary, Saint Chretiennes Academy, Saint Francis School, Saint James School, Saint James School, Saint John the Baptist Elementary School, Saint Johns Preparatory School, Saint Johns School, Saint Johns School, Saint Joseph Elementary School, Saint Joseph School, Saint Josephs School, Saint Josephs School, Saint Josephs School, Saint Lawrence School, Saint Mary of the Annunciation School, Saint Mary Regional Junior-Senior High School, Saint Mary Star of the Sea School, Saint Mary-Immaculate Conception Elementary School, Saint Marys School, Saint Marys School, Saint Mel Day School, Saint Michael Elementary School, Saint Michaels School, Saint Monica Elementary School, Saint Patrick Elementary School, Saint Patricks School, Saint Pius V Elementary School, Saint Ritas School, Saint Thomas School, Salem Academy Charter School, Salem Early Childhood School, Salem High School, Salem State College, Saltonstall School, Samuel Brown School, Saugus High School, Saunders School, Searles School, Seeglitz Junior High School, Sewall Anderson School, Shatswell School, Shaw Junior High School, Sheridan School, Sisters of the Notre Dame de Namur, Solstice School, South Elementary School, South Hamilton High School, South Lawrence East School, Sparhawk School, Spofford School, Stanley School, Star of the Sea School, Stephen Barker School, Steward Elementary School, Stoneridge Children's Montessori School, Story School, Stowe School, Summer Street School, Swampscott High School, Swampscott Middle School, Sweetser School, Tabox School, TEACH School, Tenney Grammar School, Tenney High School, The Islamic Academy, Thomas Carroll School, Thomson School, Thurgood Marshall Middle School, Tilton School, Tracy School, Triton Middle School, Upton School, Valley Road School, Veterans Memorial School, Veterans Memorial School, Wadsworth School, Wallis School, Walnut Square School, Washington Community School, Washington-Beedle School, Welcoming Alternative School, Welcoming Middle School, West Andover High School, West Elementary School, West Memorial School, West Newbury Central School, West Parish Elementary School, West School, Whittier Regional High School, William A Welch Senior School, William P Connery School, William R Fallon School, Williams School, Willis E Thorpe School, Wilson School, Winslow School, Winthrop Elementary School, Winthrop Elementary School, Witchcraft Heights School, Wood Hill Middle School, Woodbridge School

  Streams     show all on map

Alewife Brook, Alewife Brook, Allen Creek, Annisquam River, Artichoke River, Bachelder Brook, Back River, Back River, Back River, Bare Meadow Brook, Bartlett Brook, Bass River, Bear Meadow Brook, Beaver Brook, Beaver Brook, Beaver Brook, Beaverdam Brook, Bennetts Pond Brook, Black Brook, Black Rock Creek, Blackwater River, Bloody Brook, Boston Brook, Broad Creek, Bull Brook, Camp Brook, Carolton Creek, Castle Neck River, Cat Brook, Causeway Brook, Cedar Brook, Chubb Creek, Club Head Creek, Cobbler Brook, Cochichewick River, Crane Brook, Creek Brook, Dead Creek, Dow Brook, Eagle Hill River, East Branch Cat Brook, East Meadow River, Ebben Creek, Egypt River, Essex River, Farm Creek, Fish Brook, Fish Brook, Fishin Brook, Fiske Brook, Flint Brook, Foote Brook, Forest River, Fox Creek, Fox Island Creek, Frost Fish Brook, Goldthwait Brook, Goodwin Creek, Grape Island Creek, Gravelly Brook, Great Swamp Brook, Griffin Brook, Harris Brook, Hawkes Brook, Hawkes Brook, Howlett Brook, Hussey Brook, Idlewild Brook, Indian River, Ipswich River, Jackman Brook, Jericho Creek, Johnson Creek, Jones River, Kimball Brook, Labor in Vain Creek, Lanes Creek, Laws Creek, Little Pine Island Creek, Little River, Little River, Little River, Little River, Long Causeway Brook, Lucy Brook, Lufkin Creek, Merrimack River, Metcalf Creek, Mile Brook, Miles River, Mill Brook, Mill River, Mill River, Morrill Creek, Mosquito Brook, Mud Creek, Muddy Brook, Muddy Run, Neck Creek, Nelson Island Creek, Nichols Brook, Nichols Creek, Norris Brook, North River, Ox Pasture Brook, Paine Creek, Parker River, Penn Brook, Penny Brook, Penny Brook, Pine Creek, Pine Island Creek, Pines River, Plumbush Creek, Powwow River, Proctor Brook, Pye Brook, Roger Island River, Rogers Brook, Rowley River, Sand Creek, Saugus River, Sawmill Brook, Sawmill Brook, Sawyer Brook, Sawyer Creek, Shad Creek, Shad Creek, Shawsheen River, Six Goose Creek, Skug River, Snows Brook, Soginese Creek, Spicket River, Strongwater Brook, Tapley Brook, Town Creek, Treadwell Island Creek, Walker Creek, West Creek, West Meadow Brook, Wheeler Brook, Wills Brook, Wolf Trap Branch, World End Brook

  Summits     show all on map

Archelaus Hill, Aslebe Hill, Austin Hill, Ayers Hill, Baileys Hill, Baker Hill, Bald Hill, Bald Hill, Baldpate Hill, Bare Hill, Bare Hill, Barker Hill, Bartholomew Hill, Batt Hill, Bayns Hill, Beacon Hill, Bear Hill, Bear Hill, Beaverdam Hill, Beebe Hill, Beech Hill, Beverly Rocks, Blueberry Hill, Bond Hill, Boston Hill, Bradstreet Hill, Brandy Brow Hill, Brimble Hill, Browns Hill, Bruin Hill, Brush Hill, Burial Hill, Burnt Hill, Burrill Hill, Bush Hill, Bush Hill, Buxton Hill, Byers Hill, Carmel Hill, Castle Hill, Castle Hill, Cherry Hill, Chipman Hill, Choate Hill, Christian Hill, Claypit Hill, Coddon Hill, Common Hill, Corliss Hill, Craft Hill, Crane Neck Hill, Cross Island, Daddy Frye Hill, Dales Hill, Dead Hill, Dog Hill, Dungeon Rock, Eagle Hill, Eagle Rock, Eveleth Hill, Ferncroft Hill, Ferry Hill, Fifteen Tree Hill, Folly Hill, Foster Hill, Fox Hill, Gallows Hill, Golden Hill, Gould Hill, Grape Hill, Great Hill, Great Hill, Great Hill, Green Hill, Heap of Rocks Hill, Heartbreak Hill, High Rock, Highlands Hill, Hildreth Hill, Holt Hill, Huckleberry Hill, Hunsley Hills, Indian Hill, Indian Hill, Isleys Hill, Jack Hill, Jewett Hill, Job Hill, Jobs Hill, Kimball Hill, Lambert Hill, Ledge Hill, Legg Hill, Lindall Hill, LIttle Old Town Hill, Little Turners Hill, Littles Hill, Lone Tree Hill, Lone Tree Hill, Long Hill, Long Hill, Long Hill, Long Hill, Long Hill, Long Hill, Lords Hill, Maiden Hill, Meetinghouse Hill, Mills Hill, Millstone Hill, Moon Hill, Morse Hill, Moses Hill, Mound Eleanor, Mount Ann, Mount Gilead, Mount Hayman, Mount Hermon, Mount Hood, Mount Moriah, Mount Perry, Mount Pleasant, Mount Spickett, Mundy Hill, Nichols Hill, North Ridge, Old Town Hill, Ornes Hill, Osgood Hill, Ox Pasture Hill, Parsonage Hill, Pie Hill, Pigeon Hill, Pigeon Hill, Pine Hill, Pine Hill, Pine Hill, Pine Hill, Pingrees Hill, Pipestave Hill, Plover Hill, Pole Hill, Pond Hill, Pool Hill, Poplar Hill, Poplar Hill, Powder House Hill, Powwow Hill, Prospect Hill, Prospect Hill, Prospect Hill, Prospect Hill, Putnam Hill, Railcut Hill, Rattlesnake Hill, Rea Farm Hill, Red Oak Hill, Redshanks Hill, Reservoir Hill, Ring Hill, Round Island, Russell Hill, Sagamore Hill, Savin Hill, Scotland Hill, Scott Hill, Shaven Crown Hill, Sheep Pasture Hill, Shingle Place Hill, Silver Hill, Smith Hill, Snake Hill, Spicket Hill, Spy Rock, Stage Island, Steep Hill, Sunset Hill, Thompson Mountain, Tilton Hill, Timber Hill, Titcomb Hill, Tower Hill, Town Farm Hill, Town Hill, Town Hill, Treadwell Island, Turkey Hill, Turkey Hill, Turkey Hill, Turner Hill, Twopenny Loaf, Uptons Hill, Vinegar Hill, Vineyard Hill, Vinnin Hill, Waldens Hill, Ward Hill, Weetamoo Cliff, Weir Hill, West Meadow Hill, Whipple Hill, Whites Hill, Whittier Hill, Willow Hill, Wills Hill, Witch Hill, Wolf Hill, Wood Hill, Woodbury Hill, Woodchuck Hill, Woodchuck Hill, Wyman Hill

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WBMT-FM (Boxford), WBOQ-FM (Gloucester), WCCM-AM (Lawrence), WCGY-FM (Lawrence), WESX-AM (Salem), WHAV-AM (Haverhill), WLLH-AM (Lawrence), WLYT-FM (Haverhill), WMFP-TV (Lawrence), WMWM-FM (Salem), WNBP-AM (Newburyport), WNSH-AM (Beverly), WPAA-FM (Andover), WRYT, WSSH-FM (Lowell)

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Rafes Chasm

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Baker Woods,

Essex County, Massachusetts Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteEssex County White population 662,986662,985  
BlackEssex County Black population 43,09043,090
AsianEssex County Asian population 26,45926,458
MixedEssex County Mixed population 15,87515,875
American IndianEssex County American Indian population 6,0486,047
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderEssex County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 756755

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