Chippewa County, Michigan Basics:

Chippewa County Michigan - Government Site

Population: 38,777
Area: 1558 square miles
County seat: Sault Sainte Marie
Area code(s) in use: 906
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 89.2%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 17.7%
Median household income: $41,114
Persons in poverty: 18.5%
Home ownership rate: 71.0%
Mean travel time to work: 16.5 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Luce  Mackinac  

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Map of the Chippewa County area

Our detail map of Chippewa County shows the Chippewa County, Michigan boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Chippewa County, Michigan

  Airports     show all on map

Ashman Island Seaplane Base, Chippewa County International Airport, Dowd Field Airport, Drummond Island Airport, Franklin Landing Strip, Franklin's Airport, O Conner Airstrip, Raco Field, Rosedale Airport, Sault Ste Marie Municipal Airport/Sanderson Field, Soo Seaplane Base, Young's Airport

  Bars     show all on map

Andrews Reef, Big Shoal, Burnt Island Reef, Cheney Shoal, Chippewa Bank, Crab Island Shoal, De Tour Shoal, Frying Pan Shoal, Harbor Island Reef, Holdridge Shoal, Horseshoe Reef, Humphrey Rock, Lindsay Bank, Martin Reef, Pipe Island Shoal, Point Iroquois Shoals, Saint Vital Shoal, Watson Reefs

  Bays     show all on map

Albany Bay, Albany Harbor, Arnold Island, Ashmun Bay, Back Bay, Baie de Wasai, Bass Cove, Big Shoal Cove, Canoe Bay, Carlton Bay, Colton Bay, DeTour Reef, Fairview Cove, Fisher Island, Glen Cove, Grand Marais Lake, Gut Port, Huron Bay, Island Harbor, Izaak Walton Bay, Little Shelter Bay, Masta Bay, Maud Bay, Olmstad Bay, Pendills Bay, Pigeon Cove, Pike Bay, Pilot Cove, Potagannissing Bay, Rabbit Bay, Raber Bay, Raynolds Bay, Roggs Bay, Saint Vital Bay, Sand Bay, Scammon Cove, Scott Bay, Seymour Bay, Shingle Bay, Sitgreaves Bay, Sturgeon Bay, Tahquamenon Bay, Waiska Bay, Walkters Harbor, Warners Cove, Whitefish Bay, Whitney Bay

  Beaches     show all on map

Big Shoal Beach, Dukes Lake Beach, Glen Cove Beach

  Bridges     show all on map

Bascule Bridge, International Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Administration Building, Arts Center, Bay Mills Emergency Connection, Bay Mills Fire Department, Bay Mills Tribal Police Department, Bayliss Public Library, Brady Hall, Brown Hall, Bruce Township Volunteer Fire Department, Campus Shoppe, Central Heating Plant, Child Development Center, Chippewa Correctional Facility, Chippewa County Ambulance Service, Chippewa County Courthouse, Chippewa County Sheriff's Office, Chippewa House, Chippewa Hunt Post, Crawford Hall of Science, Dafter Township Fire Department, De Tour Ambulance Service, De Tour Area Public Library, De Tour Passage Historical Museum, Detour Volunteer Fire Department, Drummond Island Historical Museum, Drummond Island Library, Drummond Island Township Hall, Drummond Island Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Drummond Township Ambulance Service, East Hall, Easterday House, Erie Hall, Farmers Hall, Fletcher Center, Gate House, Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum, Hillside House, Hulbert Township Fire Department, Huron Hall, Iroquois House, James Norris Physical Education Center, John Johnston House, Kenneth J Shouldice Library, Kincross Correctional Facility, Kinross Emergency Medical Services, Kinross Township Police Department, Kinross Volunteer Fire Department, Laker Hall, Leno A Pianosi Maintenance Center, Lukenda Alumni House, Mariners Library, Marquette Hall, Michigan Department of Natural Resources Sault Sainte Marie Field Office, Michigan State Police Department, Moloney Hall, Neebish Island Volunteer Fire Department, Neveu Hall, Ontario Hall, Osborn Hall, Pickford Township Hall, Pickford Township Volunteer Fire Department / Volunteer Ambulance Corporation, President's Residence, Raber Fire Department, Raber Township Volunteer Fire Department, River of History Museum, Robert Arbuckle Student Activity Center, Rudyard Public Library, Rudyard Township Volunteer Fire Department, Ryan House, Sault Sainte Marie Fire Department, Sault Sainte Marie Police Department, Sault Sainte Marie Tribe Police Department, Soo Lock Visitors Center, Soo Township Fire Department, South Hall, Squirrel Tail Inn, Sugar Island Ambulance Corporation / Sugar Island Volunteer Fire Department, Superior Township Volunteer Fire Department, The Village, Tower of History, Trout Lake Township Volunteer Fire Department, United States Forest Service Hiawatha National Forest, Vocational-Technical Center, Walker Cisler Center, Wheels of History Museum, Whitefish Township Ambulance Corporation / Whitefish Township Volunteer Fire Department, Whitefish Township Community Library

  Canals     show all on map

Edison Sault Electric Company Canal, Lime Island Channel, McLeod Ditch, North Canal, Saint Marys Falls Canal, South Canal

  Capes     show all on map

Barbeau Point, Barbed Point, Bay Mills Point, Bennette Point, Big Point, Birch Point, Birch Point, Black Point, Black Rock Point, Brassar Point, Bruce Point, Brush Point, Canoe Point, Cass Point, Cedar Point, Chippewa Point, Churchville Point, Churchville Point, Cove Point, Cream City Point, Dix Point, Elisha Point, Fairbank Point, Field Point, Frechette Point, Gaffney Point, Glen Point, Harwood Point, Harwood Point, Hay Point, Hay Point, Homberg Point, Huron Point, Indian Point, Johnson Point, Johnson Point, Kemps Point, Long Point, Maple Point, Menekaunee Point, Mirre Point, Mission Point, Nadoway Point, Naomikong Point, Ninemile Point, Palmers Point, Paw Point, Pigeon Point, Poe Point, Point Anderson, Point aux Frenes, Point De Tour, Point Iroquois, Point Lewis, Raber Point, Raynolds Point, Rice Point, Roach Point, Rocky Point, Round Island Point, Saint Vital Point, Salt Point, Sawmill Point, Scammon Point, Seamans Point, Seastone Point, Shingle Point, Shoal Point, Sims Point, Sixmile Point, Strickland Point, Sturgeon Point, Sweets Point, Traverse Point, Vermilion Point, Whipple Point, Whitefish Point, Winter Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Anderson Cemetery, Bai-de-wasai Cemetery, Baptist Cemetery, Barbeau Cemetery, Bayview Cemetery, Bethel Cemetery, Bob Hill Cemetery, Brasser Road Cemetery, Catholic Cemetery, Colbert Cemetery, Cottage Park Cemetery, Dafter Township Cemetery, Dollar Settlement Cemetery, Donaldson Cemetery, Donaldson Presbyterian Cemetery, Drummond Cemetery, Duck Island Cemetery, Fairview Cemetery, Finnish Cemetery, Finnish Cemetery, Gem Island Cemetery, Goetzville Cemetery, Graham Farm Cemetery, Gray Cemetery, Hannah Cemetery, Hillcrest Cemetery, Hulbert Cemetery, Johnston Family Cemetery, Laitinen Family Cemetery, Lake View Cemetery, Lakeview Cemetery, Little Cemetery, Maple Grove Cemetery, Maple Ridge Cemetery, Matthews Cemetery, McKiernan Family Cemetery, Mission Hill Cemetery, Naomikong Point Cemetery, Oaklawn Chapel Gardens, Old Keldon Cemetery, Old Mission Indian Cemetery, Our Lady of Victory Cemetery, Paradise Cemetery, Payment Cemetery, Pine Grove Cemetery, Presbyterian Cemetery, Riverview Cemetery, Rosedale Cemetery, Rudyard Cemetery, Sacred Heart Cemetery, Saint Luke's on the Trail Cemetery, Saint Marys Cemetery, Saint Rudyard Cemetery, Scammon Point Cemetery, Seaman Cemetery, South Rudyard Cemetery, Stalwart Cemetery, Tahquemenon Bay Indian Cemetery, Welch Grave, Whispering Pines Cemetery, Wilwalk Cemetery

  Channels     show all on map

De Tour Passage, East Neebish Channel, False Detour Channel, Little Rapids, Little Rapids Channel, Middle Neebish Channel, Munuscong Channel, North Channel, Old Channel, West Neebish Channel

  Churches     show all on map

Algonquin United Methodist Church, Apostolic Church, Apostolic Lutheran Church, Baptist Church, Baptist Pioneer Mission, Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha Church, Brethren Church, Brimley Baptist Church, Calvary Baptist Church, Central United Methodist Church, Child Evangelism Fellowship, Christian Reform Church, Church of Christ, Church of the Nazarene, Community Baptist Church, Community Church, De Tour Union Presbyterian Church, Donaldson Presbyterian Church, Drummond Island Baptist Church, Drummond Island Lutheran Church, Faith Baptist Church, Faith Lutheran Church, Finnish Church, First Baptist Church, First Church of Christ, First Congregational Church, Free Methodist Church, Fundamental Baptist Church, Hiawatha Mission, His House Christian Fellowship, Holy Angel Church, Holy Family Church, Hulbert Baptist Church, Indian Mission Church, Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, Lighthouse Christian Church, McCarron Church, Mount Hope Church, Nativity Church, New Hope Community Church, Newman Center, Northern Light Assembly of God Church, Open Door Baptist Church, Open Door Baptist Indian Church, Our Lady of Victory Church, Pickford Church of the Nazarene, Pickford Presbyterian Church, Pine Grove Church, Presbyterian Church, Presbyterian Church, Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church, Rosedale Community Church, Rudyard Bible Church, Sacred Heart Church, Saint Barnabas Lutheran Church, Saint Florence Church, Saint Francis Xavier Church, Saint George Greek Orthodox Church, Saint Isaac Jogues Catholic Church, Saint James Episcopal Church, Saint James Lutheran Church, Saint Joseph Church, Saint Joseph Roman Catholic Church, Saint Mary's Church, Saint Mathias Church, Saint Stanislaus Church, Saint Stephen's Episcopal Church, Saints John and Anne Church, Sault Ste Marie Living Word Church, Sault Ste Marie Wesleyan Church, Stalwart Presbyterian Church, United Methodist Church, United Methodist Church, Wilderness Tabernacle Church

  Crossings     show all on map

Interchange 373, Interchange 378, Interchange 379, Interchange 386, Interchange 392, Interchange 394

  Dams     show all on map

Davis Lock, Mac Arthur Lock, Poe Lock, Soo Locks

  Falls     show all on map

Lower Falls, Saint Marys Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Maxton Plains

  Forests     show all on map

Munuscong State Forest

  Hospitals     show all on map

Bay Mills Medical Clinic, Chippewa County War Memorial Hospital, De Tour Village Medical Center, Drummond Island Medical Center, Edna M Youngs Student Health Center, Kinross Community Clinic, Lakeview Internal Medicine, Marquette Specialty Clinic, Northern Michigan Hospital, Northern Urgent Care Clinic, Paradise Community Health Center, Pickford Medical Center, Saint Mary's Medical Center, Sault Internal Medicine, Tendercare Nursing Home

  Islands     show all on map

Adelaide Island, Advance Island, Albany Island, Andrews Island, Arrow Island, Ashman Island, Bacon Island, Bald Island, Bass Reef Island, Bay Island, Bellevue Island, Big Trout Island, Bird Island, Bootjack Island, Boulanger Island, Bow Island, Burnt Island, Butterfield Island, Cass Island, Cedar Island, Cherry Island, Chicken Islands, Clark Island, Claw Island, Cook Island, Cove Island, Crab Island, Crow Island, Drummond Island, Duck Island, Duck Island, Edward Island, Espanore Island, Fairbank Island, Fire Island, Frying Pan Island, Garden Island, Gem Island, Grape Island, Gravel Island, Gull Island, Gull Island, Harbor Island, Harris Island, Hart Island, Hen Island, Hog Island, Howard Island, Iroquois Island, Island Number Four, Island Number One, Island Number One, Island Number Three, Island Number Two, James Island, Jim Island, Jones Island, La Pointe Island, Lime Island, Little Cass Island, Little Lime Island, Little Rogg Island, Little Trout Island, Long Island, Long Island, Love Island, Macomb Island, Maple Island, Mare Island, Meade Island, Moon Island, Munuscong Island, Naomikong Island, Neebish Island, Norris Island, Peck Island, Peters Island, Picnic Island, Pilot Island, Pine Island, Pipe Island, Pipe Island Twins, Propeller Island, Quarry Island, Rains Island, Rains Island, Rock Island, Rogg Island, Rotary Island, Round Island, Round Island, Rutland Island, Saddlebag Island, Saltonstall Island, Sam Island, Sand Island, Shelter Island, Silver Island, Spence Island, Squaw Island, Standerson Island, Steamboat Island, Steers Island, Strawberry Island, Sugar Island, Surgeon Island, Surveyors Island, Sweets Islands, Tahquamenon Island, Twin Island, Twin Sister Island, Two Tree Island, Two Tree Island, Willoughby Island, Wilson Island, Wreck Island, Young Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Andrus Lake, Arbutus Lake, Avery Lake, Baileys Lake, Bass Lake, Bayou Pond, Bear Lake, Bear Lake, Bear Lake, Beaver Dam Pond, Beaver Pond, Beaver Pond, Beaver Pond, Beaver Pond, Beaver Pond, Bender Lake, Betchler Lakes, Big Bear Ponds, Big Trout Lake, Boaz Lake, Bobbygay Lake, Boot Lake, Brown Lake, Brown Lake, Browns Lake, Cabin Lake, Camp Ten Lakes, Camp Ten Pond, Canoe Lake, Caribou Lake, Carlton Lake, Clear Lake, Covach Lake, Cranberry Lake, Crego Lake, Dawson Lake, Deer Lake, Deerfoot Lake, Delirium Pond, Dick Pond, Dickenson Lake, Dishpan Lake, Dry Lake, Duck Lake, Duck Lake, Dukes Lake, Eagle Lake, East Soldier Lake, Espanore Lake, Fiftyfour Pond, First Lake, Foreman Lake, Fourth Lake, Frenchman Lake, Fulmer Lake, Garkinghouse Lake, Gravel Lake, Hartley Lake, Hawkins Lake, Helen Lake, High Banks Lake, Huckleberry Lake, Hulbert Lake, Isaacson Lake, Jackson Lake, Jarvinen Marsh Lake, Johnson Lake, Johnson Lake, Johnson Lake, Jones Lake, Kempaien Lake, Kinross Lake, Kirk Lake, Knutsen Lake, Lake George, Lake Nicolet, Laurie Lakes, Little Avery Lake, Little Lake, Little Mud Lake, Little Salt Lake, Little Trout Lake, Little Trout Lake, Lost Lake, Lost Lake, Loyal Lake, Mackinaw Lake, Maki Lake, Marl Lake, Marsh Lakes, McAdams Lake, McMullan Lakes, McNearney Lake, Miller Lake, Monocle Lake, Monument Lake, Mud Lake, Mud Lake, Mud Lake, Munuscong Lake, Muskrat Lake, Naomikong Lake, Naomikong Pond, Nasi Lake, North Pond, Oldman Lake, Pardy Pond, Parish Lake, Pats Lake, Peck and Rye Lake, Pendills Lake, Piatt Lake, Pine Lake, Preacher Lake, Proctor Lake, Rice Lakes, Riley Lake, Riordan Lake, Roach Lake, Roxbury Pond, Salt Lake, Sam Taylor Lake, Schlehubers Marsh, Seaman Lake, Second Lake, Shawnee Lake, Sheephead Lake, Soldier Lake, South Pond, Spectacle Lake, Spring Pond, Squeaky Lake, Stevens Lake, Stringham Lake, Stump Lake, The Widewaters, Third Lake, Toivola Lake, Toy Soldier Lake, Trout Lake, Twomile Lake, Vanio Lake, Walker Lake, Water Tank Lakes, Weatherhogs Lake, Wegwaas Lake, West Lake, Whitmarsh Lake, Williams Lake, Ziegler Lake

  Levees     show all on map

Chippewa Bank

  Locales     show all on map

American Legion Campground, Andrus Lake State Forest Campground, Barbeau Tower, Bayfield Rock Range Lights, Bayview Camp Grounds, Big Pines Picnic Area, Black Creek Hunting Club, Blessed Hope Camp, Bowers Lodge, Brimley Station (historical), Browns Fishery, Buckhorn Lodge, Cadillac Soo Camp 14, Camp Bearborn, Camp Quiet, Cascade Crossings Mall, Chippewa County Fairground, Chippewa Landing Ramp, Clear Lake Campground, Corps of Engineers Warehouse, Dafter Station, Dark Hole Ranges, De Tour Dock Company, De Tour Harbor Marina, De Tour Lighthouse, De Tour State Forest Campground, Dick Campground, Dick Station, Drummond Island Ferry, Drummond Island Golf Club, Drummond Island Sports Center, Drummond Island Yacht Haven Ramp, Drummond Township Park, Dryburg Station, Dummond Dolomite Incorporated, Eckerman Station (historical), Fibre Station, Fort Drummond Marina, Freds Marina, Gil Nelsons Resort Ramp, Gordons Landing Ramp, Great Lakes Fleet Marine Railway, H and H Cabins and Campground, Hand H Marina, Harwood Point Range, Hendrie River Camp, Hiawatha Hunt Club, Howard City Club, Hulbert Station (historical), Iroquois Mountain Ski Area, Jens Rustic Resort, Karen's Cabins and Campgrounds, Kinross Station, Kinross Tower, Lake Shore Ski Club, LaRock Cabins, Lawrences Marina, LeJas Resort Ramp, Lime Island State Forest Campground, Lower Nicolet Ranges, Lykes Dock Ramp, Maple Ridge Club, Maxton Bay Campground, McNearney Lake Tower, Michigan Producers Dairy Company, Middle Neebish Channel Range, Minnow Lake Campground, Monocle Lake Campground, Moon Island Leading Light, Mossings Resort, Munuscong Golf Course, Munuscong State Forest Campgrounds, Museum Ship Valley Camp, Nate's Marina, No Doe Hunting Club, North East Pier, Northwest Pier Light, Northwoods Camp, Oak Ridge Park School, Oaks at Kincheloe Golf Course, Ol Misery Lodge, Old Dick (historical), Old Fort Drummond, Paradise Tower, Pendills Creek National Fish Hatchery, Petersburg Club, Pine Grove Grange, Pine River Primitive Campground, Point of Woods Range, Porcupine Inn, Raco Ranger Station, Raco Station (historical), Rivermouth Recreation Site, Round Island Light, Roxbury Creek Campgrounds, Rudyard Station, Sainte Marie Yard and Marine, Sault Boat Club, Sault Sainte Marie Municipal Boat Harbor Ramp, Sault Sainte Marie Rest Area, Sault Sainte Marie Welcome Center, Sault Ste Marie Golf Course, Sault Ste Marie Station, Seewhy Station (historical), Shelldrake Dam State Forest Campground, Sherman Park Zoo, Silver Creek Lodge, Soldier Lake Campground, Soo Hunting Club, Soo Locks Campground, Soo Machine Club, Soo Plaza Shopping Center, Southeast Pier Light, Stalwart Fair Ground, Strongs Station, Sugar Island Leading Light, Sugar Islander Ferry, Sullivan Creek National Fish Hatchery, Sullivan Creek Picnic Ground, Superior Gun Club, Tanglewood Marsh Golf Course, The Antlers Cabins, The C Reiss Coal Company, Three Lakes Campground, Trout Brook Pond Picnic Ground, Trout Lake Station, Twin City Drydock and Marine, United States Department of Agriculture Iroquois Light House, United States Steel Corporation, Upper Nicolet Range, Watson Reefs Light, Welchs Dock, West Center Pier Light, West Neebish Channel Range, West Noebish Channel Upper Range, Whitefish Point Bird Observatory, Wild Bluff Golf Course, Winter Point Range

  Military     show all on map

Coast Guard Station Sault Saint Marie, Kincheloe Air Force Base (historical), Raco Army Air Field (historical), Sault Sainte Marie Air Force Station (historical), United States Coast Guard Yards and Docks

  Mines     show all on map

Brow Number 3 Pit, Drummond Dolomite Quarry, Scott Quarry

  Parks     show all on map

Alford Park, Aune Osborn Park, Betsy Seamon Memorial Park, Brady Park, Brimley State Park, Central Methodist Church Historical Marker, De Tour Roadside Park, De Tour State Park, Drummond Township Park, Dunbar Park, Elmwood Historical Marker, Emerson Historical Marker, Fort Brady Historical Marker, Fort Drummond Historical Marker, Furlong Memorial Park, John Johnston House Historical Marker, Johnston Homesite Historical Marker, Kewadin Park, Kinross Township Park, Lake Superior State College Historical Marker, Larke Road Historical Marker, Malcolm Park, Malette Park, Methodist Indian Mission Historical Marker, Methodist Mission Reserve, Minneapolis Woods, New Fort Brady Historical Marker, Orval Lowe Memorial Park, Pickford Community Park, Pickford Township Park, Post Office Historical Marker, Rotary Park, Rudyard Township Park, Saint Mary's Pro-Cathedral Historical Marker, Sault Locks Park, Sault Sainte Marie Historical Marker, Sawmill Creek Park, Shelldrake Historical Marker (historical), Sherman Park, Tahquamenon Falls State Park, Trout Lake Park, Whitefish Point Lighthouse Historical Marker, Whitefish Township Historical Marker

  Pillars     show all on map

Marchand Rock

  Populated Places     show all on map

Baie de Wasai, Barbeau, Bay Mills, Brassar, Brimley, Chippewa Travel Trailer Park, Churchville, Cordell, Dafter, De Tour Village, Dick, Dollar Settlement, Donaldson, Dorgans Crossing, Drummond, Dryburg, Eckerman, Eckerman Corner, Emerson, Fibre, Fornicola Trailer Park, Gardenville, Goetzville, Homestead, Hulbert, Johnswood, Kelden, Kinross, L and M Trailer Park, Lake Superior Estates, Lincoln, Maxton, McCarron, Mission, Munuscong, Oak Ridge, Paradise, Payment, Pickford, Raber, Raco, Riverside Mobile Home Village, Rosedale, Rudyard, Sault Sainte Marie, Seewhy, Shallows, Shelldrake, Snug Harbor, Stalwart, Stirlingville, Strongs, Strongs Corner, Timberlost, Trout Lake, Vermilion, Westons Iroquois Beach, Whitefish Point, Whitehouse Landing

  Post Offices     show all on map

Baie de Wasai Post Office (historical), Barbeau Post Office (historical), Bay Mills Post Office (historical), Brassar Post Office (historical), Brimley Post Office, Bursaw Post Office (historical), Dafter Post Office, De Tour Village Post Office, Dell Post Office (historical), Dick Post Office (historical), Donaldson Post Office (historical), Drummond Island Post Office, Dryburg Post Office (historical), Eckerman Post Office, Emerson Post Office (historical), Fibre Post Office (historical), Flat Rock Post Office (historical), Goetzville Post Office, Haff Post Office (historical), Homestead Post Office (historical), Hulbert Post Office, Iroquois Post Office (historical), Johns Wood Post Office (historical), Kelden Post Office (historical), Kinross Post Office, Laramie Post Office (historical), Larch Post Office (historical), Lime Island Post Office (historical), Maxton Post Office (historical), McCarron Post Office (historical), McVille Post Office (historical), Munuscong Post Office (historical), Neebish Post Office (historical), Neebish Post Office (historical), Nowesco Post Office (historical), Nunuscong Post Office (historical), Oak Ridge Park Post Office (historical), Paradise Post Office, Payment Post Office (historical), Pickford Post Office, Pittsburg Landing Post Office (hist) (historical), Raber Post Office (historical), Raco Post Office, Rockview Post Office (historical), Rosedale Post Office (historical), Rudyard Post Office, Sault Ste Marie Post Office, Scammon Post Office (historical), Schlesser Post Office (historical), Seewhy Post Office (historical), Shelldrake Post Office (historical), Stalwart Post Office, Stirlingville Post Office (historical), Strongs Post Office (historical), Strongville Post Office (historical), Sugar Island Post Office (historical), Tone Post Office (historical), Trombly Post Office (historical), Trombly Post Office (historical), Trout Lake Post Office, Vermilion Post Office (historical), Wellsburg Post Office (historical), Whitefish Point Post Office (historical), Willwalk Post Office (historical)

  Reserves     show all on map

Delirium Wilderness

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Shelldrake Lake, Sylvester Impoundment, Trout Brook Pond

  Ridges     show all on map

Birch Hill, Hungry Hill

  Schools     show all on map

Baker School, Bay Mills Charter School, Bay Mills Community College, Brimley High School, Christian School, Christie School, Consolidated Community School, Corktown School, De Tour High School, Drummond School, Dunbar Forest Experiment Station Michigan State University, East McCarron School, Gardenville School, Grier School, Hiawatha School, Holland School, Immanuel Lutheran School, Jones School, Lake Superior State University, Lincoln Elementary School, Malcolm High School, McKinley Elementary School, North Raber School, Pickford Public Schools, Pine Grove School, Pine Rest School, R J Wallace Elementary School, Ransonville School, Riverside School, Rudyard High School, Saint Mary's Elementary School, Sault Area Middle School, Sault Ste Marie High School, School Number 15, Soo Township Elementary School, Stone School District Number 4, Turner Howson Elementary School, Upper Peninsula School, Washington Elementary School, Whitefish School

  Springs     show all on map

The Big Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Albany Creek, Ankodosh Creek, Ashmun Creek, Bear Creek, Bearpen Creek, Beaver Dam Creek, Beaver Meadow Creek, Bergman Creek, Big Beaver Creek, Biscuit Creek, Black Creek, Black Creek, Blind Biscuit Creek, Bons Creek, Bowers Creek, Browns Creek, Caribou Creek, Carlton Creek, Charlotte River, Cheney Creek, Chub Creek, Clear Creek, Clear Creek, Creek Number Eight, Creek Number Fourteen, Dead Creek, Demoreux Creek, Dickenson Creek, East Branch Munuscong River, East Branch Waiska River, Ermatinger Creek, Frechette Creek, Galloway Creek, Gogomain River, Grant Creek, Grants Creek, Halfaday Creek, Hannah Creek, Hemlock Creek, Hickler Creek, Horseshoe Creek, Hursley Creek, Hutton Creek, Joe Straw Creek, Kemp Creek, Kneebone Creek, Ladd Creek, Little Bear Creek, Little Beaver Creek, Little Munuscong River, Little Waiska Creek, Lumpson Creek, Lynch Creek, Maushie Creek, McFarland Creek, McMahen Creek, Mill Creek, Mission Creek, Munuscong River, Naomikong Creek, Naugle Creek, North Branch Orrs Creek, North Pine River, O'Briens Creek, Orrs Creek, Parker Creek, Pendills Creek, Pigeon Cove Creek, Potagannissing River, Prey Creek, Quinn Creek, Rapson Creek, Riley Creek, Riley Creek, Rock Bottom Creek, Roxbury Creek, Sailors Creek, Saint Marys River, Sanderson Creek, School Creek, Schwesinger Creek, Seymour Creek, Shelldrake River, Silver Creek, Silver Creek, South Branch Black Creek, South Branch East Branch Waiska River, South Branch Gogomain River, South Branch Hendrie River, South Branch Orrs Creek, South Branch Shelldrake River, South Branch Waiska River, Spring Creek, Stony Creek, Sucker Creek, Sullivan Creek, Sweiger Creek, Sylvester Creek, Tahquamenon River, Trout Brook, Trout Creek, Viddian Creek, Waiska River, Weatherhogs Creek, West Branch Gogomain River, West Branch Halfaday Creek, West Branch Hendrie River, West Branch Waiska River, White Creek, Wilmar Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Marble Head, Mission Hill, Moon Hill, Moon Hill, Oneway Hill, Velvet Hill

  Swamps     show all on map

Cranberry Bogs, Gogomain Swamp, Goose Marsh

  Towers     show all on map

Demond Hill Lookout Tower, Drummond Lookout Tower, Eckerman Corner Lookout Tower, Eckerman Lookout Tower, Goetzville Lookout Tower, Maxton Lookout Tower, Trout Lake Lookout Tower, WCMZ-FM (Sault Sainte Marie), WGTQ-TV (Sault Sainte Marie), WKNW-AM (Sault Sainte Marie), WSOO-AM (Sault Sainte Marie), WSUE-FM (Sault Sainte Marie), WSUE-FM (Sault Sainte Marie), WWUP-TV (Sault Sainte Marie), WYSS-FM (Sault Sainte Marie)

  Trails     show all on map

North Country Trail, Trout Lake Bicentennial Hiking Trail,

Chippewa County, Michigan Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteChippewa County White population 28,07528,074  
American IndianChippewa County American Indian population 5,8175,816
BlackChippewa County Black population 2,6762,675
MixedChippewa County Mixed population 1,8611,861
AsianChippewa County Asian population 310310
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderChippewa County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 3938

Additional population tables :
State population table
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