Sanilac County, Michigan Basics:

Sanilac County Michigan - Government Site

Population: 42,288
Area: 963 square miles
County seat: Sandusky
Area code(s) in use: 810 989
Time zone: EST
High school graduate or higher: 85.8%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 11.7%
Median household income: $40,019
Persons in poverty: 16.7%
Home ownership rate: 81.7%
Mean travel time to work: 28.5 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Huron  Lapeer  St. Clair  Tuscola  

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Map of the Sanilac County area

Our detail map of Sanilac County shows the Sanilac County, Michigan boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Sanilac County, Michigan

  Airports     show all on map

Arnold Field Airport, Arnold Lunding Field, Cowley Field Airport, Flugplatz Airport, Indian Creek Ranch Airport, Innes Acres Airport, Marlette Airport, Para Field Airport, Peck Air Park, Sandusky City Airport, Williams Field

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Harrington Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Applegate Fire Department, Argyle Township Fire Department, Bridge Hampton Township Hall, Brown City Fire Department, Brown City Hall, Brown City Police Department, Brown City Public Library, Carsonville Fire Department, Carsonville Police Department, Croswell Emergency Medical Services, Croswell Fire Department, Croswell Police Department, Deckerville Fire Department, Deckerville Police Department, Deckerville Public Library, Delaware Township Fire Department, Elk Township Fire / Rescue, Elk Township Library, Lamotte Township Fire Department, Lexington Fire and Rescue, Lexington Moore Public Library, Lexington Police Department, Marlette City Hall, Marlette District Library, Marlette Fire Department, Marlette Police Department, Minden City Fire Department, Moore Township Fire Department, Peck Police Department, Port Sanilac Fire Department, Port Sanilac Police Department, Sandusky Community Fire Department, Sandusky Police Department, Sandusky Public Library, Sanilac County Courthouse, Sanilac County Sheriff's Office, Sanilac District Library, Speaker Township Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, Speaker Township Fire Department Station 2, William Aitkin Memorial Library

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Alexander Drain, Allen Drain, Anderson Drain, Austin Drain, Babcock Drain, Badgero Drain, Badgero Extension Drain, Baerwolf Drain, Barr Drain, Baum Drain, Beals Frizzle Drain, Beemer Drain, Berry Drain, Bishop Drain, Black Drain, Blade Drain, Bond Drain, Bowers Drain, Bradshaw Drain, Brice Drain, Brice Wightman Drain, Bridgehampton Drain, Cargill Drain, Carrol Drain, Carsonville Drain, Carter Drain, Cline Drain, Cole Drain, Colebough Drain, Cook Drain, Cork Drain, Craig Drain, Crouce Drain, Cummer Drain, Custer County Drain, Darlington Drain, Daunt Branch, Davis Drain, Dawson Drain, Doggan Drain, Donald Drain, Downey Drain, Dunlap Drain, Durkee Drain, Dwight Drain, Eagle Drain, East Branch Speaker and Maple Valley Drain, Eggert Drain, Elk Flynn and Maple Valley Drain, Engle Drain, Evans Drain, Evergreen and Austin Drain, Farnsworth Drain, Fitch Drain, Flannigan Drain, Fletcher Drain, Frasier Drain, Freel Drain, French Drain, Frost Drain, Fye Drain, Gerstenberger Drain, Gordon Drain, Gosline Drain, Grandy Drain, Graves Drain, Hale Drain, Harlan Drain, Hendrickson Drain, Heussner Drain, Hewitt Carroll Drain, Hewitt Drain, Hillaker Drain, Howse Drain, Hudson Drain, Hunt Drain, Hydorn Drain, Hyslop Drain, Jackson Drain, Janowaik Drain, Johnson Barrett Drain, Jones Drain, Kelly Drain, Kinney Drain, Lamka Drain, Lamka Drain, Lapeer and Sanilac Drain, Lavell Drain, Lawson Drain, Lloyd Drain, Lynch Drain, Macklem Drain, Main Hartel Drain, Mason Drain, McClelland Drain, McDonald Drain, McDonald Drain, McElhinney Drain, McGauley Drain, McIntyre and Willing Drain, McLish and Carpenter Drain, McManus Drain, McPherson Drain, McQueen Drain, Methven Drain, Meyers Drain, Miller Drain, Minard Drain, Monroe Drain, Mullaney Drain, Mullen Drain, Murray Drain, Neuman Drain, Nicol Drain, O'Connell Drain, O'Shea Drain, Odofer Drain, Ogden Norton Drain, Omard Drain, Osgood Drain, Papst Drain, Paris Drain, Parks Drain, Parson Drain, Pattie Drain, Pattie Vail Drain, Perry Drain, Perviski Drain, Phillips Drain, Potts Drain, Powers Drain, Pringle Drain, Proctor Drain, Putney Drain, Pyette Drain, Recor Drain, Redmond Drain, Richie Drain, Rickett Drain, Roskey Drain, Sanilac and Saint Clair Drain, Schneider Drain, Schoolhouse Drain, Scott Drain, Setter Drain, Severance Drain, Shell Drain, Shrapnell Drain, Shupe Drain, Simpkins Drain, Skinner Drain, Sloat Drain, Smafield Drain, Smalldon Drain, Smith Drain, Smith Drain, Spring Creek Drain, Spring Drain, Stone Drain, Sullivan Drain, Swiercz Drain, Taft Drain, Taylor Drain, Terpinning Drain, Thomas Drain, Thompson Drain, Toman Drain, Topping Drain, Tough Drain, Tyre Drain, Vader Drain, Valley Center Drain, Varney Drain, Vining Drain, Wagner Drain, Wait Drain, Walker Drain, Watertown State Drain, Watson Drain, Waun Drain, Welch Drain, Wentworth Halcomb Drain, Weston Drain, White and Moffatt Drain, Wightman Drain, Wilkins Drain, Willey Drain, William Doan Drain, Winters Drain, Witmer Drain, York Drain

  Capes     show all on map

New London Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Argyle Cemetery, Bardwell Cemetery, Carmen Cemetery, Castor Cemetery, Christian Memorial Cultural Center Cemetery, Croswell Village Cemetery, Delaware Cemetery, Diamond Cemetery (historical), Downing Cemetery, East Marion Cemetery, Elk Township Cemetery, Evergreen Cemetery, Evergreen Cemetery, Farnsworth Grave, Forester Township Cemetery, Forestville Cemetery, Fremont Cemetery, Germania Cemetery, Greenwood Cemetery, Hager Cemetery, Hoppenworth Cemetery, Hubbell Cemetery (historical), Huckins Cemetery, Hyslop Cemetery, Immaculate Conception Catholic Cemetery, Johnson Cemetery, Juhl Cemetery, Kelley Cemetery (historical), Kerr Cemetery, Lakeview Cemetery, Lee Cemetery, Lexington Village Cemetery, Linwood Cemetery, Locke Cemetery, Long Cemetery, Lutheran Cemetery, Marlette Cemetery, McLeish Cemetery, Melvin Cemetery, Mills Cemetery, Minden City Cemetery, Moore Cemetery, Moshier Cemetery, Mount Hope Cemetery, Mount Hope Cemetery, Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Mount Zion Cemetery, Nicol Family Cemetery, Old Lexington Cemetery, Old Ridge Cemetery, Omard Cemetery, Port Sanilac Cemetery, Ridge Cemetery, Rosbury Cemetery, Rusnell Farm Cemetery, Saint Denis Cemetery, Saint Elizabeth Cemetery, Saint John Cemetery, Saint Johns Cemetery, Saint Joseph and Saint Ignatius' Cemetery, Saint Joseph's Cemetery, Saint Marys Cemetery, Saint Marys Cemetery, Saint Marys Cemetery, Saint Patricks Cemetery, Speaker Township Cemetery, Steckley Cemetery, Trinity Lutheran Cemetery, Tucker Cemetery, Valley Center Cemetery, Washington Township Cemetery, West Delaware Cemetery, Wheatland Cemetery, Wixson Cemetery, Worth Township Cemetery, Wright Cemetery, Zion Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Snover Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Applegate United Methodist Church, Applegate Wesleyan Church, Argyle United Methodist Church, Ball Free Church, Bethel Church, Bethel Church, Brethren in Christ Church, Bridgehampton Church, Brown City United Methodist Church, Buel Church, Carsonville Assembly of God Church, Cedardale Church, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Countryside Free Methodist Church, Croswell Community Church, Croswell Community Church, Croswell United Methodist Church, Croswell Wesleyan Church, Decker United Methodist Church, Deckerville Church, East Marion Church, Elk Church, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Faith Baptist Church, Fellowship Bible Church, First Baptist Church, First Presbyterian Church, First Presbyterian Church, First United Methodist Church, First United Methodist Church, First United Presbyterian Church, Flynn Church, Good News Assembly of God Church, Gospel Hall Church, Gospel Light Baptist Church, Grace Bible Church, Heritage United Methodist Church, Holbrook Church, Holy Redeemer Lutheran Church, Hope Lutheran Church, Immanuel Revival Church, Lamotte Church, Lamotte United Missionary Church, Laurel Church, Lexington United Methodist Church, Lion of Judah Church, Living Word Missionary Church, Marlette Apostolic Church, Marlette Baptist Church, Melvin Baptist Church, Missionary Church, Mizpah Church, Moore Church, Mount Pleasant Church, Omard Church, Open Door Missionary Church, Our Savior Lutheran Church, Peace Lutheran Church, Peck Assembly of God Church, Peck United Methodist Church, Port Sanilac Baptist Church, Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Saint Denis Catholic Church, Saint Elizabeth Catholic Church, Saint John Catholic Church, Saint John Lutheran Church, Saint John's Episcopal Church, Saint Johns Church, Saint Joseph Catholic Church, Saint Joseph's and Saint Ignatius Church, Saint Mary Church, Saint Matthew Lutheran Church, Saint Patrick Parish, Sandusky Baptist Church, Sandusky Church of God, Sandusky Church of the Nazarene, Sandusky Community of Christ Church, Sandusky Jehovah's Witnesses, Sandusky Presbyterian Church, Shabbona Methodist Church, Trinity Church, Trinity Episcopal Church, Trinity Lutheran Church, United Methodist Church, Urban Church, Washington Church, Watertown Missionary Church, Wheatland Church, Zion Church

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Lexington State Harbor

  Hospitals     show all on map

Brown City Family Health Care, Brown City Health Center, Cros-Lex Health Center, Deckerville Community Hospital, Deckerville Community Hospital, Lakeshore Internal Medicine, Lexington Clinic, Main Street Health Center, Marlette Medical Center, Marlette Regional Hospital, McKenzie Memorial Hospital, Peck Medical Center, Port Sanilac Health Center, Sanilac Family Medicine Clinic

  Locales     show all on map

Amadore Station (historical), Applegate Station, Blue Water Camp, Brown City Station, Camp Cavell, Camp Ozanam, Camp Playfair, Camp Rankin, Camp Stapleton, Carsonville Station, Croswell Station, Deckerville Station, EMS Links Golf Course, Greenlead Station (historical), Hager Community Hall, Hi-Way Drive-In Theater, Huron Shores Golf Club, Lake Huron Campground, Lakeview Hills Country Club, Marlette Country Club, Marlette Station, McGregor Station, Melvin Station (historical), Minden City Station, NWS Signal Station, Pack's Mills Station, Palms Station, Port Huron Camp, Port Sanilac Light, Red Star Community Building, Sandusky Station (historical), Sanilac County Fairgrounds, Sanilac Marina, Sanilac Township Hall, Tyre Station, Valley Center Station, Watertown Station (historical), Whispering Pines Animal Kingdom, Willow Tree Golf and Country Club, Woodland Hills Golf Club

  Parks     show all on map

Brown City Banner Historical Marker, Brown City Community Schools Historical Marker, Buel Methodist Episcopal Church Historical Marker, Charles H Moore Library Historical Marker, Evergreen Park, Flint and Pere Marquette Railroad Depot Historical Marker, Forester County Park, Great Storm of 1913 Historical Marker, Harrington Street Park, Lexington County Park, Loop-Harrison House Historical Marker, Marlette District Library Historical Marker, Masonic and Town Hall Historical Marker, Matthews Farm Historical Marker, Methodist Episcopal Church Historical Marker, Minden City State Game Area, Old Town Hall and Masonic Temple Historical Marker, Riverbend Park, Sanilac County Park, Sanilac Petroglyphs Historic State Park, Sanilac State Game Area, Snover Memorial Park, Sport Historical Marker (historical), Stephens Park, Tierney Park, Trinity Church Historical Marker, Trinity Church Historical Marker (historical), Truman Park

  Populated Places     show all on map

Amadore, Applegate, Argyle, Austin Center, Birch Beach, Blue Water Beach, Brown City, Buell Hill Estates Mobile Home Park, Carsonville, Cash, Charleston, Country Hill Pines Mobile Home Park, Croswell, Cumber, Decker, Deckerville, Elmer, Forester, Forestville, Freidberger, Great Lakes Beach, Hemans, Huron Shores Estates Mobile Home Park, Huronia Heights, Juhl, Laing, Lexington, Lexington Heights, Lexington Mobile Home Park, Mapleview Estates Mobile Home Park, Marlette, McGregor, Melvin, Minden City, New Greenleaf, Palms, Peatville, Peck, Pine Hill (historical), Port Sanilac, Richmondville, Roseburg, Sandpiper Estates Cooperative Mobile Home Park, Sandusky, Shabbona, Snover, Speaker, Sunset Mobile Home Park, Tyre, Valley Center, Watertown, Wickware

  Post Offices     show all on map

Aitken Post Office (historical), Amadore Post Office (historical), Angle Post Office (historical), Applegate Post Office, Argyle Post Office, Banner Post Office (historical), Berkshire Post Office (historical), Birch Beach Post Office (historical), Bloomington Post Office (historical), Braidwood Post Office (historical), Bridgehampton Post Office (historical), Brown City Post Office, Buell Post Office (historical), Burden Post Office (historical), Carsonville Post Office, Cash Post Office (historical), Cedardale Post Office (historical), Charleston Post Office (historical), Cherry Creek Post Office (historical), Chevington Post Office (historical), Croswell Post Office, Cumber Post Office (historical), Decker Post Office, Deckerville Post Office, Dowington Post Office (historical), East Fremont Post Office (historical), Elmer Post Office (historical), Falcon Post Office (historical), Flynn Post Office (historical), Forester Post Office (historical), Forestville Post Office, Freiburgers Post Office (historical), Germania Post Office (historical), Grange Post Office (historical), Greenleaf Post Office (historical), Hemans Post Office (historical), Hicks Post Office (historical), Holbrook Post Office (historical), Juhl Post Office (historical), Laing Post Office (historical), Lamotte Post Office (historical), Laurel Post Office (historical), Leitch Post Office (historical), Lexington Post Office, Marlette Post Office, McGregor Post Office (historical), Melvin Post Office, Mills Post Office (historical), Minden City Post Office, Murray Post Office (historical), Noko Post Office (historical), Omard Post Office (historical), Oray Post Office (historical), Otto Post Office (historical), Pack's Mills Post Office (historical), Palms Post Office, Peck Post Office, Pine Hill Post Office (historical), Pingree Post Office (historical), Port Sanilac Post Office, Redstar Post Office (historical), Richmondville Post Office (historical), Roseburg Post Office (historical), Sandusky Post Office, Shabonna Post Office (historical), Snay Post Office (historical), Snover Post Office, Speaker Post Office (historical), Tyre Post Office (historical), Urban Post Office (historical), Valley Center Post Office (historical), Wanicott Post Office (historical), Watertown Post Office (historical), Wickware Post Office (historical)

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Deckerville Reservoir, Shaws Lake

  Schools     show all on map

Applegate School, Argyle School, Baker School, Bethany Christian School, Black Creek School, Black River School, Bolsby School, Brown City Community School, Burns School, Butler School, Carsonville-Port Sanilac Elementary School, Carsonville-Port Sanilac High School, Cook School, Cottage School, Croswell-Lexington High School, Croswell-Lexington Middle School, Deckerville Community High School, Elmer School, Fox School, Frostick Elementary School, Geiger Elementary School, Harrison School, Hill School, Holbrook School, Hull School, Hunt School, Hyslop School, Kelly School, Laing School, Lane School, Laurel School, Lee School, Linwood School, Lynch School, Maple Valley Elementary School, Marlette High School, Marlette Middle School, McBride School, Meyer Elementary School, Minard School, Mitchell School, Montgomery School, Moshier School, North School, Northeast School, Odelville School, Odlum School, Palms School, Parker School, Peck Community Elementary School, Pidd School, Pine Hill School (historical), Red School, Ridge School, Roseburg School, Sandusky Christian School, Sandusky High School, Sandusky Middle School, School Number 2, Scott School, South School, Starr School, Stoner School, Teets School, Thorley School, Urban School, Valley Center School, Washington School, West School, Wheeler School, Wilson School

  Streams     show all on map

Argyle Drain, Argyle Howey Drain, Arnot Creek, Beaver Creek, Benhke Creek, Big Creek, Big Gully Creek, Black Creek, Bradley Creek, Brown Drain, Brown Drain, Carson Drain, Cherry Creek, County Line Creek, Crawford Creek, Duff Creek, Elk Creek, Elk Creek, Flannery Drain, Forester Creek, Franzel Drain, Freeman Drain, Greenleaf Creek, Greenman Creek, Griggs River, Hartel Drain, Hawksworth Drain, Hay Creek, Herron Creek, Hobbs Drain, Indian Creek, Ingles Drain, Jackson Creek, Kelly Creek, Kirby Drain, Kramp Drain, Liens Creek, Martell Creek, McIntyre Drain, McKenzie Creek, Middle Branch Cass River, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Miller Creek, Mills Creek, Osentoski Branch, Pelton Drain, Pine Hill Stream, Ryder Drain, Sanderson Drain, Sanilac Huron Creek, Schiestel Drain, Seymour Creek, Sherman Creek, South Fork Cass River, Stony Creek, Swan Drain, Tank Drain, Temple Drain, Turtle Creek, Twin Hill Creek, Wanke Creek, Wheeler Drain, Willoughby Branch

  Towers     show all on map

WMIC-AM (Sandusky), WTGV-FM (Sandusky), WTGV-FM (Sandusky), WYDG-FM (Lexington)

  Valleys     show all on map

South Branch Ingles Draw,

Sanilac County, Michigan Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteSanilac County White population 41,23141,230  
MixedSanilac County Mixed population 465465
American IndianSanilac County American Indian population 211211
AsianSanilac County Asian population 169169
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderSanilac County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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