Polk County, Minnesota Basics:

Polk County Minnesota - Government Site

Population: 31,445
Area: 1971 square miles
County seat: Crookston
Area code(s) in use: 218
Time zone: CST
High school graduate or higher: 88.7%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 22.9%
Median household income: $49,859
Persons in poverty: 12.2%
Home ownership rate: 72.0%
Mean travel time to work: 17.3 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Clearwater  Grand Forks (ND)  Mahnomen  Marshall  Norman  Pennington  Red Lake  Traill (ND)  

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Map of the Polk County area

Our detail map of Polk County shows the Polk County, Minnesota boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Polk County, Minnesota

  Airports     show all on map

Crookston Municipal Airport-Kirkwood Field, Fertile Municipal Airport, Fosston Municipal Airport, Gasper Airport, Hemmingsen Private Airport, J J and T Airport, Kaml Airstrip, Nielsville Airport, Oak Lake Air Strip Airport, Pribbs Field Airport, Pulkrabek Private Landing Field Airport, Roan Airport, Spud Field, Stewart Farms Airport

  Buildings     show all on map

Beltrami Volunteer Fire Department, Climax Branch Polk County Library, Climax Volunteer Fire Department, County Emergency Medical Services, Crookston Area Ambulance, Crookston City Fire Department, Crookston City Hall, Crookston Police Department, Crookston Public Library, East Grand Forks City Hall, East Grand Forks Fire Department Station 1, East Grand Forks Fire Department Station 2, East Grand Forks Police Headquarters, East Grand Forks Public Library, East Polk Heritage Center, Erskine City Hall, Erskine Fire Department, Erskine Police Department, Fertile Fire Department and Polk County Ambulance Service, Fertile Police Department, First Care Medical Services Emergency Medical Services - Fosston, Fisher Fire Department, Fisher Police Department, Fosston Library, Fosston Police Department, Fosston Volunteer Fire Department, McIntosh City Hall, McIntosh Police Department, McIntosh Public Library, McIntosh Volunteer Fire Department, Mentor Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Nielsville City Hall, Nielsville Volunteer Fire Department, Polk County Courthouse, Polk County Library - Fertile, Polk County Pioneer Museum, Polk County Sheriff's Office, Winger Police Department, Winger Volunteer Fire Department

  Canals     show all on map

County Ditch Number Eighty, County Ditch Number Eightyfour, County Ditch Number Eightynine, County Ditch Number Eightyone, County Ditch Number Eightyseven, County Ditch Number Eightysix, County Ditch Number Eightythree, County Ditch Number Eleven, County Ditch Number Fifteen, County Ditch Number Fiftyfive, County Ditch Number Fiftynine, County Ditch Number Fiftyone, County Ditch Number Fiftysix, County Ditch Number Fiftythree, County Ditch Number Forty, County Ditch Number Fortyeight, County Ditch Number Fortyfive, County Ditch Number Fortyfour, County Ditch Number Fortynine, County Ditch Number Fortyone, County Ditch Number Fortyseven, County Ditch Number Fortyseven, County Ditch Number Fortysix, County Ditch Number Fortythree, County Ditch Number Fortytwo, County Ditch Number Fourteen, County Ditch Number Nine, County Ditch Number Ninetynine, County Ditch Number Ninteen, County Ditch Number Ninteen, County Ditch Number Ninty, County Ditch Number Nintyeight, County Ditch Number Nintyeight, County Ditch Number Nintyfour, County Ditch Number Nintyone, County Ditch Number Nintysix, County Ditch Number Nintythree, County Ditch Number Nintytwo, County Ditch Number One, County Ditch Number One Hundred, County Ditch Number One Hundred Eight, County Ditch Number One Hundred Eighteen, County Ditch Number One Hundred Eleven, County Ditch Number One Hundred Fifteen, County Ditch Number One Hundred Fiftyeight, County Ditch Number One Hundred Five, County Ditch Number One Hundred Forty, County Ditch Number One Hundred Forty, County Ditch Number One Hundred Fortyeight, County Ditch Number One Hundred Fortyfour, County Ditch Number One Hundred Fortyseven, County Ditch Number One Hundred Fortythree, County Ditch Number One Hundred Four, County Ditch Number One Hundred Ninteen, County Ditch Number One Hundred Seven, County Ditch Number One Hundred Seventeen, County Ditch Number One Hundred Six, County Ditch Number One Hundred Sixteen, County Ditch Number One Hundred Sixtynine, County Ditch Number One Hundred Sixtyone, County Ditch Number One Hundred Sixtysix, County Ditch Number One Hundred Sixtythree, County Ditch Number One Hundred Ten, County Ditch Number One Hundred Thirteen, County Ditch Number One Hundred Thirty, County Ditch Number One Hundred Thirtyfive, County Ditch Number One Hundred Thirtyfour, County Ditch Number One Hundred Thirtynine, County Ditch Number One Hundred Thirtyone, County Ditch Number One Hundred Thirtyseven, County Ditch Number One Hundred Thirtythree, County Ditch Number One Hundred Thirtythree, County Ditch Number One Hundred Three, County Ditch Number One Hundred Tweleve, County Ditch Number One Hundred Twenty, County Ditch Number One Hundred Twentyfive, County Ditch Number One Hundred Twentyfour, County Ditch Number One Hundred Twentynine, County Ditch Number One Hundred Twentysix, County Ditch Number One Hundred Twentythree, County Ditch Number Seven, County Ditch Number Seventeen, County Ditch Number Seventyeight, County Ditch Number Seventyfour, County Ditch Number Seventynine, County Ditch Number Seventynine, County Ditch Number Seventyseven, County Ditch Number Seventythree, County Ditch Number Seventytwo, County Ditch Number Six, County Ditch Number Sixteen, County Ditch Number Sixty, County Ditch Number Sixtyfive, County Ditch Number Sixtyfour, County Ditch Number Sixtynine, County Ditch Number Sixtyone, County Ditch Number Sixtyseven, County Ditch Number Sixtysix, County Ditch Number Sixtythree, County Ditch Number Sixtytwo, County Ditch Number Ten, County Ditch Number Thirteen, County Ditch Number Thirty, County Ditch Number Thirtyeight, County Ditch Number Thirtyfive, County Ditch Number Thirtyfour, County Ditch Number Thirtyone, County Ditch Number Thirtyseven, County Ditch Number Thirtysix, County Ditch Number Thirtythree, County Ditch Number Thirtytwo, County Ditch Number Twelve, County Ditch Number Twenty, County Ditch Number Twentyeight, County Ditch Number Twentyfive, County Ditch Number Twentyfour, County Ditch Number Twentyseven, County Ditch Number Twentysix, County Ditch Number Twentythree, County Ditch Number Two, County Ditch Number Two, Judicial Ditch Number Fiftyseven, Judicial Ditch Number Fiftythree, Judicial Ditch Number One, Judicial Ditch Number One, Judicial Ditch Number Seventeen, Judicial Ditch Number Seventyfive, Judicial Ditch Number Seventyone, Judicial Ditch Number Seventythree, Judicial Ditch Number Seventytwo, Judicial Ditch Number Sixty, Judicial Ditch Number Sixtyfour, Judicial Ditch Number Sixtynine, Judicial Ditch Number Sixtysix, Poplar River Diversion Ditch, Snake River Ditch, State Ditch Number Sixtyone

  Capes     show all on map

Brandvold Cemetery

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Andover Cemetery, Asphult Cemetery, Bailey Cemetery, Bardo Cemetery, Bergit Cemetery, Bethany Cemetery, Bethany Lutheran Cemetery, Bethel Cemetery, Bethel Cemetery, Bethlehem Lutheran Church Cemetery, Broderheim Cemetery, Bygland Cemetery, Calvary Cemetery, Calvary Cemetery, Concordia Cemetery, Cross Lake Cemetery, Cross Lake Cemetery, Dovre Cemetery, Elm Cemetery, Erickson Cemetery, Fairview Cemetery, Fairview Cemetery, Faith Cemetery, First English Lutheran Cemetery, Fisher Cemetery, Fisher Lutheran Cemetery, Freedom Cemetery, Froen Lutheran Cemetery, Gosen Cemetery, Greenwood Cemetery, Gully Cemetery, Hafslo Cemetery, Hanna Cemetery, Hansville Cemetery, Hitterdal Cemetery, Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery, Holy Trinity Cemetery, Immanuel Cemetery, Kingo Cemetery, Kongsvinger Cemetery, Lakeside Cemetery, Landstad Cemetery, Landsverk Cemetery, Lima Cemetery, Little Norway Cemetery, Lone Star Cemetery, Mamre Cemetery, Maple Bay Cemetery, Maple Bay Free Lutheran Cemetery, Maple Lake Cemetery, Melo Lutheran Cemetery, Nesbit Cemetery, New Sweden Cemetery, Nyskoga Cemetery, Oakdale Cemetery, Oakland Cemetery, Oakland Cemetery, Olivet Cemetery, Our Saviors Cemetery, Pioneer Cemetery, Pioneer Cemetery, Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Poplar Lake Cemetery, Poplar River Cemetery, Prairie View Cemetery, Presbyterian Cemetery, Queen Cemetery, Queen Township Cemetery, Resthaven Memorial Gardens, Rodnes Cemetery, Rosehill Cemetery, Rosehill Cemetery, Saint Charles Borromeo Catholic Cemetery, Saint Johns Cemetery, Saint Josephs Cemetery, Saint Lawrence Cemetery, Saint Lukes Cemetery, Saint Paul's Cemetery, Saint Pauls Cemetery, Saint Peters Cemetery, Salem Cemetery, Salem Cemetery, Sand Valley Cemetery, Saron Lutheran Cemetery, Scandia Cemetery, Scott-Widrig Cemetery, Skatvold Cemetery, Sorum Cemetery, South Bethany Cemetery, Storelvedalen Cemetery, Sundet Cemetery, Swedish Cemetery, Synod Cemetery, Tabor Cemetery, Trinity Cemetery, Union Cemetery, Union Lake Cemetery, Valley Lutheran Cemetery, Varnes Lutheran Cemetery, Vernes Lutheran Cemetery, West Valle Cemetery, Winger Cemetery, Zion Cemetery, Zion Cemetery

  Churches     show all on map

Asphult Church, Baptist Church, Beltrami United Methodist Church, Bethany Church, Bethany Church, Bethany Church, Bethany Lutheran Church, Bethany Lutheran Church, Bethel Assembly Church, Bethel Church, Bethlehem Church, Bible Baptist Church, Broderheim Church, Bygland Church, Calvary Conservative Baptist Church, Calvary Free Lutheran Church, Calvary Lutheran Church, Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Christ the King Lutheran Church, Church of Christ, Climax Lutheran Church, Concordia Lutheran Church, Cross Lake Church, Dovre Lutheran Church, Evangelical Covenant Church, Faaberg Church, Faith Lutheran Church, First Assembly of God Church, First Baptist Church, First Christian Reformed Church, First English Lutheran Church, First Evanger Lutheran Church, First Lutheran Church, Fisher Lutheran Church, Fosston United Methodist Church, Fridhem Lutheran Church, Froen Church, Gosen Church, Grace Lutheran Church, Grace Lutheran Church, Hafslo Chapel, Harvest Assembly of God Church, Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Holy Trinity Church, Hope Evangelical Free Church, Hope Lutheran Church, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Jehovah's Witnesses Congregation, Jehovah's Witnesses Congregation, Kingo Lutheran Church, Kongsvinger Church, Lengby Lutheran Parish, Little Norway Church, Living Water Assembly of God Church, Maple Bay Free Church, Maple Lake Church, Melo Church, Mendenhall Presbyterian Church, Nazareth Lutheran Church, Our Lady of Sorrow Church, Our Savior's Lutheran Church, Our Saviors Church, Our Saviour's Lutheran Church, Poplar Lake Church, Presbyterian Church, Resurrection Free Lutheran Church, River Heights Lutheran Church, Rodnes Church, Saint Charles Church, Saint Francis Church, Saint John's Lutheran Church, Saint Joseph's Catholic Church, Saint Lawrence Catholic Church, Saint Mark's Catholic Church, Saint Mary's Church, Saint Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church, Saint Paul's Lutheran Church, Saint Paul's Lutheran Church, Saint Peter Church, Saint Peter's Catholic Church, Saint Peters Church, Saint Petri Lutheran Church, Salem Church, Salem Church, Sand Hill Chapel, Sand Hill Church, Sand Hill Church, Saron Church, Scandia Church, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Trinity Church, Trinity Lutheran Church, Trinity Lutheran Church, Trinity Lutheran Church, Trinity Lutheran Church, Union Lake Church, United Methodist Church, Valle Church, Valley Christian Fellowship, Varnes Church, Vernes Church, Wesley United Methodist Church, Zion Church

  Dams     show all on map

Badger Lake Dam, East Grandforks Dam, Grand Forks East Dam, Hill River Lake Dam, Maple Lake Dam, Minnesota Noname Number 3 Dam, Nielsville Dam, Oak Lake Outlet Dam, Red Lake River Dam, Riverside Dam, Sand Hill Lake Dam, Sand Hill River Dam

  Guts     show all on map

Aunt Pollys Slough, Lindberg Slough, Melvin Slough

  Hospitals     show all on map

Altru Clinic, Altru Clinic - Erskine, Altru Clinic - Fertile, Dakota Clinic, Essentia Health Fosston Clinic and Hospital, Fair Meadow Nursing Home, Healthsouth Sports Medicine Center, Johnson Rest Home, Johnson Rest Home, Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, McIntosh Manor Nursing Home, Meritcare Clinic, Midway Care Center, Pioneer Memorial Care Center, RiverView Health Medical Center, Saint Francis Hospital, Sunnyrest Sanatorium, Villa Saint Vincent

  Lakes     show all on map

Agnes Lake, Alex Lake, Badger Lake, Bakken Lake, Bee Lake, Bensen Lake, Berg Lake, Birch Lake, Bolme Lake, Braaten Lake, Bradley Lake, Breed Lake, Breeze Lake, Brokke Lake, Bubak Lake, Cable Lake, Cable Lake, Cameron Lake, Camp Lake, Camp Lake, Chapek Lake, Cheese Brown Lake, Clausen Lake, Crooked Lake, Cross Lake, Crystal Lake, Disrud Lake, Eighteen Lake, Enerson Lake, Engemoen Lake, Evenmoe Lake, First Lake, Foot Lake, Frisk Lake, Gerdin Lake, Gosen Lake, Halverson Lake, Halvorson Lake, Hamre Lake, Hansen Lake, Haslie Lake, Hedlund Lake, Hedlund Lake, Hedman Lake, Hendrickson Lake, Hill River Lake, Homme Lake, Horseshoe Lake, Hougom Lake, Island Lake, Jeppson Lake, Johnson Lake, Johnson Lake, Keller Lake, Kelly Lake, Kittleson Lake, Kroening Lake, Kurass Lake, Lake Arthur, Lake Sarah, Lanman Lake, Lark Lake, Lee Lake, Leo Lake, Little Andrew Lake, Long Lake, Maltrud Lake, Maple Lake, Matson Lake, Melland Lake, Mitchell Lake, Moe Lake, Moen Lake, Mule John Lake, Munter Lake, Myhre Lake, Nerhus Lake, Newton Lake, North Connection Lake, Oak Lake, Olson Lake, Olson Lake, Olson Lake, Oppegaard Lake, Ouff Lake, Overby Lake, Perch Lake, Perch Lake, Perch Lake, Poplar Lake, Raben Lake, Raff Lake, Rikansrud Lake, Rindahl Lake, Rolf Lake, Round Lake, Sand Hill Lake, Sand Lake, Sawmill Lake, Schelicher Lake, Schneider Lake, Second Lake, Shay Lake, Solbery Lake, Sorby Lake, South Connection Lake, Spring Lake, Squirrel Lake, State Lake, Store Lake, Strand Lake, Sundquist Lake, Syverson Lake, Tamarack Lake, Tee Lake, Third Lake, Turtle Lake, Twentyeight Lake, Underberg Lake, Union Lake, Vigoren Lake, Volden Lake, Wardeberg Lake, Whitefish Lake, Willow Water Lake, Wold Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Angus, Beltrami, Brick School, Central Park Campground, City of Fosston Campground, City of McIntosh Campground, Climax, Climax Municipal Golf Course, Crookston, Davidson (historical), Dugdale, East Grand Forks, Eldred, Erskine, Euclid, Farmers Union Park Campground, Fertile (historical), Fertile Golf Course, Fisher, Fisher's Landing Traveler Information Center, Fosston, Fosston Golf Club, Gully, Hixon Station, Key West (historical), Lake Cameoon RV Park and Campground, Lakeview Resort Campground, Lengby, Lengby Rest Area, Mallory, Maple Lake Resort Campground, McIntosh, Melvin (historical), Mentor, Minakwa Country Club, Minakwa Country Club, Nielsville, Oak Cove Resort Campground, Oak Lake Rest Area, River Bend Golf Course, Saint Michael's Park Campground, Sand Hill Camp, School Number 173, School Number 29, Sherack (historical), Tin School, Trail (historical), Ulland's Resort Campground, Union Lake Sarah Campground, University of Minnesota Experimental Station, Valley Golf Course, Valley View School, Win-E-Mac Golf Course, Winger

  Parks     show all on map

Bee Lake State Wildlife Management Area, Belgium State Wildlife Management Area, Brandsvold State Wildlife Management Area, Brown Park, Carman Playground, Castle Park, Castor State Wildlife Management Areas, Central Park, Crescent Park, Dorr State Wildlife Management Area, Enerson State Wildlife Management Area, Erskine State Wildlife Management Area, Farmers Union Park, Folsom Park, Glacial Lake Agassiz Historical Marker, Gully State Wildlife Management Area, Hangaard State Wildlife Management Area, Hasselton State Wildlife Management Area, Highland Park, Hill River State Wildlife Management Area, Hoven Lane Park, Hovland State Wildlife Management Area, ITTS Williams Park, Kakaik State Wildlife Management Area, Kroening State Wildlife Management Area, Lafave Park, Lavoi State Wildlife Management Area, Lengby State Wildlife Management Area, Lessor State Wildlife Management Area, Locken Park, Maplewood Park, Melland Park, Nash Park, O'Leary Park, Old Museum Park, Original Site of Fisher's Landing Historical Marker, Pembina State Wildlife Management Area, Polk State Wildlife Management Areas, Red River State Recreation Area, Rindahl State Wildlife Management Area, River Heights Park, Sagaiigan State Wildlife Management Area, Schuster Park, Sherlock Park, Shypoke State Wildlife Management Area, Stauss Park, Stearns Park, Stipa State Wildlife Management Area, Tilberg County Park, Tilden State Wildlife Management Area, Wildwood Park

  Populated Places     show all on map

Anglim, Angus, Bartz Mobile Home Park, Beltrami, Benoit, Burwell, Bygland, Carman Terrace, Climax, Climax Mobile Home Park, Countryside Mobile Home Park, Crookston, Crookston Junction, Davidson, Dice Trailer Park, Dugdale, East Grand Forks, Eldred, Erskine, Euclid, Fertile, Fisher, Forest Knolls Estates, Fosston, Freeman, Gentilly, Gile's Mobile Home Park, Girard, Greenview, Gully, Gully Mobile Home Park, Hagen's Mobile Home Park, Harold, Hixon, Johnson's Mobile Home Park, Key West, Lengby, Mallory, Maple Bay, McIntosh, Melvin, Mentor, Nielsville, North Star Mobile Home Park, Noyes Junction, Olga, Riverview Terrace, Roan, Ross, Sherack, Shirley, Tabor, Tilden Junction, Trail, Wanke (historical), West Side Mobile Home Park, West View Court, Wilds, Winger

  Post Offices     show all on map

Aldal Post Office (historical), Angus Post Office, Bebaim Post Office (historical), Beltrami Post Office, Birkholz Post Office (historical), Buffington Post Office (historical), Bullan Post Office (historical), Burwell Post Office (historical), Bygland Post Office (historical), Carman Post Office (historical), Cisco Post Office (historical), Climax Post Office, Colony Post Office (historical), Crookston Post Office, Davidson Post Office (historical), Deett Post Office (historical), Domestic Post Office (historical), Dugdale Post Office (historical), East Grand Forks Post Office, Ebert Post Office (historical), Eldred Post Office (historical), Erskine Post Office, Espetveh Post Office (historical), Euclid Post Office, Fertile Post Office, Fisher Post Office, Fosston Post Office, Gentilly Post Office (historical), Gossen Post Office (historical), Gregg Post Office (historical), Griebrok Post Office (historical), Gully Post Office, Handy Post Office (historical), Hansville Post Office (historical), Higdem Post Office (historical), Keywest Post Office (historical), King Post Office (historical), Lafontaine Post Office (historical), Lawton Post Office (historical), Leeston Post Office (historical), Lengby Post Office, Lindsay Post Office (historical), Mallory Post Office (historical), Maplebay Post Office (historical), McIntosh Post Office, Melvin Post Office (historical), Mentor Post Office, Mosley Post Office (historical), Movold Post Office (historical), Neby Post Office (historical), Nielsville Post Office, Noble Post Office (historical), Noel Post Office (historical), Northland Post Office (historical), Olga Post Office (historical), Osveta Post Office (historical), Ovetia Post Office (historical), Queen Post Office (historical), Rindal Post Office (historical), Roholt Post Office (historical), Romsdahl Post Office (historical), Rouxville Post Office (historical), Russia Post Office (historical), Scottsville Post Office (historical), Sherack Post Office (historical), Sletten Post Office (historical), Solie Post Office (historical), Tabor Post Office (historical), Theodore Post Office (historical), Tilden Post Office (historical), Till Post Office (historical), Tillia Post Office (historical), Trail Post Office, Valley Post Office (historical), Victor Post Office (historical), Wanke Post Office (historical), Wig Post Office (historical), Willewater Post Office (historical), Winger Post Office, Winthrop Post Office (historical), Woodside Post Office (historical)

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Badger Lake, Maple Lake, Oak Lake, Red Lake River, Red Lake River, Sand Hill Lake, Sand Hill River Reservoir

  Schools     show all on map

Agassiz Valley Vocational School, Ash Dale School, Carman School, Central High School, Central Middle School, Climax High School, Crestwood School, Crookston High School, Crookston Junior High School, Driscoll School, East Grand Forks Senior High School, Excelsior School, Fertile-Beltrami High School, Field School, Fisher High School, Fosston High School, Franklin School, Goosen School, Highland School, Kripple Creek School, Lincoln School, Magelssen Elementary School, Mount Saint Benedict Academy, New Heights Elementary School, Northwest Technical College, Oakland School, Pine Hill School, Pleasant View School, Prairie Queen School, Roadside School, Sacred Heart School, Saint Josephs Novitiate, Sandsville School, School Number 1659, School Number 179, School Number 292, South Point Elementary School, Sunnyside School, Sunnyview School, University of Minnesota Technical Institute, Valley School, Washington School, Wilson School, Win-E-Mac-Erskine Elementary School

  Streams     show all on map

Burnham Creek, Garden Slough, Gentilly River, Grand Marais Creek, Kittleson Creek, Kripple Creek, Maple Creek, Red Lake River, Sand Hill River, Sugar Bush Creek, Upper Badger Creek

  Towers     show all on map

KCNN-AM (East Grand Forks), KKCQ-AM (Fosston), KKCQ-FM (Fosston), KQHT-FM (Crookston), KQMN-FM (Thief River Falls), KROX-AM (Crookston), KSNR-FM (Thief River Falls), KVVL-FM (Thief River Falls), KYCK-FM (Crookston), KZLT-FM (East Grand Forks),

Polk County, Minnesota Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhitePolk County White population 29,74729,746  
MixedPolk County Mixed population 597597
American IndianPolk County American Indian population 503503
BlackPolk County Black population 346345
AsianPolk County Asian population 252251
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderPolk County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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