Attala County, Mississippi Basics:

Attala County Mississippi - Government Site

Population: 19,107
Area: 735 square miles
County seat: Kosciusko
Area code(s) in use: 662
Time zone: CST
High school graduate or higher: 73.1%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 17.9%
Median household income: $31,102
Persons in poverty: 28.1%
Home ownership rate: 74.6%
Mean travel time to work: 27.4 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Carroll  Choctaw  Holmes  Leake  Madison  Montgomery  Neshoba  Winston  Yazoo  

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Map of the Attala County area

Our detail map of Attala County shows the Attala County, Mississippi boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Attala County, Mississippi

  Airports     show all on map

Kosciusko-Attala County Airport

  Bridges     show all on map

Fletchers Bridge (historical)

  Buildings     show all on map

Attala County Coliseum, Attala County Courthouse, Attala County Fire Department Station 1, Attala County Library, Kosciusko City Hall, Kosciusko Fire Department, Kosciusko Heritage Foundation Museum, McCool Fire Department

  Canals     show all on map

Dye Ditch, Unger Ditch

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Ables Cemetery, Antioch Cemetery, Armstrong Cemetery, Attala Memory Gardens, Bear Creek Cemetery, Berea Cemetery, Bethel Cemetery, Bethlehem Cemetery, Black Jack Cemetery, Bloomingburg Cemetery, Bowie Chapel Cemetery, Bowlin Cemetery, Breazeale Cemetery, Brister Cemetery, Brooks Cemetery, Brown Cemetery, Buffalo Cemetery, Bullock Cemetery, Bunker Hill Cemetery, Carr Cemetery, Carson Ridge Cemetery, Cedar Grove Cemetery, Center Cemetery, Chapel Hill Cemetery, Coleman Cemetery, Cummings Cemetery, Daniel Cemetery, Dickerson Cemetery, Dodd Cemetery, Doty Springs Cemetery, Eades Cemetery, Ebenezer Cemetery, Edgefield Cemetery, Ellington Cemetery, Fletcher Cemetery, Friendship Cemetery, Guess Cemetery, Hannah Cemetery, Harmon Cemetery, Harmonia Cemetery, Harmony Cemetery, Herring Cemetery, Hill Springs Cemetery, Himan Cemetery, Holeman Cemetery, Holy Grove Cemetery, Hopewell Cemetery, Hurricane Cemetery, Isaac Cemetery, Jenkins Cemetery, Kelley Cemetery, Kelly Cemetery, Liberty Chapel Cemetery, Liberty Hill Cemetery, Lutheran Cemetery, Macedonia Cemetery, Macedonia Cemetery, Malett Cemetery, Marvin Chapel Cemetery, Mayo Cemetery, McClain Cemetery, McCool Cemetery, McCord Cemetery, Mitchell Cemetery, Mount Leviton Cemetery, Mount Moriah Cemetery, Mount Pilgrim Cemetery, Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Mount Vernon Cemetery, Mount Zion Cemetery, Mount Zion Cemetery, Musselwhite Cemetery, New Banyon Cemetery, New Bethel Cemetery, New Hope Cemetery, New Hope Cemetery, New Roby Cemetery, New Salem Cemetery, Newhope Cemetery, North Union Cemetery, Oak Grove Cemetery, Oak Ridge Cemetery, Old Bowie Cemetery, Old Roby Cemetery, Palmer Cemetery, Parkway Cemetery, Patterson Cemetery, Pierces Chapel Cemetery, Pilgrim Cemetery, Pilgrim Rest Cemetery, Pisgah Cemetery, Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Pole Pen Cemetery, Presley Cemetery, Providence Cemetery, Providence Cemetery, Riley Cemetery, Roby Cemetery, Rocky Point Cemetery, Rosamond Cemetery, Russell Cemetery, Saint Mark Cemetery, Salem Cemetery, Sallis Cemetery, Samarra Cemetery, Sand Hill Cemetery, Sandy Ridge Cemetery, Seneasha Cemetery, Shady Grove Cemetery, Shelley Cemetery, Shelley Cemetery, Shield Cemetery, Shiloh Cemetery, Silas Grove Cemetery, Skeen Cemetery, Smyrna Cemetery, Smyrna Cemetery, Smyrna Cemetery, Spring Grove Cemetery, Spring Ridge Cemetery, Springdale Cemetery, Stonewall Cemetery, Stump Ridge Cemetery, Sweet Pilgrim Cemetery, Tabernacle Cemetery, Teague Cemetery, Thornton Cemetery, Union Cemetery, Unity Cemetery, West Union Cemetery, White Plains Cemetery, Williamsville Cemetery, Wyatt Cemetery, Wyse Cemetery

  Churches     show all on map

Abraham Baptist Church, Antioch Baptist Church, Barlow African Methodist Episcopal Church, Bear Creek Missionary Baptist Church, Berea Baptist Church, Bethel Methodist Church, Bethlehem Church, Beulah Baptist Church, Bowie Chapel Methodist Church, Bowlin Baptist Church, Buffalo African Methodist Episcopal Church, Bunker Hill Church, Carson Ridge Baptist Church, Cedar Grove Baptist Church, Cedar Grove Church, Center Baptist Church, Center Church, Center Ridge Church, Chapel Hill Methodist Church, Damascus Church, Doty Springs Baptist Church, East Macedonia Methodist Church, East Union Church (historical), Ebenezer Baptist Church, Edgefield Baptist Church, Ethel Baptist Church, Faith Temple, Fancher Hill Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, Harmonia Methodist Church, Harmony Baptist Church, Hesterville Church of Christ, Hill Springs Church, Hopewell Church, Hurricane Baptist Church, Jackson Street Baptist Church, Jericho Church, Jericho Church (historical), Jerusalem Baptist Church, Kosciusko First Methodist Church, Lebanon Primitive Baptist Church (historical), Liberty Chapel, Liberty Hill Methodist Church, Little Hill Church, Macedonia Baptist Church (historical), Macedonia Church, Marvel Rock Baptist Church, Marvins Chapel Methodist Church, McAdams Baptist Church, McAdams Methodist Church, Mount Cana Church, Mount Leviton Church, Mount Moriah Church, Mount Pleasant African Methodist Episcopal Church, Mount Vernon African Methodist Episcopal Church, Mount Zion Church, Mount Zion Church, New Banyon Church, New Bethel Church, New Garden African Methodist Episcopal Church, New Hope Baptist Church, New Hope Baptist Church, New Hope Church, New Salem Baptist Church, New Salem Church, Nile Church, North Union Baptist Church, Oak Grove Church, Oak Ridge Primitive Baptist Church, Palestine Church, Parkway Baptist Church, Patterson Church, Peeler Church, Pierce Chapel Methodist Church, Pilgrims Rest Baptist Church, Plantation Church, Pleasant Hill Church, Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church, Pleasant Ridge Primitive Baptist Church, Providence Baptist Church, Providence Methodist Church, Rock Hill Church, Rocky Point Church, Saint Mark Church, Saint Theresa Catholic Church, Salem Methodist Church, Sallis Baptist Church, Sand Hill Baptist Church, Sandy Ridge Church, Second Baptist Church, Seneasha Church, Shady Grove Methodist Church, Shiloh Methodist Church, Shrock Methodist Church, Silas Grove Church, Silas Grove Church, Smyrna Church, Smyrna Methodist Church (historical), Smyrna Presbyterian Church, Spring Grove Methodist Church, Spring Ridge Church, Springdale Baptist Church, Springdale Methodist Church (historical), Stonewall Church, Stump Ridge Church, Sweet Pilgrim Church, Tabernacle Methodist Church, Unity Baptist Church, White Plains Baptist Church, Williamsville Baptist Church, Yockanookany Baptist Church, Zama Baptist Church, Zama Church, Zemuly Church

  Crossings     show all on map

Williams Ferry (historical)

  Dams     show all on map

Armstrong Lake Dam, Bailey Atwood Lake Dam, Bailey Lake Dam, Bailey Lake Dam, Brooks Lake Dam, Burrell Lake Dam, Chipley Lake Dam, Clark Pond Dam, Country Club Lake Dam, Dan Oak Dam, Francis Lake Dam, Gregory Lake Dam, Hallbrook Lake Dam, J Steed Lake Dam, Jones Lake Dam, Kenneth Love Lake Dam, Kosciusko Sewage Lagoon Dam, Kosciusko Sewage Lagoon Dam, Lazy C Ranch Lake Dam, Lindsey Pond Dam, Long Creek Structure 11 Dam, Long Creek Structure Number 7 Dam, Long Creek Watershed 3 Dam, Long Creek Watershed Structure 14 Dam, Long Creek Watershed Structure 4 Dam, McDaniel Lake Dam, McElroy Lake Dam, McKay Lake Dam, Mississippi No Name 1 Dam, Mississippi No Name 5 Dam, Mississippi No Name 6 Dam, Mississippi No Name 7 Dam, River Hills Subdivision Lake Dam, Riverside Farm Dam, Sandridge Lake Dam, School Lake Dam, Simmons Lake Dam, Smithson Lake Dam, Temple Lake Dam, Wade Lake Dam

  Hospitals     show all on map

Montfort Jones Memorial Hospital

  Locales     show all on map

Airport Industrial Park, Baileys Shopping Center, Briscoes Mill (historical), Buffaloe Mills (historical), Burks Precinct (historical), Conly Mills (historical), Crooker Mill (historical), Eagle Mills (historical), Hannah Plantation (historical), Holly Hill Picnic Area, Joplins Mill (historical), Kosciusko Country Club, Mitchells Mill (historical), Parkway Plaza Shopping Center, Phoenix Mills (historical)

  Parks     show all on map

Hugh Ellard Park, Landrum Field, Niles Park, Northside Park, Redbud Springs Park

  Populated Places     show all on map

Antioch (historical), Aponaug (historical), Attalaville (historical), Auris (historical), Bear Creek (historical), Berea (historical), Beulah (historical), Bluff Springs (historical), Bowies Chapel, Bowlin (historical), Boyette, Branchville (historical), Burkettsville (historical), Carmack, Carson Ridge (historical), Center, Center Point (historical), Chapel Hill (historical), Chita (historical), Cowpen (historical), Dodds, Doty Springs (historical), Earlyville, East Macedonia, Edgefield (historical), Ethel, Forrest (historical), Friendship (historical), Glendale (historical), Gregory (historical), Hesterville, Hurricane, Joplin (historical), Joseph, Knox, Kosciusko, Langley (historical), Liberty Chapel, Liberty Hill (historical), Macedonia (historical), Marvins Chapel, McAdams, McCool, McVille, Mercer (historical), Mount Herman, Multona Springs, Munson (historical), New Hope (historical), New Hope (historical), Newport, Newtonville (historical), Nile, North Center (historical), North Union (historical), Oak Ridge (historical), Patterson, Pierces Chapel, Pilgrims Rest (historical), Plantation, Pleasant Ridge (historical), Possumneck, Providence, Rockport (historical), Rocky Point, Rutherford (historical), Sallis, Sand Hill (historical), Shady Grove, Shrock (historical), Smyrna, Springdale, Steele (historical), Tabernacle (historical), Thompson (historical), Thweatt (historical), Unity (historical), Valena (historical), Williamsville, Zama, Zemuly

  Post Offices     show all on map

Anis Post Office (historical), Attalaville Post Office (historical), Auris Post Office (historical), Bluff Springs Post Office (historical), Branchville Post Office (historical), Burkettsville Post Office (historical), Cecil Post Office (historical), Chita Post Office (historical), Commodore Post Office (historical), Cowpen Post Office (historical), Creek Post Office (historical), Cuba Post Office (historical), Doty Post Office (historical), Eades Post Office (historical), Earlyville Post Office (historical), Edgefield Post Office (historical), Fancher Post Office (historical), Gregory Post Office (historical), Healds Post Office (historical), Heath Post Office (historical), Hesterville Post Office (historical), Higgins Post Office (historical), Hughes Post Office (historical), Hurricane Post Office (historical), Joseph Post Office (historical), Kellys Crossing Post Office (historical), Langley Post Office (historical), Lily Post Office (historical), Lobutcha Post Office (historical), McVille Post Office (historical), Mitchells Mill Post Office (historical), Newtonville Station Post Office (historical), Nile Post Office (historical), Pansy Post Office (historical), Peelers Mill Post Office (historical), Phoenix Mills Post Office (historical), Plantation Post Office (historical), Possumneck Post Office (historical), Providence Post Office (historical), Ratta Post Office (historical), Riley Post Office (historical), Rockport Post Office (historical), Rocky Point Post Office (historical), Shrock Post Office (historical), Sims Post Office (historical), Tebo Post Office (historical), Thweatt Post Office (historical), Tolerton Post Office (historical), Turkey Post Office (historical), Valena Post Office (historical), Waugh Post Office (historical), Weeks Post Office (historical), Wells Post Office (historical), Zebulon Post Office (historical), Zemuly Post Office (historical), Zilpha Post Office (historical)

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Atwood Lake, Bailey Lake, Burrel Lake, Country Club Lake, Youth Center Lake

  Schools     show all on map

Allen Springs School (historical), Attala County Agricultural High School (historical), Attala Male and Female Academy (historical), Bear Creek School (historical), Beech Springs School (historical), Beechwood Hall Female Academy (historical), Beechwood Seminary (historical), Berea School (historical), Beulah School (historical), Big Black School (historical), Bowie School (historical), Bowlin School (historical), Boyette School (historical), Bunker Hill School (historical), Carmack Elementary School, Carson Ridge School (historical), Center Point School (historical), Center School (historical), Conehoma School (historical), Cow Barn School (historical), Doty Springs School (historical), Dry Creek School (historical), East Union School (historical), Eastside School, Edgefield School (historical), Edgefield School (historical), Ethel High School, Fancher Hill School (historical), Forrest School (historical), Friendship School (historical), Gladys Public School (historical), Glendale School (historical), Greenlee Elementary School, Greenlee School (historical), Greensboro School (historical), Harmony School (historical), Holy Grove School (historical), Joplin School (historical), Joseph School (historical), Knox School (historical), Kosciusko High School, Kosciusko Male Academy (historical), Kosciusko Middle Elementary School, Kosciusko Public School (historical), Liberty Chapel Public School (historical), Liberty Hill School (historical), Long Creek Elementary School, Macedonia School (historical), Macedonia School (historical), Malett School (historical), Marble Rock School (historical), Masonic Female Institute (historical), McAdams High School, McVille School (historical), Midway School (historical), Midway School (historical), Morgan School (historical), Mount Harmon School (historical), Multona Springs School (historical), Nash Creek School (historical), New Garden School (historical), New Hope School (historical), New Hope School (historical), New Salem School (historical), Nile School (historical), North Center School (historical), North Union School (historical), Northside School, Northwest School (historical), Oak Ridge School (historical), Oakland School (historical), Palmers Hall School (historical), Pansy School (historical), Patterson School (historical), Peeler School (historical), Pierces Chapel School (historical), Pilgrims Rest School (historical), Pleasant Ridge School (historical), Poplar Springs School (historical), Possumneck Public School (historical), Possumneck School (historical), Rochester Academy (historical), Rocky Point School (historical), Sallis School, Select Private School (historical), Seneasha School (historical), Shady Grove School (historical), Shrock School (historical), Smyrna High School (historical), Snyders Bluff School (historical), Spring Ridge School (historical), Springdale School (historical), Tabernacle School (historical), Thompson School (historical), Tipton Saint School, Unity School (historical), White Plains School (historical), Zemuly School (historical)

  Streams     show all on map

Apookta Creek, Archie Creek, Atwood Creek, Baddie Creek, Bagasha Creek, Baxter Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Black Branch, Black Creek, Bokshenya Creek, Bolatusha Creek, Braswell Branch, Buzzard Creek, Canna Creek, Chestnut Creek, Clear Branch, Cole Creek, Conehoma Creek, Cowpen Creek, Crooked Creek, Cross Branch, Deer Lake Creek, Dry Creek, Fuller Creek, Grapevine Creek, Holly Branch, Horton Creek, Hosspen Creek, Hurricane Creek, Hurricane Creek, Jamison Branch, Jaybird Creek, Kelley Branch, Kyle Creek, LeFlore Creek, Little Apookta Creek, Little Conehoma Creek, Little Sharkey Creek, Little Zilpha Creek, Long Creek, May Creek, Mayo Branch, Munson Creek, Old Channel Yockanookany River, Ousley Creek, Pailey Creek, Panther Creek, Panther Creek, Parker Creek, Peeler Branch, Pony Branch, Redden Branch, Roby Creek, Ruth Branch, Scoobachita Creek, Seneasha Creek, Sharkey Creek, Steward Creek, Sugar Creek, Taylor Creek, Taylor Creek, Tibby Creek, Tom Fork, Turkey Creek, Ward Branch, Wilkins Branch, Wolf Creek, Zilpha Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Arnold Mountain

  Towers     show all on map

Kosciusko Lookout Tower, McCool Lookout Tower, Sallis Lookout Tower, WKOZ-AM (Kosciusko), WKOZ-FM (Kosciusko),

Attala County, Mississippi Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteAttala County White population 10,83410,833  
BlackAttala County Black population 8,0638,063
MixedAttala County Mixed population 115114
American IndianAttala County American Indian population 5757
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderAttala County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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