Lafayette County, Mississippi Basics:

Lafayette County Mississippi - Government Site

Population: 50,502
Area: 632 square miles
County seat: Oxford
Area code(s) in use: 662
Time zone: CST
High school graduate or higher: 86.8%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 39.2%
Median household income: $42,688
Persons in poverty: 23.5%
Home ownership rate: 62.4%
Mean travel time to work: 18.0 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Calhoun  Marshall  Panola  Pontotoc  Tate  Union  Yalobusha  

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Map of the Lafayette County area

Our detail map of Lafayette County shows the Lafayette County, Mississippi boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Lafayette County, Mississippi

  Airports     show all on map

University-Oxford Airport

  Areas     show all on map

The Grove

  Bridges     show all on map

Cantral Bridge (historical), Iron Bridge (historical), Levee Bridge, Market Bridge, Old Market Bridge (historical), Oliver Bridge, Price Bridge, Prophet Bridge Crossing, Wyatt Bridge (historical)

  Buildings     show all on map

John Davis Williams Library, Lafayette County Courthouse, Lafayette County Volunteer Fire Department Station 1, Lafayette County Volunteer Fire Department Station 10 Headquarters, Lafayette County Volunteer Fire Department Station 11, Lafayette County Volunteer Fire Department Station 12, Lafayette County Volunteer Fire Department Station 14, Lafayette County Volunteer Fire Department Station 15, Lafayette County Volunteer Fire Department Station 16, Lafayette County Volunteer Fire Department Station 2, Lafayette County Volunteer Fire Department Station 3, Lafayette County Volunteer Fire Department Station 4, Lafayette County Volunteer Fire Department Station 5, Lafayette County Volunteer Fire Department Station 6, Lafayette County Volunteer Fire Department Station 7, Lafayette County Volunteer Fire Department Station 9, Oxford Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters, Oxford Fire Department Station 2, Oxford Fire Department Station 3, Oxford Fire Department Station 4, Oxford Work Center, Oxford-Lafayette Public Library, Tad Smith Coliseum

  Canals     show all on map

Ave Ditch, Lester Ditch

  Capes     show all on map

Piney Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Abbeville Cemetery, Bluff Springs Cemetery, Bowles Cemetery, Browning Cemetery, Buford Cemetery, Camp Ground Cemetery, Cedar Grove Cemetery, Church Grove Cemetery, Clear Creek Cemetery, College Hill Cemetery, Confederate Cemetery, Crocker Cemetery, Cypress Cemetery, Elijah Cemetery, Free Springs Cemetery, Fulmer Cemetery, Harmontown Cemetery, Hipp Cemetery, Holt Cemetery, Jefferson Cemetery, Jones Cemetery, Keel Cemetery, Kingdom Cemetery, Lafayette Springs Cemetery, Lammey Cemetery, Langstons Cemetery, Lebanon Cemetery, Liberty Cemetery, Liberty Hill Cemetery, Martin Cemetery, McGonigal Cemetery, Midway Cemetery, Midway Cemetery, Mount Zion Cemetery, New El Bethel Cemetery, New Hope Cemetery, North Oxford Cemetery, Oak Grove Memorial Gardens, Old Dallas Cemetery, Owens Cemetery, Paris Cemetery, Pilgrim Rest Cemetery, Pine Flat Cemetery, Pine Grove Cemetery, Pine Grove Cemetery, Pleasant Green Cemetery, Propst Cemetery, Saint Johns Cemetery, Saint Peter Cemetery, Shiloh Cemetery, Ship Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, South Oxford Cemetery, Spring Hill Cemetery, Springdale Cemetery, Springdale Cemetery, Springhill Cemetery, Toby Tubby Cemetery, Tula Cemetery, Turpin Cemetery, Waldrip Cemetery, Webb Cemetery, Wyatt Cemetery, Yellow Leaf Cemetery, Young Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

University Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Anchor Baptist Church, Anderson Chapel (historical), Andrews Chapel (historical), Antioch Church (historical), Apostles Movement Church, Armistead Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Bay Springs Church, Bethel Church, Bethlehem Church, Bevely Church, Bible Way Church, Bluff Springs Church, Buford Chapel, Buford Chapel, Center Church (historical), Christ United Church, Christian Rest Church, Church of Christ, Church of Christ, Clear Creek Church, Clear Creek Church, Clear Springs Church, College Hill Presbyterian Church, Concord Church (historical), Corner Church (historical), County Line Church (historical), Denamrk Church, East Oxford Church, Elijah Church, First Baptist Church, First Free Will Baptist Church, First Presbyterian Church, Flint Hill Church, Forest Hill Church (historical), Free Springs Church, Free Springs Church, Fulton Chapel, Galilee Church, Greenville Church, Gum Grove Church (historical), Haleys Chapel (historical), Hammitt Hill Church, Hamrick Hill Church (historical), Harmontown Baptist Church, Harrisonville Church, Hopewell Church, Hopewell Church (historical), Jefferson Chapel, Jefferson Church (historical), Jordan Church, Kingdom Hall, Lafayette Springs Primitive Baptist Church, Liberty Hill Church, Liberty Hill Church, Midway Church, Midway Church, Midway CHurch, Missionary Church, Mount Hope Church, Mount Vernon Church, Mount Zion Church, Mount Zion Church (historical), New Antioch Church (historical), New Elbethel Church, New Hope Baptist Church, New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, New Liberty Hill Church, New Prospect Church (historical), New Salem Church, North Hopewell Church, North Oxford Baptist Church, Oak Grove Church, Oak Grove Church, Old Antioch Church, Old Chapel, Oxford Church, Oxford-University United Methodist Church, Paris Baptist Church, Peace Lutheran Church, Pearly Gate Church, Philadelphia Baptist Church, Philadelphia Missionary Church, Pilgrim Rest Church, Pine Bluff Church, Pine Flat Church, Pine Grove Church, Pleasant Green Church, Pleasant Grove Church, Pleasant Ridge Church, Providence Church (historical), Providence Church (historical), Rameys Chapel (historical), Riverside Church, Rock Hill Church, Saint Andrews United Methodist Church, Saint John Church, Saint John Church (historical), Saint Johns Catholic Church, Saint Paul Church, Saint Paul Methodist Church, Saint Peter Church (historical), Saint Peters Church, Saint Peters Episcopal Church, Second Baptist Church, Shiloh Baptist Church, Slack Ridge Church (historical), Smiths Chapel, South Hopewell Church, South Hopewell Church (historical), South Oxford Church, Spring Hill Church, Spring Hill Church, Spring Hill Church, Springdale Church, Springfield Missionary Baptist Church, Stutson Chapel, Taylor Baptist Church, Toby Tubby Church, Union Church (historical), Union Grove Church, Union Hill Church, Union Hill Missionary Baptist Church, Union West Church, United Church, University Baptist Church, Valley Church (historical), Yellowleaf Baptist Church

  Crossings     show all on map

Dukes Ferry (historical), Dunnovants Ferry (historical), Toby Tubby Ferry (historical)

  Dams     show all on map

Avent Lake Dam, Brazil Lake Dam, Briscoe Pond Dam, Brown Lake Dam, Cypress Watershed LT-14a-10 Dam, Cypress Watershed LT-14a-11 Dam, Cypress Watershed LT-14a-12 Dam, Cypress Watershed LT-14a-14 Dam, Cypress Watershed LT-14a-15 Dam, Cypress Watershed LT-14a-6 Dam, Dunlap Pond Dam, East and West Goose Structure R-9-1 Dam, East and West Goose Structure R-9-2 Dam, Galloway Pond Dam, Greasy Creek Watershed LT-1a-10 Dam, Greasy Creek Watershed LT-1a-11 Dam, Greasy Creek Watershed LT-1a-13 Dam, Greasy Creek Watershed LT-1a-3 Dam, Greasy Creek Watershed LT-1a-4 Dam, Gunter Lake Dam, Harwell Pond Dam, Jack McCormick Pond Dam, Johnson Pond Dam, Lafayette Lake Dam, Linder Pond Dam, LT 15-1 Dam, LT-14a-1 Dam, LT-14a-2 Dam, LT-14a-3 Dam, LT-14a-4 Dam, Moore Pond Dam, Murray Creek Y-13a-1 Dam, Murray Creek Y-13a-2 Dam, Murray Creek Y-13a-4 Dam, Murray Creek Y-13a-5 Dam, Paine Pond Dam, Stuart Lake Dam, Talbert Pond Dam, Tatum Pond Dam, Tatum Pond Dam, Tatum Pond Dam, Upper Yocona River Watershed Y-14-8 Dam, Waldrop Lake Dam, Waller Pond Dam, Y-14-3 Dam, Y-14-4 Dam, Yocona River Structure Y-14-2 Dam, Yocona Watershed Y-14-1 Dam, Yocona Watershed Y-14-14 Dam, Yocona Watershed Y-14-15 Dam, Yocona Watershed Y-14-16 Dam, Yocona Watershed Y-14-17 Dam, Yocona Watershed Y-14-5 Dam, Yocona Watershed Y-14-6 Dam, Yocona Watershed Y-14-7 Dam

  Hospitals     show all on map

Baptist Memorial Hospital, North Mississippi Retardation Center

  Lakes     show all on map

Graham Lake (historical)

  Locales     show all on map

Adams Store (historical), Baker and Maxie Mill (historical), Bishop Place (historical), Bishop Store (historical), Blands (historical), Bluff Springs Camp, Bufords Store (historical), Cambridge, Camp Hopewell, Camp Lake Stevens, Cannons Store (historical), Carters Store (historical), Caswell (historical), Childress Store (historical), Colemans Mill (historical), College Hill Station, Crains Store (historical), Crumblys Store (historical), Dallas (historical), Eaton (historical), Gallegley Store (historical), Gomez (historical), Goolsby Store (historical), Higginbothan Store (historical), Jackson Store (historical), Kilgore (historical), Liberty Hill (historical), Linkers Mill (historical), Little John Store (historical), Lows Store (historical), Lusk Store (historical), Mayfield Store (historical), Mid Town Shopping Center, Morris Store (historical), Mullins Store (historical), Noah (historical), Oakwood Plaza Shopping Center, Old Denmark (historical), Orwood, Oxford Industrial Park, Oxford Mall Shopping Center, Parker and Joyner Mill (historical), Parks Store (historical), Pattons Store (historical), Pine Flat (historical), Ragland Store (historical), Rainbow Shopping Center, Rieves Store (historical), Slates Store (historical), Smith Store (historical), Stones Store (historical), Tradewinds Shopping Center, University of Mississippi Seismic Station, Walls Store (historical), Walton (historical), Wyatt (historical)

  Parks     show all on map

Avent Park, Clear Creek Landing Public Use Area, Coontown Crossing Public Use Area, Graham Wildlife Management Area, Hurricane Landing Public Use Area, Prophet Bridge Recreation Area, Puskus Lake Recreation Area, Redmans Bluff Public Use Area, State Migratory Waterfowl Refuge, Stone Park, Tallahatchie Experimental Forest, Teckville Public Use Area, Vaught-Hemingway Stadium, Wyatt Crossing Public Use Area

  Populated Places     show all on map

Abbeville, Alesville, Altus, Brittany Woods, Burgess, Burt, College Hill, College Hill Heights, Cornish, Dallas Jones Crossing, Delay, Denmark, Dogtown, Free Springs, Harmontown, Keel, Lafayette Springs, Lakeway Gardens, Markette, Molly Barr Cove, Oxford, Paris, Piera, Porterton, Potlockney, Ridgeland, Riverside, Rolling Woods, Rollings Woods, Splinter, Spring Hill, Springdale, Tara Estates, Taylor, Teckville, The Dell, Tula, Union Hall, University, Woodland Hills Estates, Woodlawn, Yocona

  Post Offices     show all on map

Blackwater Post Office (historical), Burgess Post Office (historical), Caswell Post Office (historical), Cornish Post Office (historical), Dallas Post Office (historical), Delay Post Office (historical), Denmark Post Office (historical), Gomez Post Office (historical), Harmontown Post Office (historical), Keel Post Office (historical), Kilgore Post Office (historical), Noah Post Office (historical), Orwood Post Office (historical), Piera Post Office (historical), Splinter Post Office (historical), Teckville Post Office (historical)

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Bagley Lake, Cambridge Lake, Coon Creek Lake, Cypress Lake, Denmark Lake, Douglas Lake, Drewery Lake, East Cypress Lake, Goolsby Lake, Kettle Lake, Lafayette Lake, LT-14a-4 Reservoir, Midway Lake, North Cypress Lake, Puskus Lake, Russell Lake, Sardis Lake, Stephens Lake

  Schools     show all on map

Abbeville School (historical), Alesville School (historical), Bagley Creek School (historical), Bramlett Elementary School, Browning School (historical), Burgess School, Burt School, Caines School (historical), Cambridge School, Caswell School, Church Grove School (historical), Coffey School (historical), Corner School, County Line School (historical), Cullen School (historical), Cypress Springs School, Davidson School, Denmark School, Dillard School (historical), Dogtown School (historical), East Providence School, Ebenezer School (historical), Flint Hill School, Grays School, Greenville School, Harrisonville School, Holder School (historical), Hopewell School, Indian Mound School (historical), Jefferson School, Kirkwood School, Lafayette Elementary School, Lafayette High School, Lester School (historical), Live Oak Academy (historical), Logan School, Market School (historical), Mitchells School (historical), Mount Sylvan Academy for Boys (historical), Mount Vernon School (historical), New York School, Oak Grove School (historical), Oak Grove School (historical), Old Sharp School (historical), Orwood Academy (historical), Orwood School, Oxford Elementary School, Oxford High School, Oxford Junior High School, Oxford-Lafayette Vocational School, Paris Normal School (historical), Perkins Consolidated School (historical), Philadelphia School, Philadelphia School, Philadelphia School, Piera School (historical), Pine Flat School, Pine Grove School, Pine Grove School (historical), Pine Hill School (historical), Pinebluff School (historical), Presbyterian Academy (historical), Pritchard School, Red Hill School (historical), Riverside School, Rock Hill School, Rock Hill School (historical), Rush School (historical), Salpa School, Smith School (historical), Smith-Hughes School (historical), Splinter School (historical), Spring Hill School, Spring Hill School, Taylor High School (historical), Temple Hill School (historical), Tidwell School (historical), Toby Tubby School (historical), Tula Normal College (historical), Union Female College (historical), Union West School, Unity School, University of Mississippi, Violet Hill School (historical), Wallace School (historical), Weems School, Windham School, Yocona High School (historical)

  Streams     show all on map

Bagley Creek, Bay Springs Branch, Berry Branch, Blackwater Creek, Buck Branch, Buford Creek, Burney Branch, Cat Hair Creek, Cataract Branch, Clear Creek, Coon Creek, Courtney Creek, Cypress Creek, Davis Creek, Dickey Creek, Dry Branch, Dunlap Branch, East Cypress Creek, East Kettle Creek, Fourmile Branch, Fox Creek, Gault Branch, Gooch Branch, Goodwin Creek, Goose Creek, Graham Mill Creek, Granny Branch, Greasy Creek, Hartsfield Branch, Hoke Creek, Hudson Creek, Humphreys Creek, Hurricane Creek, Jones Creek, Jones Creek, Kettle Creek, Lafomby Creek, Lee Creek, Little Kettle Creek, Lizard Creek, Lott Branch, McCaine Creek, McGlawin Creek, Mercuson Creek, Monroe Branch, Moore Creek, Morgan Branch, Morris Creek, Muckaloon Creek, Murray Creek, North Bynum Creek, Ox Branch, Pine Flat Branch, Plants Branch, Possum Branch, Potlockney Creek, Pumpkin Creek, Puskus Creek, Sandy Creek, Shiloh Creek, Slick Creek, Smith Creek, Spence Branch, Splinter Creek, Tan Branch, Tarvers Creek, Taylor Creek, Tidwell Creek, Toby Tubby Creek, Toccopola Creek, Town Creek, Turner Creek, West Cypress Creek, Wildcat Creek, Wolf Creek, Wolf Creek, Yellow Leaf Creek, Zion Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Carter Mountain, Liberty Hill, Rook Hill, Saddlers Hill, Sand Hill, Thacker Mountain

  Towers     show all on map

Bagley Lookout Tower, Denmark Lookout Tower, Lafayette Lookout Tower, WMAV-TV (Oxford), WOOR-FM (Oxford), WSUH-AM (Oxford)

  Valleys     show all on map

East Goose Valley, West Goose Valley,

Lafayette County, Mississippi Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteLafayette County White population 36,41236,411  
BlackLafayette County Black population 12,17112,170
AsianLafayette County Asian population 1,2121,212
MixedLafayette County Mixed population 505505
American IndianLafayette County American Indian population 152151
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderLafayette County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 5150

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