Washington County, Missouri Basics:

Washington County Missouri - Government Site

Population: 25,120
Area: 760 square miles
County seat: Potosi
Area code(s) in use: 573
Time zone: CST
High school graduate or higher: 70.3%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 8.2%
Median household income: $34,015
Persons in poverty: 23.7%
Home ownership rate: 76.1%
Mean travel time to work: 32.9 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Crawford  Franklin  Iron  Jefferson  St. Francois  

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Map of the Washington County area

Our detail map of Washington County shows the Washington County, Missouri boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Washington County, Missouri

  Airports     show all on map

Short-N-Ruff Airport, Washington County Airport

  Areas     show all on map

Deslodge Land, Old Prairie

  Basins     show all on map

Bear Wallow

  Bridges     show all on map

Hunters Mill Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Adam, Alguire, Belgrade Volunteer Fire Department, Birdie, Blunt, Caledonia Fire Protection District, Carlyon, Cicero, Cresswells Lead Furnace, Eye, Hopewell Community Center, Ida, Irondale Community Volunteer Fire Department, Johnson, Lawson, Livermore, Log Cabin Inn, Mark Twain National Forest Potosi Frederickstown Ranger District Main Office, Mineral Point Town Hall, Onyx, Pea Ridge Hall, Potosi City Police Department, Potosi Correctional Center, Potosi Fire Protection District House 1, Potosi Fire Protection District House 2, Potosi Fire Protection District House 3, Potosi Fire Protection District House 4, Potosi Fire Protection District House 5, Richwoods Fire Protection District, Sullivan Fire Protection District Station 2, Topozark, Trout Lodge, Undine, Washington County Sheriff's Office

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Anthonie's Mill Cemetery, Antioch Cemetery, Aquilla Cole Cemetery, Arnold Cemetery, Asplin Cemetery, Barlow Cemetery, Bates Creek Cemetery, Belgrade Methodist Cemetery, Bellvue Cemetery, Bennett Bryan Cemetery, Big River Cemetery, Blount Cemetery, Boas Cemetery, Brick Cemetery, Caledonia Cemetery, Calvary Cemetery, Carson Cemetery, Chadbourne Cemetery, City Cemetery, Cresswell Cemetery, Davis Cemetery, Davis Cemetery, Dry Branch Cemetery, Emily Cemetery, Fourche a Renault Cemetery, Furnace Creek Cemetery, Goff Cemetery, Grassy Hollow Baptist Church Cemetery, Griggs Cemetery, Hazel Creek Cemetery, Hickory Grove Cemetery, Higginbotham Cemetery, High Point-Missionary Ridge Cemetery, Horine Cemetery, Horton Cemetery, Huff Cemetery, Hughes Cemetery, Jane Bryan Cemetery, Jarvis Farm Cemetery, Jenkins Family Cemetery, Jinkerson Cemetery, Jones Cemetery, Joseph Chapel Cemetery, Liberty Cemetery, Lost Creek Cemetery, Martin Cemetery, Masonic Cemetery, McClain Cemetery, McGready Family Cemetery, Metcalf Cemetery, New Hope Cemetery, Nicholson Cemetery, Old Baptist Church Cemetery, Palmer Cemetery, Pea Ridge Cemetery, Perry-McGready Cemetery, Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Pond Creek Cemetery, Potosi Colored Cemetery, Potosi New Masonic Cemetery, Potosi Old Masonic Cemetery, Potosi Presbyterian Cemetery, Redbud Memorial Gardens, Saint James Catholic Cemetery, Saint Joachim Cemetery Number 1, Saint Joachim Cemetery Number 2, Saint Joachim Cemetery Number 3, Saint Joseph Cemetery, Saint Stephens Cemetery, Scott Cemetery, Scott-Reynolds Cemetery, Shirley Union Church Cemetery, Silvey Cemetery, Sitton Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, Souls Chapel Cemetery, Stephens Cemetery, Sunlight Cemetery, Sunset Hill Cemetery, Swan Cemetery, Thomas Chapel Cemetery, Trinity Cemetery, Tullock Cemetery, Wallen Cemetery, Whitby-Ellis Cemetery, White Cemetery, White Oak Grove Cemetery, Wilson Family Cemetery, Wright Cemetery, Yarbrough Cemetery

  Churches     show all on map

Alum Cave Methodist Church (historical), Antioch Baptist Church (historical), Antioch Church (historical), Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ, Arnault Church, Bates Creek Baptist Church, Belleview Presbyterian Church (historical), Bethel Church, Beulah Land Church (historical), Big River Church, Brazil Church, Breton Creek Baptist Church, Bunker Hill Baptist Church, Bunker Hill Church, Cadet Baptist Church, Cedar Grove Methodist Church, Church of God, Church of Jesus Christ, Council Bluff Church, Crossroads Baptist Church, Emmaus Baptist Church, Fellowship Church, Fourche a Renault Church, Full Gospel Tabernacle, Glory Hill Church, Glory Hill Tabernacle Pentecost Church, Grassy Hollow Church, Hazel Creek Church, Hazel Glen Methodist Church, Hickory Grove Church, Hopewell Assembly of God Church, Hopewell Church of God, Hopewell Union Church, Indian Creek Church, Joseph Chapel, Liberty Church (historical), Little Spring Baptist Church, Lizzie Church, Lost Creek Baptist Church, Lost Creek Church, Lower Indian Landmark Baptist Church, Macedonia Baptist Church, Maple Grove Church, Marler Chapel, Missionary Ridge Church, Mount Carmel Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Mount Vernon Baptist Church, Mount Zion Church (historical), Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church, New Diggens Tabernacle, New Hope Church (historical), Oak Grove Christian Church, Oak Grove Church, Old Mines Baptist Church, Pentecostal Church, Pleasant Grove Church, Pleasant Hill Christian Church, Pleasant Valley Chapel, Pond Creek Baptist Church, Prospect Baptist Church, Providence Church, Rock Spring Methodist Church, Saint Columkill Catholic Church, Saint James Catholic Church, Saint Joachim Catholic Church, Saint Johns Catholic Church, Saint Stephens Catholic Church, Shirley Union Church, Shoal Creek Baptist Church, Souls Chapel, Stoney Point Missionary Baptist Church, Sugar Grove Church, Sunlight Church, Thomas Chapel, Union Church, United Methodist Church, Unity Southern Baptist Church, White Oak Grove Church

  Cliffs     show all on map

Chimney Bluff, Council Bluffs, Pashea Bluff, Shoot-in Bluff, Sugarloaf Bluff, Twin Cliffs

  Dams     show all on map

Arnault Branch Mine Dam, Artesian Lake Dam, Assaf Lake Dam, Baha Trail Lake Dam, Belgrade Dam, Bell-Settle Lake Dam, Big Four Mine Dam, Black Tailings Dam, Blackwell Mine Dam, Bottom Diggins Dam, Bressie Lake Dam, Bust Lake Dam, Cadet Mine Tailings Dam, Cadet Number 1 Dam, Cadet Number 2 Dam, Carter Lake Dam, Cates Lake Dam, Click Lake Dam, Davis Lake Dam, Dellistri Dam, Desoto Mining Comapny Pit and Plant A Dam, Desoto Mining Company Pit and Plant B Dam, Dessieux Lake Dam, Ditch Creek Dam, Dorlac Lake Dam, Dresser Industries Old Number 1 Dam, Dresser Minerals Number 7 Dam, Dresser Minerals Number 7 North Dam, Dresser Minerals Number 7 South Dam, Dresser Minerals Section 24 Dam, Dresser Number 1 Dam, Dresser Number 4 Dam, Eshbaugh-Martin Dam, Floyd Lake Dam, Four Winds Way Dam, Gudaitis Lake Dam, Hahn Lake Dam, Hematite Lake Dam, Henpeck Hollow Dam, Hill View Lake Dam South, Hillview Lake Dam, Hoffman Lake Dam, Hornsey Brothers Dam, Hornsey Lake Dam, Howell Mine Dam, Indian Creek Mine Lower Dam, Indian Creek Mine Upper Dam, Jones Lake Dam, Keyes Branch Mine Dam, Lake Apache Dam, Lake Cherokee Dam, Lake Loomis Dam, Little Indian Creek Dam, Lower Dresser Number 4 Dam, Luttrell Lake Lower Dam, Luttrell Lake Upper Dam, Mineral Point Number 1 Dam, Mineral Point Number 2 Dam, Moekel Dam, Mononame 551 Dam, Mononame 558 Dam, Mononame 563 Dam, Mononame 582 Dam, Mononame 862 Dam, Mononame 866 Dam, Moosehorn Lake Dam, New Dresser Number 4 Dam, NL Industries Tiff Dam, Number 267 Dam, Number 588 Dam, Number 875 Dam, Old Mines Tailings Dam, Old Washer Number 1 Dam, Old Wolf Dam, Palmer Mine Dam, Parole Mine Dam, Pea Ridge Incorporated Lake Dam, Pea Ridge Mine Dam, Pfizer Incorporated Lake Dam, Pierce Lake Dam, Pine Tree Lake East Dam, Pine Tree Lake West Dam, Pioneer Rod and Gun Club Dam, Podorski Lake Dam, Potosi Lake Dam, Powder Spring Lake Dam, Racola Tailings Dam, Richwoods Mine B Mill Dam, Richwoods Pond Dam, Rieffer Lake Dam, Russell Elsey Dam, Sampson Lake Dam, Sayersbrook Lake Dam, Schnelle Lake Dam, Settle Mine Dam Number 2, Spring Glen Lake Dam, Spring Lake Dam, Star Mine Dam, Sun Mine Dam, Sunnen Dam, The Place Lake Dam, Timberlane Lake Dam, Whaley-Scott Mine Dam, Wing Lake Dam

  Hospitals     show all on map

Washington County Memorial Hospital

  Lakes     show all on map

Elsey Lake, Rainbow Lake, Rest-Awhile Lake, Woods Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Bass Ranch (historical), Bates Lick, Baughers Sawmill (historical), Bean and Caseys Sawmill (historical), Berryman Campground, Big Lick, Brazil Creek Campground, Bryan Gristmill, Bugg Shaft, Bust Mill, C D Smiths Sawmill, Camp Irondale, Cedar Creek Forge, Chicago Salt Lick, City of Potosi Waste Water Plant, Conrad Norwines Water Power Gristmill, Cornbread, Cruise, Davis Sawmill, Deggendorf Zinc Works, Edmonds and Wilcox Furnace and Mill, Edward Beecher Recreation Area, Evergreen, Gumbo Flat, Harmon Spring Campground, Harrison and Company Iron Works, Harveys Sawmill (historical), Haunted Oak Tree, Hazel Creek Campground, Henry Mallow Gristmill, Hipointe Tower State Public Hunting Area, Hopewell Furnace, Hughes Mill (historical), Hunters Mill, Hunters Mill (historical), Imboden Race Track, Irondale Iron Furnace, James Bakers Sawmill, John Flynns Sawmill, Jones Shaft, La Fontaine de la Prairie, Lame Kiln, Lang Furnace, Levey School (historical), Little Saturday Shaft, Long and Bust Water-Power Gristmill, Lumkins Mill, Lumtie, Mahlon Hughes Water-Power Gristmill, Mallow School (historical), Maryden, McCormack Ford, Murphys Furnace, Old Hamilton Works, Parkway Shopping Center, Potoss Ranger Station, Randolph, Red Rock, Robert Bust Water-Power Gristmill, Shirley Picnic Area, Springfield Iron Furnace, Stage Ford, The Tom Day Shaft, Thomas Reeds Mill, Thunderbolt C C C Camp, Troutt, Union Mining and Smelting Company, W.H. Evans Gristmill, William Longs Lead Furnace

  Mines     show all on map

Adams Property, Anderson Lead Mine, Argnait Lead Diggings, Austins Shaft, Basey Mines, Bee Lead Diggings, Beers Lead Diggings, Bellefontaine Lead Mines, Ben Hornies Lead Diggings, Bequette Lead Mine, Bezidek Hill Lead Diggings, Bibbs Diggings, Bit Lead Diggings, Black Hill Lead Diggings, Blackjack Lead Mine, Blackwell Lead Diggings, Blanton Copper Mine, Blanton Limonite Bank, Blanton Specular Iron Bank, Block Lead Diggings, Blue Cave Lead Mine, Bluff Lead Diggings, Board Lead Diggings, Boas Lead Digging, Bone Hollow Lead Mines, Booth Lead Diggings, Bottom Lead Diggings, Bourgawich Lead Mine, Boyers Diggings, Breckenridge Lead Diggings, Brickey Lead Diggings, Bridges Lead Diggings, Briscoe Lead Diggings, Brock Lead Diggings, Brown Lead Diggings, Brushy Lead Diggings, Buckhorn Point Lead Diggings, Bunch Lead Diggings, Bunker Hill Lead Diggings, Burisaws Lode, Burts Lead Diggings, Busco Lead Diggings, Bust Lead Diggings, Buzzard Roost Lead Diggings, C S Waugh Lead Mines, Camp Rowdy Lead Diggings, Casey and Claney Lead Diggings, Caseys Lead Mine, Cedar Hill Lead Mine, Charbonean Lead Diggings, Chouteau Lead Diggings, Citadel Diggings, Clark Lead Diggings, Clemens Lead Diggings, Clemins Lead Diggings, Cleveland Lead Mines, Cliff Cave Mine, Clompton Lead Diggings, Cochran Lead Diggings, Coehorn Lead Diggings, Coffee-Pot Lead Diggings, Cole Lead Diggings, Coleman Lead Diggings, Colton Valley Lead Mines, Cook Lead Diggings, Cook Lead Diggings and Furnace, Coon Lead Diggings, Copperhead Lead Diggings, Cotton Point Lead Diggings, Courtois Lead Diggings, Crain Lead Diggings, Crawfish Lead Diggings, Curtis and Hall Shaft, Cyclone Mines, Daylight Lead Diggings, Doe Lead Diggings, Dry Bone Shaft, Dry Hollow Lead Diggings, DuCloes Lead Diggings, Duffey Barite Diggings, Dugan Lead Diggings, Duncan Lead Diggings, Dunlap Lead Diggings, Eagle Picher Lead Mine, Eaton Iron Bank, Ednors Diggings, Elliot Lead Diggings, Elliots Mines, Elliott Lead Mine, English Lead Diggings, Evans Mine, Eversole Mine, Farquaher Lead Diggings, Five Cent Lead and Tiff Diggings, Flint Hill Lead Diggings, Flint Lead Mines, Flynns Lead Diggings, Fox Lead Diggings, Fraction Lead Diggings, French Lead Diggings, Galloways Defeat Lead Diggings, George Starkey Tiff Mines, Gibsons Hog Ranch Lead Mines, Gobbetts Lead Diggings, Goddard Lead Diggings, Gopher Lead Diggings, Grange Lead Diggings, Grave-Yard Lead Diggings, Gravelly Diggings, Gray Lead Mines, Ground Hog Lead Diggings, Grover Lead Diggings, Guibourd Lead Diggings, Gum Hill Lead Mines, H. Walton Barite Diggings, Haefner Lead Diggings, Hard Bargain Mine, Harpers Lead Diggings, Hawkins Mine, Henrys Diggings, Hicks Lead Diggings, Higginbotham Mine, Higgins Bartite Diggings, High Point Lead Diggings, Hinkson Lead Mine, Holley and Rose Tiff Mines (historical), Horse Battle Lead Diggings, Hunts Lead Diggings, Hutchins Lead Diggings, Hypocrite Lead Diggings, Indian Creek Mine, Indian Creek Mine, Irondale Mine, Ismael Lead Diggings, J. Scotts Lead Diggings, Jackson Hill Lead Diggings, Johns Creek Lead Diggings, Jumbo Shaft, Kellogg Shaft, Kennet, Kettle Lead Diggings, Kews Lead Diggings, Keyes Lead Diggings, Kincaids Diggings, Kirkpatrick Iron Bank, Klondike Lead Diggings, Knuckles Lead Mine, La Beaume Lead Diggings, La Motte Lead Mine, La Plant Lead Mines, Lamberts Diggings, Landauer Lead Diggings, Le Clair Lead Diggings, LeClerks Lead Diggings, Little Diggings, Locust Lead Diggings, Lost Creek Lode Lead Diggings, Lumpton Lead Diggings, Lynch Lead Mines, Madden Hill Lead Diggings, Mammoth Diggings, Mardy, Martin Lead Diggings, Masson Lead Diggings, Maury Lead Diggings, McArthur Lead Mines, McGradys Diggings, McGready Lead Mine, Meyers Lead Diggings, Midnight Lead Diggings, Miller Lead Mine, Mine a Martin, Mine a Robuna, Mine Astraddle, Mine Liberty, Mine Shibboleth, Mine Silvers, Montgomery Lead Diggings, More Point, Moreaus Diggings, Morris Lead Diggings, Mudtown Lead Diggings, Mundy Lead Diggings, Murphys Dig, Negro Hill Lead Diggings, Negro Lead Diggings, Negro Lead Diggings, New Coffee Pot Lead Diggings, New Diggings, New Greasy Lead Diggings, New Ishmael Lead Diggings, New Lead Diggings, New Tyler Lead Diggings, Nicholson Iron Bank, Noose Lead Diggings, Old Barite Diggings, Old Lead Diggings, Old Prairie Lead Diggings, Palmer Mines, Pancake Lead Diggings, Parole Lead Diggings, Pea Ridge Mine, Perine Zinc Mines, Perrys Diggings, Peru Lead Diggings, Pete Odle Lead Diggings, Peter Blount Lead Diggings, Picayune Lead Diggings, Pierce and Willoughbys Lead Diggings, Pigeon-Roost Lead Mine, Polecat Lead Diggings, Polites Diggings, Possum Lead Diggings, Post Oak Lead Diggings, Potashnick Lead Mines, Potato Patch Lead Diggings, Poverty Flat Lead Workings, Powell Lead Diggings, Prairie Lead Diggings, Pratts Mine, Primrose Hill Iron Bank, Pump Lead Diggings, Quinn Lead Diggings, Red Head Lead Diggings, Redmond Lead Diggings, Renaults Mine, Reuben Lead Mines, Richwoods Lead Mine, Ridge Lead Diggings, Robinson Lead Diggings, Rock Lead Diggings, Rock Spring Lead Diggings, Rogers Lead Diggings, Roseberry Lead Diggings, Rosseau Plumby Lead Diggings, Saint Mary Lead Mine, Sand Lead Diggings, Scott Iron Bank, Scott Lead Diggings, Scratching Hill Lead Diggings, Seed Tick Lead Diggings, Semeres Lead Diggings, Seyman Lead Diggings, Shady Diggings, Shibboleth Claim of Barite Diggings, Shibboleth Lead Mines, Shores Lead Mine, Sixteenth Section Lead Diggings, Skaggs Lead Diggings, Skewes Lead Diggings, Slit Lead Diggings, Snatch Back Lead Diggings, Snowdens Point Lead Diggings, Somers Lead Diggings, Spicer Lead Diggings, Strawberry Lead Diggings, Stricklins Diggings, Sucker Lead Diggings, Sweassey Lead Diggings, T. Scotts Lead Diggings, Talbot Lead Diggings, Tan Yard Lead Diggings, Tapleys Diggings, Tarkey Lead Diggings, Tebaults Diggings, Tedder Hill Lead Diggings, The Berry Lead Diggings, The Cowhorn Diggings, The Fraction Lead Diggings, The Lamarque Diggings, Tiger Lead Diggings, Tin Can Lead and Tiff Mines, Trash Lead Diggings, Tucker Lead Diggings, Turkey Hill Lead Diggings, Tut Lead Diggings, Valle Lead Diggings, Waldens Copper Mine, Walsh Lead Diggings, Washington County Mining and Zinc Company Mines, Water Hill Lead Diggings, Waterloo Lead Diggings, Webster Mines, Wet Lead Diggings, Whisky Diggings, White Mines, Williams Lead Diggings

  Parks     show all on map

Washington State Park

  Populated Places     show all on map

Adelbert (historical), Anthonies Mill, Aptus, Baryties, Bates Creek Camp, Baughter Town, Belgrade, Bellefontaine, Bliss, Bradshaw, Brazil, Cabanage de Renaudiere, Cadet, Caledonia, Camp Lakewood, Cannon Mines, Courtois, Cruise Mill, Delbridge, Ebo, Fertile, Floyd, Fountain Farm, Fourche a Renault (historical), French Town, Frogtown, Happy Hollow, Hasenpath, Holiday Shores, Hopewell, Horton Town, Hulsey, Hurricane, Irondale, Ishmael, La Heliette, Latty, Levy, Maddens Richwoods, Mineral Point, Mud Town, Northcut, Old Mines, Palmer, Pea Ridge, Peoria, Potosi, Quaker, Rabbitville, Racola, Ragtown, Richwoods, Robidoux, Shibboleth, Shirley, Sour Hill, Springtown, Summit, Sunlight, Theabeau Town, Tiff, Tin Can, White (historical)

  Post Offices     show all on map

Cadet Post Office, Courtois Post Office (historical), Mineral Point Post Office

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Apex Lake, Artesian Lake, Cadet Tailings Pond Number 2, Dellistri Lake, Diablo Lake, Floyd Lake, Four Winds Way Reservoir, Gudaitis Lake, Hill View Lake, Hillside View Lake, Hillview Lake, Hornsey Brothers Lake, Hornsey Brothers Tailings Pond, Hornsey Lake, Howell Lake, Indian Creek Mine Tailings Pond, Irondale Lake, Keyes Branch Mine Tailings Pond, Lake Apache, Lake Cherokee, Lake Four Winds, Lake Sacajawea, Moosehorn Lake, Number 6 Washing Plant Reservoir, Number 7 Washer Reservoir, Old Number 1 Reservoir, Palmer Lake, Parole Lake, Pea Ridge Tailings Pond, Pierce Lake, Pine Forest Lake, Pine Tree Lake East, Pine Tree Lake West, Potosi Lake, Powder Spring Lake, Russell Elsey Lake, Sayersbrook Lake, Settle Mine Tailings Pond, Spring Glen Lake, Spring Lake, Spring Lakes, Sunnen Lake, Timberlane Lake, Whaley-Scott Lake, Wing Lake

  Ridges     show all on map

Bear Wallow Ridge, Black Jack Ridge, Cedar Ridge, Chambo Ridge, Dawes Ridge, Huckleberry Ridge, Keen Ridge, Mile Field, Pea Ridge, Politte Ridge, Shirley Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Alum Cave School (historical), Antioch School (historical), Arnault School (historical), Barker School (historical), Baryties School, Bates Creek School (historical), Belgrade School, Belle Fountain School, Bellefontaine School, Belleview Collegiate Institution, Berry School, Bliss School (historical), Bluff School (historical), Bourgowich School, Breckenridge School (historical), Breton Creek School, Bunker Hill School (historical), Cadet School (historical), Calico School, Cavernville School, Clifton School (historical), Cornerstone Christian Academy, Cruise School, Cyclone School (historical), Douglas School (historical), Dunbar School, Ebo School, Flint Hill School (historical), Fountain Farm School (historical), Furnace Creek School (historical), Goose Creek School, Grassy Hollow School (historical), Hamilton School, Hanson School, Hansop School, Hazel Glen School (historical), Hickory Grove School (historical), High Point School (historical), Hochstatter School (historical), Horton School (historical), Hughes School, Hulsey School, Ironore Spring School (historical), Kingston School, Kingston School (historical), Maplewood School (historical), McMullin School, Metcalf School, Mineral Point Elementary School, Negro Hill School, Oak Hill School (historical), Old Mines School, Page School (historical), Palmer School (historical), Pea Ridge School, Pine City School (historical), Pine Forest School (historical), Pinery School (historical), Pleasant Grove School (historical), Pleasant Hill School (historical), Pleasant Point School (historical), Pond Creek School (historical), Potosi Academy, Providence School, Racola School, Richwoods School, Rock Spring School (historical), Rogers School, Saint Joachim School, Saint Joseph School (historical), Sherlock School (historical), Shirley School, Sitton School (historical), Sloan School (historical), Spencers Academy, State School for the Handicapped, Stony Point School, Thomas School (historical), Tiff School, Tiff School (historical), Turkey Branch School (historical), Valley High School

  Springs     show all on map

Bainey Spring, Big Spring, Boiling Springs, Copper Mine Spring, Crystal Spring, Cummins Spring, Glade Spring, Grant Spring (historical), Green Spring, Grenia Spring, Gum Spring, Hamilton Spring, Hominy Pounding Spring, Indian Spring, Iron Ore Spring, Johnson Spring, McCutcheons Spring, McGrady Spring, Mesplay Spring, Palmer Spring, Powder Spring, Pratt Spring, Railroad Spring, Rock Spring, Shirley Spring, Stone Spring, Sycamore Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Allen Branch, Andys Branch, Arnault Branch, Arnold Creek, Ashley Branch, Ashly Branch, Bailey Branch, Bates Creek, Berry Branch, Bourgawich Branch, Brock Creek, Brushy Fork, Cadet Creek, Cedar Creek, Cicero Creek, Clancy Branch, Clear Creek, Clear Creek, Clear Creek, Compton Branch, Cordia Branch, Crawfish Branch, Crooked Run Branch, Cub Creek, Dent Branch, Dry Branch, Dry Creek, East Branch Mill Creek, Ebo Creek, Flagg Branch, Flat Creek, Fountain Farm Branch, Fourche a Nault, Fourche a Renault, Furnace Creek, Goose Creek, Goose Creek, Graves Branch, Hagles Creek, Harris Branch, Hazel Creek, Hopewell Creek, Hughes Creek, Indian Creek, Ishmael Branch, Janes Creek, Johns Creek, Johns Creek, Jules Creek, Keyes Branch, Knox Branch, Laws Fork, Little Brazil Creek, Little Courtois Creek, Little Fourche a Renault, Little Hazel Creek, Little Lost Creek, Loomis Branch, Lost Creek, Lost Creek, Maddin Creek, Marys Creek, Middle Fork Fourche a Renault, Mill Branch, Mill Creek, Millers Branch, Mine a Breton Creek, Mineral Fork, Montgomery Creek, Morreil Creek, Mud Town Creek, New Diggings Creek, North Fork Clear Creek, North Fork Fourche a Renault, Northcut Branch, Old Mines Creek, Old Prairie Branch, Papoose Creek, Picayune Branch, Pinery Creek, Pinery Creek, Piney Branch, Pond Creek, Pucket Branch, Rabbitville Branch, Race Creek, Reid Creek, Reynolds Branch, Robidoux Branch, Rocky Branch, Rocky Fork, Rogue Creek, Rosseau Plumby Branch, Rubeneau Branch, Rutledge Run, Saline Creek, Salt Pine Creek, Scott Branch, Scrap Branch, Seymour Branch Hazel Creek, Shibboleth Branch, Shirley Branch, Simpson Branch, Snapps Branch, Stringtown Branch, Swan Branch, Sweezy Branch, Sycamore Creek, Taggett Branch, Templetown Creek, Town Branch, Trace Creek, Turkey Creek, Wallen Creek, Wallen Creek, Watson Creek, West Branch Mill Creek, Yount Branch

  Summits     show all on map

Aker Hill, Bald Hill, Bear Wallow Hill, Berry Hill, Bezidek Hill, Blackjack Hill, Cedar Hill, Evans Hill, Five Cent Hill, Flint Hill, Forge Hill, Furnace Hill, Hudson Hill, Hughes Mountain, John Flynn Hill, Kitchell Hill, La Marque Hill, Little Pilot Knob, Litton Hill, Murry Hill, North Knob, Pine Hill, Pleasant Hill, Pruitt Mountain, Round Mountain, Sandy Hill, Scott Hill, South Knob, Stony Point, Sugar Hill, Turner Hill, Whaley Hill

  Towers     show all on map

Floyd Lookout Tower, Kelleter Lookout Tower, KYRO-AM (Potosi), Potosi Lookout Tower, Tiff Lookout Tower, Washington Lookout Tower

  Trails     show all on map

Berryman Trail, Trace Creek Trail

  Valleys     show all on map

Bailey Gardens Hollow, Bainey Hollow, Basey Mines Hollow, Bear Water Hollow, Bessie Hollow, Big Spring Hollow, Billy Hollow, Black Stump Hollow, Boiling Springs Hollow, Bolton Hollow, Brown Hollow, Brown Hollow, Burgowich Hollow, Cedar Hollow, Charbonean Hollow, Clifton School Hollow, Coalin Hollow, Coffman Hollow, Coldwater Hollow, Conk Hollow, Coon Hollow, Cyclone Hollow, Day Hollow, Dry Hollow, Dry Hollow, Egger Hollow, Emily Hollow, Floyd Hollow, Gamble Hollow, Grady Mill Hollow, Granger Hollow, Greens Hollow, Greer Hollow, Hays Hollow, Hickory Hollow, Hog Hollow, Hogan Hollow, Hoot Owl Hollow, Jackson Hollow, Joshua Hill Hollow, Kelly Hollow, Kemlin Hollow, Levy Hollow, Liberty Hollow, Liberty Hollow, Lime Kiln Hollow, Little Sugar Camp Hollow, Litton Hollow, Long Hollow, Long Hollow, Machell Hollow, Mash Hollow, Mason Hollow, McKee Hollow, Onion Hollow, Oster Hollow, Patton Hollow, Possum Trot Hollow, Primrose Hollow, Rabbit Hollow, Richwoods Hollow, Ring Hollow, Section Hollow, Simmons Hollow, Skagg Hollow, Smith Mill Hollow, Sons Hollow, Sugar Camp Hollow, Sugar Camp Hollow, Turkey Hollow, Valle Hollow, Valley of Eden, Walnut Hollow, Washburn Hollow, Will Wet Hollow, Wolf Hollow

  Wells     show all on map

Flowing Well

  Woods     show all on map

Pawpaw Patch,

Washington County, Missouri Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteWashington County White population 24,04024,039  
BlackWashington County Black population 578577
MixedWashington County Mixed population 301301
American IndianWashington County American Indian population 126125
AsianWashington County Asian population 5050
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderWashington County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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