Carbon County, Montana Basics:

Carbon County Montana - Government Site

Population: 10,119
Area: 2049 square miles
County seat: Red Lodge
Area code(s) in use: 406
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 93.6%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 28.0%
Median household income: $47,030
Persons in poverty: 11.0%
Home ownership rate: 73.4%
Mean travel time to work: 25.5 minutes

Adjacent counties:
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Map of the Carbon County area

Our detail map of Carbon County shows the Carbon County, Montana boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Carbon County, Montana

  Airports     show all on map

Bangart Field Airport, Bridger Municipal Airport, Mackay Ranch Airport, Red Lodge Airport

  Basins     show all on map

Antelope Basin, Dry Creek Basin

  Benches     show all on map

Coleman Bench, Dilworth Bench, East Bench, Roberts Bench, Ruler Bench, Spring Creek Bench, West Bench, White Horse Bench

  Bridges     show all on map

Big Engine Bridge (historical), Bluewater Creek Bridge, Canal Bridge, Clarks Fork of the Yellowstone Bridge, Clarks Fork of the Yellowstone River Bridge, East Rosebud Creek Bridge, Elbow Creek Bridge, Irrigation Canal Bridge, Red Lodge Creek Bridge, Rock Creek Bridge, Rock Creek Bridge, Weast Main Canal Bridge, Wills Ditch Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Bearcreek Volunteer Fire Department, Belfry Rural Fire District 9, Bridger Police Department, Bridger Public Library, Bridger Volunteer Fire Department - Clarks Fork Fire District 2, Carbon County Courthouse, Carbon County Museum, Carbon County Sheriff's Office, Clarks Fork Valley Ambulance, Clarks Fork Valley Museum, Edgar Rural Fire District 4, Fromberg Police Department, Fromberg Volunteer Fire Department Fromberg Fire District 3, Joliet Community Library, Joliet Emergency Medical Services, Joliet Police Department, Joliet Rural Fire District 1 Joliet Station, Joliet Rural Fire District 1 Silesia Station, Red Lodge Ambulance, Red Lodge Carnegie Library, Red Lodge Police Department, Red Lodge Rural Fire District 7 Luther Station, Red Lodge Rural Fire District 7 Red Lodge Fire Department, Roberts Firefighters

  Canals     show all on map

Andrews Ditch, Antelope Basin Ditch, Antilla Ditch, Bailey Ditch, Barnett Ditch, Bartlett Canal, Big Ditch, Bridger Ditch, Butcher Creek Rosebud Ditch County, Caldwell Ditch, Canal K, Canal L, Canal O, Canal P, Canal S, Canal S, Carbon Canal, Carbonado Ditch, Cartwright Ditch, Charles Miller Ditch, Clarks Fork and Silver Tip Ditch, Clawson Ditch, Clear Creek Ditch, Cook Ditch, Crane Ditch, Crockett Ditch, Dell Cut, DeVries Ditch, Dickey Ditch, Doctor Ditch, Doty Ditch, Dry Creek Canal, Duffield Ditch, Dutton Canal, East Elbow Ditch, Edgar Canal, Espeland-Ostrum-George Ditch, Feeley Ditch, Finn Ditch, Finn Ditch, First Chance Ditch, Frannie Canal, Free Silver Ditch, George-Dana Ditch, Glennwood Ditch, Golden Ditch, Granite Ditch, Grove Creek Canal, Grove Creek Canal, Gruel Ditch, Haara Ditch, Harney Ditch, Higham Ditch, Highline Ditch, Hokola Ditch, Holland Ditch, Hoyle Ditch, Hunter-Northy Ditch, Hycke Ditch, Inderland-Ramsland Ditch, Interstate Ditch, Jeffrey Ditch, John George Ditch, Joliet Ditch, Karvonen Ditch, Kivikangas Ditch, Korpola Ditch, Kyle Ferster-Seely Ditch, Last Chance Ditch, Lateral N, Leimback Ditch, Main Canal, Main Canal, Mason Canal, McDonald Ditch, Mutual Ditch, O'Connor Ditch, Olson Ditch, Olson Ditch, Orchard Canal, Orchard Ditch, Peabody Ditch, Peabody Ditch, Pleasant Valley Canal, Pleasant Valley Ditch, Prosperity-Granite Ditch, Pryde Ditch, River View Ditch, Rock Creek Clear Creek Ditch, Rocky Point Ditch, Rocky Point Ditch, Rooney Ditch, Saarela Ditch, Sabo-Johnson-Curry Ditch, Sand Creek Canal, Sand Creek Extension Ditch, Selleck-Espeland Ditch, Selleck-Scott Ditch, Shorey Ditch, Shupak Ditch, Silver Tip Ditch, Sirrine Ditch, Smith Ditch, Sparr Ditch, Taylor Ditch, Thompson Ditch, Tuck-Crockett Ditch, Tuttle Luther Ditch, Upper Spear Ditch, Ward Ditch, Wentworth Ditch, West Branch Finn Ditch, West Elbow Ditch, White Horse Canal, Wills Ditch, Young-Pickering Ditch, Youst Ditch

  Capes     show all on map

Point of Rocks, Sheridan Point, Towne Point

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Annherer Spring Grave, Bearcreek Cemetery, Belfry Cemetery, Beltz Cemetery, Bodair Grave, Bowler Cemetery, Bridger Cemetery, Burnett Ranch Cemetery, Carbonado Cemetery, Castagne Cemetery, Chance Cemetery, Clear Creek Cemetery, Cow Creek Cemetery, Deadman Creek Grave, Elessens Ranch Grave, Gebo Cemetery, Howell Grave, John Henry Cemetery, Joliet Cemetery, Luoma Ranch Cemetery, Mountain View Cemetery, Red Lodge Cemetery, Roberts Cemetery, Rockvale Cemetery, Roscoe Cemetery, Saint Olaf Cemetery, Sunrise Cemetery, Teeples Ranch Cemetery, Thiel Homestead Cemetery, Tolman Cemetery, Tony Cemetery, Wrangler Ditch Cemetery

  Census     show all on map

Belfry Census Designated Place, Boyd Census Designated Place, Edgar Census Designated Place, Roberts Census Designated Place, Roscoe Census Designated Place, Silesia Census Designated Place

  Churches     show all on map

Adventist Church (historical), Belfry United Methodist Church, Boyd Methodist Episcopal Church, Bridger Baptist Church, Bridger United Methodist Church, Calvary Episcopal Church, Christian Life Assembly of God Church, Church of Christ, Church of the Good Shepherd, Disciples of Christ Christian Church, Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church (historical), Fromberg United Methodist Church, Gateway Baptist Church, Joliet Baptist Church, Joliet Lutheran Church, Joliet Wesleyan Church, Messiah Lutheran Church, Our Saviors Episcopal Church, Red Lodge Alliance Chapel, Red Lodge Baptist Church, Red Lodge Community Church, Roberts United Methodist Church, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Saint Agnes Catholic Church, Saint Johns Catholic Church, Saint Johns Lutheran Church, Saint Josephs Catholic Church, Saint Lukes English Lutheran Church (historical), Saint Olaf Lutheran Church, Saint Pauls Lutheran Church, Saint Thomas Church, Seventh Day Adventist Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

  Cliffs     show all on map

Gramps Bluff, Limestone Palisades, Tony Island

  Dams     show all on map

Bertoline Number 1 Dam, Big Reservoir Dam, Cooney Dam, Depression Detention Dam, Dinsdale Dam, Drum Number 2 Dam, Glacier Lake North Dam, Glacier Lake South Dam, Golden Glenn Number 1 Dam, Langstaff Number 1 Dam, Lester Number 1 Dam, Limberger Dam, Marlew Number 2 Dam, North Fork Red Lodge Reservoir Dam, Schlemmer Number 1 Dam, Shupak Number 1 Dam, Shupak Number 2 Dam, Southside Detention Dam, Thiellis Dam

  Falls     show all on map

Calamity Falls, Charlie Falls, Impasse Falls, Sentinel Falls

  Flats     show all on map

Bowler Flats, Demijohn Flat, Harsten Flat, Quinnebaugh Meadows, Tie Flat, Tolman Flat

  Forests     show all on map

Custer National Forest - Beartooth Division

  Gaps     show all on map

Bobcat Pass, Hatcher Pass, Missouri Cutoff, Sundance Pass

  Glaciers     show all on map

Beartooth Glacier, Castle Rock Glacier, Grasshopper Glacier, Hopper Glacier, Phantom Glacier, Snowbank Glacier, Sundance Glacier

  Hospitals     show all on map

Beartooth Billings Clinic, Carbon County Memorial Nursing Home, Cedar Wood Villa, Clarks Fork Medical Center, Mountain View Medical Center

  Islands     show all on map

Westover Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Abandoned Lake, Albino Lake, Alp Lake, Anchor Lake, Anvil Lake, Arch Lake, Arrowhead Lake, Basin Creek Lake, Bergschrund Lake, Big Butte Lake, Big Park Lake, Black Canyon Lake, Bowback Lake, Broadwater Lake, Burnt Bacon Lake, Cairn Lake, Canyon Lake, Castle Lake, Cladocera Lake, Cloverleaf Lakes, Copeland Lake, Copepod Lake, Cradle Lake, Crazy Lakes, Crescent Lake, Crow Lake, Crystal Lake, Daly Lake, Desolation Lake, Dewey Lake, Diamond Lake, Donelson Lake, Dude Lake, Duggan Lake, East Rosebud Lake, Echo Lake, Elephant Lake, Elk Horn Lake, Elk Lake, Elpestrine Lake, Erratic Lake, Estelle Lake, Falls Creek Lake, Farley Lake, First Rock Lake, Flat Rock Lake, Fossil Lake, Fritter Lake, Frosty Lake, Gallery Lake, Ghost Lake, Glissade Lake, Goat Lake, Golden Lake, Granite Lake, Gravel Lake, Green Lake, Greenough Lake, Hairpin Lake, Hatchet Lake, Heart Lake, Hellroaring Lake, Hellroaring Lakes, Hermit Lake, Hidden Lake, High Pass Lake, Indian Knife Lake, Jasper Lake, Jenny Lake, Jorden Lake, Keyser Brown Lake, Kidney Lake, Kookoo Lake, Lake at Falls, Lake Elaine, Lake Gertrude, Lake Mary, Lake of the Clouds, Lake of the Winds, Lake Susanne, Lake Sylvan, Lennon Lake, Line Lake, Little Scat Lake, Liver Lake, Lost Lake, Lost Lake, Lowary Lake, Lower Arch Lake, Lower Basin Creek Lake, Mariane Lake, Marker Lake, Martin Lake, Martin Lake, Maryott Lake, Medicine Lake, Moon Lake, Navajo Tarn, North Hidden Lake, Nymph Lake, Oly Lake, Omega Lake, Otter Lake, Ouzel Lake, Pat Lake, Picket Lake, Planaria Lake, Pleiades Lakes, Rachel Lake, Rainbow Lake, Red Rock Lakes, Red Storm Lake, Rimrock Lake, Robble Lake, Rock Tree Lake, Russell Lake, Rydberg Lake, Scat Lake, Second Rock Lake, Senal Lake, September Morn Lake, Shadow Lake, Shadow Lake, Sheep Lake, Shelf Lake, Ship Lake, Shrew Lake, Shrimp Lake, Silt Lakes, Silver Run Lakes, Silver Tarn, Sky Pilot Lake, Sliderock Lake, Slough Lake, Smethurst Lake, Snail Lake, Snow Lakes, Snowbank Lake, Snowbank Lake, Snowbank Lake, Spogen Lake, Summerville Lake, Summit Lake, Sundance Lake, Thiel Lake, Throop Lake, Till Lake, Timberline Lake, Trail Lake, Triangle Lake, Triangle Lake, Triskele Lake, Twin Outlets Lake, Two Bits Lake, Varve Lake, Vogel Lake, Wand Lake, Whitcomb Lake, Widewater Lake, Widowed Lake, Wild Bill Lake, Wright Lake, Z Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Amalgamated (historical), Bainbridge Cabin, Baker Cabin, Barrys Landing, Barrys Landing Campground, Basin Campground, Bearcreek (historical), Beartooth Elks Golf and Country Club, Beartooth Grain and Feed Elevator, Beartooth Grain and Feed Elevator, Beartooth Grain and Feed Elevator, Beaver Lodge Fishing Access Site, Becks Alpine Motel Campground, Berwind (historical), Big Ice Cave Campground, Black Diamond Fishing Access Site, Bluewater Fish Hatchery, Bluewater Fish Hatchery Fishing Access Site, Blum (historical), Bots Sots Campground, Bowler (historical), Boyd (historical), Bridger (historical), Bridger Bend Fishing Access Site, Bridger Rest Area, Brown Place, Buena Vista Campground, Bull Springs Fishing Access Site, Burnett Ranch, Busch Agricultural Resources Elevator, Camp Miles, Camp Rotary, Camp Senia, Carbon (historical), Cascade Campground, Castagne, Charles Boggio Ranch, City Park Campground, Coalville (historical), Cooney Campground, Coulee Creek (historical), Crooked Creek Guard Station, Devils Canyon Overlook, Dry Head Vista, Duff (historical), East Bridger, East Rosebud Campground, Edgar, Edgar Elevator, Finnish Hall, Foster (historical), Fox (historical), Fromberg, Golden (historical), Graham Cabin, Greenough Lake Campground, Greenough Lake Recreation Site, Greenough Ranch, Gupton (historical), Heiser (historical), Hendey (historical), Herman Hoiness Ranch, Hilderman (historical), Horsethief Recreation Site, Horsethief Sportsman Access, Hyem Ranch, Inderland Ranch, International (historical), Irgoff Hoiness Ranch, Jennings (historical), Jimmy Joe Campground, Jimmy Joe Recreation Site, Joe Boggio Ranch, John Korpela Ranch, Joliet (historical), Joliet Motel and Trailer Park, Kienitz Ranch, Langstaff Ranch, Layout Creek Ranger Station, Lee Guard Cabin, Limber Pine Campground, Limberpine Recreation Site, Line Creek Forest Service Station, Lions Club Camp, Luoma Ranch, M-K Campground, M-K Recreation Site, Mackay Ranch, Maki Cabin, Mason (historical), McCarthy (historical), Mont Aqua Hot Spring, Mud Spring Cabin, Nelson Campground, Old Dell Ranch, Old Kuhl Ranch, Olivers (historical), Overstreet (historical), Palisades Campground, Parker Cabin, Parkside Campground, Perrys RV Park and Campground, Phillips Ranch, Piney Dell, Ratine Campground, Red Lodge (historical), Red Lodge Creek Guard Station, Red Lodge KOA Kampground, Red Lodge Mountain Golf Course, Red Lodge Mountain Ski Area, Red Lodge Ranger Station, Reserve (historical), Richel Lodge (historical), Roberts (historical), Roberts Rest Area, Rock Creek Ranger Station, Rockcreek Campground, Rockvale (historical), Rocky Crossing (historical), Sage Creek Campground, Sage Creek Ranger Station, Sand Dune Recreation Site, Schwend Ranch, Scribner Junction (historical), Sheridan Campground, Shupak (historical), Sigel Farm, Silesia, Simpson Ranch, Smith (historical), T O Bar Ranch, Teepee Rings, Tillett Ranch, Timbercrest, Tyndell (historical), Walrath Grain Elevator (historical), Warren, Washoe (historical), Water Birch Fishing Access Site, Wild Bill Lake Campground, Yellowstone-Bighorn Research Camp, Youngstrom Ranch

  Mines     show all on map

Brophy Mine, Burns Mine, Carbonado Mine, CM and M Pit, Dandy Mine, Edsel Mine, Foster Mine, Gallon Jug Mine, Grove Creek Mine, Lisbon Mine, Marie Mine, Marie Mine, Old Glory Mine, Roberts Incline Mine, Sandra Mine, Smith Mine, SW SW Section 4 Mine, Swamp Frog Mine, Swamp Frog Mine, The Dandy Mine, Wild Horse Mine, Willow Creek Number 1 Mine

  Oilfields     show all on map

Elk Basin Oil Field

  Parks     show all on map

Beartooth Nature Center, Bridger City Park, Coal Miners Memorial Park, Cooney Reservoir State Park, Depot Park, Field School Park, Finntown Park, Fromberg City Park, Jim Bridger Mountain Man Historical Marker, Jim Bridger Park, Joliet City Park, Liver-Eating Johnston Park, Memorial Park, Pride Park, Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range, Pryor Mountains Historical Marker, Red Lodge Country Historical Marker, Rock Creek Park, Smith Mine Disaster Historical Marker, Swimming Pool Park, Visitors Center Park

  Pillars     show all on map

Castle Rock Spire

  Plains     show all on map

East Rosebud Plateau, Hellroaring Plateau, Line Creek Plateau, Red Lodge Creek Plateau, Silver Run Plateau

  Populated Places     show all on map

Alex Boggio Place, Alpine, Bearcreek, Belfry, Berts Trailer Court, Bowler, Boyd, Bridger, Caledonia (historical), Chance, Cherry Springs (historical), Coalville (historical), Dryhead (historical), Eagle (historical), Edgar, Fox, Fromberg, George Place, George Place (historical), Golden (historical), Hillsboro, Joliet, Linley (historical), Luther, Montaqua, Mount Aqua Trailer Court, Mountain View Trailer Court, Peterson Place, Rankin Place, Red Lodge, Richel Lodge, Roberts, Robinsons Trailer Park, Rockvale, Rocky Mountain Pipe Mobile Home Court, Roscoe, Scotch Coulee (historical), Selmes, Silesia, Simpkins Place, Stones Trailer Park, Wade, Warren, Washoe

  Post Offices     show all on map

Alpine Post Office (historical), Bean Post Office (historical), Bearcreek Post Office, Belfry Post Office, Bowler Post Office (historical), Boyd Post Office, Boyd Post Office (historical), Bridger Post Office, Carbonado Post Office (historical), Castagne Post Office (historical), Chance Post Office (historical), Coalville Post Office (historical), Cummings Post Office (historical), Dilworth Post Office (historical), Dryhead Post Office (historical), Edgar Post Office, Ewing Post Office (historical), Fairbanks Post Office (historical), Fromberg Post Office, Golden Post Office (historical), Hillsboro Post Office (historical), Joliet Post Office, Luther Post Office (historical), Musgrave Post Office (historical), Red Lodge Post Office, Riverview Post Office (historical), Roberts Post Office, Rockvale Post Office (historical), Roscoe Post Office, Shriver Post Office (historical), Silesia Post Office (historical), Warren Post Office (historical), Washoe Post Office (historical)

  Ranges     show all on map

Pryor Mountains

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Adams Reservoir, Bidstrip Reservoir, Cooney Reservoir, Cooney Reservoir, Depression Reservoir, Glacier Lake, Glacier Lake, Hunters Reservoir, Jones Reservoir, Monroe Reservoir, Shupak Ponds, V O Reservoir

  Ridges     show all on map

Bears Tooth, Cave Ridge, Commissary Ridge, Island Ridge, Tillet Ridge, Two Bear Ridge

  Schools     show all on map

Bailey School (historical), Bearcreek School (historical), Belfry Public Schools, Bluewater School (historical), Bostic School (historical), Bowler School (historical), Boyd School, Bridger Public Schools, Butcher Creek School (historical), Carbonado School (historical), Central School (historical), Chance School (historical), Cherry Springs School (historical), Clear Creek School (historical), Cole Creek School (historical), Cow Creek School (historical), Dell School (historical), Draper School (historical), Dry Creek School (historical), Dry Head School (historical), Edgar Elementary School, Elbow School (historical), Field School (historical), Five Mile School (historical), Four Buttes School (historical), Fox School (historical), Fromberg Public Schools, Golden School (historical), Hogan School (historical), Jackson Elementary School, Joliet Public Schools, Lincoln School (historical), Lone Tree School (historical), Loyning School (historical), Luther Elementary School, Monahan School (historical), Mountain View Elementary School, New Prospect School (historical), North Willow Creek School (historical), Plainview School (historical), Plummer School (historical), Pryor Mountain School (historical), Red Lodge High School, Riverview School (historical), Roberts Public Schools, Rockvale School (historical), Roosevelt School, Roscoe School (historical), Round Butte School (historical), Rudd School (historical), Saint Agnes School (historical), Sand Creek School (historical), Selmes School (historical), Shane Ridge School (historical), Silesia School (historical), South Side Public School (historical), South Willow Creek (historical), Stewart School (historical), Sunny Nook School (historical), Sunnyside School (historical), Tolman School (historical), Tony School (historical), Towne School (historical), Tucker School (historical), Upper Cottonwood School (historical), Victory School (historical), Volney Creek School (historical), Wade School (historical), Warren School (historical), Washoe School (historical), Weast School (historical), White Horse School (historical), Wilsey School (historical), Wilson School (historical)

  Springs     show all on map

06S24E03CC__01 Spring, 06S24E04DD__02 Spring, 06S24E09AA__01 Spring, 06S24E09AA__02 Spring, 06S24E09AC__01 Spring, 06S24E09AC__02 Spring, 06S24E09AC__03 Spring, 06S24E09AD__01 Spring, 06S24E09AD__02 Spring, 06S24E09BCAA01 Spring, 06S24E09BD__01 Spring, 06S24E09BD__02 Spring, 06S24E09CD__01 Spring, 06S24E09DC__01 Spring, 06S24E15BD__01 Spring, 06S24E15CA__01 Spring, 06S24E15DB__01 Spring, 06S24E16AB__01 Spring, 06S24E16BD__01 Spring, 06S24E22CA__01 Spring, 06S24E27AB__01 Spring, Angus Spring, Annerer Spring, Bachelder Spring, Bear Spring, Bent Spring, Big Bluewater Spring, Bluewater Spring, Chappel Spring, Cherry Spring, Cherry Springs, Corner Spring, Indian Spring, Ingram Spring, Petes Spring, Poison Spring, Prewett Spring, Roberts Spring, Teeples Spring, Three Corner Spring, Tony Island Spring, Trappers Cabin Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Antelope Creek, Arch Creek, Armstrong Creek, Barlow Creek, Basin Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Creek, Bellion Creek, Blacktail Creek, Bluewater Creek, Bridger Creek, Bull Creek, Burnt Fork Creek, Butcher Creek, Butte Creek, Cascade Creek, Cave Creek, Cedar Creek, Chan Creek, Chapman Creek, Chappel Creek, Cherry Creek, Cherry Spring Creek, Chimney Creek, Clabber Creek, Clear Creek, Cole Creek, Cole Creek, Commissary Creek, Corral Creek, Cottonwood Coulee, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cow Creek, Cow Creek, Crooked Creek, Cub Creek, Cyclone Creek, Davis Creek, Deadman Creek, Deer Creek, Dilworth Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dutch Creek, East Fork Butcher Creek, East Fork Dryhead Creek, East Fork West Red Lodge Creek, East Red Lodge Creek, East Rosebud Creek, Elbow Creek, Ellis Creek, Falls Creek, Farewell Creek, Five Mile Creek, Fivemile Creek, Fivemile Creek, Frosty Jack Creek, Gold Creek, Granite Creek, Grass Creek, Grove Creek, Grove Creek, Gypsum Creek, Harney Creek, Heifer Creek, Hellroaring Creek, Hellroaring Creek, Hemingway Creek, Hogan Creek, Hot Dance Creek, Hunt Creek, Hunters Creek, Ingles Creek, Jack Creek, Knowlton Creek, Lake Creek, Lake Fork, Layout Creek, Line Creek, Little Cottonwood Creek, Lone Tree Creek, Long Coulee, Lost Picket Creek, Lost Water Creek, Maurice Creek, Middle Fork Fivemile Creek, Misery Creek, Morris Creek, Nichols Creek, North Fork Bluewater Creek, North Fork Bridger Creek, North Fork Deadman Creek, North Fork Dry Creek, North Fork Fivemile Creek, North Fork Grove Creek, North Fork Sage Creek, North Fork Sand Creek, North Fork Trail Creek, North Line Creek, Piney Creek, Plateau Creek, Powers Creek, Punch Bowl Creek, Quad Creek, Ratine Creek, Red Lodge Creek, Rock Creek, Rosetta Creek, Ruby Creek, Rushwater Creek, Rye Grass Creek, Sage Creek, Sand Creek, Seeley Creek, Senia Creek, Sheep Creek, Sheridan Creek, Sierra Creek, Silver Falls Creek, Silver Run Creek, Silver Tip Creek, Skunk Creek, Snow Creek, Snow Creek, South Fork Beaver Creek, South Fork Bluewater Creek, South Fork Bridger Creek, South Fork Deadman Creek, South Fork Dry Creek, South Fork Grove Creek, South Fork Trail Creek, Spread Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Stanley Creek, Templeton Creek, Thiel Creek, Timberline Creek, Twin Creek, Two Bear Creek, Underwood Creek, Volney Creek, Wallila Coulee, Washoe Creek, West Antelope Creek, West Fork Butcher Creek, West Fork Rock Creek, West Fork Volney Creek, West Red Lodge Creek, Whirlpool Creek, Willow Creek, Wolf Creek, Wolf Creek, Wyoming Creek, Wyoming Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Bald Knob, Bar Hill, Bare Mountain, Barrys Island, Beartooth Mountain, Big Pryor Mountain, Black Butte, Black Butte, Black Pyramid Mountain, Blanchard Butte, Bowback Mountain, Burnt Mountain, Butcher Mountain, Castle Mountain, Castle Rock Mountain, Church Hill, Crazy Mountain, Crow Mountain, Deer Mountain, East Pryor Mountain, Elk Mountain, Grass Mountain, Grizzly Peak, Harris Hill, Lonesome Mountain, Maurice Mount, Medicine Mountain, Metcalf Mountain, Mount Dewey, Mount Inabnit, Mount Lockhart, Mount Peal, Mount Rearguard, Mount Rosebud, Nichols Peak, Penney Peak, Pika Peak, Red Pryor Mountain, Rock Island Butte, Round Butte, Schwend Hill, Sheep Mountain, Shepard Mountain, Silver Run Peak, Snowbank Mountain, Spirit Mountain, Stormitt Butte, Summit Mountain, Sundance Mountain, Sylvan Peak, Tempest Mountain, The Big Slide, Three Sisters, Thunder Mountain, Tolman Mountain, Tolman Point, Wapiti Mountain, Whitetail Peak, Yellow Hill, Youngs Point

  Towers     show all on map

KAFM-FM (Red Lodge), KAFM-FM (Red Lodge), KRBN-AM (Red Lodge)

  Trails     show all on map

Auto Bahn Ski Trail, Barriers Ski Trail, Bear Paw Ski Trail, Bent Trail, Berrys Ski Trail, Big Bear Gulch Ski Trail, Big Silver Ski Trail, Bigfoot Ski Trail, Black Powder Ski Trail, Bobcat Ski Trail, Boomerang Ski Trail, Buckin Chute Ski Trail, Burnt Ridge Trail, Cariboo Ski Trail, Chicken Ski Trail, Coal Chute Ski Trail, Columbine Ski Trail, Custer National Forest Trail, Drainage Ski Trail, Drifter Ski Trail, East Parks Ski Trail, East Side Mine Ski Trail, Easy Street Ski Trail, Face of M Ski Trail, First Street Ski Trail, Flintlock Ski Trail, Graham Trail, Hancock Ski Trail, Headwaters Ski Trail, Hellroaring Ski Trail, Intimidation Ski Trail, Jones Park Ski Trail, King Trail, Latigo Ski Trail, Lazy M Ski Trail, Little Forest Ski Trail, Little Silver Ski Trail, Little Tree Ski Trail, Lobo Ski Trail, Lodge Pole Ski Trail, Lodge Ski Trail, Lower Barriers Ski Trail, Lower Continental Ski Trail, Lower Limited Ski Trail, Lower Miami Beach Ski Trail, Lower Royals Ski Trail, Lynns Run Ski Trail, Meeteetse Ski Trail, Miami Beach Ski Trail, Midway Express Access Ski Trail, Miller Trail, North Forty Ski Trail, Paradise Ski Trail, Penwells Ski Trail, Pine Ridge Ski Trail, Piney Creek Trail, Second Street Ski Trail, Show Off Alley Ski Trail, Sidesaddle Ski Trail, Silver Ski Trail, Sluice Box Ski Trail, Stockman Trail, The Kitchen Ski Trail, The Ridge Ski Trail, Third Street Ski Trail, Thompsons Ski Trail, Tipi Ski Trail, True Grit Ski Trail, Turnpike Ski Trail, Upper Continental Ski Trail, Upper Limited Ski Trail, West Parks Ski Trail, West Side Mine Ski Trail, Widow Maker Ski Trail, Winchester Ski Trail

  Valleys     show all on map

Bachelder Canyon, Bear Canyon, Big Coulee, Big Sand Coulee, Black Canyon, Black Canyon, Booz Canyon, Bridge Hollow, Burnt Timber Canyon, Castle Coulee, Cave Canyon, Chain Canyon, Cottonwood Coulee, Demijohn Hollow, Dry Coulee, Foster Gulch, Gooseberry Hollow, Hakel Gulch, Haywood Gulch, Hollenbeck Draw, Howell Gulch, Inferno Canyon, King Canyon, Larkin Coulee, Little Cottonwood Draw, Long Draw, Lost Water Canyon, McCarty Gulch, Mill Draw, Mill Hollow, Peck Gulch, Petes Canyon, Petroglyph Canyon, Robertson Draw, Sand Coulee, Schroeder Gulch, Scotch Coulee, Snake Gulch, Stevens Draw, Tibbs Hollow, Tiger Gulch, Timber Canyon, Towne Gulch, Virtue Gulch, Wassin Canyon, Water Canyon, Weatherman Draw, Williams Draw, Wolf Canyon, Woods Gulch

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03S21E35BACA01 Well, 03S22E02CADB01 Well, 03S22E21BADD01 Well, 03S23E13DBBD01 Well, 03S23E23DAAA01 Well, 03S23E23DCAB01 Well, 03S23E24DACA01 Well, 03S23E26DACC01 Well, 03S23E26DCCA01 Well, 03S23E31BABA01 Well, 03S23E36CAAA01 Well, 03S24E06DACC01 Well, 03S24E06DDAA01 Well, 03S24E06DDCD01 Well, 03S24E07AAAB01 Well, 03S24E07CBBA01 Well, 03S24E08BBBA01 Well, 03S24E08BBBA02 Well, 03S24E18CDAC01 Well, 04S20E26CDDC01 Well, 04S20E36BBBB01 Well, 04S22E10DDAC01 Well, 04S22E17CBBA01 Well, 04S22E18ADCA01 Well, 04S22E24CCDC01 Well, 04S22E25CABA01 Well, 04S22E28BBDD01 Well, 04S23E01BACC01 Well, 04S23E03BCDA01 Well, 04S23E08AA__01 Well, 04S23E09BCBC01 Well, 04S23E11CBBC01 Well, 04S23E13CCAA01 Well, 04S23E13CDAD01 Well, 04S23E18ADCD01 Well, 04S23E22DCBB01 Well, 04S23E23CBBB01 Well, 04S23E23CDDD01 Well, 04S23E25BCDC01 Well, 04S23E27CBCB01 Well, 04S23E27DADA01 Well, 04S23E29CCCB01 Well, 04S23E31ADCD01 Well, 04S23E32BBCD01 Well, 04S23E33BAAD01 Well, 04S23E33CACD01 Well, 04S23E35CACD01 Well, 05S19E24ADAB01 Well, 05S20E05DADB01 Well, 05S20E33ACBC01 Well, 05S21E01CDAA01 Well, 05S21E05BDDC01 Well, 05S21E14BBCA01 Well, 05S21E29DBCB01 Well, 05S22E03BADB01 Well, 05S23E03AABA01 Well, 05S23E04ADDA01 Well, 05S23E09AABD01 Well, 05S23E10AABB01 Well, 05S23E16DDCC01 Well, 05S23E17DCCA01 Well, 05S23E20DAAD01 Well, 05S23E22BCBC01 Well, 05S23E28ADAD01 Well, 05S23E31ACAD01 Well, 05S23E32DABC01 Well, 05S23E32DABC02 Well, 05S23E33BBBB01 Well, 05S25E18BDCB01 Well, 06S18E04AADA01 Well, 06S18E13CBAD01 Well, 06S19E34BBCC01 Well, 06S20E07BCCB01 Well, 06S22E01CDBD01 Well, 06S22E13BDAB01 Well, 06S23E03BACA01 Well, 06S23E04CADC01 Well, 06S23E08DBBD01 Well, 06S23E08DBBD02 Well, 06S23E08DBCA01 Well, 06S23E08DBDB01 Well, 06S23E09ABAB01 Well, 06S23E09CDAD01 Well, 06S23E09CDCC01 Well, 06S23E09CDCD01 Well, 06S23E09CDDA01 Well, 06S23E09CDDC01 Well, 06S23E16DDDC01 Well, 06S23E20CADA01 Well, 06S23E20DBDC01 Well, 06S23E21DBCD01 Well, 06S23E22AAAB01 Well, 06S23E27DBBA01 Well, 06S23E33ADCA01 Well, 06S23E33DBBB01 Well, 06S23E34DAAC01 Well, 06S23E34DABD01 Well, 06S23E35BBCC01 Well, 06S24E04DDBA01 Well, 06S24E04DD__01 Well, 06S24E10DCDD01 Well, 07S20E02CCAD01 Well, 07S21E06CAAA01 Well, 07S21E15BACD01 Well, 07S22E23DDBB01 Well, 07S22E25DDAD01 Well, 07S22E26DDDD01 Well, 07S23E03BDCA01 Well, 07S23E05ACCC01 Well, 07S23E05CBBA01 Well, 07S23E05DDAA01 Well, 07S23E06CDAA01 Well, 07S23E08CACB01 Well, 07S23E10DBBD01 Well, 07S23E15ABCD01 Well, 07S23E18ABDD01 Well, 07S23E19AACC01 Well, 07S23E29BBBB01 Well, 07S23E34ABCA01 Well, 07S24E20ADCD01 Well, 07S24E25AAAA01 Well, 07S25E23CABB01 Well, 07S25E28AAA_01 Well, 08S22E01ADAA01 Well, 08S22E01CCDC01 Well, 08S22E02BACC01 Well, 08S22E11CDCC01 Well, 08S22E15ADBC01 Well, 08S22E23DCCC01 Well, 08S22E27ACCC01 Well, 08S22E28DDAD01 Well, 08S22E32DDAD01 Well, 08S22E34CCCB01 Well, 08S23E11DCAD01 Well, 08S25E04CCC_01 Well, 08S25E06DCDC01 Well, 08S25E25AACB01 Well, 09S22E05DBBC01 Well, 09S22E17ACCD01 Well, 09S22E19ADBD01 Well, 09S22E20CDCD01 Well, 09S22E30BADD01 Well, 09S22E31ADAA01 Well, 09S23E18BBDA01 Well, 09S25E13DAAD01 Well, 09S25E23ABCD01 Well, 09S25E33DDDD01 Well, 09S25E34CCCC01 Well, 09S26E09DACB01 Well, 09S26E15CAAC01 Well, 09S26E20DDCC01 Well, Blue Wash Well, Hard Luck Well, High Well, Higham Well, McKnown Well, Red Water Well, Ruckavina Well Number One, Ruckavina Well Number Three, Ruckavina Well Number Two,

Carbon County, Montana Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteCarbon County White population 9,8269,825  
MixedCarbon County Mixed population 101101
BlackCarbon County Black population 5150
AsianCarbon County Asian population 4040
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderCarbon County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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