Custer County, Montana Basics:

Custer County Montana - Government Site

Population: 11,867
Area: 3783 square miles
County seat: Miles City
Area code(s) in use: 406
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 91.1%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 20.1%
Median household income: $43,232
Persons in poverty: 15.2%
Home ownership rate: 67.1%
Mean travel time to work: 14.7 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Carter  Fallon  Garfield  Powder River  Prairie  Rosebud  

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Map of the Custer County area

Our detail map of Custer County shows the Custer County, Montana boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Custer County, Montana

  Airports     show all on map

Frank Wiley Field Airport, Sunday Creek Airpark

  Bridges     show all on map

Cottonwood Creek Bridge, Fort Keogh Bridge, Kinsey Bridge, Kircher Creek Bridge, Locate Creek Bridge, Mason Creek Bridge, North Fork of Sunday Creek Bridge, Paragon Bridge, Powder River Bridge, Powder River Bridge, Tongue River Bridge

  Buildings     show all on map

Big Sky Dorm, Centra Gym Complex, Custer County Courthouse, Custer County Rural Volunteer Fire Company Kinsey, Custer County Rural Volunteer Fire Company Miles City, Custer County Sheriff's Office, Ismay Rural Volunteer Fire Company, Miles City Fire Rescue, Miles City Police Department, Miles City Public Library, Montana Highway Patrol District V Miles City Office, Range Riders Museum, Southeastern Montana Research Library

  Canals     show all on map

Kinsey Highline Canal, Kinsey Lower Canal, Kinsey Main Canal, Kinsey Main Canal, Kinsey Middle Canal, S H Ditch, Shirley Main Canal, Tongue and Yellowstone River Irrigation District Canal

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Calvary Cemetery, Cottonwood Cemetery, Custer County Cemetery, Fort Keogh Cemetery (historical), Ismay Cemetery, Knowlton Cemetery, Pine Crest Cemetery, Pine Hills School Cemetery

  Churches     show all on map

Assembly of God Church, Bethel Baptist Church (historical), Christian and Missionary Alliance of Miles City, Church of Christ, Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Faith Lutheran Church, Fellowship Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Christian Church, First Lutheran Church, First Presbyterian Church, First United Methodist Church, Grace Bible Church, Grace Community Church, Highland Park Congregational United Church of Christ, Jehovah's Witnesses, Kinsey Association of Churches Protestant Community Church, Living Way Fellowship Church, Miles City Wesleyan Church, Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church, Seventh Day Adventist Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Trinity Lutheran Church, Valley Drive Baptist Church, Veterans Administration Medical Center Chapel, Word of Life Fellowship Church

  Crossings     show all on map

Interchange 126, Interchange 128, Interchange 135, Interchange 138, Interchange 141, Interchange 148, Interchange 159

  Dams     show all on map

A J Barta Number 1 Dam, A J Barta Number 2 Dam, Allan Number 2 Dam, Allen Number 5 Dam, Ash Number 1 Dam, B-6 Number 4 Dam, Balsam Number 1 Dam, Balsam Number 3 Dam, Balsam Number 4 Dam, Balsam Number 6 Dam, Beardsley Number 1 Dam, Beardsley Number 6 Dam, Beardsley Number 7 Dam, Bixler Number 2 Dam, Bixler Number 5 Dam, Branum Lake Dam, Brewer Number 2 Dam, Brewer Number 3 Dam, Buddle Number 1 Dam, Bumguartner Dam, Cap Rock Number 1 Dam, Cap Rock Number 4 Dam, Cattle Dam, Chezum Number 1 Dam, Christensen Number 3 Dam, Christensen Number 6 Dam, Christensen Number 8 Dam, Clark Dam, Coal Creek Dam Number 1, Coal Creek Number 2 Dam, Colvin Number 2 Dam, Cotton Dam, Crowbar Dam, Diamond Number 1 Dam, Doran Dam, Doran Number 1 Dam, E Hardy Number 2 Dam, E Hardy Number 4 Dam, Failing Number 3 Dam, Failing Number 4 Dam, Failings Number 2 Dam, Failings Number 5 Dam, Forest Creek Dam, Fortune Number 2 Dam, Fortune Number 3 Dam, Fortune Number 5 Dam, Fortune Number 9 Dam, Fox Dam, Fox Number 1 Dam, Fox Number 3 Dam, Fox Number 4 Dam, Fox Number 5 Dam, French Number 1 Dam, French Number 10 Dam, French Number 11 Dam, French Number 12 Dam, French Number 18 Dam, French Number 2 Dam, French Number 5 Dam, French Number 8 Dam, French Number 9 Dam, Glasscock Number 1 Dam, Glasscock Number 2 Dam, Goodale Number 2 Dam, Gray Number 1 Dam, Gray Number 2 Dam, Gray Number 3 Dam, Griffin Dam, Griffin Number 2 Dam, Grimes Dam, Gumbo Number 3 Dam, Gumbo Number 4 Dam, H M Scott Number 1 Dam, H M Scott Number 2 Dam, Hall Dam, Hamlick Reservoir Dam, Hanson Number 1 Dam, Harding Number 1 Dam, Harding Number 2 Dam, Haughan Number 2 Dam, Haughian Number 10 Dam, Haughian Number 12 Dam, Haughian Number 15 Dam, Haughian Number 16 Dam, Haughian Number 5 Dam, Heckmiller Number 1 Dam, Herzog Number 1 Dam, Herzog Number 2 Dam, Herzog Number 3 Dam, Hirsch Number 1 Dam, Hogan Number 2 Dam, Hook Number 2 Dam, Hooky Dam, J Hardy Number 1 Dam, J Hardy Number 2 Dam, Jones Dam, Jones Number 1 Dam, Jones Number 4 Dam, Kountz Dam, Kountz Number 2 Dam, L and L Dam, L Krutzfeldt Number 1 Dam, L Krutzfeldt Number 2 Dam, L Krutzfeldt Number 5 Dam, L Krutzfeldt Number 6 Dam, Larson Number 2 Dam, Larson Number 3 Dam, Lazy S Number 2 Dam, Leidholt Reservoir Dam, Leland Number 1 Dam, Lockie Number 1 Dam, Lockie Number 10 Dam, Lockie Number 2 Dam, Lockie Number 3 Dam, Lockie Number 4 Dam, Lockie Number 5 Dam, Lockie Number 6 Dam, Lockie Number 7 Dam, Lockie Number 8 Dam, Love Dam, M Hardy Number 3 Dam, Mather Number 2 Dam, Mathers Dam, McLean Number 1 Dam, Miles City Sewage Disposal Pond Number 1 Dam, Miles City Sewage Disposal Pond Number 2 Dam, Miles City Sewage Disposal Pond Number 3 Dam, Mitvalsky Number 1 Dam, Moffitt Number 1 Dam, Moffitt Number 2 Dam, Monarch Number 3 Dam, Moore Number 2 Dam, Moore Number 7 Dam, Muri Number 4 Dam, Murray Number 1 Dam, N P Number 3 Dam, Nefsy Number 1 Dam, Nefsy Number 2 Dam, Nefsy Number 4 Dam, Nichols Dam, Noble Dam, Odegard Number 2 Dam, Ogdahl Number 3 Dam, Peila Number 1 Dam, Perkins Dam, Physic Creek Dam, Pine Hills Dam, Powell Number 1 Dam, Powell Number 2 Dam, Rafferty Number 1 Dam, Rafferty Number 2 Dam, Rafferty Number 3 Dam, Rafferty Number 4 Dam, Rafferty Number 5 Dam, Reed Number 4 Dam, Reed Number 5 Dam, Reichert Number 1 Dam, Robinson Number 1 Dam, Robinson Number 2 Dam, Robinson Number 3 Dam, Robinson Number 4 Dam, Robinson Number 6 Dam, Robinson Number 7 Dam, Robinson Number 8 Dam, Robinson Number 9 Dam, Rodgers Dam, Rogers Number 2 Dam, Ronning Number 1 Dam, Scott Number 2 Dam, Severson Number 2 Dam, Severson Number 3 Dam, Shipleys Dam, Smith Dam, Solgren Dam, Stiles Number 1 Dam, Sundial Dam, Swede Dam, T-Diamond Number 1 Dam, Todd Number 1 Dam, Tonn Number 2 Dam, Tonn Number 3 Dam, Tonn Number 4 Dam, Tonn Number 7 Dam, Venn Number 1 Dam, Venn Number 4 Dam, Venn Number 7 Dam, Venn Number 8 Dam, Venn Number 9 Dam, W E Scott Number 1 Dam, W Krutzfeldt Number 1 Dam, W Krutzfeldt Number 2 Dam, W Krutzfeldt Number 3 Dam, W Krutzfeldt Number 4 Dam, Watts Number 1 Dam, Whitetail Dam, Witcher Dam, Woodard Number 4 Dam, Young Number 1 Dam

  Hospitals     show all on map

Beartooth Hospital and Health Center (historical), Eastern Montana Cancer Center, Eastern Montana Community Mental Health Center, Friendship Villa Care Center, Garberson Eye Clinic, Holy Rosary Healthcare, Miles City Vision Clinic, Stanley Chiropractic Center, Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Yellowstone Valley Youth Clinic

  Islands     show all on map

Pirogue Island

  Lakes     show all on map

Cook Lake, Scanlan Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Allen Ranch, Balsam Ranch, Bear Jaw Windmill, Big Sky Camp and RV Park, Bonfield Fishing Access Site, Bradshaw Ranch, Branum Lake Campground and Picnic Area, Campbell Ranch, Canyon Springs (historical), Clarence (historical), Clermont (historical), Eastern Montana Fairground, Fort Keogh (historical), Fort Keogh Livestock and Range Research Station, Gilman Ranch, Gray Dutch Inn (historical), Holts (historical), Horton, Ismay, Ismay Grain Company Elevator, Kinsey (historical), Kinsey Bridge Fishing Access Site, Kinsey Number 2 Pumping Station, Kohones Ranch, Lignite (historical), Locate, Locate Rest Area, Mather Brothers Ranch, Miles City, Miles City Fish Hatchery, Miles City KOA Campground, Miles City Plaza Shopping Center, Miles City Town and Country Club, Murn, O'Fallon Station (historical), Owens (historical), Peavey Grain Company Elevator, Pope (historical), Roche Jaune Fishing Access Site, Sheffield (historical), Shirley, Spring Creek (historical), Stone Shack (historical), Sunset Drive-In (historical), Sunshine Camp, Tusler, Twelve Mile Dam Fishing Access Site, Venn Ranch, Woodruff Park

  Military     show all on map

Fort Keogh (historical), Miles City Air Force Station (historical)

  Parks     show all on map

After the Roundup Historical Marker, Bender Park, Denton Field, George Park, Pirogue Island State Park, Powder River Historical Marker, Pumping Plant Park, Riverside Park, Spotted Eagle Recreation Area, Strawberry Hill Recreation Area, Tedesco Park, Tongue River Historical Marker, Triangle Park, Wibaux Park, Wild Rose Park

  Populated Places     show all on map

Beebe, Bonfield, Carbon Hill Trailer Court, Cope Trailer Park, Cutler (historical), Etna (historical), Foundation (historical), Garland, Green Star Trailer Court, Hilcrest (historical), Horton, Ismay, Kimball (historical), Kinsey, Knowlton, Miles City, Mizpah, Moon Creek (historical), Oneill (historical), Paragon, Sadie (historical), Sheffield, Shirley, Smiths Trailer Court, Tusler, Ulmer, Valley Drive Mobile Home Park, Volborg, Westwood Estates

  Post Offices     show all on map

Ainslie Post Office (historical), Beebe Post Office (historical), Boyle Post Office (historical), Crabtree Post Office (historical), Cutler Post Office (historical), Dama Post Office (historical), Dickson Post Office (historical), Discord Post Office (historical), Dragseth Post Office (historical), Etna Post Office (historical), Ford Post Office (historical), Fort Keogh Post Office (historical), Foundation Post Office (historical), Garland Post Office (historical), Hillcrest Post Office (historical), Horton Post Office (historical), Hotchkiss Post Office (historical), Ismay Post Office, Kimball Post Office (historical), Kinsey Post Office, Knowlton Post Office (historical), Locate Post Office (historical), Maxwell Post Office (historical), Meredith Post Office (historical), Miles City Post Office, Mizpah Post Office (historical), Moon Creek Post Office (historical), Oneill Post Office (historical), Sadie Post Office (historical), Savage Post Office (historical), Sheffield Post Office (historical), Shirley Post Office (historical), Stone Shack Post Office (historical), Tusler Post Office (historical), Volborg Post Office

  Ranges     show all on map

The Pine Hills

  Rapidss     show all on map

Buffalo Rapids, Dixons Rapids

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Branum Lake, Corral Creek Reservoir, Dead Cow Reservoir, Hall Reservoir, Hamlick Reservoir, Jones Reservoir, Love Reservoir, McFarland Reservoir, Morgan Creek Reservoir, Noble Reservoir, Noble Reservoir, Physic Creek Reservoir, Pine Hill Reservoir, Shoemaker, Spotted Eagle Lake, Tepee Butte Reservoir, Willie Reservoir, Witcher Reservoir

  Ridges     show all on map

Jack Creek Divide

  Schools     show all on map

Allen School (historical), Ash Creek School (historical), Burt School (historical), Calabar School (historical), Cap Rock School (historical), Carey-Malone School (historical), Cottonwood School, Custer County High School, Denny School (historical), Douglas School (historical), Fairview School (historical), Finley Creek School (historical), Five Mile School (historical), Foree School (historical), Foster Creek School, Garfield School, Garland School (historical), Hartwick School (historical), Highland Park School, Horse Creek School (historical), Hunt School (historical), Jefferson School, Kinsey School, Kircher School, Knowlton School, L O School (historical), Lay Creek School (historical), Liberty School (historical), Lincoln School, Locate School, Mann School (historical), Meadowbrook School, Meredith School (historical), Miles Community College, Millison School (historical), Mizpah School (historical), Monta School (historical), Moon Creek School, Pine Hills School for Boys, Pinehill School (historical), Pleasant Hill School (historical), Ranch Creek School (historical), Riverview School (historical), Roosevelt School, Rose School (historical), S H School, S Y School, Sacred Heart School, Shirley School (historical), Sisson School (historical), Spring Creek School, Sutherland School (historical), Trail Creek School, Tusler School (historical), Twin Buttes School, Washington Middle School, Whitney Creek School (historical)

  Springs     show all on map

Bathtub Spring, Bircher Springs, Chimney Springs, Clevenger Spring, Coal Bank Spring, Drennin Spring, Fallon Spring, Fessler Springs, Finn Springs, Foundation Spring, Hunter Creek Spring, Ice Cave Spring, Knob Spring, Log Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Alice Creek, Alkali Creek, Alkali Creek, Alkali Creek, Anderson Creek, Archdale Creek, Ash Creek, Ash Creek, Ash Creek, Ash Creek, Bachelor Creek, Basin Creek, Bear Jaw Creek, Bensley Creek, Bert Creek, Betz Creek, Big Bobcat Creek, Big Tepee Creek, Blacktail Creek, Bow and Arrow Creek, Bridge Creek, Bridge Creek, Bridge Creek, Broughton Creek, Brown Creek, Buck Creek, Butte Creek, Butterfly Creek, Cabin Creek, Cabin Creek, Cabin Creek, Cedar Canyon Creek, Cedar Creek, Cedar Creek, Charlie Creek, Cheever Creek, Cherry Creek, Chimney Creek, Chinnick Creek, Circle L Creek, Coal Creek, Coal Creek, Coal Creek, Coal Creek, Coalbank Creek, Coon Creek, Corral Creek, Corral Creek, Corral Creek, Corral Creek, Cotton Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cow Creek, Cow Creek, Cowles Creek, Cox Creek, Crooked Creek, Cross Creek, Dawson Creek, Dead Horse Creek, Dead Horse Creek, Deadman Creek, Deep Creek, Deep Creek, Deep Creek, Deep Creek, Deep Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Creek, Devils Hole Creek, Diamond Creek, Dixon Creek, Doat Creek, Double Corral Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek, E-2 Creek, East Fork Ash Creek, East Fork Mill Creek, East Fork Moon Creek, East Forty Creek, East Jones Creek, Elk Creek, Elmhurst Creek, Fessler Creek, Finley Creek, Fire Creek, First Creek, First Creek, First Creek, Fivemile Creek, Flat Butte Creek, Forest Creek, Forty Creek, Fortyfour Creek, Foster Creek, Fourmile Creek, Fourth Creek, Foxey Creek, Freddie Creek, Geddes Creek, Grimes Creek, Grimes Creek, Haddow Creek, Harris Creek, Harris Creek, Hay Creek, Hay Creek, Hay Creek, Hay Creek, Hay Creek, Hercules Creek, Hogan Creek, Holmes Creek, Home Creek, Horse Creek, Horse Creek, Horse Creek, Horse Creek, Horse Creek, House Creek, Iron Teeth Woman Creek, Jack Creek, Jack Creek, Jandell Creek, Jim Creek, Johnson Creek, Jones Creek, Kelly Creek, Kelsey Creek, Kennedy Creek, Kimball Creek, Kircher Creek, Kitty Spring Creek, L O Creek, LaGrange Creek, Laney Creek, Lay Creek, Levalley Creek, Lignite Creek, Lindsey Creek, Liscom Creek, Little Blacktail Creek, Little Corral Creek, Little Cottonwood Creek, Locate Creek, Log Creek, Lone Tree Creek, Lone Tree Creek, Lone Tree Creek, Long Prong Locate Creek, Louie Creek, Lumpjaw Creek, M S Creek, Mack Creek, Maggie Creek, Maggie Creek, Malone Creek, Mason Creek, May Creek, McFee Creek, Meadow Creek, Meadow Creek, Meyers Creek, Miles City Creek, Miles Creek, Miles Creek, Mill Creek, Miller Creek, Mills Creek, Mizpah Creek, Monarch Creek, Moon Creek, Morgan Creek, Muster Creek, Nelson Creek, Nichols Creek, Nine Hundred and Sixty Nine Creek, North Dixon Creek, North Fork Alkali Creek, North Fork Bachelor Creek, North Fork Foster Creek, North Fork Haddow Creek, North Fork Horse Creek, North Fork Locate Creek, North Fork Miles Creek, North Fork Second Creek, North Fork Sheep Creek, North Fork Sixmile Creek, North Fork Smith Creek, North Home Creek, North Miller Creek, North Prong Hay Creek, North Strevell Creek, North Sunday Creek, North Wolf Creek, North Woman Creek, Norton Creek, Paddy Fay Creek, Peas Creek, Pennel Creek, Pennock Creek, Physic Creek, Pinto Creek, Plunket Creek, Prairie Creek, Prairie Dog Creek, Prat Creek, Pump Creek, Pumpkin Creek, Rabbidge Creek, Ranch Creek, Ranch Creek, Ranch Creek, Reservation Creek, Rice Creek, Road Creek, Road Creek, Road Creek, Rock Creek, Rough Creek, Russell Creek, Sadie Creek, Sage Creek, Sagebrush Creek, Sand Creek, Sand Creek, Sand Creek, Sand Creek, Saugus Creek, Schlosser Creek, Scott Creek, Second Creek, Second Creek, Second Creek, Sheep Creek, Shelter Creek, Short Creek, Short Creek, Short Creek, Short Creek, Sixmile Creek, Skunk Creek, Smith Creek, Smith Creek, Snow Creek, South Fork Bachelor Creek, South Fork Foster Creek, South Fork Jones Creek, South Fork Second Creek, South Fork Sheep Creek, South Laney Creek, South Miller Creek, South Sunday Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Station Creek, Steiger Creek, Stony Creek, Straight Creek, Straight Creek, Strevell Creek, Sunday Creek, Swede Creek, Theade Creek, Third Creek, Thompson Creek, Thorpe Creek, Threemile Creek, Thrid Creek, Tiger Tim Creek, Timothy Creek, Tongue River, Trail Creek, Tree Creek, Trough Creek, Tub S Creek, West Fork Cottonwood Creek, West Fork Mill Creek, West Fork Moon Creek, West Fork Physic Creek, West Fork Sand Creek, West Forty Creek, White Knob Creek, Whitetail Creek, Whitney Creek, Widow Creek, Williams Creek, Wilson Creek, Windmill Creek, Winter Creek, Wolf Creek, Wolf Creek, Yank Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Angelwing Butte, Badland Butte, Baldy Butte, Baldy Butte, Baldy Peak, Big Hill, Big Peak, Blue Mountain, Blue Mountains, Bracket Butte, Buck Mountain, Camelsback, Carbon Hill, Chalk Butte, Chimney Butte, Corral Butte, Dug Long Hill, Government Hill, Gravel Hill, Green Mountain, Harris Buttes, Hayes Point, Henry Woods Mountain, Horse Creek Hill, Ingersol Butte, Kirkpatrick Hill, Loaf of Bread Butte, Lookout Butte, Maxwell Butte, Montague Butte, Rattlesnake Butte, Red Butte, Red Butte, Red Knob, Saddle Horse Butte, Signal Butte, Snake Butte, Steamboat Butte, Strawberry Hill, Sundown Butte, Sunrise Peak, Tepee Butte, The Knob, Tower Butte, Twin Buttes, Twin Buttes, Twin Buttes, White Knob, Wild Horse Mountain

  Towers     show all on map

KATL-AM (Miles City), KECC-FM (Miles City), KMCM-FM (Miles City), KMTA-AM (Kinsey), KMTA-AM (Miles City), KYUS-TV (Miles City)

  Valleys     show all on map

Black Canyon, Black Coulee, Caprock Coulee, Cedar Canyon, Corny Coulee, Criswell Coulee, Cut Coulee, Dawson Coulee, Dry Coulee, Foundation Draw, Hells Gulch, Horton Hollow, Johnnies Gulch, Kirkpatrick Draw, Little Tepee Creek, Milwaukee Coulee, Mullins Coulee, North Bar Coulee, North Prong Black Coulee, Owens Coulee, Peterson Draw, Reynold Draw, Road Draw, Spring Draw, Swain Coulee, Wagon Box Coulee

  Wells     show all on map

01N45E06BCBA01 Well, 01N45E17DCBB01 Well, 01N45E18CABB01 Well, 01N45E29BBCC01 Well, 01N45E31BCBA01 Well, 01N45E32DDDC01 Well, 01N46E03DBDD01 Well, 01N46E06ACBC01 Well, 01N46E06BDAD01 Well, 01N46E09DBAA01 Well, 01N46E14DABD01 Well, 01N46E20DDAD01 Well, 01N46E26ABCB01 Well, 01N46E30BCCB01 Well, 01N46E31DAAC01 Well, 01N47E04CCAA01 Well, 01N47E12BAAC01 Well, 01N47E20AADC01 Well, 01N47E20ACDC01 Well, 01N47E23DBDD01 Well, 01N47E27CACD01 Well, 01N47E28DDAD01 Well, 01N47E32ACDC01 Well, 01N47E35ABCC01 Well, 01N48E22ACBB01 Well, 01N48E28CDAD01 Well, 01N48E35CBCA01 Well, 01N49E18BDAA01 Well, 01N49E25AACB01 Well, 01N49E26CBBD01 Well, 01N49E30DBBC01 Well, 01N49E36ADAD01 Well, 01N50E21ACCB01 Well, 01N50E22DADB01 Well, 01N50E32BAAA01 Well, 01N50E32DDBD01 Well, 01N51E34ADDA01 Well, 01N52E14CCCB01 Well, 01N52E25CA__01 Well, 01N52E26CDAA01 Well, 01N52E33BBBC01 Well, 01N53E01ADDA01 Well, 01N53E24DDBD01 Well, 01N53E29CAC_01 Well, 01N53E35DCBC01 Well, 01N54E02CDCB01 Well, 01N54E09BBDA01 Well, 01N54E18DDAC01 Well, 01N54E18DDBA01 Well, 02N45E02BBDD01 Well, 02N45E03BBBA01 Well, 02N45E20CDDC01 Well, 02N45E20CDDD01 Well, 02N45E32CBBB01 Well, 02N46E19CAAC01 Well, 02N46E21ADBB01 Well, 02N46E23ABBC01 Well, 02N46E30ACDA01 Well, 02N46E34BDAB01 Well, 02N47E12BACA01 Well, 02N47E22BDBD01 Well, 02N47E23DABC01 Well, 02N47E24CCA_01 Well, 02N47E26ABAD01 Well, 02N47E32BBBC01 Well, 02N48E02BABA01 Well, 02N48E15BCBC01 Well, 02N48E19BDDC01 Well, 02N48E30DDBC01 Well, 02N48E31BCBB01 Well, 02N48E32BADB01 Well, 02N49E04AACD01 Well, 02N49E04CADC01 Well, 02N51E04CCCC01 Well, 02N51E05DAAB01 Well, 02N51E11AACD01 Well, 02N51E18DDBA01 Well, 02N51E36DC__01 Well, 02N52E28BADC01 Well, 02N52E31AAAD01 Well, 02N53E01DACC01 Well, 02N53E36ADBD01 Well, 02N54E03CBB_01 Well, 02N54E09DC__01 Well, 02N54E28CAAC01 Well, 02N54E34BBB_02 Well, 02N54E34BBCA01 Well, 03N45E13ABBC01 Well, 03N45E36CBBA01 Well, 03N45E36CBBA02 Well, 03N45E36CBBB01 Well, 03N46E03ADBC01 Well, 03N46E11CCDC01 Well, 03N46E12BADA01 Well, 03N46E12BDBC01 Well, 03N46E29BBDC01 Well, 03N46E34DCCD01 Well, 03N47E05AACC01 Well, 03N47E06ABBC01 Well, 03N47E06ABBC02 Well, 03N47E07BCAB01 Well, 03N48E18DBBB01 Well, 03N48E27CABD01 Well, 03N51E01DAAA01 Well, 03N51E32CCCD01 Well, 03N51E36BCAD01 Well, 03N52E12BD__01 Well, 03N52E17DCBC01 Well, 03N52E32CBBD01 Well, 03N53E12ACC_01 Well, 03N53E14CBCB01 Well, 03N53E27ACBD01 Well, 03N54E07CDB_01 Well, 03N54E29DDA_01 Well, 03N54E33DAA_01 Well, 04N45E14ADCD01 Well, 04N45E26CCAC01 Well, 04N46E03DABC01 Well, 04N46E11ADCB01 Well, 04N46E27BDDD01 Well, 04N47E15CBBD01 Well, 04N47E23CCAB01 Well, 04N47E28CCDB01 Well, 04N47E29ABAD01 Well, 04N47E31CBCA01 Well, 04N47E31DAAA01 Well, 04N48E06DACB01 Well, 04N48E20DBBC01 Well, 04N49E04ABCD01 Well, 04N49E24DCDA01 Well, 04N49E28ABDD01 Well, 04N50E18DACA01 Well, 04N50E19DBCD01 Well, 04N50E30BADB01 Well, 04N50E30CCBB01 Well, 04N50E31CCAA01 Well, 04N51E15DCCC01 Well, 04N51E21CCCD01 Well, 04N52E01DDBD01 Well, 04N52E16AADD01 Well, 04N52E30BDAC01 Well, 04N53E01BB__01 Well, 04N53E01BCAD01 Well, 04N53E02BBB_01 Well, 04N53E02BBDC01 Well, 04N53E04BCB_01 Well, 04N53E04DCBB01 Well, 04N53E10CCC_01 Well, 04N53E15ACA_01 Well, 04N53E21BAA_01 Well, 04N53E25CCDC01 Well, 04N53E26ACC_01 Well, 04N53E26ACC_01 Well, 04N53E30ACBA01 Well, 04N54E02BBD_01 Well, 04N54E17ACA_01 Well, 05N45E13DDCB01 Well, 05N46E07BADC01 Well, 05N46E15CBDD01 Well, 05N47E25BAAB01 Well, 05N47E26AACA01 Well, 05N48E02DBDA01 Well, 05N48E05BCBB01 Well, 05N48E18ACBC01 Well, 05N48E28BDBA01 Well, 05N49E14CBBA01 Well, 05N49E22CBBD01 Well, 05N50E12DB__01 Well, 05N51E01CDBD01 Well, 05N51E12BC__01 Well, 05N51E29DDDC01 Well, 05N52E04BCCC01 Well, 05N52E14ADAA01 Well, 05N52E17ABAC01 Well, 05N52E18BBBB01 Well, 05N52E20BCCC01 Well, 05N52E22AD__01 Well, 05N52E24AACD01 Well, 05N52E27DB__01 Well, 05N52E30AD__01 Well, 05N52E30CBCA01 Well, 05N53E04CAAC01 Well, 05N53E07BCCA01 Well, 05N53E17DAAA01 Well, 05N53E18CDCC01 Well, 05N53E19AACB01 Well, 05N53E19BACA01 Well, 05N53E25BACC01 Well, 05N53E31BBCA01 Well, 05N53E31DDBB01 Well, 05N53E31DDBB02 Well, 05N53E33ADAA01 Well, 05N53E35CCBD01 Well, 05N54E04CA__01 Well, 05N54E32CCC_01 Well, 06N45E26CACD01 Well, 06N46E04CDB_01 Well, 06N46E04DBCA01 Well, 06N46E04DCA_01 Well, 06N46E12ABDA01 Well, 06N46E22CDBA01 Well, 06N47E03ADDC01 Well, 06N47E23DABC01 Well, 06N48E08CCCA01 Well, 06N48E14ABBB01 Well, 06N48E17BABA01 Well, 06N50E05AA__01 Well, 06N50E11ADDA01 Well, 06N50E13ADDD01 Well, 06N51E08DADA01 Well, 06N51E08DA__01 Well, 06N51E14DBCD01 Well, 06N51E17BACB01 Well, 06N51E24DCDB01 Well, 06N52E05DCDC01 Well, 06N52E07BA__01 Well, 06N52E29CCDD01 Well, 06N52E30ADCB01 Well, 06N52E30ADCC01 Well, 06N52E30CD__01 Well, 06N53E18ADCB01 Well, 06N53E18BDCB01 Well, 06N53E19AA__01 Well, 06N53E21CBCB01 Well, 06N53E33AAAA01 Well, 06N53E35AAAA01 Well, 06N54E11BB__01 Well, 06N54E12BC__01 Well, 06N54E13CDAB01 Well, 06N54E14CB__01 Well, 06N54E20CD__01 Well, 06N54E22ABC_01 Well, 06N54E24AB__01 Well, 06N54E24AC__01 Well, 06N54E24AD__01 Well, 06N54E24DB__01 Well, 06N54E27DACA01 Well, 07N45E24CDDD01 Well, 07N46E04CD__01 Well, 07N46E12DBC_01 Well, 07N46E19DADA01 Well, 07N46E24ACBD01 Well, 07N47E04BABA01 Well, 07N47E08AAA_01 Well, 07N47E09BAA_01 Well, 07N47E09BBB_01 Well, 07N47E10ADAA01 Well, 07N47E10DDAD01 Well, 07N47E13BBCC01 Well, 07N47E13DDBB01 Well, 07N47E24AAD_01 Well, 07N47E24BCDD01 Well, 07N47E24CABB01 Well, 07N47E24DBAB01 Well, 07N47E31CCAA01 Well, 07N47E36AABC01 Well, 07N47E36ADDD01 Well, 07N48E28DBCD01 Well, 07N49E19ABC_01 Well, 07N49E30CBAC01 Well, 07N50E02BBBB01 Well, 07N50E05CCBD01 Well, 07N50E17ACCD01 Well, 07N51E34AD__01 Well, 07N52E21DDCB01 Well, 07N52E26BCBA01 Well, 07N52E29CDDB01 Well, 07N53E04AD__01 Well, 07N53E07CABB01 Well, 07N53E16DBAD01 Well, 07N53E16DBDA01 Well, 07N53E16DBDA02 Well, 07N53E23AAAA01 Well, 07N53E23DDCA01 Well, 07N53E23DDCD01 Well, 07N53E26CC__01 Well, 07N53E30DC__01 Well, 07N53E35BBCA01 Well, 07N54E04CCAC01 Well, 07N54E08AC__01 Well, 07N54E08CA__01 Well, 07N54E17ACCB01 Well, 07N54E17CBCD01 Well, 07N54E18BDC_01 Well, 07N54E20ABDC01 Well, 07N54E25DD__01 Well, 07N54E26DA__01 Well, 07N54E27AD__01 Well, 07N54E28A___01 Well, 07N54E28A___02 Well, 08N45E28ACAB01 Well, 08N46E12CAA_01 Well, 08N47E13AABD01 Well, 08N47E20DBAC01 Well, 08N47E32ACD_01 Well, 08N48E02DCBA01 Well, 08N48E04CDDC01 Well, 08N48E36DBDA01 Well, 08N48E36DBDB01 Well, 08N49E05ACDA01 Well, 08N49E07DBDB01 Well, 08N50E02DCAC01 Well, 08N50E05BDAA01 Well, 08N50E07CD__01 Well, 08N50E08CBBD01 Well, 08N50E18BDBC01 Well, 08N50E24DCCD01 Well, 08N51E09ACAC01 Well, 08N51E10DDAA01 Well, 08N51E10DDAD01 Well, 08N51E14CBBD01 Well, 08N51E14DC__01 Well, 08N51E15ABDA01 Well, 08N51E20BAAA01 Well, 08N51E22DD__01 Well, 08N51E23DD__01 Well, 08N51E25BACA01 Well, 08N51E26BBBA01 Well, 08N51E26CC__01 Well, 08N51E33CACB01 Well, 08N52E22ADCA01 Well, 08N52E22CBAB01 Well, 08N52E26CBAB01 Well, 08N53E15ADDA01 Well, 08N53E23CD__01 Well, 08N53E24BA__01 Well, 08N53E25CAD_01 Well, 08N53E27DABC01 Well, 08N53E33AABA01 Well, 08N54E08AC__01 Well, 08N54E11BA__01 Well, 08N54E15DD__01 Well, 08N54E17A___01 Well, 08N54E20DD__01 Well, 08N54E21BAA_01 Well, 08N54E21CCCC01 Well, 08N54E21CCCC02 Well, 08N54E22ABAA01 Well, 08N54E29AD__01 Well, 08N54E30DB__01 Well, 08N54E34ADAC01 Well, 08N54E34CD__01 Well, 08N54E36CDBA01 Well, 09N47E02DBAA01 Well, 09N47E10BACC01 Well, 09N47E11CBAA01 Well, 09N47E23ACBC01 Well, 09N47E24CDDC01 Well, 09N47E28ACBA01 Well, 09N47E35ABAD01 Well, 09N47E35ADCD01 Well, 09N48E01CBBC01 Well, 09N48E01CBCD01 Well, 09N48E02BABA01 Well, 09N48E02BABA02 Well, 09N48E02BBAD01 Well, 09N48E04BBBA01 Well, 09N48E07CABA01 Well, 09N48E08CDC_01 Well, 09N48E09BDDA01 Well, 09N48E18AAAD01 Well, 09N48E18CBCC01 Well, 09N48E18CBC_01 Well, 09N48E18CCCB01 Well, 09N49E05CBC_01 Well, 09N49E06BBBA01 Well, 09N49E07DDBC01 Well, 09N49E13BDAA01 Well, 09N51E28BD__01 Well, 09N51E33DACB01 Well, 09N52E33DDBA01 Well, 09N52E35ADCD01 Well, 09N53E19ACDD01 Well, 09N53E29CC__01 Well, 09N54E24BD__01 Well, 09N54E29DA__01 Well, 09N55E02DDCD01 Well, 09N55E03AADC01 Well, 09N55E05BC__01 Well, 09N55E09BD__01 Well, 09N55E17C___01 Well, 09N55E17DB__01 Well, 09N55E21CBDB01 Well, 09N55E22DDCD01 Well, 09N55E25CD__01 Well, 09N55E25DC__01 Well, 09N55E27BB__01 Well, 09N55E27CA__01 Well, 09N55E27CA__02 Well, 09N55E27CCAA01 Well, 09N55E28BB__01 Well, 10N45E09BACC01 Well, 10N45E28BBBA01 Well, 10N45E28BBBA02 Well, 10N45E28BBBB01 Well, 10N46E06DBCC01 Well, 10N46E06DBCC02 Well, 10N46E08CCCC01 Well, 10N46E18CBDB01 Well, 10N47E13DCCD01 Well, 10N48E03CCBA01 Well, 10N48E11DCCD01 Well, 10N48E24ACAC01 Well, 10N48E25DBCC01 Well, 10N48E26DCDD01 Well, 10N48E32ADAB01 Well, 10N48E36ABBA01 Well, 10N48E36CDCB01 Well, 10N48E36DAAD01 Well, 10N48E36DBCD01 Well, 10N49E01BAC_01 Well, 10N49E01CCAC01 Well, 10N49E05DBDC01 Well, 10N49E14DDDD01 Well, 10N49E17DBDA01 Well, 10N49E30ABCD01 Well, 10N49E30DBBC01 Well, 10N49E31BAAA01 Well, 10N49E31BBBB01 Well, 10N49E31CCAC01 Well, 10N49E33ADD_01 Well, 10N49E35DACD01 Well, 10N55E23AA__01 Well, 10N55E25CDCD01 Well, 10N55E28DCCC01 Well, 10N55E32BDCD01 Well, 10N55E33AD__01 Well, 10N55E33A___01 Well, 10N55E33BDDA01 Well, 10N55E34DBBA01 Well, 10N55E35BDBD01 Well, 11N45E02AACD01 Well, 11N45E04CCCB01 Well, 11N45E07ADDD01 Well, 11N45E14DBDC01 Well, 11N45E20DABD01 Well, 11N45E28BCDD01 Well, 11N45E29DABC01 Well, 11N45E31DAAC01 Well, 11N45E34CACA01 Well, 11N46E07CBCB01 Well, 11N46E07CBCC01 Well, 11N46E07DBAB01 Well, 11N46E09BDBB01 Well, 11N46E17BABC01 Well, 11N46E19BBDB01 Well, 11N46E31CCBD01 Well, 11N46E31DDDB01 Well, 11N46E33CCAB01 Well, 11N47E08ADAA01 Well, 11N48E36CCC_01 Well, 12N45E01BBDD01 Well, 12N45E03BABB01 Well, 12N45E08DACD01 Well, 12N45E09BCCB01 Well, 12N45E11AAAA01 Well, 12N45E18DADD01 Well, 12N45E20AAAA01 Well, 12N45E20BCCB01 Well, 12N45E22AABB01 Well, 12N45E26CAAD01 Well, 12N45E28CBDD01 Well, 12N45E31BBBB01 Well, 12N45E32ACBC01 Well, 12N46E06AABC01 Well, 12N46E07ACAD01 Well, 12N46E07ACDA01 Well, 12N46E08DABC01 Well, 12N46E25DCAC01 Well, 12N46E30CCCC01 Well, 12N46E31BBBB01 Well, 12N47E04AABC01 Well, 12N47E20BCCB01 Well, 12N47E24DBBA01 Well, 12N47E30DAAB01 Well, 12N47E34DABA01 Well, 13N45E26CDAC01 Well, 13N45E27DDDD01 Well, 13N45E28AADC01 Well, 13N46E30ACAB01 Well, 13N46E31DACB01 Well, 13N46E31DBBB01 Well, Corral Creek Well, Holmes Flowing Well, McKee Well,

Custer County, Montana Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteCuster County White population 11,32111,321  
American IndianCuster County American Indian population 225225
MixedCuster County Mixed population 190189
BlackCuster County Black population 5959
AsianCuster County Asian population 4747
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderCuster County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 1211

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State population table
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