Daniels County, Montana Basics:

Daniels County Montana - Government Site

Population: 1,777
Area: 1426 square miles
County seat: Scobey
Area code(s) in use: 406
Time zone: MST
High school graduate or higher: 95.6%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 18.7%
Median household income: $43,563
Persons in poverty: 11.5%
Home ownership rate: 77.6%
Mean travel time to work: 11.4 minutes

Adjacent counties:
Roosevelt  Sheridan  Valley  

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Map of the Daniels County area

Our detail map of Daniels County shows the Daniels County, Montana boundary lines and other interesting items.

Places in Daniels County, Montana

  Airports     show all on map

Oglesby Farms Inc Airport, Scobey Airport, Scobey Border Station (East Poplar International) Airport

  Basins     show all on map

Horseshoe Basin

  Buildings     show all on map

Daniels County Courthouse, Daniels County Library, Daniels County Museum, Daniels County Rural Fire Department, Daniels County Sheriff's Office, Flaxville Community Rural Fire Department, Peerless Volunteer Fire Department, Pleasant Prairie Community Hall, Scobey Police Department, Scobey Volunteer Fire Department, United States Customs and Border Protection Scobey Port of Entry, Whitetail Fire Department

  Cemeteries     show all on map

Fairview Cemetery, Flaxville Cemetery, Orville Cemetery, Pleasant Prairie Cemetery, Saint Michaels Cemetery, Scobey Cemetery, West Fork Cemetery, Whitetail Cemetery

  Churches     show all on map

All Saints Mission (historical), Assembly of God Church, Flaxville Lutheran Parish, Flaxville Methodist Church (historical), Holy Family Church, Peerless Lutheran Church, Pleasant Prairie Lutheran Church, Saint Anns Catholic Church, Saint Louis Catholic Church, Saint Michaels Church (historical), Saint Philip Bonitus Catholic Church, Saint Thomas Catholic Church (historical), Scobey Alliance Church, Scobey Lutheran Church, United Methodist Church, Whitetail Baptist Church (historical), Whitetail Community Church, Zion Lutheran Church (historical)

  Dams     show all on map

Baby Blue Dam, Bjarne Number 1 Dam, Bjarne Number 2 Dam, Chabot Reservoir Dam, Danelson Reservoir Dam, Drury Dam, Hediger Dam, Higgins and Tryan Dam, J B and R Haversland Dam, J Jacobsen Number 1 Dam, J Jacobsen Number 2 Dam, Killenbeck Lake Dam, Lindquest Number 1 Dam, McCoys Dam, Miner Farms Number 1 Dam, PCB Dam, Pratt Dam, Scobey Sewage Disposal Ponds Dam, Whitetail Dam

  Hospitals     show all on map

Aasness Hospital (historical), Dahlquist Hospital (historical), Daniels County Vision Clinic, Daniels Memorial Hospital, Daniels Memorial Medical Clinic, Daniels Memorial Nursing Home, Harris Hospital, Humbert Hospital (historical), Olson Hospital (historical)

  Lakes     show all on map

Paradis Pond, Si Merrell Slough, Silver Lake

  Locales     show all on map

Daniels County Fairgrounds, Daniels County Farmers Elevator (historical), Daniels County Farmers Elevator (historical), Farmers Co-Op Elevator (historical), Farmers Elevator, Farmers Elevator, Farmers Union Grain Terminal Association Elevator (historical), Flaxville, Four Buttes (historical), Four Buttes Farmers Elevator, Gluten (historical), Hansen-Barzen Elevator (historical), Idenity Preserve Grain Company Elevator (historical), Kanning Elevator (historical), Lions Campground, Madoc, Madoc Elevator (historical), Montana-Dakota Elevator (historical), Nash Brothers - Peerless Elevator (historical), Nash Brothers Incorporated Feed and Grain Elevator, Navajo, Peerless (historical), Pleasant View Community Center, Port of Whitetail, Riv-R-Vu Drive-In (historical), Scobey, Scobey Golf Course, Silver Star Hall, Whitetail, Whitetail Grain Company Elevator, Whitetail Reservoir Fishing Access Site, Winter-Truesdell-Ames Elevator (historical)

  Parks     show all on map

Flaxville Waterfowl Production Area, Jagiello Waterfowl Production Area, Outlet Marsh Waterfowl Production Area, Plainsmen Field, Roseland Park, Wood Mountain Trail Historical Marker

  Populated Places     show all on map

Brenna Trailer Court, Butte Creek, Carbert, Eagle Creek (historical), Flaxville, Four Buttes, Julian (historical), Kahle (historical), Leibrands Trailer Court, Line Coulee (historical), Madoc, Navajo, Ossette (historical), Peerless, Pleasant Prairie, Police Creek (historical), Scobey, Ukranian Community (historical), West Fork, Whitetail

  Post Offices     show all on map

Carbert Post Office (historical), Coalcreek Post Office (historical), Daniels Post Office (historical), Flaxville Post Office, Four Buttes Post Office (historical), Julian Post Office (historical), Kahle Post Office (historical), Kraft Post Office (historical), Madoc Post Office (historical), Navaho Post Office (historical), Ossette Post Office (historical), Peerless Post Office, Scobey Post Office, Tande Post Office (historical), West Fork Post Office (historical), Whitetail Post Office

  Reservoirs     show all on map

Killenbeck Reservoir, Whitetail Reservoir

  Ridges     show all on map

Eagles Nest

  Schools     show all on map

Bakley School (historical), Bellanger School (historical), Brasen School (historical), Butte Creek School (historical), Butte Valley School (historical), Carbert School (historical), Chicoine School (historical), Coal Creek School (historical), Darchuk School (historical), Davis School (historical), Dodd School (historical), Duck School (historical), Eagle Creek School (historical), Eagle View School (historical), Fadness School (historical), Fairview School (historical), Ferestad School (historical), Fladager School (historical), Flaxville School, Four Buttes School (historical), Frederick School (historical), Gebhardt School (historical), Gilbert School (historical), Gilchrist School (historical), Gilmore School (historical), Golden Bench School (historical), Hance School (historical), Helton School (historical), Highland School (historical), Horse Shoe Basin School (historical), Hughes School (historical), Humbert School (historical), Hunter School (historical), Jacobson School (historical), Johnson School (historical), Joy School (historical), Julian Erickson School (historical), Kerstein School (historical), Killenbeck School (historical), Kostaniuk School (historical), LaCombe School (historical), LaPierre School (historical), Lauzon School (historical), Lekvold School (historical), Liberty School (historical), Lincoln School (historical), Line Coulee School (historical), Logan School (historical), Ludington School (historical), Madoc School (historical), Manternach School (historical), Marlenee School (historical), Michel School (historical), Middle Fork School (historical), Navajo School (historical), Norstrum School (historical), North Navajo School (historical), Orr School (historical), Orville School (historical), Ossette School (historical), Parkhurst School (historical), Peerless School, Pepper School (historical), Pleasant Valley School (historical), Pleasant View School (historical), Poplar Creek School (historical), Prairie Dell School (historical), Prairie School (historical), Prospect School (historical), Rosebud School (historical), Round Prairie School (historical), Scobey School, Shennum School (historical), Sherburne School (historical), Sleep School (historical), Smoke Creek School (historical), Spring Valley School (historical), Springdale School (historical), Success School (historical), Tong School (historical), Unrau School (historical), Valley School (historical), Valley View School (historical), Weighill School (historical), West Fork School (historical), Westby School Center (historical), Whitetail School (historical), Wilkerson School (historical)

  Springs     show all on map

33N45E26DBAD01 Spring, 33N48E06ABBB01 Spring, 37N46E27BCDC01 Spring, Brockway Spring, Walters Spring

  Streams     show all on map

Brush Creek, Butte Creek, Coal Creek, East Fork Poplar River, Goose Creek, Hell Creek, Lost Child Creek, Middle Fork Poplar River, Outlet Creek, Police Creek, South Fork Whitetail Creek, Spring Creek

  Summits     show all on map

Dighans Hill, Four Buttes, Gregerson Hill, Haugens Hill, Jones Hill, Long Butte, Richland Hill, Slaughter Hill, Square Butte, Sundby Hill, Wild Horse Butte

  Swamps     show all on map

Willard Slough

  Towers     show all on map

KCGM-FM (Scobey)

  Valleys     show all on map

Audet Coulee, Big Coulee, Blackhawk Coulee, Brockway Coulee, Cabarett Coulee, Flaherty Coulee, Goodale Coulee, La Pierre Coulee, Lewarton Coulee, Line Coulee, Loomis Coulee, Manternach Coulee, Martin Coulee, Morgan Coulee, Negro Coulee, Nielsen Coulee, North Fork Goodale Coulee, Olson Coulee, Outlaw Coulee, Poplar Coulee, Shannon Coulee, Shipstead Coulee, South Fork Goodale Coulee, Spring Coulee, Swift Coulee

  Wells     show all on map

32N44E03BDCA01 Well, 33N44E06CCCC01 Well, 33N44E22BBBC01 Well, 33N44E25CCCC01 Well, 33N44E33BBAD01 Well, 33N45E10DCCC01 Well, 33N45E32ABBD01 Well, 33N45E32ABBD02 Well, 33N45E33BBCC01 Well, 33N46E02CDAD01 Well, 33N47E01DBAC01 Well, 33N47E01DBDB01 Well, 33N47E03BCDD01 Well, 33N47E03BCDD02 Well, 33N47E04CBBB01 Well, 33N47E09AAAA01 Well, 33N47E09AADA01 Well, 33N47E12AAAB01 Well, 33N47E12AAAC01 Well, 33N47E20BDBB01 Well, 33N48E05DADA01 Well, 33N48E06ABAC01 Well, 33N48E07ACAB01 Well, 33N48E07ACAB02 Well, 33N48E07ACBA01 Well, 33N48E18DCB_01 Well, 33N48E29CDDD01 Well, 33N48E31BCCA01 Well, 33N48E33ADAD01 Well, 33N48E33ADDD01 Well, 33N48E33BBBB01 Well, 33N49E09BB__10 Well, 33N49E15DDBA01 Well, 33N49E24CCDA01 Well, 33N49E24CCDC01 Well, 33N49E26DAAA01 Well, 33N49E33DD__11 Well, 33N49E33DD__12 Well, 33N49E34BD__10 Well, 33N49E34CB__01 Well, 33N49E34CB__10 Well, 33N50E09CCDC01 Well, 33N50E18BCBB01 Well, 33N50E24BDDC01 Well, 33N50E24DCBB01 Well, 33N50E25ABBC01 Well, 33N51E20DCCC01 Well, 33N51E28BAAC01 Well, 33N51E29BBBA01 Well, 33N51E35CBCA01 Well, 34N45E01ADB_01 Well, 34N45E01DAAA01 Well, 34N45E01DAAD01 Well, 34N45E02CCCC01 Well, 34N45E04ADCD01 Well, 34N45E12BDCC01 Well, 34N46E01BBBC01 Well, 34N46E01BBBD01 Well, 34N46E03CDCD01 Well, 34N46E05ACBD01 Well, 34N46E07DCCB01 Well, 34N46E13ABAA01 Well, 34N46E13ABAA02 Well, 34N46E13ABAD01 Well, 34N46E18AAAA01 Well, 34N47E04DCBD01 Well, 34N47E08BDBD01 Well, 34N47E09ADCD01 Well, 34N47E17DCAA01 Well, 34N47E18DBAD01 Well, 34N47E19DAAB01 Well, 34N47E20BAAB01 Well, 34N47E20BAAC01 Well, 34N47E20BBBD01 Well, 34N47E26CDAC01 Well, 34N47E27CCAD01 Well, 34N47E36ABAC01 Well, 34N48E03BBAA01 Well, 34N48E03BBAD01 Well, 34N48E03DCBB01 Well, 34N48E03DCBC01 Well, 34N48E03DCBC02 Well, 34N48E03DCBC03 Well, 34N48E04BCAB01 Well, 34N48E07DAAD01 Well, 34N48E08CCAC01 Well, 34N48E08CCBA01 Well, 34N48E08CCCA01 Well, 34N48E11BCCD01 Well, 34N48E13BACA01 Well, 34N48E14ACCC01 Well, 34N48E16CDCA01 Well, 34N48E17BBCA01 Well, 34N48E17BBCD01 Well, 34N48E21ACCA01 Well, 34N48E21ADBC01 Well, 34N48E21ADCB01 Well, 34N48E21BDDA01 Well, 34N48E21DDCC01 Well, 34N48E24CCCB01 Well, 34N48E25BCAB01 Well, 34N48E25BCBA01 Well, 34N48E26BDBB01 Well, 34N48E26BDBC01 Well, 34N48E29BDCA01 Well, 34N48E30AABA01 Well, 34N48E32CDCA01 Well, 34N48E33CCCD01 Well, 34N48E34CADC01 Well, 34N48E35ADAD01 Well, 34N48E35ADAD02 Well, 34N48E35DDAA01 Well, 34N48E36BABA01 Well, 34N49E22CADB01 Well, 34N49E22CADB02 Well, 34N49E22CCAA01 Well, 34N49E22CCAA02 Well, 34N49E22DCCC01 Well, 34N49E27BAAB01 Well, 34N49E27BABC01 Well, 34N49E30BBBB01 Well, 34N49E33CABB01 Well, 34S49E18ABCC01 Well, 35N44E04ADCC01 Well, 35N44E05CCDA01 Well, 35N44E06CBDB01 Well, 35N44E08BCDA01 Well, 35N44E08BCDB01 Well, 35N44E08BCDC01 Well, 35N44E14AADB01 Well, 35N44E24BABC01 Well, 35N44E24BBAD01 Well, 35N44E24BBDA01 Well, 35N44E26BDCA01 Well, 35N44E26BDCA02 Well, 35N44E26BDCD01 Well, 35N44E26BDDB01 Well, 35N44E26BDDB02 Well, 35N44E26BDDC01 Well, 35N45E02DAAA01 Well, 35N45E02DAAC01 Well, 35N45E02DAAD01 Well, 35N45E05DADB01 Well, 35N45E05DADB02 Well, 35N45E08ADDB01 Well, 35N45E10AAAD01 Well, 35N45E10AAAD02 Well, 35N45E11DDAD01 Well, 35N45E14ADAA01 Well, 35N45E14ADAA02 Well, 35N45E14ADAD01 Well, 35N45E14CCCC01 Well, 35N45E14CCCD01 Well, 35N45E15AAAD01 Well, 35N45E15DDAA01 Well, 35N45E16DCDC01 Well, 35N45E17DCCC01 Well, 35N45E20BCAD01 Well, 35N45E20DCCC01 Well, 35N45E20DCCD01 Well, 35N45E21ABAA01 Well, 35N45E22ADAA01 Well, 35N45E23CAAC01 Well, 35N45E26DACA01 Well, 35N45E26DADB01 Well, 35N45E30ABBD01 Well, 35N45E30ABCA01 Well, 35N45E30BBBC01 Well, 35N45E34ACBD01 Well, 35N45E34CCAA01 Well, 35N46E01CCDA01 Well, 35N46E01CCDA02 Well, 35N46E04CBCD01 Well, 35N46E04CBDB01 Well, 35N46E09DCAA01 Well, 35N46E10DDDD01 Well, 35N46E11AADC01 Well, 35N46E11AADC02 Well, 35N46E12BACB01 Well, 35N46E12BACB02 Well, 35N46E17ABCA01 Well, 35N46E20AAAB01 Well, 35N46E20AAAB02 Well, 35N46E20CCCD01 Well, 35N46E22CBDD01 Well, 35N46E22CBDD02 Well, 35N46E22DBDA01 Well, 35N46E23ACCA01 Well, 35N46E23ACCC01 Well, 35N46E24DBCA01 Well, 35N46E25AAAC01 Well, 35N46E25BBBA01 Well, 35N46E26CDAC01 Well, 35N46E30ADDB01 Well, 35N46E31ABCB01 Well, 35N46E32BDDA01 Well, 35N46E35ADAC01 Well, 35N47E02CDDD01 Well, 35N47E03BBCC01 Well, 35N47E05CCCD01 Well, 35N47E05DCDD01 Well, 35N47E05DDCC01 Well, 35N47E06CCBC01 Well, 35N47E06DDAC01 Well, 35N47E06DDDA01 Well, 35N47E08AABC01 Well, 35N47E08BBAA01 Well, 35N47E08BBAB01 Well, 35N47E08BBBC01 Well, 35N47E10BBCB01 Well, 35N47E12CD__01 Well, 35N47E13BDCC01 Well, 35N47E14BBBB01 Well, 35N47E17CCDA01 Well, 35N47E17CCDD01 Well, 35N47E20ACBD01 Well, 35N47E20ACBD02 Well, 35N47E21BADD01 Well, 35N47E26BCCC01 Well, 35N47E26BCCD01 Well, 35N47E26CBAB01 Well, 35N47E26CBAB02 Well, 35N47E27BBDD01 Well, 35N47E27CABD01 Well, 35N47E30ADCB01 Well, 35N47E30BABD01 Well, 35N48E01CCAA01 Well, 35N48E04ABCD01 Well, 35N48E05ACAC01 Well, 35N48E05DAAC01 Well, 35N48E07BCCA01 Well, 35N48E07BCCA02 Well, 35N48E07DABA01 Well, 35N48E09ADAD01 Well, 35N48E09CCDC01 Well, 35N48E10BADD01 Well, 35N48E11CBCB01 Well, 35N48E11CBCC01 Well, 35N48E11CDDD01 Well, 35N48E12AABA01 Well, 35N48E13CDBC01 Well, 35N48E13CDBC02 Well, 35N48E13CDBC03 Well, 35N48E15ABAB01 Well, 35N48E15ADAB01 Well, 35N48E15CDBB01 Well, 35N48E16CBBD01 Well, 35N48E16CBCD01 Well, 35N48E16CBDC01 Well, 35N48E16CDAA01 Well, 35N48E20ABDC01 Well, 35N48E20ACAC01 Well, 35N48E20ACDB01 Well, 35N48E20CAAA01 Well, 35N48E20CAAA03 Well, 35N48E20CAAD__ Well, 35N48E22ABBB01 Well, 35N48E25CCCC01 Well, 35N48E28DAAA01 Well, 35N48E30BAAA01 Well, 35N48E30BAAC01 Well, 35N48E32ACDD01 Well, 35N48E32DDAC01 Well, 35N48E34ABBB01 Well, 35N48E34ACAA01 Well, 35N48E34ACAD01 Well, 35N48E34DDCC01 Well, 35N48E34DDCC02 Well, 35N48E34DDCD01 Well, 35N49E01ADCD01 Well, 35N49E03ADDC01 Well, 35N49E03BCBB01 Well, 35N49E03DDBB01 Well, 35N49E10BAAC01 Well, 35N49E10BAAD01 Well, 35N49E10CBDD01 Well, 35N49E10CBDD02 Well, 35N49E10CBDD03 Well, 35N49E10CCAA01 Well, 35N49E11DBAB01 Well, 35N49E13BAAD01 Well, 35N49E13DDAB01 Well, 35N49E17ADAB01 Well, 35N49E17ADAB02 Well, 35N49E17ADAB03 Well, 35N49E17ADAB04 Well, 35N49E17CADB01 Well, 35N49E19CCBA01 Well, 35N49E19CCDA01 Well, 35N49E19CCDA02 Well, 35N49E23CBBC01 Well, 35N49E23CBBD01 Well, 35N49E26AADD01 Well, 35N49E30BABB01 Well, 35N49E30CDDD01 Well, 35N49E30DABD01 Well, 35N49E32BBDB01 Well, 35N49E33ADBB01 Well, 35N49E34DDDA01 Well, 35N50E06BCBD01 Well, 35N50E07ADDB01 Well, 35N50E08BADD01 Well, 35N50E09ACAD01 Well, 35N50E09BADB01 Well, 35N50E10ACBB01 Well, 35N50E14CBBB01 Well, 35N50E14DDBD01 Well, 35N50E15ABBC01 Well, 35N50E15ABBC02 Well, 35N50E15ABCB01 Well, 35N50E16BABC01 Well, 35N50E19CCDA01 Well, 35N50E19CCDB01 Well, 35N50E20DADB01 Well, 35N50E22CBBA01 Well, 35N50E26CCCA01 Well, 35N50E27AADD01 Well, 35N50E28ADCA01 Well, 35N50E28ADCA02 Well, 35N50E28CCBA01 Well, 35N50E29AADD01 Well, 35N50E29DDAB01 Well, 35N50E30BCAA01 Well, 35N50E31CCCD01 Well, 35N50E34DAAA01 Well, 35N51E17ABAA01 Well, 35N51E18ABBD01 Well, 36N42E30CA__01 Well, 36N43E01DABC01 Well, 36N43E01DBDD01 Well, 36N43E04BCCA01 Well, 36N43E04BCCD01 Well, 36N43E06ADAD01 Well, 36N43E10AAAA01 Well, 36N43E11BBDB01 Well, 36N43E15DBCA01 Well, 36N43E15DBCA02 Well, 36N43E15DBCA03 Well, 36N43E26ABAD01 Well, 36N43E33ABDC01 Well, 36N44E16BBBD01 Well, 36N44E17CCAA01 Well, 36N44E20DDCD01 Well, 36N44E25DDDA01 Well, 36N44E25DDDA02 Well, 36N44E25DDDA03 Well, 36N44E25DDDD01 Well, 36N44E25DDDD02 Well, 36N45E03CDCB01 Well, 36N45E05DCCC01 Well, 36N45E08CCCA01 Well, 36N45E08CCCC01 Well, 36N45E08DDDD01 Well, 36N45E15BBCD01 Well, 36N45E15CBDC01 Well, 36N45E15CBDD01 Well, 36N45E16CCCC01 Well, 36N45E17CDDC01 Well, 36N45E21AAAC01 Well, 36N45E21CADA01 Well, 36N45E21CADA02 Well, 36N45E21CADB01 Well, 36N45E21CADB02 Well, 36N45E22BABB01 Well, 36N45E27AADA01 Well, 36N45E27CBDC01 Well, 36N45E28DADD01 Well, 36N45E28DADD02 Well, 36N45E30DAAA01 Well, 36N45E34BBAA01 Well, 36N45E36CBAA01 Well, 36N45E36CBAA02 Well, 36N46E15CDDD01 Well, 36N46E19BABD01 Well, 36N46E20ABDD01 Well, 36N46E21ACCB01 Well, 36N46E23AAAA01 Well, 36N46E31BAAA01 Well, 36N46E33ABBB01 Well, 36N46E35DCCC01 Well, 36N47E01AAAC01 Well, 36N47E02ABCC01 Well, 36N47E12CA__01 Well, 36N47E12CA__02 Well, 36N47E16DABB01 Well, 36N47E19ACDB01 Well, 36N47E19ACDD01 Well, 36N47E20CCCC01 Well, 36N47E21BDAC01 Well, 36N47E25DAAA01 Well, 36N47E25DAAA02 Well, 36N47E30ABDC01 Well, 36N47E30DCCB01 Well, 36N48E01BBCD01 Well, 36N48E03ADAA01 Well, 36N48E08AADA01 Well, 36N48E08BBBC01 Well, 36N48E08CCDD01 Well, 36N48E09AAAD01 Well, 36N48E09ACCA01 Well, 36N48E09CDDC01 Well, 36N48E11DCCA01 Well, 36N48E15BABA01 Well, 36N48E15BABB01 Well, 36N48E16BBAC01 Well, 36N48E16BBCB01 Well, 36N48E16CBBC01 Well, 36N48E16CBBC02 Well, 36N48E18BDCC01 Well, 36N48E18BDCD01 Well, 36N48E18BDC_01 Well, 36N48E22ACC_01 Well, 36N48E22BAAD01 Well, 36N48E25CCDB01 Well, 36N48E27ABAB01 Well, 36N48E28ACDC01 Well, 36N48E30DADB01 Well, 36N48E31DBD_01 Well, 36N48E32BBCA01 Well, 36N48E32BBCD01 Well, 36N48E32BCBA01 Well, 36N48E33CCCA01 Well, 36N48E35BCCC01 Well, 36N48E35BCCD01 Well, 36N48E35DCCC01 Well, 36N48E35DCCD01 Well, 36N49E01DCAC01 Well, 36N49E01DCAC02 Well, 36N49E03CBBD01 Well, 36N49E04CCCD01 Well, 36N49E05CCAD01 Well, 36N49E07ACAC01 Well, 36N49E07DDCB01 Well, 36N49E09BDAA01 Well, 36N49E12DCDC01 Well, 36N49E12DCDD01 Well, 36N49E21CBAC01 Well, 36N49E24DADA01 Well, 36N49E28DCCD01 Well, 36N49E30CCDD01 Well, 36N49E32BBBC01 Well, 36N49E32CCAB01 Well, 36N49E34DDDD01 Well, 36N49E35BCCC01 Well, 36N50E03CBDD01 Well, 36N50E03CDDC01 Well, 36N50E03DDCC01 Well, 36N50E10BACA01 Well, 36N50E15BBAD01 Well, 36N50E20DDDB01 Well, 36N50E21AAAD01 Well, 36N50E26AACD01 Well, 36N50E28DBBA01 Well, 36N50E31DADD01 Well, 36N50E36BCAC01 Well, 36N51E05CAAA01 Well, 36N51E09BABB01 Well, 36N51E20DCCB01 Well, 36N51E29CCCA01 Well, 37N43E04BDDC01 Well, 37N43E04CAAA01 Well, 37N43E06BAAB01 Well, 37N43E06BAAB02 Well, 37N43E17DCAC01 Well, 37N43E17DCAC02 Well, 37N43E25DDDD01 Well, 37N43E32CACA01 Well, 37N43E32CADB01 Well, 37N43E33CDBD01 Well, 37N44E01BCAA01 Well, 37N44E02DDAD01 Well, 37N44E03BCCB01 Well, 37N44E03CDCD01 Well, 37N44E04ADDD01 Well, 37N44E04ADDD02 Well, 37N44E04DCCD01 Well, 37N44E05ACCC01 Well, 37N44E05DBBB01 Well, 37N44E07AAAA01 Well, 37N44E08DBDB01 Well, 37N44E09AAAA01 Well, 37N44E13ACDC01 Well, 37N44E32ADDA01 Well, 37N44E36DCDA01 Well, 37N45E02CBCD01 Well, 37N45E03DCCC01 Well, 37N45E06DDAC01 Well, 37N45E07ADDA01 Well, 37N45E08ACDC01 Well, 37N45E09ACBD01 Well, 37N45E09ACDB01 Well, 37N45E09BCAD01 Well, 37N45E14BCCC01 Well, 37N45E19BADD01 Well, 37N45E19BADD02 Well, 37N45E19DCDB01 Well, 37N45E20BCCD01 Well, 37N45E23CCC_01 Well, 37N45E25ACCC01 Well, 37N45E27DCCD01 Well, 37N45E28CDCA01 Well, 37N45E29DDAC01 Well, 37N45E31BDAD01 Well, 37N45E33CBBD01 Well, 37N45E35AAAD01 Well, 37N45E36BBBC01 Well, 37N46E01CDDC01 Well, 37N46E01CDDD01 Well, 37N46E08DDCA01 Well, 37N46E08DDCA02 Well, 37N46E08DDCA03 Well, 37N46E19BADB01 Well, 37N46E19BADD01 Well, 37N46E22ADCA01 Well, 37N46E22ADCD01 Well, 37N46E25CCBD01 Well, 37N46E27BCAB01 Well, 37N46E27BCAD01 Well, 37N46E35CADD01 Well, 37N46E36DBDB01 Well, 37N47E01ABBB01 Well, 37N47E01ABBB02 Well, 37N47E01CABA01 Well, 37N47E06CAAC01 Well, 37N47E06DBAA01 Well, 37N47E06DBAD01 Well, 37N47E08DDDB01 Well, 37N47E09CBBB01 Well, 37N47E09CBBB02 Well, 37N47E12BBBB01 Well, 37N47E13AADD01 Well, 37N47E13ADAA01 Well, 37N47E16ACCD01 Well, 37N47E16ACCD02 Well, 37N47E17DABB02 Well, 37N47E20DDDB01 Well, 37N47E22AAAA01 Well, 37N47E23AAAC01 Well, 37N47E23AAAD01 Well, 37N47E23AADD02 Well, 37N47E23BACD01 Well, 37N47E23BADD01 Well, 37N47E23BBBC01 Well, 37N47E23DADB01 Well, 37N47E29DBDB01 Well, 37N47E30BBAB01 Well, 37N47E30DBDB01 Well, 37N47E35DCBC01 Well, 37N47E36ACDD01 Well, 37N47E36DABB01 Well, 37N48E04BBBA01 Well, 37N48E04BBBA02 Well, 37N48E04DACC01 Well, 37N48E05AAAA01 Well, 37N48E05AADA01 Well, 37N48E05BABB01 Well, 37N48E05BCBB01 Well, 37N48E06AABA01 Well, 37N48E07DBBD01 Well, 37N48E08CDCC01 Well, 37N48E08CDCC02 Well, 37N48E15CABC01 Well, 37N48E18DDAD01 Well, 37N48E19ACAD01 Well, 37N48E19DDCB01 Well, 37N48E19DDCC01 Well, 37N48E21BCCD01 Well, 37N48E21DBAA01 Well, 37N48E22BABD01 Well, 37N48E23BBDC01 Well, 37N48E23CDBB01 Well, 37N48E23CDBB02 Well, 37N48E25CBCD01 Well, 37N48E26CBCA01 Well, 37N48E26DAAC01 Well, 37N48E27BAAB01 Well, 37N48E27BABD01 Well, 37N48E27BACA01 Well, 37N48E29AADA01 Well, 37N48E30DBDA01 Well, 37N48E32AADA01 Well, 37N48E33BDCC01 Well, 37N48E35CBCD01 Well, 37N49E01CADB01 Well, 37N49E01CCCC01 Well, 37N49E01CCCC02 Well, 37N49E03AADC01 Well, 37N49E04CCCB01 Well, 37N49E05AAAA01 Well, 37N49E05AAAB01 Well, 37N49E10BCCC01 Well, 37N49E11DCDA01 Well, 37N49E12AABB01 Well, 37N49E12ABAA01 Well, 37N49E13DBCB01 Well, 37N49E16CDAA01 Well, 37N49E16DCBB01 Well, 37N49E16DDDD01 Well, 37N49E17DDDD01 Well, 37N49E18ABAD01 Well, 37N49E18ABAD02 Well, 37N49E18BCCC01 Well, 37N49E18BCCC02 Well, 37N49E19BCCC01 Well, 37N49E19DD__01 Well, 37N49E20AAAA01 Well, 37N49E20CCCC01 Well, 37N49E20CCCC02 Well, 37N49E28DDAA01 Well, 37N49E30CCDB01 Well, 37N49E32DBBD01 Well, 37N49E33DCBD01 Well, 37N50E05BBAA01 Well, 37N50E17BABA01 Well, 37N50E18ADAA01 Well, 37N50E19DDDB01 Well, 37N50E23BADC01 Well,

Daniels County, Montana Population By Race (2012 estimate)

WhiteDaniels County White population 1,7011,700  
American IndianDaniels County American Indian population 3939
MixedDaniels County Mixed population 2726
AsianDaniels County Asian population 55
BlackDaniels County Black population 43
Hawaiian & Pacific IslanderDaniels County Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population 00

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